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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Democrat Politicians And The Corrupt Press Quickly Become Best-Political-Friends

Recently cable news viewers were exposed to a video tape of Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris and her adoring press entourage, yucking it up and enjoying each others’ company while Ms. Harris was shopping for some clothes. One wonders how impartial and unbiased a press corps can be if they are personally involved with a particular candidate and seem to enjoy that candidate’s company and her opinions, to the extent that they assist her with her occasional chores, as this gaggle of leftists were demonstrating in a clothing shop.

When was the last time you saw any favorable press coverage for Donald Trump, or even the last time a member of the press did anything but scowl at the president, let alone maybe even grace him with an occasional smile? Most press questions to President Trump are totally adversarial and are always pointedly slung at the president as an insult to him and an attempt to catch him making a controversial, gotcha remark.

At best, President Trump, or nearly any Republican currently holding office, have press coverage that is dryly professional and reserved, but liberal office-holders get smiling, friendly, back-slapping treatment from the press.

It’s normal and natural for politicians to want favorable press treatment, and it’s natural for members of the press to want access to politicians in order to get information from them when gathering data for a future investigation. But it’s way out of line for a lovey-dovey relationship to exist between a politician and a reporter, which is exactly the corrupt relationship developing between Ms. Harris and her press representatives, and very likely between her and all fake news reporters.

An obscenely close relationship between officials and the press does not serve the public interest when the press is called on to report honestly and truthfully about a candidate the press loves, and it also does not serve the public’s right to know the truth when the fake news press treats every statement and every act of President Trump as though he’s a defendant at the Nuremberg Trials, yet fawns and swoons at everything Democrats say.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

And They Call Themselves “Progressives”?

In the last several years radical Democrats have taken up the label of “progressive” to describe themselves, so let’s look at a few “progressive” policies and see if they are an indicator of real progress in our society, or do they indicate a path to the destruction of our nation:

Is it progress when a pediatric doctor offers pregnant women to birth their babies and make the infants comfortable, and then, after the child is born, discuss with the women whether they want to abort the child or not? Isn’t it a little too late to discus an abortion at this point? Shouldn’t the word “murder” be applied to this procedure?

Is it progress when a new and radical Islamic member of the House of Representatives calls for the destruction of Israel, our only real ally in the Middle East?

Is it progress when a member of the House of Representatives proposes a Green New Deal which would outlaw coal and natural gas-generated electricity, outlaw commercial airlines and outlaw personally owned gas-powered automobiles?

Is it progress when a president denies all Americans the constitutional right to buy personally paid-for health insurance and forces these people to buy his more expensive and less comprehensive national (and unconstitutional) plan, that does not allow the insured to keep his doctor, and does not allow the insured to keep his plan and does not allow the insured to save the promised $2500 a year, as this particular radical president promised many times?

Is it progress when Democrat-run states and cities declare themselves to be sanctuaries for select illegal aliens residing in their jurisdictions, and deny ICE the ability to remove those persons who are known criminals?

Is it progress when wave-after-wave of immigrant caravans arrive at the United States border, attack border guards, and insist on being admitted to our nation without any vetting at all?

Is it progress when illegal aliens, traveling north through Mexico to the U.S. border, withhold health care from their sick children as they assemble to march to America, illegally cross our southern border, present their sick children to an American doctor, where the child dies while care is finally being given to him in America, long after care should have been given by the irresponsible parent, and then blame the United States, in the person of President Trump, for the death of the abused, and now deceased, child?

Is it progress when American citizens are being raped and murdered by the thousands by illegal aliens, and the Democrat party not only does nothing to punish these criminals and keep similar persons out of our nation, but actually proposes legislation that will allow greater numbers of illegals to enter immediately, and to allow those who are already here to remain?

Is it progress when a leader of the Democrat party, a person formerly assumed to be interested in keeping Americans safe, defends MS-13 murderers residing in our country illegally, stating that they have a “spark of divinity” and should be left alone to continue to commit crimes here and to not be deported or jailed?

