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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Oops! Libs Foiled Again, When A Gun PREVENTS A Killing Spree

The latest school mass shooting, this time in Maryland, was brought up short of the number of students killed in the Florida school shooting a month ago, by the only thing that can  assure the end to such an event: a good guy with a gun, and the courage to use it.

Notice I didn’t say that the gun stopped the killing, unlike liberals who always blame the gun, and not the shooter, for any shooting, by repeating the old crap of “guns kill people”. But don’t expect liberals to now say that in cases like this one “guns save people”, because they are radical ideologues who are mentally unable to look at or think about any thing or any policy not pushed by Barack Obama or the idiots Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi or Charles Schumer, and reach an independent, self-arrived-at conclusion as to its value or detriment to society.

But to repeat my point, the gun in the hands of the Maryland School Resources Officer stopped the school shooting and limited the harm to the students in the building. One only hopes that other school districts adopt this plan for a “gun protected zone” to replace the many “gun free zones” that are not only not protecting schools across America, but seem to be attracting demented attackers to them.

Guns are only as good or bad as the person pulling the trigger. One could easily extend this logic to national defense, where we spend billions of dollars to build defensive missiles to protect the nation from an enemy’s offensive missiles. And if the defensive missile is sufficiently sophisticated, it will deter any future attack from a rogue nation, thereby ending the threat of an attack even being attempted or initiated.

Although the Maryland shooting has to be reported to the public, one hopes the name and all personal aspects of the shooter’s life and identity are withheld from public reporting, thereby taking the glamour out of such an attack and hopefully deterring any future nut-case from repeating this type of crime for the fame and the celebrity status they feel it may give them.

One hates to get political in such matters, but everyone should be reminded of the Bernie Sanders follower who shot House Republicans a few months ago and nearly killed Steve Scalese, as they were assembled in a DC suburb to play baseball. In that event the gun in the hands of Mr. Scalese’s body guard killed the attacker. The liberal fake news media did not report that event to the extent they would have otherwise, because it ended when a good gun killed a bad guy, but they kept it under wraps and didn’t blow it into a political football they could use against Donald Trump and the NRA because a practicing, believing liberal, committed the crime.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

With Trump In Charge, The Swamp Gets Smaller

First James Comey bit the big one when President Trump fired his lying, politically motivated rear end, then Trump fired Andrew McCabe before he could begin collecting retirement and become a further burden to American taxpayers. There were also smaller fish who were demoted or who resigned when they saw the constitutional writing on the wall, and got out before they could be fired for dishonesty and political malfeasance while doing their jobs. There are still a great many swamp-dwelling leftists occupying positions of importance and influence in the judiciary and the Department of Justice, but maybe these people realize that the Trump administration will not permit the big guys to exercise dictatorial power and do whatever they want to do, and hopefully they will straighten out their act and begin performing law-enforcement duties in a lawful manner.

Next, Attorney General Jeff Sessions should make the statement that the lack of evidence  produced so far by Mueller, along with the findings of the DOJ Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, which findings tell us that the entire collusion scam was bought and paid for by the Hillary campaign, that the FBI did numerous things that are illegal and were politically motivated in order to convince the FISA court to allow the Dossier to be considered reliable, verified evidence, so that the illegal surveillance of Trump could begin; and that all of this evidence calls for Sessions to reverse his decision to recuse himself. Then Sessions should immediately fire Mueller and stop the invasion of privacy that Trump, his staff and his hotel business are having to undergo, given the absence of any evidence of any collusion after fourteen months of investigations.  Getting rid of the special counsel would lower the swamp a few more inches.

The government should also give Michael Flynn two million tax free dollars as compensation for having lost most of his savings and wellbeing while being hounded by the Mueller gang, which  harassment caused Flynn to have to sell his home and nearly go bankrupt trying to pay exorbitant fees to high-priced Washington lawyers, for the mortal sin of supporting Donald Trump for president. That’s the kind of people liberal Democrats are.

