Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Any American Citizen Not Taking Advantage Of Capitalist, American “Privilege“, Deserves To Remain Poor

We’ve heard much in recent years about various forms of privilege in America, most of it, of course, being white privilege, and it’s always been my opinion, based on years of serious study of the subject, that liberal privilege is about as privileged as you can get in this world. After all, Chelsea Clinton, as just one isolated example, got a six-figure salary from NBC right out of college, with no work experience in her background to show that she deserved this position and its salary, and with little or no work product to prove she actually earned it. All she had was a Democrat-liberal father who was an ex- president, and a Democrat-liberal mother who was an ex-senator as well as a presidential candidate, and VOILA!, this level of privilege got her a bit fat salary from a leftist network, and that’s corruption in my book: corruption Democrat style.

America is buzzing with people from all over the globe who have come here to take advantage of the “privilege” that America’s personal wealth, its capitalist system of economics and our constitutional standard of everyone being equal under the law have made possible. Both these immigrant persons who are here working and investing, and our nation as a whole, benefit from this principle of selfishness, self-enrichment and personal success, and the entire world has benefited from it right along with us.

It’s a shame that there are millions of American citizens who have not taken advantage of this “privilege” that is available to us all, and they can blame the  corrupt, leftist-influenced, American education system, the Democrat party, and their parents for this gap in their up-bringing that has trapped them in poverty.

Thinking people need to put the “privilege” thing to rest and get to work making a living and creating their own fortune, and the remainder of the hate-America, Democrat crowd can just live in squalor while the majority of us live comfortably and happily.

And while we’re at it, we need to re-elect Donald Trump to the presidency in November so the American system of wealth and achievement can continue for another four years, and so that the American dream can be sustained for all who work for it and who work within it.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Where Is This Landslide Of Leftist Lies And Crap Coming From?

BLM, inc., a violent group that came to fame among leftists by demanding the assassination of police officers, is now being given millions of dollars by major American corporations. Where is this money going, and who at the publicly held corporations approved giving any money, let alone a fortune, to these violent, radical extremists?

American cities are exploding and burning every night, with the Democrat mayors and governors doing nothing to halt the killing and the destruction. Where has this sudden wave of Vesuvius-like hatred come from, and why are Democrats allowing it to continue? The answer to the question is that it serves Democrats’ anti-American ends and helps swerve the election toward the fool, Joe Biden.

All of a sudden, when the police forces of America’s major cities are needed the most, leftist Democrat cities are demanding that the police forces be disbanded. This is complete insanity, and one can only wonder why and how this is happening, but one can strongly suspect that it is intended to weaken America to the point of collapse as American citizens begin to distrust the direction their lives are taking.

With America’s unemployment rate running high due to the Wuhan virus, Democrats in the Biden campaign have developed plans to fully legalize as citizens, all aliens who are here already or who wish to come here. How can, suddenly and legally, transforming millions of illegal aliens into voting citizens assure any employment for existing American citizens currently out of work, and how can this mass of people assure the existence of the America that it’s existing citizens deserve to expect its leaders to support?

Recently a couple living is St. Louis, in the middle of days of rioting and burning, were forced to defend their property by brandishing fire arms when a group of marchers broke down a gate and invaded their property. This couple is now being charged with a weapons crime and their weapons have been taken from them, for what possible reason? This is completely insane when you take into account that the police were unavailable to help defend their home because of violence being handled in other parts of the city. This was an obvious case of self-defense, but Democrat prosecutors will try to imprison the couple anyway.

What logic can Democrat mayors and governors use to defend their not punishing, to the fullest extent of the law, the violence and destruction of the BLM and ANTIFA gangs? There is no tradition that they can point to that has ever allowed outlaws to beat and burn at will, but Democrat officials are establishing such a new precedent.

The Summer of 2020 will go down as the most dangerous, lawless and illogical period in American history. Our cities have been burned and looted, they have been invaded by autonomous zones, American citizens have lost their jobs due to a national shutdown and are now being lied to about how dangerous this most un-dangerous disease really is, and it’s all to keep President Trump from being re-elected in November. There can be no other choice for president than Donald Trump in 2020.

Friday, July 24, 2020

BLM Is Mostly Peaceful, Like CNN Is Mostly Honest

The leftist press is fond of telling us how “peaceful”  BLM’s and ANTIFA’s building-burning and head-smashing riots are, and it’s proof of the fact that CNN and their pals in the radical, leftist press are, not just mostly, but completely, dishonest.

The dishonesty of the main-stream press is staggering and dangerous when one considers that the citizens of a nation in the modern age need a dependable source of information concerning their city, their state, their nation and the world. And with a national election coming along in a few months, the need for dependable, unbiased and honest news is even more important. But Americans are being deprived of this necessary information because CNN and other leftist news organizations produce only fake news, if they produce any news at all.

