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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

OK Democrats. You Won The Election, So Now How Are You Going To Fix America?

 It’s one thing to win an election, but does Joey Biden have any plans to heal the divided America that he and the Democrat party created? The Republican candidate for president was attacked every day of his administration; his supporters have been labeled as being racists; Trump’s staff has been denied jobs after their service in his administration; Democrats have been telling us that anyone who voted for Trump is obviously deranged and that they need to be re-educated and have their minds straightened out for them; a Republican Senator who objected to the acceptance of several states’ electoral certificates for Biden has been denied the printing of his book just because the publisher is too frightened of Democrat radical violence to print the man’s book.

All we’ve heard from Democrats are proposed radical projects that will tank the stock market, cause job loss, cause energy costs to skyrocket, create massive numbers of regulations to stymie businesses, force Americans to wear the useless masks that are too porous to stop even a horse fly, create additional states assuring more Democrat representatives located in them, pack the Supreme Court and probably order another very destructive national lockdown that our weakened nation may not be able to survive.

But as for any practical, thoughtful attention to re-uniting American and getting citizens employed again, not so much. The only things that modern-day Democrats believe in are political domination and control, and destroying anyone who attempts to oppose their national takeover and lockdown schemes.

Friday, January 22, 2021

Democrats Are Now Caught On The Horns Of A Dilemma Of Their Own Creation

 Following a year of pooh-poohing, if not completely ignoring, the daily rioting and violence this nation experienced all summer long in 2020, and the leftist practice of praising leftist District Attorney officials who arrest violent criminals and then release them back on the streets to repeat their crimes on new victims all over again, the Biden administration is having to decide how to deal with a wave of increasing violence across America, now that the addled Joe Biden is responsible for this leftist-created horror show.

While Donald Trump was president, the CNNs and the Democrat talking heads of the world just attributed this national tragedy of random beatings and burning to the incompetence of President Trump, and defended the catch-and-release policies that Democrat DAs favored, as being compassionate and advanced thinking. 

Add to this national explosion of violence by ANTIFA and BLM that occurred nightly all summer long, that the Democrats assumed were helping undermine the presidency of Donald Trump, but are now continuing on a nightly basis even under the administration of the slightly tilted but compassionate and well-intentioned, Joe Biden, and Joey has a big problem, now that these same terrorist groups are even launching attacks on Democrat headquarters and speaking unkindly, to say the least, of poor ole Joey. 

Poor old Lunch Bucket Joe is having his lunch stuffed down his trousers, due to the fuzzy and illogical thinking that the political left always does.

Racists Dominate In The Biden Administration

 I’ve noticed over the years that people who insist on talking about race first and foremost in a conversation, are usually the racists in the room.

On the other hand, it’s impossible to NOT notice a person’s race any more than you can not notice the difference between a female and a male person you are talking to, but do these obvious differences between individuals have to inevitably and always be the subject of conversation between sensible, well-meaning people? That’s not to say that subjects of race should not be discussed if solutions to unique problems are encountered, but when race is gratuitously inserted in policy and position announcements, time after time, these references may not be the best ideas.

But Democrats seem to be required to NOT talk about the former national topics of equality and fairness of treatment among all Americans, and they instead will always bring up the topics of race or sex, and make those subjects the main flow of conversation. They’ll tell us how unfair America is, even when the persons making these accusations are often black women appointed to high government positions in the Biden administration, who are making more money than the average American will ever make, have more prestigious and influential jobs than the average American will ever have, and are telling the rest of us how hard their lives have been and how discriminated against they‘ve been by this racist country, that has now given them a top governmental job. One doubts that these elite, Biden political appointees have any belly-aching to do in their cushy new jobs.

I‘m sure everyone noticed that in the first remarks that Joe Biden made after his inauguration, the most strident and emphasized remarks he made were not about the greatness of America nor how a know-nothing Senator from Delaware should be thankful be the president, they were instead remarks about  race. Probably not noticed was an email from Biden’s newly appointed Chief of Staff for The Interior Department, Jennifer Van de Heide, to her new employees in the department in which she used the key phrases of the racist left, of “government employees should look like America” and “systemic racism” in her initial communication with Department employees. 

