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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, December 29, 2023

A Question For Democrats: Is America On The Right Track And Headed In The Right Direction?

 American citizens of a certain age will recall that during the Clinton administration, every time someone questioned the policies of the nation with the simple statement “the nation is headed in the wrong direction”, some fool Democrat would cleverly state “but we’re on the right track”, thereby killing any investigation into what mischief the Clintonistas were performing.  And of course conversely, the Clinton supporters would respond to the claim that “the nation is on the wrong track” with the clever rejoinder of “ but we’re headed in the right direction”.

So allow me to be the first to clearly state that the Biden administration is on the wrong track and headed in the wrong direction with all of its corruption, its ill-thought-out policies, edicts and illegal actions.

Setting aside all of the disasters that have raised their heads under Joey’s watch, including illegally opening our borders to every person in the world who wants to come here; the raping of the petroleum industry by forcing a concentration on electric vehicles; the bankrupting of our auto industry by forcing auto makers to make the unwanted electric vehicles, or else the full power of the government will descend on the company that opposes the big government edict; the Democrats are practicing open dictatorial powers with the unending persecution of Donald Trump, mainly because he is so popular and stands to defeat old Joey in the 2024 election, which would assure the defeat and good riddance to the woke, anti-Israel and anti-American idiots now running our nation.

With the far left Democrats in power, any enemy of the United States is pandered to, spoken kindly of in the filthy United Nations, and offered presents if they will just be kind to the Biden employees and policies, while our friends, including Israel, are treated like dirt. 

A couple of good examples of Biden Democrat’s love for our sworn enemies are our dealings with Iran and China: Iran is actually attacking and possibly killing American troops in Lebanon and Iraq, destroying whatever military equipment we have left after Biden gave away billions of dollars of materiel when he suddenly cut and ran from Afghanistan, plus Iran is near completion of a nuclear weapon and continues to state that they will kill America at the first opportunity. And China has sworn to overtake America on the world stage while building military arms that can out-perform our own weapons, and Joey is so beholden to China for his family fortune that he panders embarrassingly to the slightest whim of the Chinese leader.

Our nation faces untold attacks from the millions of illegal aliens Biden has invited to America, and it’s a cinch that every American family will suffer personal attacks and very likely suffer murdered family members, as the criminal crowd from around the world, and especially the Mexican drug cartels that Biden has allowed to grow in number, viciousness and wealth, begins to realize that all of these new entrants to America cannot possibly make an honest living and become fed up with the bare essentials that the government can provide them, and become a criminal movement that will spread across America and destroy this wonderful nation.

And don’t forget the efforts of the Democrats, even at the state level, who are trying to deny Trump a fair shot at winning the presidential election in 2024 by denying him a slot on their ballots. If you think the Democrat’s treatment of Trump is bad today, just wait until he is elected again in November 2024 and Biden still has dictatorial power for the two-month period between Trump’s election and his actually becoming president in January 2025. The Democrats, in their impossible hate for Trump and their fear of his policies, will go ape-s**t with schemes, political-legal charges against him, and very likely attempts on his life, because they are so frightened of this patriotic, America-loving, constitution-loving man, and in fear of his return to constitutional power and the rule of law.

America is on the wrong track, headed in the wrong direction, and there’s no relief in sight on the horizon because far-left Democrats are so desirous of a permanent hold on power that there is no possible way they will be removed peacefully from power in 2024. Just wait and see. 

There is an evil loose in America, and that evil is the Democrat party.

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

“Woke” College Presidents Are Finally Being Shaken Awake

 The very people who call conservatives’ statements and comments dis-information, mis-information and violence; the very same people who repeatedly sling the phony DEI crap at us to prove how fairly and equitably they treat the world around them; the very people who look down their noses at us peons out here in fly-over country from their elevated, robed and capped positions as leaders of American wisdom and education; in other words the presidents of some of America’s Ivy League universities, who are now being shaken out of their “woke” coma as lecturers of all things fair and equitable, are being proven the liars and charlatans we always suspected them to be.

These idiots in America’s leading universities are having their high-paying jobs threatened, and hopefully will soon have those jobs taken from them, as the smoke clears from the violent, leftist, pro-Palestinian thugs’ habits of disrupting, threatening and blocking traffic as they defame Jewish students and demand that Israel stop ridding the world of the Hamas animals who killed its citizens on October 7.

This is just what we need: a good house-cleaning to get rid of the leftist, university presidential scum destroying education in America. One might even call this “awokening” of college presidents as a high-level example of cancelling, which the political left has come to love doing to anyone they don’t agree with these last several years.

And the exposure of the pro-Hamas cretins and their far-left political allies who treat non-woke (in this case Jewish) citizens like war criminals, while Israel is only practicing self-defense against murderers and barbarians, comes on the heel of the major universities being exposed to the world for actively recruiting and enrolling students in their elite establishments who should not be there, meaning that they have been discriminating against Asian and Jewish students for years. And these are the people, based on merit and achievement, not “woke” racial or gender identity considerations, who should be in the nation’s top schools.

These “woke”, elite, leftist colleges are having their fancy, dainty lunches handed to them, and we must continue the fight against anything related to ESG and DEI by voting all Democrats out of office in 2024. The scum of American education has been exposed, now let’s wash it away with our votes next year.

Friday, December 8, 2023

Where Is America Heading?

 America is currently being led by religious climate fanatics, idiots and fools of the political left. If the Islamic terrorists in the Middle East don’t kill us outright, as they‘ve sworn to do, the far left Democrat party will crush us with imprisonment, financial ruin and deprivation just as they are trying to do to Donald Trump, and all for partisan political reasons.

In line with their insane and lying climate fanaticism, the Biden administration has plans to restrict and then cut off the nation’s electricity supply (as they’ve done in Gavin Newsom’s California for years with repeat brown-outs and black-outs, making it impossible to live a life all Americans have become used to and making it impossible for Californians to charge their compulsory electric vehicles) and Democrats will halt the delivery of food across the nation via their hate of diesel fuel and gasoline, based on the lie of an impending environmental disaster that doesn’t exist. 

But will this unfounded religious fanaticism with warming/change one day be the reason for our leftist president to declare a national health emergency, in which he would state that only the immediate halting of the use of all carbon products, especially gasoline and diesel fuel, will save the nation from burning up? Of course if Biden does declare such an emergency and end our constitutional rights to conduct our lives as we please, he will be destroying the nation and terminating our constitutional rights with Socialistic and Communistic declarations and rulings. And of course, with all of this direct and intentional abuse of our inalienable rights at the federal level, there will likely be no more elections in America as Biden’s FBI rounds up all of us Ultra-MAGA trouble makers and puts us in prison.

Joey Biden’s anti-Capitalist and unconstitutional order to automobile manufacturers that they must begin making Electric Vehicles without regard to whether Americans want the beasts in their garages, has caused GM, Ford and other auto makers to spend billions of dollars to fulfill Biden’s destructive Green Agenda, and it appears that these billions of dollars will have to be taken as a loss to the manufacturers because the vehicles are not being bought by the American public. This idiocy is contradicted by Biden’s claims that he is a Capitalist, while he destroys Capitalism.

The follow-up to Biden’s dictatorial order to force the manufacturing of  EVs has even caused some governors, most especially Gavin Newsom of California, to dictate specific dates at which gasoline-powered automobiles will no longer be allowed in their states. The series of Democrat edicts and un-American governmental power grabs have created chaos in the jobs markets, corporate headquarters and in the way Americans conduct their day-to-day lives.

Our president is also setting up certain national disaster with his open borders policy which allows millions of foreign illegals, and absolutely certainly many criminals and terrorists among them, to freely enter our nation and immediately become dependent on governmental handouts in order to stay alive. This dependence on big government and lack of low-paying jobs will eventually lead to resentment and misery on the part of illegals, which will result in gangland-style criminal behavior in which Mexican drug cartels will recruit from these millions of impoverished illegals and crime will escalate beyond even its already sky-high rate seen today in Democrat-run cities and states. Biden’s open borders will lead to non-ending crimes that will plague life in America forever and will threaten Americans in their homes and neighborhoods.

Our once enlightened, prosperous and pleasant nation has been turned into a complete wreck after only three years of the far-left Biden and his zombie-like, idiotic policies. And whether or not the mentally disabled Joey seeks a second term, or perhaps another Democrat who shares his disregard for our constitution and for the inalienable rights of American citizens to conduct their lives free from fear of the government and a dictator issuing orders, all Democrats must be voted out of office in 2024 or our nation will be forever lost.

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Gavin Newsom Is A Smirking, Eyeball Rolling, Bobble-Headed Phony

 Gavin Newsom, or as I prefer to call him, Gavin Nuisance, had his French Laundry lunch handed to him by Ron DeSantis last Thursday night on Sean Hannity’s Blue versus Red program on the Fox News Channel.

Nuisance looked like a skinny Bill Clinton with his jerky body movements, his phony smirk, and his bobbling head which only got worse as the evening wore on and DeSantis and Hannity presented him with the numerous unfortunate truths about his failing state of California. These truths included examples of his former position of mayor of San Francisco and his current position of governor of the state and the bad results he’s produced trying to run California like his own, private Socialist preserve, which have caused the citizens of that state to flee for more conservative and welcoming environments in more conservative locales, like DeSantis’ state of Florida, where citizens can live like Americans and not like Commie coolies wearing useless masks and taking worthless vaccinations at the ruler‘s command.

Nuisance’s head nearly bobbled off when DeSantis presented a map of San Francisco clearly showing the locations of piles of human feces that visitors to the city are encouraged to avoid. This publicly known and utilized map demonstrates how completely unsuccessful Nuisance been in his efforts to dictate behavior in California, and what a failure he has been as the top executive in the one-time most popular, beautiful and wealthy state in America.

