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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Defrauding America's Youth: Two Immoral Policies (Among Many) Our Government Must Stop Now!

The first immoral policy that government must halt immediately is using the FICA tax of citizens under the age of 35 to go into the lie of Social Security for promised benefits when they retire. We all know that Social Security is now broke and will soon either have to stop paying benefits to those who are currently in the system, or will have to raise the age for new entries into the system, or will means test new and probably existing recipients of Social Security benefits, or all of the above. And this will happen because our nation is broke and can't afford such entitlements any longer and our government must stop lying to young workers about the impossible future benefits they are contributing to under the FICA tax. Young people must be permitted to divert their money to an IRA plan that they can direct into something that will allow them to plan for future retirement. The current system is dishonest and America must stop this dishonest, immoral practice of defrauding our children.

The second immoral policy that must be stopped immediately is the use of Ethanol (E15) as an additive to gasoline. Obama's crony capitalism is allowing Ethanol producers to get rich on the backs of the poorest and most needful of our citizens, while at the same time reducing the miles-per-gallon fuel economy we all get from a gallon of gasoline and causing an increase in general food prices.

The price of a bushel of corn has sky-rocketed ("sky-rocket" is a favorite term of Obama's and one he sincerely believes in as regards energy policy) with the EPA's edict of mixing Ethanol with gasoline, which makes many other foods besides corn increase in price accordingly, impacting poor people the hardest, and poor people in Mexico and Guatemala even harder due to their corn-based diets, as the expense of corn, now a source of much-needed fuel, increases in price. There has even been rioting in poor countries due to the excessive increase in the price of corn and the difficulty of the poorest families to be able to afford to feed their children, but the immoral Obama administration just turns its back to such suffering, and the EPA just keeps pumping out regulations to increase the percentage of Ethanol in a gallon of gasoline, which further increases the price of corn along with the costs of many other essential foods, and reduces the miles-per-gallon we get from the gasoline we buy. At the same time the EPA is increasing the demands on automobile manufacturers to increase the CAFE standards for fuel economy their vehicles will produce, in a government-forced cycle that will end, as it's intended to end, with the destruction of this already seriously wounded nation (wounded by the destructive regulations, policies, spending and borrowing of the Obama administration).

And all of the fuel costs could be turned around relatively quickly, and a family's fuel and food costs reduced, if we were allowed to access the rich and enormous supply of oil and natural gas that we have under our own soil. But Obama's EPA and his Departments of Energy and Interior won't allow this common sense solution, and instead give billions of dollars to electric car and photo voltaic cell producers who soon go out of business because their products are not a market-based solution, but are instead an invasive, big-government edict.

Our immoral government must free our young people from the lie of Social Security and at the same time free the general population from the lie of Ethanol, and allow "we the people" to prosper once more. Obama has made a mess of everything he's touched in the last three years and we must rid ourselves of this fool in the next election and reverse his destructive policies. Time is running out for a reversal on both accounts.