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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Democrats Show Their True, Anti-American Stripes In Times Of Need

Democrats, either in their desperation to regain the power that they lost to Donald Trump in 2016, or in their exuberance to demonstrate a little relevance in the era of Trump, are showing their true colors with their unbelievably cynical attitude to America’s current health and economic emergency. Following are some examples of Democrat attempts to literally end political and economic life as we know them in America:

Going back a few years, at the beginning of his reign of error (and I do mean “error“), we witnessed Barack Obama proclaiming that he intended to “fundamentally transform America”. Our marvelous constitution, which assures liberty and prosperity to all citizens, wasn’t good enough for “the one”, so he felt a need to “transform” America in order to further his ideal of a weak and poor America at the mercy of Russia and China. Most Americans would much prefer to keep our constitution and our national independence in the world and take a pass on the transformation thing, thanks all the same.

Then, as Obamacare was being debated, we got a load of Nancy Pelosi scolding the nation and insisting that legislators had a responsibility to “vote for the bill in order to see what’s in the bill”. Honesty and transparency are not words in Ms. Pelosi’s vocabulary, and I sure as hell would not trust her for sensible legislation after her Obamacare performance, and don‘t even remind me of the scandalous and cynical loading-up of the leftist, trash, wish-list, filth she added to the coronavirus financial stimulus bill.

Then, most recently, South Carolina’s James Clyburn corrupted and subverted the much-needed coronavirus financial stimulus bill by telling his Democrat pals to vote for the stimulus package, into which Democrats had loaded trillions of dollars of pork and Green New Deal crap, stating that the finance bill was a “tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision”. Mr. Clyburn’s vision of the world would make America more like Haiti than heaven, and Americans have in the past repeatedly rejected all of the provisions that Democrats just last week re-introduced into the horrific House version of the financial stimulus bill. We just don’t like the Democrats’ plans to destroy our nation and our way of life.

These fool, anti-American Democrats need to know that American citizens don’t give a damn about their “vision“, and in fact we reject, fully and completely, their Communist, LSD-ridden visions, because their radical ideas would eliminate the constitutional principles that make us free and prosperous. We also don’t want our nation “transformed” along the lines prescribed by Obama, except to the extent that we can transform the Democrat party into non-existence and get some patriots in their place for a change.

Friday, March 27, 2020

The Corona Pandemic Has Proven One Thing: Democrats Cannot Be Trusted In An Emergency

Democrats, and their allies in the leftist press, have not pitched in to help America get through this pandemic crisis. Rather, they seem to be enjoying, or are at least indifferent to, the suffering it causes their fellow citizens, and they are taking full advantage of the national misery in order to further their leftist goals.

First they called President Trump a racist for cancelling flights originating from China, and then they blamed him for not having halted these flights sooner than he actually did. These fool Democrats are crazy-bad people.

Recently, one not-very-bright couple ingested an aquarium cleaning product that had as one of its ingredients a component that sounds like the anti-malarial product called hydorxychloroquine, that President Trump and his medical advisors mentioned might be useful when prescribed by medical personnel, in making people sickened by the coronavirus get well sooner. Of course, President Trump was identified by America’s lying news agencies as the cause of this couple’s sickness, even though they could, and should, have read the warning label on the container and not have ingested the poisonous cleaner, and they should have sought medical supervision and advice before taking any such  product. But they didn’t, and the husband died. They decided on their own to self-prescribe and to determine independently from medical advice, the proper dosage to take. But in spite of any fault that should have been attached to the sadly misinformed couple, for Democrats and the radical press, it’s necessary that President Trump be blamed first, last and always for anything that goes awry in America today.

