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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, February 5, 2021

Republicans Have About 95 Days To Prepare A Response To The Disastrous Executive Orders Of Joe Biden

 We’ve already seen a major policy decision of the Biden administration, which produced the mass unemployment of tens of thousands of people now left jobless, when Joey issued his Executive Order killing the Keystone pipeline. As disastrous as that situation was for the many Americans who are left jobless, there’s another disaster that will happen in the remainder of Biden’s first 100 days, and Republicans have some time to prepare a response to the situation that may prove to be a life-and-death event, and all caused by Biden and his slavishness to far left demands.

This future event referred to is the executive order issued by Biden that prohibits the deportation of any illegal alien and promised expedited citizenship to all persons in our country illegally. This order has caused thousands of Hondurans, other Central Americans and likely many Mexican citizens as well, to head north to America expecting to be welcomed by Biden’s benevolent executive order and expecting the border to be open so the travelers can be greeted by the open arms of our president.

The invasion of thousands of aliens will be disastrous enough when they arrive and become homeless people, often with families, trying to enter our nation. But when American citizens in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas are impacted by these foreigners roaming around looking for shelter and food for their families, the situation could escalate dangerously as Americans fear for their lives and property.

But the “fit will hit the shan”  when the coyotes bring children across the border and the Biden administration isn’t prepared to separate the children from the people accompanying them, as officials investigate to assure that the children are actually traveling with their real parents and not a human slaver delivering children to evil people who have demented, abusive intentions for them.

For the entire four years of the Trump administration the idiotic hate-Trump types on the political left have been harassing and trying to intimidate Trump with lying yard signs and by Democrat operatives and the leftist press, raging about “caging children” and “separating families” at the border, even though these fools have been told repeatedly that the Obama administration, which includes Joey Biden, were the ones who built and used these “cages” to protect the children while investigations were made as to whether or not the adults accompanying the children were actually their parents or some human trafficker.

When this tragedy plays out, in the 95 or-so days still remaining of the first 100 days that Biden bragged about so voluminously as defining his administration, Republicans must be ready with a loud “we told you so” directed at the Biden loving fools who would not listen to Trump’s explanations as to how and why the retention facilities on the border were built. But Republicans must be careful of appearing crass and unsympathetic due to the real-life possibility of injuries and deaths that may result from Biden’s idiotic executive order. 

Republicans need to fully blast the weak-minded Biden for following leftist stupidity and issuing the executive order in the first place, without thinking the whole thing through, and they must be mindful of the American citizens living near the border who will be caught up in this human tragedy that could have been prevented (and in fact had been avoided for the four years of the Trump administration) if Democrats had a brain in their demented heads, and an ounce of concern and empathy for American citizens living along the border. Also missing from Biden’s order is respect for the ill-advised travelers from the south, who were entrapped in Biden’s hate of Trump and his insistence to undo everything President Trump accomplished in his term in office. Biden has promised travelers a home in America, but he is not capable of delivering on this promise, which will strand many people in a situation in America worse than the bad situation they’re escaping in their home nation.

What an awful, avoidable mess. If Democrats would/could stop governing by hate and could foresee the horrible results their bad policy proclamations produce, this entire fiasco could have been avoided. But now it’s all on Biden.