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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Monday, December 28, 2015

In Defense Of Capitalism: Earned Value Creates Better, Happier Lives

There’s a reason non-capitalist nations are so poor and have populations that are miserable, and why capitalist nations are wealthy and comfortable. The reason capitalism is successful anywhere it’s tried is that the money that makes manufacturers and small businesses wealthy is earned by them. This also applies to the employees of corporations who also earn the money they make as employees and the money they earn as investors in a capitalist environment. A non-capitalist nation confiscates the little its people have in order to function based on the nation’s valueless local currency.

When a capitalist “earns” his or her wealth, it’s a result of the open and willing exchange of what the consumer has (money) in exchange for what the capitalist has (goods or services). Because of this free and willing exchange, capitalist nations create value whereas non-capitalist nations have nothing but worthless paper currency and poor, starving citizens.

This is not to say that Upton Sinclair’s book, The Jungle, didn’t make a valid and necessary point about companies that cheat or mistreat their employees and customers, because his book stressed that point loud and clear. Bad companies may be sued for their misbehavior and may be regulated and put out of business if they don’t do the right thing by their customers. A government will most often not allow itself to be sued, so there’s no way of punishing government abuses, while corporations must conform or go out of business.

The government neither makes nor earns anything, it merely takes, via taxation. If it takes too much in the way of taxes it can hurt itself, because the earners it takes from can leave the country or intentionally earn less in order to decrease the tax burden the government imposes. For most of America’s history the government conformed to the United States constitution and did the necessary things listed in that document to preserve the national union, and as a result needed only enough money to fund the constitutional things assigned to it. Lately, however, government is increasing taxes to pay for things that are not necessary and not allowed by the constitution, and as a result it needs more and more money to pay for these unconstitutional things. Taxes are going up for all Americans who are earners, especially the wealthiest Americans.

To prove that our government knows that they, via unconstitutional practices and policies, have been killing the goose that laid the golden egg, they have for some time been planning how they can get their hands on our 401Ks and IRAs, because the stocks and bonds represented by these and other privately held funds are the only source of real value left in America. The value of these stocks and bonds was earned by the corporations they represent. Government bonds, on the other hand, are worthless in any real sense, and only hold value as long as the government remains solvent, which is dicey in the present world of increasing government debt that knows no bounds and is on a trajectory to the stars. This government confiscation plan is an admission by our rulers that the capitalist system, in creating value and worth, works and is necessary if we want to continue our pleasant lives, and it’s an admission that a government that doesn’t abide by the rules and insists on controlling its citizens’ lives and disobeying the constitution, is a failure.

It requires a democracy and a free populace to have a capitalist society.  The success of Apple, as a trendy example of the corporate world, proves the point: the government would never have thought to create the iPad or iPod, which people all over the world want and buy, and which products make Apple a wealthy company, which in turn makes their employees wealthy and also in turn makes their customers happy (and also wealthy if they, as an exercise of their freedom, invested in Apple stock). The success and increasing wealth of Apple also benefits the government because of the increasing wealth of the company and all of those customers and employees who benefit from its wealth. All governments can do for income is take money from citizens who work and invest, via taxation.  Government doesn’t generate wealth (except for politicians on the take like Harry Reid, et al) and government doesn’t make people happier by giving them the things they want (unless they are on welfare, and even then one cannot say that these takers are “happy” with their barely-making-it welfare checks, their boring, wasteful lives and their government-issued Obamaphones). The possessions in peoples’ lives have to be earned  by the individual in order to make them happy.  The more government takes from the earners, the less the entire population has in the way of wealth, and as government grows and taxes more heavily, it also deprives its citizens of liberty, which spikes unhappiness rather quickly.

As companies like Apple become burdened with increasing taxes they may stop expanding and their investors may begin to disappear. And as regulations on their products and their methods of manufacturing are imposed on them (as Obama’s EPA is currently doing to all industries in America), they stop innovating, expanding and hiring and everyone suffers, including the greedy government as fewer taxes are paid by investors and employees.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Emperor Obama As Nero: He Golfs While America Burns

Obama is off playing golf again, and I suppose this delusional man thinks he has actually earned the pleasure: after all, he has “fundamentally transformed America” to his socialist ideal, with a few more finishing-off destructive touches yet to come in his last year as president.

But back on the mainland, and thinking of the mainstream population of America, people are worried about terrorism (and our worry stems not from cable news informing us of terrorist acts; we’re worried because Obama takes no interest at all in this subject and will not defend America against terrorists); we are afraid of a president who violates the Constitution; we fear a president who selectively violates immigration laws; we fear a new wave of executive orders that will further Obama’s totalitarian goals; we fear illegal aliens invading our borders with little or no resistance from our own government; we fear the inundation of EPA regulations that kill jobs and threaten our power grid; we fear Obama’s promised gun control which will leave us further vulnerable to criminal invasions of our homes and terrorist attacks on our cities as the population goes undefended; we fear a wave of Syrian refugees that ISIS has promised will be infiltrated with their terrorists, that Obama insists be allowed to settle in America.

America, like ancient Rome under Emperor Nero, has had some experience with burnings from the highest levels of government: Ferguson and Baltimore have literally been set on fire, and gun fire has become common in those cities, as well as San Bernardino, Chicago and New York among others, with little or no attention given by Obama.

Also under fire under Obama’s administration are the police officers who risk their lives daily to protect America. Obama has done nothing to protect these brave servants/citizens from attacks, and has instead contributed to their abuse and suffering by allowing his Justice Department to investigate the police forces of several cities and blame them for opposing the criminal element they were hired to stop and control. The local police departments have local and state review boards to oversee their handling of criminal cases and the federal government should not stick their noses into local issues.

The American people are also under simulated fire from the president: just as Americans were judged to be culpable by the liberal press for the 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center (liberals were famous for asking: what did America do wrong to deserve this attack?), in late 2015 Obama again found fault with America and Americans for the alleged racism, religious bigotry and hatred he sees in his own country, which things he says preceded and followed the San Bernardino terrorist attack. As usual with this demented man, it’s America’s fault.

Friday, December 25, 2015

George Will Misses His Mark With An Arrow Aimed At Donald Trump

I’m generally a fan of columnist George Will, but in his December 23rd Washington Post opinion piece and attack on Donald Trump he misses his mark by a wide margin, which is unusual for this skilled writer.

His first point was Trump’s “unpleasantness” which has not been displayed at all in my opinion. I believe Trump’s humor and his willingness to oppose the standard, liberal, enlightened Washington line, and tell the truth about what’s disrupting America, is refreshing and is a big plus in his favor. But while I see Trump as telling the long overdue truth, Mr. Will sees his expressions as being embarrassing. But that’s Mr. Will’s problem as well as his protection, because as long as he has identified Trump as being crass and unacceptable to the silk-slippered upper crust of Washington and New York, he will still be invited to the correct crowd’s cocktail parties, so with this article he is home safe with these fashionable wastrels.