It’s of special interest to note that after President Trump called for a financial stimulus bill to help corporations and individuals get from one side to the other of the financial crisis that has accompanied the coronavirus outbreak, irresponsible House Democrats packed the stimulus bill with trillions of dollars of pork, along with Green New Deal provisions that only a radical Democrat could think of, like assuring racial diversity on boards of directors of private companies; labor union representation on boards of directors; more money for Planned Parenthood abortions; new minimum wage rules; new emissions standards for airlines; same-day registration to vote, and wind and solar tax credits. This idiotic abuse of the Democrat’s solemn duty to help Americans in need has caused an unnecessary delay in getting much needed funds to families to pay their bills, and to companies to help pay the salaries of laid-off employees.

But probably the most disgusting aspect of Democrat obstruction throughout this entire experience is that the real roadblocks and obstructions Democrats have thrown at this effort to save lives and the economy were due to the Democrat desire to defeat, or at least blemish and injure, President Trump in any way they can. They want him to get no credit at all for any good deed he’s done during this crisis. In other words, Democrats revert to harsh, bare-knuckled, blatant, partisan politics when a crisis strikes, and they disregard any actual suffering or harm American citizens experience as a result of their ridiculous accusations and snide remarks.

In November of this year Americans will remember these misguided and destructive actions taken by elected Democrats and will hopefully vote all Democrats out of office, across the board.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

While American Citizens Suffer, Democrats Plot A "Tremendous Opportunity To Restructure Things To Fit Our Vision”

he above quote comes from House Majority Whip, Rep. James Clyburn, (D-SC) while trying to get support from the House Democratic caucus for all of the wasteful, shamefully political and harmful legislation the Democrats included in the emergency stimulus bill. One must keep in mind that this bill is indeed an emergency bill and needs to be implemented immediately in order to get much needed funds to individuals who are trying to feed their families, and to corporations who are trying to keep their businesses afloat so their employees can have jobs to return to after the coronavirus crisis has ended.

So the cunning, shameful, cut-throats in the Democrat party, thinking they could intimidate President Trump into signing any legislation they present in order to get legitimate financial help flowing to Americans as soon as possible, loaded-up trillions of dollars in non-emergency spending, and probably another trillion dollars in social engineering, all into the bill which would burden corporations and tax-paying American citizens forever. It’s fortunate that President Trump is a responsible man, and he refused to sign this piece of crap that Nancy Pelosi and James Clyburn were pushing, so it went back to the House to reconsider and one can only hope they’ve seen the error of their filthy ways, and that they will present a bill that rushes needed money to needful Americans.

Although some Americans were truly hurt financially because of the deliberate obstruction of the deranged Democrats in holding up this bill, the lesson we can learn about Democrats and the lengths to which they will go in order to socially engineer and financially bankrupt this nation is, itself, worth an inestimable amount in political terms.

If Democrats are so jaded that they are willing to hold up emergency funds for people who are about to lose their homes or are unable to buy food for their families, then what evil are they not willing to stoop to in order to “restructure things to fit our vision”, as Mr. Clyburn so cynically expressed it. With this knowledge under our belt and knowing how Democrats will behave when they’re not being watched every minute, we can likely expect the next Democrat president to immediately try the same old underhanded trick and attempt to get their leftist agenda implemented via executive orders, or just plain issuing verbal instructions to bureaucrats to do his/her bidding on any issue.  Nearly every malicious idea that Democrats have has been rejected by the American citizens, but these fools will not stop pushing their radical agenda.

After listening to the far-left proposals of the current bunch of Democrat candidates for president, they all seem to have inherited Barack Obama‘s promise to “fundamentally Transform America“.  And Obama’s promise of transformation is exactly where James Clyburn got his ideas of “restructuring things to fit our vision”, by simply demanding implementation of his far left projects and threatening to hurt patriotic Americans if he doesn’t get his selfish way. Whether it’s “restructuring” or “transforming” that Democrats have in mind, their full intent is to destroy America and our constitution with their social and political division of our population and their overspending of our precious currency.

