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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Typical Of The Behavior Of Tyrants, Obama Does Exactly What He Criticizes Others Of Doing

Here are several examples of serious contradictions being committed by our Barack Obama:

Israel is internationally condemned for building “settlements” on their own land contrary to the desires of the rogue’s gallery of the United Nations,
Obama nationalizes millions of acres of the various states’ land contrary to the expressed wishes of those states, and of the American people.
Russia is retaliated against for “meddling in our election” (although Obama himself formerly said that there was no meddling in our latest presidential election),
Obama really does “meddle” in Israel’s election, trying to unseat our ally, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Obama is a hero for unconstitutionally opening up our southern border to illegals,
Donald Trump is a demon for constitutionally planning to secure our borders against illegals.
Mitt Romney was accused by Obama of having an old fashioned, 1980s mentality when in 2012 he warned Obama of the evil intents of Russia in the 21st Century,
Obama struts like a hero when he takes “covert” measures against Russia for their alleged and unsubstantiated hacking of DNC data bases and emails during our latest presidential election, and after Obama was recorded begging his Russian pal, Putin to give him more time to get re-elected so he could work more closely with Russia on Obama’s and Putin’s secret missile removal scheme. We still don’t know what the secret agreement with Putin was all about.
Obama believes himself to be a saint for allowing the existence of sanctuary cities which protects people living illegally within our borders from deportation,
Donald Trump is called a racist for wanting to end the illegal sanctuary city travesty, and deport any persons living illegally, and often committing additional violent crimes, within our borders.

The two-faced, lying, low-life Barack Obama is always on the wrong side of history and always on the wrong side of American public opinion. His former best buddy, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, is now laughing at our lame duck president for kicking a few Russian diplomats out of our country. Obama really knows how to hurt the Russian dictator with his piddling “covert” action against some Russian spies. Citizens observing the erratic, unpredictable and unprecedented behavior of Obama the last three weeks fear that our president may be going mental and is becoming unstable as the end of his term of ruler of the United States approaches.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Is Obama Launching A Covert Attack On Russia? Not Any More.

So our sitting president with the record of waging war longer than any other previous president, Barack Obama, who has been a war president his entire eight years in office, believes he’s an experienced military man by this time, and as our Commander in Chief, he has decided to attack Russia in retaliation for something, we’re not sure what (we can be certain it’s not for any hacking done by Russia during the last six months, because the same Commander in Chief assured us months ago that there is no evidence of any hacking by Russia related to Hillary’s or the DNC’s date bases) has decided to show Putin that he, too, is a real man and will conduct covert operations on Russia in the near future.

Our Obama is an Art of War genius who is about to spring the ultimate Fake News on Russia, by announcing that he will attack, thereby causing Putin to doubt that he will do so. The Russian generals will not be able to believe that a military commander would be so stupid (hey, it’s Obama, so of course it’s stupid) as to announce a planned attack and they will go crazy trying to work up a defense for this idiocy, and possibly they’ll work up their own offense, only they will keep it “covert”.

The left has been warning Americans of Donald Trump’s mental abilities and his emotional unpreparedness to have access to the “football”, and here is the Democrat, Obama, who we know has been mentally unbalanced for eight years, threatening war, in advance of the attack. I’ll bet Eisenhower and Bradley never thought of that military tactic.

So here we go again with Obama making the world an even less safe place just as Donald Trump is about to become president. If Obama has any luck at all, he’ll actually start an actual war, so Trump will have to become a war-time president just like his idiot predecessor was.

Maybe one of Obama’s military advisors should clue our dunce president that the word “covert” means in secret, not announced in advance. Obama probably thinks it means via the internet.

It’s Refreshing To Know That Obama Doesn’t Exclusively Lie To And Talk Down To American Citizens

Not that it gives an American citizen any warm and fuzzy feelings, but hearing Obama lie and scold the entire nation of Israel and call them fools for not understanding Obama’s illogical speeches and practices at least lets we citizens know we have company in the broader world out there. But we stupid citizens caught hell from our president before anyone else.

We were told we were stupid for not appreciating having our healthcare insurance plans and our doctors unconstitutionally taken from us by a rabid leftist government. We were told we were too stupid to appreciate the wisdom of our great leader and his devastatingly ignorant nuke deal with Iran. We were told that we were just racists for opposing a total opening of our southern border to any illegal who wished to come here. We were told that we were too stupid to understand Obama’s “strategic patience” with North Korea as they built a nuclear device and the missile to deliver it. We were told that we were too stupid to understand the wisdom and the strategic planning that Obama invested in his “containment” of ISIS, and not their total destruction, as they raped and killed their way across the Middle East and beyond. Americans are still being told that we are stupidly xenophobic for not wanting Syrian “refugees” to be settled here when we have been warned that there will be terrorists smuggled in among their numbers.

So to our relief, Obama and John Kerry have now begun to pick on the Jewish state to unload their bile (ordinarily attacking a Jew would be a hate crime, but not when a properly credentialed liberal/progressive Democrat is doing it). So now it’s stupid of Israel to not want to “negotiate” with the Palestinians who want Israel wiped off the face of the earth. John Kerry called Israel stupid for insisting that they could be “Jewish or democratic, but not both”. What the hell is this fool man talking about? Israel has been Jewish AND democratic since its founding, and it even had a vast number of Arabs living peacefully and profitably in the Jewish state, some of whom were even Israeli citizens, until the Arab radicals began bombing and stabbing Jews in random attacks, at which time they established the Gaza Strip as a containment vehicle in which to keep Arabs in order to protect Israeli citizens. And the wall around Gaza worked to keep Israel safe for Israelis, just as a wall along America’s southern border will keep America safe from those who wish Americans ill. But the Obama administration abuses the stupid citizens of the U.S. for wanting Trump’s wall built to protect our southern border.

