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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, April 30, 2021

The Biden Chronicles: Part One, In Which The Fool Talks

 Wednesday night the fool we call president spoke to a joint, sort of, session of Congress. The “joint” part of the talk was debatable because only part of the audience of Senators and members of Congress were in place, and this failure of legislators to appear, or perhaps it was a prohibition to appear, by the most privileged people in America, all of whom have been vaccinated and all of whom are required to wear useless masks, and also nearly all of whom seemed to prefer the asinine and trendy, fist-bumping instead of actually shaking hands like real people, undermined the pretense that this assembly was a delayed State of the Union address that would be able to put to rest the minds of Americans as to the continued existence of our constitutional republic, as the Biden administration undermines all constitutional and traditional practices that Americans are accustomed to, with Joey‘s  massive list of executive orders. 

If Joey could only stop touching his nose or his mouth and concentrate on what was on his teleprompter, maybe he would do a better job of delivery, but that’s our Joey. But when he is really trying to appear sincere and serious with one of his weakly expressed points and leans into the microphone and whispers raspingly the words that he hopes will persuade America to his side of the argument, he really loses anyone who is sensitive to, and turned off by, theatrics from politicians.

The text of Biden’s speech was just plain old leftist crap: he speaks of white supremacy while offering no proof that such a thing exists. Then he calls this imagined white supremacy “terrorism“, despite the leftist rioting in Democrat cities for the past year which has actually terrorized the American citizens, mostly of minority status, living in those unfortunate cities; and in spite of the illegal imprisonment of white citizens who were allegedly involved with the Capitol Hill invasion on January 6th; and his off-hand reference to America being “systemically racist” in spite of Joey personally opposing racial bussing in the 1970s because it caused a “jungle-like” atmosphere, he said at the time. And he mentioned on two occasions during the speech the issue of gun violence, even though his son, Hunter, has admitted to violating federal law by falsifying gun application documents to the FBI, which is a punishable felony if anyone other than the son of the Democrat president does it. Typical leftist hypocrisy.

Noticeably missing from Joey’s speech was a reference to his position on free tuition for urban citizens, which urges them to attend community colleges, which seems to be rather racist position to me. Since most black Americans live in Democrat-run cities, Joey thinks they should remain in those cities and attend the local schools with other members of their race, rather then attend Harvard, where nearly all Democrat politicians go to college. Joey is too racist himself to believe that blacks could succeed in a big-time university like Harvard or Yale. This is typical racial treatment of blacks by Democrats: keep them in their own neighborhoods and their own community colleges and out of Harvard or Yale, where real people go to school.

And Joey didn’t state why he and all of the attendees were wearing masks during the speech, when they had all been vaccinated. After all, the states run by Republicans, all of which had the fewest government mandates requiring masking, have been proven to have fewer covid cases, and fewer deaths among those who did contract the disease, than the punitive restrictions on personal movement and masking that heavily Democrat states have produced. But the truth might open the eyes of Americans and the last thing Democrats want is informed, knowledgeable citizens who are informed on the subject of covid, so the reason why vaccinated politicians in Washington have to wear masks never came up.

Joey’s speech was a complete failure, assuming he ever really thought he could actually make a convincing case for his administration’s leftist take-over of America and his attempts to shove Socialism down our throats.

And one of the most divisive and near-criminal omissions in Joey’s speech was not mentioning his opening of our southern border and the mistreatment of tens of thousands of illegal aliens he has invited into our nation, not to mention the endangerment he is forcing on children who are traveling to America alone, and the wage boost he is providing for the vicious drug cartels as they bring people north to America. So the united States must not be as racist and bad as Joey and the Democrats pretend it to be, given the wave of illegals who risk their lives to get here. 

And forget the series of multi-trillion dollar spending bills and the forever-debt they will cause for America’s young people, which wasn’t mentioned by our foolish president.

Biden is wrong on all aspects of his policies, and America will suffer as a result.