The problem with important, powerful government officials who are feted and fawned over, is that it is nearly impossible to get their attention. Well, Donald Trump now has their attention, and they know that the law and the constitution will be followed under his leadership. But the next major stumbling block will be the leftist fools extending  sanctuary for illegal aliens and protecting criminals from justice in their ultra-liberal bastions of blue. Once the Trump administration has put these nut-cases in federal prison for their illegal activities, maybe our nation can get back to being great again.

But the effort to get rid of ambitious, crooked politicians will be a long-lasting undertaking because one thing you can say about liberals is that their need for power and control over other citizens drives them to the most exhausting lengths necessary to gain and retain that control. Even though Andrew McCabe should be embarrassed for the public exposure of the illegal and improper things he’s done in his attempts to keep Trump out of office, he’s already claiming that this entire DOJ/Obama administration Dossier scam is Trump’s fault, and he put forth the statement that, to a thinking person’s mind, proves his guilt in this entire matter, when he said that his firing was proof that Trump is trying to undermine the Mueller investigation. So after himself being investigated by his own board of professional ethics and after being accused of illegally and improperly leaking investigative information to the press, he’s still claiming, as all good liberal Democrats do, that it’s Trump’s fault. Welcome to the DC swamp at its most filthy.

So even after a year of an intense investigation, and after the FBI and the DOJ tried repeatedly to generate proof of Trump’s collusion with Russia, and after the public has seen evidence of FBI investigators attempting to keep Trump out of office or assure his impeachment if he should actually take office, one of the top, just-fired FBI agents still expresses his political opinion that Trump is guilty and should be removed from office. This sort of thing is simply chilling and shows how close the nation came to a dictatorship during the Obama administration.

Conservatives just want to be left alone to prosper and seek happiness in their achievements and their families, unlike liberals for whom material possessions and family relations alone are not enough to satisfy their quest for power and control. All American citizens can do is get ready for a battle and show support for Donald Trump as he champions our cause and meets the enemy in mortal combat.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Wow, The Democrat “Big Blue Wave Coming” Certainly Is Diminutive

The usual blowhards on the left were puffing up and reassuring the liberal rabble recently with their predictions that Donald Trump had upset the nation, that he is unfit for the presidency, that the Republicans are losing ground in the House and Senate, that the Trump administration is in chaos, and aside from that, a big blue wave of elected Democrats is already on the horizon and moving this way fast, and it will swamp the Republicans and end the Republican political domination in Washington. Oh, and it’s easy to forget, Trump is a racist.

Well, one learns over time that even the most unexpected things can happen, and after listening to the crowing from Democrats in 2016 about the inevitable Hillary election, and in fact even as late as election night in November, 2016, all of the polls showed Hillary winning handily over Trump, and all of the smart set on CNN and MSNBC were congratulating Hillary in advance for her win, soon to come, and the likes of Robert Mueller and his entire Trump-collusion investigating team were making plans to attend Hillary’s grand election celebration. And then she lost.

Lately the Democrats have been boasting about a certain, hands down victory blow-out win in this week’s Pennsylvania House special election, but here it is three days after the election was held and the lead is so small for the Democrat candidate, two-tenths of a percentage point was the last status I saw, plus some polling place irregularities are being investigated by the Republicans, that even this election may not end up being won by the candidate of the left. But the closeness of the vote certainly does not indicate a bright future for the party of the Clinton duo and Barack Obama.

