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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Obama: Repeal Oil Company Tax Credits

The liberals want to deny oil companies the tax credits they have had for years, thereby weakening them in their efforts to compete internationally to provide us with the fuel we need to run our daily lives. Given that the government makes more money on a gallon of gas than Exxon does, and for no effort at all, will the government sacrifice its tax revenue, as well as denying the oil companies their revenue, in order to help citizens of the United States better afford the gas they need to get to work and conduct their personal business? Not likely. The government, which just soaks up money from everyone else's work, will never do with less. Additionally, we know that with Obama's illogical push for ethanol and wind power, that any money taken from the oil companies will be wasted on his pet alternative fuel projects and end up wasted and a total loss as a similar .

Which do we need more, the oil companies or the government? The oil companies' products allow us to drive to work; they allow us to drive to Colorado to enjoy the mountains; they allow us to drive to a favorite restaurant; they allow us to fly to California to see the ocean and to Florida to lay on the beach. All the government has done for us lately is limit our liberties, destroy our life savings, ruin the value of the dollar and destroy our nation's economy. I'll take Exxon!

Exxon can't force me to buy healthcare; Exxon can't force states to turn a blind eye to illegal aliens; Exxon can't raise my taxes because it foolishly overspent and over promised goodies to the nation; Exxon hasn't destroyed education in the United States like the Department of Education has; Exxon isn't trying to force unionization on the population of the nation; Exxon isn't trying to outlaw the use of the word God in private meetings and ceremonies; Exxon wouldn't even try to force gun dealers to sell weapons to known drug dealers; Exxon can't impose the trials of terrorists on cities as opposed to having those trials on military bases or at GITMO.

Liberals don't realize the danger in reinventing a healthcare system from the ground up, or changing the way we get the fuel to power our lives. Systems that have evolved over years and have proven themselves to be successful, especially when they involve something as important as healthcare and gasoline, can cause major disruptions and even a total collapse, when they are changed arbitrarily as the government has done with Obamacare and the president's hate for traditional sources of energy.

At a time of intense international competition for energy and with energy prices souring, the last thing we need is for our own government to discourage and even injure the industry that could provide energy independence for our nation and at lower fuel costs. Our own president and his democrat buddies are working with the intent to undermine our comfort, our prosperity and our national security with their idiotic push of alternative fuel sources and their efforts to hurt the oil industry.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Making Things Worse, So Government Can Take Control

Here are a few examples of government actions making things bad in the first place, or making things worse than they were in the beginning, and usually they were bad already due to government action:

Gunwalker (also called fast-and-furious) is an Obama effort to use the Nazi example of burning the Reichstag and blaming it on their opponents. This event was the Obama administration allowing, and even encouraging, legal gun sellers in the United States to knowingly sell guns to criminals, often Mexican drug dealers, knowing that the criminals would eventually be caught with these weapons that had originated in the United States, and then they could blame all of us who believe in the 2nd Amendment for the rise in crime caused by these guns, and a propaganda campaign, or just an executive order, which Obama seems to like best, would be put in place to ban all such weapons in order to keep them out of the hands of criminals. The problem is that an American border agent was killed by a gun which was in the company of these tracked weapons, and now the Obama administration knows nothing about this matter. The Big House awaits someone in the White House.

In the mid 1980s the government looked into the future and saw that a gigantic number of retirements 20 to 30 years down the road would happen as Xers and Boomers began to retire and dip into social security money, so they raised the FICA tax 100% in order to have enough money in the social security trust fund to cover these retirees. The problem is that there never was a trust fund with anything in it except IOUs because all FICA money went directly into general funds, not the specific trust fund it was intended for, and the government spent all the money. And although it was a good idea to increase the FICA tax to cover the enormous number of people retiring in the 2010s and the 2020s, that money, too, went into the general fund and was spent. And in case you don't believe they blew the money on wasteful things, just consider the problem we are facing today: we have no money but yet we have gigantic unfunded obligations running into the trillions of dollars, and we have trust funds with no real money in them. The fact that the government wasted these trillions of dollars now means that the taxes of those of us who trusted the government, even though we knew they were lying to us, will have to be raised significantly, so the government can go on spending.

In 2010 when the Democrats had control of the executive and legislative branches, they were so far in debt and so buried under unfunded obligations that they did not even generate a budget for 2011. Remember the series of continuing resolutions congress fought over recently? The CRs were the result of the Democrats' refusal to abide by the constitution and create a budget for the following year (2011). The reason they refused to create the required budget is that they didn't want to tell the world the extent of the spending/debt problem they had created. Now the Republicans are doing their obligated duty and trying to be responsible and eliminate some of the waste left by Obama's pals, and the Democrats are crying foul and insisting that the evil Republicans are trying to take money from the poorest and oldest Americans, and even from illegal aliens, with their "draconian" and spartan budget for 2012. The Democrats are lying to us once again. The problem was created by them, and the responsible people trying to clean up their mess are being blamed.