And Mr. Kerry’s insistence on a “two-state solution” is a little late in coming, because the two-state solution has already been fulfilled: Israeli and the Palestinians are living side-by-side, divided by a fence, case closed. Most thinking people recognize the need for a nation to protect its citizens from random attacks and killings, but liberals, and especially liberal Democrats working in the Obama administration, will not give Israel credit for constructing their wall only after enduring decades of attacks from Palestinians within the open state of Israel, and finally Israel felt the need to protect its citizens by constructing a wall separating Jews from Arabs in order to protect themselves. And for John Kerry to pretend that the Gaza Strip is a prison forcing the people residing there to live miserable, impoverished lives is a total lie. Gaza is a beach-front community with shopping malls selling Gucci and Saville Row products, and if the residents there would stop threatening Israel and Jews with death, they could live very pleasant lives and the wall would likely, eventually, come down. But the Arab hate for Israel, which is shared by John Kerry and Barack Obama, is forcing Israel to keep the murdering Arab element locked away from the decent citizens of Israel.

Finally An Admission By Obama That He Made A Mistake?

It’s not likely that Barack Obama will admit that he made a mistake, but he’s certainly re-evaluating his criticism of Mitt Romney in the 2012 general campaign when Obama stated that Russia is no longer a threat in the 21st Century and that Mitt’s warning about a strong, dangerous Russia was ancient 1980s thinking.

After playing kissy-face with Vladimir Putin while negotiating the removal of missiles from Eastern Europe, and after he assured the world that Russia played no part in any hacking that appeared to happen during the recent presidential campaign, and add to this Obama flip-flop the fact that the entire world knows that Obama sent his own people to Israel to campaign against Netanyahu in that nation’s latest Prime Ministerial election (in other words, Obama was meddling in Israel’s election), Barack Obama is talking tough with Russia for what he calls Putin’s meddling in America’s latest election, which saw Obama’s hand-picked candidate get beaten badly in spite of his personal involvement and his campaigning for Hillary, in which he told her followers that his policies and his ideas were up for re-election with Hillary on the ballot and to defeat her would be to defeat him and his legacy. Well, both he and Hillary went down in flames, and Obama has still not recovered.

In the last three weeks of the Obama administration, this is the first time in eight years (except for the phony red line he promised in Syria, which was his usual hollow, meaningless threat)   that he’s threatened any nation with real, defined punishment that may be measurable and that could have repercussions resulting from the threat, and even at that, he’s only threatening a sanction on Russia, and Putin eats that type of childish threat for lunch.

Crimea and Ukraine were not a big enough deal to upset Obama, but hacking Hillary’s email server or the DNC computer system really makes Obama mad.

All our fool president is doing is trying to make Donald Trump’s life more difficult and get his presidency off to a shaky start, and he’s making life for Americans more difficult as well, as the man they elected president has to stumble over road blocks put in his way by the outgoing president. Obama’s actions in this regard are unforgivable considering the problems he’s causing America.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The United Nations, The Star Wars Bar Scene, And The Jew-Hating Obama

By now everyone who cares about such things knows that our idiot president, Barack Insane Obama, allowed a United Nations attack to be waged on Israel because America would not block a move to condemn Israel in the United Nations Security Council, and all that would have been required of Obama to block this anti-Israel vote would have been to simply veto the measure, which American administrations have always done when Israel has been threatened. But not our gutless Barry. Instead of publicly stating for all America voters to hear him, that he would not veto the Security Council measure thereby allowing Israel to be diplomatically attacked by Arab forces around the world, prior to our the November presidential general election, he waited until well after the election, and just before his successor takes office in January, and then lowers the boom on Israel, our best friend in the Middle East, without any warning.

Obama has no trouble punishing the Little Sisters of the Poor for not providing abortions, and he loves to punish people who won’t make cakes for homosexual weddings or who won’t cater a homosexual party, considering such actions as being non-inclusive demonstrations of hate, but he sides with Arabs in the U.N. that hate and kill Israeli Jews whenever they get a chance. And of course he’ll lock up a film maker whom he claims riled up the Libyans and caused the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, and he even kept the man in jail long after we learned that his film had nothing to do with the Libyan murders.

The United Nations has the appearance of the Star Wars bar scene where dictators, misogynists, rapists, torturers and other just plain bad people meet to share their tales of how well they are living and comparing the fancy New York restaurants where they are eating, while their subjects back home live in abject poverty and virtual slavery at the hands of the elite class, composed in part by the U.N representatives sitting in New York.

I’d love to see Donald Trump officially condemn, then vacate and dynamite the U.N. building and give the resulting rubble back to the Rockefeller family so they could make condos out of it, or just leave it bare in protest of all of the people who have suffered and died at the hands of the United Nations and its band of crooks and scoundrels. At the very least, Trump should not fund the United Nations with one more penny of Americans’ tax money.

Obama has no problem dictating how Americans must live cheek to jowl with each other, and it’s not being discussed that he has actual proposals currently in the planning stage to have zoning laws changed throughout the nation so middle and upper class people will be forced to live with a property-destroying welfare project next door to their homes, but he won’t speak harshly to the Arabs with their insistence that all Israelis die so they won’t have to live next to them.

All one has to do is disagree with Obama on any of his leftist, unconstitutional policies and his liberal pals scream “racist” at you, but he and his Arab buddies can threaten the very lives of Israelis and Obama’s fine with that. Why are the words and opinions of leftists on the domestic side of things separate from the international dealings of our government? At home we have to live next to people we may not like, but in Israel, the United Nations, with Barack Obama on their side in the cheering gallery, will not allow Israelis and Arabs to live side-by-side, but instead insist on a two-state separation between the two groups, with, of course, Israel having to give up some of its hard-won territory in order to give land to the Palestinians. Obama is famous for insisting that every nation be like America and stating “that’s what we are”, but the United Nations can be as non-inclusive and as prejudiced and hateful as they want and Obama has no problem with it.

Leftist Narcissism And Obama’s Denial Of Political Reality

When Barack Obama was sworn in as President and moved into the White House, George Bush retired silently, and in a dignified manner, to Texas. Bush made no derogatory statements when Obama overturned tradition and swore to “fundamentally transform America”, he was silent when Obama declared the constitution to be irrelevant and as he illegally opened our southern border with Mexico for all of Central America and Mexico to cross at their leisure.

Bush’s silence allowed Obama to not only develop his own policies, but it also allowed Obama to eventually overreach and hang himself with his law-breaking, unconstitutional policies and executive orders, which led directly to Hillary Clinton’s defeat in 2016 against Donald Trump, and which further demonstrated the American peoples’ rejection of, and revulsion with, anything and everything associated with Barack Obama.

