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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Mueller Declares Victory And Goes Home A Hero?

After more than a year of failing to find any evidence of Trump collusion with Russia about anything, how will Mueller get out of his embarrassing position and salvage his pristine reputation with the swamp dwellers in Washington? After all, he was appointed to either put Trump in prison or find evidence that could be used to impeach him, and he failed on both counts.

Perhaps he’ll state that, in his attempts to protect the American constitution and assure our electoral process, the collusion charges against Donald Trump had to be investigated by an impartial source like himself, and the charges were dutifully disproved by his staff in order to settle the upset minds of the American voting public following the 2016 election. He may say that his investigation did indeed disprove the collusion charges and that, therefore, he had been totally successful, and he’s now shutting down the investigation and retiring to his beloved family satisfied that he saved America from the dire threat of inflicting doubt about the occupant of the highest office in the nation.

As an added plus, hero Mueller will be able to take credit for exposing and getting rid of corrupt FBI and Department of Justice employees thereby leaving these departments performing clean and green once again, just as the American people want them to be.

One can also see a lucrative book deal in Mueller’s future, possibly a movie deal and definitely many TV talk shows in which mainly liberals will enjoy reliving the last twelve months and talking about the charges against Trump and how chaotic this last year was on his administration, and how the investigation caused the president much distress as he opposed the nuclear expansion of North Korea, tried to rebuild parts of the nation hit by unprecedented hurricanes, tried to get his political appointees approved by congress, tried to get Syria to stop gassing its citizens, reignited the economy, rolled back asinine regulations on industry and giving Americans a much-needed tax break.

Just the fact that the investigation existed satisfies the left’s persecution of and attacks on Donald Trump, and they’ll think of his discomfort forever as though the charges against him were finally proven. It’s what Democrats do.

But one thing is certain: Mueller will end the investigation as a conquering hero who vanquished all the bad guys arrayed against him, and not as the buffoon who found no evidence of collusion after over a year of intense and expensive investigation. Isn’t it great to be a Democrat?

Monday, April 9, 2018

America’s Left Learns Divisive Lesson From Terrorist Palestinian Leader

Anyone of a certain age will recall that during the Clinton administration, Yasser Afarat, the Chairman of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, declined a peace agreement with Israel, even though the agreement included every article that Arafat had demanded it to have.

The reason that Arafat became rich and powerful, while his Palestine subjects lived miserable lives, was by keeping the Palestinians angry, agitated and in constant battle with Israel, and if the Clinton peace agreement became a reality, Arafat would be out of a job, and probably lose his life, and then someone else in the Palestinian leadership would be getting rich by stirring up the crowds, committing terrorist acts against Israel and insisting on Israel’s death. That’s what despots, and Democrats, do: they keep things riled up.

We see the same thing happening today in America with the leftist Democrat party proclaiming white racism, white supremacy, white prejudice and Christian prejudice, because the left is losing political power and a peaceful, non-divided America would end the radical leftist rule of the Democrat party.

The more resentful minorities become of whites and of Republicans, the more they’ll vote for Democrat candidates promising to lift them to their rightful place in a wealthy society. Of course, lost in the Democrat promises is the fact that for the last 50 years Democrats have promised this same social success, but their dependant voters got only poverty and dangerous neighborhoods in return for their votes. But the renewed promise of goodies on the horizon is just too good for the dependant class to pass up.

So, at risk of blacks and other minorities finally realizing that Democrats have only dangled vacant promises of an improvement of their lives in order to get their votes, now the Democrats are turning their backs on the existing  Americans in poverty and are directing their attention to Mexico and Central America to find new dependent people to vote for them. To this end, Democrats are encouraging and organizing for illegal aliens to massively invade our southern border and take up residency in the various sanctuary cities around the nation. All Democrats understand is power and control, and this is the next attempt by them to get a permanent majority to keep Democrats in office and in control.

The Democrat plots for masses of additional people to come here illegally explains the annual march across Mexico of poor people trying to get to and cross our borders illegally, and causing enormous suffering for the marchers as they go north.

