Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

The Woke/Cancel Culture Proves That Communism Doesn’t Work

 When Karl Marx published his Communist Manifesto he claimed that Communism was inevitable and that Capitalism would inevitably fail. But history has revealed that Marx’s ideas have always been failures. Communism only leads to dictatorship, misery and poverty, and Capitalism, where it’s allowed to be practiced, has allowed the poorest among us to rise from poverty to the middle class and higher via their work, thrift and ingenuity, which fact has been proven by the wave of immigrant invaders crossing Biden’s open border in unbelievable numbers, and from all nations, trying to get to the source of freedom and wealth, and trying to escape the bonds of Socialism in their native countries. These unfortunate immigrants are not seeking the Democrat promise of Socialism, they are seeking a better life for their families in a Capitalist nation: America.

But the most recent version of current-day Communism, the woke/cancel culture that Joey Biden has welcomed into the ruling class of America, has taken Marx’s failure of Communism a step further by not only trying to bury the past failures of the far left, but to silence Biden’s critics by “cancelling” all who oppose his far-left policies, namely those patriotic Americans who just want to defend the policies of economics and governing that have produced the wealthiest and freest people in the world.

 In China, the Communist dictators have a policy of social scoring called the environmental, social governance index (ESG) whereby you can be denied a loan, refused employment and will be relegated to the shadows of society if the rulers don‘t like the way you vote, how you live, what kind of car you drive, where your children go to school or the attitude toward the government you demonstrate. Or, in the enlightened Biden administration, you can be imprisoned for using the wrong pronoun when addressing a member of the trans community, all of which policies are being presented to America in the far-left Biden administration. Even if you were the green energy star who brought production of the political left’s electric automobile to a state of acceptance as a part of Biden’s green movement, you will be cast from the warmth of society if you don’t follow the radical left’s ideas of behavior and socially acceptable speech, which treatment is being imposed on Elon Musk, because he‘s critical of leftist government.

Communism failed simply because it doesn’t work, but instead leads to more misery for poor people, and woke-ism will fail because the hate and violence associated with it proves it can’t exist with the willing acceptance of informed citizens.

Dictatorships are always forced on the unfortunate population that have to live under the harsh ruler, and that’s why Communism has never taken over a Capitalist nation. But America’s radical left is trying to sell Marx’s promise of misery through the back door by shaming those citizens who understand the evil it presents and who won’t buy this dirty product.

Monday, May 23, 2022

If Democrats Depress Our Economy With Every Decision They Make, Why Are They Called “Progressives”?

 Whether it’s the cost of food, the cost of fuel, the empty store shelves, the cost of a used car, the skyrocketing crime rate, the unavailable baby formula, the formation of a government misinformation bureau, the war in Ukraine or the never-ending diseases mysteriously cropping up that will require wearing a mask once again, Democrats, and especially old squinty Joey Biden, seem to screw up everything they touch. And yet they are called “progressives”, at least by each other. If what they accomplish is “progress”, then I don’t understand the meaning of that word. 

Progress means to move ahead or advance, not to lose ground to idiotic decisions that are failures each time they’re tried. But to Democrats the word “progress” means gaining progressively more political power by creating false documents indicating collusion with Russia, falsifying the result of a presidential election, or promising domestic give-away programs that favor the already well-off at the expense of the less-well-off, or forming an government agency that will punish speech that doesn’t benefit Democrats.

But the most insulting aberration we’ve ever seen was Joey Biden’s effort to allow the Chinese-loving World Health Organization to decide at what point the United States begins to experience a new health crisis, or when a crisis is already in progress, and then the W.H.O. will decide how the U.S. must, under international law, respond to the health threat: when to go into another lockdown; when to mask; and what vaccines American citizens must all take, especially when we may be mandated to take Chinese drugs. The world is currently observing the Chinese covid drugs that have already failed the citizens of Shanghai, who are being starved with in-home lockdowns because China can’t get the relatively weak covid virus under control. This push to give American sovereignty to the W.H.O. and the U.N. in matters of public health is both idiotic and traitorous.

