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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

A Post-ISIS Question To Jihadis And Terrorists Everywhere: Why Is Your God Allowing You To Lose?

Of course all thinking people the world over know that the reason ISIS is losing it’s battle with the civilized world, aside from the fact that the wishy-washy Obama is gone and has been replaced in the Oval Office with a man of determination and principle, is that the goals of ISIS are evil and contrary to the way decent people behave, and that the mission of the western world in its opposition to these horrible people is in keeping with the teachings of Christianity and the way civilizations should behave, and the way people should be treated.

And now that a real man is in the Oval Office we are finally seeing the defeat of terrorism in the Middle East. So in light of this defeat of persons and policies who claim to have Allah on their side in their murderous and criminal efforts, one can wisely ask them why they are losing the battle with the western powers. If the murderous cause of terrorists is just and right and has their God on their side, then how is it possible for them to lose these latest critical battles, especially when they were so successful and had occupied so much land in their earlier, murderous, Obama-era tirade?

It’s obvious that the cause of terrorism is not a search for justice, nor is it an effort to find what’s right, and neither God nor Allah is on the side of these monsters. Just as the western powers brought defeat to the Hitler-Mussolini dictatorships of World War II, so the forces of decency and kindness have defeated the same sorts of murderous fiends in the Middle East. The deity of terrorism, whatever name this monster may go by, has deserted them and their cause because it’s counter to civilization.

It’s also possible that Allah, as opposed to simply denying them a win, is punishing the ISIS murderers for their absolute bestiality and insanity and the crimes they’ve committed against all that is good in the world. No God of peace would allow such a terrible swamp of criminals to exist for very long, and it appears their time is about up, thank God.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Carl Rove Is What’s Wrong With The Republican Party

On March, 27, 2019, in the Wall Street Journal, Carl Rove expressed the notion that President Trump should move on from Mueller and not dwell on the criminal and unconstitutional things that he, and America, was forced to endure these last two years, with the false collusion investigation, the obstruction of justice charges, the name-calling and the daily lies that the lying press, and fools like Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, dumped on him. Mr. Rove suggests, now that the Mueller investigation is finished and no collusion was found, that President Trump just turn the other cheek and “move on” with his work and forget what the likes of Brenner, Clapper, McCabe, Comey, Strzok, Page, all of whom were answerable to Barack Obama during his last year in office, and all of whom plotted, as members of the Obama administration, to keep the Trump campaign from winning the 2016 election and assure a Hillary win. The reason Mr. Rove thinks that the president should simply forgive and forget is that he believes that going after his political rivals would turn off the non-aligned, swing voters in the 2020 election.

This is proof that Mr. Rove, an old Republican hand, is one of the reasons for the wishy-washy, go-along-to-get-along, losing Republican party has allowed the leftists to take control of  politics for the last 40 years. Just show your enemies that you are not as bad as the Democrats and CNN say you are, and everything will be fine, the losing Republicans say. But Democrats play for keeps, while Republicans just play for the sake of the political game, and that’s why Republicans always lose. President Trump is showing Republicans a new way to play the game of politics: play hard and WIN once in a while, instead of losing all the time.

We know that the total weight of the FBI, the FISA court and the Department of Justice was brought to bear on the Trump campaign, complete with spying and fabricated documents intended to either keep Trump from winning or assure his impeachment if he were to win, and this third-world, corrupt activity must be met with stern determination if it’s ever to be halted . President Trump has survived hell these last two years, and many people close to him have had their lives destroyed, and the lame result to the Mueller investigation simply stating that they found no proof of collusion, does not settle the issue.

It’s a cinch that the Leftist press will not make any remarks critical of the Democrat party when it’s in power using the full force of the federal government to keep their rival party from gaining the White House.  With no recognition at all that President Trump had won the two-year battle with the fake investigation, networks like CNN immediately pivoted and began re-issuing  the same old comments about the illegality of the Trump administration all over again, the day after the Mueller verdict came out, and the Democrat party is still intent on investigating the Trump campaign in an effort to dig up any trash that Mueller may have missed that can be used against Trump.

It’s one thing for the lying press to tell themselves lies about the Trump administration, but it’s unacceptable to allow them to keep telling American citizens the same old lies they told prior to the end of the investigation, just because they hate Donald Trump.

President Trump, as Commander in Chief and the nation’s Chief Executive Officer, has a responsibility to root out criminal activity, and if any criminal activity was done by the Obama administration, the FBI or the DOJ, then that’s where the president’s Attorney General must look, and put people in jail if they are found guilty of wrongdoing. This may be the last time we have a truly honest president whose expressed intention was to drain the Washington swamp, and we have only two years left until we may get a president who will bury all of the wrong-doing we’ve seen mounted against Donald Trump. President Trump is the only one who has the principles to go after the bad guys, while Carl Rove tries to call him off. And as far as the swing voters go, I believe that the president can gain many voters to his side when the DOJ produces evidence against those who plotted against Trump and tried to deny those of us who voted for him, the true result of our vote.

The corrupt events that occurred during the Obama administration that led to the Mueller investigation, along with the more current abandoning of charges against Jussie Smollett for his hate-crime against all who voted for Donald Trump, must be investigated to the fullest extent possible and each perpetrator punished fully if found guilty, in an attempt to eliminate the Democrat tendency toward corrupting everything they touch. Maybe if we put enough Democrat/progressive fools in jail they’ll learn their lesson and stop undermining this nation, its laws and its constitution.

The corruption of the leftist media and  their allies in the Democrat party, know no bounds.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Privilege And Gay, Black, Leftist Hate-Crimes

Jussie Smollett has been sprung from prison, and the record of his hate crime against white conservatives has been expunged. It never happened.

The photos of the men hired by Smollett who pretended to beat him, taken as they bought the red hats and the rope used to pretend to lynch him, never happened.

