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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, April 19, 2024

Biden Slowly Destroys America With ESG, DEI And “Don’t”, And Can’t Comprehend The Actual Destruction of “Death To America”

 Joey Biden thinks the soft but erosive destruction of words like ESG, DEI, CRT and the worthless deterrent of weak words like “don’t” can keep America free and prosperous. But because the American left deals in only feel-good phrases and actions, they cannot comprehend the deadly serious people like Hitler, Stalin and the Iranian dictatorship when those enemy enterprises use phrases like “Death To Israel” and “Death To America”. The American political left pushes only leftist crap that has no real, tangible meaning, while Iran is talking real-life death and material destruction.

Biden is partially responsible for the misery Ukraine has experienced since being invaded by Russia, because he said that he had no problem with a “minor incursion” of Russian forces into Ukraine, and he repeated this stupidity more recently by appearing to allow Iran the right to directly attack Israel, but only attack them “slightly”, with missiles launched into Israel. One can assume that Biden would not like a minor or slight invasion of his Corvette nor his beach house in Delaware, but he prescribes it for other nations, and has imposed destruction on his own nation, whose borders are wide open to invasion by terrorists and criminals from all over the world.

The fool who occupies the Oval Office makes no pretense at making America strong and free, except with his lying words. But his actions and policies are making America the weak-sister, laughing-stock of the world and is forcing us to be the next third world hell hole that his progressive and socialistic policies are assuring. Let’s retire Joey in November and allow Donald Trump to “Make America Strong Again”.

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Joey Biden Quickly Shuffles To Pander To The “Death To America” Crowd

 In the current race for the presidency against Donald Trump, Joey Biden is willing to try every trick and exert every effort, even to the depth of pandering to people who obviously hate America and wish harm to us, in order to get a vote. So when a bunch of hate-America Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan chanted the nauseatingly familiar “Death To America” in a display of their opposition to America aiding Israel in an attempt to end the constant terrorist attacks Hamas wages against the Jewish state, old Joey decided that Israel must halt their offensive against those who would destroy Israel and kill all Israelis.

Democrats fear Muslims are deserting the Biden administration so, in fear of losing the November election, he has joined the “Death to America” nut-jobs and their demonic chants, by putting pressure on Israel to stop defending the sole democracy in the Middle East.

Silence has been the policy of the Biden administration about the hateful, anti-Israel and anti-American chants of the Dearborn pro-Hamas thugs, but you can bet that the power-at-any-price Democrat president will withdraw aid from Israel and will join the Muslim hate mongers by taking up the banner of Israel being the aggressor and the murderer, and force a “peace” in the Middle East that will last only long enough for Hamas and their enablers in Iran to re-arm the citizens of Gaza, and attack Israel again.

And not one word has been heard from Joey’s corrupt political party about the Americans being held in captivity by Hamas, while Muslims already in America chant the filthy slogans against our nation.

What Biden is demonstrating by begging for the Muslim vote, is that he doesn’t care about, nor respect, the votes of American Jews or Christians, and he is being his traditional stupid self for giving in to Muslims who would slit his throat in a minute if given a chance. Biden has no such concepts in his head as right-and-wrong, and the fool man can’t tell the difference between good-and-evil. And I’d bet serious money that the “Death” chanters are not even permitted to vote in the November election  in Dearborn, so one wonders what our fool president is so fearful of that he would pander to these crazy, third world nut-jobs.

If Biden is re-elected in November America will be crushed immediately by the millions of world-wide invaders who have crossed our borders to be here illegally, joined by the violent Muslims who only chant hate slogans against America because they know no opposition will be coming from Biden’s pussy-weak government, and they are just waiting for sister-Joey to be re-elected for the go-ahead to put their hateful works into military aggression against American citizens.

The world is full of hate and violence, and with Joey Biden in power, America is the target for all the hate.

Thursday, April 11, 2024

If You Peacefully Enter The Capitol Building You Go To Jail, But Muslims Shouting “Death To America” Is Just Fine

 It seems that Muslims living in Dearborn, Michigan are unable to live peacefully with, and behave responsibly toward, people who don’t agree with them on the subject of mass murder, to the extent that they chant Death to America if Israel continues to militarily punish the terrorist Hamas thugs, who invaded Israel and killed and captured Israeli citizens, and American citizens as well, on October 7.

