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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Caesar Obamus’ “The Trouble’s Leaving Here Fine” Administration

As Obama’s (un)Affordable Care Act continues to crumble and collapse (while its namesake plays golf in Hawaii and schemes for the next government takeover of our nation) one can only wonder at the personal and psychological makeup of the fools and apologists who propose these idiotic projects in spite of the overwhelming public opinion against them.

Because of Obamacare many millions of Americans have lost their healthcare plans, and some of these losses will have deadly outcomes for the impacted American citizens.  At the same time that laws force private industry to report false inducements made to the public, Caesar Obamus and his minions pretend that the government’s forcing our fellow citizens to lose health insurance has not even happened.  They report millions of people happy to pay more for less or unwanted coverage, while the dot-gov web site continues to fail and due dates for critical parts of the (un)ACA are allowed to unlawfully slip, and Obama golfs on.

There’s long been a liberal tendency to complain about any expansion and control that private industry makes from time to time, yet liberals say not a word about the unconstitutional expansion of government and its negative impact on medical practice in America, and its impact on liberty in general.  The idiots in the Caesar Obamus White House just simply don’t care.  Obama has gained enormous power with his new law, and he’s as pleased as punch.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

America Is Having An Atlas Shrugged Moment

In Ayn Rand’s great book the real innovators and producers of the economy gave up fighting the socialism and political correctness that was stopping them from running their businesses successfully, left their leadership positions and let the leftist rabble fail in their incompetence.

In the real world of America’s Obamacare, I would not suggest that we give up on this great nation and allow it to fail, but unfortunately we must allow the Obama administration to fail with its ill-conceived healthcare takeover, let it collapse of its own accord, then repeal the bill after the broader population agrees it’s a failure, and get back to real change that will work and serve our healthcare needs best.  Real people are being hurt by Barack Obama’s ultra-left projects with more millions to follow as the employer mandate comes on-line, but in order to save the nation we cannot afford to patch up the Obamacare disaster and let it limp along for 40 or 50 years, it must be allowed to fail now so the outcome of liberal thinking is obvious for all to see.

Repeal it, don’t patch it.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Barack Insane Obama: Always the Liar, Always The Crook

Obamacare was going to protect people from the risk of bankruptcy, and now millions of Americans have had their existing insurance cancelled as a direct result of the Affordable Care Act and its provisions, and these now insuranceless people face bankruptcy and in some cases, death, if they are in the middle of some life saving treatment that now must end.

 The ACA was going to provide poor people with insurance, and now people who have worked all their lives and have made plans for their future are without insurance.

The ACA was going to save an average of $2500 per family and instead is breaking family budgets with elevated premiums and deductibles.

And possibly the most sickening thing about Obamacare is that the coverage offered includes many items that not only cost more money, but are neither wanted nor needed by the insured, so the paternalistic Obama administration is claiming that this unnecessary coverage and its forced cost increases are “improvements” over their former “junk” coverage, which the family both liked and could afford.

Why are liberal-socialists such arrogant bastards?  Why are they always so eager to tell everyone else how to live, what to eat, where to live, what to drive and how to successfully run their lives?

Hitler was protecting the German people from Jews, homosexuals and gypsies when he designed the final solution.  His paternalism was only intended to help Germany.

Stalin knew best what music the Russian people should listen to, what products they should be allowed to purchase, where they should be allowed to travel and who they could befriend.

Castro and Kim Jong Il knew best how their populations should live and work.

Every time one of these socialist dictators takes over a nation the population sinks into poverty and despair.  The most striking comparisons between free and enslaved nations and how unsuccessful the socialist nations are, include Havana and Miami, East Berlin and West Berlin, North Korea and South Korea, and anywhere in Russia compared with anywhere in the west.  In Miami, West Berlin, South Korea and the west in general you’ll find well-dressed, prosperous, well-fed people, while in the socialist alternatives you’ll find pollution, poverty, hunger and drab surroundings.

Why do these socialist fools always feel the need to control other people’s lives?  And perhaps more to the point: why are Americans, with the best healthcare in the world and the highest standard of living in the history of the world, allowing Obama to destroy the nation and their prosperity?

Edward Banfield, in his book, The Unheavenly City, determined that criminal acts are committed by people with no future orientation.  These people act with only a thought about the present, and give no thought about the future and how their current actions will impact both themselves and others in the future.  They lack the ability to see cause and effect between their actions and the implications for the future.  Criminals will steal and kill on the spur of the moment, and after being punished by imprisonment, will probably do the same thing over again upon release from prison, because they live only for their desires and emotions in the present.

Liberal-socialists have a similar trait (and keep in mid that Obama absolutely committed criminal fraud in his repeated lying assurances that everyone could keep their current insurance coverage if they wanted to, just to assure his re-election and to get his ACA bill passed).  They take control of people’s lives and destroy those lives and the economy of the nation, and then they have to take more total control in an attempt to correct the resulting impoverishment of the nation (while blaming the poverty on the companies that are selling the products and services the citizens need), to the point of having the military brutally keep the population under control.

When a free people make informed decisions about their own lives they are happier, healthier and more prosperous.  But people like Obama can’t leave happiness and prosperity alone.  Their personalities cause them to seek to control as many other lives as possible, while they themselves travel in luxury, live in fine homes and get international acclaim and praise (and in Obama’s case, even receiving the Nobel peace prize while waging a war that was condemned as a criminal event when his predecessor was president) from other adoring socialists. If these fool socialists aren’t halted at the outset of their control only violence and bloodshed will break their stranglehold as they choke a nation to death.

Americans must oppose Obamacare totally, not be fiddling with it and correcting this provision and that paragraph of the bill, nor changing its implementation date to a future time (which would only allow Obama more time to sink his talons further into the neck of the nation).  Obamacare must be repealed and buried in order to save this great nation.

Friday, November 8, 2013

We’re Not Interested In Playing “Gotcha” With Obama.

It seems that many in the media, along with our own idiot Republican politicians, are pleased that Obama has been exposed as the liar he is and now believe it’s time to get the Obamacare web site on-line, patch some of the most obvious and objectionable provisions of the Affordable Care Act and get on with life in increasingly liberal and socialist America.  But the American people are fed up with fools like Barack Insane Obama and his hourly lies, and we want Obamacare and Obama defeated and removed from the American scene.  We want our freedom to choose our healthcare provider returned to us without any involvement from the federal or state governments.  Everything Obama has done, from the takeover of GM, to getting embassy employees killed in Libya, to not enforcing immigration laws, to multiple trillions of dollars of debt, to the current takeover of all healthcare, has resulted in more concentration of power in the federal government and the erosion of constitutionally preserved liberties for American citizens.

Our fool House and Senate politicians have served us poorly, and now they can redeem themselves by getting our lying president impeached and by repealing his Affordable Care Act.  Nothing short of these things will satisfy us any longer.  We’re damned mad at Washington, and we don’t intend to take it any longer.  When a major bill like the Affordable Care Act doesn’t even consider fixing the rising cost of healthcare by addressing tort reform, getting rid of fraud, increased use of medical savings accounts and allowing competition by insurance companies across state lines (any of which would immediately lower the cost of healthcare) then the bill is an embarrassment and must be repealed.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Workers Of The World Unite! Obama Is Destroying Your Lives.

