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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Are Our Assumptions About Federalism Mistaken?

It’s long been a staple of our federalist system of government that allowing the various states, and not the federal government, to decide policies and solutions to societal problems would allow the nation to test a range of fixes and see which one is the best solution to any given problem. Then, the assumption goes, all states would adopt the most efficient and best-working solution from all of the state examples, and the problem would be solved for all American citizens.

But were we wrong in these assumptions? For example: Does the mayor of Chicago admit that the liberal idea of strict gun ownership laws has failed as his city has become a kill zone, setting murder records each year? Does the governor of California, and the mayors of various cites in that state, recognize and admit that the killing of Kate Steinle was because of their idiotic sanctuary ideas that increasing numbers of Democrat politicians have been practicing? Do the California politicians not see the destruction to their state as citizens flee to other states that have fewer homeless people and lower taxes, where they can walk the streets of their neighborhoods and not fear being shot by an illegal alien or a drug-crazed addict?

Did Barack Obama learn from the socialized healthcare failure practiced in Massachusetts, which had escalating costs and poor service as its recommendation, before he mandated the same unworkable and unaffordable system on the entire nation? And have Democrats recognized the tragedy that Obamacare has been for those Americans forced to use it and do they express any regret for the ACA bill’s passage? And even with the expanding economy that has resulted from President Trump’s tax reduction plan, there are no Democrats I know of who will express surprise and pleasure at the success of this legislation and want to retain it forever, and even give more money back to the citizens who earned it so the economy can expand even further.

One can add to the list of non-workable, trendy, cool-sounding, leftist ideas, the proposal that we offer “sanctuary” to marijuana usage, in addition to the locales where pot smoking has already been locally approved. Oh, yes, the best way to serve the citizens of a city or a state is to give them another source of mind-bending, reality-distorting escape that leaves too many people unable to fully function in society and who eventually fall through the cracks and become fully dependent on Democrat politicians to provide them the bare subsistence they need in order to keep them voting the Democrat Party line.

And now we are told that each state must try its own plan to keep schools safe from mass shootings, with the winning idea to be implemented nationally as we see which idea is best at saving lives. The problem is that Liberal Democrats will never agree on a solution for anything that doesn’t give liberal politicians more control over citizens’ lives and that doesn’t take gun ownership rights from American citizens. The reason Democrats propose any policy is to maximize their power and their ability to make citizens subservient to them and their practice of handing out goodies in exchange for votes.

That’s the way it is, and that’s what Democrats do, and the only way to stop this leftward drift and the eventual denial of our constitution by leftist politicians, is to elect no more Democrats to any office in the nation. Democrat solutions to any problem are inevitably political and only serve the nefarious ends of big, intrusive government. Democrat solutions never solve problems, but only make them worse.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Can People Who Lack “Common Sense” Propose “Sensible” Solutions?

Allow me to list several things currently being proposed by liberal Democrats:

1. Open our borders to all Syrians, Mexicans, Norwegians and Central Americans with no restrictions.
2. Establish sanctuary cities and states where illegal alien criminals can seek refuge from Federal Law.
3. Allow a thick-necked, bearded, over-weight man to self-identify as a female, Japanese, ballet dancer. And then pretend this man is not out of his mind.
4. Pass a mandatory Affordable Care Act whose monthly premiums bankrupt middle class Americans, and whose deductibles are too costly to even use.
5. Allow men into women’s and girl’s restrooms.
6. Let one political party pay for a false document alleging criminal acts on the part of their political opponents, and then have the FBI knowingly pass this document to a FISA court for approval to investigate and surveil the other political party in order to entrap them.

Do these ideas make “sense” to you? Are these things in keeping with free elections and a rule by law under a constitution? The answer, of course, is NO. These are unreasonable, nonsense things only done in dictatorships or banana republics, but these things have been done by America’s Democrat party. And I’d say that any people or party with a track record like this is incapable of “sensible” solutions to any problem, especially a problem as difficult as the prevention of mass school shootings.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Liberals In The FBI Persecute Trump At The Expense Of Students Living Their Last Days

Having spent the last year seething daily and being outraged as the liberal swamp gratuitously persecuted the man who met and defeated their crooked Democrat candidate in the 2016 presidential election, which winning candidate then proceeded to ruin the Obama/Clinton legacy intended to Fundamentally Transform America; and having been doubly outraged at the corrupt work of the FBI as they happily passed known, Democrat-paid-for phony documents to the FISA court with the intention of electing Hillary and sending Trump frog-marching to prison; and then to be made triply angry to learn that the FBI, who plotted against Trump, didn’t take the time to follow up on and investigate serious leads given to them which could have foiled the school shooting that just happened in Florida, I am completely fed up with liberals and their dangerous and untruthful habits.