Mr. Will then consumes three paragraphs with remarks about Vladimir Putin and his recent, seemingly favorable remarks about Trump, but I believe Mr. Will has fallen into the trap of the crafty Putin: our Vlad assumes that if he speaks well of an American politician the American public, especially but not exclusively the cushy left, will oppose that politician.  But many American conservatives are favorably disposed to Trump for the opposite reason: Putin could only be speaking favorably of Trump to scare Americans and generate opinion against the Donald, and most of us can see through this veil and are not fooled. I think Putin fears a Trump presidency following the absolute incompetence and anti-American behavior of the Obama administration, just as the Iranian Mullahs feared a Reagan presidency following the foolish Jimmy Carter era.

But the subject of Will’s article, “If trump wins the nomination, prepare for the end of the conservative party” was never really engaged head-on by him, and was absolutely not proven to be the case in his article. The main thing Mr. Will missed (and I know he knows better) is that there is no “conservative party” in American politics. Conservatives have traditionally been part of the Republican Party. But conservatives have been, at the very least, ignored and taken for granted, if not undermined and mistreated by the Republican Party, for at least the last 20 years. Republican establishment leaders know the right words to use to satisfy conservatives, but they never follow up on those words with conservative policy. Republican establishment leaders care more about maintaining their lofty positions than they care for the welfare of America, or the furthering of real conservative values and traditions.

As Ronald Reagan often said when he explained why he became a Republican after being a member of the Democrat Party for several years: he told us that he didn’t leave the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party left him.  Similarly, Establishment Republicans have left American conservatives, and it’s refreshing to have leaders like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz speaking like real conservatives for a change. Maybe the Republican Party can be salvaged and resurrected to its former, powerful and independent-thinking self, instead of being a yes-man to liberal policy just to keep the money guys happy and dealing out the dough.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Liberal Press Just Keeps Getting It Wrong

Last night CNN’s Don Lemon was grilling Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson about his relative inexperience with international relations, and he spoke with Mr. Carson as though such things can’t be learned by a responsible and sincere person, and as though Mr. Carson will not have experts on his staff to advise him if he is elected president.  But Mr. Lemon glossed over the necessity of a president to be flexible and willing to listen and learn and desirous of making wise decisions that will better serve the American people, all of which things are dangerously lacking in Barack Obama.

Mr. Lemon forgets that as a presidential candidate, Barack Obama, as well as having no experience and no desire to learn about international relations, refused to even discuss the subject in any real way, and actually held the subject in disdain and regarded domestic politics as the only subject worth considering.  After all, how could Obama develop and accomplish his “fundamental transformation of America” while worrying about dealing with Russia, for example, which Mitt Romney warned Obama would have a large impact on the next presidential administration. And after seven years in office we see Obama floundering and a total failure in anything foreign (except publicly bad-mouthing and blaming America for the world’s woes while speaking abroad) and that he remains completely personally unable and unwilling to listen to expert advice as to how to deal with Islamic terrorism or Russian expansion. But Mr. Lemon doesn’t want to criticize the man who has placed America in such dangerous circumstances; he only wants to criticize Republicans, and especially black Republicans.

Also ignored by liberals is the fact that Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State during most of Obama’s presidency and that she has contributed mightily to the disastrous failures with international relations seen during the Obama years, but the likes of Don Lemon are not grilling Hillary nor asking about her personal failures as Sec State and how she is preparing to do a better job as president.  Only Ben Carson can be criticized for a relative lack of experience, although he’s demonstrated a great willingness to learn and has put himself at some risk to do so.

Liberals also turn a blind eye to the favors Hillary, as Secretary of State, gave select foreign leaders if they would donate money to the Clinton Initiative “charity”, which serves as a charity mainly for the Clintons, with some money actually leaking to the needy on occasion. During Hillary’s time as Secretary of State this charity served largely to enrich the Clintons while doling out American governmental favors to some bad international actors at the expense of the American tax payer.

But the liberal press is what the liberal press is, although lately there are indications that they are less enchanted with Obama than in previous years. Some of the glitter of our Barry is wearing thin.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

What Is It With Hillary’s Videos and Obama’s Cable TV Remarks?

Usually politicians are clever enough to discuss believable things that make their point or that endear them with the public, but in the case of Hillary and Obama they are stuck on dumb and dumber, each with their own favorite lying subjects. These two leaders of the Democrat party are repeat, proven, pathological liars, and while they lie about a wide range of subjects, Hillary is most fond of videos and Obama prefers Cable TV.

Hillary, who has a broad plateau of lies on her resume (White Water; Bimbo Gate; Cattle futures; emergency landing, under enemy fire, in Bosnia; receiving Top Secret emails on an unsecure server; only using one mobile device while Sec State) seems to favor referencing videos, one of which she lyingly says caused the Benghazi consulate attack and killings, and the other was about ISIS using Donald Trump’s image to attract recruits to their murderous cause. Both video references are lies.  What is it that Hillary doesn’t understand about going to the well one too many times?

And then we have the sitting president who lately likes to blame everything on cable TV. On one occasion he told an interviewer that he was unaware of a major event having taken place in his own administration until he saw it reported on TV. On another occasion, when he pretended to not understand how upset the public was about the Paris terrorist attacks last November, he said that he doesn’t watch TV enough and was therefore uninformed of their concern about terrorism in general. And then most recently, when Obama learned that the American public is worried about the terrorist attack here at home in San Bernardino, and Obama’s “What, Me Worry?” response to it, he blamed the public’s concern for terrorism on Cable TV’s reporting of the news, thereby frightening the public unnecessarily, when most of us believe the reason for the press is actually to report the news as it happens.

Obama’s resume of lies is so much larger than Hillary’s that one would think he would have a wider range to select from and get off the Cable TV sticking point. GOTUS (Golfer of the United States) is good at lying, but terrible at deciding what to lie about.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

How Can Obama Reassure Americans That We’re Safe From Terrorism When He’s The Cause Of The Problem?

I don’t need to be assured that the FBI and the NSA are on the job protecting America; I trust them and I know they do the best job they can. And I don’t need to be assured that our military forces are at the ready to defend the nation in case of attack. I have all the confidence in the world in our military personnel and their dedication to protecting America.

