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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

What’s Wrong With Obama Wanting To “Fundamentally Transform America”? Let Me Count The Ways.

When someone wants to “fundamentally transform” something it means that they hate the current existence of the thing and want to make it completely different from what it is today.  For a professional community organizer like Barack Obama, this kind of thinking comes naturally.  He has always hated the way things were and wanted to organize and change them to something of his own liking.  Here are some of Obama’s “fundamental” changes:

So now we have an internet that the government is in control of and will modify to its own liking, not to the wants or needs of the users.  We now have an IRS that limits tax deductions to conservative groups but not to leftist groups.  We now have the government in control of healthcare (and medicine in general) because the public was not allowed to see what the Affordable Care Act’s proposals were, and the president lied about what the bill contained every time he spoke on the subject.  We now have a State Department that believes that all ISIS needs to make them decent citizens-of-the-world is a good job.  We now have IRS and FCC commissioners who lie under oath and tell congressional committees that they will not behave as congress originally defined their duties as being, and now must currently behave.  We now have an EPA that is willing to destroy the industry and prosperity of America by defining carbon dioxide (among many other alleged “threats”) as being hazardous to our health and edicting that it must be controlled and limited.  We now have a situation in which the federal government is seeking to give new homes to people who can’t afford them (and this idiocy is the exact cause of the real estate crash under which we are still suffering).  We now have a dithering, golf-addicted president who will not seriously attack the ISIS groups who are threatening the U.S., Europe and all of the Middle East.  We now have a government which year-after-year runs up a trillion-dollar debt with no end in sight.  We now have an administration who not only will not try to stop illegals from crossing our southern border, but actually encourages this behavior and makes every effort to welcome and transport the invaders once they arrive.  We now have an administration that illegally gives illegal aliens documents that allow them to get driver’s licenses and jobs (and eventually vote, illegally).  We now have an administration that illegally creates IRS rules that will entitle illegal aliens to large income tax “refunds”.  We now have an administration who is going to illegally entitle illegal aliens to healthcare under the ACA bill.  We now have an administration that threatens border agents with punishment if they do their jobs in compliance with current law, and don’t perform according to Obama’s illegal policy edicts.

The United States of America is in deep trouble because Obama hates this nation to its core and insists on making it into a banana republic. And he’s succeeding.  Decent Americans who just want to go to work, pay their taxes, enjoy their families and set aside some money for retirement are being subjected to the most corrupt, un-American administration in the existence of this great nation.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Is John Kerry Really An Idiot, Or Does He Just Play One On TV?

Recently the Secretary of State, John Kerry, said that the world has never been safer than it is today.  Really Mr. Kerry?  Could you possibly be more wrong?

James Clapper, our Director of National Intelligence, stated immediately after Kerry made his ridiculous statement, that “2014 will have been the most lethal year for global terrorism in 45 years”.  Does that sound like a pretty safe world to you, Mr. Kerry?

And recently James Comey, the Director of the FBI, stated that ISIS is now in all 50 states of America.  Does this statistic make you more comfortable, Mr. Kerry?

The entire Obama administration in not only at odds with reality, they border on absolute derangement.  Remember when Marie Harf, spokesperson for the Department of State, told us that all the terrorists need to deflect them from their murdering ways is a good job? These people are straight-up fools.  And they reflect the opinion and position of their anti-American boss, Barack Obama.  With these people in charge our nation is in great peril.  The entire Obama administration is at odds with reality, the truth and the American people.  And now that Obama has taken control of the internet with over 300 pages of new regulations, the voices raised against him and his ridiculous ideas will be increasingly silenced.

 It’s indisputable that Obama has achieved his goal of “fundamentally transforming America”.  He is silent on the subject of external threats to the security and safety of America, lies every time he opens his mouth, and he is taking giant steps to silence peaceful, loyal opposition from Conservatives to his own perverse ideas of how America should conduct the business of state and protect America from foreign enemies.

Monday, February 23, 2015

“When The Rise Of The Oceans Begin To Slow…” Barack Obama, June 3, 2008. And The Lies Have Just Kept Coming.