Trillions of dollars have been spent as part of Obama's stimulus and TARP outlays, ostensibly to spur the economy back to life, but actually the money went mainly to leftists and unions as a reward for voting for Obama, and now that there has been no improvement in the economy the libs claim that more billions are needed to turn Obama's economy around. We are being ruled by filth.

With the rise of the Tea Partiers we repeatedly heard predictions of right-wing violence and that the guns of all these right-wingers would be used for their violent ends, but so far there has been not one incident of Tea Partiers causing trouble, while there have been several incidents of leftists being violent, some of which were the shooting of the Congresswoman in Tuscon, the raging violence in Madison when the governor kept his promise and tried to cut out-of-control spending, and the beating of a black vendor by union thugs at a Republican rally in St Louis.

The Department of Education has been taken over by unionists and leftists and have established such a touchy-feely and politically correct learning environment that our children are falling behind the rest of the world in most areas of education. The Liberals' solution: spend more money on more wasteful programs, but don't concentrate on real education. The only way our children will get back on a real learning track is when the Department of Education is abolished and the money spent on this liberal icon is left in parents' hands to spend on their own children's education at the local level.

Under the Clinton administration schemes were put in place that have lead directly to the housing bubble that has caused the depression we're enduring today. The scheme called for government, Fannie Mae, regulators and loan companies to work together (can you say collusion?) to assure that people who could not afford a home of their own would indeed be given a loan that they could not pay for, and achieve the American Dream as Clinton put it. Well, they couldn't afford the loans and defaulted at such a rate that financial companies crashed and our economy took a nose dive it hasn't recovered from yet. Bill Clinton, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and their pals in Fannie and Freddie are directly responsible for this national disaster, but who do they blame? The "selfish" lenders (who were forced by the federal government to make the shaky loans) and George Bush. And now those of us who have always paid our bills will have to be taxed even more to pay for the improper loans given to those who could not afford them and would not have been given such loans if responsible thinking had been used. As usual, the poorest among were hurt the most by liberal actions, and the Democrats are planning still more waste and destruction as they campaign against the responsible spending and budget policies of Paul Ryan and the Republicans.

We are all being lied to, lied about and are being manipulated and destroyed by our own government. Can we survive it? Will we permit it to continue?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Is John Huntsman A Liberal?

John Huntsman recently announced his candidacy for president and stated that we must be "respectful" and exercise "civility" when running against the Democrats, especially Obama, the chief architect of our nation's current dire troubles. My opinion is that, in normal times, unlike today's unprecedented threats, politicians (those people who actively campaign to get control over our lives because they want to use that control and enjoy using it) could talk about and base their campaigns on civility and respect. But these are not normal times and bad people must be identified and repeatedly branded as such. In short, we now need non-politicians (people who just want a small, constitutionally directed government that leaves people alone to run their own lives) running for office who will take the next presidential campaign directly to Obama and call him the immoral, radical fool he is for undermining our prosperity and for reducing our liberties with his regulations and disastrous executive orders. If Republicans talk nice to the liberals we'll lose again just as we did with McCain.

Mr. Huntsman said he "respects" Obama. If he really means that, then Huntsman is a fool and an idiot and does not deserve the support of anyone.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Beyond Imagining: Our Own Government Seeks Our Demise

Three years ago who would have imagined that our own government would actively seek to end our prosperity and limit our liberties? But that is exactly what the Obama administration is doing with its blocking of Boeing from manufacturing in South Carolina; its prohibition of drilling for oil off-shore; its latest multi-page set of regulations from the EPA that will cause electric generating companies to shut down coal-fired plants, increase electric fees hundreds of dollars a year and lay off hundreds of employees; by its quantitative easing which leads directly to inflation which we already see with the increased cost of food and gasoline; with the Democrat refusal to get serious about cutting government spending and abide by the constitution; by drowning businesses with damaging regulations; by suing Arizona for trying to control illegal immigration in their state; with Obama's getting us wrapped up in two additional wars on top of the two we were already fighting; with public education being destroyed by the Department of Education and its politically correct, teacher-union friendly time wasting courses ; with the FDA creating drug regulations that are causing shortages of critically needed drugs, a situation made worse with Obamacare; with the Obama administration's insistence that KSM and other terrorists be tried in civilian courts; with the Obama Justice Department's allowing voter fraud cases to go unprosecuted; by forcing our food (corn) to be used for fuel, thereby hurting poor families already strapped with high food prices.

The United States is being destroyed from within, which is something an external enemy could ever do, and our pal Barry is riding this nation to third-world status as quickly as he can. We need politicians who are not interested in political careers, but are instead interested in halting the damage being done to our nation and restoring our national pride, our liberties and our prosperity. But too many of the current batch of politicians only want to rule us and enjoy a responsibility-free career at public expense.

As a community organizer our president made a career out of demanding goodies from government, and now that he is the nation's chief executive he has the ability to hand out these goodies with virtually no limits. He has no idea how the wealth of our nation was created, and he has no concept that our wealth is finite, and if we chase off the wealth builders we may not be able to recreate our prosperous life-style, given the punitive regulations and high taxes that he has proposed and imposed, and which have driven away the builders of wealth, our entrepreneurs.

