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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Here’s How Trump Can Turn The Tables On Democrats

Since President Trump is being pestered to death and kept from his agenda to Make America Great Again by special prosecutors, persecution by liberal legislators and a lying press, here are some steps that are available to him that would enrage his accusers, probably shut them up and hopefully put some of them in jail:

1. Immediately make a public announcement that he will cooperate completely with the special prosecutor investigating him for obstruction of justice, and also publicly tell the members of his administration that they, too, are to cooperate with the James Mueller gang.
2. Tell Mueller that, given the lengthy investigation already made into Trump’s administration concerning Russia and obstruction, that he’s giving Mueller six months to bring charges or he will shut down any tributary of the investigation still lingering at that time.
3. Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Loretta Lynch and her obstruction of justice when she met Bill Clinton on the tarmac at Sky Harbor airport, and why she should not be prosecuted for instructing James Comey to call the Hillary email investigation a “matter” and not a “criminal investigation”.
4. Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary and her entire email crime involvement. This investigation would include, but not be limited to, Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner and how they got access to some of Hillary’s high security emails.
5. Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate why James Comey did not immediately report Donald Trump’s alleged obstruction of justice, which Mueller is now considering it to be, when Trump asked Comey if he couldn’t “hopefully” let the Michael Flynn investigation slide. Comey would also be investigated for leaking government information to his Columbia University pal, and for indeed calling the Hillary investigation a “matter“ as Loretta Lynch told him to do, in violation of the law.
6. Launch an investigation into the Republican baseball shooter to determine how his murderous intentions were not caught earlier and how he was able to work for the Bernie Sanders campaign, which at the time was a traditional, abusive Democrat Party political undertaking, without their knowing of his dangerous temperament.
7. Appoint an independent prosecutor to fully investigate Susan Rice and her unmasking of American citizens who were accidentally recorded as a part of the NSA’s policy of checking international calls and conversations.
8. Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Barack Obama and his order, or at least his acquiescence,  to record or bug the Trump campaign staff in the last presidential election. This bugging investigation would not be limited to the Trump staff’s recorded conversations, but would include all such unmaskings.
9. Immediately appoint a special prosecutor to investigate and put a stop to the avalanche of leaked information coming from White House or other administration sources. We need anyone guilty of these leaks to be in jail.

Attorney General Sessions would not recuse himself, but would remain involved in each of these investigations, and quality people like Alberto Gonzales, John Ashcroft, Ken Starr and Michael Mukasey would be appointed to run each of them.

This series of steps may be considered by some as excessive, but it would give Trump a breather in which he could move forward with his agenda, and it would let his opponents know how it feels to be persecuted as he is being. There are too many unanswered questions floating around the swamp of Washington, and as of Wednesday there are too many hunted down, shot-and-wounded Republican legislators and police officers for us to sit idly by while more such incidents are being planned and while President Trump is persecuted in an attempt to get him removed from office.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Democrats Commit Violence And Republicans Are Told To “Dial It Back”

Here’s the chronology of escalating violence coming from the left:

Donald Trump wins the election and Democrats claim he is illegitimate and should not be allowed to take office.
Democrats claim that Trump colluded with Russia and stole the election and he has no right to remain in the White House.
Violent leftist mobs take to the streets, protesting Trump’s election while burning and beating people as they yell insults at Trump and Republicans.
Democrats speculate on killing Trump to get him out of office, and this is called freedom of speech.
Democrat operatives perform a play in which Donald Trump is stabbed to death, and this is called artistic expression.
A radicalized follower of Bernie Sanders actually shoots Republican legislators in a park in Alexandria, Virginia, and Republicans told to dial back the divisiveness and bad feelings.

Why is it only Republicans who are physically attacked, and why are only Republicans expected to dial back the hate, expressed solely by Democrats, and told to get along with their attackers?

The bad feelings and divisive discourse is only on the left, because they lost the election and want their power back. Republicans and President Trump have nothing to “dial back” except the outrage at being hunted down and shot by the political left, while the left pretends to only want to get along. This situation is pure crap.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Republicans Must Stick Together

In response to the rifle and pistol attacks on Republicans in the Alexandria, Virginia, baseball park on Wednesday, Paul Ryan said “An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us” and he suggested that they have to stick together in order to survive as individuals. It’s not clear if Ryan meant that all House members have to stick together or if he meant that only all Republican House members must stick together.

