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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Monday, September 25, 2023

Does Anyone Else See A Resemblance Between Zelenskyy And Castro?

 The military fatigue wearing rulers, Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine and Fidel Castro of Cuba, are striking in their resemblance to each other. Neither man seems to have any other clothes to wear aside from a set of military fatigues. I don’t recall if Castro ever actually spoke to an official American governmental body, but Zelenskyy did, and both men, when speaking to groups of Americans, wore only the set of fatigues that they thought defined a man of power, a man of the people and a man used to getting his hands dirty. And Zelenskyy has an irritating habit of puffing his arms out to each side of his body in order to give himself a muscular, Schwarzenegger, tough-guy look.

When Castro came on the national scene in 1959 he and his fatigues were seen everywhere, spouting freedom for his depressed nation while he imprisoned his own fellow Cubans. And now Zelenskyy, who at least has new, shiny and neatly pressed fatigues and not the crumpled bag of clothes that Castro wore, is making the same plea for his nation that Castro did: give me money.

The thing that tripped up Castro in America was his affinity for the Communism of the Soviet Union, whereas Zelenskyy is in the back pocket of Joey Biden, and Biden is also a person who loves to cozy up to Communists and other tyrants, and Joey is giving multiple billions of dollars to Ukraine as a result of Zelenskyy’s international begging for dollars. But we will have to wait years before we know the true actual dealings and promises made by Biden in exchange for the American public’s money being poured into Ukraine, if we ever find out.

Although Americans largely hope Ukraine can finally defeat Russia as punishment for Putin’s invasion of the former Soviet block state, Zelenskyy is less than pleasant in his treatment of Ukrainians who dislike him and are opposed to his style of ruling a nation. 

Americans are worried that too many dollars are being sent to Ukraine when our own cities are being torn to pieces by crime and homelessness, and our borders are literally being invaded by numberless hoards of people we know nothing about, and no one really knows why they’re here nor what their intentions are for being here.

Americans have Joe Biden and his Democrat cohorts to thank for the lawlessness of our domestic environment, and we can only hope that Biden is not selling our nation down the river to Russia, China, Iran and Ukraine, but it sure looks like he is.

Thanks, Joey.

Sunday, September 17, 2023

In The Long Run We May Recover From Biden’s Woke, Criminal Administration, But It’ll Be A Dangerous And Long Effort

 As always happens with leftist politicians, the Biden administration has overstepped the bounds of propriety and now they’ve been caught with their leftist, political fists in our constitutional cookie jar.

The leftist, Democrat swamp city of DC thought they were finally taking total power and control of the United States when the Obama administration shoved national medical care down our throats and swore to fundamentally transform America. But Democrats were rudely shocked when Donald Trump was elected to office in 2016, and his presidency interfered with their leftist takeover of the U.S. and the burying of our constitutional rights, so when Biden took office the Democrats cast the constitution aside and hit-the-ground-running trying to destroy America. 

But Joey Biden is not the charismatic, smooth talking person that Obama was, so when old Joey tried to nationalize and restrict our gasoline supply, and our electricity, and our natural gas, and the type of cars we drive, Americans pushed back on the president who can’t speak, can’t walk straight without stumbling, and who will make no attempt to speak directly to Americans and try to explain the idiotic policies he’s proposing that are causing so much pain and misery for so many citizens.

And when you consider that white Americans are called racists every time they turn around by the very people who take race into consideration every time they open their racist mouths, America has had it with the Democrat fools.

Under the Democrats’ ruthless rule, Americans no longer trust the federal government to behave in a respectful, legal and constitutional way when dealing with Republicans and conservatives, and the Democrat party no longer maintains power at the pleasure of American citizens. Americans now wish to be governed by politicians who follow the constitution, and who believe that the Biden government, with its mandates and forced vaccinations, is evil, with its unconstitutional overreaching.

So if we can keep China from attacking us and can endure the endless criminal violations being committed on Americans by the inundation of illegal aliens, and the unidentified terrorists crossing our borders in their midst, we may be able to get our nation back on a law-abiding, constitutional track again, but it’s going to be a risky and difficult effort. However, getting America back to our traditional, national normal again assumes we can survive the last years of the plague of the Biden administration.

Friday, September 15, 2023

Is Biden President Of The United States, Or Blue, Leftist States Only?

 Recently Eric Adams, the Democrat mayor of New York City, correctly complained that all of the illegal aliens residing in NYC would soon destroy that city. So in order to save NYC (and also the leftist, sanctuary, Democrat cities of Chicago, Baltimore and San Francisco, among others) from death by overcrowding, the Biden administration is proposing that all illegals who cross the open border from Mexico into Texas must remain in Texas, and will be prohibited from traveling elsewhere in the United States.

Do the idiots in the Biden administration not realize that  this would destroy Texas, just as certainly as the continued flow of illegals into NYC will destroy that once lovely city? But of course it would save only the blue, Democrat-run sanctuary states, and it would punish the red states that don’t claim to be sanctuaries for those who illegally invade our borders, and that do not vote for Democrats.

President Trump’s policy of all illegals being kept in Mexico until their sanctuary status was verified was highly successful in protecting Americans from these invading hoards. And Biden’s redefining this policy would destroy Texas and all border states.

So in order to help protect the leftist mayors of sanctuary cities from the dangers of the radical principles the radical left proposes, Biden would punish every other city and state in the United States.

This type of selective policy planning is typical of the political left everywhere in the third world, who stick together in anticipation of gaining selfish political power and the opportunity to rule and increase their ill-gained power, while watching the destruction of their political opponents, even though those opponents are also their law-abiding, patriotic fellow citizens. 

This is not what made America the greatest and most prosperous nation in the world, and it’s not what American voters must permit to raise its ugly head again in the 2024 election. America must adhere to the age-old principle of “dance with the one who brung you”, and reject the leftist, radical takeover of the United States of America.

Monday, September 11, 2023

Are All Democrats Stupid, Or Just The Ones Holding Elected Offices?

 Recently we’ve heard from four Democrats who sound like MAGA Republicans since they have been hit up-side the head with reality.

One was a Minneapolis official who led the movement to defund the police in that city following the George Floyd incident. So now the police are largely no longer available for emergency calls. So when this poor lady was beaten and robbed, and had no one to call for help, because she caused the police force to be weakened to the point of being little more than a boy scout troop, she suddenly became aware of the value of police protection, as conservatives were aware all along. The unfortunate, misguided lady now sounds like a MAGA conservative.

Then a recent scream was heard from the mayor of New York City claiming that his city was being destroyed by the enormous wave of illegal aliens entering New York, a result that was predictable to anyone who has an ounce of brains and saw what happened at our borders when Biden opened them up to the world.

Two years ago, Texas and other border states took the Biden administration to task for opening the southern border, after the Trump administration had successfully staunched the flow of illegals. But northern, Democrat mayors and governors ignored the plight of Texas and made fun of Texans as being racists for disliking the expense and danger of foreigners invading their territory, and people like the mayor of New York boasted about his love for aliens and how great and welcoming his sanctuary city was to the poor and the down-trodden. 

But now that the hoard of illegals is causing the same problems for New York City as Texas was forced to endure these last two years, the NYC mayor has the gall to blame the governor of Texas for NYC’s immigrant problem. So Mayor Eric Adams is seeking help from the federal government, but without blaming his beloved Joey Biden for the disaster our entire nation is facing with millions of poor, non-English-speaking people crowding in everywhere. Biden directly and intentionally caused this horror show, and Eric Adams is a coward for not calling the fool Biden out. Trump had fixed the border issue, and Biden screwed it all up, just as Barack Obama predicted he would. Thanks, Joey.

Two additional examples of typically stupid, elected Democrat officials, one the mayor San Francisco and the other the mayor of Washington D.C., both of whom are dealing with problems of high crime and homelessness, and both of whom were firmly behind the Defund The Police movement, now see their cities suffering and even beginning to shut down completely as citizens and businesses flee the leftist paradise they’ve created, as crime ramps up due to a lack of any legal enforcing entity that Democrats will allow to punish criminal behavior, and due to idiot leftist DAs and judges who release criminals back on the street to commit more crimes, under the banner of restorative justice, whatever that means.

When will Americans remove Democrats from any elected positions? These ignorant people cause more trouble than they fix. We need to stop electing such people to positions of responsibility, because they are all irresponsible fools.

Saturday, September 9, 2023

It Takes A Village Idiot…

 Hillary Clinton believed that it takes a village to raise child, but old Joey Biden has proven that it takes a village idiot to destroy the greatest nation in the world. Even the Democrat mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, has publicly stated that the influx of illegal aliens into his city, an influx solely created by Joseph R. Biden, is leading his city to destruction. 

But of course, due to left-wing political loyalty and the left’s usual protective umbrella, the mayor will not mention that Democrat President Biden alone is responsible for the potential destruction of our entire nation, not just New York City, nor would the NYC mayor side with nor even listen to Republican officials in Texas two years ago when that state was among the first to have to pay the enormous bill related to the invasion from south of the border. And, of course, the New York City mayor was pushing the idea of sanctuary in his city for the citizens of the world while Texas fought the border invasion alone, and now he is mum on the leftist subject of sanctuary for the world’s poor. And this silence from the radical left, when Republicans in southern states were alone in raising the alarm of the national invasion that NYC and other Democrat states are currently experiencing and suffering with, is why there is no way our nation can repair itself when all the left wants is raw power, and cares not at all about protecting American citizens.

In Biden’s economy, Bidenvilles are cropping up everywhere to provide third-world housing for people bankrupt or just down on their luck in the era of Bidenomics.  And the village fool in the White House will not concede that there are Americans who are suffering under his mistaken idea of capitalism and economic policy, and will only appear briefly in front of microphones and incoherently read from a script stating his failed policies and he takes no heed of the misery he’s causing for American citizens.

