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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Who Was That Masked Man?

With all of the stupid flubs and misstatements that Joe Biden has made during the past year he might be well advised to wear his Wuhan mask full-time in the chance that voters will not recognize this dithering old fool and will not attribute his mindless remarks to his political candidacy.

On the other hand, in the year of the Wuhan, it’s a bit fearful when entering a bank lobby or the neighborhood convenience store these days, because everyone is wearing a mask. One can only imagine that one day we’ll hear two or more masked criminals simultaneously demanding money from the facility’s cash register, then have a gun fight between the robbers, and finally have the police shoot innocent masked customers simply because you can’t tell a customer from a crook any more. In the twenty-first century, we’re finding that the edicts of our government are re-creating the old Keystone Cops movie routines into our daily lives.

Masks are intended to either frighten someone, amuse someone or to hide the facial identity of a person doing something illegal or embarrassing, and the wide usage of masks in the year of the Chinese Flu is none of these things. Surgery is another use of a mask that ninety-nine percent of people will never be seen in, but the surgeon wears a mask to protect the ailing patient, not the surgeon.

Masks make people look ridiculous, but are too often viewed as being stylish at this point in time; it’s kind of like wearing trendy, over-the-top clothing or pre-ripped jeans. Whether the garments are really cool or not, being stylish is at least the intent of the wearer. But masks, which are becoming a de rigueur fashion statement in America, make even pretty people look like fools who are slaves to the fashion of the moment.

But it does no good to tell people that recycling their own CO2 within their masks and blocking fresh air from entering their lungs is not a healthy practice, so we’ll just have to be understanding and polite when we see the mask and glove combination out in public. I suppose that we shouldn’t be surprised when hairnets and booties are at some point added to the mask/glove combo and become the style among the smart-set. One fears that before long, in order to keep up with leftist attire trends, we’ll be wearing a white, pointed, KKK hood, like Virginia Governor Ralph Northam wears when he‘s not in black-face. One cannot be too safe, nor too politically correct.

We cannot escape the notion that the mask thing is political and that going masked is trendy but if you want to inhale your own recycled breath while outside in clean air on a beautiful Spring day, be my guest.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Democrats Defend The Most Racist, Murderous Nation In The World

So here comes Kamala Harris, defending Communist China and insisting that Americans have no constitutionally assured freedom of speech when we criticize, or just make fun of, China.

The Chinese government is the most racist nation on earth, with all other nationalities being considered inferior to themselves. They imprison or kill Muslims and those of the Uyghur (Weiger) religion, imprison their own citizens to do slave labor for their industries, perform medical procedures on prisoners in order to sell body parts on the open market, and American Democrats love them.

But just the fact that the Chinese added to the misery and deaths of thousands of people around the globe with the coronavirus is justification for the criticism of the Chinese government.

One makes a clear distinction between the Communist Chinese government and people of Chinese descent living outside China who are simply trying to make a living, just like the rest of us. Those individuals of Chinese nationality are creative, intelligent and hard working, as are the general population of China, who are forced to live and try to be prosperous and happy as civilians in the Communist regime of Red China. It’s the dictatorial Communist leadership that is the problem, and they deserve to be condemned for their murderous actions.

Those Democrat politicians who attack people who criticize Communists are defenders of the outrages of Communism/Nazism, and that’s exactly what people like Kamala Harris are doing in their politically correct posturing, when they take the side of a rhetorical Chinese “minority“, who are actually the majority on the Chinese mainland. American Democrats love statistically “minority” individuals who can be identified as an abused underclass so our lying, Democrat, political class can pretend to defend them against the majority of us supposed racist Americans, whom Democrats believe hate everyone but ourselves.

 American leftists are so wrapped up defending people-of-color and anyone of a “minority” identity, that they are unable to recognize a new Hitler or Stalin when they see one parading as a ruler of a sick Communist nation.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Democrat Dogma Will End History And Condemn The Future Of America

Capitalism was born with a whimper and without a name. Someone needed a needle to mend clothing and someone else provided the needle at a profit. A woman wanted a colorful fabric for a blouse or a shirt and a factory was built to provide multiple fabrics in multiple colors and designs, for which the customer was pleased, and the factory owner made a profit, while the employees of the factory made more money and lived better than if they were serfs from a feudal European kingdom or were idle and unemployed in a Cuban hovel and dependent on the government for enough food to live and a place to sleep each night.

Then along  came Westinghouse, Edison, Ford and Colt and more intricate, scientific and complicated products were made, which made everyone’s lives more pleasant, made them all more wealthy, and enhanced the personal liberty of the entire world. And Capitalism was off  and running.

But before long certain people began to put roadblocks in the paths of the new factories, first with strikes, then with labor unions, and finally with federal labor laws. But factories remained on-line and everyone continued to prosper, and for the first time in history the average working person could invest and save money, not have to work from dawn to dusk for a bare subsistence and they could take a pleasant vacation now and then.

