Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obama Provides A New Perspective On 1930s Germany

In my past thinking about pre-World War II Germany I always thought that good Germans should have done more to stop Hitler and should have recognized what he was doing and where his Nazi party was taking their nation. But with the current Obama-Reid-Pelosi triumvirate leading us, and our inability to stop their intentional destruction of our nation regardless of how hard we peacefully protest and regardless of how negative their poll ratings become, I’ve begun to rethink my criticism of the decent pre-war German population. Peaceful people will often find that their principles keep them from revolting, and they continue to hope that the destruction they see being done to their economy and their freedoms will stop and that the next election will remove the filth from power. How’s this philosophy working for the current United States so far?

If we don’t quickly stop the leftward drift of our government, if we don’t stop spending money we don’t have, if we don’t return to the Constitution and the rule of law and exercise civilized and established legislative practices in congress, we will end up with total disruption of our society, and our childrens’ futures will be bleak at best. I liken Obama’s A.C.O.R.N. and his union thugs to Hitler’s brownshirts, and I know that they will commit violence whenever they are instructed to do so. And the less popular and more threatened Obama becomes the more likely he is to instruct his minions to crack down on us dissenters out here in fly-over country and make us more docile and agreeable to what he has planned for us. And with what we’ve already seen from Obama with his takeover of the auto industry, the banks, the insurance industry and the finance giants, I have no doubt that an oil spill (can you say “B.P.”?), a new banking collapse or a large Wall street loss would cause him to nationalize another chunk of our economy, thereby sinking us further into despair and joblessness. At this point all Americans would lose the things that we have worked and saved for our entire lives, just as the decent Germans found their freedoms and liberty ended by Hitler’s “emergencies” and his lies about external attacks, thereby necessitating his forceful takeover of the nation in order to save it.

We must retire all liberals from office in November and remove funding from their bureaucracies and agencies before their policies irrevocably destroy this great nation. But we must also be very careful who we elect to replace them and make certain that the people we send to Washington understand the unprecedented threat our nation is under, and that they are strong enough to stand up to and resist the powerful liberal opposition that they will face. And we must keep our opposition to Obama, Reid and Pelosi peaceful and recognize the reality of our situation: if we overreact it will cause our collapse. With the likes of Bill Ayers (the 60s radical terrorist who killed and bombed, and wishes that he had committed more violence now that he reflects on his unfinished career) in Obama’s camp, we have to assume that worse is being planned for us than we’ve already seen, because we are surrounded by radicals who will not allow the presidency of Barack Obama to pass them by, nor will they allow a new crisis to go to waste without their taking advantage of it for their evil aims. Be very afraid. We have only one opportunity to arrest our nation’s demise, and we’ve got to get it right.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ending the Liberal “Reign Of Error”

For at least the last 40 years, regardless of which party was in power, the liberal bureaucrats were retained, and generally increased their intrusion into the lives of Americans. But with the radically liberal administration of Barack Obama we’ve reached a tipping point, and the next congress must begin dismantling and eliminating the bureaucracies that are choking America’s prosperity and freedom. We must end the liberal “Reign of Error”. To accomplish this dismantling we must deny liberals their official positions, their people and their money. I envision this occurring in the following manner:

Unelect liberals: It appears from all reports that liberals will lose in November and that Americans are fed up with liberals and their often traitorous policies, but we must be wary of who we elect to replace them. We need serious people of courage and conviction who understand the disastrous position our nation is in and who know how to get us out of it. What we don’t need in Washington is a candidate who is more interested in having cocktails with the power brokers and appearing on the evening news than in dealing severly with our nations’s urgent problems. We must choose wisely this time.

Starve liberal bureaucracies of money and people: First defund and then repeal Obamacare and the financial reform act, then repeal Cap and Trade as it exists in the House. Then defund and repeal the enabling legislation for the EPA, the departments of Energy and Education, defund Obama’s czars (then call these fools before congress for an under-oath investigation), defund the 16,000 new IRS agents, and deny all funds to the United Nations and remove ourselves from that immoral band of rogues. This would get rid of the major threat and drag on our economy, which is big and corrupt government, would save billions of dollars every year and would allow a major pay-down on the federal debt.

Get businesses growing again: With the major liberal bureaucracies gone there will be more money for businesses to expand and with the removal of restrictive regulations confidence will be restored, business will thrive and the jobless rate decline.

These and other similar measures must be taken within the first 100 days of the next congress in order to get the economy growing again. The longer we delay getting spending and debt under control the closer to becoming Greece we get. We must stop the concentration of power in government and return to a dependence on ourselves and our liberty.

If we don’t quickly dismantle liberalism and its bureaucracies we will lose our nation and our children’s futures. But we must do it without rancor, retribution or celebration. It’s just another point of business the next congress must take up, and it’s by far the most urgent business that our nation has ever dealt with. The items listed above may seem draconian, but the damage liberals have done to this wonderful nation are even more draconian, and we must have the courage to face and destroy them and their policies. As a free, sovereign people, we don’t have to put up with their immoral policies any longer.
By Dave King