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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Democrats Are Digging The Hole Of Their Demise Ever Deeper

 Democrats seem to really believe that a man can identify as a woman and that delusion must be treated as fact. In other words, they are insisting that we must all buy into the lies and idiocy they are pushing on society.

Now we even have a man who identifies as a woman and claims to be experiencing menstrual cramps, and he actually expects us to be stupid enough to believe that his imaginary uterus is really shedding blood monthly!

So this week we are presented with a newly elected Republican who we are told did not work for the company he said he worked for during the campaign, and the Democrats want him removed from office, in spite of his really believing that he worked for the company that has no record of his being an employee. Based on the standards that woke Democrats have established these last two years, who can doubt this man and his claims? Certainly not Democrats. If we’re expected to go along with every sick person’s ideas  of what they would like to have been or wish they were, then how can Democrats demand the removal of this Republican from office?

All of the left’s make-believe, racist, woke malarkey works against real meritocracy and rewards for personal accomplishments and achievements in life, all earned for real work and real outcomes. If some fool awakens one morning claiming to have flown to the moon last night, are we to believe him? There was a time when people were either verified as being accomplished or as being liars, but not in Joey Biden’s administration.

And speaking of Biden’s woke administration, we all know that the Biden family got their wealth by using their government positions and influence to gain income from foreign governments, that these income gains have not been reported to the IRS, and in the case of Hunter Biden, there are gun law violations in his past, and these laws are supposed to be the most important to leftists, but not where the Biden family is concerned. If Joey really believes that he has received no money from foreign sources and if Hunter believes he has not violated any gun laws, who are we to question them?

And because of Biden and his woke agenda, we have a person making all the wrong decisions in the Oval Office, as well as that most idiotic and unaccomplished person ever to hold the VP position, and the absolute most completely stupid person ever in the press secretary position, and this lady doesn’t even know the extent of her dumbness.

This insane idiocy must be stopped, and sanity and truth returned to government. Sensible citizens must not and cannot allow this crap to continue.

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Government Service Should Be About Serving The Public And National Traditions, Not Serving Personal and Political Goals

 Democrats don’t understand the term “beyond the scope”. Once in power they go pedal-to-the-metal to hand out favors, influence voters and move the nation to the left and toward Socialism and its poverty and misery.

Here are some examples of real public service:

Donald Trump lowered taxes; raised tariffs on imported Chinese goods; created an expanding economy; gave us the Abraham accords and re-established our support of Israel; made America energy self-sufficient; reduced regulations on businesses; tightly controlled our borders to keep illegals out; improved VA treatment of veterans who need critical medical care; kept America out of the Paris climate accords. And our former president told Americans he would govern for the improved lives of Americans, and would let leaders of other nations watch out for those nations’ citizens’ welfare.

On the other hand, here are some examples of selfish and personal goals that harm America: 

Biden immediately opened the border to millions of illegal immigrants a year; allows uncontrolled drugs and cartel criminals to enter at their liberty, often importing enslaved people under cartel control; halted domestic oil production and immediately searched the world, often and embarrassingly with hat-in-hand, searching for one rogue nation or another to sell us some of their oil; increased big government by implementing regulations that restrict economic growth and wealth; got America back into the business of apologizing to the world for our wealth and comfort of living; agreed to give money to nations whose leaders confiscate such donated money for their Swiss bank accounts, while keeping their citizens in poverty and denying them the wealth possible if they allowed capitalism to be practiced in their nations; has mandated masking; mandated school lockdowns; mandated vaccinations; fired federal employees who would not allow themselves to be vaccinated; created enormous debt for America by handing out billions of dollars, both domestically and internationally, thereby creating flaming inflation for all Americans; created an incompetent administration by hiring any minority he could find, as racists are wont to do, instead of hiring competent, accomplished people without concentrating on race and sexual identity.

Barack Obama set the stage for the current radical moves of the Biden administration when he declared that he intended to Fundamentally Transform America, which is exactly what the mentally challenged Joey is doing.

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Leftists Of The Twenty-First Century Think They Are So Smart…

 It’s encouraging to know that after untold centuries of everyone understanding and knowing what a man is and what a woman is, that we fancy, Twenty-First Century dwellers have redefined what we claim these persons are, when woke individuals “identify as a male though they may have been said to have a different sex at birth”, as the newly revised on-line dictionary states.

But who “said” a newly birthed child was a male or a female? Probably the doctor and the nurses who were attending the birth, and a simple look at the biology of the newly born child informed them of the sex. It doesn’t need to be “said”, and there is no arguing with Mother Nature about the subject. But the new, woke Cambridge Dictionary has made this change to the English language because of the far left idiots who swear that if they, themselves, think they want to be something other than what they are, and what they were made at birth, then it’s in their power to “claim“, and make it so.

Although this idiocy has been going on for some time, it appears that when a Supreme Court appointee of Joey Biden was recently asked for her definition of a woman and responded that she didn’t know what a woman was, the political left took that stupidity as a green light to make a formal dictionary definition change to match their deviant, mind-sync politics.

But a rescinding of everything we know to be true about gender doesn’t end with the redefinition of a man and a woman. After centuries of progress in creature comforts, inventing light bulbs, automobiles, miracle drugs and air conditioning, the Biden administration is enlightening us to the fact that these things are part of an evil past and we must now get rid of the comfortable and convenient automobile and learn to love the questionably safe and less-convenient electric vehicle, and we must learn to live with warmer homes in the summer and colder homes in the winter, because electricity is also evil and we must make do with less of it, along with leaving medical decisions up to political considerations, like forced masking and mandated vaccinations, because Democrats know better than you do, what‘s good for you.

And of course the Biden administration now insists, with no data being presented to prove their outrageous point, that LGBT and Trans persons are experiencing high levels of threats and actual violence in this racist, sexist nation we call the United States. So the Dems have presented completely unneeded legislation to protect these special entities from the Ultra-Magers, with no back-up proof that any Republican is violently opposed to them. But we remain citizens without any legislation to protect Jews and Christians against the woke actual violence of Democrats (see the year 2020 and the daily riots from Seattle to Baltimore for data supporting the mistreatment of members of these religious groups). So the Biden cabal seems to be saying that the more populous group of Jews and Christians don’t deserve the government protection from violence that the tiny Trans group does? Really?

The darkness of current American living is upon us and accompanied the dark clouds of the Biden administration, which seems to be an adherent of the German Weimar Republic, with its cultural and social rot, and we still have two years left of this stupidity.

Saturday, December 17, 2022

The Thugish, Criminal And Vindictive Nature Of The American Democrat Party

 Donald Trump was (and still is) investigated, framed, cancelled, harassed and falsely accused for six years by the lying Democrat party, and is forced to live, following his very successful administration, with a new indictment from Biden’s DOJ likely coming soon, and for all of this thug-like, third-world behavior, Democrats pay no price at all. And not only was Trump harassed and accused by Democrats high and low, but his sons were also forced to testify on numerous occasions for crimes that had no basis in fact at all.

But when Hunter Biden is simply investigated, with no leg-shackles clamped on him nor a 4:00 AM raid inflicted on his home by the FBI, for crimes the entire nation has known about for over a year, and that the FBI has known about for over two years, the Democrat cabal threatens to visit hell on earth on anyone who participates in such an investigation against the drug-addicted son of the Democrat president.

But, one might well ask, is this threat to harass an investigation not itself an obstruction of justice, as well as an obstruction of an on-going investigation by the FBI? And is this not an example of good, old Nazi, Brown-Shirt political tactics?

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

The Argument Could Be Made That Jack Dorsey’s Twitter Platform Committed Treason Against Donald Trump’s Presidency

 Democrats and other far-leftists filled their drawers and screamed “insurrection” when an idle crowd swarmed the Capitol building on January 6th, but when a sitting president was attacked and forced to retreat to the secure basement of the White House because a crowd of rioting, Democrat radicals beat police officers and burned a church in Lafayette Square, this incident was buried by the leftist press, and the president was not allowed to use Twitter to express his opinions to the American public concerning the treatment he received from violent, radical leftists.

According to political scientist Edward Banfield, in his book The Unheavenly City, one of the main causes of crime is that too many people who commit crimes cannot envision any punishment for their crimes. So if we consider that Democrats feel free to commit political crimes because the Biden DOJ and the FBI are staffed with Democrat bureaucrats whom they know will not pursue and punish their own fellow party members, we can see why Democrats framed Donald Trump for the alleged crime of Russian collusion, and impeached Trump twice based on false charges, because they cannot envision any punishment resulting from their insurrectionist, treasonous actions. But now that Elon Musk has spelled out for us, plain and simple, the unconstitutional and unacceptable things Democrats have done in order to gain and remain in power, Republicans in congress must be sure the Democrat piper is paid for his un-American behavior, because  Joey Biden commits such crimes against America and our constitution every day of the week, with no downside for him criminally or politically. 

Life In America: From Lindell’s “My Pillow” To Biden’s “My Plan”

 I’ve always liked Mike Lindell’s “My Pillow” and his line of other “My” products, and although I’ve gotten tired of his constantly berating me to buy these products on the TV, I hope people keep buying them and make him and his employees a lot of money.

And then we come to a lesser salesman in the form of Joey Biden and his poorly thought-out “My Plan” farce on America. Joey Biden’s “My Plan” is a complete lie and a fraud on the American citizens. This fool man is mentally not capable of explaining any part of his “My Plan” muddle without a script being provided for him on a teleprompter. His woke staff makes all of Joey’s “plans” and then tells him what he believes and how to sell these beliefs to the American public. So let’s look at various aspects of Joey’s “Plan”.

His “Plan” halted a much-needed pipeline that caused gasoline prices to escalate for an American population that needs such products to live, yet he brags about how low gas prices have sunk under his “Plan”. Thanks, Joey.