Sometimes it’s difficult for Democrats to appreciate how to exercise power after they have gained it. For Biden it’s pleasant to pay-off college loans for the sons and daughters of Harvard and Yale graduates working in his administration, while expecting factory workers and plumbers to be taxed in order to subsidize the government give-away. And for Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, it’s pleasant for her to boast about her own personal celebrity status and life, by enlightening us plebes about her homo-sexuality, her femaleness, being black and being an immigrant, and then to have to depend on written notes from her staff to answer questions from the press during her televised meetings with them. Americans don’t want a person who brags about all of her “firsts” in the job. We want competence in our officials, which Ms. Jean-Pierre lacks. 

The poor, misguided woman is so proud of her irrelevant wokeness that she thinks we peons out here give a damn about her personal life and her dubious accomplishments,  and she cares not a whit about what does matter: her knowledge about current events and being able to discuss them intelligently without the need of notes. Most of Biden’s administration were awarded their jobs because of their race or gender, instead of getting the job because they had earned it and could do the new job without having to read a page of cliff-notes that they don’t understand.

There’s a real world out there, and Democrats don’t live in it. They just take advantage of it with their ill-gotten power, and screw everything up as they stumble through each day.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Biden’s Callous Behavior Toward American Citizens Alerts Us To The Socialism And Misery That Lies Ahead For Our Nation

 Although Biden is too far gone mentally to realize what he’s done, I believe his actions, probably done in order to get the praise of his young, woke staff, is dooming America, and very swiftly.

A few months ago Joey made the statement that he is a dedicated Capitalist, but he warned that Capitalism can’t exist without competition. Capitalism also can’t function without energy to make goods, distribute goods and get employees to work each day, so of course the first thing Joey did as president was begin choking off the energy supply our nation needs to keep our economy alive. But the one thing Joey forgot that closely accompanies competition in keeping an economy strong, is the freedom to operate without undo government fiddling with the rules. So of course Joey quickly began regulating and mandating the way corporations worked and what they must do and not do, and worst of all, he began forcing wokeness and the theory of “stakeholders” being parties that a company must serve first and foremost, before they could think about making a profit, all of which proved that old squinty Biden is really a Communist at heart and not a pro-American Capitalist.

And even though inflation has increased and Joey’s approval ratings have plummeted, we can be certain that either Joey is blissfully ignorant of these things, or his leftist staff has assured him that all of that insignificant stuff will correct itself over time and he’ll be seen as a green hero when it all mellows out.

The religious verve of leftists for the absolute lie of warming/change has anti-American Democrats behaving as though they are some kind of Svengali saving the world, when just a few days ago we were presented with the news that Sri Lanka had completely run out of fuel, which means no automobiles or taxis were getting people to work nor getting sick children to hospitals, and soon there will be no ambulances nor public buses either, if government won’t or can’t get enough fuel to jump-start the private economy. With the idiotic way Joey has been choking our energy supply and criticizing the industry that drills, refines and distributes fuel for Americans, and the thoughtless way he’s been depleting the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve, we could go the way of Sri Lanka, and coming back from such a severe shock to an economy, we may well be over as a prosperous nation.

After all, at the same time that we have a shortage of fuel for transportation, there are store shelves sitting empty and many families can’t find baby formula for their children. And it’s all on Joey and his pack of hate-producing fools.

It’s finally come to the point where we must accept the fact that our government is intentionally attacking its citizens with a series of harmful strategies, while at the same time allowing an actual invasion of illegal aliens to cross our southern border.

The harm being done to America is intentional and our elected Representatives and Senators must be convinced to oppose this criminal foolishness or lose their cushy jobs at the elite feeding trough in our nation’s Capitol.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

The Idiot In The White House Surrenders American Sovereignty To The U.N. And WHO

 If you liked the Biden “Governmental Misinformation Bureau”;  and if you think the United Nations serves the interests of freedom and liberty in the world; and if you believe that the World Health Organization sought to control the covid pandemic and punish China for creating and spreading the disease throughout the world, you’ll love the latest, and very secret and corrupt dealings that Joey’s woke, anti-American staff is colluding with the World Health Organization.

