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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, January 28, 2011

S.O.T.U. proves P.O.T.U.S. is N.U.T.S.

Among the last words Obama spoke at his most recent State of the Union Address were "...the state of the union is strong". And that's why the president is NUTS: he and his liberal pals have brought us to the brink of economic disaster and their dictator-like legislative practices have deeply divided the nation. But he thinks the state of the union is strong. I'd like to take a little liberty with his last phrase by changing the words slightly to become "the states of the union are not strong", in fact many of the most liberal states are approaching bankruptcy with no hope of survival short of being bailed out by someone, and yet the president pretends that all is well on his watch. And that displays his incompetence and ignorance.

And even though our nation is broke, Obama wants to spend more money we don't have on "infrastructure", (which of course means giving more money to his pals in the unions), and high speed rail (which is neither used nor needed by a majority of the population where such things are located). These projects always cost more than projected and end up being supported not by riders, but by the local tax payers who have no need for them. These proposals are just more waste being pushed on us at a time we can't afford them. Also notice that Obama has stopped using the phrase "shovel ready". At least he's smart enough not to repeat this lie any longer.

Obama wants to spend more on education but uttered not a word of the great failure of the Department of Education in its failed attempts to educate our children at a reasonable cost, and of course did not consider abolishing the Department and returning control back to the local school districts, who would be able to correct any problems with education that were caused by the big government of education and wouldn't need additional money to do it.

Obama spoke of reducing "barriers to growth and investment" and said he had "ordered a review of government regulation..." suggesting that he may want to halt these job-killing regulations. But not once did our dense/dunce president mention the enormous burden of current regulations flowing without end from his administration, all of which will stall the start of new businesses, halt expansion of existing businesses, or will bankrupt struggling businesses. And how about the executive orders that have halted off-shore drilling, stopped fishing on the east coast and farming in California's central valley. Our president has no idea how his decisions and orders conflict with his stated desires (actually I'm certain he does understand and intends the destruction to lives and the nation's economy his orders cause, but I'll give him some slack and keep this opinion to myself).

Obama wants to "freeze annual domestic spending for the next 5 years". Notice he didn't say he wants to stop or reduce spending to levels we can afford; he wants to freeze spending at levels that will bankrupt us if we are not already in that state. And this man attended Harvard? And of course he blows long and hard about "clean technology" and calls the use of fossil fuels "yesterday's energy". Mr. Obama evidently needs to be reminded that his limos and his 747 are powered by "yesterday's energy" and there is no replacement in sight for these fuels. We are stuck on yesterday and will be using gasoline and oil for the next 20 years regardless of how much jaw he gives the subject. There is no other source of fuel that is as available, dependable, portable and that delivers such a high level of power as gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, but his administration is doing all it can to deny us the fuel we need to maintain our lives and our economy, the same fuel that is necessary to keep our nation defended from enemies that would harm us.

P.O.T.U.S. is N.U.T.S., is unable to grasp reality and is a threat to our nation's safety and prosperity.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Too Comfortable, Too Wealthy, For Too Long?

Would a nation of unparalleled wealth and power, with a comfortable and satisfied middle class, give up its comfort and wealth voluntarily? Perhaps a better way to phrase the question is not "Would a nation" do this foolish thing, but rather "Why would a nation" commit such foolishness, because the United States is in the process of doing exactly this very thing.

Our ruling class (the liberal Washington senate and house of representatives, the self-sustaining and uncontrollable executive agencies under Obama, along with the current occupant of the Oval Office himself) are intentionally using hastily constructed and unread legislation, idiotic regulations not intended by any agency's enabling legislation and executive orders issued by the president, to grind our nation to a halt and destroy our wealth via unprecedented borrowing and the printing of trillions of new, worthless dollars. One just hopes and prays we can stop these treacherous fools before the situation reaches the dire point where our population will revolt against the dictatorial rule we are experiencing, although it appears that such a violent push-back is what the administration wants to cause so as to enable it to have an excuse for declaring an emergency and taking control of radio, TV and the internet (can you say net neutrality?) and very likely, future elections.