When Karl Marx made his plea for the workers of the world to unite there was at least the trace of an argument in favor of changes in the business world that would allow the average working person the ability to make a wage that could support his/her family.  But today’s radical leftist movement, currently embodied in the administration of Barack Insane Obama and his Democrat toadies, is trying to undo the essence of Marx’s manifesto, because Obama is doing everything he can to undermine the gains that working Americans made under the 20th Century labor movement by plotting against the workers of America in favor of the increasing millions who are unemployed and may never have been employed.  The passage of Obamacare, and its threats to our economy, not only caused millions of people to become unemployed or underemployed, but has also caused people with private health insurance (and eventually those with employer healthcare coverage) to lose their coverage.

People who previously took responsibility and bought their own private healthcare are now being forced, due to federal legislation in the form of Obamacare, to lose their coverage, and many are being forced into Medicaid, which we know is growing increasingly insolvent.

So now that we see America’s great healthcare system being intentionally dismantled by our Barry and his radical cadre, it’s time for the remaining workers (and those who hope to become employed again in the future) to band together to oppose Obama and everything he stands for (greatly increased taxes to service Obama’s multi-trillion dollar debt, more expensive electric power combined with frequent brown-outs, U.N. control of our gasoline supply via carbon taxes, less available and more expensive gasoline and other petroleum products, a shortage of doctors and proper medical care in general under Obamacare, an influx of persons illegally entering our country in order to get Democrat-promised citizenship in exchange for their votes), across the board, before we lose to an unconstitutional federal government everything we’ve worked and saved for.  If Obama is successful in his anti-capitalism efforts, this will be the greatest forced-transfer of wealth the world has ever seen as Obama rewards the non-workers of the world and destroys all wealth in the process.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Barack Insane Obama: Still Lying For The (Radical Left) Faith

The infinite corruption of the Obama administration is alive and well.  Because Obama lied repeatedly and convincingly about his signature healthcare legislation and how it would function, it’s obvious that he lied with the clear intention of convincing people to vote for him so he could get re-elected in order to push his healthcare bill to fruition and get his claws on one-sixth of the U.S. economy.  There is strong evidence that he did this in spite of the near certainty that his lies would be discovered, but he was convinced that nothing would happen to him in the way of punishment for the legislative fraud he was committing.  Nor does he appear to fear that his ACA bill will be repealed now that we know that all of the hype was a falsehood.

First his administration took over General Motors, now he’s in the process of taking over the entire healthcare industry (pharma, insurance companies, hospitals, research, manufacturing, and all related businesses), so what’s next to be consumed by big-government?  Obviously single-payer, government control of our healthcare and our lives is his next level of conquest.  This man is practicing dictatorial rule beyond our ability to comprehend it.  And all of the new healthcare rules and controls are now under enforcement and punishment by the IRS, which should scare every American to death.

If our idiot Washington legislators don’t impeach this bastard for the horror and the threat he has brought to the citizens of the United States, America will go down hard under the uncertainty for our future as a prosperous, functioning nation under the rule of law.  If you just stop to consider what Obama’s Justice Department would do to any industry leader who lied repeatedly about an essential product or service and then allowed the whole thing to collapse under those false presentations, we know where the industry leader would end up.  But, of course, government is the good guys, not like those evil corporate persons.

Obama must be impeached and removed from office immediately, before he can arrange the United Nations-inspired carbon tax that he and his EPA are salivating over, and before they can start the wholesale shutdown of coal powered electrical plants that will starve the nation of the energy required to live and create jobs. Our nation must have the courage to rid itself of this fool man.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Under Obama, P.O.T.U.S. Takes On A Whole New Meaning

Under Obama’s presidency P.O.T.U.S. has come to mean “Piss on the United States”.  From the very beginning of his administration he has complained about the actions of the United States and how defective the constitution is in it’s limitation of governmental intrusion in its citizens’ lives.  He has befriended and empowered foreign dictators and excluded and insulted America’s allies.

Under the anti-American presidency of Obama our nation has cast aside the rule of law and the idea of a limited government operating under the umbrella of the constitution.  He has systematically undermined our military and our ability to defend ourselves.  He has ignored laws intended to keep illegal aliens out and has established programs to encourage illegals to come here and receive welfare as soon as they arrive.  He has pretended outrage at the exposure of scandals (like the IRS abuses) but lets the idea of punishing those who abuse the law and mistreat there fellow Americans evaporate as soon as the press looks away, and they always accommodate him by doing just that.  He has greatly increased joblessness and negatively impacted healthcare in America with the implementation of Obamacare, and this legislation also has caused a direct negative impact on the introduction and development of life-saving new products and drugs, while providing a big windfall profit to big pharma, which backed Obamacare and is Obama’s big pal.

Obama’s EPA has been hard at work presenting new regulations that will kill thousands of more jobs and make life for all Americans less comfortable and more expensive.  The new EPA administrator has promised to assure less fuel for our cars and more expensive coal-generated power to our homes and businesses via a push for regulations on “global warming” or “climate change”, or some other phrase these lying fools utilize to scare us into living poorer lives and allowing them to take over more control of our everyday living.

And while our beloved president is out playing golf, or sleeping, or vacationing on Martha’s Island, our foreign diplomats and being killed in Libya, and our Secretary of State is threatening red-line punishment with immediate and severe attacks on Syria, and then limited short attacks, then seeking congressional backing to attack, then halting any congressional vote on the issue, and then allowing one of the most evil powers in the world, Russia, to resolve the situation that Obama started by shooting off his big mouth, thereby further humiliating America.  And in the meantime, Iran remains one of the most dangerous nations in the world with its development of nuclear weapons, and a big ally of Syria, and nothing is done to stop Iran’s threat of nuclear proliferation, which could have been nipped in the bud if Obama had given some assistance to Iran’s citizens’ green movement when they rejected the evil their government was performing, but of course, Obama will do nothing to halt Islamic extremists, so now a new threat to Democracy and peace is well on its way to completion, and Obama pisses once more on America and its citizens.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

….and four Americans are still dead!

So the State Department employees who were allegedly suspected of not doing their jobs and causing the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi are back at work and have been cleared of causing the deaths, and now John Kerry feels that enough time has elapsed and the pressure is sufficiently off his department, and we are to believe that no one was to blame and life can go back to normal.  But life can never return to normal for the four dead Americans and their families.

We know some person or persons dropped the ball and didn’t properly defend the lives of those in Libya.  So is John Kerry going to look further for a culprit?  Probably not.  After all, Hillary already told us that it doesn’t matter, at this late date, who caused the deaths.

However, I would suggest that Kerry look at Hillary once more, since she thinks this outrage is no big deal.  If she can skate on this one, as head of the department that caused the deaths, she’ll believe that she can skate as president when terrorists on her watch liquidate an entire American city.  We need some tough questions and some real accountability and punishment here.  I want someone in jail as payment for these deaths, and I’d start by investigating Hillary, who had the ultimate responsibility for the department at the time.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Excellent Obama/Putin Presidential Flexibility Tour

Hey Barry!  Now that you've acquired your re-election, how is all of that promised second term flexibility with your pal Putin going?  You've been stiffed by a man even more evil than you are and you're a laughing stock for all the world to see.  You think you're a tough guy with your gangland comments about bringing a gun to a knife fight, but Putin is the real thing when it comes to world-class brutality.  The Russian dictator used you and your gullibility about being a world leader and promising to disarm America to gain his favor, and now you're the goat.

