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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Monday, January 31, 2022

Maybe Biden Thinks The Immigrant Invasion On Our Southern Border Is Just A “Minor Incursion”. It’s Not.

 The fool in the White House said last week that a “minor incursion” of Russia invading Ukraine was nothing to worry about, so it’s logical for Americans to assume he feels the same way about our southern border being overrun by invading forces that are slowly destroying and occupying our nation.

And since Joey is the cause of America’s invasion by way of his opening our border to the world, and then sincerely insisting that the border is not open, but is more secure than Trump left it, we find that terms we have traditionally used to describe events and things, like the biological identity of sex and race which are now being ignored by woke folks in favor of their own personal self-identity, we can no longer depend on the world that Democrats describe as informing us that what’s happening around us is true. It’s like Groucho Marx asking if we’re supposed to believe the government’s interpretation of what’s occurring, or are we to believe our own two eyes.

Ukraine had better prepare itself for the vastness and viciousness of Russian power in Biden’s phase-slipped world, and Americans had better get ready for the “misery and death” Joey promised us in 2022, because now that he’s promised to be more active in 2022 than he was in 2021, the future looks grim. When Joey was safely ensconced in his Delaware basement things were going rather smoothly, but now that he is out and about, everything is going to hell, and quickly.

Joey’s allowing a “minor incursion” of America’s border by criminally opening the border to Central and South Americans has caused him to then have to break several other laws in order to avoid being caught in his first criminal act. He is providing busses and jet aircraft to transport illegal aliens throughout the nation in order to share the expense of feeding, medicating and schooling these tens of thousands of people among the several states, and a plague of Fentanyl, that is a direct bi-product of opening our southern border, is causing skyrocketing deaths across America.

Our pasty-brained, supposedly “open and transparent” president is a common crook unlike anything Richard Nixon was accused of, and he should be slapped into a prison cell immediately.

Friday, January 28, 2022

Biden Is Acting In Cahoots With Human Smugglers, So Why Don’t R.I.C.O. Laws Apply To Him?

 We now have proof of the Biden administration smuggling people who have just crossed our southern border with the help of the drug cartels, and hiring busses and jet aircraft to deliver them to their final destination in Westchester, New York, where they are met by NGO people to get them settled, without the knowledge or approval of local citizens nor city, county or state government officials. But Westchester is just one of many destinations where the two million-plus invaders of our borders have been hidden by the president and abetted in doing so by our corrupt, leftist mainstream press.

Because Biden’s stooges are working to finalize the second leg begun by the cartel coyotes bringing illegal aliens into America, this seems to me to be a violation of the racketeering act that the FBI is responsible for enforcing. The Mexican drug cartels bring people in and the Biden administration picks them up and delivers them to their final destination. That’s a crime.

It was bad enough when Americans had to live with the Biden administration simply breaking federal laws that forbid the crossing of aliens into America with no vetting and no checks as to health or criminal background, but it’s another matter altogether when we know that racketeering and human smuggling are being committed with the assistance of the president of the United States.

Joey is obviously concerned about this criminal activity being exposed, because these transfers of people illegally in our country are always done in the middle of the night, and the NGOs (actually the CIA is involved for security purposes and is plotting against the American citizens, which is also supposed to be illegal, but Joey doesn’t give a damn), so when can we expect criminal charges to be brought by the FBI against weepy Joey and his administration?

America, and especially Republicans, put up with three years of lying about Trump colluding with Russia, which lies involved illegal activities on the part of the FBI, the FISA court, Hillary Clinton and under-oath congressional lies from Democrats, while the mainstream press pushed these anti-Trump lies down the throats of Americans every night of the duration of the Trump presidency, even bankrupting some innocent Trump supporters who were caught up in the leftist lies.

But now that we know the Biden administration is waist deep in lies and illegal activity, all we hear from the leftist press is crickets. As Barack Obama once famously said: “this is not who we are” as a nation, and it’s definitely not the nation I grew up in, nor the nation I want to continue to live in. We’re quickly turning into a dictatorship where we know every statement from government officials is a lie, and we’d better not question the lies, or else.

Is the FBI an independent law-enforcement organization or is it just a tool of the current Democrat administration, and will they continue to ignore illegal acts on the part of Democrats, or will they finally enforce the laws of the United States? Considering the passive attitude toward Hunter Biden’s numerous crimes, I’ll bet nothing happens to stem the flow of illegals throughout the nation as long as Joey is in office.

Our nation is being betrayed by the president of the United States!

Sunday, January 23, 2022

The Biden Administration Is Going From Nuts To Completely Bat-S**t Crazy

 By this time probably everyone has heard that the TSA is allowing illegal aliens to board commercial aircraft by presenting their arrest documents. American citizens have to mask-up, get clearance from the TSA in advance that they are not threats to fellow flyers, and then, maybe, they’ll let you on your plane.