This bobble-headed ruler will most certainly run for president on the Democrat ticket in 2024 when the current designated presidential candidate, old mental-defective Joey Biden, is forced out by public demand, and it’s critically important that Americans learn what an incompetent man he is so they can avoid voting for him like the plague.

Mr. Newsom presides over the state of California in bad faith to the citizens of that state and with contempt for the United States constitution, which he believes should be bent and twisted at his convenience and in accord with his Socialistic, woke ideas of how to run a state government.

Saturday, December 2, 2023

Here’s How America Can Assure The Quick Release Of All American Hostages Held By Hamas

 All thinking people know that the only thing terrorists understand and respond to is violence, so America should immediately tell Iran that if the Americans still held as hostages in Gaza are not released by midnight tonight (the night the proposed message is sent) our military would, at 00:01 Israeli time, lunch a cruise missile on the home of the head governmental Mullah in Teheran. If every American citizen is not released during the next 24-hour period following the transmission of our message, another cruise missile would be released on the home of the second highest Mullah in Iran, with each successive 24-hour period finding another Iranian official without a home. And we should publish the GPS coordinates of each of these criminal sub-humans’ homes to prove we mean business. President Donald Trump terminated one of Iran’s most important terrorist  officials and we had peace again from the international murderers in Teheran while the decisive Trump was in office.

Next our officials should notify Iran that if any more attacks were made on our military forces in Syria, we would follow the same procedure as listed above with the intention of getting rid of the human trash ruling Iran.

And if there are any more local and personal attacks on Israeli citizens by the filth we call Hamas, we would pull out our GPS targeting device and launch missiles at Teheran once again.

However, the pussies in the Biden administration don’t have the conviction and understanding of right-and-wrong to take such steps, because we might offend some Palestinian students who are daily rioting and disrupting the private lives of American citizens, and who should all be instantly deported from of this once great nation for the trouble and harm they cause. It’s easy to see why no nation in the Middle East will take the Hamas/Palestinian refugees that are so violently attacking Israel; these people are thugs and trouble makers and no national leader wants them close to their own populations, which includes Israel. But Joey Biden insists that at two-state solution is what Israel must accept, even though Hamas has sworn to never stop killing Jews. So the stupidity of the Biden administration is the cause of the current terrorist attack in Israel, because this stupid man will not see with his own eyes the violence of the terrorists, and he will not hear with his own ears the promises of Muslim terrorists to kill all Jews and to kill all Americans as well. This supreme ignorance on the part of arrogant and reckless American government officials will only cause more killing and suffering as the terrorists put into action the threats they have made, and Iran is still building missiles that will deliver the nuclear bombs they continue to develop, with Israel and the United States being the targets of the nukes.

Pray for America, and if elections are still being held by then, vote for conservatives in 2024.

Friday, November 3, 2023

Who’s In Charge Here?

 On Tuesday, October 31, FBI director Christopher Wray spoke to congress and explicitly stated that a terrorist attack could be coming to America because of our insanely open borders.

One assumes that Mr. Wray, with his public warning, would honestly prefer that the border be secured, as it was when Donald Trump left office, and not allow another four million unidentified aliens to cross into America to do who-knows-what.

My question is: why isn’t Mr. Wray explaining the damage that the open borders are doing to our nation, and the threat of a terrorist attack that is part of that damage, to the man who opened the border: President Joseph R. Biden. I fear the answer to the question of why the FBI director is not pushing the president to secure the border has three options:

1. Biden doesn’t want to hear about the problem.

2. Biden is too stupid to understand the damage he’s doing and his role in the problem.

3. Biden is so mentally far-gone that he has no idea what is happening and has no active role in the decision-making that has caused the problem.

The last option seems to be the most convincing one and the most constitutionally dangerous for America. During the brief and rare occasions when Biden is asked questions by the press or the public, he either gets mad and yells at the questioner; stumbles from the scene with no answer; or he looks away from the questioner, utters some incomprehensible, illogical response, and stumbles away to take a nap.

It seems unlikely that the person with the title of president is making any decisions at all, although with the horrible policies coming from the White House causing enormous damage to America, and conflicting and contradictory orders being issued all the time, they could be coming from the dummy called Joey. But who is actually making these decisions and why do they insist on making things even worse for American citizens?

One fears that with all of the existential threats and policies coming from Washington at a time when we know we have a serious terrorist threat to our population, along with the enemies of western ideas which are popping up all over the world, we likely are being run by the politicians who promised to Fundamentally Transform America, just prior to the Trump presidency.

When Trump took office Barack Obama had his evil plans for the destruction of America all lined up in a neat row, which President Trump began discarding immediately. And that’s why the Democrats created the Russia/Russia/Russia ruse and the other attacks and phony investigations on the Trump administration, recently followed by all of the current federal and state indictments, in order to keep Trump busy defending himself and hoping that all of the attacks on him would damage his chances of getting re-elected in 2024.

Trump’s effective, easy-to-understand, straight forward policies during his four years in office proved that conservatism is the hope for a good life for Americans and is the best hope for the rest of the world. Most thinking people prefer western values to the mean, harsh lives of barbarians, so the radical left Democrats must prevent Trump’s re-election or forever lose the battle to destroy America.

So maybe Mr. Wray, who has always seemed to be a leftist, Democrat team player to the casual observer, has run out of options and is really appealing to congress for a way to change border policy and secure our borders, because he can’t get anyone in the Biden administration to listen to his pleas for common sense control over the borders, so he‘s finally going public seeking help.

After all, the Biden administration has the FBI so busy investigating Catholics, lying about the fictitious anti-Muslim extremists that Kamala wants investigated, persecution of J6 suspects, parents seeking some control over school boards which refuse to educate children but rather insist on indoctrinating them, rounding up the white men who are alleged to be the greatest existential threat to America, and the ultra-MAGers who Biden can’t stop blaming for all of the ills of our nation, that the FBI has no time to investigate anti-Semitism and possibly prevent terrorist attacks.

If all of this is true, America is in deep s**t.

Thursday, November 2, 2023

Remember The “Never Forget” Reminder Of The Horror Of Terrorism Following 911? Well, Democrats Forgot!

 Christopher Wray, the Director of the FBI, was speaking to Congress on Tuesday, and he stated that the current administration’s open borders policy may allow terrorists to enter the United States and commit crimes against the nation.  Of course when he mentioned the danger offered by open borders he conveniently forgot to mention that Joey Biden was the one who opened Donald Trump’s secure borders, so we now have confirmation as to how tightly the Washington swamp crowd stick together and protect each other.

So why did Mr. Wray wait until October of 2023 to raise this alarm about non-secured borders, that conservatives have been speaking of repeatedly for three years while attempting to get the attention of our officials and reverse this illegal and dangerous practice.

Wray and other loyal, dues-paying Democrats have been silent on this most serious of subjects for the nearly three years of the idiot Biden administration, and only now that Biden (and don’t forget the completely stupid Kamala Harris, who is supposed to be the border czar) has allowed over four million illegal aliens and an unknown number of terrorists to invade our country, and only now does he articulate the very real danger that confronts us.

Those members of our government officials and Democrat politicians that have been quiet and said nothing about the invasion of America due to our open borders, are traitors to this nation for allowing this most existential of threats to build, and only when the threat is imminent do they pretend to be concerned about the actual danger they have allowed to build.

The big question is: why is Wray only now raising this alarm that conservatives and Donald Trump have been screaming about for three years, and why is he telling Congress about it and not sitting on Biden’s desk and demanding the closure of the border? Perhaps he suddenly feels guilty about our nation’s danger that he’s ignored for years.

When the inevitable terrorist attack does occur and Americans are killed and maimed, it will be on Biden, Harris and Wray for not doing their jobs while playing big-shots in Washington, while the man who did secure the border and made elaborate attempts to protect America, Donald Trump, is standing trial in various locations and defending himself against a slew of phony, B.S. charges trumped up by our glorious Democrat officials in Washington.

I don’t believe this nation can survive its current list of limp-wristed, fool leaders, and we must vote these idiots out of their various offices in 2024, and get Trump back in charge and behaving like a serious adult once again.

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

The Political Left Are Violent Racists, And They Are Proving That Their DEI Bunk Was A Load Of Crap All Along

 Ultra-MAGers are not rioting in rage at the religious minority in Israel, the political left is.

It’s not Donald Trump’s followers that are smashing and raiding stores to the extent that a massive number of large chain department stores have permanently shut down these last two years; it’s Joe Biden’s supporters who are doing all of the smashing and grabbing.

It’s not Christians or Jews who are performing surprise military raids on innocent civilians, hacking, shooting and raping everyone in site; it’s Muslims who are doing all of these things.

It’s not the Trump administration that found itself in two wars, forced Americans to suffer their borders being invaded by millions of illegals, saw known terrorists freely entering America through those open borders; it’s Biden’s weak, appeasing administration that is responsible for all of these things.

It’s not Christians and Jews who are expressing religious intolerance; it’s the American political left and Muslims who are intolerant of people different from themselves.

We’ve never seen Christians and Jews crash commercial passenger jets into skyscrapers; but Muslims have done this on American soil in order to prove that they really do hate America.

Trump didn’t allow Iran, the nation that has sworn to erase America and Israel from the face of the earth, to regain it’s wealth and wage an attack on Israel, but Biden did.

It’s not Conservative colleges that are teaching and encouraging their students to riot, physically threaten minorities and call for Jewish deaths; but the Democrat left’s Ivy League colleges are doing exactly that.

And as an afterthought, when Conservatives take a trip to China they don’t take the word “trip” literally, but a show-off, fool like Gavin Newsom, actually trips on his trip, falls on a Chinese kid and makes an international fool of himself. Maybe that’s why Gavin has become known as  Gavin “Nuisance” to those who follow his tricks and antics.

