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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Swamp-Worm Turns

Since the vindication of Donald Trump by Robert Mueller, with the end of the Mueller collusion investigation, the leftist press and the cable channels have been bragging about the new House investigations that Democrats will use to replace the Mueller probe and keep the Trump administration on the ropes.

But now Attorney General Barr has found backbone where former Attorney General Jeff Sessions was unable to find even a chicken bone for a spine, and the top level investigations now underway are being used to find out the ways the Obama administration used the FBI and the DOJ to attempt to keep Trump from being elected, and then tried to get him removed from office once the election turned against Obama’s hand-picked candidate to succeed him in the Oval Office.

So after two years of multiple investigations waged against Donald Trump, and now with new, Democrat-threatening investigations continuing in the post-Mueller era, CNN and MSNBC are outraged that the sitting president’s administration is finally able to go on the offensive and is ready to fight with the radical left and find out exactly how legal the Steele Dossier was and how the FISA court was illegally convinced to allow spying on a political opponent of Barack Obama.  The leftists whine and moan about the multiple investigations now directed at them and how unnecessary, expensive and unproductive they are, yada, yada.

But there are also some other divergent concerns facing a free America. We have instances of anti-Semitic, Jew-hating expressions by members of Congress who are Muslims and who wish to direct American foreign policy against the only nation in the Middle East that has free elections and doesn’t punish women for being women and doesn’t kill homosexuals because of their personal practices. Even if the women expressing these idiotic and hateful ideas were not Muslims, they would still be typical of and true-to-form for current radical, anti-Semitic, Democrat thinking.

And then there’s AOC and her universe-size mouth, warning us about the end of the world in twelve years, then backs off from her predictions of global disaster by telling us that she was just using a random expression, and the twelve year thing was just rhetoric, so, never mind. This fool woman can never be trusted again with anything she says, because she’s a Democrat leftist, and all they do is lie, at every opportunity, about everything.

The worm has turned in our nation’s capitol, and now that the Democrats are on the receiving end of the investigation stick they don’t like it very much. But their protests of indignation at how inappropriate the new investigations are, and how much they will cost, and how divisive they are, are a pleasure to hear after the way they persecuted Donald Trump and all of his supporters and voters these last two years.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Coming Soon To America: Unstable Government

America has now reached the point where our formerly stable government will begin performing like the British government did following World War II: when the Labour party was in power things were nationalized, and when the Conservatives were in power things were privatized. Both of these circumstances created uncertainty in the stability of the government due to fear of partisan, authoritarian rule and doubt that the economy would be allowed to function without government guidance, or, on the other hand, that the government may harm any industry or company that was not politically correct nor subservient enough to the ruling party of the moment.

The partisan hate and distrust in America’s national capitol since Barack Obama took office has created an atmosphere in which neither party will leave in place the policy changes of the outgoing party. So our once smooth transition of power will become messy, and our entire society will suffer as partisan rulers disrupt the rule of law under our constitution, a process that has made America the envy of the world.

The Democrats started this spreading of distrust and hate with their opposition to Donald Trump and his election, when they generated false documents and employed the use of the FBI and the DOJ to try to defeat the Republican presidential candidate in 2016, which has justifiably caused Republicans to distrust the motives and actions of Democrats in all aspects.

Democrats will always oppose policies proposed by conservatives because conservative policies are always successful in providing liberty and prosperity, and liberty and prosperity are contrary to the dependence on government that Democrats need in order to get re-elected and keep their power. Likewise, when Democrats propose unconstitutional policies like the government take-over of healthcare and providing free education to all college students, Republicans oppose such terrible policies because they undermine a free and wealthy nation.

Following the insulting and disrespectful treatment that Attorney General Barr got from Democrats like Hawaii Senator Mazie Horono during the Senate hearing on May 1st, how can Republicans even try to cooperate with Democrats when all they get is obstruction, rejection and personal attacks for their efforts?

Democrats have viciously attacked President Trump, his family and his staff, and it’s inevitable that the working relationship between the two parties will deteriorate even further as “progressives” continue to lose their bearings and their minds during the Trump presidency.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Senate Democrats Harass And Threaten A.G. Barr, Beginning Their Own Obstruction Of Justice

America’s Democrat party was severely jolted on May 1, 2019, when Attorney General William Barr announced that the Department of Justice is investigating the FBI’s use of a phony Dossier to get a FISA court’s permission to spy on the Trump presidential campaign, and perhaps spy on other 2016 Republican candidates as well. Beginning with the May 1st visit to the Senate to answer questions related to the Mueller investigation and Barr’s handling of the Mueller end-product report document, Democrats began insulting the Attorney General, demanding his resignation and calling him and other Trump staffers scandalous names. One can easily take this abuse as an intended method of frightening Mr. Barr into fearing the same intimidating treatment against himself and his family that Democrats have dished out to President Trump, his family and associates, these last two years.