His “Plan” has caused inflation to shoot to unheard-of levels, yet he brags about how his “Plan” is bringing inflation down, and how well his “Plan” is working for Americans. The rate of inflation may be slowing, but inflation is higher than it’s ever been and growing, and everyone knows it, except dumb old Joey.

His “Plan” opened our southern border and is causing nothing short of a total invasion of people from all over the world to flow across our border, to the tune of over five million invaders to far. And if this idiot man were to tell the truth as he sees it, he would tell us that his “Plan” is working, and actually in this case, his attempts to continue Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America by opening the border, is working better than anyone could have ever anticipated.

His “Plan” pumps out billions of dollars in aid here, and more irresponsible billions of spending there, and then Joey claims that he has reduced the deficit by trillions of dollars.

Joey tells us that his “Plan” obtained the covid vaccine, which is not really a vaccine, distributed it to all Americans who dared to take it, and never credits Donald Trump for getting the “vaccine” developed at a record pace.

His “Plan” and his corrupt teachers’ union kept masking in place and kept schools closed while our children fell behind in education and grade-level achievement, while children simultaneously developed emotional problems by being isolated from their school mates.

Joey’s “Plan” and its insistence on requiring masking and vaccinations on American citizens in order to keep a job, caused a loss of hospital, EMT and military personnel which has deteriorated hospital care and military recruitment and readiness.

Joey’s “Plan” to force LGBT and Trans acceptance on the nation has caused a deficit in military recruitment, which makes America less prepared for an attack on our nation.

Joey’s “Plan” to make all Trump supporters hated by the nation, by accusing them of racism and terrorism, has caused a great rift in the fabric of America.

Elon Musk, formerly a Democrat star for his leadership with electric vehicles, establishes freedom of speech on the Twitter platform, which had silenced conservative opinions while under Jack Dorsey’s ownership, and the entire weight of the federal government is being brought down on Musk the patriot, for his insistence on supporting the Constitution and its First Amendment requirements, and he refuses to cancel Twitter users from the platform, like his predecessor did. Joey’s “Plan” will imprison Musk for his bravery, if Joey and his corrupt DOJ have any input into the situation.

The fool-on-the-hill-Biden insists that his “Plan” is working, but if destroying the greatest nation in the world is part of that “Plan”, and one can certainly believe that destruction is Joey’s “Plan”, then it seems to be working fine so far, toward that end.

Saturday, December 10, 2022

The Release Of The Secret Twitter Files Prove That Democrats Fear, And Can’t Compete With, Conservative Ideas.

 It’s been said that the way to destroy a bad idea is to allow it to be seen and evaluated by  everyone, and the flaws would be obvious. That’s why Twitter killed anti-Biden opinion pieces, because the leftist policies of Biden and his pals couldn’t stand up to the traditional, patriotic arguments against them by conservatives, so they just eliminated those opinions. And now we have the high inflation, open borders, high fuel costs, ruinous New Green Deal policies, violent agitation from our enemies in China and Russia, sky-high crime in largely Democrat run cities and states, favored treatment of Democrat suspects like Hunter Biden and frivolous DOJ investigations for Republicans like Donald Trump (who was forbidden by the Twitter Nazis to communicate with American citizens while he was president), Rudy Giuliani and various others whose only crime was to support Donald Trump and his pro-American and pro-prosperity policies.

The same is true of the covid Nazis. They silenced scientific opinion that would have allowed Americans to live normal lives during the pandemic and would have allowed schools to remain open, and would have prevented the firing of thousands of emergency workers and military personnel, because they refused to take the non-vaccine the Biden administration was pushing, simply by “disappearing“ their arguments from social media.

It could be easily argued that Twitter committed treason by silencing the sitting president at the time, so he could not explain to the American public why the Democrat insistence on a complete shutdown and the forced vaccinations of all Americans were bad ideas.

But the crimes against the constitution go much further than just Twitter shadow-banning.  All of the leftist news/opinion agencies do the same thing against non-Democrat opinions, with CNN and other leftist groups not even reporting the latest Twitter revelations of these freedom-of-speech crimes, because censorship and silencing of competing ideas is what the political left always does, starting with the Socialist Nazis of Germany in the 1930s and the Cuba Communists of the 1960s. All leftists think alike and tend to silence all competitive thought and ideas, like the Biden administration and its misinformation/disinformation agency it tried to establish a few months ago, whose whole mission in life was to silence Republicans and eliminate any political competition.

The intention of Biden’s planned disinformation agency was that Democrats could then block conservative opinion during a political campaign and deny a Republican presidential candidate a voice, and any resulting Republican administration would lose the opportunity, via the big-tech, social platform, of telling the public what is right about their ideas and what’s wrong with the Democrat position on everything, thereby censoring conservative ideas under the umbrella of preventing false information.

The truth of the matter is that Democrats understood that they had to silence Donald Trump during his first administration, and during his attempt at a second administration, because there is no argument Democrats could make that could be more persuasive, convincing and vote-getting than Trump’s position on freedom and prosperity, so he had to be silenced.

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Now That The Truth Is Known About Democrat Election Cheating, Where Does The Nation Go To Restore Its Trust In Elections?

 Democrats and other actors on the political left can intentionally and falsely commit treason by simply accusing a sitting president, Donald Trump, of colluding with Russia to disrupt an election and they consider it no big deal. But when it’s discovered that the Democrats and their associates in the FBI actually generated false documents to  frame Trump for the crime of collusion, and then appointed a special council with the intent of getting the goods on Trump, and then twice impeach this innocent man of these and other false charges, while at the same time wasting Trump’s time-in-office as he tried to build a wall on the border, rebuild our military, build support for the Abraham accords in the Middle East, making America energy self-sufficient and other critical policies he had, the Democrats and the corrupt news agencies on the left simply shrug their shoulders and change the subject.

American Democrats repeatedly and boringly accused Republicans of cheating on elections and thereby discrediting elections in the minds of American citizens, and repeatedly claimed that Republicans are undermining America’s faith in the sanctity of elections and a trust that all votes count. But when it’s disclosed that the Democrat bureaucracy actually and successfully colluded with Big Tech to win the 2020 election for Joey Biden and against Donald Trump by clamping down on the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, and that they kept other information important in an election from the American voter, like CNN, NYT and WAPO silencing the Biden scandal and not reporting news accurately, then they attack Elon Musk for exposing the truth about his newly acquired Twitter and its collusion with America’s leftist, Washington bureaucracy to keep Democrat crimes from being disclosed, and then blame one of their own colleagues, Matt Taibbi, for his role in making these Democrat crimes known and culpable Democrats guilty for aiding in the cover-up of these crimes, they accept no blame for their role in undermining America’s trust in the sanctity of the voting booth and for destroying the faith Americans have always had about the truth being of ultimate value above all else in the American system of politics and our constitution.

If Republicans in the House of Representatives don’t immediately, fully and viciously investigate the now-fully-known political crimes that America’s political left has committed against our citizens and our constitution, and criminally prosecute each and every Democrat involved in the crime, when Republicans take office in January, and if the Senate doesn’t fully join with the House in their sacred duty to punish each and every Democrat involved in these election crimes, our nation will follow the path of the Nazis and the Russian Communists to dictatorship, and further destroy the already damaged prosperity and liberty of the citizens of America.

When the political left in America picks an incident like January 6th to try to build a case, once again, against Donald Trump and accuse him of rioting and insurrection, and when they attack and imprison some poor individual who was just part of a protest group and innocently entered the Capitol building to look around on January 6th, but fail to investigate the mob that attacked the Trump White House in May of 2020, or the constant stream of Democrat mobs what burned cities from Seattle to Baltimore the entire summer of 2020, murdering and destroying property that the BLM and ANTIFA mobs were never investigated for and for which no one was imprisoned, we must assume that the Brown Shirts of the political left are already among us and we’ve lost on the subject of equal treatment under the law that our constitution calls for.

One may ask why it was always Donald Trump that they Democrats colluded against and lied about and accused of any crime that the Democrats has already committed, time after time. Why are Democrats so afraid of Trump and the Ultra-Magers that Biden hates so much? Could their hate reside in the knowledge that Trump was taking America in the direction of renewed prosperity and assured freedom, while Democrats were plotting the woke destruction of America? It sure looks that way.

Americans want to see people go to prison for the crimes that Democrats have committed these last six years.

Friday, December 2, 2022

The Corrupt, Awful, No Good, Very Bad Biden Administration Just Keeps Harming America And Disobeying Our Constitution

 The Biden administration is forming an anti-free-speech alliance with Apple with the intention of denying the downloading of the Twitter App from Apple’s App Store, which act of sabotage would bankrupt the Twitter platform. This is just another example of the accumulation of power via government corruption exhibited by the Biden Administration, as free speech is attacked openly in Joey‘s woke, constitution-hating world.

The Biden administration is also denying oil companies the right to drill for oil by shaming financial institutions into refusing to loan them money for the drilling and extraction of oil that Americans need for their cars and homes. The ridiculous, anti-capitalist ESG ratings that are assigned to financial institutions could destroy these companies if any financial institution loaned money for the purpose of discovering and extracting the evil, dirty oil that lefties so-hate. As a result of Biden’s nefarious work, the corrupt collusion of woke government and the bureaucratic ESG ratings are preventing much-needed oil from being extracted on U.S. soil. So as a result, America suffers with a shortage of oil, while Biden begs for oil from Communist dictatorships and Arab totalitarian states. So while the Biden administration insists that there will be no more drilling on American soil, they beg the Arabs and the Venezuelans for their oil, which is dirtier than our own domestic oil and is excavated using less environmentally-sensitive extraction methods. The stupidity of this situation defies explanation.

