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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Learning To Believe Democrat Lies And Not My Own Two Eyes

For weeks, Democrats repeatedly told us that there was no caravan marching toward the U.S. from Central America. Then who are these people in Tijuana making life miserable for the Mexican government and the unfortunate citizens of Mexico?

Democrats also told us that the non-existent caravan was nothing but peaceful people, mostly families with women and children, who only want to come here and pay taxes that Americans won’t pay. Then who are these young, military-aged men, who attacked our border guards and broke into the homes of the citizens of Tijuana?

Democrats told us that the Affordable Care Act would allow us to save money on healthcare, and that we could keep our doctor and keep our old plan. Then why are we getting reports of ninety-percent increases in premiums and deductibles under Obamacare, for plans and doctors that nobody wants?

The Democrat-controlled press refer to the terrorist group, ANTIFA, as just being citizens who are opposed to fascism, and that they demonstrate this opposition to fascism by using the fascist tactics of stopping traffic, beating people in their cars and burning college campuses. Actually, ANTIFA is just another Democrat enforcement brigade exactly like the KKK was.

Democrats continue to tell us the benefits of Socialism, and of the free stuff owed all citizens and non-citizens alike under Socialism. Then how do Democrats explain the unfortunate citizens of the formerly wealthy nation of Venezuela who are starving to death and getting no healthcare in their crumbling, Socialist paradise of a nation?

Our former Democrat president bragged that his administration had no scandals at all during his eight years of “Fundamentally Transforming America”. Then what was the Fast and Furious thing; the IRS thing; the Obamacare series of lies; the spying on Obama’s political opponent, Donald Trump, by the FBI, if not major scandals?

Democrats promised us that the election of Donald Trump would lead to the collapse of the entire world economy extending indefinitely into the dark and threatening future. Then why have Americans’ 401Ks seen such an increase in value the last two years?

Democrats used to assure us that our southern border should be protected from illegal entry. Then why did Barack Obma refuse to enforce immigration law that kept illegal aliens out, then fail to track where the continuing influx of tens of thousands of illegal entrants were sent to for settlement once they illegally entered our nation?

Democrats criticize Republicans for being out-of-date and being racists for practicing traditional, old fashioned religious beliefs, then they call Trump “immoral” for wanting a wall across our southern border to protect American citizens. Are Democrats just falsely pretending to be religious by choosing the formerly discarded Christian reference to “immorality”, following their repeatedly expressed rejection of the religion that morality is an integral part of?

When the Democrat gladiator, Senator Cory Booker, was accused of taking sexual liberties with a man recently, Democrats insisted that proof of the validity of this event be presented before guilt could be considered. But when Brett Kavanaugh was, a few months ago, accused of taking sexual liberties with a woman 35 in the past, Democrats insisted that the charge alone was enough evidence that the event took place, and that Kavanaugh must immediately remove himself from consideration for the Supreme Court and that he should insist on a complete investigation by the FBI into this ancient matter.

For the last 70 years Democrats have insisted that the economic path to wealth for all persons was Communism, and they genuflected to Russia as being the answer to the economic futures of all Americans. Then why is the false and phony Trump/Russia collusion such a threat to America that the FBI, the FISA court and a series of anti-Trump FBI agents have to try to frame Trump by insisting that he worked with Vladimir Putin to defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election?

For the last 40 years leftists have told us that we had only 5 years, then 10 years, then 20 years to live before the world would burn up as a result of the lie of global warming. Celebrities from Paul Ehrlich, to Ted Danson, to Prince Charles have made these lying predictions, and still the left issues new warnings of global doom in the near and distant future if we don’t give government more control over our lives immediately. When will the American public stand up and reject these leftist, control-freak lies of a non-existent event and begin living their lives for themselves and not buckling under to the controls Democrats wish to inflict on their lives and the lives of their children?

What Hath Democrats Wrought?

Looking back at the previous 25 or so years, the permissiveness, lawlessness and outright anger of the Democrat/Liberal/Progressive party has caused changes to our society that no one who knew the prior America would even pretend to like or approve of.

But first of all one must fend off the predictable leftist counter-attack against anyone who opposes the way Democrats have undermined traditional America by presenting charges that their critics, one of whom is this paper, are racists and misogynists: the fact is that the civil rights act was put together and passed by Republicans over the great opposition of Democrats, who at the time were still ordering pointy hats and white hoods for their members to wear on weekends, and the right of women to vote also came from Republicans, not Democrats. Now to get on with the points I wish to make.

In the fairly recent past we had sweet love songs from Frankie Avalon and the Shirelles, and now we have Rap songs with discordant sounds and lyrics shouting about beating their bitches and killing police officers.