In short, there is nothing crazy enough nor dangerous enough that Democrats will not be willing to do it, as long as it “fits (their) vision”. Democrats are so itching for power that they are willing to risk getting caught with their hands in the till in order to assume power, because all of the programs and policies they are in favor of have been firmly rejected by American voters, this means Democrats have to resort to extra-legal ways of getting what they want, even if it means hurting their own citizens in order to get their devious and un-American policies put in place.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

From Collusion, To Warming, To Impeachment, Democrats Have Yelled “Wolf” One Too Many Times

Given the Democrat tendency to get attention and attract voters by proclaiming one disaster after another, and one crisis after another, it’s long been feared that a real crisis would one day come along and no one would believe it was real. On Monday morning a plea from New York’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo, heard him sounding like Al Gore trying to sell his warming/change scheme by saying that “this is real” just as old Al has done so many times. All the governor was trying to do was keep people off the streets so they wouldn’t infect each other with the virus, but too many New Yorkers insisted on taking walks and getting out of the house to please the governor, so he began lecturing them.

 “This is real, I’m not kidding“, was Gore’s famous phrase, used in many speeches when he was lying about the threat of global warming. But even though I believe he was sincere in his personal belief in global warming, anyone who was not a radical Democrat politician knew he was dead wrong and spreading lies. And after years of Democrat lies about false crises, people today are not responding to the corona virus as politicians think they should, even though this time, the virus is real and is actually fostering a crisis in the American economy. Democrat politicians have indiscriminately yelled “wolf” too many times in the past to be believed now.

After years of hearing Democrats predict that the end of the world is upon us with all sorts of imagined disasters like coastal flooding, rising oceans, melting ice caps and the extermination of polar bears, and while trying to divide Americans by parading and chanting for police officers to be killed, advocating multiple-gender public restrooms and pushing the idiocy of sexual and racial self-identity, is it any wonder that even the old familiar, gullible, Democrat voter’s attitude of “we’ll-buy-anything-you-say” is no longer believing these political fools when we face a real crisis, like the virus?

In general the crisis/fear thing has been good for Democrats, but then Trump came along and their old, divisive tricks no longer work. Americans elected Trump over Obama’s personal hand-maiden, Hillary. Collusion was found to be a lie that was pushed by the political left. The Ukraine thing evaporated to the disadvantage of Joe Biden and his son. The radical Bernie Sanders has been shot down by the Democrat party in favor of the imbecile Joe Biden. We’ve seen nearly every Democrat presidential candidate promote the lie of global warming; be in favor of reparations; support the opening of our southern border; fervently vote to impeach the president; express support for Sanctuary cities; speak in favor of releasing all inmates currently in prison; speak highly of the Green New Deal that would destroy America. And then after putting all of these roadblocks and distractions in Trump’s path for three years, Democrats blame him for not acting soon enough to block foreigners coming into America from virus-plagued China, while at the same time calling him a racist when he did block all flights from China in January of this year. That’s what today’s Democrats have become.

Democrats are just plain nuts, and they’re losing the support of even their most ardent supporters. But it appears that they are not aware of the lack of interest in their divisive, anti-American and anti-Trump positions, because good-ole lunch bucket Joe is still not showing any interest or conviction is his own leftist policies, and is being kept safely hidden away by his handlers in order to keep him from sticking both feet in his mouth at the same time.

So now we have a real crisis that is really killing people around the world and Governor Cuomo can’t get even New Yorkers to obey him. But President Trump is building his base and getting converts to his cause by rejecting the leftist malarkey like global warming, and is responsibly attacking the virus and showing that his head is on firmly and that he is protecting the American people.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Donald Trump Is Not A “No Crisis Should Go To Waste” President

If the coronavirus outbreak had occurred during the Obama administration, with Rahm Emanuel’s policy of “never letting a crisis go to waste” being the controlling factor in the Obama government’s response, that administration would have willingly and quickly declared a national emergency which would have brought the nation to a standstill and would have allowed the federal government to deny all constitutional rights to American citizens, would have looted the private sector of it’s property and denied American citizens the jobs that the private sector provides.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has reluctantly declared a national emergency because of the coronavirus, but he has withheld full implementation and government control of his order so as to allow the 50 states to provide for their citizens and solve their unique local problems, while the federal government stands by to provide help as needed by the states. Because of President Trump’s reluctance to impose the power of the federal government on the citizens of the United States and on the state governments, we can be assured that he will obey the constitution and withdraw from the scene, and release all federally imposed controls, as soon as the emergency has run its course and things are back to normal.