Here is an email (sent to I just sent to Joey to express my dislike for him and his policies. I hope everyone will let the White House know how strongly we feel about the woke, anti-American things this bunch of fools in DC is doing, especially in light of the fact that our pasty-brained president plans to tour America soon and meet with real citizens, which gives us a chance to let him know how disgusted we are with EVERYTHING he is doing.

I’ve also sent copies to my Kansas senators and to Missouri’s Josh Hawley, and I hope everyone will include their own senators with a complaint note, and your congress-person, if they are willing to listen to common sense from their subjects.

The message:

“I just heard something I can’t believe that even the muddle-headed Old Man in the White House could allow: The TSA is allowing illegal aliens to use their arrest documents in order to board commercial flights.

As a native-born citizen of the United States, when I board a plane I’ve been completely vetted by the TSA to assure that I’m not a threat, and that I have obeyed the laws of the U.S., but these officials are now allowing people who have proven they are criminals under U.S. law to use the very document that proclaims their arrest status as an illegal in America, to board a plane. We must assume that at least some of the illegals are here trying to avoid arrest in their home nation for crimes they committed there. But Joey’s wokeness is allowing them to enter and likely threaten, Americans.

Americans are used to presenting documents to prove that they are not criminals when they fly, but people illegally here can present the document that proves they are criminals, and the TSA accepts this foolishness?

This woke idiocy competes only with using a paper mask to prevent covid contagion and banning healthy, non-vaccinated people from society, and is the height of complete stupidity, which lately is the motto of the Democrat party.

Please tell Joey that every thinking person wants him to go home to his Delaware basement and STAY THERE!! And before he goes, please ask him to shut down the border and keep people who have not sought legal entry, out of our country.”

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Biden’s Mouth Will Be His Demise

 Joey spent the entirety of the 2020 presidential campaign period hidden away in his Delaware basement where his idiot’s mouth wouldn’t get heard, his disabled brain wouldn’t be exposed and his ideas would remain unknown.

Last Wednesday he decided he’s been silent long enough and he announced he would, on that day,  hold only his second news conference in his first year in office. He didn’t believe the polls of his sinking popularity, and thought he’d demonstrate how clever he is and how on-the-spot his ideas were to a nation itching for leadership.

Needless to say, Joey bombed in magnificent form, and a day later everyone was panning his third grade performance, which has only reinforced and confirmed the wide-spread opinion that Joey is a pasty-brained fool.

Part of the televised  appearance had Joey repeatedly looking at his watch and asking the gathered news people if it was time to go yet, and then leaning on his lectern for support before trying to stand up straight while looking cool and comfortable. As part of his presentation he had the nerve to say that he had over-delivered and over-performed in his first year in office, and he assured Americans that schools are open, in his famous hoarse-whisperer voice, leaning into the mic and raspingly assuring the public of his ability to govern. All day Thursday White House officials were back-pedaling on things that Joey said and telling the press what he really meant, all of which contradicted what he actually said.

So now Joey promises that he will no longer live in the basement of the White House or hide in his beach house in Delaware, but will be out and about the nation pushing his unconstitutional agenda and sharing his non-wisdom with the great unwashed masses out here in fly-over country. But based on his performance last Wednesday, this exposure will certainly doom Joey as everyone hears first-hand how stupid he is and how lacking of thought his opinions are.

So I would encourage Joey to get out and talk to the folks, and then try to get popular backing to run for re-election in 2024, because not only his low energy and stamina, but his idiotic leftist ideas and his idle mouth, doom him. His trips into America will not fix the problems like crime, our open border, reduced production of domestic oil, inflation and a greater death rate from drug usage, all of which are problems caused by Joey’s administration that he refuses to address and to which he refuses to make intelligent and much-needed corrections. His increased visibility will only hasten his political demise.

Friday, January 21, 2022

Howard Stern And Other Celebrities Demonstrate Their Close-Minded, Uninformed Foolishness About The Unvaccinated

 Recently Howard Stern, the former anti-everything shock-jock but now yes-man in the back pocket of intrusive government and mandated masking and vaccinating, said that “anyone unvaccinated should be not allowed into a hospital…they’re going to die”. Geraldo Rivera a few weeks ago said that “the unvaccinated are arrogant, selfish, SOBs and should be marginalized by society”. Both of these gentlemen are ignorant of the basic fact that covid is 99.7 percent survivable, especially if the victim is vaccinated, as they both are. So what’s the beef?

