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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Trump’s Election Began The Democrat Demise, Then Democrats’ Own Actions Assured Their Collapse

Democrats are too self-centered to be able to admit a bad action or position, and they’re too self-absorbed to change their misguided policies. Instead of recognizing the sea-change that occurred at Trump’s 2016 election, and instead of trying to learn why Hillary lost that election and perhaps making some changes to their far-left policies, they doubled down on their destructive policy proposals while at the same time trying to frame and remove President Trump in order to get rid of his ideas and his successes. And now they are staring at political doom for their impeachment schemes, such as the Mueller investigation, the Russian collaboration and the Ukraine phone call, which have all backfired on Democrats and their Soviet-style plans for the domination of America.

Unfortunately a large part of our government is crumbling as a result of the long-term corrupt actions of radical Democrats, grasping to hold on to power in the era of Trump. 
Yet, in spite of all of the roadblocks Democrats place in his path, President Trump presses on through the fog and continues to make his reforms and necessary changes while the Democrats scheme and lie to Americans about everything. And on top of their attempted framing of the president, people like Adam Schiff repeatedly lie and present even more false evidence against Trump related to, of all places, Ukraine.

The American public realizes the depth of the Democrat plague being visited on us and they are rejecting the anti-capitalist, unconstitutional proposals coming from the party of the left, as one Trump rally after another demonstrates.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The Earth Is One Year Nearer Doom, But Where’s The Warming?

In November of 2018, AOC, Bernie Sanders or some other elite Democrat fool predicted that global warming would kill every creature on earth in 12 years due to excess heating caused by the cars we drive, our air conditioners and cow flatulence.

So now a full year has expired since that dramatic political prediction, in other words we have only 11 years left until doomsday, and one could logically expect that we would have seen the temperature increase by about 8 percent this last summer as we approach the radical, Democrat death-wish due date with destiny.

Stated differently, about 8 percent of the time to doomsday has passed, so the temperature should have gotten about 8 percent warmer, but it hasn’t.

Where I live the temperature in the Summer months easily exceeds 100 degrees for several days in July and August, but during the Summer of 2019 we only had two or three days that the temperature went above 100 degrees, and it never approached the 110 degrees, more or less, that the 8 percent promised increase in each of the 12 years to destruction would have produced.

So with a cooler than promised Summer, where does this evidence of the stupidity and lies of the radical left and their warming hoax leave these idiots? If they were decent, well-meaning people they would hang their heads in shame and admit that they were wrong. But they are lying scoundrels and they just keep on lying about the whole warming/change thing and making the young people in our nation fear the future that awaits them. If this isn’t child abuse I don’t know what it could be called.

 Our nation has never had a political party that wanted to inflict fear into the younger generation. Both parties have traditionally told the young that they could provide a better life and an increased income that would allow them to live well if they voted their party line. Now Democrats tell everyone they will live lives of misery and poverty as the Democrat party raises their taxes, deprives them of air conditioners, takes away their gas-powered cars, eliminates commercial jet transportation so citizens will not be able to vacation as they please. We are also told that our diets will be controlled by the government because grazing animals are destroying the world as quickly as your Toyota and Al Gore‘s personal jet, so you’ll have to give up beef and all of it’s by-products.

With all of this doom and gloom malarkey being thrown around by Democrat candidates for president, who the hell would vote Democrat in 2020? Citizens should monitor their local temperature the next eleven years and see if they detect any warming above the norm for their region of the nation during the 12-years-to-destruction promised by elite Democrats. This will prove to each and every one who pays attention that we citizens are being systematically lied to by the people who want to control our lives: we call the Democrats.

Friday, October 25, 2019

The Danger To A Wealthy, Prosperous Nation

When a nation is poor its citizens work hard in order to simply stay alive and raise their families. As the nation grows and prospers, and most don’t by the way, citizens take pride in their accomplishments and their improved circumstances, and their children share in this success and pride because they see their parents working hard to earn that success.

But after a generation or two, and after the living standards of the entire nation improve, the hard work and the personal sacrifice and hardship that was needed to achieve it are easily forgotten. Add to this the tax-payer provided welfare that assures even poor citizens eat well, live comfortably and wear expensive sneakers, and you have a situation where reality is forgotten.

Then when the politics of the nation inevitably swings to the left and its founding documents are disregarded as being passe, and when politicians promise a variety of government-provided goodies that will be paid for by taxing the middle class, you have a society that has forgotten where their comfortable lives came from.