So Democrats are going to push the “privilege” dialogue in an attempt to keep blacks in the fold, while trying to get the newly arrived immigrants in line to vote as soon as possible, and then keep these poor, uneducated, Spanish-speaking and unemployed masses dependent on them for low-standard housing and passed-over food. It’s disgusting, but it’s what terrorists and Democrats do in order to remain in power.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Obama Was A “Good Parent” For Americans? Give Me A Break!

On Thursday, April 5, 2018, at the Simmons Leadership Conference in Boston,  Michelle Obama gave an interview in which she said that the Obama administration had been  a “good parent” to Americans and that the Trump administration is being a “bad parent” for the citizens of the United States. The first thing the former first lady needs to be told is that Americans don’t vote for a president in search of a “parent”. America has operated just fine for over 200 years, thank you very much, with no parenting requested and none needed.

In her description as to what constitutes a “bad parent” she said that the Trump administration is allowing we citizen children to figuratively have unlimited amounts of candy and ice cream and he’s not insisting that we do our homework each night after school. This criticism was just another Obama line of leftist, radical  crap.

The problem with Mrs. Obama’s parenting example is that it’s the Trump administration that is insisting that national traditions, laws and the constitution of the United States be followed and obeyed by us citizens. It was, on the other hand, the Obama administration that denied American citizens their own personal selection of healthcare and that opened our southern border for an invasion of illegal aliens from all nations. Obama oversaw the sanctuary cities scheme that protects criminals from America’s law enforcement agencies; he oversaw the leftist push for citizens to self-identify as to their personal preference of gender and race, and allowed the EPA to issue regulations that brought the American economy to a standstill and caused a sky-rocketing unemployment rate, with the result causing personal suffering in many lives, which further led directly to an increase in the welfare roles in America. It was also the Obama administration that began the destruction of America’s coal industry, celebrated the Black Lives Matter organization, which demanded the assassination of police officers, and it was Barack Obama who kicked the North Korea can down the road and allowed Kim Jong-un to further develop nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them, which now presents an existential threat to the United States. So now the real, adult  “parent” in the form of Donald Trump has to deal with this urgent issue along with the massive illegal immigration issue Obama left behind.

It was indeed the Obama administration that opened the welfare candy jar, doubled the American debt and allowed the American military to weaken while our national enemies became stronger in comparison. It was obviously the Obama administration that allowed the nation to run wild for eight years while Obama tried to “Fundamentally Transform America”, whereas the Trump administration is already rearming the military and has, in his first year in office, pushed legislation that has allowed us citizens to keep more of our own money in the form of a tax reduction.

One suspects that Michelle Obama was simply bemoaning the fact that aware Americans fought back at the Obama administration in its attempts to indeed treat us like children and make enslaved dependants of us with Barack’s big government schemes to rule the nation at his personal whim, and we instead chose the rule of law and liberty that Donald Trump offered. Americans watch nations like Venezuela crumble and know what awaits people who follow tyrants down the road to poverty and dependence, and we aren’t buying the Obamas’ load of lies. We want freedom and prosperity, not a welfare state.

Americans are not children, and we don’t need a mommy and a daddy, especially not the radical, anti-American parents that the Obama administration was.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

“Ignorance-Privilege” And “Resentment-Privilege” Favor Democrats

With all of the wishful claptrap about White-Privilege, Christian-Privilege and Male- Privilege being spread by resentful Democrat leftists who would like to defame and limit the futures of anyone not on their side of the “privilege” argument, it would appear that they are using abusive words in their efforts to limit the advancement of educated, thoughtful people everywhere using this new version of name calling, as the ones launching these verbal attacks find themselves falling further behind those who strive for their personal best and work hard to be successful.

Actually these Democrats are arguing from the position of “Ignorance-Privilege” and are pretending that actual education and accomplishment are irrelevant to advancement in the real world of business and personal success. In several of my past opinion pieces I have made the point that Liberal-Privilege is the most pervasive form of privilege currently operating in America. Examples would include a recent liberal political candidate who continues to seek sympathy because she lost a presidential election that she and her liberal cohorts thought she deserved to win. And then there are politically connected people like Chelsea Clinton who was given a six-figure salary from NBC, right out of college, because NBC wanted the access she provided to the Clinton Liberal-Privileged power machine. This “privilege” was an unearned and undeserved “Liberal-Privilege” and this sort of left-leaning benefit is pervasive in today’s America and excludes all non-liberals.