Friday, April 23, 2021

Nancy Pelosi Is Glad George Floyd Is Dead

 The resident idiot and leader of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, with a glance toward the heavens as evidence of her strong Catholic faith, said that she was thankful that George Floyd is dead and was killed by a police officer, because his death has given her a political tool with which to beat up on all police officers in America for any mistakes one of them may make while risking their lives defending and protecting the citizens of America.

This fool, far left, radical woman is happy to take advantage of a black man’s death in order to encourage more BLM and ANTIFA rioting, burning and murders in Democrat-run cities across the United States. 

Of course we could hardly understand the words the stupid woman was uttering because she was speaking through her lovely, color-coordinated-with-her-dress face covering, that made her statement seem even more demented and mushy than her uncovered remarks are.

The face coverings that fashionable women like Nancy Pelosi are currently wearing are themselves becoming haut fashion among our more elite, woke citizens, and appear to have become styled more like the hijab veil that Islamic women are forced to wear as part of their religion, with some young American women seeming to think this style, which represents a subjugated, second-class status for women in Arab nations, is quite cool.

I would not be surprised if the New York/San Francisco smart-set, like Mrs. Pelosi, continued to wear masks or veils even after the covid masking phase is over, assuming that the radical left in America ever allows us live a life sans-mask. That’s how stupid and corrupt the radical left in America has become.

Monday, April 19, 2021

Democrats Use Words Like “Progressive” And “Racist” With No Understanding Of The Words’ Meanings

 The word that best describes the stupidity and lack of common sense of today’s Democrat party is the self-chosen word “Progressive”, which they think surrounds them with an aura of forward-thinking, compassion, patriotism and cool vibes. They also selected this word with the hope of fooling voters into voting for them, in spite of the Democrat predilection to impose abusive big government, unconstitutional behavior, standing-in-the-school-house-door, higher taxes, open borders and the just plain racism we saw all over the antebellum South of the 19th century when Democrats ran plantations there. And don’t forget their misuse of the word infrastructure to mean a Duncan Donut shop if it serves their needs.

But regression, rather then progress, is what Democrats have produced with their idiotic ideas of recent years. When Democrats are in power, as they are today with the Joey Biden administration, they are prone to punitive, anti-American policies like court packing, higher taxes, censorship by big-tech monopolies, foreign wars, lying news reporting by CNN and others, wokeness, masking, killing jobs by shutting down oil pipelines, multi-trillion dollar borrowing/spending schemes, a summer of rioting and burning in 2020, politicizing diseases and covering up for crimes committed by Democrat politicians and their families. And these things are called “progress” by Democrats.

So from their self-ordained title of “Progressive”, Democrats have degenerated into mean, nasty, lying politicians who have eliminated common pronouns like mother and daughter and have demanded that girls compete in physical competition with men in sporting events.

Is any of this misbehavior on the part of Democrats really considered to be “progress”? I think not.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Justice Is Indeed Blind, Especially When Democrats Are The Criminals

 When Donald Trump or one of his family members is accused of a crime, it’s easy for the Justice Department to see the guilt of the accused and launch a full and public investigation, including even uncovering some frame-up evidence like the Steele Dossier that the leftist press can put in front of the public, and CNN, NYT, WAPO, CBS, NBC and all of the usual leftist suspects duly inform American citizens of  all the phony and fake “evidence“ related to their anti-Trump case, and they will continue to investigate individually and publish pages and hours of proof of the Republican guilt and culpability in the “crime” well in advance of any trial or production of evidence is held, and before a defense can be produced.

But when Hilary Clinton or Hunter Biden, or even Joey Biden himself, with the sexual contact charge against him, are implicated in a suspicious situation, silence is golden, the leftist news organs are mum, and all the Department of Justice can say is that the case is under investigation so they can make no comment on the on-going case, and then the event always dies with no further action taken against the Democrat.

The leftist political class in America is our nation’s criminal class, all of whom are protected by the D.C. swamp, while people like General Flynn are forced into bankruptcy trying to stay out of jail and defend himself from trumped-up charges, and having done nothing wrong other than simply angering the swamp dwellers with policy they don’t agree with.