If he meant that all members of the House, Republicans and Democrats alike, must stick together there is a very important lesson that I don’t believe Mr. Ryan has learned. When a crisis or a disaster strikes, Democrats behave like patriotic Americans as long as it serves their political ends, and then Democrats revert to being partisan Democrats once again, which means that they insist on winning as a liberal group, and Republicans and the welfare of the nation be damned.

Given the insane and unprecedented negative treatment that Donald Trump, the leader of the Republican Party, has received from Democrats and the leftist press the last six months, Republicans had better adopt the philosophy that they, Republican Senate and House legislators, are being attacked when Trump is attacked, and that they, as Republicans, must stick together and protect each other from the left’s unending attacks and abuse if Trump’s policies are to have any chance of success.

Guns Saved Many Lives Last Wednesday

Wednesday morning several Republican members of Congress were hunted down and shot on a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia, by a violent, deranged leftist and Bernie Sanders supporter . The only thing that prevented all of the Republicans who were present at the sports field at the time, reported to be about ten percent of the entire Republican contingent of the House and Senate, from being killed, was a Capitol Hill police security detail for one of the House leaders, all of whom were armed and ready for action.

One can assume that the leftist killer who pulled the trigger of the rifle that wounded several legislators, felt secure in carrying out the attack because it was in the DC area where the private possession of guns is forbidden, and he assumed he would be able to kill at will. There were no city police assigned to, or present at, the ballpark where the outrage happened, so it was just luck that the personal body guards of specified members of Congress were present and saved many lives.

But next time there is an assembly of Republicans the luck of a nearby armed official may not occur, and it’s possible that tens of people will be killed as insane liberal Democrats seek out someone to blame for Bernie Sanders having lost the Democrat nomination, and for Donald Trump having won the presidency.

Luck should never be depended upon for personal safety and protection, because it can always run out.

Maybe The Democrat National Committee Made The Gunman Do It

We’ve learned that the gunman who hunted down and shot several Republicans Wednesday morning at a DC ballpark was a rabid Bernie Sanders supporter and hated Republicans in general and Donald Trump in particular.

We also know that Bernie Sanders was cheated out of a fair shot at getting the Democrat presidential nomination in the last primary campaign because the DNC fraudulently counted primary votes in Hillary’s favor, to the point that Bernie had no possibility of winning the nomination, even though his supporters were the only life and enthusiasm to be found on the Democrat side in the 2016 primary.

Based on what we know about the crazy man who shot the Republican legislators, I would put forth the notion that the gunman was enraged at the DNC for cheating his candidate, Bernie, out of the presidential nomination, and that his anger finally built to the point of explosion, and the only people he could find and get to easily to redress his complaints were the Republicans that he already hated as much as he loved Bernie.

So the DNC may have been the source of his anger, but he released that anger on Republicans. It’s sort of like a killing of two birds with one stone, thing.

Even James Comey Needed A “Safe Space” From Donald Trump

James Comey is 6 feet, 8 inches tall, a large, fit man, was for years the Director of the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation, was one of the most powerful men in Washington, had worked for a series of presidents and knew everyone of any importance in Washington D.C., but when President Trump took office and called him in for a one-on-one meeting, Comey felt intimidated and afraid. Liberals are comparing Mr. Comey’s fears of Trump to what they claim women feel when they are being pressured or attacked by a predatory man, and the liberal Democrat assumption is that all men are predators.

One can equate from this description of fear on the part of a powerful man, the need our snowflake college students have for a “safe space” where they can seek refuge and shelter from the evil world where not everyone agrees with them and their immature, unrealistic, socialist ideas. James Comey just needed a safe space so he could avoid the reality of a President Trump with whom he would have to associate.

Does anyone buy this line of leftist crap? An employer (Trump) has every right to privately interview an employee (Comey), so where does the fear and uncertainty come into play? One would think that a request of loyalty for the President’s policies and practices is also not out of line to ask of an employee. Plus, James Comey is a mature man who, as Director of the FBI, has certainly learned how to stand up to other alpha-males and continue to function. All Comey was doing with his pretense of fear was doubling down on the left’s claim that Donald Trump is a mean, ruthless person who should be removed from the position of President of the United States.