Hillary’s village was intended to raise our children, but the village idiot in the Oval Office, along with his hand-picked, woke staff, have turned Hillary’s village into a horror show of sexually mutilated children under Biden’s misguided idea of “gender confirming care” using medical operations and chemical castrations that will cause misery for the children the remainder of their lives.

Our entire nation is being held captive to the woke, idiotic ideas of the radical left, with mayors and governors of Democrat cities and states pushing their unworkable and dangerous ideas about policing, helping children change their sex, keeping our nation safe from terrorists, and the enormous lie of warming/change, and these Democrat fools are literally insane with their notions of right and wrong.

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Democrat Stupidity Is Beyond Comprehension

 In 2021 the new president opened our southern borders to all who would come to the promised land of America, and they came in droves.

These illegal aliens swarmed and overwhelmed the borders of Texas, Arizona and New Mexico, but the new Democrat president didn’t give a damn, and allowed the flow of illegals to continue unimpaired. In fact he even began selling parts of Trump’s old border wall as scrap. The childish Democrat president was being petulant and doing the opposite of what Trump had done, so no one could rebuild the wall that Trump had started building, and that Biden tore down.

After billions of dollars had been spent by the border states trying to handle and care for the infinite flow of illegals that Biden caused, the border states began busing some of these refugees to Democrat Northeast states, who had proudly and fondly spoken of their being sanctuary states who loved illegals and wanted to provide for their welfare, and had declared them welcome under the sanctuary banner of political leftism.

But the Northeast states and their leftist mayors and governors soon learned that the flow of illegals, the same flow that the border states had been forced to feed and house from the beginning of Biden’s term, was too expensive and that there was no room for all of these non-English-speaking, often sick and uneducated and always poor people, and they forwarded some of these suddenly unwelcome mobs to other cities and states in order to relax the increasingly uncomfortable and overcrowded situation in their jurisdictions, just as Texas and other states found them to be unwelcome and a plague on American citizens and state coffers from the beginning of Biden’s administration.

The Democrat mayors and governors blamed the Republicans in the border states for intentionally trying to harm the Northeast states with the illegals that were being forwarded north. But over time the flow of illegals north became so intense that the Northeast Democrat politicians sought federal assistance in housing and feeding this hoard of people that threatened to bankrupt them. But the fool Biden administration gave no recognition that there was any problem at all, and insisted that the border was securely closed and under control.

Soon the Democrat politicians in Albany and New York City began to fight each other, with the NYC mayor wanting to push this human mass of illegals north to Albany, and the New York governor  insisting that NYC keep the unwanted people and find jobs for them. 

So now the New York politicians seem to have decided that they want to find jobs for the tens of thousands of people existing uncomfortably in their state, thereby threatening the income and even the very jobs of those unfortunate American citizens who reside in the  hell-holes of cities and states being run by Democrats. If Democrats begin hiring illegal aliens into jobs that don’t pay enough for Americans to support their families, thereby replacing the Americans and causing joblessness for them, the citizens will sink into poverty and become wards of the state, which is right where Democrats want all of us: under their commands for all of our basic human needs.

But lost on Democrats is that this entire disaster, which was avoided by the Donald Trump administration, is the fault of the top elected Democrat in the nation, Joseph R. Biden, and Democrats need to break ranks with the idiot in the White House and verbally and legally attack him and make him explain why he allowed this disaster to happen to our once great nation and make him pay for the avoidable horror he created and has watched become ever-worse, as it undermines the safety and security of our nation.

Democrats repeatedly create nasty social and moral situations so that they can use the crisis to raise taxes on Americans while pretending to resolve the mess that they, the Democrats, create, and recently they have made a habit of blaming MAGA Americans for the problems that Democrat politicians created, and calling them racists when they oppose the usual big-government solution the Democrats impose on the citizens of America.

One cannot be far wrong if one might finally decide that it’s time, recalling Rush Limbaugh’s warning, for patriotic Americans to panic at the loss of respect for law and order, and we need a return to government under the law and the constitution which can be respected by the American citizens, because it seems that with the literally insane policies coming from Democrats, our nation is about to fall into the valley of death.

Monday, August 28, 2023

The Historical Period Called The “Dark Ages” Was More Enlightened And Logical Than The Current Biden “Woke Ages”

 At least the dark ages had the excuse of a lack of science, a tradition of religious intolerance and a lack of free thought to account for its being called the “Dark” ages.

But the 20th Century and its insistence on free speech, democracy, religious tolerance and a scientific basis for public policy, has been raped and beaten by the Biden administration and its woke 21st Century policies. The Democrat position that men can bare children, that children should be surgically manipulated to be other than their birth sex, that parents have no right to have a say in the education and medical treatment of their children and that men should be free to compete in women’s sports, seem to any thinking person to be straight from the darkest of historic times, but they are actually from the 2020s when Democrats went insane for political power and began an endless racial and sexual rant across America.

Beginning in 2020 the mores and principles that have been common behavior for the last 600 years were discarded by woke Democrats. The fall of the  Roman Empire began the period called the Dark Ages, and the fall of the American democratic government with its enlightened constitution and equal treatment under the law, began the period hereafter to be known as the “Woke Ages” of Joseph Biden.

Future societies will look back at the Biden administration and think of Americans as being the most ignorant bunch of fools in history because of the stupidity of government policy regarding our lack of traditional social mores and practices, such as the principle of locking up political opponents, and when the anti-science movement of the covid 19 period is investigated, people will wonder at the idiocy of forced masking and mandated vaccinations, and they’ll question how such a previously advanced civilization could have gone so wrong, so quickly. 

Thinking people today know that the reason for this societal insanity lies with leftist politicians who want power and take every avenue possible to silence their political opponents via financial bankruptcy, imprisonment on trumped-up and corrupt charges, political allegations and a denial of their formerly constitutionally protected right to free speech and a citizen’s right to seek the personal happiness that they want for themselves.

Saturday, August 26, 2023

One Fears That Joe Biden Has Misunderstood Ayn Rand’s “The Virtue Of Selfishness"

 When Ayn Rand expressed her brilliant idea of “The Virtue Of Selfishness”, her idea of selfishness was very different from our Joey’s blatant acts of selfishness, greed and criminality.

Rand’s notion of The Virtue Of Selfishness was that society is best served when individuals serve their own personal needs and those of their families by working to support themselves and not pretending to be virtuous and supporting ever-higher taxes to pay for those individuals who will not support themselves. When one serves him- or herself by working for their daily bread, all of society benefits, by having this one less family to provide for, and without the resulting need to tax other citizens to support those who will not work to provide for themselves. Ms. Rand never intended that her principle should support any criminal behavior as being a justified aspect of her ideal of selfishness.

So when Joey and Hunter sought the now widely-known selfish ends for themselves and their families, by selling influence to China and other foreign nations in exchange for the millions of dollars paid them by the Chinese Communist Party, the potential dangers this influence-peddling caused to the citizens of America would never be supported by Ayn Rand.

Selfishness is only a virtue when it involves one’s personal, legal striving for a better life, and when one uses an elected position of public trust to be secretly awarded millions of dollars while putting the American public welfare at risk, as the Bidens have done, there is no virtue at all in this practice.

All of this being said, I don’t pretend for a moment that Joey Biden has ever heard of Ayn Rand or her ideas, because he is a rather stupid, crass, political, party ward-boss type of person who only understands an exchange of political forces that serve his own personal desires, and to hell with serving the welfare of the citizens of the nation. He’s just a selfish, greedy old man who is of no use to anyone, except the authoritarian political types who are running him in the Oval Office.

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Biden’s Perfect Storm Is Brewing, And It’s Headed Our Way

 In 2020 the political left frightened us sufficiently, with their lies about the relatively weak covid disease, in order to convince everyone to put on a worthless mask and get the useless covid vaccination.

Then when Joey assumed the Oval Office he immediately scared us again with talk of a world about to burst into flames, and he renewed the long-running and always-proven-wrong warming/change farce, and one of his first actions as president was the undermining of our comfortable lives in America by quickly halting the Keystone pipeline and forbidding any further drilling for oil on federal lands.

For the last two weeks, during a typical August summer,  we’ve heard terrible stories of high temperatures in isolated areas of the United States where temperatures of over 100 degrees have been reported, a rather common occurrence in Texas and Arizona in summer. So of course these seasonally high temperatures have encouraged the authoritarian left in our nation to say they now have proof that the much ballyhooed global catastrophe is upon us. It’s a good thing that these snowflakes were not alive and living in Kansas, Oklahoma or Texas during the dustbowl days of the 1930s; they‘d never have survived.

And now, our government is coming at us again with orders to re-mask, and announcing the development of a new vaccine for the latest covid iteration, all of which precautions were proven to be useless during the former pandemic scare. This has been a good scare inflicted on us by members of our authoritarian government, and a bad lie for our constitutional rights in America. 

The Biden administration is constantly plotting against our constitution and the citizens of America, and when this new era of covid masking orders is combined with the latest lying, screaming and hair-pulling warning about a burning planet, these two lies will soon be manipulated by the woke Biden fools who are intent on destroying the prosperity and freedoms Americans have always had, and they’ll soon have us all masked, with no cars, and no electricity, and with these fool, insane, Democrats in charge. 

The left’s perfect storm of fear-mongering lies has arrived, and one can expect that these two allegedly life-ending forces, working in combination, will be declared a combined Super Health Emergency which will require a new round of shutdowns, and when the leftist press in America pushes for an end to the constitutional principle of citizens seeking their own pursuit of happiness, we‘ll become wards of the intrusive and abusive state that the Biden administration has so carefully constructed.

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Ford Motors Has Learned That When A Leftist Government Demands That You Make Unwanted Products, You’d Better Say “No”

 The red presidency of Joey Biden couldn’t wait a single day of the new administration before attacking the automobile industry and its related industries, when they outlawed a new pipeline and halted drilling on new wells.

