Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Democrat Candidates Misjudge The Electorate: Everyone Wants To Be Rich, Not Poor And On The Dole

While the millionaire, radical, Democrat presidential candidates make hand-wringing speeches about how much the poor, starving American population needs their help to raise themselves from the throes of poverty, Americans are doing just fine under President Trump‘s leadership, thank you, and what American citizens need is for government to get out of their way so they can accumulate even more personal success, that the Trump administration has demonstrated is possible to a free people via fewer government regulations and lower taxes.

As an example of the leftist over-reach of Democrats, Bernie Sanders promises to give everyone all the things they want, while Mayor Pete promises to make seriously dangerous drugs completely legal for all to possess and while he awards reparations to illegal aliens because their feelings were hurt by being expelled from our borders or imprisoned, and Elizabeth Warren promises to open our borders to a flood of illegal aliens that will burden the governments of American cities, counties, states and the federal government with a forever stream of dependents. The only thing American citizens want from their next president is a secure border, punishment for criminals when laws are broken, and to leave American citizens alone to accomplish a pleasant future that only personal liberty can accomplish. But you‘ll never see a Democrat promise to allow Americans to live their own lives with little government involvement. Democrats want control over, and dependency from, the masses.

The “wealth” thing is what stands in the way of Democrats and their appeal to Americans. Democrats demonize “wealth” as only belonging to the selfish upper crust of our society, while not mentioning their own millions of dollars in personal wealth, and never recognizing that millionaire status is shared among tens of thousands of average Americans who have worked years to earn their money, been sensible with their earnings and have invested their money wisely. The Trump economy has caused people to realize that their personal interests are best served when a president allows them the freedom to save their money, invest portions of it and gain wealth while knowing that their borders are secure enough to keep the bad guys out and protect their families. Regardless of what Democrat liars say, everyone wants to be rich.

Promises from lying politicians are a-dime-a-dozen and nearly always prove to be false, but owning your own home, having money in the bank and having a growing retirement/investment fund are the types of financial security people want, not false, temporary offers from Democrats to give people stuff in exchange for a vote for a Democrat candidate.  We’ve been there with the corrupt Democrats, and we don’t want to go back.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Democrats Try Hard To Convince Americans To Live Less Well

Based on the leftist lie of climate change/warming, for the last forty or fifty years Democrats have tried to convince Americans that the earth will end soon if they continue to enjoy their lives by using their air conditioning in the summer, or by using their automobile to get to work, or if they insist on flying to their favorite far-off location for a pleasant vacation. But the most insulting and demeaning thing American leftists have done to this great nation is to outlaw the 100-watt, incandescent light bulb in order to save the planet, as they like to stress it.  So you and I have to live with only 60- and 40-watt bulbs to illuminate our homes, and we are expected to ride bicycles to work, and no longer drive the automobiles we worked hard to pay for.

Most recently AOS and Bernie Sanders have told us, whom they consider to be their subjects, that we have only 12 years, (now only 11 years from the date of their dire announcement in November, 2018) until the absolute end of life on earth as we know it, even though the first year of the final 12 has expired and there has been no additional warming to back-up their lying theory. Meanwhile the millionaire Bernie Sanders lives large and travels by plane and car between his three homes; multi-millionaire Elizabeth Warren enjoys her mansion in Massachusetts; and billionaires Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg live very, very large with their enormous stashes of cash. The current atmosphere in America is that of life in the old Soviet Union under the Socialist/Communists, in which everyone suffered equally, except for the top rulers, who lived in luxury and enjoyed things not otherwise available to the non-ruling citizens in the backward Soviet Union.

Recently it was announced that the Trump administration is not putting up with this leftist/Socialist crap any longer and they are reversing the light bulb law and allowing the manufacture of 100-watt bulbs again. When did America go from having a government that celebrated and encouraged a wealthy population that enjoyed life, traveled widely and was happy with their circumstances, who then became a ruled-over class that was told they have to either do with less, or do without, in their miserable lives?