I believe our president is an idiot and a fool, and he's conducting our nation down a very dark and dangerous path.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Detroit Is A Warning To The Nation

If Obama had a country (and he does), it would look like Detroit (which it more closely resembles all the time).  When a liberal-progressive tyrant takes over a nation, economic destruction and tyranny are the result.  From this point the destruction of America is predictable if we don't change course quickly and dump the fool Democrats, starting with Barack Insane Obama and his radical policies and ideas.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Lying For The Faith Is a Liberal Norm

During the recent revelations of massive illegal discrimination against conservative groups by the Internal Revenue Service, we witnessed the following series of lame and disrespectful excuses from the IRS executives involved:

I've done nothing wrong but will not answer any questions from investigators.
The White House was visited 157 times for an Easter egg hunt.
It's not illegal.

Plus these additional non-IRS lame responses:
It's not something I'd approve (but Eric Holder did sign off on the Rosen investigation).
I'd do it again (from the person who bugged the Mitch McConnell campaign office).

These and other quotes from Obama administration officials are an affront to every American who believes in the rule of law and equal treatment under the law. Each quote is from an Obama official or supporter who has broken a law, but because they are liberals they claim their actions are above the law and hold those who accuse or investigate them in contempt, and would do the dirty deed all over again in order to advance their corrupt liberal goals.

These Obama criminals are practicing the principles of Lying For The Faith, and liberals expressing sentiments similar to the quotes above are stating a lie or a defense that justifies their religious attraction to liberalism and its environmental extremism, subversion of the Constitution, lawless rule by personality and big government control of the lives of American citizens, and makes them immune to the laws and behavior that the rest of the nation must adhere to.

Before our pleasant lives are destroyed by Barack Insane Obama and his henchmen, our legislators must repeal Obamacare, fire the IRS as a group and implement a FAIR tax to replace the current income tax, and then impeach Obama for the transgressions of his administration that would get the CEO of a private company removed from office and prosecuted.

Since our beloved Barry expresses horror and outrage at the numerous scandals on his watch but refuses to tell all federal officials and employees to tell the truth and to cooperate fully with congressional investigators, you can bet this evil man is at the heart of these scandals and must be removed from office ASAP.

Friday, May 31, 2013

The Corrupt Obama Administration: Lying For The Faith

One of the main principles of the very religious and so very principled radical Muslims is that their religion permits them to lie (or kill or torture or enslave) infidels in order to further their religious goals. This is the principle of "lying for the faith".The Obama administration is following these same guidelines with its various recent scandals (Fast and Furious, AP, Rosen, Benghazi, IRS, etc.): they are lying about what they have been doing in order to protect the "religion" of radical progressive/socialism at which altar they worship.

When Lois Lerner (IRS Director of Tax Exempt Organizations, accused of denying conservative groups tax exemption for political purposes) arrogantly sticks her nose in the air and refuses to testify to a Congressional investigating committee and says she's done nothing wrong she is morally correct in this statement, because for leftist/progressives it's not wrong to illegally deny conservative Americans their Constitutional and lawful rights as citizens.  These fool people, who are currently in charge of controlling the federal government under Barack Insane Obama, firmly believe this tripe.  They really believe they are morally superior and that their actions to deny conservatives and Republicans are justified.

Likewise with Douglas Shulman (former IRS Commissioner) who visited the White House 157 times but refuses to explain to a Congressional committee why the visits were made, while he sarcastically, arrogantly and disrespectfully makes an insulting remark as part of his non-response to that question. These dedicated leftists' actions and attitudes follow the edict of lying for the faith of liberalism and show why American leftists can behave casually when breaking the law, or destroying the economy with radical environmental regulations and risking attack by reducing national security precautions:  they are practicing a religious belief and both are protecting this religion against their enemies (American conservatives).  And they have the additional protection of the President who was re-elected by their illegal actions.

So when Lerner and Shulman arrogantly claim they've done "nothing wrong" and refuse to answer the questions of congressional committees, they really believe they are in the right, and this is the reason that the Obama administration is an immediate threat to the welfare of all Americans and why Obama must be removed from office via impeachment, immediately.  And Congress must keep the IRS violators under oath and insist that they answer all questions asked of them or go to jail for contempt.  We must rid our government of the filth of Obama, Holder and their lackeys in all agencies that have abused conservatives.  And the IRS and Obamacare must be defunded and done away with before they can do more harm to America.  We need a FAIR tax instead of an income tax to restore America's greatness.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Barack Insane Obama: More Conqueror And RulerThan President

The American people, and especially Obama's political adversaries (Republicans and conservatives) are at war with their conquering president and his corrupt, unconstitutionally-behaving administration, given the recent revelations of spying on the Associated Press, and the IRS abuses, added to the already broiling subjects of Fast and Furious and Benghazi, we now know that not only are Americans under siege from the administration's Department of Energy, the National Labor Relations Board and the EPA, but more directly from the White House itself.  To that point, the failing economy and joblessness were a great threat to the nation's prosperity, but now we have added healthcare threats and taxation abuses we formerly knew nothing about.

But possibly the know-nothingness of the Obama administration is most disturbing.  Obama has gone from blaming George Bush for all of the ills the nation is experiencing, to blaming his own ignorance of what's happening in his own administration as a way out of the difficulties.  No one in private business could avoid being fired if they claimed to not know what was happening under their leadership.  And Obama's Attorney General is as ignorant of abuses as the president is.  But in their defense, I really believe these men are ignorant and are way out of their depth in the positions of power they hold.

And keep in mind that our Barry is so awfully busy jetting around the country to attend fund-raisers, playing golf with Tiger Woods, taking elaborate vacations at public expense, that he has no idea what's happening in his government while the constitution is being shredded and laws broken.  But he does know that the leftist radicals he has placed in positions of authority in the government would do the unconstitutional things they've done that has gotten him in trouble, so he's still culpable.

The president must be impeached and removed from office, and his minions put in jail for their misdeeds.  Every American citizen should push their legislative House and Senate representatives and encourage them to impeach and convict Obama on his numerous and unprecedented abuses of power or we may never regain the liberties we've lost to Obama.  Can Americans reclaim their nation from the extremists, liars and America-hating Obamaites?

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Professional BasketBall Player is Homosexual! Question: Who Cares?

Answer: Liberals care!  Liberals always care when race or sexual orientation are involved.  To prove my point, Obama called the athlete to congratulate him for his "Courage' in coming out. 

Courage?  This carefully planned move is a resume enhancer for the third-rate basketball player.  It required no courage at all, just a left-leaning press to fawn over him and pretend he's a hero.  And how did Barack Insane Obama find the time to call this nothing athlete, anyway?  Benghazi and the deaths of four Americans haven't been explained yet;  Obama hasn't fixed the jobless situation yet (and he promised to not rest until this was accomplished);  our national debt is about to crush us and the financial futures of our children; Boston and New York, and who knows what other cities, may still be in the sites of terrorists, and our fool president is calling an athlete to congratulate him for a stunt he has pulled in an attempt to get his expiring contract renewed.  Who cares if he's a homosexual or not?  Certainly not any modern conservative.

We are truly experiencing a time of complete insanity from our political elites.  All they do is travel at our expense, hold a few meetings for camera exposure and pass legislation that is causing our economy to grind to a halt, and they collect a large salary in exchange.  Oh, I almost forgot: and we have a president who is so uninvolved in the dangerous world we live in that he has the time to call a man and congratulate him for his recent publicity stunt. What a bunch of idiots we have elected.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Liar, Liar, Pantsuit On Fire. Put Hillary In Jail!

