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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, October 30, 2020

One Serious Question About The Left’s Insistence On Everyone Wearing A Mask

 When I was serving in the Army in the mid-60s I watched the South Korean citizens seemingly always wearing facial masks, and I now believe that our leaders, nearly all of whom are on the political left, are taking me and America back to those ancient times and those obnoxious practices. The South Koreans were and still are a very industrious and hard-working people, but they looked like mindless slaves with their useless facial coverings.

I personally believe that masks are worthless in protecting anyone except for direct bursts of breath, such as coughing and sneezing, and I wear a mask only when a shop I want to enter insists I do so, and I will never wear a mask out of doors. So I have one question that I believe sums up and destroys the political left’s constant insistence that everyone must wear a mask for protection, at all times, which is the direction I see this idiotic practice heading: If your facial mask is really as good as you say it is at protecting yourself and others surrounding you, then why do I have to wear a mask as well? 

If indeed your mask will not protect you, then my mask won’t protect you either, and the only reason leftists insist on wearing the worthless things is to continue the left’s policy and practice of always using the fist and a good helping of fear to keep people under control. But if your mask will protect you, then there’s no need for me to wear one and look as stupid as you do, with the mask obstructing your face and your breathing.

For purposes of personal liberty, I’m willing to risk infection by never wearing a mask, and at the age of seventy-seven I’ve been perfectly healthy these last several months as the left has attempted to frighten everyone with certain death and coerce them into doing the radical lefts’ bidding while threatening to lockdown down the nation once again. If your mask really works and protects you from infection, as you repeatedly state that it does, then why do I have to wear one as well?

The Most Frightening Thing

 During that shameful period when President Trump was being framed and investigated by Democrats, the FBI and the CIA, and when he was being persecuted on a daily basis for the lie of Russian collusion, the leftist press, and his radical Democrat accusers, at least appeared to be interested in the law and protecting America from foreign enemies and corrupt politicians.

But if any proof were necessary to convince us that they were just trying to crush the political threat that Donald Trump presented to them, and that they cared not at all about the law and the numerous foreign threats to our freedom and prosperity, the Joe Biden/Tony Bobulinski incident has brought it home to Americans in flying colors: all the American left is interested in is raw political power and the subversion of our constitution’s first amendment protection of a free press and freedom of speech for Americans.

All of the “evidence” of Trump collusion with Russia was either false and was generated by forces allied against him, and the “evidence” that fools like Adam Schiff raged about all the time did not exist at all. But we now have plenty of real and actual evidence and documented proof, via Hunter Biden’s laptop computer and documents provided by the Biden corporate advisor, Tony Bobulinski, that presidential candidate Joe Biden was exchanging the influence his name and position in the Obama administration could provide, for money from foreign powers. But the press, instead of investigating their Democrat preference for the Oval Office, chooses to spike the story so the American citizens and voters will hopefully not find out about this scandal that identifies the idiot Biden as a person who has positioned himself so he could be blackmailed into doing the bidding of China, and likely Russia and Ukraine as well, if he were to become president.

And it’s especially pointed that during this last week of October leading to a general election on November 3rd, the press is refusing to even discuss the scandal and is anxious to keep voters from learning about the Chinese making personal and shady financial deals with the Biden family, some of which dealings were contrary to then-current U.S. laws and to the security of the United States.

And when you include into the equation the fact that the Democrat party is proposing Socialist/Communist policies and legislation if they get the presidency and achieve a majority in the Senate, this is the most important and dangerous election of our nation’s history, and Democrats must be kept from gaining the power that they are willing to obtain by any means necessary.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Democrat Lies Are Without End, And Always Have Been

 Do you recall Obama’s promise that Obamacare would allow you to keep your current healthcare plan, and that you could keep your old doctor, and that you would save $2500 a year with the ACA? That was all a lie. Tens of thousands of people lost their beloved healthcare plans, and lost their doctors, and the ACA cost them additional thousands of  dollars a years on top of sky rocketing deductibles that prevented them from even using their plans. Well, Democrats are back with more healthcare threats and their promises of cost savings and improved healthcare seem a little hollow at this point.

And do you recall that Obama placed old Lunch Bucket Joe Biden in charge of the trillion dollar stimulus package that was going to lift America out of a depression? What happened to all of that money? Where is the proof that Joe did anything except skim a million or two off of that money to enrich himself and probably his son Hunter, with nothing being done to restart our economy until Donald Trump brought America’s economic life back to prosperity long after the Obama/Biden administration was gone?