World War II found the Allies pursuing Nazi forces, just as Israel is pursuing the Hamas criminals, in order to completely annihilate them and the evil they represent, even when non-militants are tragically killed or wounded among the casualties, just like what happened in Germany in the 1940s. The Allies erased the threat of Nazi socialism from the face of the earth, and Israel must do the same with Hamas, regardless of innocents suffering. Israel is fighting for its very life while surrounded by nations that hate it and wish its destruction.

But old Joey Biden is apparently losing the November election to Donald Trump, so he has decided to buy the votes of America-hating Muslim radicals by opposing Israel in its attempts to get rid of its terrorist, murdering neighbor, Hamas. And Old Joey is siding with Hamas even as many American citizens languish, suffer and some are undoubtedly dead, while being held as hostages that Hamas captured during the October 7 invasion of Israel. But our fool president never says a word about the conditions of the enslaved Americans. He’s so wrapped up in trying to get votes from Israel’s enemies that he has no consideration for the captives who are citizens of the nation he presides over. And one wonders if the death-screaming Muslims can even vote in the presidential election in November, or does Joey just side with anyone who opposes liberty and freedom?

Our senile president has prostituted himself to Hamas, and risks having himself thought of as a traitor to America by so-doing, just to get a few votes from the known hateful and violent Muslim radicals, while pro-Israel Jews and Christians watch silently and await their turn to vote for Trump in November. But Jews and Christians get no recognition from the president of the United States, only Muslims.

At this point no one doubts the sincerity and earnestness of Muslim radicals and their clearly stated hate for America, and we’ve long ago become accustomed to Iran’s promise to kill all Americans, so how long can it be until one of the many hate-America groups take military-grade weapons to peaceful American cities and begin killing Americans? From what we’ve heard recently, the illegal aliens Joey has intentionally allowed to enter America these last three years contains a large number of terrorists and criminals from around the world who would like to do that very thing, and may be here for that very purpose.

With an idiot like Biden in the White House it’s just a matter of time until the killing begins.

Thanks, Joey!

The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend, Except When Joey Biden And Hamas Join Sides. Then They’re Both My Enemy

 When Joey Biden stabbed Israel in the back and began to pander to the pro-Hamas Muslims and the “Death to America” chanting freaks in Dearborn, he became as much an enemy to me as the Hamas murderers are. And one wonders if the “Death” chanters whom Biden seems to favor, can even vote in the next election.

The idiot of an old man (and I can call him old because he’s only six months older than I am) swung from supporting Israel in their effort to rid the world of the Hamas scum, to pandering to the Muslim crazies for only one reason: to try to gain votes in the election in November. And I suppose there are not many Americans who doubt that Joey Biden cares more about getting re-elected and retaining his power, than he cares about supporting our only ally in the Middle East and supporting the wishes of American citizens.

And the stupid old man immediately lost the votes of decent American Jews and Christians with his treacherous move. Who, exactly, is advising Biden on these matters, and don’t they know that for every vote (if indeed they are allowed to vote) that Biden gains from the pro-Hamas crowd, he’s losing two or three votes from patriotic Americans?

Monday, April 8, 2024

Will You Believe The Lies Coming From The Idiot In The White House, Or Will You Believe Your Own Two Eyes?

 Based on your personal experience and the evidence your own two eyes have provided for you, do you believe that the earth has warmed so much in the last fifty years that the extinction of life on earth is at risk?

The answer to that question is a resounding, NO!

I know that summers are as hot today as they were in the 1960s, and you to, too. But when one considers the continued predictions of death-by-heat coming from the Democrat party, you can be certain that the Democrat party is full of Socialists and Commies. Even though temperatures have remained the same since at least the 1960s, AOC and Bernie Sanders predicted again, only six years ago (in November of 2018), that in twelve years from that date that the earth would be too hot to support life, and with this prediction they pushed the pedal-to-the-metal and hoped no one was paying attention to the reality of these lies. But the reality is right in front of us, that temperatures are about normal for this time of year. Since we are six years into these fools’ prediction of disaster and no global heating has occurred for the last fifty years, I’d say Democrats are caught in a giant lie and they should be shamed for it. But even though the warming lie has been fully exposed as the lie it is, old Joey Biden and his Dem pals still push the fear of death to all of us and are destroying the economy of the United States as a result.