This is all typical hateful, close-minded behavior from the political left in America, who will not allow anyone to live around them if these people are not practicing Democrat racists and bigots. For these individuals, when a Democrat president issues an order to mask-up and get vaccinated, this order must be followed, or else…

Has the good Mr. Stern not heard that fully vaccinated and boosted people are contracting the Wuhan disease, passing it on to other people, and some are even dying of it? How can he be so blind and close-minded to the truth of this relatively weak, nearly always survivable disease?

One wonders how carefully people like Stern, Rivera and the crews at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, The New York Times and other leftists have considered their stand on vaccinations and the unvaccinated.

In their youth, and possibly even in their current, more advanced years, I would not be surprised if firm haters-of-the-unvaxxed abused their bodies with an occasional recreational drug to relieve stress, perhaps a glass or two of alcohol, possibly a few occasional cigarettes to calm them, and they may also have grabbed a quick bite of fast-food as they hurried to an engagement. And if, after abusing their bodies with this harmful junk for years, they got sick, they have every right to expect an emergency room or a hospital to give them assistance to get well again, even if they OD on voluntarily consumed drugs. Along the same path of thinking, if people who practice dangerous personal habits like unprotected, random homosexual sex or sharing a needle, get sick, they will certainly expect medical help to overcome the illness.

On the other hand, a typical unvaccinated person is healthy these two years into the Wuhan pandemic, likely to not smoke, not drink alcohol, not experiment with drugs and not practice unsafe sex. They pay attention to health, and that’s why they don’t want to take an unapproved, experimental drug that has already proven them correct in their reluctance to take it because of the various reports of diverse reactions recently coming to light. And those critical of the unvaxxed are evidently unaware of the fact that even vaccinated and boosted people are getting the disease, passing it on and often dying of it. The vaccine is proving to not be a real vaccine like the Polio vaccine was, but rather it’s just a therapeutic treatment for those who already have the disease.

The point is that the unvaccinated are just people, similar to far-left Democrats, but much more nuanced and thoughtful, and to suggest that they should not get medical assistance when they get sick is Hitlerian in its view of medicine and human assistance. And anyone who believes that the vaccinating and boosting are really keeping them safe should have no trouble mixing in society with the unvaxxed, because the virus is there all the time and doesn’t respect masks nor weak vaccines when seeking a victim. Those who are into their third year of this disease and have not become sick yet, probably had a weak case of covid and never noticed, and are now naturally immune.

I’d rather propose, as Mr. Stern did, that no one who has smoked regularly, taken drugs for fun, drank to excess , had random unprotected sex or shared a needle with someone else, and especially someone who ODed on drugs, should be denied medical assistance as pay-back for their stupidity, but I refuse to be that unfeeling and uncaring about my fellow inhabitants of earth.

One must also realize that people who drive without a seatbelt, or ride a bike or motorcycle without a helmet, or drive while drunk, and even worse, people who attack other people with guns or knives and are shot by the police to halt that attack, are given medical assistance, even though each instance above was a violation of all we know to be wise and correct, and still, radical left individuals insist that government mandates to mask or get vaccinated should be obeyed, or else the disobeyer can die. This is not the liberalism I grew up with, but rather it’s a totalitarian rule of big government and really stupid people.

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Trump Successfully Developed Warp Speed. Biden Failed Miserably At Everything With His Inadequacy And Corruption

 One wonders why the long-used and proven-effective therapeutic of hydroxychloroquine is not on the Biden government’s list of remedies for those persons suffering from the Wuhan virus. President Trump took the drug before a “vaccine” was available, and it seemed to work fine. And now that “vaccines” are available, we find that they really don’t prevent infection from covid, and “prevention” is the meaning of the word “vaccine”.

And what about monoclonal antibodies and azithromycin? These are drugs already in production which have no serious side-effects that would prevent their wide usage in this period of pandemic “illness and death“, as Joey so eloquently phrased it. They are readily available and they work.

But all we hear are the names of the three vaccine manufacturers who, under Trump’s business-like pushing, came on market in miracle speed, and developed what we now call covid vaccines, which really perform more like therapeutics than vaccines.

And what’s the deal with the boosters? There was no boost needed to the polio vaccine, and the polio vaccine was an honest-to-goodness vaccine which prevents contracting of the intended disease, not the pretend vaccine that the covid drugs have turned out to be. And why are the new covid drugs being used experimentally on humans and not on dogs and monkeys, as Dr. Fauci is so fond of doing? 

We now are beginning to hear of deaths directly related to the covid vaccines that insurance companies are refusing to pay on, because the vaccines are “experimental”, so the insurance companies are treating any related deaths the same as suicide, and the insurance is cancelled. And as related to the efficacy of these vaccines, how can they ever retain the rating of eighty or ninety percent effective if people are getting sick and dying with covid after being injected with the vaccine? Perhaps a rating of ten percent would be more accurate, but is Joey raising an alarm on these potentially dangerous drugs? No; he’s pushing for their use even harder.

