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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

The Only Privilege I See In America Is Far-left, Democrat Privilege, And The Only Supremacists Are On The Far Left

 Most Americans don’t have time to sit around and dream up imagined insults and road blocks to becoming rich and wealthy, they are working too hard earning a living and providing for their families. But there are some people who make a career of being discriminated against, put-upon and injured, and they often have cushy jobs or work in non-profit or government positions where production and achievement are not important.

Only from persons of the far-left, who are black, trans, females, American Indians or any other minority group that Democrats dream up as being discriminated against, do we hear that America is systemically racist and that every one of Joey’s administration appointees was “the first” in whatever minority classification they identify as being a part of. At this point our nation needs the “best” people in every position, not “the first” in a self-identified category.

When it’s disclosed that most if not all of Joey’s poor, disadvantaged appointees graduated from Harvard or Yale and then worked their way up through the Democrat Party structure to finally get an appointment to a fat government job in Joey’s administration, even though they spout anti-American screeds all the time, it’s clear that these people are some of the most coddled, privileged and protected people in America.

Any conservative person of the same race or political/biological identity as the Democrats who have been appointed to Joey’s staff, will likely be found to have graduated from a community college or a state university, and would be working in a private firm where real production and measurable results are required in order to keep their jobs. This puts them on a par with conservative white people, who are also trying to better their lives by working and achieving.

But we find that the Democrat, leftist bellyachers are the ones who are the most successful at government work, get the best-paid jobs, get the best education, and if they fail at their government positions, like Andrew Cuomo has failed at his job as governor of New York, Democrats get awards, promotions to higher paying jobs and book deals as a reward for those failures. And it’s only Democrats, after years of gaining ground with the policy of “equality” giving them preference in job promotions and pay, who come up with idiotic, muddled words like “equity”, a word that now replaces the already-achieved goal of equality, which means that they now don’t want equal treatment, they just want money to be given to them.

But of course, the leftist complaints about America can’t be complete without identifying an enemy that Democrats can attack, as they did with Donald Trump and his three-year-long, phony collusion investigation. So they’ve identified a “war on terror” which will investigate anyone who voted for Trump in the 2020 election or who can otherwise be labeled with the “domestic terrorist“ nomenclature, with the up-front assumption that they are indeed terrorists even before the investigation begins. Merrick Garland, Joey’s nominee for Attorney General, swore to pursue, investigate and imprison these same domestic terrorists if he’s approved for the position. We know who he has in his sights to identify as domestic terrorists before his investigation even begins.

 Also on-deck to hang some Republicans for being domestic terrorists is General Russell Honore, whom Nancy Pelosi has appointed to review security at the nation’s Capitol prior to the January 6th mob violence, and who has also stated that Republicans, especially white Republicans who voted for Trump, are primary suspects for identity as white supremacists and terrorists. It’s a certainty that Nancy Pelosi, who as Speaker of the House is primarily responsible for the security of the Capitol, will not be found complicit, nor will she be found to have made any bad decisions regarding Capitol security, when the culprit for the January 6th siege is identified.

One wonders what has caused the Democrats to become mad-hatter insane, and to completely disregard the edicts of the constitution which has allowed them to achieve status and power under its protection. The Democrats, with their far left policies and with the dunce Joey at the head of the party, was awarded the whole ball game in the 2020 election, and they are now madder than ever, and are intent on destroying the greatest nation the world has ever seen, not preserving it for future generations.

The subject of privilege under the law is what’s being discussed by Democrats, and one would conclude that Hillary, Comey, McCabe and many other of the usual suspects who destroyed cell phones, spied on a presidential candidate, lied under oath about Russian collusion issues, passed falsified documents to the FISA court, illegally falsified official FBI documents and persecuted General Mike Flynn for having committed no illegal act at all, are all beneficiaries of far-left privilege that has no parallel in American history, and they should all be in jail. But their privilege keeps them living free and rich while trying to frame Republicans for Democrats’ own crimes.

And don’t forget the cover-up of Joey’s family’s influence-buying in Russia, Ukraine and China, using Joey’s V.P. position during the Obama administration to get lavish deals with foreign powers. If any of Trump’s family had done any single one of the numerous things the Biden clan has done, they would be in prison today.

And it would be wrong to forget Joey’s sexual misconduct accusation that the lying press allowed to go unreported for the benefit of his run for the presidency and for the benefit of the Democrat party.

Privilege exists only on the political left, and they use that privilege to the limit, for their own political and financial benefit.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Dictators Cannot Be Negotiated With

 A dictator is someone who is completely and entirely dedicated to retaining the total power he has attained. There is no quarter given to anyone who threatens his rule and his power, and there is never any negotiating with any such person. He rules and you must obey. That’s why today’s Democrats are so successful when dealing with Republicans. They are cohesive, always stick together, will not allow criticism or debate of their policy decisions, and understand the roles they are playing in the longer game of governing: their cohesiveness permits them to present a united front, which Republicans cannot ever penetrate or weaken.

Republicans serve for the purpose of seeking the best policies for the nation and to serve and further the constitution, not for the purpose of dominating and ruling. So when trying to negotiate in a legislative body with the Democrats, or trying to debate on CNN or in the pages of the New York Times, Republicans nearly always lose, because Democrats will not negotiate on a subject that can limit or undermine their power.

Joey Biden killed the Keystone pipeline along with its thousands of jobs, because the far left of his party want their green new deal to be implemented immediately. You can explain the weakness of the executive order that caused this employment disaster all day long, telling Democrats of the jobs lost, the homes and cars lost by the people working on the pipeline, the national security damaged because of our new dependence on the Arab nations for oil, and it all falls on deaf ears. Democrats have the power to implement policy and they’ll use it to their own political ends, period!