When Democrats are the culprits, justice is indeed blind to their guilt, and even blind to any charges brought against them. So our judicial system sinks into the mud and mire of the swamp and builds more power for itself, meaning that an average person has no possibility of surviving a charge against them if the swamp goes on the offense, as they did against Donald Trump and General Flynn, and are currently doing against Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, because these Republicans are successful and their policies work to keep America safe, free and wealthy, and the swamp will not permit this type of person to continue to exist, and must take actions to shut them up.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

To Democrats The Waves Of Central Americans Flooding Our Borders Are Simply Future Democrat Voters

 Democrats argue that it’s un-American to NOT let waves of Central American invaders into America. They say that the example of the Statue of Liberty, holding a torch to attract people to freedom, is what makes America great, and therefore we can’t turn immigrants away.

But the horrific treatment of immigrants at our southern border, with thousands of people and a shocking number of children, crowded and pushed into a space designed for a few hundred people at most, proves that Democrats don’t give a damn about refugees. And Democrats hope everyone will forget the images of the two baby girls thrown over a fourteen foot fence by the Coyotes hired to get them to America. Democrats are only interested in immigration as a tool for getting millions of new voters, so Democrat candidates can be re-elected at each local and general election, forever.

Neither Joey Biden nor Kamala Harris will go to the border to see what is actually happening on their watch, and maybe give advice or help in making the situation a little less horrible than they’ve made it so far. This pair of idiots are in way over their heads with the mess they’ve created, and they don’t want to be seen near, nor associating with the filth, crowding, suffering and child endangerment their policies have put in place.

The Trump administration told the Biden crew that this exact thing would indeed occur if Joey changed the functioning and successful Trump policies and opened the border, thereby allowing desperate people to come north to freedom. But Democrats are so desperate themselves for a new underclass of poor people who will be dependent on handouts from big government in exchange for a Democrat vote in each election, that they threw the border open and the suffering and chaos is what they’ve given Central Americans and American citizens alike.

This influx of people, some even carrying the covid virus, are being sent all over the nation and will certainly spread the disease to Americans, so Joey can then justify a new lockdown order and re-mask the nation as the new strain of the disease is detected. And it’s painful to think of the crowding and suffering in America’s sanctuary cities as the newcomers join these illegal cities and cause even more misery, with no relief in sight.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Democrats Think “People Of Color” Are Too Stupid To Be Able To Vote

 Before anything else is said, let me disabuse Democrats of the notion that “Colored People” are too stupid to be able to vote in elections and produce an ID card proving they are citizens and are eligible to vote.

People of color are able to apply for jobs and work successfully following application.

They are able to apply for and received mortgages for their homes.

They are able to buy and pay for their automobiles.

They are able to apply for credit cards.

They are able to pay their taxes.

They are able to join all branches of the military and serve their nation.

They are able to get passports and travel to foreign nations.

They are able to get a driver’s license.

They are able to apply for and get a college education.

But Democrats think people of color are too stupid to produce identity at a polling location near them when elections are held. At least that appears to be what racist Democrats are saying when they complain that voting laws are discriminating against blacks when identification is required in order to vote in local and national elections.

That was just one of the phony complaints that the Democrat party voiced when they got Delta, Coke and Major League Baseball to oppose the recent revision to Georgia’s voting laws that requires all votes to produce IDs proving they are eligible to vote in an election.

Joey Biden was the most prominent person to lie about the Georgia voter laws and complain about the non-existent provisions Democrats found distasteful and discriminatory in the law. Every one of the complaints Democrats had about the new law were lies that have been proven to be false, which is not unusual coming from the mouths of Democrats.

So now Democrats have ruined the economy of Atlanta with the forced relocation of a Major League Baseball game to Denver, based solely on their complaints of the supposed awful law that treats blacks like all other citizens of the community.