Is it progress when a radical member of the House of Representatives proposes legislation that will provide an income to persons who “don’t want to work”, and will provide free healthcare to all Americans, and provide a free college education as well? And does this sort of proposal make any more sense when it is being proposed at a time when our national debt is catastrophic and rising by the day? These additional national financial burdens are expected to cost additional trillions of dollars which will only cause our national bankruptcy sooner rather than later, than it already will arrive?

Democrat leftists are not “progressives” in their attitudes nor in their policies. They are absolutely “regressive” in their professional lives and we should start calling them by the correct name and not the lying name of progressive, which makes them sound more like sensible, intelligent people, which they definitely are not.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Democrats Move To Prove That Only Governments Cause Poverty

With all of the wealth and freedom in the world, nations like Cuba, Russia, Venezuela and North Korea and their Communist/Socialist policies are living proof that only governments with dictatorial, Socialist tendencies can enslave their entire citizenry and force them to live in poverty and suffering.

With that statement in mind, now comes America’s own radical Socialists, better known as the Democrat party, whose members live in splendid comfort and often great wealth, proposing the same policies and big-government actions that have caused suffering for all other nations of the world who propose the self-defeating policies practiced by Socialist/Communist regimes around the world. Specifically, our radical leftist party-of-Obama and his promise to “fundamentally transform America” has introduced the Democrat’s Green New Deal, the program that would enforce totalitarian government actions and undo our economy and our Constitution, and would inevitably lead to poverty, hunger, a shortage of electricity and no individual, personal means of travel for the entire nation, if Americans are dumb enough to follow the Democrats over the proposed cliff that lays ahead. The leftist proposal will assure that we will all give up our automobiles for the carbon-saving travel of the sixteenth century ox cart. But we can all rest easy, because the dithering idiot, Alexandria Casio-Cortez, she who is a descendent of the European invaders who raped and murdered indigent Indian tribes as they cut their bloody way through North and South America, tells us that this is a good idea.

The party of post-birth “abortions” now claims that every American citizen must have free healthcare, free college education, and each of us will live better because we will be able to get our food delivered to us, fresh to our doors, via ancient horse and buggy transportation, because airplanes, refrigeration and trucks will be halted permanently by these geniuses. Democrats think that if they offer us free stuff we will surrender our ability to succeed in life and give up our ability to live comfortably and prosperously. But I believe they are wrong.

When politicians start designing healthcare-for-all, designing buildings to fit a “green” mode of operation, planning fuel and energy production and distribution and tell citizens the means by which they will be allowed to travel about in their daily lives, that nation is in serious trouble and will end up with miserable lives like the extremely unfortunate citizens of North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba.

One can only look at the political proposals of the Democrat party and wonder how they think America reached the current height of comfort, wealth and liberty, which was accomplished, of course, by allowing entrepreneurs and inventors to create the way we are currently living, as these free-thinking people designed processes and products intended to please the American population and make money for those people producing the products. The makers of automobiles and air conditioning made their customers more comfortable and happy with their inventions, and made themselves enormously wealthy as a reward for their inventiveness and industriousness, while also creating more jobs so their employees could afford the products that they produced. None of the above benefits to society can continue to exist when political officials, many of whom are not too smart to begin with, begin dictating to the populace what they can do and how they must live.

Government will always try to dictate to citizens the things politicians demand that they have and what they can do, and will deny citizens the things that citizens want, by simply outlawing those things. And too often the things that they dictate that citizens possess, will harm them or keep them from being able to keep their  families safe, or will no longer allow citizens the means with which they can be happy and comfortable. Free individuals will always improve their lives by their own efforts, and big-government will always make its subjects paupers, if those subjects allow this to happen.

There’s an old saying that goes something like this: Those who don’t learn from the lessons of history, are doomed to repeat them.