Defunding the police is another area where the Democrat far left will rule no matter what the negative result. Even after firing many police officers and seeing crime escalate as a result, they stick with the plan. They’ll even have to hire new people to fill in and try to halt the increase in crime, but they’ll insist on defunding the police anyway.

At the border, we know that allowing vast numbers of illegals to cross into America will take jobs from Americans, cause crime to escalate, spread diseases and cause poverty throughout the nation. But Democrats still encourage and welcome the caravans entering our nation, against the will of the citizens of America, because the presence of immigrants means more votes for Democrats, thereby giving them more ruling power.

Currently the Democrat party dominates our government and has already begun to inflict harm on our nation and our citizens with a string of ill-thought executive orders, so we’ll have to wait and see if Democrats will allow any further elections to be held that are not fraught with fraud, or will they return to their fraudulent practices of the 2020 election.

Trying to negotiate with dictators is a losing proposition, so Republicans can only wait for a fair election to be held in 2022 and hope that the ruling dictators will not be able to fraudulently win all future elections.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Biden Has Been Lying To Us All Along

 While Joey Biden was putting down Donald Trump for the amazing job he did to fight the Wuhan covid plague as president, pushing the bureaucracy to develop a vaccine and end the lockdown and the masking, Joey was telling us all the wonderful things he would do as president, like… well, like all of the things Trump had already done, but that Joey would do them better and faster. The liar-in-chief had no plan, and the only thing Joey had in mind was criticizing Donald Trump with his every lying breath in order to beat Trump more easily in the 2020 election.

Although the most damaging thing done within the Wuhan lockdown was the killing of small businesses, which was a direct result of the lockdown, the most galling thing to most people, since most people had no business that was at risk of failure, was the masking order, which some experts consider to be a danger to one’s health as well as a symbol of subservience and weakness to the ruling Democrat junta, indicating that we are unable to make up our own minds as to what’s best for us and our health. Prior to the election, Joey repeatedly told us that only 100 days were necessary to continue wearing the worthless masks following his election, but in a town hall meeting last week the feeble liar said that by “this time next year“, we would probably be in a place where fewer people will be required to wear the hideous masks any longer!

Another year of forced masking!! And when that year has elapsed there will be a new virus, or a new strain of the existing covid (we have a new flu threat in the fall of every year) that will require extended the masking order, for which there will never be an end.

Under the rule of Joey Biden you may never see the faces of your friends and relatives again, and it’s a cinch that you will never enjoy the pleasant scents and aromas of Spring for the rest of your life. And all because Democrats believe that you are too stupid to make your own decisions about health  risks and that only they can run your life the best.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

With The Covid Nazis, There Is No Controlling Logic To Guide Us

 The Mask:

I’ve argued long and hard against the Covid Nazis’ notion that a herd immunity will never develop and that everyone has to wear a mask. My point was that if a mask protects a person who is fearful of contracting the disease, and if that person really believes that the mask protects him from the disease, then why do I, a non-believer in the worthless masks, have to wear one? I fully respect anyone’s right to wear a mask if they feel better with it, but if they are certain that the mask protects their health, then my not wearing one cannot hurt anyone.

The only reason Democrat politicians insist on forcing the mask on the entire population is that they get a certain tingling up their legs at the knowledge that they can control citizens’ lives with the threat of prison or a stiff fine if the citizens don’t obey their masters.

The Vaccine:

So the next argument from the left was that we cannot stop insisting on wearing the mask in public until everyone has been vaccinated. Now the corrupt Democrat position is that  even when a person has been vaccinated against the disease they will still be required to wear a facial mask. My argument is the same for the vaccination as it was for the masks: If the vaccine is effective in protecting those persons vaccinated against the disease, then why do I have to wear a mask, and why must I be vaccinated? My not being vaccinate does not endanger anyone who is protected by having been vaccinated, and I choose to not be vaccinated. The radical left’s whole argument for the mask and for vaccinations is illogical and confusing to a sensible person.

The Point:

Liberty and freedom of choice, for intelligent adult citizens, are the point. Whether it’s wearing a mask or getting a vaccination, what we want to achieve is herd immunity so we can all do the things we love to do. Sitting at home wearing a mask that provides little if any protection is not what we want to do as free citizens, and sitting at home will not hurry the immunity that is the only true solution to any disease. And in particular, being forced to not work due to a government shutdown of nearly all economic transactions can destroy lives more easily and more permanently than being sick.

The ideal situation is to achieve herd immunity, but Democrats don’t want herd immunity because that would protect us without the need of a vaccination, or any other government involvement, in our lives.

We’ve seen the far-left Democrat politicians and bureaucrats talk in circles, from telling us that masks will not protect us, to telling us that the masks are required, and then telling us that one mask is not enough, but now we must wear two masks; from telling us that the disease is not dangerous, to telling us that the disease will kill millions of people; to learning that vast numbers of deaths have been misdiagnosed and officially labeled as being covid deaths when the Wuhan virus was indeed not the actual cause of death.

Prior to the 2020 election Joey told us that we need to only wear masks for the first 100 days of his administration and all will be well. Now he tells us that the variations and new strains of the disease will require maybe an additional year of wearing masks. Then we were told that vaccinations will make the nation well and we will be able to return to normal when vaccinations are administered. Now they tell us that even following a vaccination, masking will be required until all Americans have been vaccinated. But a thinking person who knows the corrupt history of Democrat rulers will be able to predict that further controls on our ability to move about and breathe freely once again will be implemented within a few months, based on the fiction of Democrat “science“, and these forced controls on American citizens, imposed and enforced against our will, will exist into the foreseeable future.

It’s an absolute certainty that when we’ve all been vaccinated there will be another strain of the disease that will require masking to start all over again, and very likely we‘ll need a new lockdown again, as well.