But maybe Mr. Comey is not the strong man and the advocate for justice he appears to be. When Loretta Lynch, serving at the time as Barack Obama’s Attorney General, told him to call Hillary’s email investigation a “matter” instead of an investigation, he also crumbled at this order from a his female boss, so maybe our James Comey is just a wuss who goes along to get along, and in the case of Donald Trump, he no longer wanted his liberal pals to see him getting along with a Republican president, so he balked and turned on Trump for purely political reasons.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Republicans: A Party Under Attack

At least the Nazis in Germany and the Communists in Russia operated under such a corrupt system that their opponents never got elected to office. In 2017 America, a Republican was, miraculously, elected president, and he has been persecuted and the subject of violent attacks ever since.

For months following the election of Donald Trump to the presidency we witnessed many and continuous violent demonstrations against him in which people were beaten and property was burned.

Then we saw our president’s head severed in effigy by a radical Hollywood woman.

Next we saw a play in which our Republican president was killed in the guise of Julius Caesar in ancient Rome.

So today the logical result of this violent leftist activity reached its zenith with the rifle and pistol attack on congressional Republicans as they met in a park in Alexandria, Virginia, for baseball practice, with several people being shot and wounded in the process.

And where are the liberal leadership while this murderous radical activity is taking place?  Silence. Total silence.

The radical leftist freaks who are in power in the Democrat Party caused, and I really believe, encouraged, this violence, and will not condemn it. The liberal press is also in attack phase against Republicans, especially President Trump, by reporting news stories that they know are lies about Trump colluding with Russia, but refuse to report stories about his being cleared of any investigation for any crime, which was made public by no less a prominent person than the Director of the FBI, while the liberal press continued to report that he was under criminal investigation.

The fact that one of our political parties is under attack equates to our entire nation being under attack from the violent, radical left. Are there no responsible members of the Democrat party left to raise a sensible voice to challenge these unending attacks?

Now Republicans Are Hunted Down And Shot In City Parks

First the leftist violence and burning was excused because we were told that we had to understand the frustration and disappointment of liberals who had just lost an election to a Republican candidate who had colluded with Russia to win the election.

Then we were told that we had to understand the feelings of expression when we saw the severed head of our president being displayed by a nutty leftist actress.

Then we were told of the artistic expression when we saw a play depicting a Caesar Trump being stabbed to death.

But now this uncontrolled violence, coming exclusively from the liberal left and encouraged by idiots like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, finds Republicans being hunted down and shot while at baseball practice. When is too much enough for liberal Democrats to demand a halt to the violence they support?

Democrats are only attacked by citizen voters at the voting booth, while Republicans are attacked by insane Democrats while minding their own business. Why are Democrats not seeing the fascist/Nazi tendencies of their party?

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Democrats Are Rearranging the Deck Chairs On Their Political Ship Titanic

In August of 2013 a rodeo clown at the State Fair in Sedalia, Missouri, was seen wearing an Obama mask as part of his entertainment costume and all hell broke loose in liberal enclaves across the nation. There was no consideration of free speech, there was no talking about artistic expression, there was no doubting that this was pure racism, and there was a demand for the ousting of the clown from the rodeo circuit and that he be punished for his outlandish action.

But when the likes of Donald Trump is physically attacked and murdered in a leftist play, no one has any real concern, they only look at the artistic endeavor and blow off the seriousness of murdering a president for purely political reasons. The assassination of George Bush was also depicted in a movie made during his administration, so it appears that Democrats really are intent on getting rid of political leaders who are less than liberal, and one fears the time when one of these fools takes the life of a Republican into their own hands and do in real life what they appear to be encouraging in the form of “art”.

With all of the violent demonstrations, the violent plays and books performed where Republicans are attacked and killed and where property is destroyed and burned, Democrats are greatly harming themselves as they ready future political runs for various offices. Even Bernie Sanders is warning Democrats of the disaster that awaits them if they don’t stop acting like Nazis and begin acting like Harry Truman in a more traditional sense of the politics that has kept America free and prosperous for over 200 years, and not the idiocy that has rocked our democracy the last eight years.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Comey Shakespearean Senate Circus: Much Ado About Nothing

In spite of CNN breathlessly and hopefully predicting that in the Senate hearings last Thursday former FBI Director James Comey would refute President Trump’s claim that Comey had assured Trump that he was not himself under any FBI, in the actual hearings Comey did assert that he indeed did assure Trump, on three occasions, that he was not under any investigation by the FBI, and liberals across America wet themselves.