But I encourage Democrats to keep looking for that blue wave, and keep bad-mouthing Trump’s tax reduction for middle America; keep blaming him for North Korea’s nuclear threats to Hawaii, Guam, Japan and South Korea; keep blocking ICE from trying to arrest criminal aliens to prevent them from killing again; keep hiding bad people in your idiotic sanctuary cities; keep releasing alien criminals and protecting them from prison or deportation; keep giving the vote to illegal aliens; keep giving free healthcare to illegal aliens; keep giving welfare benefits to illegal aliens; keep pushing for a prohibition of all guns from American citizens; keep allowing the FBI to present false evidence in the Trump-collusion debacle; keep harassing Trump with this unsightly Mueller investigation, and you’ll see a wave coming, but it will be a wave of good-bye to your sorry, leftist rear ends after your political party and its criminal, unconstitutional, anti-America agenda is defeated, again.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

From Guns To Kids: Just Pawns In The Liberal’s Political Game

Yesterday, March 14, 2018, many school children were released from school to march and protest for school safety in memory of the seventeen students who were killed in Florida a few weeks ago. The sentiment was fine, but this blatantly political move of leftists is sickening.

Since the mission of this little outing was school safety, the liberal organizers showed poor judgment and little concern for their own students’ safety by letting them out to march, one might even say, play, in the traffic. We heard that in the DC area some kids were blocking traffic on Interstate 95 and the Belt highway. That’ll sway local DC residents trying to get to work or pick up younger children from daycare and will encourage them to think favorably about the organizers’ side of the gun/child endangerment argument. And what does blocking traffic have to do with gun safety, anyway?

The organizers in this effort were encouraging the young people to make illogical, emotional arguments so the students can feel good about themselves and pretend to be “grown-up” like the teachers and the organizers, but all I saw from this typical leftist demonstration was the teachers trying to get the students to make the leftist points the teachers have been feeding them in class the last month, which would enable the teachers to feel good about themselves, too, knowing that they and their immature arguments, and their ignorance of our nation’s Bill of Rights, think right along the same lines as the students. That way the teachers can be assured they’re agreeing with equals and be proud of their anti-constitution efforts.

The teachers should try discussing the subject with adults for a change instead of feeding words to kids and then nodding their heads in agreement when the students regurgitate those words back to them. The subject is much more nuanced than the teachers realize, and the subject-matter goes deeper than a 7th grade debate team.  But emotion satisfies Democrats because they really believe they’ve “made a difference” and contributed to a solution, when all they’ve done is muddy the water and make the situation worse.

In actuality the organizers of this idiotic demonstration were just more anti-Trump, leftist Antifa fighters and burners without the masks, and Occupy Wall Street punks minus the rape tents, and the entire student march was child abuse and child endangerment, and these fools should be put in jail for their offenses against the children.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Democrats Are “Concerned” About Trump Getting The “Right People In Place”. But I’m Not.

Now, with several Trump administration positions having been vacated in the last few days, the liberal Democrats, in an obvious, cheap attempt to dump criticism on their worst enemy, Donald Trump, are wringing their hands about Trump not being able to “get the right people in place”. It’s true that Barack Obama didn’t have the same level of turnover in his administration, but that’s more a sign of leftists all being in agreement as to how to “Fundamentally Transform America” along the lines passed down to us from Karl Marx, than a concern for a smoothly functioning government.

As proof that Obama had fewer vacancies than Trump, but that his administration did a much worse job of preserving our constitution, our wealth and our liberties, I would offer the following list:

1. Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress for not allowing the legislative branch see records related to the horrible scandal of Fast and Furious, and Obama remained silent on the matter of the first contempt charge being registered against a sitting Attorney General.
Attorney General Holder also nationalized several police forces throughout the country, beginning with the Ferguson, Mo., police department, thereby taking control of a locally-controlled force and shaping it to be a leftist, police-hating department that would allow criminals to run free for fear of upsetting the Black Lives Matters movement, along the lines of  our modern-day sanctuary cities schemes, which idea gained popularity later.

2. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the Obama appointee, if Democrats will recall, who employed an illegal and unsecured email system that allowed our national enemies to access her classified messages and do untold subversive things with the classified information they contained. She even intentionally passed along classified messages to her minions, messages that they didn’t have the clearance to see, and then lied, under oath, to the FBI about her illegal actions.
Hillary Clinton also sold a large portion of America’s Uranium supply to Russia in exchange for over a hundred million dollars of contributions to the Clinton family slush fund and Global Initiative.