We’re being played for fools, and threat of imprisonment is how Democrats prohibit us from doing things today that we were able to do freely prior to the covid farce, and there will be no end to these unconstitutional orders placing restrictions on our liberties, with Democrats placing the big boot of government on our necks.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Democrats Run A Government By Accusation

 Nancy Pelosi recently told the nation that she and her Democrat House members are under constant danger of assassination by gun-carrying Republican members of the House, and that these Republicans have threatened to shoot Democrats.

Miss Nancy’s lie is just an extension of her barrage of lies of how threatening and dangerous Republicans who voted for Donald Trump are, and the CNN lie of white males being the greatest threat to the safety of Americans, and the lie of a known repeat threat to the Capitol building coming from the political right as being the reason Washington D.C . has more National Guard troops patrolling than are in Afghanistan and Syria at the moment.

And of course all of these accusations follow four years of Donald Trump being accused of treason, lying, and inciting violence, in spite of the fact that all of 2020 saw radical leftist violence, burning, killing and destruction from Seattle to Baltimore, with not one word all summer long from Democrats to stop the violence their ANTIFA and BLM thugs were committing.

Democrats accuse the police forces of America of intentionally targeting black citizens to murder. They accuse all whites as being part of the false existential racism in America. And of course the covid disease was brought to America by the evil Trump administration, and that’s why the entire nation has to wear the ineffective face masks.

If Democrats couldn’t accuse the rest of America of plotting imminent attacks on their party members, they would not have a political platform to stand on at all. Every Democrat policy movement is based on an imagined threat from the political right, when actually the current threat to freedom and liberty in America today comes from the mentally-weakened Joey’s series of executive orders and the southern border invasion of caravans from Central Americans coming north to America at the explicit invitation of our beloved Joey.

Friday, February 19, 2021

If Anyone Had Any Doubt About Biden’s Disregard For America, He Just Admitted It

 When Joey puts on his big-boy pants and feels foxy following a good, long, afternoon nap, he sometimes actually speaks his mind and goes a little too far with the truth about his, and his party’s, attitude about America.

The New York Times has just reported that Joey made a policy speech today (Feb. 19, 2021) in which he stated that he is no longer following Trump’s “America First” policy.

Joey’s truthful expression causes me to think of a few questions he should be required to answer: Exactly where does America rank in your estimation? Are we second in the world, fifth, ninety-ninth? And who is rated in first place, if not the nation where you reside, and in which you now serve as president? Is China, where you and your son made so much money, first in rank? You seem to love Central American countries, given your invitation for citizens of those nations to head north, but admitting them to America, which in your opinion is not a first-rate country, seems a conflict with your attitude of America’s low rating.

And if America isn’t first in your opinion, then, in the event of a nuclear attack on America,  how would you decide what to do as a response? If China or Russia attacked us, would you fail to respond in kind because we are so low-rated in your estimation? If China attacked us, would you fail to respond because China out-ranks America on your scale of value and therefore you would allow America to be completely devastated by this foreign attack? How high on your preference list does American have to rank in order for you to order a full, pedal-to-the-metal, nuclear annihilation response strike on the nation that attacked us? And if Chinese soldiers invaded our shores, would you let them stay and occupy a city or two out of love for China, or would you order our armed forces to resist this assault on our soil with all their might?

If America is such a terrible place, how hard would you, as president, work to find or create jobs for unemployed American citizens? It’s a cinch that you regard Honduras more favorably than America, otherwise you would not have invited an invasion of our southern border by masses of caravans from Central America, populated by people who will gladly take the jobs you would deny to American citizens. Would you undo all of Trump’s America-favorable trade agreements in order to give more favorable treatment to your better-liked foreign nations? Or maybe you would just casually award more favorable trade standards to every other nation of the world at America‘s expense.

In step with a low disregard for America is an equal disregard for our constitution. As I recall, you swore to defend and uphold the constitution of America, but that’s hard to do when you don’t rate America itself highly. And a disservice to the health of America’s citizens can become a reality if you don’t think that all Americans, Democrat and Republican alike, are equally deserving of the Wuhan vaccine, which you seem anxious to give to foreign nations before all Americans are vaccinated, plus members of your party are saying that anyone who voted for Trump in 2020 is a domestic terrorist, so how can these people compete with the citizens of your favorite nation, which is not America?

How can a man serve this nation as president when he has such a low opinion of America? And apparently that low opinion extends to the fools who were stupid enough to vote for Joey for president, because any nation is just made up of its citizens, and our Joey doesn’t seem to be too favorably disposed to American citizens at the moment.

Regrettably, we have a full four years of this idiotic, anti-American, anti-Republican crap to put up with, under President Joey.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

The Odd Thing About Trump, And The Dangerous Thing About Democrats

 Donald Trump is an unusual individual, and is possibly not easy to like on a personal and political basis, especially by his sworn enemies, big-government Democrats. I had always thought of him as just an attention-getter because of his television show, which I never watched.  Maybe there was never any particular affection for Donald Trump due to his type-A personality, but there was both love and respect for a man who insisted on serving Americans and not bureaucrats and big-shot tech guys, and who did what he promised to do while taking vicious fire for defending the traditions of America.

But fear of the unbelievable hatred and vitriol coming from Democrats, most of whom are quite wealthy and are now seeking uncontrolled power over the lives of all Americans, is immeasurably troubling to the non-political American public who see our civil rights being destroyed by Democrats and have witnessed Democrats taking steps to punish these who favored Trump in the 2020 election.

The reason Republicans liked Donald Trump as a candidate, aside from his serious discussion of issues critical to the survivability of America and our constitution and his occasional humorous asides uttered at his rallies, is that he was steadfast in his expressions and his principles of a small government, and he promised to serve the better interest of American citizens. There was never any reason to doubt his sincerity and his love for America and our constitution. Not one lie about his patriotism has been proven, and we all know there were numerous attempts to make him look bad and to prove him guilty of something; of anything.

