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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Why Republicans Must Impeach Obama: The Times They Are Achanging

The United States and its citizens have come a long way in the past 6 years and they now despise Obama and his unlawful, unconstitutional, lying presidency. And what’s more, they would be further alienated from him if all of the scandals and lies of his administration were presented for all to see during an impeachment hearing and the resulting trial.

Obama makes noises that dare the Republicans to impeach him, when actually the impeachment process might divert him from the totalitarian rule he plans for his last two years.  And if he began issuing additional unconstitutional orders while being impeached for that same offense, even liberals might turn against him for tarnishing the liberal banner in public.

Remember that Obama himself recently said that his policies were up for a vote during the latest midterms and the nation soundly voted his policies down. This should make it clear to Republicans that the nation wants Obama stopped, even if it means a shutdown of the government, and they elected Republicans to do it.

Republicans should also be aware that many aliens who are here legally want illegal immigration halted: illegals present bad comparisons for the legal immigrants, and this hurts their image in the minds of American citizens. And when Obama issues unconstitutional edicts he makes the United States appear similar to the banana republics that aliens are coming here to escape, and this corruption speaks poorly for America for the whole world to see and casts the legal immigrants in a negative light.

Republicans must have the courage to do the right thing and not fear the old urban legends of punishment for impeachment and government shutdowns: The times really have changed and the citizens recently demanded this move from them.  Many political ads in the last election spoke of politicians making hard decisions.  Now is the time to make such a decision and do all in their power to rid us of the Obama plague.  They’ll be richly rewarded this time for their courageous move to protect the constitution.

Monday, November 24, 2014

All Dictators Are Liberals: Maximum Control, Maximum Intolerance

There was a time in western democracies when liberals were pleasant people/politicians who genuinely wanted the best for the greatest number of citizens, and were willing to work within a representative government to achieve their goals.  In retrospect it seems that this period of innocence on the part of liberals and the un-liberal changes they’ve undergone in recent years is related to their influential positions in government and the press/media, because now that there is a leftist-liberal/progressive president in the U.S.and the major sources of “news” are largely liberal they exert maximum control over the news and actively seek control over what we, as citizens, say and do.

We can no longer have manger scenes at Christmas.  We can no longer fly the flag most places for fear of offending someone. A cross representing a tribute to American soldiers is prohibited.  We must say “work-place violence” when speaking of a terrorist attack at a military base.  We must not state that we are a Christian nation.  Obama denies that the ISIS terrorist group is Islamic (even though they think they are). Obamacare is good, period.  News about Jonathan Gruber is not allowed on some major cable news channels.  Bob Beckel has repeatedly stated that if it were his decision to make, the government would completely control healthcare in America (he would allow no freedom of choice, no competition of thought, and it appears that liberals in the media won’t report stories contrary to this liberal opinion).  The IRS “lost” emails to and from Lois Lerner concerning the denial of tax exempt status for conservative groups and all we get from the liberal press is an “oops, too bad, let’s move on” response.  Four Americans are killed in Benghazi and it’s another “oops, darn those nasty demonstrators”.  Obama lies about everything, every time and the liberal press never complains and often doesn’t even admit that lies have been told, and when it becomes overwhelmingly obvious Obama has told another lie, it’s always “both sides do it” (when Nixon was lying about Watergate conservatives complained loudly about it and opposed Nixon for being so corrupt but never tried to lessen Nixon’s offense by saying that “both sides do it”), but liberals are silent about Obama’s lies.

Modern day liberals/progressives are dangerous and intolerant and are a threat to a free, democratic society.  Once they are installed in positions of power they see themselves as owning that position and won’t allow the thought of a conservative being elected to it (remember the “Kennedy” Senate seat from Massachusetts vacated by the deceased Senator?  The message was: Conservatives need not apply).

It may be that only conservatives of a “certain age” will recall the televised news conference held by Richard Nixon during the Watergate era in which Dan Rather screamed at the top of his voice “when are you going to tell the truth?”  The press is no longer demanding the truth when their guy is president. But we conservatives at that time agreed that Nixon was wrong, and he soon resigned his office and left the national scene.  Obama would never, ever, under any circumstances resign the presidency; he has too many more “fundamental changes” to make to America in his last two years and nothing will stand in his way of destroying this nation.

The more control liberals/progressives get, the more they want and the more dangerous they become.

Friday, November 21, 2014

First Of All, Obama is A Repeat, Pathological Liar

If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.
If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.
Obamacare will save the average family $2500 a year on healthcare.
I don’t have the constitutional power to grant amnesty.
I don’t know who Jonathan Gruber is.
I’m as mad about the IRS denying conservative groups tax exemption as anyone is.
The immigration system in the United States is broken. (Actually we only need to strictly enforce current law and the vast influx of illegals would stop, but Obama will not do that.)

