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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

The Nature Of Our Two Political Parties Couldn’t Be More Starkly Different

 There was a time in America when citizens often decided not to vote in any election because no matter which party won the Congress or the White House, life went on pretty much as it had the previous several decades. Those comfortable days are gone forever.

When Republicans vote for a political candidate it’s usually the candidate who will intrude the least on the citizens’ lives that will get the vote. A second  matter for Republicans to consider for their vote is the tangible benefits the candidate will enact for the nation: lower taxes, an advancing stock market and guarding our borders from invasions of all kinds would be some of these concerns, among others that benefit everyone.

But Democrats in 2020 have a very different reason for voting: they want “stuff” and they want their highly invasive schemes to be funded by the candidate receiving their vote so they can keep getting more stuff.

Here are some examples of the above political positions: When Donald Trump was sworn in Republicans felt a sense of relief that they would be able to live quietly without fearing a secret and unannounced big government program, like Obama’s Fair Housing fiasco, would be put in place under darkness of night, while they were tending to their own personal business, paying their taxes and obeying the law. They wanted nothing from President Trump and made no demands on him to use his power to give them anything. They just wanted to quietly live their lives while government oversaw the general and broader welfare of the nation.

But Democrats have become agitated and animated with the future Biden administration, assuming it will become a reality.  Many different groups, from race hustlers, to warming/change believers, to foreign war lovers, are demanding that Biden support their side of every ultra-left issue, because they supported Biden’s candidacy and helped him get elected and they expect a pay-back with their pet policy issues.

Republicans look at the greater good of America and just want to be left alone while the president watches out for the welfare of America. Democrats push for more leftist programs, more taxes, more intrusion into the daily lives of American citizens and less freedom and prosperity all around, as things deteriorate.

The selfish policies of Democrat politicians assure their re-election by voters who receive goodies from them, and the nation becomes weaker and more corrupted as the left wields power over our lives.

The corrupt, far left visions of Joe Biden will have competing demands made on it by ecstatic Democrat mobs, and at this unusually divisive point in American history, Biden will also have many enemies among those Democrats he will not and cannot share power with, plus he’ll also generate enemies from those who simply want to live their lives in peace, without demands for higher taxes and more restrictions being made on their daily lives, like being forced to remain at home to avoid the least deadly virus our nation has ever seen, and leftist demands to wear totally useless masks every day.

Then, consider the politicization of the covid virus and forcing citizens to wear masks that, if not absolutely counter-productive to health, are at least of little or no use, and further consider the lockdowns ordered by mainly Democrat mayors and governors that have bankrupted businesses, caused the loss of family homes, caused collateral sickness and mental health problems related to fear and idleness, and have caused many children to lose educational experiences that they may never recover from, and all because idiot mayors order the closing of all schools. These orders and lockdowns are far removed from any logical health practices, they are the result of leftist, control-freak Democrat schemes to keep a thumb on an unruly population. They are the boss and you will obey them, period!

And on top of these horrible official acts by Democrats, are the riots that occurred all summer long in many Democrat cities, in which none of the rioters were arrested and prosecuted for the burnings and killings that occurred. And even though the summer of 2020 was the lead-in to a general election, not one Democrat official told the leftist criminals doing damage to American cities to stop the violence, and the leftist news agencies pretended that no such thing as massive, day-after-day rioting was even occurring.

And yet again on top of all of the above atrocities from the political left, was the leftist demand that police forces be defunded (because all police officers are racists and killers, don’t you know). Once police forces are forced to disband or just stop responding to crimes they are not allowed to investigate, or to be themselves attacked by leftist mobs, crime skyrockets and citizens are then forced to protect themselves against criminals, until Democrats confiscate weapons from law-abiding Americans, as they‘ve promised to do, at which time citizens will be  left completely vulnerable to crime against those citizens’ homes, families and persons. And that’s exactly where America is today. Democrats will not admit that violent crime overwhelmingly comes from bad actors on their side of the aisle.  And the leftist press spikes all news reports that point at ANTIFA and BLM as being violent, and will take every opportunity to place the blame on Republicans for any violence, anywhere. And they especially like to blame Donald Trump for all of the nation‘s woes, even if he makes a reference to something as innocent as the color green or a beautiful sunset, leftists will call these racist references, if the words are uttered by a Republican named Trump.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Per Joe Biden, Both Sides Need To Stop The Violence

 Who was it that rioted and burned buildings and businesses all summer long in Democrat-controlled cities?

Who was it that beat Trump supporters just last weekend in D.C.?