Aso during the hearings Democrat Senator Mark Warner of Virginia made a big deal of President Trump allegedly stating that Comey was doing a good job a week before Trump abruptly fired him, strongly suggesting a dishonest and nefarious intention on Trump’s part, while neither the good Senator nor any other Democrat ever made a case of blatant lying, nefarious intent nor false statements to the American people on Barack Obama’s part when he repeatedly promised that we could all keep our plans and our doctors under Obamacare, which was of course a lie cast at every American who had to put up with Obama’s lies his entire administration.

The interesting as well as disturbing thing about James Comey’s appearance in the Senate is that in spite of Comey confirming, under oath, that he told Trump that he is not under any FBI investigation, liberals are now claiming with hopeful, pretend certainty that President Trump is now, after the firing of James Comey, under criminal investigation by the FBI. The fool Democrats simply will not let up on their insistence and their political need for Trump to be in legal trouble. The verbal twisting and turning that these fool professional Trump-haters are forced to make to arrive at this unbelievable conclusion to the Comey hearing is beyond a reasonable person’s ability to comprehend. But liberals will go to their political graves claiming that Trump is a liar and is being pursued by the FBI for serious crimes. For Democrats to oppose Trump politically is proper and understandable, but for them to repeatedly insist that he is under criminal investigation when there have been no such charges brought and there has been no evidence of illegality, borders on insanity on the part of Democrats, and it further illuminates the left’s inability to convince American citizens to vote for their radical left agenda and crazy social policies.

What has brought this great nation to this twilight-zone of idiotic political endeavor? Unbridled liberalism is the cause, and it’s gradually eating itself into oblivion.

We Don’t Need A Politburo When We have The Democrat Party

Did I miss something? Did the Commies win the cold war? I could have sworn that the Berlin wall was removed and that the West won the competition for liberty, democracy and prosperity in the world.

But the United States has ended up with a lying Democrat political party that disobeys the constitution, opens up our borders to anyone who wants in, won’t enforce duly passed laws, is partners with a corrupt press that makes up the news as it wants current events to be understood each day, forces everyone to buy their national healthcare offering, persecutes and lies about the man elected to be our president only five months ago, has no problem with fraudulent voting as long as it‘s for the Democrat candidate, claims that Russia stole the last presidential election (although President Obama stated firmly at the time of the election that no votes were nor could have been tampered with), and is accompanied by the DNC which ran a fraudulent primary election with the deck stacked against Bernie Sanders and in favor of Hillary, with no chance Bernie was going to become the Democrat candidate for president.

So why go to the expense and trouble of a Politburo when we have a totalitarian, corrupt Democrat party in our own back yard?

Friday, June 9, 2017

The Lying CNN Network, Reporting News Like They Want It To Be

The liberal on-again/off-again love affair with James Comey has finally backed them into a corner that they probably will not be able to escape, and all because they will take any suggestion of a tip that Donald Trump has done something, anything, wrong and will run full tilt, and face first, into the nearest brick wall with it.

CNN is once again using “unnamed sources” for its news, and such sources have once again bitten them in the butt. I recall a CNN anchor a week or so ago yelling at a panelist who expressed doubt at the wisdom of repeatedly using these unidentified unnamed sources. The yelled-at panelist had suggested that these anonymous people could be unreliable and could misrepresent the truth in their efforts to please CNN producers, managers and journalists.

The original CNN report related to the Comey senate hearings media drill predicted that in last Thursday’s Senate hearing, former FBI Diretor James Comey would refute President Trump’s claim that Comey told Trump that he was not under investigation by the FBI.  The CNN chief political analyst, Gloria Borger, also verbally and separately confirmed that Comey would refute the not-under-investigation claims in Thursday’s hearing. But she was wrong, as usual. At this point Ms Borger probably wishes that she were also an “unnamed source” after having to eat her own anti-Trump, hateful words.

But as Walter Cronkite used to say: “that’s the way it is”. And indeed that is the way the leftist press presents news during the Trump administration, and that’s the way it will remain until the liberal press and Democrats get over their Trump derangement syndrome and can find the integrity to just report the news as it is and not create the news and shape it to fit their anti-Trump idea of perfection.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

More Obama Lies Exposed

Does anyone recall the assurance that Barack Obama gave the entire nation about the two-year robust vetting process that each refugee went through before they were allowed to enter the United States? Most thinking people doubted that a refugee could wait two years in a camp in Syria or Jordan and still be living after that period of time, and then be allowed to enter the United States, but our Barry assured us that this was the case.