When Barack Obama made this obscene, self-serving speech in 2008 liberals were still using the term “Global Warming”, and Obama’s reference was to the melting of the polar ice caps and the flooding of the earth’s islands and coastal areas from the excess water that was a result of the ever-rising heat in the world (caused, of course, by evil Americans and their comfortable homes and dependable cars).  Since Obama made this speech, over 6 years have passed and I have a question to ask of him and his liberal pals: What streets in New York City are now underwater?  What part of Honolulu is underwater?  What beaches in Florida, California and Massachusetts are underwater?

According to Obama the situation has become increasingly more critical.  In his recent State Of The Union address he said that global warming/climate change presents a greater threat to mankind than the escalating threat of global terrorism.  Really?  Then 6 years later why hasn’t he fixed it?

Obama has had 6 years to halt his beloved “global warming” and with his recent statement he still admits that he has done nothing to improve the situation (probably because he has spent all of his time “fundamentally changing” America, running up our debt, opening our borders to the world, denying us a choice of healthcare and destroying jobs).  So if he admits that the situation is still a threat to the world, please inform us what part is newly underwater?

Of course liberals have revised the lie of global warming to “climate change” because for the first 40-plus years they were screeching about warming (in the 1970s Ted Danson said we only had 10 years before the oceans died and the fish would disappear, and in the 1960s Paul Ehrlich said that within 10 years the world would have no food left), and now that that myth has evaporated they have revised the dialog to a change in the weather (which, of course, naturally happens all the time).

Who is still listening to these fools?  All they want is greater control over the U.S. economy and over our personal lives.  All they want is to be able to halt the prosperity of the Western world and make everyone equally impoverished (which sounds disturbingly like what ISIS also wants).

Just ask a liberal what streets in Miami are open to boat traffic now and they will change the subject.  And, of course, they get mad when they are reminded of the record cold and snow we are currently experiencing.  They are unfamiliar with the term “winter”.
Americans are being lied to by 21st century snake oil salesmen.  We’ve traditionally been smarter than to be made fools of by this flashy, fast-talking trash.  Let’s start demanding answers to legitimate questions that will refute the lies elected officials are shoving down our throats.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Rudy Giuliani Was Right: Barack Obama Doesn’t Love America!

Although Rudy Giuliani has back-tracked somewhat from his original statement that he believes Barack Obama doesn’t love America, he nevertheless said it, and I agree with his original statement.  He shouldn’t have backed-off on his position because someone in a position of influence, such as he, must take Obama to task for the things he’s said and the actions he has (or has not) taken in regards to the terrorists who are killing innocents all over the world. I would take Rudy’s statement one step further and state that Obama not only hates America, but he hates our closest allies even more, and admires our direst enemies.

How can a thinking person assume that Barack Obama loves a nation that he is “fundamentally transforming” during his presidency?  Why else would he consistently defame our system of capitalism (which has not only made America and its citizens the most prosperous in the world, but also supports our poorest citizens so they can live better than most of the populations of the world who work at slave labor wages and who appreciate the low-wage jobs that they are able to find)?  Why else would he allow the EPA to repeatedly handicap our capitalist system with harmful regulations?  Why else would he make excuses for the terrorists plaguing the world and blame America for the “grievances” of these animals?   Why else would he have begun his presidency with a round-the-world apology tour abusing America?  Why else would he display his dislike for our closest ally (England) by returning the bust of Winston Churchill that had been in the White House for years? Why else would he blame Israel for their problems with the Palestinians, and who can justify his insulting treatment of Benjamin Netanyahu?  Why else would Obama dip back into history 1000 years and blame Christianity for things that occurred long ago, as part of a discussion/justification for the current abuses of Muslim terrorists?  Why else would he have said that the most beautiful sound he’s ever heard was the sound of Muslims being called to prayer in Indonesia?  Why else would he declare that there was not a “smidgeon” of scandal in the IRS abuse of and discrimination against conservative Americans?  Why else would a president repeatedly lie about the proposed healthcare laws of the nation while denying citizens the liberty to make their own choices for their own healthcare, while at the same time concentrating all medical care into the federal government? Why else would the administration illegally sell weapons to Mexican gangs with the hope that when used as murder weapons they would be traced to legal American dealers, which in turn would allow the Obama administration to make a case that American laws that permit private ownership of weapons are causing mass murders to be committed, thereby undermining all Americans’ right to buy and own their own weapons?  Why else would an administration, while pretending to be negotiating with Iran to stop developing nuclear weapons, halt the sanctions that were pressuring Iran to negotiate seriously, and jeopardize the entire project?  Why else would a president state that the lie of global warming/climate change is more of a threat than terrorism, thereby giving credence to the former and undermine the absolute urgency of the latter?  Why else would an administration release to the public, plans for a future attack on terrorist positions, thereby alerting the enemy of our plans to attack them and endangering the lives of Americans involved in the action? Why else would a president be AWOL while his staff in Benghazi was being attacked and killed?  Why else would a president allow the law to be openly broken and permit illegal aliens to freely cross the border, allowing terrorists to enter our nation and often reintroducing diseases which had been eradicated years ago, back into America, thereby threatening that health of American children, possibly fatally?  Why would a president who is running for re-election lie by stating that he only wants marriage to be between a man and a woman, then after being safely re-elected states that he has “evolved” and now favors homosexual marriage (David Axelrod’s recent book informs us that Obama always favored homosexual marriage)?