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Gavin Newsom, America’s Lockdown Governor, Visits The Chinese Commie Slave-Labor Premier, Xi Jinping

 Last week we saw two of the most totalitarian rulers in the world get together in China: California’s governor Gavin Newsom and China’s dictator, Xi Jinping. The man who strangled San Francisco as mayor, and then set about destroying the entire state of California as governor, resulting in today’s complete lawlessness and violent destruction of America‘s most beautiful state; and the Chinese dictator who bought and paid for the influence of Joseph Biden which enabled China to catch up and likely surpass the wealth and power of America, and forget about the thousands of Xi’s own Chinese population he keeps in camps for use as slave labor to keep his economy strong. These two evil men deserve each other.

And if you’ve seen photographs of these two as they met, one might notice how proud and happy Newsom was to be in Xi’s presence. He was just like the idiot Joey Biden when meeting with Xi, grinning from ear-to-ear, making certain his smile was caught on camera and posing as a big shot. And why would Newsom or Biden not be grinning when with Xi, given that Biden was given millions of dollars by the Chinese government for the American governmental and economic influence he peddled to China at America’s expense. During the meeting with both Newsom and the former meeting with Biden, Xi always had a shit-eating grin on his face indicating that he’s the boss now, and these American visitors are his lackeys. But the far-left Americans really seemed to believe that meeting with the Commie dictator was the event of a lifetime and a real resume enhancer, instead of being a meeting with the devil incarnate, who would happily destroy America completely if he could.

One can only speculate as to why American Democrat leaders would be so ecstatically joyful in the presence of a demonic, ruthless and evil slave-state leader, but one can easily imagine that Xi’s total and absolute power is exactly what any modern, woke American Democrat wishes he could exercise over the American population, if only that bothersome constitution were not in the way. But the way Newsom ran California, with a complete iron fist during the covid years, he’s demonstrated to us that he’s accomplished at ignoring the state and national constitutions and ruling in an absolute manner, even with the constitution screaming silently for him to stop.

It’s likely that Newsom assumes that the millions of dollars Biden and family got from China is a symbol for what awaits the next crooked, Democrat president of the United States, and simply wants to keep his hand in the influence-peddling game. And the always grinning Xi is plotting the ways he can use Newsom as a tool to undercut and destroy America, like he used Biden.

The toothy, greasy-haired Newsom was grinning more during the visit to China than he did when he sized up the White House during Biden’s absence earlier this year. One can assume he felt that he had no need to pander nor to explain his presence to the weak, fool Biden and could take advantage of the sitting president’s absence to make his intentions known regarding his own eventual occupation of the Oval Office.

The one thing we know for certain about Mr. Newsom is that he is the ultimate example of Democrat privilege, and that he thinks he is superior to the rest of us peons. Who can forget his lavish dinner at the French Laundry restaurant in Napa Valley, while he commanded everyone else in the state to wear masks and remain at home during the covid scare?

Privilege and influence peddling are the hallmarks of current Democrats, and American voting patriots must assure that we keep these anti-American idiots out of elected positions from here on out.

Thursday, October 26, 2023

America’s College-Educated Youth Are So Stupid That They Will Side With Terrorists Sworn To Kill Them

 Do our idiot college youth not know that Iran and its various terrorist nations and groups in the Middle East have sworn to kill all Americans? Are they not aware of the World Trade Towers that were destroyed on September 11, 2001? Have they not heard radical Muslims swear to kill the small Satan (Israel), and then kill the Great Satan (America)?  Terrorists say these things all the time.

On the other hand, have college kids ever heard Israel take an offensive position against any nation or organization, as long as they are left to their own business and not threatened? Such things are never said by Israel.

Given the horrible attack on Israel on October 7, can there be any doubt as to the sincerity of the murderous people who constitute Hamas? And from the affection and respect we’ve heard expressed for Hamas by spoiled college students, do our college-educated upper class really believe that killing children by beheading and burning them, and then raping, killing and taking prisoners of the remaining adults, is a good bunch to associate with and support?

And aren’t today’s college students, the same numb-skulls who think homosexuals and sex-warping people are the dearest and most mistreated people in America, aware that the religion of Islam regularly kills homosexuals and other deviants who offend their Islamic religion? Israel has homosexuals living peacefully in their country as their fellow-citizens, but Hamas certainly does not.

Yet these self-righteous fools parade and shout anti-Israel slogans and give support to the very people who would gladly slit their ill-educated, loud-mouthed, throats.

And the crap the college crowd is chanting about colonialism proves their stupidity. In the long-ago age of colonial powers, the dominant nation colonized the weaker nation, and America was one of those weaker, colonized, nations at the time. And the intent of owning a colony was to gain wealth from the natural resources of the weaker nation, which leaves Gaza completely out of the picture, because they are among the poorest people on earth.

So one wonders, what resources do the Gazans have that Israel wants? They have absolutely nothing Israel can use or wants. In fact Israel tried to buy peace with Gaza by giving them the utilities they couldn’t provide for themselves, and the Gazans are so devoid of any industry or any natural resources that they have become a total loss to Israel. Israel tried to live peacefully as equals among the Gazans but finally had to build a wall around Gaza (which is many square miles of ocean-front property for any peoples with initiative enough to try to develop it and become fabulously wealthy) when the murderous Hamas repeatedly bombed  restaurants and shopping malls, killing Israelis.

And the idea that Gaza is a colony of Israel is proven to be a lie when one understands actual history and realize that the state of Israel was created by the United Nations in 1948, in order to provide a place for Jews to live and not be sent to concentration camps and gas chambers as when they lived under rulers of other nations. One must assume that the protesting college students favor the practices of Nazi Germany, which their grand-parents fought to defeat because of their hate of Jews.

The things young people and other Democrats are supporting when they side with Hamas is not just another position taken to shock their parents. These Middle East radicals play for keeps, and when they turn on you, you’re dead.

Sunday, October 22, 2023

How Can Supposedly Peaceful And Compassionate Democrats Put Up With The Hate And Filth In Their Own Party?

 Even Old Joey Biden, the author of repeated diatribes against “Ultra-MAGA” Republicans, and declaring a threat to our national survival from white males, recently stated that we have to get rid of hate in America. And who can forget Hillary Clinton’s declaration that we must have Trump supporters “deprogrammed” when Democrats win the 2024 election. When the subject is hate-filled people, you’re talking about Democrats.

But the most outrageous expressions of hate and intolerance have come from the female Democrat House members known as The Squad, who simply hate Israel and continue to attack Jews even after Hamas had many Israeli citizens murdered on October 7, and the hate-filled Squad never even mentioned the Americans who have been killed and captured by Hamas. It’s a good thing that Hitler ran Germany in the 1930s and 40s and not 2023, or the Squad would be on Hitler’s side concerning the holocaust, and World War II may have turned out very differently than it did.

And what, exactly, is there about Israel that is so offensive to the woke fools on America’s political left, that they should want all Jews killed? Israel has the only democracy in the Middle East; they have thousands of Arabs living peacefully in their country and exercising the same rights as citizens, that the Jews exercise; their people live comfortably and are happy with life in the Jewish nation in spite of being surrounded with nations that have sworn death to Israel; Israel gave Gaza their water, electricity and natural gas, and expected nothing in return for these gifts, but to be left alone; they gave the Palestinians Gaza, a piece of land with an ocean-front exposure and a beach over 20 miles long, that the Gazans could have used to live in luxury and could have become a major tourist destination to equal France’s Cote d’Azure, but instead they chose to fight Israel and bomb, rape and murder Israeli citizens; Israel even gave Gaza a lengthy warning before they retaliated for Hamas’ surprise attack on Israel, so the residents of Gaza could get out safely.

 So now the entire world is protesting Israel and repeating the lie of Israel bombing the hospital in Gaza, that was destroyed by a Hamas missile, and at the same time ignoring the murderous attack on Israel civilians on October 7 by Hamas terrorists.

And if, by chance, one would respond to the question posed in the title of this piece, that there are various flavors and opinions among members of the Democrat party, I would just remind that person that Democrats always respond in unison and en masse to any situation, including the various votes in the House of Representatives currently being performed, in which the Democrats have voted as a single, thoughtless unit against all Republican proposals for filling the speaker’s open seat in the House. Democrats follow the leader, and Republicans, sometimes to a patriot’s dismay, think for themselves, and the people who voted them into office may believe that a little more stick-togetherness would be preferable at times.

Friday, October 20, 2023

White House Website Email Sent To Joey On October 20, 2023

 I want our dear president to know that we do listen to him, even if he's a complete fool and everything he says is a lie or just plain wrong, so I sent this email from his website the day after his weak, at best, speech on Thursday. I hope I speak for thousands of other people, but if not at least I can speak for myself until the Democrats win the presidency in 2024, and then, per Hillary's warning, we'll all be "deprogrammed" and silenced. Here it is:

“I’d like to rephrase and redirect Joey’s don’t, don’t, don’t warnings to Iran, and I’d like to use Joey’s intention to give money to the murderous Hamas as the subject of the redirect:

Don’t give any money to Hamas. Has Joey forgotten that these evil criminals killed Americans on October 7 and are still holding Americans hostage? Only a fool would give money to a band of criminals and not expect them to use the money for their own personal pleasure, and not give a cent to the citizens of Gaza. Who is making such idiotic decisions in the White House? I want none of my tax money sent to Gaza.

Don’t tell Americans there is a tie between Ukraine and the Hamas criminals, and then try to sell Americans on the idiotic wisdom of supporting war on two fronts.  America was at peace under Trump, and we’ve had nothing but war and threats of war since Biden took office.

Don’t try to convince Americans that we don’t need money spent on our southern border, which is allowing Middle Eastern foreigners of doubtful intent to cross daily and in numbers. Any one of these anti-Semitic individuals could be planning an attack on America just like they do to Israel on October 7. We want the border closed, not revamped to tabulate who passes into America.

