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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Obama Admits His Iran Agreement Is A No Good, Very Bad Deal. And This Is The Legacy He Wants?

When Obama began the Iranian Nuke talks he stated that a bad deal would be better than no deal.  At the time there were three types of outcomes to the negotiations:

Good Deal-Iran could agree that their development of a nuclear weapon was a bad idea and they would immediately stop and step into the 21st Century.

Bad Deal-Iran would be allowed to develop a Nuke with some restrictions and delays.

No Deal-The United States would walk away from the table with no deal (like Reagan did at Reykjavik when dealing with the Soviets).  But because Barry is a big shot he won’t even consider this type of deal, even though the sanctions on Iran could be increased to a point that would strangle them, world opinion would be against them, they wouldn’t have the money to support terrorism around the world and they would probably not have the money to further develop a weapon, even clandestinely on the cheap, as their economy deteriorated.

By Obama’s own statements he has made a bad deal with Iran, one that allows the Mullahs to continue to develop weapons, gives them billions of dollars that will allow them to further fund terrorism and murder around the world and gives them prestige with their evil buds because the Iranians stared at Kerry and Obama and our guys blinked. Obama is too wrapped up in his own importance to realize that a bad deal is much worse that no deal, and the future will hold bad surprises because of the stupidity of our beloved president.

So now Barry joins Neville Chamberlain and his “peace in our time” mocking, dreadful legacy, with Obama’s “bad deal in our time” folly of a legacy.  And our idiot president struts and preens like he thinks he’s really cool and accomplished.  He has no idea how ridiculous he looks, and like Neville Chamberlain (who was also too cool for school after his deal with Hitler) he’ll be mocked by future generations for his no good, very bad deal and his total lack of judgement.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Planned Parenthood Exposes And Confirms The Evil Of Liberals

The Planned Parenthood fetal tissue issue that has just come to light makes plain the origins of the  numerous and critical scandals that liberals have originated/perpetrated during the reign of Obama and we can observe the cover-up being put into action by the usual suspects.

Whether it’s the IRS plotting against conservative tax payers; the VA denying veterans medical assistance; the sanctuary city murder; the opening of our southern border to a flood of illegal invaders; rapes and killings of U.S. citizens by illegal alien criminals; Hillary selling influence from her position of Secretary of State and then illegally destroying select emails from the server she used during her job; or the killing of a government official during fast and furious, liberals have been on the war path the last 6 years.  Each and every one of these scandals were met with stone-walling by arrogant liberal perps who would not talk about what they had done and indeed almost literally spit in the faces of the American people and any congressional committee that convened to investigate them.

Why are these liberal/Democrat/progressives so arrogant and disrespectful?  Because liberals always feel superior to conservatives and the unwashed masses they represent; they know the liberal press will not make an issue of their scandals (if they report the scandals at all); and they know that Obama will provide cover for them and keep the Justice Department off the case, disallowing any effort to be made to investigate the real issues and punish the wrong-doers. Everything with these idiot liberals is political, even the murder of an innocent young woman in San Francisco, and liberals never accept defeat, even when they are dead wrong and when their position is absolutely immoral.

And that’s why Obama is so absolutely and completely evil: he overrides public opinion, the law and the constitution, and if this behavior continues beyond his term of office it will mean the collapse of the United States.  Liberals would be well advised to remember that Hitler’s thugs were the influential, smart set as they abused their fellow citizens and denied their opponents any rights under the law.  The pendulum swings both ways, and justice and the rule of law always win out.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Obama And Iran: Evil Begets Evil

The Iran nuclear deal has been signed and we now know that it was a complete farce all along, and a disaster.  Even representatives of the Iranian state participating in the negotiations have sworn they will not stop development of a nuclear weapon, they will not allow on-demand inspections and verifications, they will not release Americans held in Iranian prisons and they will not stop sponsoring terrorism around the world.  And it appears they were right all along.

Why can’t Obama realize that the Iranians view an agreement to stop developing a nuclear weapon exactly like Obama views swearing to uphold and protect the constitution of the United States: in utter contempt, and that the Iranians view world opinion like Obama views U.S. public opinion: they don’t care.  So how can Obama trust the Iranians to not continue to develop their nuclear weapons and then use them, assuredly on Israel and likely on the United States?  Doesn’t he realize that his daughters and grandchildren will suffer in a world in which Iran has a nuclear weapon, if they are lucky enough to not be killed outright by the Iranian use of such a weapon in an attempt to fulfill their repeated chant of “death to America”?  Author Ross Lassiter is right in his assessment of liberals like Obama: they are literally insane in the decisions and judgements they make.

