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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The Green Movement Is Pure, Raw Dictatorship On Display, And Will Be The Destruction Of This Country


Due to constraints of space, titles of opinion pieces such as this one must be short and concise, but if space allowed, the title to this piece would be “The Radical, Anti-Capitalist And Anti-Democratic Green Movement Is Pure, Raw Dictatorship, So It’s No Surprise That The Far-Left Biden Administration Is Pushing It”.

And it should come as a surprise to no one that this final Green push to take control of the American nation comes at the end of the covid era, during which the political far left Democrats finally developed the scheme that would allow them to take control of hundreds of millions of lives and halt all opposition to its rule with the simple appeal of: “It’s for your own good and for the welfare of the nation“.

After decades of the radical left telling us that the oceans will rise and drown us all; or that the oceans will die of all aquatic life within five years; or that heat will kill us all in fifteen years as crops fail and we all die of starvation; and who can forget Barack Obama promising to Fundamentally Transform America, which promise is coming to fruition under the Biden Administration, it finally comes down to the Democrats telling us they are finished with trying to gain control of our nation within the constraints of our Constitution, and now they are dictating how we must act and how we must live, period. These scoundrels finally hit on the idea of declaring an emergency that would kill us all and only their effort and devices could save the world from certain destruction, and their efforts could not be opposed without threatening life on earth, so our government began Fundamentally Transforming America with the health mandates of 2020, with its masking and worthless vaccinations. And now we have the lie of warming/change that the left is throwing at us, in spite of there being no provable or obvious heating of the planet that can be attributed to humans, that would convince us dummies that we are on the verge of death-via-climate-change. So they just declare that our automobiles and air conditioning are killing us, and they will undoubtedly soon make an official declaration that any opposition to government rule and declarations on this oh-so-serious health issue will be punishable with imprisonment.

In World War II the Nazis had the imagined attack from Poland to claim that total war was necessary, with the accompanying total control on the civilian German population; the Russians had the evil Capitalists to blame for taking over the government; and Joey Biden has carbon and the Ultra-Magas, or just anyone who opposes his dictatorial mandates, to shame as he alternately whispers and screams vile rhetoric from his blood-red pulpit of hate and division.

And the most laughable lies coming from the radical left, such as Gavin Newsom ordering Californians to not charge the electric vehicles that he has ordered them to purchase, because the alleged environmental saviors of wind and solar power are too unpredictable and weak to provide power to a public dependent on commercial power, all of which proves what liars and charlatans the far-left dictators are.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Nero Fiddling While Rome Burned Has Nothing On The Deaf and Dumb Biden Administration, Who Party While America Dies

 Our woke and stupid, aviator-glasses-wearing president is so disconnected from reality, common sense and decency that on Tuesday of this week he held a massive celebration to let everyone know what a great bunch of woke-folks the Biden administration is, laughing and bragging about the end of inflation in America with his Build Back Badder Plan (now more commonly known as the Inflation Ending Bill or as The Environmental Savior Bill or something close to that), while the United States stock market was melting down, leading to a major hit to its valuation, and while inflation was, at the same moment as the partying, announced to have taken a new move upward against the dollar, thereby hurting Americans of all stripes with money that is worth less, and under Biden may soon be worthless.

And even though Emperor Nero had fiddle music to soothe him as he watched the destruction of Rome, the Biden crowd only had James Taylor to jangle their nerves with his 1970s, depressing music that didn’t seem to offset the gay and happy mood of the assembled elites, and all the while, America burned.

If anyone in the Biden administration even pretended to care about the series of destructive events caused by this bumbling administration, one could have pity on them for misjudging the date of the celebration and the aura of self-aggrandizement surrounding it. But instead of hanging their heads in shame and apologizing for the messes they’ve created, they strut, party and celebrate and expect the public that is forced to live lesser lives due to these fools’ policies, to thank them.

But the arrogance of the Biden celebrants who party as inflation, border invaders and increased violent crime on the streets of American cities makes life difficult for all Americans, is beyond belief. And Biden supporters enjoying themselves while Mar-A-Lago is raided by the FBI, and the FBI putting Trump supporters in chains at airports and Trump supporters having to surrender their personal phones to the FBI for a through government investigation as they try to visit a restaurant, has the flavor of a totalitarian state all over it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Considering All Of The Political Lies Democrats Have Told Us, Why Should We Believe The Lie Of Warming/Change?

 The slew of lies Democrats have told the American public these last few years is vast. Presented below is a list of reasons to not trust these lying fools any longer:

Democrats created, spread lies about, and then investigated Donald Trump for years for the wholly fabricated crime of colluding with Russia.

Democrats lied about Trump’s misbehavior in office with two fabricated impeachments.

Democrats lied to America about the ineffective practice of masking during the covid years.

Democrats lied about the Wuhan “vaccine” actually being a vaccine and not a before-the-fact therapeutic.

Democrats lied, claiming that voters who were required to produce proof of their identity in order to vote were submitting to racism.

Democrats intentionally lied about the deadliness of the Wuhan disease by imposing an economic lockdown that destroyed our economy and negatively impacted the lives of many children.

Joey Biden likes to assure us that the very expensive gasoline we are now buying is the fault of the drillers and the refiners. Joey is obviously brain dead and has forgotten that he halted the KeyStone pipeline and most drilling on federal land as soon as he hit the Oval office.

Democrat leftists like to tell us that electric vehicles pollute less than gasoline-powered cars, but they don’t understand that a BTU is a BTU, whether that BTU comes from a coal-powered plant to charge an electric vehicle or from a gallon of gasoline made from oil.

The Democrat lie of a “closed” border really rankles Republicans, because after criticizing Trump for four years for building a wall to keep illegals out of our nation, Kamala Harris now states that the border is secure under Biden, but that the problems we see every day on the border are Trump’s doing, which is just another lie. The millions of people illegally crossing the border are the result of Biden’s halting all of the Trump policies that were working to protect our border while Trump was in office.

Biden also lies when he remains silent about the drug Fentanyl that is being illegally carried across the border, which Biden asserts is securely closed to illegal traffic, but this dangerous drug is killing thousands of Americans each year, and Joey doesn’t even care.

The Afghanistan retreat by American forces was both an insult for America and a personal tragedy for those who were trapped in Afghanistan when Biden prematurely ordered the retreat. But to hear our president tell the tale, it was the most successful military decision in recorded history.

Democrats lied to us about the ferocity of the inflation that the Biden administration has imposed on us with his big-government spending initiatives.

Since the late 1960s Democrats have lied about the rising oceans resulting from melting icebergs, threatening weather patterns based on planet warming and warning us of five-years-to-this-catastrophe and ten-years-to-that-environmental-disaster, none of which has happened. And now we’re in the predicted twelve-years-to-doom (due in 2030 per AOC and Bernie Sanders) and we’ve seen absolutely no temperature increase in the past four years since their dire warning was issued. But if we follow the green plans that the radical left has presented to us, we’ll all live like paupers forever by giving up the benefits of life that the left will deny us, and the population of the world will die in misery while the nut-case Democrats celebrate their successful environmental plans.

And last but most important to every individual is the escalating, out of control crime rate, especially in Democrat-run cities and states. After watching America burn from far left Democrat rioting in 2020, Democrats went on a defund-the-police campaign, which resulted in an increase in crime and misery throughout America as criminals were allowed to run wild in our streets. And now the lying Democrat position on crime is that Republicans were the ones in favor of defunding the police forces in America, not the criminal-loving Democrats. If Democrat mouths are moving, they’re lying.

So why should we believe the obvious lies of warming/change, when we know that this is just a ruse for Democrats to gain dominance over the lives of all Americans and forever assure their rule over us? Americans must vote these fools out of office in November.

Friday, September 9, 2022

How Stupid Are Woke, Racist, Leftist Democrats? Well, The Bank Of America Is About To Show Us.

 Can anyone who was alive and aware of their surroundings only a few years ago not recall the financial crisis of 2008, with its sub-prime scandal and its gift wrapping of worthless, mortgage-backed securities which were sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as secure real estate investments? And can no one recall how deeply involved Bank Of America, and its subsidiary Country Side Financial, was with that scandal and the upheaval that resulted?

And can one try to imagine the permanent damage that this scheme did to the minority individuals who innocently took the offered loans, with no proof that many of these families had the wherewithal to make the payments needed to keep the loans, and then to have this tower of corruption crumble and the loans buckle in spite of the good intentions of the loan recipients, thereby further ruining their credit ratings?

Well, the geniuses at Bank Of America are at it again with zero-down, community affordable loans for blacks and Hispanics.

On top of all of the disasters being caused by the fools in the Biden administration, what we don’t need is another collapse of the real estate market that this idiotic move may well create. Are leftists trying to cause the financial collapse of America, or is it just an accompanying side-benefit of their stupid rule?

And in addition to possibly being injurious to the borrower and to the nation as well, this sort of loan is illegal because it‘s racist, but the Biden administration just sits on its hands and pretends they love this new form of “equity” that is being offered. Our far left Democrat government doesn’t care if what BOA is doing creates another real estate/housing crash, because an economic crash is obviously what they want to happen, since that would mean every American would have to depend on big government for their food and housing, and that serves the ends of leftist governments, like Joey Biden’s, by keeping citizens subservient, dependent and in poverty.

Life in America just gets more idiotic every day, and we must end this idiocy at election time, and boot these far-left fools out of office.

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Making The Case For Trump To Run For President In 2024

 In my opinion there is no question that Donald Trump should be the Republican candidate for president in 2024, and here are the reasons I feel that way:

1) The tens of millions of Americans who voted for Trump in 2020 can only be more in favor of Trump in 2024, following the disastrous performance of the weak and woke Joey Biden.