This is only a partial list of the many things Obama has done that equate to an attack on America and its citizens.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

From The Obama State Department: “Terrorists Just Need Jobs”. Really, Barack?

The Obama administrations believes that the way to get terrorists to stop be-heading and burning people is to find them jobs.  So, in an effort to get jobs for these unfortunate and deserving “folks”, as Obama loves to call them, I’d like to help the White House with their PR task in this regard.  Maybe they could use one of these ads in order to attract the targeted murderers:


To help our president we all must assist getting America back to full employment (in addition to the five million illegal work permits Obama has issued under the table to illegal aliens, so a few hundred-thousand additional terrorists on the national payroll couldn’t hurt).  Perhaps if some of the domestic work force currently unemployed under Obama’s dictatorial, unconstitutional rule, would begin beheading Christians, Obama could find them jobs, too.  But all patriotic, working, tax-paying citizens are treated like the real enemy by Obama: they are mocked, called bigots, haters, selfish and are taxed nearly to death.  So it’s eye-opening to see what Obama’s attitude is toward those who voted for him and the tax-payers who provide him with a 747 with which he can golf constantly.

So let’s all get behind our young president and help him get full employment for ISIS terrorists.  But maybe if Obama hadn’t withdrawn from Iraq so quickly some of the terrorists would have found employment there.  On the other hand, terrorists have a pretty good gig as it is: millions of dollars a day in revenue from captured oil fields; billions of dollars from captured banks.  These are examples of jobs that Obama allowed to fall into terrorist hands.

It may be true, as the State Department’s Marie Harf recently said, that we can’t kill all of the terrorists (so we must give them jobs instead), but it would be fun trying.

The bottom line is that the terrorists are killing because they are evil people, and Obama is lying to us because he’s an evil man. God help this great nation with this fool man as commander-in-chief!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Our Stupid President And His Attack On Staples

Recently Obama attacked the Staples office supply company over the issue of whether or not they could afford to pay the increased costs of healthcare for their part-time staff.  The stupidity and lack of understanding of how business works that came from Obama’s statements is overwhelming and his ignorance of where a company’s money comes from is frightening.
If Obama wants to travel somewhere (and our president is always flying somewhere even though our nation and the world are falling apart in front of our eyes due to his lack of attention) he simply orders Air Force One and it’s there, like magic (but it’s not magic; the aircraft, which is donated by Boeing and is only available for Obama’s personal use because Boeing is able to remain profitable, its pilots and its fuel all have to be paid for by the tax-payers, and there is no concern for any environmental damage related to the jet fuel consumption of the aircraft, regardless of the hand-wringing screeches about the lie of global warming/climate change we hear from Obama).  If Obama wants his family to follow him later, another aircraft is pulled from the hangar and the family joins him.  If Obama then wants the family dog to accompany them, yet another jet is pulled from the hangar and the dog is transported to the family.  There is no concern nor consideration on Obama’s part about costs and inconveniences to provide this enormous benefit to him.  Obama is a taker, not a maker.
On the other hand, when Staples wants an aircraft for corporate travel they have to come up with the money to pay for it.  Boeing doesn’t give aircraft to them, they have to pay for all travel from their profits (and profits come from dealing in the marketplace and competing with other companies while trying to please their customers), whether they own or lease the aircraft or fly commercially they must budget the expenditure among their other budgetary considerations, and if the cost of one expenditure goes up they must reduce their costs in another area in order to keep their books balanced.  Obama does not have to budget anything and he doesn’t have to earn money in order to run his administration.  Similarly the House and Senate don’t have to compete and earn the money they spend. Their salaries are simply given to them from the taxes we all pay.  They are given a million dollars each to pay for their staffs, to train the staff and to travel for any government business they may conduct (and occasionally they ride military aircraft which is also free for them at tax payer cost).
The ignorance of Obama is unbelievable in his belief that a billion dollar company can pay the cost of healthcare for its employees and that it doesn’t have to worry about budgeting these escalating costs.  Obama has added trillions of unpaid-for dollars to the national debt because he can simply print money if it’s not readily available from the treasury, and he can push worries about paying off this debt to future generations with no idea of what it will cost his, or our, grandchildren in increased taxes and reduced living standards.  Private companies can’t ignore the reality of costs as Obama can do, they have competitors to worry about, customers to please and serve, and increasing taxes to pay.  Government doesn’t have such worries, they just raise taxes on companies like Staples who then must fit the increased taxes into their other expenses.