Are they doing these things out of ignorance of what their actions will do to the futures of their own children; are they doing them for their own personal power; are they doing them because they hate this wonderful, tolerant nation and want it destroyed; or perhaps they are doing them out of the foolish notion of "social and economic justice"? I suspect it's for all of the above reasons, and they MUST BE STOPPED!

But I fear that too many of our own population don't understand how fragile and rare the comfortable life we live is (most people alive now have always had personal automobiles, they've always been able to travel freely, they've always had forced-air furnaces, they've always had air conditioners, they've always had supermarkets filled with every food possible, they've always had restaurants they could stop at on a whim, and they assume these things are a given and that they will last forever) and I also fear that they don't understand where we're headed.

At the beginning of Hitler's takeover of the very highly developed and cultured Germany, the shocked citizens thought "it can't happen here", and after restrictive and racist laws were imposed by the rulers and the future began to look dark, too many Germans then thought "it can't get any worse" and believed that they would be spared from further misery and eventual destruction by providence. Well, it did happen there, and it did get much worse before Germans were relieved of the plague of Nazism with the result that Germany was reduced to rubble and the evils of the Russians were imposed on half the nation for over 50 years.

Fortunately, if such a word can be used in this context, following World War II Germany had the United States and the rest of the English-speaking world to fall back on in order to restore stability, independence, democracy and economic strength to that destroyed nation. But once the economy of the United States is destroyed and our power is undermined from within, and once our formerly happy and comfortable population becomes hungry, cold, impoverished and violently resentful of our lost freedoms, there will be no help from a benevolent foreign nation restoring our past greatness. We are the last, best hope for the world, and if our new legislators don't turn things around and stop the liberal/green idiocy we are witnessing every day as new rules are imposed on us and more jobs are destroyed by foolish regulations, we and the world are likely destined for a new dark ages. Call and email your legislators and tell them to get busy with the peoples' business, not their own personal aggrandizement and enrichment, and definitely not government business as usual.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Liberals/Greens are the Ultimate Racists

Liberals and greens present themselves as being good people who are only trying to help the poor and save the world, but listed below are some examples of liberalism's blatant racism and the mistreatment of the poorest people in the world. Some might say that these are examples of unintended consequences of liberal actions that are really intended to help the given situation, but after 40 years of watching liberal good intentions cause suffering and economic destruction, the only response I would offer is that liberals are either evil or stupid, and I don't believe they are stupid:

CFL light bulbs have mercury in them, so liberals want them to be made in China where environmental standards don't exist, and where we will not have to witness the sickness and deaths of Chinese workers who come in contact with them. And of course the added cost of the new CFL bulbs combined with the fact that all incandescent light bulb factories in the United States are being shut down will have the unintended impact of job losses in the U.S. And just wait a few months or years until the mercury in the bulbs, which are being forced on us under direct orders from big government, start making people sick. The EPA will then set up another large bureaucracy to deal with this new "emergency" that only government can deal with, but which could have been avoided in the first place with a little common sense and a government that was smaller as desired by the founders of this nation and as they defined in the Constitution.

Oil is dirty and messes up the landscape as it is pumped, packaged and shipped to refineries. So liberals let the dark-skinned Arabs or blacks in Africa do this dirty work for us so we don't have to see it, of course placing our own economy at great risk due to our dependence on foreign oil, when we have enough oil in untapped domestic reserves to provide for our own energy needs if only the EPA would get out of the way. This transferrence of the drilling of oil to third world countries is environmental racism on the part of government and the liberals who run it.

The EPA has edicted the use of corn, which used to be a food product, but is now used for fuel, to replace the oil which our nation has in plenty but that we are no longer permitted to pump, so now poor people in South America and Africa are starving due to the higher prices and shortages of corn, which the immoral EPA has diverted to our gas tanks, under their own internal departmental "legislation".