The next part of Biden’s radical environmental policies was his mandate (leftists can’t exist without mandates) that Ford, General Motors and Chrysler begin making the very costly and undependable electric vehicles.

Now Ford Motors is going broke after following Biden’s EV edicts and is losing billions of dollars each year by effectively becoming an adjunct to the far left federal government now seated in D.C. And while Ford has dumped billions of dollars into the development of the very expensive EVs, they are ignoring the piston engine side of the business that has made them one of the most successful and respected corporations in the world. Joey Biden likes to stick out his chest and loudly proclaim that he is a capitalist, but capitalism is not run by government. Capitalism is run by corporations seeking profit and the satisfaction of their customers, not seeking some ephemeral social goal proposed and edicted by some commie government.

One may well ask why Ford would make such a foolish and commercially dangerous decision to go along with Biden’s political order. We can no longer pretend that our nation is a capitalist nation if the president can demand that a corporation make and sell products no one wants. The answer as to why Ford and the other auto manufacturers went along and jumped into the EV market is that a leftist, big government president will destroy any company that doesn’t obey the orders from the White House.

If Ford ignored Biden’s demands and refused to make EVs, Biden would sic the IRS on them and inspect every annual tax filing back to the days of Henry Ford, and would inspect the returns with a fine tooth comb and jump on any slight infraction and make Ford pay for it dearly. The Ford Board of Directors and the executive staff of Ford would also have their personal taxes inspected, just as the IRS went after one of the Trump Company’s executives and fined and imprisoned him for past tax issues, because they want to keep Trump from running for president again, and Democrats hope this will serve as a lesson to Trump personally. This is what power hungry leftist regimes do to its citizens: they instill fear, like they did to Trump with two impeachments and now a series of indictments designed to make him go away and let the woke, socialist regime of Biden operate without criticism.

Another tool that the federal government has to punish corporations who don’t obey their mandates is to have OSHA perform minute inspections of past and current safety results, and shut down the corporation on the pretext of dangerous employee safety concerns. Or the NLRB can be called upon to invade the corporation and come up with some unknown labor issues that they will blow out of all proportion in order to stop work at the company.

So Ford obeyed Biden’s order to build EVs, and now they are going broke.

Donald Trump has often said that if the government can defeat him, we, the citizens, are next, and Ford should realize that they, too, are next in line for defeat via bankruptcy due to all of the costs of making a new line of cars  because they did not stand up to Biden and his woke, leftists and did not refuse to make vehicles that no one wants or can afford.

And if anyone wonders why the EV issue is so important to the Biden administration, it’s because China has bought-and-paid-for Joey Biden and his corrupt family. China has access to the rare earth materials needed for the EV cars, that the Biden family influence-peddling helped them gain, which are needed to make batteries for the evil EVs. And China is manufacturing some junky little electric cars they want to sell in America, and they depend on the corrupt Biden family to open this new market for them, which Joey is only too happy to do.  Joey is destroying our economy in order to make himself rich.

And if you combine the EV impact on the US economy with the millions of illegal aliens Biden’s open border has allowed to invade America, aliens who will soon be competing for jobs against job-seeking American citizens, and also recall the American electric generating industries which are now having to utilize wind and solar products insisted on by the Biden administration, which are not nearly as productive nor as dependable as the old coal, natural gas or nuclear power plants. 

Americans should be afraid of the Biden Oval Office; very afraid.

Monday, August 14, 2023

Democrat Politicians Go From Promising A Chicken In Every Pot And Two Cars In Every Garage, To No Pot, No Cars And No Garage

 The difference between the Trump years compared to the Biden years is so stark as to be frightening: Trump offered more industry, more gasoline and natural gas, and assured more prosperity, while Biden offers national poverty and a loss of constitutional liberties, in just two years.

Recently John Kerry, Biden’s climate czar, said that we can never reach the leftist’s desired goal of  net-zero carbon emissions unless the United States halts the farming and food production that is currently feeding not only the United States, but also large parts of the world.

Kerry’s words sound like Chairman Mao’s great cultural revolution in which tens of millions of Chinese citizens were starved to death in what he called the Great Leap Forward, if they were not arbitrarily shot for the slightest offense against the Great Mao. It now seems that Mao’s ideas are being warped and blended into Biden’s woke, radical left mandates, and his administration has no problem imposing and enforcing these radical proposals on the formerly free and prosperous United States.

So the farmers must stop producing any carbon in the growing of the nation’s food, and the rest of the American citizenry must give up their piston engine cars and buy a government mandated Electric Vehicle. But even owners of EVs are getting rid of these auto-company-bankrupting beasts because they are harder to operate and power and are less dependable than the old reliable gas-powered cars.

Why are farmers and city dwellers being told to get used to having less of everything they used to get so easily, readily and without government involvement? Because politicians need the power that the lie of global warming can bring to them, and threatening death on a burning planet allows them to inflict fear in non-thinking citizens, which allows Democrats to declare a new round of covid-like controls and mandates related to climate and health, in order to keep everyone in line with the new reality of living with less, but paying more, in America.

From the American working, saving and investing middle class, the government only takes, in the form of increased taxes and reduced choices, and under Joey Biden the government will continue to take and restrict even more. But now it’s also prohibiting many things that the constitution doesn’t allow it to prohibit, and in fact the constitution was put in place by our founders in order to keep the government from abusing its citizens, which is happening in spades under the Biden administration.

Republicans in Congress must keep investigating the Biden crime family and place every roadblock in the way of their completely destroying America and making us more third world than we already have become under twenty-first century Democrat rule. Democrats must be un-elected from all positions of authority in future elections so America can reverse its slide into perdition, and return to the greatness our founders intended when they wrote our magnificent constitution.

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Even Leftist Progressives Develop Conservative Attitudes When They See The Reality Of What They Ask For

 Leftists are such fools. We recently learned that the Oakland NAACP sent a letter to the city’s elected representatives complaining about the incredible crime rate in that city, a crime rate that was caused by the Defund The Police demands made by progressives, largely black Democrat progressives, a couple of years ago. Now Democrats are sorry for the destruction being done to their cities, and it’s all their own fault.

After strutting about and proudly proclaiming what an immigrant-loving, sanctuary city New York is, and how they love the poor and the downtrodden, the mayor of New York City is suing Texas for sending poor, diseased immigrants to his city. But Joey Biden is the real culprit here, not Texas. It’s Joey who opened the southern border and allowed the uncontrolled flow of illegals to invade America. It’s amazing what reality can do to force some people to correct their crazy, leftist thinking.

The sanctuary of Martha’s Vineyard suddenly became a less welcoming sanctuary for Joe Biden’s immigrants when they were sent to the island. The Democrat leaders on Martha’s Vineyard called the National Guard to remove the immigrants from their white-privilege enclave and stash them on a military base somewhere, anywhere, but their pristine, filthy rich, island. Leftists give lip service to diversity and invite poor people to their sanctuary cities, until those people are close enough to smell them, then they want them removed from their streets.

Conservatives all along have railed against the stupidity of the Defund The Police foolishness, and they’ve known all along the dangerous and unhealthy situation that would occur when millions of illegal aliens were allowed to freely enter the United States and start looking for food and housing. But progressives are unable to see in advance the bad situations they cause with their pretend sympathy for the poor and the hungry. It reminds one of the criminal weakness of not realizing that there is a punishment for criminal behavior, as described in Edward Banfield’s book The Un-Heavenly City. One wonders if this common trait makes progressives look more like stupid people or just plain criminals, since neither progressives nor criminals can visualize the logical outcome of their bad ideas and their horrible actions.

Similarly, Democrats are unable to see that they are undermining our nation’s validity in its citizens’ eyes when they criticize the decisions of the Supreme Court, or leak Supreme Court decisions to the press, or plot to assassinate Supreme Court justices.  Committing vote fraud during presidential elections is also another of the nation-destroying habits of Democrats.

Democrats don’t see a tie-in between infinite national debt and uncapped spending and how that relates to the stability and strength of the dollar. Democrats are too stupid to understand that indicting Donald Trump on phony charges, while the common criminal, Hunter Biden, runs freely and lives on the public dime in the White House with his daddy, Joey, only undermines trust in our government.

And how are we to inspire confidence in our military and keep them a strong fighting force when recruits are called racists and forced to sit in lectures on Critical Race Theory, and must live amongst trans-people in a common barracks, given all of the posturing and parading these people like to do.

Under the mind-impaired presidency of Joey Biden and his third-world idea of how government should operate, our continued freedom and prosperity, as well as our constitutional rights, are in serious doubt.

Monday, July 31, 2023

Covid-Like Restrictions Coming Soon From Biden’s Democrats, Due To Too Much Heat For The Precious Snowflakes


The political left can always find reasons for everyone to be forced to lockdown under martial law. Hitler had his imagined attack from Poland,  Stalin had his evil capitalists to protect Russians citizens from, and now Joey Biden is the first ruler to have two life-ending, future-destroying national emergency disasters that allow him to order emergency police actions that are specifically prohibited by America’s constitution: first, the very weak covid pandemic, and now the “dangerously” hot summer temperatures that the political left claims is proof of disastrous warming/change, both of which things, in Biden’s opinion, require government control in order to save the world, and these are bold-face lies that only gullible, non-thinking people would accept and obey.

We now know, years after the damage to our constitutional liberties has been done, that during the covid panic, nearly every person’s death that was originally attributed solely to covid was actually accompanied by at least four co-morbidities. Nearly all of the deaths were in bodies that were already deathly sick, and it just took the covid complications to finally overwhelm an already weakened immune system and end a life. But of course, our lying government blamed only covid, thus justifying the mask and vaccine mandates.