In the past, comedians made fun of all politicians and other dominant personalities in our society. But today the few comedians we have left who don’t want to offend our dear snow-flake college students and make them uncomfortable, concentrate on attacking Donald Trump, which is politically approved and won’t make the students burn down the school library as a result of their discomfort and frustrations.

In the past, college campuses had people of all colors and all political persuasions speaking with students. But today conservatives need not apply to speak, and black conservatives had really better not apply.

In the past, a president could visit military personnel in the field and the press would dutifully report the visit. But today the press ridicules and insults President Trump for not visiting the troops, and then, when they discover that he is indeed visiting the troops, they ridicule and insult him for not having shown up at some earlier time, and then they turn their wrath on the military personnel themselves for showing some affection and appreciation for Trump visiting them at Christmas and sharing a meal with them. For Republicans it’s always lose-lose with the liberal press.

In the past, police officers who risked their lives protecting the public were appreciated and respected. But today the Black Lives Matter crowd and the sanctuary cities underground movement only want police officers assassinated.

In the past, any politically subversive plots that originated in the White House which employed the FBI to spy on and infiltrate their political opponent would have resulted in the sitting president being driven from office. But today not only is Obama’s plot to assure the defeat of Donald Trump being covered up and kept quiet by the left-wing press, but the special counsel appointed to investigate the phony Dossier evidence against Trump is also covering up their own culpability in the political investigation against Trump by “losing” thousands to text messages passed between the two FBI special investigators as they planned the defeat of candidate Trump, this being the assigned intent of their investigation, in the 2016 presidential election. The labyrinthine, Machiavellian twists originating from the DC swamp in their attempts to remove Trump from office is amazing. And meanwhile Hillary Clinton, who was investigated by the FBI personnel who uncovered many illegal acts on her part, which acts they chose to announce and then ignore, floats about freely with nothing but accolades from the Democrat swamp running Washington, as Trump is attacked daily for having done nothing wrong or improper.

In the past, people accused of crimes were at least given the chance to defend themselves and to have evidence presented against them in a fair trial. But today Brett Kavanaugh and Donald Trump would not believe that fair and verifiable charges against them can ever be refuted, because the liberal press presents lies all day long, every day against these two individuals with no chance to defend themselves in any traditional American way.

In the past, Republicans and Democrats alike insisted on the adherence to the law and wanted a strong border to keep out illegals, diseased persons and criminals. But today Democrats call border walls “immoral” and openly invite and celebrate illegal border crossings and even provide sanctuary for those illegals who manage to break our laws and enter the nation illegally.

Modern Democrats have destroyed nearly everything that has made America distinctive from most other nations of the world, and to this day they continue the fight against American values and our constitution.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Government Shutdown? What Government Shutdown?

One listens to the self-centered fools who make up the majority of our federal government, and one wonders what these silly individuals are thinking.

They insist that the world will end if the government “shuts down”. They believe that if they project a disastrous outcome to a “shutdown” loudly and frequently enough, that the rabble out here in fly-over country will believe them, and that disaster would indeed be the result. Because we believe that real people’s lives will NOT be negatively impacted by a government shutdown is the reason so many of us praised President Trump when he said, in a recent meeting in the White House with Nancy and Chuck, the famous Democrat Dancing Duo, that he would take the “blame” for a shutdown if he was forced to reject the Democrat offer that contained no funding for his border wall. Nancy and Chuck had played the childhood game of I-dare-you with the budget, and Trump was smart enough to know that there was no down-side to a rejection of the lefts’ ridiculous budget offering, and that only “credit” could come of his causing a shutdown.

But the Democrats are so wrapped up in themselves and their cleverness, and their sanctuary stupidity, and their rejection of common sense and the welfare owed American citizens, that they could not foresee the dumb game they played with Trump, who is a master of gamesmanship and has won round one in this battle with the Democrat leaders.

The life of the average American hasn’t been impacted one whit by the Washington, Deep State, Swamp and their non-stop abuse of the citizens they were elected to protect, and I pleasantly look forward to a long government shutdown that will prove once and for all that American citizens hold the power, not the DC rulers, and their silly threat of a disastrous shutdown is without any real and lasting impact on our lives.

Government is irrelevant.  People who work for their families and take care of themselves (which is the essence of Ayn Rand’s idea of The Virtue Of Selfishness) have no need for government except to provide for the common protection of our borders and our sovereignty, and lately, until Donald Trump came along, government has been doing a piss-poor job of providing any protection for American citizens. So one delights in a government action intended by Democrats to upset and frighten the entire nation, while those of us who accept responsibility for our own welfare, feel the non-impact of  Trump’s rejection of the Democrat budget offer.

