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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Taking Trump’s “Hillary Is A Bigot” Statement One Step Further

It’s true that Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, have used and abused poor people by holding them hostage for their votes in exchange for the goodies that big-government hands out to them. But the promise of life-long welfare and substandard housing is not the only sin that Democrats have been committing against their fellow Americans.

As part of the liberal lie about global warming, big government has edicted that a food product, corn, used around the world by poor people to feed their families in locations where a wide variety of food is not plentiful, be used as a fuel in American automobiles. This edict has caused the price of corn, as used in ethanol, to increase significantly as the price of gasoline and ethanol have increased, thereby causing the price of corn as a food product to also increase. The evidence is abundantly available that the world’s poor are only getting poorer and that their hunger is also increasing with this immoral use of food for fuel. But liberals in government will not relent in their lies about environmental disaster, and while the voting farmers of America enjoy the increased income that their corn crops provide them, the farce continues, with big government liberals getting the farm vote for the extra income farmers get from the ethanol edict.

But maybe the philanthropic Clinton Global Initiative scam that Hillary is associated with is giving poor people assistance with corn purchases so as to off-set the increased cost of this staple in their diets. But don’t bet on it. There would not be so much poverty in the world if governments, including the government of the United States, would leave their citizens alone to run their own lives and raise their families without big brother making personal decisions for them and issuing orders that must be adhered to, or else.

Additionally, one must not bring up the horrible situation of education in poor parts of American cities, largely controlled by big-city black, Democrat politicians, with no possibility of any school being allowed to compete with the government-run public school system that is letting poor people down by providing substandard education for all who have no options for education and little chance of breaking out of the welfare bonds that liberal Democrats have created to entrap them.

Hillary may or may not be a bigot, as Donald Trump claims, but she is absolutely immoral for the things she and her party have implemented that keep people from being completely free and act an impediments to their education and their chance for financial and personal success in the future.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Football’s 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick Expresses Agreement With Trump On Black And Minority Mistreatment By Liberal Democrats

In a recent headline-generating preseason football game, Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers quarterback, refused to respectfully stand when the national anthem was played prior to the start of the game, stating that “I am not going to stand up to show pride…for a country that oppresses black people and people of color”.

With the exception of his refusal to stand for the playing of the national anthem, Kaepernick’s words are clearly in agreement, and possibly in response to, Donald Trump’s recently expressed disgust with the way black people and other minorities have been treated by liberal Democrats these last 50 years, with increased numbers of single-mother homes, a sky-rocketing crime rate in inner-city communities, failing schools and cities that seem to be in an active war zone after 50 years of Democrat rule.

I hope Hillary has heard Mr. Kaepernick’s sentiments and his agreement with Donald Trump on this critical issue. I also hope that she is aware of Mr. Trump’s “what the hell do you have to lose” appeal to all poor people to vote for him for president and end the 50 year virtual enslavement of minorities on the Democrat plantation of wasted lives, fatherless families and dead bodies that the Liberal “massas” have left in their immoral, dictatorial wake.

Now I’m removing my tongue from my cheek.

One only hopes that Mr. Kaepernick is sufficiently informed of the root of the problem he has identified and spoken against, understands that the Democrats and their policies are responsible for this situation, and does not vote for Hillary in November, as this would only encourage liberals to continue and extend their reign of terror and their life-destroying policies, which would cause the furtherance of the horrible conditions of which he speaks and the unfortunate people entrapped by Democrat good-intentions who have no way out.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Big Government Seeks Lesbians To Become Farmers. Was There A lack Of Lesbian Farmers That Was Threatening Our Food Supply?

Rush Limbaugh recently introduced this government program to most Americans during one of his radio programs, and below are some observations on the government summit that Rush may not have mentioned, based on an article found in the “Morning Beacon Daily Newsletter” on August 16, 2016:

At a time when our liberal government is doing everything in its power to destroy suburban life and corral everyone in big cities where the population can be better controlled, who would expect to learn that big government has for 15 years been encouraging lesbians and LGBT individuals to become farmers?

My question is: what business does government have to spend tax-payer money to push any type of business or way of living? And with a supposed ten-percent of LGBT couples living in rural areas, how does this invisibly small number of individuals rate having tax money spent for their welfare? And where is the proof that they are being disadvantaged in the first place? The program is designed to teach lesbians and transgenders how to get subsidies from the government, kind of like the Obama administration publishing articles in Mexican and Central American newspapers telling these people how to illegally enter the United States and get welfare once they cross our open border. Who are these idiots in government to waste tax money on these things?