Recently DHS Secretary John Kelly exposed this fictitious vetting process that Obama used to get his terrorist pals into the United States where they could continue his “fundamental transformation of America” via different means, as a lie. Mr. Kelly told us that only those Syrian refugees with passports were vetted for any length of time.  Those without passports were just allowed in, I suppose, being the fine fellows they are and considering the impossibility of vetting a person who is from a government that doesn‘t exist any longer.  And consider for a moment how many Syrian civilians have passports at all. Is Syria a nation of sufficient wealth these last 70 years that its people have active passports to travel to Europe and the rest of the Middle East? It turns out that some refugees have no documents at all and are lucky if they have a spare shirt to wear, let alone an updated set of documents from a legitimate, existing government.

Obama and his criminal administration lied about everything they were asked about, and as Donald Trump attempts to put some sanity and honesty back into government he is savaged by the leftist press every step of the way and blocked by leftist judges from putting in place practices that could protect Americans from terrorist attacks from our sworn enemies.

What Rules Do Liberal Democrats Play By?

If the liberal, lying press and their Democrat hangers-on would simply admit that they hate President Trump and will do anything, say anything and make any bogus charges against him to get him out of office, then I believe the non-hating majority of the country, most of whom voted for Trump once and would still vote for him again if they had the chance,  could deal with the left’s lies, ignore them and get on with their lives.

But the lying press and the hateful Democrats make their baseless charges sound like they
are using reason and applying the same equal arguments against Trump that they made against Obama, and that is just not the case.

Obama went out of his way to break laws and disobey the constitution, and then bragged about it with his statement that “elections have consequences”, whereas Trump has only had baseless charges leveled against him with no evidence or proof that he did anything improper, let alone illegal.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Donald Trump Gives Liberals The “DT”s

As liberals withdraw from their Obama-induced high, and as the fog of the Obama years wears off, American liberals are experiencing a case of the DTs in the realization that Donald Trump controls the policy and process of government, and not the ultra-liberal Obama.

Some examples:

Trump makes Kathy Griffin pretend to cut his head off.
Trump makes “students” and union thugs riot and burn other people’s property.
Trump makes liberal Congressmen and Senators investigate things that all presidential administrations have done as part of their duties.
Trump makes the liberal bench block legal, logical and necessary executive orders the likes of which all presidents have issued for over 200 years.
Trump makes liberal city mayors promise, proudly, to disobey federal laws and protect illegal aliens and related criminals in their cities.
Trump makes liberals say that he is “planetary negligent” for dropping out of the Paris Accords hoax.
Trump makes liberals investigate his imagined dealings with Russia for over a year with no evidence of anything untoward having taken place, and still they plod on.
Trump makes liberals say that we’ll have to get used to terrorist attacks because we can’t stop them.

The anti-establishment Trump drives liberals crazy, and that’s why he’s the man for the job.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Wealth Is The Problem, And Liberals Are Largely The Controllers Of It

The problem with America and with the world, and especially when considering the divide between rich and poor and the haves and the have-nots, is wealth, and more precisely, the wealth that finds its greatest accumulation in the wealthiest and most elite classes. The elites do not fear for their next meal nor wonder how they will transport the family to Davos or Aspen for the next ski trip. So instead, they work on fixing, or at least making a dumbed-down nation think that we can and must fix, things that are speculative, unnecessary and not of any urgency, and they make these projects appear to be important for the future of less wealthy people who do fear for their next meal and may not have enough money to travel to a local water slide for their family vacation next year.

Warming/change is one such highly visible but completely unimportant issue that the elite classes generate so they can seem relevant, and so they can become even wealthier taking tax money from the lower classes with the promise that they can halt a temperature rise, or a temperature decrease, and that no one should expect progress to be seen for twenty or thirty years because of the highly complicated nature of the subject. However, they do promise that the project will save the lives of your grand children.

But while claiming that only they and your government can save the lives of future generations, they never actually say  they can lower a rising temperature or raise a dropping temperature. They may make some lame claim that they can lower the temperature by 0.03 degrees in fifty years, or they make a claim that a longer growing season, the natural result from a few years of warming, will hurt farmers, which makes no sense at all.

