Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Obama E. Newman: What, Him Worry?

By this time we've become used to our idiot, grinning-from-ear-to-ear, Alfred E. Newman-like president, glad-handing everyone he sees, promising to "not rest" until jobs are plentiful, while simultaneously taking credit for the Bush-era oil drilling rigs and blaming Bush for the escalating cost of gasoline, or healthcare, or housing or whatever else Obama has made worse in the last 3 years.

But ole smiley will be sure to have elaborate, expensive parties in the White House, set new records for golfing while the nation sinks in debt and joblessness, and grinning for the camera in Martha's Vineyard and Hawaii, while wasting billions of dollars on his pet, non-productive alternative energy start-ups, which have all failed at taxpayer expense. And he does all this while Americans are dying in Afghanistan because someone burned some papers, and he's allowing Iran to continue to build a nuclear weapon which they've promised to detonate on Israel.

Anyone of a certain age will recall the liberal press of the 1970s posting a photograph of a smiling Richard Nixon along with the question: "Why is this man smiling?". Today I'd like conservatives and other Republicans to ask: "Why is Obama smiling?". This grinning fool has accomplished the financial ruin of this great nation and has completed his promised restructuring of America along lines of leftist "fairness", and this destruction is certainly what he's smiling about. In November we must send him and his grinning ears back to Chicago.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Double Standards Of Liberal "Faith"

Why is it that when conservatives/Republicans speak of matters of faith and religion they are criticized by the press and liberal politicians, and are described as imposing their religion on the nation, but when Bill Clinton (remember his "healing" prayer sessions with Jesse Jackson after the Lewinski affair became known?) or Barack Obama (he speaks of his "Christian Faith" while trying to force the Catholic Church to abandon it's long-standing beliefs and doctrine, and after sitting for 20 years in the church of Reverend Wright and listening to the hate that this man spewed from his pulpit all that time) talk about religion, the press is silent and doesn't consider their words to be at all a breach of the church and state divide. Why does this double standard exist?

It exists because the press and liberal politicians know that Clinton and Obama are lying through their teeth about their "faith", and the press admires how they can use the words of conservatives to defeat those same opponents. On the other hand liberals know that conservatives really mean and live by the words of faith they express, and the press scorns them for this middle class naivete.

So liberals improve their standing by lying and conservatives are ridiculed for stating the truth, and both sides are using very similar words, only with different meanings and audiences. There's really nothing new in any of this. Conservatives (like Rick Santorum) need to continue to speak the truth without making a sermon out of it, and a majority of voters will reward them for it in the end.

The Obamas of the world are pure evil, and they must be voted out of office before they completely destroy this great nation, regardless of the enlightened words they use to try to convince us of their so-called "Christian Faith".

Friday, February 10, 2012

Obama "Occupies" The Oval Office,The Unions "Occupy" GM

Given the unflinching gall of the Obama administration and their communistic insistence of basing everything from personal wealth to wages on a doctrine of "fairness", instead of the work and thrift it takes to accumulate wealth, what's to stop these leftists witf their occupying of wall street, and any other street, park or city they want to occupy, from turning their "occupy" movement into a real occupation (traditionally meaning one's chosen line of work or profession, but taking on a new and unconstitutional meaning with these fools being encouraged by Obama) and simply occupy people's large homes, or hotels and motels having unused or spare bedrooms and bathrooms in fairness to. and the use of, those who will not work for a living and will not provide for themselves. Using the ill-logic these leftist nuts have been using since the protests in the 60s, they could just take over and occupy anything they want and no one could stop them. After all, Obama did the same unconstitutional thing when he by-passed bankruptcy laws, gave General Motors to the unions and denied bond holders their legal rights to compensation as the company went under. Obama and the union rabble simply "occupied" GM, so they have tradition on their side. And there's international tradition as well, because the communists in Russia occupied the homes of wealthy Russians after their revolution in 1917, so Obama and his occupiers are in good company, because, after all, that experiment turned out so well for the citizens of Russia.

If our nation doesn't dump Obama this year and return to abiding by the Constitution and the rule of law, America will wither and die and our children and grandchildren will have much meaner and crueler lives than any of us have experienced.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Obama Just Keeps On Spending

I understand that the Obama administration has, or will soon, appoint a governmental advocate for illegal aliens. Who's the idiot that thought of this fool's proposal?

Setting aside that we should be deporting illegal aliens, not advocating on their behalf, I thought Obama agreed with Republicans that we need to cut expenditures and spend less money, not create more high paying jobs and spend more money on this new salary. We can't afford to hire more people and make government bigger. We should be laying government employees off and sending them home, not adding to the payroll.

If congress doesn't deny the funding for this new position they are a pack of fools. What we need to do immediately is repeal the enabling legislation for the Departments of Education, Energy and Interior, and fire the EPA in one fell swoop for declaring war on the American economy with it's never-ending regulations and controls, not hiring more liberal fools who are plotting our national demise.