One has to also recognize, but the left of course will not, that many blacks and women who have studied and polished their career skills are succeeding very nicely in America, thank you, while not being white or male, whichever the case is. But nearly all blacks and most if not all white liberals use the prefixes “black” (as in black-American) and “African” (as in African-American) because these prefixes have certain benefits associated with them that can get them better jobs or get them into better colleges that may otherwise not be available to them if they were not part of a preferred, privileged-victim class that receives preferential, privileged treatment. So we have  black-American-privilege and African-American-privilege to add to the list.

And it’s also clear that this expression of the leftist’s Resentment-Privilege is intended to achieve for the uneducated and unprepared among them what they can no longer get from hard work or from our dumbed-down public education system, because today’s typical high school education only educates children to about the fourth grade level if compared to the  educational standards of the 1800s. So lacking a decent education, liberals must claim that everyone else is “Privileged” if they are successful, and that successful people are operating from a position of prejudice, when actually people who are unprepared for the future will always be failures even when awarded with unearned benefits, and they’ll need an excuse for not preparing themselves for future success. This also means that today’s education standards, put in place by leftists, are limiting our children’s futures and assuring a crisis for the entire nation in the years to come.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Who Knew That PETA And Vegans Are More Dangerous Than NRA Members?

The shootings on Tuesday of this week at the You Tube Headquarters in San Bruno, California, is a one-off event that totally upsets the liberal rule for discussing and assigning blame for such shootings. It set the usual liberal rhetoric attributing the blame for gun shootings to the National Rifle Association back a mile. The shooter was female, an animal rights supporter, a PETA supporter and a Vegan. And she used a pistol. This picture doesn’t track with the liberal position that men and NRA members are the cause of all of the violence in schools and the workplace.

But the You Tube incident eliminates the NRA from any blame related to this happening, and it also reminds us that members of the NRA were not involved in any of the other mass shootings that the liberal press has been so anxious to blame them for. In fact liberals were more representative in the list of shooters in past mass shootings, and not one NRA member was even close to the events.

Reportedly the shooting was about the woman’s lack of sufficient pay that she was seeking from You Tube, not about any political position. The fact that the specifics of this shooting contradict the potential political usefulness of the female involved with the crime is why the press has dropped the story on the day following the event, whereas we are still hearing about the Parkland shooting weeks later.

So don’t expect to be inundated with this story in future network news reports because it doesn’t further the Gun Control demands of the left. They don’t want solutions to major problems, they want the political advantage they think they have attained as they keep these events alive and fully in-use against Republicans, and especially President Trump.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The American Left, Like ISIS, Uses Children As Shields

Obama used this same ploy, and Democrats think it’s a good idea to use it again, because it worked well the last time they tried it.  The event is, of course, the invasion of my nation with the intent of destroying it, due to their hate of Donald Trump and their insane push to regain the power that Barack Obama had, and that Hillary let slip away.

This is the second time in my memory that massive groups of Mexicans and Central Americans have rounded up children and marched into America in an attempt to get themselves established and then remain planted here permanently under the protection of anti-American Democrat politicians.

The left’s hate for Donald Trump and their desire to reverse the 2016 election has enervated them to organize these treks, and they use the children as shields to prevent our military from actually defending the nation from this hostile, illegal invasion. Someone in the American Democrat party should be arrested for placing children at risk of death, rape and injury as the hell-hole of Mexico and the criminal/gang/drug war infestation it represents is walked, and the children are forcibly taken along. We know that American citizens are helping plan these marches because there are always busses awaiting their arrival at our border, there are hotel rooms and private residences lined up to allow them to sleep and remain out of the reach of journalists, and these invaders disappear without a trace, ending up in cities across the nation with no accountability at all. This crap must stop with this President, and these people must be blocked and kept from entering this abused nation

Mexico is a party to this invasion by not opposing their own nation’s invasion from their neighboring countries of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. The marchers are crossing Mexican cities, and even Mexican military installations, with no concern at all from Mexican authorities, because they support this invasion of my nation. In a very real sense, Mexico is providing encouragement and assistance in the invasion and attack on America, and they should be made to pay for this outrage.