Stated differently, I trust the military to do a perfect job defending America, but in the current world, although the military is completely voluntary and most of the military personnel joined to fight the enemies of America, Obama cannot be trusted to allow them to do so.  I don’t know what goes on in that man’s head, but it makes no sense for Obama to state that he won’t allow an all-volunteer military to go into action against a sworn enemy, when that’s what they volunteered to do.  How frustrating can that be for those who volunteered to serve, to leave home and join the military after witnessing attacks on your country, and then to have to sit in their barracks and watch even more destruction being done in Chattanooga, San Bernardino, Ft. Hood and other cities, while your idiot president dithers and allows the enemy to spread its destruction. 

It’s the commander in chief, Barack Obama, that scares me, and it’s he who I believe doesn’t give a damn about protecting America; all he cares about is “fundamentally transforming America”. It’s Obama who forbade Homeland Security forces from looking at personal, social media sources to help vet the San Bernardino terrorist who later killed 14 American citizens. And it’s Obama who has established such a strict and restrictive set of rules of engagement for the military that they are increasingly unnecessarily placed in harm’s way while trying to do their duty, and are often therefore unable to kill the bad guy and defeat the enemy that has sworn to destroy our nation. And it’s Obama who is so socially and environmentally conscious that, in his pretend attempt to “contain” ISIS, would not allow Air Force pilots to target ISIS oil wells and oil tankers because such violence may cause some oil to be spilt or the air to be fouled with fumes.  It’s Obama, in his unwillingness or inability to kill our enemies, who has placed us at such great risk in a dangerous world. And it’s Obama who, in spite of his own FBI chief stating that we cannot properly vet Muslim immigrants seeking entry to America, and in spite of the announcement of ISIS that they will infiltrate the Muslim refugee masses who Obama insists on admitting to America with their own terrorists in order to attack our nation, who threatens this nation.

To have Obama assure me that America is safe from Muslim terrorists is like Adolf Hitler in 1939 assuring the Polish people that they are safe from Nazi invasion.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Three Things We Can Expect From Obama In Order To Hurriedly Finalize His “Fundamental Transformation Of America”

I’ve been sitting on this document and its dire predictions of things to come at the end of Obama’s administration for some time, but with the House of Representatives’ recent 2000-page, trillion-dollar-plus spending bill that funds every un-American thing Obama claims he wants, and most of what establishment Republicans have claimed they would vote down if we elected them into office again, America’s demise has been cemented into place.   
First, because Obama got no political traction following his statements informing us how violent Christian terrorists were during the Crusades one thousand years ago; and while we continue to see Muslim terrorist killings surge around the world in spite of Obama assuring us that these people only want peace, we can expect that Obama’s pals will arrange a major attack on American soil, or a series of smaller but bloody attacks, that will be committed in such a way that will enable Obama to identify the attackers as being Christians and/or conservative “terrorists” so he can claim that both sides of this argument are violent and extremists. Obama will make much noise of how horrible Christians are, thereby removing the pressure from his administration in their efforts to import tens of thousands of Syrian “refugees”, which influx ISIS has promised to infiltrate with their own terrorists.

Second, Obama has already allowed hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to invade our nation unchecked and has stashed these people we-know-not-where throughout the country. In an effort to bring these illegal aliens out of the shadows and into the Democrat voting booths, Obama will try to convince the nation of the necessity of establishing a two-nation state, like the two-nation state that Obama and the United Nations are pushing for Israel to establish to accommodate the Palestinians.  Obama will then insist that the border-crashing invaders he has illegally allowed into the U.S. have Constitutional rights in the newly created second-state, and will begin locating them in Arizona, New Mexico and California in order to establish the two-state entity he dreams so fondly of. With that accomplished, our brave leader can then say he has finally accomplished treating these illegal people in keeping with “the way we do things” and that his actions represent “what we are” as a nation. In reality Obama has so terribly divided our nation between black and white, Christian and Muslim and police and citizens, that making two nations out of it may be a good idea, because he has destroyed the original America.

Third, because Obama, despite his best efforts to the contrary, has been unable to fulfill his promise to “fundamentally transform America”, and keeping in mind that he only has a year left to accomplish his destruction of America, and being mindful that with the Iranian nuke deal he signed he not only opened the door for Iran to fully develop a nuclear weapon, but also released billions of dollars for the Mullahs to spend on terrorism around the world, one can fully expect a major military-style attack, if not a nuclear attack, on America, which will allow Obama to declare martial law, shut down all radio, TV and print criticism of the Obama administration and will allow the suspension of the 2016 presidential election while our brave leader negotiates the surrender of America to whatever enemy attacks us.

Why else would Obama open our borders and allow no security checks to be made of the invaders at all?  Why else would Obama insist, in spite of the domestic and foreign attacks on civilians by Muslim terrorists, that tens of thousands of Syrian “refugees” be allowed to enter the country with little or no security checks having been made?

Obama has been stymied and stalled in his attempts to redirect attention from leftist extremists and Muslim terrorists and onto Christian citizens, and we can expect an inundation of abuses to our Constitution and to our national security as Obama approaches the end of his presidency. To borrow a phrase from Rahm Emanuel, Obama will make every effort to not let the series of crises he has created these last seven years “go to waste”, and will try to use them to further undermine the constitution, deny constitutional rights to citizens, and destroy America.

The idiot and traitorous Republicans in the House of Representatives have completed Obama’s promise to destroy America by fully funding every scheme Obama has laid out to undermine our economy and divide our society, and now all Americans can do is sit back and watch the vultures pick our nation apart like a conquering army, because that’s exactly what establishment Republicans and Obama are: they are an invading army who have waged war on America, and the citizens of the United States, and they have won.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Government Literally Gets Away With Murder

Two weeks ago we saw the results of the government’s failure to check all immigrant screening avenues, in this case, an individual’s social media postings, when processing the visa application for the Muslim woman who ended up killing fourteen American citizens in San Bernardino, California.  The Obama administration didn’t want to impose on this fine lady’s privacy so officials just asked a few perfunctory questions about whether she was a terrorist or not (and of course she lied about that), and let her enter the country to do her intended killings. Along these same ineffective lines, Obama has never bombed Syrian oil wells nor launched a missile against an ISIS oil transport truck because he didn’t want to contribute to the leftist lie of global warming, and probably feared that the fire that would result from a missile strike on a truck would end the world via a carbon over-dose. The social media and the oil truck things prove the total idiocy and the complete lack of common sense of our government’s leftist, politically correct positions: Americans are literally fighting for their lives in an increasingly violent world and our president is either worried about being nice and not imposing on an enemy’s privacy, or is overly cautious of attacking our enemies for fear of killing a protected desert rat. This stupidity defies explanation, unless you come to the conclusion that Obama is intentionally allowing Muslim murderers into America to teach this nation a lesson and bring us down a notch or two.  Why else would Obama insist on importing tens of thousands of Syrian refugees to America when ISIS has put us on alert that they will infiltrate those masses with their own terrorists who will then launch attacks on the American cities?