Next, look at the progression of environmental lies that Democrats have pushed our way in the last twenty years: when temperatures didn’t increase as they predicted, they went from calling it “global warming” to calling it the less intense title of “climate change“, which is much harder to test and verify. But the change of title for their chosen disaster is a sure sign that they know that no warming has occurred since their last declaration, or they‘d have stuck with the global warming lie alone.

Far left Democrats are frightened that too many people will wake up to the lies of warming/change, because the truth undermines the lie behind the electric vehicle edict; and the lie behind Biden’s green mandates, that are paying millions of taxpayers’ dollars to his pals and making them rich; and the lie that’s destroying America’s automobile industry, as manufacturers are forced by big government to make electric vehicles that no one wants to buy; and the lie that is undermining the freedom and liberty that Americans have always known, all of which lies will lead to an impoverished end for America if Biden is re-elected this November.

Due to the dishonesty and lying of the Biden administration, it’s healthy to be fearful that if Donald Trump is elected to be president again in November, the Biden administration, which will continue for two-and-a-half months following the hoped-for Trump re-election, will never allow Trump to live long enough to be sworn in as president in January of 2025.

But if you doubt that Democrats are ruthless enough to take a president-elect Trump out prior to his swearing-in ceremony, just consider how disruptive Trump’s next administration would be to their corrupt plans, following the Russia/Russia/Russia claims during his first term; the trumped-up January 6 trials that the Dems imposed on the nation; the Democrat-run states that attempted to unconstitutionally keep Trump off those states’ ballots in 2024; the numerous state and federal indictments they’ve lyingly thrown at Trump in their attempts to keep him off the ballot; and the words of a fellow Democrat, RFK Jr., who said that he believes that the Biden Democrats’ attempts to keep Trump from running again are a threat to Democracy in America.

Today’s Democrats will do anything to retain the power they have, legal or otherwise, and are determined to keep their power to continue to unconstitutionally dictate policy and law to Americans, and Trump is standing directly in their way and threatens a loss of power to them.

These are uncharted waters we are entering during the 2024 election season, and the dangers to our ability to remain a nation with a functioning constitution and a Democrat party that will obey the laws of the nation, will be a frightening experience to us all.

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Biden’s Misguided Commands In Afghanistan Got Americans Killed, But He Threatens Israel For A Mistake Made While Fighting A War

 The same fool, idiot president who got American citizens killed in Afghanistan because he refused to take the advice of his military advisors about abruptly vacating that country, now threatens to withdraw support  from Israel, fighting a war they did not want and did not start, because of a military error they made during the heat of battle in which aid workers were tragically killed. Israel has gone out of its way to prevent civilian casualties during this fighting that was forced on them during a cease-fire interval that Hamas refused to respect, while Hamas has repeatedly used civilian neighborhoods and hospitals as locations for weapons caches, knowing that Israel would be blamed if Gaza citizens were killed during fighting at those sites.

The fool idiot referenced above is none other than the demented and brainless Joey Biden, who is destroying America by opening our borders to criminals, denying our military sufficient Strategic Petroleum Reserves to fight a war that is more likely all the time due to his insane decisions and policies, with the favors our president is giving China and Iran, and he is bankrupting the nation by spending trillions of dollars on his green stupidity that is making his Democrat pals rich, and don’t forget the open crime spree in America following the “defund the police” policy that Biden’s woke leftists imposed on this nation, with his approval.

It’s all falling apart politically for the Democrats under Biden’s incompetent rule, and one fears the criminal actions that this pack of America-hating politicians will take to prevent Donald Trump from being sworn in after he wins the election in November, 2024.

America, and our allies, especially Israel, is in serious jeopardy with a fool like Biden in the White House.