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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The Next Wuhan Lockdown Should Be To Make All Politicians Stay Home

 The political fools who control the lives of formerly free Americans are wringing their hands because they’ve learned that Wuhan virus testing shows a possible up-swing in positive test results among those newly tested.

Of course the only thing that has been discovered with these recent tests are cases of people who have tested positive, but have no symptoms, are otherwise healthy, and who feel fine. In a sane world these healthy carriers are what we would want to find, but our leftist leaders recognize a chance to exercise their ill-gotten power over us peons, and by God that’s exactly what they’ll do. They ignore the fact that the lockdown was simply implemented to flatten the curve of those who became sick from the disease so hospitals would not be swamped and unable to deliver help to those who needed medical assistance, and they deem that finding more healthy people with evidence of the virus in their systems is a reason to imprison and force unemployment on everyone all over again.

The fools in charge of our lives refuse to recognize that the national lockdown did nothing to stop the virus; it only caused bankruptcy, joblessness and misery for the Americans forced to participate in it. So, in their stupidity, our rulers will likely try it again.

I propose that the next national lockdown should leave the citizens alone and instead should lock all state and national government offices and keep the bums away from any position of responsibility. And we need to be sure that no paychecks are written for any government out-of-a-job official. And if that works maybe we can get rid of these creeps for good.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Democrat Politicians Kill The Patient While Pretending To Save It

 The Democrat party has methodically destroyed tens of thousands of lives and ruined thousands of businesses with its corrupt mayors and governors insisting that businesses be locked down and that all persons in their jurisdictions must wear a facial mask. Additionally, Democrats use the idiotic justification for these misuses of political power as being the Wuhan virus, which has proven to be perhaps the weakest such disease our nation has ever seen. Democrats are lying about the severity of the disease and have made every effort to scare citizens into abiding by their insane control efforts and convince them that President Trump is to blame for the virus that Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Bill de Blazio originally ignored. At the dawning of the virus, Democrats stated that Trump’s concentration on the disease was just a distraction to divert attention from the Democrat’s soon-to-be delivered impeachment trial. If true honesty concerning the politicization of the virus were of concern to Democrats, voters should be informed and reminded that Pelosi and de Blazio early-on invited and encouraged their followers to go out, have a nice meal and enjoy an evening on the town, completely ignoring the disease that President Trump was trying to prevent and control.

From riots to shop burnings, to a national shutdown, to forced business closings and legal consequences if a citizen was found not wearing a mask, all of these things have frightened many people into being shut-ins, causing a greater use of liquor and drugs and have resulted in depression and many suicides, all because Democrats want to exercise dictatorial control over the population, and they want upset citizens, hoping they would hold President Trump responsible for the disease, which was caused exclusively by the Communist Chinese government.

The American radical, political left is so insanely fearful of President Trump being re-elected to a second term of office that they are letting out all the stops to assure that he is defeated in November. His patriotism scares them, his insistence on really educating children in government-run schools threatens them. His insistence on removing our military forces from pointless foreign assignments upsets them.  His insistence that rioters, murderers and arsonists go to jail threatens the Democrat storm troopers who commit these violent acts. His plea to Democrat governors and mayors to open their cities to prosperity and liberty for their citizens is scoffed at and ignored. His statements that criticize the lie of global warming is threatening to Joe Biden’s Green New Deal aggression on traditional American life. President Trump just refuses to play nice with the radical Democrats.

The American political left has plans and designs to fulfill Barack Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America, and Donald Trump stands directly in the way of their devious, anti-American plans and schemes.

If the current disruptive daily life of America continues, Democrats will have severely damaged our society and will have caused more death and suffering than the Wuhan disease itself has caused, while all the time claiming that they are just trying to save the nation and keep us healthy. In their lying efforts to “save” the American citizens with the left’s masks and their lockdown, they may soon end up killing the patient they claim to want to save.

