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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Here’s How Trump Can Turn The Tables On Democrats

Since President Trump is being pestered to death and kept from his agenda to Make America Great Again by special prosecutors, persecution by liberal legislators and a lying press, here are some steps that are available to him that would enrage his accusers, probably shut them up and hopefully put some of them in jail:

1. Immediately make a public announcement that he will cooperate completely with the special prosecutor investigating him for obstruction of justice, and also publicly tell the members of his administration that they, too, are to cooperate with the James Mueller gang.
2. Tell Mueller that, given the lengthy investigation already made into Trump’s administration concerning Russia and obstruction, that he’s giving Mueller six months to bring charges or he will shut down any tributary of the investigation still lingering at that time.
3. Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Loretta Lynch and her obstruction of justice when she met Bill Clinton on the tarmac at Sky Harbor airport, and why she should not be prosecuted for instructing James Comey to call the Hillary email investigation a “matter” and not a “criminal investigation”.
4. Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary and her entire email crime involvement. This investigation would include, but not be limited to, Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner and how they got access to some of Hillary’s high security emails.
5. Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate why James Comey did not immediately report Donald Trump’s alleged obstruction of justice, which Mueller is now considering it to be, when Trump asked Comey if he couldn’t “hopefully” let the Michael Flynn investigation slide. Comey would also be investigated for leaking government information to his Columbia University pal, and for indeed calling the Hillary investigation a “matter“ as Loretta Lynch told him to do, in violation of the law.
6. Launch an investigation into the Republican baseball shooter to determine how his murderous intentions were not caught earlier and how he was able to work for the Bernie Sanders campaign, which at the time was a traditional, abusive Democrat Party political undertaking, without their knowing of his dangerous temperament.
7. Appoint an independent prosecutor to fully investigate Susan Rice and her unmasking of American citizens who were accidentally recorded as a part of the NSA’s policy of checking international calls and conversations.
8. Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Barack Obama and his order, or at least his acquiescence,  to record or bug the Trump campaign staff in the last presidential election. This bugging investigation would not be limited to the Trump staff’s recorded conversations, but would include all such unmaskings.
9. Immediately appoint a special prosecutor to investigate and put a stop to the avalanche of leaked information coming from White House or other administration sources. We need anyone guilty of these leaks to be in jail.

Attorney General Sessions would not recuse himself, but would remain involved in each of these investigations, and quality people like Alberto Gonzales, John Ashcroft, Ken Starr and Michael Mukasey would be appointed to run each of them.

This series of steps may be considered by some as excessive, but it would give Trump a breather in which he could move forward with his agenda, and it would let his opponents know how it feels to be persecuted as he is being. There are too many unanswered questions floating around the swamp of Washington, and as of Wednesday there are too many hunted down, shot-and-wounded Republican legislators and police officers for us to sit idly by while more such incidents are being planned and while President Trump is persecuted in an attempt to get him removed from office.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Democrats Commit Violence And Republicans Are Told To “Dial It Back”

Here’s the chronology of escalating violence coming from the left:

Donald Trump wins the election and Democrats claim he is illegitimate and should not be allowed to take office.
Democrats claim that Trump colluded with Russia and stole the election and he has no right to remain in the White House.
Violent leftist mobs take to the streets, protesting Trump’s election while burning and beating people as they yell insults at Trump and Republicans.
Democrats speculate on killing Trump to get him out of office, and this is called freedom of speech.
Democrat operatives perform a play in which Donald Trump is stabbed to death, and this is called artistic expression.
A radicalized follower of Bernie Sanders actually shoots Republican legislators in a park in Alexandria, Virginia, and Republicans told to dial back the divisiveness and bad feelings.

Why is it only Republicans who are physically attacked, and why are only Republicans expected to dial back the hate, expressed solely by Democrats, and told to get along with their attackers?

The bad feelings and divisive discourse is only on the left, because they lost the election and want their power back. Republicans and President Trump have nothing to “dial back” except the outrage at being hunted down and shot by the political left, while the left pretends to only want to get along. This situation is pure crap.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Republicans Must Stick Together

In response to the rifle and pistol attacks on Republicans in the Alexandria, Virginia, baseball park on Wednesday, Paul Ryan said “An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us” and he suggested that they have to stick together in order to survive as individuals. It’s not clear if Ryan meant that all House members have to stick together or if he meant that only all Republican House members must stick together.

If he meant that all members of the House, Republicans and Democrats alike, must stick together there is a very important lesson that I don’t believe Mr. Ryan has learned. When a crisis or a disaster strikes, Democrats behave like patriotic Americans as long as it serves their political ends, and then Democrats revert to being partisan Democrats once again, which means that they insist on winning as a liberal group, and Republicans and the welfare of the nation be damned.

Given the insane and unprecedented negative treatment that Donald Trump, the leader of the Republican Party, has received from Democrats and the leftist press the last six months, Republicans had better adopt the philosophy that they, Republican Senate and House legislators, are being attacked when Trump is attacked, and that they, as Republicans, must stick together and protect each other from the left’s unending attacks and abuse if Trump’s policies are to have any chance of success.