We hear tales from Republican governors that any vaccine not recently developed by Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson or Moderna, and which is not part of the multi-billion dollar research and development effort that was Trump’s warp speed project, are being withheld by the Biden administration, with the outcome of many people possibly dying because the therapeutics, as differentiated from the “vaccines”, are not available.

One also hears that many life-saving drugs are being given only to people of color, with whites being forced to accept illness due to wrongs done to minorities two centuries ago.

If one will recall the corrupt selling of vice presidential influence that Joey was involved with in Ukraine, Russia and China, to enrich both himself and his son Hunter, you don’t have to reflect long to realize why Weepy Joey is pushing the goal of a one-hundred percent vaccination rate for the U.S. population along with boosters and the mask mandates, more vigorously than a sensible person would, and you can bet that he is making a personal fortune telling everyone to indulge themselves in tests, vaccines, protective equipment and anything else related to his insistence that we personally buy and use everything that the pharmaceutical companies are making (masks, face shields, vaccines, boosters, then more vaccines) during the health emergency mandating that Joey is conducting. One suspects that the Biden family are pimps for pharma, and Fauci is Joey’s “science” advisor and business partner. It would be very interesting to see the investments these leaders have made based on their ability to mandate drug usage and national distribution.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

A Little Tale About Corporate Life In America Today

 Following forty years of the government intruding on the products made by the automobile industry, demanding better products, safer products, more efficient products and vehicles that produce fewer emissions, the auto manufacturers have spent billions of dollars on research and development to arrive at high-mileage, low emissions vehicles that last longer and run better. So why would Ford, General Motors and Chrysler now throw away those billions of dollars improving gasoline-powered cars and trucks and suddenly begin pumping out electric vehicles that cost more and are less user friendly than the old familiar cars? 

What person, who enjoys a nice ride in the country or spending a few days driving through the mountains, would prefer a vehicle that only gets 70 or even 200 miles to a charge, and then, if they ran out of electricity, will need a boost charge that can’t be provided by AAA, and will take 20 or 30 minutes to get the vehicle rolling again, if a charging station can be found at all. Although it’s true that charging times for electric cars will be reduced over time and charging stations will become more plentiful (but at tax-payers’ expense, per Biden’s promise of installing thousands of these monstrosities around the nation, which will then be a government subsidy forever) when the old gas-powered car is a proven and dependable means of transportation.

The reason that Ford, General Motors, Chrysler and the foreign manufacturers are “voluntarily” going electric is that they know that under the Biden administration, and all of the Democrat administrations to follow, there will soon be a new anti-pollution mandate, based on a “severe health emergency” caused by the leftist lie of warming/change, and Biden’s crew will claim that life on earth is coming to an end unless we halt production, and likely even abandon further private usage, of gas-powered automobiles. 

There’s no evidence that the earth is warming, just like there was never any evidence that covid alone was killing hundreds of thousands of people, but our constitution was disobeyed by Democrat governors and our nation was shut down and then looted by Democrats as government-inspired fear, vaccines and masks took over our daily lives. 

Big, woke corporations like the auto industry, are so fearful of Democrats and their willingness to destroy companies with regulations, law suits and a refusal to continue to do business with them, that they will step forward on their own to do things they can see coming from big, leftist, intrusive government, and hope that they can continue to stay in business by doing government’s bidding before they are told to do so. 

And this evil pressure to do what government wants done is everywhere in America today.  The sports world has lately seen men competing with women in women’s competitions of running and swimming, with the men winning more often than not, but both men and women are fearful of speaking up and opposing this injustice, afraid that woke officials will punish anyone who complains about men who identify as women actually winning women’s competitions, and end the careers of those who oppose autocratic authority. There is no area of our lives in which the government is not taking control and making us heel to the rulers’ demands and mandates, and it’s got to stop.

Monday, January 17, 2022

The New Virginia Governor Declares State-Wide Liberty And Freedom, And Democrats Fill Their Knickers

 Please be reminded that the new Governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin, and the new Lt. Governor, Winsome Sears, are Republicans, so one can understand that Democrats would be a little edgy facing these obviously radical, constitution-ending, wild-eyed people, but imagine their outrage when the first thing the new administration did was declare that there will be no unconstitutional mandates in Virginia any more. 

This bad news means that masking and vaccinations, though still be available to those who prefer them, will remain available in the name of freedom to choose, but masks and vaccinations will no longer be required for children to attend school nor for parents to buy a carton of milk at the grocery store, so Democrats are understandably angry, because as talk-show host Chris Plante states frequently: “Democrats don’t care what you do, as long as it’s mandatory”.

