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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Cuomo Ends The New York Lockdown. Are There No More Grandmas To Kill?

 After steadfastly and repeatedly insisting that an economic and social lockdown was the only way to save America from the very weak scourge of the covid disease; and after threatening to permanently close any business that didn’t adhere to his lockdown order; and after threatening to imprison any person who didn’t obey him; and after making fun of the Republican governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, for stating that Florida was healthy and prospering because he refused to order a lockdown; the idiot governor of New York, Democrat Andrew Cuomo, now states that the lockdown is not working, and that it has caused more misery than it has cured, and that the lockdown has caused businesses to fail, and deaths to occur, at a rate that the state can’t support, and that continuing the lockdown will cause more misery and unemployment in the future, so the governor is now ending the lockdown in New York.

Just like that! The “science” that Cuomo previously pretended was behind the state-wide economic lockdown that he ordered has obviously changed from when he ordered the original lockdown, so never mind!

Following a year of Democrat officials bombastically telling us how moral and good they were for protecting their citizens from the covid illness, and threatening all sorts of punishment for their own citizens if they didn’t obey their Democrat leaders and their “scientific” policies of life and death, it’s entertaining to have a Democrat leader admit that his entire lockdown push for all of 2020 was unscientific crap, from beginning to end. But why does it take the better part of a year, thousands of deaths and the closing of at least hundreds of businesses, for the governor to end his disastrous policies? One might  ask Governor Cuomo where the “science” that he depended on went wrong and why his ideas now are correct, now that he is evidently working contrary to “science”. Or did the “science” that Democrat leader crowed about all the time suddenly change, all of a sudden?

One wonders: has the good governor thinks he has reduced the number of Grandmas sufficiently in his state that he now feels that his job is done, and the few Grandmas that are still left in New York State, after the many deaths of older people that Cuomo caused with his poorly-thought-out orders and his placement of already-sick people with nursing home residents, and his giving the covid vaccine to prisoners before he allowed the life-giving shots to be given to older people, can be allowed to step outside their homes, breathe fresh air and maybe go to work?

Knowing now how wrong the slow-speaking and slow-thinking governor has been with his insistence on enforcing lockdowns, will the good governor apologize to New Yorkers for the miserable year they lost and suffered through due to his idiotic rule? You can bet he won’t.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Is It An Impeachment Trial, Or Guilt By Proclamation?

 Let me see if I have this impeachment business right. The process calls for the House to develop a case for impeachment against the president, and then the House presents the “evidence” they have gathered to the Senate, and when the full case against the president and all “evidence” has been presented to the Senate, the Senators vote to convict or to not convict. Is that about it?

If the statement above is correct then how can Senators, and even some Republican Senators, have already decided to convict? How can anyone be ready to convict when no trial has been held yet? From all I’ve heard and seen, the House Democrats are basing their entire case against President Trump on hate of him and his policies and the desire of swamp-dwellers to get rid of a non-swamper who has done amazing things in his four short years in office and only wants to serve the American citizens and not his own selfish political career. 

Having heard the House Democrats present their weak-to-nonexistent-case on TV today, they have only hate for Donald Trump to present and no real evidence of any wrong-doing on his part, and they have no evidence to offer that would back up a case that Trump incited an attack on the Capitol.

In a real trial where innocence was assumed,  the jury would be told to ignore anything they’ve heard about the case at hand, and some jurors are even excused from hearing the trial if they’ve already made up their minds as to innocence or guilt. Knowing the Democrats as well as any thinking American does, we know that the only evidence they’ll present is prejudice and hate for a successful opponent, and that’s no case for impeachment.

The impeachment thing is a farce and an embarrassment for our nation. Since the first day Donald Trump came down the escalator, he’s been attacked literally every day for four years by the hate-filled, big-government Democrats, and this is just a continuation of those attacks and that hate. And the fool Democrats even want to take their attacks to Trump after he’s left office! Shame on Democrats for their four-year-long rage and hate at Donald Trump, and shame on Republicans for their go-along-to-get-along scheme to get back to a cozy relationship with the leftist power structure in Washington and to separate themselves from a great president. This is a dark day for America.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

What Happened At The Capitol Last Week?