We need to use all tools at our disposal to totally and completely defeat and kill all of our enemies, whether here or in Syria, and we must make every effort to keep any potential terrorist out of our country. But our brave president sees things differently and, as usual for a liberal/leftist, he blames America first for all the world’s problems.

Recently Obama and one of his administrations’ assistants were quoted trying to assure the American public that thorough, exhaustive and extensive checks are made on each visa applicant, taking from 12 to 18 months, in order to be sure that no bad people are admitted to our country. They were discussing the influx of Syrian “refugees” that Obama insists on letting in regardless of how many Muslim terrorists attacks we see happening around the world. But now we have proof that few if any checks are actually made and that Obama and his administration are bald-faced liars. If Obama had wanted these murderers to enter the country to attack Americans he couldn’t have devised smoother access than the current screening process that allows them to pass without detection.

Extending the point of government incompetence by looking back at distant history, you may recall a few years ago several children were killed by dashboard mounted airbags which activated with too much pressure when the cars in which they were riding experienced crashes. We subsequently learned that the Chrysler Corporation warned the government at the time of the designing of the automobile airbags, that the government edicted pressure was too great and could cause harm to a small person sitting in the front seat. The government, of course, knew better than Chrysler, so the bad regulation was kept and became law, decapitating several small children.

If Chrysler had been the one to design the too-powerful airbag pressure release device that caused deaths, the government would have put the CEO in jail and fined the company into oblivion, and in today’s world Obama would have endlessly told us how cruel and criminal corporations are and how they hate children and women and small animals and…. (You get the picture).  But since the government made the fatal error, the issue was quickly swept under the carpet and the government went on to its next fatal mistake.

How can a democracy continue to exist when all we get from our top officials are lies and cover-ups?  It can’t!  And neither can that nations’ citizens exist when the government permits people who want to kill us to enter with nearly no screening.  Obama refused to carpet-bomb Syria to eliminate ISIS terrorists residing there because he was concerned with the environmental destruction that would result from such strikes, as oil transport trucks and oil wells were blown up and burned.  He cares more about an oil fire than about American citizens’ lives.

 Both of the above are examples of how government, and especially the current anti-American administration of Barack Obama, not only get things disastrously wrong, but demonstrate that government never pays a price for its errors, and the people who make those errors also never pay a price for doing so (further examples would be the IRS scandal that has gone away; Hillary getting no punishment for keeping an illegal email system and receiving Top Secret emails over an un-secured server; and also Hillary skating after ignoring requests for increased security in Benghazi with the result that four Americans were killed there, and then lying to the victims’ families about the parties responsible for the murders), whereas private industry is always fined, people get fired when they don’t keep proper records or if they do something that accidently injures people, and law suits are always brought against such companies by either the injured party or by the government, or both, because liberal government has the mindset that industry is always careless and corner-cutting and cares not at all for public nor employee safety.

But probably the currently most vilified individuals in America are the police officers that we depend upon to keep us safe and lend assistance during emergencies. But the Obama administration wants to blame and prosecute these public servants when anything unfortunate happens to the individuals the police investigate and arrest for the crimes they may have committed.  From the Freddie Gray trials in Baltimore that have so far resulted in a hung jury, to the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, which the government and the press allowed to culminate in the lie of “hands up, don’t shoot” which has caused such suffering and misery to individuals and small businesses in the St. Louis area, liberal governing officials are proving themselves to be incapable of behaving reasonably and responsibly in the execution of their duties to the public, and especially to the police who serve us all so well.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Liberals Love Government Power; Privately Owned Guns Oppose Government Power; So Liberals Oppose Guns

Ever wonder why liberals are so opposed to guns but don’t try to ban knives that kill people or jet aircraft that knock down skyscrapers, killing thousands?  And ever wonder why liberals are so intent on blaming inanimate objects like guns for crimes and not the human operators of the guns?  It’s because there are two basic sources of power in the world: government and military.  In the western democracies the preferred source of power is government (which liberals love), which is backed up quietly by guns in the hands of the military (which liberals claim to not like so much). The opposite power source is found in the less democratic world where rebels and their guns are the main source of societal change, resulting in power being placed in the hands of the newly installed rebel government.  Americans are used to the powers of elected government while many other nations only see powerful military groups in control.

In the United States liberals gain power through elections, and once elected they merrily take control of the government and use the legitimate processes of the government to begin absorbing rights and powers formerly enjoyed by private citizens, and place these rights and powers under the umbrella of the government.  No one really feared that Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton would go beyond the relatively benign power grabs that liberals are prone to strive for once they gain power, and no one thought they would really try to take over and subvert our established national and constitutional practices. But along comes Barack Obama with his promise to “fundamentally transform America” followed quickly with his Fast and Furious project; his directed bankruptcy of General Motors and the giveaway of the proceeds to his buddies in the unions; his takeover of Healthcare; his illegal and disastrous opening of our borders to the world; his denying of tax advantages to conservative groups via the IRS; his redistricting of American neighborhoods via HHS rules; his disastrous nuke deal with Iran (which he falsely claims will prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon); his retreat from a successfully stabilized Iraq and blaming George Bush for the disastrous results of his ill-advised action; his failure to recognize and state that radical Muslims are killing Americans and others around the world via their Jihad on us; and many other examples of Obama’s lies and power grabs could be given. Each of these examples represents the big lie Obama told when he swore to defend the Constitution, as further demonstrated by his repeated attempts to deny American citizens their right to keep and bear arms.

Regardless of what labels liberals try to put on dictators, all dictators are liberals/leftists.  Hitler cannot in any way be related to American conservatism because he concentrated power into his government and denied his own citizens any rights to protect themselves from his absolute power, which is the opposite of any conservative ideal.  And the eventual military struggle between Hitler and Stalin can in no way be seen as a battle between left and right: Hitler and Stalin were two leftists who were competing for the domination of Europe with their eyes on dominating the world. Since all dictators are liberal/leftists, it should come as no surprise that Obama’s streak of power grabs has frightened American conservatives, who want to use their right to bear arms as an assurance that Obama’s power grab is limited and can be opposed by the citizenry if necessary. Unlike Carter and Clinton, who were just two good ole boys who loved life and were having a good time in office, American conservatives strongly believe that Obama, via his promised “fundamental transformation of America”, will use his governmental power to absolutely become a dictator, so we citizens want the second source of power, the gun, at the ready in case Obama does use the greatest power source, the government, to make his takeover a fait accompli

Friday, December 11, 2015

Liberal Confusion On Evolution And Creation

If the various species on earth were created by God then it would seem logical to religious conservatives that we should protect these animals and plants to assure that they continue to exist and not become extinct. But liberals don’t believe in creation, insist that all species came about through evolution, and yet they still insist that dwindling species be protected and kept alive with strict government rules and regulations, in spite of their own liberal position that the world as we know it developed via evolution and survival of the fittest.  They seem to not be aware that there have been more species that have evolved and then become extinct than there are species currently living on earth.  And the vast majority of these now-extinct species died off long before humans came along to pollute the air with SUVs and steel mills. At least part of the liberal theory of evolution is true, evolution does absolutely occur over time, but then they attempt to deny evolution its natural process by demanding that we artificially protect species that are at present in decreasing numbers. I would take this decreasing numbers aspect as proof that the dwindling animal population is unable to compete, that evolution is working fine and let nature and evolution take their course.

