Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Reflection On Democrats And Their Idiotic Concentration On “Root Causes” To Society’s Ills

 The Democrat Mayor of Chicago says she can do nothing about the murders being committed in her city until the “root causes” of this horrible situation have been addressed, and Kamala Harris, our Democrat vice president, says nothing can be done about the disastrous immigration invasion of our southern border until the “root causes” of the exodus from Central America have been addressed. The “root cause” to anything may take years or decades to discover and fix, but punishing people who commit crimes promptly will halt a crime-wave in its tracks, NOW! But since Democrats thrive on chaos, they prefer to do nothing, and allow crime to run amok.

Although “root causes” to society’s ills must eventually be addressed, the current murder rate in Chicago and the millions of illegals crossing into America could be easily fixed if Democrat leftists would apply a little common sense and some intellectual firmness to the issues. After all, Trump stopped the immigration influx with his policies, and Chicago didn’t have the current crime rates until Democrat leftists began cozying up to BLM, defunding the police forces, issuing wrist-slaps instead of prison sentences for murder, and ordered policeofficers to not pursue criminals. And if some bad guys were accidentally caught by law enforcement, they were released almost immediately and returned to the streets to commit more crimes, because judges and DAs are too left-oriented to treat bad people like the scum they are.

The truth of the matter is that Democrats don’t have the courage to stop crime because the people who commit the crimes are usually good Democrats, living in Democrat-run cities, who can be used to allow Democrat politicians to wring their hands over the pitiful lives of poor people in racist America and point to the need for people to become criminals in order to make a living, as proof of the hateful, racist state of life in America.  We know for certain that the reason Democrats want to allow convicts to vote from prison is that all convicts vote Democrat in order to keep the big government goodies flowing and keep the light touch on criminals in place in Democrat jurisdictions.

Mollycoddling criminals allows Democrats to pontificate about the plight of the poor and the down-trodden, while honest, hard-working poor people are made subjects to the violence of criminals, with no end in sight.

One is suspicious that the reference to “root causes” being the reason for our national destruction is that this lying crap is the leftist’s way of saying “never mind”, and then doing nothing about real causes of crime and poverty, and proceeding to further undermine Americans’ liberties and prosperity in a Socialist dystopia of their creation. Republicans/conservatives are not willing to watch their great nation be destroyed by racists and Communists, and we must vote responsible people into positions of power, people who will correct the leftward drift of America and restore our tarnished honor, and to hell with “root causes”.

Friday, November 12, 2021

Less-Cold Weather Is Not A Convincing Argument To Support The Lie Of Global Warming

 Over the years since all of the environmental idiocy began in the late 1960s, we’ve heard dire predictions of the polar ice melting and the oceans flooding all coastal areas, inundating New York and Miami, and drowning millions of people. The Mediterranean Sea was also reported to be dying, with all of its life-supporting nutrients disappearing. These were lies of the political left.

Ted Danson told us of certain global destruction in a specified period of time, which period of time has passed with no evidence of the promised death and destruction. Prince Charles also predicted environmental disaster in a specific period of time, which also did not occur these many years later. Paul Ehrlich predicted the starvation of the planet with his 1968 book, and that false balloon is now over 50 years old and still the predicted destruction and misery are unfulfilled. Many other celebrities and experts have come and gone with their predictions of the end of life on earth, but the planet is still running as it always has, with change being the norm and the occasional severe storm causing local destruction, and some days being warmer or cooler, which is completely normal.

So in November of 2018, when AOC and Bernie Sanders told us we had only 12 years of life remaining, leading to the great over-heating of the earth, many believers would logically expect to see a constant warming, with especially hot summers and constant severe storms battering the dying planet. But we’re now three years into those alarmist’s prediction, a quarter of the way to the environmental disaster they warmed us about, (and, again, 40 to 50 years into the predictions of Danson, the Prince, Ehrlich and many others), and even though recent winters have produced less severe cold and freezing in my area of the United States, our summers have not increased to the 120 to 130 degree heat needed to threaten life on earth.