 All summer long we’ve seen many cities in the United States hit with burning, beatings and rioting and there were never any police to be seen who could offer any resistance to the ANTIFA and BLM thugs committing the crimes. It’s strange when we consider, during the July fourth activities that invited Republicans attended at the White House, the fireworks display was followed by attacks and beatings as attendees walked back to their hotels, with police seemingly invisible while Republicans were being attacked on the streets of Washington D.C. This is the same thing that happened daily all summer long in Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Minneapolis and other Democrat-run cities, and no punishment nor identification with the Democrat party was ever discovered by our lying leftist press..

And then last week, during the afternoon and evening of January 6th we witnessed crowds in our nation’s capitol staging rioting that is right out of the ANFIFA/BLM playbook, with many rioters even dressed in ANTIFA-style fighting uniforms, and again, no police were to be found to stop the thugs before they actually got into the Capitol building. Was that a coincidence?

Then it dawns on us that the illegal invasion of the Capitol building was at the exact time that the legislature was to vote to certify or decertify the electoral decisions from the states concerning the fraudulent 2020 presidential vote, which is another coincidence that adds to the puzzle we saw on the sixth. Could the whole thing have been a staged event to halt the discussions and a possible decertification vote related to Democrat wrong-doing on November 3rd? Only the Democrats would want to halt the decertification process, and the Trump supporters wanted it to proceed, but the invasion of the Capitol caused the discussions and the voting to halt, which served Democrat ends, so I wonder who caused this disruption of the democratic process.

Were the rioters Trump supporters or were they ANTIFA/BLM thugs, imported to make Trump look bad by doing what Democrats do best: destroy things. After witnessing over three years of Democrats trying to frame Trump in order to remove him from office, this is definitely a possible attempt to frame Trump one more time.

Being a Trump supporter myself I know that what the Democrat mayor of Washington allowed to be done to the Capitol building today was not a Trump incident, and I find it hard to believe that the Trump crowds that have been so peaceful these last four years are suddenly performing acts that so far, recalling the all-summer-long-rioting for example, have only come from the Democrat side of the aisle.

One thing is certain: if any Trump supporters were responsible for the rioting, the police will arrest them (and they will not get a free pass and be released like the ANTIFA and BLM thugs were released all summer long by Democrat “justice“ organizations) and they will be tried and punished severely, just as they deserve to be. But if ANTIFA or BLM devotees were responsible, we won’t see one arrest, we won’t hear another word about this incident, and life will go on as though nothing happened that afternoon of January 6, 2021.

Republicans want anyone, whether a Trump or Biden supporter, punished to the full extent of the law if they participated in the invasion or destruction of our Capitol, but that’s not a sentiment shared by any Democrat who watched American cities burn and people’s lives be destroyed all summer long, while they sat silently by and allowed ANTIFA and BLM to destroy and burn with impunity.

Now let’s see how the Democrats handle this incident. We’ll know that ANTIFA/BLM brown shirts were responsible if silence is all we hear from the leftist press about punishment and imprisonment for the perps.

Monday, January 11, 2021

Each Time Democrats Or Tech-Giants Attack Trump, They Attack American Citizens As Well

 When Democrats colluded with the FBI around the lie of Trump colluding with Russia, the target was Donald Trump, but they also attacked all of the Americans who voted for Trump in the 2016 election when they tried to remove him illegally from office. Each and every day for four years we saw our president bombarded with accusations and charges that have by this late date been proven to be lies, that kept him from doing the business that Americans voted him into office to accomplish. And still the Democrats pursue him to the very end of his presidency like the blood-thirsty, rabid beasts they are.

When the tech giants prohibit Trump from tweeting, and when Apple, Amazon and Google collude to injure and eliminate one of their competitors, Parler, they are attacking all Americans who voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020, and they are attacking the constitutional right of all Americans to exchange ideas and opinions on many different subjects.