Far be it from me to discourage any person from seeking the life they want to live and residing in any part of the country they want to live in, city or rural, but when the government spends my tax money to foster their favorite, privileged groups, I resent it. In fact Ashlee Davis, the head of the United States Department of Agriculture’s rural pride summit, said that the agency is “working very hard to change how people think about rural America…”. What she didn’t say is that our government is working very hard to force our thinking to the things and in the ways government wants us to think.

Maybe clothing companies are backing this agenda in an attempt to sell more mucking boots and flannel shirts to lesbians. I’m just saying. But whatever the motive, the larger population suffers as the privileged, government-favored groups prosper.

And possibly the most maddening aspect of this whole thing is that this advocacy is coming from the USDA’s “Civil Rights” department. Really? Rural farming is involved with civil rights now? What exactly is the relation of farming and civil rights? And are the civil rights of non-lesbians being trod on by their not being able to get such advice and assistance from the government?

One wonders how many lesbians and transgenders would attend these summits, decide to take up the romantic notion of farming, go into debt to buy land and equipment, and then experience financial difficulties because the government was so anxious to push the fabled idea of working the land that they forgot to mention the realities of making a living from farming. There is probably no vocation in which newcomers will work harder and experience more financial and personal hardships than farming. And farming, like any other business, requires that you make an annual profit in order to succeed, and I’ll bet the government decided not to mention the nasty word “profit”. It sounds so capitalistic.

Is encouraging women to move to farms and raise crops and livestock really serving the welfare of these women? Farming 300 acres is not the same as gardening in your back yard raising tomatoes, basil and lettuce, and I wonder how fully informed the attendees of this summit are.

Has the United States passed the point in time when the government will leave us the hell alone to run our lives peacefully as we see fit?

Which Economic Theory Is Best: Trickle-Down Or Waterfall?

The term “trickle-down” was coined by liberals who wanted to criticize the Reagan economy with a negative description. They wanted to encourage the opinion that the rich at the top of the earnings scale retain most of the profits from their businesses and only a small portion of the profits “trickle-down” to the middle class and beyond.

Of course, the description of the rich getting richer is an accurate one: they have the ideas that earn money, they take the risks by establishing businesses so they are entitled to the profits. What liberals refuse to admit is that the lesser classes receive more than a mere trickle-down income from earnings generated by the wealthy, and in many cases members of the middle class become wealthy themselves by working twenty or thirty years, saving and investing their money, and staying out of jail and obeying the laws. But the most positive aspect of the capitalist profit-making/trickle-down theory is that the wealth and the income from it are sustainable, if government will just stay out of the way, and will support and enrich generations in the future as well as current workers and earners.

The other side of this coin is the “waterfall” theory of liberals in which tax-payers’ money is used to shower non-workers with welfare money and other handout goodies in exchange for the recipients’ votes for Democrat candidates in the next election. This money is wasted because it earns nothing and is invested nowhere. It’s yanked from the system via higher taxes, which hurts businesses and causes higher unemployment as the welfare crowd deprives the system of money to support real job-producing products and services. The only ones who “profit” from this theory are the politicians who get votes from the free stuff they provide the taker class.

Any thinking person realizes that trickle-down is far superior to the waterfall theory, but the likes of Hillary Clinton have benefitted too well and for too long from making fun of the trickle-down term to stop it now, and she wants to continue to profit from the large Democrat-voting welfare crowd, so she will continue to shower the waterfall of goodies on the nonworking, taker class for her own benefit, and meanwhile unemployment increases and the nation suffers because the Democrats will not release the strangle hold that their party has on the taker class within the walls of their evil plantation.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Democrats Are Crapping In Their Own Mess Kits

The candidacy of Donald Trump is confusing Democrats in the general campaign just as much as he confused his Republican opponents in the primary season. He is causing shell-shock in professional Democrat circles.  Liberals have become so accustomed to establishment Republicans accepting their liberal ideology and joining them in their big-government, politically correct campaigns (examples: LGBT restroom choice, open borders to illegal aliens, increasing welfare handouts with no work requirements, etc.) that they don’t know how to respond to a truth teller and independent thinker like Trump.

I can’t recall a point in recent history when liberals didn’t declare that society in general and Republicans in particular mistreated blacks as a matter of routine to the point where blacks and other minorities were unable to live and earn a living in racist America without the assistance of big-government (Democrat party) handouts. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have repeatedly demanded more goodies be distributed to the minority members of an unjust America. The Obama Justice Department recently declared that blacks are being targeted in big cities like Baltimore for continual harassment by the racist police department (which is largely minority by the way) each and every time they leave their homes. So with this alleged racist environment facing a large portion of our population, welfare roles swelled and dependence on government (some would use the word “enslaved” for this dependence situation) became accepted and the tentacles of big, plantation-running government increased every year. Even the current presidential campaign finds the Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, whose party has been in power the last 7-plus years, complaining about the unfair plight of minority citizens, the terrible public school results, the horrible murder rate in cities like Chicago (which is run by an Obama Democrat) and promises to fix these problems if elected president.