Don’t try to tell Americans that our SPR doesn’t need to be built back up after being depleted by Joey. 

Don’t tell us that our military weapons supply is not dangerously low, because Joey has been giving the store away in order to look like a strong leader, when actually he’s the weakest fool ever to occupy the White House in history, with the obvious proof that he‘s giving away our self defense weapons.

Don’t try to place any limits on how Israel responds to the Hamas attacks. America carpet bombed Germany for occupying Europe and killing Jews, and we dropped an Atom bomb on Japan for attacking Pearl Harbor, so let Israel take care of Hamas, and keep America’s hands off!”

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

It’s Amazing How Awakened Democrats Have Suddenly Become, After Calling Republicans Racists And Haters For 20 years

 Does anyone else recall the self-congratulating attitudes of Democrats following the destruction of the towers on 911, which put on full display what Islamists intend for America? We were severely warned and lectured by Democrats that it could be considered racism and religious intolerance if anyone, in any form and at any time, dared to warn Americans that Islamic people might be of danger to our persons or our nation.

The likes of CNN, NYT and WAPO took any statement made by a Republican that there are dangerous people in the Middle East who mean us harm, as an act of treason, and we were called intolerant and hateful if such comments were made. And there were even counts of how many times a week Democrat celebrities in the news business heard anti-Islamic comments, and Republicans were all called racists. 

But now that Israel has been hit hard with anti-Semitic murders and kidnappings, all of a sudden it’s woke and stylish to call out Islamic murderers as criminals.

Here are some recent examples of these formerly racist words now being mainstream and acceptable in polite conversations:

Christopher Wray, the FBI Director, referred to a “spike in domestic threats linked to Israel’s war against Hamas militants”.

Eric Adams, the Mayor of New York City said: “We are not all right when we see grandmothers being pulled away from their homes and children shot in front of their families. We are not all right when Hamas believes that they are fighting on behalf of something and the destructive and despicable actions they carried out”.

Mayor Adams also said “This was intentional. This was something that shows Hamas must be disbanded and destroyed immediately”.

Question: What were these two good Democrats and woke believers of the very leftist society of Joseph Biden talking about with these statements? They were talking openly about Muslims, and they were using language that would have gotten Donald Trump branded as an Islamic hater and a racist if he had uttered such statements.

But now that Joey Biden has said that he sides with Israel and that he condemns what the Hamas criminals have done in Israel, it’s suddenly acceptable to speak the truth about the Islamic murderers and to warn Americans to be on the watch for such people, and even fear them for what they might be planning to do to you and your family.

And now that Joe Biden’s wide open border has encountered some Lebanese and Syrian people of interest trying to cross illegally into America, including about 10 million other illegal invaders who have illegally crossed into our nation these last three years, viola!, it’s time to worry, now that immense damage has already been done to the security of the United States by our Democrat president, with the opening of our national border to any group that wants to come here, for whatever purpose. And now the reality of the danger of militant Islamists is staring us right in our faces. Up to this point we have been warned by our lecturers in the Democrat party to not take Iran’s threats of death to Israel and America seriously, because the good intentions of Joey Biden and Chucky Schumer would keep us all safe and we needn’t worry about any attacks from the playful Muslims who have threatened us every day and who are developing nuclear weapons as quickly as they can.

It was the wise and sage Barack Obama and his dummy side-kick, old Joey Biden, who allowed Iran to keep working on a nuke, and it was Joey who wanted to give Iran six billion dollars in exchange for five hostages they were holding. These people are complete fools, and America must, in the future, keep these ignorant and dangerous Democrats out of public life, forever.

But it may already be too late.

Monday, October 16, 2023

If It’s Not Already Too Late, America Needs To Learn From Israel How To Handle Our Enemies

 Israel has a wall they constructed around Gaza to keep Hamas bombers and other terrorists out of their peace-loving nation and prevent additional civilian injuries and deaths.

America has a partial wall along our southern border with Mexico to keep foreigners out of our nation. This wall would have been completed by this time if Donald Trump had been permitted to be a full and functioning president, without the Russia-Russia-Russia crap that Democrats pummeled him with constantly for four years.

But Democrat harassment of Trump kept the wall from being completed and we’ve already seen injury done to our nation and to American citizens by diseased and violent criminals crossing our border without challenge or accountability as they enter our once pleasant and secure nation.

To be sure, Biden now claims, after allowing 10 million illegal aliens to enter America, that he will begin completion of the border wall, because, don’t you see, it’s “required” by law, per our president; as though Joseph Biden obeys any law he doesn’t like. So if he does actually start work again on Trump’s wall, it will only be equipped with a turnstile so he can more accurately tabulate the number of illegals crossing our border daily, so they can be added to the Democrat voting roles of whatever state and county jurisdiction he wants their votes to be registered in.

Israel has Hamas terrorists on the other side of the Gaza wall that they are now, reluctantly forced to get rid of, and only after themselves being horrifically attacked by Hamas. And in all fairness it must be stated, that Israel has spent days issuing warnings to innocent Gaza residents to leave before an attack is initiated.

America has Mexican drug cartels on both sides of our border with Mexico, but in spite of all of the dire warnings of the extreme danger of these cartels, and in spite of the evidence of human trafficking, drug sales and murders being a part of the cartels’ operations, the idiot in the White House  will do nothing to close our southern border and begin protecting American citizens.

Israel is finally forced to clean up Gaza after many of Israel’s citizens have been kidnapped and killed, but stupid Joey is going to wait until more Americans are killed by illegal aliens before he will take any action to secure our border, and then he’ll blame Trump for not seeking “immigration reform” legislation that would legally open the gates for the entire world to flock to America. But in spite of any reform legislation, our border patrols have reported a vast number of Middle East terrorists have been intercepted at our border, and Joey appears to be happy to welcome them to this great sanctuary of a nation.

God may be merciful, but He can’t protect stupid people from causing their own suffering and injury.

 Got that, Joey?

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Pampered, Spoiled Palestinians And Their Phony “Jihad” In The Streets Of New York City

 On Friday, October 13, 2023, Palestinians around the world performed a pretend Jihad against Israel by safely and securely standing around and speaking angrily of Israel in particular, and Jews in general. These Palestinians are very “brave” people  when they speak negatively about Israel, which puts them in agreement with CNN, NYT and WAPO, and in contradiction to good sense and fair treatment for Israel.

The founding charter of Gaza was written by the Hamas hierarchy which stated clearly that all Jews are to be killed on sight. But Palestinians in New York City are not in Gaza opposing Israel’s IDF forces as they invade Gaza in an attempt to recover the hostages that Hamas kidnapped last Saturday when Hamas suddenly invaded Israel and began killing civilians and children at random. The Hamas mouthpieces in New York City are out of any danger from Israel and are only spouting the lies Hamas wants to spread to a gullible American population.

Who are these cowardly Palestinians, living safe and snug in New York City, while their fellow-Palestinians are fighting Israel in Gaza? Of course, the New York City Palestinians claim that the October 7th invasion of Israel by Hamas, in which Israeli babies were decapitated by Hamas terrorists, never happened, and they claim that the Israeli IDF forces are simply Jewish murderers intent on eradicating Palestinians from the region.

With the world watching, and even the far left press accurately reporting the atrocities committed by the Hamas terrorist invaders, the lying Hamas apologists in New York City claim the horrific attacks by Hamas are just fabrications created by Americans as they defend the Israeli invasion of Gaza. Unfortunately for the Hamas mouthpieces in New York, the entire world of reasonable people know the truth, that Hamas is responsible for the terrorism unleashed on Israel, and they must pay the price for their crimes against other humans.

The truth about Israel is that thousands of Arabs live peacefully in Israel and have the full rights and privileges of Israeli citizens, while anyone living in Gaza is a powerless subject of the Hamas rulers. The people of Gaza should fear Hamas, not Israel. And the only reason Israel built the wall around Gaza was to keep the Hamas bombers and gunmen out of Israel and behind a wall.

But the leftist Democrats in America will not willingly call Hamas the terrorists and murderers that they are, and will not call Palestinians in New York cowards who, while hating Jews and lying about the Israeli Defense Force, would rather talk than have to fight Israel.

Palestinians should be opposing the evil and hateful Hamas, not the decent soldiers of Israel, who would prefer to be doing personal and family things rather than donning a uniform and going off to war in Gaza.

But there could be another side of the young, idle, jawing Palestinians comfortably residing in America (which country they also claim to hate). While all the time giving lip service to their weak, lame Jihad, maybe they are residing in America, and in other nations around the world, while serving as terrorist plants, awaiting orders from the cowardly Hamas bosses living comfortably in Arab countries in the Middle East, to lash out around the world at the nations who allow these Hamas trouble-makers to live pleasantly in their midst. And when given the signal, they will launch a real, murderous Jihad on the peaceful nationalities they live among, especially if the resident nation defends Israel for trying to protect their population.

It may be interesting to know why other Arabic and Middle East nations don’t offer their nations as a place of sanctuary where Palestinians could go to get away from the allegedly evil Israelis, and the answer may well be that Palestinians are an unpleasant, troublesome people, and, quite honestly, no one wants them nor the trouble they cause.

One wonders if it wouldn’t be just like the far-left Biden administration to have intentionally reduced the police protection in so many American cities, under the idiotic banner of Defund-The-Police, thereby leaving American citizens without any protection at all in the event of an uprising from terrorists on American soil, while also trying to force Americans to give up their weapons of personal self-defense, and all occurring within our borders which are wide open, at Biden’s order, allowing any criminal or terrorist to enter our nation at their leisure.

Thanks Joey.