The Biden administration has proposed amendments to the WHO international laws that will surrender America to the whims of WHO’s Director General to decide, under international law, when a health emergency exists or is developing, and he can then take “control” of that nation to correct the alleged problem. And we all know by this time how the political left uses its powers where health is concerned.

If you recall the national shutdown that is still causing serious repercussions in our own nation, imagine how serious such a shutdown/lockdown would be if the United Nations or the World Health Organization appointed Russia or China to be the controlling entity over our nation after declaring a health emergency here, despite our objections. 

China is already destroying its own city of Shanghai and starving millions of its own citizens because of the most recent outbreak of covid, and Russia is destroying Ukraine just because that’s what Russia does, and either nation would love to have an international health authority give them permission to occupy New York or Los Angeles in order to correct America’s imagined health issues, using any means they deem necessary.

The Director General of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has always been best buddies with China, so his use of China to punish America would be easily done under the new Biden approved rules revision of WHO’s charter.

If you thought that the Biden lockdown, masking orders and vaxxing mandates were bad under Biden alone, imagine the hell Joey would inflict on the United States with the United Nations and the World Health Organization encouraging him and telling him what a great leader he is and how decisive he is and how wise. The fool man would tear up the U. S. constitution and imprison all Americans to their homes, based on no actual evidence of a health emergency occurring, but based on political considerations alone.

The sovereignty of the United States is at stake, and will the WHO vote, scheduled for May 22 to 28, 2022, be negated by our legislators in the House and Senate in time to stop this insanity? We can only write to them and pray.

Biden’s next mandate will likely be to outlaw personal automobiles due to air pollution that Joey considers dangerous, thereby creating a health emergency, and he’ll allow the WHO  to intrude on our sovereignty and enforce such a thing.

The fool in the White House must be stopped by our legislature or our nation is doomed.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Democrats Openly Threaten Terrorism On America

 People who pay attention to what is transpiring around them have learned that the militant, political left in the Democrat party will burn cities, one after another, from Seattle to Baltimore, based on any pretext, and this knowledge is based on the example they set during the summer of 2020, when they rampaged all summer long, from the Atlantic boardwalk to the Pacific Coast Highway.

So now that they are illegally shouting, marching and disturbing the peace outside the homes of conservative Supreme Court Justices, who may or may not issue the decision that Roe is not constitutional, and now that Democrats are proudly expressing a threat of “we will be ungovernable” and the promise of a “summer of rage” if the Supreme Court decision is against Roe, the Democrat terrorists have self-identified themselves. The sinking Biden administration approval ratings have made it plain that Americans don’t approve of the actions and policies of the radical, violent left, and Democrats know they are in trouble with the mid-term elections due this year, with Joey in the White House.

Democrats have nothing to lose, so terrorism is their promise for the nation’s future, under the autocratic rule of Joey Biden. The sky-rocketing crime rate in America, mostly found in Democrat-run cities, is typical of how far-left Democrats govern and behave.

And, of course, Joey Biden and his Department of Justice have no problems with the illegal protests against the Supreme Court Justices. Joey says that the protesters are understandably frustrated and need to let off some steam on the subject of Roe, because his leftists are not getting what they want and what they think they deserve, so they revert to violence, which is typical of the political left.

The things happening in America since Joey Biden took office are what happened in 1930s Germany as the Nazi’s began to dominate and eventually control the government with their Storm Troopers and their guns.

So the radical Democrats have shown us that they will be violent and “ungovernable” if Republicans take the House and Senate this fall, and they hope to be able to control the outcome of the election with their threats of intimidation and violence.

