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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Democrats Are Not Serious, Meaningful, Productive People

 Recently we have been  informed of people who have gotten in trouble with the Democrat, woke, leftist mob because they forgot the pronouns that people they dealt with prefer to be used when referring to them. One was a prosecutor who called the crook he was investigating by the wrong pronoun, and another was a case of a teacher who forgot the preferred pronoun of a student. Both the prosecutor and the teacher were punished for these serious crimes. But who can remember the off-the-wall pronouns that insane, confused people prefer to be called, and who can blame a sensible person who calls a biological man “he” or “him“? These trans, or trans-like people, cannot serve any real purpose when they defy biology and common sense with their idiotic demands of some foolish pronouns, and then expect serious people to remember their made-up names or stir up trouble with the law or with an employer if their names are forgotten.

Who are these non-serious people, who have money but produce no product, who have no productive job, who have influence on our daily lives but deliver only confusion and chaos?

Where do these nonsense, non-serious people come from and how are they able to feed themselves and provide themselves shelter? Woke companies and government organizations must be providing them a livelihood at tax-payer expense, because with all of their tampering in the private and public lives of Americans, they don’t have time to have a real job. The things these non-serious and non-meaningful people do and say will one day be laughed at along with the idiocy of their failed beliefs. But at the current time, they are destroying our nation.

Who are the people who say things like:

  • Don’t say “men“, but instead say “sperm providers“; and don’t say “women“, but rather  say “egg donors“. Plain, understandable, traditional English is too yesterday for woke people. 
  • "What are your pronouns", these fools will ask.
  • They claim global warming will kill us all. But with no noticeable warming of the earth and no salt water in the streets of Miami or Los Angeles to prove we‘re doomed and that the polar ice is melting due to all of the imagined warming, they keep repeating these same old lies and attempt to use the power of government to deprive American citizens of freedom and liberty by claiming a “climate crisis“ is at hand.
  •  And the woke-meisters are dead serious when they tell us that men can bear children.

These are the same loafers who hit us with the idiot chant of “diversity, equity, inclusion”, while the same persons making these statements are part of a diversified society with many minority millionaires, seeking equity when they are likely already wealthy, and demand inclusion into groups they probably already control and from which they seek to exclude people who are different from themselves, which is a direct contradiction to all of their supposed “woke” principles.

And all of this confusion and chaos being lowered on Americans is for the benefit of the gay/trans/woke community which makes up less than one-percent of the U.S. population. So votes do matter when a fool like Joey Biden is one of the candidates and unfortunately gets elected.

One enormous deficiency of the Democrat/woke personality that is making America less livable all the time, is their hate of police officers and their soft forgiveness of any criminal, no matter how vile and violent that criminal might be.  In too many Democrat-run cities, once a criminal has been identified and caught, they are turned loose onto the streets to strike again. One might speculate that this tendency to release violent offenders back into society is a new twist on the Christian policy of turn-the-other-cheek forgiveness. But these Democrat deviants are not Christians and they don’t forgive actions they don‘t approve of. They are merely criminals who hate society, and perhaps subconsciously want to punish every patriotic and peaceful citizen for being such sticklers for obeying the constitution and supporting our way of life, with their new cars, their mortgaged homes, their nicely pressed shirts and shined shoes. Criminal acts are the new Democrat “normal” and patriotism and respect for the law are now forbidden.

Additionally, who are these deviants who are making sex changes and gender affirming modifications to children, without the knowledge of their parents? The lives of unfortunate children are being ruined, with only one entity benefiting from this criminal behavior: the medical facilities where the expensive operations are being performed, and the sale of drugs at the site of those operations, that the patient will need to buy for the rest of his/her life, to correct the imbalance of emotions and hormones that these operations and drugs create.

Republican leaders must make these insanely out-of-control Democrats stop the moves they are making to destroy the comfortable lives we have in America. We all have to stop going-along in order to get-along with the Democrats, and the current House of Representatives, having a Republican majority, seems to be on the right path to setting the record straight, and we must all show them that we appreciate and support their efforts to defeat Democrats.