3. Obama’s IRS  leader, Lois Lerner, illegally prevented Republicans and other conservatives from using the IRS laws to their advantage, but she allowed Democrats to use the law to their full tax benefit. This is the height of political corruption, and Obama let it slide.

4. Obama’s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, went public several times in order to cover up the Benghazi scandal and the American lives that were lost there, and we still don’t know what happened that night, nor do we know why Barack Obama was missing-in-action during the entire event.

5. Omama’s Healthcare czar, Ezekial Emanual, was successful in unconstitutionally and illegally depriving Americans of their chosen healthcare plan and forced Obamacare on them, to their great economic and personal health disadvantage.

6. The Obama administration introduced their leftist Promise Program, which phonied-up crime statistics in an attempt to show a sharp reduction in minority crime rates under the Obama presidency, but only accomplished such an outcome on paper, and this farce ultimately led to the Florida school shooting in which seventeen students were killed by a young man with an Hispanic name, but he was not investigated because the Promise Program paid the police to ignore such suspicions of minority threat.

7. The Obama administration not only allowed Iran to continue to develop a nuclear weapon, but it helped that cause along by giving the Mullah’s a cargo plane full of a billion-and-a-half dollars of various nation’s cash currencies.

8. The Obama administration expressed an intention to “contain” ISIS as this evil force raped and murdered its way across the Middle East. Whomever was advising Obama had no intention of containing these mass murderers for a second.

9. The Obama administration illegally and unconstitutionally opened up our southern border to masses of invaders, and allowed Democrat mayors to set up sanctuary cities in order to protect the illegal alien criminals that flowed across our borders by the tens of thousands.

10. The Obama administration increased regulations and taxes on American businesses to the point that unemployment increased heavily as corporations were burdened by the job-killing regulations, and were also hit hard by healthcare costs following the passage of Obamacare.

11. Obama appointed at least two Supreme Court justices based not on their standing with the Bar Association, but based exclusively on their sex, politics and ethnicity.

The Trump administration has been more successful at getting its promised agenda in place in its first year than most administrations have accomplished in four years, and in doing so Donald Trump has done more to restore prosperity and liberty to America than  any president in history. With Trump’s concentration on the American constitution and obeying the laws of the land, thinking people are not worried about a little movement among his cabinet, the various Secretaries and his White House staff. Liberal administrations only appoint people to official positions who are willing to push for the “Fundamentally Transform of America”, and that process leads to corruption of the most severe sort for a constitutional democracy.

Call me old fashioned, but I’ll take a patriot like Trump any day, staff shake-ups and all, over an America-hater and constitution-denier like Barack Obama.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

What’s Good For The Democrat Goose, Is Not Acceptable For The Republican Gander

As conservative radio talk show host Chris Plante is fond of saying: “If Democrats didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all“. So with that principle in mind I have the following “standards” observations to comment on:

1. For Bill Clinton, lying, even lying under oath to a federal judge, was good because liberals inform us that people often lie in order to avoid telling someone the truth for fear of hurting their feelings. So lying to Democrats is a good thing.
However, for Republicans, if there’s the slightest hint of an untruth being represented, the Republican should be driven out of town, tarred and feathered.

2. Special investigation are a good tool to root out anything about Republicans that liberal Democrats don’t like. But when Ken Starr was investigating Bill Clinton, he, Mr. Starr, not the one who committed the acts, was branded as being a sexual pervert for uncovering Bill’s numerous and sundry sexual transgressions and low dealings and making them public knowledge.

3. When a Democrat is being investigated for sexual peccadilloes,  the tainted act is considered to be personal only and did not hinder the Democrat in doing his job at all. If a Republican is found to have strayed, he’s called a repeat offender of women, a perverted enemy of women, and is accused of leaving himself open for blackmail if the wrong people were to find out about the offense and hold it over his head.