Our government, after prodding from Rachel Carson, judged that DDT was destructive to the environment, so it was made illegal with the result that millions of people in Africa have been made sick or have died from malaria. Now, after millions of deaths, we get a big "oops" from government, and DDT spraying is beginning again. But what about the enormous suffering caused by liberal tampering with a known safe and widely used pesticide that they arbitrarily labeled as harmful? They just give a shrug of their shoulders and say "never mind" and they forgive themselves for causing the pain and suffering. Some time ago a DVD titled "Not Evil, Just Wrong" was distributed and spoke of this very issue. But I would have called the DVD "Evil And Wrong" because liberals/greens are evil people who cause great damage to populations and economies, and never admit they are wrong about anything, they just keep on pushing the rules and the legislation down our throats and never listen to council contrary to their opinions.

Unintended consequences constantly plague liberal ideas and projects, and often kill people (remember the infant deaths a few years ago caused by dashboard airbags that inflated under too much pressure? When these safety devices were being developed, Chrysler told the government that the pressure stored to inflate the bags was too great, but the government regulations were retained, and children were killed. More thanks to big government and another "never mind" from liberal rule makers. But if Chrysler had been the culprit and had caused death or injury because of the mis-engineered airbags, both the government and a jury would have sued them to oblivion.

It's doubtful that liberals will ever learn from their mistakes and the people they've hurt, and because they love power and control over other peoples' lives, they will never admit that their judgement is occasionally wrong and they will continue to dictate idiotic regulations to a once-free nation. Our new legislators are the only ones who can reverse this trend of big government, restore the constitution and let Americans live free again. Let's hope they have the will and the courage to reverse idiotic and destructive laws and regulations.

Has Obama "Found His Voice"?

Just as Bill Clinton, a full-grown, supposedly mature man, found "his voice" during his second term in office following the Democrat loss of the legislature to Republicans in 1994, now our Barry is finding his voice after the November shellacking and the Republican take-over of the House and increasing their number in the Senate.

As a demonstration of his new-found "voice", after kowtowing to tyrants around the world and talking trash about America for two years, Barry is going to get tough with China; and after taking every step possible to cause the loss of millions of jobs for two years, our child president will now "not rest" until jobs are being created and will therefore "focus like a lazer" on job creation.

But don't expect our immoral president to change his radical stripes. Only our newly elected Republican legislature can or will eliminate the disastrous Obamacare; only they can eliminate the out-of-control EPA in their attempt to destroy our economy; only they can repeal the destructive Financial Reform Act; only they can oppose the United Nations' attempts to tax us to oblivion in order to waste our money on poor nations based on the misguided theory of "economic Justice".

If Congress doesn't quickly change the course of events in our government, unemployment will increase and our freedoms will be further eroded by a government completely out of control.

Just watch and be amazed when the press starts informing us that Barry has gotten the message and has drifted toward the center in order to serve as the people said they want to be governed last November, and also keep in mind that this is just another lie from the radical-left press to keep their hand-picked radical in charge of destroying this great nation.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Government Bankruptcy, Now and in the Future

We know from recent events that state and city governments are literally going broke due to the large government workforce, the relatively high pay given to government employees and the retirements these employees have been promised or are actually receiving. This over-promising and over-governing is a problem both immediately and for the future.

The immediate problem at the state and city levels is currently being addressed and we'll see more pressure applied to reduce employees and retirements in the near future, but these entities will still need help from uncle sugar, and we all know that the federal government will eventually help bail them out, although I intend to argue that no help be given at all to governments that have over-promised and over-spent with taxpayer money for so many years.

But a little further down the line, and likely not too distant, is the federal government and its financial and budgeting woes. Our new republican legislators are trying to find a way to reduce spending, but I've not heard a word proposing that executive agencies like the EPA and the departments of Energy and Education, plus the IRS and its 16,000 new agents being added to help enforce compliance with Obamacare, be down-sized or outright abolished because of their bloated size and their negative impact on the economy. Getting rid of these agencies would not only reduce direct expenditures for salaries, benefits and retirement, but would reduce the number of liberals choking our nation with regulations that cause individuals and businesses such distress. And the consolation prize would be ridding ourselves of the specter of an education system that is worse under the Department of Education, energy that is more expensive and more scarce under the Department of Energy, and an EPA that has gone rogue and is legislating from within the agency in contradiction to the decisions of the courts and the congress that created it and defined its powers. Getting rid of these very harmful big-government organizations would save the nation nearly a trillion dollars each and every year, and we need this savings if our children and grand children are to have any financial future at all.