On the other hand Democrats are afraid of him because he is and was sincere about his love for America and for service to American citizens, and they hated him for this sincerity and honesty and for being a non-politician and keeping his word about the things he intended to do.

I suppose it wasn’t so unusual that people who agreed with Trump on what’s right and what’s wrong with politics ended up liking him and enjoying his humor. But Democrats are doubly dangerous because they hated him, as a person, for his humor, which was an on-target hit on the Democrats’ corruption and lying, and they hated him because he was successful in nearly everything he did in service to America as well as his success in his private enterprises. 

So even though Trump made our economy better and made everyone wealthier, and although he inspired peace in the Middle East, and in spite of the fact that he made trade between America and the rest of the world more favorable to Americans, and made the world safer for everyone by building up our military and defeating ISIS as part of that effort, and because (and possibly they hated him solely because) they were unable to prove his guilt concerning the lie of collusion with Russia and get him removed from office, they twice impeached him for no other reason than to attempt to keep him from running again, even though his term ended weeks ago. They feared the man and are unable to get over that fear and hate even though his presidency benefited every American, which includes the children and grandchildren of every American, and since he was in favor of small government they could never get over their hate. And that hate makes Democrats very, very unreasonable and dangerous. Their hate and fear overcomes every other consideration. Democrats even committed illegal and possibly treasonous acts to frame the president with the Russia collusion scam. Democrats lied repeatedly about Trump, saying they had seen the evidence of his guilt, and then they committed obvious instances of fraud in 2020 election in their desperation to get him out of office. 

And one must not forget that the Democrat allies in the giant tech field committed up-front, in-your-face, unconstitutional acts and possible illegal RICO acts when they went to the extent of blocking and burying reports of Biden’s influence-selling to Ukraine and China for monetary awards, and then blocking Trump’s tweets in order to silence the breaking news that was unfavorable to Biden and sway opinion their direction,  denying Trump any constitutional right of free speech.

One can’t forget the attitude of Nancy Pelosi and her constant expression of un-Christian hate directed at Trump, which reached its apex when she tore up her copy of the State Of The Union speech following Trump‘s presentation. The nation was shocked at her blatant and black-fog hate of a man who had done great things for the entire American population, and who tried to use humor and just plain niceness to get over the hate that boiled off of Democrats, but to no effect. So now the half of the nation who did not vote for Joe Biden is held in contempt by the half that did, and we now know that the half that did vote for Biden will do literally anything to acquire and retain power and control, and they are lining up to do just that by abusing Trump and all he stands for. Democrats probably are beginning the removal of constitutional rights from anyone who committed the sin of voting for Trump, who has proven his love for our nation. I think we should be very afraid of the “dark winter” of Joe Biden’s administration.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Democrats Exchange Karl Marx’s Hate Of Capitalism For “Equity“, But Otherwise Love His Idea Of Communism

 “A specter is haunting Europe, the specter of Communism“.

When Karl Marx, with his hate of Capitalism, introduced his Communist Manifesto, he predicted that Communism would dominate all of Europe and would defeat Capitalism. The poverty that Europe was  living under in 1848, and the jealousy and anger that those not benefiting from the promised financial bliss that Capitalism offered, seemed to be offered relief by Marx’s anti-Capitalist ideal and a solution to the struggling masses around the world living in squalor.

But at this point in 2021, judging from the masses of people coming from Central America and Mexico, all of whom hope to enter America to take advantage of the luxury offered by American Capitalism, as opposed to the vacant promises of Communism in Cuba and Venezuela, which has caused only misery and poverty to those souls trapped in those unfortunate nations, one can assume that American Capitalism is superior to the second best form of earning a living anywhere in the world, wherever that may be.

But today’s Democrats, especially those newly come to power in the Biden administration, have dropped the pretense of hate for Capitalism and love of Communism that their parents were chanting and demonstrating about in the 1960s and 1970s, have forsaken the already-achieved struggle for “equality” and have taken up the new banner of “Equity” as their word to incite the wealthy masses of America that call themselves Democrats. Today’s Democrats are some of the wealthiest people in the world, so their love of comfort and convenience has caused them to learn to like Capitalism, and the use of the word “equity” has become the cause celebre for the Democrat voter who doesn‘t know any better.

The word “equity” is most familiar to Americans because it refers to the cash value of their homes, which are themselves strong symbols of the success of Capitalism and the advancement of average citizens in a Capitalist society, so it contains some relevance to the wealth we have amassed as citizens of a great nation.

But Democrats who are shouting “equity” with their every breath are insisting on something else that is another definition of the word equity, and that’s the word “fair“. A thinking person would take the position that the search for “equality” that Democrats have walked away from in exchange for the word “equity“, means that even the radical left agrees that fairness has been achieved in American society as nearly as possible, and now they just want some stuff to be given to them.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Enjoy The Next Time A Democrat Governor Forces You To Wear A Worthless Mask, Because They Have Worse Things Coming, Soon

 If the forced wearing of the scientifically proven-worthless facial masks made you feel as though you were being treated like a misbehaving child and not as an adult who could make decisions for him- or herself, then you are going to be doubly upset with Joey Biden and his posse of rabid freedom-hating Democrats, when they impose their idiotic National Emergency rules to remedy the environmental “crisis” that no one is aware of except those brilliant “seers”, the same fools who gave you open borders, killed thousands of American jobs by shutting down the Keystone pipeline, threatens to shut down access to the state of Florida because the governor of that sate is a Republican, and made America dependent once again on the Middle East Arab nations for our domestic energy supply.

One can only hope that they will let us at least breathe freely and remove the worthless masks before they try to make us fix the environmental “crisis” by giving up our cars and outlawing air conditioners in August. But being the constitutional outlaws they are, they’ll probably demand double or triple masking and impose their new environmental regulations on top of the current misery they are causing our nation with their idiotic masks and the economy-destroying national shutdown.

