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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Illegal Aliens To Determine Make-Up Of American City School Board

San Francisco is now allowing citizens of foreign nations, including those here illegally from any nation in the world, to vote for and determine the people who will populate the city’s school board and what will be taught to the American children living in San Francisco.

Of course the sanctuary city crowd will defend this move by stating that they only want the people residing in the city and whose children attend the schools there, to determine the school board make-up, and since the sanctuary scheme allows an unknown number of illegals to live in San Francisco, they would likely claim that this is simply democracy and fairness to the illegals living there. But one would think that the American citizens living in San Francisco and paying taxes to the local school district would want to decide what their children are taught in their city and their neighborhoods and not a bunch of foreigners who know nothing of our history and our culture. If the many illegals populating sanctuary cities have indeed come from s**thole countries, as liberals insist, one might expect that the courses taught in their schools would be s**thole subjects, and that this could result in a direct down-grading of scholastic excellence that would lead to third world status for the sanctuary cities where this practice pertains.

Recently liberals in America have been filling their drawers falsely claiming that President Trump has surrendered to Russia’s Vladimir Putin and they fear what may have been promised to Putin and how this could hurt America and our security for years to come. One strongly suspects that America’s liberals care not a whit about threats to America and are using this fabricated, totally made-up subject as a political axe to use against Trump and other patriotic Americans.

In the case of San Francisco’s policy of allowing foreigners to determine the make-up of an American school board, how long will it be until foreigners will be allowed to vote to determine the mayor of an American city, the governor of a state and even the president of the United States?  And if one thinks this is an unthinkable progression of events then you know nothing about Democrat, liberal, “progressive” politics, and you need to know that the “progress” will only move in an unconstitutional, illegal direction as they undermine all tradition and law, and in a short length of time they will have softened the local population enough that these illegals will be given full citizenship in all but fact.

And how does allowing alien non-citizens to vote and determine who runs our country at the state and national level differ from the left’s imagining that President Trump gave away the store to Putin in their Helsinki meeting? The current illogical argument of the left is that every individual in the world deserves to live and vote in America, so why is it that Democrats pretend to fear actions that Vladimir Putin might take? Are they discriminating against a Russian citizen in favor of a Guatemalan? Just as liberal fools in San Francisco would argue that the Guatemalans deserve to be able to vote to determine how United States history should be taught, one could argue that Putin just wants to determine the state of our military preparedness and what new weapons we may be developing, and whether or not to abide by the United States constitution and our laws once foreigners are allowed to determine the future of this nation.

Leftists will never stop pushing the subversive envelope of their rhetoric to gain control of America and make it just another s**thole nation, with them running the whole thing. That’s what happened to Mexico, Haiti and San Salvador, and it will happen here unless liberal, radical Democrats are voted out of every elected office in America. But in the meantime the remainder of the nation can sit back and watch the sanctuary cities and states that liberal politicians control, deteriorate in quality of life, education, wealth and liberty with their loon leftist leaders in charge and moving toward Marxist/Socialist nirvana.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Liberal Massive Over-Reaction Is Not Trump’s Fault

The liberal swamp is so hatefully disposed against President Trump for treading into their domain and performing better than they ever have, and for getting more things accomplished than they’ve ever been able to do, that they jump too quickly and with too much venom when they think they‘ve found a blemish in Trump‘s performance. They’ve massively over-criticized him for words he spoke in Helsinki because they smelled blood in the political water. Americans are able to watch this spewing of hate coming exclusively from the American left and they will remember the leftist‘s attempts to invalidate the results of the 2016 election that put Trump in the White House.

It can easily be shown that Obama was much more subservient to Putin than Trump could possibly be, and that Obama behaved in a much more anti-American way, in manner and words, on the international scene, than Trump will ever do.

American liberals, in their haste to inflict political injury on President Trump in any way they can, via their tsunami of vicious rhetoric, have hurt themselves and have built sympathy for Donald Trump and his pro-American policies. When a former Obama CIA chief (John Brennan), who voted in the past for a Communist candidate for president, calls Trump a traitor, we know Democrats are stepping on their own message, and I’d like to see more of their childish, uncontrolled fits every day.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Liberals Are Attacking Trump After Helsinki. So Who’s Surprised?

We all know that Vladimir Putin is a liar who has evil intent around the world and threatens freedom and liberty everywhere his totalitarian power can reach. Conservatives have for the last 60 years been stating the case against Russia and the Soviet Union, with liberals defending Russia every step of the way. So now why have the liberal press and Democrat politicians suddenly done an about-face and begun criticizing Russia for the nasty things they’ve done since the mid-Twentieth Century? Could this reversal have anything to do with the current American president, who just happens to make traditional politics appear to be foolish, unworkable and naive?