The frustration of watching filthy people, who I thought were patriotic Americans, proceed with this Russian collusion lie, spend valuable time and millions of tax-payer dollars and way too much partisan investigative effort, trying to undermine a legally conducted and won American election that put Donald Trump in the Oval Office, and to then find that these same political animals failed to protect the American students recently killed in Florida, is too much to describe.

All of the liberal/political plotting by Democrats and their political allies in the liberal news media, combined with the Strzok/Page plot to protect Hillary and put Trump in a bad light so as to preserve and continue the radical left administration of Barack Obama via the corrupt Clinton machine, has me so angry it’s indescribable.

One wonders how this nation became so successful and prosperous given the official government corruption we’ve seen used against Donald Trump since his miraculous election to the Oval Office in 2016. But, even though  I know that the corrupt officials are completely different from those good people who formed and preserved this great nation, and I know that all of our problems are the fault of, and are a natural product of, leftist political desires and their need to have absolute power and control over the American population, which population can only trust that their office holders are obeying the constitution and keeping the nation safe, I fear that there are not enough knowledgeable, patriotic citizens left in America to turn this drifting ship of state around, and right its course. Now those childhood dreams of dedicated public servants, obeying the constitution and the law, have been smashed, and we must now place our trust in President Trump to, indeed, Make America Great, and Constitutional, Again, or our nation is lost.

What I need to see, after a year of lying and collusion by the liberal elite in newsrooms and legislative bodies across America, as they attempt to overthrow the duly won election of Donald Trump, is to have the corrupt fools who are responsible for the investigative crimes and the school deaths, punished to the full extent of the law, and put in jail.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Liberal Policy And The Use Of The Word “Sensible”

In the wake of the recent Florida school shootings, Democrats are pleading for “sensible” (note the lack of the stand-alone, more stark phrase “gun control”, plus also be aware of the silent admission that past liberal ideas have not been in any way “sensible” nor have past liberal ideas fixed the problem of mass killings in America) which, of course is an insistence on more severe restrictions on gun ownership, but with a softer, more pleasing tone.

As a test of whether liberal gun control efforts in the past have worked, for example, the liberal bans on “assault weapons” and the prohibition of bump stocks, the current status of such controls in eliminating school attacks in Florida don’t seem to be working, do they?

When one weighs liberal policies against successful outcomes, we learn that the words “sensible” and “successful” are the wrong words to use when evaluating Democrat policies.  After several rounds of “sensible” immigration control we finally ended up with Barack Obama totally opening up our borders to all illegal immigrants, and he even took the state of Arizona to the Supreme Court to prevent them from offering any restrictions to illegal entry into America. And then consider liberal mayors and governors establishing sanctuary for illegals, too often criminal illegals, and one has to doubt the reality of any liberal thinking being “sensible”, or even legal.  And considering liberal “sensible” welfare offerings: welfare was initially intended to be a safety net for people to use until they could get back on their feet and get a job, but our current welfare status finds too many people making a career out of government handouts; the “net” has become a trap.

But specifically related to gun controls implemented by liberals in cities like Chicago, Baltimore and, New York with their very restrictive gun possession laws, these are the same cities where one will find  the highest rates of murder in the nation, setting records each year. A wise person will reject any ideas for fixing gun crimes that come from liberals.

It becomes obvious that liberal policies and attitudes only make bad situations worse, never better. But they refuse to listen to possible causes for shootings and only want to clamp down harder on the past legislation that has failed miserably. Heaven forbid that we should take violent video games away from the liberal snowflakes who support liberals causes, and don’t think of investigating more fully as to how prescription drugs impact the mental health of boys (who are the ones growing up and shooting people) because controlling the nature and impulses of boys is a cause celebre for liberals. And also be reminded that it was liberals who insisted on releasing mentally disabled or just plain crazy people from dormitory lock-ups in the 1980s, throwing them on the streets to survive as they could, and that particular liberal idea is a large cause of the homeless masses we see lounging about in squalor and human waste in American cities today. But liberals will never admit that turning mentally sick people loose on the streets was a bad idea; liberal ideas are never bad and must never be reversed, in their opinion.

