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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Left Is Having The Mueller Report Their Way

Prior to the release of the Mueller report leftist Democrats claimed that Trump colluded with Russia to defeat Hillary in the 2016 election, and after the release of the Mueller report our leftists are still claiming that Donald Trump colluded with Russia, plus they now add the claim that Trump obstructed justice to boot, and they attribute both of these charges to poor old Robert Mueller and his report.

There would not be any hand-wringing discussions underway about Trump innocence or guilt, and Robert Mueller would not be ordered to report to the Democrats in the House of Representatives to give testimony, and Mr. Mueller himself would not be the target of leftist press harassment outside his church on Easter Sunday, if the report had indeed indicted President Trump as the radical leftists have stated. If the Mueller report had clearly stated that the Trump candidacy had colluded and if it had clearly found that President Trump attempted to halt and interfere with the Mueller probe in any way, Democrats in the House would already have voted to impeach and they would be pushing the Senate to convict. But these things have not happened because the report did not find against Trump, even in a round-about way.

For example, the leftist press claims that the Mueller report found that Trump is likely guilty of obstruction of justice because the report stated that the investigators could not prove that he didn’t obstruct, although no criminal investigator/prosecutor will ever attempt to prove innocence. Their job is for prove guilt only, and the report clearly stated that it was unable to prove any guilt. So our leftist radicals are left with weak reasoning and insulting arguments in their attempts to get the nation riled up over the most exhaustive and expensive criminal investigation our nation has ever contrived.

So the Trump-hating Deep State has taken the report that they’ve anxiously awaited for two years in anticipation of its indictment of our president, misread its findings, misstated it conclusions and is now embarking on a new anti-Trump tirade as though the Mueller report never happened.

Are Democrats demented fools or what?

Democrats Confuse “The Survival Of The Fittest” With “Acceptance Of The Least Fit”

Darwin’s theory of the Survival of the Fittest was the reason Europeans were able to arrive in the strange New World and take control of the diverse tribal population on the massive land mass so easily: they had more technology at their disposal, their medical science was superior to the Amerind medicine man, and Europeans from a variety of nations were willing to form a larger society for their mutual benefit and cooperate with each other in order to form one successful nation, with one economy and one language, in North America.

But now that the nation of America has been so successful that it has set new records for the entire world in the form of individual citizen wealth, personal freedom and comfort, it is being forced by progressive Democrats to allow people from inferior nations to come here in wholesale numbers in order to escape mistreatment and poverty from their native countries. Of course, Democrats are also interested in forming an infinite voter base to keep themselves in power for decades to come, which may also enter into their push to establish sanctuary cities and demand that our borders be thrown open to all who wish to enter our nation regardless of health, education, criminal background, ability to speak our language, and regardless of any ability to hold and keep a job.

When the people that the Democrats are so anxious to welcome to our nation resort to waving their native flags in protest against perceived injustices in the America they just entered, and when those illegal entrants commit repeat crimes and join organizations dedicated to undermining our nation and its laws, it’s time to review exactly what Democrats are trying to accomplish with their radical ideas and their un-American and unconstitutional policies. I think it’s fair to assume that Democrats are not keeping an eye on the future prosperity of America nor on the welfare of American citizens, but are selfishly taking short term losses in an attempt to hold long-term elected power, all to the detriment of Americans who have worked all their lives to earn good livings for themselves and their children, and these same citizens are seeing all of their plans dissolve as waves of invaders enter our borders and slowly change our entire way of living and our entire way of life.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

What Do Our Radical, Democrat Presidential Candidates Think They Are Doing?

The current pack of Democrat presidential candidates, and other non-national Democrat politicians, are drifting to the political left at an alarming rate and seem to be in a competition with each other to get the leftist press’s attention and get limelight coverage for their radical views on all the cable news panels.

Bernie Sanders, our resident Socialist, frowning, curmudgeon, was filmed in the 1970’s smiling brightly as he honeymooned in the Soviet Union where he felt like he was among like-minded friends, is now pretending that he hates Communism and only wants to get proper services to Americans who have been so mistreated by their backward government.

Beto O’Rourke recently asked his youthful audience what they wanted him to propose to do as president and he promised to do what they wanted as soon as he was elected. Now there’s a purposeful, thoughtful politician for you. And he probably would try to implement everything the young people want whether it was a good idea or not. He’ll go as far left as necessary to gain power, period.

Elizabeth Warren, the woman whose wealth came from indebted, over-borrowed college students, whose cushy Harvard professorship came at the expense of minority individuals for whom her pretense of having Indian blood was reserved, is of course concerned by the indebtedness of those students and the joblessness of actual people of Indian blood, whose job she stole.