Anyone who has paid attention to the current round-up of Democrat candidates for president, and anyone who has heard their anti-American rants and their unconstitutional promises made to their radical audience, is aware of just how fragile our nation is with candidates who promise free stuff just to get elected. For example, the campaign verbiage of Beto, Warren and Sanders makes America sound like a nation whose black citizens are still in chains, its women are kept barefoot and pregnant and its Hispanic citizens are assigned only to picking tomatoes in the dusty and hot fields of California.

When the most influential and wealthy citizens of a nation think their nation is immoral, and that its success and wealth are unjustified, that nation is doomed, and that’s exactly where America is with the current Democrat party and our ultra-left press.

Also, when the highest ranking government officials generate and plant false documents and information in order to frame their political opponents in order to keep them from winning in the next election, you know that corruption is a direct threat to every honest citizen and that our rulers have no respect at all for votes cast by the nation‘s citizens.

And finally, when the nation’s press spikes news reports that are contrary to their political sentiments and fawns over information favorable to their political persuasion, that nation is in danger. The Obama administration and its allies were responsible for each of the above crimes against America prior to and during the 2016 election, and Democrats must be voted out of office at each and every opportunity if we are to ever return to our successful, functioning and law-abiding national history.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Pelosi’s Coded, Racist Remarks About Black Leader

Following the recent death of Congressman Elijah Cummings, Nancy Pelosi called the respected black leader the Democrats’ “North Star”. Is this some vague racist comment about Mr. Cumming’s large physical size, likening him to a large lump of stone floating in space? It would be understandable to suspect racism as being the origin of Pelosi’s offensive remarks related to size and laziness, because Mr. Cummings was a large man who, in his latter days, made his way around the Capitol in a wheeled, motor conveyance.

The racism of the Democrat left is often hidden in clever code, lost in words that sound like praise, but we all know what people like Pelosi mean when they say these things. And to make Ms. Pelosi’s insult even worse, the North Star reference joins the racist white aspect of her reference to the star’s color as seen on the horizon, when the actual color of Mr. Cummings was not the white that Democrats prefer.

The North Star was, of course, used to guide Eighteenth-Century, wind-driven ships, and Ms Pelosi here seems to be showing how outdated and old fashioned she thinks Mr. Cummings was in his thinking and his actions. Did a reference have to be made to the whiteness of the North Star, which contrasts to Mr. Cumming’s dark skin and aligns with the Democrat old South preference for white skin?

Nancy Pelosi should demonstrate her shame at these crude, racist remarks about one of her fallen comrades and resign her position immediately. We all know of the Democrats’ devious decoding-ring, racist language, and this is such a classic example of Democrat racist referencing that even Senator Robert Byrd, the old KKK leader who was a highly respected Democrat and was praised by Barack Obama and the Clintons as being a great American and an example for the nation to follow, would be shocked. Ms. Pelosi should be removed from her official government responsibilities immediately for her blatant racism.

Of course anyone familiar with the term tongue-in-cheek will recognize the above description of Nancy Pelosi as being just that. But it’s as accurate as the repeated racist charges launched against President Trump by the filthy Democrats who refuse to admit they were beaten in the 2016 election and who refuse to allow President Trump to implement his policies, and who further also refuse to work with him on legislation that the citizens of America want to become policy.

The Democrats and their in-house appendix, the U.S. press, take the most innocent comments and actions of President Trump and try to impeach him for them. These people are insane and  all Democrat politicians must be voted out of office in 2020.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Beto Promises To Take Your Guns

Beto O’Rourke, a onetime leader among the 2020 Democrat presidential candidates, describes his plan for the government “buy-back” of America’s guns, as being comprised of citizens voluntarily obeying the demands he would make and peacefully turning in their weapons with no objections and no pushback. But how likely is this forced “buy-back” of personal arms to remain peaceful?

And what’s the sense of taking weapons from peaceful, law-abiding people, who would passively hand them over to government representatives? If these people are so law-abiding and peaceful, then what is the sense in taking their weapons? If they are lacking a criminal record, what threat do they represent? This seems to be a simple case of the government, under leftist, progressive, Democrat rule, being given an inch of power and taking a mile‘s worth, in disobedience to the constitution.

And why run the risk of making criminals of otherwise honest, law-abiding people if they should object to this government overreach? If they have no criminal record and have lived peaceful lives, are they really, logically suspected of being potential mass killers? But the leftist, idiot Democrats will risk getting law enforcement officers killed, and possibly causing mass uprisings and wild-west shootouts, in order to violate and nullify the second amendment. This radical move by Democrats, itself borders on an act of domestic terrorism.