Monday, May 16, 2022

Joey Biden And The Radical Left’s “American Woman” Moment

 People of a certain age will remember the Canadian rock group “The Guess Who” when they expressed the typical attitude among the self-absorbed and unappreciative radical left toward America and its Capitalism. The lyrics of their most successful song, “American Woman”, was “American Woman, get away from me” while the group made millions of dollars snuggling up to Lady Liberty, selling their recordings to American audiences, and insulting America at the same time.

It’s fashionable for the political left to pretend to hate the nation depicted by the name “American Woman“, knowing that everyone wants a piece of her, and the political left will take advantage of the liberties constitutionally guaranteed to Americans, to access our markets and make a profit for themselves whenever they can, but will pretend to hate the wealth of America in a broader world living in poverty and misery.

In 2022, with a weak and ineffectual president in the White House, the entire world is dumping on America, while millions of people, a large proportion of them illegals, are trying to come here to live or work and be a part of our “American Woman” life. But under the Biden administration nothing seems to be working as it should any longer. Our borders are wide open; gas is way too expensive; food shortages are becoming common; baby formula has disappeared from American shelves, while it’s been found aplenty along the southern border where it’s used, at the American taxpayers’ expense, by mothers from Guatemala and Cuba for their children, but not the children of American mothers. Thanks, Joey.

Given the current trend of sexual fluidity, the “American Woman” of the 1970s could today be an ugly, smelly, bearded biological man, so maybe The Guess Who were right when they said that the “American Woman” should “..get away from me”. The same America that helped save the civilized world in World Wars I and II is now being criticized by our international foes for being arrogant and a bully, while domestically the Biden administration is allowing our country to be invaded by people who don‘t understand the treasure that is America, and who only seek to profit from America‘s demise.

Recently Biden was seen screaming during a speech that there is a shortage of food “in America” he yelled indignantly. But such shortages did not exist in Donald Trump’s administration, and the shortages and the inflation and the border attacks and the escalating crime statistics only began with Biden taking the Oval Office. The problems with America are all on Joey and his ultra-left, woke administration.

America is being torn apart, one small piece after another, by the international far-left haters who want to rule this once great nation, and Joey Biden and his staff of domestic, nincompoop, wokesters are the current group trying to push us off the edge of history and into oblivion. And, unfortunately, the Biden traitors are succeeding.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

What’s Wrong with The Trans/LGBTQ Crowd?

 If something is “natural” then it’s in keeping with the laws of nature, as the natural world strives for the perpetuation of all species. If a species can’t survive, then it dies out and becomes extinct.

Men and women, male and female, are the devices nature uses to assure the continuation of humans on earth, and so far we’ve been so successful at reproducing our own kind, that we’ve nearly over-populated the planet, and that’s proof that the boy/girl thing is indeed successful and is in accord with nature.

Gays, Trans and the LGBTQ people are out of sync with nature because they are generally not helping to provide more humans to the mix. And don’t protest that last statement with some malarkey about gays indeed occasionally having children, because anyone with any sense knows exactly what the reference is.

So, gay, Trans and LGBTQ practices are out of sync with nature, and to that point they are unnatural. In this present, more enlightened era beginning in the 1960s, these people have even become accepted, if not outright approved, by the broader society, but lately have become represented in polite, woke society in numbers far in excess of their actual statistical percentage in the population in general.

The Biden administration has gone out of its way to include these people in Joey’s woke staffing of the White House, never mind that the Biden White House is the most far-left such governmental staff ever to be hired, and the Biden approval rating is the lowest ever seen for a president during his first year in office, whatever that tells us about Joey’s White House staffing decisions and the attitude of Americans toward White House staffing under our beloved Joey.

But why are these statistically small numbers of people so greatly represented in the public leftist community today? They’ve convinced the Disney corporation to make one misstep after another in trying to tempt children into joining their radical lifestyle, which has caused the American population to believe that the current executives at Disney are way out of step with the formerly happy and pleasant industry that Walt Disney created.