So freedom and liberty are breaking out in Virginia, and Democrats are having a very bad day.

Note: If I were a racist like the Democrats are, I’d remind readers that Winsome Sears, a proud Republican, is the first black female to become Lt. Governor of Virginia, and it was Republicans who elected her. But I’m not a racist, like Democrats are, so I’ll not mention it.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

The Supreme Court Blocked Biden’s Mandates, But Joey Will Still Win That Battle

 Even though Joey’s attempt to mandate that every employer having more than 100 employees be forced to fire non-vaccinated employees, especially large companies that have contracts with the government or who have products that can be regulated or ended at the pleasure of the government, was slapped down by the Supreme Court, most of his unconstitutional firings will happen anyway. Big companies in particular understand the vicious nature of leftist politicians, and they will bend over backwards to please today’s far-left Democrats.

So there is no chance that the Supreme Court ruling against Biden will halt mass firings of non-vaxed employees in private industry. Anyone doing business in America fears the IRS, OSHA, wokeism, unbridled government intrusion and a whole platoon of regulators who are only too willing to do the bidding of a power-hungry president.

Big government is too persuasive and big leftist government is too ruthless to those who oppose them, so things will only get worse as private corporations take up the vaccine cause of Joey.

Conversely, when Trump was in office he was kind, supportive and considerate of business interests and their attempts to make a profit, and backed off on punitive regulations that negatively impacted their operations. But he nevertheless got little respect from business leaders because CEOs knew that Democrats would regain power eventually, so with government ruthlessness in mind and as the economy continued to grow under Trump, they still toed-the-line to Democrat demands and even expectations of government demands that haven’t been made yet.

With the constant threat of Democrat woke rules dominating government, there’s no way things will get better, especially with a fool like Joey in the White House. With vicious, radical Democrats in charge of our government, our constitution and our way of life are at risk. As long as big companies know what politically correct things corrupt Democrats want done, they’ll jump through hoops to get the leftist deeds accomplished, often without having to be told what to do.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Citizens Are Vacating Leftist Blue States. Is This A Good Sign, Or A Bad Sign For America?

 Conservatives have been delighted to see blue states (California and New York for example) lose citizens to red states (Florida and Texas for example) and have celebrated this proof that people will vote with their feet (or their U-Haul trailers) when they’ve had enough Democrat crime and taxes in their old leftist states, which are falling apart more obviously every day.

One drawback to this right-minded and assuring trend to vacate leftist states where insanity and stupidity rule, is that the people coming from the former wealthy Democrat-run red states and cities have become accustomed to facilities like sidewalks, city streets with curbs and storm drainage at every intersection of the city, things that may not be the custom in small Montana and Idaho towns. Some other not-so-desirable things that may not be found in smaller towns across the nation, but are abundant in big Democrat cities, are parks and busy city streets lined with tents and campers of the homeless and the druggies who are a burden to society, along with the sky-rocketing murder rate seen in too many Democrat-run cities lately. In an attempt to leave the homeless, the druggies, the crime and high taxes behind, people may well leave the Democrat cities, but pine for some of the expensive things they left behind in the blue city and start making demands for wider streets, more sidewalks and better drainage to the small, low-tax city they move to, which means that the new city then becomes more expensive and needs higher taxes to maintain the higher standards of the new settlers. This situation is the unintended consequence of people flocking to more pristine, low-tax cities, and then imposing the problems of the Democrat city they just vacated, on the new city.

But maybe this picture is not quite complete. Maybe the vacating of the old leftist cities is part of a plot by Democrat fifth-columnists to infiltrate red cities and states with leftist ideas of higher taxes and idiotic practices, like they had back home. A good example of this is Austin, Texas. It’s true that Austin shares, with the remainder of the conservative state, the pleasure of having no state income tax, but Austin is also very leftist in its policies and seems to be the destination of many people who leave California. So maybe conservatives had better tone down their celebration about winning the culture war and start questioning and challenging the ideas coming with the new arrivals from blue states: these people may well be plants from the Socialist left to spread their poison to the rest of the nation.

Any assumption that people on the left will one day realize the idiocy of their radical ideas and begin voting for more conservative and traditional candidates, instead of the far-left loons in charge in Democrat states, and begin behaving more decently, is unlikely to happen. The best example of the leftist rejection of common sense and sticking with stupidity and national destruction, is Biden’s opening of the southern border and allowing two million people, so far in his presidency, to invade America, after Donald Trump had fixed the invasion problem to the great benefit of America. Every person crossing the border illegally is the cancellation of one American citizen’s vote, and allows one more potentially diseased or criminal person to enter and have to be dealt with later as they get sick, practice their criminal trade, or go on welfare.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

The Vaccination For Covid May Become The Death Of Covid Patients

 At the outset, covid was presented to us as a disease that would kill us outright unless we prevented contraction by getting vaccinated. That was the official medical and scientific decision from the government bureaucrats, principally, Dr. Fauci.