And now, after over sixty years of lying, failed predictions, first of doom from an imminent ice age in the 1970s, then to Ted Danson scaring us in the 1980s with predictions of food supplies drying up within the decade, and Prince Charles predicting doom within five years of his prediction in the 1990s, and many more such dire warnings, all of which disasters never happened, and after the radical left predictions of rising oceans (which Obama promised he would reverse during his administration and thereby save humanity) melting ice bergs and disappearing polar ice caps that would cause coastal cities all over the world to be drowned under salt water (which also has never happened, not even close), we now have a hot summer, which is much less intense and has caused much less suffering and damage than any calendar year in the decade of the 1930s, and our fear-mongering Joey Biden, he of the corrupt, ruling Biden clan, is imposing his personal, AOC/Bernie Sanders-inspired restrictions on 332 million Americans, who are completely fed up with this aging, melon-headed, wannabe dictator.

Guidance from our constitution was not needed during the more sensible Reagan, Bush and Trump years when decent people presided rationally over the nation and didn’t overstep the bounds of government. But our constitution must now be imposed on the presidency, with Biden making up rules, issuing edicts and imprisoning anyone who speaks up against him.

Our mush-for-brains president has already limited the production of oil and the refining of gasoline (which he’s not permitted to do); he’s already begun taking our beloved automobiles from us (which he’s not permitted to do); he’s already started to take gas ranges from chefs (which he’s not permitted to do); he’s already preparing to take our water heaters away from us (which he is not permitted to do); he declared the national lockdown along with requiring masking and vaccinations for all citizens (which he’s not permitted to do); he’s already ordered the FBI to investigate parents who want to be part of their children’s education and not have our leftist government present racism and pornography to school-aged students (which he’s not permitted to do); he’s already proposed banning all air conditioning from private homes (which he’s not allowed to do). 

And now that we have summer weather developments that the news media claims are historically the hottest ever, Joey is planning some unconstitutional environmental edict which will destroy the comfort and liberty of all Americans, under the banner of saving us from certain death at the whim of weather, but actually will give Biden and his Democrat pals political dominance over Americans and our way of life, forever.

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Rethinking, And Debunking, The White Privilege Thing

 The political left, or in other words the Democrats, are masters of lying, labeling and sticking together concerning the things they say about their political opponents. At the moment they are lying about climate change because it’s July and it’s hot nearly everywhere in the U.S. 

But at this particular point in the political process let’s expand on the leftist lies of Democrats and consider the fantasy of “white privilege“:

Privilege is something that’s bestowed on a person by another. It’s been obvious for a long time that political left Democrats have bestowed all sorts of privileges on themselves. One has only to recall that when this “privilege” thing was first discussed we learned that Chelsea Clinton was given a six-figure job by NBC as soon as she graduated from college, and the job she was assigned to do called for no real measurable accomplishments to be performed at all. Democrat privilege was all she needed, because NBC assumed that Hillary would soon be president and they gave this cushy job to her daughter in order to buy them influence in her upcoming administration. After all, it was her turn to become president after the treatment she got from hubby Bill during his administration. Right?

On the other side of the coin, have Donald Trump or Daniel Penny (the ex-Marine who defended a subway car full of people by engaging a crazy man threatening the riders), both being white men with accomplishments in their pasts and both being upstanding citizens, been granted any privileges lately? No, they have not. The leftist press and leftist prosecutors have labeled these white men as bad people because of their conservative attitudes and policies, and in spite of their privileged skin color.

The real thing that is a blessing for white people is not privilege, because that must come from the actions of others higher on the privilege scale. Whites like Trump and Penny have no privilege. Rather, they have certain advantages largely attributable to their race, but these advantages are much amplified by their hard work and their accomplishments.

Trump is definitely not privileged by the Biden DOJ’s insistence on putting him in prison for something, anything, that will remove him from getting reelected and reversing the dangerous and harmful decisions and policies of the fool Joey Biden. And all Daniel Penny did was protect a train full of black and white people from a known insane and violent person, as they traveled in New York City, by confronting the threatening man who had attacked people in the past. So in order to cause pain and suffering for Mr. Penny, a mob of leftist, racist Democrats demonstrated in front of city hall and insisted that Alvin Bragg try Penny for murder, which demand he respectfully obeyed. 

Those demonstrators who wanted Penny arrested have more privilege than the heroic Mr. Penny, due to their leftist political leanings, so he’s now under indictment for doing the very thing we expect of a young man, when he protected riders on a train. But his race made him vulnerable to the claim of murder by Bragg’s minority groups, because everything in Biden’s administration prefers non-whites, and non-straights and considers race above all else.

One can agree that whites have certain advantages, but minorities also have access to advantages in today’s woke world (just consider the stupidity of Karine Jean-Pierre and the insane statements and the constant, inappropriate cackling of Kamala Harris for examples of the obvious privilege of Biden’s appointees, who are beneficiaries of wokeness when considering skin color and sex).

All privileges have been bestowed on Democrats, especially the LGBTQ crowd of snowflake complainers and those with dark skin tones, and the rest of us have only accomplishments to fall back on, if the Biden Department of Justice doesn’t throw us all in jail on trumped-up charges first.

Sunday, July 23, 2023

How Can Democrats Pretend To Support Constitutional Government While Supporting Hitlerian-Style Rule?

 With all of the critical investigative work done recently by the House Republicans, investigations that have uncovered records of hidden financial transactions with foreign governments that prove that the Biden family profited from selling influence in United States government dealings with those governments, how can Democrats not drop all of the outraged pretense of opposition to these investigations, and turn against the Biden crime family?

How can leftist, Democrat politicians who pretend to support free speech and tolerance for minority opinion, maneuver to shut up RFK Jr. during a congressional hearing on the subject of tolerance and free speech, by making a proposal during the televised hearings to force a halt to Kennedy’s statements while the cameras broadcast live to the nation? Not only was a proposal made to silence him, but Democrat members of the panel repeatedly spoke-over Mr. Kennedy as he was trying to make the point that previous derogatory statements about his former statements, made by Democrats, were lies.

How can Democrats, while in an official House of Representatives hearing about corruption in government, waste valuable time speaking about totally irrelevant and unrelated subjects, many of which statements were simply mad-mouth opinions about Donald Trump, who has already overcome two impeachments and numerous legal proceedings made by this same gang of Democrat politicians.

How can democratically elected government officials ignore obvious legal moves by far-left, Biden DOJ radicals simply trying to place Trump in prison so he can’t run against them in 2024?

This all sounds like people who want no political opposition to their corrupt rule, and who will gladly punish their political opponents with imprisonment, thereby not allowing voters to select the president of our nation.

But even more concerning and dangerous to the future of liberty in America is the silence coming from the mainstream electronic and print press about the obvious moral and criminal problems of the Biden family, when each and every imagined offense of Trump gets above-the-fold, “bombshell” coverage every day. The leftist press is destroying this nation, because it‘s refusing its constitutional duty to inform American citizens of current events.

Today’s Democrats are insane with the thought of losing the White House to Donald Trump a second time, and they are exploding with anger that the House Republicans are exposing their lies and filthy tricks for all Americans to see.

Thursday, July 20, 2023

We Already Knew The Danger Of The Democrat’s Defund-The-Police Stupidity, But Democrats Are Too Corrupt And Dishonest To Learn


In Edward Banfield’s book, “The Un-Heavenly City”, published in long-ago 1968, the author stated that very often the reason criminals commit crimes is that the criminal mind can’t visualize punishment as a result of their criminal acts.

Whether Banfield was talking about criminals being too dumb to resist committing a crime or that their minds weren’t able to tie the crime and punishment together is not completely clear. But all of this makes little difference, because criminals will continue to commit crimes, so they need to be punished in order to protect the populace and maintain a fear-free society in which decent citizens can move about freely and can seek their own “pursuit of happiness“.

But our superior, wiser-than-thou, Ivy-League-educated, leftist Democrats took the case of punishment to new and dangerous levels by proposing that we should fire and disband all police forces, ignore criminal acts and release all criminals.

And now we realize that following the advice of far-left Democrats has led to the destruction of many of America’s formerly great cities, in which crime is completely out of control and the citizens of those cities are suffering greatly.

In light of this evidence, one might quickly arrive at the conclusion that current-day Democrats are burdened with criminal minds themselves, which would explain their own lack of ability to identify criminals and punish them, instead of allowing repeat offenders to roam free and commit more crimes, which then results in more suffering and pain for decent citizens. And when you include in the balance Democrat’s insistence that men compete in sporting events with women and girls, and that biological men can “chest-feed” babies and can become pregnant, it appears that political Democrats are insane, which may explain why they behave like criminals.

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

If Disastrous Heat And Drought Had Meant The End Of The World, We’d Have Never Survived The 1930s

 It’s a good thing that the Democrat end-of-the-world crowd, those who are crowing so loudly about the lie of warming/change, were not around in the 1930s when the stock market crashed, banks failed, mountains of dust covered large areas of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas and obscene heat and drought killed repeat attempts to grow crops, because all of the progress, wealth creation and scientific advances we’ve seen since World War II would never have happened if a bunch of Chicken Littles had moved to stop all human living and advancements because a few localized weather conditions happened.

But the current 100-degree temperatures in Texas, Death Valley and other locations is causing the predictable uproar as the hate-America, leftist Democrats insist that cars be prohibited and air conditioners be banned.  The next logical step for these radical, alarmist fools will be to declare a health emergency, just like they did during the covid era, halt all travel and manufacturing, and blame this national destruction on warming/change, while China plows ahead with their plans to dominate, control and destroy America.

Weather is very different from climate, and the weather is always changing. But the lie that the leftist Democrats assigned to the warming issue is plain to see when it’s revealed that the middle of the nation is NOT experiencing unseasonably hot weather. The hot days we’ve had in my part of the nation is exactly what July brings each and every year. And you should not make claims of global-warming when the hot spots we’ve seen this summer are isolated, just as they’ve always been.