What do these idiotic phrases and ideas expressed by Ms. Van de Heide have to do with the work the Interior Department does? How can this woman do the work for Americans in her new position when she uses racially-approved Democrat, put-down phrases referring to race in each negative communication?

The American left, especially in the Biden administration, are race-first people and their racist statements are a slap in the face to all good, sincere, non-racist citizens of this nation. It quickly makes citizens feel that they are not only being lectured to with this “systemic racism” terminology, it also seems that Democrats intend to program Americans to obey government edicts, just as citizens were programmed to obey big brother in the book 1984. And it’s an insult to have people who are supposed to be working for us citizens and serving us in governmental positions, making these accusatory charges about the nation’s racism, which does not exist, except on the political left.

And the political left, with their never-ending ability to take the liberties and constitutional rights from everyone else and stick those stolen rights in their own pockets, have begun using the word  “equity” instead of the more appropriate word “equality” for what they seek in America. And if you think that the word “equity” sounds like a rephrasing of the word “reparations”, you’d be correct. 

In the opinion of Democrats, equity should be a gift awarded to people who can’t win when treated with equality; which is to say that if being treated equally, on a flat playing field with everyone else, doesn’t allow them to win in life’s lottery, then they start to demand “equity” in order to get the win for themselves anyway. Either way, they win, and the nation loses. 

Biden’s staff’s motto is sort of an update on the old “heads-I-win and tails-you-lose” coin flipping game, but these people are playing for keeps, with our nation and with our lives.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Biden Inauguration Is Under Military Lockdown, Trump’s Inauguration Was Open To The Public

 Why is Washington, D.C. completely locked down by National Guard patrols carrying loaded weapons on the eve of the Biden inauguration, while the Trump inauguration in 2017 was open to the public for all to see and to attend? On inauguration day in 2017 there were many protests permitted against Trump, and at least one of these protests turned violent with shop display windows broken and some properties burned by the leftist crowd that didn’t want Trump to become the president of the United States, but a anti-Trump atmosphere didn‘t prevent openness to American citizens.

The answer to the question as to why D.C. is locked down in 2021 is that Democrats believe in ruling with an iron fist, and this year they also want fear of the outgoing Trump administration and his voters to be expressly displayed for all to see, but Americans are not buying that line of crap about Donald Trump.

Democrats despise opinions that differ from their own and will not allow opposition to their Socialist rule ideology.  They’ll always deny American citizens the right to express opposing opinions to their leftist rule, as we see happening in our nation’s capitol this week. So that’s why Trump’s inauguration was peacefully performed and Biden’s will look like a Nazi concentration camp.

Republicans, on the other hand, are peaceful and tolerant people dedicated to freedom of speech and assembly, and if that speech and those assemblies get out of control we expect the police to arrest the culprits and see that they are punished. But we believe our constitution protects protester’s speech without reservation.

Democrats refuse to build walls to keep illegal and possibly disease-carrying people out of our country, but walls made of barbed wire and concertina wire in a city locked down by armed guards are happily erected to keep American citizens from approaching our brave swamp-dwelling leaders as a new administration begins.

Of course, Democrats will say that the walls they build are protection from a riot similar to that of January 6, 2021, and that they have seen security reports on possible violence on inauguration day, even though an informed person like Gen. Jack Keane stated that he knows of no such official security report existing.

In 2020 Democrat politicians allowed and ordered riots from Seattle to Baltimore, all summer long, that burned and destroyed property and killed numerous people, and these Democrat leaders not only didn’t try to stop the rioting, they didn’t even admit that the rioting was happening for the entire summer. So where exactly was the concern for rioting, as happened at the Capitol building a couple of weeks ago, when their own ANTIFA and BLM thugs rioted without letup all summer?