4. If a Democrat president is accused of any fault, the accuser is reminded that this noble political servant is reshaping and reforming a great economy that is serving the nation, and therefore he should be left alone to “do the people‘s work“. But in the case of Donald Trump, who has just overseen the strongest economy and the highest stock market recovery in many years, Democrats claim that the economy is irrelevant and that President Trump’s economy is just building on the ever-more-quickly-expanding economy that Obama left behind, so Trump is fair game for criticism and investigation.

5. Rohm Emanual is famous for having said “never let a crisis go to waste”. So Democrats set about causing crises from every side so they can politicize them and gain points for “caring”. Examples would include the immigration crisis; the sanctuary cities crisis; the national debt crisis; the police killings crisis; the school gun shooting crisis; the North Korea talks crisis; the steel and aluminum tariff crisis, which, instead of actually being a crisis, as the Democrats claim, is in reality serving the Union workers who are the main source of income for the Democrat Party.

6. Illegal immigrants are given a place of “Sanctuary” from punishment for their crimes in many liberal-run cities, but American citizens and patriots, having no such place to find sanctuary, are expected to sit back quietly and watch our constitution, our laws and our economy be trampled by the political left while being verbally abused by Democrats for not having any compassion for the under-privileged and poor people of other countries and for not understanding the hobo camps of druggies and disturbed people in formerly beautiful cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco.

7. Bill Clinton skated free and easy from the charges of rape and for his conviction for lying under oath about his liaison with a young White House intern, but the slightest suggestion of some sort of completely voluntary relation with an adult women by a Republican politician gets him branded as unpresidential, an abuser of women, unbalanced mentally, and an overall bad person who must leave office immediately.

8. When guns are used in America’s too-frequent mass shootings all hell breaks loose among Democrats accusing the IRA of causing the attack, blaming the Republican president for allowing this to happen on his watch, and they make demands to remove all guns from the hands of all American citizens. But when it’s Steve Scalese and other Republicans who are shot and nearly killed by a supporter of the Socialist Bernie Sanders, one can hear a pin drop for the silence coming from the Democrat side of the aisle.

9. The United States’ constitution protects the rights of Democrats (an example would be the lying, Fake news liberal press whose right to report lying stories is assured by the constitution), but when it comes to protecting the constitutional rights of Republicans  (the second amendment is a good example), constitutional protection is irrelevant.

10. “S**t hole“, third world nations and poverty-laden back-country towns are garden spots per Democrats, who express love for them and think they are beautiful, as long as you don’t expect Democrats to take their families to these “s**t hole” places and spend a miserable week there trying to avoid robbery, stay healthy, locate clean water, obtain food that hasn’t spoiled due to a lack of refrigeration, and generally trying to remain alive during the visit.

11. Democrats see a simple and logical case to make when they propose taking guns away from law-abiding Americans for crimes they didn‘t commit, but to expect sanctuary cities to allow ICE to pick up criminal illegal aliens and get these criminals off the streets of America is not only racist in their opinion, but they are unable to comprehend the issue from a constitutional perspective and discuss it reasonably.

12. Idiot television talk show personalities on The View think Mike Pence is insane for claiming that he gets messages from God, but when Oprah Winfrey states that she is waiting for such a message from God, not a word is uttered in criticism.

13. Liberals like to make fun of Donald Trump for not being presidential, not acting like other presidents have and should act, and for defaming the precious national press for issuing Fake News, but when we look at the series of blatant lies that Obama told (keep your plan, etc; or his statement that he hasn’t the authority to grant immunity to illegal aliens, etc) one sees a president who did everything he could to tear down a free and wealthy America, which is unlike any former president of the United States. And when one looks at Obama’s closest friends and supporters (Bill Ayers: murderer and 1960s terrorist; Louis Farrakhan: racist, Jew hater, instigator; and his pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright: racist and America hater) one can see why Obama tried to “Fundamentally Transform America” along the lines of the preferences and influence of his closest associates and advisors.