Now we hear the competing promises from Biden that he will halt fracking as soon as he becomes president, and his assurance that he will not touch fracking, ever. But putting an end to fracking is an important part of the Green New Deal that Biden has promised will save the world from the lie of warming/change, and we know that his  promise to halt fracking was intended to gain favor with AOC and her band of Socialist, America-hating fools, so where does the truth lie? I believe we all know the answer to that question. The more leftists talk about prosperity they more they plot to destroy our economy; it’s what they do

And Biden assures us that he has never taken any money from any foreign source, ever, in spite of the revelation of the Hunter Biden laptop that has thousands of emails proving the opposite, and the statement from the Biden business CEO who stated that Biden’s son did take at least millions, if not billions, of dollars from Russia and China, and that’s why Old Joey can assure us that he never took any money, because he arranged things so that his son would get the money, and then pass a percentage back to old Lunch Bucket himself with no money-trail to cause concern to the IRS.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Democrats: The Idiotic And Corrupt Dogma Of Their Radical Political Faith Lives Deep Within Them

 The title of this piece borrows wording from Senator Dianne Feinstein when this stupid woman bawled out Amy Coney Barrett for her nerve at practicing her Catholic faith while serving on the federal bench. No one has ever said that Senator Feinstein should give up her seat in the United States Senate because of her Jewish faith or her adherence to Democrat leftist policy with all of the radical dogma it contains.

Currently running on television is an anti-Trump political ad blaming our president for the Wuhan virus and for the violence committed by the leftist BLM and ANTIFA terrorist squads. How is it possible for otherwise intelligent and thoughtful people to put forth the message that any president can halt a disease, or that a Republican president can control Democrat-run terrorist groups like BLM and ANTIFA? And, of course, any racial division America may be experiencing is automatically blamed on President Trump and his “racism“, and is not attributed to any leftist policy that may actually be at the root of a policy problem.

One exception to those humans who lack the power to control nature and radical leftist groups was Barack Obama, who declared at the outset of his presidency that his administration would halt the rise of the oceans. Despite the evident fact that the oceans were not, and still to this day are not rising, it appears that Democrats of the 2020s doubt and question the supernatural powers possessed by Mr. Obama, because they are still spouting the same old worn out crap of warming/change, just like Obama did when he said he would single-handedly end them, because Democrats have recently proposed their worthless and dangerous Green New Deal, which, if implemented, would strangle and destroy America‘s economy and our pleasant and abundant way of life.

President Trump has Democrats frightened to death because he really can fix America’s racial divide, just like he’s fixing the centuries-long divide between Jews and Arabs in the Middle East with his peace initiatives with Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Sudan and other formerly anti-Israel nations. Democrats for years have depended on various political and racial divisions to keep attitudes stirred up and keep arguments, resentments and accusations alive among Americans so leftists could feed off of them to retain power over those dependent on Democrat policy for handouts and goodies. An America at peace with itself would collapse the power structure of the Democrat party, and would undermine and weaken the murderers in the Middle East, like ISIS, which President Trump defeated quickly and easily when he took over the United States military policy from the terrorist-loving Barack Obama.

Whether the subject is race, economics, the Middle East, taxes, the environment, illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, the virus, the Supreme Court, global warming or any of the other multiple and many issues facing our nation, we can’t afford to have Joe Biden practicing his anti-American, lame-brained idiocies and taking our nation down the path to destruction. We need Donald Trump’s steady, America-loving, non-political hand on the tiller of America in order to save our nation for future generations of Americans.

We must re-elect Donald Trump based solely on his merits and accomplishments demonstrated so far in his presidency.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Democrats Are Politically Near-Sighted And Tone Deaf

 In the current atmosphere of leftists criticizing the constitution and our national founders because of the way the founders lived their lives 200-plus years ago, these leftists leave themselves wide open to criticism as life continues to evolve and change.

In today’s world, Western culture has moved sharply away from acceptance of slavery, which is as it should be in the Twenty-first century. The political left is blind to the slavery still being practiced in less-developed parts of the world, and they allow these backward cultures to slide without criticism and avoid condemnation, while at the same time these hate-America leftists fiercely criticize and condemn our national founders because slavery existed in America hundreds of years ago, and they conveniently ignore the fact that the slaves that were captured and shipped throughout the world in the 17th century came from the same backward nations that still practice slavery to this day.

The United States has changed for the better, with people from all over the world coming here to live a better life, while the nations that originated slavery are still practicing this immoral deed to this day and remain impoverished hell-holes as a result if their continued immorality and abuse of other humans.

Democrats, for political reasons, will give no credit to the United States for advancing our current status of rejecting slavery, but these same leftists are condemning themselves to future ridicule by their insistence on, and open acceptance of, their own immoral behavior, which will condemn them eventually. Killing unborn children on a wholesale basis is at least as immoral as slavery, and is done proudly by the American left. It seems inevitable that in a few years, thinking, feeling people will wonder how a civilized nation could have aborted human lives on a production-line basis while considering themselves to be enlightened and superior to everyone else as they terminated tens of thousands of innocent lives.