Democrats refused to provide police protection to burning cities in the summer of 2020 as America burned, but now they are eager to get National Guard protection in the nation’s capitol, while they blame the skin colors of the “mostly white” National Guardsmen for causing the riots that have not even occurred yet. This alarm being set off by Democrats, of blaming white people for riots that have not happened yet, is kind of like blaming the Reichstag Fire in Berlin in the 1930s on Anti-German traitors. But in spite of the 2020-long chant of “Defund The Police” when the ANTIFA and BLM riots were occurring, the Democrat party now profess love for police and National Guardsmen as they assemble masses of soldiers and weapons in the capitol of the (formerly?) most free nation on earth. What in the hell is happening to this nation?

So why is the Democrat party vetting the Guardsmen who are defending D.C. from an imaginary enemy?  What kinds of questions are the Guardsmen being asked? Could Democrats be selectively eliminating any Guardsmen who voted for Trump in the 2020 election? Could they be trying to assemble a pro-Democrat military and assure that Trump supporters are excluded from military service? Does this mean that Trump supporters are suspected of crimes against America? Will there be a round-up of Republican voters in the near future so these alleged subversives can be re-educated and made good (Democrat) citizens again?

In a city with streets lined with boarded up shop windows and restricted movement by barbed wire barricades and patrolling National Guardsmen, we will see Biden being sworn in with a crowd of observers about as small as the crowds he talked to from his basement during his campaigning last year.

One wonders what exactly is going on in our nation’s capitol.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Under Biden, Will A Scorched-Earth Winner Be A Scorched-Earth Ruler?

 After winning an election against a president who was abused and attacked daily by Democrats and the leftist press for four years, and who the Democrats impeached twice for imagined crimes, Democrats now continue to abuse and insult the man and his family with scorched-earth accusations and present no evidence at all of his having committed any type of offense that would justify impeachment, Donald trump is leaving office with more actual accomplishments than any president in history.

So now Democrats are refocusing their attacks and punishment on Trump‘s voters as being bad people because they preferred Trump over Biden. This Democrat denial of allowing American citizens to patriotically make up their own minds as to whom to vote for is so contrary to everything our nation and our constitution stands for, that words can’t explain how wrong Democrats are.

 Democrats allowed cities from Seattle to Baltimore to burn the entire summer of 2020 and never once called for police or National Guard support or protection for the citizens of those cities, and in fact Democrat spokes-people called for the defunding of police forces for the entire United States all summer long. But let a bunch of ANTIFA criminals rush the Capitol and Democrats start begging for the now-wonderful police and the National Guard troops to assure peace, and are of course blaming President Trump for the type of behavior he begged Democrat politicians to halt, all summer long. And today, while vilifying President Trump, Democrats can produce no evidence, only baseless charges and vitriol,  to back up their charges that the president did anything to cause such a violent action on the Capitol. Democrats hope that their votes of impeachment of Trump will be accepted as proof of his guilt, but it only proves the hate and fear they have of this great president, and they hope that American citizens will be dumb enough to believe their lies about Trump and Trump voters.

Maybe the Democrat attacks on Trump have been fair warning to Democrat voters to not listen to or be converted to the Republican cause now or in the next election, because this conversion will make these converts suspect and considered to be guilty of the charges they are leveling at Republicans, and perhaps Democrats plan for there to be no “next election” at all, so you‘re either with the Democrat rebels, or you‘re against them, and if you‘re against them you‘ll be treated just like Republicans are being treated.

Democrats are making it clear that you can only survive their takeover of the government by going along to get along, and you’d better not speak up against the Democrats if you know what’s good for you.

All Democrats care about is power and ruling, and democracy can take a back seat to their ability to dominate.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Does Joe Biden Mean What He Says About Healing And Unity?

 A couple of contradictory things I’ve heard Joe Biden say recently make me believe that he has been lying to America.

He stated not long ago that he wants to “heal” America and end our division. But his party has been on a cancel culture rant since the November 3rd election, and has forced companies like AT&T and Marriott to deny their services and employment to any Trump supporters. This type of get-even policy cannot lead to healing and will only lead to further division between Americans. But Biden has said nothing contrary to his party’s official statements of hate and disgust for Trump and his supporters, and has not told his party members to stop this divisive action.