Knowing liberals as I’ve come to know them, I’m very suspicious that the Endangered Species Act is just an attempt to grow government in order to control the private lives of Americans and control land development and land use throughout the nation, because it has nothing to do with any principled belief concerning evolving animal or plant life. The Act halts the “natural” evolutionary extinction of species that can no longer house or feed themselves, and it perverts their actual evolution toward extinction, thereby depriving some new thriving, evolving species their own space and food as they try to compete with dying species.

The pretense of concern on the part of liberals for individual members of a species that is becoming extinct is a false concern because liberals have in the past transported protected animals hundreds of miles from their natural environment to a location to which they are foreign, simply to enable liberals to then claim that this foreign area is now off-limits to humans and development because the protected animal was surprisingly found there (under false pretenses). This is simply a land-grab that we are familiar with from liberals and not a legitimate concern for an animal at all.  This type of action on the part of liberals proves they are only interested in winning and dominating their opponents with the assistance of the big hammer of government, when their opponents only want to be left alone by big-government, and it shows a disregard for the innocent animal they abruptly relocated to an area where they may not be able to survive, and may suffer and die as a result of this mistreatment and abuse for political purposes.

Liberals’ actions are contrary to real evolution because liberals always insist on rules and regulations that are artificial to nature in order to control the environment, and especially to control humans, which disrupts the natural evolution that would occur if liberals, who are as much a part of natural evolution as any other animal, were not there pushing their “unnatural” agenda.

However, liberals might counter that they, as humans, are part of nature and that their attempts to preserve a non-evolving plant or animal is in keeping with the broader term of “natural selection”, except that this position leaves the door open for other “natural” humans to drive SUVs, build homes and places of business in the wilderness and attribute this living space expansion to their own evolving humanness. But liberals, with their big-government links, will not permit this argument any traction.

Liberals can’t see that their own governmental rules and regulations are in contradiction to their stated goals of evolution and living in accordance with natural processes.  They forget about the owls that they claimed were extinct because of a Wal-Mart store having been built in a particular location, until it was discovered that the owl was indeed still living and thriving and had built a very comfortable nest in the building’s Wal-Mart sign.  Liberals are blocking natural selection and evolution with their phony lies and government rules, and they should just admit that all humans are part of nature and should be allowed to do what humans do the best: we live well and expand and thrive when we are free of government control and coercion. Someday humans will likely over-expand or commit a major error and will die out, but nothing liberals can do will prevent that from happening.

Every thinking person knows that there have been several cataclysmic events in the past millions of years that have wiped out all or most life on earth, and that this process is part of the evolution of the earth.  All we humans can do is live our lives, we can’t control new ice ages nor asteroid strikes, as have happened in the past. But humans should be allowed to live free and not be burdened with anti-natural rules and regulations from big-government liberals.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Time To Ram Rahm In The Rear And Let The Roosters Return Home To Roost

Rahm Emanuel is the wise-acre Obama staffer who conceived of the political policy of allowing no crisis to go to waste.  Under this philosophy the Obama administration used the Clinton-caused real estate melt-down and the resulting stock market crash to convince the idiots in Washington to give Obama a trillion dollars and unlimited credit in order to save the nation from a financial collapse, and instead of being saved from a collapse America was assured of a “fundamental transformation” that has resulted in what appears to be the total collapse that the trillion was supposed to avoid. Nice work, boys. And our fool legislators in Washington wonder why Trump is so popular.

So now our Rahm is himself experiencing a political crisis in Chicago and I sincerely hope that his political rivals take full advantage of this crisis and shove their favorite implement of destruction up his filthy butt. This man deserves total political annihilation and I am loving watching him squirm as the mainly black demonstrators, who probably voted for him in the latest election, demand his resignation.  And equally enjoyable is seeing a lack of support from his bosom pal, Obama.  And add to that the fact that Obama’s Justice Department is investigating the Chicago police department for withholding evidence of a serious crime from the public for over a year, and you have a beautiful day aborning.

Sure Rahm will skate, sure he’ll keep his job, sure Justice will probably find many police department employees and officers guilty of something and Rahm will be excused from any culpability, but it’s also sure fun to watch the weasel squirm for a while.

I wonder if Rahm has learned a lesson now that the shoe is on the other foot.


General Obama’s “The Art Of War”. Part II: How Not To Fear Nor Oppose The Enemy

I believe it was in 1932 that the brave and wise General Obama gave the following inspirational message to America:

                                 “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”.

The good general had to explain this statement to me because of its deep and nuanced message.  Here are General Obama’s words of enlightenment and explication:

You see, if we have fear of our enemy then we become afraid. To be afraid is to become fearful. To become fearful is to get mad.  If your fear and anger make you sufficiently afraid, not just kind of afraid, but really afraid, you may offer opposition to your enemy. If you oppose your enemy they will become stronger and gain more converts to their cause. Opposition to an enemy is bad: it’s what they want! So if you oppose your enemy you are allowing them to achieve their goals, which makes them successful, and they win. So in order to defeat an enemy one has to speak softly, bomb carefully and maintain very restrictive rules of engagement so the enemy knows you aren’t really afraid of them and don’t really want to hurt them, because that would make them mad and engender fear in them, and then they would get really, really mad and they might start to hate you. And if one hates their enemy they may start to make derisive statements against them. And if one expresses derision against an enemy that really hates you the Attorney General might bring charges against them and convict them of a hate crime, and you want to avoid that at all costs because CNN and independent voters don’t like haters and especially haters who express derision against their enemies. And the most important thing is that your enemy should not be restrained from entering your country and living well at tax-payers’ expense, because to keep the enemy out of your country is to show fear, and, yada, yada, yada.

The important lessons to be taken from the General’s wise words:
Don’t hate those who are trying to kill you. And above all, don’t make them mad at you.
Don’t make a mocking Hitler salute and say “sieg heil”.
Don’t use your index finger to form a mocking Hitler mustache above your upper lip.
Allow our enemy to be near you and he will see how nice you are and he will love you.
Don’t shoot at your enemy; it’s what he wants you do to!