The Obama administration is what introduced the maladies that Americans are experiencing today, from the lie of warming/change, to unisex restrooms, to Obamacare, to gender identity, to open borders and sanctuary cities. There is no doubt the current gang of Democrat candidates for president will willingly step in and continue the Obama legacy of dictating to Americans what they can and cannot have, and what they can and cannot do. If America doesn’t re-elect Donald Trump in 2020 the abuse Democrats have heaped on him these last three years with one phony investigation after another, will be visited on each and every American.

Friday, December 20, 2019

President Trump May Be A Bad-Boy, But He’s Our Bad-Boy

Bill Clinton and Teddy Kennedy were beloved bad-boys of America’s political left. The nastier they behaved the more Democrats adored them, and this adoration peaked when Clinton was impeached and Kennedy had his Chappaquiddick moment. These two leftist characters will forever be the darlings of the political left, but at this moment in history this radical left attraction to men who misbehave and get into, and then squirm out of, tight pinches, can be used by the newly-impeached Donald Trump, and members of the Republican party running for various offices, to assure his, and their, re-election in 2020.

We know that throughout the entire impeachment fiasco Trump’s popularity has grown with Independents and Democrats, while at the same time he lost no support from his Republican base, so he needs to take advantage of his new impeached bad-boy status and stress it; run on it. As long as President Trump continues to do a superlative job and does sincerely good things for America while in office, he should be able to coast to re-election, especially if the dense, dithering, stumbling Joe Biden becomes his opponent.

So with Mike Pence on the ticket to appeal to the more sedate and quiet members of our citizenship, and Trump being there to appeal to the more flamboyant, Republicans are a shoo-in for the presidency in 2020.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

The Left’s Maximum Attack On America

To begin with, you have to be an informed person, and a person of sufficient intelligence to realize that under the Obama administration the FBI, the FISA court and the Department of Justice all illegally abused candidate Donald Trump’s basic civil rights, along with their abuse of our national tradition of not allowing the sitting president to spy on or otherwise invade opposition candidates using the power that the president has at his fingertips. But Obama did just that.

Even the Hillary Clinton candidacy got a warning from the FBI about possible foreign involvement in her campaign, but Trump got only spies and an official FBI visit, complete with 302 forms and body mics, and no warning at all of foreign involvement, as is required by policy and the law.

Then we have the charges of rape against Brett Kavanaugh that were completely false and unsubstantiated, along with the Carter Page investigation in which the FBI knew to a certainty that Page was working with the CIA to fight foreign threats and was not a threat to American security at all, but was nevertheless investigated and threatened by the FBI. And then there was the Michael Flynn case in which the FBI, while pretending to just be asking him some unofficial questions, charged him with fraud for lying to the FBI and caused him to lose his life’s savings and investments. In all of these cases the subject was not given basic civil treatment and was railroaded in front of the entire nation and assumed to be guilty before the first charge was even leveled against him. But the most interesting thing about all of these cases is that the subjects all worked at one time or another for the Trump campaign, so CNN, MSNBC, WAPO, NYT and the FBI all felt they had free rein to attack and indict.

And, of course, Democrat politicians all jumped on the band wagon and solemnly swore that they had seen the evidence of Trump and Putin colluding against the Clinton campaign, which has been proven to be a total lie with no retraction coming from Adam Schiff or Nancy Pelosi or any other politician in the Democrat party. And now Democrats are taking this idiocy a step further by impeaching President Trump, even though each and every investigation into his actions have come back proving his innocence.

So a question begins to form, concerning how all of this illegal activity against Trump and his associates has been happening. One wonders what was the goal of all of this anti-Trump collusion, keeping in mind that it’s illegal and people will eventually go to jail for what they‘re doing and for what they’ve already done. Yet all of the Democrat players still insist that their past predicted bombshells are still exploding around President Trump, when actually the alleged bombshells are boomerangs which are directed at themselves.

Some possibilities as to why the Democrats are still pursuing their lying ends is that they are simply in too deep in their attempts to get rid of Trump and don’t have the honesty to admit their false claims, or they’re just too dumb and too committed in their hate of President Trump to know they’re only hurting themselves by keeping this impeachment farce alive. Or there could be something even more nefarious at hand with these scoundrels, and our nation may be facing more peril than any of us knows at this point.