The hours of police time used to investigate the crime Smollett claimed to have happened, hours stolen from the citizens of Chicago who are already being deluged with crimes that are going unsolved in a Democrat-run sanctuary city, never happened, and it’s uncertain what those police officers did while we all thought they were spending time on the case of an innocent, gay, black man who had been beaten by white Trump supporters.

There have been events too numerous to mention where blacks have claimed to have been mistreated or have their property destroyed by racist whites, which later turned out to be false claims, but this case of hate, the pretend hate of white misconduct, and the real hate of Smollett’s racist, leftist actions, will never be added to that list, because it never happened.

Someone in power in Chicago or Illinois sprang Smollett and he will never be punished for his crime against all Trump supporters. Was it Jesse Jackson? One of the Obamas? Kamela Harris? George Soros? Some corrupt person with influence in the Democrat party in Illinois issued the order, just like a general in some sh*t-hole country in Central America might issue an order to get rid of a problem, and the serfs in the Illinois swamp marched to that order and brought America one step closer to itself being a third world, banana republic where only the privileged and the powerful get special treatment. This phenomenon is exactly what the Socialist left always does to nations it gets its claws into: it destroys them by massive corruption.

If our federal government doesn’t make an issue of this travesty and have the United States Attorney General investigate Illinois to the point of tearing it to pieces to find the people responsible for this hate crime, kind of like the actions taken by Eric Holder after the racist events in Ferguson, Missouri, then our nation may not survive it. And especially after the last two years of the FBI, the FISA court and the corrupt Department of Justice spying on and persecuting our president because Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for a Dossier that falsely claimed collusion on the part of the duly elected president, then I hope there is a God in heaven, because we’ll sorely need Him.

Monday, March 25, 2019

The Mueller Witch Hunt Is Over, Now We Need To Punish The Democrat Witches That Created It

House Democrat Adam Schiff stated that he had seen the evidence of Trump’s collusion with Russia, and his fellow Democrat, Eric Swalwell, has frequently stated that the evidence of Trump’s guilt was obvious. They are both political, partisan liars who have been proven wrong, now that the Mueller investigation has been closed with no charges against Trump. But the Democrats have so much invested in our president’s guilt and his administration’s failure that they will not turn loose of the subject, ever.

Already the Democrats will give no ground to their insistence of there having been collusion, and are still insisting that we wait until we’ve seen the entire Mueller report until they will admit they were wrong. And then when they see the full document and find no evidence of wrong-doing, they will take up the argument that Mueller missed some evidence or that there is strong evidence of President Trump subverting the investigation by firing James Comey, or that the president tampered with the evidence for having repeatedly called the investigation a which hunt, and they’ll commence a House investigation using the same old charges that have already been put to rest, and they’ll make the same lame arguments that have repeatedly come out of Schiff’s and Swalwell’s offensive mouths, because Donald Trump is a threat to the entire radical establishment of Washington and its Democrat swamp, and he is too certain of re-election in 2020, so he must be investigated and destroyed by this filthy leftist movement that is taking our nation down the drain of Socialism.

Numerous people, many of whom were innocent of any crimes at all, have been ruined financially or personally by the Mueller probe and its insistence on getting some dirt on Trump, and it’s my opinion that the Justice Department should delve into the sources of these leaks and the false evidence creation that began this investigation, and put someone on the lying Democrat side in jail. We know that the Obama administration used the FBI and the Department of Justice to spy on the Trump campaign, which is the most dangerous and un-American thing ever done in American political history. If a president can generate phony evidence to be used against his political opponents and then spy on people campaigning against him, our entire system of governing and having elections is completely at an end. The Comeys, the Pages, the McCabes, the Strzoks, the Lynchs, the Orrs, the Steels, all of whom subverted the 2016 election in favor of electing Hillary and keeping Trump out of office, must he punished to the fullest extent of the law for their mal-deeds.

And now that the Mueller investigation is complete and Trump has been exonerated, the idiot Democrats are trying to reverse course and continue the persecution of President Trump, trying to defame him in lesser ways than the previous attempt with Mueller, but still trying to keep the heat on so the uninformed Democrat voter will think that there is something illegal or improper that Trump did, and praying that more digging will uncover it. The decent citizens of this great nation must rise up and tell elected Democrats to halt their juvenile tantrums and return to being legislators once more, and not pretend to be prosecutors. That leaves the corrupt leftist press to push the issue of Trump’s guilt, which push has already begun in earnest, but that can’t be avoided in an America which still has a functioning constitution in which the press can ignore absolute crimes by Democrats, but campaign vigorously for investigations against Republicans where there is not even a hint of scandal.

And now that the cloud has been lifted from over President Trump’s head, he needs to push forward full bore with building the southern border wall, expanding the economy, disarming North Korea, blocking Iran and the other things he was elected to do. America needs his leadership at this hour of national peril.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Cory Booker Wants A Woman On His Ticket, But Not As President

The pandering that goes on in Democrat politics is enough to make everyone sick. Democrats don’t care about the best person for the job, they care only about identity politics, which their party has perfected to the point that nothing is real and no one does any serious thinking.

Recently Cory Booker swore that there would be a woman on the 2020 Democrat ticket, but I don’t see him stepping aside and giving his full support to a woman who has declared for the presidency and supporting her for the job with all of his influence, time and money. He wants the job for himself, and to hell with any identity stuff that gets in is personal way. He’s a hypocrite, just like all of the others.

Democrat candidates are letting their own ambitions get in the way of their idiotic verbiage and their theories about how society should operate.  If the white, female candidates were really serious about blacks deserving to be president, they’d step aside and fully support the black candidates. If the black, male candidates were really serious about a woman becoming president for the first time, they’d step aside and campaign for the women. And, of course, the white men have no right to run at all, based on Democrat leftist theory, so they just need to go home and watch the election as spectators only.