As with Neville Chamberlain’s agreement with Hitler in 1938, we are told that Iran has been stopped, but any sane person knows that evil will prevail, people will die and western values and prosperity could very well end with Obama’s agreement.  Iran has won the staring contest with Obama, but perhaps the major shame of it all is that Iran has been telling the world the truth the whole length of the negotiations, stating that they will not halt development and will not allow snap inspections (which denials Obama and Kerry have poo-pooed all along) and Obama has, again, been lying to the American public about the status of the negotiations and what an agreement would contain.  It was another case of having to sign the agreement before we could see what Obama had put in the agreement, and all of his assurances of halting Iran were lies.

This agreement almost assures that Israel will have to attack Iran’s nuclear sites in order to protect themselves.  But perhaps this, too, is part of Obama’s plan: to force Israel to attack Iran and then publically brand Israel as a war monger and build world opinion against the Jews.

“Peace In our time” was Chamberlain’s terrible, mocking legacy, and the Iranian nuclear deal is going to be Obama’s, and he’ll live to regret it.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

You May Be A Liberal/Democrat/Progressive if…

You believe the White House should dictate housing and building codes for neighborhoods

You think voter ID laws are a bad thing and are discriminatory

You think massive, long-run quantitative easing is good for the economy

You believe homosexuality is due to global warming

You think the wealth creation of capitalism is only a chance, temporary thing

You think the wealth creation of capitalism only favors the already-rich

You believe that legislators should be required to vote on a bill to find out what’s in the bill

You believe that the White House dictating overtime rates for private companies is a good idea

You believe ISIS is a “JV” team and not worth opposing

You think fracking poisons drinking water

If anything on this list applies to you, you would be well advised to read a broader set of documents and think a bit harder than you’ve done to this point, because you are wrong.

Friday, July 10, 2015

When In The Course Of Human Events…

The opening words of the Declaration of Independence prepare the reader for the justification of America’s opposition to the colonial rule of the British monarch, and relates to the reader that the Colonial Americans would stand for dictatorial rule no longer.  But today one reads these great words with a new meaning: The latest course of human events in America has taken our nation off a cliff and our nation is about to be dashed on the rocks below laid by Barack Obama in his attempts to “fundamentally transform America”.  The nut-jobs and loons in Washington, and in the Democrat party everywhere, have grown so comfortable in this wealthy capitalist society we all enjoy that they believe such wealth and comfort is “normal” and will continue forever, but they are wrong.  The lies of the left have lulled too many people into believing the abundance we all share will never end, but they will suffer along with the rest of us when they take control and the gravy train we know as capitalist America comes to a halt.

It’s the responsibility of patriotic conservatives to oppose this take-over as liberals assume absolute control of our healthcare, write new immigration laws as they see fit, and increase taxes to confiscatory levels.  But, at least in the short run, this opposition to insane liberalism will likely fail and the increased unlawful and unconstitutional power of Obama and his party appears to be inevitable as our elected Republican politicians sit back and do nothing to stop the “occupy” group in the Oval Office.

The next Republican president must not worry about being disliked as he/she plots a path to get the nation back on course.  The kooks are no longer at the fringe of society. Under Obama they are now in positions of unconstitutional power and they will rebel when attempts are made to restrict that power. Expect riots as the next administration proposes to take power back from the crazies and run the nation in observance of the constitution and duly legislated laws once again.  Expect unheard of attacks as the leftists who gained power and control under Obama begin to lose that power and fight to keep it.

Just look at the grief that Donald Trump has received, and all because he told the truth about illegal alien immigrants and our lawless class of miscreants in the Obama administration.  Trump is a hero for taking a chance and upsetting the liberals to the core.  He’s suffered personally and financially for standing up to the leftist mob, and he’s still going strong and speaking the truth about the state of our nation and the current “course of human events”.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

You Know You’re A Liberal/Democrat/Progressive When….

You believe snow in Florida is due to global warming.

You believe the massive failures of socialism around the world should be tried here.

You think legislating from the Oval Office is a good idea.

You think a sanctuary city for illegal aliens is a good thing to have.

You set a red, do-not-cross line against the use of chemical weapons, then forget it.

You pretend to negotiate with Iran while allowing them to develop a nuclear weapon.

You aren’t sure what the meaning of the word is, is.

You think the constitution is bad because it has negative clauses that restrict government.

You think borrowing endless sums of money from China is a good idea.