So now we have Obama promising not to retire with dignity and control his mouth as Bush and all former presidents have done when they left the Oval Office and became normal citizens again. He intends to remain in Washington and hold news conferences to attempt to counter Donald Trump as Trump undoes the Obama “legacy” (legacies are supposed to be good things a president did, but the nuke deal with Iran, the absence of American pushback to North Korea’s nuclear advances, the bankrupting of many American families because of Obamacare being forced on them, the opening of our borders and the high jobless rate caused by the string of Obama’s EPA job-killing regulations, are reasons to reject Obama rather than favorable things for our retiring president to attempt to use to gain favor with Americans in 2017). But Obama, in his own narcissistic fervor, will try to undermine Trump’s policies using only his (Obama’s) own demented personality and his string of failures as president.

Americans are fed up with the narcissism of Barack Obama and his harmful, job-killing policies and he will only cause a further public rejection of himself and his ideas if he doesn’t shut up and go away. No one wants to hear a loser whine about the bad deal he got when Hillary was sent packing because she was a terrible candidate. Obama campaigned for Hillary, stressing and defending his own personal record and policies as reasons to vote for her, and told his audience that a rejection of Hillary would be a rejection of his own person and his policies. Well he lost, and Hillary lost. He was personally rejected by voting Americans, and he should immediately halt the whining and retire to Hawaii.

Now is the time for Republicans (in other words, Donald Trump and Republican patriots in the House and Senate) to strike and undo all of Obama’s dictates and orders. Get the Obama trash and legislative filth out of the way and then forge ahead with Making America Great Again.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Even The Absence Of News Can Be Fake News

We’ve all heard of the infamous “spike” that news agencies use if they choose to not report a particular story, but this can also be a form of Fake News, like when the liberal press reports false rumors, or simply fabricated data, about Republicans, or if they report nothing, like when Democrats perform outrageous acts or say unfortunate things that the liberal press wants to suppress. It’s easy to envision what fake news looks like when false news is fabricated and reported as news, but what does fake news look like when a story that is unfavorable to a political party, or one that is embarrassing to them, is spiked? Some examples:

Did the New York Times report the event where President Obama begged Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to ask Russian President Vladimir Putin for more time for Obama to get himself re-elected to a second term of President of the United States, at which time Obama promised he would be more flexible, compromising and cooperative in meeting Putin’s demands for the removal of American missiles from Eastern Europe?

Whatever became of Obama’s beseeching Putin for more time, we don’t know. What did Obama give away to Putin in this unbalanced deal, we also don’t know. But it may have proved important to America’s interests if the investigative power of the NYT had reported this event and attempted to find out what secret scheme Obama and Putin were plotting and tried to determine its future threat and costs to America.

And especially following the 2016 presidential election when the rumor of Trump and his newly appointed Secretary of State were both being accused of being tools of the Russians and serving the interests of Putin and not of the American public. Maybe at that time a little balance could have been inserted by the NYT, or CNN, or MSNBC with a mention that Obama had conducted secret business with Russia’s Putin, while Obama was the sitting president, that seemed to be serving Russian goals at America’s expense. But I heard no such reports or speculation coming from the liberal press. Spiking a real news story is faking the news by pretending it never happened. One might also call the spiking of news that could inform Americans of un-American activity by their president, a lie.

Only Fox news reported the Veritas Project video tapes of Hillary Clinton’s staffers plotting violence and dirty tricks against Donald Trump and his supporters, with at least one video session mentioning Hillary as being the approver of the attacks on Republicans. If you recall the Trump campaign office that was fire-bombed in North Carolina you’ll remember that as being one of the Democrat acts of violence that just went by quickly while no one paid much attention, but it was violence committed by Democrats in an attempt to intimidate Republicans, with further editorial suggestions by liberal commentators that a Trump supporter may have set the fire himself, which tactic was also revealed in the Veritas Project tapes being as one of Hillary’s methods of operation (the insertion of opinion in a news report, meant to subliminally influence the recipient with the intended lie from the commentator).

Only conservative news agencies would report that a disillusioned Hillary staffer, not the Russians, leaked documents to WikiLeaks that exposed embarrassing emails exchanged by her staff while they worked with liberal cable channel news agencies to develop questions and answers for the presidential debates that would allow Hillary to have advanced warning of pressing questions so she could prepare herself with convincing responses, whereas Donald Trump didn’t know what questions he would be asked until he was in front of the cameras and trying to answer a question that his opponent was thoroughly prepared for.

The rigging of the Democrat primary campaign that assured that poor old Bernie Sanders never had a chance of beating Hillary was also exposed in this information leaked by a disgusted Hillary staffer, but the liberal press decided to blame all of the embarrassing email exposures on the alleged Russian hacking, and then relate that story back to their lie of Trump working to have a favorable outcome for Russia and a negative outcome for America in negotiations with Russia. All of this is why Donald Trump called Hillary “crooked”, and she certainly was.

To not report current happenings, especially news with political value that Americans need in order to know what kind of candidate they are voting for, and why maybe they should not vote for that person at all, is telling Americans a lie clothed as a “spike”.

The polling that the liberal pollsters found to be exclusively in Hillary’s favor, until election night when Trump trounced her from Maine to Florida, was all liberal lies and fake reporting that even the liberal press didn’t know was fake, because they were dedicated to the business of electing a liberal Democrat who would continue the “fundamental transformation of America” that was Obama’s theme, and a possible truth to the contrary was beyond their comprehension and was something they could not consider reporting.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Just Because We Can See Through Obama Doesn’t Mean His Administration Has Been Transparent

Virtually every decision and action of Obama has been to the detriment of patriotic, middle class Americans. His zero percent interest rate served to make Wall Street richer and hurt investors in more conservative investments; his Obamacare and its astronomical deductibles and premiums has made average people poorer; his stupid “rules of engagement” have placed our military personnel at greater risk of being wounded or killed; his suit against the Little Sisters of the Poor has threatened religious liberty; his LGBT restroom decision has left many people wondering what became of common sense; his last-minute decision to allow the United Nations to dump blame on Israel for being a free nation has left Americans in doubt as to the survival of our greatest ally in the Middle East; his idiotic Iran nuke deal has Americans and Israelis fearing for a nuclear attack in the near future; his ability to cow the cowardly Republicans into giving him the money to do anything he wanted to do is dictatorial (but does not relieve the Republicans of their responsibility for many things going wrong in the Obama years); his disobeying the laws of the land and opening up our southern border to all illegals has caused many deaths from the heathens now crossing at their will and doing what they want; his support of sanctuary cities and the harboring of illegals throughout the nation has caused suffering for the very people he claims to be protecting; his begging Vladimir Putin for more time to get re-elected so Obama could give Putin what Putin was demanding as regards the removal of our missiles from Eastern Europe was bordering on treason; his constant stream of illegal EPA regulations has caused record joblessness in this formerly wealthy nation.