One will reflect on the horrors and killings of World War II and may ask the logical question: Why didn’t someone stop Hitler from his murderous actions. The fearful answer is that Hitler had vast power at his disposal and no one could stop him, just like the American Democrat power to impeach President Trump, albeit a questionable unconstitutional power, and, after weeks of testimony from Republicans opposing impeachment, no argument could halt the radical Democrats on this disastrous march to ridding themselves of the highly successful and accomplished Donald Trump. And one further fears that after successfully impeaching our president, the Democrats will not be impeded from taking their power grab even further with more demonic plans to consolidate a total power push on America. The lesson Democrats provide us is that if you try to halt their march to total power, you will pay a high price. And this attitude bodes ill for the future of America.

These are momentous times we’re living through and the future of our nation rests on how soon justice is meted out to the radical leftists in the Democrat party and the liberal cable channels, and how long it takes for the FBI and the DOJ to again gain the trust of the American people after the horrible injustices they’ve committed these last three years.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Are You Of The Ruling Class Or A Peon? It’s Your Decision.

American Democrats have definitely set themselves up as rulers of the entirety of American society, and of course, Republicans are the peons who are expected to adhere to their every proclamation and follow all of the Democrat rules.

But I, for one, will not accept the Democrats, nor any other leftist group, as my rule-setter, and I don’t plan to recognize these race-bating, self-identity-dictating people, as my political or social superiors.

Isn’t it interesting that liberal Democrats love to eat at expensive French and Italian restaurants, prefer being transported about town in limousines, travel to Davos on private jets, live in Manhattan penthouses, and while enjoying all these things, they have the nerve to state that “you didn’t build that” to people who risk their wealth and employ thousands of people in their plants and factories? And then Democrats will go on to ridicule the use of fossil fuels, all of which are necessary to their comfortable lives. And while enjoying only the best of things that only Capitalism can provide, these people buy expensive ocean-front property while at the same time proclaiming the contradictory horror of a rising ocean and global warming

These fool people can’t have it both ways; it takes energy and money to have nice things, and yet leftists are on record as opposing any use of fossil fuels for fear of causing the world to either over-heat or be inundated by a rising ocean; the lying Democrat machine is not sure which.

But the far-left’s warming/change lie is the most ridiculous of their schemes that really sticks in one’s craw. Thirteen months ago AOC and Bernie Sanders announced that the world was only twelve years away from the entire planet burning to a crisp and everyone dying. But since that dire announcement, there has not been one degree of additional warmth during this passing year, so we know these fools are liars and are only issuing more marching orders to us peons and peasants. They expect us to willingly obey their orders to stop driving our cars, stop riding on commercial jet liners and to pay their additional taxes as good peons should, in order to save the planet from certain destruction. And, of course, their latest warming scare follows decades of end-of-the-world fright tales from the radical likes of Paul Ehrlich, Ted Danson, Al Gore, Prince Charles, all of Hollywood, Nancy Peliso, Barack Obama and scores of leftist would-be dictators who are trying to scare us and deny us America’s promise of prosperity and liberty.

The entire American landscape is littered with the American political left’s unconstitutional and anti-tradition behavior. From Obama’s Fast And Furious scheme, which killed many people and was intended to make it appear that American gun laws caused those anticipated deaths, to the three-and-a-half-year-long attempts of the Democrats to frame and persecute President Donald Trump, which was simply the far left’s scheme to deny Americans the president they voted for, the American citizens are under attack from Democrats within our own nation’s borders, and we must oppose the radical left idiots and not be made their fool. I think Americans can rule themselves without radical left help, and I believe that American citizens will not become anyone’s peon.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Liberal Democrats Live In A Dark, Parallel World

The other night I observed my grandchildren happily watching the Tom Hanks movie “The Polar Express“, a film that openly celebrates Santa Claus and Christmas and the happy feelings most people feel at this time of year. And then I thought of the unhappiness of leftist Democrats and their hate for Christmas and religion, and I realized the difference between what children are naturally attracted to and the unnatural things that enervate Democrats. Where does the Democrat hate and unhappiness come from?