You think Israel is the aggressor in Gaza.

If any of these things apply to you, then you’re a fool and a liberal/Democrat/progressive, and you are leading your nation to certain destruction.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

“The Donald” Was Right!

Liberals are so wrong and so all-encompassing in their destruction of America, that right on queue, after they savagely attacked Donald Trump for telling the truth about liberal immigration policy, one of the liberal sanctuary city lovelies (an illegal alien) killed a woman in San Francisco, proving Donald Trump (and Ann Coulter) to be correct in their recent speeches in complaint against Obama’s lawless lawlessness.

And of course, the Obama Administration’s response to the murder is not that their non-deport policy is to blame, but instead they claim that Republicans are at fault for not passing Obama’s piece of crap immigration bill last year.  If existing law had been followed by our government and this murderer had been in a U.S. jail in punishment for his former felonies, or if he had been deported to Mexico, the young woman in San Francisco would still be alive.

And along the same line, all the establishment Republicans can do is criticize Trump for his straight talk and not the lying, evil Obama who created and furthers the current idiot immigration policy.  But the greater horror of current immigration policy (and Obamacare as well) is that in the face of vast, overwhelming evidence that Americans are being hurt and even killed by Obama’s dictatorial rules, the Obama administration will not admit that their policies are wrong and attempt to change them.  Our government just pushes on through and watches as Americans and killed due to government stupidity.

How does a free and law-abiding people survive a government as lawless as this one?

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Rapes Of Illegal Immigrants At Eighty Percent And No One Cares? Why Not?

Recently the Huffington Post published an article estimating that eighty percent of the unprecedented inundation of illegal female immigrants who crossed our southern border were raped on the way to freedom in America.  It also seems likely that up to twenty percent of the Huffington figure were enslaved and are continuing to be held as prostitutes and raped multiple times daily by their captors, and a further five to ten percent of this number were murdered as they opposed the attacks.  And these unspeakable violations happened because Barack Obama, in his insistence on “fundamentally transforming America”, planned and executed the draw of people from Mexico and Central America, which planning and execution cannot be denied because it was widely reported over the last two years that ads requesting bids for transportation and housing were placed by the Obama administration well in advance of the arrival of these illegals, for the precise number of individuals who arrived and housed near our southern border, and were then mysteriously whisked away and hidden at sites still unknown.

This is the same Obama who John Boehner and Mitch McConnell bent over backwards (or was it forwards) to further his accomplishments and his legacy of destroying America by supporting the recent votes on the TPA and TAA trade agreements that Obama couldn’t even get his own Democrats to vote for (and this traitorous activity is why we voted the Republicans into the majority in congress?).  And given that the flow of immigrants were moved to unknown sites so quickly, and that no one was allowed to interview or photograph them at the receiving camps, should increase suspicion that these incidents actually happened.

Why isn’t the United Nations investigating these horrible allegations of the mistreatment of women illegally traveling to the United States (or is the lie of Global Warming too pressing an issue to divert attention from imaginary environmental events to real events and real suffering of real people), and why aren’t our Republican Senators and Representatives investigating these events that appear to threaten and undermine the constant Democrat charge of a fictitious Republican “War On Women” and reverse the idiotic charge right back into the faces of liberal/progressives and Obama?

Because Obama is the center of evil in the world today with his weakening of the U.S. military when ISIS is killing all over the world at a dizzying rate, and with Obama undermining the rule of law in America and his total disrespect for the constitution, one wonders at the crashing, deafening silence on these tragic issues as they relate to the Obama Administration’s opponents here at home.  America’s Republican officials should hang their heads in shame at their continued silence on this issue, and tragically their tongues are silent because they don’t want to appear to be critical of Obama for fear that independent voters would not like them and would then vote for Democrats.  May God help this misguided, crippled nation!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Two Attempts to Identify Why Liberals Are So Wrong And So Evil

Liberals Are Unable To Keep Their Own Arguments Straight:

When Liberals are trying to prove there is no God and no creationism they argue that humans are descendents of tadpoles and monkeys and are solely the product of “evolution”.  Yet when liberals want to stop human progress by halting a building or irrigation project they find a plant, an animal or a fish and claim that these innocent creatures are threatened with extinction by the proposed work, denying the larger principle that in nature, extinction of one species or another happens all the time, it’s “natural” and has always occurred in “nature”, because creatures who are unable to adapt to their environment must die so that others who are able to adapt can flourish and evolve.