Thinking Americans can see right through Obama and know that his actions, all of which were in keeping with his promise to “fundamentally transform America”, have made America weaker and poorer than when he took office. But the Obama Administration’s self-described “openness” and “transparency” is a fraud of the largest degree. Obama plotted and promised what Obamacare would and would not allow behind closed doors, and then they dropped the ball and we found out that Obama was lying all along about doctors and plans and savings related to healthcare. Similarly Obama and his fraudsters are plotting with anti-American groups to undermine the American economy and give preference to China concerning the lie of warming/change, and we have no idea how far dictatorial foreigners have gotten with Obama’s pals in selling our economy and our liberties down the river.

So even though we can see right through what Obama is doing and planning for America, there is nothing “transparent” about Barack Obama’s administration and his evil intent toward America and its citizens.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Whose Side Is Obama On, American Citizens Or The Terrorists?

Our dithering President Obama, the same president who wants to vaguely “contain” the murderers, rapists and torturers of ISIS and not kill these horrific sub-humans, has no problem ordering that a data base of potential terrorists, created after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center with the intention of preventing further terrorist attacks on America, be eliminated.

Barack Obama just had the post-9/11 registry of immigrant men, NSEERS (National Security Entry-Exit Registration System) dismantled, claiming that it was of no use, even though Obama had let it sit idle since 2011 and had made no attempt to use it to keep bad guys out of the United States for the last five years.

But the real reason Obama is dismantling the NSEERS data base is not because of its being no use, it was just one of many steps Obama has taken since November 8th to block Donald Trump’s plans to keep terrorists from entering our nation, and it removes one more tool that Trump could utilize in that regard. So Barack Obama is once again helping terrorists and placing obstacles in Trump’s path as Trump attempts to protect Americans. Interestingly, Obama’s decision to dismantle the NSEERS data base came a day after Trump emphasized his intention of establishing a Muslim registry, an announcement that itself followed closely on the heels of the Christmas Market terrorist murders in Berlin.

Now back to the government lie about the Syrian “refugees”. After months of strutting and bragging that the Syrian “refugees” that Obama is importing en masse into America are being “robustly vetted” before they enter, how can this same lying man then delete a data base that is intended to protect the American nation from another 9/11 attack?

There is no standing government in Syria and no courthouse to call to vet the “refugees”. Fighting in that former nation has completely destroyed any sense of a government, and with it went all records with which to verify the non-terrorist status of any Syrian citizen. So exactly what data is the lying Obama administration vetting Syrians against and how is the DHS performing all of this “robust vetting”? ISIS’s promise to include terrorists in the mass of Syrians being brought here is not being guarded against, and it’s just a matter of time until an Obama-enabled terrorist kills Americans again. It’s what they do. And Obama is their enabler.

It has become obvious whose side Obama is on in this very dangerous world, and it’s not on the side of American citizens.

So with this latest stumbling block, added to the others Obama has placed to keep Trump from doing the things he has promised to do, (and these are the same things that Americans want done by their president or they’d have voted for Hillary and more of the same old Obama crap that has endangered our nation for eight years), would you think that Donald Trump will read from the Obama playbook and claim that things are more out of control than President Obama led him to believe? Not likely; Trump will take office, take control, and implement the things that Americans expect of their president, and he will not pull any cry-baby fits complaining of how mistreated and misled he was by his predecessor, as Obama did after receiving the presidency from  George Bush.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Donald Trump Sets The Standard For The World

Even before he takes office, Donald Trump is making Presidential-level statements and espousing practices and policy that the press, as well as foreign governments, are watching and listening to, preparing themselves for a Trump presidency in which a real man will occupy the Oval Office after eight years of metrosexual occupation.

America’s press continues to dutifully cover Obama, but they’ve quickly begun to realized that all Obama is doing in these waning days of his presidency is weakly defending himself and his eight-year string of failures with excuses and reasons why someone else caused this catastrophe or that disaster, and liberal reporters, along with many in the Democrat Party, seem to be admitting that his ideas have been proven to be total failures in the real world.

So now the whole world is awaiting a worldwide re-alignment of forces when Donald Trump takes office and begins to solve problems that have languished for eight years, and as he leads the world toward stability and common sense once again. Obama has become a laughing stock not only in America, but in the broader international sense, so he’ll not be missed once he’s gone.

As Obama exits the White House he’s becoming a part of history that no one will want to study ever again, except to learn what not to do. His only forte was community organizing and social revolution, and even liberals have gotten bored with these things, which were done to shock the middle class and reward the leftist-fascist/progressive class, and all along Obama’s actions and edicts looked like something a naughty, spoiled child would do just to upset his parents.

The difference between Trump and Obama is the difference between a real, decisive, accomplished man, and a dithering, excuse-making, punk kid.

Say Good Bye, Obama (“Good Bye Obama”).

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Obama Intentionally Creates Trouble And Divisiveness For America

As Obama makes ready to leave the White House, this fool community organizer cannot restrain himself from doing things intended to cause trouble in America with his crazy followers, but which will also create problems for his successor, Donald Trump, as Mr. Trump becomes president.

Things like:

 A last-minute release of terrorists from GITMO,

A new ban on off-shore drilling,

Importing more Syrian “refugees” into America,

Allowing additional thousands of illegals to cross into America from Mexico,

Adding additional anti-coal regulations to the already substantial list of EPA regulations,

Releasing dozens of convicted prisoners from federal prisons.