Our nation, awash in the blessings, the freedom and the plenty offered by Capitalism and assured by our Constitution, is on the cusp of destroying the very thing that allows us to live well and live freely, and the Democrat party is the entity that is trying to push us over the brink and into some very dark days ahead, because Democrats haven‘t learned the historical lesson that big, intrusive government destroys lives.

Of course, once the Green New Deal was presented and discussed by sensible people who exposed the extreme measures Democrats will take to gain power, the architects of this foolishness began wringing their hands and stating that they never threatened to get rid of jet travel and don’t want to take automobiles or electricity away from the public, and that these things are only the misinterpretation of the evil followers of Donald Trump.

But liberals have a history that tells us that these extreme measures to control our lives are exactly what Democrats practice. Just keep in mind that the sensible push to disallow cigarette smoking on jet airliners, led to a ban on smoking in any establishment, including in one’s own home in many liberal-governed locations.

And the leftist insistence on background checks for gun purchasers led to attempts to deny guns to even the most law-abiding Americans. And the next gun control effort was an  attempt to by-pass gun ownership by making the purchase of ammunition illegal or punitively expensive; and then that legal challenge to our constitution progressed to attempts to make gun manufacturers liable for any death caused by a fire arm; and the latest abuse of liberal power sought to financially harm, or at least shame, credit card companies into denying gun dealers the credit companies’ payment processing services, thereby illegally denying American citizens the right to buy a gun because of the public shame liberals would heap on the credit card companies and the liberal threat of having credit cards torn up and sent back to the issuing company if they allowed credit services to gun dealers, if they allowed gun purchases.

Liberals are liars, and decent Americans must never trust them to show any consideration  for individual or constitutional rights with their attempts to make us all toe the liberal line. Whether the issue is gun ownership, smoking, wanting to buy a car that may use more carbon to power it than liberals are willing to allow, or keeping illegal aliens out of our country, these evil, dictatorial people will not stop pushing the envelop of the Constitution until they have complete control over this great nation.

Democrats must be opposed at the ballot box and kept out of any positions of power.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Howard Schultz Is Shaking Up The Democrats And Their Anti-American Plans

Former Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, has declared his candidacy to run for the presidency in 2020. Since Mr. Schultz is a Democrat, his fellow Democrats should be happy, but they’re not: the problem is that he plans to run as an Independent and not as a Democrat; and his ideas about being president are sensible, while the radical ideas of today’s main-stream Democrat party are anything but sensible.

The problem that Schultz presents to the far leftist Democrat party is at least three-fold:

1) His candidacy will divide American citizens into at least three voting blocks, which could easily permit Donald Trump to win a second term in the 2020 election, as the Democrat vote is split, while Republicans remain more unified.

2) His more enlightened and less radical positions on all things political will likely attract  support from more traditional Democrats and pull votes from whichever radical Democrat, anti-Trump candidate wins nomination.

3) Mr. Schultz is not a politician and instead has made his fortune by being a common sense business-man who understands that spending, even for the government, cannot go on, unrestrained, forever and that we can not provide free stuff to citizens without going completely broke. Today’s Democrats resent a non-politician running for president because his being an outsider means that he will bring into play new ideas that will align themselves with the real, functioning world and not the mentally disturbed, radical progressives in the Democrat party, who promise everything for free.

But following Mr. Schultz’s announcement of running for the presidency he has been flattened by progressive, radical Democrats for saying and doing things they do not approve of and that just might get Donald Trump re-elected to the presidency. His Democrat detractors know he’s a traditional liberal Democrat, but today’s leftist press, and radical members of the Democrat party, are anything but traditional in their thinking and their political scheming, so he’s insufficiently radical, thus his own party tries to drum him out.

So exactly how smart is Mr. Schultz that he couldn’t see how radical and crazy today’s Democrats have become, and why could he not predict their strong push against him when he expresses traditional ideas of sensible economics and a strong work-ethic while the Democrat party only promises to open our borders and to give free-bees to every voter? Mr. Schultz must be completely tone deaf to not have seen where his party has drifted and how far off the deep end they’ve gone with their anti-constitution and anti-American positions.

