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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

If Ken Starr Was A Sex Fiend, Why Isn’t Robert Mueller One Also?

One fondly recalls, during the 1990s, the Clinton supporters claiming that Ken Starr, the special investigator appointed to investigate the Clinton administration’s various scandals, was a sex fiend for all of the sexual tie-ins he found that tarnished Bill Clinton as a predator for his numerous sexual escapades, many of which were violent and unwanted, and led to Clinton‘s being impeached by Congress and fined and sentenced by a federal judge, for his numerous crimes against women.

Today’s news reports identify Donald Trump as having sexual encounters, all of which were voluntary, by the way, and one wonders where the cries of “sex fiend” are against Robert Mueller for the sex-related incidents he’s found in the Trump investigation. If Ken Starr was just a dirty old man out to dig up embarrassing facts that gave him personal stimulation while helping build a case against Clinton, why isn’t the same claim being made against Robert Mueller for the sexual innuendo he’s dug up?

Unfortunately Republicans have no booster club, nor do they have a peanut gallery manned by the likes of James Carville and Paul Begala to present their case and scream idiocies to the American public via the leftist, Democrat-loving press, so similar claims of an improper investigation, even one begun and allegedly validated by a false document (the Steele dossier) paid for by the Hillary campaign and the DNC, are going unchallenged.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Hondurans Throw Children Over, And Under, The Border Wall

The lying, liberal press has been wetting themselves for the last year over the mean ole Trump administration “separating” families along the southern border, even though the law demands that suspects be incarcerated while an investigation moves forward, exactly the same thing the Obama administration did back in the days when liberals were good with whatever Obama did.

But there is no comparative outrage when an immigrant family, determined to circumvent U.S. laws and enter the country illegally, “throw” their children over the border wall, thereby causing injury to these children and adding to the expense already caused by these invaders, for the treatment of the injured child in a local medical facility. So naturally there is also no negative expression from the left when a child is passed under the wall.

When you add the already outrageous actions of the caravan members in forcing their children to march the long and dangerous length of Mexico, and the exposure of these children to the diseases and violence that accompanied the marchers along the way, this forcing of small children over and under a tall, dangerous border wall, while already in the commission of the crime of illegal entering the country, cannot be forgiven. Even radical Democrats might well ask themselves exactly what kind of people these invaders are, and do these liberals want child-abusing immigrants living near their neighborhoods. It’s a cinch immigrants will be allowed nowhere near the fashionable domiciles of the wealthy upper class who are so exercised by Trump’s insistence on legal entry to our country, and his equally important efforts to keep diseased, and really bad people, out.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Citizens From Another Leftist, Socialist, Anti-American Nation Praise President Trump

Not only have we heard the good citizens of Tijuana, Mexico advance the ideas of Donald Trump, but now the absolutely most sophisticated people on the planet earth, the enlightened citizens of France, have also expressed agreement with the thoughts of our president.

The citizens of Tijuana were persuaded to Trump’s side of the political discussion when the caravan, which the American press promised the citizens of America did not exist and was not a band of invaders moving north to occupy America, actually reached our borders and got stalled just south of San Diego and became a burden and a health risk for Mexico.

The lying, liberal press also asserted that the non-existent band of trekkers, once they got here, would be peaceful, good people, made up exclusively of families who would be wonderful citizens, who would behave nicely and enter America only to pay taxes and take the jobs that Americans will no longer do. Can anyone see any contradictions in the presses’ presentation of this blatant attack on American soil, in which they first say that there is no caravan, then they assure us that the members of the non-existent caravan are mainly women and children, and when the military-aged men, who make up 90 percent of the invading crowd, attack our border guards, the United States citizens who risk their lives daily defending the border from invasion are blamed for the entire melee?

And now the French citizens, who already pay outrageously high gasoline taxes, have exploded in reaction to the latest, and possibly highest, tax ever placed on a gallon of gasoline by the leftist French president, who raised the new tax on carbon fuel in order to save the planet from the fraudulent horrors of Global Warming, Climate Change, or whatever the radical left is calling this phony cause at the moment. Because of the uprising of the French “Gilets jaunes” protesters and rioters, the French president rescinded his tax increase, so now we’ll all burn to death within a week or two now that Warming/Change has been unleashed on the population of the earth with the rescission of this new carbon tax.  Chantings of praise for Donald Trump for his stance against the Paris treaty were heard from many French protestors, because our President Trump had the backbone to remove America from this leftist, Socialist movement intended to undermine the liberties of all people, everywhere.

President Trump is increasingly convincing the unfortunate people of the world, trapped behind Socialist governments, that his ideas serve them better than the ideas of their own governments. I would be willing to bet that the newly impoverished people of Venezuela would also praise President Trump over the fool Hugo Chavez, who has ruined that once-wealthy nation and has imprisoned its citizens in destitution and misery.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Democrat Plans For America

The Mexican government is closing down the Tijuana immigrant encampment because of the serious and dangerous illnesses the caravan carried there, and Democrats want these people to enter the United States and spread their diseases across our nation.

Venezuela’s Socialism is causing poverty and hunger to be the new norm in that formerly prosperous nation with the population experiencing a shortage of food and a deterioration of their healthcare delivery, and Democrats want to introduce Socialism to America.

Democrats and the various Chambers of Commerce in America want poor people to immigrate to America and settle here to do the work they say our lower-paid citizens will no longer do, when there are many Americans, including teenagers looking for their first jobs, who can find no work for themselves because immigrants have taken all of the jobs.

Democrats want to give welfare to immigrants settling here with no jobs, no skills, and no ability to speak English, while at the same time the government is unable to sufficiently help many American citizens at the bottom of the economic ladder lead comfortable lives.