The Obama administration, being a radical left, big government bunch of Democrats,  would have fully extended the power of the federal government and would have closed all financial institutions and ordered the military to take control of the streets of America, assuring that everyone would cower in their homes, and the order would likely demand that anyone caught with a weapon would be arrested and imprisoned for suspicion of terrorism. This policy implementation would also have included commandeering all private corporations to do the bidding of the government. As evidence of this sort of thing happening, one must remember the government takeover of General Motors early on in the Obama administration, when GM became insolvent, and that financial emergency was slight compared to what the nation is going through with the coronavirus and the subsequent deep drop of the stock market. With the GM precedent under it’s belt, it would be logical that the Obama administration would then nationalize Ford, Chrysler, John Deere, Amazon and all other industries they deemed necessary for their leftist ends.

Of course, to Democrats, any financial setback is the fault of the “greedy” Wall Street crowd and their pals in the “corrupt” banks, so, after declaring a national emergency, they would also have to halt all financial trading and assume the role of rulers over the entire American economic community. And given, that in the opinion of the radical left, no one but a radical leftist knows anything about running a nation’s economic and financial business, title would likely revert to the government for all private corporate institutions, just as the GM corporation was given to a leftist bunch of Democrat-dominated labor unions, and the private, individual investor bond holders of General Motors were denied compensation for the investments they made in the company with their private funds, as the entire corporation was awarded to the unions, in a politically structured bankruptcy order.

And if anyone thinks that any “crisis”, once declared by a Democrat, would be limited to giving aid to needful financial institutions and the owners of hurting businesses across America, they don’t realize the full scheming nature of today’s Democrat party. The Green New Deal, already fully planned and just waiting for the next Democrat administration to take office so the scheme could be fully implemented, would be fully imposed on America and it’s citizens, with Global Warming being identified as the reason that gasoline would no longer be refined and sold to the public, airline travel would be halted completely, truck traffic would be prohibited on Interstate highways, guns would be forcibly removed from the hands of all private citizens, our nation’s borders would be completely opened to all of the poor and sick people of the world, and Castro-like prisons would be filled with anyone deemed a threat to a quick resolution of the “crisis” that the Democrat president had declared, with the prisons being emptied of the convicted criminals currently imprisoned there in order to free up space for the newly identified criminals who oppose the destruction of America’s constitution.

American citizens are seeing, live and up close, the difference between a president, like Donald Trump, who respects and abides by the constitution, and the big-government actions any of the current  Democrat candidates for president would take under these same circumstances. We must never trust a Democrat in a position of power again.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Remember Obama’s Vow To “Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste”? We Can All Be Thankful Donald Trump Is In The White House Now.

When Rahm Emanuel uttered the highly un-American and cynical statement that the Democrat party should “never let a crisis go to waste”, most thinking Americans cringed, fearing what the Obama radicals would take advantage of next, in order to further empower big government in general, and themselves in particular.

During the Obama administration, taking Mr. Emanuel’s words to heart, and as proof that he meant his words literally, we saw an attempt to take over the nation’s healthcare, which they claimed was in crisis, with the imposition of the unconstitutional Obamacare. Then we saw them brazenly cause the deaths of American and Mexican citizens with their criminally fascist Fast and Furious scandal, because they claimed that citizens possessing firearms was a crisis for our nation.  Next we saw storm clouds gather on the nation’s horizon with the left’s racial and sexual-identity division of our citizens. And then we saw the Black Lives Matter movement chant for the assassination of police officers across the nation. These were created crises, not allowed to go to waste and perpetrated for the benefit of the radical, Democrat cause.