And occasionally Obama even attacks the companies that give him the pleasures and convenience he enjoys in the office of the president: the National Labor Relations Board attacked Boeing (the company who provides a fleet of aircraft for the president and his administration to use) by denying them the ability to control their expenses by moving some of their operations to South Carolina in order to reduce some of their labor costs.  The unions (which give money to Obama to keep him in office) didn’t like Boeing’s attempt to operate more economically and save money by paying lower wages to non-union American citizens (and in this way perhaps try to offset some of the expense of providing and maintaining the free planes they give Obama).

The socialist/communist attitude of Obama, assuming that he can order anyone to do his bidding, and that he can issue orders that increase the cost of living and the cost of doing business for an entire nation (the EPA increases the cost of power plants to generate power which in turn increases costs every American company and costs its citizens more to make their homes comfortable; Obama takes over healthcare which increases these costs for every American and decreases their standard of living.  And our Republican legislators, with John Boehner at their head, who were just elected in a landslide election in November, make the fool statement that Americans voted them into office so they could work with Obama and get some legislating done.  But Boehner doesn’t get it: we want Obama stopped in all of his illegal actions, and stopped NOW!  That’s why the Republicans were elected to office in unprecedented numbers.)

And beyond Obama’s ignorance of how businesses work, how the American economy functions and how the nation remains prosperous, he was factually wrong about the part-time staff at Staples  which got him all hot and bothered in the first place.  Obama makes uninformed statements that attack a good company, and then flies off (in a Boeing 747, by the way) to raise money from an adoring crowd.  He never apologizes for his incorrect, injurious statements like real people do.  The press never holds him accountable for his errors and numerous scandals (such as four deaths in Benghazi and one American death in the fast and furious fiasco, among others).

Of course Obama is a veteran liar who recently told us that Yemen is a classic example of his great policy success in the middle east (just before our Yemeni embassy was attacked and hastily closed and evacuated), and who recently boasted about his administration ending fighting in Iraq (before sending a request to congress to authorize renewed military action there), and who repeatedly assured the American voting public that he believed marriage should be between a man and a woman (but now in a book just published by David Axelrod we learn that he was lying to get votes and that he always favored homosexual marriage), so maybe he really doesn’t believe what he says about the way Staples is doing business, but we’ll never get the truth from his mouth.

Most people understand that corporations and families have the same basic need in order to continue to exist: they must make their finances balance at the end of the year (which the government will not even try to do) and they both have to make a profit or they will go broke and fold.  A corporation may have to sell the corporate jet to stay solvent and a family may have to drive the same old car for another year or delay a planned vacation until another time in order to make ends meet.  But government, where our esteemed president lives and works, just keeps on spending, keeps on printing money, continues to accumulate more and more debt and keeps on regulating the lives of Americans and making their lives more difficult and expensive.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Is Barack “High-Horse” Obama Really A Christian?

If Obama is so outraged at Christianity for slavery and the crusades, and on the other hand so infatuated with Islam for being the true religion of peace and for having the most pleasant sound he’s ever heard, with its morning call to prayer from a minaret, how can he be for the reviled Christianity and not a member of the beloved Islam?