And then, if I know how leftist Democrats will behave, the feeble Joey Biden will likely declare a new threat of “Domestic Terrorism” when describing any person who refuses to abide by whatever dictatorial rule the Democrats impose during this non-existent environmental “crisis”. 

One of the new classifications of a Domestic Terrorist will likely be a person who refuses to wear a mask or who insists on driving himself to work, or taking his family on a short vacation in his own automobile. And if you become a suspect of environmental terrorism because you wish to move about freely and express your dislike with the new administration’s 1984 idea of a free nation, as the constitution states you have a right to do, and if Joey’s government investigates you and discovers that you have any money in savings or in a retirement account, they’ll likely confiscate it as being gained from ill-gotten contributions from Donald Trump’s domestic terrorist cabal. And then they’ll slap you in prison.

Old Joey told us a few months ago that there will be a “dark winter ahead”, but he failed to tell us that the darkness would be due to his own policy decisions, his unconstitutional executive orders and the far-left radicals he has appointed to his administration.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

The National “Crisis” That Only Radical Left Democrats Can See

 Today, February 7, 2021, it’s five degrees above zero and snow is blanketing the ground, but the radical left, now headed by the intellectually failing Joey Biden, is insisting that his radical administration must enact the National Emergencies Act of 1976 to fight this non-warming, non-threat, which will inevitably result in a new and devastating national lockdown to be piled on top of the Wuhan disease that is still, at Democrat insistence and enforcement,  causing suffering and destruction all across America.

Last summer we had not one day that exceeded 100 degrees, as opposed to days on end during the 50s and 60s when the summer temperature exceeded 100 degrees. But now we are in a national warming crisis? I don’t think so.

If the filthy Democrats enact the Emergencies Act, we’ll all think fondly of the good old days of forced masking and someone pointing a temp-gun at our foreheads to assure that we aren’t carrying the possibly weakest disease our nation has ever experienced, in comparison to the limitations and restrictions Biden and his pack of loony fools will impose, based on the lie of warming/change.

If this were Germany or Greece planning to impose these economy-destroying and personal freedom-ending dictatorial rules on their citizens, we’d rightfully make comments about Nazi rule and the Reichstag fire, or about the rule of the Colonels in order to make fun of the criminal government that would even consider such life-destroying practices.

And when will this unconstitutional, economy-destroying environmental imposition be lifted from the shoulders of American citizens? Why, when the “crisis” is over, of course, and they’ll let us know what that distant day arrives.

That’s why they had to perfect their ability to fraudulently win elections, like the 2020 election in which Democrats stole Trump’s second administration, because once the directive measures are in place to fix the environmental “crisis”, that only Democrats radicals can see or fix, they feared that no one will ever vote Democrat again, so they needed to have the election fraud process and procedure firmly in place, along with giant-tech and big-corporations on their side of the argument, so they’ll never have to worry about winning an election again.

The tech and corporate allies of Democrats are already aligned with the political left, so there is no debate with their disobeying laws or the constitution, because the profits the companies earn are shared with the Democrats via campaign contributions, and the ability to rule a nation is shared to the legislative benefit of the big companies, so it’s a mutual win-win relationship that has been formed, and the citizens of America are the goats who pay for it all, with higher taxes, corporate monopoly, and assured lack of competition for the favored companies, and no one brings up the antiquated notion of what’s the right or wrong thing to do. Plus, with the agreement of mutual benefit between the Democrat party and big companies, the CEOs of the companies don’t have to worry about ANTIFA or BLM demonstrating at their corporate offices, burning their buildings and calling them racists.

What can we expect these totalitarian fools to do with their national “crisis” powers? The thing that’s been uppermost on the minds of leftists the last 30 or 40 years is the symbol of freedom and liberty for the populations of the entire developed world: the automobile. It makes no difference to Democrats that the internal combustion engine has been improved and refined to be a clean running source of power and gets ever-increasingly better MPG ratings. The leftists will probably go after your car first by jacking up the cost of new models, boosting the price of a gallon of gas and placing a national tax on the owner of the vehicle. They’ll likely increase subsidies on electric cars, which only furthers the profitability of the “crisis” legislation for Tesla, Ford, GM and all of the foreign manufacturers. And these things will assure that no family will ever be able to take pleasurable vacations to the beach or the mountains again, with all of the economic destruction involved with the ending of the travel and transportation industry.

Joe Biden and his AOC and Bernie associates will further ruin our struggling economy and trap Americans in a fading nation, under control from orders in Washington D.C.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Does France Want Their Statue Of Liberty Back?

 Not only are American patriots frightened by the leftist lunacy of America’s Democrat party, but the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, was quoted by CNS News on February 9th, as being “ alarmed at America’s sudden and immediate turn to far left extremism”. 

This sounds very much like my concern for America, along with millions of other American patriots who voted for Donald Trump in the election of 2020. And as confirmation of our correct assessment of the far-left direction that the Democrat party, headed by the intellectually-fading Joey Biden, is forcing on America against it’s citizens’ will, the French president is singing from the same hymn book as the seventy-four million American citizens who voted for Trump in 2020.

And one might notice that the French expression of concern for America’s political and economic future was not a complaint of how Trump scolded France and the rest of Western Europe for not paying their promised fair-share of defending themselves from foreign threats in an increasingly dangerous world. This is a quote from yesterday, and is the result of the massive executive orders that Joey Biden has issued at this early date in his presidency, following a summer of violence across America perpetrated by leftist agitators like ANTIFA and BLM, from Seattle to Baltimore, and of the still-unpunished frame-up of President Trump with the Steele Dossier, and the continued persecution of our former President by the Democrats’ repeated attempts to impeach and convict him for imagined crimes, that frightens all Americans, and places in doubt our continued existence as a free and prosperous nation, under the rule of idiocy and hate that Democrats express daily.