While the Biden administration sits back and watches the Chinese beat and imprison their citizens who are demonstrating against the draconian CCP lockdowns related to covid, Apple is denying Chinese citizens the Apple App called Air Drop, at the insistence of the Chinese government. This App would allow the citizens of China to communicate with each other without using the corrupt Chinese telephone network which is monitored by the Communist government to prevent its citizens from opposing its totalitarian rule. But the Biden administration is so corruptly in the back pocket of the Communist dictators that our government says nothing of this travesty against Chinese citizens seeking freedom from dictatorial rule.

For a change of topics involving our illogical government, the Biden administration sits calmly in its woke passivity while men compete in women’s sporting events, keeping young girls from successfully competing in their own events and furthering their education and careers.

America’s borders are out of control with millions of illegals invading our nation each year due to the Biden administration reversing the successful Trump policies that halted the flow of illegals. As a stop-gap method of at least pretending to control this mass invasion, U.S. Air Marshals are being re-assigned to the border areas to help the Border Patrol document the persons illegally entering our nation and to baby-sit the children crossing without supervision, when any sane administration that really cared about criminals and drug pushers entering our nation would complete the wall and refuse entry to anyone lacking legal documents. And, of course, this idiotic reassignment of Air Marshals by Biden means that, now, air travel is less safe and secure because the Air Marshals are now on the border and not monitoring aircraft passengers and keeping air travel safe. Does the fool Biden not believe that people who wish ill for America don’t realize the new lack of security that  air travel now has, and the danger it presents to the traveling public?

While Twitter was in the hands of its woke former owner (Jack Dorsey) and was colluding with Biden’s woke government to keep conservative opinion off its platform and thereby restrict free expression, Biden was good with that silencing of free speech. But now that Elon Musk owns Twitter and has sworn to return truly free speech to its users, the Biden administration is in the process of destroying Twitter by denying its App to be down-loaded from the Apple App store, as mentioned earlier in this piece, and by siccing the IRS, OSHA, the NLRB and other government entities on the company and encouraging woke companies to no longer advertise with Twitter, all of which are corrupt, leftist methods of destroying free speech in spite of a constitution that makes free expression a natural right of Americans.

What’s a government good for if it can’t, or won’t, protect the rights of its citizens, and express concern and support for the citizens of foreign nations who are suffering at the hands of an evil Communist government?

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Contrary To Popular Belief, Biden’s Woke Policies Have Been Wildly Successful

 One can remember a few years back, when the leftist press criticized Rush Limbaugh after he published an article hoping for the failure of Barack Obama’s leftist policies. CNN and other such rags went berserk claiming that Rush wanted America to fail by undermining Obama’s administration. But Rush was correct in his assertions that if Obama’s far-left ideas were implemented, America and Americans would suffer, because his ideas were and are contrary to the functioning of a peaceful, prosperous and constitutionally free citizenry. But it’s understandable that our leftist media thought that if Obama failed in his attempts to Fundamentally Transform America, the nation would fall apart. After all, Obama claimed that he could halt the rise of the oceans.

Recently (on November 22, 2022) I heard a well-meaning Republican House member once again say that Joe Biden’s policies have been a failure. He was talking about Biden’s policy of keeping our southern border open, but his choice of words were less than specific and he missed Biden’s reason for opening the border: Biden wanted the chaos that the millions of invaders crossing the border has created. He wanted the crowding and poverty and crime that these millions of people will create, and in that light, his policies have been completely successful.

Language is very important in dealing with Democrats. Biden wants millions of new Democrat voters to enter our nation illegally, who will then become dependent on government for their food and housing and will forevermore vote for Democrats to keep the goodies flowing. And his plans have succeeded, in spite of the damage done to America and to existing American citizens who will have to pay the bill for supporting millions of additional people on the dole, and will have to suffer for the thousands of wanted criminals and outright terrorists Biden has allowed into our country with this mass of invaders. One cannot argue with the notion that Old lunch bucket Joey has been successful in creating chaos and disorder with his border policies, with his inflation, with his shutting down of the Keystone pipeline and causing the price of gas and diesel fuel to skyrocket, his supply-line crisis regarding all goods needed by Americans, his forced masking, his lying Green New Deal, his forced vaxxing (even though what the left calls a vaccine is really just a pre-contraction therapeutic, taken in case you catch the Wuhan virus at a later date). 

Biden’s Democrat party thrives on chaos, because chaos and uncertainty causes anger and fear, and that causes people who are unable to think clearly for themselves to want more government protection against the threatening forces out there (like the dangerous and unwashed Ultra-Magers) which in turn gives Democrats more power to control every aspect of America’s life.

Our nation is in the clenches of a woke, violent, America-hating raft of leftist fools, and with some of the lame Democrats who were elected to office in the 2022 mid-terms, I don’t see any relief coming to save us any time soon.

Friday, November 25, 2022

Democrats Resort To The Politicization Of Current Events, Rather Than Responsibly Just Reporting The News

 When Paul Pelosi was hit in the head with a hammer by a man visiting the Pelosi home while Nancy was out of the country, and the police had no idea how this event happened nor why he was struck, Democrats immediately blamed Republicans for the attack because the attacker was obviously someone who had been provoked by Trump or another Republican due to the horrible things Republicans were saying about Nancy and her politics.

A gay bar in Colorado Springs, Colorado is shot up and people are killed, and the Democrats immediately blame Republicans, because of the alleged anti-gay, hateful things they say about the gay population, which things have never been said by Republican politicians.

Asians are attacked and beaten badly (largely by black men, based on the videos played on news channels) and the Democrats immediately blame Donald Trump because his remarks about covid originating in Wuhan, China, have made Americans hate all people with Oriental facial characteristics, which is simply nonsense and an insult to American citizens.

Many anti-black crosses are burned on lawns, nooses are hung, and hateful words are written on doors of black people, which of course are all blamed on Republicans, only to find that in more instances than not the events were staged by the black people themselves, and then that racial event gets dropped by our leftist press, quickly.

Democrats seem to be unable to withhold judgment when major violent events occur in America, and they will politicize these tragic events without waiting for the authorities to investigate and determine what really happened, and who the culprits really are.

Because our leftist news agencies are so corrupt and dishonest, we never hear about the shootings that they can’t blame on whites or Donald Trump.  For example, did you hear about the three black men who shot twenty-two people in Miami in May of 2021? And what about the recently discovered fact that the Colorado Springs shooter is non-binary and goes by non-traditional pronouns? That lost soul is not MAGA material.

And of course CNN and its peers will not identify the people who rioted and burned the entire summer of 2020, from Seattle to Baltimore. And the weekly plague of black-on-black shootings in Chicago and Baltimore are so old-hat that they don’t get any consideration as being news-worthy.

And so, even though nearly all crimes, especially those involving a firearm, are committed by Democrats and other lefties, it’s always Republicans and white males, in the opinion of the leftist press, who are a threat to health and safety in America.

There is no end to corruption on the part of Democrats and all other left-wingers.

Sunday, November 20, 2022

It’s Impossible For The Biden DOJ To NOT Indict Trump

 The political left has been after Donald Trump since he came down the escalator of Trump Towers to announce his candidacy for the office of the president.

They mocked him for a while and snickered at the thought that this successful, but laughable, man could ever become president of the United States.

But when he got the nomination to be his party’s candidate for the presidency the radical left stopped laughing and chuckling among themselves and got busy slandering him and trying to ruin his chances of winning the office he sought.

Thus began the radical-left, Democrat/FBI collusion that gave us the Steele Dossier and the Special Council, that eventually disbanded with no recommendations against Trump, but also made no mention of the FBI’s criminal involvement in the political campaign to remove Trump from the presidency. Should we assume that the FBI investigation into Trump’s imagined Russian collusion found no evidence of FBI involvement, or the illegal spying permits that the FISA court allowed? One doubts it.

What followed were years of a constant, bitter barrage from CNN and other far left news agencies spewing verbal indictments at Trump and his family, which told us of the absolute end of the Trump presidency as legal troubles came to the surface, and they assured us of the prison time that awaited the entire Trump family as the wholly-fabricated, “bombshell” evidence, based on leftist lies, mounted.

We also had two Trump impeachments, which failed to produce a conviction, along with the January 6th TV program that also failed to produce evidence of Trump’s involvement in an attempted insurrection that the Democrats were so hopeful they could manufacture from the little evidence they had available to them to achieve their lying goal.

 A short while ago the Biden DOJ invaded Trump’s Florida home, but found nothing which they could associate with an attempted insurrection charge, nor a charge of a state security violation, and their most recent move is the assignment of a Special Council (yes, another one) to gather planted documents (that’s why they invaded Mar-a-Logo and removed all documents in the first place) and their hope to get indictable evidence against the man whose presidency proved that America would thrive and become energy-free if his old fashioned ideas of hard work and abiding by the constitution and the laws of the land, were followed.

It’s most interesting that the DOJ move against Trump comes on the heels of the Republicans winning a majority of members in the House of Representatives and promising to present their proof of the Joey and Hunter crimes that we already know about, and it followed just a few days after Trump announced he will again seek the presidency in 2024.

The latest Biden DOJ move is being done because:

1) They can, even though they shouldn’t, and even though Trump made no such obvious and blatant political move against Hillary, Comey or Obama, when he had the opportunity during his presidency.

2) Trump has declared his candidacy for 2024 and the Democrats know he’s a serious customer who has proven his ability to demonstrate how dangerous and unworkable the Democrat’s woke, sexist and racist policies are in the real world of actual deeds and consequences, something the faculty lounge policies of the woke left can’t duplicate. The Democrats also fear that the next Trump presidency will indeed present the entire, sordid tale of Joey and Hunter and their influence-peddling of American favors and national security to nations like China (and possibly he’ll finally go after Hillary and her FBI collusion, because she actually committed an act of insurrection against the Trump presidency with her Steele Dossier, and her crime of exposing national secrets via her unsecured email server in a closet somewhere while she was Secretary of State), which evidence is already public knowledge and the FBI has had it for years, but has kept it hidden for purely political reasons.