Some time after that we began to get information indicating that covid would not kill us by itself, but weight, age and co-morbidities of the patient could be a factor.

Next, two counties in California investigated and found that twenty-five percent of those counties’ covid death list were not directly attributable to covid, but rather the patients died with covid, not because of covid.

Then the Italian Institute of Health discovered that only about ten percent of the covid death-count in Italy was directly attributable to covid by itself.

With all of the evidence listed above, and very likely much more unrevealed evidence as well, the Biden administration began pushing hard to get every American vaxxed, and even fired emergency and medial personnel who would not accept a vaccination, which made America’s two-year-long medical crisis even worse, with fewer medical professionals available to give treatment to all sick people, whether covid patients or those suffering from all other diseases as well.

Then at about this time there were reports of young men developing heart issues and women developing menstrual problems after receiving the vaccinations.

So now comes the Centers for Disease Control telling us what many people suspected all along: that seventy-five percent of all deaths attributed to covid in the United States, were also suffering from at least four co-morbidities at the time of death. 

Question: what will you bet that the other twenty-five percent of deaths attributable to covid were accompanied by one to three co-morbidities? This question poses the simple, logical point that all deaths blamed on covid were perhaps really caused by the accompanying co-morbidity, and that covid just weakened the immune system to such a state that the body could no longer fight the combined diseases.

 One reason why deaths with covid should be listed as deaths by covid is that the government was paying a higher price to hospitals and doctors for proof of death blamed on covid than a death that was attributable to heart failure, bullet wound, traffic accident or renal failure, with only a trace of covid further weakening the immune system. But based on the total control that the executive branch of government under Biden gained from the covid pandemic, covid was also good for politicians who loved the power of shutting down the entire United States economy, and the pleasure these thugs got from issuing mandates to mask, to vaxx and to stay home, that accompanied this phony pandemic, not to mention the harm done to our system of voting in America, when the ruling Democrat party could demand changes to the individual states’ systems of balloting, which are highly suspect of allowing, if not encouraging, cheating and tampering.

It’s beyond belief that the CDC hasn’t been aware of the covid trend of needing a co-infector in order to be lethal all along; after all, they are deeply dedicated to science, aren’t they? And it’s also beyond belief that, with all we know now about the relative weakness and survivability of covid, that the mandates for everyone to get vaccinated still stands. And it’s additionally beyond belief that the current administration would insist that getting vaccinated would protect anyone from sickness and death from covid and that the only source of spread of the disease was from non-vaccinated people. But as mentioned above, it’s gives politicians great personal pleasure to be able to order 300 million people to do the ruler’s bidding.

Anyone who is aware of their surroundings and thinking about what they see, knows that more cases of people who have been fully vaxxed and boosted are catching the disease, passing it on and even dying of it. These people were identified as being “fully protected” by Joey Biden, but we know that Joey is unaware of the current year we’re living in, so we excuse him for being the fool.

Now comes the great question: given the male and female issues related to the covid vaccine, what if the vaccine itself becomes an additional co-morbidity which can be a necessary prerequisite to making the disease fatal, and this co-morbidity would not be present if the person infected had not been vaccinated?

After a year of Joey telling everyone how great he is for distributing the vaccine to all Americans and personally mandating that everyone get vaccinated, how quickly will the Biden administration blame Donald Trump for all of the deaths relate to the vaccine and try to impeach him one more time for developing the vaccine too quickly, using his warp speed push to development of the vaccines currently in use.

If this blame-Trump-again situation develops, you will quickly be reminded by Joey and Kamala that they originally argued against accepting any vaccine developed by Trump (as though he was using his little high school chemistry kit to personally develop the vaccine), and they will claim that they were correct all along and only the evil Donald Trump caused them to accept, celebrate and mandate a drug that some Americans all along were reluctant to take.

In any event, we now know that Biden’s impassioned plea that the un-vaccinated were killing Americans and that all vaccinated citizens should resent these filthy, unvaxxed people, and that  these anti-vaxxers should be shunned and shamed from society, were lies all along, and cannot be taken back by the fool old man in the White House who made these injurious statements. 

All mandates forcing the drug on people should be rescinded and nullified immediately. And when will the politicization of a disease stop? The CDC should have released relevant information to the public a long time ago, but that would have stood in the way of the political designs of Democrats, so it wasn’t allowed, and big tech corruptly assisted them in this effort.

Monday, January 10, 2022

Who Is The Real Insurgent?