One also supports Donald Trump on his proposal to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan. Of course, when Obama pulled troops out of Iraq his move was only based on his hate for the military, plus it was a poke in the eye of George Bush for getting America into the seemingly never-ending conflict in the first place. On the positive side,
it also ended Obama’s anti-military Rules of Engagement where all of the power and control of a battle rested in the hands of our enemies and assured our eventual loss in the occupation. But Trump is getting out because we sent troops to do a job, they did the job well, and now they’re coming home.

President Trump has shown resolve and a serious intent in the Middle East by crushing ISIS, as opposed to Obama’s weak-sister design to only “contain” them. With all of the political and economic winning America has experienced since the election of President Trump,  we trust him to do the right thing, and we support his withdrawal of troops and bringing our young men and women back home for a change, instead of the liberal policy to station soldiers all over the world, and leave them there in perpetuity.

Monday, December 24, 2018

The Democrat Anti-Wall Stance Is Their Political Maginot Line

Following World War I the French government decided to build a wall in order to keep the pesky Germans from invading their nation. Then they sat back, fat and satisfied with themselves, and assumed that they were protected from any invasion in future years.

But the Germans, never satisfied with their past accomplishments, attacked, surrounded and defeated the French Maginot Line in less time than it took them to lace their boots, and France was invaded once again.

So, in 2018, in an attempt to defeat the evil Donald Trump, American Democrats emulated the failed French attempt at deflecting their political enemies, and, in a convoluted turn of events that will have political historians scratching their heads for years to come at the stupidity of Democrats, Nancy and Chuck placed their trust, oddly enough, on opposition to an American wall, sort of joining hands with the French who placed their trust in the building of a wall, and the Democrats’ Maginot Line defeat is now playing out.

The fatal French decision was to build a static wall along their border with Germany and not build their military, nor their political leaders’ passive attitudes, to a level that would deter Germany from further designs on France. American Democrats have watched President Trump defeat them on one political and economic front after another these last two years, and have built their Maginot Line on opposing the building of a protective barricade along our southern border, intended to protect the properties of the unfortunate ranchers and farmers along the border with Mexico and to keep illegals from entering and voting for Democrats forever. The Trump plan for a border wall is not intended to keep out tanks and attack aircraft coming from the south, although if it came to that, a strong barrier would serve as a military deterrent as well, but the intent is to also keep out otherwise harmless illegal persons who would serve to undermine our advanced society and to harm our economy. The wall is a good idea and a useful tool.

The wall along our southern border, that the Democrats claim to be immoral, is actually a proven source of protection for our nation that Democrats have voted in favor of in the past. But now, with Donald Trump in the White House, Democrats refuse to fund this barrier. The idiot Democrats are either total fools or  they are the most partisan and hateful body of politicians our nation has ever seen.

The liberal stance against the wall is the Democrat party’s Maginot Line that will doom their political futures for their failure to protect our borders, and for their denial of any blockage of illegal civilian traffic. The Democrats oppose the American wall because they know it will work and will keep their future supporters from being here and voting Democrat in elections to come.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Democrats Go On Warpath Against Trump, But Of Course They’ll Be Fair

Democrats and their pals in the leftist media have been riding President Trump like a poorly shod mule for the past two years, with nearly every statement of theirs shouting how guilty Trump is, and how near to prison he is, and how they have him in a trap now, yada, yada, yada. They and their special investigator, Robert Mueller, have not found one bit of evidence to show any Russia collusion concerning Donald Trump before, during or after the latest presidential election.

But while the House was in Republican hands these idiot Democrats were without any real clout and were just barking in the wind but could do little harm to the nation. Now, however, we’re entering a period in which Democrats will control the House of Representatives, and one wonders how it’s possible that the Democrats, who have been claiming Trump to be guilty of every crime committed during the last 15 years, will be fair and impartial in their investigations once they are in charge?

On December 12, 2018, NBC News quoted the incoming Attorney General of New York, Letitia James, promising to go on the attack against Trump, his family and “anyone” in his circle that would validate her hate of Trump while ignoring all of the accomplishments of Trump these last two years, and while also giving no recognition to the proven crimes of Hillary Clinton while she was Barack Obama‘s Secretary of State. This high-ranking Democrat has told us already that Trump is guilty and all she has to do is pronounce guilt from the Attorney General’s office and his presidency will end.  This sounds like the wild, unvalidated and lying charges that were logged against Brett Kavanaugh when the Senate was deciding his appointment to the Supreme Court, and the Democrats had only to make accusations of criminal behavior against Kavanaugh and the case could be closed with no further investigation needed nor allowed. Democrats lack the dignity, intelligence and the judgment to be in positions of power. When they hate, they decided people’s fate based on that hate, and then move forward to punish them.