Who is the fool that thinks Americans will believe that this scheduled, planned, annual trek the length of Mexico is just poor people trying to escape a tyrant at home? Was there no tyrant in January? No tyrant last November? This is literally the invasion of America by poor people who know America will be kind, and it’s in cahoots with America’s Democrat party, which will do anything, even hurt it’s own American citizens with this kind of abuse, to get some additional peasant, welfare-enabled voters established in their “sanctuary“ cities that will blindly vote Democrat in each election.

In lieu of the wall that congress will not approve, I want rows of concertina wire strung across our border to keep these invaders out, and I want platoons of Army and National Guard troops formed to reinforce the razor wire. This is a real, although on the surface, a peaceful invasion, and we need to meet it with peaceful and strong resistance. The adults in the invading mass are cowards for using children to prevent any military type of push-back, but this invasion must be opposed none the less, because it is just a softer version of terrorism, and it‘s being directed at each and every person and family in America.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Rise Of The Age Of Liberal Incivility

Are liberals just uncivilized people by nature, or are they raised that way? One can understand, and society has learned to deal with, the occasional rise of an Adolph Hitler, a Pol Pot, or a Joseph Stalin, but when an advanced nation like the United States, populated with educated, pleasant, decent, law-abiding people suddenly sees a rash of violent, dictatorial individuals from the party of the left, either in charge of a powerful political position or trying to get control of one, the law-abiding citizens can’t help but wonder what has happened to cause this disruption.

Our nation has seen presidents from the past who have tried to pack the Supreme Court,  and we’ve seen a president literally pick a public fist fight with a journalist, but until Barack Obama’s administration we’ve never seen a president use the full prosecutorial power of the Department of Justice and the investigative powers of the FBI to undermine a political opponent, as was done to Donald Trump during and following the presidential election of 2016.

And then we learned that there were and still are numerous mini-Obamas populating many of our Democrat-controlled states and cities, as well as the federal government, by ignoring and specifically not enforcing immigrations laws; protecting and sheltering criminal aliens from arrest by the federal government; FBI agents giving a pass to a powerful Democrat who made national secrets available to our enemies via her unsecured email system; FBI investigators plotting to assure a Republican election defeat, or an impeachment if he should become president; a lengthy investigation of the president finds no proof of wrong-doing, but the investigation continues in the hope of finding some unrelated, minor offense that they can pin on him; a humiliated and corrupt FBI executive blames the president for his public exposure and his own illegal acts.

A the disruption reached its zenith when a Democrat governor actually spoke of “war” with the federal government as the Feds try to enforce criminal laws; leftists demonstrate, beat people and burn things when colleges book a conservative to speak to the students.

What did Obama put in the DC Water that has suddenly so-energized and enraged the political left that they are blatantly, openly and proudly breaking laws in their frustration at not getting the presidency in 2016? Is it a matter of assuming they are better than the un-liberal citizens who elected a Republican? Is it a matter of feeling entitled to power and control because they’re good, practicing liberals?

Society expects young men to fight as they grow older, but this phase passes when they reach maturity and they outgrow it. But the Democrat party is producing masses of mature men, and women, who are fighting literally and figuratively against the will of the people, as expressed in the last election, and are making our nation into a lawless dictatorship as they ignore laws and the constitution in their need and quest for power, and to get rid of a president who is outside the Washington swamp and is changing the way America does business, exactly as he promised to do if elected.

Why do liberals only now, after participating as adults and behaving properly in our government for over 200 years, suddenly become so insistent on controlling even the thoughts of the citizens as well as their actions? Barack Obama once said, in defense of his radical left policies, that “elections have consequences”, but there are no liberals I’ve seen lately who will accept the presidency of Donald Trump and work within it to achieve their goals. They have become bomb-throwers and instigators, and it needs to stop.