CNN and MSNBC would have us believe that President Trump has been doing nothing about the Wuhan virus, that thousands of deaths are being seen every day because of Trump’s lack of interest, and that another national lockdown is necessary if we are to survive this pandemic. The truth is that leftist forces are making up numbers to convince us that the disease is getting worse each day. But the death-level of the disease has stabilized, and just staying the successful course we’ve taken with President Trump’s leadership will get the nation out of this mess, because another lockdown would assuredly take the nation into another depression, and this course of action must be avoided at all cost.

And, on the subject of the honesty of the cable news programs, how many viewers know that Portland, Oregon has had two straight months of nightly, violent rioting having nothing to do with George Floyd, but simply because violent Democrats just plain like to beat people and burn things? The leftist news programs began the summer by tolerating and even supporting the violence that poured out of Democrat gatherings, but now that these events have taken on a life of their own, CNN and MSNBC pretend that they never existed, and exclude them from their “news” programs every night because the leftist violence our nation has witnessed every night this summer is causing thinking people to appreciate the stable, peaceful leadership of President Trump and fear what will happen to America if the ultra-left Biden team take the White House and begin destroying the American society and its formerly successful economy by implementing their radical ideas enclosed in the Green New Deal.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

With Democrats In Our Midst, Who Needs Terrorists?

Crime is running rampant in Democrat-run states and cities.
The murder rate in NYC is at an all-time high, and climbing.
Gun use is deafening in Democrat cities.
The stock market is limping along as Democrats call America a “racist“ nation.
Historical statues are being destroyed and defaced.
Schools are crumbling, and there will likely be no students in them this fall.
ANTIFA and BLM are establishing lawless “autonomous zones” in Democrat cities.
Restaurants are idle and going broke.
Released criminals roam the streets creating chaos.
Honest people defending their homes are being prosecuted for doing so.
Factories are shut down.
Unemployment is high and Democrat politicians want another lockdown.
American citizens are wearing masks like citizens of third-world nations do.
A Democrat governor assigns old, weak persons to sure death in infected nursing homes.

How could terrorists do more damage to our nation than America’s Democrats are currently doing?

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Masked Lives Matter

America has a regular witch’s coven in motion with the de rigueur masking of our society. The very masks that a few months ago the CDC told us with complete confidence were useless and unnecessary, are now a fashion statement telling the world that you are a woke, caring person whose only interest is keeping others well and safe, just as long as you wear a mask. Masked persons are better citizens than unmasked  and unwashed persons.

But one fears, in the year of the Wuhan Red Death, that wearing a mask is a stylish way to show one’s dislike of our president, and a way to be in union with the rapidly spreading anti-American sentiment. The styles, designs and colors of masks have become infinite since this disease was introduced from China, and far too many people seem to like wearing them so as to look like bad-guys, or just to be in opposition to President Trump.

It’s even more stylish to wear aviator sun glasses with your mask so you look like a modern-day pirate.  This could make the wearer appear more threatening and edgy, which the radical left prefers to do.

It’s interesting to think of the future, when statues are erected to the memory of those who bravely wore the uncomfortable and oxygen-depriving face masks. The only problem being that, because of the mask, we will not be able to recognize the bronzed mask wearer, and the statues will soon be torn down by another mask wearing leftist in protest to the first mask wearer.

But there’s one question I’d like to ask: Why aren’t masks racist? Everything else in our daily lives is deemed to be racist by the radical Democrats. We know that the major killers of young black men are other young black men, and these days we see many masked young black men marching and protesting, so why isn’t wearing a mask, especially a black mask, racist, or at least considered to be cultural appropriation?

Our nation, with the Nazi-like leadership of the Democrat party, is literally coming apart, and Donald Trump is the only saving grace we have in store, if we can make it to November and the next presidential election.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Just A Bad Dream?

Recently I had a dream that a terrorist group that pretends to involve itself in matters concerning black lives, had formed in Seattle, Chicago and New York City. Soon thereafter, the New York police force got rid of its undercover officers on the force, while at the same time this reduction of police officers occurred, the murder rate in Manhattan increased two hundred percent. So at the hour of greatest need for the residents on NYC, the police force was reduced in size and effectiveness in order to appease the leftist groups who have been demanding that police officers be assassinated. Whew, glad it was just a bad dream.

Then this continuing dream reported that numerous major corporations in the United States had given millions of dollars in shake-down money to the terrorist black group in hopes of their not destroying these corporations’ offices nor defaming their product line.

As part of the dream, this time in St. Louis, there was something about a couple who had brandished weapons when a group of “protesters” broke through an ornamental gate defending their property and threatened to burn the couple’s house down. Of course, the black district attorney for the county, herself one of the many such elected officials in America whose elections were funded by the anti-American George Soros, is seriously considering prosecuting this innocent couple, while taking no notice at all of the destroyed property and the violent threat to the home’s owners that the terrorist group offered as they approached the couple’s property.