 Democrats have a lot of nerve calling the January 6th Capitol building riot an insurgency, given that none of the participants were armed, none burned the building they invaded, none made a demand of the police forces to vacate the building and leave the invaders in control, there was no centralized controlling authority organizing the invasion and no one issued a non-negotiable demand that had to be met, or else. 

Based on the excuses that the leftist press and Democrat politicians made about the Seattle to Baltimore rioting that BLM and ANTIFA committed all summer in 2020, it would have been easy for Republicans to forgive the invasion of the Capitol building by saying that the protesters were justified in their actions because they felt they had been cheated in the 2020 election and they were just letting off steam; and they could say that their invasion of the building was “mostly peaceful”. That line of bull was good for the leftist terrorists in 2020 as they burned cities to the ground, so why wouldn’t it work for a non-violent protest by Trump supporters in 2020? Could there be double standards working in the Democrat party and their allies at CNN that would blind them to this bare and honest truth?

It’s a strange insurgency when the invaders are unarmed, have no leader, made no demands, didn’t burn the building and the only death was one of the protesters (a Trump supporter, by the way) who was unarmed and was silently and peacefully watching the event unfold when a black police officer in the Capitol building shot her for no reason and without justification. The police officer who did the shooting was not called a killer who should go to jail, and no one demanded that the Police Department on Capitol Hill should be disbanded because of the unjustified killing.

On the other hand, the Democrat party, currently running the nation with a heavy hand and many mandates, is organized, has a leader who dictates the crowd’s every move, had a fully armed cadre inside the capitol building last January, had rehearsed its various attacks on American society and our constitution beginning in May 2020 with an attack on the White House with weapons and fire bombs, which injured 50 Secret Service agents, and caused the president and his family to be evacuated to the Emergency Operations center under the White House. What else can a violent, armed attack on the elected president and his family in the White House be other than an organized insurgency? And last but not least, Democrats topped off their terrorist rehearsals by spending all of 2020 burning, killing and destroying property across the United States, so they‘ve gotten pretty good at it.  

And furthermore, the Democrats have published a document called the Build Back Badder bill which calls for the nationalization of voting, which is specifically forbidden by the United States constitution, because voting laws are reserved exclusively to the states and the voting procedures each individual state creates. Disobeying the constitution is an act of insurgency.

Kamala’s Woke White House Staff Bails On Her

 Kamala Harris’ White House staff, who were appointed for their wokeness, skin color and sexual preference, are bailing from service to the first female vice president in American history. If that female VP were a Republican it would be a scandal of epic proportions for that many staff members to quit after a year‘s service. But for a Democrat, it’s just an annual phenomenon after the first year of an administration, and it’s no big deal.

One wonders who these people are and why they are leaving Saint Kamala’s office at the height of her, and their, political careers. Did they join her staff only for the resume enhancement? Have some of the policies she proclaimed at the outset proven to be not as pristine, honest and workable as the left pretended they were in the beginning of Joey’s administration? Are they too fragile and snow-flakey to put up with the pressure of government work? Do they need a “safe space” to escape to and hide during these divisive times? Is defending Kamala and her idiotic actions and statements too much for even dedicated far-left radicals to put up with? Or is Kamala just an a**-hole they don’t want to be around any longer?

Hmmm, I wonder.

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

AOC Escapes To Florida To Enjoy DeSantis’ Paradise

 The well-known AOC, less well-known as Sandy Cortez, Democrat Congresswoman from the state of New York, is a big environmentalist, economic redistributionist, anti-capitalist advocate and an enormous pusher of masking to protect New Yorkers from the relatively weak scourge of covid, and its many break-offs. But the good lady was caught in violation of all of her published policy platforms and her far-left biases, by flying off to Florida where the much-feared and always abused and bad-mouthed Ron DeSantis has done everything Miss Cortez hates, but enjoys to visit. Governor DeSantis  has made it his business to preserve and expand the relative paradise of the state he is running when compared to any state run by a Democrat governor, all of whom Democrats will mandate masking and lockdowns at the drop of a hat if it gives them more power over the lives of his or her citizens.

As a side-by-side listing of the far-left’s idiotic and contradictory policy ideas and how little they believe their own lies, here are some of the firmly held policies that Miss Cortez violated on her well-deserved vacation in Florida:

Economic violation: AOC flies to Florida, which is experiencing economic growth and anti-masking health under Governor DeSantis, spending her big congressional salary, while her constituents in New York are left to wear masks and wonder why she should be so wealthy when she denied them good-paying jobs by voting down an Amazon facility planned for her district in New York City.