2) Now that the Hunter Biden crimes and influence peddling have been exposed, it’s a cinch that at least tens of thousands of Americans who voted for Biden in 2020 would now favor Trump in 2024.

3) Biden’s favorability ratings are at rock bottom because he’s shown us what woke, progressive hell is in store for America if we don’t get rid of the current Democrat policy of employing and voting for only complete fools to impose their ideas of government.

4) Trump has been proven correct when he advised Americans to remain calm, practice habits of good health and stay the course in the face of the pandemic, and he said that eventually we would be able to put the fear and danger behind us, which is exactly what has happened, in spite of the Biden lockdowns of our economy, the mandated vaxxings that don’t work, the requirements to wear the useless masks and the firing of at least tens of thousands of Americans who would not get the useless, and seemingly dangerous, vaccinations.

5) Trump’s warning to the Europeans to not trust Putin and his Nord Stream pipeline has proven to be accurate now that they are staring at an upcoming winter without fuel to keep them warm, and Trump would certainly also make a similar warning to Americans to not trust the Biden lie of a warming/change crisis which would require a dependence on wind and solar for our personal and national energy needs.

6)Trump had nearly halted the flow of illegals immigrants crossing our southern border, but Biden and his woke fools have so far allowed over two million illegals to invade America with their joblessness, and health issues.

7) California should love Trump because Biden has told us we will be required to drive only Electric Vehicles in a very few years, while Governor Gavin Newsom recently told Californians not to charge their EVs because the wind and solar power which California is so proud of, are insufficient to charge the electricity-hungry vehicles.

8) On top of the proven lies of Russian collusion and the two impeachments that Democrats voted for, Trump was the first former president to have the FBI raid his home on the FBI’s trumped-up charges. All of these items prove that the Biden administration is horribly corrupt and is not enforcing the law equally for Democrats and Republicans.

9) In the post-Trump America we now have gasoline that is too costly, inflation that is eating up all of the public’s expendable income, run-away inflation, a hate-filled president making speeches from a Hades-style platform, a very divided populace with everyone fearing a future with no personal transportation and too-expensive fuel to heat our homes, along with everyone fearing a new depression coming soon.

10) And don’t forget the millions of Americans who don’t have a college education or who paid for their tertiary education as they received it, who are now required to pay for the current Biden brainstorm of college loan forgiveness for the very people who make fun and mock these solid Americans with every breath they take, such as the far left AOC who despises all people who love America and who like the life we are able to live here.

I’d say the coast is clear for a second Trump presidency.

Saturday, September 3, 2022

The Religion Of Warming/Change Is The Worst Possible God To Worship

 If you haven’t paid attention lately you’d be surprised to know that your comfortable, Capitalist, logical world is disappearing rapidly. The reason Joey Biden was placed, not voted into, the White House in 2021, was that the dictatorial forces of the radical political left in America had to get a weak, dithering old fool in office so they could get control of America’s  energy and transport apparatus and implement their power-concentrating controls, all under the lying umbrella of saving the world from warming/change. Emergency powers worked  to silence objections to the lockdown during the Wuhan disease, so leftists believe it can be made to work under a climate scheme just as well.

Another sign of the times is that because Europe would not listen to Donald Trump’s warning of their depending on Russia’s Nord Stream pipe line to get energy delivered to them, they are now having to take extreme means to preserve the otherwise plentiful supply of gas and oil that Putin now threatens to withhold during the winter months. So the Europeans are facing a miserable and dangerous winter with Russia controlling their supply of warmth, and the lie of warming/change and a threatened environment is at the core of the entire situation.

It’s all related to the same idiotic brown-outs and black-outs that California is experiencing, with its insistence on retiring all coal and natural gas electricity plants, and many locations in the rest of the United States will soon follow California with this idiocy as the Biden administration’s solar and wind power stations replace the dependable coal, natural gas and nuclear power that has served our nation so well for the last 100-plus years.

And the dependable gas-powered automobiles that have provided us with convenient and always-ready transportation for over 100 years are being phased out by our authoritarian government in favor of electric vehicles, not because anyone other than the fools in the Biden administration are demanding this act, but because they are using the lie of warming/change and the vicious power of the radical-left government to force Ford and General Motors to make their manufacturing changes, or face the dictatorial power of big government and its ability to destroy any person or company that doesn’t play along with their schemes.

Biden has already begun the shutdown of oil production in America, solely with his executive powers to do so on a whim, which is the main cause of the high cost of gasoline and the high inflation rate under which Americans are currently suffering. These circumstances will only get worse as the oil companies are choked financially by woke financial/political groups and as they become unable to get financial backing to replace aging equipment and to drill new wells, all of which is due to the radical-left ESG ratings now in place on oil companies, which punishes them for not doing what the woke, radical, left, Nazis demand they do in order to remain in government’s good graces. Just drilling for oil is socially unacceptable to Biden’s woke, elite Harvard-educated administration. And even though, in the minds of woke Democrats, drilling for oil is a crime against humanity and the continued health of the planet, thereby causing damage to a drilling company’s ESG rating, China can use slave labor and massive pollution to pump out its products and no one cares, and China doesn’t take an ESG hit for these crimes; the woke world just looks the other way and lets China keep on rolling, enslaving people and dirtying the air, while American companies are punished and shamed even though they are infinitely cleaner in their operations than China.

The left’s insistence on electric vehicles is because these computers-on-wheels can be remotely controlled by the government, either by taking control of the vehicle’s computer or through use of power black-outs that will cause the garaging of all electric cars, with the government outlawing all gasoline-powered cars by 2035, at which time only the rich will have comfortable transportation because only the rich will be able to afford the already pricey EVs.

It’s illuminatingly interesting that the people who have the most to gain from manufacturing and selling EVs, namely Elon Musk and the CEO of Toyota, have both warned of the danger of forcing us all to buy EVs, because the power grid in the United States is already stressed, and plugging in thousands more EVs will collapse the grid and leave us with no power to homes or businesses or grocery stores, and may also halt the pumping of water to our homes and farms. The sticky place big government is forcing us into threatens our very lives, as proven-safe power generating services are forced to shut down and cause social destruction around the world, based solely on the leftist religion of warming/change.

Recently Sri Lanka has become bankrupt trying to please the World Economic Forum’s ESG rules of reducing carbon-based products and moving to “renewable” solar and wind power, and Holland is not far behind in adhering to the ESG foolishness and gibberish. But the elite rulers of the world keep driving their luxury limos and flying their private jets while we see our gasoline-powered Fords and Chevys being denied us by a government that gets sexual pleasure issuing mandates and executive orders, and corporate leaders who are too frightened of the total power of big government to risk opposing the leaders of this idiocy of moving to electric vehicles.

We are still hearing the horror story of how costly the Wuhan shutdown, masking mandates and required vaccinations were, and following close on these disasters the next government-devised “emergency” most likely will be a health emergency which in Biden’s mind is caused by too many gasoline-powered vehicles and too much pollution from traditional power plants and manufacturing facilities, which will be the final blow to liberty and constitutional rights in America.

The 2022 mid-terms and the 2024 general elections will determine the future of our nation and the world, and voting honest, patriotic, sensible people into positions of power is critical if we want our children and grandchildren to live prosperous, free lives, in contrast to the poverty and squalor which woke, leftist masters controlling the population will cause, given these evil fools trying to push their religion of hate and destruction on us.

These controls on our lives are already moving like a freight train out of control with the woke financial establishment refusing to loan money to fund oil discovery and drilling, and refusing to allow credit cards to be used to buy self-defense weapons or ammunition. And when credit cards and debit cards no longer permit the user to buy gasoline to get parents to the store to buy food for their children, or to go to work to earn money to support a family, the power of the ruling class becomes critically, deadly serious business.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Democrats Now Defend Law Enforcement In The Wake Of Trump’s Home Being Invaded

 We’ve heard a lot recently from the Biden administration about how noble our law enforcement agencies are, and the main police abuser, Kamala Harris, even stated that criticism of law officers is “unacceptable”.

But then one might recall Kamala’s, and the rest of the Democrat thugs, two-year effort to Defund The Police, calling police officers criminals and racists, until the resulting crime wave has finally swept the nation and has caused citizens to not even take a walk in the park from fear of being beaten, robbed or even killed outright, by the criminals who have been emboldened by the Democrat assault on our nation’s police officers. If Democrats didn’t have two sides of their mouths to speak from, they wouldn’t be able to speak at all.

The FBI raid on Trump’s Florida home was completely political and was likely a hunting expedition to find something, anything, to charge him with in order to keep his political influence out of the 2022 election, and his personal presence and candidacy out of the 2024 election, which the mental defective, lame-brained Biden pretends he’ll participate in. But when the Biden DOJ is the legal entity that is behaving badly, Americans are severely warned not to make any uncomplimentary remarks about them, or you may be next on their list.

In addition to the politically-motivated Mar-A-Lago invasion, we can’t forget the border guards that Biden personally accused of racist whippings of invading immigrants along the border, as well as the bail-outs, provided by Kamala herself, of criminals who broke the law and beat and even killed police officers in the marathon rioting and property destruction of BLM and Antifa thugs during the summer of 2020.

The Biden administration is filthy with lies and the mistreatment of law enforcement officers, but we must not criticize the FBI when the Biden DOJ orders them to, once again, go after Trump and his supporters and attempt a frame-up of a powerful opponent to Democrat abuses and misgoverning.

Friday, August 12, 2022

Have Gun, Will Audit: New IRS Agents Have A “License To Kill”

 It’s amazing that the more our radical-left government tries to take citizens’ legal guns away from them, the more guns the government employs to use against their citizens.