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Iran’s Plan Of Attack: First Israel, Then America

 By now everyone is familiar with the horror of the Hamas monsters invading Israel and making war on civilians, torturing, raping and killing at their leisure and for their pleasure. And one must also recall that this invasion, supported and planned by Iran, is at least partially the fault of Joseph Biden, the alleged president of the United States, following his giving a formerly frozen fortune to Iran in exchange for American hostages they were holding.

And now, keeping in mind the hoard of Hamas animals crossing the border from Gaza into Israel and attacking as many civilians as they could find, one reflects on the millions of illegal aliens that Biden has allowed to cross America’s borders and be settled throughout the nation, with no knowledge of who they are, how healthy they are, whether they are terrorists or criminals in their home nations, and one is rightfully justified in assuming that America is next on the list of nations to be attacked by absolute animals like Hamas. America’s illegal alien invaders have had months residing in our nation to get settled, form up into gangs, get weapons gathered and make plans on which targets to go after first, wherever the resistance is weakest, which is everywhere, because the defund-the-police movement, strongly supported by Biden and his woke Democrat party have removed much of our first line of defense, our police forces, from the scene, mostly in Democrat-run cities and other islands of “sanctuary” offered to the citizens of the world, most of whom hate America.

Imagining the devastation these foreign invaders can do to this nation, and recalling that Democrat policy has been to force Americans to surrender our weapons of self-defense, and with little or no police protection, terrorists can loot, burn and kill for hours before any organized resistance can be engaged to stop them. We’re already familiar with the daily looting and beating rampages in San Francisco, New York and Chicago caused by our own citizens, and thinking of the damage and death that foreigners, who have been trained and encouraged to hate America can do, is frightening.

The Little Satan (Israel) is currently under attack by the forces of Iran, and the Great Satan (America) is next on the list for destruction.

President Biden took the day off Monday, three days after the Hamas attack, while our main ally in the Middle East fought for its life against barbarians, and Joey took the time off from being a responsible president and leader because he needs hours of rest and medication in order to appear and act like a normal human being, and he gave a televised speech Tuesday to belatedly address this most serious Israeli situation. But even with hours of rest and whatever pills he’s taking, he stutters, stammers and aspirates his words so much that no one can understand what the hell he’s trying to say. But one thing he did not mention on Tuesday is that Trump had peace in the Middle East nearly sewed up with his Abraham Accords, and Joey immediately pooped on those Middle East accords when he took office.

It’s appropriate at this time to mention that, whatever the subject you want to discuss, everything Joe Biden has touched these last three years, from the border, to national defense, to public safety, to inflation, to the economy, to race relations, to the price of fuels for home and auto, our idiot president has made all situations much worse than when he took office, and this fool man still has a year remaining in his term of office to finish his destruction of this once great nation. And so far no restrictions on invading our borders by the millions has even been suggested by the idiot Biden administration.

Monday, September 25, 2023

Does Anyone Else See A Resemblance Between Zelenskyy And Castro?

 The military fatigue wearing rulers, Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine and Fidel Castro of Cuba, are striking in their resemblance to each other. Neither man seems to have any other clothes to wear aside from a set of military fatigues. I don’t recall if Castro ever actually spoke to an official American governmental body, but Zelenskyy did, and both men, when speaking to groups of Americans, wore only the set of fatigues that they thought defined a man of power, a man of the people and a man used to getting his hands dirty. And Zelenskyy has an irritating habit of puffing his arms out to each side of his body in order to give himself a muscular, Schwarzenegger, tough-guy look.

When Castro came on the national scene in 1959 he and his fatigues were seen everywhere, spouting freedom for his depressed nation while he imprisoned his own fellow Cubans. And now Zelenskyy, who at least has new, shiny and neatly pressed fatigues and not the crumpled bag of clothes that Castro wore, is making the same plea for his nation that Castro did: give me money.

The thing that tripped up Castro in America was his affinity for the Communism of the Soviet Union, whereas Zelenskyy is in the back pocket of Joey Biden, and Biden is also a person who loves to cozy up to Communists and other tyrants, and Joey is giving multiple billions of dollars to Ukraine as a result of Zelenskyy’s international begging for dollars. But we will have to wait years before we know the true actual dealings and promises made by Biden in exchange for the American public’s money being poured into Ukraine, if we ever find out.

Although Americans largely hope Ukraine can finally defeat Russia as punishment for Putin’s invasion of the former Soviet block state, Zelenskyy is less than pleasant in his treatment of Ukrainians who dislike him and are opposed to his style of ruling a nation. 

Americans are worried that too many dollars are being sent to Ukraine when our own cities are being torn to pieces by crime and homelessness, and our borders are literally being invaded by numberless hoards of people we know nothing about, and no one really knows why they’re here nor what their intentions are for being here.

Americans have Joe Biden and his Democrat cohorts to thank for the lawlessness of our domestic environment, and we can only hope that Biden is not selling our nation down the river to Russia, China, Iran and Ukraine, but it sure looks like he is.

Thanks, Joey.

Sunday, September 17, 2023

In The Long Run We May Recover From Biden’s Woke, Criminal Administration, But It’ll Be A Dangerous And Long Effort

 As always happens with leftist politicians, the Biden administration has overstepped the bounds of propriety and now they’ve been caught with their leftist, political fists in our constitutional cookie jar.

The leftist, Democrat swamp city of DC thought they were finally taking total power and control of the United States when the Obama administration shoved national medical care down our throats and swore to fundamentally transform America. But Democrats were rudely shocked when Donald Trump was elected to office in 2016, and his presidency interfered with their leftist takeover of the U.S. and the burying of our constitutional rights, so when Biden took office the Democrats cast the constitution aside and hit-the-ground-running trying to destroy America. 

But Joey Biden is not the charismatic, smooth talking person that Obama was, so when old Joey tried to nationalize and restrict our gasoline supply, and our electricity, and our natural gas, and the type of cars we drive, Americans pushed back on the president who can’t speak, can’t walk straight without stumbling, and who will make no attempt to speak directly to Americans and try to explain the idiotic policies he’s proposing that are causing so much pain and misery for so many citizens.

And when you consider that white Americans are called racists every time they turn around by the very people who take race into consideration every time they open their racist mouths, America has had it with the Democrat fools.

Under the Democrats’ ruthless rule, Americans no longer trust the federal government to behave in a respectful, legal and constitutional way when dealing with Republicans and conservatives, and the Democrat party no longer maintains power at the pleasure of American citizens. Americans now wish to be governed by politicians who follow the constitution, and who believe that the Biden government, with its mandates and forced vaccinations, is evil, with its unconstitutional overreaching.

So if we can keep China from attacking us and can endure the endless criminal violations being committed on Americans by the inundation of illegal aliens, and the unidentified terrorists crossing our borders in their midst, we may be able to get our nation back on a law-abiding, constitutional track again, but it’s going to be a risky and difficult effort. However, getting America back to our traditional, national normal again assumes we can survive the last years of the plague of the Biden administration.

Friday, September 15, 2023

Is Biden President Of The United States, Or Blue, Leftist States Only?

 Recently Eric Adams, the Democrat mayor of New York City, correctly complained that all of the illegal aliens residing in NYC would soon destroy that city. So in order to save NYC (and also the leftist, sanctuary, Democrat cities of Chicago, Baltimore and San Francisco, among others) from death by overcrowding, the Biden administration is proposing that all illegals who cross the open border from Mexico into Texas must remain in Texas, and will be prohibited from traveling elsewhere in the United States.

Do the idiots in the Biden administration not realize that  this would destroy Texas, just as certainly as the continued flow of illegals into NYC will destroy that once lovely city? But of course it would save only the blue, Democrat-run sanctuary states, and it would punish the red states that don’t claim to be sanctuaries for those who illegally invade our borders, and that do not vote for Democrats.

President Trump’s policy of all illegals being kept in Mexico until their sanctuary status was verified was highly successful in protecting Americans from these invading hoards. And Biden’s redefining this policy would destroy Texas and all border states.

So in order to help protect the leftist mayors of sanctuary cities from the dangers of the radical principles the radical left proposes, Biden would punish every other city and state in the United States.

This type of selective policy planning is typical of the political left everywhere in the third world, who stick together in anticipation of gaining selfish political power and the opportunity to rule and increase their ill-gained power, while watching the destruction of their political opponents, even though those opponents are also their law-abiding, patriotic fellow citizens. 

This is not what made America the greatest and most prosperous nation in the world, and it’s not what American voters must permit to raise its ugly head again in the 2024 election. America must adhere to the age-old principle of “dance with the one who brung you”, and reject the leftist, radical takeover of the United States of America.

Monday, September 11, 2023

Are All Democrats Stupid, Or Just The Ones Holding Elected Offices?

 Recently we’ve heard from four Democrats who sound like MAGA Republicans since they have been hit up-side the head with reality.

One was a Minneapolis official who led the movement to defund the police in that city following the George Floyd incident. So now the police are largely no longer available for emergency calls. So when this poor lady was beaten and robbed, and had no one to call for help, because she caused the police force to be weakened to the point of being little more than a boy scout troop, she suddenly became aware of the value of police protection, as conservatives were aware all along. The unfortunate, misguided lady now sounds like a MAGA conservative.

Then a recent scream was heard from the mayor of New York City claiming that his city was being destroyed by the enormous wave of illegal aliens entering New York, a result that was predictable to anyone who has an ounce of brains and saw what happened at our borders when Biden opened them up to the world.

Two years ago, Texas and other border states took the Biden administration to task for opening the southern border, after the Trump administration had successfully staunched the flow of illegals. But northern, Democrat mayors and governors ignored the plight of Texas and made fun of Texans as being racists for disliking the expense and danger of foreigners invading their territory, and people like the mayor of New York boasted about his love for aliens and how great and welcoming his sanctuary city was to the poor and the down-trodden. 