Which party supports ANTIFA and allows them to continue to riot and loot?

Which party supports BLM and celebrates their “mostly peaceful” building burning?

The answer to the first and second questions is ANTIFA and BLM who burned cities all summer long and beat peaceful Trump supporters last weekend in our nation’s capitol.

The answer to the third and fourth questions is that it’s the Democrat party that supports ANTIFA and BLM and says not a word about their burning, rioting and beatings.

But when Joe Biden, or any other leftist radical speaking from a news desk or at a political podium is asked if they will condemn the rioting and property destruction our nation has become all-too familiar with these last couple of years, all they will say is that “both sides must stop their violence“.

What a crock of crap!

Tell me the violence that Trump supporters and voters have caused these last four years.

Tell me the Republican or conservative group(s) that have been involved in rioting and burning.

What is the fool Joe Biden talking about when he doesn’t have the courage to tell his own storm troopers to stop beating citizens and stop attacking and killing police officers? Is he afraid of his own party and their violence-prone tendencies? Could it be that Democrats would be able to get to Biden and cause him personal harm if he blamed his own violent supporters for their actually quite violent acts?

All of the news organizations, including Fox and certain of their employees, like Neil Cavuto and Chris Wallace, make the same lame statement about “both sides” contributing to the elevated level of violence in America, especially in Democrat-run cities and states. They hate President Trump so much that they can’t be honest about the hate and violence coming exclusively from the political left, and feel they must place some of the blame on Republicans, Trump supporters and Donald Trump personally.

To say that both sides of the political framework contribute to the obscene violence America is being subjected to this political season is to tell a blatant lie, and to not place blame on Democrats, who even encourage such acts of violence by not allowing punishment of leftist criminals after they‘ve been caught, is to just ask for more of the same lies and criminal activity . During some of the rioting in northern states this summer the staff supporting Biden in his bid for the presidency contributed to a fund that bailed out some of the most violent rioters and property burners, and once these people were released their cases were quickly and conveniently dropped, so it’s a certainty that these thugs will return to burn more buildings and beat additional people as Democrats see a need for such actions on the national political stage of 2020.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Breath

 Who are these bozo politicians who are forcing us to use the ridiculous facial masks?  And what good is the still-being-developed vaccine going to be to anyone who has been active and healthy these past several months, even with all of the fear and hand-wringing that our politicians have been proclaiming? 

Stated differently, if I’ve been healthy and active during all of the deaths that the Democrats claim were caused by the Wuhan virus, in spite of the fact that I have worn a mask only when businesses I want to visit demand I wear one, why would I want to take a vaccine at this late date? I’ve never taken a flu shot and I’ve always been healthy, so why would I take a new and different shot now?

We need to be honest about the current situation in America: our leftist politicians will never allow us to move about the nation freely ever again; they’ll never allow us to throw the ridiculous masks away and breathe freely again; via this disease politicians have found a way to force us to do things we don’t want to do, because if you don’t wear a mask, they’ll call you an attempted murderer, they’ll say you’re unpatriotic and they’ll probably find a way to imprison you for not following the totalitarian rules sent down from above.

After all, if the masks we are required to wear every waking moment of our lives were so great and so protective, then only people who actually feared the covid would be required to wear them and the rest of us could breathe freely again and live our lives without sucking air through a mask and having to recycle our own breath every time we inhale and exhale. It appears that mask aficionados don’t trust their personal mask to protect them, so they insist that everyone around them also wear a mask. But if the other guy’s mask is as inefficient as the aficionado’s mask, then what the hell are we wearing these tools of the devil for anyway?

I say let those who want to live their lives in their basements watching reruns of  The Beverly Hillbillies and never get out of confinement in their homes and into the fresh air ever again, be allowed to do so. I believe if someone wants to wear a mask because they think they are saving lives and are being good people by doing so, to go ahead and do so. But I also believe that if a person believes that he or she is a thinking adult and is willing to risk contracting the least deadly disease we’ve seen in a long time, by walking around without a mask, they too should be allowed to do so, and big government and the  totalitarian Democrat leaders of our nation should back off and read the constitution for a change, because our founding document does not allow our rulers to force isolation and a mask on us. We are supposedly free people living in an increasingly un-free nation.

For additional proof that our Democrat, political rulers don’t believe the lies they’ve been spreading about the effectiveness of masks, one has only to observe the recent news report that California Governor, Gavin Newsom, was recently seen, sans mask, at a fancy restaurant in Napa Valley. From this report, one must assume three things about Mr. Newsom: 

1) He is a hypocrite for insisting the entire state of California wear the useless masks while he, himself, does not have to wear one.