If the news reports provided by Fox News are correct, the IRS may be the next terrorist force to attack Americans, because they are issuing pistols to all of their agents. Evidently the penalty for a misfiled W2 form is now death by firing squad at the hands of the IRS agent in charge of the case, and we all know how handy the normal lawyer or tax accountant is with a gun. So we can expect some unintentional fatalities with the next bunch of 87,000 agents that Joey Biden hires to keep his coffers full so he can continue to spend trillions of dollars on waste-time projects that serve the radical left’s political ambitions.

Will the new IRS agents be fully trained to handle and use the thousands of weapons and the millions of rounds of ammunition that the United States Treasury has purchased for them? One seriously doubts it. Our current administration is heavily anti-gun, so one can be relatively certain that these gun-haters do so-despise firing weapons that they won’t take the time to fully train the new agents on a firing range or in a classroom.

We’ve been repeatedly told by the radical Democrat left that guns kill people, but people don’t kill people. But since 87,000 IRS agents right out of accounting school and never trained in weapons use are to be armed and deadly as they hit the streets and begin accusing American citizens of prison-punishing violations of IRS regulations, one gasps at the killing spree that could result when this new wave of 007, James Bond characters feel threatened and pump a few rounds into the mechanic who tried to use his socket wrench as a tax deductible item on his annual taxes.

Tax audits are threatening enough without the knowledge that your accusing agent is packing heat as he threatens you with a loss of home and liberty, with the cover of big government to fully protect him. The fictional character of James Bond and his “license to kill” for the British government will have nothing on Biden’s armed and “ready to kill” IRS agents, and we can readily believe that these new agents will be willing to use their government’s permission to kill Americans, especially the racist, anti-gay, hateful, white-supremacist, MAGA and ultra-MAGA Republican extremists among us, because we have witnessed the stripping of all other rights from Americans since Biden took office, with an open border depriving Americans of a safe and secure nation; the forcing of Americans to wear a mask; the mandating that all Americans be vaccinated with a new and unapproved drug that appears to be more deadly than the disease it was developed to prevent; the sky-rocketing crime rate that the Democrats’ defund the police movement caused under the Biden/Soros idea of justice that is destroying our cities; and finally the invasion of Donald Trump’s Florida residence by FBI agents, also “ready to kill” for the horrible crime of keeping documents that the Biden DOJ wants, in hope of finding, or planting, a document that they can use to get Trump convicted of anything, and sent to jail.

This is not a bad dream that we can wake up from and continue our pleasant lives. The Biden administration is literally at war with America and its constitution, and there is no awakening from this stark reality. We must vote the leftist bums out of office in November, 2022 and regain a nation of prosperity and liberty again. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

As Of Yesterday, I Believe That Rush Limbaugh Would Advise Us To Be Very Afraid Of Our Government

 Rush Limbaugh was always fearful for the loss of our liberties and freedoms with the ever-increasing growth of big, intrusive, leftist and radical government, but every time one of his callers asked him if it was time to fear for our futures under abusive presidents like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, he would always tell the caller that our system could overcome these tyrants’ abuses, and that he would tell us, from his Golden EIB Microphone, when it was time to be fearful and worried about the future.

But with the continued non-relenting abuse of Donald Trump, and the final looting yesterday by the FBI of his Florida residence of boxes full of documents, I believe that Rush would advise us to be very fearful for our liberties and fearful of the Biden administration with its new army of IRS agents and its FBI that has repeatedly done the political will of the DC administrative state with its abuse of Republicans and conservatives.

The swamp must be very afraid of Donald Trump personally and politically, because he and his family have been under constant attack, harassment and legal abuse for over five years, and the final document confiscation on August 8th is proof that they know Trump has done nothing illegal or wrong and are now searching his personal documents for the needle in the haystack that they can use to damage him with Americans, and hopefully put him in jail and get him out of their way as they further destroy this once great nation.

Rush is no longer with us, but I believe he would advise us that this is the final act for America under a constitution that protects us all, and under laws that are administered equally for all citizens, and if we don‘t vote the far-left Democrats out-of-office in the next election, we will have to learn to live under never-ending mandates and fear of imprisonment, if the fascist government growing in the White House determines that we are a threat to their power and if they want to get rid of our voices of protest.

Monday, August 8, 2022

Of Witch Doctors and Harvard Grads

 Yale- and Harvard-educated wokesters, as well as other Ivy League graduates, make up the majority of the members of Joey Biden’s Democrat White House, which is demanding that we give up the marvels provided to us by industry and science. Some of the technological marvels that these elites are demanding we sacrifice on the altar of political correctness and Joey’s Green god and gas-powered automobiles and coal-fire-powered electric air conditioners, which we use in order to avoid being burned up in the heat of summer. There were formerly four seasons we experience each year, but summer is now called warming/change season by the over-educated and common sense-deprived fools in government. We’ll likely find many of Joey’s White House elites investing heavily in Tesla and wind generation products made in China, whose products are being forced on us by the Biden administration under his mistaken science of greening America, as they drive American citizens into poverty with their unconstitutional and un-capitalistic green environmental schemes that appear more dicey and harmful the more we learn about them.

In the past few years when the city-folk elites in Washington D.C. have seen tornadoes, hurricanes and hot days, they are shocked by this natural occurrence and send up alarms of doom and lies of warming/change and claim the sky is falling. The entire Democrat political left are pushing for change to the comfortable way Americans live, with the goal of not burning up by 2030, as AOC and Bernie Sanders have promised us will happen if we don‘t kowtow to their Socialistic, dictatorial mandates.

These easily frightened and socially over-reactive city-people are similar to a tribal witch doctor who reads ashes or tea leaves and claims he can predict disaster for his people unless they give him a chicken or a bag of beans, only our current-day witch doctors are Ivy League graduates who are understood to be more sophisticated than the remainder of us plebes and can predict the future of climate and weather patterns and assure us that the world will surely burst into flames unless we follow their every edict fully and happily.

There is a great deal of difference between country people and city people. Many country people survived the dust bowl days of the 1930s and made do with the heat and the dust and the shortage of food that accompanied that miserable decade. These hardy people were made stronger for their suffering, and appreciated the few pleasures they got from life. The 1930s farmers would have had every right to claim that climate change was causing the ten-year drought, but that would have been wrong just as the political left is wrong in 2022; they were just experiencing a temporary climate/weather event that moved on with the passage of time, just like the weather we experience today is no different from what we’ve always had, and certainly no worse. But the fact that these storms are happening today gives radical Democrats leverage to insert their radical politics into the lives of Americans while they try to undermine our comfort and our freedoms with the clamp of big government.

Current-day citified Democrats cry about everything and insist on a level of perfection in the quality of life that can’t be obtained, and they want the government to give them all the things they deem to be of value in life, even if those things destroy the economic miracle that Capitalism has provided us with.

Sunday, August 7, 2022

What Free, Innovative Industry Creates, Government Taketh Away

 The beauty of capitalism is that one or many people can get rich providing enjoyment and comfort for another person or persons. Doling out enjoyment and pleasure is a rare thing in this world, and it only occurs on a large scale in Capitalist nations.

In America corporations and individuals alike have followed the Capitalist ethic and become wealthy and comfortable by providing goods and services to customers and employees. But now we’ve begun seeing socialistic government bureaucrats move in and create their own form of wealth through assured government positions and by forcing select industries out of business due to unacceptable ESG ratings. The Biden administration outlawed oil drilling and other practices normal to a free, prosperous and happy nation, via his coercive ESG measures and forced Ford and General Motors to spend billions of dollars establishing electric vehicle assembly lines that no knowledgeable person really wants or will likely buy after the woke shine wears off of them.

The air conditioning that so many people value highly in July and August is threatened by the political left’s ESG standards, because wind and solar power, both of which are an important part of ESG ratings, will not support the drain that air conditioning puts on the electric grid, and Biden’s plans are to eliminate coal and natural gas power plants in the very near future.

And the dirty little secret is that even our current electric grid, with its BTU-robust coal and gas-powered generators, cannot support a new and growing plague of electric vehicles and their power-sapping charging stations. Wind and solar power, which the idiots in the Biden administration have planned for us, will absolutely not support massive additional EV charging stations, but will cause either power outages altogether, or brown-outs and black-outs like they‘ve had in Democrat-run California for years, and a combination of all three is possible as demand overcomes production.

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

What Do Democrats Have Up Their Sleeves?

 Biden’s approval rating is in the tank. Our border is wide open for invasion. Crime in our major cities is climbing to the stars. Gasoline is at an all-time high. Inflation is out of sight. And with all of these negatives working against their success in the 2022 mid-terms, Democrats want to spend another trillion dollars on Biden’s Build Back Badder bill, which will make all of the bad news worse and the lives of American citizens even more miserable.

One wonders: how can the Democrats possibly win in 2022 and 2024 with all of this bad news and horrible performance working against them?

I’ll wager that at some point in the future we’ll discover that Democrats knew they were in danger of losing any election in which they competed, and that if the result of these elections were left to the honest outcome of the voters’ preference and their actual votes that they would lose from here to eternity.

So their plan must be to cheat in 2022 like they did in 2020 and win by fraudulent votes. There is no other answer. If they can’t win fairly, they cheat. That’s how the radical left wins elections, and that’s where the term “one vote, one person, one time” comes from. 

Our nation is doomed.

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Biden Lies To America, Right To Our Faces

 Our president is a pathological liar. He tells us the border is secure while we daily see thousands of illegals invading our nation, or we hear of many deaths in the desert or drownings in the Rio Grande, and we hear of thousands of Americans dying of drugs that have been smuggled across the border, and the fool in the White House smiles and stumblingly assures us that the border is secure. Given all of the visible things Biden does daily that are a threat to our nation, one can only imagine the devious and likely illegal things, or at least things that are undermining our constitution and our economy, that Biden is doing that are out of our sight and that we know nothing about. One fears that before Biden’s term in office is finished that his anti-American plans will come to fruition and our nation will by that time be doomed, with no chance that his successor to the Oval Office can reverse the damage.