The current slate of Democrat presidential candidates are a bunch of non-serious players in a very serious and dangerous world. About the only things that Booker and his future opponents for the Democrat nomination care about are race, sexual self-identity, homo or hetero, packing the Supreme Court, getting rid of the electoral college and getting as many Honduran and Mexican future-Democrat-voters across the southern border ASAP so they can cast ballots in 2020.

Democrats fail to recognize the danger presented to the American population by the avalanche crossing our southern border on a daily basis. Democrats fail to admit the value of an Israeli ally in the Middle East. Democrats failed to understand the danger to the entire world that ISIS presented, and it was only when President Trump hit them with relaxed rules of engagement and fierce force that ISIS was defeated. Democrats don’t understand the danger of China to our entire way of life. Everything about liberals and Democrats is a lie and an affront to America and its traditions, and their clap-trap about inclusiveness and righting past wrongs is entirely wrong-headed.

If one of the Democrat dunderheads becomes president, the future of the United States will be in the hands of a fool and, because of the odd, reckless game they are playing with national tradition and with each other, not one of them even knows the actual issues facing America. Democrats pretend that they are “woke”, but they all need to be awaken and recognize the truth that all of us non-politicians can readily see.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Unending Liberal Privilege

Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, whom the Democrats in the House were using in an attempt to gather dirt on Trump, was sentenced to jail for his felonies weeks ago, but has been allowed to remain free to live a normal life since the sentencing in order to appear before the House of Representatives and tell his lies about President Trump.

But Roger Stone got the full terrorist hit-squad, riot-gear treatment from the FBI warriors armed to the teeth with assault rifles and battering rams as he was collected to go before a judge for processing, and he hadn’t even yet been charged with a crime, let alone convicted, and he was treated like a multiple killer or a mass terrorist who threatened society instead of the white-collar essence of the crime he was finally charged with.  And Paul Manafort, another of President Trump’s former employees, was held in solitary confinement awaiting trial, and was shuttled off to jail, possibly for the remainder of his life, as soon as the judge issued the sentence for his white-color, non-violent crimes.

Today even criminals have Liberal privilege. Talk about honor among thieves and the subject must be about Liberals. And since the decision to lock-up a sentenced felon or let him remain free comes from the justice side of the law and not the legislative side, how much collusion between the law and the Democrat law-makers does it suggest when only Trump’s former associates are treated like really bad hombres, and the Democrat’s useful idiots are allowed significant freedom, liberty and respect when they’re convicted?

What has happened to justice in America? Answer: Barack Obama and the radical leftist tack of Democrat rulers, that’s what. And the treatment of Donald Trump and the eternal persecution of him for the lie of Russian Collusion, which the FBI and the DOJ both knew was a lie and a set-up deal originated by Obama and Hillary, are just a continuation of the same old Washington Swamp theme of getting rid of anyone who threatens their power to rule from their position of Liberal Privilege.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

America Doesn’t Need A President Who Is A Rock-Star Or A Doper

So far, as we lead up to the 2020 presidential election, the only Democrat candidates who have proudly stepped forward and announced that they are running are people who seem to be proud of the fact that they have smoked, inhaled and enjoyed a toke or two, or are built up and celebrated by the leftist press as being rock stars.

And if there is the odd Democrat candidate somewhere who is not a doper or a rocker, he, or she, is running on the same old leftist, Socialist, rotten platform as the ones who are rockers and the dopers.

Today’s Democrat party has no serious candidates among their number. All of them just play follow-the-leader with the leftist pitch for free college, free income, free smokes and free healthcare. And while everything is being promised to be free, they are all critical of Capitalism, which is the reason why things can be advertised as being free, because Capitalism has been so successful for so many people, with so much wealth and comfortable living having been created under its banner, that unthinking leftists believe that the golden eggs will continue to be produced by the Capitalist goose, even if the goose is killed and consumed. As Venezuela is now learning, the Capitalist goose only has one life, and when it’s gone no more wealth and no further job-creation comes from it. Life becomes short and brutish and miserable.

The current slate of Democrat candidates don’t like America and have no respect for our constitution, which limit’s the power of the government and reserves most things in life as being at the discretion of the individual citizens and not government. The reason for their disdain for constitutional limits on the government is that Democrats want to constantly expand the role of government in, and control over, our lives, and they want any power-limiting device done away with so they can rule like dictators. The entire current Russia collusion investigation was caused by an overlarge government, in which Barack Obama told the FBI and the Justice Department to NOT prosecute Hillary Clinton for her various and dangerous email crimes, which was followed by the trumped-up Dossier aimed at Donald Trump and the further in-depth cover-up of Hillary’s classified documents crimes by the FBI, which puts many governmental actors in danger of prison for obeying Obama, and all because the leftist, Democrat president demanded that a fellow-thinker, Hillary, remain in the Oval Office and continue the big-government reign of power that Obama began. Every move Obama made was unconstitutional and was performed to take power from citizens and place more power in the hands of the Deep State Swamp.

So dopers and rock-stars, none of whom are very smart nor very deep thinkers, should be kept out of the Oval Office because they are  a danger to all of the freedoms and liberties we exercise daily and want to continue to enjoy. If one of the Democrat dope-heads is elected to the presidency they’ll rule by executive order, they’ll open up the southern border to all illegals who want to live here, they’ll pack the Supreme Court with leftist judges, and they’ll destroy this great nation.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Pegging A Date And A Warming Level To Bernie’s 12-Years-To-Doom Prediction

On March 5, 2019, I published an article titled “The Earth Has Only 12 Years Left? Let’s See” in which I expressed doubt as to the validity of the 12-year warning of the earth’s end, which is all the rage in Democrat/Progressive focus groups. Although I was on target with my advice to track the next 11 years (the first year is already in progress on Bernie Sanders’ 12-year warning) and see if the earth actually does warm up incrementally, as each of the years passes us by, I failed to consider the actual level of warming Bernie and AOC are referring to with their 12-year heads up.