Friday, June 10, 2011

By Their Words, We Know Who They Fear

When liberals fear conservative candidates they term them as being stupid. The most successful candidate ever offered, Ronald Reagan, was called a stupid B-actor. A Republican who also won two terms as president, and is now fondly thought of, George Bush, was always called a dunce and a cowboy and laughed at for his verbal slips. And the most reviled possible candidate to date is Sarah Palin, whom the press has abused more severely than any in living memory, simply from their fear of her successful record and fear that she could win. (The liberals even go so far as to make similar references of stupidity to foreign leaders who are closely allied to America; for example their reference to Benjamin Netanyahu as Benjamin Netanyahoo).

Of course Anthony Weiner's actions are not a result of stupidity (one pundit even called his tweeting a result of intelligence because he's working on a much more elevated plain that the rest of us and he needs his outlets); John Edwards isn't called stupid for his predicament; Bill Clinton isn't called stupid in spite of his abuse of an intern and his occasional use of the back-country, Ozark term "might-could"; Barney Frank isn't called stupid for his inability to see and halt or at least control the crash of Freddie and Fannie and the whole disastrous aftermath of the housing tumble; Chris Dodd isn't called stupid for taking favored loans from the mortgage companies he was responsible for overseeing. These people's actions caused great tragedy for our nation, but are topped by Barack Obama whose every action has caused increased joblessness, homelessness, national debt and misery that will set our nation back for decades if we ever get out from under the burden with which he has loaded children, and this fool still wants more quantitative easing and continues to promise further billions in foreign loans and gifts so as to further bury us under debt and undermine the value of the dollar. But, of course, Obama is the brilliant graduate of Columbia and Harvard and his superior intelligence must be recognized and expounded upon at every opportunity. The liberals seem to have forgotten the Forrest Gump admonition that "stupid is, as stupid does", which sums up our Barry perfectly.

Just as the old Jay Leno joke had it that Burger King and McDonalds will only compare each other's products in their commercials, because they don't dare compare their products with real food, so the Democrats/liberals/progressives always offer their candidates as being more intelligent than conservatives , but they won't dare make a comparison of policy and the real-life decisions of liberals versus conservatives (the best example of this reluctance to study conservative success and liberal failure is that the lowering of taxes under Ronald Reagan, and JFK as well in an earlier time, increased revenue to the treasury, but we saw debt increase at the same time because the legislature spent money at a 3-to-1 rate over the new revenue. So it appears that Reagan's "stupid" tax reductions caused a deficit problem, when in truth it was the stupid, over-spending of the legislature, largely composed of Democrats, that caused the trouble).

Democrats and their allies in the press always try to set Republicans up for failure by praising our more middle-of-the-road candidates, thereby encouraging these weaker candidates to run. John McCain is an example, who, with the praise of the press, became a candidate who conservatives could not vigorously support, and then in the general election they savaged him in support of Obama, who was their candidate of choice all along.

Conservatives must stick to the real conservative candidates and not be suckered into another bad presidential candidate just because the press seems to favor that candidate. Because of the constant abuse of the press we know they fear Sarah Palin more than any other Republican because she's the real thing: she's had successful executive experience, unlike Obama who has seen only constant executive failures, and she knows why the things she believes are the correct policies and can explain them (lower taxes and fewer regulations, for example) unlike Obama, who doesn't have a clue why his policies are failing and destroying the futures of our grandchildren, but insists on doing more of the same destructive things that have already failed (except that I believe Obama is intentionally destroying America, and his actions can only support the notion that he has such a clear, willful, immoral intent).

So Republicans must offer their best candidates, and in fact should offer candidates whom the liberals criticize the most (perhaps a Bachman-Palin Overdrive ticket would be powerful, or a Bachman-Herman Cain ticket, either of which would combine legislative and executive experience) but whomever the candidate is for 2012, we must not go again with a McCain candidate whom the liberals say would be easy for them to work with. We need to defeat liberals, not work with them. A McCain-like candidate is the path to defeat in 2012, and an Obama re-election in 2012 would be the certain destruction of this nation.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Is Anthony Weiner Still In Congress? If So, why?

The filth and ultra-partisanship that is Anthony Weiner finally hit an iceberg that should be sinking his ship, but because he's a liberal Democrat he'll probably stay afloat and survive, but we can't let that happen. This dirty man is part of the problem our nation is having with over-spending, unconstitutional conduct and arrogant ruling and regulating, and we must make our voices heard and force him out. Just consider what happened with Chris Lee and Mark Foley, both Republicans and both exposed with less horrific conduct than Weiner, and Weiner skips while they resigned in shame.

Our nation is sinking under debt and misconduct by our officials that is unbelievable and Anthony Weiner demonstrates the stupidity, arrogance and lack of thought that has caused the current mess we're in. We must call and email our representatives and tell them that Weiner's conduct and probable use of official government facilities for his escapades calls for his removal.

To think that liberal/progressive fools like Weiner are the people deciding the future of this great nation and the prosperity or doom of our children!!