Here's what we know about the Clintons:  Bill's lies and sexual misconducts have made him the darling and saint of the Democrat party, and so far Hillary's denial of requested security to the Libyan consulate, and her repeated lies under oath to Congress about this bad decision, which led to the deaths of four Americans serving there, have seemingly assured her the Democrat nomination for the presidency in 2016.  Can Republicans sit back and allow this kind of misconduct and malconduct to continue to be rewarded with adulation and greater responsibility by these filthy, self-serving people?  Let's pray not.

Congressman Issa must put Hillary on charges for lying under oath to his investigating committee about her denial of security to Benghazi and for her knowledge that the attack on the consulate there was not caused by a You Tube video, as she stated and as the Obama administration was officially presenting at the time.  This idiocy must stop and crimes must be punished.

But of course lies and misconduct, like Barack Insane Obama's intentional destruction of America's economy, his take-over and ruin of private industry, his willful destruction of the greatest health care system in the world, his reduction of national security, which opened the way for the Boston bombings and the silencing of the surviving bomber in that awful event to assure no further terrorist information could be obtained from him, and his apparently successfully blaming Republicans with the lies he's telling about the problems being perpetrated on America by sequestration, are not hurting this evil man's standing with the ever-worshiping Democrats.  So let's hope Hillary's abhorrent performance as Secretary of State will break the winning trend for the always-wrong Clintons.  Put this incompetent, lying woman in jail!

Does Hillary ever wash her hair?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Diversity And Other Liberal Propaganda

It's often difficult trying to understand the points liberals try to make.  There have been several newspaper articles lately about the subject of diversity.  Diversity is everywhere and surrounds us at our every movement, but of course when liberals use the word "diversity" they are referring to their old fall-back position of race and racism, which is all liberals understand.

In one of the articles written by The Kansas City Star they made a point of preaching the praises of diversity in a local school (Olathe North) which is already racially diverse, and had to refer  to other schools, having a more imbalanced racial mixture in their student bodies, as being less fair and less "diverse".  But even these less "diverse" schools still have diversity, just not to the level the liberals would prefer; they'd rather the government take control and assure that there is an equal numeric balance of the races in American schools.

So do liberals want to push for the billion dollar waste and tragedy that bankrupted and destroyed the Kansas City Missouri school district?  Do they want more busing of students across school boundaries?  There are no longer metropolitan schools that are solely white, so what are liberals continuing to complain about?  In America we have minorities who are multi-millionaire athletes, actors and performers, a black president, minority members of Congress and the Senate, minority Supreme Court Justices, black corporate leaders and university professors.  So where's the beef?

Complaints by liberals are no longer about inclusion or exclusion of a class of students, but instead seem to be an attempt to remain relevant in a changing nation.  In fact the shoe should be on the other foot: Conservatives' beliefs in freedom of religion, an understanding and study of the U.S. Constitution, an appreciation of the exceptionalism of America on the world stage, and America's acceptance of minorities from all over the world need more emphasis in the nation's schools.

Diversity has been achieved and the nation has moved beyond it.  The leftists should declare victory and relax, but if they claim victory they lose an issue, so they continue their racist rant and keep churning the pot and making young people who don't know better feel resentful for imagined abuses.

American society has left liberals behind in terms of "diversity", and we could likely greatly reduce poverty as well as discrimination if government didn't entice people to depend on welfare handouts and would  instead encourage them to get educated, become employed and become as successful as their abilities allow.

But for liberals, especially the politicians, the votes and loyalty of the dependent class are too attractive and rewarding to allow these dependents to escape the yoke of big government.  Therein lies the problem that is destroying tens of thousands of young lives and assuring that they live in poverty and dependence.

It's a shame that "diversity" considerations make the local press focus on what divides us (race, ethnicity and income level) rather than on what unites our nation and its students.  And it also improperly concentrates on what students want, and not on the solid academic education they need in order to succeed and prosper.  The diversity issue is a disservice to students.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Headline: Boston Bombers Caught Not "White Guys". Liberal Media Devastated.

It's impossible for a reasonable, sensible person to imagine the racism and hate of liberal/progressives who insist that "white guys" be blamed for a mass murder, when the skin color of the perpetrator is without relevance. Conservatives just want killers caught and punished, but liberals insist on introducing their racism into the consideration of guilt and the capture of criminals.

The killers in Oklahoma City, Littleton, Aurora and Newtown were found to be white, but conservatives still wanted them to be punished severely regardless of skin color.  Before the guilty parties were determined and caught, I heard no conservative make a statement of what he or she preferred to be the race or ethnicity of the actual culprit(s).  We just want them caught and removed from society.  But liberals are not so broad minded.

So while the liberal press seem uninterested in black-on-black crimes (as is the extreme case in Obama's Chicago) they are quick to point their racist fingers at the white population (and specifically conservative whites, as happened in the Aurora shooting in which a reporter quickly, and inaccurately, blamed the TEA party for the crime) for headline-getting crimes in an attempt to achieve some of their beloved "diversity".  But the facts just don't support their racist rhetoric.

The liberal media should have their second amendment rights denied them if they can't just report the news and not report opinion, and we need to insist that they also report all the news, not just the news that favors their preferred side of the issue.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Encouraging Interview With Pope Francis. Maybe We Can Survive Obama After All.

The internet has been known to promote a hoax now and then, but if an interview by Chris Mathews with the pre-Pope Cardinal Bergogloi is valid, there is a chance that decent people can win against for forces of evil headed by Barack Obama.  Here are some of the statements of the then-Cardinal:

Under capitalism "no buyer.. enters into any exchange against his will".  The Cardinal stated he believed  people should be taught "how not to become poor and how not to allow government to trick them into poverty".

The Pope told Mathews "you are a socialist and your friends are socialists.  And you are the reason for 70 years of misery in Russia and Europe now is seizing in pain from your policies.  You believe in the redistribution of wealth and it makes entire populations poor". "You destroy a man's incentives to take care of his very own family, a crime against nature and nature's God."  "You are making everything against the law.  Together this ideology creates more poverty today than all the corporations you vilify have in the history of man".

The Cardinal stated that the Catholic Church's mission is "to provide a beacon out of depravity, socialism and sin".  He goes on with "the best government was created by the Americans in which they admitted that people are endowed by their creator", and that this relationship "has been eroded by the atheists on the left".

He stated that "Latin America is lost.  The people of the entire area are controlled by a bloc of militant socialist regimes.."

He tells Mathews "you are an American.  Your government, my child, has been infiltrated by men of sin".  "you have created a new type of state, the so-called welfare state.  This has happened in order to respond to the needs of the politically created poor".  "People are made poor so they will vote for the very candidate that made them poor".

The interview prints to 6 pages and contains many very interesting observations by the Pope and zings to Mathews and his leftist pals.  You can Google it with BERGOGLIO CHRIS MATHEWS or at this link:

There may be a chance for America to overcome the evils lurking in Washington after all.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Barack Insane Obama: Back-Stabbing America One More Time

So now our idiot president, after boasting that his miraculous policies and his clever handling of the economy was bringing us back to prosperity again, and in particular causing the housing market to rebound after the Clinton administration took the step that eventually doomed it in 2008 (to be specific, it was the Clinton administration that told the savings and loan industry in the 1990s  that they would either begin loaning mortgage money to low income people and those with bad credit ratings, or they would be punished with IRS audits, which threat led eventually to sub-par loans and then to the bundling of good and bad loans, and then to the collapse of the housing market altogether and our current economic dilemma) and now our slow-student Obama is telling mortgage lenders that they must again loan money to those who are likely to default on these loans, and that if the borrowers default the federal government will cover or forgive the loss to the lender.