But Donald trump has taken the lies of liberals/Democrats/progressives and used them against candidates like Hillary, stating that they, the liberals, were the fault and that if elected he would assure that the leftist enslavement of so many people in America would come to an end, and asked blacks for their votes in order to get the Democrat-oppressed members of our society back to work and free from the crime-filled neighborhoods the Democrats have assigned them to. Trump has even been so crass as to explain that this virtual imprisonment of so many American citizens was the price they pay for the goodies they receive in exchange for their votes for Democrats each election season.

Now comes the good part: Liberals in the media heard Trump’s criticism of the racial situation the Democrats have created and have begun their own campaign against him by declaring that blacks living in America really don’t have it so bad, and in fact they live very well and comfortably. One wonders what happened to the police brutality, the bad schools, the racism, the high unemployment rate, the crime-infested neighborhoods that Hillary and Jesse and Al and the Black Lives Matter Crowds have been complaining about, and making worse, all these years.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s America Is For Sale

One recalls Vladimir Lenin’s sentiment that capitalists are so stupid and selfish that they’ll sell you the rope with which you intend to hang them. There’s some disturbing truth to his remarks, but one can be soothed by also recalling that the old Soviet Union was defeated, peacefully, by capitalist nations, which are still perking along in fine shape, relatively speaking. So although capitalists do stupid things, if their government is moral and attentive to threats from the real world, they will live to sell rope yet another day.

However, today’s disturbing example of Hillary Clinton selling access to American secrets and influence from her Secretary of State position, including the sale of a significant percentage of America’s uranium supply to Russia, which she authorized in exchange for a multi-million dollar donation to her crime family global initiative, is simply criminal as well as being immoral. And this personal enrichment farce is occurring during a time when our government, under Barack Obama, is asleep at the wheel as he implements his “fundamental transformation of America”. The bad things happening to America are intentional and purposeful, and one of the main schemers in this series of bad things is running for president herself so as to continue and finalize the destruction to this great nation.

On the other hand, how can anyone be so naïve and thoughtless, in the current national environment of terrorism, unemployment and war, as to be a never-Trumper? We’ve had eight years of proof that today’s Democrats intend only poverty and destruction for America and Americans, and it’s been proven that Democrats will make any deal with our enemies to undermine our national security. The misguided people from never-Trump/never-land are assisting in this effort from a position of failed logic and immoral reasoning, with the likely end product of their opposition to Donald Trump being Hillary elected to the presidency.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Milwaukee Message: “Give Me Money Or I’ll Kill You”

What would you label a person who made a statement like Give Me Money Or I’ll Kill You”? That’s exactly the essence of the statement that at least one rioter made in Milwaukee last weekend. We’d call a person making such a statement a robber and a criminal for demanding our money, and we would charge him with robbery and put him in jail.

And robbery is exactly what the Milwaukee rioters were referencing when they demanded money or they would start killing more police, and would “beatdown” more white people. The traditional welfare that the non-working underclass have gotten from Democrats the last 50 years is now considered to be chump change and will no longer satisfy their needs. They are tired of all of the failed promises from liberal Democrats these last many decades, and now they want to be made wealthy by the party of compassion, and they want the money now!

This places liberal Democrats in a bind because their former enslaved welfare recipients are demanding their due and will no longer be satisfied with the paltry handouts that have kept the project-dwelling underclass quiet for so long. Usually people making such demands end up in jail, but the Democrats can’t afford to lock up all of their devoted voters, nor can they come up with enough money to make the loudest trouble-maker go back to being a good party voter and organizer, as our Obama was so good at.

Democrats must be scared to death because their tried and true tactics have gotten out of hand, and after making the police officers in America frightened to enforce the law out of fear that they themselves will be prosecuted for trying to apprehend criminals, the new demand-makers who want more money “or else” cannot be contained nor satisfied with continued promises, so Democrats are in trouble and they don’t know what to do about it.

The Democrat plantation is in an uproar and the “massa” has lost control. Massa Hillary and Massa Barry had better start digging for answers, because the demands of their former faithful voters will only keep escalating.

Monday, August 15, 2016

“Whites Hunted For Beatdowns” The Headline Says, And Obama Is Silent.

Police in particular, and white people in general, are being hunted down and killed by savages in some of America’s major cities, and the president of the United States plays another round of golf on Martha’s Vineyard. The tax-paying, welfare-funding citizens of this nation need reassurance that they will not be the next Obama tools hunted down by the racist hoards in our largest cities. And our government, so quick to blame police officers and whites for every imagined indiscretion that occurs in these liberal/Democrat-dominated, third-world cities, provides only silence.