3) The political left, during the Barack Obama administration, admitted that Obama’s Attorney General appointment of Eric Holder was for Obama’s protection, because Holder identified himself as the president’s “Wingman”, in place to shield him from criminal investigation and prosecution, while Democrats repeatedly accused Trump’s appointments to the AG position as being political appointments that they could not allow him to make.

Biden and his leftist Democrats need the diversion of more trouble for Donald Trump in order to redirect attention from their own political problems, and they need to get rid of the political risk of Donald Trump and his proven success in almost everything he did as president in order to limit the damage they foresee in 2024.

Friday, November 18, 2022

Despite His Protestations To The Contrary, Joe Biden Is NOT A Capitalist

 Our Joey likes to  give lip service to Capitalism, and he loves the fruits of Capitalism, like the wealth that flows from free trade and his beloved Corvette. But he is no Capitalist.

First, Capitalism needs freedom and liberty to operate effectively. Capitalists must manufacture or grow the products that their customers want to buy. But Joey’s administration is telling Capitalists that they can no longer make his favorite car, the Chevrolet Corvette, because Joey’s politics insist on shaming the gas-powered V8 engine and its high-performance abilities that Americans love and want, in favor of the electric vehicle. But to restate my point: without freedom to manufacture whatever a company wants to manufacture without the clenched fist of government getting involved, there can be no true Capitalism. But our Joey and his leftist, anti-Capitalist pals want to edict ESG goals for corporations, instead of letting them concentrate on making a good, safe, popular product that people want to buy, so the entire woke administration in the current White House are strident, anti Capitalists and proud of it.

Second, Capitalism needs profit, and all leftists, like Joey, want to tax and regulate the pants off of every product made, which reduces the profit the manufacturer needs to pay his employees and stay in business. But when government drives the manufacturers to defer the manufacturing part of the cycle to foreign nations, because those companies are over-regulated at home, Democrats appear to prefer that products be made by foreign sources who, like China, may be a threat to American welfare.

Third, Capitalists have to decide, based on human needs and market economics, what products to make and how to make them. Joey’s Green New Deal is forcing General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and all other auto manufacturers, to make electric cars, even though most Americans are perfectly happy with their piston engine cars. And even though gasoline (if Joey would allow its discovery, extraction and refinement) is perfectly safe, plentiful and economical. And it’s a fact that our current power grid is not robust enough to be able to handle the charging of tens of thousands of electric vehicles. Nevertheless, Joey has promised to destroy the oil and gas industry and force everyone into electric cars, even though there may not be enough wind and solar power to allow owners to be able to charge their vehicles so they can drive them. And the reason Democrats are creating this very un-capitalistic energy situation is based on the lie of warming/change, which is not actually occurring and doesn’t present a death threat to citizens of the world, except in the minds of Communists, like Karl Marx, Joey Biden, AOC and Bernie Sanders. 

Leftist governments insist on complete obedience to their mandates and edicts, or else. So if automobile manufacturers drag their feet and try to ignore Biden’s Green EV orders to rebuild their assembly lines so that all they make are electric vehicles, our president will bankrupt them with constant government harassment from the labor department, the IRS, OSHA, the ADA, repeat environmental inspections and shutdowns, investigations of auto executives and their salaries and benefits, payroll problems and the safety of their products, until the reluctant manufacturers either get in line with big government policies or go out of business. So considering the dictatorial powers that Biden will use to get his way, auto manufacturers are quickly gearing up to make electric vehicles, even though their customers are largely not interested in them.

Capitalism also depends on a source of labor where people want to work, but Joey has also tampered with the labor force in America by giving people money to NOT work, and by allowing millions of illegal aliens to cross our borders every year to compete for the jobs that Americans formerly held. So industry suffers, and our nation is less free and prosperous.

Joe Biden is a corrupt, big-government hack, but he is no Capitalist, although he and his  family have benefited from Capitalism all their lives and have become quite wealthy, both by living in a formerly free Capitalist nation, and from being very corrupt influence-peddlers to foreign rulers.

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Beware The Autocratic Excesses Of The Democrat Left

 When President Trump’s family was forced to vacate the White House and retreat to the secure sub-basement of the official residence in June of 2020, due to the rioting and burning of violent, far-left radicals, did Trump initiate investigations into the rioting and try to put every Democrat he could find in jail by calling the attacks an insurrection? No.

Then why did the Democrats go after Trump and all of his associates after the comparatively minimal violence on January 6th?

Did the Trump DOJ try to prosecute Hillary Clinton and the various FBI agents for their attempt to overthrow the Trump presidency by using fraudulent documents like the Steele Dossier, all of which were wholly created by the Democrats and their FBI associates to make Trump look guilty of some imagined crime and get him removed from office? No.

Then why are the Democrats trying to imprison Trump and his supporters for any slight infringement of law involving a president’s retention of documents as he leaves office, like they did with their FBI attack on Mar-a-Lago, or harassing him with possible tax problems involving executives of the Trump Hotel corporation?

Did the Trump DOJ go after Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, when it was discovered that his company was taking orders from Democrat politicians to keep “disinformation-misinformation” that was unfavorable to Democrat rule, out of social media? No.

Similarly, did President Trump sic the DOJ on Hillary and have the FBI invade her home, concerning the absolutely illegal destruction of the cell phones a judge had ordered her to preserved as evidence of her misdeeds, or the illegal email server she maintained in an unsecured location, which had classified information on it and was vulnerable to hacking from a foreign enemy? No.

Did the Trump DOJ go after Barack Obama for documents he kept after leaving office? No. But the Biden DOJ went after Trump for the same offense and with no good reason except to hurt him politically, for fear he would run for the White House again in 2024.

But now that Elon Musk, the new CEO of Twitter, has promised to liberate the platform he has acquired, and that he will allow free speech to once again be published there, even speech that contradicts the Democrat prohibition on anti-Biden policies, Biden is pushing the DOJ to investigate Musk and punish him for his “dangerous” idea of freedom of speech.

Today’s Democrats are quick to weaponize any fault they find in their political opponents, meaning political opponents like the Republicans, who are not enemies of the state, as Democrats make the Republicans to be, and they will do anything and say anything to defeat any person who stands in the way of their political power.

A good deal of the attacks on opponents of the Democrat party that they call “disinformation-misinformation”,  are purely fantasy and conjecture. Take for example the lie of climate change, which they say is making the earth much warmer and is melting  the ice in the polar areas, except that the ocean has not risen at all since the industrial age began a couple of hundred years ago. And the AOC and Bernie prediction that life on earth will end by 2030, which fantasy prediction follows the many previous predictions that life on earth would end in 5 years, or 15 years, or that the oceans would be dead by 1984, all of which followed the 1978 prediction that a new ice age would kill all life on earth in the twenty-first century, can be ignored since the precise temperature they say will end life on earth has not been revealed to us, even though it has been four years since those radical politicians told us of the 2030 date of death. And in these last four years the summer-time temperature has not risen one degree over normal, which means that in 2030 there will have to be a radical and sudden increase in temperature in order to reach the 150 degrees or so that would kill all crops and make life impossible on earth. But why would the temperature suddenly spike in 2030 and not increase slowly as pollution went wild, due to our automobiles and air conditioners? The brilliant Democrat thinkers of our time have not revealed this miraculous event to us, because it’s all BS.

Joey Biden has no problem destroying the family budgets of America, especially of the poorest families among us, by halting the drilling for oil that our economy needs, and attempting to prohibit drilling on private land via EPA regulations. Democrats are also using ESG guidelines to keep finance companies from loaning money to oil companies who need long-term loans to perform the lengthy process of discovery and retraction of oil from remote locations.

And old Joey is using the full power of the federal government to threaten automobile companies with the same destruction he is heaping on Elon Musk, if they don’t produce electric cars and trucks to replace the perfectly performing gas-powered cars that we need to live comfortably in this nation, even though our current power grid can’t possibly provide the power to charge the large number of electric vehicles that Democrat edicts demand. And this increased power load would be on top of the current electricity demands of a modern America, which California has already proven can’t be supported by wind and solar farms.

Our pleasant and enjoyable nation has become more uncomfortable and threatening since Joey Biden and his woke White House have assumed control, and it won’t get any better until these radicals are defeated by the new Republican-controlled House of Representatives and finally removed from office in 2024. If the Republicans are so stupid as to not push Biden’s woke ideas out of the lives of Americans and allow us to be free once more then they, too, will deserve defeat and removal from office in 2024. The nation is watching.

Friday, November 11, 2022

Does The Fool Biden Understand The Import And Meaning Of His Own Words?

 Last week at his Union Station speech our beloved president made a vague statement telling Americans to not be upset if we didn’t know the results of the mid-term elections  for a few days after voting ended, or maybe a week or so would go by, as “democracy” was being saved and Democrats scrambled to discover enough votes to win. He insinuated that being impatient for the results of the election, which has always in the past been the morning following each election, would be a “threat to Democracy”, and one got the itchy feeling that insisting on swift results might be a new form of insurrection to Joey, and might get someone in trouble with the FBI. But most of us can remember the containers of newly discovered votes in 2020 that put the Democrat candidates over the top as ballots continued to be counted days after the election was finished.

Then yesterday (Wednesday, November 9, 2022), the fool in the White House said that Elon Musk’s foreign dealings should be investigated out of fear that he is dealing contrary to the welfare of Americans. This move on Biden’s part is obviously an attack on the formerly electric vehicle hero of the Democrat party now that he has upset the Democrat/Social Media collusion between government and the private sector to silence criticism of Biden’s woke governing, now that Musk has bought Twitter and once again assures freedom of speech on that platform.