14. When it comes to accusations of rape, Democrats think women should always be believed and that just their accusations alone should be sufficient to get the alleged rapist jailed. But for Bill Clinton, his female accusers were intimidated, paid off, shamed in public, and his lovely wife Hillary formed a bimbo eruptions committee to halt such women from making claims against her husband and force them to shut up.

15. When Democrats are backed into a corner and questioned about the latest scandal of the day, they claim that the accuser is racist (if the Democrat black), or that the politician is being kept from “the people’s work” with these questions (if he’s white), or that the accuser’s accusatory words “never fed a hungry child” which was Bill Clinton’s favorite dodge when he was backed into a corner and could not defend himself.
But when Republicans are questioned and accused of a transgression and attempt to use any of the Democrats’ dodges, he’s accused of obstructing justice, or he’s performing a cover-up, or he’s guilty of collusion, whatever that means, and a special investigator must be assigned immediately so the Republican can be impeached or put in jail, anything just to be gotten rid of.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Lord Of The Flies; When Bad Boys Act Up

Remember when President Barack Obama, on twenty-two separate occasions, clearly and specifically stated that he didn’t have the executive authority to grant amnesty to the millions of illegal aliens residing in America? And do you remember when President Obama promised, on thirty-six occasions, that Obamacare would allow families to keep their current plan, period; and it would permit families to keep their doctor, period; and it would save families at least $2500 per year on healthcare costs, period?

It’s a fact that the president of the United States promised these things to the citizens of this great nation, and it’s true that the man was, and is, a two-bit liar, but something else happened during the second Obama term that has never happened before in American politics, and it involves the direct about-face of Obama from claiming he couldn’t do certain radical, uncontitutional things, and then doing them anyway. Americans can be relieved that Obama and most other Democrats were certain that Hillary Clinton would win the election to succeed him, or he would probably still be in the White House pushing his radical agenda and assuring that his legacy was continued in perpetuity. With the certainty of a president Hillary in mind, Obama got lazy and held back a bit on his promise to Fundamentally Transform America, and held back on his most demented plans for our country, and allowed the uncertainty of politics to drift into the 2016 election and Hillary‘s defeat. But if the “something” that happened during the second Obama term is not recognized, discussed and admitted to, our nation may well cease to exist, because neither Obama nor his radical, violent, America-hating allies on the left are going away willingly.

Although we’ve always had leftists who have proposed getting rid of principles and rights listed in our constitution, things that have made America free and prosperous, there have always been some generally recognized restrictions on the part of America’s leftists that held them back and kept them from actually undermining our society and our union with their destructive, revolutionary plans.

But today we have seen more than a year of radical leftists, and even some traditional Democrat party members, acting-out in violent, revolutionary fashion, beginning with Obama’s opening of our southern border to all who want to enter, to the radical mayor of Oakland, California warning hundreds of violent, criminal aliens in her city to scatter because ICE was planning a raid to capture them. From the governor of California bragging of the new state law that prohibits California law enforcement personnel, under penalty specified in that law, from aiding ICE officers in any way in attempts to capture bad guys, to mayors of lesser American cities intentionally breaking federal law by protecting illegal aliens, under the banner of sanctuary, from the carrying out of the law. And it would be advisable to also recall the carefully chosen word “war” that the governor of California used in conjunction with the nation’s Attorney General’s visit to California recently, when Jeff Sessions criticized the mayor of Oakland for her own criminal act of warning criminals of the imminent visit by ICE officers.

For some reason the societal controls and limits that had been placed on leftist radicals via years of custom, vanished during the latter years of the Obama administration, and I don’t believe that the election of Donald Trump to the Oval Office was the sole cause, although it really messed up the plans of the Obama/Clinton worshipers. Rather I believe Trump’s election was the trigger that finally released the poised and locked firing pin of the ultra-radical Obama administration followers, and set them off.