What could be more convincing proof that Obama is a radical, socialist-communist than this fool move?  It's absolutely certain to cause another major failure in our already fragile economy, probably cause another recession and possibly cause a collapse into a depression.  And all of this trouble heaped on to the back of a nation whose president caused a major national ratings reduction for the first time in America's history.  This is absolute insanity and is proof that Obama wants to make additional Americans dependent on big brother so he can generate democrat votes from the uninformed in 2014, and when the next wave of evicted home-owners causes the resentment and anger it will necessarily generate, he'll blame the rich and the lenders for the outrage for having had these good-fairy-believing borrowers' home-ownership dangled in front of them by Obama, only to see it yanked away again by the lender when they fail to make the payments.

There can no longer be any question that Obama is intent on destroying this great nation with his radical policies, and the portion of our economy that will be most harmed are the very persons he pretends to be helping: the poorest among us.  But to our Barry, people are just tools to move and manipulate as he sees fit for his own political gain.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Israelis Beware: There's A Liar In Your Midst

There is an American currently visiting your country who holds your nation's security in total disregard, although he repeatedly claims to "have your back".  This lying fool has charmed American Republicans into believing that he is sincere about liberty, economic progress, constitutional rule and national security, but he cares about none of these things, neither for America nor Israel.

Trust this devious man at your own risk, and please keep him there, we don't want him back.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Liberals Believe Only In Their Personal Power

Liberals, as we know them under the Obama administration, are devoid of any ideas that would improve our  society or our economy, and will flip-flop on any issue in order to win votes or make their fellow citizens dependant on them for hand-outs. These people hold nothing sacred, demonstrate no patriotism, believe in no truth and no right or wrong outside of their power, and hold the constitution in total disregard.

Following are some of the unprincipled flip-flops made by these people to gain favor and win votes so as to acquire or maintain power:

John Kerry- He was for the Afghan war before he was against it.
Barack Obama-Was against gay marriage until he "evolved" in favor of it.
Hillary Clinton-favored traditional marriage until she learned to favor same-sex marriage.
Democrats-Were opposed to the 1964 Civil Rights act until they saw the political gains to be had in it, and now pretend they were the only ones in favor of civil rights all along.
Barack Obama-Promised to close GITMO until he decided it was more politically advantageous to leave it open.
Barack Obama-Promised to not rest until job creation was increased and the jobless rate reduced, while his EPA was killing jobs via new, strict regulations.  And he seemed to be well rested as he repeatedly golfed and jetted off to Hawaii.
Barack Obama-States that the United States needs to become more energy independent, but will not approve Key Stone or fracking, and will not allow new drilling on federal lands.
Barack Obama-Stated that Obamacare would reduce healthcare costs by $2500 per family per year, and we now know that a family's projected annual cost will increase by ten times that amount.  He said we would be able to keep our existing insurance if we wanted to (but we can't) and we could keep our current doctor under his plan, but we probably won't be allowed to under the Obamacare exchange fiasco.
Barack Obama-Wants improved education for minorities trapped in poverty and bad neighborhood schools, but kills the education voucher plan designed to help explicitly these needful students.
Democrats-Profess to want better jobs for young people just starting out and for people in poverty, but at the same time they increase the rate of pay under minimum wage law, thereby killing jobs that those entering the job market sorely need.
Barack Obama-Stated that Iran and North Korea would not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons, but has done nothing to stop their development but talk.  Neville Chamberlain anyone?
Barack Obama-Repeatedly predicted horrendous results from sequestration, and then said "never mind" when nothing bad happened (except the petty things he personally caused to happen, like White House tours for children).
Democrats-Are all for  freedom of religion but condemn Christmas scenes and the display of the Ten Commandments in public places.
Democrats-Want strict gun control laws, but release hundreds of convicted criminals from prison (blaming Republicans and the sequester), some of whom are violent criminals, now on the loose again to commit more crimes.
Liberal News Media-Claim Constitutional protection to print the news (they tolerate the Constitution when it favors them), but in practice will not report all of the news, but instead employ a self-censorship in which they refuse to report any news harmful to their political holdings.

Liberals are intentionally destroying the U.S. society and our economy, and word must be spread to true, patriotic Americans that liberals/Democrats recognize no standards of right and wrong and that our economy will continue to flounder until the likes of Obama, Pelosi and Reid are removed from office.  The very fact in the past that Democrats were often solid, patriotic citizens until Obama showed them the path to raw power through dividing the nation and creating resentment among the population based on race, sex and wealth, shows how lacking in real belief-systems and compassion liberals are.  We must make the nation aware for this flaw in their nature and vote them out of office.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our Phony, Charmin' Barry, Now The Best Bud Of Republicans

After repeatedly and shamelessly attacking and blaming Republicans for the catastrophic things that were to happen when the sequester took place, and then having his hat  handed to him when none of  his dire predictions actually happened, our charmin' Barry is now all hugs and kisses with Republicans, meeting with them, having dinner with them, wanting to now (after 4 years of stiffing them) work with them for a better America, yada, yada, yada.

The only thing Republicans should concentrate on is impeaching Obama for his repeated unconstitutional acts and for getting Americans killed in Benghazi and the Fast and Furious fiasco, and ignore his false and obvious attempts to sway public favor to his side with this too-late appeal for compromise and friendship.  Obama is not the friend of any conservative or Republican and he never will be.  All he knows how to do is attack them.

The only way to remain free is through constant vigilance, and we must vigilantly oppose all of the policies of the fool in the White House, and we must therefore encourage our Senators and Representatives to do exactly that.  There is no way to be the friend of someone who has sworn to fundamentally transform America and who has taken giant steps toward that end.  Obama has dictatorial tendencies and must be stopped on all of his policy fronts, and we must repeal the horrible Obamacare that he illegally pushed through Congress.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Is There A First Amendment Right For The Press To Not Report the News?

There is no doubt that the press has Constitutional protection to print the news, and this right must not be infringed upon.  But does the press, and we're discussing the liberal press here, have a right to NOT report the news, to selectively report only the news that is favorable to their side and to fail to report news that hurts the liberal slant on things?

Some examples of this non-reporting the news are the repeated apocalyptic predictions of Obama about how devastating the sequester would be, compared with how tame the reality of the sequester really is, but yhere is no mention in the dominant press of the government email in which the White House warned the Department of Agriculture  to not allow outcomes that "contradicted" Obama's dire predictions to occur.  In other words, the White House wants as much pain to be experienced by Americans as possible so the can blame the Republicans for the entire sequester thing, which we all know was Obama's idea.

Another ongoing news cover-up is the fact that the global warming/climate change agenda (the exact term used by liberals keeps changing with their politics) was all a contrived lie and that there has been no warming, human-caused or otherwise, for years.  Yet Obama and the United Nations are still trying to tax the world, and in particular the United States, to rectify this blatant lie.