The self-serving idiocy of Biden’s position against Musk is so outrageous as to place in doubt Biden’s sanity, let alone his already obvious mental decline and inability to speak clearly and make wise judgment about issues vital to American citizens.

The man whose son (Hunter Biden) has broken American laws from sun-up to sun-down, and the sitting president whose own actions have sold American gold to China; who has sold millions of barrels of much-needed oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve to China; who has been selling the influence of his high government positions to China and Ukraine for his own personal profit; whose executive orders have caused Americans great personal and financial harm as their own nation’s petroleum is being denied them; whose woke administration, to this day, insists that men can bear children; whose orders have opened the southern border to millions of illegal aliens invading our nation; whose policies have allowed the Mexican cartels to rule the border and import tons of Fentanyl that has killed tens of thousands of Americans; whose warming/change fantasies have caused vast problems for Americans in their homes, finances and travel options; whose continued demands that all Americans get “vaccinated”  when we all know that the current covid “vaccines” neither prevent contraction nor the spread of the relatively weak covid virus; that same Joey Biden wants to investigate Elon Musk, because Musk has broken the government-big tech strangle-hold on the free expression of thought which we all thought was guaranteed by our American constitution.

Joe Biden is either a total fool or just a stupid old man, but in either case the Republicans taking office in January must impeach and remove this fool man so we can end the damage his administration has done.

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

As The Nation Crumbles, The Buck Is Not Allowed To Even Reach Biden

 A very respected Democrat president, Harry Truman, once said that “THE BUCK STOPS HERE“, meaning fault would be addressed at the Oval Office for any problems in his administration. But the Biden administration will accept no blame for anything, even those things that can be traced directly back to Joey’s idiotic orders and policies.

Biden is so removed from any Buck Stopping that he accepts no responsibility for the invading immigrants at our southern border. In fact the official position of the Biden administration is that the border is firmly closed and controlled with no problems that they know of, although people are dying at the hands of the drug cartels and children are being trafficked and killed as a result of the stupidity of Joey Biden and his insistence on reversing every successful policy of Donald Trump, who had a firm hold on illegal immigration and cartel workings along the southern border during his presidency.

Joey is also not aware of any problems with his hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan in which more military personnel died than in President Trump’s last full year in office. And he knows of no American citizens who were left behind by his idiotic withdrawal.

The dithering Biden is also unaware of the diesel shortage which threatens the shipping of food throughout the United States, which lockdown will starve many American citizens and cause long-lasting suffering and misery to our nation. But Joey can get to his favorite ice cream shop, so he knows of no problems that should concern him.

And Joey sees no connection between his woke insistence that police forces be defunded and the unbelievable increase in crime that America is experiencing, especially in Democrat-run cities and states.

But one buck that does stop at the Biden family is the millions of bucks the family earns from China and various other nations for the influence-peddling they do for interests contrary to the well-being of Americans.

The entire Democrat establishment, from state legislatures, to state governorships, to the United States Senate and the House of Representatives, must be cleansed of Democrats in the November, 2022 mid-terms or there is no hope remaining for American prosperity and liberty.

Monday, October 31, 2022

“The Only Thing We Have To Fear”… Is Government Itself

 FDR had it almost right when he made the statement rephrased above, prior to World War II. And at the time he was correct in his position that one should fear a tyrannical government, and oppose it.

But in today’s world our greatest fear is not only of government in general, but specifically of our own government and the tyranny it is creating, with unequal treatment under the law, an FBI that attacks anyone critical of the Biden administration, the despotic Democrat establishment of leftist mayors and governors, and a woke set of federal bureaucrats who lie about simple biology and the way the sexes interrelate.

America has always feared foreign governments: England prior to the American revolution, the Germans during World War II, and the Russian government always. But with the woke, despotic administration of Joey Biden, we citizens have come to fear our own domestic government more than any foreign foe intent on harming us.

This mistrust of our own government is a dangerous thing to happen to a democracy that is forced to trust that our elections are fair and that the outcomes reflect the actual votes of the people. But here we are, in spite of warnings of a possible “one person, one vote, one time” calamity, and a further warning that we are only one administration away from a dictatorship in which the next president will allow no opposition to his autocratic rule. We must end the hold Democrats have on our information, our energy supply, our mobility and our economy in the upcoming mid-term elections.

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Elon Musk Returns America To Its Constitutional Principles

 Now that Elon Musk has re-established freedom of speech in America, let’s see how long he is left unblemished by the Biden administration, which formerly worshipped the industry and work ethic of Mr. Musk’s various undertakings.

Watch closely as personal and corporate tax attorneys pour over Mr. Musk’s background. Watch as representatives of OSHA delve into safety conditions at Twitter, now that Musk is the owner, and very probably the federal government will propose the unionization of Twitter and other Musk businesses, which have been beyond reproach to this point in the opinion of the Biden administration.

And watch as the government inspects how the Chinese-inspired ESG objectives our leftist government has imposed on American corporations, are being handled by Musk at each of his businesses. And Let’s see how long it takes for Musk’s current ESG ratings to take a hit, now that Twitter is out of the hands of satisfactorily far-left stooges.

And one would not be surprised at how quickly the dirty, unsafe, environmental aspects of building and maintaining electric vehicles are made public and used to prove how bad a person Elon Musk, the former hero of environmental politics, is.

Elon Musk has committed the inexcusable act of exposing the lies and unconstitutional actions of the Biden family and administration, and the leftist power structure in Washington will have to make him pay dearly.

It’s almost funny, but certainly instructive, how a former leader in the Biden Green New Deal has suddenly become the most hated man in Democrat America, and all because he believes in the American constitution and the Bill of Rights, and insists that his new purchase will abide by our nation’s founding principles.

May Mr. Musk be blessed real good, as Billy Graham used to say, in his journey to assure freedom of speech in America. The old saw of “no good deed goes unpunished” is especially true with the crooked and corrupt Biden administration and its intention to destroy America, and with the bump in the road that Musk is presenting to this evil, woke undertaking, the new owner of Twitter must be punished.

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Biden’s Marie Antoinette Moment: Let Them Eat Ice Cream Cones

 In a recent interview, our mentally deficient, idiot of a president, Joey Biden, couldn’t stop chomping, slurping and licking his big-boy-size ice cream cone long enough to show a scoop of concern for Americans who are trying to live with his inflation and learn how to behave in the politically correct, trans-loving, free-speech-hating world of his making.

Old Joey is so removed from reality and so imbedded in his administration’s woke, leftist nonsense, that he offended all concerned and struggling Americans with his I’m-the-president grin and his usual disconnected, superior attitude, as he idly ate ice cream. 

 So the president, under whose administration crime has soared, inflation has taken away discretionary cash from citizen’s personal budgets and millions of illegals have invaded our nation, is so self-satisfied and enriched with his personal ill-gotten gains from China and Ukraine, that he can’t express any regret for the decisions his woke, Harvard-educated staff has imposed on America, or even pretend concern about the pain his less-than two years in the White House has caused.

In the fullness of time Joey will be in the old folks home where he belongs and he can eat all of the ice cream he wants when he will no longer be in a position to harm Americans as he does so. But the next two years could place America in a position that will be impossible to recover from if this fool is able to keep the House and Senate under Democrat control, because a Democrat majority will assure that anti-American politicians will remain in place who will slavishly do Biden’s will and allow him to undo the gains of freedom and prosperity that it has taken Americans centuries to accomplish. We must retire all Democrats this mid-term election in order to keep Joey’s harm to America at a minimum and to avoid any more damage to this great nation.

Saturday, October 15, 2022

In A Post-Biden America, Wokeness And Electric Vehicles Will Fade Away

 The leftist excitement of the Biden White House, with woke fools bent on destroying America with their use of the lie of warming/change, will fade rapidly once the Biden-Harris idiocy comes to an end. It’s clearly obvious that the chain of disasters that the Biden bunch has dropped on America are caused by the lack of common sense and/or any real thought, as they have cut off oil extraction and exploration, opened the southern border, used big tech as their agents to crush free thought and expression, forced citizens to endure vaccinations that don’t work and that may be dangerous when given to children, fired heroes from jobs for not getting vaccinations, and caused economic damage to citizens who just want to raise their children and prepare for retirement.

The attraction of electric vehicles will also soon fade as people learn the downside of these monsters and as the reputation of Elon Musk (who is now out of favor with the Democrat left because he is buying one of the Democrats’ far-left disinformation platforms that has been used as a governmental lying machine to cover up Biden’s criminal background) begins to fade in woke circles. And the dangerous policies of the woke staff appointed by Biden will become obvious as being policies that will undermine constitutional life in America.

Along with the woke, ultra-left, Harvard- and Yale-educated characters that Biden has loaded his administration with, Americans are tired of the constant trans-sexual noise, the men competing in women’s sports, and they want a predictable, sensible government that is not always in their face and calling them names.

Every move and every policy Biden has made has become a disaster for himself and for his party, and once this fool is gone, the Democrat party will collapse on its lies and its serious policy failures.

One of the biggest scandal-failures Biden has burdened the nation with is the warming/change lie. AOC and Bernie Sanders presented this idiocy to us in November of 2018, predicting that in twelve years the world will be so overheated that life on earth will end. We are now one-quarter of the way to the twelve-year deadline they gave us (which was 2030), and I ask the logical question that follows from this foolish notion that life will end in a date-certain time due to carbon pollution: has the temperature where you live increased at all since 2018 when the fool leftists made this dire prediction? It has not increased one degree in my part of the nation, so we can believe that this far-left line is no more valid than when Ted Danson gave us Public Service Announcements in the 1980s, stating that in five years from the time of his announcements the oceans would be dead of all sea life.

The Democrat party is full of truly insane, unbalanced people and they must be removed from power or freedom and liberty in America will indeed end in a few years, but from their foolishness, not the global temperature.