He assures us that the covid vaccine will keep us from getting the disease, then he, who is fully vaxxed and boosted, gets the Wuhan disease, and all he does is grin like the fool he is and tells us he feels fine, like we care how he feels. And even though it’s now public knowledge that the so-called vaccine is in reality only a therapeutic, and a weak one at that, it’s the Biden administration’s position that everyone must take the vaccine, including children who are placed in serious danger by these still-experimental medicines.

He tells us that he has never had any knowledge of his son’s business dealings, in spite of the laptop and other FBI evidence to the contrary, and the mainstream press sits on their hands and pretends that there is nothing to see here, while the phony FBI investigation into Hunter’s illegal and corrupt dealings with China, Ukraine, Russia and other countries, some of whom are our national enemies and want to defeat us, proceeds glacially.

He tells us that we must suffer through economic inflation and high gasoline costs in order to move to the nirvana that awaits us in Joey’s clean, green world of tomorrow, and we know that renewables and the very weak sources of Green power he is trying to force on us can never provide the power we need to live in the 21st Century. We know that the electricity needed to power an electric vehicle will cost as much as, if not more than, the gasoline that many people already can’t afford, and that charging the many EVs he is encouraging us to buy and use will put too much drag on our power network and will overtax and destroy the power grid currently serving us. And the situation will be even worse as we get more solar and wind generators on-line to replace the more robust coal and natural gas generators his plan will shut down, and we shudder as Democrats try to convince us that we are destroying the world as they lie about the danger of warming/change.

Wind and solar power have been available for years, but they have not been used to this point because the existing coal and natural gas provide more BTUs and do a better and more predictable job than wind or solar. The generating products that industry has developed and placed in service today are the best that can be made, because the reputations and fortunes of the power companies are on the line. Joey and his leftist pals should pay attention to what the experts who have given us a dependable and robust electric grid are saying, but Democrats are determined to return us to an early twentieth century way of living. Joey’s silence on the bad idea that wind and solar power represents, reminds one of the disinformation bureau he wanted to put in place earlier this year. The fact that no one is allowed to speak up to oppose the green grid on technical and realistic terms proves that the Democrat disinformation bureau is actually in place and working fine, with people being too frightened about what the nasty, cancel-culture Democrats will do to them if they speak up and oppose this leftist scheme, just like his administration was able to silence anyone who tried to speak the truth about the weakness of the covid vaccine and about the dangers to the health of Americans, especially young Americans, that the still-unapproved drug presents.

Thursday, July 28, 2022

What Pronoun Do We Use To Address A Person When “She” Has A Penis?

 Our nation has gone completely bat-crap crazy under Democrat rule, and our language is under great threat to become simply a mushy babble of noise by the woke idiots in the Biden administration who are responsible for the current foolishness.

It’s one thing to allow biological men to compete with girls and women in sporting events, thereby destroying the hard work of the women competing in the events and undermining their future careers in that event, just because the men are unbalanced enough to believe they are women, but it’s a very different thing to have to refer to these men by using “she” and “her” pronouns when these “women” have a frank and beans in their shorts.

It’s just like the evidently ill Rachel Levine when “she” stated that “she” was proud to be the first woman appointed, by the total idiot Joey Biden, to a high position in the Public Health Service . “She” is a man, who makes a very unattractive woman by the way, and I would suggest that he-she needs the personal help provided by the Public Health Service in which he-she serves, due to his-her confusion about his-her sexual identity. Might a confused person like this possibly identify himself/herself as Jesus Christ and begin punishing people for their sins? Mental confusion about your biological sex could be an indicator of more serious mental issues, and these people could be dangerous to those surrounding them, as well as themselves. This suffering nation must halt the idiot wokeness that’s destroying our nation and our language.

On top of its being factually and physically inaccurate to call a biological man a woman, and aside from it undermining the English language in the process, it’s also confirming the mental confusion and faults of any insane man who wants to be called “she”. This person needs help, not confirmation of his delusion, and one lies to oneself when they make such a false and inaccurate statement.

Wokeness be damned; there is reality, truth and honesty out here in the non-Washington, non-Ivy League world, and we need to be honest and truthful when we address other people, and not feed their mental imbalances and fetishes.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

America Is In A Woke, Biden Administration Caused, Health and Economic National Emergency

 The radical, woke left told us years ago that, due to environmental issues, the seas would soon die and aquatic life would disappear from the earth. It didn’t happen.

The radical, woke left told us years ago that, due to a heating planet, the polar ice would melt and the oceans would rise. That didn’t happen either.

The radical, woke left told us that warming would cause Miami, New York City and Los Angeles to be inundated with the rising seas, which still has not happened.

In November of 2018 AOC and Bernie Sanders told us that the world had only 12 years of existence until total and complete doom, because of warming that would fry the earth and kill us all. We’re a third of the way to that 2030 date and the ending of all life on earth and we’ve not seen any increase in temperatures except for the usual spiking of temps as summer takes its course. At least that‘s the climate condition where I live, and my home is part of the earth AOC and Bernie were talking about. The entire warming/change threat is a hoax and is only intended to create more power for Democrats, at the expense of the citizens of America.

If today’s radical, woke leftists had been alive in the 1930s when America experienced nearly a decade of excessive heat, crop failures, dust storms and economic depression following the stock market crash in 1929, they’d have declared a weather and environmental emergency and insisted on a government takeover of Americans’ lives, and we’d have missed the current plentiful food supply and economic success we’ve known since then, that has been to the credit of Americans’ hard work and capitalistic freedom to seek liberty and their own fulfillment in life.

Things in nature are cyclical, and the American radical left has for the past 40 years been cyclically predicting gloom and doom and an end to life, whether from disease or the environment, while trying to take dictatorial control of our lives and end our constitutional form of government.

Recently we’ve been through a government-controlled health emergency called covid, which we now know was a weak disease that, lacking any accompanying co-morbidities, caused few serious illnesses and fewer deaths. And we also know that the Biden masking mandates did no good at and that the vaccines that Biden tried to force on all Americans are ineffective, with a growing body of evidence that these still-experimental medicines are actually causing cases of illness, not preventing them.

A few short years ago the nation witnessed a summer of BLM and ANTIFA rioting, killing and looting from Seattle to Baltimore, which illogically resulted in a united cry from the Democrat political left to Defund The Police. So now we have an unprecedented crime wave across the nation because of the police officers who were fired or quit their jobs under the Defund order from the Democrat hierarchy, and there are now too few “evil” police officers to stop the mayhem that is destroying the major cities of America.

And now Joey is on the cusp of edicting a health emergency order, trying to force everyone to buy an electric vehicle, which will simply make family electric bills rise to the level of Joey’s current high gasoline prices and crash the national electric grid, while causing brown-outs and black-outs as his promised sun-power and wind-power fail to keep up with the nation’s growing electricity needs. Joey’s leftist edicts will in turn cause economic destruction and personal suffering for Americans as our nation crumbles before our eyes, because of Democrat tampering where they don’t belong, with things they don‘t understand.

As soon as Biden took office he opened our national borders to the entire world, which has resulted in an avalanche of drugs and millions of illegal foreigners entering the United States, causing untold deaths resulting from the drugs being brought illegally into our country and causing great numbers of children and women to suffer at the hands of the vicious and murderous Mexican drug cartels, and Joey doesn’t give a damn.

Everything Democrats touch turns to crap, and all of their mandates and executive orders lead to death and destruction, with the latest leftist idiocy being that it’s okay for men to compete with girls in sporting events, while insisting that men can nurse babies and give birth to children. These people are stark, raving mad and must be removed from our public lives.

When will Americans tell the radical, woke left to stuff their crazy ideas that only contribute to our current high crime rate and to our inflation and elevated gasoline and food prices, and leave us to hell alone to enjoy life without their destructive advice?

Saturday, July 23, 2022

To Be Woke Is To Be Violent

 As with all things on the political left, woke people need violence to get their way, because most thinking, reasonable people reject their totalitarian policies and practices, which makes violence a prerequisite to the implementation of woke policy.

Below are a few forms of violence practiced by the woke fools on the political left:

 Violence against  language:

The re-definition of the English language allows the woke population to rail and spew at those of us who use words correctly. “Birthing people’ and “chest feeding” along with insisting that men can birth children and have periods, are just some examples of the most destructive of the woke lexicon, which is committing violence against the entire population of non-woke Americans.

Violence against democracy:

Wokesters claim that certain Supreme Court Justices should be hunted down and killed because these justices found abortion to be not covered by the United States constitution, a situation that is contrary to leftist dogma. The packing of the Supreme Court is another of the left’s violence against Americans and our traditions of separate and equal branches of government. And of course the political left insists that illegal aliens must be given the vote as soon as they have invaded our nation, which is violence against actual Americans and their rights.

Violence against American citizens:

The woke among us have no reluctance to blame conservatives for all of the ills America is suffering under the radical and destructive Biden administration. Republicans are repeatedly called racists and homophobes who readily collude with Russia.

Violence against civilization:

All American statues must be torn down and founding documents must be destroyed because of the woke traditions of calling anything they disagree with racist and imperialist, which they falsely allege is how American was founded. And of course schools having the names of presidents must be renamed to remove the taint of racism associated with white, male leadership. These leftist traditions are how all totalitarian takeovers by the political left have been handled, with massive violence and misery accompanying these dictatorships.

Violence against education:

Critical Race Theory is the left’s chosen handling of the indoctrination of children into the woke politician’s hate of America and the destructive division of our nation. And sex-conversions are a favorite subject that too many woke teachers use to get control of our innocent children and wrap them into the hate and misery of the political left.