Another area of confusion pertaining to Joe Biden is his long-time verbal support for the Defund The Police movement, while in his televised speech on Thursday (January 14, 2021), he specifically expressed sorrow for the police officers, and other unfortunate Americans, who are out of work due to the covid lockdown in Democrat states. So which is it: does he want full employment for police forces, or does he want to unemploy all of them? Does he want unity and healing in America, or does he intend to punish all supporters and voters of the previous president?

All of this, of course, depends on whether or not Joe Biden knows what day it is or if he thinks he’s still a Senator rather than being a newly-elected president. If the mild-mannered Biden is in charge and means what he’s said, then he needs to talk to his staff and act like he wants to restore unity, otherwise we’ll have to assume that leftist radicals dedicated to Kamala Harris are in charge of the Biden administration and that it’s full pedal-to-the-metal demonization of the seventy-four million Americans who did not vote for Biden in 2020, and will not vote for him in the next election, assuming that Democrats intend to allow a “next election” to be held.

Is Biden in charge of his administration or is his persona of being a kind old man just being used by leftist radicals to get power and then push the old guy aside and rule as leftists the world over always rule?

Does Biden have plans for the future beyond breakfast tomorrow morning, and what are those plans? The months he spent “campaigning” in his basement, and the few actual questions that the leftist press lobbed at him, along with the evasive answers he gave to these non-threatening, softball questions, gave us no idea as to what he believes about anything of substance. So that leaves people believing that he only believes what he’s told to believe, so the future for Americans under his administration is unknown and frightening to anyone who understands the threats posed by the political left, and to those who value our constitution and our liberties.

At the present moment there is definitely an air of totalitarian flavor in the forecast for America, based on the way Democrats are behaving. And to all appearances, based on the way they intend to rule once they are in office, Joe Biden knew what he was talking about when he predicted a “dark winter“ ahead for America, and especially for American Republicans..

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Cuomo Ends The New York Lockdown. Are There No More Grandmas To Kill?

 After steadfastly and repeatedly insisting that an economic and social lockdown was the only way to save America from the very weak scourge of the covid disease; and after threatening to permanently close any business that didn’t adhere to his lockdown order; and after threatening to imprison any person who didn’t obey him; and after making fun of the Republican governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, for stating that Florida was healthy and prospering because he refused to order a lockdown; the idiot governor of New York, Democrat Andrew Cuomo, now states that the lockdown is not working, and that it has caused more misery than it has cured, and that the lockdown has caused businesses to fail, and deaths to occur, at a rate that the state can’t support, and that continuing the lockdown will cause more misery and unemployment in the future, so the governor is now ending the lockdown in New York.

Just like that! The “science” that Cuomo previously pretended was behind the state-wide economic lockdown that he ordered has obviously changed from when he ordered the original lockdown, so never mind!

Following a year of Democrat officials bombastically telling us how moral and good they were for protecting their citizens from the covid illness, and threatening all sorts of punishment for their own citizens if they didn’t obey their Democrat leaders and their “scientific” policies of life and death, it’s entertaining to have a Democrat leader admit that his entire lockdown push for all of 2020 was unscientific crap, from beginning to end. But why does it take the better part of a year, thousands of deaths and the closing of at least hundreds of businesses, for the governor to end his disastrous policies? One might  ask Governor Cuomo where the “science” that he depended on went wrong and why his ideas now are correct, now that he is evidently working contrary to “science”. Or did the “science” that Democrat leader crowed about all the time suddenly change, all of a sudden?

One wonders: has the good governor thinks he has reduced the number of Grandmas sufficiently in his state that he now feels that his job is done, and the few Grandmas that are still left in New York State, after the many deaths of older people that Cuomo caused with his poorly-thought-out orders and his placement of already-sick people with nursing home residents, and his giving the covid vaccine to prisoners before he allowed the life-giving shots to be given to older people, can be allowed to step outside their homes, breathe fresh air and maybe go to work?

Knowing now how wrong the slow-speaking and slow-thinking governor has been with his insistence on enforcing lockdowns, will the good governor apologize to New Yorkers for the miserable year they lost and suffered through due to his idiotic rule? You can bet he won’t.