2) He has information that we don’t have that tells him to have no fear of the disease and its extremely low mortality rate, because if the lies about covid were true and if it was honestly a very deadly disease, he’d be wearing a mask all day and all night in order to protect himself.

3) He’s been told that the simple piece of cloth or paper that masks are made of provide minimal at best protection for the wearer and for those persons near the wearer, so don’t waste your time donning a mask.

America is now entering a new round of nation-wide lockdowns, imposed by Democrats like Gavin Newsom, who, as reported above, refuses to wear a mask in his personal life. Unlike the common California citizen who is not a party boss, Gov. Newsom will still be free to move about regardless of the lockdown. So while the wealthy political class get regular paychecks and can escape the edict about wearing a mask, the average working American is losing his or her home and car due to lack of an income.

This next lockdown will only cause more misery and joblessness for additional tens-of-thousands of American citizens and will not impact the spread of the disease at all, as we saw during the first round of lockdowns. That first lockdown was ordered so as not to over- burden hospitals receiving so many sick people that the medical personnel would be unable to provide proper care during the surge. That emergency of the Wuhan surge has past and now this new lockdown is just a poke in the eye at citizens to prove that radical Democrats can force us citizens to do their bidding, and we’d better shut up about it and obey or they’ll lock us down again with greater restrictions than we’ve seen so far.

We are way beyond the much-feared surge now, with deaths decreasing steadily and positive tests telling us that even when infected people are found, they often feel great and are otherwise active and healthy. But even if sick, they are ninety-nine percent likely to survive the illness, like President Trump did. Another lockdown is pointless and is just an exercise in keeping people under control and continuing to frighten them into obeying the rule of the political left.

Monday, November 16, 2020

Biden, Pelosi, Schumer And The Gang That Couldn’t Lie Straight

 For decades Democrats have been pushing Republican administrations aside as the Dems  progressed toward the leftist Valhalla of Socialism/Communism, and to hell with what American citizens wanted or objected to.

And then along came Donald Trump and the rules changed. Trump was a non-political, self-made man who loved America, not power, adoration or praise, so he set out to make life better for Americans, and he was wildly successful. Trade deals were re-balanced, the stock market grew and expanded, a beautiful wall was built along our southern border, and Americans were better off and freer than they had been in twenty years.

Illegal immigration was slowed significantly, if not stopped completely in many places. Blacks and Hispanics, along with all other American minorities and non-minorities alike, had more money and better jobs than ever before.

Then the Chinese released the Wuhan virus and President Trump took the unprecedented action of halting all flights from China entering our country in order to curtail the spread of the disease, and then did the last thing he wanted to do, a thing that was to do more harm to America than the virus itself: after conferring with his health and medical advisors, he locked-down America. Then he took the lead to assure a continued healthy America by accelerating a vaccine development, personal protection for healthcare personnel, equipping emergency hospitals and hospital ships, encouraging the development of pharmaceuticals that he himself needed when he tested positive for the disease. The need for the shut-down soon proved to be ill-advised, but he had relied on the word of his mostly-leftist, big-government, swamp-dwelling, health advisers who were all too favorably disposed to imposing big government on America. At the outset of the disease these advisors had presented soon-to-be realized faulty models showing the devastating advance and lethality of the disease, which was grossly exaggerated.

Too many people died from the disease, but not the two million people that the overly-pessimistic models predicted. Pre-existing conditions or a sickbed in one of Andrew Cuomo’s state-controlled nursing homes caused most of the deaths, and we soon learned that the disease was ninety-nine percent survivable if you were otherwise healthy.

The lockdown had side affects much worse and longer-lasting than the disease it was intended to end. Depression, alcoholism, drug overdoses, suicide and no school for children became the enduring tragedies of the controlled destruction of the U.S. economy.

So with the to-be-expected extreme attacks on President Trump in which he was personally blamed for the deaths he fought hard to limit, and in line with his own opinion that the lockdown was ill-advised in the first place, President Trump called for the end of the lockdown, and all political officials, except Democrat mayors and governors, began lifting the onerous controls on businesses and personal liberties in an attempt to return life in America to normal and to get citizens back to work and prosperity again.