 Karl Marx was a very opinionated man who didn’t like Capitalism, and vigorously attacked it without doing any permanent damage to successful, well-run factories, although he did accomplish the impoverishment of many nations and destroyed the lives of millions of people who were unfortunate enough to live in fascist, Socialist or Communist countries. But history did not take into consideration the devious, wealthy, comfortable, and powerful American Democrats, who in 2020 convinced President Trump, who had overseen the most robust economic expansion in the history of the world, to kill all of the improvements he had made to the lives of American citizens, when they blind-sided him with fabricated “models” of viral destruction from a Chinese disease that was impacting America. These “models” convinced the president that millions of Americans would die if we did not isolate all people and lockdown all businesses that depended on personal contact with customers.

The American government scientists and doctors who presented President Trump with the predictions of death and destruction previously unseen in this nation, were relying on concerns of public health and the benefit to the nation when they presented their case and convinced the president of the need for a shutdown. Unfortunately, he took their good-faith advice.

But one suspects that this lockdown advice was not made in good faith at all. This was just a new, radical left attempt to resume where Karl Marx had left off, and was intended to put America in its place as a not-so-great nation. It was only much later that we learned that the coronavirus was the least deadly virus we’ve ever seen, but the damage was already done, with many businesses bankrupt and many personal homes repossessed, and an entire nation on the brink.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Now The Leftist Geniuses Have Developed A New Virus “Model”

If you will recall the “models” that our smart-set Democrats developed which were intended to justify their lying claim of a global warming tragedy coming to a nation near you in less than ten years;  and if you recall that their model for the coronavirus was that it was the most deadly disease ever to hit the earth and would result in millions of American deaths, you will understand why leftists always get everything, not just wrong, but criminally and intentionally, wrong.

The temperature last summer was the same as all of the previous summers of my life, with no increase in the hottest days, and the coronavirus has killed only a fraction of the predicted deaths they said would accompany the Wuhan flu. But President Trump’s CDC advisors convinced him to destroy our economy by locking down nearly everything, and he took what he thought was good-faith advice in order to protect the nation. But I don’t think their advice was anywhere near good-faith; I think it was all political lies they fed the president.

Nevertheless, we are asked to accept the leftist lie of global warming, and we were convinced that locking down all industry and commanding many peoples’ personal lives to captivity, plus being continuously protected with masks and gloves, would be the only way we could save our nation from certain death and the end of our society altogether.

So, understanding all of that, it’s refreshing to learn that these same fools, who caused the impoverishment of millions of Americans with their lockdown, are now, based on a new and improved “model”,  predicting a resurgence of the Wuhan death virus this coming cold and flu season, and on into next year. This prediction, of course, requires us to stay inside and wear these ridiculous masks and gloves everywhere we go, and it forces businesses to further hurt their profitability by serving fewer customers and taking expensive measures to protect the public from the virus while in their establishments, and these actions are taken for the lamest, lease deadly virus we’ve ever seen, which is survived by ninety-nine percent of the people who contract it.

I say throw the bums and their models out and let’s get back to living well and prosperously once again, and regaining the personal liberty that Democrats have taken from us.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Coronavirus Is Adapting And Changing And Democrats Think The World Is About To End

Each year in America a new mix of the flu vaccine is issued, and each year we are told that the virus has adapted and that the latest vaccine is not quite on target to fight the germ we will be inhaling in the cold air of winter. So we end up each year with a disease that causes 21,000 to 70,000 deaths during the typical cold season, and we‘ve never seen a Thanksgiving nor a Christmas season lockdown yet, in spite of all of the deaths.

Now comes the coronavirus and we hear the shocking news that the virus may be adapting and changing, which such things always do, and the political left, once again, fears for the lives of millions of Americans in this unprecedented atmosphere. So are Democrats now claiming that we need a fresh national lockdown to further destroy jobs and weaken our stock market? They certainly are.

Forget that the coronavirus is the weakest and least harmful virus we’ve ever seen, with a less than one-percent death rate, except in New York and New Jersey, which are both Democrat-run states, so what can you expect?  Add to this staggering statistic, the fact that Democrats are now swooning about President Trump telling a news gathering this week that he is taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventive effort to ward off the virus, and you’d have thought the roof fell in on the attendees to this event, for the very simple and transparent announcement of his use of a long-certified and often-prescribed drug. Isn’t it just rich that the political left accuses President Trump of being careless for taking this prescription, and the leftist press moans and groans that the president should be more cautious in the use of drugs, as though the pot-loving, baby killing left has any room to talk about caution in ingesting foreign substances.

And isn’t it also comforting to know that Democrats and the leftist press, who have spent three years trying to get rid of our president for being a traitor, for being unfit for the job and for being a colluder with Russia, are now so concerned about his health and wellbeing and about his ability to perform in the Oval Office? Ever since he won the presidential election in 2016 they’ve been trying to impeach him, and now that he’s taking what they consider to be a radical and dangerous drug, they love him and want to protect him. What a pile of hypocrites.