Joey should stop lying about Georgia and try to fix the horrible situation he has created at our Mexican border. But Democrats seem to only be able to cause bad situations, not fix them.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Coke, Delta and Major League Baseball Have All Become Propaganda Arms Of The Democrat Party

 Fascism is defined as a government allowing companies to be privately owned by citizens, but these privately held companies must behave as the government tells them to behave. So the definition of the Biden administration is a Socialist/Fascist form of government, because our federal government is telling private corporations how to behave and what transactions they must, and must not, engage in.

Examples of this fascism existing today can be seen in the state of Georgia, where the private companies of Coca Cola, Delta and Major League Baseball are doing Biden’s radical-left bidding by protesting the latest voting laws that the Georgia legislature has passed. It is beside the point that the Biden administration is lying about what is in the Georgia laws (the Washington Post gave Joey four Pinocchios for his lies) and has proposed that the baseball games scheduled for Atlanta, be moved to Colorado, which has more restrictive voter laws on voting than the protested state of Georgia. 

But leftist governments know how to “reason” with  private companies, via favors and tax laws that corrupt government can grant or withhold, so the companies in Atlanta have bowed to the political wishes of the Democrat party and have introduced abusive and anti-American behavior. The insistence of Democrats that they be able to win any and all future elections is at the heart of this matter, and Delta, Coke and MLB should be ashamed of themselves for bending to mob rule from the Democrats.

The lies told by Joey about the Georgia voting law consisted of the law that allegedly prohibited water being given to thirsty voters (it doesn’t); it discriminates against black voters (it doesn’t); it will restrict the hours polling places are open (it doesn’t); it will not allow absentee voting (it does). Everything Joey complained about in the new laws were lies, fed to this fool old man who then repeats the lies to the nation as facts. And Democrats and their pals in the leftist media continue to pass the lies on to the nation and undermine democracy, thereby further destroying faith in the integrity and honesty of the American press in doing so.

If Delta doesn’t like the laws of Georgia, then why is it flying its planes into cities in the United States that have even more restrictive laws that Georgia? If Coca Cola doesn’t like Georgia’s laws, then why is it still selling Coke in China, which is well known to have slave factories making shoes for Nike.

Corporations are free to conduct their business in America, but they must not use their money and power to influence government policies, which is being done in Georgia in the age of Biden.

We should all fly in airlines other than Delta, drink anything but Coke, and not attend any MLB ballgames.

Biden Thinks His Job Is To “Do The Most Good, For The Greatest Number Of People”

 Joey has his job’s goals confused. America did not become great by setting up winners and losers at the federal governmental level. It became great by providing a level playing field on which American citizens could compete, join together or work, build and invent as individuals, and everyone was a winner.

Americans don’t believe the president is in office to “do good” for any selected race or ideology of the “people“, and Biden is certain to be a loser in his present position by proposing beneficial things for his insiders and pals, while the rest of us, who don’t know Joey from the dog catcher, and will get nothing from him in any form favorable to our successful futures, try to work within his increasingly difficult and punitive big government rules to keep our heads above the water.

The president should serve all of the people, not just his selected party and class, and right now he’s not doing exactly that, as our taxes skyrocket, our border is inundated with suffering refugees that Joey has invited to come here, and his proposed spending of multi-trillions of dollars on his pet Green projects is without belief and will cause inflation and national indebtedness that our nation will never be able to put behind us.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

The Drug Cartel Drops A Baby From A 14 Foot Border Wall, And It’s All On Biden

 The ignorant fool we are calling the president of the United States must answer for the criminal activity and human suffering we see all along the southern border of the United States. He was warned by the outgoing Trump administration that if he put out the message that all who illegally cross our border would be allowed to stay here, get free healthcare, get free education, get free food and housing, that the waves of immigrants swarming north to America would be devastating. And Trump was correct.

The failing Joey did, indeed, announce that America was open for the invasion business, and now we have a situation that is impossible to resolve without Central Americans and United States citizens all suffering, and suffering for a long time to come.