If there was ever any doubt that Obama is just another left-wing crazy who happened to convince enough people to vote for him that he became president, these last minute actions are the proof.  Obama knows that Donald Trump will reverse most or all of his dictatorial orders, so why else issue these edicts if they are not simply intended to roil his looney-tunes, leftist zombies and cause more rioting and burning when Trump does the things that the American people elected him to do, and what he has promised to do. Obama is creating a flash-point in our society that will be ignited as Donald Trump reverses Obama’s dictates on the opening of our southern border, the halting of drilling for oil, the importation of supposed “refugees” from Syria, the job-killing regulations issued by the EPA, the constant blaming of any weather event on the lie of warming/change, the shielding of any person who may be residing illegally in a sanctuary city, etc.

Our community organizer/agitator-in-chief will leave office intentionally causing pain and suffering for the entire nation. The man is without morals or common sense. Obama is a pure political animal and he cares not at all who he hurts with his orders and his actions.

Additional Liberal Lies About Racism, Prove Liberal Racism

Throughout the recent general election campaign we heard the Democrats claim that Donald Trump’s supporters were racists and that they were inciting violence and saying racist things that proved their anti-minority prejudice. Then we saw the leaked information from Project Veritas that proved that Hillary Clinton herself, via her cadre of loyal, lying, criminal Democrats on the DNC staff, was paying labor union members and unemployed/homeless people to taunt, threaten and actually beat Trump supporters and burn his campaign offices. The liberal press, of course, bought the lies hook, line and sinker and reported these Fake News stories repeatedly, even after the Project Veritas evidence was publicized proving that they were absolute lies. They repeated the lies about Trump being a violent racist long after they knew their reports were lies and disinformation. That’s what the liberal press does, and that’s who they are.

Over the past number of years there have been numerous other incidents of black students writing racist threats on their dorm room doors and blaming it on white students, and of black residents burning crosses on their lawns and blaming it on the racial hatred of white neighbors.

From a certain demented perspective it makes perfect sense for racists to make racist statements and stage racist events. Such people are so steeped in their own hatred and racism they can’t help but charge their supposed enemies with the same frame of mind that they have.

So now comes the latest such report: the Mississippi Department of Public Safety reported yesterday that the burning of a black church in Greenville, Mississippi, accompanied by a spray-painted note of “Vote Trump” on the side of the burning structure, was committed by a black man named Andrew McClinton.

Of course, the lying, liberal press stated that no political intent was behind this event. So are we to believe that Mr. McClinton just picked the name of the first white person that came to his mind and blamed him for the crime? I think not. With liberals, whether they are black, white, orange or green, there is no greater driving forced in their lives than politics, and seeing “Vote Trump” on the side of a burning black church is political, period.

So has the Obama Department of Justice begun a hate crime investigation of Mr. McClinton? Not likely.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

What’s the Next Liberal Stumbling Block For Trump?

After months, perhaps years by now, of liberal Democrats opposing Donald Trump and attempting to make him appear to be a monster, all of the impediments liberals have constructed intended to stop Trump have failed. The list of liberal traps for the Republican are something like this:

The primary election,
The general election,
The recount,
Death threats to the Electoral College,
Russian hacking of something, anything (the DNC? the voting machines? whatever),
The Electoral College vote.

The House confirmation of the Electoral vote is the next and final official step in this process, to be taken in early January, which one can reasonably assume will be in Trump’s favor since Republicans run the legislature, but one wonders what the losing, resentful, criminal left will do to attempt to keep Donald Trump out of the White House. The leftist’s entire agenda, and Obama’s entire legacy, are at stake with The Donald in office, because this particular non-politician Republican believes in making the substantive and necessary changes he promised, and I believe he’ll be a transformative president who will completely upset and reverse Obama’s applecart.

The Democrats can always try to impeach Trump, but since Republicans run the House it’s not likely they’ll get the votes needed to impeach, and the Republican Senate will not likely convict, so this will be another fail for Democrats. But in their rage at being beaten, it’s a step that they will absolutely take.

Already we see Democrat attempts to legislate a way to undermine and defeat the will of the American people with their election of Donald Trump.  Elizabeth Warren reportedly has suggested legislation directed at Trump’s family business to remove him from office, but this will not likely become law, and she knows it. It’s just another example of how insanely crazy and enraged Democrats have become.

Obama gave the leftist, insane, Democrat crazies the ultra-left rules and regulations they needed to dominate and stall our economy and to negatively impact the American process of government, destroy the Republican Party and tame them into being pussy cats who would work with Democrats and agree with them on nearly any anti-American issue. It can’t be the case that Democrats don’t understand that Donald Trump has proposed policies that will make even wildly leftist Democrats and their families safer than the dithering Obama has made them in this terrorist-ridden world, but their safety and their families’ safety are secondary to Democrat Party political interests: they must have absolute power to dominate, intimidate and rule or they can’t be happy.

From past experience one could imagine some ideas Democrats might propose in order to block Trump that would follow Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform America”, which could take the form of insisting that Trump not be sworn in on the Bible, because the Bible is a Judeo-Christian document which may offend Muslims and atheists and risk further dividing America. Plus, the process of swearing-in is so old and worn out that it should be vacated; Democrats obviously prefer a dictator who will not be bound by oaths and promises nor laws or a constitution that restricts their actions and policies, but prefer a president who issues orders as seen fit at the moment.

I suppose there may be some substance to an objection to a swearing-in ceremony, because what good does it do for a president-elect to promise to uphold the law and defend the constitution if the president himself is a liar who wants to “fundamentally transform America” using executive orders to accomplish his leftist goals, and the opposing party is too timid and intimidated to make the president abide by his oath. Obama took the same oath all past presidents have taken, but he immediately proved himself to be a shameless liar by trashing the constitution and reversing established law with ultra-left executive orders and just plain “attitude” to not enforce select laws he didn’t like.

Unfortunately the real question is: after Mr. Trump takes office, will liberal Democrats allow him to conduct the presidency as he needs to do in order to change the course of events for the American public as he has promised to do to in numerous speeches, in order to assure renewed prosperity and security for our nation? Again the answer, based on Democrats insistence on being the power that rules the nation, is “No”.