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

The Degree Of Criminality Among Today’s Democrats Varies

 All leftists are crooks who will take things from us. In today’s political world, Biden’s woke fools are the “new normal” among these crooks who attack our constitutional rights, and the “new left” are the actual imprisonable criminals who will take your stuff and even your life. The evidence of all leftist Democrats being crooked is common knowledge, because Democrats have wanted prisoners and ex-cons to get the right to vote for years because they know that all criminals will vote the straight Democrat ticket if given the chance, in exchange for weaker laws and lighter punishment when they commit crimes. Democrats and common criminals are only separated in their nefarious schemes and actions by slight degrees of criminality.

But the degrees of leftism are interesting. Democrats, who form the “new normal” in American politics, will take your constitutional rights, your quality of life and your money, while the “New left”, now constituted of commonly known criminals, will take your life as well as steal all of your possessions. So all Democrats are on the political left and will take everything you have in varying degrees.

And this goofy love affair between Democrats and the criminal left, verified by the criminalization of  law-abiding MAGA supporters, a total disregard for the law and the run-away crime wave take-over of America’s Democrat-run cities, prove the point: Democrats ignore the law, and protect and support the lawless.

But Democrats are also thieves who are stealing our society of its common sense along with any understanding of scientific process and scientific knowledge. Their firm stand that men can birth children, that men have menstrual periods, and that biological men must be permitted to compete with girls in competitive sports, along with the declared belief that even the CDC is just spouting misinformation and disinformation when it quotes the scientific evidence that the covid vaccines will not halt contraction or communication of the disease, proves their corruption. And because the expressed opinion of Democrats that we are all going to die from the ultra-leftist lie of warming/change and that it will soon kill every person on earth, proves their idiocy as a group and their threat to the American way of life. They show no respect for our constitution nor for women’s rights, nor any slight tolerance for opinions that are not spouted by woke, Democrat leaders. These people are insane and their lunacy will destroy our lives as Americans if Democrats are not voted from all political offices in 2024.

Friday, July 7, 2023

The Biden Family Security Policy: Keep Your Enemies Close, Your Friends Closer, And Keep Hunter Under Constant Observation

 The fifty-something, fully-grown Daddy‘s-boy, Hunter Biden, who is a middle-aged father and husband who still lives with his father, is fed by his father and travels on Air Force One every place his Daddy goes, has been a poster-boy for how to be a crook and a threat to America’s national security with no punishment at all, and demonstrates to the world how dirty the Biden family is.

Joey Biden and his family are proving to be even more dysfunctional than the Carter family when Jimmy’s idiot brother, Billy, was on constant display, but in fairness, Hunter is only doing what he learned from Joey as being the right things to do.

Most recently the White House has become contaminated with cocaine, which is the only product Hunter is completely familiar with, aside from the sale of influence within the United States government, and its crooked dealings with foreign powers, all of which crimes were committed while Biden the Senator, Vice President and now President, was in office and had the ability to peddle favors to our foreign enemies.

And on a related Biden issue, why would Hunter’s baby-mamma want to have the Biden name attached to Hunter’s ignored and shamefully treated daughter, when the Biden name will likely be forever associated with the names of Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot when international criminals are listed in history books.

The Delaware white-trash currently polluting the White House and pestering the nation with corrupt politics, is successfully competing with Appalachian, back-country poverty stricken people for the title of real, American Hill Billy trash. Our nation must remove this gaggle of fools in 2024 and regain a nation that adheres to our constitution and operation under law.

Sunday, June 18, 2023

Biden’s Leftist Administration Is Not Only Populated With Non-Serious People, They Are Also A Bunch Of Immature Juveniles

 I’ve written previously about the insincere, non-serious people who make up the Biden administration, and their lack of concentration on matters of vital importance (like the danger of China to American sovereignty; the everlasting devastation of Biden’s open borders; escalating crime and the enormous harm this is doing to major American cities, most of which are Democrat-run; and the agony and personal misery of homelessness in general) that they ignore in preference to their own petty, non-serious issues (like the lie of warming/change; the lie of the alleged abuse experienced by gay and trans people; the danger of guns and the lack of attention to mentally unbalanced people who use those guns, nearly all of whom are Democrats; performing sex-change operations on children without the consent of their parents, due to the “gender confirming“ stupidity of the Biden political left).

But the fools that Joey Biden has, at best, allowed to be hired to serve his administration, or, at worst, were hired directly by himself, are way beyond simply being non-serious people. They are out-of-control children and juveniles, who strip on the White House lawn; indict a former, and perhaps future president, for a crime (holding secure documents in his home which was, and still is, being guarded by the Secret Service) a crime that Biden himself has committed at a higher level of criminal intent (holding multiple boxes of controlled information at multiple sites controlled by no one, that he obtained illegally as a senator and as vice president). 

This cabal of fools were completely in agreement with the forced masking and forced vaxxing policies of Biden during the covid years, when people who disagreed with Biden’s policies had their opinions labeled as disinformation and misinformation and had those opinions withheld from news reports, and often had the holder of those opinions fired from his/her job. They declared that biological men competing against females in sporting events were positive heroes for this misogynistic mistreatment of women; they take the position that trans people are horribly mistreated by America, and place them on a level of near worship; they will argue to the death that men who identify as women ARE actually women in every aspect of the definition of a human female; they believe that men who identify as women have menstrual periods and can birth children, and that simply putting lipstick and false eyelashes on a man makes him a women.

The Democrat group ANTIFA is a violent, leftist group employed to silence anyone Democrats don’t agree with, who always show up to violently oppose and attack conservative events, with not a word of objection coming from anyone in the Biden administration. Daniel Penny heroically  prevented a crazy, black man in a New York subway from harming other people on his train, and this heroic act gets him indicted instead of getting a ticker-tape parade in his honor, because the far-left New York City district attorney, Alvin Bragg, treats Penny as a racist, which is what every person opposing Democrat rule is called, even though it’s the Democrats who consider race before all else in today’s topsy-turvy world, which is being destroyed by radical, leftist policy. And it was Southern Democrat governors who stood in schoolhouse doors to prevent blacks from attending school with whites, and southern Democrats who held slaves and fought a war to retain slavery.

The juvenile, non-serious fools who are serving the destructive ends of the Biden administration have no regard for the shrinking budgets of American families that have been intentionally decimated by Biden’s inflationary policies. These foolish people have no regard for the American retirees who see their life-long savings and investments being eaten away by Biden’s inflation. They cannot, or will not, see a future in which China will criminally stop manufacturing drugs and other products that Americans need to keep themselves alive. They have no idea of the lost vacation experiences in the mountains and at the beach, for young families who cannot travel during the summer months because of Biden’s needlessly costly fuel regulations.

These people, and all of the other similar swamp people who want a piece of the destroy-America pie, are just waiting in the wings for their own turn at making foolish decisions and destructive policy, and they must be rejected from any seat of power. We need strong conservative people in office in order to make America great again.

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Gavin Nuisance Should Hang His Head In Shame And Leave American Citizens Alone

 The idiot governor of California, Gavin Nuisance, is indeed making a nuisance of himself by repeatedly making negative remarks about Florida and the current governor of that state, which is much freer and more economically successful than California has been under Mr. Nuisance‘s power ride, and which is attracting fed-up citizens from California to reside there. Mr. Nuisance is attacking Florida and its governor simply because the governor of Florida is likely to be a political opponent of California’s governor in a future run for the White House.

After destroying San Francisco as mayor, then bankrupting, masking and forcing lockdowns on Californians as governor, Mr. Nuisance now has his eyes set on the final destruction of our great nation, and if observant Californians can tell good from bad, they’ll reject Mr. Nuisance’s ambitions for a national seat of power, let him know their displeasure with his performance in office so far, and force him to stay in California until they are able to eliminate him from any further political ambitions, and send him into political oblivion.

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Trans-ism Is Misogyny, Plain And Simple

 In the Trans world, biological men can buy a push-up bra, put on some lipstick and believe they are experiencing the full essence of womanhood. But this belief is complete, self-indulgent crap, because being a woman is worlds beyond anything these fool men can dream up, as they don their femme-face pretense.

Probably the most offensive thing being done to women since the woke Democrats took power in D.C. is the emotional, professional and actual physical harm being done to them when men compete directly, and often in physical contact with, women in the Title IX world of women’s sports, with the result that women’s chances of winning events against biological men are virtually eliminated, and I claim that this is a simple case of misogyny that the political left is conducting against women, and is a violation of the ideals of Title IX, contrary to the idiotic statements of our fool president.

It’s too bad that wokeness in government exists concurrently with the political left’s misogyny, and that some responsible person in the Biden administration doesn’t put an end to this outrage, but that’s the present-day Democrat party for you.

This shameless misogyny, combined with America’s devastating open border, will forever be the legacy of the woke, criminal, Biden administration.

Thursday, June 8, 2023

From Hooverville To BidenVille, And From American Sovereignty To National Occupation And Poverty

 It’s almost become a joke what liars the national, leftist news agencies and news channels are, and what they don’t directly lie about, they lie indirectly and silently by not reporting on leftist Democrat failures and terrible policies that harm the nation.

Our big-time media have no problems mentioning Hooverville so as to criticize a past Republican president, but they’ll never put a similar tag of Bidenville on the homeless, criminal problem plaguing Democrat-run cities that is solely the fault of Joseph Biden and his economy-destroying edicts. Also not blamed or even mentioned when discussing Democrat policies are the Democrat governors and mayors who are burdening us with rampant crime and an absolute invasion of poor people illegally crossing our borders, people who have no business being here, but are encouraged by leftist policy that in effect, gives them the moral right to be here and be weakening our cities with non-Americans.

At least we had a national state of economic depression, a stock market crash and a series of banking failures to blame for the Hoovervilles that existed in the 1930s, but we have only one person, Joseph Biden and his Democrat party, to blame for the chaos, out-of-control crimes and homelessness that we are seeing in our mainly Democrat-run cities, like San Francisco, Chicago, New York and other blue cities.