If France is concerned with the future of America, and please be reminded that the Statue of Liberty was donated to America by France for the great nation of liberty, equality and fraternity that our founders created under our wonderful constitution, then how long will it be before France demands its statue back?

And maybe it’s a good idea that France take possession of the statue as soon as possible, otherwise the ANTIFA and BLM goons may well tear it down as part of their policy of getting rid of America’s past and destroying all of our statues and monuments.

Is this warning from France’s president just a friendly notification that America, under Democrat party rule, is no longer the land of liberty? America is under attack from viral, deadly leftism which threatens our very existence as a free and prosperous nation, and the world, with a smirk on their collective faces, is watching to see if we sink or swim. 

Certainly the future looks dim with the Democrats keeping the nation locked down, unschooled and masked from fear of covid, and with the Democrat party calling all Trump supporters domestic terrorists, and with thousands of illegal aliens streaming across our southern border at Joey’s invitation, and with the threatened implementation of the National Emergencies Act of 1976, that will be used to further lockdown America with dire but imagined environmental threats that exist only in the minds of Biden, Bernie and AOC, all of which will make every American citizen a dependent of big, leftist government for whatever crumbs of freedom they will allow us to exercise. At this point, it doesn’t look good for Americans, nor for Lady Liberty.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

American Socialist/Democrats Cannot, Or Will Not, Tell Citizens The Truth

 Bernie, AOC and all the rest of the D.C. pool of fools have forever told us that the exhaust from our cars and the electric power we use to run our air conditioners creates the pollution that traps heat around the earth, and this trapped and concentrated heat is causing the earth to heat up to the point where life on earth is threatened, and that in just ten years (we’ve already used two years of the Bernie/AOC lie in 2018 that there are only twelve years until doom completely destroys the planet and burns up everything on the face of the earth along with melting the ice caps, which will, of course, flood all low-lying areas of the earth) life on earth will end. So they’ve designed a phenomenal scheme called the Green New Deal to eliminate these pollutants, along with the destruction of the economy of the United States, which will be implemented during the new Biden administration, thereby, in their political opinion, saving the world from certain disaster. And it’s satisfying to observe that Joe Biden is fully on-board with the Green New Deal and the suffering it will cause to Americans as they lose jobs, like the thousands of jobs lost forever when Joey issued his executive order shutting down the Keystone pipeline, with more economic destruction to accompany the many yet-to-be-issued executive orders lined up for Joey’s signature.

But there’s an OOPS! to this story of Democrat lies: It’s been reported that, because of the fact that fewer people are enjoying life and driving their cars to restaurants and vacations, due to the Wuhan lockdown, and because of the many people who have died from the covid disease who will no longer need their cars for transportation, there is measurably less pollution in the environment, which means there is more sunlight reaching the earth’s surface, which in turn means that there is even more heating of the surface of the earth because of the sun‘s greater direct, unfiltered impact.

This is how lying Democrats get to have two opposing and contradicting schemes serve their ends, both at the same time: because of pollution and the resulting heat trapped around the earth, they insist we must stop taking vacations and driving our cars to restaurants. But when the pollution they thought was heating the earth actually decreases because of fewer cars on the road, thereby causing more heating because the sun reaches the earth in a more concentrated manner, which proves their original lie of trapped pollutants causing warming was wrong as well as being a lie, they just clam up and pretend they never heard this contrary evidence, or that it‘s just a Trump supporter lying again, so they move ahead with their unproven and dangerous scheme.

 Under no circumstances will they admit they were wrong (no leftist government has ever admitted their life-destroying ideas were wrong) and admit that the former pollution was actually keeping the earth cooler instead of heating it up, but they still plow ahead with their lies and insist that our comfortable way of life in America causes warming/change, either way it’s measured, so they absolutely must continue to implement their Green New Deal and kill even more thousands of jobs via Joey’s executive orders, along with the other leftist legislation the Democrats plan to implement under the corrupt presidency of Joe Biden, because they are the only good, caring and compassionate people on earth, don‘t you know.

No matter how things go, Democrats will not leave us alone to live our lives peaceably, prosperously and freely, and they are always devising new ways to kill jobs, cause unemployment, tax us more and keep us frightened with the threat of a very weak, viral disease while religiously forcing us to wear our worthless masks, with their endless lies.

Monday, February 8, 2021

Blatant Criminal Activity By Democrats Against The American People

 Leading up to the last general election, Google shut down President Trump’s and the New York Post’s twitter accounts, Apple blocked access to Parler apps, while Amazon shut down all of Parler’s servers. If this activity isn’t both criminally actionable and unconstitutional I’d like to know why not.

What the tech giants did was obviously collusion in an attempt to get the Democrat candidate for president elected in the 2020 election, so they hushed any contrary news and information and denied access to the internet that they control. The new-fangled Parler was a competitor to these companies and allowed expressions that sometimes were  negative comments directed at Joe Biden, or messaging that may have been (heaven forbid) positive comments related to Donald Trump, so the big-tech giants blocked any data traffic they didn’t agree with and destroyed Parler in the process.

So now we have a modern-day example of John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil monopoly, and an obvious restraint of trade thrown into the mix, and the leftist “press“ is just sitting on their hands as though there is no Democracy-threatening activity going on all around them.

If the FBI and Biden’s Attorney General will not take action against these perps, then why are Republican Senators and House members sitting on their hands and letting this opportunity to restore free speech to America pass them by? It seems that a RICO investigation should be initiated by Republicans to get this situation brought into the open where the public can learn what happened and learn how crooked the big tech people are, and how the leftist press colludes with the Democrat party to keep the truth from being learned.

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Why Do Democrats Endorse Masking, Lockdowns And Defunding The Police?

 The most direct answer to the question posed in the title of this piece is that Democrats behave the way they do simply because they are Democrats, but there’s a further and deeper answer to the question.