The Attorney General of New York is not the only powerful Democrat to have already decided that Trump is guilty of whatever. Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, both House Democrats from California, have been telling us that they have seen the proof of Trump’s guilt for the past two years, and they have sworn that prison or impeachment is just minutes away. In each and every incident they claim to have proof of guilt, they have been wrong.

When Barack Obama promised to “Fundamentally Transform America” this hateful, unconstitutional and anti-American behavior on the part of radical Democrats is exactly what he meant, and America can not continue to exist with these low-life politicians in positions of power.

As with the Brett Kavanaugh event, for which Democrats were punished by the voting public for their disgraceful statements and actions during the Senate hearings, Democrats have already made up their minds as to Trump’s guilt, and now they will push their illogical “facts” and “evidence” and seek a conviction based on nothing. These are truly dangerous people and they are a threat to the continuation of justice, prosperity and liberty in America.

The current Democrat party opposes the basic principles of Western society and appear to be ignorant of the credit that should be given to our constitution and capitalism for the comfortable lives that Americans enjoy. Their hate for Donald Trump for upsetting their socialist agenda, that they hoped Hillary would extend, and their resentment of his winning the latest presidential election, will prevent their cooperating with Republicans on any issue.

The future of America with Democrats in power in the House is dim.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Mueller And Miranda: Why Everyone Must Protect Themselves From Their Own Government

Along with the hundreds of things that are wrong, very bad wrong, about the Mueller collusion investigation, it’s what happened to Mike Flynn, the Lieutenant General with over 30 years of military service whose life has been ruined by the radical Mueller hanging crew, that is perhaps the most shameful miscarriage of justice in American history.

While helping the Trump team gear up to occupy the White House following a Trump win in 2016, General Flynn was one day off-handedly asked to talk with an FBI agent without need of a lawyer, and did so with the assurance that the conversation was just among American patriots trying to get to the truth about the Russia collusion thing and was no big deal. Then, when the Mueller hanging crew found some insignificant statement of Flynn’s, not related to Trump and Russia, that was determined to be in contradiction to other information they had gathered, they lowered the boom on Flynn and threatened to ruin him and his son if he didn’t come forth with evidence against Trump, and they charged him with lying to a federal agent.

In order to protect his son from prosecution and to prevent his own further drift to bankruptcy as the government threatened him with unending legal fees, he pled guilty to the “lie” he told the agent and is now in line for sentencing, even though the FBI did not believe Flynn was intentionally lying, and even though his misstatement had no bearing on Russia or collusion and was simply due to faulty recollection. This long-time military man, who is no threat to anyone and has not committed any crime against any person or entity in this nation, has been financially ruined and could go to jail, for NOTHING!

Although it’s enjoyable to make fun of the reading of a criminals’ Miranda rights to them on a TV show (fun, because most of the time the accused are guilty of the crime in question and we know the police read such rights just to protect the officer and keep the ACLU off their backs), the Flynn incident proves the danger of trusting any law enforcement officer with your liberty and freedom. Many Americans have served on jury duty and been selected to sit for a trial and judge the validity of the testimony of the police and the accused, and most of us took the word of the officer over that of the accused. But no longer can we default to believing the sole testimony of the officer without insisting on other corroborating information.

I’m personally certain that the FBI’s persecution of Mike Flynn is 100% political, and it’s just another way to get another atta-boy for the FBI in their march to get evidence they can use against Trump. But the Flynn incident, just like the Cohen charge and the Manafort charge and the Daniels case, have nothing to do with Donald Trump/Russia nor his campaign, but can now be used by Democrats and the hate-Trump press to try to prove to Americans that President Trump is a bad person and should receive no more support from the public, and that he should instead be impeached and removed from office.

With this shocking FBI behavior now known, Americans must be on their guard when dealing with law enforcement and get a lawyer when speaking to an officer or agent. Mike Flynn is paying dearly for a simple and concocted “process” crime because he believed he was among friends whom he could trust.

Since we’ve learned about the spying of Obama on the Trump campaign; and we’ve learned about the totally fabricated Steele Dossier; and we’ve learned about the Strzok/Page agents’ intention to gather evidence that would keep Trump out of office; and since we’ve learned about the FISA court not receiving nor insisting on validated, verified evidence to support the Steele Dossier prior to allowing the FBI to spy on Trump for purely political reasons, we know that the Deep State in Washington will break any law and persecute and destroy any decent person for political reasons, and this horrific crap must stop!

Our government has turned into a nest of thieves bent on ruining the duly elected Trump administration while yawning and giving a passing nod to serious, proven crimes committed by Hillary and the DNC gang, and not a damned thing is being done to lock up this repeat criminal and her crooked pals.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Life In America Is Beginning To Resemble Communist Eastern Europe In The 1950s

Because of political correctness, comedians now fear negative feedback for offending an audience when they tell jokes. Isn’t biting humor and pushing the envelop with risqué commentary what comedians are here for?