So in the liberal attempt to protect the insignificant Snail Darter fish in California, big-government liberals deny water to farms in the Central Valley, causing the farms to go dry, causing food prices to escalate, workers to lose their jobs, and causing the owners to lose their crops, and then these fool, lying liberals have the nerve to assert that this drought (that they themselves caused by imposing draconian environmental regulations to help a fish that is unequipped to survive on its own) should be blamed on global warming or climate change, or whatever they are calling this convenient and political falsehood at present.  These people are insane as well as destructive by choosing to protect a fish that is unable to survive as nature created and evolved it, over the welfare and benefit of their fellow humans, who have been quite successful at evolving so far, thank you.

Liberals Threaten Themselves And The Nation By Being Unable To Identify Their Real Enemies:

Among the most confusing patterns of behavior seen in liberals is their insistence that America’s real foreign enemies (Russia, Iran, North Korea, Cuba) are to be tolerated, even embraced, as Obama is currently hugging Castro’s Cuba and the favorable way he’s dealing with the murderous Iranians in his ridiculous nuclear-arms development talks, but it is instead American Republicans and conservatives who liberals believe are the threat to democracy and liberty, and that conservatives alone are the real terrorists threatening our nation and its future.

These fool people ignore the fact that conservatives want desperately to preserve and follow the Constitution in order to assure the continuation of liberty and prosperity in America, and liberals seem to be enamored of any foreign dictator’s total rule over his miserable subjects and seem to be oddly attracted by that dictator’s evil intent toward Americans and our society.

It would appear that liberals are jealous of the total ability to rule and dictate on the part of the Stalins, Castros and Hitlers of the world, and that they themselves wish the ability to totally rule in America, and they resent the opposition to such rule offered by conservatives and Republicans because of the very constitution conservatives want to protect.

Author Lyle Rossiter claims convincingly that liberals must be insane for wanting to deny a free and prosperous people the ability to obtain their own health care and otherwise run their own independent lives, and for knowingly bankrupting and destroying our wealthy, free nation. I think Mr. Rossiter is correct.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Obama Re-Writes The Allegory Of The Cave

In Plato’s story The Allegory of the Cave he poses some questions about reality: Is there a reality at all; how can it be determined; are the things we see just an illusion; how can we determine the real from the false?

Barack Obama, in his self-proclaimed “fundamental transformation of America” has with full intent caused those people who are just stumbling through life, and those who are dependent on government sustenance and like the limited and constrained life-style that comes with such dependence, to doubt the reality, goodness and prosperity of America operating under liberty and capitalism, and to believe that government should be the controller of our money and our lives, not “We The People” determining our own destinies.  Obama has cast doubt on over 200 years of American leadership, and has delivered our nation to a new normal that is not going to be pretty for America, and will likely be catastrophic for the world if it’s allowed to continue.  Obama, who represents not reality, but falsehoods and social engineering, is the essence of evil in the world today, and one wishes that John Boehner and Mitch McConnell would stop kissing his butt and show some opposition to the sheer destruction that Obama represents.

Chris Christie Thinks Republicans Need To Compromise With Democrats. Let’s Look At The Truth Of The Matter.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie today announced that he is a candidate for president on the Republican ticket, and one of his first comments about how to win the election and then govern the nation was to encourage Republicans to compromise with Democrats and liberals.  Evidently Mr. Christie has not been paying attention to recent current events and has missed the following examples of what trying to work with liberals gets us:

Did the Dems compromise with Republicans when they shoved Obamacare down our throats?

Did Obama’s NLRB compromise with Boeing on moving their manufacturing plant from Seattle to Charleston?

Did liberals compromise with caterers who didn’t want to participate in homosexual weddings?

Have Democrats stopped using the lie of the Republican war on women?

Do liberals allow warming deniers to present facts contrary to the lie they’ve been telling since the 1970s?

Has Obama compromised with his military advisors on his very restrictive rules of engagement for fighting in Afghanistan?

Did Obama compromise with the Little Sisters of the Poor in their objection to a government requirement to provide abortions?

Did the members of the Supreme Court cast aside their liberalism and politics and vote on whether Obamacare was constitutional or not?

Has New York Mayor DeBlasio compromised with the New York police department and stopped identifying them as criminals and racists for doing their jobs?

Did liberals compromise when the FCC took control of the internet?

Liberals never compromise, they just push to the win, and then start planning the next aspect of American liberty and prosperity they will take over and destroy.  Conservatives must sincerely try to win on their values and principles and stop sheepishly asking Democrats for permission to make necessary changes, and then crumble and run and hide when they are called racists, sexists and homophobes.