The best way to understand the reason Democrats will take any opportunity to make citizens fearful and will attack anyone who speaks positively about life and the future of our nation, was an exchange we saw months ago between President Trump and our leftist non-press. When covid popped into the headlines, President Trump tried to reassure Americans by asking them to have faith in the future, to be optimistic and have courage as the Wuhan disease works its way out of our lives, which it eventually will do, via a vaccination and/or herd immunity. But the leftist press, and Democrat governors, immediately rejected the idea of ever being free from the pandemic threat, and called it something that can’t happen for years to come, and it will likely never happen.

President Trump was immediately attacked from all corners of the leftist establishment and was accused of lying to the American people, and that he should not fill them with any false hope of avoiding the disease, but should instead instill fear, negativism and hopelessness into them, which is the line picked up by Joe Biden when he predicted a “dark winter” ahead in his administration, filled with lockdowns and forever-masking.

Another example of Democrat negativism: Democrats across the board have promised to get rid of law enforcement officers. So there will no longer be trained, armed personnel to come to our assistance in an emergency. Instead, Democrats see inevitable and on-going death by covid, constant rioting and burning of our cities, rampant crime, confiscation of weapons used for personal self-defense, further disenfranchisement for anyone who voted for Trump, and a life-time of joblessness via economic shutdown orders from Democrats.

Leftist politicians and the radical, leftist press depend on discomfort, fear of crime and a constant fear and expectation of contracting the covid virus as a way of making the population dependent on big government for protection and for a low income, welfare subsidy to keep masses of Americans just above the poverty level, and yet be too poor to be independent and successful on their own.

Keep people unhappy and in a state of fear, and they’ll vote for the leftist candidate every time, if they‘re stupid enough to believe their lies. That’s why Democrats endorse masking, lockdowns and the defunding of police forces, because leftists have always treated their subjects like cattle to be herded into a mass of fear and kept under constant control, and it keeps miserable people dependent and voting for the only option they have left to feed themselves and their children: big, intrusive, government. 

Friday, February 5, 2021

Republicans Have About 95 Days To Prepare A Response To The Disastrous Executive Orders Of Joe Biden

 We’ve already seen a major policy decision of the Biden administration, which produced the mass unemployment of tens of thousands of people now left jobless, when Joey issued his Executive Order killing the Keystone pipeline. As disastrous as that situation was for the many Americans who are left jobless, there’s another disaster that will happen in the remainder of Biden’s first 100 days, and Republicans have some time to prepare a response to the situation that may prove to be a life-and-death event, and all caused by Biden and his slavishness to far left demands.

This future event referred to is the executive order issued by Biden that prohibits the deportation of any illegal alien and promised expedited citizenship to all persons in our country illegally. This order has caused thousands of Hondurans, other Central Americans and likely many Mexican citizens as well, to head north to America expecting to be welcomed by Biden’s benevolent executive order and expecting the border to be open so the travelers can be greeted by the open arms of our president.

The invasion of thousands of aliens will be disastrous enough when they arrive and become homeless people, often with families, trying to enter our nation. But when American citizens in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas are impacted by these foreigners roaming around looking for shelter and food for their families, the situation could escalate dangerously as Americans fear for their lives and property.

But the “fit will hit the shan”  when the coyotes bring children across the border and the Biden administration isn’t prepared to separate the children from the people accompanying them, as officials investigate to assure that the children are actually traveling with their real parents and not a human slaver delivering children to evil people who have demented, abusive intentions for them.

For the entire four years of the Trump administration the idiotic hate-Trump types on the political left have been harassing and trying to intimidate Trump with lying yard signs and by Democrat operatives and the leftist press, raging about “caging children” and “separating families” at the border, even though these fools have been told repeatedly that the Obama administration, which includes Joey Biden, were the ones who built and used these “cages” to protect the children while investigations were made as to whether or not the adults accompanying the children were actually their parents or some human trafficker.

When this tragedy plays out, in the 95 or-so days still remaining of the first 100 days that Biden bragged about so voluminously as defining his administration, Republicans must be ready with a loud “we told you so” directed at the Biden loving fools who would not listen to Trump’s explanations as to how and why the retention facilities on the border were built. But Republicans must be careful of appearing crass and unsympathetic due to the real-life possibility of injuries and deaths that may result from Biden’s idiotic executive order. 

Republicans need to fully blast the weak-minded Biden for following leftist stupidity and issuing the executive order in the first place, without thinking the whole thing through, and they must be mindful of the American citizens living near the border who will be caught up in this human tragedy that could have been prevented (and in fact had been avoided for the four years of the Trump administration) if Democrats had a brain in their demented heads, and an ounce of concern and empathy for American citizens living along the border. Also missing from Biden’s order is respect for the ill-advised travelers from the south, who were entrapped in Biden’s hate of Trump and his insistence to undo everything President Trump accomplished in his term in office. Biden has promised travelers a home in America, but he is not capable of delivering on this promise, which will strand many people in a situation in America worse than the bad situation they’re escaping in their home nation.

What an awful, avoidable mess. If Democrats would/could stop governing by hate and could foresee the horrible results their bad policy proclamations produce, this entire fiasco could have been avoided. But now it’s all on Biden.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

The Explanation For Criminal Behavior Also Explains Democrat Leftist, Socialist, Bad Behavior

 Edward Banfield, in his book The Unheavenly City, explained why criminals perform illegal acts, by explaining that they are unable to foresee any punishment for their breaking the law, so they do illegal things spontaneously and repeatedly because of their lack self-control and an inability to connect cause and effect. So they continue to commit crimes and repeatedly go to jail, and, of course, their victims continue to suffer.

After watching Joey Biden issue one devastating executive order after another during his first week in office, killing thousands of jobs in the United States, and still be able to repeat the leftist mantra of creating many good-paying, clean jobs, I believe Democrat stupidity is of the same relationship to a Democracy as crime is to criminals: leftist Democrats are unable to connect their actions with the horrible outcome that naturally follows from those stupid actions.