And as if Trump’s foiling of every one of the Democrat’s corrupt attacks on his administration wasn’t enough to frustrate the radical left, now he’s been nominated at least twice for a Nobel Peace Prize. And these Trump nominations were not based on race, as Obama’s single nomination was, but are based on accomplishments like the Israeli/United Arab Emirates accords, and the Serbia/Kosovo normalization of relations between those two formerly warring countries.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

In Dangerous, Lawless Times, Only Crooks Would Defund The Police

 A sensible person would have to wonder why other “sensible” people would ever, even in jest, suggest that we get rid of our cities’ police forces.

Then the light comes on, and we realize that those who propose such a stupid thing are themselves the criminals that the police are hired to get rid of, or they’re just leftist Democrats who live in places that rarely need police assistance and have little crime to deal with in their lives, and these privileged people have bought into the leftist, BLM and ANTIFA racist crap.

Either way, be they crooks or just leftist, Democrat dunces, we have to stop these fools from the destructive path they’re trying to take us down.  Maybe they are just insisting on this particular and carefully selected proposal hoping they will divide America even further, with the intent of preventing Donald Trump from being re-elected, which would be bad enough, but Democrats may also wish to see their fellow Americans be abused by criminals in the hope that they can personally gain more power unto themselves and their leftist cabal of thugs. One can be encouraged with the idea of Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s proposal to defund entire cities in his state if they have plans to defund the police.

Democrats have proposed other equally stupid and dangerous things before, like disbanding the military, thereby leaving the nation open to invasion, or at least leave us exposed to a military attack. As part of their green new deal proposals, Democrats have also proposed prohibiting all gasoline and diesel vehicles, thereby keeping food and other goods from being transported across the nation to areas remote from the farm fields where much of our produce is grown. Banning fossil fuels would interfere with the very act of food production and would shut down farm vehicles which are needed to produce the food we eat each day. And their proposals would even halt locally grown foods from being distributed on a local basis. One fears that if leftists take over our food production and distribution we may well be forced into a situation like Stalin’s starvation of the Ukraine, because Ukrainian citizens would not behave as he wanted them to and would not buckle under to his demands that they live under a Soviet-style rule. We’ve already seen the Obama administrations’ threat to citizens who didn’t buy the more expensive and largely useless Obamacare, the result of which was that no health insurance could be had at all, from any source, by those citizens who rejected this big-government plan to get people to behave as the government wants them to.

The greatest protection American citizens have against dictatorial rule is our constitution and its enumeration of the few things the federal government is allowed to do, with everything else being reserved to the individual citizens or the several states. All of the crap that Bernie Sanders, AOC and Joe Biden propose to implement in a future Biden administration are contrary to the constitutional provisions that keep Americans free and prosperous, and if the police forces are eliminated and all citizens are forced to provide for their own protection, we’ll be too close to a state of chaos to be comfortable, and the constitutional protect of our rights will be a thing of the distant past.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Under Democrat Political Rulers, Superlatives Take On American Comparative References

 At one time we used scenes of war or natural disasters to provide comparative outrageous parallels to emphasize current events that needed extra punch to fully express the immensity of the point being made. But thanks to Democrat-run states and cities, we now can use our own American political environment for these disastrous, superlative comparisons.

For example, in the past, if we wanted to express and emphasize a completely disastrous happening, we’d compare it to the 1945 allied carpet-bombing of Dresden, Germany in World War II, or the atomic destruction done to Nagasaki or Hiroshima in 1945 as the war in the Pacific began to close. But thanks to the recent destruction that Democrat-run cities have experienced at the hands of incompetent Democrat mayors and governors, we no longer need to look anywhere else in the world outside the United States to come up with appropriate superlatives to make our point.

Here are some relevant superlatives we can employ, at our own national expense, using Democrat targets to make the point:

The fires of Hades are as hot as the “mostly peaceful” burning buildings of Portland.

The murder rate in New York (or Chicago, or Baltimore, or Seattle) is as high as an ISIS invasion in Syria under the Obama administration.

The charcoal fire in my Hibachi is as hot as the most recent, out-of-control forest fire in California.

The cave was as silent as a formerly wealthy and active shopping district in bombed-out New York.

The sunset was as bright red as a BLM or ANTIFA fire-bomb protest in Seattle.