Considering that the original warming proponents of the 1970s and 80s told us that the earth would experience a warming of about one or two degrees in the next 50 or 60 years, that’s not much warming to worry about. Plus, it is not politically useful to leftist radicals and provides them no political clout at all. So I assume that Bernie’s and AOC’s new claims, now for only 12 years and not dozens of years into the future, must be anticipating warming to increase much more than the paltry 2 degrees formerly predicted.

So if the old prediction of a 2 degree increase wasn’t powerful enough for the current, lying Democrat politicians, maybe an increase of 50 degrees by 2030 would be a good number to shoot at, since no respectable Democrat politician will commit to a number.

In the Midwest, where I live, a 50 degree increase by 2030 would make the months of July and August weigh in at about 150 degrees on the hottest days. That’s plenty warm, but it’s livable if the Green New Deal permits us to keep our air conditioners, which it won‘t.  It’s also very unlikely to happen, based on any warming that’s occurred in the last 20 or 30 years.

So an increase of 50 degrees in 12 years means an annual increase of about 4 degrees from 2018 to 2030. Since we’re in the first of these 12 years, can anyone say that the temperature at their hometown has gotten hotter so far?  It hasn’t as far as I can determine. In the Midwest I haven’t seen the range of temperature changing much during this first lapsed year. During the summer of this year (2019 will begin the second year of Bernie’s 12-year promise of destruction) I’m anxious to see if temperatures of 105 to 109 degrees actually happens. But since there has been no noticeable increase of temperature during year one, I believe old Bernie is just being political with his scare tactics, and I’ll bet we also will not see any increase in temperature during year number two, either. One wonders if Bernie’s followers will ever be able to see the insult to their intelligence with the warming/change claims.

If we are to take Bernie and AOC at their literal word about continued warming and devastating weather, we must assume that this warming has been going on for many years as the warming alarmists claim, and it makes one wonder if every year since 2000 as an example, has seen the temperature increased by the estimated 4 degrees? If that were the case then temperatures today in 2019, would have to be 76 degrees hotter, every day, following the 2000 start date. And this proves the lie of the warming advocates’ alarming claims. Because in the Midwest in March when the temperature may reach a maximum of 40 or 50 degrees, the 76 degree increase in temperature would push the temperature to 120 degrees, and this sort of temperature increase has definitely not happened. We are being lied to by these charlatans.

One must be careful when dealing with the inventive and lying Democrats, though. Maybe Bernie means that in the year 2030, all of a sudden the temperature will increase by his imaginary 50 degrees and will shoot to 150 degrees. Also one must consider that the Democrats will change their tune on a dime, as they did when they went from calling it “Global Warming” and switched to the phrase “Climate Change” because the lack of increasing temperature was undermining their whole raison d’etre.

So if Democrats are speaking about climate/weather and not exclusively about higher temperatures, then I’d like everyone to notice that the Midwest is famous for its tornados. The Kansas City area had a bad tornado hit in the late 1950s, and Joplin, MO was devastated in 2011, but neither city has seen any more damage from tornados since those two dates. So if Democrats tell us that the subject is climate change/weather, and  not the actual increase of temperature, then why is 2030 such a threat to us if the last 8 years has not produced another tornado as destructive as the one in 2011 was for Joplin? If temperatures are not rising as sharply as the 50 degrees I’m assuming for 2030, then how can weather get worse if the temperature does not increase significantly at the same time? Supposedly the use of carbon products is causing temperatures to rise and weather to be more violent, so I’m betting that Bernie and his radical pals cannot explain what’s wrong with my 50 degree assumption for the year 2030, because every American is still driving their cars and keeping their home thermostats at a comfortable setting, which means we are continuing our use of carbon products, and temperatures remain stable these last many years.

What if the old, less sophisticated  Democrats of 1975, when all of this bluster about the destruction of the earth began, had told us that the temperature of the world was increasing by 5 degrees a year because of there being too many cars, too many air conditioners, too many cows releasing gases, all of which claims are being made by today’s Democrats? If that was what they said back in the 1980s and 90s, the current temperature of the world, now 40 years later, would have increased by over 200 degrees. And although I’ll admit that winters are not as cold as they once were (but summers are still just as warm, although not any warmer than they were 40 years ago), I’m not aware of July and August in Missouri being anywhere near in excess of 100 degrees for more than a day or two at a time.

But by using the assumed 50 degree increase in temperature by 2030, and we must assume another 50 degrees increase 12 years after that, and each 12 year interval following those 12 years, we’ll still be nearing 200 degrees by 2050, per the predictions of Bernie Sanders, which is a complete crock of leftist crap.

So let’s track the weather and temperature predictions of Bernie and his leftist pals, starting with Summer this year, and, after two years into the 12-years-to-doom he’s predicted, see if we come even close to the 4 to 8 degree temperature increase that should be happening this summer if the lying Democrats are accurate with this global destruction thing.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

American Politics, Clearly Stated

Conservatives, and most Republicans, like to be left alone and not be bothered with politics. They like to go to work each morning and return home to their families each night. They get great satisfaction providing for their families and feeling in charge of their lives.

Liberals, progressives and other Democrats like chaos, protest marches and telling everyone else how to live their lives.

The only times conservatives like public displays of emotions are at fourth of July parades.  Whereas Democrats enjoy ANTIFA brawling, occupy wall street sprawls, women’s marches, Black Lives Matter protests, trans-gender displays, and the occasional just plain riot.

When Republican politicians do something that is distasteful to the Republican leadership, as Iowa Representative Steve King did a month or so ago, the party immediately removes him from his committee responsibilities and shames him into silence. But when Representative Ilhan Omar makes a racist, anti-Semitic remark that shocks the nation, the Democrat leader in the House makes excuses for her, mildly shakes her finger at her, and then initiates legislation denouncing the type of remark that Omar made, but leaves the perpetrator of the remark unidentified and unblamed and in full possession of her committee assignments and her good name. The perpetrator skates free on the Democrat side, and the perp on the Republican side is punished.