The Obstruction of Justice charge comes from the Democrat attempts to damage the reputation of Mr. Barr and cast doubt on his honesty and integrity, so they can undermine any investigation the DOJ may undertake to gather information into the false Steele dossier and the resulting court-approved spying on candidate Trump that led to the formal investigation of President Trump following the campaign of 2016. Democrats are fearful of the Trump administration since it was cleared by Mueller of  any charges related to collusion or obstruction of justice following the long-lasting investigation. They fear the new Attorney General will now investigate them, and the truth coming from such an investigation will likely destroy the Democrat party forever.

With all of the insults and disrespect Democrats showed Mr. Barr during the May 1st hearing, they’ve made it clear that they intend to ridicule, criticize and slander him further  so as to weaken him in the hope that he will withdraw from the AG position for fear of personal economic harm and the damage to his reputation that he will certainly get from the insane Democrats and their pals in the radical press as the actions and decisions of the Obama administration come under greater scrutiny.

The constant mantra from the Democrats these last two years has been that Trump obstructed justice via attempts to derail the Mueller investigation by threatening to fire Mueller, tweeting about the unfairness of the investigation into non-existent collusion, and numerous comments he made in criticism of the on-going Mueller harassment of himself and his associates. But now the Democrats have actually committed the obstruction that they could only verbally try to attach to Trump, and we’ll see how long Mr. Barr can bear up under Democrat slander and lies. We’ll also see how Barr’s investigation into the Obama administration’s spying on their political opponents, using the full power of the federal government to try to imprison Trump, looks when all of the evidence comes to light.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

When President Trump Was Asked What Age Is Too Old To Run For The Presidency, I wish He Had Said….

Last Friday, as President Trump was on the way to speak at the NRA convention, a member of the press asked him what age was too old to run for the presidency.

I wish he had said that he wasn’t sure what age was too old to run for the presidency, but he knew who was too dumb and too corrupt to run, providing examples of Biden, Bernie, Hillary and all of the other anti-American, constitution-hating Democrat candidates who are littering the political scene.

But as usual he responded politely to this leading question, and simply said that there should be no limit placed on the maximum age for an American to run for the White House.

Opportunity missed.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Obama Built That

One will fondly recall the indignation of Barack Obama during his “you didn’t build that” phase, when he insisted that the only creator of wealth, convenience and jobs in America was the government, and all innovators and entrepreneurs were just taking a free ride on the back of the magnificent government which made electricity, water, gas and the internet available to the American public. Of course the fool man was wrong about the origin of America’s wealthy and comfortable middle class, but one related area where Obama was absolutely correct about government being culpable, is the subject of extreme, outrageous student debt.

Our beloved former president was so desirous of keeping the liberals in big colleges and universities in the leftist Democrat camp that he took over the industry of granting college loans, thereby assuring that colleges could charge as much as they wanted to for their courses and the government loan agency would approve the loan and assure that colleges could increase their course prices, grow their staffs and give professors and administrators fat pay increases, all on the backs of unsuspecting students.

In the world of college loans made by private lenders there was necessarily competition for the loans and these private lenders would likely have recognized the growing and excessive costs of college and the mounting value of the loans being approved, and would also likely have sounded an alarm. Obama was indignant about the subject of competition and the idea of controlling costs and making a profit, and rejected such old fashioned ideas as being inapplicable to student loans.

The same subject arose recently when Maxine Waters called several banking CEOs before her committee and asked them why they weren’t doing more to help students to be able to limit and control their student debt levels.

Ms. Waters was unaware that Obama had taken the student loan industry under his wing and she looked like the fool she is when the CEOs told her they had not given out any student loans for over nine years. In other words, the subject that she was trying to pin on the private industry banking community was solely the fault of the government agency that Obama edicted would henceforth be charged with awarding student loans.