Global Warming/ Climate Change violation: Any leftist who denies low priced oil and gas to Americans due to the global warming lie that driving a car poses a threat to the environment, and then flies off on a commercial jet to Florida to enjoy herself in the sun and sand while her constituents are left behind trying to scrape up enough money to drive their increasingly expensive cars to work, or being barely able to afford the subway in order to get to work the next day, should be relieved of her fancy job and halt the lies she tells about protecting the environment.  And then that government official should be put in jail for her own violations against the environment she claims is being ruined by other citizens simply trying to live comfortable and decent lives.

Fear of covid violation: AOC is in favor of masking, distancing and lockdowns and wants enforcement of these things for the New Yorkers in her congressional district, yet disbelieves her own covid lies to such an extent that she can fly off to Florida to party in the sun in DeSantis’ thriving economy, forsaking any masking or distancing at all while she parties, leaving her less-affluent constituents at home in the snow and cold, and often jobless and possibly even sent to jail if they resist mandates to mask-up and to get vaccinated.

Welfare violation: Miss Cortez is so enamored of big government and is so favorably disposed to the government giving free stuff to American citizens, that she has even come forward stating that she wants government to pay for her personal education loan, in spite of her large salary and in spite of her expensive trip to Florida, where she drank and partied on money that could go a long way to pay off her education loan. And don’t forget the $20,000 gown she wore last year to some high-class society party she attended, by invitation only, of course; could her education loan not have been paid off with the money she spent on that ridiculous gown?

But typical of the lies that Democrats use to keep us plebeian citizens under their strong control, Sandy Cortez is doing everything she tells us not to do, and does not do what she mandates that we do. She is trying to pass laws that will allow her and her leftist pals to keep enjoying their lives while the rest of us are kept masked at home and without affordable transportation, in order to pay for her good times frolicking in the sun of a Republican governor, because her own Democrat governor and mayor have so screwed up New York, the city and the state, that there is no pleasure to be found there any more, only the drudgery of a Socialist state, fiercely enforced.

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

When Male/Female Difference Deniers Think They Can Detect Global Warming, We’re In Trouble

 Isn’t it strange how the most corrupt and stupid people can rise to the highest levels of absolute power in government?  Most of these people could never achieve power in private industry because for-profit organizations require hard work and positive results, which are rarely achieved in government work. Rather, government represents the lies, adoration and blind followers needed to keep elected bureaucrats in perpetual power in our nation’s capitol.

One of the most obvious and profound things in life is the physical difference between males and females, but the insane leftists in the Democrat party can’t see these differences and are ruining the lives and futures of competitive young women by pitting stronger and faster men against them. After years of dedicated training on the part of the women and their intended competition against other women, too often these hard-working and dedicated women are handily defeated by female-identifying men. These women’s competitions were definitively not intended for men, confused in their identification as women or not, who are winning all competitions that were established to be female-only events. 

And these same idiot leftists who think it’s acceptable to run male-female challenges in which men nearly always win the competition, thereby destroying the futures and careers of the women, are the same leftist fools who think they can detect dangerous and even life- ending increases in temperature around earth. They think they can predict that in 12 years, (not 13 years and not 11 years, but 12 years exactly, but they can’t tell us the month of that 12th year when the overheating will end life on earth) as AOC and Bernie Sanders predicted in 2018, when the earth will become so hot that life will end as we currently know it. 

But Bernie and AOC forgot to remind us that summers in America have attained essentially same top temperature each of the last four years since these fool Socialists made their prediction of a heat catastrophe. With no temperature increase in the four years since these far-left people made their idiotic prediction, it’s going to be hard for them to produce temperatures that are in the hundreds of degrees, which will be necessary to kill humans, destroy all crops and end life on the planet.

Similarly, the same people who violently criticized Donald Trump when he brought jobs back to America, when he reformed the Veteran‘s Administration, when he lowered taxes on the middle class, when he halted illegal immigrants from invading America, these same demented leftists who stated that they had seen the evidence against Trump for colluding with Russia (which was proven by the special council to have been a complete lie), can’t praise Biden enough when crime increases across the nation, when we experience sky-rocketing inflation, when we have hundreds of thousands of Americans dead from covid, when he’s left hundreds of Americans stranded in Afghanistan during his disastrous retreat from that ill-begotten nation, when we see a literal invasion of our nation by millions of illegals allowed to wander in with Joey’s permission, and for ignoring the Hunter Biden scandal and corruption that has proven to be a pay-to-play operation in which China buys influence with the executive branch of America’s government in exchange for the Chinese government giving Hunter, and papa Joey, millions of dollars for doing nothing but disobey the president’s oath of office to protect and defend the constitution.

How can the American left ever be trusted to treat all persons equally, with respect and further the economic success of the lives of American citizens, when we know Democrats to be liars and racists at heart?