Anyone who failed to understand the ultimate intent of Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform America” can now begin to see what Obama had in mind with the chaos he has created and advanced in order to bring America down:

Police forces are being taken over by Obama’s Department of Justice, and their officers are fearful that they will end up in prison for enforcing the law and trying to protect the population of their cities, which are mostly populated with decent black citizens begging for police protection from the criminal trash plaguing every liberal-Democrat city government in the nation.

Illegal aliens flooding across our southern border are doing whatever they want to do, wherever and whenever they want to do it, and Obama just sits back and smiles.

Alleged Syrian “refugees” are being imported to America hoping they’ll further destroy our Christian nation, and in anticipation that they’ll commit terrorist crimes that the FBI states is inevitable under the circumstances that Obama and Hillary Clinton have created. This whole mess with police being assassinated and gangs of blacks roaming the streets in search of white people to “beatdown” is completely on the heads of Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Our elite leaders in Washington arrogantly think they know best how the nation should be run, and our supposedly representative form of government will not be dissuaded by reason, common sense nor evidence that what’s happened under the Obama administration is wrong and destructive to our entire way of life.

Democrats must be defeated for every governmental office they seek or they’ll oversee the final fruition of Obama’s desire to “fundamentally transform America”, which will assure our nation’s destruction.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Leftists Lack An Ability For Introspection

Assuming that liberals are serious and honest in their suspicion that Capitalism is rampant with corruption and greed, that corporations abuse employees and customers and only exist to wipe out their competition and become obscenely wealthy and dictatorial in their areas of expertise, why are people like Obama and Hillary unable to see that the things they accuse capitalists of are existent and in full flower in their governmental administrations and their areas of control.

Examples of some areas of a concentration of power that will allow no outside input and permits no deviation from Barack Obama’s intended direction are the unpayable national debt he has incurred; his unconstitutional Obamacare; the Iran nuke deal; his belief in the lie of global warming; Fast and Furious; job-killing EPA regulations; IRS abuses directed at conservatives; our open southern border and the Syrian influx, in whose number, we have been assured, will be some ISIS terrorists.

Some dictatorial things we know about Hillary (and she probably agrees with most if not all of Obama’s items listed above) are her influence peddling as Secretary of State; her vast, unexplained wealth, which borders on just plain greed; national security violations related to her email server, and lying under oath to Congress and, thereby, to all American citizens.

The reason I don’t think liberals, Obama and Hillary included, really believe in the corruption they pretend capitalism presents is that they have no problem accepting large salaries in their jobs, and Obama and Hillary were both made wealthy by book deals offered to them. If they really believed that the book contracts were contributing to a general corruption of society via the capitalism it represents, they should have turned the offers down and publicly proclaimed their steadfastness and cleanliness in this issue.

But they did accept the book deals and they willingly took the money, so they are either insincere in their expressed hatred of capitalism, or more likely, they are just as money-grubbing as anyone else and want to gather all the wealth they can, which undermines their stated holier-than-thou positioning and makes them liars and hypocrites.

Capitalism, with a lite level of government oversight, depends on competition that assures better products and services to be offered to their customers and allows the best companies to prosper in a competitive environment, which further allows, even depends on, prosperity spreading throughout the nation to all levels of society, top to bottom. 

Government, on the other hand, makes no products and offers no services, so they lack the competition that assures the success of capitalism, and in fact the design of government makes competition impossible, but does depend on a willing regard for the constitution and its competing branches of government and a balance of powers to keep it honest, which philosophy Obama and Hillary think is for chumps.

A nation need not fear capitalism, it only needs to fear out-of-control government, because as some wise person once said, “If a government can give you anything you want, it can also take everything you have”. If Obama is looking for an entity that abuses citizens and makes them into a nearly-enslaved underclass, he needs look at his own administration, which he, as a close-minded, intolerant liberal, has no ability to do, so his dictatorial regime just keeps on moving forward and taking our nation downward.

For The Clintons, Is There Never Too Much?

No liberal at CNN has ever asked Hillary if her personal worth of $100 million is enough, or perhaps even too much, in a world where children die of hunger each day (as Bill Clinton used to remind an interviewer when he wanted to stop them in their tracks).  We’ve all seen Hillary with a sad visage and very serious tone of voice, telling an interviewer that she and Bill left the White House in debt and flat broke. But even allowing for book deals and 6-digit speaking fees, how did the Clintons become wealthy in excess of $100 million? It’s like the cattle futures trading that Hillary did back in Arkansas when she made $100,000 on a thousand dollar investment. How did an inexperienced investor/trader like Hillary make an impossibly large return like that, and why did she stop after only one such brush with success?