Violence against science:

The very weak and non-deadly pandemic (covid) has finally nearly faded from our news reports, and then poof!, Joey Biden, the man who promised that getting vaxxed and boosted would assure that you would never get the disease, which this fool old man has now contracted, after being thoroughly “immunized” from the disease, drops the covid bomb on us. We’re now being told that all children over six months old must be vaccinated, even though no one is dying of the latest variant, especially young children, and the mandates that children must be vaccinated comes in spite of the reports of health problems following vaccinations being on the increase. This forced vaxxing of Americans, particularly the young and immune, is violence similar to what Stalin used against the Ukrainians in the 1930s, but now Americans are the recipients of this latest leftist tyranny.

And finally we come to actual, in-person physical violence like the Bernie Sanders supporter who shot Republicans at a ballpark in 2017 and the more recent leftist crazy man who tried to kill Lee Zelden as he was campaigning for the governorship of New York State. These are examples of up-close-and-personal violence that woke, leftist politicians are using right now, with little or no coverage from the woke main-stream press nor Biden’s DOJ. The Hitlerites are amongst us, and who knows who may be next to taste their violence.

And by the way, old Joey Biden is back in his basement once again, just like he was during the 2020 campaign for the presidency. When the going gets tough, old Joey retreats to his basement for a long summer’s nap, while the rest of us try to continue living under his dictatorial rule and his endless executive orders and mandates.

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Despite Being Completely Humiliated With Their Disinformation Farce, Democrats Continue To Push Their Lying Authoritarianism

 Maybe Joey Biden is just too old or too stupid, or maybe it’s just his woke administration that keeps pushing one lie after another at us with no understanding that Americans are aware of their lies and resent those lies being repeatedly thrown at us as being saviors of freedom and liberty, when their lies are actually the destruction of our formerly free and prosperous nation.

Maybe everyone else was already aware of it, but until I read in the New Mexico Quay County Sun, while traveling a week ago, that the Biden administration is continuing their lying disinformation efforts against citizens of America, I thought that Biden’s efforts to control news and information at the federal level had died a scoundrel’s death.

The June 22, 2022 article said that a grant of $85,000 that the Department of Health had awarded the Quay County Health Council was to allegedly “help combat misinformation”. The “misinformation” the article spoke of was part of a plan designed to “help area young people combat misinformation on social media about coronavirus vaccines”. One wonders what the phrase “vaccine misinformation” was all about; maybe it was the lies the Biden administration told about the overblown danger of death from covid if one is not vaccinated? Or the protection that the useless masking did not provide? Or the mandated vaccine that is not a vaccine at all, but is instead a covid pre-contraction therapeutic, and a poor one at that. There is so much lying from Washington these days that we are unable to tell the mis- from the dis-information, which means there is no dependable information coming from our rulers in Washington at all.

According to the article, the money was intended “to support vaccine equity and inclusion throughout New Mexico”. The article also said the money “advances health equity goals for diverse cultural, economic and social populations”, yada, yada, yada.

The New Mexico Acting Cabinet Secretary, David R. Scrase, was quoted in the article as saying the grant promotes “an equitable allotment of resources” that “feeds inclusion connection pathways and celebrate cultural diversity”.

The Democrats and the entire Biden administration are so full of horse crap that no one is shocked at the woke, meaningless and foolish lists of  terms like “inclusion connection pathways”, “vaccine equity” and “sustainable impact”, all of which word-soups have no meaning in the real world but are intended to make uninformed Americans feel that they are being lied to with any statement that varies from the Biden line of lies, and Americans are made to feel frightened by anything except the B.S. coming from the Biden administration’s lying mouthpieces. Any citizen aware of the danger of big government who still accepts the lies coming from federal authority sources should think for themselves and consider alternative sources of information. But too many citizens have been convinced that their own values and information cannot be trusted, so they buy the lies from leftist government, which spreads its disinformation/misinformation widely and deeply.

Just to be perfectly clear, Biden’s Bureau Of Government Disinformation is alive and well and is coming at us like a diesel locomotive.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Democrats Find Out Why It’s Best To Not Always Get What You Want

 In 2020 Democrats were so desperate to defeat the incredibly successful Donald Trump, that they rigged and cheated in the presidential election that year in order to gain the votes needed to get the weak and stupid Joey Biden into the White House.

This is a classic example of carefully considering what you want to achieve, because the radical, woke, ignorant, stumbling, stuttering and stutter-stepping Biden and his destructive and anti-American policies are destroying the Democrat party, perhaps forever, along with the fabric of America, our constitution and our economy.

Oddly enough the theme song for Donald Trump’s campaign for much, if not all of the 2020 election year, was The Rolling Stones’ song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”, and the Democrats would have been wise to consider the ramifications of  a weak-sister like Biden actually gaining the presidency and thereby getting what he wants. Biden’s hero, Barack Obama, had previously warned the Democrats that Biden was so stumbling and stupid that he could “f**k up” even a winning hand, and he has indeed made a total mess of the presidency that was handed to him on a silver platter as a successor to the Trump administration.

The radical leftist totalitarians have pushed old Joey into doing the dumbest things, the worst of which is opening the southern border to a full-fledged invasion, accompanied by establishing a Governmental Bureau of Disinformation, forgiving college loans, running from Afghanistan without proper thought and preparation, forcing masks and an ineffective vaccine on the nation, raising the price of gas, ramming his Green Mess down the throats of a nation that at most doubts the lie of warming/change, and at least holds it in low esteem and of little importance to their lives, and Joey is imposing high inflation on the nation just as it was recovering from the pandemic lockdown injuries.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

“We Think The American Public Are In A Good Position…..”

 The arrogance of the Biden administration and the fool man who is responsible for it, knows no bounds of decency and honesty. The quote in the title of this piece is part of the idiotic statement that Biden’s Shirley Temple look-alike press secretary used when she told Americans that their eyes and pocketbooks are betraying them, and that Joey’s plan to cut off domestic oil production and spend trillions of dollars on waste-time efforts, and his allowing millions of illegal aliens to cross our border, and his attempt to force a bureau of official government disinformation on us, and his plan to forgive college loans, and his lie to citizens that inflation is transitory and will be “short-lived“, are actually to their benefit, not to their detriment.

Americans are watching their homes be repossessed and their gas tanks run empty because of all of the idiotic, partisan moves Joey has made in his first year in office, and no one on his staff is smart enough to see the lie being told about Biden’s “expanding” and “successful” economy and the alleged blessing Joey has bestowed on the American nation by just being in the White House, instead of the evil Donald Trump. People know full well when their lives are being harmed, and the Biden bunch only look as stupid as they actually are when they try to apply colorful words to such a stark, uncolorful landscape of failure and lies.

Saturday, June 18, 2022

The Modern Political Left Threatens Our Entire System Of Government

 Equal rights under the law. Due process. A free, impartial press informing citizens of current events. Free and fair elections. These things are important for the proper operation of government in the United States, but the far-left press and the lying, cheating Democrats are undermining the whole experience of government as we‘ve always known it.

A Justice to the United States Supreme Court has been targeted by a murderer to eliminate him from the Court at a time when far-left political demonstrators are illegally protesting in front of the homes of this and several other conservative Supreme Court Justices, and CNN, MSNBC, NYT and WAPO, along with the other main stream usual suspects, after at least announcing the murder plot was in process, have remained completely silent on this horrible event, or in the case of the newspapers, they’ve relegated the stories to the back pages of their rags where the article will likely not ever be seen. If such an event as the threat to Kavanaugh had had a Democrat-appointed Justice as the subject, Fox News and other conservative news outlets would have been covering it in great detail, because it’s a matter of national importance concerning our legal process, and it should be known and talked about and abhorred by the entire populace. But since Republicans are depicted by the leftist news groups as being racist hate mongers, attacks against them don’t need to be denounced and discussed, or at least that’s what we can assume by the silence we‘ve witnessed following this event.

Similarly, when the Bernie Sanders supporter, James Hodgkinson, shot and nearly killed Republican House members at a baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, in June of 2017, there was not much coverage by the leftist press, and there was absolutely no demand of Bernie Sanders for an explanation about the radical nature of his leftist supporters and their willingness to shoot and kill their Republican opponents, nor was there any investigation into how Sanders’ supporters became so radicalized, and are there more such Democrat freaks planning attacks on Republicans.

Equally silent have been the leftist press on the discovery of the Hunter Biden laptop computer and the damning evidence it contains about the collusion of Joey Biden with China, and how corruptly old Joey might behave regarding national dealings between the U.S. and China. And of course there’s the invaluable political protection the silent press gave Biden as he campaigned from his basement for the presidency; if more people had known of the laptop, the Democrat candidate would have received many fewer votes in the 2020 election, so silence in the leftist press was critical to elect the preferred Democrat candidate.

But when a weekend killing spree in Chicago or a mass shooting occurs at a school in America, Republicans and the NRA are immediately blamed for the event, and the finger-pointing news reports continue for months following such shootings, detailing how culpable Republicans are, even though neither of the accused conservative groups have any involvement in the crimes.

Democrats are the party of violence because they are the party of the left, and leftists always want radical change in order to protect their political power, and since most citizens have investments in the status quo, they must be forced to into accepting the change that the left wants, and that brings us full circle back to the violence needed to get people to accept the radical changes Democrats want. The problems America is facing today are very simple, and what the Democrats are doing to America is very evil.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

All Known Evil Comes To A Head Under The Biden Administration, And It’s Not A Coincidence

 Massive school shootings. Enormous numbers of weekend murders in Democrat-run cities. Violent threats to Supreme Court justices. High inflation rates. An intentional and dangerous depletion of America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserves, done simply to make Joey Biden‘s domestic fuel shortage less obvious. American citizens unable to afford to take a family vacation this summer. American citizens finding bare grocery store shelves and inflated prices for the products they are able to find. Criminals running amok everywhere. Democrats attempting to remove guns from peaceful, law-abiding American citizens. Democrats accusing peaceful American, conservative citizens of being racists. Illegal aliens entering our nation in the millions, with the inevitable joblessness and poverty that will assuredly result, with likely lives of crime to follow. The Disney company pushing sexual materials on children and trying to convince boys that they are really girls, and vice versa.