Thank your General Obama, and make God have mercy on the United States of America.

General Obama’s “The Art Of War”. Part I: How I Contained The Nazis In WWII

If one listens very carefully to General Barack Obama one can learn a lot about military operations from that wise old gentleman. In Part One we learn how the good general contained the Nazis in WWII and thereby won the war without one troop being exposed to gun fire and not one troop on the ground. Here are the general’s own words:

First we contained them in Germany. Then we contained them in Poland. Then we contained them in Czechoslovakia. Then we contained them in Austria. Then we contained them in Yugoslavia. Then we contained them in Denmark. Then we contained them in Belgium. Then we contained them in Norway. Then we contained them in Sweden. Then we contained them in Holland. Then we contained them in France. Then we contained them in North Africa. Then we contained them in Greece. Then we contained them in Italy. Then we contained them in Russia.  But the key to the Allied success in WWII was that we kept the Nazis contained and did not allow them to expand and conquer any other nations.

One only hopes we are smart enough to understand the good General’s wise words. May God have mercy on the United States of America.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Donald’s Comments Don’t Worry Me At All

Much ado has been made of Donald Trump’s recent comments about keeping Muslim extremists out of our country until we can find a way to stop the killings of Americans committed by these people. The single most galling reaction to Trump’s statement was Josh Earnest stating that Trump should be disqualified from seeking the presidency because his comment was unconstitutional and that only those candidates who would abide by the presidential promise to “protect and defend the Constitution” should be allowed to run.  The damned fool Earnest conveniently overlooks the fact that Obama is daily trashing and burning the Constitution by insisting on taking guns and rifles away from law-abiding Americans in direct violation of the second amendment, and Obama otherwise defies the Constitution in every way possible by ignoring immigration laws and changing laws that are inconvenient to his political leanings.  And I’d like to hear one of the so-smart critics of Trump tell exactly what part of the Constitution he has violated with his statement. All Trump is doing is suggesting ways to protect Americans from unprovoked terrorist attacks, while Obama, on the other hand, seems intent on allowing more killings by welcoming additional thousands of refugees from Syria.

All these fools want to do is bad-mouth the leading Republican who is saying the only direct-to-the-issue solutions to America’s problems that anyone is daring to utter. And I am ashamed of the other Republican presidential candidates (with the exception of Ted Cruz) for taking the liberal position and giving liberals additional political ammunition by dumping on Trump for telling the truth and stating something that common sense would suggest needs to be done.

But I’m disappointed by all politicians, and especially our beloved Barack Obama, who loves to take the stage and tell Americans what “America stands for”, remind us of “how America does things” and tell us that this thing or another is not “what we are”.  No one in the history of this nation has been as destructive of what America is, and what America has done, and more destructive to our Constitution, than Barack Insane Obama.  And of course Paul Ryan had to add to the injury big government has caused Americans by also criticizing Trump.

This great nation has been beset by liberal fools and idiots and is being ruled by the literally insane. Proof of this insanity is that numerous Syrians have tried to illegally enter America in recent weeks using illegal passports; ISIS has stated that they will infiltrate the refugees entering our nation; one of the San Bernardino terrorists was recently vetted upon her entry to our country and we now know how successful her vetting was; and we know that there is virtually no screening that can be done to be sure Syrian refugees are not associated with terrorist groups because there is no functioning, dependable government left in that part of the world. And with all of this evidence that we are doing something very wrong that prevents us from being safe in our own nation, Obama will not take the logical, common sense precaution of halting the refugee invasion of America, but instead insists on pushing full speed ahead to get additional tens of thousands of these people here as soon as possible. One would hope that the recent San Bernardino terrorist murders would wake Obama and the liberals up to the danger America faces here at home, but they remain deranged and immune to common sense.

Liberals Are Always “Glad To Have That Discussion”, Except..

Whether the subject is the conduction of the war on ISIS, the religious aspect and national security consideration of Syrian refugees being allowed into America, homo-sexual marriage, the black-lives-matter scam or global warming, liberals always say they are glad to have “that discussion” or “that conversation”, except that if you really try to discuss whatever subject it may be, they will call you a racist or a homophobe or a bigot or a misogynist, and will often then threaten you with violence. And if you try to offer expert evidence or testing to prove they’re wrong they will not even discuss the subject any longer. So this puts to rest the liberal willingness to discuss an issue they strongly hold. If they hold an opinion you had better not oppose it.

There are no people on the earth less tolerant and less free-thinking than liberals. One would think that merely discussing and thinking a subject through thoroughly would be welcome and beneficial, especially when there is evidence that manipulation or fraud has been used to reach a conclusion, and that liberals would see the light and at least reduce the violence threat-level in their opposition to contrary facts, but they will not give up.  Is it because they are afraid of criticism and violence against themselves from their own liberal colleagues, if proven wrong, that frightens them?  Or maybe they just hate to lose?  Or maybe they have money or income at risk and won’t risk losing it? One fears that liberals can’t or won’t learn, that they are unable to adapt to changing events and circumstances, and they are just dangerous people.

As an example of how dangerous liberals are, if you disagree with them on allowing Syrian Muslims into the country based issues of poor security checks being made for ties to radical Muslim groups, Obama’s Attorney General will threaten you with being charged with a religious hate crime. And if you look at the evidence and decide that the Global warming/Climate change issue is a manufactured issue cooked up by liberals to assure a fat income check for their hard work on this faux issue, or if you object to the EPA issuing massive regulations killing tens of thousands of American jobs to solve the fraudulent environmental claims of big-government liberals, they seriously want such “deniers” to be found insane and imprisoned somewhere. Talk about non-inclusiveness and a lack of tolerance of others’ civil and constitutional rights! This is the ultimate lack of toleration and lack of respect for a fellow citizen’s right to free speech and expression, and borders on dictatorship: if you say what the current administration doesn’t want you to say, they’ll put you in jail.

One wonders if it’s like the old Groucho Marx line “are you going to believe me or your own two eyes” that scares them when their evidence is contrary to what any sensible person can personally experience and see, as with the lie of global warming.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Why Won’t Congress Protect American Jobs?

With the Republicans representing a majority in both the House and the Senate, and with the Obama administration repeatedly violating federal law in various ways (examples: ignoring immigration laws by opening our borders to all comers; violating his own Obamacare laws for political reasons by changing the dates of inconvenient aspects of the law going into effect; massive illegal EPA regulations) why won’t the Republicans repeal the enabling legislation that created the EPA, get rid of this leftist oppressor and put a halt to the job-killing fools in that department? The EPA is an important part of Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform America”, and Republicans should want to go on record opposing its excesses, not quietly acquiescing in this travesty that is killing thousands of jobs and threatens to undermine our entire electrical grid if allowed to continue.