But now that the hoard of illegals is causing the same problems for New York City as Texas was forced to endure these last two years, the NYC mayor has the gall to blame the governor of Texas for NYC’s immigrant problem. So Mayor Eric Adams is seeking help from the federal government, but without blaming his beloved Joey Biden for the disaster our entire nation is facing with millions of poor, non-English-speaking people crowding in everywhere. Biden directly and intentionally caused this horror show, and Eric Adams is a coward for not calling the fool Biden out. Trump had fixed the border issue, and Biden screwed it all up, just as Barack Obama predicted he would. Thanks, Joey.

Two additional examples of typically stupid, elected Democrat officials, one the mayor San Francisco and the other the mayor of Washington D.C., both of whom are dealing with problems of high crime and homelessness, and both of whom were firmly behind the Defund The Police movement, now see their cities suffering and even beginning to shut down completely as citizens and businesses flee the leftist paradise they’ve created, as crime ramps up due to a lack of any legal enforcing entity that Democrats will allow to punish criminal behavior, and due to idiot leftist DAs and judges who release criminals back on the street to commit more crimes, under the banner of restorative justice, whatever that means.

When will Americans remove Democrats from any elected positions? These ignorant people cause more trouble than they fix. We need to stop electing such people to positions of responsibility, because they are all irresponsible fools.

Saturday, September 9, 2023

It Takes A Village Idiot…

 Hillary Clinton believed that it takes a village to raise child, but old Joey Biden has proven that it takes a village idiot to destroy the greatest nation in the world. Even the Democrat mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, has publicly stated that the influx of illegal aliens into his city, an influx solely created by Joseph R. Biden, is leading his city to destruction. 

But of course, due to left-wing political loyalty and the left’s usual protective umbrella, the mayor will not mention that Democrat President Biden alone is responsible for the potential destruction of our entire nation, not just New York City, nor would the NYC mayor side with nor even listen to Republican officials in Texas two years ago when that state was among the first to have to pay the enormous bill related to the invasion from south of the border. And, of course, the New York City mayor was pushing the idea of sanctuary in his city for the citizens of the world while Texas fought the border invasion alone, and now he is mum on the leftist subject of sanctuary for the world’s poor. And this silence from the radical left, when Republicans in southern states were alone in raising the alarm of the national invasion that NYC and other Democrat states are currently experiencing and suffering with, is why there is no way our nation can repair itself when all the left wants is raw power, and cares not at all about protecting American citizens.

In Biden’s economy, Bidenvilles are cropping up everywhere to provide third-world housing for people bankrupt or just down on their luck in the era of Bidenomics.  And the village fool in the White House will not concede that there are Americans who are suffering under his mistaken idea of capitalism and economic policy, and will only appear briefly in front of microphones and incoherently read from a script stating his failed policies and he takes no heed of the misery he’s causing for American citizens.

Hillary’s village was intended to raise our children, but the village idiot in the Oval Office, along with his hand-picked, woke staff, have turned Hillary’s village into a horror show of sexually mutilated children under Biden’s misguided idea of “gender confirming care” using medical operations and chemical castrations that will cause misery for the children the remainder of their lives.

Our entire nation is being held captive to the woke, idiotic ideas of the radical left, with mayors and governors of Democrat cities and states pushing their unworkable and dangerous ideas about policing, helping children change their sex, keeping our nation safe from terrorists, and the enormous lie of warming/change, and these Democrat fools are literally insane with their notions of right and wrong.

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Democrat Stupidity Is Beyond Comprehension

 In 2021 the new president opened our southern borders to all who would come to the promised land of America, and they came in droves.

These illegal aliens swarmed and overwhelmed the borders of Texas, Arizona and New Mexico, but the new Democrat president didn’t give a damn, and allowed the flow of illegals to continue unimpaired. In fact he even began selling parts of Trump’s old border wall as scrap. The childish Democrat president was being petulant and doing the opposite of what Trump had done, so no one could rebuild the wall that Trump had started building, and that Biden tore down.

After billions of dollars had been spent by the border states trying to handle and care for the infinite flow of illegals that Biden caused, the border states began busing some of these refugees to Democrat Northeast states, who had proudly and fondly spoken of their being sanctuary states who loved illegals and wanted to provide for their welfare, and had declared them welcome under the sanctuary banner of political leftism.

But the Northeast states and their leftist mayors and governors soon learned that the flow of illegals, the same flow that the border states had been forced to feed and house from the beginning of Biden’s term, was too expensive and that there was no room for all of these non-English-speaking, often sick and uneducated and always poor people, and they forwarded some of these suddenly unwelcome mobs to other cities and states in order to relax the increasingly uncomfortable and overcrowded situation in their jurisdictions, just as Texas and other states found them to be unwelcome and a plague on American citizens and state coffers from the beginning of Biden’s administration.

The Democrat mayors and governors blamed the Republicans in the border states for intentionally trying to harm the Northeast states with the illegals that were being forwarded north. But over time the flow of illegals north became so intense that the Northeast Democrat politicians sought federal assistance in housing and feeding this hoard of people that threatened to bankrupt them. But the fool Biden administration gave no recognition that there was any problem at all, and insisted that the border was securely closed and under control.

Soon the Democrat politicians in Albany and New York City began to fight each other, with the NYC mayor wanting to push this human mass of illegals north to Albany, and the New York governor  insisting that NYC keep the unwanted people and find jobs for them. 

So now the New York politicians seem to have decided that they want to find jobs for the tens of thousands of people existing uncomfortably in their state, thereby threatening the income and even the very jobs of those unfortunate American citizens who reside in the  hell-holes of cities and states being run by Democrats. If Democrats begin hiring illegal aliens into jobs that don’t pay enough for Americans to support their families, thereby replacing the Americans and causing joblessness for them, the citizens will sink into poverty and become wards of the state, which is right where Democrats want all of us: under their commands for all of our basic human needs.

But lost on Democrats is that this entire disaster, which was avoided by the Donald Trump administration, is the fault of the top elected Democrat in the nation, Joseph R. Biden, and Democrats need to break ranks with the idiot in the White House and verbally and legally attack him and make him explain why he allowed this disaster to happen to our once great nation and make him pay for the avoidable horror he created and has watched become ever-worse, as it undermines the safety and security of our nation.

Democrats repeatedly create nasty social and moral situations so that they can use the crisis to raise taxes on Americans while pretending to resolve the mess that they, the Democrats, create, and recently they have made a habit of blaming MAGA Americans for the problems that Democrat politicians created, and calling them racists when they oppose the usual big-government solution the Democrats impose on the citizens of America.

One cannot be far wrong if one might finally decide that it’s time, recalling Rush Limbaugh’s warning, for patriotic Americans to panic at the loss of respect for law and order, and we need a return to government under the law and the constitution which can be respected by the American citizens, because it seems that with the literally insane policies coming from Democrats, our nation is about to fall into the valley of death.

Monday, August 28, 2023

The Historical Period Called The “Dark Ages” Was More Enlightened And Logical Than The Current Biden “Woke Ages”

 At least the dark ages had the excuse of a lack of science, a tradition of religious intolerance and a lack of free thought to account for its being called the “Dark” ages.

But the 20th Century and its insistence on free speech, democracy, religious tolerance and a scientific basis for public policy, has been raped and beaten by the Biden administration and its woke 21st Century policies. The Democrat position that men can bare children, that children should be surgically manipulated to be other than their birth sex, that parents have no right to have a say in the education and medical treatment of their children and that men should be free to compete in women’s sports, seem to any thinking person to be straight from the darkest of historic times, but they are actually from the 2020s when Democrats went insane for political power and began an endless racial and sexual rant across America.

Beginning in 2020 the mores and principles that have been common behavior for the last 600 years were discarded by woke Democrats. The fall of the  Roman Empire began the period called the Dark Ages, and the fall of the American democratic government with its enlightened constitution and equal treatment under the law, began the period hereafter to be known as the “Woke Ages” of Joseph Biden.

Future societies will look back at the Biden administration and think of Americans as being the most ignorant bunch of fools in history because of the stupidity of government policy regarding our lack of traditional social mores and practices, such as the principle of locking up political opponents, and when the anti-science movement of the covid 19 period is investigated, people will wonder at the idiocy of forced masking and mandated vaccinations, and they’ll question how such a previously advanced civilization could have gone so wrong, so quickly. 

Thinking people today know that the reason for this societal insanity lies with leftist politicians who want power and take every avenue possible to silence their political opponents via financial bankruptcy, imprisonment on trumped-up and corrupt charges, political allegations and a denial of their formerly constitutionally protected right to free speech and a citizen’s right to seek the personal happiness that they want for themselves.

Saturday, August 26, 2023

One Fears That Joe Biden Has Misunderstood Ayn Rand’s “The Virtue Of Selfishness"

 When Ayn Rand expressed her brilliant idea of “The Virtue Of Selfishness”, her idea of selfishness was very different from our Joey’s blatant acts of selfishness, greed and criminality.

Rand’s notion of The Virtue Of Selfishness was that society is best served when individuals serve their own personal needs and those of their families by working to support themselves and not pretending to be virtuous and supporting ever-higher taxes to pay for those individuals who will not support themselves. When one serves him- or herself by working for their daily bread, all of society benefits, by having this one less family to provide for, and without the resulting need to tax other citizens to support those who will not work to provide for themselves. Ms. Rand never intended that her principle should support any criminal behavior as being a justified aspect of her ideal of selfishness.

So when Joey and Hunter sought the now widely-known selfish ends for themselves and their families, by selling influence to China and other foreign nations in exchange for the millions of dollars paid them by the Chinese Communist Party, the potential dangers this influence-peddling caused to the citizens of America would never be supported by Ayn Rand.

Selfishness is only a virtue when it involves one’s personal, legal striving for a better life, and when one uses an elected position of public trust to be secretly awarded millions of dollars while putting the American public welfare at risk, as the Bidens have done, there is no virtue at all in this practice.