So, with the current coronavirus pandemic that is upon us, one can only imagine the things that the Obama administration would do in order to undermine our society and our way of life if he were still in the White House, with this serious disease giving him the ability to declare a national emergency and use ultra-legal methods of attack and issue unconstitutional orders to address the emergency.  It’s likely they would quickly have federal agents confiscating all weapons held by law-abiding citizens, with the lame brained excuse of protecting our locked-down and unprotected society from attacks by the many fellow-citizens who own firearms.

Healthcare would also be an easy target to nationalize for power-hungry scoundrels like Emanuel and Obama, as they grabbed power by claiming that the moves were necessary to save humanity.

And one could easily imagine how the lie of global warming, in the hands of these radical, lying, scoundrels, could be identified as the cause of this current disease, with more such diseases to follow as the earth warmed exponentially in the next few years. If a tornado can be blamed on warming/change then it’s an easy stretch to blame carbon products for the disease and for halting the refinement of oil to provide gasoline for our cars, halting all over-the-road trucks, grounding all commercial airlines, and restricting electric power to our homes, thereby making this a third-world nation in one fell swoop. Each of these economy-destroying items listed above is already part of the Democrat Green New Deal, so it would fit nicely in their plans to bring America down. Obama would do these things, but Trump would never take such advantage of a “crisis”.

If even the single entity of trucking is shutdown, all life as Americans know it would end and the nation would starve soon after. And once severe opposition to artificially imposed hunger and poverty is felt among the outraged American population, the military would be dispatched by the Obama believers to silence objecting Americans, and dictatorship would be the result, with all future political elections being “postponed”.

Following the artificially imposed “crisis” and the resulting economic shutdown, and with  no one working any longer due to the bankruptcy of all corporations and the resulting disappearance of all jobs, homes would be repossessed, families would take to the streets and join Los Angeles-style homeless camps, thereby making the Obama federal government the last resource for sustenance and existence in the dying nation. Big brother would rule, our borders would be overrun by hordes of aliens seeking the land of milk and honey, even though milk, honey and liberty would all have been eliminated by that time, and our constitution would be completely discarded, never to return.

But fortunately we have a constitution-loving patriot in the White House and none of these dire things are possible under President Trump. He is legitimately and diligently seeking a solution to this disease, he proposes financially supporting citizens who have no income until they can go to work again, and he will take measures to help businesses as best he can.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Are Democrats Now Smart Enough To Support A Border Wall?

Now, after Democrats finally agreed with President Trump that flights from China must be prohibited from landing in the United States in order to keep coronavirus carriers from spreading the disease here; and now, understanding the value and importance of the presidential order to halt such flights; are Democrats smart enough to realize the wisdom of President Trump’s insistence on a wall being constructed along our southern border to keep invaders, many of whom may be carrying some form of disease even worse than the current virus, out of our cities and neighborhoods?

But this wisdom requires that Democrats give up on the idea of recruiting government-dependent, Democrat-candidate-voters who illegally cross the border and settle in the left’s sanctuary cities. It will also mean conflict within their own leftist circles as the hard-line socialist, card-carrying Democrats call these more intelligent and reasonable people “racists” for wanting to keep out illegal invaders coming from Mexico and Central America.

And on top of that, reasonable Democrats would be forced to admit that President Trump, as well as his prohibiting flights originating in China from landing in the United States, was right all along with his insistence on building a border wall. Are Democrats able to admit that Trump has ever been right about anything? We’ll soon see.

At some point the Trump-hating-left has to realize that they, too, gain personally from the policies of President Trump.  But the downside is that they will lose politically, and leftists have a way of willingly accepting the former, while absolutely objecting to the latter.

For leftists, the party line and adherence to Socialist doctrine are more important than health, family or nation, so we’ll see what happens. But regardless of whether or not the average voting Democrat comes to their senses and support Trump’s policies, Democrat leaders like Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and Swalwell, whose futures in the Democrat party depend on a Trump defeat in November, will adhere strictly to the party line and continue to oppose and harass our president at every opportunity.