Republicans choose to discuss pleasantly any and all differences between the parties, but Democrats call Republicans evil and their dutiful followers shoot Republicans on a baseball field outside Washington, nearly killing one of them.

Chicago Democrats are fond of paying friends to have themselves beaten, then calling the attack racism and blaming the it on a MAGA-hat-wearing white guy.

Conservatives usually praise the police for risking their lives to keep our streets safe. Democrats form BLM protests and call for police officer assassinations.

There’s a big difference between Democrats and Republicans, and the continuation of our lives as we’ve known them is dependent on voters keeping Democrats out of political offices.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Ho-Hum. Just Another Example Of Liberal Privilege.

One reads a lot these days of white privilege, but the privileged class is really a hyphenated class: the correct term is White-Liberal privilege.

One can recall Hillary Clinton’s daughter, fresh out of college, getting a six-figure job with NBC, for which she did absolutely nothing during the year she had the job. NBC was obviously buying access to Hillary in hopes of her becoming president one day, but did the influence buying have to be so obvious? And then Chelsea married and moved into a ten-million dollar penthouse in New York City. Enough said about privilege.

One can also recall the FBI refusing to prosecute Hillary after James Comey listed her various crimes for ten minutes during a televised talk on July 5, 2016. Now that’s privilege.

And what about Barack Obama speaking very softly and begging Vladimir Putin to give him more time to get re-elected so he could serve Russia’s demands. One dare not call it collusion, but it is absolutely Liberal privilege, that the leftist news agencies found nothing of interest here at all.

And how about Bill Ayers, the murderer and terrorist bomber, who gave Obama his big entry into national politics. Was the criminal Ayers an obstacle at all for Obama? Not when Liberal privilege is concerned.

And how about the Steele Dossier that initiated the Trump Collusion charge? Does the fact that for two years we’ve known that this document, used by the FBI to get Trump spied on via the FISA court, was a total fabrication bought by the DNC and the Clinton campaign people? Not a bit, when it’s by and for Liberal privilege.

And now we have liberal privileged Hollywood types buying access for their children to elite colleges and universities. Nothing here to see, no big deal. But maybe this elite college thing is not as great as we thought it was. After all Obama was the most corrupt and narrow minded president we’ve ever had and he attended Columbia and Harvard. And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got a degree in economics at Boston College, and it only got her a job tending bar in the Bronx; plus, she is the dumbest person in Washington at the present time. So fancy colleges can only go so far in life, and then you either have what it takes, or you don‘t.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Democrats Establish A Stench Of The Kremlin In The House Of Representatives

The current atmosphere in Washington is reminiscent of the state of terror that controlled everyone’s lives in the former Soviet Union, because American Democrats are acting exactly like Joseph Stalin with their reign of lawless terror in our nation’s capitol.

One of the most recent and outlandish acts of the House committees investigating President Trump was to send orders to 81 people close to Trump, his family and his business dealings, to respond to them about any dealings with Trump that could raise eyebrows as to their legality, in an effort to gather information so the Democrats in the House can begin impeachment proceedings on our president. A second reason Democrats have for the orders to produce documents is the hope that the Democrat majority can begin legal actions against some or all of the 81 recipients of the order. These costly legal actions would burden and worry people who have dealt with Trump in the past, which would act as a warning of more demands in the future from Democrat legislators, which demands could result in costing tens of thousands of dollars to innocent people, with the further threat of bankruptcy or prison if the Democrats don’t get the damaging information they want on the president. Robert Mueller and his band of  investigators have shown the path to this kind of corrupt justice, and people like Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort have paid the price for having known and worked with President Trump, and have been financially and legally broken for actions taken outside of, and unrelated to, their workings with Trump in the last election.

These orders to produce are just a way to beat down people close to Trump and hopefully get some dirt on him, out of fear of being ruined by the corrupt Democrats. And anyone deciding to not send in the demanded documents, will be subpoenaed and likely found in contempt of the House and threatened with even higher legal bills, just because they know, or worked with, President Trump.

The stench of Joseph Stalin and Hitler’s SS are all over the Democrats in their zeal to hurt Trump’s reputation before the 2020 elections, of at least cause many current Trump supporters to abandon him due to the negative atmosphere the corrupt Democrats are manufacturing.

The old quote of Stalin’s pal, Lavrentiy Beria, of “Show me the man, I’ll find you the crime” should be posted above the entrance to the House Of Representatives because of their Stalinist actions taken to remove a president that is undoing all of the third-world policies and positions the Democrats have enacted the last fifty-or-so years, acts that destroy nations and impoverish their populations.

Democrats, in their frenzy to get the goods on Trump, are behaving like jackals, and that’s not the tradition that has made our legal system the envy of the world. Or to phrase it in Obama-style: that’s not who we are.

Monday, March 11, 2019

The Self-Identified “Boss” is Simply, Bossy

The immature and dangerous Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has identified herself, after being in the House for a little over a month, as the “boss”. I’m not certain exactly what she thinks she’s the boss of, but the boss of shrillness and idiocy are all she‘s displayed. She evidently does not understand that her job as a legislator is to negotiate with Republicans and oversee the protection of our nation and our constitution, not give American citizens orders and then threaten to punish them when they don’t respond to her demands favorably.

If you were to tell Ms. AOC that, rather than having the government issue whatever idiotic healthcare plan that radical leftists could patch together, you would prefer to keep your existing healthcare, which you may be personally paying for or are getting from your employer, Bossy would tell you that you will not be allowed to keep your plan under her enlightened and necessary idea of liberty in America. At least our corrupt Democrat legislator is being honest with us up front, unlike the America-hating Barack Obama who lied and reassured us that under his unconstitutional Affordable Care Act we could keep our plan, period; and we could keep our doctor, period; yada, yada.