The post-election series of conspiracies from Apple, Amazon and Google related to Parler is an intentional practice of restraint of trade by the tech giants. We need a RICO investigation of these colluding tech companies, and we must put one or all of their CEOs in jail for their crimes against our constitution and our anti-monopoly laws. Donald Trump is innocent of all charges alleged against him, but the CEOs of the tech companies are guilty as hell.

The political, radical left is even attacking Republican Senators, namely Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, for taking a side against Joe Biden’s election at the Congressional certification vote on January 5th. Senator Hawley has had a book deal killed by a major publisher because he doesn’t follow the leftist line of lies and prejudice against our constitution and against our duly elected President.

John D. Rockefeller and old Ma Bell must be turning over in their graves considering what Apple, Amazon and Google have done this last week. All John D. did was sell gas and oil to people who wanted it, and poor old AT&T was just leading the world in advanced telecommunications services and making sure that people could dependably stay in touch with one another, and both of these former giants was sued for restraint of trade and for colluding to create a monopoly, and they were broken up by our government. But the three tech giants we have to deal with today are also a monopoly and they are telling their select customers that they cannot practice free speech under our precious constitution, in America! Where are the trust-busters when we need them? Section 230 must be revoked so this monopoly can be broken up.

Is this nation in trouble, or what? And all of the trouble is coming from the political left.

Smug, Hypocritical Democrats Need To Prepare For A Fall

 Democrats have fraudulently cheated themselves to the top of the heap, being now virtually in control of the United States government. While ignoring a summer of Democrat-inspired rioting, death and destruction from Seattle to Baltimore that they casually blamed on President Trump, they now pretend to be offended and outraged at the riff-raff that invaded the Capitol building, and scream at Trump for leading them to that horrific event. Democrats, professional politicians all, play politics with events that strike Americans at a personal, private level, and that will be their downfall. Donald Trump received 74 million votes because he is not a professional politician, and Democrats just don’t get it.

American citizens that voted for Trump in 2016 and then again in 2020 would vote for him again because he’s an anti-politician and his policies are all principled, real-life ideals and of serious value and importance to Americans, not the phony, pretend and emotive crap that the Washington Swamp puts out.

So now the really outraged and mean-guy Biden administration will raise taxes, begin applying regulations to every business, will open borders to allow illegal entry, promises to prosecute Republicans who supported Trump, will continue the masking of America and will likely demand another lockdown to halt the weak covid disease, and will take credit for the vaccine that everyone knows is credited to Donald Trump. And just wait until the “defund the police” idiots make their moves to put in practice on a large scale what they’ve been screaming about for months, which will cause police officers to either resign or be fired, which will then cause crime to escalate as it already has in many Democrat-run cities who have already fired police officers, and we’ll see Democrats run for the hills to escape the finger-pointing directed at their stupidity for the misery and suffering this move will cause.

Next, the stock market will suffer and people will begin to lose savings and retirement funds with the Democrats‘ Green New Deal nonsense. Jobs will be lost after the four years of Trump job increases and the Democrats’ own frightening verbiage will continue fear of the weak-sister covid.

Biden’s nasty attacks on Trump assure resentment toward Biden for attacking America’s beloved president, and the lefts’ statements to personally destroy any American who supported Trump will create great divide in our nation, to the detriment of Democrats.

Democrats’ hate for Trump is based on his success with his non-government solution to things like illegal immigration, the economy, peace in the Middle East, job creation, getting a vaccine to market and virtually anything else he put his mind to, and he proved that the old, big-government way of doing things was a waste of time. People will remember these Trump years as being a pleasant, liberating, prosperous time.

And probably the most hated thing Democrats can do is to keep calling everyone opposed to Biden as being racists; we’re sick of it. But the personnel being named to government positions in the Biden administration are being identified by race/gender, and that’s the most racist thing that Biden can do; and he’s doing it knowing the racism of it.

