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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

How To Save America: Give Democrats A Dictionary

 Democrats like to throw around terms like “free speech” and “you can keep your doctor” when proposing new, life changing legislation and executive orders. But the actions they take with each such utterance proves that they have no idea of the meaning of the words they use. Here are a few examples of the inappropriate words they occasionally use and the real meanings of their words:

Free Speech:

Democrats have a hard time with this one. In recent times they have been in favor of big tech “moderating content” of the opinions of people communicating on their platforms, and even silenced the president of the United States when they didn’t like what he was communication in his postings. Then when a new owner of the platform took control and assured that free speech will absolutely not be silenced nor “moderated”, the leftist Democrats go literally insane and oppose the new owner, whom they nastily refer to as a “billionaire“ in hope that this name will tarnish his reputation, ignoring the fact that the previous owner was a billionaire, but was considered a good man because he kept conservative opinion off the Twitter platform.

A Free Election:

In 2019 Democrats bragged about the election that year being the most secure and open election in U.S. history. But since learning that Joe Biden won the election there have been a vast number of exposes of the corruption and buying-off of many votes where Biden was, apparently by cheating, attributed with a win.

Mostly Peaceful:

In the summer of 2020 Democrat supporters rioted every day from Seattle to Baltimore, with billions of dollars of damage, hundreds of severe beatings and many deaths, yet the Democrat press had the gall to report that these events were “mostly peaceful”. When people and being beaten and killed, there is nothing about the events that is “peaceful”.


ANTIFA supposedly stands for Anti-Fascist, but when these groups assemble and beat people and destroy property in order to silence conservative thought, or just to instill terror, they are practicing fascism, not fighting it.

Black Lives Matter:

There is not a Republican or a conservative American living today who doesn’t believe that black lives are important and should be protected, but unfortunately during and following the BLM riots in 2020 it was black citizens who suffered the most, and it was money donated to the BLM movement that was used for the personal enrichment of the BLM organizers. So a few blacks got rich from donations to the BLM cause and poor blacks were left in burned-out neighborhoods to suffer the destruction caused by the BLM riots and the leftist demands to defund the police, and Democrats are good with this injustice?

Congress Shall Make No Law…:

This phrase in the Constitution refers to the practice of religious freedom, the silencing of free speech and the rights of Americans to peaceably assemble, all of which have been denied to Americans under executive orders issued by the iron-fisted rule of Joey Biden, and his Democrat thugs serving as state governors.

….Shall Not Be Infringed:

This item in the constitution assures the American citizens’ rights to own and keep self-defense weapons, which seems to escape the notice of today’s Democrats.

You Can Keep Your Doctor:

This statement by Barack Obama was the opening of a more lengthy phrase that he used repeatedly to assure Americans that Obamacare would be no burden to Americans at all and would improve healthcare for the entire nation, which, of course, was a total lie.

Law And Order:

Everyone in the nation is expected to obey laws and be responsible citizens or go to jail for breaking the laws of the state or federal government. But some Democrat criminals are less guilty than the rest of the nation, so we are experiencing a nasty escalation of crime in America where Democrat prosecutors, mayors or governors control law enforcement and are not punishing law breakers, as the law instructs them.

Energy Independence:

Donald Trump made America energy independent, considering that we’re a nation that drives automobiles powered by gasoline engines, and Joey Biden made us once again dependent on a variety of foreign, and not very friendly, nations for our energy needs. But every time the term self-sufficient comes up under Joey’s rule, the words, and the meaning of the term, are intentionally misused to mean that when all Americans are driving electric cars we can all be independent regarding our energy needs, which allows the green Revolution to come into play and serve the ends of radical Democrats who don’t understand that the conversion to electric automobiles, it it ever happens, will necessarily take decades, and will require the substantial expansion of our electric generating capacity all over America, because even our current electric needs result in occasional brown-outs and black-outs with our current plants, and solar and wind will never be able to supply enough power to charge an electric car in every garage in America. Plus, there will be no savings of costs to consumers if all cars become electric, it will just raise the home electric bill for all Americans as they charge the EVs, which will only offset the lowering of the gas-pump bill.

Contractual Loan Obligations:

President Joey thinks he can win the support of college students and the AOC crowd by forgiving student loans, but for every young person who gets a free ride from Joey there are several older people who paid off their loans, or paid college fees as they attended school without needing a loan, and these people deeply resent this travesty. And then there’s the contractual obligation to pay for the student loan money they voluntarily borrowed that will cause young people to develop bad borrowing habits and ask for more forgiveness in the future and expect that stuff should be given to them. But Democrats can’t see beyond their noses and imagine how their idiotic ideas are harming our entire society, so I have little hope for reason to prevail on this topic. But when people who never attended college or who have already paid their loans off, start being charged for a college education for some person making fat bucks in a government job or a management position with a big company, there will be hell to pay for Democrat politicians.

The Border Is Closed:

This position of the Biden administration is so completely and dishonestly wrong that it needs no explanation, except to say that anyone who knows that over two million illegal aliens crossed from Mexico into America in 2021 and still makes the claim that the border, which had become nearly sleepy and silent during the Trump administration and is now overwhelming the border guards all along the national boundary, is closed, is a fool. And the two million number is only those people who were accounted for, and does not include the “got-aways” who crossed without being noticed.

Fundamental Transformation Of America:

When Barack Obama used this very honest and frightening phrase to describe his plans for America during his term in office, he meant that all facets of American liberty and prosperity would be changed. But when your liberty is changed it means you have lost your liberty, and when your prosperity is changed it means you are no longer prosperous. Joey Biden, being the puddin’ headed follower of  all things Obama, has taken up his leader’s promise and is trying to tie a neat bow on the package of destruction that lies ahead for America if someone doesn’t halt the Democrat insanity that is ruining the formerly greatest nation in the world.