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

We’re Watching As Joey Biden Gets Bitch-Slapped By The Arabs

 “Watch me” Joey said.

“Watch me” he said when questioned about his ability to serve as president of the United States.

So we watched him stumble up the steps to Air Force One.

And we watched him outlaw our own domestic source of oil as the first thing he did after becoming president.

And we watched him as he said that he supports a one-China policy on one day, and the next day he says he will send American troops to defend Taiwan against a Chinese attack.

We watched this idiot man as he reversed the border protection policies that Trump put into place which successfully halted the flow of illegals crossing our southern border.

We watched this fool man as he reversed the drilling policies that Trump established to make our nation self-sufficient in oil and to not need Arab oil at all.

And we watched this lunatic man go begging to Saudi Arabia, with hat-in-hand, to ask the Saudis to pretty-please pump more oil so he could appear to be doing something to offset his destructive orders that have caused the cost of gasoline to skyrocket since he reversed Trump’s successful policies.

And now we’re watching as the Saudis bitch-slap old pussy Joey with a reduction of two million barrels of oil a day. Thanks Joey, for being such a great shepherd overseeing the welfare of the American citizens. You’re such a strong, persuasive man that even the Saudis disrespect you by giving you the finger after your embarrassing plea for their help.

But of course Joey still pretends to be doing everything possible to reduce the escalating price of a gallon of gasoline, which will only go up more with the new reduced pumping by the Arabs. And we’ll likely see our Strategic Petroleum Reserve further reduced by this idiot man as he pretends to be producing the oil this nation needs by pulling out gallons of this necessary emergency supply of oil, which reduces the volume that will one day cause the deaths of Americans when the stockpile of oil in the SPR is not there to fight a war or provide emergency crews with the energy they need to save Americans in harms way.

Now we’ll watch when the midterm elections turn against the doddering old fool and his intentional destruction of America.

In Attacking Herschel Walker, Woke Leftists Are Fools

 I don’t know whether Herschel Walker paid for an abortion or not (although I’ll take his word for it that he did not), but leftists are just plain stupid for stirring up a tussle trying to indict him for such an act, even if he did do it.

If Democrats have proof that he did indeed pay for an abortion, they’d be better advised to celebrate his joining their side of the argument, take a win on that point and use it to move on with the mid-term elections. But today’s woke, selfish and power-hungry Democrat party is not able to take the high road, they have to attempt to totally destroy Republicans in every instance and leave a path of rubble in their wake. If your opponent is doing things that you, as a political party, want everyone to do, thank that opponent for joining your side in the issue, take credit for being able to show the opponent’s two-facedness and move on with dignity.

But the fact that he allegedly used his own money to pay for the abortion, instead of using public tax money for all abortions as the left wants to do, puts a bit of pressure on the left to use measured tones when criticizing him. One clearly recalls the left’s calls of “stay out of my bedroom” back in the day, so the Democrats need to be careful when the expenditure of money is a private matter, because big government can trample on everyone’s toes if they get the chance.

On the other hand, just assuming his guilt for the sake of argument, Mr. Walker could have avoided much embarrassment if he had used the old Obama way out of a sticky position by simply saying that he had “evolved” to his current position of being an opponent of abortions, because of the harm this does to the mother, and obviously the child. This would have weakened criticism of his alleged act and given him some wiggle room in the argument, and he could have advanced his argument in the left’s own terms by making the appeal to a woman’s right to choose, and that a woman might change her mind once she has more personal experience with this very serious and personal matter. He might even have advanced the argument that he was opposed to the abortion but respected the woman’s right to decide to go forward with it, so he did the right thing by paying for it, based on her insistence.

The American political left is a vicious animal that will destroy their own nation in an attempt to gain and hold absolute political power, and this single-minded power struggle keeps them from being able to think of other ways to win a battle other than killing and ripping to shreds any and all opponents to their power quest. These people deserve nothing but total defeat in the 2022 mid-term elections, because they are undermining all that‘s good about America.

Sunday, October 2, 2022

America Is In The Midst Of A Battle Between Serious, Thoughtful People, And Non-Serious, Political Democrats

 Trump: Serious about serving and protecting America; serious about protecting the Strategic Petroleum Reserve; serious about educating our children; serious about border control; serious about lower taxes; serious about protecting the American economy; serious about inexpensive and available fuel for homes and cars, and serious about equal justice under the law for every American.

Biden: Non-serious; prone to giving frightening and loud speeches in front of Nazi-red settings; sells our Strategic Petroleum Reserve to China and wastes the rest of the SPR cache on trying to convince Americans that fuel prices are going down; supports men competing against women in sports; supports Critical Race Theory in schools; opened Trump’s closed border; wants higher taxes; believes in a rising ocean; his DOJ favors leftists over all other Americans; concentrates more on the pronouns used in the military than on actual military preparedness. And our Joey and his non-serious Democrat pals think it’s fine and dandy that teachers entice children to undergo sex change operations and drugs and keep these life-threatening activities from the parents of the children attending school in these facilities.

Serious people want to help people; non-serious people want to achieve political power and use that power to silence opposition; and using power for their to own political ends is what the Biden administration is doing.

But perhaps the very essence of a vapid, non-serious person is one who says that men have menstrual periods and that men can bear children. In all of recorded history no serious, reliable person has ever spoken such idiotic, lunatic things as these. And when combined with women being described as “birthing persons” instead of mothers, one can see the non-serious lunacy of today‘s Democrat party.

Democrats cannot be trusted with any important functions of government any longer. It’s too likely they will plot against the welfare of Americans (as Biden has done with his obedience to China in exchange for the fortune the Chinese government has given to the Biden family) and for fear they’ll do something to damage Americans’ ability to feed and house themselves (as Biden has done via his Green New Deal in which he deprives all American of the ability to travel and transport their food to their families via his killing of the Keystone pipeline and halting all drilling for oil on federal land).

Friday, September 30, 2022

Democrat Schemes Are Destroying The Second-Largest Investment American Families Have, Just When They Need It The Most

 The old saying had it that the “American Dream” was home ownership and the financial and personal security it provided. This dream has been threatened in the past with the sub-prime disaster some years ago, and now the Bank Of America is renewing that threat with their recent decision to give preferential loans to minorities.

But Democrats and other leftists are not satisfied with just threatening the value of a family’s largest financial investment, now they are threatening the second largest investment most families make by completely destroying the value of their present automobile.

The governor of California has prohibited gas-powered vehicles in his state by 2035, which completely negates the entire value of automobiles, since they will be outlawed in a few years with no one to buy them. It also instills fear in California citizens that they may not be able to afford personal transportation after their present car is outlawed, because they are unable to afford an electric vehicle, and even if they can afford an EV they may not be able to charge it because Gavin Newsom’s solar and wind power is too weak to provide sufficient power to the homes of the citizens of California to keep the lights on and charge an EV at the same time

And what will Newsom’s dictatorial ruling do to all of the auto dealerships, gas stations and automobile repair shops in California? This idiotic decision of the radical-left governor will destroy what’s left of California’s green-weak economy, and although one wonders if the ruling from the leftist nirvana of Sacramento is even legal, it’s certainly immoral and improper. And to top this idiocy off, many Democrat-run states in America are taking the same radical position as California and are also outlawing internal combustion engines, which threatens the freedom and liberty Americans have, until now, taken for granted.

Life under the Biden administration has been a sharp leap to the political left in which liberty and freedom are curtailed, and justice is lenient to those who favor unconstitutional and often blatant illegal practices, and fast and harsh on those who oppose Biden’s disastrous rule.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The Green Movement Is Pure, Raw Dictatorship On Display, And Will Be The Destruction Of This Country


Due to constraints of space, titles of opinion pieces such as this one must be short and concise, but if space allowed, the title to this piece would be “The Radical, Anti-Capitalist And Anti-Democratic Green Movement Is Pure, Raw Dictatorship, So It’s No Surprise That The Far-Left Biden Administration Is Pushing It”.

And it should come as a surprise to no one that this final Green push to take control of the American nation comes at the end of the covid era, during which the political far left Democrats finally developed the scheme that would allow them to take control of hundreds of millions of lives and halt all opposition to its rule with the simple appeal of: “It’s for your own good and for the welfare of the nation“.

After decades of the radical left telling us that the oceans will rise and drown us all; or that the oceans will die of all aquatic life within five years; or that heat will kill us all in fifteen years as crops fail and we all die of starvation; and who can forget Barack Obama promising to Fundamentally Transform America, which promise is coming to fruition under the Biden Administration, it finally comes down to the Democrats telling us they are finished with trying to gain control of our nation within the constraints of our Constitution, and now they are dictating how we must act and how we must live, period. These scoundrels finally hit on the idea of declaring an emergency that would kill us all and only their effort and devices could save the world from certain destruction, and their efforts could not be opposed without threatening life on earth, so our government began Fundamentally Transforming America with the health mandates of 2020, with its masking and worthless vaccinations. And now we have the lie of warming/change that the left is throwing at us, in spite of there being no provable or obvious heating of the planet that can be attributed to humans, that would convince us dummies that we are on the verge of death-via-climate-change. So they just declare that our automobiles and air conditioning are killing us, and they will undoubtedly soon make an official declaration that any opposition to government rule and declarations on this oh-so-serious health issue will be punishable with imprisonment.

In World War II the Nazis had the imagined attack from Poland to claim that total war was necessary, with the accompanying total control on the civilian German population; the Russians had the evil Capitalists to blame for taking over the government; and Joey Biden has carbon and the Ultra-Magas, or just anyone who opposes his dictatorial mandates, to shame as he alternately whispers and screams vile rhetoric from his blood-red pulpit of hate and division.