As America’s Democrat-run cities are torn apart by the corrupt policies of the Biden administration, and as China makes itself ready to end America’s great run of prosperity, liberty and self-rule, Joey Biden swaggers (and too often staggers) like a big shot, but doesn’t even know what day it is nor what speaking event he is told to attend.

Meanwhile, Biden’s thoughtless policies allow millions of illegal aliens to make a bad societal situation worse, with unknown criminals and terrorists entering our country to establish Mexican drug cartel beachheads in American cities, from which to wage war on this great nation, from within our own borders.

Thanks, Joey.

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Unserious, Woke People Are Dangerous People

 When we see far-left Trans people mocking Catholic nuns with wildly frightening white-faces and gaudy make-up, we are staring into the faces of unserious, dangerous people who care nothing for national security nor common defense, people who are desirous of denying normal people of their personal liberties, want to destroy religion, are opposed to free and fair elections, have no consideration for the importance of  our supply-chain in keeping people fed, medicated and clothed, have no idea of the value of a strong economy and care not a damn about increasing crime rates and what that can do to everyone‘s quality of living. All these people care about is mocking the constitution, shocking decent citizens and undermining the security of our democracy and our prosperity.

So why are these anti-American freaks getting so much positive, flattering attention while serving the leftist societal destruction of America planned by Joey Biden and his administration’s corrupt policies, part of which is the administration‘s claim that the Trans community is being abused and persecuted. But the political left is unable to provide one single case of Trans mistreatment when the event they are participating in is peaceful and appropriate.

And why are the obscene displays and actions of these non-serious people so willingly supported by an alleged “responsible” corporate world, with their prohibition of a MLB game in Atlanta; the Dodgers welcoming the sisters of perpetual indulgence to their stadium in Los Angeles; Budweiser pushing Trans filth with a man pretending to be a woman by simply putting on lipstick, a wig and false eyelashes; and Target wildly celebrating Pride week with inappropriate children’s clothing displays in their stores.

There was a time when people associated the word “pride” to actual accomplishments, like Catholics serving the poor and sick, our military personnel keeping our nation safe with their vigilance, and police officers keeping our cities’ streets safe. But following a couple of years of Democrat mayors wielding power, like London Breed of San Francisco defunding, abusing, imprisoning and firing the police officers in her town, we now have many formerly beautiful cities in America that are now apparently third-world hell holes drowning in a tidal wave of criminal behavior. But at least the Mayor of San Francisco is finally begging her legislature for millions of dollars to correct the damage she did by getting rid of her city’s police force. The 1906 San Francisco earthquake did less damage, and lasted for a shorter length of time, than the harm Ms. Breed has done to her once beautiful city, with only a couple of years of her leftist, woke policies being put into place, because in 1906 the rebuilding of the city began immediately because the citizens loved their city, while in 2023 businesses and individuals are running away from the rampant crime, excrement-flooded streets and the permanent rows of homeless encampments that woke Democrat policies have brought to the city.

And Chicago, Baltimore and New York City are not far behind the West Coast if the citizens of all of America’s Democrat-run cities don’t start voting against Democrats and their destructive policies.

The unserious people who tend to be Trans people have every right to the constitutionally specified protection of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, but they have no right to force that pursuit on serious citizens and subvert our own individual pursuits of happiness by mocking and slandering everything that‘s dear to us.

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Under Woke Democrats, The More Things Change, The More They Remain The Same

 Back in the late 1800s there were individuals roving in the territories of Oklahoma and Texas, who traveled about and reported on current events by reading from eastern newspapers to paying groups of settlers, so these people could be kept informed of events impacting their nation and their futures.

But since our modern leftist news organizations refuse to report on current developments occurring in Twenty-First Century America, like the corruption of the Biden family, the ruination of our nation due to Biden’s open-border policies and the lies of warming/change, but willingly report each and every rumor and charge against Donald Trump and his family, I hereby  propose a new news-channel with Donald Trump as the reader of the news to Americans who have no idea of how much valuable news, critical to maintaining an informed citizenry, is being denied them. America is becoming an uninformed wasteland of ignorant citizens, and I would wish for Trump to read and comment on the news because he is such an attention-getter and ratings booster to leftist groups like CNN and MSNBC, and maybe these corrupt news groups could increase their viewing audience by including Trump’s reports in their programs.

In pre-statehood Oklahoma and Texas, news may have been delayed by weeks or even months, but at least the settlers got the news, which is denied to many Americans in 2023 because of the corruption and partisanship of America’s leftist, Democrat-loving press.  We have to do something to inform our citizens of the cover-ups and non-reporting on important issues, and the commie lies we are being subjected to on so many other issues, or our nation will be completely lost.

Friday, May 26, 2023

Joe Biden Is Giving Me PTSD!

 I spent three years in the United States Army and never suffered from anything more serious than a slight cold. But as a civilian I’m under such never-ending violent, verbal, threatening attacks from the nation’s rulers that I’m getting PTSD, or shell-shock, or whatever it’s called now, and I’m being made to feel like a common criminal for being self-supporting and law-abiding and minding my own business. Here are some examples of the causes of my feeling of PTSD, which can be as real and serious for the citizenry of a nation as it can for military veterans, if their rulers are as threatening as Americans are experiencing.

Joey Biden and his woke administration are waging war on American citizens. We’re being abused and criticized by the wokesters in the White House. Joey is sending out 87,000 new IRS agents to find fault and punish us for the taxes we’ve dutifully paid all these years. The FBI is spying on local school board meetings to find rogue parents who want their children to get educated and not be indoctrinated in leftist politics, and although our children may be grown and have children of their own now, one fears that Joey’s agents will still find us and lock us up for subversion or treason or whatever else they can frame people for, and although we’ve never done anything of a terrorist nature, Joey tells us repeatedly that white people are the greatest threats to freedom and liberty known to the world.

I’ve never seen any summer that had temperatures in excess of 105 degrees, and most of those summers were many years ago and the hot periods lasted only 2 or 3 days at a time, but I’m told that the world is burning up and all life will end in 12, then 8, then 5 years, or whatever our leaders think will frighten us more. And make no mistake about it, fear  and control over all Americans is all that the climate/change farce is all about.

I’m old enough that my age could be considered a co-morbidity that could end my life at any moment, but after repeatedly being told that the Wuhan pandemic was certain to kill me at my advanced age, and I was duly ordered by the Fool-in-Chief to wear a mask at all times, to keep six feet of distance between myself and other people daring enough to leave the safety of our homes, and after being ordered to get a vaccination that would protect me and keep me from spreading the Wuhan illness to other citizens (all of which I proudly refused to do) I came thru those not-very-dangerous times with not as much as a sniffle or a cough, while many of those who took the advice of our political rulers became sickened or even died because they followed the rules issued by Democrats.

I happily drive a gasoline-powered car, but am now told that I’m destroying the world and must start driving an EV car, which is powered by the same demand for BTUs that my current gas-powered car needs, so I’m confused at being told that I must drive a more expensive car that is at risk of not being recharged by weak-sister wind and solar farms that the government is forcing on us, even after years of their requiring automobile manufacturers to make cars lighter-weight and more fuel-efficient, and now they simply tell us to throw away those old cars, which now have no trade-in value, thanks to Joey Biden, and buy a vehicle we don’t like for a great deal more money than we can afford or want to spend.

Radical Democrats began rioting and burning American cities the entire summer of 2020, from Seattle to Baltimore in mostly Democrats-run jurisdictions, and kept the literal flames burning all summer long. Donald Trump was president at the time and suggested to the mayors and governors of the most violently fomenting cities that perhaps he could provide federal troops to help stabilize the situations, but every one of the leftist officials made a fuss about being attacked by the federal military and would not even entertain receiving help from a Republican president. So the violence, all in Democrat territory, continued, until the radical left began blaming the police for the people who were dying, and began the Defund The Police stupidity. So now the United States has the appearance of a third world nation, with homeless people pitching tents in some of our major, Democrat cities, raiding stores with no penalties, beating subway riders with no punishment, watching major and important retailers like CVS and Walmart closing their doors due to the losses entailed by shoplifters and the fear of employees trying to report to work each day. And the idiot Democrats wonder where all of this violence came from. It came from the radical, political left, and was made permanent by the Biden administration who committed the major crime of the century by opening up our southern border to, as of now, over five million illegal aliens who are fanning out over the nation and in too many cases attacking American citizens. And the fool in the White House will do nothing to stop this invasion, as our cities are flooded with poor people from nearly every nation of the world, who have no jobs and nowhere to go, and as Democrat mayors and governors blame Republican governors for sending busses of these illegals, allowed in by our Democrat president, to their cities, and refuse to openly blame Joey Biden for this horrific attack on American citizens.

We’re told that Trans people are the most abused and discriminated against people in America and that these people must be catered to, employed, their opinions respected and their unique pronouns remembered by everyone, while we see some of the Biden administration’s Trans employment selections make us doubt these people’s basic honesty, intelligence and understanding of the American constitution.

It’s an admitted fact now, that Donald Trump was framed by Democrats and the FBI, with the false accusations of his colluding with Russia. This was treason, plain and simple from the political left and was an attempt to overthrow an elected president by officials residing in the Washington Swamp, quite unlike the non-event on January 6th which also framed many people who did nothing but parade around the Capitol building and peacefully leave. But the event was presented to appear like an attempted overthrow of the government.

These are some of the “violent” events that are giving the American population PTSD, and the blame is wholly on the Biden administration and its corrupt policies.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Is The NAACP Running Out Of People Of Color To Pander To?

 With the unforeseen and staggering success of Donald Trump’s administration and his proving to People of Color that the conservatism of Republicans is not only not a threat to anyone, but can provide a better way to live and work for ALL Americans, compared with the dead-certain proof that the woke Democrats under the ailing Joey Biden will lead to the destruction of America’s entire way of life and force the government to have to give handouts to all People of all Colors instead of making them wealthy and independent. As a result of Trump’s proof that Capitalism works to the benefit of everyone in society, the NAACP seems to be losing followers among black Americans, because they are now declaring that anyone who doesn’t cater and defer to Trans people is committing an act of racism. One wonders if the NAACP is rounding up Trans people in order to backfill for the blacks who are in agreement with Republican policies.