A Republican candidate running for president is spied on by the sitting, Democrat administration, using the full force and power of the FBI and the Department of Justice in attempts to defeat the Republican upstart, and then, when the Republican wins the election in spite of the roadblocks put forward by the Democrat administration and the inbred Deep State Washington establishment, the Washington swamp colludes against him all over again. Joseph Stalin, anyone?

American universities, formerly the bastions of free speech and tolerance setting an example for the entire world to follow, now react violently when conservatives are invited to speak on campus.

ANTIFA freely beating people with little or no police opposition, and a big yawn from Democrats as citizens are hurt and property burned.

Republicans are called racists for insisting that voters present documents proving their citizenship before they’re allowed to vote, and for trying to keep potentially violent and diseased people from third world nations from illegally entering the United States.

Los Angeles and San Francisco harboring thousands of homeless drug addicts in their streets with no end in sight and with no intention of forcing them to clean up, straighten up or move out. The only “sanctuary” Democrats give these derelict people is sanctuary from self-fulfillment and sanctuary from a pleasant, meaningful life.

A leftist press using the United States constitution to defend their NOT reporting news that does not support the anti-constitutional and anti-Trump bent of their politics

The preceding paragraphs list the glories and pleasures of Communism and Socialism as they are being celebrated across the United States by leftist Democrats who run wild and undermine life in America with their unreasoned opposition to everything American and anything Trump.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Democrats Politicize And Criminalize Even Your Very Thoughts

It’s an unfortunate part of life in the 21st century when every proposal and every expression put forth by Republicans is called racist or bigoted by Democrats and automatically becomes part of each daily news report and becomes a plank in the Democrat platform in the next election season.

The truth is that the wearing of white hoods and pointed hats, the burning of crosses on lawns, the racially-motivated lynchings and the blocking of the school-house doors by certain mayors and governors in order to keep black children out, were all done by Democrats, whereas the abolition of slavery and assurance of citizenship for former slaves came from Republicans. There can be no doubt that the Democrat party was and remains the essence of racism, but Republicans are called racists because they simply and justifiably want voters to provide identity proving their citizenship when they vote, and they want non-citizens to be kept out of the country as waves of impoverished people try to enter our nation for the goodies that await them in Democrat “sanctuary” cities.

But now even the most personal and private actions or thoughts are being called racist and are being politicized by Democrats. No longer do we hear of simple differences of opinions that need to be discussed between the two major political parties; now the Democrats just shout RACIST and the conversation ends and the problems facing our nation continue to fester.

When Donald Trump paid off Stormy Daniels in order to protect his family and his public persona, Democrats labeled this private transaction as being part of Trump’s election campaign and claim it to be a violation of the law. To show how desperate Democrats are for a win on anything and how frightened they are of Donald Trump and his successes since occupying the Oval Office, this private transaction on the part of Donald Trump has been exposed as part of the phony and illegal Russian collusion investigation that was implemented to prove that Trump colluded with Russia to rig the 2016 election that Hillary Clinton lost, and now the investigation is looking into the domestic and personal dealings of both Trump and his political and private associates in an attempt to make each and every action illegal, when the investigation was only established to investigate the alleged Russian collusion. One wonders if Democrats will politicize a purchase of tooth paste as being a political action to be punished.

Even though there is no law preventing a political candidate from using his own money to fund a political campaign, the law doesn’t state that all expenditures made by a candidate must be considered a political contribution made by him. Even political candidates have private lives that they don’t have to report to the government.

One major reason that Democrats are so anxious to call everything Trump does as being racist and illegal is that Hillary Clinton actually did break numerous laws while serving as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State and they want to divert attention from her illegal acts and fill up the leftist news channels and newspapers with anti-Trump stories that the Mueller witch-hunt uncovers, which have nothing to do with Russian collusion during the 2016 presidential campaign.

President Trump is busting the Democrats’ chops on the economy and on the subject of illegal immigration and they are pulling out all the stops to smother Americans with a variety of immaterial and irrelevant charges that have nothing to do with Donald Trump’s actions as a candidate, nor as president of the United States.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Trump Uses “Blame” As A Code Word For “Credit” And Nancy And Chuck Just Don’t Get It

The political duo that comes to mind when mentioning the movie names of Dumb and Dumber (in this case that duo is Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer) thought they would take President Trump to the woodshed when they met with him for budget talks Tuesday and paraded into the White House as conquering heroes.

But, as usual, President Trump was a step ahead of these fools and had the cameras running, which put a roadblock to their presentation and made them rethink their politically slanted pitch to Trump about the budget and the southern wall that the president is so insistent on. The last thing Democrats want in their dealings with President Trump is openness and for citizens to witness their demands as they forward their anti-American agenda.