All these things and more are haunting America. And they have all come to the fore during the far-left, woke, Biden administration. And it’s no coincidence that these things fulfill the Obama promise of Fundamentally Transforming America and making America not only pay for it’s success and prosperity, but is part of making America itself an impoverished third world nation, which it’s rapidly becoming.

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Poor Joey; He’s Resorted To Throwing Crap Against The Wall, Hoping Something, Anything, Will Stick

 Americans are increasingly in agreement with Barack Obama when he said that Joe Biden has the ability to f**k everything up. Now we know what Barry meant, and it explains why our nation is dealing with so many crises all at once.

And it’s not that Joey is wrong about everything he says, it’s that most of what he says to Americans are lies. For policy statements and speeches Joey’s woke staff puts together a line of leftist crap and talking points, and the feeble fool quotes the lies with passion and anger, causing the American public to scratch their heads and wonder what the old coot is so mad about, and they’re unable to understand the point he’s trying to make, which was, and I repeat myself, a lie in the first place.

With murder rates hitting the ceiling in Democrat-run states and cities, most of which cities have draconian gun-control laws, poor old Joey proposes even more restrictive measures on gun ownership, proving once again that the party of corruption cannot produce a “common sense“ proposal on anything.

And Joey’s leftist pals aren’t much help, with Whoopi Goldberg ranting about getting rid of AR-15 rifles, which she calls “assault weapons“ because in her limited knowledge of real life outside a TV studio, and after nothing but the repeated reports of AR-15s being blamed for each tragedy in which a weapon was used, she is unaware that there are various other weapons that have the capacity to kill people. The rate of recidivism is outrageous in cities with Democrat catch-and-release prosecutors; threats against schools or individuals made on social media are disregarded by authorities as just some poor slob letting off steam and are not followed up on; and while all of these things muddy the killing waters, Democrats can consider nothing short of banning gun ownership as a solution, period. 

If we could just convince our news and entertainment industries to stop making school shooters into celebrities with wall-to-wall coverage of each disaster, and if we could harden schools and end the misguided gun-free zone claptrap that makes schools an easy target for those unbalanced individuals seeking fame and celebrity status, we might just end these attacks.

Friday, June 10, 2022

Democrats Plan To Pack The Supreme Court By “Other Means”

 Since well before the last national election, and in fear that Donald Trump would be re-elected and appoint more constitutional conservatives to the Supreme Court, Democrats have threatened to pack the court with five additional, leftist justices in order to get the Supreme Court decisions they need in order to have the power to rule like dictators.

After reading the title to this opinion piece, one may well ask, “By what ‘other means’ do the Democrats plan to pack the Supreme Court”? Well, with “Whirlwind” Chuck Schumer in charge, they will use assassination and just plain old terrorism to allow muddle-headed Joey Biden to be able to appoint more far-left radicals to the court.

The party of leftist activities and methods began the post-Trump episode in American radical politics by illegally releasing the addresses of conservative members of the Court so their mobs could harass the Justices and their neighbors with round-the-clock marchers, chanters and drum beaters. Then they committed another illegal act when the demonstrators actually showed up and began their harassment of the Justices’ homes.

There has been no condemnation of the illegal demonstrators from anyone in the Biden administration, and if there has been a condemnation of this latest murder attempt against Brett Kavanaugh by Joey’s woke fools, I haven’t heard it. Weepy Joey’s DOJ is just sitting on their hands and allowing this travesty to continue, hoping that maybe one of the conservatives will resign or be killed at the hands of an insane member of the Democrat party, and this situation would be acceptable to Biden and Schumer because all the far left cares about is raw power to rule with an iron fist and imprison or otherwise eliminate their opponents as it suits them. But it seems the conservative Justices are made of tougher stuff, and without doubt the supporters of Trumps judicial appointments are being peaceful and haven’t stormed the demonstrators with fists and buckets of water.

Since all we have is silence from the radical left, it can safely be assumed that the murder attempt on Kavanaugh’s life is exactly what leftist Chuck Schumer intended when he said that Kavanaugh would “pay the price” for becoming a Supreme Court Justice, with the price being death. One wonders if the United States is going the way of Germany’s Weimar Republic, with their beatings of Jews by the brown shirts, the bombings and invasions of neighboring countries like Poland and Czechoslovakia, secret police rounding people up in the middle of the night and sending them to concentration camps, kind of like the January 6 House committee is doing.

Our nation is on the brink under radical Biden/Democrat rule, and we’re moving downhill fast with the idiot Joey Biden heading the corrupt pack, and leading us all to destruction.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Schumer’s Threat Of Violence Against Kavanaugh Comes True, And I Want Schumer Arrested For Terrorism!

 On March 4, 2020, Charles Schumer, Democrat Senator from New York, specifically threatened newly installed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh when he yelled the words “I want to tell you Kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwinds, and you will pay the price.”

And what was Brett Kavanaugh’s crime? He had recently been installed as a justice on the United States Supreme Court and had survived lies told by Democrats about himself and his past as a student. But the Democrats could not get over Kavanaugh succeeding to be approved for the justice position by the Republican president, Donald Trump, and Schumer erupted in rage with his threat, that has now been fulfilled by someone intending to kill Kavanaugh. Democrats lie easily in order to get and retain power, but when a Republican is successful in spite of their lies, they become apoplectic and dangerous.

Yesterday we learned that a demented Democrat believer was actually taking action to kill Kavanaugh, and I want a full investigation into Schumer’s past actions, his cell phone records, his government and personal emails, and his landline phone calls.

Chucky Schumer has been acting a little strangely lately and seems a little unbalanced in his speech and his actions. Schumer’s words are exactly what CNN’s Don Lemon meant when he said that the most dangerous people in America are white male terrorists, and I want Schumer investigated for his untimely but sincerely meant words in March, 2020. This investigation may also uncover a relationship between Schumer’s threats on Kavanaugh and the endless riots that were committed all summer long in 2020 by Democrat criminal rioters who have never been punished for the billons of dollars of property they destroyed and the dozens of lives they took that summer.

Monday, June 6, 2022

Biden’s Green Agenda Is Evidence That Socialism/Communism Always Fails

 There’s a real world out there, and ignoring it is why Joey Biden’s administration is failing badly.

Biden’s lack of ever having had a real, for-profit job in his life and never having to be cognizant to the willing acceptance of his ideas by a large number of people who voluntarily paid his salary, is largely why we have all of the problems our nation is currently facing. Instead of seeking the political buy-in of Americans for his radical policies, by gradually building solar and wind power and proving its effectiveness and dependability which would make Americans comfortable with giving up their internal combustion vehicles for electric ones, he instead ignored the pocketbooks and the opinion of Americans and was indifferent to and disrespectful of the public’s attitude toward this drastic change in our lives. He dove right in with shutting down new domestic oil drilling and refining and his policies have been the direct cause of many consumer shortages and empty store shelves we’ve experienced this last year, and have caused the inflation that is leading to hard economic times ahead.

And because he’s always been in government, which does virtually whatever it chooses to do and then covers it up and lies about it if public scrutiny occurs, Biden imposed his will without any consideration for customer approval of his actions, with the customer being the American citizens, and he cut off new oil and gas exploration and production in order to force everyone to accept moving to electric vehicles, with inflation being the proof of how bad his sudden, inconsiderate maneuvers were. Joey has repeatedly said that he’s a Capitalist, but governing by executive orders and mandates are not how Capitalism works.

Our authoritarian president was so intent on shoving his green agenda down our throats that his first act in office was to unilaterally halt significant oil production, and then make the idiotic statement that we were now energy independent, while simultaneously begging Saudi Arabia and Venezuela to increase shipments of oil to the United States.

The American citizens have been “serviced” by the Biden administration, but that’s the opposite of the public service politicians are expected to provide.

Thursday, June 2, 2022

How Can The Party Of Idiocy And Incompetence Possibly Produce Anything Called “Common Sense”?

 Democrats claim that their solutions to gun violence are “common sense” solutions, but how can the party of Russian collusion, allowing men to compete in women’s sports, not putting repeat criminals in jail for keeps, continued spending in the trillions of dollars while ignoring impending inflation, ever come up with anything close to “common sense”?  

Every Monday morning we hear of multiple shootings in Chicago, Baltimore, New York and other Democrat-run cities over the preceding weekend, and all of this violence follows a full summer of killings in 2020 in which the Democrat apologists passingly stated that the violence was “mostly peaceful” and nothing was done to stop it nor to punish the perpetrators. 

And especially in Chicago, daily shootings happen with the knowledge that guns are absolutely forbidden, and yet in at least one instance where several gangs took each others’ lives in a major shoot-out, all of the surviving perps were let loose to kill again, because the idiot Democrat mayor of Chicago said that they were just shooting each other, so no big deal. Even when the legally forbidden guns are used, no punishment is given out, and the killing just continues, and yet Democrats are dead serious about taking guns from honest, law-abiding American citizens.

Most recently we had the Uvalde shooting tragedy, and what do the Democrats propose as a solution: more gun control. No consideration is given by Democrats to trying to monitor mentally deranged individuals’ violent messages and postings and stop these people before they commit the murderous acts they boast about. Nor do Democrats want to discuss hardening schools using the billions of dollars that were allotted for covid remedies and ventilating schools and which have been lying unused these many months. All Dems can suggest is outlawing more guns, a policy that has been increasing for years, with only bad results as an outcome, with more negative, deadly results awaiting America if Democrats continue to push their limited, single-train-of-thought policies into the future.