These are just a sampling of the numerous, blatant lies Obama has told lately.  And his executive order to make illegal aliens legal is just the latest is a series of in-our-face lies, and Americans are fed up with it.  The man simply cannot be trusted.  Americans voted a new Republican majority to the House and Senate in the latest mid-term election because of our frustration with our evil president, and we want these elected representatives to do whatever it takes (defunding Obama’s plans even if it means a government shutdown; impeach the lying fool; bring suit against him for exceeding constitutional bounds with his executive orders; or all three at once).  We want this man stopped in his tracks before he completely destroys this great nation. 

It’s been much spoken of that Republicans are afraid of a backlash if they impeach the liar-in-chief, but the latest Republican majority in both houses is a direct order  from the voters for Republicans to use every tool possible to stop Obama before he does further damage to America, and such actions will be rewarded, not punished.  But if Republicans don’t take every legal step possible to stop him, they will be voted out of office in droves in 2016 just as the Dems were rejected in 2014.  Republican legislators had better develop a greater fear of the people who vote for them, rather than the people who hate them and will never vote for them nor say good things about them.

STOP OBAMA NOW!!  We voted Republicans into office to get rid of the Obama plague and they had better not let us down.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Gruber, And Additional Proof that Government Is Too Damned Big And Intrusive

It’s obviously upsetting when we hear that one of the key creators of a legislative bill thinks that voters are stupid and must be lied to in order to get the bill passed, but that’s just the tip of the “pissed-off” iceberg.  Why would the leader of a true democracy ever feel the need to confuse, mislead and lie about a bill in order to fool the public if he truly believed in his own democracy and the dignity of the people who voted him into office?  HE WOULDN’T!  But since Obamacare was the most intrusive and unconstitutional bill ever written, the most effort was required to hide the intrusiveness and cost of it.  This bill was not only intrusive on the liberties of Americans, it also is an attack on our healthcare and financial welfare in numerous ways.

In the past we have heard legislators complain about how difficult and lengthy it is for them to actually pen the contents of a piece of legislation, and this supreme effort to legislate created the necessity for legislators to hire expensive (liberal) lawyers to create the actual bills, which in the case of at least Obamacare, they didn’t even read before they signed their approval.

But Obamacare went further than even the hiring out to lawyers the actual writing of the bill.  In this case, they let the executive branch do the writing, the selling and the lying.  We don’t even need a legislative branch of government if the president is going to write his own bills, and then modify them multiple times after approval to fit his political ambitions.

And now, when Obama has been found to be doing illegal and unconstitutional things, he doesn’t even bother lying about and selling bills, he just issues executive orders.  This is Hitlarian and an unequalled threat to a continued free and prosperous America.  And while our nation is being destroyed by this evil president, the liberal press remains silent, and even sides with him.

We must push the Republicans to oppose Obama on EVERYTHING he tries to do during his last two years in office.  This is exactly why the American voters installed a Republican majority in both houses, and they had better oppose and politically defeat the Oval Office’s attempts to make America into a Marxist state.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Attention Elizabeth And Hillary: They Didn’t Build That!

Those who pay attention to the intentional destruction of America and all that has made this nation great will recall Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton claiming that the likes of Henry Ford, Martha Stewart and Steve Jobs are not worthy of their success because the businesses they established, using their unique genius, utilized existing roads and utility sources, so they claim that “They didn’t build that” in an attempt to claim that government alone is responsible for the services, products and wealth created by entrepreneurs and not the geniuses who have helped give the United States the largest middle class in the world and make it the most prosperous and free nation on earth.

Now I’d like to turn the table on these radical left ladies (both of whom are quite wealthy, by the way, in spite of the fact that they claim wealthy people don’t deserve their wealth) and address the issue of tens of thousands of illegal aliens residing in America and getting the benefits of being here:  They didn’t build this!  They didn’t pay the taxes that built the roads that the illegals illegally drive on; they didn’t pay the taxes or raise the money that built the hospitals they use; they didn’t invest in the schools their children attend.  In reality these illegal immigrant leeches deserve none of the good life that American liberals like Elizabeth and Hillary want them to come here to enjoy.

But in the minds of leftist progressives, illegal aliens will have paid in full for the cost of residing in the United States when they have paid the required price: a vote for liberal Democrats and a vote to continue the handouts of goodies from our much-too-big government.

But probably the most dangerous threat to America is not the illegals who desperately want to be here (after all, who wouldn’t live in America and enjoy our prosperity as opposed to living in an impoverished, corrupt nation?) but the likes of liberals such as Elizabeth and Hillary whose selfish, illogical, revisionist ideas are killing this great nation.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

J’accuse: The Obama Administration Endangers Children To Enable Immigration Reform

When our Criminal-in-Chief issues the executive order to legalize those persons residing illegally in the United States, his unconstitutional action must be opposed by our elected representatives. But since the Republican senators and congressional members currently representing our failing nation are too frightened of the press and the president to take a principled stand and oppose the president on constitutional grounds, how about this for a reason to oppose and stop Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders: Whether the children who illegally came across our border from Central America in the last few months were released by their parents from Central America, or whether the parents came to the United States illegally and someone else released the children from Central America for the danger-fraught 45 day trip to the United States, either way the children were abandoned by their parents and subjected to possible injury, death, rape or enslavement on the long trek north.  Regardless of the exact circumstances, the parents who subjected their children to this abuse must never be allowed to be re-united with their children, and appropriate criminal charges must be brought against these parents for the child endangerment and abandonment that resulted from their collusion with the Obama Administration to commit this horrid act against the children and against the American people Obama was elected to serve (because this entire scheme was concocted to get tens of thousands for new Democrat voters into the United States and play on the sentiments of decent Americans to allow them to stay here.  The Obama Administration used the safety, health and welfare of these children to achieve a political objective.