So would one be correct if they assumed that the NAACP is replacing People Of Color (POC) with the Trans individuals, who are also POCs, (People Of Confusion) in matters of biology and sex. 

 Maybe the NAACP will rename their group the National Association For The Advancement of Confused People, in order to fold the new woke, Democrat hipsters into their shrinking current group of blacks only.

But the non-black, Trans wokemeisters will soon become disillusioned with whatever the NAACP officially calls themselves, because having an organization whose sole objective is to empower itself with dependent poor people who want government goodies instead of freedom and personal prosperity is a losing bargain, as the NAACP is finding out as blacks leave their group in favor of living well and independently.

But whatever happens, the NAACP will continue to call anyone who disagrees with their policies “racists” because that’s all they’ve learned in their attempts to place their opponents on the defensive these last number of years. But that was then and this is now, and after watching Joey Biden destroy all that’s good about America during his chaotic, disastrous, corrupt administration, no sensible person is believing the political left’s line of crap any longer.

Monday, May 22, 2023

America Has Been Able To Survive Momentous Trials, Until Biden

 Oh sure, the American colonists revolted against the most powerful nation in the world, risking the wealth and  liberty of those who opposed the King of England, but they miraculously won and our nation prospered as a result of this miracle.

And it’s true that America survived and prospered following a depression, a stock market crash, massive banking failures, droughts and dust storms that seemed to be the end of the earth when they made day as dark as night and filled entire homes with tons of deadly dust, blocked all roads needed to get help and for all of the communications and health assistance those remote communities required to exist.

And it’s true that America fought a World War on two fronts, Europe and the Pacific, followed closely by the Korean War and nuclear threats from The Soviet Union during the Cold War, and this resilient nation came out of all of the above more wealthy and free than before.

And then the nation was cheated into the woke idiocy called the Biden administration, and the tragedies we had suffered in the past were as nothing compared to the nation-ending policies of the radical Democrat party.

Irreparable things, like the opening of our southern border and letting in millions of often sick, always poor, mainly uneducated, not able to speak English, frequently criminals and too often known terrorists. This tragic thing Biden has done to our nation can never be undone, with waves of illegals flooding into our nation, who will reside in poverty and be on the dole of government for probably generations, while too often killing American citizens and depriving them of their constitutional rights to live free and unthreatened.

Biden has given us at least one generation of children who will never be able to catch-up after being forced to stay away from school during the pandemic, being forced to wear useless masks and take often-dangerous vaccinations, while being poisoned with puberty blockers and sex-change operations, just because Biden’s woke administration of fools senselessly demand that these irreversible things be done to innocent children. And girls are doubly at risk because the fools enforcing laws are allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports competitions, and even let them use the girls’ locker and bathing facilities. This behavior from the Oval Office is proof of clinical insanity at the top of our government.

The fossil fuels that have made this nation prosperous and free are now being withheld because radical Democrats are pushing the total lie of warming/change, just like they have been lying for the last fifty years, with a total lack of proof that the world is over-heating or that the oceans are rising. And once prosperity, wealth and freedom are lost, due to the incompetence and corruption of our leaders, they can’t be regained.

As part of our president-imposed fuel shortage, Biden has idiotically demanded that the automobile manufacturers begin making electric vehicles, or else he’ll make them suffer with IRS reviews, OSHA inspections, NLRB inquiries and attacks on the automobile corporate leaders personally. But the wide use of electric cars will inevitably result in our already-struggling power plants to begin suffering brown-outs and black-outs, as is already happening in woke, Democrats states like California, during hot weather months. The old, faithful internal combustion engine automobile will be gone and the electricity-draining EV cars will be stranded when the power failures occur. Elon Musk and the CEO of Toyota long ago warned the government that there is not enough electricity-generating capacity in America to support EV usage in every garage. But dictatorial leftists don’t care a whit about the lives and welfare of Americans. They make their ridiculous demands, and you’d better fall in line or you’ll be cancelled and eliminated from society.

The digital-dollar proposal being imposed on our economy by Joey Biden will finally end our personal wealth and liberty as the DEI and ESG policies are put in place with no recourse to good sense and people being treated like responsible citizens and individuals.

In Democrat-run cities the entire fabric of society is being torn apart with police officers being fired and imprisoned for no good reason, and crime is escalating to new heights every month as chaos rules where Democrats hold power. The “Defund The Police” movement, started by racists and radical leftists in the Biden administration, has proven the stupidity and harm that can be done by radical, leftist Democrats and their politics-all-the-time policies.

And don’t forget the treasonous attack on the Trump presidency, with no punishment for those crimes even being hinted at on the horizon. And there are also the attacks we’ve learned of the FBI waging against citizens, that either the FBI doesn’t like, or that the Biden administration doesn’t agree with politically, resulting in all Americans being in danger of being made bankrupt trying to defend themselves, or imprisoned for no legal reason at all, while real criminals are allowed to run wild and created repeated victims as they steal and kill at will, and while Hunter Biden and his father retain their wealth and position in society in spite of their widely-known offenses.

Without a real main-stream press to report all of these things, and they refuse to, many citizens know nothing of what’s going on and can’t help informed citizens keep our nation alive. And while our military is being weakened with gender-fluidity and CRT stupidity, to the point that America is virtually assured to lose any real fight with China, who has promised to bring the fight to us in the near future, ready or not, and we’re not.

The next president must be aware enough to replace personnel in the swamp-state who are causing all of the trouble for America, and the new president will have to stand up to the onslaught that will come from the far left radicals as they fight to hang on to their power and protect the radical turf they’ve been allowed to populate under the old fool, Biden.

Monday, May 15, 2023

AI Need Not Be Feared; But Leftist Democrats Must Be Feared


If leftist Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies, including the government’s tracking and blocking of purchases made with credit cards to buy things the Democrat political left doesn’t approve of, such as buying ammunition and contributing to Republican party causes, are of concern to you, then you’ve already had a taste of AI. So if you have not become aware of and opposed to the current Democrat party and its racist, woke, anti-American policies, then you haven’t been paying attention to the threats to our nation and have no ability to suddenly oppose AI platforms, because pre-AI obstacles are already here and are undermining our lives, our economy and our liberties.

AI is not something new. It’s just a catchy name for something that we’ve seen increasingly used against American values for at least ten years, with the most recent iteration being the Chinese Communist tool of social controls and social engineering that would be an obvious threat to the American constitution if practiced here.

 AI has been around for a while and is only now being renamed from its more popularly known computer origins, and it is an active part of the United Nations’ and the World Economic Forum’s leader in crime, Klaus Schwab, who has been preaching his corrupt “Great Reset“, the advanced features of which became familiar to Americans during the dark days of the covid lockdown in which we were forced to NOT work, NOT exercise, NOT send children to school and NOT exercise any right protected under our constitution, while we were forced TO wear useless masks and TO take a worthless vaccination by the authoritarian and demented Joey Biden.

And Biden’s plan to drown our economy and our precious freedoms with his proposed digital currency scheme, his warming/change lies and his environmental extremism is taking us to the terminating end of the American promise of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” with lightning speed.

Be very afraid of any proposals made in the next two years by anyone in the Biden administration, because with their sexual and racial self-identity, their “all whites are racists” declarations, and their insistence that men be able to compete with girls and women in sports, they have proven themselves to be absolute and insane monsters who will do anything to remain in power and in charge of the lives of Americans.

In the current political environment in which election results are geared for Democrats to win, in which Joe and Hunter Biden’s crimes are ignored by our corrupt news organizations, in which Trump’s scrapes are blown out of all proportion, in which the leftist and corrupt press will not admit that our southern border is wide open and belching invading hoards of illegal aliens, it must be recognized that all computerized platforms are slanted to the Democrat left, so AI is just another program that will award Democrats and deny Republicans any recognition and success.

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

If You’ve Any Doubt Of America’s Communist/Socialist Government Under Biden, Think Again

 The definition of Socialism is government control of all businesses and properties, while tentatively leaving the actual ownership in private citizens’ hands. This situation leads inevitably to a dictatorship with the government searching for dependable people to take possession of the establishments being controlled and obey the dictator’s rules.

Then we have Communism where the government owns and controls everything.

Biden’s dictates that every American will own an electric vehicle by 2030 sounds very much like Communism. His orders to forgive college loans is Communism, and are a covert attempt to get votes, but is still Communistic and an insult to our constitution, which Biden swore to uphold and defend. Biden’s plan to force responsible people who have high credit ratings to pay higher interest charges than irresponsible people with lower credit ratings, is Communism.

Biden’s order to outlaw gasoline-powered engines by 2030 is a case of  Socialism, because this means that Ford, GM and all of the other automobile manufacturers are forced by federal mandate to switch to electric vehicles, in spite of the fact that there is absolutely no demand from American citizens to cause this major disruption of our modes of transportation by moving to electric, and this quick move is costing manufacturers billions of dollars they cannot afford to spend. But corporate leaders know that the far-left Biden government will punish them with IRS audits, OSHA inspections, NLRB inspections and hearings, government and private lawyers investigating the CEOs of all companies who don’t toe the line to do what our Socialist president demands.

And the lie of climate change/warming is a Socialist attempt to justify taking citizen’s liberties, property and prosperity away from them by declaring health emergencies that require government intrusion, just like they used covid to lockdown schools, businesses and disrupt personal lives by negating the constitution and increasing the power and importance of the federal government. The masks and vaccines of 2020 were tests of how far government would go to force everyone to kneel at the edicts of far-left Democrats, and they did much damage to America in the process.