Guns Saved Many Lives Last Wednesday

Wednesday morning several Republican members of Congress were hunted down and shot on a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia, by a violent, deranged leftist and Bernie Sanders supporter . The only thing that prevented all of the Republicans who were present at the sports field at the time, reported to be about ten percent of the entire Republican contingent of the House and Senate, from being killed, was a Capitol Hill police security detail for one of the House leaders, all of whom were armed and ready for action.

One can assume that the leftist killer who pulled the trigger of the rifle that wounded several legislators, felt secure in carrying out the attack because it was in the DC area where the private possession of guns is forbidden, and he assumed he would be able to kill at will. There were no city police assigned to, or present at, the ballpark where the outrage happened, so it was just luck that the personal body guards of specified members of Congress were present and saved many lives.

But next time there is an assembly of Republicans the luck of a nearby armed official may not occur, and it’s possible that tens of people will be killed as insane liberal Democrats seek out someone to blame for Bernie Sanders having lost the Democrat nomination, and for Donald Trump having won the presidency.

Luck should never be depended upon for personal safety and protection, because it can always run out.

Maybe The Democrat National Committee Made The Gunman Do It

We’ve learned that the gunman who hunted down and shot several Republicans Wednesday morning at a DC ballpark was a rabid Bernie Sanders supporter and hated Republicans in general and Donald Trump in particular.

We also know that Bernie Sanders was cheated out of a fair shot at getting the Democrat presidential nomination in the last primary campaign because the DNC fraudulently counted primary votes in Hillary’s favor, to the point that Bernie had no possibility of winning the nomination, even though his supporters were the only life and enthusiasm to be found on the Democrat side in the 2016 primary.

Based on what we know about the crazy man who shot the Republican legislators, I would put forth the notion that the gunman was enraged at the DNC for cheating his candidate, Bernie, out of the presidential nomination, and that his anger finally built to the point of explosion, and the only people he could find and get to easily to redress his complaints were the Republicans that he already hated as much as he loved Bernie.

So the DNC may have been the source of his anger, but he released that anger on Republicans. It’s sort of like a killing of two birds with one stone, thing.

Even James Comey Needed A “Safe Space” From Donald Trump

James Comey is 6 feet, 8 inches tall, a large, fit man, was for years the Director of the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation, was one of the most powerful men in Washington, had worked for a series of presidents and knew everyone of any importance in Washington D.C., but when President Trump took office and called him in for a one-on-one meeting, Comey felt intimidated and afraid. Liberals are comparing Mr. Comey’s fears of Trump to what they claim women feel when they are being pressured or attacked by a predatory man, and the liberal Democrat assumption is that all men are predators.

One can equate from this description of fear on the part of a powerful man, the need our snowflake college students have for a “safe space” where they can seek refuge and shelter from the evil world where not everyone agrees with them and their immature, unrealistic, socialist ideas. James Comey just needed a safe space so he could avoid the reality of a President Trump with whom he would have to associate.

Does anyone buy this line of leftist crap? An employer (Trump) has every right to privately interview an employee (Comey), so where does the fear and uncertainty come into play? One would think that a request of loyalty for the President’s policies and practices is also not out of line to ask of an employee. Plus, James Comey is a mature man who, as Director of the FBI, has certainly learned how to stand up to other alpha-males and continue to function. All Comey was doing with his pretense of fear was doubling down on the left’s claim that Donald Trump is a mean, ruthless person who should be removed from the position of President of the United States.

But maybe Mr. Comey is not the strong man and the advocate for justice he appears to be. When Loretta Lynch, serving at the time as Barack Obama’s Attorney General, told him to call Hillary’s email investigation a “matter” instead of an investigation, he also crumbled at this order from a his female boss, so maybe our James Comey is just a wuss who goes along to get along, and in the case of Donald Trump, he no longer wanted his liberal pals to see him getting along with a Republican president, so he balked and turned on Trump for purely political reasons.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Republicans: A Party Under Attack

At least the Nazis in Germany and the Communists in Russia operated under such a corrupt system that their opponents never got elected to office. In 2017 America, a Republican was, miraculously, elected president, and he has been persecuted and the subject of violent attacks ever since.

For months following the election of Donald Trump to the presidency we witnessed many and continuous violent demonstrations against him in which people were beaten and property was burned.

Then we saw our president’s head severed in effigy by a radical Hollywood woman.

Next we saw a play in which our Republican president was killed in the guise of Julius Caesar in ancient Rome.

So today the logical result of this violent leftist activity reached its zenith with the rifle and pistol attack on congressional Republicans as they met in a park in Alexandria, Virginia, for baseball practice, with several people being shot and wounded in the process.

And where are the liberal leadership while this murderous radical activity is taking place?  Silence. Total silence.

The radical leftist freaks who are in power in the Democrat Party caused, and I really believe, encouraged, this violence, and will not condemn it. The liberal press is also in attack phase against Republicans, especially President Trump, by reporting news stories that they know are lies about Trump colluding with Russia, but refuse to report stories about his being cleared of any investigation for any crime, which was made public by no less a prominent person than the Director of the FBI, while the liberal press continued to report that he was under criminal investigation.

The fact that one of our political parties is under attack equates to our entire nation being under attack from the violent, radical left. Are there no responsible members of the Democrat party left to raise a sensible voice to challenge these unending attacks?