A third non-reported piece of news is all of the lives saved each year by people carrying guns used to defend themselves.  All we hear about are the nuts who kill innocent students and theater attendees, but nothing about the good gun-owning people who rid us of violent scum (often leftists) who attack them.  And for certain there is never a comparison of the deaths from guns between highly regulated gun-law states and right-to-carry states.  It's much more dangerous to visit a highly regulated state or city than a less regulated one.

And there are other critically important stories not being reported by the liberal press, such as Benghazi and what Obama did all night long as his own appointees in were being killed, and Fast and Furious and why guns were illegally allowed to go to known killers in Mexico, resulting in a U.S. border agent getting killed.

Is there no logical, unspoken requirement that the news being reported be complete and accurate?  In my opinion it would be preferable to get no news at all than to be fed only what liberals want us to hear and read.

I'm just saying.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Who the Hell Does Obama Think He Is?

Now Obama has violated the Constitution  one too many ways.  First he states that he disagrees with immigration laws and will not enforce current laws duly passed by Congress (ICE employees are currently suing the administration over this violation of law, a violation of the constitution and the separation of powers).  Then he offends his own executive branch by going on a tirade of several nasty speeches blaming the Republicans for the upcoming sequestration, stating that this ridiculous law (that was Obama's idea in the first place and allowed him to set the Republicans up as the fall guys long ago) will bring the nation to a stand-still because our over-spending government will be denied four percent of the 8 percent annual increase in budget planned for 2013.

Now our idiot president has violated the Judicial branch of government by releasing hundreds of duly processed, tried and convicted prisoners from jail.  And don't listen to any of the lying liberal crap about these releases being done by career department employees who were concerned about the draconian budget cuts the evil Republicans are about to impose on the administration, and that Obama knew nothing about the releases.  This action is a direct violation of the Constitution, Obama knew all about it and approved it, and this fool man must be impeached and convicted of this most serious act and be removed from office before he denies all Americans our liberties under the Constitution and finally establishes himself as the perpetual ruler of the nation.

Biden may be a stupid man and will absolutely be a terrible next president, but Obama is an evil, dangerous one.  It appears Obama is going mental with his lust for power and he must be removed from office before he completely disintegrates.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Our Lying, Self-Serving Politicians

If you will recall the last time a president tried to permit American citizens to divert some of their Social Security deductions into a self-directed IRA and halt the poor investment that Social Security has become, you'll remember that the president was George Bush and you'll also recall the cat-calls and insults that his detractors hit him with, claiming that private retirement accounts were risky, that market and stock market swings could cause a loss of funds and there may not be enough money in private accounts when retirement money was needed, and finally concluding that if you didn't have money safely "invested" with and by the government through Social Security you were likely to end up broke and in poverty.  The amusing thing is that the government is broke and impoverished and stocks and bonds are doing quite well, thank you.  So who was right; Bush or his oh-so-smart detractors?

So now Bush's critics have decided they need some of our private IRA money to help bail out our over-spending, broke government, and they have devised several plans to take all of this tax-deferred retirement money away from its rightful owners, of course on the grounds that the people who have value and wealth in the IRAs are too stupid to know how to handle the money they've accumulated, and the government ruling class who has spent and borrowed America into bankruptcy knows best how to use the trillions of dollars in the private accounts.

By trying to get to our private retirement accounts the government is admitting that Social Security is a retirement account failure and that Bush was right when he proposed that the best retirement plan for individuals and families is private accounts with real value to them, not a hollow government promise.  And now they are going to take away the accounts of intelligent, thoughtful people and dump us on a welfare retirement program that will allow us only a subsistence level allowance.  And when the money from these IRA/401(k) accounts is dumped into the rat-hole of government spending, there will be no real money, earned through real profit-and-loss companies left to soak, the government will in fact then own the corporations of America and all hope to get our economy revived and back to sanity again will be lost and the futures of our children and grandchildren will be at enormous risk.

But of course our paternalistic government is only planning this takeover out of a concern for our future welfare and out of a sense of fairness for those who were unlucky enough, or too lazy, to have a good job they could work at for 30 or 40 years that would enable them to develop a nice retirement plan for themselves.  Just watch these liberal fools start the class-warfare crap they have been developing into an art form these last 4 years, and watch as they raise resentment against all of us who have worked, paid our taxes, served in the military, raised families, put our children through school, done without fancy living so we could save and invest our money in anticipation of a retirement that would not include Social Security (which has been heading toward bankruptcy for 30 years), and start calling us racists and hate mongers for wanting to keep our own money.

However, the real reason politicians ever wanted Social Security funds flowing to government at all is because the inflow of these funds far exceeded what Social Security was paying out to retirees, and now that government revenues are down (not enough people employed any longer paying FICA taxes) and with retirement age now hitting an increasing number of American citizens, there is no more excess Social Security money to spend on Santa Clause-like, give-away, vote-getting projects, so now they're after the only remaining pile of wealth left in America: stocks and bonds in retirement accounts and the value  of the companies these investments represent.  If the government gets our retirement accounts, our nation is certainly doomed.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Obama's Policies Prove The Popular Definition Of Insanity

The popular urban definition of insanity is trying the same dumb thing over and over and expecting a different outcome each time.  Our Barry believes that raising taxes makes a more prosperous nation, even though our economy takes a negative hit with each increase in taxes that he imposes.  The ignorant Nancy Pelosi even believes that welfare recipients contribute more to the prosperity of the nation than working men and women buying the things they want and need and paying reasonable taxes as good citizens.  So Pelosi seeks more people to barely survive on welfare and become subservient to and dependent on big government, while the nation nose-dives to destruction.

Barry also believes that giving money to alternative energy companies that are unable to make a profit from their products (Solyndra for example) will convince the nation to use wind and solar power and become less dependent on oil and coal as sources of energy, and he's wasted tens of billions of dollars on these idiot ideas, which have all failed.

Some of Obama's repetitive actions that only cause more pain and suffering for the nation are repeated Quantitative Easings, repeated "investments in infrastructure", spending more on education as the quality of education declines, repeated verbal attacks on Republicans who we know don't deserve such attacks because they are too cowardly to have done anything that could possibly warrant a dressing down.  And with an approaching sequester or a fiscal cliff on the horizon, even more attacks on Republicans for not supporting repeated demands for increased taxes and for the Republicans' lack of "fairness" and resistance to compromise.  With Obama it's always something, and it's always the same:  He's just trying to protect the poor and the jobless and the Republicans are the enemy of all Americans.

But when one realizes that Obama's repeated measures (more taxes, more spending, more criticism of the opposition) only hurt the nation instead of helping it, any thinking person would understand that Obama's attacks are not intended to benefit the country, but are meant to cause the harm that they are actually causing.  Obama is evil and is intent on the destruction of America. 

When will this great nation realize the idiocy of the Obama administration and get rid of this fool man so we can get back to living free lives and creating more prosperity for ourselves and our families?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Government Is Nearly Always The Problem

When considering where to place the blame for an impoverished society one should recall the classic examples of East and West Germany and North and South Korea.  In both instances the free, capitalist side was prosperous and the government-controlled, enslaved side lived terrible, frightened, hungry and cold existences.  Both sides of the national boundries were populated by the same people, often the same families divided by chance between free and controlled governments.  So why the prosperity of one and the want and hunger of the other?

Government is the difference!