All of this being said, I don’t pretend for a moment that Joey Biden has ever heard of Ayn Rand or her ideas, because he is a rather stupid, crass, political, party ward-boss type of person who only understands an exchange of political forces that serve his own personal desires, and to hell with serving the welfare of the citizens of the nation. He’s just a selfish, greedy old man who is of no use to anyone, except the authoritarian political types who are running him in the Oval Office.

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Biden’s Perfect Storm Is Brewing, And It’s Headed Our Way

 In 2020 the political left frightened us sufficiently, with their lies about the relatively weak covid disease, in order to convince everyone to put on a worthless mask and get the useless covid vaccination.

Then when Joey assumed the Oval Office he immediately scared us again with talk of a world about to burst into flames, and he renewed the long-running and always-proven-wrong warming/change farce, and one of his first actions as president was the undermining of our comfortable lives in America by quickly halting the Keystone pipeline and forbidding any further drilling for oil on federal lands.

For the last two weeks, during a typical August summer,  we’ve heard terrible stories of high temperatures in isolated areas of the United States where temperatures of over 100 degrees have been reported, a rather common occurrence in Texas and Arizona in summer. So of course these seasonally high temperatures have encouraged the authoritarian left in our nation to say they now have proof that the much ballyhooed global catastrophe is upon us. It’s a good thing that these snowflakes were not alive and living in Kansas, Oklahoma or Texas during the dustbowl days of the 1930s; they‘d never have survived.

And now, our government is coming at us again with orders to re-mask, and announcing the development of a new vaccine for the latest covid iteration, all of which precautions were proven to be useless during the former pandemic scare. This has been a good scare inflicted on us by members of our authoritarian government, and a bad lie for our constitutional rights in America. 

The Biden administration is constantly plotting against our constitution and the citizens of America, and when this new era of covid masking orders is combined with the latest lying, screaming and hair-pulling warning about a burning planet, these two lies will soon be manipulated by the woke Biden fools who are intent on destroying the prosperity and freedoms Americans have always had, and they’ll soon have us all masked, with no cars, and no electricity, and with these fool, insane, Democrats in charge. 

The left’s perfect storm of fear-mongering lies has arrived, and one can expect that these two allegedly life-ending forces, working in combination, will be declared a combined Super Health Emergency which will require a new round of shutdowns, and when the leftist press in America pushes for an end to the constitutional principle of citizens seeking their own pursuit of happiness, we‘ll become wards of the intrusive and abusive state that the Biden administration has so carefully constructed.

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Ford Motors Has Learned That When A Leftist Government Demands That You Make Unwanted Products, You’d Better Say “No”

 The red presidency of Joey Biden couldn’t wait a single day of the new administration before attacking the automobile industry and its related industries, when they outlawed a new pipeline and halted drilling on new wells.

The next part of Biden’s radical environmental policies was his mandate (leftists can’t exist without mandates) that Ford, General Motors and Chrysler begin making the very costly and undependable electric vehicles.

Now Ford Motors is going broke after following Biden’s EV edicts and is losing billions of dollars each year by effectively becoming an adjunct to the far left federal government now seated in D.C. And while Ford has dumped billions of dollars into the development of the very expensive EVs, they are ignoring the piston engine side of the business that has made them one of the most successful and respected corporations in the world. Joey Biden likes to stick out his chest and loudly proclaim that he is a capitalist, but capitalism is not run by government. Capitalism is run by corporations seeking profit and the satisfaction of their customers, not seeking some ephemeral social goal proposed and edicted by some commie government.

One may well ask why Ford would make such a foolish and commercially dangerous decision to go along with Biden’s political order. We can no longer pretend that our nation is a capitalist nation if the president can demand that a corporation make and sell products no one wants. The answer as to why Ford and the other auto manufacturers went along and jumped into the EV market is that a leftist, big government president will destroy any company that doesn’t obey the orders from the White House.

If Ford ignored Biden’s demands and refused to make EVs, Biden would sic the IRS on them and inspect every annual tax filing back to the days of Henry Ford, and would inspect the returns with a fine tooth comb and jump on any slight infraction and make Ford pay for it dearly. The Ford Board of Directors and the executive staff of Ford would also have their personal taxes inspected, just as the IRS went after one of the Trump Company’s executives and fined and imprisoned him for past tax issues, because they want to keep Trump from running for president again, and Democrats hope this will serve as a lesson to Trump personally. This is what power hungry leftist regimes do to its citizens: they instill fear, like they did to Trump with two impeachments and now a series of indictments designed to make him go away and let the woke, socialist regime of Biden operate without criticism.

Another tool that the federal government has to punish corporations who don’t obey their mandates is to have OSHA perform minute inspections of past and current safety results, and shut down the corporation on the pretext of dangerous employee safety concerns. Or the NLRB can be called upon to invade the corporation and come up with some unknown labor issues that they will blow out of all proportion in order to stop work at the company.

So Ford obeyed Biden’s order to build EVs, and now they are going broke.

Donald Trump has often said that if the government can defeat him, we, the citizens, are next, and Ford should realize that they, too, are next in line for defeat via bankruptcy due to all of the costs of making a new line of cars  because they did not stand up to Biden and his woke, leftists and did not refuse to make vehicles that no one wants or can afford.

And if anyone wonders why the EV issue is so important to the Biden administration, it’s because China has bought-and-paid-for Joey Biden and his corrupt family. China has access to the rare earth materials needed for the EV cars, that the Biden family influence-peddling helped them gain, which are needed to make batteries for the evil EVs. And China is manufacturing some junky little electric cars they want to sell in America, and they depend on the corrupt Biden family to open this new market for them, which Joey is only too happy to do.  Joey is destroying our economy in order to make himself rich.

And if you combine the EV impact on the US economy with the millions of illegal aliens Biden’s open border has allowed to invade America, aliens who will soon be competing for jobs against job-seeking American citizens, and also recall the American electric generating industries which are now having to utilize wind and solar products insisted on by the Biden administration, which are not nearly as productive nor as dependable as the old coal, natural gas or nuclear power plants. 

Americans should be afraid of the Biden Oval Office; very afraid.

Monday, August 14, 2023

Democrat Politicians Go From Promising A Chicken In Every Pot And Two Cars In Every Garage, To No Pot, No Cars And No Garage

 The difference between the Trump years compared to the Biden years is so stark as to be frightening: Trump offered more industry, more gasoline and natural gas, and assured more prosperity, while Biden offers national poverty and a loss of constitutional liberties, in just two years.

Recently John Kerry, Biden’s climate czar, said that we can never reach the leftist’s desired goal of  net-zero carbon emissions unless the United States halts the farming and food production that is currently feeding not only the United States, but also large parts of the world.

Kerry’s words sound like Chairman Mao’s great cultural revolution in which tens of millions of Chinese citizens were starved to death in what he called the Great Leap Forward, if they were not arbitrarily shot for the slightest offense against the Great Mao. It now seems that Mao’s ideas are being warped and blended into Biden’s woke, radical left mandates, and his administration has no problem imposing and enforcing these radical proposals on the formerly free and prosperous United States.

So the farmers must stop producing any carbon in the growing of the nation’s food, and the rest of the American citizenry must give up their piston engine cars and buy a government mandated Electric Vehicle. But even owners of EVs are getting rid of these auto-company-bankrupting beasts because they are harder to operate and power and are less dependable than the old reliable gas-powered cars.

Why are farmers and city dwellers being told to get used to having less of everything they used to get so easily, readily and without government involvement? Because politicians need the power that the lie of global warming can bring to them, and threatening death on a burning planet allows them to inflict fear in non-thinking citizens, which allows Democrats to declare a new round of covid-like controls and mandates related to climate and health, in order to keep everyone in line with the new reality of living with less, but paying more, in America.

From the American working, saving and investing middle class, the government only takes, in the form of increased taxes and reduced choices, and under Joey Biden the government will continue to take and restrict even more. But now it’s also prohibiting many things that the constitution doesn’t allow it to prohibit, and in fact the constitution was put in place by our founders in order to keep the government from abusing its citizens, which is happening in spades under the Biden administration.

Republicans in Congress must keep investigating the Biden crime family and place every roadblock in the way of their completely destroying America and making us more third world than we already have become under twenty-first century Democrat rule. Democrats must be un-elected from all positions of authority in future elections so America can reverse its slide into perdition, and return to the greatness our founders intended when they wrote our magnificent constitution.

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Even Leftist Progressives Develop Conservative Attitudes When They See The Reality Of What They Ask For

 Leftists are such fools. We recently learned that the Oakland NAACP sent a letter to the city’s elected representatives complaining about the incredible crime rate in that city, a crime rate that was caused by the Defund The Police demands made by progressives, largely black Democrat progressives, a couple of years ago. Now Democrats are sorry for the destruction being done to their cities, and it’s all their own fault.

After strutting about and proudly proclaiming what an immigrant-loving, sanctuary city New York is, and how they love the poor and the downtrodden, the mayor of New York City is suing Texas for sending poor, diseased immigrants to his city. But Joey Biden is the real culprit here, not Texas. It’s Joey who opened the southern border and allowed the uncontrolled flow of illegals to invade America. It’s amazing what reality can do to force some people to correct their crazy, leftist thinking.

The sanctuary of Martha’s Vineyard suddenly became a less welcoming sanctuary for Joe Biden’s immigrants when they were sent to the island. The Democrat leaders on Martha’s Vineyard called the National Guard to remove the immigrants from their white-privilege enclave and stash them on a military base somewhere, anywhere, but their pristine, filthy rich, island. Leftists give lip service to diversity and invite poor people to their sanctuary cities, until those people are close enough to smell them, then they want them removed from their streets.