To the detriment of our nation, Liberal/progressive Democrats do not believe in the ability of average citizens to know what’s best for themselves and their families, so they distrust elections in which average people vote and in which non-elitist opinions dominate and win. They’ll keep disrupting America until they get their way and assume total rule with an iron fist (and they are angry that Obama brought the nation right up to this point and then they lost the un-American power that Obama possessed), or until such time as the power-hungry Democrats are no longer elected to office.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Obama Attempts To Tank The Stock Market, For His Legacy’s Sake

Early in the Obama administration the Fed lowered interest rates in the hopes that Obama’s stimulus money would be invested in the stock market and inspire a rally in the economy along with spurring a surge in home buying. Most of this plan worked: the stock market soared and the housing market improved, but the overall economy languished with poor-or-no growth because of Obamacare and the EPA’s flood of economy-destroying regulations. Then Donald Trump was elected president in 2016 and the stock market took another spike toward 20,000 at this good news and the more favorable business environment a Trump administration would bring to America.

The last thing liberals want is for the market to respond favorably to the election of Donald Trump and for Trump to be able to claim credit for the improved economic news. So Obama quickly claimed the credit for his brilliant economic policies that inspired the thriving market performance, while at the same time introducing measures that may cause disruption of the DOW as Trump takes office.

To be certain, the bubble that Obama created in the housing market and the stock market will absolutely burst at some point, but now Obama is hastening that event by pushing a pin into the bubble with only the darkest of intentions, by having the Fed raise interest rates which may well have negative ramifications for the economy and the Trump White House.

Donald Trump must immediately make Americans aware of the imminent crash of the Obama-created bubble, so the blame can be placed where it belongs: on Obama and his attempts to “fundamentally transform America”. Obama has been successful at transforming America to banana republic status, and Trump must get ahead of this developing disaster and warn Americans what is happening as Obama rides off into the sunset.

Obama and the Fed were resistant to an interest rate increase during the Obama administration in hopes of Hillary becoming president and continuing Obama’s lying legacy of a great economy, but now that Trump will be his successor, Obama wants to tank the great stock market performance seen during his own eight years as president, with his anti-American and anti-market tampering and the potential disruption of the economic lives of Americans now that Donald Trump is destined to become president.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Obama And Liberal News Agencies Side With Elector Death Threats

If you watch any other cable news except Fox and if you read any liberal newspapers, you wouldn’t know of the criminal activities of leftists and the death threats they are making against the Electoral College members who will cast their votes for the presidency today. The electors who have sworn to vote for Donald Trump have received death threats and assault promises from the liberals who lost the 2016 election, obviously all of whom are Democrats.

And of course, at the top of the liberal trash heap, the Obama administration is also pretending that the liberal, anti-American criminal behavior is not occurring, just like the Obama Department of Justice dropped charges against the Black Panther criminals who blocked a Pennsylvania polling place during the 2008 general election and threatened white voters with clubs if they tried to vote.

Democrats in general have become a lawless bunch of criminals who disobey the American constitution and our way of life.

Liberals are committing voter fraud by insisting that a legal voter cast a vote against his/her conviction, and some of the wealthy Hillary supporters are offering to pay Trump Electors if they vote for Hillary, a clear example of voter fraud. How can a free people remain free when our government ignores obvious threats to our election process and will not punish those who threaten violence and fraud in order to win elections?

In the final presidential debate between Hillary and Trump, Hillary swore that she would patriotically abide by the vote cast by Americans on November eighth, but now she and her followers are the ones demanding that the Electoral College vote against the American people. In order to keep any credibility at all, Hillary must immediately tell her criminal supporters to cease and desist in their illegal actions, and she should inform Obama that his Justice Department must stop this deplorable set of actors, who obviously intend to undermine the American electoral process, and put this mob of crooks in jail.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

America Has Its Own Little Napoleon

Obama sues the Little Sisters Of The Poor for practicing their religious ban on abortion, takes them to court and abuses them in public for their long-held and much-respected principles, but when Russia hacks into the various data bases we either suspect or know they’ve invaded, and when Russia invades Crimea against all international agreements, and when Russia annihilates tens of thousands of innocent people in Aleppo, Syria, Obama terrifies Putin by warning him to “cut it out or there will be serious consequences”.

O-o-o-oh, Putin is really scared.

Where does Obama get the idea that his weak words of warning, which are never backed up with any action, will deter anyone from disrespecting and taunting America, and why does he think that his vacant threats will keep America from being attacked? Our idiot, indecisive, anti-Catholic president is the laughing stock of the world with his constant big-shot, strutting rhetoric and lack of action.

If Obama had been serious about terrorism or a Russian expansion in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, he’d have done something about the Red Line he drew in the Syrian sand and the world would be a better and more peaceful place. But that verbal-only line was crossed and followed up with only silence when Obama’s bluff was called by Assad. If Obama had taken any action at all there’d be less suffering and fewer homeless refugees in the world.

America has been stuck for eight years with our own little Napoleon, except rather than having his hand stuck in his jacket, as France’s Napoleon is frequently pictured, our Obama has his head stuck up his butt.

Mr. Obama, as you leave office in 20 days, I wish you a fond Vaya con Dios, and please, for the sake of the nation and the world, stay in Hawaii and leave the big boys and girls to deal with domestic and international affairs. The serious efforts and considerations of real people, and especially the problems facing suffering people, are way above your comprehension and pay grade.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Is Donald Trump a “Disrupter” In American Politics? I Think Not.

The New York Post recently published an article titled “Buckle up, Trump’s era of disruption has only just begun”. The title seems to suggest that old crazy Donald has sprung a good trick on America and intentionally created bad feelings that will trip legislators up for years to come, when actually nothing could be further from the truth: Donald Trump appealed to Americans from a position of restoring the principles that made this nation great before Obama and his big government came along and messed up everything, and the citizens of America agreed with him and elected him their next president.

One needs to have an extreme parallax position from which to view the American political scene if they think that Donald Trump is a “disrupter” of the current state of politics in America. He has undoubtedly caused a major, shall we say, tidal wave of a ripple for Republicans and Democrats alike, but all he’s done is correct the course of the mighty American ship of state and reintroduced the nation to a rule of law and a subservience to the constitution, both of which are long over due.

After eight years of Obama’s attempt to “fundamentally transform America” Trump provided a breath of fresh air with his insistence on a limited government that was predictable by operating under the laws of the land, duly passed by congress, and enforced by judges who have respect for the constitution and its guiding principles.