With the tech giants to back him and make certain that none of his lies, faults and mal-deeds are made public, Biden appears more anxious for America to HEEL to his demands, than he is to heal America.

Friday, January 8, 2021

China Versus The American Left: Who’ll Destroy America First?

 Communist China is a murderous regime interested only in power and the subjugation of its enemies, whereas America is a peaceful nation interested mainly in living well, remaining free and being good Capitalists, and being a Capitalist assumes that the first two issues of peace and living well are firmly in place. But China, because it has no radical warming/change party fighting it, because it has no “save the polar bears” fools opposing it, is a better Capitalist nation than America, partly because America has radical leftists to get in the way of practicing Capitalism, which China doesn’t havr. Even though China kills and imprisons people who speak contrary to the Chinese dictatorship, they are practicing Capitalism at a very successful level.

Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed Socialist/Communist, is in personal practice a Capitalist, having several homes and making millions of dollars a year, but in spite of that he would use the radical Green New Deal policies to wreck America and its economy. On the other hand the Chinese government would never allow the anti-Capitalist proposals that Bernie Sanders and the American far-left are promising in the Biden administration, things like halting commercial airline travel, halting the production of gasoline-powered automobiles and outlawing fracking, that could doom America, to be practiced in China.

One must notice that the radical American left, in their hate of liberty and industry, insists on government regulations that would choke America’s industrial power, but China would never allow such restrictions on their industrial power, especially the power they get from coal-fired power plants, which the American left is pushing hard to outlaw completely in the United States.

Although China would never think of allowing America’s radical, anti-capital left’s proposals to exist in their nation, they are anxious for the American left to enact destructive regulations and legislation in our nation in order to become dominant over America and the West, at which time the American left trouble-makers would become a threat to China, and Bernie and his gang of thugs would be “disappeared“ by the Chinese rulers, because American leftists are professional belly-achers and trouble makers, and because that’s how China treats its problem causers.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Was Yesterday Just Another Violence-As-Usual-Day In A Democrat-Run City, Or Was It The Burning Of The Reichstag?

 Right off the bat it must be said that the invasion of our Capitol Building yesterday has the hallmarks of ANTIFA and BLM all over it, with the radical left’s love of violence and the destruction of property, and hate for the traditions that have made this country great. If there were any Trump supporters in the crowd that stormed the Capitol they were just being suckered into joining the celebration and were not part of any movement or intent to invade, because the invasion halted the very act of protest against the fraudulent election of Joe Biden that the Trump people were in D.C. to accomplish. The invasion was nonsense if you wanted to allow the few brave Senators and Representatives to decertify the Biden election, which was what the entire day was for in the minds of the Trump people.

The helmets and backpacks are not things a farmer from rural Iowa would wear after getting off a plane at Dulles and bussing into town, and the tendency to break a Capitol window with a police shield is not what a retiree from Boise would do if he/she intended to see Republicans protest the fraudulent Biden election. And the taunting of police once the invaders were in the building is straight from the summer-long series of violent police confrontations we saw throughout 2020, all of which were perpetrated by Democrat- protected and inspired ANTIFA/BLM crowds.

The second most important observation to make was that with all of the Trump people in town, did the mayor of Washington, just like all of the Democrat mayors in every Democrat-run city across the nation that was burned in the summer of 2020, in an attempt to blame Donald Trump for the violence, have the police stand down while the crowd of Democrat  thugs stormed the Capitol and did the evil things they did at what has become America’s equivalent of the German Reichstag being burned, which was done in order to give Adolph Hitler the authority to assume full power over the lives of Germans, which in turn led directly to his “authority” to claim emergency control over his opponents and destroy the lives and liberty of all German citizens in one clean action?

Was this America’s Reichstag event, put in place by the Democrat party and their insane quest for total power?

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Congress Under Nancy Pelosi Has Gone Far-Left, Politically Correct, Ape-S**t, Crazy

 Yesterday, at the prayer offered at the beginning of the House of Representatives session in Washington, Pastor Emanuel Cleaver (Democrat, Missouri), who was reciting the prayer, ended it with the traditional words “amen” but then quickly spoke the words “awomen” as well.