Despite the lying press’s assurance to Americans that the caravan contained only peaceful families, the mayor of Tijuana contradicted that assurance and told us that the caravan contained mostly young men and about ten-percent criminals. But Democrats insist that we are obligated to allow an infinite number of these people into America and settle here.

America’s Democrat party has taken Barack Obama’s promise to Fundamentally Transform America to heart and is moving with all possible speed to destroy this great nation.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Do Democrats Really Want Every Vote To Be Counted?

In the last election there was so much confusion and intentional flak thrown up by the Democrats’ power thrust that I never did fully understand what happened in the Florida Senate and Gubernatorial elections, so here are a few of my outstanding questions about the latest, but probably not the last, Florida vote fiasco:

 If Democrats are so insistent on every vote being counted, then why is it always Democrats who mysteriously discover thousands of uncounted votes when they need more votes to defeat a Republican candidate? Who hid these votes to be discovered at a later date? Who discovered the votes and knew immediately that they were part of the current election?

Why are Republicans never the ones to discover much-needed votes that had been “lost” at the time of the election? Assuming that the ballots were legitimate and were actually cast by citizens who legally voted for the Democrat candidate, doesn’t it show a lack of respect to the voter that their votes were so sloppily handled that they became “lost” until they were suddenly needed to defeat the Republican candidate?

In the just-completed midterm election whose vote tally was delayed for a week after the election, were any Republican votes discovered after the election? All we heard was the Democrat ballots that were conveniently discovered in a hidden place. Who separated the Democrat and Republican ballots that were later “discovered”, or was it only the Democrat votes that were buried for future use and kept on ice until they were needed?

During all of the counting and recounting of votes, Democrats repeatedly demanded that every vote be counted, but one strongly suspects that vote fraud was being committed by someone, maybe a person in the form of a Democrat, since their objections were the strongest we heard, and these objections kept the voting tabulation moving forward way past the cut-off date, in the hopes of the Democrat candidate could “discover” enough “lost” votes to be able to win.

One suspects a massive, political smoke screen was laid down in Florida and Georgia in the 2018 mid-term election. But the most-favored statement of the Democrats, that “every vote counts”, is not the same as insisting that every vote actually be counted. Every false, fraudulent vote can be made to count in an extended recount period covering the entire voting population, including those recently found in someone’s basement or in the trunk of a Democrat official’s car. But Democrats only want votes to count for the Democrat candidates, and counting all votes legally cast by the citizens of the jurisdiction doing the voting is bunk to these corrupt politicians. Because when the ballots are counted, counted again and then recounted, fraud is too easily introduced, and we know to which party to look at when fraud is the subject.

With all of the idiotic scare talk about foreign enemies meddling in our elections, we’re beginning to realize that our elections are not threatened by outside forces like the evil Russians or the inscrutable Chinese, but rather our elections are threatened by internal, domestic election officials of the Democrat persuasion.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Democrats Create A “Humanitarian Crisis”, Then Shrug It Off

The flood of Central American immigrants the Democrats said was not coming north but would be peaceful when it got here, has arrived, and is both here and violent.

The Mayor of Tijuana is so concerned about this mass of humanity and it’s adverse health impact on his city, that he has proclaimed this invasion force to be a “humanitarian crisis” and has appealed to the United Nations for relief. Thanks Democrats, and muchas gracias Obama.

American radical Democrats arranged for this mass of people to approach our border in order to embarrass President Trump, and then, in the midst of these thousands of Central Americans and their suffering, the Democrats give us the old Emily Litella: “Never mind”. How can America’s progressive Democrat politicians pretend to be helping poor people when they abuse those who listen to their crap, and then desert them at their hour of greatest need.

With a population containing ten percent criminals (Democrats swore that there were no criminals in this invasion force) and being made up mainly of young, military-aged men (Democrats swore that the caravan was all families seeking refuge and having over fifty percent women and children) this crowd is a threat to Mexico and the citizens of Tijuana, and is representative of the invaders’ threat, via the leftist “sanctuary” effort, to America and its citizens.

Everything Democrats do has an unintended negative consequence on American citizens, and one wishes that progressive Democrats would consider America’s interests in the world, and the future interests of their own children and grand-children, and stop tampering with the success the United States represents, which the world sees and loves, as proven by the dire efforts of many people to get here from less fortunate countries, at great risk to themselves

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Democrat “Sanctuary” Enclaves Now Extend Into Mexico

If anyone thinks that the invaders from south of the border are any different from invaders who have already successfully entered our nation and established “sanctuary” enclaves throughout the nation during the Obama administration, they need to think again.

Jim Acosta, the self-identified celebrity CNN reporter, and his assurances that the caravans would never get to America and would never be violent if they arrive aside, the caravans carry the same people as already reside in the increasingly unpleasant sanctuary of California.

Probably the first thing any sensible, non-progressive observer saw during the violent melee on the San Diego border last week, was that women were offering their children to tear gas, rocks and other thrown missiles in an attempt to gain sympathy for the poor caravanistas, but after living through the various Middle East and Israeli wars and terrorist incidents in which women and children were sent ahead of the weapon-wielding soldiers to provide cover and to discourage defensive fire, we know and understand the Nazi tactics of these subhuman creatures, and we‘re seeing it again displayed on the California border.

Given all the belly-aching coming from Democrats about tear gas usage, it appears that the hate-Trump camp would have preferred, or at least have been no more outraged than they currently are, if the American border agents had used live ammunition to protect themselves and the American citizens in the nation behind them, and not the harmless tear gas they actually did use.

It’s a certainty that American liberals don’t care a pinch for the injury of peasant children. All Democrats want is to use these poor, unfortunate people to gain political power and to remove Donald Trump from office.