The Clintons don’t manufacture anything.  They don’t have a profit-making company of any kind similar to the ones that liberals like to point at when accusing corporate leaders of abusing customers, under-paying employees, discriminating against female and black employees and making excess profits, but they never ask the Clintons how they have become filthy rich (in fact liberals don’t consider the Clintons’ wealth to be filthy or excessive, it’s just how all good liberals should live).

And it’s not even mentioned why or how Chelsea married a rich Wall Street type and now lives in a $10 million Manhattan penthouse or how she earned the $600,000 salary from NBC while never appearing on a network program. Aren’t people who live like that accused of evil things and criticized for their excessive incomes and consumption of the world’s precious and disappearing resources?

And added to all of the above, we now know that Hillary has been dealing fast and loose with her emails, national security, telling us that the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood was part of the blooming Arab Spring and that Bashar al-Assad was a “reformer”, her influence peddling as Secretary of State, her lying under oath to congress and the lies she told to the American people about her email account (and lied to the mother of at least one of the Americans killed in the Benghazi attack) and that she is suspected of overseeing the shipment of weapons to Libya, which ended up arming ISIS following the Benghazi disaster which got four Americans killed. If any one of these things is true, then Hillary should not be allowed near the Oval Office and should be denied any level of security clearance for the remainder of her life, and then she should be locked up in Leavenworth.

No, the Clintons just skate gracefully away, like the ice skaters in Central Park do when Chelsea deigns to look down on them from her Manhattan penthouse suite.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

What is The Cost To Hillary For Her Sec State Pay-To-Play Scheme If She Is Not Elected President?

It would appear that a failure to become president could be dangerously risky for Hillary, considering that in her official, high ranking position in the Obama administration, she took loads of money from foreign and domestic gangsters and dictators (money that went into the coffers of the Clinton Global Initiative) in exchange for United States government favors/contracts/gifts when she held the official position of Secretary of State.

Some of Hillary’s favors have already been granted to her dictator friends, at a great cost in money and national security to American citizens, but some of the money was given to Hillary for favors these mobsters wish to collect after she is securely in the White House and occupying the Oval Office. Such people will be very angry if she isn’t elected and is unable to dole out the promised-and-paid-for goodies. When these buddies of Hillary don’t get what they want they make the one who disappointed them pay a maximum price. So Hillary will tell any lie and make any policy promise to get herself elected, because to be unable to serve her underworld friends and not be able to do their bidding is unthinkable.

Maybe fear of not becoming president and having to face these angry customers is causing some of Hillary’s self-expressed “short-circuiting”.  Do we really want to have a president who is beholden to the scourge of the world, and who will be making decisions to please dictators when she should be thinking about the security of the United States? I think not.

Do Leftists Really Know What They Want? More Importantly, Do They Understand What Their Actions Will Produce?

Let’s imagine a few years into the future and consider a Hillary Clinton administration in which all guns have been confiscated from law-abiding American citizens, leaving these decent people defenseless and without personal protection, and leaving only criminals and terrorists in possession of fire arms.

Obviously criminals and terrorists will  continue to behave like the criminals and terrorists they are, since they will still have their weapons, but keep in mind that this violation of the second amendment will occur in an environment where liberal race-baiting politicians have generated a violent hate for police officers across the nation, a trend begun and carefully developed in the Obama administration, and at a time when our brave police officers across America have developed a self-defense attitude of backing off on aggressively investigating crimes and encountering suspects out of fear of themselves being prosecuted for their zeal in trying to apprehend bad guys; in other words citizens will have even less protection from a cowed police force than they do today, and added to this danger they will also no longer be personally armed for self-defense.

Crime will not stop with the liberal/progressive disarming of Americans, and it’s probably safe to assume that crime in a defenseless world will likely increase, so when violence with fire arms continues under this imagined Hillary administration, how will she and her liberal friends respond? Who will they blame for the continued, or even increased, crime wave? They will no longer have public ownership of guns to blame for the violence, and since liberals are doing nothing about the escalating gun violence in big cities like Chicago at the current time, who believes that they will crack down on an increased level of gang-related gun violence in the future?  It wouldn’t surprise me if liberal/progressives were to declare this violent new defenselessness to be a “new-normal” that we will have to learn to live with.

Hillary must be defeated in November, period.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

If You Want Sustainability, You Do Not Want Liberalism/Socialism

For the better part of the last 100 years the United States, the heart of capitalism on earth, has been making itself and its citizens the most comfortable, most liberated, wealthy people in the world. Other nations that have rejected capitalism and chosen socialism have become consistently poorer and increasingly in a state of want, the most extreme example of which being Venezuela, one of the most oil-rich nations in the world, which is starving to death under socialism and whose leader/dictator last week declared that the population would be force-assigned to do agricultural work in order to feed the population and keep its unprofitable crops from rotting in the fields.