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

The Woke/Cancel Culture Proves That Communism Doesn’t Work

 When Karl Marx published his Communist Manifesto he claimed that Communism was inevitable and that Capitalism would inevitably fail. But history has revealed that Marx’s ideas have always been failures. Communism only leads to dictatorship, misery and poverty, and Capitalism, where it’s allowed to be practiced, has allowed the poorest among us to rise from poverty to the middle class and higher via their work, thrift and ingenuity, which fact has been proven by the wave of immigrant invaders crossing Biden’s open border in unbelievable numbers, and from all nations, trying to get to the source of freedom and wealth, and trying to escape the bonds of Socialism in their native countries. These unfortunate immigrants are not seeking the Democrat promise of Socialism, they are seeking a better life for their families in a Capitalist nation: America.

But the most recent version of current-day Communism, the woke/cancel culture that Joey Biden has welcomed into the ruling class of America, has taken Marx’s failure of Communism a step further by not only trying to bury the past failures of the far left, but to silence Biden’s critics by “cancelling” all who oppose his far-left policies, namely those patriotic Americans who just want to defend the policies of economics and governing that have produced the wealthiest and freest people in the world.

 In China, the Communist dictators have a policy of social scoring called the environmental, social governance index (ESG) whereby you can be denied a loan, refused employment and will be relegated to the shadows of society if the rulers don‘t like the way you vote, how you live, what kind of car you drive, where your children go to school or the attitude toward the government you demonstrate. Or, in the enlightened Biden administration, you can be imprisoned for using the wrong pronoun when addressing a member of the trans community, all of which policies are being presented to America in the far-left Biden administration. Even if you were the green energy star who brought production of the political left’s electric automobile to a state of acceptance as a part of Biden’s green movement, you will be cast from the warmth of society if you don’t follow the radical left’s ideas of behavior and socially acceptable speech, which treatment is being imposed on Elon Musk, because he‘s critical of leftist government.

Communism failed simply because it doesn’t work, but instead leads to more misery for poor people, and woke-ism will fail because the hate and violence associated with it proves it can’t exist with the willing acceptance of informed citizens.

Dictatorships are always forced on the unfortunate population that have to live under the harsh ruler, and that’s why Communism has never taken over a Capitalist nation. But America’s radical left is trying to sell Marx’s promise of misery through the back door by shaming those citizens who understand the evil it presents and who won’t buy this dirty product.

Monday, May 23, 2022

If Democrats Depress Our Economy With Every Decision They Make, Why Are They Called “Progressives”?

 Whether it’s the cost of food, the cost of fuel, the empty store shelves, the cost of a used car, the skyrocketing crime rate, the unavailable baby formula, the formation of a government misinformation bureau, the war in Ukraine or the never-ending diseases mysteriously cropping up that will require wearing a mask once again, Democrats, and especially old squinty Joey Biden, seem to screw up everything they touch. And yet they are called “progressives”, at least by each other. If what they accomplish is “progress”, then I don’t understand the meaning of that word. 

Progress means to move ahead or advance, not to lose ground to idiotic decisions that are failures each time they’re tried. But to Democrats the word “progress” means gaining progressively more political power by creating false documents indicating collusion with Russia, falsifying the result of a presidential election, or promising domestic give-away programs that favor the already well-off at the expense of the less-well-off, or forming an government agency that will punish speech that doesn’t benefit Democrats.

But the most insulting aberration we’ve ever seen was Joey Biden’s effort to allow the Chinese-loving World Health Organization to decide at what point the United States begins to experience a new health crisis, or when a crisis is already in progress, and then the W.H.O. will decide how the U.S. must, under international law, respond to the health threat: when to go into another lockdown; when to mask; and what vaccines American citizens must all take, especially when we may be mandated to take Chinese drugs. The world is currently observing the Chinese covid drugs that have already failed the citizens of Shanghai, who are being starved with in-home lockdowns because China can’t get the relatively weak covid virus under control. This push to give American sovereignty to the W.H.O. and the U.N. in matters of public health is both idiotic and traitorous.

Sometimes it’s difficult for Democrats to appreciate how to exercise power after they have gained it. For Biden it’s pleasant to pay-off college loans for the sons and daughters of Harvard and Yale graduates working in his administration, while expecting factory workers and plumbers to be taxed in order to subsidize the government give-away. And for Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, it’s pleasant for her to boast about her own personal celebrity status and life, by enlightening us plebes about her homo-sexuality, her femaleness, being black and being an immigrant, and then to have to depend on written notes from her staff to answer questions from the press during her televised meetings with them. Americans don’t want a person who brags about all of her “firsts” in the job. We want competence in our officials, which Ms. Jean-Pierre lacks. 

The poor, misguided woman is so proud of her irrelevant wokeness that she thinks we peons out here give a damn about her personal life and her dubious accomplishments,  and she cares not a whit about what does matter: her knowledge about current events and being able to discuss them intelligently without the need of notes. Most of Biden’s administration were awarded their jobs because of their race or gender, instead of getting the job because they had earned it and could do the new job without having to read a page of cliff-notes that they don’t understand.

There’s a real world out there, and Democrats don’t live in it. They just take advantage of it with their ill-gotten power, and screw everything up as they stumble through each day.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Biden’s Callous Behavior Toward American Citizens Alerts Us To The Socialism And Misery That Lies Ahead For Our Nation

 Although Biden is too far gone mentally to realize what he’s done, I believe his actions, probably done in order to get the praise of his young, woke staff, is dooming America, and very swiftly.

A few months ago Joey made the statement that he is a dedicated Capitalist, but he warned that Capitalism can’t exist without competition. Capitalism also can’t function without energy to make goods, distribute goods and get employees to work each day, so of course the first thing Joey did as president was begin choking off the energy supply our nation needs to keep our economy alive. But the one thing Joey forgot that closely accompanies competition in keeping an economy strong, is the freedom to operate without undo government fiddling with the rules. So of course Joey quickly began regulating and mandating the way corporations worked and what they must do and not do, and worst of all, he began forcing wokeness and the theory of “stakeholders” being parties that a company must serve first and foremost, before they could think about making a profit, all of which proved that old squinty Biden is really a Communist at heart and not a pro-American Capitalist.

And even though inflation has increased and Joey’s approval ratings have plummeted, we can be certain that either Joey is blissfully ignorant of these things, or his leftist staff has assured him that all of that insignificant stuff will correct itself over time and he’ll be seen as a green hero when it all mellows out.

The religious verve of leftists for the absolute lie of warming/change has anti-American Democrats behaving as though they are some kind of Svengali saving the world, when just a few days ago we were presented with the news that Sri Lanka had completely run out of fuel, which means no automobiles or taxis were getting people to work nor getting sick children to hospitals, and soon there will be no ambulances nor public buses either, if government won’t or can’t get enough fuel to jump-start the private economy. With the idiotic way Joey has been choking our energy supply and criticizing the industry that drills, refines and distributes fuel for Americans, and the thoughtless way he’s been depleting the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve, we could go the way of Sri Lanka, and coming back from such a severe shock to an economy, we may well be over as a prosperous nation.

After all, at the same time that we have a shortage of fuel for transportation, there are store shelves sitting empty and many families can’t find baby formula for their children. And it’s all on Joey and his pack of hate-producing fools.

It’s finally come to the point where we must accept the fact that our government is intentionally attacking its citizens with a series of harmful strategies, while at the same time allowing an actual invasion of illegal aliens to cross our southern border.

The harm being done to America is intentional and our elected Representatives and Senators must be convinced to oppose this criminal foolishness or lose their cushy jobs at the elite feeding trough in our nation’s Capitol.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

The Idiot In The White House Surrenders American Sovereignty To The U.N. And WHO

 If you liked the Biden “Governmental Misinformation Bureau”;  and if you think the United Nations serves the interests of freedom and liberty in the world; and if you believe that the World Health Organization sought to control the covid pandemic and punish China for creating and spreading the disease throughout the world, you’ll love the latest, and very secret and corrupt dealings that Joey’s woke, anti-American staff is colluding with the World Health Organization.

The Biden administration has proposed amendments to the WHO international laws that will surrender America to the whims of WHO’s Director General to decide, under international law, when a health emergency exists or is developing, and he can then take “control” of that nation to correct the alleged problem. And we all know by this time how the political left uses its powers where health is concerned.

If you recall the national shutdown that is still causing serious repercussions in our own nation, imagine how serious such a shutdown/lockdown would be if the United Nations or the World Health Organization appointed Russia or China to be the controlling entity over our nation after declaring a health emergency here, despite our objections. 

China is already destroying its own city of Shanghai and starving millions of its own citizens because of the most recent outbreak of covid, and Russia is destroying Ukraine just because that’s what Russia does, and either nation would love to have an international health authority give them permission to occupy New York or Los Angeles in order to correct America’s imagined health issues, using any means they deem necessary.

The Director General of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has always been best buddies with China, so his use of China to punish America would be easily done under the new Biden approved rules revision of WHO’s charter.

If you thought that the Biden lockdown, masking orders and vaxxing mandates were bad under Biden alone, imagine the hell Joey would inflict on the United States with the United Nations and the World Health Organization encouraging him and telling him what a great leader he is and how decisive he is and how wise. The fool man would tear up the U. S. constitution and imprison all Americans to their homes, based on no actual evidence of a health emergency occurring, but based on political considerations alone.

The sovereignty of the United States is at stake, and will the WHO vote, scheduled for May 22 to 28, 2022, be negated by our legislators in the House and Senate in time to stop this insanity? We can only write to them and pray.