They of course rejected Trump’s request of $5 billion to build the wall and threatened him with “blame” for a government shutdown if he failed to accept the budget proposal they presented. But Trump met their challenge on this issue of “blame” and one-upped their threat by stating that he would accept full “blame” for any government shutdown that resulted from their denying him the money to build a wall that would protect America from invasions from the south. Our president cares about the welfare of Americans and the protection of our borders and will gladly accept “blame” for taking a position he knows most Americans agree with him on.

The threat of affixing “blame” by Chuck and Nancy is like children daring each other to perform a risky act, and is absolutely childish coming from two presumed adults doing the people’s business. The Democrat leaders of our federal legislature are playing politics with America’s national security with their I-dare-you challenge. President Trump knows he will be thanked by a majority of Americans for his shutting down of the government, if that‘s what it takes to get the wall built, and when the legislative duo of Chuck and Nancy say he is responsible for the shutdown, they will look foolish and Trump’s stature will grow taller, because “credit” is what President Trump will be rewarded with for attempting to make America safer with a protective barrier across our southern border.

I hope I’m the first American who thanks our president for looking his legislative opponents in the eye and accepting their dare to reject a continuation of the current budget and risking a government shutdown in order to have a more secure nation.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Relativity Of Terms: Republicans Are Now The Radicals Seeking Change

With American citizens belatedly becoming aware of the existence and danger of the Washington Deep State, designed and implemented by the radical and unconstitutional “Fundamental Transformation of America” that Barack Obama was able to impose on American politics, Republicans have now become the new proponents of change trying to restore tradition to our swiftly leftward-drifting nation, and Democrats are the new conservatives trying to preserve the far left, socialistic positions they’ve imposed on the citizens of the United States.

Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again slogan is a prescient phrase that confirms the radical nature of his Republican presidency. No longer are Republicans, in the form of our president and a few other like-minded members of the Republican party, trying to defend the status quo of Washington politics. Republicans are now fighting the inbred, unconstitutional Deep State Democrats in an attempt to once again restore a representative government and abandon the dictatorship of the left and their use of edicts and their unconstitutional rule-by-executive order, which define the Democrat party in the aftermath of the Obama administration.

If Nancy Pelosi believes that a wall on our southern border is immoral, and that’s exactly what she has publicly stated, then she will soon undoubtedly be convinced that having a standing military force to defend our nation against foreign opposition is equally immoral, and at that point our government and our entire way of life will have surrendered to our enemies, and possibly a military occupation, similar to the soft invasion we’re currently seeing along the Mexican border, but with fully armed and trained military forces being utilized to silence our voices and halt the last remaining voices of reason, liberty and prosperity in the world. Nancy’s party is already on the side of getting rid of ICE and America’s border guards, so defaming and getting rid of the military is a logical next step for the radical Democrats.

Democrats have already implanted the notion that elections cannot be depended upon to elect the correct, in other words the Democrat, official (just recall the most recent mid-term ballot recount-after-recount of votes in Florida and Georgia, which was a fraud perpetrated by Democrats on the citizens of those states, because Democrats will no longer permit their candidates to lose elections to Republicans), and have moved in the direction of using the FBI and the Department of Justice to get a non-Democrat removed from office by employing false and misleading evidence of alleged wrong-doing to make the Republican look guilty and get him/her removed from office, just as they are currently doing with the special investigator trying to frame President Trump.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

President Trump Treats Foreign Governments Like Obama Used To Treat US Citizens

In the bad-ole-days of the Obama administration American citizens were treated like dirt. Citizens were told that they would have to put up with a “Fundamental Transformation” of their great nation: they we forced to accept government-issued healthcare; their taxes were raised; executive orders were issued on all sorts of things against public will; the border with Mexico was opened to all who desired to enter, contrary to the constitution and existing law; environmental regulations were issued at the federal level that halted economic growth; the Fed kept interest rates low, thus forcing money into the stock market and causing a bubble there; relations with Israel were much worsened by the Jew-hating Obama administration; the IRS was discriminating against conservative Americans; Illegal aliens from Syria were welcomed with open arms and no vetting; the Obama administration sought to completely halt oil exploration and drilling on American soil; Obama bought into the Paris accords scandal; and Obama just played more golf.

And while all of this domestic suffering was happening to the American people, Obama was playing extra nice with China, Russia, Cuba, North Korea and other enemy and near-enemy nations around the globe.

Along comes Donald Trump and this course of events took a dramatic change: Americans can now select their own health insurance; Israel is now our friend and ally again; America is now energy independent; the Paris accords are past-tense; Americans have had their taxes reduced; Trump has halted the latest immigrant invasion from the south; North Korea has stopped testing nuclear weapons; job killing regulations are being eliminated; Iran is watching sanctions being re-imposed on them; new economic guidelines have been negotiated in order to make international goods dealings more favorable to the American manufacturer and farmer, and other measures are on the way to implementation by President Trump.