The government that leaves people alone  to seek their own lives and happiness and allows them to establish businesses, work where it pleases them to work, to buy the products they want to buy, to eat the food they want to eat, rather than have the government approve the product purchases and to edict the food they are allowed to eat, creates the happiest and most prosperous society in which to live.  That's part of the reason we have such an immigration problem in America today: people fed up with their own corrupt, controlling governments in their native countries come here to have a better chance to have some prosperity and a better life for their children.

So now consider the United States at present and compare it with what the situation was ten years ago:

Ten years ago we had a national debt that was large but manageable.  Today there is no end in sight to the borrowing and spending of our foolish government.  And Obama insists that there is no spending problem.

Ten years ago the nation was happy with its healthcare.  Today government is still trying to sell the destruction of our healthcare system to us and shove it down our throats, even though we already see the poorer care we are getting at the same time that the costs and government regulations and control are increasing dramatically.

Ten years ago gasoline cost half what it costs today, and even though our nation has untapped reserves of oil, gas and coal that would make us independent of foreign sources and could reduce the cost of transportation and home heating for all Americans, the Obama administration will not permit us to use the domestic reserves.

Ten years ago the price of corn was reasonable.  Today, at government edict, we use corn as a fuel, not solely for food, which makes food more expensive for poor families and causes hunger and desperation around the world  because of the environmentally-vacant, morally bankrupt use of a valuable food as a fuel additive.

Ten years ago our electric utilities were planning for the growth of their electric-generating plants in anticipation of population growth and to cover the expansion of businesses and the resulting increase in electricity demand.  Today, electric utilities are being shut down by the unbelievable mountain of regulations coming from the Obama administration, and the future of the nation is seriously in doubt since fewer electricity plants are likely to cause brown-outs or even black-outs, and if businesses ever begin to recover from the punishment they are getting from Obama's heathcare and other regulations, there may not be sufficient  electric power available for the businesses to grow and expand.

And probably most important is the defense of the nation in this very dangerous age of increasingly unstable governments developing nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them.  The Obama administration is intent on reducing our military prowess and making our military forces less able to defend the nation.

But the United States doesn't need to think very long about Germany and Korea to find the problem with America today.  Just compare ten years ago with your life and expectations today and you'll see that the present problem is big government under Obama.

Unconstitutional, overspending, regulation-crazy, environmentally-insane, arrogant government is intentionally destroying this great nation, and patriots must band together and convince Republicans in Washington to start reducing the destruction NOW, and start impeachment proceedings against Obama for his various unconstitutional acts immediately, from ignoring the attack on our citizens in Banghazi and going to bed while Americans were tortured and killed, to allowing Fast and Furious to sell guns to bad guys who killed a border agent, to not obeying immigration law already on the books and suing Arizona for trying to do so.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Comparing Mesothelioma And Exxon Valdez To Benghazi

When we consider the treatment of the mistakes of private industry and the mistakes of government, we see a wide gap in where blame and punishment are placed.

In the case of private, non-government problems like Exxon Valdez or the current Mesothelioma ads on TV, liberals want dramatic punishment or financial ruin to befall the companies involved.  Billions of dollars in payment are demanded and imprisonment for the VPs and CEO are sought.

But when government causes death or injury, as with the over-pressurized automobile dashboard air bags or memos that the Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton) should have seen, or at least have heard about, but didn't, and the ignorance of which resulted in the deaths of four Americans she was directly responsible for, we get tears and childish excuses such as "what difference at this point does it make" from Hillary, who wants to avoid any personal responsibility for the suffering and deaths.

But the results of private and government mistakes and errors are not equal in their outcome.  When industry makes mistakes the damage is usually localized and controllable (oil spills and the Bopal explosion), but when government makes mistakes the tragedy is wide-spread and catastrophic (for example, our current economic depression and joblessness, children not being educated in the schools government provides, the sub-prime housing crash, and the over-spending and over-borrowing, radical Obama administration which is planning the gutting of our national defense forces) it impacts the entire nation for a very long time and perhaps damages our entire society forever.  Government adversely impacts the lives and liberties of the entire nation, not just a neighborhood or a region.

That's why government officials, like the incompetent Hillary or Obama, with all their strutting and big-shot preening and the fawning love they get from the press, must be identified and punished for their bad policies and actions.  What they do can destroy our nation and they must be  stopped and replaced with intelligent, reasonable people, not the ambitious, arrogant fools running our nation today.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Obama's Failed 3AM Benghazi Call: Four Americans Died

Leon Panetta's recent statement, during a Senate hearing, that Obama did not get involved and provide any leadership or follow-up, even though he had specific knowledge of the Benghazi consulate attack and knew violence was being brought on this outpost, makes our spineless President into the worst sort of  incompetent non-leader our nation has ever seen.  He failed his legendary 3AM phone call and got Americans killed as a result.

Obama dropped the ball and went to bed (or was he snorting or drinking himself to sleep?) and four Americans died.  This man is pure evil and incompetent and must be removed from office.  This fool man is going to get many more Americans killed, military and civilian, if he is not removed from office immediately.

And we now know that not only did Obama coldly turn his back on the situation, but his Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State also did nothing, and didn't even speak with each other or make any attempt to get critically needed help to the Americans stranded in Benghazi.  The Obama administration is a pack of criminals for their lack of attention to the Benghazi event.  Who would ever have believed that an American Commander in Chief would coldly turn his back on Americans serving abroad, that he had personally put in harms way?

And then, to add insult to injury, we had to see Obama and Hillary laughing and yucking it up on the CBS 60 Minutes interview, gazing into each other's eyes and touching each other and completely ignoring their lack of action that got four Americans killed.  This was a complete disgrace.  The entire Obama administration is a disgrace!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hillary, Four Americans Died, It Makes A Big Difference

Hillary Clinton is not accountable for a failure in her State Department?  She says she accepts responsibility, but will not resign for getting four Americans killed in Benghazi, and doesn't think she should be removed from her position for incompetence.

When an oil tanker spills some oil, our liberals won't stop berating the tanker's CEO for that event, demanding his resignation, forming hostile groups on his lawn, threatening his life and frightening his family.  But when the head of the United States Department Of State gets four Americans killed because she was out-of-the-loop concerning letters from her subordinates asking for increased security at their sites in dangerous locations, she weeps and goes on the offensive stating "what difference at this point does it make" to blame and punish her.

The difference is that government is held to a much lower standard of performance than private industry is, but governments get people killed for their incompetence and their mistakes.  I predicted in a BLOG statement a few months ago that Obama, with his blame America first attitude and his penchant for disarming and weakening the United States, would get Americans killed, and Hillary's hands-off, big shot way of managing has done exactly that.  If we don't identify the people who are doing bad jobs or worse, and if we don't get rid of them, we'll have more disasters like Benghazi, and I fear that the killings will soon be inside the United States with massive numbers of civilians being the victims.  We only have to remember the World Trade Center towers to be reminded of what can happen, how quickly it occurs, and how many lives can be lost instantaneously.

Hillary should resign in shame after firing the staff members who didn't make her aware of the pleas for additional security (if that really is what happened).

And can someone tell this sophisticated, dignified woman to wash her hair once in a while?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Schooling Obama: To Be Anti-NRA Is To Be Pro-Nazi

When Bob Schieffer made his doltish comparison of Obama's opposition to the NRA as being opposition to Nazism he got it completely wrong: to be anti-NRA is to be pro-Nazi because the Nazis confiscated all of the weapons of the German citizens so only the government had guns. This is such an obvious reality that only the love-fest the press is having with "our lord and savior, Obama" could possibly blind them to the truth.