Candidates Harris, Booker and the other wealthy Democrat candidates, are very concerned with the poverty that the Democrat party has imposed on people of all races unfortunate enough to listen to and believe their lies these last 20 years. But we hear no real solutions coming from these candidates’ mouths, except for their promises of infinite giveaways and big-government programs that will cost trillions of dollars and will collapse our economy, and perhaps the occasional proposal that we import millions of additional Central American caravan occupants as a way of fixing our national need for more poor, uneducated, unhealthy, Spanish-speaking people that our nation is faced with.

Then there’s the newly elected governor of the sanctuary state of California, Gavin Newsom, who quickly after election flew off to San Salvador to advise that population of the benefits of coming to America and enjoying the pleasant way of life we (used to) have here, while the state he left behind is crumbling and being inundated with human feces, druggy needles, homeless camp sites, disease, impoverishment and over-taxed citizens, and Newsom will not take one step to prevent illegals from entering his state.

Are Democrats taking these drastic, unprecedented positions to attract young, starry-eyed voters in an attempt to get favorable cable TV coverage from a corrupt press corps, or do they actually believe the nonsense and foolish drivel they spout each and every day of their lives?

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Massive Illogic Of Democrats

Just as any sensible person may wonder at the stupidity of Marxism, which states its case in favor of Communism as being inevitable and obvious because of the necessary conflict between economic classes within a nation, while at the same time making every idiotic effort and argument to encourage and incite this conflict among a population which has lived peacefully together for over 200 years, one may also wonder at the idiocy of Democrat radicals who want to completely up-end our successful nation with the imagined end of saving us from global destruction via their warming/change lies, and at the same time that they announce the earth’s doom they want our vote to help prevent the global disaster they promise in 12 years as they try to frighten us by claiming the end of the earth to be inevitable. Leftists are confused people.

Add to this idiocy by considering that fact that the main leader of the Socialist Green New Deal takeover of America is a self-made millionaire named Bernie Sanders, who has made his fortune in America and its Capitalist system, which can make anyone wealthy if they just work a little at it. The fool Sanders, and all of the Democrat candidates running for the presidency in 2020, are unified in proposing policies that are certain to destroy the American economic system to which they owe their own personal wealth. How stupid can people be?

More recently we have the bizarre situation of Democrats insisting that illegal aliens be allowed to enter the United States at will and settle in various cities throughout the nation, with no health checks, no criminal records checks, no English-speaking requirements and no skills requirements. But when President Trump suggests that all illegal aliens flowing into our nation be sent directly to sanctuary cities and be forced to stay in these locations who pretend to love and want them, liberals get all upset and begin dreaming up theories as to why this perfectly genius idea would be illegal, as if illegality matters to Democrats, and moan and wail that this would swamp their already failing Democrat-led cities with unwanted invaders that they can‘t afford to accept.

Democrats are predictable in doing things that are expensive and detrimental to our society, but perhaps the most disturbing thing about them is that their actions are contrary to the welfare of American citizens and to the future benefit of foreign invaders as well, and the fools can’t see the harm they do to everyone.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Maxine Waters: What’s Wrong With America

On April 11, 2019, The Blaze reported that Maxine Waters, the new Chair of the House Financial Services Committee, attempted to corner and embarrass several banking CEOs who were called before her committee, by asking them what they were doing to help students pay for the enormous debts they posses after completing four years of college. She was, of course, making the unspecified charge that they were just big-businesses making profits off of the backs of innocent students by lending them tuition money at a confiscatory rate of interest.

Not only was this stupid woman trying to blame these private business owners for the punitive loans to which private citizens too frequently voluntarily commit themselves, but her own government was responsible for forcing a situation in which only one monopolistic lender was permitted to make these loans, and that sole lender was her own government, and she had no idea this concentration of power had happened during the Obama administration.

But this idiot woman, after learning that the loans she so hates were given by her own government, didn’t have the courage, the presence of mind nor the intelligence to call the directors of the big-government student loan agencies and ask how they planned help the indebted students, because, in the minds of radical Democrats like Ms. Watrers, the government never hurts people, only private corporations hurt people. So this entire line of questioning was quickly dropped due to a lack of interest by the House Committee and its lame-brained chairwoman.

Big government attempts to give the impression that they care for the rights and treatment of citizens whenever private corporations, seeking to make a profit, are the culprits.  But when it’s the government itself causing a citizen discomfort, all attention to the issue seems to evaporate.

As is typical of Democrats like Maxine Waters, her committee hearing was conducted not to solve a problem and help students avoid deep debt when they graduate from college, it was rather to punish some non-Socialist American banking companies and threaten them with harsh regulations if they would not agree to lower their fees and provide student loans for a lower price. But having been shown to be a fool and not knowing the subject that she is charged with responsibility for, Ms. Waters allowed the subject to be dropped and nothing was resolved by her questions nor by the banking CEO’s waste of time and effort after being ordered to report to her hearing.