Saturday, February 18, 2023

The Biden Administration Undermines Gay/Trans/Woke Progress In America

 People other than heterosexuals have made great progress in being treated equally in American society, and it’s been accepted as true for a long time, that homosexuals in general have higher incomes and work in more responsible positions in private industry than heterosexuals, but Joey Biden has halted both the acceptance and the feeling of equality of these minority citizens, due to his woke and idiotic appointment of incompetent individuals to his administration these last two years. Here are only a few examples:

Pete Buttigieg, Biden’s Transportation Secretary, has proven himself to be a lazy, lying boob since his appointment. He was caught unloading his bicycle from an SUV a number of blocks from his office so he could be photographed riding his bike to work one day. He took “paternity” leave after he and his partner adopted a child, as though he had personally delivered the child and needed time to regain his strength. This is a strain that runs throughout the Trans neighborhood, whereby men who pretend to be women think that putting on a bra and some lipstick allow them to experience the daily lives of actual, biological women. They couldn’t be more wrong in their stupidity, ignorance and arrogance.

Mayor Pete has proven himself to be completely inadequate in his responsibilities as Transportation Secretary (or maybe the idiot Biden thought the job was actually the Trans-sexual Secretary and not the Transportation Secretary and liked the cut of Mayor Pete’s jib) with the logjam early on of shipping containers entering and exiting the country, and the long supply lines getting product moved around inside our borders. The baby formula shortage hit Mayor Pete right between the eyes, and he stumbled. The airline flight cancellations a few months ago were a shock to the Mayor, but his real failure was the Norfolk Southern train derailment and chemical spill in East Palestine, Ohio, where the health and lives of the individuals of the town, and perhaps the very continued existence of the town itself, were threatened by the toxic air and water the town must live with following the chemical burn-off, and it took days for Mayor Pete to get his stuff together and address the issue, and I believe he has never actually gone to the town to see and assess the destruction for himself. 

Anyone who wanted to gain positive recognition for accomplishing the jobs he’s been given would take every opportunity to show that he was anxious to make an outstanding performance in any and all aspect of his jobs, but our Mayor is only anxious to enhance his resume while doing only the most basic and unremarkable job while in the position. It’s obvious that he thinks that just being gay is all he needs in order to achieve higher positions in government, just as his weak performance as South Bend’s mayor, plus his sexual identity, got him the current job.

Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden’s Press Secretary, has proven herself to be not only stupid, but lazy and poor at reading her responses to any question asked of her. She can only bob her head and tell the questioner that she has to refer them to the White House Office, or the Justice Department, or whatever other administration office that will in turn also not answer the question.

Samuel Brinton, Biden’s appointment to the Department of Energy, thinks that he’s doing a good job and looking the part, with his shaved head, mustache and lipstick, and occasionally wearing a low-cut dress. The problem is that when the boss sends him out of town he likes to criminally steal other real women’s luggage. Biden can really pick ‘em.

Rachel Levine, Biden’s appointment to the HHS is best remembered for thanking Biden from the bottom of his heart for being brave enough to appoint a woman (meaning himself) to this important position, because women have been discriminated against long enough and he was proud to be the first woman in that position. Levine’s disgusting appearance as well as his enormously hurtful words, denying a real woman a chance at the job he accepted, show a lack of connection with reality. If he believed a woman should have the job, he should have turned down Biden’s appointment, but his male core couldn’t let the new job be denied.

General Mark Milley, who as far as we know is heterosexual, nevertheless has weakened our military and helped to make recruitment to the various services much more difficult, thus causing recruitment to take a downturn these last two years. The general states that he wants to understand the left’s idiotic idea of “white rage” and has taken the side of the woke/gay/trans people on the issue of CRT and forcing military personnel to have to sit through white-hate meetings that can only result in fewer good men and women wanting to join any branch of the government and have to live with this self-flagellating mush being forced down their throats all the time. When the job is voluntary, as military service is, you must appeal to the patriotism of Americans, not call them racists and expect them to join to defend a nation that ridicules them.