At about this point the ever-more-confused Joe Biden fraudulently got a electoral advantage over President Trump in the 2020 election and immediately promised to impose a new lockdown on the struggling nation, and swore that everyone would be required to wear a facial mask into eternity. One waits with bated breath to see how psychotically animated and dangerous Biden and his advisors become when the annual cold and flu season arrives on top of the covid threat. The controls these fools may put in place could destroy the American economy for decades.

This threatening situation demonstrates the difference between Republicans and modern-day Democrats: Democrats want control and power over the ignorant masses out there in fly-over country, and once they get that power they use it to the fullest extent to stifle any complaints and opposition that citizens may have. The Democrat position is, that if you refuse to wear a useless mask then you are selfish and unpatriotic and a threat to anyone you may come into contact with, so it’s prison for you for not obeying your Democrat bosses.

This totalitarian behavior of Democrats is an example of the philosophy of President Clinton’s advisor, Rahm Emanuel, when he stated that in order for the political left to get and retain power, “no crisis should go to waste”, and the Democrat reaction to the covid threat proves they are using Emanuel’s advice and milking this current health threat for all the power and control over Americans that they can get from it. Americans can certainly and unfortunately expect ramifications from this disease to continue to cause pain and suffering for a long time as Democrats use it to halt personal liberty in America.

President Trump had greater access to power than the Democrats did as this disease presented itself, power that Joe Biden may unfortunately gain in January of 2021. But Trump didn’t use that power to forcibly lock people into their homes and lose their livelihoods. He imposed the lockdown briefly, in response to his health advisors, and then advised the nation to lift the lockdown regulations completely, and he promised to never impose such a devastating order on the nation again. But old Lunch Bucket Joe has promised to re-impose the lockdown on America again as soon as he becomes president, and he’ll order all persons in America to wear the worthless facial masks every day of their lives.

President Trump believes in personal liberty and individual decisions when considering the risks citizens are willing to take with their personal lives, while Democrats allow no personal decisions to be made by individual citizens as to the risks they are willing to take as free people. Democrats believe in raw power and the fist to keep people under control.

Related to this current viral crisis, one must also keep in mind Barack Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform America”, and this “crisis” of the Wuhan virus gives an unprincipled leader like Joe Biden the power to completely transform our formerly free nation into a land of drudgery and misery.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

The Chinese Wuhan Disease And The Democrat Promise To “Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste”

 Democrats crave power and never take a moment to pause and reflect on the harm they may be inflicting on American citizens before using whatever power is at their disposal.

Barack Obama promised to “fundamentally transform America” and to halt the rise of the oceans during his administration, and then set about doing just that by shoving his Obamacare down America’s throat, outlawing private healthcare, and forcing many Americans to buy a more expensive and largely unwanted and useless government-issued healthcare that is identified with his own name.

Ultra-leftist Rahm Emanuel had, during his service in the Clinton administration, opened the door to authoritarian rule by adopting the philosophy of never letting a crisis go to waste, which inspired Democrats to create and encourage crises that didn’t otherwise exist. This expression of anti-democratic and totalitarian thinking from a leading Democrat brings us to the current covid situation in which we’re getting thousands to “positive” tests daily, which are being used by a lying press to indicate that the disease is spreading and causing deaths by the additional thousands. But the “positive” results of the tests are actually good news because very few Americans are being hospitalized, most of those being tested and getting the positive results feel fine and are perfectly healthy, and have resisted the disease via the Swedish example of herd immunity, which allows people to live normal, happy lives in spite of some people with unique pre-conditions becoming sick with the disease. Democrats suggest that the positive tests are a  bad thing and this devious attitude is leading to Biden’s promise of a “dark winter” on the horizon for America.

This current health “crisis”, which came from China, is largely weak in its severity and lethality but is being used by Democrats to gain power and control over our nation, including control over each citizen’s personal freedom to move about, dine out and go to work. Democrats are in the process of creating a nation of people fearful of their next breath and totally dependent on big-government to protect them.

In the 1930s the Nazis created the lie of a Polish invasion of Germany in order to establish the “crisis” they needed to persuade the German people to surrender their rights and liberties and give support to the war effort the Nazis wanted to wage, a war that cost nearly all Germans their lives or their wealth, or both in many cases. Today Democrats have as their crisis du jour the mostly weak and easily survived covid disease, using the good-news positive tests as a negative outcome in order to scare people, which, in turn, will allow them to start down the dangerous path of authoritarian rule, for the citizens’ own good, of course.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Now Those On The Political Left Are The Narrow-Minded Bigots

 I recall a not-too-long-ago time when a narrow-minded bigot was a little old man who recoiled at the thought of rock music and nudity in the movies, sitting alone in his church pew clutching his well-worn Bible, sitting up straight and patiently waiting for the sermon to begin.