And on the subject of Mr. Schultz’s personal and emotional strength and his ability to push his policies forward, what kind of strength display is to that as soon as some of the Democrat crazies yell at him he decides to not run after all? When I consider the absolute deluge of abuse and criticism Donald Trump has received since he won the presidency in 2016, the legal troubles he’s faced, and the daily lying about him personally, about his family and about his administration, especially when we know that the press and the special council are using trumped-up evidence to create charges against him, one can easily see the personal strength possessed by President Trump as he pushes his agenda in spite of the daily abuse he gets, and one can see that Mr. Schultz is not up to the task in comparison.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Appeals To The Basest Levels Of Society With Her Idea Of Woke Privilege

On February 1, 2019, The Daily Wire quoted the vapor-minded Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the new and rising star of the radical left Democrat party, with a number of things that relate to the state of our nation at the moment. In the paragraph below I’ve briefly summarize, in my own words, what AOC’s message was to America:

Ms. Cortez acknowledges that she is privileged to have been born “cisgendered” (the intellectually struggling lady used the latest hip and trendy term as a way of saying that she has a female body and actually thinks of herself as a woman, which in today’s  self-identity-blinded Democrat party, is unheard of) and she further lectures each of us small-minded Americans to recognize and identify our own areas of privilege and try to have sympathy for those among us who have lesser status and privilege, and maybe tone down our own attempts get an education, to be successful, to achieve status, to become wealthy and rise above the social and economic stratum we were born into. Basically she wants us to stop trying to improve ourselves and live better than we were born, and be more like the less-privileged among us. Of course the one thing Ms. Cortez misses is that the entire world is caravanning to our borders in an attempt to be part of the enormous privilege that just being born in America, or becoming a legal American citizen, bestows on all who are here. But radical Democrats will always be radical Democrats, so she feels the need to criticize America and all upwardly mobile Americans who try to better themselves, while suggesting that maybe we should not try so hard to be successful and should instead make efforts to live like those who try less hard, so we don’t make them feel bad about themselves.

Ms. Cortez seems to be encouraging us to reduce our own ambitions and live like the homeless and the drug addicted live, but I rather think that the American tradition of trying to be the best we can be is preferable. And by far the most compassionate way to conduct one’s life is to encourage everyone to achieve their utmost, regardless of Ms. Cortez’s idea of one’s privilege-level, and have the lesser-privileged raise themselves to a more successful and comfortable level so they can enjoy life more, instead of trying to encourage achievers to live at a bare subsistence level.

At the political level Democrats like Ms. Cortez just want to make everyone poor and dependent on big government for handouts and low-level housing. That’s the way Democrats gain more power for themselves and their radical party. But in the case of the dim-witted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, there is probably the same level of  political calculation we can attribute to people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who do actually scheme every day of their lives for a plan to make themselves dictators so they can run everyone else‘s lives; I believe that AOC really believes the crap she spews about privilege, self-identity and cisgendering, and that ignorance makes her even more dangerous to America and its citizens than the outright lies of more intelligent Democrats. I resent people like AOC lecturing me and other Americans on how to behave, when she’s such an unaccomplished, brainwashed, dunderhead.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Bigger Government, And Greater Government Control, Preceded Socialist Dictators Like Hitler, Stalin And Maduro

Not long ago some fool liberal Democrat complained that far-right Republicans/conservatives wanted to take over the government and create a dictatorship. This ignorant person, and other like-minded leftists, needs to be reminded that the scope or spread of politics is a straight line going from total dictatorship on the far left, to a non-government far right, lacking any control and with no governing power, resulting in chaos and no government services whatever.

As one moves to the political right from a constitutional government, such as we have in America, toward the far right, there is no point at which heavy government control exists. The further right one gets, the less government and the fewer governmental controls are to be found. And the further to the left one gets from the constitutional center, the less freedom the citizens have as government becomes more dominant, until total dictatorship is declared and no citizen has any rights any longer.