Conservatives all along have railed against the stupidity of the Defund The Police foolishness, and they’ve known all along the dangerous and unhealthy situation that would occur when millions of illegal aliens were allowed to freely enter the United States and start looking for food and housing. But progressives are unable to see in advance the bad situations they cause with their pretend sympathy for the poor and the hungry. It reminds one of the criminal weakness of not realizing that there is a punishment for criminal behavior, as described in Edward Banfield’s book The Un-Heavenly City. One wonders if this common trait makes progressives look more like stupid people or just plain criminals, since neither progressives nor criminals can visualize the logical outcome of their bad ideas and their horrible actions.

Similarly, Democrats are unable to see that they are undermining our nation’s validity in its citizens’ eyes when they criticize the decisions of the Supreme Court, or leak Supreme Court decisions to the press, or plot to assassinate Supreme Court justices.  Committing vote fraud during presidential elections is also another of the nation-destroying habits of Democrats.

Democrats don’t see a tie-in between infinite national debt and uncapped spending and how that relates to the stability and strength of the dollar. Democrats are too stupid to understand that indicting Donald Trump on phony charges, while the common criminal, Hunter Biden, runs freely and lives on the public dime in the White House with his daddy, Joey, only undermines trust in our government.

And how are we to inspire confidence in our military and keep them a strong fighting force when recruits are called racists and forced to sit in lectures on Critical Race Theory, and must live amongst trans-people in a common barracks, given all of the posturing and parading these people like to do.

Under the mind-impaired presidency of Joey Biden and his third-world idea of how government should operate, our continued freedom and prosperity, as well as our constitutional rights, are in serious doubt.

Monday, July 31, 2023

Covid-Like Restrictions Coming Soon From Biden’s Democrats, Due To Too Much Heat For The Precious Snowflakes


The political left can always find reasons for everyone to be forced to lockdown under martial law. Hitler had his imagined attack from Poland,  Stalin had his evil capitalists to protect Russians citizens from, and now Joey Biden is the first ruler to have two life-ending, future-destroying national emergency disasters that allow him to order emergency police actions that are specifically prohibited by America’s constitution: first, the very weak covid pandemic, and now the “dangerously” hot summer temperatures that the political left claims is proof of disastrous warming/change, both of which things, in Biden’s opinion, require government control in order to save the world, and these are bold-face lies that only gullible, non-thinking people would accept and obey.

We now know, years after the damage to our constitutional liberties has been done, that during the covid panic, nearly every person’s death that was originally attributed solely to covid was actually accompanied by at least four co-morbidities. Nearly all of the deaths were in bodies that were already deathly sick, and it just took the covid complications to finally overwhelm an already weakened immune system and end a life. But of course, our lying government blamed only covid, thus justifying the mask and vaccine mandates.

And now, after over sixty years of lying, failed predictions, first of doom from an imminent ice age in the 1970s, then to Ted Danson scaring us in the 1980s with predictions of food supplies drying up within the decade, and Prince Charles predicting doom within five years of his prediction in the 1990s, and many more such dire warnings, all of which disasters never happened, and after the radical left predictions of rising oceans (which Obama promised he would reverse during his administration and thereby save humanity) melting ice bergs and disappearing polar ice caps that would cause coastal cities all over the world to be drowned under salt water (which also has never happened, not even close), we now have a hot summer, which is much less intense and has caused much less suffering and damage than any calendar year in the decade of the 1930s, and our fear-mongering Joey Biden, he of the corrupt, ruling Biden clan, is imposing his personal, AOC/Bernie Sanders-inspired restrictions on 332 million Americans, who are completely fed up with this aging, melon-headed, wannabe dictator.

Guidance from our constitution was not needed during the more sensible Reagan, Bush and Trump years when decent people presided rationally over the nation and didn’t overstep the bounds of government. But our constitution must now be imposed on the presidency, with Biden making up rules, issuing edicts and imprisoning anyone who speaks up against him.

Our mush-for-brains president has already limited the production of oil and the refining of gasoline (which he’s not permitted to do); he’s already begun taking our beloved automobiles from us (which he’s not permitted to do); he’s already started to take gas ranges from chefs (which he’s not permitted to do); he’s already preparing to take our water heaters away from us (which he is not permitted to do); he declared the national lockdown along with requiring masking and vaccinations for all citizens (which he’s not permitted to do); he’s already ordered the FBI to investigate parents who want to be part of their children’s education and not have our leftist government present racism and pornography to school-aged students (which he’s not permitted to do); he’s already proposed banning all air conditioning from private homes (which he’s not allowed to do). 

And now that we have summer weather developments that the news media claims are historically the hottest ever, Joey is planning some unconstitutional environmental edict which will destroy the comfort and liberty of all Americans, under the banner of saving us from certain death at the whim of weather, but actually will give Biden and his Democrat pals political dominance over Americans and our way of life, forever.

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Rethinking, And Debunking, The White Privilege Thing

 The political left, or in other words the Democrats, are masters of lying, labeling and sticking together concerning the things they say about their political opponents. At the moment they are lying about climate change because it’s July and it’s hot nearly everywhere in the U.S. 

But at this particular point in the political process let’s expand on the leftist lies of Democrats and consider the fantasy of “white privilege“:

Privilege is something that’s bestowed on a person by another. It’s been obvious for a long time that political left Democrats have bestowed all sorts of privileges on themselves. One has only to recall that when this “privilege” thing was first discussed we learned that Chelsea Clinton was given a six-figure job by NBC as soon as she graduated from college, and the job she was assigned to do called for no real measurable accomplishments to be performed at all. Democrat privilege was all she needed, because NBC assumed that Hillary would soon be president and they gave this cushy job to her daughter in order to buy them influence in her upcoming administration. After all, it was her turn to become president after the treatment she got from hubby Bill during his administration. Right?

On the other side of the coin, have Donald Trump or Daniel Penny (the ex-Marine who defended a subway car full of people by engaging a crazy man threatening the riders), both being white men with accomplishments in their pasts and both being upstanding citizens, been granted any privileges lately? No, they have not. The leftist press and leftist prosecutors have labeled these white men as bad people because of their conservative attitudes and policies, and in spite of their privileged skin color.

The real thing that is a blessing for white people is not privilege, because that must come from the actions of others higher on the privilege scale. Whites like Trump and Penny have no privilege. Rather, they have certain advantages largely attributable to their race, but these advantages are much amplified by their hard work and their accomplishments.

Trump is definitely not privileged by the Biden DOJ’s insistence on putting him in prison for something, anything, that will remove him from getting reelected and reversing the dangerous and harmful decisions and policies of the fool Joey Biden. And all Daniel Penny did was protect a train full of black and white people from a known insane and violent person, as they traveled in New York City, by confronting the threatening man who had attacked people in the past. So in order to cause pain and suffering for Mr. Penny, a mob of leftist, racist Democrats demonstrated in front of city hall and insisted that Alvin Bragg try Penny for murder, which demand he respectfully obeyed. 

Those demonstrators who wanted Penny arrested have more privilege than the heroic Mr. Penny, due to their leftist political leanings, so he’s now under indictment for doing the very thing we expect of a young man, when he protected riders on a train. But his race made him vulnerable to the claim of murder by Bragg’s minority groups, because everything in Biden’s administration prefers non-whites, and non-straights and considers race above all else.

One can agree that whites have certain advantages, but minorities also have access to advantages in today’s woke world (just consider the stupidity of Karine Jean-Pierre and the insane statements and the constant, inappropriate cackling of Kamala Harris for examples of the obvious privilege of Biden’s appointees, who are beneficiaries of wokeness when considering skin color and sex).

All privileges have been bestowed on Democrats, especially the LGBTQ crowd of snowflake complainers and those with dark skin tones, and the rest of us have only accomplishments to fall back on, if the Biden Department of Justice doesn’t throw us all in jail on trumped-up charges first.

Sunday, July 23, 2023

How Can Democrats Pretend To Support Constitutional Government While Supporting Hitlerian-Style Rule?

 With all of the critical investigative work done recently by the House Republicans, investigations that have uncovered records of hidden financial transactions with foreign governments that prove that the Biden family profited from selling influence in United States government dealings with those governments, how can Democrats not drop all of the outraged pretense of opposition to these investigations, and turn against the Biden crime family?

How can leftist, Democrat politicians who pretend to support free speech and tolerance for minority opinion, maneuver to shut up RFK Jr. during a congressional hearing on the subject of tolerance and free speech, by making a proposal during the televised hearings to force a halt to Kennedy’s statements while the cameras broadcast live to the nation? Not only was a proposal made to silence him, but Democrat members of the panel repeatedly spoke-over Mr. Kennedy as he was trying to make the point that previous derogatory statements about his former statements, made by Democrats, were lies.

How can Democrats, while in an official House of Representatives hearing about corruption in government, waste valuable time speaking about totally irrelevant and unrelated subjects, many of which statements were simply mad-mouth opinions about Donald Trump, who has already overcome two impeachments and numerous legal proceedings made by this same gang of Democrat politicians.

How can democratically elected government officials ignore obvious legal moves by far-left, Biden DOJ radicals simply trying to place Trump in prison so he can’t run against them in 2024?

This all sounds like people who want no political opposition to their corrupt rule, and who will gladly punish their political opponents with imprisonment, thereby not allowing voters to select the president of our nation.

But even more concerning and dangerous to the future of liberty in America is the silence coming from the mainstream electronic and print press about the obvious moral and criminal problems of the Biden family, when each and every imagined offense of Trump gets above-the-fold, “bombshell” coverage every day. The leftist press is destroying this nation, because it‘s refusing its constitutional duty to inform American citizens of current events.

Today’s Democrats are insane with the thought of losing the White House to Donald Trump a second time, and they are exploding with anger that the House Republicans are exposing their lies and filthy tricks for all Americans to see.