Something similar occurred in Germany in the years immediately preceding  World War II when German society, described in movies and stories about Berlin night clubs, dropped all pretense of civility, decency and self-control and became awash in pure filth and depravity. The distrust and sense of being imposed upon by a hostile world plotting against the post-WW I German people, and the confirmation of that oppressed feeling that the leader of Germany repeatedly expressed and reinforced via violent, hate-filled speeches, caused pent-up feelings to be released in a most untraditional, un-German way.

Similarly in the United States, we have seen years of increasingly violent computer games and movies pouring out of Hollywood, and we’ve watched as the self-identity fad of racial, cultural and sexual relativism have been foisted on us by radical leftists; we’ve been preached to of the wisdom of allowing men to enter Women’s restrooms where young girls may be present; we’ve been lied to about illegal aliens not being given welfare benefits; we’ve been lied to about illegal aliens not getting healthcare for free; we’ve been told that illegal aliens are entitled to full protection of the American constitution, including free legal representation to prevent their deportation from our borders;  we’ve been lied to about illegal aliens not being able to vote in certain liberal cities; we’ve been informed of the selling of baby body parts following routine and often-performed abortions; we’ve heard mayors of sanctuary cities telling federal authorities they were not permitted to enter their cities in order to capture criminals, in violation of federal law; we’ve seen police officers assassinated, with the Black Lives Matters group calling for police killings in the streets of New York City, followed up by Barack Obama inviting them to the White House for a congratulatory chat for a job well done; we’ve seen the Obama Attorney General held in contempt of Congress for not turning over documents and not answering question that Congress wanted answers to following the murderous Fast and Furious scandal; we saw the refusal of a San Francisco jury to convict an illegal alien who had been deported multiple times, for the death of Kate Steinle, who was killed by the gun he was holding; we’ve seen the direct evidence of the Obama administration using the full investigative powers of the presidency to illegally spy on the Trump campaign in an attempt to assure Hillary’s election; we’ve seen FBI agents, supposedly impartially investigating both the Hillary email scandal and the Trump Russia/collusion fiction, lie and exchange messages expressing fear of a President Trump and attempting to assure the election of Hillary to the White House; we’ve seen the FBI, in conjunction with the Department of State, using documents created, bought and paid for by the Hillary campaign committee, used as unquestioned evidence by the FISA court, to get evidence on Trump so they could assure his electoral defeat, or impeach him if he were accidentally elected; we‘ve seen Hillary Clinton get a pass for an unsecured email server that allowed our nation‘s enemies to hack into her system and get classified documents; we‘ve seen evidence of Hillary passing highly classified emails to her pals who were not cleared for such national security evidence; we’ve seen Hillary lie, under oath, to FBI investigators, with no price being paid for such criminal behavior; and we have seen, for over a year, one Fake News story after another from the liberal, lying press about something that Trump did or did not do, then having to retract the lie, and then immediately lie again about Trump, time after time.

What the hell happened to this great nation during the second term of Barack Obama that has caused all of this illegal, unconstitutional, violent activity and all of this dangerous turmoil, and how do we rid our nation of the stench we‘re having to endure following Obama‘s exit?

Much of our current national troubles are reminiscent of the William Golding book, Lord Of The Flies, in which several young men cast all tradition and good behavior aside under a charismatic leader who encourages them to reject all that was proper and all that made England and Western society successful, and debase themselves in tyranny and violence when adults were no longer around to keep the young men in line. In America today one can see the adult figure, Donald Trump, insisting that our tradition, our laws and our constitution once again become our guide to proper behavior and composure, and the resentful, how-dare-you-preach-to-us, leftist, radical Democrats becoming violent and destructive when told to behave themselves and abide by the law.

Liberals who thought they were finally liberated to bring to fruition Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America were brought up short by the election of Donald Trump and they are behaving just like the spoiled, corrupt boys in Lord Of The Flies by becoming violent and destructive in their political defeat and frustration.

The only hope our nation has is to assure that no more Democrats are elected to any office in the nation until a cooling-off period has re-acclimated them to the value of obeying the law, adhering to societal standards that have made America the most pleasant nation in which to live in the world, and behaving decently in civil society.