Ms. Waters, in her waste-time grilling of the bankers, could have mentioned at least three things that could help students graduate with less debt: 1) The government should get out of the business of being a monopoly in the student loan business and allow private companies to introduce competition and lower costs into the industry. The enormous levels of debt that college students graduate with has largely occurred since Barack Obama single-handedly took monopolistic of the entire industry, and having the government back out of the loan industry could perhaps allow students to accumulate less debt. 2) Colleges should be challenged to be more competitive with their tuition charges and should be encouraged to cut their costs so they could charge students less to attend college. 3) Colleges should be challenged to underwrite all or part of the costs of their tuition so students don’t have to go bankrupt just to get through college. Many colleges and universities have billions of dollars of money stashed away and it’s shameful that they don’t share their wealth with students, in line with the socialist, anti-Capitalist principles their professors preach to their students.

The pity is that Ms. Waters makes a fool of herself every time she opens her mouth and she’s not smart enough to know it.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Predictions of Enviro-Religious Doom Has AOS’s Believers Seeking Redemption

One supposes that even liberal Democrats can at times see the error of their ways, and will occasionally seek forgiveness for the things they believe they’ve done wrong. The current fretting by Warming/Change advocates like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie  Sanders, has all of the qualities of the periodic predictions of doom and gloom that we’ve seen occasionally from kooks of all kinds who will tell us to “repent” of our sinful ways and start getting right with the Lord, or else we will be exterminated. One of the more recent such predictions came with the Harmonic Convergence of a few years ago. Other scares have come with the alignment of the stars or the passing of the moon in front of the sun.

So when Bernie and AOS gave us their shrill prediction that the end of the world would be here in twelve years (actually it’s now only eleven and a half years because six months have already passed, and I’ve seen no temperature spikes or weather occurrences that concern me so far) most sensible people took this warning as the kook, Shamanic, religious freak blast we’ve seen so many times in the past as these nuts prepare to meet their maker. But since today’s Democrats have no traditional belief in an all-powerful God, I don’t know exactly what these weirdos believe in nor what they fear.

This bunch of leftists are somewhat different from the Harmonic Convergence fears of a few years ago. This crowd is high on the seductive religion of politics and power, and they claim that environmental science is the source of their wisdom, although the science of even simple weather forecasts is an inexact one. So how can one predict the end of the earth in twelve years when next week’s temperature prediction often deviates from the scientific forecast made by “scientists” using expensive instruments and technology?

Another obstacle to believing this latest Warming farce is that real science is built on verifiable, repeatable results, whereas the current predictions of earthly doom come from computer modeling, and we know that computers only produce data based on what was input in the first place, and this modeling is exactly what environmentalists are using as their source of information. It’s just another case of garbage-in, garbage-out. That’s not a firm base on which to mount a life-changing set of rules for an entire nation to live or die by.

Perhaps the Bernie/ AOS people got the latest predictions of global destruction from the ever-reliable Al Gore, the father of all of this nonsense. But old Al predicted the melting of the earth’s polar ice caps some years ago, and that hasn’t happened yet, nor has his prediction of the demise of the Polar Bears become fact. And along with Gore and his nut-job predictions, is Ted Danson, who predicted the death of the Oceans about twenty years ago, and Paul Ehrlich who, in the 1960s, predicted total global war due to a lack of food; neither of which predictions has come to pass. And not only have these Warming/Change advocates not apologized for their past mistakes and lies, but now they are doubling down and coming again for our money and our liberties with this new 12-year scam.

So forgive me if I don’t buy this latest load of crap coming from radical Democrats who have proven to have no concern for the lives of the average American out in fly-over country, but want total power to tax, control and destroy the economy and take away the liberties of the greatest nation on the planet. But even if one tries to ignore them, they WILL NOT go away. They must be defeated at the ballot box if we are to rid ourselves of this filthy vermin.

Monday, April 8, 2019

One Way To Halt Radical Leftists From Imposing Socialism On Us: Just Say NO!

In the 1980s when drug use became so large a problem that the Reagan administration took up the cause of those being harmed by the criminals getting rich off of this substance, Nancy Reagan proposed a strategy that will always work to solve such a problem: Just Say NO!

In today’s ultra-left environment with too much illegal drug-flow across our borders and too may illegal aliens accompanying them, we should use Mrs. Reagan’s approach to these problems and tell our legislators we want a stop to these issues. And voters must take a “Just Say NO” attitude to the tendencies of radical leftists whose ideas will bury our nation.

NO to illegal drugs. NO to illegal aliens. NO to dope-smoking Democrat candidates. NO to free healthcare. NO to free college. NO to socialism and big-government proposals. NO to eliminating the Electoral College. NO to packing the Supreme Court. NO to allowing children and illegal aliens to vote in presidential elections.

It’s up to adults to say NO to children when they do things that will harm themselves, thereby protecting them from their own worst impulses, so it’s a good thing to say NO to Democrats for their childish, harmful impulses in things political.

But it will also be helpful if the nation said a resounding YES to a border-control wall, lower taxes and fewer regulations, all of which are just some of the ideas of President Trump. In of these select instances, Just Say YES!