Abortion, the political left’s willingness to pack the Supreme Court, their willingness to wage wars across the globe in a never-ending display of carnage that kills and maims thousands of America’s youth, the rioting and burning at the slightest imagined slight to the lefts’ sensibilities, their insistence on identifying and seeking out police for assassination, their policy of entrapping millions of American citizens in poverty and servitude to the government of big brother politicians who also created the virtual enslavement of sanctuary cities, the left’s worship of violent Communist/Socialist storm troopers named BLM, the denial of Joe Biden that ANTIFA is a violent, terrorist front group working for the Democrat party, will cause the Democrat party to suffer condemnation one day when our shocked nation begins to heal and restore itself back to sanity.

In the mean time we badly need to allow President Trump to re-up for another four years so he can complete his plan to Make America Great Again.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Democrats Come Full Circle On Their Lies About Masking

 At the outset of the Wuhan virus infection, the now-revered Dr. Fauci said that the disease was not to be feared and that wearing a facial mask would do little or no good in preventing contamination of the disease to the wearer.

Nevertheless, leftist Democrats took up the banner of the mask anyway, because it gave Democrat mayors and governors a way to undermine President Trump in the political season of 2020, so they mandated facial masking as a political way for the public to stay fearful and miserable as Democrats blamed the Wuhan disease on President Trump.

But reasonable people saw the Democrat, control-freak, lie for what it was and decided that they could risk a little temporary illness if, by chance, they were among the very few citizens to contract the virus, so many people elected to not wear the worthless masks for the little or no protection it would give them. These select mask-refusers gained a lot in personal freedom and health by rejecting the Democrat edict to wear the mask.

So then Democrats changed their story and said that mask wearing was critical, not to protect the wearer of the mask, but to protect people that the wearer may come into contact with during the day. So then the logic of the leftists became that a mask-denier was a thoughtless, inconsiderate, public-health-threatening person who was putting other people at great risk of death and illness for not wearing a mask.

And then President Trump tested positive for the disease, so Democrats completed the full circle of lies and then told the public that masks protect the wearer, and that the refusal of the president to wear a mask all the time put him at risk, and they called him a disturbed, unbalanced and inconsiderate person who was deserving of being ill for not wearing a mask all the time and for conducting out-of-doors campaign appearances with  crowds largely refusing masks as well.

Democrats have displayed their political corruption with a willingness to dictate to the American citizens how to behave, what to wear and when to wear it. Now that Democrats have found this new power to strike fear into citizens and to force them to adhere to authoritarian control, one fears for the next cold and flu season when they will claim that these annual diseases will be much worse and more deadly with the corona virus still active, and one fears for other power grabs that Democrats may resort to, beginning with unsolicited ballots already being distributed by mail to citizens of many states, for the election in November. And when you combine the above opportunities for anti-American forces to cause trouble on top of the summer of radical left rioting and burning, just get ready and stand-by for a winter of more-of-the-same from Democrats as the results of the next presidential election are tabulated.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me The Wuhan

 There are things that are worse than death, and Democrats and their politicization of the Wuhan disease appear to be planning the forced imposition of a life of masked imprisonment in our own homes, and that would be worse than death.

The stupidity of people like New York’s Governor Cuomo and New York city’s Mayor de Blazio and their ignorance of the success of Sweden in fighting the covid outbreak by not shutting down that nation, which wise policy resulted in shortening the life of the disease and immunizing the population more quickly, is astounding. America and other less successful nations, did shutdown and lockdown, which has proven to be an extender of outbreaks of the disease, not an eliminator of it.

Sweden allowed the disease to create its own immunity by allowing it to spread while the population built a natural resistance to it, but the New York governor, whose disastrous, personal nursing home policies caused the deaths of eight thousand elderly people, is now promising another state lockdown, thereby causing a predictable increase of new positive tests for the virus, and probably more deaths in New York, which is already leading the nation in dead people caused by the Chinese Wuhan virus. 

So now it will take New York, and therefore America as well, even longer to achieve positive tests found in citizens who are a-symptomatic, feel fine and can live with the disease and never know they had it. The leftist hope for a 100 percent negative test for all people tested for the disease is unlikely to happen, which means that if Democrats win the next presidential election in November, the testing, the masks, the fear-mongering and the lockdowns will go on as long as Democrats make public health decisions.

The filthy Democrats must be kept from any position of power until they stop being insane and hateful, which is not likely soon.