Democrats want no end to the false fear of hydroxychloroquine, hoping that the virus will spread and that we may be able to celebrate another national lockdown next year, or maybe during the cold and flu season this winter, an event which could end our comfortable, prosperous capitalist society completely this time around, thereby making each of us a ward of the state for every meal we eat and for a place to sleep each night.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Civil Disobedience Punishment: Conservatives Get Jailed, Leftists Get Understanding

During the several decades of my life, Los Angeles has burned, the campus of Berkeley was fire-bombed, Portland had heads bashed, New York City had marchers clogging the streets demanding the killing of police officers, Occupy Wall Street did millions of dollars of damage to any place they formed, ANTIFA has destroying property and injured  people, and Hillary mobs beat Trump supporters in the months prior to the 2016 election. And one must not forget the illegal actions by the FISA court, the FBI, the CIA and the Justice Department as members of  the Obama administration tried to get Donald Trump defeated or imprisoned, they didn’t care which, as he ran for the presidency in 2016.

None of the leftist crimes listed above received any punishment that I’m aware of. The leftist news cable channels were always careful to remind us to “understand the rage” the rioters and arsonists were feeling as they did their evil deeds, and that was the end of the story as far as they were concerned. The police forces, the mayors and the governors of the locations where these outrages occurred were evidently amused by them, and the perps got off Scott-free.

But in the last two months, as the governments of too many cities and states have unconstitutionally locked down nearly all commercial transactions, several conservatives have decided to reopen and run their businesses in spite of the leftist orders to the contrary. And these people, who behaved peacefully and did not burn one building nor hit anyone’s head, are being visited by the police, and are even going to jail.

So outright violence in which citizens are injured is forgiven, but acting in a peaceful, mature manner not approved of by leftist officials gets you cuffed and jailed. And at the highest level of government, a plot by the FBI to keep Donald Trump and his newly-appointed National Security Advisor, General Michael Flynn, from taking office, or at least to get them removed after the swearing-in ceremony was completed, goes unpunished, and would have been entirely buried and forgotten, with no notice at all, if Hillary had been elected to the White House and not Donald Trump.

When trying to support your family and keep your business going becomes a crime, it’s a serious and uncomfortable thing to observe in a supposedly free nation protected by a constitution. And the Democrat lie that keeping everyone locked in their homes for months on end is “protecting” citizens from a disease, when the virus in question is greatly less deadly that the annual cold and flu season illnesses we deal with every year, is a communal and intentional lie that must be exposed daily and hourly as the Democrats try to intimidate us and convince us to be docile and obey their orders.

Democrats undermine the constitution and defy common sense with everything they do, and Conservatives just want to support their families and protect their investments. But only the latter are defiled by the leftist press and put in jail.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

We Are Now “Mitigating” Our Own National Economy Into Dust

The word mitigation is now the most over-used word in the English vocabulary. Its original application was describing the flattening of the curve which is used to indicate the growth of the coronavirus and its negative impact on the healthcare industry. The famous and over-used Democrat “modeling” charts predicted hospitals would be overwhelmed and would be unable to handle the demand this vicious virus placed on it, so the government scientists said the nation had to completely shutdown in order to choke the disease and halt its spread. This modeling led directly to the shut down of our economy and the loss of tens of millions of jobs. But regardless of the faulty Democrat modeling, the Wuhan disease proved to be much less fatal than our government scientists predicted.

And now that we’ve seen the spread of the disease level off, the radical political left wants to continue to strangle the economy with further restrictions on jobs and personal freedom, for another three months in some locations, based on the even more idiotic “modeling” and false prediction that the disease will resurge soon, or at the latest this fall, and will combine with the normal cold and flu season to devastate the nation.

I would advance the notion that our nation has already been devastated and that further destroying our economy will certainly not help the situation when families’ house payments are not met and when retirement funds have been spent on food during these jobless months.

The virus is now the political lefts’ version of global warming. For the last 50 years we’ve been frightened by Democrats predicting a new ice age, followed by global warming, then climate change, and we’ve been assured that using our air conditioners and driving our cars have been the cause of this certain death-by-burning. It’s all our fault, say the radical Democrats, and the government should get involved in our personal lives to stop us from participating in these capitalist practices.

For the dual causes of, initially, climate change, and now to help stop the Wuhan virus from spreading, Democrats insist that Americans must change the way we live our lives, which means staying in our homes, not driving, not traveling, not eating out, all of which is making America a third world country. And all the while, the Democrats in the House of Representatives are passing new, multiple-trillion-dollar bills that will fund their pro-immigration, anti-capitalist and unconstitutional notions of how America should become, all under the pretense of bridging the income gap that many out-of-work Americans are experiencing. Big brother will house and feed you, the Democrats say, so sit back, stop working and trust us.

And don’t worry about the lost income and the bankrupt IRAs, because Pelosi and Schumer are there for you. Per the Democrat party, the chaos will never end and we’ll all die if we don’t follow their radical instructions and drive our nation off a cliff.