If you were to tell AOC that you would like to drive a large, powerful car, she would tell you that, under her plan, you will not be permitted to do so.

If you were to tell her that you like the idea of a dependable, 24-hour supply of electricity to heat and cool your home in all weather conditions, she would deny your request at such a ridiculous notion, because don’t you know, earth has only 12 years left to live.

Of course the ignorant Miss Bossy will have luxury healthcare, and she will ride around in Limos and private jets, and her home will be comfortable in all weather because she will be able to get Coal- or natural-gas-fired electricity all the time. But you won’t, under her new Socialist/Communist Green New Deal plan.

A vision of horror like that of Venezuela is on the American horizon with the current bunch of America-hating Democrats who think that they know how America should operate better than the unique American traditions developed and proven to be successful over decades of experience. Democrats are acting like a drunk mechanic who is ripping your car’s engine to pieces with sweet promises of a better running auto when he’s completed the modifications. and all you came in for was an oil and filter change.

Our new and unwelcome “Bosses” on the Democrat left are just dictators-in-training, and so far they’re not doing well with their indoctrinations. Their job is to represent us, not give us orders. But our main job as citizens is to boot these fools out of their elected positions before they do real, lasting harm to America.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

A Democrat, Radical, Muslim Woman Makes A Racist Comment, And White Males Get The Blame

Newly installed House of Representatives Democrat, Ilhan Omar, recently made a racist, anti-Semitic statement about Jews in general and Israel in particular which raised the hackles of all thinking Americans, and places in question not only the quality of people the Democrats allow in their party, but also the wisdom of the people voting for such fools and putting them in office.

Of course, Nancy Pelosi was appropriately, but unconvincingly, shocked by the comment, while at the same time defending and criticizing Ms. Omar as a bumbling fool for not being able to predict the hurt her remarks would cause other people. But Ms. Omar doesn’t care at all for the hurt her idiotic remarks may cause. She hates Jews, and fighting them and trying to eliminate them is her only interest. So Ms. Pelosi, the leader of the House of Representatives, swore she would generate legislation that would make Ms. Omar’s remarks prohibited and off limits for the House in the future.

But when the legislation was voted on it made no reference to Ms. Omar, who was the sole cause for the bill in the first place and whose nasty remarks about Jews was the subject of the bill, and instead called for no more off-hand remarks for LGBT groups, people who blush easily, people-of-color, people who don’t mix well in groups, people who have blunt noses; I think you get the point: the legislation made white males culpable for all instances of bigotry and hate, and gave Omar a complete pass, because as we all know, and as CNN’s Don Lemon reminds us frequently, the only racist, homophobic, hate-filled people in America are white, patriotic, males, especially those who voted for Donald Trump in 2016. So instead of pointing a finger of guilt at the real racist, Ms. Omar, the Democrat legislation branded all American white males as being bad persons and left the real anti-Semitic, racist free of any charge.

But the interesting thing to make note of in this matter is that David Duke and Louis Farrakhan both issued statements of agreement with Ms. Omar’s vicious statement about Jews, so at least if Nancy Pelosi is unable to identify a racist she is working with every day of the week, at least racists can identify each other. One only hopes Omar, Duke and Farrakhan meet privately so no one else has to see or hear any of them ever again.

And as far as international relations goes, Ms. Omar is in the finest of company, because one hears reports of French Jews immigrating to Israel in increasing numbers because of anti-Jewish sentiment and a disturbing number of attacks on Jews in the stylish and trend-setting nation of France. The French and Ms. Omar deserve each other.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Traitors In Our Midst

For the better part of the last 100 years the American left has flirted with and embraced Communism as an ideal that Americans should accept as superior to Capitalism as practiced under our Constitutional government. In spite of Democrat love for Communism,  Capitalism expanded and Communist/Socialist states around the world collapsed while their citizens suffered. But is forbidden to call Democrats who plotted against our capitalist economy “traitors”, which they are.

The only thing that has publicly brought American liberals to speak critically of Russia is the lie of a Trump/Russia collusion, that Democrats claim caused Hillary to lose to Donald Trump in 2016. The Democrat lie about collusion caused Democrats to pretend to reject Vladimir Putin, after Barack Obama swooned over and privately dealt with the Russian dictator for the eight years of his presidency. But one must not say there was collusion on the part of President Obama with his secret appeals to Putin to give him more time to get re-elected so he could do Putin’s bidding and undermine American security.

But, having to back off of a fondness for Russia because of the political convenience of hating an imagined Trump/Putin pact, American liberals wasted no time finding another style of governing to worship as they rejected the proven success of Capitalism. An entire movement of Democrat politicians, and virtually all of the Democrat 2020 presidential candidates, immediately took up the banner of Venezuelan Socialism and began promising government giveaways of everything that people enjoy and need, to be provided free under their new idea of an American presidential administration. The failing state of Venezuela had no blemishes that Democrats could identify, so they promised they would do the same things that has caused Venezuelan citizens to have no food and no medicines, and to be on the edge of revolution because of the total failure of the Socialist Maduro government.

Now we have Muslim women in the House of Representatives aggressively attacking Jews and Israel, our closest ally in the Middle East, along verbally abusing whatever Republican House member they can call racist at the moment, just because he’s there.

And one cannot fail to mention the traitorous Hillary Clinton who passed thousands of classified documents over an un-secure Email server, thereby risking American lives and our national security with her horrendous acts. But even though, on July 5, 2016, the Director of the FBI listed the many illegal and traitorous acts Hillary committed while she was Secretary of State, he decided not to seek prosecution for these numerous acts of treason. If James Comey’s refusal to send the Hillary case to a Grand Jury is not itself an act of treason, I can’t imagine what is.