Don Lemon, the CNN star, whose star is crashing these last couple of days. Mr. Lemon is not in Biden’s sphere of influence except that he is a hard core leftist who hates any non-woke American just as much as Joey does. Mr. Lemon is himself gay, which he thinks gives him the right to attack Nikki Haley for her age, her being the former governor of South Carolina and former ambassador to the United Nations, and recently announced candidate for the presidency of the United States, which is an attack on all women, even if she’s a protected person of color, like Mr. Lemon.

Biden has done great damage to the future careers of all non-heterosexual people, by appointing people to his staff based on their wokeness and not according to their abilities, their experience and their willingness to work hard.

Joey Biden is not only himself a failure in his important job, but he’s also a racist who sees skin color first, and his poor judgment in making appointments in his administration is hurting those appointees as well, because they are not qualified for those appointments.

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Where’s Joey?

 Our beloved and esteemed president is missing in action, with not a word coming from his mouth about any of our current national disasters.

First he is such a wussy that he feared taking any actions, including the action of admitting that his Chinese rulers had launched a balloon over America to spy on us, and then after the balloon had collected all of the data the Chinese benefactors to the Biden family wanted, and as it was leaving American airspace, he finally had it shot down.

And when this aggressive move made old Joey feel macho and virulent, he shot down another object of unknown provenance and intent, without ever determining what the object was. Then he shoots down another object that is now being suspected to be one of our own launches. Joey‘s silence on the subject is loud indeed.

Then East Palestine, Ohio, has a train wreck, and before the EPA can get in edge-wise to measure the health risks, the responsible railroad company burns the chemicals that spilled, thereby creating an atmospheric hazard with no known equal in its threat to the health and welfare of the local citizens, and Joey, the secretary of transportation, Mayor Pete and the EPA are all no-shows while the citizens of East Palestine fear returning to their homes.

Actually, one fears getting old Joey involved in the chemical spill and fire resulting from the railroad accident, because he’ll probably have us all in masks again, like he did during the pandemic, and then mandate a new round of vaccines in order to protect the nation from the dangerous smoke coming from the chemical fire.  And he’s likely to declare a national health emergency that will, as with the covid “emergency”, cause more damage than it cures.

So where is “the most open and transparent president in history” when leadership is needed and the fate of an entire town are at risk, and when people need scientific advice about the safety of their town? Could he be eating his applesauce and mush in his highchair and feeling sleepy in his PJs?

And also consider the millions of illegal aliens who are occupying our nation and living who-knows-where and doing who-knows-what in dark alleys across the nation. Where is Joey on this very serious issue?

And how about the Mexican drug cartels, which are conducting their evil and often inhuman business in America, with complete impunity as they deal in drugs and human slavery on American soil. Where is Joey?

And on the subject of homeless camps in too many American cities, where is Joey when leadership is called for?

Joseph Biden is a completely failed idiot who often says “just watch me” when challenged about his mental ability, who can’t even be trusted to handle the job of night watchman, let alone the presidency. We’re “watching” him stumble and fall up the stairs of Air Force One; we’re “watching” him forget where he is at any given time; we’re “watching” him stutter and stammer all the time with a total inability to understand questions directed at him, or give a sensible answer on the rare occasions when he allows questions in his presence.

And now he’s totally silent when several domestic and international events are awaiting responses.

Joseph Biden in an absurdity and an insult to this once great nation, and under his woke leadership, our constitution, as well as our health and the economy, are at great risk.

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Biden’s Lies Change Every Time He Opens His Fool Mouth

 When Joey Biden took office he immediately cancelled the Key Stone pipeline and refused to allow any future drilling for oil on federal land. His justification for this disastrous act that could threaten the future of America, was that (the lie of) warming/change was going to kill us all and we must begin exchanging our automobiles from gas machines to electric vehicles immediately. He claimed that 2030 was the end of the earth if we didn’t stop driving gasoline-powered cars, like his precious Corvette.