The two baby girls who were maliciously dropped over the fourteen foot border wall recently were the fault of Joey Biden and his ultra-left, hate America cadre of radical idiots, because they insisted on reversing any and all Trump policies, especially those policies that were successful and working to the benefit of America and American citizens, and they replaced Trump’s wise policies with feel-good, leftist crazy ideas that were the opposite of Trumps efforts. So it was logical that the Trump policies that severely reduced the flow of illegal immigrants making the dangerous, deadly and miserable trek the length of Mexico to our borders had to be halted, and now we have tens of thousands of poor, sick, suffering people entering our nation with no end in site for the human caravans to follow, and more baby girls will suffer from Joey’s idiotic ideas.

And of course, as with all Socialist failures, the Biden administration will not allow the press to see the suffering, and neither Joey nor Kamala will go near the border to personally witness the Satan-like results of their idiotic policies, like the two babies flung over the border wall by the inhuman Coyotes who brought them north. And the forgotten American citizens in the area of the border are too often ignored in their own suffering as millions of illegals swarm their cities and even their homes.

But Joey isn’t satisfied with just destroying the sovereignty of America’s border and upsetting the lives of Americans living near the border, he has to promote the destruction of our economy as well with his multi-trillion dollar spending and borrowing measures that he says will create millions of good jobs (that’s what the Obama administration said would be the result of their billion dollar, shovel-ready stimulus bill as well, and the jobs never followed the rhetoric) but will in actuality only bury future generations in unpayable debt and could lead to a depression, coming at the end of the pandemic, as it does.

Joey has no intention of releasing Americans from his order to continue masking until he believes we are behaving sufficiently obediently and will stop griping about his multi-trillion dollar handouts to his buds. And Joey will continue to impose warming/change policies in order to save the world from the evil America, and our rapaciousness and selfishness. And he will ultimately destroy America, if at all possible.

Are The Leftist Networks Simply Reporting The News, Or Are They Reporting Racial News?

 A few days ago a black man was recorded stomping and kicking an aged Asian woman nearly to death, and on April 2, 2021, two black men rammed their car into one of the Washington, D.C. blockades that the National Guard units have established to keep Trump supporters from successfully taking over the Capitol building, as Biden’s leftist colleagues say they intended to do on January 6th. And by the way, one police officer was killed in the violent attack with the automobile.

The black perps in both incidents have to this date and time not been called racists, they’ve not been called terrorists, no leftist cable news organization has stated or suggested that the three black men’s race was the cause of their violent actions, and these men’s crimes was not called racist, terrorist nor indicative of any particular way of their racial members behaving, based on these individual, violent actions.

Conservative and Republican news sources such as Fox, Rush Limbaugh’s program or Chris Plante’s radio show have drawn no conclusions about race, terrorism or racial group actions from these events, but are calmly waiting for officials to complete their investigations into each matter, and will allow those official conclusions to speak for themselves as to what inspired these men to do the terrible things they did. These conservative sources of news have stuck strictly to the public and official announcements of these events and have not flavored them with speculation about race or hate or innuendo, as the likes of CNN, NYT and WAPO do when any crime is committed by a white man, and the leftist cable commentators get especially descriptive and abusive of whites in general when the white men who commit crimes are Trump supporters.

When will CNN, NYT and WAPO, and other leftist reporting sources give white people involved in crimes the same objective, and strictly-news consideration that all sources of news give to blacks in the same position?

And as an aside, isn’t it just too delicious that the Washington barriers set up to keep the evil and dangerous white, Trump people from trying to bring down the Biden administration with a military attack and takeover of our government, were just attacked by black men, whom one may safely assume voted for Joey Biden in 2020?

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Show Me Your Papers!

 In many World War II movies there were parts of the plot where a gentle person was  traveling in Germany, when suddenly a Nazi Storm Trooper appeared and demanded to see the traveler’s “papers” which everyone was required to carry with them at all times while in the totalitarian nation.

The “show me your papers” command from an armed military officer struck fear in the actor playing the part of a traveler, and was an outrage to American viewers of the movie, because in the free nation of America that we lived in at that time, citizens were allowed to travel without the need for “papers” and they could travel freely and not have to explain their movements to anyone, especially under threat of arrest or execution by military personnel.