So go ahead and blame Trump for his restoration of American values, and ignore the absolute disruption of our nation that Obama promised and delivered, it really doesn’t matter, as long as Trump is allowed to move America out of its unconstitutionally generated slump and move toward an era of making America great again.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Oh, How The Mighty Doth Tumble!

The lying, arrogant, law-breaking bastards in the Clinton campaign can no longer blame anyone but themselves for the exposure of their corrupt policies, actions and opinions with the release of an article by the Daily Mail containing information asserting that Russia absolutely did not provide the WikiLeaks documents that embarrassed and exposed the Clinton gang-of-thieves.

The article asserts, coming from the man who got the documents from his Clinton campaign source and gave it to WikiLeaks, that the information proving the corruption of the DNC and Clinton operatives came from a disgusted source within the Clinton campaign who had legal access to it and decided to let the public see the incriminating data in order to decide how to vote last November 8th, and the Russians had nothing to do with this release of documents, whether or not they hacked the Clinton or DNC servers.

The Russians are definitely not friends of the United States, but Obama’s attempts to blame Russia, and of course Donald Trump personally for being in collusion with Putin, for the release of documents that hung the Clinton bunch by their scrawny necks, is just another example of fake news: in other words, more liberal lies.

Russia’s Immoral Actions In Aleppo Surprise No One, Except Barack Obama

As the leader of the sensitive, all-concerned American Snow-Flake party, Barack Obama played footsie with Russia for years with his cute little Reset Button, his red line in the Syrian sand that could not be crossed without serious consequences, with his begging Vladimir Putin to give him more time to get elected to a second term in the White House, with his “containment” and not the destruction of ISIS, and his concern for the environment as a reason to not bomb the hell out of ISIS oil convoys taking crude to market, and other intelligence-confounding attitudes and inactions that have led to the absolute, incredible immolation of Aleppo, Syria, and the thousands of innocent people residing in that city as Russia levels it to the ground.

So after eight years of Obama looking the other way, not standing up to Russia and its constant aggression and allowing the spread of terrorism and the killing and torture of innocent civilians, who do you think is surprised at the eradication of a whole city of people by Russian forces: the administration that opened our southern borders to any terrorist who wishes to enter, the administration that concentrated on the very important LGBTQ restroom project, the administration that wants to establish welfare projects in middle class neighborhoods, the administration that seeks to deny second amendment rights to Americans but will take no action to halt record-setting murders in Chicago, the administration that has criminalized police officers and nationalized several police forces across America, the administration who encouraged taking a pistol to a knife fight: the afore-mentioned Snow Flake president, Barack Obama.

It is exceeding reality only slightly to state that everything that is wrong and getting worse in America is the fault of Barack Obama, but the mass execution of people in Aleppo are right on Obama’s door step. It’s all his fault, and that’s why his policies were defeated in November in a landslide.

We all wish God speed to Donald Trump as he drains the swamp, and he’d be well advised to also disinfect the swamp once the Obama administration is gone and the hole is dry once more.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Why The Liberal Teeth-Gnashing Over Russia Now? Obama Loved Putin.

After eight years of Obama’s love affair with Vladimir Putin, why are Democrat liberals suddenly so anti-Russia and frightened to death of Mr. Putin? All Donald Trump has done is appoint to the Secretary of State position a man who has negotiated with Russians and occasionally taken them to the cleaners in an attempt to make a profit for his company, Exxon, and one suspects that as Secretary of State he’ll continue to work his negotiating magic to work for the advantage of the United States in international relations. To assume that because he negotiated against Russia for oil and gas deals, that he would now buckle under and work to Russia’s advantage is sheer idiocy.

The absolute vacuity of liberal arguments concerning fear of Russia were proven to be complete lies after we saw Obama beg Putin for more time to get re-elected so he could be more flexible with Putin in his talks about getting weapons removed from Europe. Obama gave Putin the store, but this did not cause American liberals to fear Russia nor to demand an investigation into Obama’s intentions toward Russia.

If any evidence of the love of American liberals for Russia and Communism is necessary just google Walter Duranty and learn how the mass murders committed by Stalin were completely ignored in liberal love for Russia. One may also find a news reference to Ted Kennedy going to Russia in the early 1980s and warning the mass murderers there of the danger of Ronald Reagan. And more recently most Americans recall in the presidential campaign of 2012 how Obama told Mitt Romney that Russia was old news and no threat to America in the twenty-first century. So it appears obvious that liberals really have no fear of Russia, they are only generating more Fake News to further their anti-American and anti-Trump agenda. The socialism that has hurt America during the Obama presidency is the liberal expression of their fondness for complete government control of a citizen’s life, which idea comes from Marx and Russia.

This foolishness of harassing Trump about Russia must be ended so we can get our nation on track and reverse the Obama years. But the disinformation won’t stop because our liberal press will tell any lie to oppose Donald Trump or any other traditional, patriotic American who wants a smaller government and a rule of law under the American constitution. Fake News is what they do.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

“Do You Believe Me Or Your Own Two Eyes”?

Those words, spoken by Grouch Marx in the movie Duck Soup, are essentially what global warming/climate change advocates are asking the rest of us to do: believe them and not our own two eyes. The proponents of warming/change have no proof except their computer projections to back up their theories, and one can make a computer do and report anything one wants it to report if you load the right code into it. So, given that there is no empirical evidence to back up the warming/change theory, these skallywags then ask you to suspend the use of your own senses and intelligence and just accept their proposition.

One can see that water is not flowing in the streets of coastal cities, but warming/change believers will still tell you to “not believe your own two eyes” and to instead believe them regarding their “rising oceans” assertion, because neither you nor they can ever verify if glaciers are melting (proof of glaciers melting is a scientific undertaking, but we have scientists on one side saying that ice is melting in the polar regions, and the other side reports that ice is amassing at the largest volume ever in those regions). So who should you believe? Or should you suspend belief until actual evidence is produced and all scientists agree on the evidence? When we have “evidence” on both sides of an issue contradicting each other, the wise person will reject both assertions and depend on his/her own two eyes.