The new narrow-minded attitude is provided by the bigoted and out-of-touch Joe Biden, squinting at a teleprompter, saying what his handlers want him to say, stammering and slurring his words, asking us all to get with his program and come together as one happy family after name-calling Donald Trump for four years, expressing fear of the covid vaccine that was hastily developed at President Trump’s urging and direction, and not trying at all to halt the Democrats who threaten to punish anyone who supported or worked for President Trump. Only two weeks ago Biden was calling Trump a racist and his followers chumps, and today he is asking everyone to bury their divisions and join him in an administration we know nothing about, because Joe takes opposing positions on nearly every issue, every other day.

 Now, replacing both of these images of a narrow-minded person, is Donald Trump, a swinging, conservative, happy, entertaining, open, honest, fun-loving older man with a youthful appearance and persona, who loves to innovate, and has gotten rich thinking outside the box. He has caused peace to break out in the Middle East between Israel and the Arabs, oversaw the greatest financial surge in the nation’s history, and was responsible for the greatest turnout of blacks and Hispanics ever to vote for a Republican. Talk about an end to divisiveness and everyone working together: Trump did it while Biden just talks about it.

And Joe Biden is still under investigation by the FBI for working with the Chinese and Ukrainians to use his VP position under Obama to enrich himself and his family with influence peddling. But big tech spiked the reporting of these illegal dealings, and the slavish press joined in to keep this sandal a secret, so few people know the truth about the crooked Biden.

The reason Joe Biden is still not meeting with the press to discuss his new administration is that he is not in charge of the policies of the Biden administration, and the closest he gets to actual policy statements is reading the script his controllers put on the teleprompter, and they don’t trust him to intelligently answer questions from the press about his pretend administration and its anti-American and unconstitutional intentions.

Narrow-minded, reclusive, basement-residing people like Joe Biden are unable to formulate their own, independent policy positions. All Joe knows is the crap that he learned and regurgitated when he was Barack Obama’s lackey, and he obediently did Obama’s bidding. There was no independent thought on Joe’s part during the Obama years, but those policies are as close to independent thought as we’ll get from old Lunch Bucket Joe.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

It’s Biden Time In America?

 The terror squads haven’t burned an American city in the days since Biden took the lead in the electoral count, so it’s obvious that the rioters and burners we saw  all summer long were Democrat stooges all along, and a halt to the violence is the only thing about Biden’s apparent success that we can be thankful for.

Biden talked on TV recently and said nothing at all except what a hard battle he fought for the election, from his basement bedroom. He stumbled over the words displayed on his teleprompter and squinted his eyes a lot, but at least he got through the ordeal without thanking his voters for re-electing him to the Senate one more time.

Biden is completely without a clue about the issues facing America on either a domestic level or an international one. Without his teleprompter he would have no way to express any understanding of international trade and would have no ideas at all about protecting American corporations from the complex issues that the Chinese and Iranians would throw at him if he attempted to negotiate with these rogue and hateful nations.

Biden is totally dependent on his ultra-left advisors on nearly any issue. One can be certain that he will give another billion or so dollars to the Iranian Mullahs if he ever occupies the Oval Office, which will allow the Iranians to once again resume their terrorist attacks on New York and Paris, which attacks President Trump has successfully halted.

On the other hand, the radical left has brought terrorist attacks back to America using domestic attackers from groups like ANTIFA and BLM, so what’s the difference? And if we didn’t have Fox News to report the violence being imposed on many of America’s largest cities from left-wing Democrat groups, as we saw all last summer, we wouldn’t know about those radical attacks at all. There was a nearly total blackout of those riots from the mainstream media.

We know that a larger chunk of American business, especially small businesses and restaurants, have been destroyed by the combined threat of domestic, Democrat terrorists, and the leftist politicization of the virus. With Democrat lockdowns and mandatory masking, the fool Biden has promised to make this bad situation even worse by doing it all over again and wiping out the few small businesses still able to continue operating.

It’s a certainty that Biden knows nothing about the success of Sweden and their handling with the covid virus, due to their lack of a lockdown and the spread of the herd immunity, while allowing the Swedish citizens to continue working, dining out and enjoying life. However American cities, especially those having Democrat governors and mayors, are suffering in the midst of plenty. Biden’s far-left handlers have convinced him that only the strong-fisted, determined leadership and a flurry of unconstitutional orders will work to fight to end the least deadly virus our nation has ever seen.