The best reason for the United States’ success in a generally failing world was expressed by British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher when she warned and under Socialism you eventually run out of other people’s money to spend. During the twentieth century the United States became increasingly more wealthy because it was private money, not public (tax derived) money that created the wealth, employed workers and built things. During the last 25 years or so, and definitely during the last 7 years of the Obama administration, the government has tried to establish national wealth via handouts and giveaways, and has failed miserably. When people take care of themselves and their families there is no end to what they can accomplish for themselves via efforts to make profits and to compete to make better products or services, but when government pretends to create wealth by taxing those with wealth and giving that wealth to those who don’t work or produce, the government itself consumes so much of the wealth that individuals created, that the whole system begins to fail and shut down.

When you add the liberal tendency to promise stuff to the “taking” class in exchange for their votes and the continued election of liberals to office, it doesn’t take long for the wealth “making” class to stop working, and the takers sink further into poverty and become nothing more than slaves to the liberal rulers, who continue to promise more stuff in order to get the takers’ votes, and poverty becomes more pervasive.

Liberalism/socialism is unsustainable because it depends on someone else to create the wealth that provides the takers with their meager living standards, and the inefficiency and corruption of liberal government assures that what little wealth there is will be destroyed, leaving the takers with nothing, but still dependent on government, which will fail when the makers stop producing or just leave for more favorable climes.

Capitalism is sustainable because every person, whether CEOs or hourly workers, create their own wealth via work, thrift, investment and living within (or preferably beneath) their means, and trusting to the future for a final financial reward for their thrift. As long as the government doesn’t step in and pass legislation or issue regulations that halt the creation of products or services, capitalism always comes up with ways to accomplish its own sustainability. Government will always be on hand to halt abuses of overly active companies, as was described in Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, and wise, sustainable regulation of business only makes products and services better and extends the sustainability and survivability of all businesses as they toe the line of sensible, corrective and non-punitive regulations.

Sustainability is further improved upon under capitalism because the selfishness of entrepreneurs assures that their products and services, food or clothing, lumber or electricity will continue to be available and profitable, and they will therefore be better stewards of their piece of the world. The government, on the other hand, cares only for votes and nothing for products and can’t possibly make a profit because it makes nothing itself, so everything in government’s realm only performs worse and becomes more dilapidated as the maker class dries up.

Whether the subject is liberty, food, the environment or just plain stuff, there’s always more of it under capitalism, and its quality is much better because the many and numerous participants assure their own continued prosperity and freedom. The more products or services a society makes increases the number of jobs, and greater profits for a competitive corporation increases the pay of the employees that make the products or provide the services.

Friday, August 5, 2016

The Known Danger Of Obama To America Doesn’t Stop Liberals from Dumping on Trump

I happened to see a few minutes of CNN this morning covering Obama at the Pentagon, and all I heard from these partisan hacks was how horrible Trump would be for national security and how untrustworthy he would be with national secrets. Evidently CNN hasn’t heard about Hillary’s unsecured email server being hacked by the whole world, and who-knows what critical exposure this crime, as listed by FBI Director, James Comey, presents for the security of the United States.

But the crème de la crème was Obama officiously stating that Donald Trump could not be trusted to deal with a dangerous world and keep our secrets from our enemies. Does no one remember the whispered pleas of Obama to Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev, begging him to tell Vladimir Putin that he (Obama) needed more time to work with him and that he could be more flexible in his dealings with Russia after he (Obama) was re-elected? Can anyone doubt that the flexibility Obama begged from Putin was related to Obama’s ability and willingness to sacrifice American security to Putin’s demands to remove missiles from territory neighboring on Russia, or maybe even setting the stage for Russia to re-insert itself in Syria without any American opposition to this potentially disastrous move, as indeed eventually happened?

Again referring to our national security, can liberals not see the danger of opening our southern border to any Mexican, Central American or other unknown national who can get to Mexico in order to cross illegally into America, with no checks at all as to who these people are and what they want here? And how about allowing tens of thousands of Syrian “refugees”, who have no standing government they can be vetted against to see what possible dangerous affiliations they may have. After all, ISIS has said that they will absolutely infiltrate these hoards of people, and this means destruction and suffering for Americans somewhere as they attack one our cities.

The liberal press is showing no interest at all in balancing the news nor of actually determining how to evaluate the candidates for president, they’re just dumping on Trump and allowing Hillary to skate free and continue her lying campaign.