Considered differently, warming advocates believe that the temperature increase in the next 50 or 60 years will only top out at about one degree above today’s temperatures, so considering that poor farmers trying to grow crops for their families in India or Ghana will experience a longer growing season if the temperature increases to the level anticipated, this would benefit the poorest people in the world by allowing them to produce more food for the families, and that’s a good thing. So a logical person might reach the conclusion that by wanting to halt the supposed warming trend, warmers only want to hurt the poorest people in the world by limiting the crops they may be able to grow in the future, when an increased crop yield would help raise them from the poverty they’ve always known.  This angle makes the warmers sound kind of racist to me, to intentionally keep the poorest and most hungry people on the planet in that poor and hungry state forever, while the rich warmers in America (Al Gore comes to mind, with his private jet and multiple monster residences) only get richer by the year selling this fool’s idea to the gullible.

There are very few people who would allow someone to tell them that fast-moving traffic will not hurt them if they step off the curb into the traffic, because these people depend on their own two eyes to determine what’s truthful and what’s a lie, and these same people should also depend on their own intelligence, their senses and their own two eyes, to test whether what’s being shoved at them by big-government advocates is true or not.

From A Cuddly Russia, To A Monstrous Russia, Thanks To Trump

I can remember when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and Russia was this fun and cuddly little elf with whom Hillary liked to chuckle and exchange RESET buttons.

And who can forget the good-buddy Russia, with Obama begging Medvedev to plead with Putin to give him (Obama) time to win the next election, at which time he (Obama) would be able to be more flexible in dealing with the negotiations for missile removals from Europe. Obama and Putin were just best friends who would probably play marbles on the playground at recess tomorrow.

And who can forget when Obama made fun of Mitt Romney when Romney warned that Russia is still an enemy and Obama scolded Romney about his old, tired 1980s concerns about Russia.

During the past presidential election the DNC was hacked by someone, we know not who. The hack was blamed on Russia, but it was no big deal and the Democrats just blew it off and went on with life, but they remained cautious for fear that Russia might interfere with the votes cast at the end of the presidential campaign. Then, shortly after the election, Obama’s White House said that they had confirmed that the cyber world was secure and no harm was done at any of the polling places and all was well with vote counting; until it became clear that Trump had won and that he intends to do what he promised to do during the campaign (something unheard of in Washington), and his cabinet appointments confirmed that he will keep his campaign promises by appointing members to his staff that are diametrically opposed to any policy Obama practiced in his administration. At this point Democrats became violently concerned with Russia and its newly discovered, new to Democrats only, anti-American stance, and it’s all because Donald Trump won the election and is keeping his campaign promises.

So now Obama and the Democrats insist on a full investigation into this evil Trump guy and his appointments to cabinet positions who might know Putin and know how to deal with him. I remember Hillary using her familiarity with foreign leaders as a plus in her campaign, but if a Republican knows Vladimir Putin, that relationship is immediately suspect and is proof of a dangerous liaison that must be stopped. The CEO of Exxon, Rex Tillerson, currently being considered by Trump for the position of Secretary of State, had dealt with Putin on gas and oil deals in which he had to negotiate earnestly in order to make a profit for his company, but Democrats don’t see that the CEO could also negotiate hard in order to benefit America, they can only see a person willing to potentially sell out America to Russia, just as Obama and Hillary have actually done in the last eight years.

It’s impossible to deal with liberals who insist on only considering their own leftist policies and not allow a new policy to be tried to see if it will perform better than the old failed liberal ideas. Russia has been a sworn enemy of the United States since the end of WWII, but liberals have always loved the Communist Paradise, until Trump won the presidency, and now Russia takes blame for all the evil America faces in order to get back at Trump for winning, and it also now appears the Obama agrees with Mitt Romney about the threat of Russia in the modern world.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Obama Is Becoming Yesterday’s News

One hears that Obama, appearing more each day to be gradually becoming a bad memory, believes that Trump is not fit to deal with international relations, and that Trump’s lack of knowledge in international affairs will prove to be bad for America.

Donald Trump has been dealing with foreign personalities for decades in an attempt to make deals that will allow his companies to make profits all over the world, so I believe he knows something of dealing with foreigners. Now let’s see what Obama’s foreign experience has been: worshiping at Mosques around the world; making terrible, need I say, nearly suicidal,  deals with the Iranians; watching North Koreans develop and test nuclear devices and their delivery missiles; standing firm alongside United Nations rogue nations against America’s welfare and dominance in the world. None of these is a favorable position for Obama to be seen in, unless you hate America.

Probably the first thing Obama did when he took office was to conduct a world-wide apology tour in which he blamed America for the problems of the world, and one must not forget the return of the bust of Winston Churchill to England, which was a very un-diplomatic move, even a slap in the face, to take at our closest ally. And how about the attempt Obama made to defeat Benjamin Netanyahoo, our closest ally in the Middle East, in Mr. Netanyahoo’s latest run for Prime Minister of Israel.

And one must not forget the international embarrassment Obama subjected Netanyahoo to when he kept the Israeli Prime Minister in an outer office waiting while Obama dithered in the Oval Office, then rudely sending the Prime Minister out the back door after he had deigned to speak with him for a few minutes. But one must also realize that Obama intentionally caused these horrible international relations to occur, which is much worse than if he had made a diplomatic error by mistake. The intentional harm done to America by Obama in eight years is impossible to calculate, which leaves Trump miles ahead of Obama going in to Trump’s presidency.

Anything Trump does is light-years beyond the anti-American Obama, as made clear by Trump’s slogan of Make America Great Again, as weighed against Obama’s insulting “fundamental transformation of America”.

Let’s Be Honest: Fake News Is Just Leftist, Political Lying

I’ve never seen a news article that told of a house fire on Main Street that was Fake News. Similarly, no report of a tornado or an earthquake has ever been a Fake News report. It’s only when there is a political angle that the news is falsified or totally made up.

Fidel Castro was a smaller version of Adolph Hitler, but because he was a Communist he’s being portrayed as a Robin Hood figure who liberated Cuba from the clutches of the evil oppressor, America. The truth is that Castro took the island nation from being a thriving area of commerce and industry and plunged it into the status of a third world backwater run by a two-bit dictator.

So when considering the news, our terms should be precise: the Castro, Hillary and Obama reports from the mainstream liberal reporters will be political lies and should be called such. Let’s lose the reference to Fake News, because with America’s liberal news agencies, Fake and News are redundant words. We know liberal reporters are lying when they are reporting on political news, because in the words of Barack Obama: “It’s what they do”.