The uninhabited South Seas island was as silent as Mayor De Blazio’s Grand Central Station at rush hour.

The Army’s basic training tear gas facility burned the eyes as much as a typical “peaceful protest” in Portland.

The sulphur gas emitted by the volcano was as irritating to the eyes as a “mostly peaceful” protest in Seattle.

The Nazi Nuremberg war crimes trial in 1945 witnessed as many lies being told by its defendants as were told about Donald Trump in statements originating in the Democrat-run House of Representatives and in “news” reports from CNN and the NYT.

The sloth was as slow-moving, quiet and uninteresting as the mask-wearing Joe Biden.

Some general rules when using superlatives related to Democrat-run cities and Democrat political tactics:

Any reference comparing the German sneak attack on peaceful Poland, a move that triggered World War II, should refer to the totally illegal use for the Steele Dossier that blamed Donald Trump for Russian collusion.

Any reference to misleading statements intended to redirect and downplay criminal behavior in Democrat-run cities, should make a tie-in with the Seattle mayor’s “summer of love” quote as her city exploded with fascist activity and deathly attacks on her citizens.

Instead of saying a document is as phony as a three-dollar bill, one should say it was as phony as an FBI FISA court request.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Leftist Democrats Should Never Pretend To Be Reporters Of The News

 One of the most memorable quotes of the Trump candidacy and his subsequent administration are his use of the words FAKE NEWS.

From the outset of the Trump years the lying press told us of the absolute, provable certainty of Trump’s collusion with Russia. This lie from Democrats and their pals in the leftist news business continued for over three years and included a very loud and costly Mueller investigation, which came up with nothing to confirm that Trump was dealing with Russia about anything. And the lying press has never admitted that they were both lying and wrong in their assertions. Their lies were only calculated to get rid of Trump, and periodically they still bring up the subject and the old charges concerning Russia as though the subject is not a settled issue. This constant re-birth of the collusion lie is in itself a lie that the American left is repeatedly guilty of.

The Ukraine thing also was used to try to politically hurt Trump, but this attempt also came up dry for the liars in the press. The attempt to impeach and remove Trump, based again on a series of lies, was another strike-out for the press, and their lies got them nowhere. The Kavanaugh nomination and it’s violent lying finally left the leftist press in the dust. Not even the family of his accuser believed the lies she told about Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged bad acts.

The left insists on telling lies about Global Warming even though our globe refuses to approach the severely high temperatures we’ve been told are already here, or at least will be here in ten, or eleven or some other number of years.  Many former dates of predicted total global and environmental destruction have already past, and the environment and our ambient temperature have remained constant in spite of the lies told by CNN, NYT, WAPO and other sources of what we laughingly call “the news”. The corrupt press expect us commoners to believe their lies and not our own two eyes in determining the truth of this issue.

And now the press tells us the lie of President Trump disrespecting military heroes on a trip years ago. One wonders when will these fools will stop lying and just report the news? The answer is: never. Leftists lie for the cause and to gain power and should never pretend to be impartial and should instead, simply report the news, instead of making it all up.

So how does this knowledge and experience with a totally corrupt and dishonest press prepare an American for the upcoming presidential election? It tells us that all of the malarkey about a mentally fit Biden, able and ready to represent America in a very dangerous world, is a well prepared and calculated lie. And we know that the press’s tales of President Trump’s bad character and his lack of fitness to be president, are all lies as well. So the decision as to whom to cast a vote for president on November 3rd is very simple: all of the news reports from the national media are negative on Trump, so he’s obviously the only candidate to vote for. He’s the one who will arrest our nation’s leftward, anti-constitution, anti-capitalist, police-hating drift and make life in America pleasant and prosperous again, and he‘ll stop the rioting and burning that Biden‘s BLM and ANTIFA troops have been committing in our major cities these last three months.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

When the Present Political Fad Undermines The Past And The Future

 When the mayor of Washington D.C. recently decided that the Washington Monument should be removed at some point, one of her supporters brought up the subject of her timing and wondered why she presented her proposal now. Democrats are not only anti-American and Socialistic in their ideas and policies, they are also emotional and thoughtless in their scheming.