Oddly enough, the date of 2030 is also the date set by the very dangerous World Economic Forum (WEF) when it decided to end all rights of private ownership for all citizens of the world, thereby making slaves of all Americans, and Joey seems to be in agreement with these fascist scoundrels, by plotting the destruction of the United States and picking the same date for our demise.

In 2018 Bernie Sanders, AOC and the rest of the insane Democrat party had already announced that the world would end in twelve years, which would take us to the 2030 date that both Biden and WEF said would end all life on earth. So it would appear that America’s Socialist, Democrat mouthpieces coordinated their lies of life ending on earth to the year 2030 with our foreign enemies as well.

Then in the State Of The Union speech last Tuesday night Biden suddenly and unexpectedly stated that we would still need gasoline to power our cars for another ten years, or until 2033, by which time Bernie, AOC and Biden himself have said we would all be dead on a burning planet.

Joey and his far-left Democrat pals took up the attack on our way of life with the 12-years-to-death prediction (2030) that Bernie and AOC agreed with as being the death to everyone, due to the lie of warming/change,  as soon as the far-left Biden took office. But Joey is now saying that the world will not burn up until at least 2033 because, one would assume, Joey fears that many American citizens oppose his lies of warming/change, and too many intelligent people oppose the entire warming of the earth scheme, because in the five years since the Bernie/AOC prediction of death, there has been absolutely no warming of the earth that a human could possibly detect, if there has been any technical warming at all.

At what date can we expect the apocalyptic-left Democrats to either stop lying to us about having to stop living comfortably and begin living like cavemen, or agree on a date with which they can frighten us with their predictions of death and destruction? Our constitution assures us of life, along with our personal pursuit of happiness, and I would be much happier if the lying, left-commie Democrats would leave all of us alone and allow us to live life quietly without them constantly telling us we have to change our lives to satisfy their Hitlerian ideas of how life must be lived, which is based on their anti-American religion of fear.

After over forty years of the radical Socialists telling us that life would end in whatever period of time they arbitrarily decided on, and their predicting the melting of the earth’s polar caps and the icebergs floating in the oceans due to the increasingly hotter climate on earth, the truth is that not one coastal city has salt water flowing in its streets due to a rising ocean, and scientists tell us that the polar regions have more ice cover than ever before. So when will these prophets of doom leave us alone to live peacefully and enjoy a life without death threats every other day?

The truth is that they will never leave us alone because their “god” of warming/change is what the far-left worships, and their belief in this idiocy will keep them picking at us and declaring disastrous health threats until they convince enough people to join them, and at that time the purges of the non-believers will begin, and all rights under our constitution will be terminated as they enforce on Americans the left-radical religious beliefs they hold dear. 

This takeover of our lives began with the masking and vaccine mandates of the Democrat governors and mayors in 2020, and it will re-launch as soon as Democrats can get enough backing from stupid citizens to try to enforce an end to private civilian use of transportation, electric lights, gas stoves and all other consumer items we‘ve become accustomed to, based on false threats to our health, or because of a new pandemic, and then the likes of Joey Biden will impose draconian restrictions on every aspect of our lives, just like the World Economic Forum and the United Nations have been trying to accomplish for several years, by appealing to the imagined health threats impacting all persons on earth, while Joey and the WEF continue to live like kings with all of the things they deny us.

Thursday, February 9, 2023

The “State Of The President” Determines The “State Of The Union”

 As an American patriot concerned with the status of the United States, I would rate the current State Of The Union under Joey Biden as desperate and failing, and here are some reasons why:

When the president is seen to be a demented, stammering, stumbling, partisan, self-important old fool who constantly tampers with and adjusts every aspect of the government to fit his woke ideas of how things should be, rather than let the citizens run their lives as the constitution specifies, and fails to protect our borders and our prosperity in a dangerous world, then a good State of the Union is impossible.

The Biden administration inherited a nation that was recovering from a pandemic and his actions and his mandates plunged it back into darkness again. His mandates to mask and vaccinate all Americans, and his mandates to lockdown schools and businesses were tragic and assured negative results for the entire nation.