This week Biden issued an executive order stating that girls must allow boys to compete in the girls’ sporting events, and he is unable to recognize that the weaker and smaller girls can’t compete with the stronger male competitors, so the males are prone to win these lop-sided events. And even after the horrible results of the girls losing competitions with boys that we‘ve already seen in this politically correct nation, for which the girls have trained hard and long and still lose to the male competitors, leftists like Biden still don’t get the idea of an unfair and unequal physical competition between male and female. Is it stupidity or misogyny? Do Democrats not understand the biological “science” between male and female? And if America allows men to win all of the women’s competitions, who will represent America in the Olympics? Will China and Russia allow American men to compete with their women in Olympic competition?

Also this week Biden issued an executive order shutting down the Keystone pipeline from Canada, making the Canadian Prime Minister furiously angry with Biden and killing tens of thousands of jobs in America, thereby making America dependent again on Arab oil, and the fool Biden can’t see how wrong his order was. But he goes immediately back to his old, worn talking points, that someone on his staff has written for him, and insults everyone by telling us that better jobs will come from his order once the Green New Deal is implemented.

The inability of leftist/Socialists to foresee the bad things that will result from their decisions and executive orders is why all Socialist/ Communist governments fail and inevitably cause misery, and often early, violent deaths, for their citizens.

So with Joey Biden issuing dozens of executive orders in the first week of his administration, our nation is doomed to failure as his bad decisions cause a weakened and poorer nation to have to struggle to stay alive.

A Presidential Library Is Not Necessary To Remind Us Of The Greatness Of Donald Trump

 As the radical left wears itself out tearing down statutes and memorials of American history that Democrats don’t approve of or are offended by, and after renaming schools that formerly had the names of presidents or other notable peoples’ names on them, now these radical fools on the left are trying to prevent any physical reminders of Donald Trump to even be built, so they are prohibiting the construction of a Trump presidential library.

One reason they want to forget and bury the name of Donald Trump is their attempted frame-up of Trump in the Russia collusion scandal, which points directly at Democrats as having committed treasonous acts by spying on Trump and his staff and trying to remove this duly elected president from office using wholly-created, false evidence. In addition, if no library is constructed then there is no trace of Trump’s personal and critical involvement in the development of  a vaccination to fight the Wuhan covid disease, which he pushed through to production in record time, saving millions of lives the world over. Already we can see evidence of the Democrats praising Biden for getting the vaccine into the arms of American citizens, and the lies go on.

The Soviet habit of rewriting history and covering up the truth of the past in order to serve the new bosses’ devices, is exactly what American Democrats are in the process of doing.

But Americans need no presidential library to remind us of the mistreatment and frame-up of Trump by the filthy Democrats. We don’t need a presidential library to remind us of the total immersion of the leftist press who daily condemned and defamed Trump. We don’t need at presidential library to be reminded of the tax cuts that Trump gave us. We don’t need a presidential library to be reminded of the explosive stock market and the growing economy we experienced under Trump. We don’t need a presidential library to remind us of the improved international trade relations under Trump. We don’t need a presidential library to remind us of the vaccine that Trump oversaw and pushed into development and production. We don’t need a presidential library to remind us of  improved health services offered to veterans as Trump corrected decades of bad practices in the Veterans Administration. We don’t need a presidential library to remind us of the growth in jobs and employment under Trump, along with the related reduced unemployment rate under his guidance. And we don’t need a presidential library to remind us of the fraudulent election of 2020 that put the idiot Joey Biden in office so he can sit in the Oval Office and play president, until Kamala Harris declares him incompetent and kicks him out so she can take over.

Patriotic Americans don’t need a Trump presidential library to remember this great man, but I’ll bet that we sure as hell will get one, and it will serve to reinforce the memories we all have about the back-to-back proof of true constitutional freedom we had under Trump, compared with the slew of harmful executive orders issued by Biden, in his short administration so far, which have already stripped away many of America’s most precious freedoms with just his poorly thought out, executive orders.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

GameStop: The Big-Shots Got Their Butts Handed To Them

 The one thing that every professional financial advisor and financial institution tells potential investors who are about to invest money in the stock market, is that the market is volatile and they could lose money.

But the big-shot, professional financial guys and gals are so used to making money hand-over-fist and losing practically nothing, that they forgot the volatility of the market last week, and they got nipped in the rear-end for their superior, arrogant attitude about making money and trading in the market, when they went short on GameStop stock. When they began losing to lesser beings who were driving the stock up instead of down, they began to squeal like the stuck pigs they are. Maybe these fools should be made to review their own warnings given to plebe investors, and maybe they’d think twice about trying to ruin other people’s serious businesses and corporations with their short positions.

The giant investment firms are used to making millions of dollars with little effort and even less risk, so when they began losing money as GameStop’s stock increased in value and their short position became a losing position, they didn’t know what else to do but claim that the little guys were not playing fair, and the trading was shut down.

But the practice of shorting a stock position has always seemed to me to be immoral, in that it requires the latching onto someone else’s stock, originally bought in hopes of making a profit for the original buyer, then speculating that the stock price will go down, meaning a loss to the original buyer of the stock and a loss of value for the company represented by the stock. A life-time of work and sweat to make the company successful and to provide a useful service or product, could be wiped out in a day’s time if the stock can be driven down enough, but the person who is shorting the stock would make an unearned profit at the company’s loss.

Anyone who creates a company that issues stock is trying to make a profit, which will create jobs and employment for people that the company hires and for people who invest in the company. But shorting the stock only profits the shorting investor, and hurts everyone else.

It’s good to see the big guys take a hit now and then, but the event last week further showed us how the biggest operators can manipulate the rules of the market to limit their personal loss, because they can just shut down trading on their own short positions, and thereby limit their losses, which a small independent trader cannot do.