And the mayor of Seattle had a good laugh about mass protesters taking over a large section of her city as an illegal autonomous zone, and referring to this invasion of other peoples’ property as simply the leading act of  a “summer of love”. But she suddenly  changed her tune and had the police clear the invaders out after they approached her personal property and began threatening her. The “love” ended when the “protesters” invaded the mayor’s personal space.

Then I dreamed that Joe Biden proposed raising everyone’s taxes, thereby potentially killing the strongest market and economic growth period in the nation’s history, and that he will depend on the Socialists AOC and Bernie Sanders for help on his version of the Green New Deal, because he‘s taken up Obama‘s promise to “fundamentally“ transform America, whatever the mentally defective Biden thinks he means with that word.

I also dreamed that Democrats have promised to make all illegal aliens citizens, in one quick action if Biden becomes president, thereby assuring that Republicans will never get elected to anything ever again. So, under plans put together during the Obama administration, every neighborhood will have low-income, government housing established on land provided by the local government in order to provide housing for this tsunami of new Democrat voters, and to provide space for voting booths so they can keep Democrats in office, forever.

But the sad reality is that everything I hoped was a dream was what is actually occurring in this sick, leftist, nightmare environment. If Donald Trump is not re-elected in November our nation will pay the price for decades to come.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The Next Leftist Threat To America’s Prosperity And Liberty

Now that Democrat mayors and governors have taken on the job of being everyone’s savior, with the opening and closing of businesses at will, and demanding that everyone wear the useless facial masks that do absolutely nothing to protect one’s health against the Wuhan virus, just wait until the next cold and flu season arrives and see how readily these totalitarian fools resume the self-imposed duty of keeping their subjects “healthy” while simultaneously risking their liberty and freedom as American citizens.

But, of course, the Wuhan threat is still the fall-guy on which to blame the current stupidity of masking everyone and occasionally re-closing businesses. Democrats already have a short fuse when it comes to knowing what’s best for everyone, and they would much rather provide for everyone’s housing and nutrition rather that allow the unwashed masses to provide for themselves and be independently successful in life. Democrats are such good and caring people, don’t you know.

But until we can get more constitution-loving people into the many offices currently filled with radical-left Democrats, expect a growing wave of controls and restrictions to be placed on every aspect of our lives, now that Democrats have learned how easy it is to lock-down the formerly freest nation in the world.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

What’s To Be Done About Radical Leftists?

We all know by this time that radical leftists will not take “no” for an answer when they demand insane policies or when responsible officials refuse to buckle under to their unconstitutional, violent, racist proposals. And usually the mentally disturbed leftist Democrats will not even take “yes” for an answer when responsible officials try to work with them to achieve a sensible, peaceful end to their illogical demands.

This leaves only one option:  responsible citizens must vote out of office the radical and lawless Democrat mayors and governors, and responsible, patriotic officials must use force against Democrat office-holders when dealing with the leftist filth choking our major and deteriorating cities.

Our nation must restore sanity and liberty to America or decent citizens will lose faith in the future of our great country and will begin using their own, personal justice when dealing with problems in their local neighborhoods, by taking the law into their own hands. This cannot be allowed to happen; we must maintain law and order, even in these disastrous times.

Additionally, the BLM violence and the insistence of less-than-smart public officials on making every citizen wear the worthless face masks to deal with the Wuhan virus disease are attacks on the United States, and on all law-abiding citizens.

Responsible officials must stop the insanity, NOW!

Saturday, July 4, 2020

If Democrats Hadn’t Owned And Traded In Slavery We Wouldn’t Be Having These Troubles Today

Of course everyone now realizes that Democrats have become increasingly more insane, America-hating, more difficult to live with, and have become just plain dangerous these last twenty or so years, and especially since the election of Donald Trump to the Oval Office. But it was Democrats in the antebellum South who owned slaves and were responsible for the formation of the KKK, while it was a Republican president in the nineteenth century who ended slavery in America, so it seems logical that we should be able to blame Democrats for all of the current racial troubles America is having. Slavery is the spark that ignited the current leftist rioting, burning and shootings these last couple of weeks, so Democrats must accept blame for them.

The Democrat chickens are coming home to roost, to borrow a phrase from one of Barack Obama’s advisors and who had great influence on his policies as president. And thinking, fed up Americans are literally running away from the insane and criminal cities where the roosting is most prevalent, all of which are Democrat-run cities that are being destroyed with their leftist policies of hate and illogic.

If Democrat mayors, governors and prosecuting attorneys are not removed from their positions of decision-making in these Democrat controlled cities, our nation is doomed as their policies and decisions lead to more suffering, violence and death at a time when we should be enjoying prosperity and peace in a nation restoring itself from eight years of a president who wanted to “fundamentally transform America”, the results of which are driving the national insanity that America is living with, and suffering under, every day.