Mr. Cleaver was obviously trying to stay in the lane assigned to him by Nancy Pelosi when he uttered these approved words. But the good pastor Cleaver is an educated man of the cloth and must know that the word “amen”, spoken at the end a prayer, is of Hebrew origin and means “certainly” or “verily” as a confirmation of the end of a prayer. In other words, “amen” is not sexist in any way, but our idiot politicians in the Democrat party have to make such words appear to be sexist, and probably racist as well if they can find a way to do so. So why would a Christian pastor mock the words of his own religion and utter such asinine words as “awomen” to finalize his prayer? The pastor’s words seem to me to border on sacrilege!

This idiocy is in line with the Democrat push for self-identity and shock coming from our highest levels of government. We are being not only preached to from on high, but we are being lectured to and humiliated by our Washington rulers who now have issued an edict that words like daughter, mother and many other words in the English language, are outlawed and cannot be used in the House of Representatives.

Democrats are making fun of, and ridiculing, each and every tradition our nation, and the Western world, has accumulated over the centuries, and this is just another jab at things we hold dear, even those of us who are not particularly religious. It appears that Democrats are trying to undermine the English language from their lofty perch in D.C., and Pastor Cleaver is allowing himself to play the fool for the Democrat leadership in the House. Obviously the man was just trying to stay on the good side of dictator Nancy when he uttered the extra “awomen“, so he can get financial support from her at fund-raising time in 2022.

One shouldn’t wonder why Democrats pick certain words to be made illegal to be spoken on the floor of the House. The word “mother” is not sexist! It’s a word of affection and love all over the world, so why outlaw it and make yourself and the Democrat party look like fools in the process? Far left Democrats want to ban any idea that biological sex is assigned at birth, so they pick on a simple word like “mother” and outlaw it as a violation of their rules about what is natural and biological, and what is self-identity. After all, leftists claim that biological men have periods and can give birth to children, so they bend over backwards to eliminate a word like “mother” because it assumes a biological sex assignment at birth, and they won’t allow such a thing to exist. And when poor old Emanuel Cleaver says “awomen” at the end of a prayer, he’s only trying to make the idea of sex-identity equal to the “amen” word normally spoken, not realizing that it’s not about sex or self-identity, the word normally spoken at the end of a prayer is about faith, and Cleaver, a supposedly educated man, should know that and not undermine the Christian religion like they’ve destroyed everything else in our culture.

As radio talk-show host Chris Plante is fond of asking: where do we find these people? 

And my question is: how do we get rid of these vermin?

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Democrats Are Constitutional And Domestic Terrorists

 I am officially charging Democrat governors and mayors with domestic terrorism because of their militant, terrorist-like positions on lockdowns and masking, which deprive American citizens of the right to the freedom and prosperity assured by our constitution.

The objective of terrorists is to inflict terror and fear into a targeted population, and since Democrats ridiculed and attacked President Trump when he attempted to reassure Americans that they should be optimistic and positive about the future and eventually getting rid of the covid menace we are facing, and since Democrats continue to inflict pain, suffering and the threat of a “dark winter” ahead with more lockdowns and eternal masking, it’s obvious that the Democrat party is a bunch of terrorists attacking Americans and our economy.

Democrats are also trying to undermine our entire system of self-government by their use of fraudulent voting in the 2020 election, threatening to give the vote to millions of illegal aliens, threatening to push for the entrance of at least two more states into our union so they can gain more Democrat representatives and senators, and threatening to pack the Supreme Court with leftist justices. 

And let’s not forget their terrorism against science when they tell the lying tale of warming/change, the effectiveness of masks to ward off disease, of almost certain death if a mask isn’t worn at all times, and that American citizens are “super-spreaders” of the Wuhan disease if they should decide to have Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner with relatives.

Democrat terrorists need to be identified and named, and then voted out of office at the first possible opportunity.