Although Ms. Waters was made aware that the government was responsible for the outrageous level of student indebtedness that could limit their future economic welfare for many years, she dropped the subject immediately when she learned it was the fault of government, and that it was the left’s hero, the man who swore to “fundamentally transform America”, who put this fiasco into motion. When private industry is at fault there are always leftists who will use every tool at their disposal, including the threat of imprisonment and punitive regulations to hurt a company’s profitability, in an attempt to get the rogues under control. But when government is hurting the very nation and the citizens it is its duty to protect, the subject is covered up and forgotten ASAP.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

In The Anita Hill Controversy, Joe Biden Lacks Logic And Cojones

Poor old Lunch Bucket Joe. He’s now being attacked by leftist gals, with whom, as a good “progressive”, radical Democrat, he should be on good terms and standing shoulder-to-shoulder in the fight to defeat the evil Donald Trump. But things have changed in the Democrat party and poor old Joe got left behind. Now he’s the enemy, not the savior Obama was, and the fact that he served Obama like the slavish fool he was and is, doesn’t give him any leverage at all with today’s savage, radical feminists.

Now old Joe is being criticized by his fellow leftists for the treatment he gave Anita Hill during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings in 1991. So what does old Joe do when the radical feminists attack him? He begs forgiveness and apologizes for the things, real or imagined, that he said and did during the Thomas hearings.

What is forgotten in all of this idiotic leftist fretting and complaining is that Clarence Thomas, a black lawyer and judge of some repute, was nominated by President George H.W. Bush to the Supreme Court, and was being attacked in an attempt to have his nomination defeated by liberals who were using Anita Hill as their battering ram in an attempt to keep a black conservative off of the Supreme Court bench.

It appears that feminists want silk-glove treatment for themselves when they try to ruin a man’s career by inserting themselves into the political fray. All Joe Biden did was to subject Hill to an inquiry that made her actually have to defend herself and her baseless and inappropriate charges against Clarence Thomas. Hill should be apologizing to Clarence Thomas and Joe Biden instead of expecting Biden to beg forgiveness for doing the job a Senator is expected to do when a Supreme Court nominee is being destroyed in public.

The Anita Hill event was the precursor to the Kavanaugh hearings where we were supposed to believe the girl’s testimony, with no questioning of her being allowed and no expecting her to produce any evidence at all to support her charges, with the assumption that the man is automatically guilty as charged.

If Biden had any cojones he’d tell the feminists to stick their criticism of him where the sun don’t shine and ask them why they were so anxious to indict Mr. Thomas, himself a protected black man, based on the unsubstantiated charges against him. As Mr. Thomas asserted during the hearings, he felt that he was being strung up in an electronic lynching engineered by Democrats, and they owe him an apology for the mistreatment they heaped on him during that event.

But our Joey doesn’t want to offend the girls and expect them to abide by the same rules men have to live by. If Mr. Biden’s actions when confronted by nasty feminists is so wimpy that he’d quickly surrender to their diatribe, I fear how he would react to real threats by the likes or Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un in the real world of life and death.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Why Does Joe Biden Always….

Why does Joe Biden always squint his eyes when he speaks to audiences? Do his eyes hurt? Is he near-sighted? Does this action indicate senility? Is this just a reaction to difficulty with his hearing? Or is squinting just his way of indicating sincerity and intensity? No matter what the reason, he needs to stop it, because it makes him look silly.

Why does Joe Biden over-act and over-react when things happen to him? There were many times when he over-reacted to something Barack Obama said or did that made him look odd and out-of-control for a period of time.

Why does Joe Biden always say “man” at the end of sentences, as in “I’m a serious candidate, man”. Does he not realize how falsely hip and at the same time out-of-date that this mode of speaking makes him sound?

Why does Joe Biden so often become personal, phony, confidential and hands-on with black people? He always calls blacks “man” and performs the 1970s multiple-soul handshakes with them that reminds one of some of the lesser television programs of past decades. And how about using the word “bro” as a greeting? It’s as though Biden learned how to show pretend respect to blacks in the 1970s by seeming to undermine his own superior social standing, and he never learned to accept that blacks are now fully up-to-speed on equality, but old Joe is lagging in this area a bit.

Why does Joe Biden say “think about it” all the time? It’s probably because he’s such a slow thinker and so dumb that his handlers have to tell him to “think about it” every time he comes up with an inappropriate idea, so he feels he has to tell everyone else to “think about it” as a normal response to their ideas, even though the average person thinks very well for themselves without having to be told to.

Old Lunch Bucket Joe is a fool who has become wealthy on a government salary, and he served faithfully during the eight years of the corrupt, America-hating, Obama administration, so I suppose we can excuse this go-along-to-get-along man from any culpability in the many crimes of the Obama era. And anyone who believes that Biden requested that Obama NOT endorse his candidacy is only fooling himself.