Regardless of any illogic in the statements the elites make, their worthless projects will cost trillions of dollars and will require that you follow their instructions to the letter, or too bad for you and your grand children.

And so it goes with the lie of warming/change.  It will cost trillions of dollars. The United States will be expected to pay most of the cost, and Americans’ taxes will increase. The standard of living for the average American will take a serious hit as they try to make modern conveniences run on less electrical power while that decreased power will cost more per kilowatt hour. And the number of degrees that all of this suffering and increased cost will lower the temperature in fifty years is, maybe, 0.03 degrees.

Liberals are total fools, and sensible people should thank President Trump for putting an end to this political idiocy by dropping the United States out of the Paris accords.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Liberals Claim That Donald Trump Is Guilty Of Planetary Negligence

The stupidity of nonsense-producing liberal Democrats is on display as they stumble over themselves to make the most outrageous claims and charges against President Trump following his decision to drop out of the Paris Climate Scam.

One of the most ridiculous claims against the president is that with this move he is guilty of planetary negligence. What control does the president of the United States have over the rest of the earth? Who elected him president of the world? Do liberals really want the United States to dominate the world with our money and our culture? The things liberals come up with in their times of frustration, and there have been plenty of those the last six months, are preposterous.

To pretend that the United States will not still be playing on the world stage just because we drop out of an agreement that punishes us for being a successful nation is wrong. Equally wrong is the notion that good works and successful  projects cannot happen without the involvement of the United States. There are smart people in every nation, but not every government allows its citizens to use that intelligence in a productive, profitable way.

The big problem conservatives and President Trump had with the Paris accords is that American tax payers would be expected to foot much of the bill for the activities of the scam, while having to cut back on domestic energy use at the same time. The governmental edicts from the Paris deal would hurt our nation and our economy more than the EPA regulations that halted manufacturing and job-creation during the Obama years.

The claim that the United States is hurting itself by getting out of the accords is equally idiotic. Did the United States need the rest of the world to develop the computers that run the world? Did Apple iPhones happen because of something done in Paris or Berlin, or did it happen in San Jose, California under a free market system unique to the United States?

The United States pollutes much less than India or Russia because our open capitalist system requires that the customers of major corporations must be heard and pleased by the corporate giants, unlike a nation like China which cares not a whit about its citizens or its consumers.

Past complaints that the United States is dominating the world seems to now be taken back by those who say that no progress can be made without American involvement. India and Belgium are fully competent to achieve any goals they want to achieve.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Dropping Out of Paris Climate Scam Demonstrates Leadership

When nations like North Korea, Russia and China agree on an environmental plan, it can’t be good for America, and Donald Trump showed great leadership with his decision to go against the flow of 196 follow-the-leader nations and get out of the Paris Climate Accord. The only reason so many nations went along with the Paris scam in the first place is that they thought they’d get some money from Uncle Sam so the dominant establishment of those nations could add to their Swiss bank account retirement plans. But America has a real leader in the White House now and the world is changing for the better.

Add to the unfavorable provisions of the Paris Climate deal the fact that there is a radical, leftist political consensus on warming/change that contains no scientific evidence that scientists can test, discuss and agree on, and reasonable people will agree that President Trump is doubly correct to have ended this fiasco before the United States began losing wealth and sovereignty to the rogues of the world who were planning to loot this great nation.

The “Fundamental Transformation Of America” Ended Yesterday

Say what you will about Donald Trump, but he can make decisions that are based on facts and current conditions and not on the praise or abuse he’ll get from the Washington establishment or the leftist press. Actually, there is no way our lying, leftist press can possibly be more abusive of our president than they are each and every day, so one could argue that they created President Trump’s decision by their unending criticism of him for even drawing breath. His decision to get out of the Paris Climate scam yesterday was the right thing to do and will help America get back to the business of business quickly. And it would not surprise a thinking person if the leaders of many nations in the world who are currently lined up like unthinking lemmings in favor of the Paris Climate Accord, began to join America by rejecting government domination and control of their citizens’ lives, and took up the banner of freedom and prosperity that Donald is waving so bravely.

