Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Monday, February 10, 2014

He Lies Through The Air With The Greatest Of Sleaze

The problem with telling lies all the time is that after a while you forget exactly how you lied the last time and the new lies begin to undermine the old ones.

The Democrats (especially Barack Insane Obama) lied about Obamacare lowering premiums, allowing you to keep your existing doctor and plan if you want them, and assuring coverage for all Americans.  Then we saw the reality of losing your present plan and likely your doctor as well; we saw the premiums and deductibles increase enormously; and we learned that millions of responsible Americans who had always provided their own insurance could not get equal coverage at all; and we further learned that many of those that Obamacare was intended to cover are either not signing up, or are going immediately to Medicaid if they do sign up.  Is any of this progress?

Then after all of this shakeup leaving Liberals quaking in their boots, the CBO informs us that under Obamacare 2.5 million Americans will lose their jobs, meaning that the remaining population lucky enough to still have jobs under the ACA will be taxed even higher in order to pay for all of the people getting insurance coverage while unemployed.

So while the Dems wrung their hands and worried that all of their massive government takeover was falling apart before their eyes, the White House came to their rescue with a talking point stating that the 2.5 million people newly without jobs because of Obamacare are the lucky ones because they can now stay home and make meals for the family (they will have to make their meals at home because there will be no money for restaurants, no money for vacations, no money for a new car, no money for a new home, no money for new clothes for the kids).  The new phrase from Obama is that these unemployed are escaping “job-lock”.  Then can just claim retirement and stay at home and be given healthcare.

But this new lie, intended to cover up all of the former lies, steps on the toes of the liberals’ latest immigration offering and its justification: the newly citizenized illegals will do the work that Americans won’t do (or in this most recent iteration, it’s the work that Obamacare won’t let them do).  So it appears that the Dems want to get the new citizens out of the closet and north of the border so they can do these open jobs.  But isn’t that discrimination against the new-comers?  Obama has been telling a repeat lie lately that the American way to success is to work hard, invest and prosper.  But he’s forcing many current workers to become happily unemployed, and then allowing their replacements to have the jobs that will lead to success and prosperity.  Or will the next whopper be that the immigration plan will also assure that none of the border-crashers will have to work, because that would be discrimination?  Then the new rationale will be that the new citizens also will not do the work that Americans won’t do.

The lies just keep on coming.  Repeal Obamacare, NOW!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bill O’Reilly Is Now Part Of The Obama Problem

Bill O’Reilly repeatedly states that he is an Independent, not one of those nasty, extremist Republicans who actually want honesty in the Oval Office and an alignment with the Constitution on the part of the president.  And to demonstrate his disdain for all of those right-wing conservatives, he threw mainly softballs at Obama during his Super Bowl interview.

Mr. O’Reilly is just like the members of the liberal media: he wants to maintain his periodic access to Obama for ratings-boosting interviews, so he let Obama slide on critical issues and did not back our lying President into a corner when he had the opportunity to do so.  It would be extremist to call a liar a liar, which we all know Obama is, and Mr. O’Reilly is an Independent, not one of those mean Republican conservatives.

For example, he did not ask Obama where he was and what he was doing while his Ambassador in Benghazi and three other Americans were being murdered.   Obama would have, of course, stated that it’s privileged information what he was doing and he has no obligation to divulge that information.  But O’Reilly would then be obligated to remind Obama that he works for the American people, that he claimed to be the 3AM president, available any time trouble appears on the world scene, and that Americans have a right to know if he was hiding under a White House bed in an attempt to make it impossible for anyone to blame him for making any decision at all during the crisis.

Similarly, when Obama said there was no scandal by the IRS abusing of conservatives seeking favorable tax treatment, just like liberals get, after initially stating that he was outraged at the abuses that occurred, Mr. O’Reilly didn’t follow up sufficiently and ask why Lois Lerner took the fifth, and why one of Obama’s chief campaign contributors was placed in charge of the investigation that cleared the IRS of all culpability.

Following the interview Mr. O’Reilly stated that although he disagrees with Obama’s policies, he believes Obama is a good man and would not hurt anyone intentionally.  But if Obama were such a good person how would he allow solid, law-abiding Americans, many of whom have cancer and some even dying of the disease, to have their insurance coverage terminated and the expenses of the edicted ACA increasing their government forced coverage several hundred percent?  How can a good man, especially the president, allow Americans to suffer under his horrible Obamacare?  How could a good man allow the EPA to issue hundreds of pages of new job-killing regulations that impact his fellow citizens?  How could a good man decide to not enforce laws already on the books that would keep illegal persons from crossing our borders?  How could a good man, as part of focusing on job-creation like a laser, propose a stupid new and duplicate program like myRA as a job creation solution, when one must first have a job in order to use the myRA, and jobs under the Obama administration don’t exist?  A good man would not allow Iran to continue to develop a nuclear bomb, as is happening at this moment.

Obama is not a good man, he is pure evil.  He has hurt America significantly and will hurt all of us even more before he’s finally removed from office.

I’m afraid Mr. O’Reilly, while seeking his own presidential access, has been co-opted by power and influence and is now no better than MSNBC or ABC at getting the truth from liberal officials.  Mr. O’Reilly should be ashamed of himself for buckling under to the awesome power and influence of the office of the president.