The leftist geniuses have not explained this lack of proof of their predictions, but I expect to hear at any time that, of course, the warming will sky-rocket to life-ending levels in only the last year of their fictitious end-date of 2030. But if American citizens allow the Green New Deal taxes and economic destruction to take place in Washington, which is happening with Biden’s Build Back Badder plan, there will be misery, suffering and poverty that will be greater than the ice caps melting, as we allow the Capitalism and liberty that America has developed to be wiped out with a big government takeover of our nation, while inflation rages and our great society shuts down under the pawl of leftist dictatorship, which would be much worse than the covid closures and the masking mandates of 2020 and 2021.

Our nation is threatened, but not from environmental warming. Rather, the threat is from the false, politically over-heated verbiage from foolish, far-left Democrat politicians and their Socialistic power grab via their multi-trillion dollar government spending, and an artificial banning of cheap sources of energy which will prevent our society from conducting our personal and business dealings like free people. 

Thursday, November 11, 2021

I’m A Seventies-Something Man, Wearing Glasses, Jeans And A Blue Shirt, And I Go By He And Him

 The idiocy this nation is facing, closing pipe lines while the nation faces severe energy shortages; a shortage of consumer goods in the greatest Capitalist nation in the world; bare grocery shelves in the breadbasket of the world; gender fluidity in denial of common sense and science; forcing all citizens to get vaccinated against the most survivable and least deadly disease ever seen; firing police officers while crime is soaring; having government positions filled with people based on their sex and race, who have no understanding of how businesses and the economy work; firing emergency employees in 2021, who in 2020 risked their lives working with the sick in spite of an unknown disease, because they have not been vaccinated, could only happen under a fool old man like weepy Joey Biden.

So now, with a biological male, Rachel Levine, appointed as the first “woman” to be a four-star admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, (Joey could obviously not find a capable woman to get this assignment, instead of a hideous man posing as a women), and with Microsoft having its employees introduce themselves by first name, hair color, dress code and preferred pronouns they identify with, this asinine woke policy and behavior must end, and we need to get serious people back into positions of public trust, not the racist snobs the Democrats prefer.

Friday, November 5, 2021

$450,000 To Illegal Aliens, While Americans Are Left Behind In Afghanistan To Suffer

 Just when the idiot presidency of weepy, sleepy Joey Biden appeared to reach a failing apex, these anti-American fools decided to give nearly $1,000,000 per family to people who broke American law and invaded our borders. And the fact that the Biden’s leftist Department of Justice came up with this stupidity, and one can be sure that a large percentage of this windfall will go to the aliens’ lawyers, with a large percentage of that legal fee finding its way into the DNC coffers, proves the Democrats’ total corruption.

It’s a certainty that there are other illegals waiting in the wings for their turn at claiming racist mistreatment at the hands of Uncle Sam, and Democrat lawyers will push each case with vigor to enrich people who broke our laws, while tax-paying Americans to foot that enrichment bill and see prosperity evaporating with Joey’s inflationary multi-trillion dollar spending spree.

Of special interest on the subject of the cash-for-invaders decision, is that the obscene give-away has been discussed for over a week, but only two days ago, when Biden was asked about its validity, he said that it was garbage and that such a thing would never happen. But now the administration lackeys are telling us that our vacant-headed president is on board with the hand-out. So it appears that the Biden administration is a dictatorship run by persons other than the elected president, so who the hell is really running things in the Biden swamp?

And while all of this is taking place, perhaps thousands of Americans are left to suffer in Afghanistan following Biden’s disastrous exit from that unfortunate nation. Maybe the money going to law-breaking aliens should be reserved for the unfortunate Americans held hostage in Afghanistan, if they ever return home alive. But weepy Joey never says a word about the Americans in danger in Afghanistan, seems to be completely uninterested in the welfare of the American hostages suffering there and is not trying at all to get them released from the threat of their terrorist captors.

Our beloved Joey’s mind is so far gone that I believe he actually has no idea of the terrible decisions made at all levels of his administration and the Democrat party, and by the far-left press that supports and covers up for the Democrats. But the horrendous decision to fire police, military, nurses and doctors who have not been vaccinated, may be the worst decision of all.

The Biden administration has gone completely ape-s**t with power, with no end in sight to their insanity as they march forward to Fundamentally Transform America. Biden’s entire Build Back Badder scheme must be blocked, now! Call your legislators and tell them to stop this fool man and his dictatorial urges.