With so many guns in the United States there is no way to accurately assure that weapons are being kept from demented people, but if law enforcement personnel would respond more quickly to investigate mentally imbalanced statements and proclamations made by unbalanced people, and the Florida killer demonstrated exactly such mental imbalance, this legal attention could possibly halt many future such killings.

Gun Laws Will Stop Shootings, Like Obamacare Improved Healthcare

If you want more school shootings, then let the Obamacare team of leftist fools get involved and pass new laws restricting blanket gun ownership for all citizens. After all, have the various laws on the books written to prohibit theft actually stopped thievery; or have laws punishing murder stopped murders? No! Laws don’t stop crimes, but good policing and investigating leads do.

Unfortunately, due to whatever cause, young men are picking up guns, and too often and too frequently, are using them to kill people. It would appear that many of the killers lean toward the American political left in that they tend to get enraged and feel justified by the extremist words of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer or Bernie Sanders, and feel that they are on the right side of history and can righteously beat and kill some folks they don‘t agree with. But since not all liberals behave that way, we must agree that we therefore have to weed out the ones who are crazy enough to pull a trigger on humans and be sure that they are not allowed to arm themselves.

It’s certainly not a surplus of weapons on-campus that is the problem, because there are no longer any rifles or pistols to be found in high schools and likely not in colleges either. In the 1960s, high schools had many weapons used in Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) classes in almost every school in any town. There was rifle fire going all afternoon and into the evening in these high schools as ROTC students fired rifles during target practice on the school firing range. So I would argue that the leftist tendency to make rifles be treated like evil things has created an atmosphere in which rifles have been gotten rid of, and this situation is counter-productive. So for students in my high school, there was gun usage and appropriate training on-campus and in-school all the time, with no misuse of weapons having been reported at all; but that was before liberals got their hands on the subject of guns.

Similarly, young people growing up on farms or ranches were familiar with rifles and pistols, knew how to use them safely, and for these young people the mystique of guns was limited to the practical world of the farm. It seems that only city boys with little exposure to weapons and little or no knowledge of the proper usage of them, were attracted to the killing power of these weapons. When city kids watch the Hollywood depictions of gruesome murders and mass killings in video games, which are just another Hollywood product that destroys young minds, they apparently are attracted to the violence that Hollywood makes to look so masculine and strong. But with all of the political donation money Hollywood gives to leftist politicians in Washington, there is no chance in hell Democrats will ever cut down on the Hollywood money machine and ban their violent products.

So the latest liberal iteration of the phrase “sensible” gun safety rules will help stop the senseless shootings, like Obama’s Affordable Care Act made healthcare “affordable” and like Obamacare make healthcare in America better. We must devise ways to determine which young men are drifting toward violence, and then keep guns out of their hands, or detain them where they can‘t hurt other people.

Friday, February 16, 2018

More School Shootings, More Political Posturing

Once more we have witnessed the murders of school children, and once more we have seen the politicization of this horrific event. I can’t say which national political party politicizes events like the one in Florida, but it contains people of a leftist bent, much like the party of Bernie Sanders, whose dedicated follower shot Republicans assembled to play a baseball game, and nearly killed Steve Scalese, the Republican Majority Whip. But who in their right mind could call that a politically motivated attack? Hey, here’s an idea: maybe we should ban all liberals from having guns; it’s worth a try given that most killings occur in liberal cities and are committed by people of liberal persuasion.

When seeking a solution and an end to this sort of violent event, we know that outlawing guns will not accomplish the desired end to such disasters, so we need to get politicians out of the decision-making loop and let law enforcement representatives tell our legislators what to do to protect Americans. And we should also consider keeping the Washington swamp, establishment dwellers out of any solution and allow each state to try something different, if they so desire.