Friday, January 7, 2011

From Being Protected to Becoming a Scapegoat

Victor Davis Hanson and Thomas Sowell have recently written companion articles (respectively "Two Californias"and "Mascot Politics") in which both comment on the current situation in California's Central Valley where the rich live on one side and the third-world poor live on the other side (living off of social service plastic welfare cards, of course) and appear to be from different planets based on their divergent living standards and respect for the law and civility, a socially divided situation largely caused by the federal government and its protection of the smelt fish and the denial of water to this important agricultural area of the state.

The poor are now tools of liberals who soak the rich and middle classes in order to provide welfare for the needy, whereas, as Mr. Sowell states, in the past the poor and destitute were treated with ridicule and were the subject of eugenics they are now treated as though they have been mistreated by society and need special protection and support from those who have abused them.

But after 40 years of supporting the poor with the excess wealth of our nation, the United States is now faced with enormous budget crises at the federal and state levels, and with no more money to spend, it's likely, given the liberal propensity to hang their former supporters in order to save their liberal hides, that they will now revert to their former ways and again blame the poor and immigrants in California for the deteriorating social, economic and environmental conditions that are developing there and in other parts of the nation where these people have settled and been artificially supported by misguided liberal values.

Just as the liberals were successful at changing their stance on denying blacks any rights following the Civil War and denying them entry to labor unions during the increased industrialization in the late 19th and early 20th centuries (and even to the present day with Senator Robert Byrd being an organizer for the KKK in his youth and then pretending to be the savior of blacks as a liberal Senator), liberals will go from currently wringing their hands at the plight of the poor and trapping them in the horror of welfare as a result of their "concern" in the mid and late 20th century, to pointing a finger of blame at the poor and immigrants when the government runs out of other peoples' money to dole out to them.

Liberals, with their foolish and immoral pandering to a class of people who misguidedly listen to their clap-trap and take the money that's handed to them, which only makes them eternally dependent on hand-outs, will turn on these same people and blame them for the problems that the liberals themselves have created when there is no more money to spread around and when the political going gets tough. Just stay tuned and watch.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Immorality and Corruption of the United Nations

Recently a representative of the United Nations admitted that they no longer extend the pretense that they want to tax developed nations for the purpose of halting the lie of global warming (or whatever name they presently use for this scam). They now admit that their goal is the redistribution of wealth to poor nations and they look with a hungry eye and with a greedy hand held out to the United States for some bucks. This proves the immorality and outright greed of the U.N. and represents the destruction of the world economy if the U.N. gets its way.

When money from productive economies (the U.S, Europe, Japan, etc) is expropriated for use in undeveloped nations the money will be spent by the current rulers of those nations on a new limo, a new palace or is used to beef up his Swiss bank account, and the people suffering under his rule are not helped at all, and to pretend that the average citizen of a poor country gets any benefit from such "aid" is a lie and further proves the corruption of the U.N.

The only way any nation is able to gain wealth and be able to support a middle class is if the government of those citizens allows them, via low taxes and few regulations, to establish businesses, invest and work as they please for their own profit. Once wealth is given to a third world country that wealth is lost. The more money we give away the less wealth there is in the world, and this leads to added poverty and suffering. So we should stop the waste. This phenomenon of waste and poverty can be related in the United States to the Obama stimulus billions which were wasted on nothing but Obama's liberal allies and left no value behind at all; a total waste of hard-earned money. This is an example of rulers spending public money for their own benefit and demonstrates that when rulers don't allow a middle class freedom to keep their own money, wealth can't develop and the nation remains poor, as our nation has become poorer under the Obama administration.

Unfortunately our own government is on the road to destroying our middle class by taxing us into poverty and regulating businesses so they can no longer make a profit. Our only and last hope resides with the newly elected legislators, and we must keep pressure on them to correct and reverse the mistakes of the past.