Prediction: Just like the events following Watergate caused the press, and the Republicans as well, to wonder if the Republican Party was dead forever (and we know the Republicans resurged strongly within 10 years) so the current events have the Libs crowing about the demise of the Republican Party.  But I believe the dictatorial cockiness and the unconstitutional actions of Obama and his pals are setting the stage for a big liberal overreach that will sink them in the next 4 years, and do they ever deserve it.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bob Schieffer Was Wrong About Obama And The Nazis

Bob Schieffer was wrong when he favorably compared Obama's confrontation with the NRA and his attempts to take away America's Second Amendment rights, with the defeat of the Nazis.

What Obama is in the process of doing is exactly what Hitler's Nazis did that allowed them to completely control Germany: they took all of the weapons away from the German citizens thereby making them unable to stop the holocaust and tragedy that was to come.  Our Constitution must be defended from the Constitution-hating Obama or all of our rights, which are being chipped away by Obama and the radical left, will be completely denied us.

The recent movie theater and school shootings are just part of a number of crises that Obama is not allowing to go to waste in his charge to remake America into something our founders would not be able to recognize.  And the pity of it is that not one of the gun control changes he's forcing on the nation will delay or prevent the next mass shooting tragedy, which will again be celebrated by the left and paraded before the public in an attempt to spur emotions and support their radical changes being made to "protect the children".  Liberals have been too lenient with criminals and too protective of the rights of the mentally ill for too long to fix the problem of violence that they've created with a few executive orders.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Further Treason Of Al-Gorezeera

When one understands that ultra-leftist and environmentalist Al Gore would not sell his rag of a TV network to Glenn Beck (because Beck's ideas of the greatness of America and its Constitution were too extreme for Mr. Gore) but that he would sell it to Al Jazeera (who paid for the network with the oil money that Gore so hates when its in American hands, and who wants the destruction of America in particular and Western ideas in general) then one sees clearly the desire of America's radical leftist elites for the downfall of America and our liberties, because, and make no mistake about it, the Obama/Democrat goal is to bring down this great nation and all of us with it.

And I doubt if Al Gore has thought what he'll do with his new-found wealth once the Islamists gain the power that he and Obama seem so intent on granting them.   He's too stupid to realize that they will kill him first for having been such an idiot as to sell them the rope with which they hope to hang all of us in the free Western world.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The President Who Cried Wolf (The theory of not allowing a crisis to go to waste)

The principle of taking advantage of a difficult problem as an opportunity to control people's lives and increase the power and control of government is perfectly expressed in the phrase used by Obama's staff: No Crisis Should Go To Waste.  From the first days of the Obama administration he has repeatedly cried "Wolf" and then used government power and control to clamp down on one thing after another in an unending stream.

He demanded the stimulus to ward off the financial crisis and got just short of a trillion dollars, much of which was not spent in a timely manner nor on things that would help relieve a financial crisis, but the money did allow Obama to bolster the support and adoration he gets from liberals, unions and nonproductive companies.

The Gulf oil spill was a crisis that allowed Obama to shut down all off-shore drilling, which hurt all Americans relative to the price and availability of gasoline for their cars, and caused great hardship to the families whose incomes came from this industry, and which also provided another nail in the coffin of the "evil" oil industry and allowed Obama to give billions of dollars to wind and solar companies, which aren't viable sources of energy as a replacement for oil.

The bursting of the real estate bubble (directly caused by the Clinton Administration forcing the Savings and Loan industry to make loans to risky home buyers) resulted in Dodd-Frank which is still producing regulations that will restrict financial freedom and prosperity and at the same time concentrate power in the existing financial giants favored by liberals.

A mouse in California or Texas, or a spotted owl in Oregon can create a crisis that allows the government to shut down the timber and oil drilling industries, or halt the building of new homes on private property.  And the EPA is constantly identifying unheard-of crises (your exhaled breath and rain water are examples of two problems now called pollutants) as reasons to take property from individuals and companies and control the use of that property.

The recent Connecticut school shooting is the best example of government crisis management, with the idiot Biden, all squinty-eyed and pontificating about what must be done in a hurry, and the fool Obama stating that he will further undermine the Constitution and by-pass Congress with executive orders and address the issue of gun control, personally, at the federal level.

Trillions of dollars of debt caused by the policies of Obama is the real crisis that now allows him to insist that the smaller non-crises he has spawned be fixed by giving him the sole authority to increase the debt limit and spend trillions more on stupid, wasteful, government-expanding projects that will cause even more joblessness and suffering by generations of Americans yet to be born. Each crisis identified by Obama, even where that crisis was caused by Obama, is justification to further reduce our liberties and undermine our Constitutional rights.

We must vigorously oppose these big-government fools and force the Republicans in the House and Senate to tell the president that the dictatorship is over and the Constitution will be followed from now on.  And we can start on this new path by insisting that Obama and Harry Reid produce a Constitutionally required annual budget for the first time in nearly 4 years, so we can see exactly that our foolish government is spending money on. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

America Is Being Destroyed From Within Because Politicians Won't Do Without

Our idiot, treasonous politicians are doing from within our borders what no foreign enemy could ever do from the outside: they're destroying our great nation.  So Obama is wrong yet again considering his remarks a few weeks ago about not being able to change the country and our politics from the inside.  No one is more "inside" than the President and he is intentionally wrecking America with his lies, his executive orders and the EPA regulations that are flowing like molten lava and destroying everything they touch.

The offensive "fiscal cliff" game being played the last few weeks in Washington is about as treasonous as it gets.  Our fool politicians are putting on a show to gain position and influence with the least knowledgeable and least productive elements of our society while playing with the very lives, liberties and futures of the other 300 million Americans who work, responsibly raise families and pay their taxes.  This is a display of such crass stupidity that it's hard to believe it's happening.

And an important part of the game they are playing is to point a finger of blame and shame at wealthy Americans (and their definition of "wealth" changes on a whim; please recall that the Clinton administration called people earning $50,000 a year "rich" because in 20 years their total earnings would be a million dollars), not because they have done anything wrong but solely because they have worked hard and smart and/or invested well and have accumulated wealth, exactly what Obama and his liberal allies have done, but of course liberals are exempt from the label of being "the evil rich".  American liberal politicians don't ever make a distinction between legally earned money and inherited wealth (so the Kennedy and Rockefeller inherited wealth is never condemned because they mouth the liberal blather), they just go after earned wealth.  And these fools don't stop to think that they are limiting the futures of their own children by calling wealth a bad thing and trying to halt the achievement of attaining it.  Don't they wish wealth and success for their children and grandchildren?  And by most standards our elected politicians are quite wealthy themselves.

Perhaps the thing most offensive in all of this is that our politicians are raising taxes on the wealthy not to pay down the unbelievable debt they've imposed on us, but to raise additional revenue in order to SPEND MORE MONEY!  The idiocy of the political criminal class (as Mark Twain called them) is amazing for its inability to lead responsibly and stop the run-away spending that is drowning us.  And they also seem blissfully unaware of the possible unrepairable damage that America-hating organizations like the EPA are doing to the economy of the United States with its deluge of regulations, restrictions and the controls they are imposing.  The first place to begin making real cuts in spending is to repeal the enabling legislation that created the EPA, send all of its employees home, and the nation would immediately be on the way to stability and full employment again.  But that would only be a good start.