It’s about time that Americans identified the majority of the Democrat party as being traitors and start bouncing their rear ends out of positions of power in our government.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

A Case Against Marijuana Legalization

I consider myself an old-fashioned person who only wants the greatest level of liberty for the greatest number of American citizens. There are things I would legalize if only to remove criminal stigmatization and stop the criminal element from profiting from those marginally questionable things, but there are also some legalizations that should not be performed in order to protect young, impressionable people from a mistake that could destroy their lives.

But when it comes to the legalization of marijuana I draw the line. And I only have one real objection to this legalization:  legalizing this drug will only lead to a greater use of it by young people who too often use it to avoid the boredom and pointlessness of their daily lives. Young people should be encouraged to be mentally bright and awake, and using marijuana will do the exact opposite of that. If you’ve ever seen a college-aged person on marijuana listlessly drifting, both mentally and physically, you’ll know what I mean. The drug is too tempting and too easily attained as it is, and we should not lower the barriers that keep people of all ages from using it. One recalls the old saying that the mind is a terrible thing to waste, and that summarizes my opposition to any recreational drug.

A society that apparently urges its young people to use marijuana is risking that they live lives of ever-escalating drug use, constantly seeking a more powerful drug to satisfy them, and this would be a life of never-ending drug use. There have been many Libertarians on the subject of drugs who see evidence of the relationship between recreational drugs and schizophrenia and object to legalization on that relationship. And one could also add the relevant point that many current Democrat candidates for president are admitted users of recreational drugs, and maybe their drug use is why these misguided people are all for promising government goodies to everyone in exchange for their vote. They don’t seem to understand that we have a constitution and that they will swear to abide by and protect that constitution if they’re elected in 2020, but their drug-rattled brains don’t work properly now, and will work even less well in 2020 when, and if, they are elected to the Oval Office and lead the nation into the dark future of drug use.

How can society sit by and watch our young people use drugs as a tension-relieving tool? The young must learn how to cope with stress and tension and not seek escape from life in a drug.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Doping Is De Riguer For Democrat Political Candidates

At this point it’s supposedly been established that drugs affect the minds of humans, and with practically the entire slate of Democrat 2020 presidential candidates proudly announcing that they have enjoyed the mind-expanding qualities of smoking dope, and since this radical bunch of fools finds it necessary to declare, without reservation, that they smoked, inhaled and enjoyed the MJ experience, I take this as another indication of the mind-destroying reasons to NOT use such products. The scandalous example of supposedly responsible presidential candidates toking to their heart’s content will only encourage young people to follow the radical Democrats’ example of being cool and woke, and perhaps destroy their lives. In the good old days Bill Clinton had to admit that he did have experience with marijuana, but he claimed he didn’t inhale and didn’t like the experience. That was then, and it certainly is not now.

But what does this revelation of a majority of Democrat candidates, all of whom want to take up Barack Obama’s banner of “fundamentally transforming America” by Socialistically promising everything to everyone, everything, that is, except insisting that they obey the laws and work for a living, tell us about the state of the Democrat party today?

Some of these most influential Democrats are not only being partakers of marijuana, but are bragging about it. Is this bunch of fools making all of their Socialist-loving statements and leftist policy announcements because of their relative youth and the influence of the America-hating former Democrat president, or has the drug they are so proud of toasted their minds to the point that they don’t know right from wrong? All one can be certain of is that they do not know right from wrong. And with this knowledge of their mental state, how could any sensible person vote for these people to lead our nation?

It seems to me that with the socially acceptable aspect of smoking dope and the idiotic but liberal-serving side-effect that it perhaps makes one trendy to be smoking and impressing one’s friends with how au courant they are, this knowledge of their attitude on critical matters makes these presidential candidates unfit for duty. In a world going mad with terrorist bombings, North Korea launching missiles across Japan and toward Hawaii, Palestinians promising to bury Israel and Iran threatening to nuke Europe and America, we need responsible people in the White House and not a bunch of immature dope-heads who may indeed take up sniffing glue in the Oval Office if the fancy strikes them, and if it will impress their friends. And what about the staff and the Cabinet these idiots will appoint to defend our nation and oversee the protection and preservation of the constitution? They’ll be even worse than Eric Holder was, and that’s pretty bad.

Monday, March 4, 2019

The Earth Has Only 12 Years Left? Let’s See.

For the last 40 years we have been told that the earth will be destroyed in 50 years; in 15 years; in 10 years (this due date has already past and the earth is still here; 30 years (this due date also has already expired and the earth is still here); and now we’re told of a due date of 12 years coming from the radical Democrats in our government. 

As noted, some of these predictions have already expired, and there is so little introspection and record keeping by radical Democrats that they continue to make their asinine predictions with straight faces, and they take us for such complete dunces that they don‘t realize we can track these predictions and know that they are all a crock of crap.

A year ago, in 2018, Bernie Sanders started this 12-year-to-destruction prediction, and now, a year later, we are down to only 11 years left to live, and still dumb old Bernie and stupid young AOC and their radical pals are trying to frighten us with this same old 12-year due date to disaster date. When lying Democrats use the same interval of time and don’t allow for a passing of time and revise their count-down to disaster with each passing year, we know that the threat is completely fabricated and is nothing but BS.

One assumes that this count-down-to-global-death will find life on earth getting increasingly more miserable as we approach the 12-year due date of 2030, which Bernie established last year. We should mark our calendars and let’s see if our lives get increasingly more uncomfortable as we approach the left’s imaginary date-of-death for all mankind. I know that with the passing of time and the expiration of former disaster due dates by Paul Ehrlich, Al Gore, Ted Danson, Prince Charles and other renowned environmental liars, have not produced a more inhospitable environment, and by just looking around one can see that life has gone on rather nicely despite our being told that we would be burning to death by 2010.