Self-identity, race, hate of political outsiders with new ideas, and gender matters are part of the leftist scheme of things. During the Obama years there were constant fighting and demonstrations from the left insisting that bathrooms must be open for all genders. It was obvious that the impulse to self-identify really gets the juices flowing for those n the political left who are confused on these issues. Now that the radical influence of Obama is gone, or at least waning, we seem to be reverting slowly back to normal, the bathrooms of America are once again clearly marked as intended for male or female, and no one is any longer confused about their identity. Maybe this is because the leftists are so busy framing and persecuting President Trump that they have had to place their lesser outrages on hold for a while.

The leftists’ insistence that men have periods, can carry a child and are able to give birth to a child is of course the most ridiculous thing ever discussed, but there are many leftists that will argue this point ad infinitum. Is this because these fools really believe the crap they are spewing, or are they just being politically correct and proud of their adherence to a stupid line of gibberish? Or, as may well be the case, are they just plain dumb?

The dark world of progressive Democrats cannot be a pleasant place to live, and maybe that’s why these people are such liars and so violent when they don’t get their way. This dark place is the exact opposite from the world of well balanced, respectful and well behaved people, and of the children these well balanced people raise, where the children can grow up hearing of Santa Claus, sing about a red-nosed reindeer, read Grimm’s Fairy Tales and be normal and happy throughout their lives as they celebrate Christmas and thoroughly enjoy the season.

The bottom line is that normal people must no longer be cowed and intimidated by the miserable leftist crazies who, for example, a few years ago, socially outlawed the greeting of “Merry Christmas“. We must not allow Democrats to ruin our holidays and traditions and our way of life with their idiotic anti-religion ideas and their destructive manners. And we can’t allow them to undermine the powerful and plentiful work President Trump has done for the nation following the destructive eight years of Barack Obama, in spite of the many roadblocks the ever-hateful Democrats have thrown Trump’s path. We must continue to support his policies, which have been clearly beneficial to Americans and to America these last three years.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Which Form Of Government Would You Prefer To Live Under?

If you live under a Socialist/Communist regime, all citizens are said to be “equal”.  The government decides how much pay these “equal” citizens get, where they live, who they vote for (if they ever get to vote at all) plus there will be a perpetual shortage of goods, food and services (including health care) as the government corruptly restricts the things citizens need in order to be comfortable and healthy. And if shortages occur it never impacts the rulers of the nation, only the subjects who serve the rulers. After all, the Berlin wall was not built to keep the French and British citizens from flocking to the Soviet side of the wall to buy goods, vacation and make a living, it was solely to keep the slaves firmly, and on fear of death if they tried to cross the wall, on the east side of the border so they could be forced to continue to serve the Soviet rulers.

Also under leftist government rule, if you are unhappy or dissatisfied with the shortage of food and clothing, tough! You will be considered an agitator, and prison will likely be your place of residence for some time to come.

Under capitalism the citizens do indeed get to vote for their leaders, and there are rarely or never shortages of services or goods, because the livelihood of the companies providing these things is at stake, and unless the government makes a decision that will prevent the companies from providing the needed goods and services, they will always be available and plentiful. And if you are unhappy about something in a Capitalist nation, you can appeal to your elected representatives to correct the matter, and the ownership of an offensive company will be at risk of government punishment if corporations misbehave.

The bottom line is that with Socialism all people are equally miserable and only the government functionaries can become wealthy, and this wealth is not shared with citizens, nor does it make the nation more wealthy. Only the rulers benefit. We know that in America Democrats want to continually grow government and make it more intrusive, and Republicans want Capitalism and a small, less controlling government. So, there you go.

Considering the authoritarian and unconstitutional policies that current United States Democrat presidential candidates are proposing, it’s easy to see the direction-of-drift the nation will take if a Democrat ever becomes president again. It’s easy to conclude from all of the hell the Democrats are dumping on President Trump about a simple phone call, that their real fear is not him and his phone calls, nor his tweets. They want to continue the leftward, liberty-killing movement of the nation begun by Barack Obama, and Trump’s policies are in the direction of individual freedom, liberty and prosperity.