In other words, Americans are being treated with respect by the Trump administration, and foreign governments are having to prove their like and respect for America or they are being held at arms-length and being forced to pay more in order to gain access to the American market.

As President Trump has often said: A government is responsible first of all to that government’s citizens, not to the citizens of another nation, nor to the welfare a foreign government. Barack Obama ignored his responsibility to regard the welfare of American citizens in exchange for his globalist fantasy of being the hero of the world and being loved and adored by the tyrants and dictators of the world.

In this relation I believe that Americans, who are uniquely free and wealthy in a world of governmental control and poverty, could logically be considered a race of its own, and that American Democrats are racists because of their anti-American positions and expressions.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

If Ken Starr Was A Sex Fiend, Why Isn’t Robert Mueller One Also?

One fondly recalls, during the 1990s, the Clinton supporters claiming that Ken Starr, the special investigator appointed to investigate the Clinton administration’s various scandals, was a sex fiend for all of the sexual tie-ins he found that tarnished Bill Clinton as a predator for his numerous sexual escapades, many of which were violent and unwanted, and led to Clinton‘s being impeached by Congress and fined and sentenced by a federal judge, for his numerous crimes against women.

Today’s news reports identify Donald Trump as having sexual encounters, all of which were voluntary, by the way, and one wonders where the cries of “sex fiend” are against Robert Mueller for the sex-related incidents he’s found in the Trump investigation. If Ken Starr was just a dirty old man out to dig up embarrassing facts that gave him personal stimulation while helping build a case against Clinton, why isn’t the same claim being made against Robert Mueller for the sexual innuendo he’s dug up?

Unfortunately Republicans have no booster club, nor do they have a peanut gallery manned by the likes of James Carville and Paul Begala to present their case and scream idiocies to the American public via the leftist, Democrat-loving press, so similar claims of an improper investigation, even one begun and allegedly validated by a false document (the Steele dossier) paid for by the Hillary campaign and the DNC, are going unchallenged.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Hondurans Throw Children Over, And Under, The Border Wall

The lying, liberal press has been wetting themselves for the last year over the mean ole Trump administration “separating” families along the southern border, even though the law demands that suspects be incarcerated while an investigation moves forward, exactly the same thing the Obama administration did back in the days when liberals were good with whatever Obama did.

But there is no comparative outrage when an immigrant family, determined to circumvent U.S. laws and enter the country illegally, “throw” their children over the border wall, thereby causing injury to these children and adding to the expense already caused by these invaders, for the treatment of the injured child in a local medical facility. So naturally there is also no negative expression from the left when a child is passed under the wall.

When you add the already outrageous actions of the caravan members in forcing their children to march the long and dangerous length of Mexico, and the exposure of these children to the diseases and violence that accompanied the marchers along the way, this forcing of small children over and under a tall, dangerous border wall, while already in the commission of the crime of illegal entering the country, cannot be forgiven. Even radical Democrats might well ask themselves exactly what kind of people these invaders are, and do these liberals want child-abusing immigrants living near their neighborhoods. It’s a cinch immigrants will be allowed nowhere near the fashionable domiciles of the wealthy upper class who are so exercised by Trump’s insistence on legal entry to our country, and his equally important efforts to keep diseased, and really bad people, out.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Citizens From Another Leftist, Socialist, Anti-American Nation Praise President Trump

Not only have we heard the good citizens of Tijuana, Mexico advance the ideas of Donald Trump, but now the absolutely most sophisticated people on the planet earth, the enlightened citizens of France, have also expressed agreement with the thoughts of our president.

The citizens of Tijuana were persuaded to Trump’s side of the political discussion when the caravan, which the American press promised the citizens of America did not exist and was not a band of invaders moving north to occupy America, actually reached our borders and got stalled just south of San Diego and became a burden and a health risk for Mexico.

The lying, liberal press also asserted that the non-existent band of trekkers, once they got here, would be peaceful, good people, made up exclusively of families who would be wonderful citizens, who would behave nicely and enter America only to pay taxes and take the jobs that Americans will no longer do. Can anyone see any contradictions in the presses’ presentation of this blatant attack on American soil, in which they first say that there is no caravan, then they assure us that the members of the non-existent caravan are mainly women and children, and when the military-aged men, who make up 90 percent of the invading crowd, attack our border guards, the United States citizens who risk their lives daily defending the border from invasion are blamed for the entire melee?