Warning: the misery we are told we will experience as we approach 2030 cannot include the misery we feel as we see radical Democrats propose environmental legislation and issue constant daily warnings of environmental disaster. If the Democrat warnings are to be believed, we should be feeling more actual environmental discomfort as birds fall from the skies; volcanoes erupt without end; hurricanes blow without pause; record snow-fall causes the end of baseball season in Tampa; and record heat halts the football season in Green Bay.

And as an aside to this issue, maybe the bad weather we are told we will experience as we approach 2030 and the end of the world, will be caused by the God-less Democrats with their racism, their abortion-on-demand, their lying and the destruction being done to people’s lives in Sanctuary Cities. Maybe God is punishing all of us for allowing Democrat radicals to be the ones to guide our national policies down the dark, treacherous paths that Bernie and AOC are leading us. Just maybe.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Democrats Tell Their Followers What To Think, While Republicans Appeal To Logic And Honesty

Have you ever noticed that Democrats and their pals in the lying media don’t allow their followers to consider both sides of a policy matter, they instead instruct their Democrat subjects what to think concerning any and all issues.

A great example is a recent situation where Joe Biden, a possible Democrat candidate for president, said that Mike Pence was a “decent guy”, and the left blasted poor old Joe with ridicule and politically correct abuse for making such an honest but un-politic statement, to the extent that Biden was forced to apologize and retract his friendly and fellow-American statement. Biden and Pence have known each other for years and probably like each other, despite their political positions, which matter not whit when it comes to respecting someone for being a “decent guy”. But the power structure in the Democrat party is beginning to resemble the Kremlin in that it insists on everyone in the party following the party line. Biden got his mind right and took back the compliment, as any good, radical Democrat would do.

Similarly Donald Trump has been designated as a racist and a criminal for only one reason: he beat Hillary in 2016. But that’s the party line and Democrats will give him no leeway for being an accomplished executive and getting major things done in his first two years as president. And they still plot against him for the lie of collusion or anything else they can pin on him, even though the collusion charge has never been proven after extensive investigation, and we know that false evidence was planted by Democrat sources in order to frame him and remove him from office.

In the case of Trump’s recent trip to Hanoi to meet with Kim Jong-Un to discuss the nuclear disarmament of North Korea, the lying press first stated that they knew that Trump would sell American interests down the river by signing an agreement that would allow Kim to keep his weapons and still be a threat to Japan and South Korea, while Trump would give up things we hold dear in order to get any agreement. And then when Trump bluntly ended the talks and came home after refusing to agree with Kim’s insistence that the sanctions be removed from North Korea even though he would not give up his nuclear weapons, the press dumped on him again, by saying that Trump was a failure and could not deal as an equal with the dictator Kim. At no time was Trump given credit for meeting with the Norks and getting them to stop launching missiles over Japan and threatening a Nuke strike on Hawaii. President Trump has received no credit for attempting to talk Kim out of his weapons. Instead they keep calling Trump a racist, a war-monger and unbefitting the presidency.

President Trump’s attempts to get a peaceful resolution to the North Korea nuclear situation, and his ability to put a halt to the murderous ISIS killing spree in the Middle East, neither of which successes were even thought of by Barack Obama, let alone attempted in his eight years in office, are ignored by the fake news press, and the Democrat party will give him no credit at all, but instead just fall back on the racist and homophobic name-calling that they expect their mind-numbed Democrat followers to adhere to and believe. The pretense that Democrats are seeking a way to bring Americans together and put an end to the divisive rhetoric and snide remarks we now see exchanged every day, is a total lie. They want their hate for President Trump to be shared by all Democrats and to be repeated by the fake news press all the time.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Now Everyone Is A “Person Of Color”

Remember when the term “person of color” meant a black person of African descent, one who had actually been harmed by discriminatory policies and prejudice?

Well now, with self-identity run amuck and preferences being given to anyone who is not lily white, the term “person of color” has become a political term and is being claimed by everyone who hates President Trump and who wants some sympathy for whatever imagined problem they seem to be having in life.

Muslims and Hispanics, many of whom are ranking government officials and who are new arrivals to the self-identified down-trodden classes, even though they often have considerable wealth, now claim “person of color” status and pout and complain about racism, while overseeing the destruction of America. When the scam artist who is complaining about being “of color” but is actually the same shade of skin color as the most white among us, it’s difficult to take them seriously.

After eight years of the presidency of Barack Obama, why are there still so many discriminated-against, under-privileged people of various national origins, and why has the number of “persons of color” increased multi-fold during and following the Obama administration?

When a powerful, Democrat, Muslim Congresswoman, as white as any “non-person of color”  I’ve ever seen, attacks a white Congressman as being a racist and then retreats to the position of the poor, mistreated, picked on woman of color when challenged for her vicious attack, it raises concerns about where a new wave of racism is coming from, and it is coming from the highest, most privileged, positions in our governmental structure.

One position of racism that has not been discussed publicly as of this time, is that even those who complain the most about racism in other people may well themselves be racists, even those who are the darkest in skin color or are just pretending to have the correct, approved shade, can commit racist acts on occasion.

On the other hand, when people take differing positions on issues it‘s not of necessity a sign of racism; they may just disagree. But of course Democrats will yell RACISM every time there is a disagreement because Republicans don’t have the courage to stand up to such charges and fight back. I will say, though, that all of the hate and obstruction thrown at Donald Trump by Democrats certainly appears to be a form of racism, because all of the accomplishments of President Trump are being ignored by his critics, and the trumped-up collusion charges against him have no basis except in the most virulent hateful and racist politics.

But the person of color phenomenon is just what one can expect from liberals: a program is designed to reverse real discrimination and stop the maltreatment of individuals, and then all Democrats jump on the program and claim to themselves be victims, thereby making a sham of the whole attempt to right past wrongs, and increasing tensions between Americans who have no real beef with each other. It’s almost as though some people may be seeking a position of victimhood by claiming to have a “person of color privilege“.