The nation that Donald Trump handed to Biden was independent of foreign oil for our energy needs, and Biden’s tampering and lying about warming/change plunged us back into a need for foreign oil, which led Joey to go begging to the Saudis for more oil to be extracted for our benefit, for which Joey got a bitch-slap from the Arabs and he went away empty handed.

Our border was being made essentially secure by Trump with the erection of walls to keep illegals out, and the fool Biden put a halt to this national security measure and caused an avalanche of over five million illegal crossings of the border, and no one knows how many criminal crossings, in his first two years. And a side result of Joey’s idiocy is the flood of fentanyl tablets that the Mexican syndicates are sending north to kill Americans and enrich themselves, along with their other criminal endeavors.

Inflation was low until Biden started spending wildly from the Oval Office and now a formerly comfortable middle class is struggling to pay bills and avoid becoming impoverished under a Socialist administration.

Our nation was being overtaken and spied on by China even before Biden assumed the Oval Office, but Biden sat and watched as his Chinese masters launched a spy balloon that spanned the width of America, and Joey allowed it to collect data to be used against us in the future, and only shot it down as it completed its mission and was leaving American territory. Following the downing of the Chinese balloon Joey stuck out his chest and declared himself to be a good boy for defending the nation. All of which goes to prove the point that the millions of dollars the Biden family has gotten from China over the years has been paid for by Joey.

During his SOTU speech Joey declared that Republicans were planning to deny all Medicare and Social Security benefits to Americans, at which time the Republicans became raucous in the chamber and called his words lies. Joey seemed surprised that the formerly tame Republicans took offense at his lie, and he said that the subject of Medicare and Social Security would not be used by Democrats again in future battles with Republicans for public office, but since lies are all that Democrats have to convince Americans to vote for them, it’s a cinch the dirty Democrats will attack Republicans many more times using these lying tactics.

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Fairy Tales Are For Children; Self-Identity Fantasies Are For Woke, Adult Democrats

 Past generations of children became familiar with fairy tales while young, either reading those life-teaching stories to themselves or from their parents reading the stories to them, and these children were made better for the lessons learned at their parents’ knees.

But in latter years many unfortunate children have been deprived of these early lessons, and one can suppose that the fantasies missed in their youth have caused woke, Democrat fools to take up the pretense of “self-identity” to replace stories from the Brothers Grimm, and perhaps even extending to a lack of, and the political left’s resentment of, Santa Claus, and even Jesus in today‘s Christmas stories.

The problem is even greater than described in the above paragraphs, when even educated, supposedly intelligent people assure us with absolute certainty that men can birth children, have menstrual periods and can compete against girls and women in collegiate sporting competitions and pretend that these competitions are fair and not an attack on women. This irrational belief, not found in any aberrant behavior in the last 200 years, would allow one to feel confident of doing the logical thing by calling these self-identity fantasies as bordering on insanity and wild delusion.

There is no scientific evidence that identifying as someone you’re not would make you that person, and that’s why most people gave up their Superman cape and Superwoman leotards at the age of ten years, while woke Democrats donned their cloak of pretense and stupidity and declared self-identities pertaining to race and sex during the Biden administration.

Given the presumed lack of fairy tale fantasy on the part of children of woke, elite and socially superior parents during their children’s pre- and early grade-school years, Democrats are now living out their fantasies which were deprived them in childhood, with sex and race identification that is contrary to any science and common sense mores.

So today’s national leaders, the Democrats of the Biden administration, are sick and misled persons who are, with their wokeness and their satanic ideas, leading America to certain destruction.

Monday, February 6, 2023

It’s Now A Settled Issue: Commie Biden Is Not On The Side Of Liberty And Freedom

 A few years ago there was a book titled The Red President, and now we have a real “red president” in the form of Joey Biden living (although he’s just barely alive and aware of his surroundings) in the White House.

When he’s not dealing against American interests with the World Economic Forum and the United Nations, trying to destroy American wealth with punitive penalties for the lie of warming/change and rewarding foreign governments for enslaving their citizens and keeping them in poverty, he’s threatening to destroy the oil and gas industry with an insistence that everyone must go electric when purchasing automobiles and kitchen ranges.