And now the French citizens, who already pay outrageously high gasoline taxes, have exploded in reaction to the latest, and possibly highest, tax ever placed on a gallon of gasoline by the leftist French president, who raised the new tax on carbon fuel in order to save the planet from the fraudulent horrors of Global Warming, Climate Change, or whatever the radical left is calling this phony cause at the moment. Because of the uprising of the French “Gilets jaunes” protesters and rioters, the French president rescinded his tax increase, so now we’ll all burn to death within a week or two now that Warming/Change has been unleashed on the population of the earth with the rescission of this new carbon tax.  Chantings of praise for Donald Trump for his stance against the Paris treaty were heard from many French protestors, because our President Trump had the backbone to remove America from this leftist, Socialist movement intended to undermine the liberties of all people, everywhere.

President Trump is increasingly convincing the unfortunate people of the world, trapped behind Socialist governments, that his ideas serve them better than the ideas of their own governments. I would be willing to bet that the newly impoverished people of Venezuela would also praise President Trump over the fool Hugo Chavez, who has ruined that once-wealthy nation and has imprisoned its citizens in destitution and misery.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Democrat Plans For America

The Mexican government is closing down the Tijuana immigrant encampment because of the serious and dangerous illnesses the caravan carried there, and Democrats want these people to enter the United States and spread their diseases across our nation.

Venezuela’s Socialism is causing poverty and hunger to be the new norm in that formerly prosperous nation with the population experiencing a shortage of food and a deterioration of their healthcare delivery, and Democrats want to introduce Socialism to America.

Democrats and the various Chambers of Commerce in America want poor people to immigrate to America and settle here to do the work they say our lower-paid citizens will no longer do, when there are many Americans, including teenagers looking for their first jobs, who can find no work for themselves because immigrants have taken all of the jobs.

Democrats want to give welfare to immigrants settling here with no jobs, no skills, and no ability to speak English, while at the same time the government is unable to sufficiently help many American citizens at the bottom of the economic ladder lead comfortable lives.

Despite the lying press’s assurance to Americans that the caravan contained only peaceful families, the mayor of Tijuana contradicted that assurance and told us that the caravan contained mostly young men and about ten-percent criminals. But Democrats insist that we are obligated to allow an infinite number of these people into America and settle here.

America’s Democrat party has taken Barack Obama’s promise to Fundamentally Transform America to heart and is moving with all possible speed to destroy this great nation.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Do Democrats Really Want Every Vote To Be Counted?

In the last election there was so much confusion and intentional flak thrown up by the Democrats’ power thrust that I never did fully understand what happened in the Florida Senate and Gubernatorial elections, so here are a few of my outstanding questions about the latest, but probably not the last, Florida vote fiasco:

 If Democrats are so insistent on every vote being counted, then why is it always Democrats who mysteriously discover thousands of uncounted votes when they need more votes to defeat a Republican candidate? Who hid these votes to be discovered at a later date? Who discovered the votes and knew immediately that they were part of the current election?

Why are Republicans never the ones to discover much-needed votes that had been “lost” at the time of the election? Assuming that the ballots were legitimate and were actually cast by citizens who legally voted for the Democrat candidate, doesn’t it show a lack of respect to the voter that their votes were so sloppily handled that they became “lost” until they were suddenly needed to defeat the Republican candidate?

In the just-completed midterm election whose vote tally was delayed for a week after the election, were any Republican votes discovered after the election? All we heard was the Democrat ballots that were conveniently discovered in a hidden place. Who separated the Democrat and Republican ballots that were later “discovered”, or was it only the Democrat votes that were buried for future use and kept on ice until they were needed?

During all of the counting and recounting of votes, Democrats repeatedly demanded that every vote be counted, but one strongly suspects that vote fraud was being committed by someone, maybe a person in the form of a Democrat, since their objections were the strongest we heard, and these objections kept the voting tabulation moving forward way past the cut-off date, in the hopes of the Democrat candidate could “discover” enough “lost” votes to be able to win.

One suspects a massive, political smoke screen was laid down in Florida and Georgia in the 2018 mid-term election. But the most-favored statement of the Democrats, that “every vote counts”, is not the same as insisting that every vote actually be counted. Every false, fraudulent vote can be made to count in an extended recount period covering the entire voting population, including those recently found in someone’s basement or in the trunk of a Democrat official’s car. But Democrats only want votes to count for the Democrat candidates, and counting all votes legally cast by the citizens of the jurisdiction doing the voting is bunk to these corrupt politicians. Because when the ballots are counted, counted again and then recounted, fraud is too easily introduced, and we know to which party to look at when fraud is the subject.

With all of the idiotic scare talk about foreign enemies meddling in our elections, we’re beginning to realize that our elections are not threatened by outside forces like the evil Russians or the inscrutable Chinese, but rather our elections are threatened by internal, domestic election officials of the Democrat persuasion.