Legislation and the law is what congress is all about and yet they sit and watch Obama issue illegal regulations and kill the few good jobs left after the ruination of our economy under the evil Obama.  Senate and House members must be forced, by we the people, to oppose Obama and the EPA and get the monkey of environmentalism and liberalism off our backs.

And Congress needs to act with haste at this critical time in order to stop Obama and his lying global warming rant, because the United Nations is at this moment in Paris devising a plan to loot America and our corporations in a “Climate Justice” court that will accuse, and then reach the inevitable conclusion that America’s corporations generate excessive carbon emissions and must be severely fined and forced to stop producing the energy and products that Americans want and need.  To leftists, the dictators of the world like Castro and Kim Jong-Il are being abused by America because of our freedom and prosperity, and the United Nations intends to ensure that this disparity of outcomes ends and that America is brought down into poverty with the rest of the non-capitalist world.  It’s just not fair, according to leftists and America-haters, that America has so much wealth, so many cars, so many air conditioners and so many large homes when so many people in the rest of the world live in poverty and exist on too little food.

What the United Nations will never admit is that the entire world could live exactly like America and Europe if the people of the world would cast off the yoke of dictatorship and become capitalists like the western nations. But the United Nations itself is controlled by leftists and dictators, and in order to keep their personal wealth rolling in they have now want to hit-up the United States for some reparations money. So they establish the faux disaster of global warming and attack us in the Climate Court to get some bucks from our tax payers.  And Obama is fine with this because he, too, hates America and our inordinate wealth compared to the hell-holes in third world nations.  But if anyone thinks that the money the United Nations will drain from America via the Climate Court decisions will help even one poverty-stricken person living in North Korea, Palestine or Ethiopia they are sadly mistaken; only the dictatorial leaders of those nations will see a cent, and their Swiss bank accounts will swell accordingly.

American legislators must stop the warming/change farce Obama is submitting America to in Paris, and while they’re at it they should double-down on halting the Iran nuke deal that the fool Obama has signed. The United States is being physically and fiscally attacked from all sides under the leftist Obama administration and his close buds in the United Nations, and this drain on the greatest nation in the world must stop because America is the goose that lays the golden egg, and once America is gone only the abyss remains.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Are You Going To Believe Obama, Or Your Own Two Eyes?

What do these four factual statements tell you :

If there were no radical Muslims in France before the Charlie Hebdo event, there would have been no killings of Hebdo employees on that day.

If there had been no radical Muslims in France on November 13th, there would have been no attacks and massive killings on that date.

If there had been no radical Muslims in America on September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center would still be standing.

If there had been no radical Muslims in California on December 2nd, many more citizens of San Bernardino would still be alive.

I think that each of the preceding statements is true. So will you believe your own two eyes that radical Muslims are a problem, or will you believe the lying Obama, who will not even say the words radical, terrorist and Muslim together?

On another subject that tests Obama’s honesty, recently he stated that Miami, Florida is experiencing high ocean levels. Since I assume that this high level of water that our lying president is speaking of came from melting icebergs as a result of global warming, I wonder how this heightened ocean level hit Miami but missed Fort Lauderdale, Daytona Beach, Bermuda and the Bahamas, along with many other coastal cities and islands, selecting only Miami to flood. In fact, the ocean is not rising and Obama is again lying. So will you believe your own two eyes or the lying Obama as he rants about the lie of global warming?

Obama consistently and repeatedly stated that with his Obamacare the average family would save $2500 a year, you could keep your plan and you could keep your doctor. Now we know that all of that was a lie, so will you believe Obama about the success of Obamacare against the rapidly rising cost of healthcare in America and the number of people who can no longer afford to use the healthcare they have, or will you believe your own two eyes?

Obama claims that his severe war on ISIS has them contained, and then 128 people are killed in Paris by radical Muslims.  Then, within days of the massive killings in San Bernardino, Obama claims that his war on ISIS will eventually eliminate them as a threat and that his current limited bombings of terrorist camps in Syria need no change in strategy for them to be successful and eliminate this evil threat.  So do your own two eyes inform you that Muslim terrorists are still murdering and running wild, or will you believe the lying Obama when he says his current plan will protect America?

It’s almost as though Obama is allowing, or even creating, terrorist attacks so he can make the case domestically in the U.S. that all guns must be taken away from legal owners because these weapons are killing so many people.  Obama tried this feint once before with his Fast and Furious scheme, trying to make it appear that weapons bought legally in America were resulting in murders in Mexico, and we now know what a lie that plot was (in fact in spite of the fact that Fast and Furious was an Obama plan that failed to make guns that were legally bought in American the culprit, this scheme by Obama did get many people killed by the gangs in Mexico, using the American weapons, along with one American border agent). But liberals never stop pushing their agendas and Obama continues to push his insistence on outlawing private ownership of weapons in direct violation of the second amendment of our Constitution, which document, one should be reminded, Obama swore to protect and defend, not to rip apart. But this is just one of many Obama lies. He’s told much worse.

 Obama seeks the “fundamental transformation of America” and is well on his way to destroying the America he inherited upon his election.

Friday, November 27, 2015

A Fence Is Not Intended for Offence, It’s For Defence

It amazes me how anyone can be offended by a fence to “defend” our border.  It’s not an offensive tool, it’s only for defense, like the fence around the White House or around John Kerrey’s or Michael Moore’s mansions, or even Barack Obama’s future homes in Hawaii or Chicago. It’s to keep people who don’t belong in, out.  It steps on no one’s toes and doesn’t invade their space, it just keeps them from invading your space. I googled “fence” and found an article that lists thirty-three fencing projects in almost as many nations, with 12 national fences being constructed or in place by 2015, and many of those current fences are for the purpose of blocking the Muslim flood of “refugees” coming into Europe from Syria and other ISIS-caused disasters.  Strangely missing from the list is Israel, which got tired of shooters and bombers killing its citizens on its streets and built fences to keep out the Palestinian terrorists formerly entering Israel with no effort, and accomplished peace and defense by building very successful fences to keep the terrorists isolated to their territory.

There have been fences for as long as we’ve had history. The Great Wall of China was constructed to keep the Mongol hoards out of civilized China, and the Roman Empire was partially protected by Hadrian’s Wall between northern England and Scotland. The Berlin wall was an exception to many walls, and is diametrically the opposite to any wall constructed by America, in that it can be likened to a prison wall, because it was intended to keep people in more than to keep anyone out. France’s Maginot Line was a well-intended but ill-thought-out wall that was circumvented by the Nazi’s. The Maginot Line has some similarity to the wall the US needs along its southern border, which is constantly being circumvented by invaders of the United States.  It’s been said that fences assure good neighbors, and that statement is true.