Biden’s next mandate will likely be to outlaw personal automobiles due to air pollution that Joey considers dangerous, thereby creating a health emergency, and he’ll allow the WHO  to intrude on our sovereignty and enforce such a thing.

The fool in the White House must be stopped by our legislature or our nation is doomed.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Democrats Openly Threaten Terrorism On America

 People who pay attention to what is transpiring around them have learned that the militant, political left in the Democrat party will burn cities, one after another, from Seattle to Baltimore, based on any pretext, and this knowledge is based on the example they set during the summer of 2020, when they rampaged all summer long, from the Atlantic boardwalk to the Pacific Coast Highway.

So now that they are illegally shouting, marching and disturbing the peace outside the homes of conservative Supreme Court Justices, who may or may not issue the decision that Roe is not constitutional, and now that Democrats are proudly expressing a threat of “we will be ungovernable” and the promise of a “summer of rage” if the Supreme Court decision is against Roe, the Democrat terrorists have self-identified themselves. The sinking Biden administration approval ratings have made it plain that Americans don’t approve of the actions and policies of the radical, violent left, and Democrats know they are in trouble with the mid-term elections due this year, with Joey in the White House.

Democrats have nothing to lose, so terrorism is their promise for the nation’s future, under the autocratic rule of Joey Biden. The sky-rocketing crime rate in America, mostly found in Democrat-run cities, is typical of how far-left Democrats govern and behave.

And, of course, Joey Biden and his Department of Justice have no problems with the illegal protests against the Supreme Court Justices. Joey says that the protesters are understandably frustrated and need to let off some steam on the subject of Roe, because his leftists are not getting what they want and what they think they deserve, so they revert to violence, which is typical of the political left.

The things happening in America since Joey Biden took office are what happened in 1930s Germany as the Nazi’s began to dominate and eventually control the government with their Storm Troopers and their guns.

So the radical Democrats have shown us that they will be violent and “ungovernable” if Republicans take the House and Senate this fall, and they hope to be able to control the outcome of the election with their threats of intimidation and violence.

Monday, May 16, 2022

Joey Biden And The Radical Left’s “American Woman” Moment

 People of a certain age will remember the Canadian rock group “The Guess Who” when they expressed the typical attitude among the self-absorbed and unappreciative radical left toward America and its Capitalism. The lyrics of their most successful song, “American Woman”, was “American Woman, get away from me” while the group made millions of dollars snuggling up to Lady Liberty, selling their recordings to American audiences, and insulting America at the same time.

It’s fashionable for the political left to pretend to hate the nation depicted by the name “American Woman“, knowing that everyone wants a piece of her, and the political left will take advantage of the liberties constitutionally guaranteed to Americans, to access our markets and make a profit for themselves whenever they can, but will pretend to hate the wealth of America in a broader world living in poverty and misery.

In 2022, with a weak and ineffectual president in the White House, the entire world is dumping on America, while millions of people, a large proportion of them illegals, are trying to come here to live or work and be a part of our “American Woman” life. But under the Biden administration nothing seems to be working as it should any longer. Our borders are wide open; gas is way too expensive; food shortages are becoming common; baby formula has disappeared from American shelves, while it’s been found aplenty along the southern border where it’s used, at the American taxpayers’ expense, by mothers from Guatemala and Cuba for their children, but not the children of American mothers. Thanks, Joey.

Given the current trend of sexual fluidity, the “American Woman” of the 1970s could today be an ugly, smelly, bearded biological man, so maybe The Guess Who were right when they said that the “American Woman” should “..get away from me”. The same America that helped save the civilized world in World Wars I and II is now being criticized by our international foes for being arrogant and a bully, while domestically the Biden administration is allowing our country to be invaded by people who don‘t understand the treasure that is America, and who only seek to profit from America‘s demise.

Recently Biden was seen screaming during a speech that there is a shortage of food “in America” he yelled indignantly. But such shortages did not exist in Donald Trump’s administration, and the shortages and the inflation and the border attacks and the escalating crime statistics only began with Biden taking the Oval Office. The problems with America are all on Joey and his ultra-left, woke administration.

America is being torn apart, one small piece after another, by the international far-left haters who want to rule this once great nation, and Joey Biden and his staff of domestic, nincompoop, wokesters are the current group trying to push us off the edge of history and into oblivion. And, unfortunately, the Biden traitors are succeeding.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

What’s Wrong with The Trans/LGBTQ Crowd?

 If something is “natural” then it’s in keeping with the laws of nature, as the natural world strives for the perpetuation of all species. If a species can’t survive, then it dies out and becomes extinct.

Men and women, male and female, are the devices nature uses to assure the continuation of humans on earth, and so far we’ve been so successful at reproducing our own kind, that we’ve nearly over-populated the planet, and that’s proof that the boy/girl thing is indeed successful and is in accord with nature.

Gays, Trans and the LGBTQ people are out of sync with nature because they are generally not helping to provide more humans to the mix. And don’t protest that last statement with some malarkey about gays indeed occasionally having children, because anyone with any sense knows exactly what the reference is.

So, gay, Trans and LGBTQ practices are out of sync with nature, and to that point they are unnatural. In this present, more enlightened era beginning in the 1960s, these people have even become accepted, if not outright approved, by the broader society, but lately have become represented in polite, woke society in numbers far in excess of their actual statistical percentage in the population in general.

The Biden administration has gone out of its way to include these people in Joey’s woke staffing of the White House, never mind that the Biden White House is the most far-left such governmental staff ever to be hired, and the Biden approval rating is the lowest ever seen for a president during his first year in office, whatever that tells us about Joey’s White House staffing decisions and the attitude of Americans toward White House staffing under our beloved Joey.

But why are these statistically small numbers of people so greatly represented in the public leftist community today? They’ve convinced the Disney corporation to make one misstep after another in trying to tempt children into joining their radical lifestyle, which has caused the American population to believe that the current executives at Disney are way out of step with the formerly happy and pleasant industry that Walt Disney created.

And why are purple, Mohawk hair styles and multiple body and face piercings and tattoos the norm for these people, unless they thrill at the idea of shocking the people who make up the “natural” part of the U.S. population? And why is parading in public in nonsense attire so important to them? They’ve achieved greater than mere acceptance in America, and in general have higher education levels and higher incomes than straights, so why go out of their way to upset everyone after having achieved the level of success and acceptance they have? Is there some pleasure to be had in their knowing that straight people are being shocked by their behavior? The shame is that this acceptance they have now, may reverse itself if this group remains on the behavioral outside of society.

And add to this quandary the insistence from the radical left that men have periods and can birth a child, and that women are merely “birthing people” who “chest feed” their children, and it seems we have a bunch of people who deny nature and biology and only want to cause a ruckus.

Friday, May 6, 2022

The Overturning Of Roe Is Disintegrating Democrats And They Are Becoming Terrorists

 Boy-oh-boy, are we going to have a good time the next six months as Joey leaves his basement hideout and gets out into America to tell us citizens, up-close, what his real values are and why we should support his Build Back Badder patchwork of Socialism.

A few days ago Joey was reminiscing about a conversation he had with Robert Bork when Bork was a nominee to the Supreme Court, years ago. Joey lectured Bork about how he (Bork) wanted rights and freedoms to come from government, while Joey and his Democrats believed that all rights were “natural laws” coming from God-given rights to all people. 

What the hell is this fool man talking about? Joey might pretend to be a practicing Catholic, in spite of his full support of abortion at any time during pregnancy, but he certainly does believe in big-government programs being the source of rights in America, with Roe being the best example of such dependence on government, and the programs coming from government regulations and decisions. If Joey Biden is serious about what he told Bork those many years ago, and assuming he’s not a bald-face liar, which he’s been known to be, then he’s forgotten the consistent position of Conservatives and their belief in a power above government that gives American citizens our “natural” rights to freedom and liberty, as documented in the constitution. And does Joey believe that the practice of abortion is something that pleases religious people or his own Church? Of course he doesn’t. Roe was a government decision, and ending it via another government action is what is threatening to Democrats.

But the fool man pretends to be unable to see or admit to the violence that has exploded from the political left now that Roe has been rumored to soon be reversed. Joey and his leftist pals know that ending the Roe protection that has existed for many years as a gift from the Supreme Court, which is now deciding that there is no constitutional basis for such law at the federal level, plus the left’s realization that the states must each decide abortion’s validity in each of those states’ legislatures, is what is riling Democrats. It’s conservatives who always argue for a smaller government and being more aligned with “natural law”, not Democrats, contrary to what Biden allegedly told Bork. So Democrats and their nasty, foot-stomping tempers are proof that they don’t believe that a majority of Americans want to keep abortion as Roe decided it, which has been their consistent position on this subject with every statement they’ve made on the subject, because they fear a defeat if each state puts abortion up for a vote, at which time the voters of each state may vote it down.

And how about men now being left out of the abortion argument? Americans have been assured for years by the radical left that men have menstrual periods (with many woke high schools actually installing tampon dispensers in the boy’s restrooms) and that men can birth children, but now, with the imminent demise of Roe, all we hear is that the rights of women are being taken away and that women should have sole rights to decide what happens with their bodies. But what about men’s menstruating bodies after Roe ends? How quickly the radical left abandons their lying beliefs when the real world, not the woke world they live in, takes up a serious subject like Biology, and the real world and wins the argument by speaking the truth.

The idiocy and contradictions coming from Democrats the last few years is stunning, and they don’t even realize how stupid they sound with their proclaimed ignorance of biology and the differences between men and women. And then there’s the violence that Democrats talk about and practice when they don’t get their way every time, which is now being expressed with the doxxing of Supreme Court justices, which is intended to intimidate and frighten the justices into reversing their decision or have their homes burned and families terrorized by violent Democrat mobs.