And the most laughable lies coming from the radical left, such as Gavin Newsom ordering Californians to not charge the electric vehicles that he has ordered them to purchase, because the alleged environmental saviors of wind and solar power are too unpredictable and weak to provide power to a public dependent on commercial power, all of which proves what liars and charlatans the far-left dictators are.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Nero Fiddling While Rome Burned Has Nothing On The Deaf and Dumb Biden Administration, Who Party While America Dies

 Our woke and stupid, aviator-glasses-wearing president is so disconnected from reality, common sense and decency that on Tuesday of this week he held a massive celebration to let everyone know what a great bunch of woke-folks the Biden administration is, laughing and bragging about the end of inflation in America with his Build Back Badder Plan (now more commonly known as the Inflation Ending Bill or as The Environmental Savior Bill or something close to that), while the United States stock market was melting down, leading to a major hit to its valuation, and while inflation was, at the same moment as the partying, announced to have taken a new move upward against the dollar, thereby hurting Americans of all stripes with money that is worth less, and under Biden may soon be worthless.

And even though Emperor Nero had fiddle music to soothe him as he watched the destruction of Rome, the Biden crowd only had James Taylor to jangle their nerves with his 1970s, depressing music that didn’t seem to offset the gay and happy mood of the assembled elites, and all the while, America burned.

If anyone in the Biden administration even pretended to care about the series of destructive events caused by this bumbling administration, one could have pity on them for misjudging the date of the celebration and the aura of self-aggrandizement surrounding it. But instead of hanging their heads in shame and apologizing for the messes they’ve created, they strut, party and celebrate and expect the public that is forced to live lesser lives due to these fools’ policies, to thank them.

But the arrogance of the Biden celebrants who party as inflation, border invaders and increased violent crime on the streets of American cities makes life difficult for all Americans, is beyond belief. And Biden supporters enjoying themselves while Mar-A-Lago is raided by the FBI, and the FBI putting Trump supporters in chains at airports and Trump supporters having to surrender their personal phones to the FBI for a through government investigation as they try to visit a restaurant, has the flavor of a totalitarian state all over it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Considering All Of The Political Lies Democrats Have Told Us, Why Should We Believe The Lie Of Warming/Change?

 The slew of lies Democrats have told the American public these last few years is vast. Presented below is a list of reasons to not trust these lying fools any longer:

Democrats created, spread lies about, and then investigated Donald Trump for years for the wholly fabricated crime of colluding with Russia.

Democrats lied about Trump’s misbehavior in office with two fabricated impeachments.

Democrats lied to America about the ineffective practice of masking during the covid years.

Democrats lied about the Wuhan “vaccine” actually being a vaccine and not a before-the-fact therapeutic.

Democrats lied, claiming that voters who were required to produce proof of their identity in order to vote were submitting to racism.

Democrats intentionally lied about the deadliness of the Wuhan disease by imposing an economic lockdown that destroyed our economy and negatively impacted the lives of many children.

Joey Biden likes to assure us that the very expensive gasoline we are now buying is the fault of the drillers and the refiners. Joey is obviously brain dead and has forgotten that he halted the KeyStone pipeline and most drilling on federal land as soon as he hit the Oval office.

Democrat leftists like to tell us that electric vehicles pollute less than gasoline-powered cars, but they don’t understand that a BTU is a BTU, whether that BTU comes from a coal-powered plant to charge an electric vehicle or from a gallon of gasoline made from oil.

The Democrat lie of a “closed” border really rankles Republicans, because after criticizing Trump for four years for building a wall to keep illegals out of our nation, Kamala Harris now states that the border is secure under Biden, but that the problems we see every day on the border are Trump’s doing, which is just another lie. The millions of people illegally crossing the border are the result of Biden’s halting all of the Trump policies that were working to protect our border while Trump was in office.

Biden also lies when he remains silent about the drug Fentanyl that is being illegally carried across the border, which Biden asserts is securely closed to illegal traffic, but this dangerous drug is killing thousands of Americans each year, and Joey doesn’t even care.

The Afghanistan retreat by American forces was both an insult for America and a personal tragedy for those who were trapped in Afghanistan when Biden prematurely ordered the retreat. But to hear our president tell the tale, it was the most successful military decision in recorded history.

Democrats lied to us about the ferocity of the inflation that the Biden administration has imposed on us with his big-government spending initiatives.

Since the late 1960s Democrats have lied about the rising oceans resulting from melting icebergs, threatening weather patterns based on planet warming and warning us of five-years-to-this-catastrophe and ten-years-to-that-environmental-disaster, none of which has happened. And now we’re in the predicted twelve-years-to-doom (due in 2030 per AOC and Bernie Sanders) and we’ve seen absolutely no temperature increase in the past four years since their dire warning was issued. But if we follow the green plans that the radical left has presented to us, we’ll all live like paupers forever by giving up the benefits of life that the left will deny us, and the population of the world will die in misery while the nut-case Democrats celebrate their successful environmental plans.

And last but most important to every individual is the escalating, out of control crime rate, especially in Democrat-run cities and states. After watching America burn from far left Democrat rioting in 2020, Democrats went on a defund-the-police campaign, which resulted in an increase in crime and misery throughout America as criminals were allowed to run wild in our streets. And now the lying Democrat position on crime is that Republicans were the ones in favor of defunding the police forces in America, not the criminal-loving Democrats. If Democrat mouths are moving, they’re lying.

So why should we believe the obvious lies of warming/change, when we know that this is just a ruse for Democrats to gain dominance over the lives of all Americans and forever assure their rule over us? Americans must vote these fools out of office in November.

Friday, September 9, 2022

How Stupid Are Woke, Racist, Leftist Democrats? Well, The Bank Of America Is About To Show Us.

 Can anyone who was alive and aware of their surroundings only a few years ago not recall the financial crisis of 2008, with its sub-prime scandal and its gift wrapping of worthless, mortgage-backed securities which were sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as secure real estate investments? And can no one recall how deeply involved Bank Of America, and its subsidiary Country Side Financial, was with that scandal and the upheaval that resulted?

And can one try to imagine the permanent damage that this scheme did to the minority individuals who innocently took the offered loans, with no proof that many of these families had the wherewithal to make the payments needed to keep the loans, and then to have this tower of corruption crumble and the loans buckle in spite of the good intentions of the loan recipients, thereby further ruining their credit ratings?

Well, the geniuses at Bank Of America are at it again with zero-down, community affordable loans for blacks and Hispanics.

On top of all of the disasters being caused by the fools in the Biden administration, what we don’t need is another collapse of the real estate market that this idiotic move may well create. Are leftists trying to cause the financial collapse of America, or is it just an accompanying side-benefit of their stupid rule?

And in addition to possibly being injurious to the borrower and to the nation as well, this sort of loan is illegal because it‘s racist, but the Biden administration just sits on its hands and pretends they love this new form of “equity” that is being offered. Our far left Democrat government doesn’t care if what BOA is doing creates another real estate/housing crash, because an economic crash is obviously what they want to happen, since that would mean every American would have to depend on big government for their food and housing, and that serves the ends of leftist governments, like Joey Biden’s, by keeping citizens subservient, dependent and in poverty.

Life in America just gets more idiotic every day, and we must end this idiocy at election time, and boot these far-left fools out of office.

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Making The Case For Trump To Run For President In 2024

 In my opinion there is no question that Donald Trump should be the Republican candidate for president in 2024, and here are the reasons I feel that way:

1) The tens of millions of Americans who voted for Trump in 2020 can only be more in favor of Trump in 2024, following the disastrous performance of the weak and woke Joey Biden.

2) Now that the Hunter Biden crimes and influence peddling have been exposed, it’s a cinch that at least tens of thousands of Americans who voted for Biden in 2020 would now favor Trump in 2024.

3) Biden’s favorability ratings are at rock bottom because he’s shown us what woke, progressive hell is in store for America if we don’t get rid of the current Democrat policy of employing and voting for only complete fools to impose their ideas of government.

4) Trump has been proven correct when he advised Americans to remain calm, practice habits of good health and stay the course in the face of the pandemic, and he said that eventually we would be able to put the fear and danger behind us, which is exactly what has happened, in spite of the Biden lockdowns of our economy, the mandated vaxxings that don’t work, the requirements to wear the useless masks and the firing of at least tens of thousands of Americans who would not get the useless, and seemingly dangerous, vaccinations.

5) Trump’s warning to the Europeans to not trust Putin and his Nord Stream pipeline has proven to be accurate now that they are staring at an upcoming winter without fuel to keep them warm, and Trump would certainly also make a similar warning to Americans to not trust the Biden lie of a warming/change crisis which would require a dependence on wind and solar for our personal and national energy needs.

6)Trump had nearly halted the flow of illegals immigrants crossing our southern border, but Biden and his woke fools have so far allowed over two million illegals to invade America with their joblessness, and health issues.

7) California should love Trump because Biden has told us we will be required to drive only Electric Vehicles in a very few years, while Governor Gavin Newsom recently told Californians not to charge their EVs because the wind and solar power which California is so proud of, are insufficient to charge the electricity-hungry vehicles.

8) On top of the proven lies of Russian collusion and the two impeachments that Democrats voted for, Trump was the first former president to have the FBI raid his home on the FBI’s trumped-up charges. All of these items prove that the Biden administration is horribly corrupt and is not enforcing the law equally for Democrats and Republicans.

9) In the post-Trump America we now have gasoline that is too costly, inflation that is eating up all of the public’s expendable income, run-away inflation, a hate-filled president making speeches from a Hades-style platform, a very divided populace with everyone fearing a future with no personal transportation and too-expensive fuel to heat our homes, along with everyone fearing a new depression coming soon.

10) And don’t forget the millions of Americans who don’t have a college education or who paid for their tertiary education as they received it, who are now required to pay for the current Biden brainstorm of college loan forgiveness for the very people who make fun and mock these solid Americans with every breath they take, such as the far left AOC who despises all people who love America and who like the life we are able to live here.

I’d say the coast is clear for a second Trump presidency.