If American liberals understand the danger Russia presents to the world, then why did Barack Obama chide Mitt Romney for thinking Russia was a major enemy of the United States? And why did the savior Obama pooh-pooh the suggestion that Russia had a negative impact on American’s 2016 election? And what the hell is the liberal press talking about by calling President Trump’s performance in his meetings in Helsinki with Putin too familiar, disastrous and treasonous? All of a sudden, and only because Trump is taking a different tack in dealing with Russia, our leftist press expresses the opinion that Russia is indeed a dangerous, threatening and unstable nation under Putin.

And on a more personal level, how about Obama begging Putin for more time to get re-elected so he could do Putin’s bidding with American defensive weapons that Putin did not like in the vicinity of Russia? And how can one forget the sale of twenty percent of America’s uranium supply that Obama’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, sold to Russia for her personal enrichment?

Donald Trump is a different type of person in the White House and he is taking different approaches to the problems of not only America, but the problems of the world, and so far he has been resoundingly successful in his new-fangled ways. Trump approaches Putin in Finland in an uncharacteristic way, and based on Trump’s success rate to this point, one suspects he’ll be a winner following the Finland meeting as well. At worst we may experience the same failures American presidents have had throughout history with Russia, and at best America may win an event for a change in this dangerous, nuclear world.

American liberals, the press and politicians alike, are fools and should be ignored by all sensible people when they attack President Trump. The liberal press is all of a sudden reversing their former position of defending the Soviet Union/Russia. When the Soviets imprisoned eastern Europe under Stalin American liberals swooned at how futuristic the Soviets were and how free and prosperous Soviet citizens were under Communism. But now that Russia is significantly weaker and has a failing economy, leftist Americans insist that Putin is a demon and Trump should be removed from office for even speaking with him. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Donald Trump and his ideas, it’s that they may be shocking, but they’re usually wildly successful.

One almost suspects that the liberal press and the Democrat party, who loved the Communist Soviet Union, resent Vladimir Putin in his post-Communist Russian position. One also wonders if that means that the members of our Putin-hating Democrat party are really Communists at heart and wish for the down-fall of America. I’m just wondering.

Patriotic Americans must remain supportive of President Trump and keep America alive against the forces of anti-Trumpism.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Obama Begs Putin For Time, But Trump Can’t Be Trusted To Talk With Putin?

Anyone who recalls the open mic that caught Barack Obama asking Russian Prime Minister Medvedev to beg Putin to give him (Obama) time to get re-elected so he could do Putin’s bidding during a second term in office, has to smile at the latest, leftist outbreak of idiocy with Democrats insisting that Trump cannot be trusted to meet with Putin next week in Finland. One either smiles or cries upon hearing such stupid thinking, depending on one’s ability to listen to fools and still have the ability to smile in their presence.

After over forty years of American leftists doing the bidding of Soviet leaders in their attempts to “bury” America and the Western world, we finally get evidence, via Obama’s microphone, that Democrats really have worked with Communists to defeat America, and now the Democrats pretend that the American president who has militarily attacked Russian troops in Syria, who has demanded that Crimea be freed from Russian occupation, and who is lecturing German officials in public for laying a pipeline to get natural gas from Russia when they could be getting their gas from America, and the American left pretends that President Trump cannot be trusted to put Putin in his place.

And when one adds the above folly to European and American protesters harassing people in restaurants, burning buildings where conservatives are scheduled to speak, and calling the quiet, respectful people who are the recipients of the attacks, fascists, we see an America on the edge of calamity in a world packed with thoughtless, ruthless dictators, and one realizes that Democrats must be kept from elective office at all cost. When the adults in the room are called fascists, the room is set for an explosion at the hands of the name-callers.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Democrats Need To Be Honest About Why They Object To Trump’s Court Appointees

Democrats don’t care about the constitution allowing a president to make several Supreme Court appointments during his/her administration.  And they don’t particularly care about liberal versus conservative appointments for a particular court opening. So why are they all in a twist about every Supreme Court nomination that President Trump makes? The sad truth is that Democrats are all about radical politics, while the Constitution is about efficient, fair governing and conflict resolution. And we all know that liberal Democrats despise the constitution.

All Democrats care about is not losing control of the Court, which control in the past has allowed liberals to overrule legislative initiatives and rulings that they don’t like and to get legal decisions that the legislature would not give them, by having the court rule on a personal preference basis as to what policy will be and what it won’t be. So they’ve packed the court with people favorable or persuadable to the liberal philosophy and made law from the bench when the law was in their way.

Conservatives are far more likely than liberals to decide cases based on the constitution, because it makes for a more stable, predictable existence, whereas liberals believe in “progressively” (their word, not mine) changing society and weakening it to the point where citizens are less self-sufficient and more dependent on government for the things the want and need.