Obama is fond of supporting Islamic movements (specifically the Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt, which the Egyptian military quickly disbanded and outlawed for trying to disrupt and undermine the country with its radical and violent movements) and if he hates groups revolting against repressive Islamic rule (specifically the green revolution against the mullahs in Iran which Obama refused to give assistance to, and whose failure of Obama to support led directly to Iran’s nuclear development, which Obama criticizes verbally at every occasion but allows to continue to develop in reality, and concerning which he seems determined to reach a favorable agreement with Iran allowing them to continue their nuclear threat against Israel, America and the world).

Any sane person who is paying attention to Obama’s words balanced against his actions would conclude that our president dislikes America, although he adores his 747 and the enormous fees capitalism has paid him for his books, and he loves the large life America has allowed him to live. What Obama seems to not understand is that when radical Islamists set off a nuclear device on American soil, his life, and the lives of his family, will go up in smoke along with the rest of the nation, and we’ll never see an ounce of prosperity or comfort for the rest of our lives following such an event.  How can Obama and his liberal friends not understand the danger we face in a world where terrorism is spreading quickly, and in a nation whose southern border, at Obama’s specific order, insistence and design, offers no protection against would-be terrorist smugglers of nuclear devices?

 On the other hand, what does Obama know that we don’t know, and what are his intentions for America?  It’s a certainty that he’s no Christian and his intentions are not favorable to our continued prosperity and comfortable living.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Hey Obama: Shut Your Pie Hole; Start Killing Terrorists and Stop Defending Them

Obama’s absolute refusal to effectively attack and eradicate the terrorists who are committing unprecedented atrocities in the middle east and who threaten America, Europe and Israel, is proof that he is on their side and not the side of freedom and liberty, and his “Crusades” speech this week is an outright defense of the terrorists.

The filth and evil currently residing in the oval office is leading directly to increased death and suffering in America (witness, for example, the current outbreak of measles following the opening of our southern border by Obama, and consider that measles had been eradicated for years in the United States, but is back once again killing our children due to the influx of untreated illegal aliens who were imported to the U. S. by the Obama administration) because our Islamist president will not act on the behalf of America and the citizens who elected him.

What Obama is doing is not leading from behind as his defenders proclaim, there is no leadership coming from Obama and he is instead being pulled from the front by the likes of the King of Jordan and the president of France, but so far the pulling by other leaders has not resulted in any action from Obama.   Our Islamist president must decide whose side he’s on: the side of liberty or the side of the murdering terrorists, and then get out of America’s way while we once again solve one more of the earth’s problems, because no other nation has the capacity (and America is quickly losing that capacity under the Obama administration, and intentionally I believe).

Why can’t our idiot, cowardly Republican legislators (whom we just elected to new majorities in both houses of Congress for the sole purpose of stopping Obama in his goal of destroying America) not see the danger Obama represents with his defense of our mortal enemies on the international stage, and his unrelenting attacks domestically on our constitution, our traditions and his fellow citizens, and IMPEACH THIS FOOL, NOW!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Why Are Liberals So Stupid And Cause So Much Harm? Lyle Rossiter Has The Answers.

Lyle Rossiter, in his book The Liberal Mind: Psychological Causes Of Political Madness, states that liberals exhibit madness by their “systematic destruction of the foundations on which an ordered liberty depends; ... only irrational thinking could trade individual liberty for government coercion, sacrificing the pride of self-reliance for welfare dependency”, and other liberal faults that we see daily from the Obama administration.
Mr. Rossiter has it right.  When one can look at various failed governments around the world (for example: Russia, Cuba, Sudan, North Korea) and see that these states that completely and severely control the lives and actions of their citizens, to the extent that the citizens have no liberty or freedom, no wealth and often no food for themselves or their children, how can liberals like the Obama  Administration look at America, with its (formerly) large middle class, its successful industries and our generally happy people and begin tightening the screws on U.S. citizens (via EPA regulations, increased taxes, unsustainable debt and unconstitutional executive orders and memos) that promise to destroy the nation’s industries, impoverish the middle class and make virtual slaves of the nation‘s poorer citizens by entrapping them into perpetual subsistence to Democrats in exchange for their slavish vote to assure the continued flow of government handouts and goodies?
Liberals who are responsible for the downgrade in the quality of life in America must be insane (to paraphrase Mr. Rossiter) or they would not be systematically tearing apart the nation where most people in the world would like to live (as proven by the inundation of our southern border under Obama’s misguided immigration policy).  I guess that’s why our president is affectionately named Barack Insane Obama.  The name fits the ideology.