After over a century of enjoying the beautiful monument to George Washington, only in September of 2020 do Democrats insist that it be torn down and reduced to rubble. The past doesn’t mean a thing to Democrats and future generations are not even considered in their decision to destroy the monument; they want destruction, now!

What if the partisan Democrats and their hate-America attitude is misdirected and George Washington does not deserve to be reviled (he doesn’t), then destroying the monument would be a mistake (it is) and the abrupt and present-only-oriented decision would be the wrong thing to do. Now, amidst a nationwide vomiting of leftist violence and racial hate, is the wrong time to suggest we destroy a national treasure like the Washington Monument.

Democrats are always certain that their intentions are the correct ones for all society, as all dictators are absolutely certain of their infallibility. It’s one thing to establish policy when they are in power, but in the twenty-first century the Democrat party tends to fight for selfish changes that negatively impact every citizen and can’t be undone once their mistakes have been committed.

Open borders is one example of a policy that would create a bad situation that cannot be undone once we have millions of uneducated, non-English speaking and likely unhealthy people permanently residing here. Democrats never include such future considerations into their calculations, they just move emotionally with a concentration on their immediate political power as the only guiding force and the only subject of interest to them.

Another policy that Democrats have not thought through is the dismissal of all police forces, based on the Democrat party’s emotional stance at this moment in time. With no police to investigate crimes and act as a deterrent to criminal behavior, property would be destroyed and many people would be beaten or killed as criminals roamed freely, and these acts of crime can never be undone even if sensible people later reverse the idiotic acts of present-day Democrats.

The destruction of America’s system of electing a president is also being destroyed by leftist Democrats who insist on the fraud-fraught mass mail-in of ballots followed by months of suing and fighting to decide who won the vote. Our system has proven itself to be widely acceptable to a majority of Americans, but Democrats see a chance to grab power, so they lunge at it, and create chaos in the process.

The destruction of America movement is only the most recent example of Democrat idiotic, stupid ideas and proposals that can never be undone and put right at a later date. And also on the policy plate of Democrats is the elimination of Capitalism and a disregard for our constitution, which they don’t understand would eliminate our liberty and prosperity as well. Or do they even understand the successful nation America has become as they plot for political power and the necessity to rule and be obeyed?

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

What Was Biden Really Saying?

 On August 31st Joe Biden, the Democrat candidate for president, who has behaved for the past two months as though his leftist thugs were not rioting, burning and beating someone senseless every single night, finally admitted that riots are actually taking place, and he announced that people committing the violence should be prosecuted, and that if Donald Trump is re-elected, the violence will continue into his second term. Is our pal Joey threatening the president?

Please note that Biden did not demand that the violence being committed by his leftist thugs stop immediately, and note also that during the Democrat National Convention the subject of the nightly rioting and beatings were not mentioned once in the four nights of the convention. It’s only now, with polling showing that public sentiment is running against the leftist destruction being done each and every night in numerous Democrat-run cities, that he is mentioning this subject, because President Trump is benefiting from the violence of the radical left.

Most reporters who have remarked on the Biden speech have interpreted the words as stating that Joey is predicting that the Trump administration will be the cause of the violence if Trump wins.

But my take on Biden’s words, especially in light of the fact that the rioters are Democrat storm troopers under Democrat control, is that Biden was promising that the Democrat party would continue to support and organize the violence after Trump is re-elected, in order to block any presidential actions Trump wants to perform for the benefit of the American people.

One has to forgive old, addled Joey for being less than specific with his predictions about President Trump’s re-election, but since Trump has nothing to do with the Democrat rioters who have destroyed Portland, Seattle, Baltimore, DC, New York, Chicago and other Democrat-run cities, why would Trump winning the 2020 election suddenly cause him to order more destruction during his administration? His promise is that after his election he’ll oversee peace and prosperity, not more Democrat-inspired destruction.

Biden may lie constantly and ignore violence in order to let his troops do his dirty work, but he unintentionally let the cat out of the bag with his speech detailing how violent he will make America after Trump’s re-election. Joey isn’t too smart.