Even a conservative Catholic justice is more likely to decide a case based on the wording of the constitution and not on his/her religion, but liberals are all about social change and giving every mal-content what they want, at government, and the broader societal, expense.

Too much of our current law has come from the bench and not from the legislature, and Democrats are filling their drawers with fear of losing their last great hope of continuing to rule America.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

It’s Time To Stop Allowing Liberals To Determine The Conversation

If it’s acceptable for liberals to vote for a Supreme Court justice who is pro-abortion, why isn’t it acceptable for conservatives to want a justice who is pro-life?

Why is it that only liberals’ ideas and policy positions are acceptable? Why is it that an accomplished, Catholic, female, law professor from Norte Dame has to take insulting and nasty comments about Catholic dogma from a Jewish Senator, due only to the professor being pro-life? And considering that the anti-abortion/pro-life position has long been the tradition of our entire society, why should conservatives accept the deviant position of abortion, any time, anywhere, funded by tax payers, as a standard?

Now that we have Donald Trump in the White House, and now that we see him every day poking liberal dogma in the eye and getting away with it, it’s about time that Republicans grew some backbone and began fighting back at prejudiced, liberal/socialist ideas.

President Trump’s appointees for the vacant justice seat on the Supreme Court need not apologize for being pro-life or capitalists or patriotic Americans. With all of the news about Planned Parenthood selling the body parts of babies they have aborted, and treating the sale of the body parts as a legitimate business, it’s time that conservatives threw these things back at anti-American, leftist, Senators during the times when official interviews and hearings are held. I’d be willing to bet that there are many Democrats who have never heard that Planned Parenthood is doing such horrendous things, and the hearings of Supreme Court appointees would be a good time to make these things public knowledge.

And take any liberal position, for example the legalization of marijuana: Why in the world do we need another, new and additional legal intoxicant with which to trap our young people into a lifetime of dependence? It might be worthwhile to confront the idiocy of legalizing another drug with which to escape the daily hum-drum responsibilities of life and tell liberals to man-up, face reality and do what must be done to support themselves and their families, and stop trying to find a new escape from the realities of life.

One gets sick of watching conservatives take the defensive position on any and all issues and attempt to defend themselves for being good, patriotic people, and all because the leftist press will rip conservatives to shreds unless they buckle under and  at least give lip service to liberal positions. We have nothing to apologize for, as Trump’s successful policies have shown, as he moves forward and reverses all of Obama’s unconstitutional rules and regulations. We need to follow the leadership of our president and take the initiative for a change. I believe the mass of Americans are ready to follow if they understand the seriousness of the issues and hear the true difference between right and wrong policies.

Friday, July 6, 2018

The Party Of “Hope And Change” Can’t Deal With Real Change

When Barack Obama became president the Democrats told those who feared Obama’s far left presidency that they had to learn to embrace the change that Obama offered. Paul Ryan was even told by Obama personally to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh because Washington was going to perform differently, now that Obama was in town. And one will recall that Barack Obama defended his every subversive executive order by telling us that “elections have consequences”, and that his presidency was going to “fundamentally transform America” whether we liked it or not.

But with the election of Donald Trump, liberals literally lost their minds and could not accept the change that Trump represented. Now the nation is at risk of outright civil war because of the single-minded opposition of leftists and their insistence that the old, Obama-dictated, liberal order of things continue in spite of the real change the American citizens voted for with Donald Trump, a change that once again assures a rule, at the federal level, adhering to the law and with respect for the constitution.

And if you thought they had lost their minds with the election of Donald Trump, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet, until you get a load of the wacky accusations being made against President Trump just for exercising his right, and I believe it’s more like his duty at this point in our nation’s history, to appoint a second justice to the Supreme Court.

Stupid things are being said by the left, such as this second Supreme Court appointment just “fell into Trump’s lap”, as though any president could cause or prevent the vacancy on the Supreme Court. Leftists had no problem with Obama appointing three Justices to the court, which liberals considered to be only right and natural for an anti-American like Obama (and thank God for Mitch McConnell and his blocking of a vote on Obama’s third appointee, an opening which became Neil Gorsuch after Trump was elected) but it’s enlightening that liberals consider three appointments for Obama as being okay, but two for Trump is beyond the pale.

Of course, there are many things that are allowed to liberals that are forbidden to conservatives, and appointing two or three Supreme Court justices during an elected term of office is only one of the several odd things the left believes. It’s natural for liberals to dominate and rule, but conservatives need not apply. At present the leftist radicals are promising to “pack” the court with liberal judges as soon as the next leftist president is elected.  They’ll probably propose increasing the number of justices to 15 so the liberal new president can appoint six new justices in one fell swoop, and at that point the United States as it’s existed these hundreds of years, will end.

It becomes more obvious with each passing day why Democrats and Socialists must be kept out of government forever.