His performance at the nation’s borders, allowing over five million illegals to invade our country and end up living we-know-not-where and doing we-know-not-what is a disgrace, especially when his lying administration tries to convince us that the human invasion of America is all Trump‘s fault.

Commie Joey has greatly enriched himself and his family by selling influence to corrupt foreign governments as a Senator, Vice President and now as President, and now we find him taking the side of Communist China on every issue that comes before him, the most recent example of which was the Chinese spy balloon that completely traversed the United States, and only after all of the data that the Chinese wanted to record had been collected, Commie Joey then ordered the spy platform destroyed after it left American air space over the Atlantic Ocean. So Commie Joey allowed the Chinese to invade our airspace, record data to be used against us in a war, and then destroyed the evidence of his treachery by blowing up the balloon. Thanks Commie Joey.

Red Joey is an imminent danger to the economy and the continued prosperity of America and he must be removed from office, even if it means that Dumbo Kamala assumes the Oval Office; she couldn’t do a worse job than our Joey, because Commie Joey has sold his soul to our enemies and must be replaced by his party, if they care about our constitution and national security at all.

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Are Americans Too Stupid To Be Participants In A Democracy?

 With the election of John  Fetterman to the United States Senate, I almost fainted at the idiotic accomplishment of electing a man who couldn’t tell voters what he was for, nor what he was against, because he couldn’t talk or express himself at all.

Then there’s the Chicago mayor, Lori Lightfoot, the biggest failure ever known to America, with violent crime increasing steeply in her city, and there she is dancing, with a cowboy hat on and behaving like a fool, with a good assurance that she will be re-elected by the Democrat idiots she is subjecting to a shooting death every day, and make Chicago a third-rated city in spite of its glorious past.

Too many supposedly informed Americans know nothing about the real news that is harming America, and one can assume that most people, especially Democrats, still believe that Donald Trump was found guilty of Russian collusion and that Biden has firmly secured the southern border.

An informed populace is why the first amendment to the constitution was placed first, but leftist news organizations have completely failed in their obligation to faithfully report the news, which leaves many people, who are too lazy to seek the truth in the news, ignorant of the facts they will vote on.

And of course Democrats are only too eager to keep their voters in the dark, with their lies about Hunter’s computer; their cover-up of the millions of illegal, and too-often criminal, aliens who have crossed the southern border since Biden opened it up; men gleefully competing with and very often defeating women in sporting events; racial and sexual self-identity; and gender confirming medicine and operations that are destroying the lives of our children.

Many ignorant people want to defund the police, and then complain when criminals run wild, beating and murdering citizens and hi-jacking cars. These fools vote for all the wrong candidates which makes America weaker and more dangerous. We need to find a way to get these dunces to stop voting.

How can America remain free and prosperous if its citizens don’t know right from wrong, truth from lies? With the World Health Organization and the World Economic Conference partnering with the Biden administration to undermine our constitution and our liberties with ESG rules and claims of warming/change that are total lies obvious to anyone with the ability to think straight and clearly, we’re in trouble in this once great nation.

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

To Race-Baiting Democrats, Everything Is Seen Through A Prism Of Race

 The American Democrat party is fond of identifying racism: disciplined, hard work is racist; studying for school is racist; highways are racist; the word “field” is racist; math is racist; the weather is racist; the Georgia voter rights law was racist; and, of course, all white people are racists. And following the horrible beatings we recently learned of in Memphis, even the five black police officers who beat the young black motorist are guilty, not of simple racism, but of white racism.

The woke, far-left Democrat party has gone insane with charges of racism, but it becomes apparent after a while that anyone who calls everything racist, is very likely himself a racist.

The only conclusion a sensible person can reach regarding people who live and breathe racism, and who see racism and racist meanings in everything they encounter, is that these people are themselves sick, died-in-the-wool racists and must be ignored in their accusations of racism, so the rest of us can get on with our normal lives and continue to seek a nation where real, actual racism doesn‘t exist.