The Obama Administration must be made to answer for this outrageous endangerment of innocent children for political reasons.  We can be reasonably certain that Obama was colluding illegally with foreign nationals to break US laws because of the chain of actions his administration took: First he said that US immigration laws would not be enforced in his administration; then his administration advertised for transportation for thousands of people to who were slated arrive at our borders at some point in the future; then the Central American children arrived at and crossed our borders (supposedly they found their way north and traveled for 45 days through the horror of contemporary Mexico, with no parents to be seen to guide or protect them); then the children were mysteriously whisked away to destinations unknown; and now Obama will be the knight in shining armor and reunite the parents and the children via an executive order and make them all American citizens to live happily ever after.  The parents should be sent to jail for the way they treated their children, and the Obama administration must be investigated for this evil act.

Obama is too cute by half and this evil man and his child endangerment scheme must be punished.  But will our elected representatives do anything to oppose Obama?

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Voter Fraud And Other Democrat Professional Lies Threaten Our Liberty and Democracy

Probably the most maddening and most repeated lie Democrats have expressed lately is the lie of the War On Women they attribute to Republicans, (even female Republicans), when Democrats themselves (a likely drunken Ted Kennedy caused the death of a young woman in Chappaquiddick; Bill Clinton repeatedly abused women and was accused of rape by at least one woman; Democrat welfare policies have imprisoned poor women to dependence on big government in order to survive, with no hope of work, dignity or accomplishment that would come from success and participation in the work force) are the best known culprits.

The various accusations of Republican racism are ridiculous at face value and undermine discussion of the many issues facing government, plus they threaten violence from those members of our society who believe this lie (Ferguson, Missouri is only the latest example of the danger of believing Democrat lies about white racism).  And how about the prominent blacks in the Republican party: are they racist against blacks as well?  Given the high visibility of successful black actors, musicians, athletes and business owners (and never mind our black president), the lie of racism being dominant in America, let alone being a policy of Republicans, should not survive for a minute, but because of Democrats’ repeated lies it is alive and well.

Barack Obama repeatedly said that his healthcare legislation would allow citizens to keep their doctor and their insurance plans if they liked them, and that Obamacare would save at least $2500 a year on healthcare for most families.  All lies, told often.  All intending to mislead a public who have traditionally trusted they leaders to tell them the truth about proposed legislation.  All told repeatedly by the President of the United States.  And, then a month before the 2014 mid-term elections, Obama had an interview in which he stated that lies told by Democrats running for re-election were simply “doing what they have to do to get re-elected”, and he was fine with that.  And to prove that the filth of these leftist liar’s run in a pack, Bob Beckel has repeatedly stated on the cable program The Five, that he sees nothing wrong with lying to get elected and would do it in a campaign that he was organizing as long as it didn’t “hurt people”.  But lies not only hurt people as mentioned above related to the Ferguson riots, it hurts the entire nation and causes horrible ill-will among its citizens who believe their leaders, as well as demonstrating laziness and a lack of real thought and hard work on the part of the campaign staff.

Given what we now know about liberal lies, it comes as no surprise that we are finding out more about voter fraud as committed by Democrats.  ACORN was a past (and probably present under a new name) perpetrator of voter fraud, and there have been recent examples of a more wide-spread use of this version of lying coming from frightened Democrats.  Our assumption that Democrats are using fraud to win is justified when Obama says that using lies to win is justified.  Bob Beckel stated that he would quickly resort to lies if they would give his candidate an advantage, and when Democrats in general wring their hands about voter identification laws being enacted by states, and when Attorney General Eric Holder states that his Justice Department will not enforce laws requiring improper or illegal names to be removed from state voter roles, we know what Democrat intentions are.

On a relatively lesser scale the lies from EPA administrators that their punitive environmental regulations don’t threaten businesses and don’t mean a takeover of lands and water rights of individuals in the United States are justifiably seen as lies.  And anyone who has a brain to think and eyes to see recognize the lie of Global warming/Climate Change, or whatever they call it this week.

The threat to America and our liberties and freedoms by liberal lies is obvious, but Democrats are blind to the blemish these repeated, gratuitous lies place on their own party brand.  How can their words ever be trusted again by the wider voting public after they’ve cried “wolf” so many times during this election?