Saturday, September 3, 2022

The Religion Of Warming/Change Is The Worst Possible God To Worship

 If you haven’t paid attention lately you’d be surprised to know that your comfortable, Capitalist, logical world is disappearing rapidly. The reason Joey Biden was placed, not voted into, the White House in 2021, was that the dictatorial forces of the radical political left in America had to get a weak, dithering old fool in office so they could get control of America’s  energy and transport apparatus and implement their power-concentrating controls, all under the lying umbrella of saving the world from warming/change. Emergency powers worked  to silence objections to the lockdown during the Wuhan disease, so leftists believe it can be made to work under a climate scheme just as well.

Another sign of the times is that because Europe would not listen to Donald Trump’s warning of their depending on Russia’s Nord Stream pipe line to get energy delivered to them, they are now having to take extreme means to preserve the otherwise plentiful supply of gas and oil that Putin now threatens to withhold during the winter months. So the Europeans are facing a miserable and dangerous winter with Russia controlling their supply of warmth, and the lie of warming/change and a threatened environment is at the core of the entire situation.

It’s all related to the same idiotic brown-outs and black-outs that California is experiencing, with its insistence on retiring all coal and natural gas electricity plants, and many locations in the rest of the United States will soon follow California with this idiocy as the Biden administration’s solar and wind power stations replace the dependable coal, natural gas and nuclear power that has served our nation so well for the last 100-plus years.

And the dependable gas-powered automobiles that have provided us with convenient and always-ready transportation for over 100 years are being phased out by our authoritarian government in favor of electric vehicles, not because anyone other than the fools in the Biden administration are demanding this act, but because they are using the lie of warming/change and the vicious power of the radical-left government to force Ford and General Motors to make their manufacturing changes, or face the dictatorial power of big government and its ability to destroy any person or company that doesn’t play along with their schemes.

Biden has already begun the shutdown of oil production in America, solely with his executive powers to do so on a whim, which is the main cause of the high cost of gasoline and the high inflation rate under which Americans are currently suffering. These circumstances will only get worse as the oil companies are choked financially by woke financial/political groups and as they become unable to get financial backing to replace aging equipment and to drill new wells, all of which is due to the radical-left ESG ratings now in place on oil companies, which punishes them for not doing what the woke, radical, left, Nazis demand they do in order to remain in government’s good graces. Just drilling for oil is socially unacceptable to Biden’s woke, elite Harvard-educated administration. And even though, in the minds of woke Democrats, drilling for oil is a crime against humanity and the continued health of the planet, thereby causing damage to a drilling company’s ESG rating, China can use slave labor and massive pollution to pump out its products and no one cares, and China doesn’t take an ESG hit for these crimes; the woke world just looks the other way and lets China keep on rolling, enslaving people and dirtying the air, while American companies are punished and shamed even though they are infinitely cleaner in their operations than China.

The left’s insistence on electric vehicles is because these computers-on-wheels can be remotely controlled by the government, either by taking control of the vehicle’s computer or through use of power black-outs that will cause the garaging of all electric cars, with the government outlawing all gasoline-powered cars by 2035, at which time only the rich will have comfortable transportation because only the rich will be able to afford the already pricey EVs.

It’s illuminatingly interesting that the people who have the most to gain from manufacturing and selling EVs, namely Elon Musk and the CEO of Toyota, have both warned of the danger of forcing us all to buy EVs, because the power grid in the United States is already stressed, and plugging in thousands more EVs will collapse the grid and leave us with no power to homes or businesses or grocery stores, and may also halt the pumping of water to our homes and farms. The sticky place big government is forcing us into threatens our very lives, as proven-safe power generating services are forced to shut down and cause social destruction around the world, based solely on the leftist religion of warming/change.

Recently Sri Lanka has become bankrupt trying to please the World Economic Forum’s ESG rules of reducing carbon-based products and moving to “renewable” solar and wind power, and Holland is not far behind in adhering to the ESG foolishness and gibberish. But the elite rulers of the world keep driving their luxury limos and flying their private jets while we see our gasoline-powered Fords and Chevys being denied us by a government that gets sexual pleasure issuing mandates and executive orders, and corporate leaders who are too frightened of the total power of big government to risk opposing the leaders of this idiocy of moving to electric vehicles.

We are still hearing the horror story of how costly the Wuhan shutdown, masking mandates and required vaccinations were, and following close on these disasters the next government-devised “emergency” most likely will be a health emergency which in Biden’s mind is caused by too many gasoline-powered vehicles and too much pollution from traditional power plants and manufacturing facilities, which will be the final blow to liberty and constitutional rights in America.

The 2022 mid-terms and the 2024 general elections will determine the future of our nation and the world, and voting honest, patriotic, sensible people into positions of power is critical if we want our children and grandchildren to live prosperous, free lives, in contrast to the poverty and squalor which woke, leftist masters controlling the population will cause, given these evil fools trying to push their religion of hate and destruction on us.

These controls on our lives are already moving like a freight train out of control with the woke financial establishment refusing to loan money to fund oil discovery and drilling, and refusing to allow credit cards to be used to buy self-defense weapons or ammunition. And when credit cards and debit cards no longer permit the user to buy gasoline to get parents to the store to buy food for their children, or to go to work to earn money to support a family, the power of the ruling class becomes critically, deadly serious business.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Democrats Now Defend Law Enforcement In The Wake Of Trump’s Home Being Invaded

 We’ve heard a lot recently from the Biden administration about how noble our law enforcement agencies are, and the main police abuser, Kamala Harris, even stated that criticism of law officers is “unacceptable”.

But then one might recall Kamala’s, and the rest of the Democrat thugs, two-year effort to Defund The Police, calling police officers criminals and racists, until the resulting crime wave has finally swept the nation and has caused citizens to not even take a walk in the park from fear of being beaten, robbed or even killed outright, by the criminals who have been emboldened by the Democrat assault on our nation’s police officers. If Democrats didn’t have two sides of their mouths to speak from, they wouldn’t be able to speak at all.

The FBI raid on Trump’s Florida home was completely political and was likely a hunting expedition to find something, anything, to charge him with in order to keep his political influence out of the 2022 election, and his personal presence and candidacy out of the 2024 election, which the mental defective, lame-brained Biden pretends he’ll participate in. But when the Biden DOJ is the legal entity that is behaving badly, Americans are severely warned not to make any uncomplimentary remarks about them, or you may be next on their list.

In addition to the politically-motivated Mar-A-Lago invasion, we can’t forget the border guards that Biden personally accused of racist whippings of invading immigrants along the border, as well as the bail-outs, provided by Kamala herself, of criminals who broke the law and beat and even killed police officers in the marathon rioting and property destruction of BLM and Antifa thugs during the summer of 2020.

The Biden administration is filthy with lies and the mistreatment of law enforcement officers, but we must not criticize the FBI when the Biden DOJ orders them to, once again, go after Trump and his supporters and attempt a frame-up of a powerful opponent to Democrat abuses and misgoverning.

Friday, August 12, 2022

Have Gun, Will Audit: New IRS Agents Have A “License To Kill”

 It’s amazing that the more our radical-left government tries to take citizens’ legal guns away from them, the more guns the government employs to use against their citizens.

If the news reports provided by Fox News are correct, the IRS may be the next terrorist force to attack Americans, because they are issuing pistols to all of their agents. Evidently the penalty for a misfiled W2 form is now death by firing squad at the hands of the IRS agent in charge of the case, and we all know how handy the normal lawyer or tax accountant is with a gun. So we can expect some unintentional fatalities with the next bunch of 87,000 agents that Joey Biden hires to keep his coffers full so he can continue to spend trillions of dollars on waste-time projects that serve the radical left’s political ambitions.

Will the new IRS agents be fully trained to handle and use the thousands of weapons and the millions of rounds of ammunition that the United States Treasury has purchased for them? One seriously doubts it. Our current administration is heavily anti-gun, so one can be relatively certain that these gun-haters do so-despise firing weapons that they won’t take the time to fully train the new agents on a firing range or in a classroom.

We’ve been repeatedly told by the radical Democrat left that guns kill people, but people don’t kill people. But since 87,000 IRS agents right out of accounting school and never trained in weapons use are to be armed and deadly as they hit the streets and begin accusing American citizens of prison-punishing violations of IRS regulations, one gasps at the killing spree that could result when this new wave of 007, James Bond characters feel threatened and pump a few rounds into the mechanic who tried to use his socket wrench as a tax deductible item on his annual taxes.

Tax audits are threatening enough without the knowledge that your accusing agent is packing heat as he threatens you with a loss of home and liberty, with the cover of big government to fully protect him. The fictional character of James Bond and his “license to kill” for the British government will have nothing on Biden’s armed and “ready to kill” IRS agents, and we can readily believe that these new agents will be willing to use their government’s permission to kill Americans, especially the racist, anti-gay, hateful, white-supremacist, MAGA and ultra-MAGA Republican extremists among us, because we have witnessed the stripping of all other rights from Americans since Biden took office, with an open border depriving Americans of a safe and secure nation; the forcing of Americans to wear a mask; the mandating that all Americans be vaccinated with a new and unapproved drug that appears to be more deadly than the disease it was developed to prevent; the sky-rocketing crime rate that the Democrats’ defund the police movement caused under the Biden/Soros idea of justice that is destroying our cities; and finally the invasion of Donald Trump’s Florida residence by FBI agents, also “ready to kill” for the horrible crime of keeping documents that the Biden DOJ wants, in hope of finding, or planting, a document that they can use to get Trump convicted of anything, and sent to jail.

This is not a bad dream that we can wake up from and continue our pleasant lives. The Biden administration is literally at war with America and its constitution, and there is no awakening from this stark reality. We must vote the leftist bums out of office in November, 2022 and regain a nation of prosperity and liberty again.