After watching Obama’s idiotic briefing yesterday at the Pentagon I was shocked to hear that Obama is reluctant to provide Presidential Daily Briefings to Trump because Obama doubts that Trump can keep secrets that are in these reports. I’ve already listed above the breathless Obama begging Putin for more time to surrender any part of American’s security that Putin wants following Obama’s re-election, and this fool man wants us to believe that Trump would do the same dangerous things that would threaten America’s security?  And we all know by now the untrustworthiness of Hillary with any secret information.  The scandals of Obama and Hillary are real and have actually happened, yet the liberal press points a finger of accusation only at Donald Trump.

And if you want an example of a threat to national security on Obama’s watch, the Iranian nuke deal is a classic. Obama pretends that Iran has abided by all terms party to this deal and that everyone, even Israel, is happy with the agreement, when we see reports all the time of violations to the deal made by Iran on a daily basis, and Obama gives no recognition to these very dangerous violations at all. That’s why he saw no problems giving Iran $400 million in cash last January, even though Obama’s own administration admitted that these funds will definitely be used to spread terror around the world and kill more people, many of whom will be Americans. How can one man, Obama, be so dangerous and make such horrible decisions, and still the liberal press swoons at his every word and action and treats him like a hero?

And how about the increased danger to Americans that results from Obama paying a ransom to Iran for the return of the five Americans released from Iranian imprisonment. This illegal act of Obama’s will only encourage enemies of America to kidnap more of our citizens in anticipation of further ransom payments. And where did Obama secretly get the $400 million he gave the Iranian terrorists? During the Pentagon press meeting Obama had savaged the Republican legislature for not coming up with money to develop a defense against the Zika virus, but in January he produced $400 million with no effort at all.  Where did this money come from?

Intelligent Americans understand that Obama is a disaster for this country and that Trump would redo or undo much of the evil of Obama, and they understand that Donald Trump must be the next president of the United States.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Anti-Americanism Is Often More Valuable To Liberals Than Racism

Recall for a moment the video that showed Obama crouched low and speaking softly to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, pleading with him to tell Putin that he (Obama) needs more time and that he will have more flexibility in his dealings with Russia after he is re-elected to office, with the message to any sane person that Obama was willing to give Putin anything he needed Obama to give, but after he was successfully re-elected, so his political power would not be threatened after he was back in office for another four years.

If Obama had been requested or required to plead for more time for some reason with a member of the United States congress, he would protest that he was being singled out and made to act in a subservient manner by a white, racist, male member of congress, (and here it’s important to remember that Vladimir Putin is indeed a white man) and of course this would be labeled by every member of the liberal press and the Democrat establishment as racism. But since the whispered meeting with Medvedev was a plot against the welfare of the United States and was being discussed with a long-time enemy of the United States, Obama didn’t mind the subservience at all. And forget that Putin is a dictator as well as being a white male. Obama’s only objective is to “fundamentally transform America” and he is seeking help from the Russian dictator to further that goal.

One could conclude that anti-American scheming has a higher value than racism as far as getting Democrat/liberal goals achieved and having their passions inflamed. American liberals desire power so absolutely and completely that they will lie, break laws and disobey the constitution to achieve it. And they admire and envy someone like Putin who has total and complete power over his nation and every person in it, and he’s not afraid of using that power for his own ends.

The Obama Administration Lives By The Lie, And Will Die By The Lie

Yesterday we learned that in January the Obama administration gave Iran $400 million in cash at the same time that five Americans held captive in Iran were released from captivity, and many people immediately associated the releases with the money the administration gave to Iran and called the exchange a ransom. Of course the Obama administration said that the money was given to Iran for a separate, unrelated reason and that it was the purest chance that the release of the prisoners was the same day the cash arrived.

No one believes the lying Obama bunch, and when they claim that this prisoner/money exchange was not ransom we recall other such Obama lies:

If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,

If you like your plan, you can keep your plan,

The Bush administration caused the Fast and Furious problem and the resulting agent death,

The ACA will save you $2500 a year in healthcare costs,

The Iran nuke deal will prevent them from developing a nuclear weapon,

If Iran doesn’t follow the rules of the Nuke agreement the sanctions will be restored,

If Iran doesn’t follow the rules of the Nuke agreement inspectors will immediately investigate,

We have successfully contained the ISIS forces,

ISIS is a JV team,

Hillary Clinton is the most qualified person to be president.

So it’s obvious why we don’t believe the reason given by the administration for the windfall awarded the Iranians, but we do know how the cash will be spent: on weapons intended to kill American soldiers and various civilians around the world. The fools in the Obama administration know full well the destruction and suffering that the gift to Iran will cause, but they gave it to them, our sworn enemies, regardless. This is just one more example of Obama’s pledge to “fundamentally transform America”, and he is succeeding in this effort.

What kind of idiots are the Obama people anyway?

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Did The NSA Or Russia Hack The DNC Server?