But America has become a very different country in the post-Trump era. Under Joey Biden, our nation is slipping into a very locked-down, controlled nation in which liberty and freedom are disappearing.

The facial mask was America’s introduction to being required to have a government-required, official possession or document before we were allowed to get lunch at a restaurant or buy groceries, get new automobile tags or anything else we need to do in order to live in our own nation. And over a year later, the mask is still required even though cases of covid are declining, vaccinations are being given, and herd immunity is well on its way to making everyone resistant to the disease.

But the far-left Democrat party, under Joey Biden, is trying to make it impossible for American citizens to travel or enter a restaurant without the requirement of “showing their papers” that would prove they have received a covid vaccination. This “papers” policy of Democrats, sometimes referred to as “passports“, opens the door to an increased series of other political orders imposed on a formerly free American citizenry.

Soon Americans may not be able to vote or get on a commercial airliner unless they can show proof that they are good, voting Democrats and/or have received the covid vaccine. Or maybe we will have to show proof that we are part of an anti-Trump facebook club that is acceptable to our leftist government rulers. And how about having to proved that we voted Democrat in the last election? It only makes sense to radical Democrats.

It’s possible that someone who refuses to get a covid vaccination will be imprisoned because he’s a threat to other Americans, all of whom soon will have been vaccinated and should already be immune to infection from the virus, but rules are rules and common sense makes no difference; the imprisoned person was required to get a covid shot, so he is in violation of the law and goes to jail. It’s a pity, but it‘s Joey‘s law.

And Democrats are undermining their own former civil rights positions with their new “papers” commands. In pre-Biden America, Democrat arguments on subjects like being forced to get a vaccination or the issue of covid masking requirement issues were: “My body, my choice“. In the good old days, prior to the Biden administration, the ACLU fully backed freedom of personal choice and respected the privacy of HIPAA medical information. In the past if anyone tried to expose another person’s homosexuality or tried to forbid a woman from getting an abortion, all hell would break out from the Democrat party. But now Democrats are in agreement with medical information being made public via the new “passports”, and forcing people to be injected with chemicals we can’t know the eventual health benefits of, nor the harm these drugs may cause in future years. The ACLU has lost any interest in civil rights and privacy issues now that Joey and Democrats run the show.

But when it comes to refusing Democrat commands that everyone be vaccinated, the burden is on the law-abiding citizen to obey or be punished.

And one cannot forget the Immunity Certificate that the political left is considering imposing on Americans. This certificate will allow you to leave your home without specific permission from a Democrat official, but these rules are variable and may take on differing lives as they mature. But you can bet that there will be check-points throughout the nation to keep travelers in compliance, so your papers must be at the ready for inspection if you are too far off base or if you lack a good reason for being there.

“Show me your papers” is a formerly Nazi, totalitarian order that seems to be coming home to roost in the formerly free America, under the Biden administration.

One might also be reminded that the National Guard troops who were sent to Washington to foil the imagined insurrection of Trump supporters following the January 6th scuffle at the Capitol, had their number culled by Biden officials because they feared that Trump supporters in the Guard units would try to take over the government and cause an actual insurrection. This was just another case of a far-left government asking loyal Guard members to “show your papers” and prove that they were not pro-Trump citizens, but were good Democrat party people who would support the Biden administration. This whole thing has gone too far. Our military must be representative of all Americans, not a carefully chosen, political enforcement cadre, serving only one political party.

After a year of masking and distancing, CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky recently stated that she sees “impending doom” facing the nation as variants of the covid spread across America, and she sees no way we can get relief from the masking requirements that are plaguing America. I’ll bet she’s even considering another lock-down as being necessary in the near future as Americans try to live free, prosperous lives once again.

I’m not afraid of the virus, but I’m scared to death of Democrat edicts and I see an impending doom to freedom and liberty in America as Democrats destroy our constitution and continue to steal elections, call all white people racists and create new “papers” regulations for formerly free Americans to have to carry with them at all times.