There is also heavy Socialism in banking under president Biden, because Biden and his billionaire pals need to protect those banks which are being run by true followers in the Democrat party, so the government is backing woke and other poor banking practices that too often lead to banking failures. Biden wants all banks to be dependent on him and assure that they follow his rules and edicts, and that they remain under his Socialist umbrella. So Biden’s government is willing and able to use tax-payers’ money to bail-out banks that get into trouble, in order to assure they will support his corrupt banking rules.

The sports industry is being ruined by woke rules coming from Biden’s administration. The Biden administration is protecting biological males who identify as females and insist on competing with women in various sporting events. And our president says that he will bring the wrath of the federal government down on anyone who threatens to keep these men out of competition with women, on the idiotic illogic that keeping men out of women’s sports is  contrary to Title IX, which was created solely to protect biological women from interference in their sporting events. But with men believing they are women, Biden is now protecting these confused males under Title IX and is allowing them to deprive women of awards, college scholarships and a career in their chosen field, because the men are defeating the women much of the time. Such illogic and such insane interpretation of a federal law has never been seen in our history, and it’s a disgrace.

And as though all of the above idiocies of the Biden administration were not enough, now they are mandating that by 2030 the entire military fleet of vehicles will consist exclusively of electrically-powered vehicles. So what happens when an EV tank has fully discharged its enormous battery? The tank operator would no longer be able to simply put a few gallons of gas or diesel into the machine and resume its mission (which may be serious and deadly combat). Now an electrical generation vehicle will have to be called up to charge the enormous battery of the tank, which could take hours, during which the operators of the tank could well be under fire and killed during this waiting period. And guess what will power the power- generating vehicle that is recharging the tank‘s batteries: a gas or diesel generator, which itself needs traditional fuel to generate electrical power. This is sheer idiocy.

This entire plan of Biden’s to have an Army of completely electric vehicles is insane and puts America in an easily defeatable position in the event of an invasion of our nation by a foreign force that uses easily provided and replenished gas and diesel vehicles to power their fighting machines and win a war. Any Army officer advising Biden who is not ready to resign after learning of this idiotic plan, should be court-martialed for treason.

But to make Biden’s all-EV military an even a more insane and possibly treasonous venture, Joey’s administration has made it impossible for America to produce our own batteries for the new vehicles, and his corruption over the last few years has assured that only China can produce the batteries that Biden demands we use.  So if we are attacked by China, they will immediately cut off our source of batteries, and our military will be left defenseless and without vehicles to oppose the attack, and the very violent China will likely prevail, and all because the old, doddering man in the Oval Office can’t think straight. Biden must be impeached and removed from office for endangering and disarming America in a very dangerous world.

Saturday, April 22, 2023

For Democrats, The Party Line Is All That Matters

 Democrats don’t give a damn about national security, the welfare of the American citizens, having a reserve of oil in case of war or national disaster or the status of our economy. They are slaves to the prescribed far-left, woke agenda assigned by their current political leader, in this case the completely incompetent and mentally challenged, Joseph Biden, or whomever is making his decisions for him.

Most of the Democrat positions on everything are either harmful to the nation or just plain dumb because they lack truth or common sense, and Democrats will not give up or even discuss their ridiculous positions because they are dedicated to the prescribed position of their leader. Here are a few examples:

“Trans-women are women” leftist chanters and rioters will tell us. And they will insist, and are ready to resort to violence for, the idiocy that trans-women (which are biological males identifying as women) can bear children. This position borders on insanity and has caused much violence, which is, after all, what the traditional far left is best at, whether they get their way or not, but especially when they are blocked from getting what they want.  And of course this position is causing suffering in women’s sports with biological men winning sporting events and depriving women of professional success and denying them scholarships to college. But our president insists that these confused biological men, who pretend to be women, are covered under Title IX, which was created specifically to protect women’s sports, and if anyone tries to keep men from competing against women, he promises to bring the entire legal weight of the federal government down on their heads, using Title IX as the justification. This type of illogic from a Democrat president is typical of current Democrat lack of thinking in general, and this trend is destroying America.

Democrats repeatedly level claims of racism against Republicans, to the point that everything in life becomes racist, so there is therefore no more racism when everything is racist. To Democrats math is racist. Highways are racist. While actually all of the practicing racism is on the side of Democrats, where every decision is based on consideration of race, gender or self-prescribed identity.

Claims of “disinformation” now replace any actual defense or justification of Democrat misguided policy. Statements that the covid pandemic was not as dangerous or deadly as the leftist politicians claimed it to be, were labeled “disinformation” in an attempt to shut up doctors and scientists who understood the weakness of the disease. Now we know that seventy-five percent of those who died of covid had at least four co-morbidities that weakened them to a state of ill health that covid finally ended their ability to fight the diseases attacking them. Anyone who was healthy would likely not get the disease or not know it if they did get a slight dose, but they were in no danger of death. Yet the Democrats who were in charge, insisted on mandating the useless masks, and insisted that every person in America had to be vaccinated against covid, in spite of the fact that the vaccine has proven to be more dangerous to health than the disease itself was, and this warning of the dangerous nature of the so-far unapproved vaccine was also labeled as being disinformation.

Our southern border, and lately our northern border as well, have been allowing up to three million illegal aliens to enter and remain in America each year since Joey Biden took office, which followed the Trump administration in which the border was kept secure and walls were bring built to keep illegals out completely. But in spite of the millions flooding our nation, the Biden administration insists that the border is closed and secure, and that anyone entering illegally is Donald Trump’s fault.

We are now under the order of the Biden administration forcing their global warming farce down our throats by insisting that our very continued existence depends on getting rid of gas stoves, gasoline automobiles, and eating only vegetables so we can halt cow flatulence. The warming lies have been with us since the book “The Population Bomb” was published in the 1960s, and we’ve had decades of predictions of death and disaster since that publication, with Prince Charles, Ted Danson, every Hollywood celebrity and all leftist politicians attempting to frighten us into decreasing our standard of living and becoming more dependent on big government and its Democrat rulers for our food and shelter, with the latest prediction of AOC and Bernie Sanders in 2018 warning us of certain death and suffering if we don’t stop using our automobiles and our air conditioning by 2030. But in the five years since this latest ridiculous warning by leftist politicians, there has not been one degree of difference in our top summer temperature since the 1950s.

The political left began preaching “Defund The Police” following their rioting from Seattle to Baltimore during the summer of 2020. But now that crime in Democrat-run cities has reached the point of anarchy, due to a predictable lack of police officers, and with leftist prosecutors not being willing to fully punish repeat criminals, many Democrat mayors are all-of-a-sudden calling for more police officers to be hired, and of course they blame the lack of law officers and the suffering this shortage of legal protection has caused mainly black and poor residents of their cities, on Republicans, who warned them of the harm they would cause their citizens if they took support for officers from their cities.

So with a president currently in the Oval Office who was made wealthy by giving China influence and access to American politics and manufacturing via his political positions, we are being buried in an onslaught of climate warnings, charges of endemic racism in our nation, health mandates, forced vaccinations, high inflation, likely energy shortages with the electricity-hounds that electric vehicles are, and the very likely economic collapse that Biden’s spending has caused, America has dark days ahead of us.

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Ford Loses Billions And Budweiser Loses Market Share, And They Only Have Themselves And Their Subservience To Biden, To Blame

 When Capitalists deny Capitalism for far-left radical policies, their businesses will suffer.

When the Biden administration issued Joey’s commands to go “green” by forbidding fossil fuels to be used in automobiles, and mandating that we all drive electric vehicles, along with other of his administration’s anti-American, semi-communist policies, Ford and all other auto manufacturers fell all over themselves retooling for electric vehicles that will eventually put them at jeopardy of being failed industries, because America doesn’t have an electric network grid robust enough to support these beastly electric cars, and because Americans like their piston engines and don’t like the hazards and extreme costs presented by electrics. So Ford has announced that it’s lost billions of dollars in this quick alignment with Biden’s dictatorial policy.

Budweiser believed all of the woke, leftist, trans crap that Joey’s administration is polluting our nation with, and hired a biological man to pretend doing “girly” stuff in a video sequence. Budweiser’s sales immediately hit a snag, because Americans don’t appreciate seeing women being made fun of by phony trans men, and they don’t take orders from Democrat politicians as to what products to buy.

One may recall when AT&T, Coca Cola  and Delta Airlines took actions to protest a Georgia state voting rights legislation bill that Democrats claimed was racist, and together these companies forced Major League Baseball to  pull championship baseball games from Atlanta and moved them to Denver. When it was discovered that Democrats were lying about the nature of the Georgia voting rights legislation and that it in no way discriminated against anyone, these supposedly Capitalist companies ended up with egg on their faces for believing Democrat political lies, and for hurting small businesses in Atlanta who depend on MLB games for their income. One can only hope that corporations have learned their lessons and will stop listening to leftist lies from Democrats, and will once again concentrate on making better products and services for their customers, and stay out of politics.

When companies allow government to establish their products and services they are denying Capitalism “in the United States of America, for God‘s sake”, as our dunce president is so fond of saying when he notices something un-American occurring under his rule, and these companies are undermining life in America and harming our constitution, our prosperity and our liberties by bending to Democrat political demands.

The total, leftist lie of warming/change is the cause of personal and corporate supply line transportation threats in America, and to the future of American life, and we must reject these Democrat lies. The oppressive presence of dictatorial Democrats like Joey Biden and his woke administration, and his insistence on getting rid of gasoline-powered cars, is advanced by big companies like Ford responding favorably to Biden’s demands. I understand that the CEOs of big companies fear heavy punishment from the Democrat party in the form of corporate IRS audits, the CEO’s personal finances and taxes being questioned, OSHA inspections, a refusal by the Biden government to buy Ford vehicles for government business, labor troubles from NLRB, and personal attacks on top management who refuse to do Biden’s bidding, but the only way out of this mess is to ask big businesses to just go on doing business as usual and ignore Democrat political demands, and then Americans must vote out all Democrats in the next election.