Only comfortable, well-fed, looney tunes liberals lack the imagination to understand that our own pleasant lives in America are being threatened by aliens who do not understand a Democracy like ours, are often sick and poorly educated, and too often are violent people, as proven by various sanctuary city killings.  Liberals are letting their political leanings get in the way of theirs and their children’s futures, which will be limited and bleak if tens of thousands of people continue to get into America and immediately go on welfare and create large areas of non-assimilated people. This inability of liberals to see the logical outcome of their sincerely felt emotions and desires is in keeping with political scientist Edward Banfield’s findings that the reason criminals keep committing crimes is because they are people who act on impulse and they cannot foresee the results and outcomes of their criminal actions; liberals are not criminals, but they are unable to look at all into the future and determine what a breakdown of the laws and principles that have made this nation great and prosperous will do to future generations.  Both John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan were firm believers in strong borders in order to protect our national identity.

America needs a wall from the Gulf to the Pacific, and we need it now.

Obama Aids Our Enemies In Their War Against America

It’s been a very frustrating seven years while Obama has been in office, and the most frustrating has been the period of time since ISIS was proclaimed as being  a JV team and watching Obama do nothing as he pretended to fight this maximum foe.  With the numerous things Obama has said and done lately it’s now obvious why his actions have been so at odds with reality and the opposite of what he should have been doing: he is working against America in the war with ISIS; in his ill thought-out acceptance of “refugees” from Syria; in the invasion of illegals coming across our southern borders; in the praise of Missouri students for shutting down that university; in his tepid response to the latest terrorist attack on Paris; in his swooning attempts to please Putin and give him whatever he wants; in his signing the Iran nuke deal which assures the Mullahs of possessing a nuclear device in the near future; in his reluctance to really attack and rid us of ISIS and then stating that they had been contained a day before they attacked Paris and killed 128 people; and the U.N. Climate Summit he will soon attend which will establish the Climate Justice court from which perch anti-American dictators all over the world can attack and get reparations from American corporations, and probably from our government directly if Obama has anything to say about it. These judgements from this Climate Justice court will be for the purpose of economic justice for all of the imagined nasty things America and capitalism have done to the downtrodden of the world. 

In a recent news conference Obama became offended and petulant when he was asked some questions about the lack of effectiveness and sincerity resulting from his failure to contain or defeat ISIS.  But each of the questions were long overdue from the liberal press who to this point have been fawning defenders of Obama and were, in this event, right on target with their probing questions.

One of Obama’s excuses for not being diligent in his conduction of a war on ISIS, who have already killed Americans and other nationalities around the world, was that America is deserving of ridicule for itself being a bad actor on the national scene. What Obama did not inform us of, is that if America is such a bad nation, why would the Syrian “refugees” want to come here and why would Obama insist that they do so.  But in spite of the fact that there is no vetting process for people relocating from Syria and that it’s a certainty that some of these “refugees” will be ISIS operatives who will take actions against this nation once they are established and able to get orders from their terrorist leaders, Obama still insists that they come to reside in America. Why?

Iran wants a nuclear device, and in spite of the harm that we know Iran will do with such a weapon as they fulfill their promise of Death to America, along with the destruction of Israel, Obama not only signed the deal that assures Iran of getting a nuclear device, he also freed up billions of dollars of impounded money for them to spend on their spread of Islamic terrorism around the world. Nothing Obama does makes Americans believe that he is on our side in this religious war.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Is Obama Coordinating GITMO Prisoner Releases With ISIS?

As an extreme example of how tone-deaf the Obama administration is, aside from saying that the  murders of 128 Parisian citizens on November 13th was merely a “setback” for Obama (everything is about Obama) and his attempts to “contain” ISIS, on the same weekend that the terrorist murders occurred, the Obama administration quietly released 5 terrorist prisoners from Guantanamo. Could this strange overlapping of the three events be more than it seems to be?

Is there a coordination between these events? It seems unlikely that there could be a mere coincidence that would have Obama stating that ISIS is “contained” just hours before terrorists attacked Paris and killed 128 innocent people, and then find out that there was also a release of GITMO prisoners at the same time. One finds it difficult to believe such events, related to Obama and terrorists, happening within such a limited time frame without something nefarious taking place. Was the attack merely a cover-up to direct attention away from the GITMO release and a way for Obama to limit publicity of the release of people who were captured while fighting to kill Americans?

A little speculation may enlighten the situation a bit: If Obama had only released 1 prisoner, could the lives of 103 French civilians have been saved?  Or if Obama had released 10 GITMO would ISIS have killed 256 innocent people?  It’s an interesting question, but given that the Parisian attack was a day ahead of the release, Obama would have been wise to have retained all of the prisoners for at least a decent period of time before springing them.

I’m just sayin’….

University Students Make Racist Demands, And Liberal Administrators Cave

Who says today’s young people don’t play old-time, traditional games anymore? The radicals and black students at Kansas University are playing the fond old game of follow-the-leader after watching the Missouri University student body punch the MU administration a few times and get away with it. Young people have traditionally attended college to learn, but at MU and KU what the black students are learning is that if they make racist demands they’ll get what they want. The very fact that these black students are attending the university is proof that racism isn’t an issue at KU or MU, and when student demands are made for idiotic things not related to education, it can be assumed that those students making the demands are there for political reasons that have nothing to do with higher education.

On the other hand, the current-day radicals making these demands are learning that the liberal administrators at our major universities do not hold any hard and fast principles of what it takes to properly educate a student body because they will buckle under to any and all threats so as not to appear to be racists.  Is that principled leadership? Are the administrators actually being racist by surrendering traditional education principles to the students’ demands? I see only “liberal privilege” in the black students’ demands and in their disruption of all the other students’ educations. But for conservatives, it’s sort of fun to watch the liberal administrators at KU and MU take a few punches from the young students spouting their “white privilege” crap at the president and faculty.  It’s like we’re living the sixties all over again.

Some enlightening feed-back is being provided to anyone observing these ridiculous goings-on: by caving to the student’s off-the-wall demands liberal administrators are either admitting that their long-held policies of educating students are wrong, as mentioned above, or the administrators are themselves being racists by backing off from the policies that are known to provide a solid educational background for students to make them successful in the current and future competitive world. I ask the administrators of KU and MU: which is it? If you believe that studying the book Fifty Shades of Grey is really offering a sound education and that free education and a forgiveness of college loans is sustainable without forcing future confiscatory taxes to be paid by the very students who are now insisting on these idiotic things, then announce your decision and go with it.