No Republican wants the chaos to be found on the far right; they respect and support America’s constitution with it’s clearly stated and defined roles and duties of government, with all other rights being exercised by the individual states or by the people themselves. Republicans want to preserve and continue the constitution and the rule of law that has always been the way Americans have conducted government.

The ultra left of the Democrat party, including Cortez, Sanders, Warren, Harris and others, all want increased government control over the lives of American citizens, which, as we look at Nazi Germany or the Communist Soviet Union, has always been the starting point for complete dictatorial control over individual actions and aspirations. Socialist Venezuela must also be added to this list because of its relevance as being a current disastrous political event, and being a formerly wealthy nation that is crumbling into poverty under leftist, government control and outrageous suffering by its citizens.

Liberals are completely uninformed about these things, and their thinking that Republicans want to take over the government is proof of their ignorance. Leftist policies always lead to less wealth for both the nation and the individual citizens, and lead to great suffering as the controls expand and strangle liberty and prosperity. Republicans want to limit the leftward drift of government and keep our government limited to the powers granted it in our constitution.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Liberal Policies Always Expand To Central Government Controls

If there is a “right” to government healthcare and a “right” to tuition-free college, why is there no “right” to toilet paper, toothpaste, carrots and vitamin supplements? There is just as much need for the cleanliness of toilet paper and the nutritional value of carrots and vitamins as there is a need for government-provided higher education, and the need is more urgent for the carrots and vitamins because one cannot partake of an education program without proper health and nutrition coming first. But of course, the answer as to why college, and not vitamin supplements, is being promised to all Americans is because leftists always appeal to the members of society who are the most volatile, least informed and most likely to resort to violence to get the selfish things they want, and that’s today young people, represented by the ANTIFA crowd that loves to beat and burn.

So, as the demands of America’s leftist politicians provides for government healthcare and free education, the leftist government will expand the “rights” they believe will be needed to further their idea of a proper government, with working tax payers, as usual,  picking up the ever-expanding bill for all of these goodies via confiscation of their wages.

But perhaps more important than “rights” is the availability and “access” to healthcare, college, toilet paper and carrots. If “access” to healthcare ends, in exchange for a new “right” to these things , and it usually does as Socialist/Communist governments tighten the “rights” screw on the larger population, then whether or not you have a “right” to healthcare becomes irrelevant, because there will be no more of it available for consumption or use, as the free “right“ is used to the saturation point and doctors retire or just stop working because the demand for their services, to which everyone now has a “right“, becomes over-burdened, and as the government begins paying them less in order to reduce the ever-increasing use and cost of the free thing, while still demanding more hours of work each day of the doctors and nurses, who have been inundated by an entire population who have a “right” to free healthcare.

In a Capitalist society “access” is always uppermost and always in play as entrepreneurs invent things and develop new ways to manufacture and deliver products and services,  with the idea of making a “profit” from the new inventions and methods, which satisfies both the entrepreneur and the public. But under a Socialist government there may be “rights” aplenty, but does anyone have the ability to exercise this “right”, and is there any of it to “access”, after government controls have been put in place to regulate it, require it, or eliminate it?

As we saw in Venezuela, “rights” were assured to the citizens of that forlorn nation, but after the government placed controls on the prices that could be charged by farmers for growing vegetables, and after prices were placed on grocers controlling the prices they could charge when selling these items, it ended up that no one would grow them and no one would open a store to sell them, and the nation of Venezuela is now starving to death in the midst of enormous oil and mineral wealth, which is, once again, controlled by the government.

Liberals believe in making all things that they like, mandatory; and they forbid and make illegal all things that they don’t like. History is a great place to look to see how these things turn out, but reading a bunch of old books is too boring for Socialists, and, unfortunately, these same big-government advocates are too wrapped up in their idiotic plans to establish all kinds of additional “rights” to look at current events and recognize that Venezuela is staring them right in the face and telling them the error of their ways, and they can’t see a thing.