In the case of the recent Florida shooting, the FBI reported that they got word of a person with the same name as the suspected shooter posting a statement on social media to the effect that he intended to be a “school shooter”, but the FBI was unable to identify the person who posted the message and their investigation ended there. There is no way that anyone posting to social media cannot be identified quickly, so it seems that police departments and the FBI need better contacts and a little more power to push in order to get YouTube, Google, Twitter, etc. to cooperate with them to identify a person of suspicion. Anyone who gets the FBI or a Sheriff Department’s attention because of indiscrete actions or postings is likely someone that should be questioned and possibly whose background should be further investigated and be watched with greater scrutiny following an investigation.

Anyone who kills at random is mentally off balance and should be denied ownership of a weapon, regardless of how long he’s owned it, and police departments should be where this type of decision is made, in order to keep bad/sick guys from owning guns.

Police response time to such attacks, and even armed teachers on-site at schools, are important considerations to limiting the damage done during a shooting, but by the time such help arrives many lives may have already been lost. The only way to prevent such killings from happening in the first place is to be sure that insane people aren’t allowed to possess guns, and people making inappropriate statements should be carefully watched after questioning.

It’s impossible to ban all guns and still pretend to be an open nation with a constitution, but we can intelligently reduce the mentally at-risk members of our society and be sure they don’t have access to guns.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

When Elected Politicians Propose Illegal Policies, It’s Decline And Fall Time

From California to Chicago to New Jersey and beyond we see Democrat mayors and governors specifically proposing activities for their cities and states that are forbidden under Federal Law. And given that most of the furor about sanctuary cities concerns United States immigration laws, which is wholly reserved to the Federal Government and not the states (and in fact the Obama administration helped out in this regard by having the Supreme Court declare that the Federal Government, and only the Federal Government, could make laws or try to enforce laws pertaining to immigration after the state of Arizona tried to enforce immigration laws more harsh than federal laws, while the Obama administration refused to enforce any laws at all that would restrict the in-flow of illegals across our southern border) these liberal, radical, leftist politicians are actively encouraging, and if one knows liberal Democrats at all, they will soon be requiring, illegal acts forbidden by duly passed legislation at the federal level.

Sanctuary states and cities also insist on allowing marijuana to be sold and used in their states, which is also in contradiction to federal law. The fact that Democrat politicians in these liberal locales wish to gain the votes of the “cool” youth that want to use these illegal substances, just shows how far removed from reality these liberals politicians are. Adult politicians should be serving the welfare of the entire population, not just the young and emotional members of the community, and should not be offering legal drugs that cloud young minds, all of which is not serving them very well. Who, except liberals, would suggest that our young people need another, legal drug that would help them put up with the stress and reality that’s so difficult for these precious snowflakes to put up with in their everyday life? “Real Life” occurs all the time and one never knows when it will hit them unexpectedly, but at that time of need, they will need personal discipline to get them through the crisis, and not a marijuana helper. Unfortunately “cool” politicians will probably get enough votes from dumbed-down young voters to stay in office in these locations and encourage the illegal things that were put in place to make society function more smoothly.

Berkeley, California is the latest city to jump on this “sanctuary” bandwagon by proposing they become a sanctuary city for marijuana. It’s apparent that the illegal immigration “sanctuary” thing is warping the minds of Californians for them to extend the meaning of the word this far and this inappropriately. Why not propose the city to be a sanctuary for people seeking relief from high taxes, or for people who desire to be left alone by big, intrusive government, or for people who want good jobs so they can better support their families? But to seek the lowest common denominator by proposing sanctuary for marijuana rather than sanctuary from marijuana, shows a total lack of a grasp on reality and what really matters in life.

The sanctuary idea is additionally a bad one because it will sap money and energy from our nation as more and more cities are burdened with unemployed, zoned-out people who too frequently commit serial crimes and depend on welfare from the ever-smaller number of citizens who work and pay taxes. And the idea of seeking uncontrolled access to legal drugs is proof that our young people are out of touch with a world that is largely poor, thirsty and hungry, and unless America can rally our entire population to our national rescue with hard work and creative minds, our nation, too, may sink into the mire of poverty-stricken nations, and at that point, we’ll be doomed.

We’re playing with fire with these extreme, leftist schemes, and our citizens had better wake up quickly, or our cushy lives will end quickly.