And why are purple, Mohawk hair styles and multiple body and face piercings and tattoos the norm for these people, unless they thrill at the idea of shocking the people who make up the “natural” part of the U.S. population? And why is parading in public in nonsense attire so important to them? They’ve achieved greater than mere acceptance in America, and in general have higher education levels and higher incomes than straights, so why go out of their way to upset everyone after having achieved the level of success and acceptance they have? Is there some pleasure to be had in their knowing that straight people are being shocked by their behavior? The shame is that this acceptance they have now, may reverse itself if this group remains on the behavioral outside of society.

And add to this quandary the insistence from the radical left that men have periods and can birth a child, and that women are merely “birthing people” who “chest feed” their children, and it seems we have a bunch of people who deny nature and biology and only want to cause a ruckus.

Friday, May 6, 2022

The Overturning Of Roe Is Disintegrating Democrats And They Are Becoming Terrorists

 Boy-oh-boy, are we going to have a good time the next six months as Joey leaves his basement hideout and gets out into America to tell us citizens, up-close, what his real values are and why we should support his Build Back Badder patchwork of Socialism.

A few days ago Joey was reminiscing about a conversation he had with Robert Bork when Bork was a nominee to the Supreme Court, years ago. Joey lectured Bork about how he (Bork) wanted rights and freedoms to come from government, while Joey and his Democrats believed that all rights were “natural laws” coming from God-given rights to all people. 

What the hell is this fool man talking about? Joey might pretend to be a practicing Catholic, in spite of his full support of abortion at any time during pregnancy, but he certainly does believe in big-government programs being the source of rights in America, with Roe being the best example of such dependence on government, and the programs coming from government regulations and decisions. If Joey Biden is serious about what he told Bork those many years ago, and assuming he’s not a bald-face liar, which he’s been known to be, then he’s forgotten the consistent position of Conservatives and their belief in a power above government that gives American citizens our “natural” rights to freedom and liberty, as documented in the constitution. And does Joey believe that the practice of abortion is something that pleases religious people or his own Church? Of course he doesn’t. Roe was a government decision, and ending it via another government action is what is threatening to Democrats.

But the fool man pretends to be unable to see or admit to the violence that has exploded from the political left now that Roe has been rumored to soon be reversed. Joey and his leftist pals know that ending the Roe protection that has existed for many years as a gift from the Supreme Court, which is now deciding that there is no constitutional basis for such law at the federal level, plus the left’s realization that the states must each decide abortion’s validity in each of those states’ legislatures, is what is riling Democrats. It’s conservatives who always argue for a smaller government and being more aligned with “natural law”, not Democrats, contrary to what Biden allegedly told Bork. So Democrats and their nasty, foot-stomping tempers are proof that they don’t believe that a majority of Americans want to keep abortion as Roe decided it, which has been their consistent position on this subject with every statement they’ve made on the subject, because they fear a defeat if each state puts abortion up for a vote, at which time the voters of each state may vote it down.

And how about men now being left out of the abortion argument? Americans have been assured for years by the radical left that men have menstrual periods (with many woke high schools actually installing tampon dispensers in the boy’s restrooms) and that men can birth children, but now, with the imminent demise of Roe, all we hear is that the rights of women are being taken away and that women should have sole rights to decide what happens with their bodies. But what about men’s menstruating bodies after Roe ends? How quickly the radical left abandons their lying beliefs when the real world, not the woke world they live in, takes up a serious subject like Biology, and the real world and wins the argument by speaking the truth.

The idiocy and contradictions coming from Democrats the last few years is stunning, and they don’t even realize how stupid they sound with their proclaimed ignorance of biology and the differences between men and women. And then there’s the violence that Democrats talk about and practice when they don’t get their way every time, which is now being expressed with the doxxing of Supreme Court justices, which is intended to intimidate and frighten the justices into reversing their decision or have their homes burned and families terrorized by violent Democrat mobs.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

How To Save America: Give Democrats A Dictionary

 Democrats like to throw around terms like “free speech” and “you can keep your doctor” when proposing new, life changing legislation and executive orders. But the actions they take with each such utterance proves that they have no idea of the meaning of the words they use. Here are a few examples of the inappropriate words they occasionally use and the real meanings of their words:

Free Speech:

Democrats have a hard time with this one. In recent times they have been in favor of big tech “moderating content” of the opinions of people communicating on their platforms, and even silenced the president of the United States when they didn’t like what he was communication in his postings. Then when a new owner of the platform took control and assured that free speech will absolutely not be silenced nor “moderated”, the leftist Democrats go literally insane and oppose the new owner, whom they nastily refer to as a “billionaire“ in hope that this name will tarnish his reputation, ignoring the fact that the previous owner was a billionaire, but was considered a good man because he kept conservative opinion off the Twitter platform.

A Free Election:

In 2019 Democrats bragged about the election that year being the most secure and open election in U.S. history. But since learning that Joe Biden won the election there have been a vast number of exposes of the corruption and buying-off of many votes where Biden was, apparently by cheating, attributed with a win.

Mostly Peaceful:

In the summer of 2020 Democrat supporters rioted every day from Seattle to Baltimore, with billions of dollars of damage, hundreds of severe beatings and many deaths, yet the Democrat press had the gall to report that these events were “mostly peaceful”. When people and being beaten and killed, there is nothing about the events that is “peaceful”.


ANTIFA supposedly stands for Anti-Fascist, but when these groups assemble and beat people and destroy property in order to silence conservative thought, or just to instill terror, they are practicing fascism, not fighting it.

Black Lives Matter:

There is not a Republican or a conservative American living today who doesn’t believe that black lives are important and should be protected, but unfortunately during and following the BLM riots in 2020 it was black citizens who suffered the most, and it was money donated to the BLM movement that was used for the personal enrichment of the BLM organizers. So a few blacks got rich from donations to the BLM cause and poor blacks were left in burned-out neighborhoods to suffer the destruction caused by the BLM riots and the leftist demands to defund the police, and Democrats are good with this injustice?

Congress Shall Make No Law…:

This phrase in the Constitution refers to the practice of religious freedom, the silencing of free speech and the rights of Americans to peaceably assemble, all of which have been denied to Americans under executive orders issued by the iron-fisted rule of Joey Biden, and his Democrat thugs serving as state governors.

….Shall Not Be Infringed:

This item in the constitution assures the American citizens’ rights to own and keep self-defense weapons, which seems to escape the notice of today’s Democrats.

You Can Keep Your Doctor:

This statement by Barack Obama was the opening of a more lengthy phrase that he used repeatedly to assure Americans that Obamacare would be no burden to Americans at all and would improve healthcare for the entire nation, which, of course, was a total lie.

Law And Order:

Everyone in the nation is expected to obey laws and be responsible citizens or go to jail for breaking the laws of the state or federal government. But some Democrat criminals are less guilty than the rest of the nation, so we are experiencing a nasty escalation of crime in America where Democrat prosecutors, mayors or governors control law enforcement and are not punishing law breakers, as the law instructs them.

Energy Independence:

Donald Trump made America energy independent, considering that we’re a nation that drives automobiles powered by gasoline engines, and Joey Biden made us once again dependent on a variety of foreign, and not very friendly, nations for our energy needs. But every time the term self-sufficient comes up under Joey’s rule, the words, and the meaning of the term, are intentionally misused to mean that when all Americans are driving electric cars we can all be independent regarding our energy needs, which allows the green Revolution to come into play and serve the ends of radical Democrats who don’t understand that the conversion to electric automobiles, it it ever happens, will necessarily take decades, and will require the substantial expansion of our electric generating capacity all over America, because even our current electric needs result in occasional brown-outs and black-outs with our current plants, and solar and wind will never be able to supply enough power to charge an electric car in every garage in America. Plus, there will be no savings of costs to consumers if all cars become electric, it will just raise the home electric bill for all Americans as they charge the EVs, which will only offset the lowering of the gas-pump bill.