Why would Russia, which played a friendly role in Hillary’s ridiculous, childish reset button scheme, hack the DNC email server and expose records that at least embarrass Hillary and Democrat liberals, and not also hack the RNC server to try to undermine the campaign of Donald Trump, whose presidency would threaten relations with Russia as a president Trump worked to benefit American interests and oppose Russian militarism and expansion, unlike the Obama/Clinton administration which facilitated, or at least turned a blind eye to Russian power moves? The proof of the admiration and pleasant relations that Obama had with Russia’s Putin can be found in the recorded plea Obama made to Russian Prime Minister Medvedev asking that Putin be patient, and assuring the Russian dictator that he (Obama) would be able to be more flexible toward Putin’s plans after he (Obama) was re-elected and had safely won a second term as president and could then serve Putin’s wishes.

The recent claim that the NSA hacked the DNC server in order to undermine Hillary’s anti-American presidential campaign makes more sense because we know the American liberal press ignores any lie or devious action within Hillary’s presidential campaign, yet grinds Trump to dust for any slight mistake or misstatement he makes. And recalling that the Obama administration absolutely refused to prosecute Hillary for blatant abuses of national security and the law (and one can only imagine the other things that the DNC and Hillary have done that we know nothing about) it makes sense that someone or some group interested in American national security and honesty in governance and who wants to put a halt to the undermining of America’s election process and the destruction of our constitution by the liberals, would leak information about Hillary that will adversely impact her campaign.

Liberal Democrats And Militant Islamists Are Allied In Lying For Their Faith And Are Unified In Their Plans To Defeat Constitutional America

How could Hillary Clinton, with a straight face and a serious demeanor, during an interview on Fox last Sunday, tell Mike Wallace that James Comey, the Director of the FBI, did not say that the FBI’s investigation of Hillary’s behavior regarding her email system when she was Secretary of State in the Obama administration, found her to be careless and dishonest when he made his presentation on national television announcing that they would not prosecute her for her negligent incompetence? And even when Wallace played the tape of Comey’s devastating remarks, she still persisted in stating that he made no adverse statements about her honesty and competence. The woman’s ability and willingness to lie, even when she doesn’t have to and when the truth is staring her right in the face, is beyond belief. And the liberal press was completely silent in support of Hillary’s lies.

How can Hillary pretend she ran a good, honest campaign against Bernie Sanders when we now know that the DNC constantly plotted against the Sanders campaign to undermine him and give unfair competition and benefit to Hillary, now that we’ve seen the hacked records of the DNC email system showing that Bernie never stood a chance and the fix was in for Hillary to win all along?

How can the liberal press, every day and every hour,  ignore Hillary’s obvious lies on any subject, yet ride Donald Trump without let-up for each slight misstatement he makes or any non-traditional position he takes on an issue?

How can the liberal press fail to criticize militant Islamists for their mistreatment of gays and women, yet claim for years now that Republicans are waging a “War on Women” and that they hate gays?

The answer to all of the above is that liberals lie for the faith of liberalism and for the defeat of Republicans and conservatives with each and every breath they take, in order to win elections and gain political power. Liberals and Islamist militants are in agreement that it is acceptable to lie in order to get what they want and to protect their interests. Both are enemies to democracy, to the American constitution and to the American population.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Obama’s Statement That Trump Is Unfit To Be President Is All I Need To Hear To Assure My Vote For Trump

Obama is back on the stump again, and the man who unconstitutionally took our healthcare; the man who illegally opened our southern border to all illegal aliens regardless of their evil intent toward America; the man who refuses to destroy an enemy that swears to kill all Americans; the man who in effect gave Iran a nuclear weapon with the Iran nuke deal; and the man who speaks favorably of the Democrat presidential candidate who lied to America and congress about her illegal email server and the exposure of our top secrets it offered to our sworn enemies, the same Democrat candidate who was strongly criticized by the FBI director for her security violations and careless behavior related to her illegal email system, now has the stones to call the Republican presidential candidate “unfit”?

Obama’s publicly spoken opinion of Trump, never before uttered by a sitting president (and this opinion proves how frightened of Trump the Democrats are and how fearful they are that he will be elected to the Oval Office) assures my vote for Donald Trump. Mr. Trump is our last and only chance to redirect our nation, restore the constitution and assure that our laws are followed going into the future.

Obama’s savage, dangerous words sound like a threat to me and suggest that if Trump is elected in November, that Obama will find a way to keep him from taking office, if he even allows the election to take place at all. And given Obama’s tendency to act in contradiction to the constitution and in violation of all practices considered appropriate in a presidential election, I would not be surprised if he took never before seen measures to see to it that Trump is removed from the election.

Donald Trump must attack Hillary with all the verbiage he can muster and keep the pressure on his opponent to force her to defend her criminal activities, and he must remain on the offensive in this critical battle for the survival of America, and not become defensive.