And then after all of this disruption and unconstitutional behavior on the part of Democrats, criminals will still have their guns and there will be fewer armed patriots available to oppose them should trouble develop in their homes or on a larger scale in a city.

Democrats must be kept out of all elected offices, because these people are deranged and dangerous.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Can A Strong Military Protect America From Our Own Corrupt Politicians?

Why do we have a strong, patriotic military, when our nation is being taken over and transformed by a corrupt set of Socialist politicians posing as traditional Democrats who use our formerly free and responsible press as a cover and cheer leader for their plotting and corruption? Even though the military can protect our nation from an invasion by foreign forces, the politicians currently in power, along with the corrupt press, are destroying the nation  from within, which will in turn destroy our precious constitution and the rights of each and every one of us. How is this political invasion of America any different from a foreign attack, and why pay for a strong military and ask young men and women to sacrifice for our defense, when we’re losing our nation anyway?

The liberal press refuses to tell the American public the truth about the lie of Russian collusion that was charged against President Trump, or about Ukrainian influence peddling by the Biden family, which means far too many people in America know next to nothing about the truth of these and other serious matters. In their latest attempt to get any dirt on Trump that could be used to defeat him, the forces of the American left are conducting investigations behind closed doors so that the truth of these kangaroo court artifices that Democrats are using will not be shared with the American public because the lying press is sure as hell not going to tell the truth about Democrat misfeasance. Lying Democrats like Adam Schiff simply tell everyone the current anti-Trump lie that the Trump haters want the nation to hear, and the truth is buried in the unprecedented dark political process of impeachment that Democrats are plotting.

The way things are going in present-day America, as the vicious left plots to undo everything that has made America great and prosperous, we’re wasting the blood of patriots by risking their lives as the military fights for freedom in foreign countries, while the America-haters at home purposely undermine our liberties and our constitutional rights for their lying, crap ideas of environmental disaster and the alleged racism of all police officers. It’s a cinch that there are no leftists risking life and limb in the military; they’re too busy working to destroy America from within.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

What Do Atheists Worship? Environmentalism?

American Democrats eschew traditional religion and instead worship at the altar of lies and environmentalism, whose sacrament is climate warming/change rubbish.

One will look a long time before one can find such a screeching, scowling, nasty, angry,
growling and superior attitude than was demonstrated during a speech at the United Nations Climate Change Action Summit recently in New York. When Greta Lundberg spoke at the conference she spoke from a position of privilege. She arrived in New York aboard her own personal sailing yacht that had conducted her from Sweden, and considering the crew and the energy it took to cross the ocean, and the fact that she had to fly some of the crew from Sweden to New York, her trip imprinted a large carbon footprint on the precious, fragile environment and did untold harm to the very environment that liberals do so worship.

Democrats and the leftist press have so thoroughly lied to our nation about the climate that when young Thunberg demonstrated severe anguish and fear due to her trust in the lies of the environmental lobby, who preach that the world is coming to an end because, they predict that the temperature will rise less than one degree in the next 50 years, we were not surprised. This young girl is of course over-reacting, but it’s liberal adults who are at fault because they have lied to her and made her fearful of the future. This fear is nothing short of child abuse, on a grand scale, as the fear of death-by-warming is pushed on impressive young people by professional leftist politicians.

If an adult wants advice on life, they’ll often not seek council from a teenager, especially someone who demonstrates a rather unbalanced mental state and, due to her youthful age, has not accomplished anything that would encourage anyone to seek her out for advice. So why would any sensible person listen to Greta Lundberg and her ranting?

But the young Swedish girl proves that “liberal privilege” is at work in the climate scheming business, just as these privileged individuals have superior benefits bestowed on them everywhere by polite society. Ms Lundberg is a millionaire from a very leftist/Socialist nation who, because of her wealth and position, gets to lecture the world. But especially she is attacking President Trump and his supporters, from the official podium of the United Nations conference where she pretends to care about the levels of carbon dioxide and related vague terms she knows nothing about. The problem is, she’s been lied to just like all other children listening to the tripe put out by liberal Democrats have been lied to, about the climate fiasco, and liberal politicians use her and other young, impressionable people to push their lie, which, as intended by these environmental charlatans, also frightens other unsophisticated, unthinking people, silly. If this is not a form of child abuse I don’t know what it is.