Contractual Loan Obligations:

President Joey thinks he can win the support of college students and the AOC crowd by forgiving student loans, but for every young person who gets a free ride from Joey there are several older people who paid off their loans, or paid college fees as they attended school without needing a loan, and these people deeply resent this travesty. And then there’s the contractual obligation to pay for the student loan money they voluntarily borrowed that will cause young people to develop bad borrowing habits and ask for more forgiveness in the future and expect that stuff should be given to them. But Democrats can’t see beyond their noses and imagine how their idiotic ideas are harming our entire society, so I have little hope for reason to prevail on this topic. But when people who never attended college or who have already paid their loans off, start being charged for a college education for some person making fat bucks in a government job or a management position with a big company, there will be hell to pay for Democrat politicians.

The Border Is Closed:

This position of the Biden administration is so completely and dishonestly wrong that it needs no explanation, except to say that anyone who knows that over two million illegal aliens crossed from Mexico into America in 2021 and still makes the claim that the border, which had become nearly sleepy and silent during the Trump administration and is now overwhelming the border guards all along the national boundary, is closed, is a fool. And the two million number is only those people who were accounted for, and does not include the “got-aways” who crossed without being noticed.

Fundamental Transformation Of America:

When Barack Obama used this very honest and frightening phrase to describe his plans for America during his term in office, he meant that all facets of American liberty and prosperity would be changed. But when your liberty is changed it means you have lost your liberty, and when your prosperity is changed it means you are no longer prosperous. Joey Biden, being the puddin’ headed follower of  all things Obama, has taken up his leader’s promise and is trying to tie a neat bow on the package of destruction that lies ahead for America if someone doesn’t halt the Democrat insanity that is ruining the formerly greatest nation in the world.

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Biden Creates A Ministry Of Truth In Exchange For The Left’s Loss Of Twitter And Its Ability To Silence Opposing Opinion

 The Biden administration’s new Conservative silencing tool, officially called the “Disinformation Governance Board” (but also known as the Biden Crime Family Protection Board, or more truthfully referred to as the Government Disinformation Board) is directly in line with George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four in which the government controlled all means of communication and could shut up anyone that the rulers decided did not merit being heard, has been established after the Democrats lost the Twitter platform, with its ability to cancel anyone the programmers thought should be shut up.

One wonders if Joey is perhaps preparing for the silencing of daily news programs, now that Hunter Biden’s scandals are fully on display, or if they just want a new way to silence Trump, or another Republican pretender to the thrown. Or perhaps Democrats just want to hush the truth about the government lie of warming/change, or perhaps even cover up the true and not-very-dangerous nature of the covid pandemic that required an economic shutdown, masking and vaccinations that don‘t work, all of which were unnecessary and only made a bad situation much worse.

Evidently Democrats have not read the constitution that Biden swore to defend and protect, because this very bad idea of a big-government board controlling the thoughts and actions of Americans is not allowed by the constitution of the United States of America. Joey’s Government Disinformation Board is not permitted by any state or federal statute, and this fool’s errand of a board exists only as an executive order in the minds of Democrat authoritarians, and will eventually be found to be unconstitutional, as many of Joey’s far-left proposals for controlling the rascally Republicans have been found, when adjudicated by federal courts. But we all need to push our federal Representatives and Senators to oppose this piece of crap proposal and stop it before it gains any momentum.

In light of all of the troubles that have plagued this once great nation since the mental fool from Delaware took office, are we citizens going to allow this pudding-headed man to undermine our constitution and all of our precious traditions with his idiotic and treasonous scheme to squelch thought and speech in America? This plan is just a building block to steal the next election by not only blocking any anti-Biden thoughts and actions that may be expressed, but it may lead to imprisonment for all who oppose Biden and his staff of woke idiots, and once that maximum punishment is in place, our nation will  become a new Third Reich and all pretence of freedom, liberty and prosperity will be lost forever.

Let there be no doubt about it: today’s Democrats are crazy with power, intolerance and hatefulness of any opposing, non-woke opinion, and they will do anything to cease all opposition to their rule.