Liberals are dictators and absolutists, whereas President Trump is a small-letter democrat who believes in inclusiveness. Obama and his leftist pals in the EPA outlawed coal, destroying that industry, and placed severe restrictions on oil which added to the costs of driving and commuting to work for millions of Americans. At the same time they were destroying America’s traditional energy industries, America’s liberals were subsidizing the wind and solar industries (one might recall that Solyndra went broke even after Obama gave them millions of dollars in exchange for them returning millions of these same dollars in the form of donations to his campaign treasure chest) and pretending that these new, inefficient energy producers were set to become profitable and would change the world, which of course was the opposite of the truth. There will come a time when these industries will have technology and a delivery system that will make them practical and  profitable, but that time has not yet arrived and will likely not be seen in our lifetimes.

I knew that one day Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform America” would come back to bite his skinny butt, and yesterday it happened. The first day of June will be the capitalists’ equivalent of the communists’ May Day, and a great day it was for anyone interested in freedom and national sovereignty.

The Horror Of Treating European Nations Like Grown-Ups

If it hadn’t been for the United States there would be no “Europe” as we’ve come to know it, and the language of every nation east of Iceland would have a Russo-German dialect.

American military might during World War II, and the avalanche of American assistance following the war, was so generous that the Europeans were able to sit back and let the US assure their welfare in the shadow of the rising Soviet threat. But European disregard for their own defense is about to end.

The European welfare system and prosperity that Americans have protected with our military and our cash has allowed the Germans, Swedes and others to permit hundreds of thousands of unassimilated Middle Eastern refugees, and with them many terrorists, to settle in their countries and substantially change the face of the former Europe, and this change has not been for the best.

So now President Trump has let the European nations know that the United States will no longer foot the bill for European defense and that they must pay part of their own way regarding defense. Following Trump’s announcement of this liberation of Europe, Angela Merkel made a pouting speech in a German beer hall exclaiming that now Germany can no longer “depend” on the United States and must forge their own way in the world. Actually, Germany will always have the United States to fall back on and she knows it, and they will be safer if they begin to provide for themselves as regards defense and other related matters.

Much has been made by liberals and American Democrats about Donald Trump’s attitude about Europe providing for more of its own defense, but one recalls Barack Obama bad-mouthing the United States as he arrogantly toured the world telling everyone how bad the United States has been the last two hundred years and all of the misery the United States has caused the rest of the world, and no one in the liberal press criticized Obama as he alienated our allies and further distanced our enemies around the world. But all Donald Trump has to do is release Europeans from dependence on the United States and liberals are wringing their hands everywhere.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Anti-Trump Left Goes From Insane To Pathological

Kathy Griffin, never a person I would call funny, is also a person who doesn’t know bad taste and dangerous actions when she‘s committing them, as is obvious from her displaying the severed head of President Trump recently. Does this woman understand the significance of pretending to have killed the president of the United States?

One really has to express a fear of these idiot leftist anti-Trumpers.  Do they know right from wrong? In their hate for Donald Trump are they able to behave reasonably? Could this be a situation where real and true pathology has resulted from the leftist Democrat screaming, raging hate and anger they’ve displayed at having lost the last presidential election?

How can the decapitated head of anyone, let alone the president of the United States, be considered humorous and anything but the worst taste and an example of horrible judgment?

With spokespersons and party leaders like Kathy Griffin and the crass, lying piece of crap that is Hillary Clinton, one has to fear for America if a Democrat is ever elected president again. The current bunch of so-called leaders, if elected president,  would immediately discard the constitution, appoint ultra-liberal judges to every open court position, and would edict the equivalent of the United Nations climate court on America, assuring our national impoverishment.

Thomas Sowell, the brilliant author, once said during the Obama years, that one of his greatest fears was that Iran would launch some sort of attack on the United States and that Obama would immediately surrender and allow the occupation of America by Iranian troops. That’s the fear I have about anyone in the Democrat party. No Democrat who has any power to voice opinion in the Democrat party has anything resembling common sense, and has only the most fascist tendencies on any subject.

America is indeed facing dangerous times.

Hillary Tells Us That Obama Caused Her Election Loss In 2016

On Wednesday we learned from Hillary’s own mouth that Barack Obama and his subordinates caused her to lose the 2016 presidential election. She elaborately told her rapt, subservient audience that the DNC was broke, nearly insolvent and did nothing to help her in the election.

Hillary’s story is interesting because Obama was the Democrat Party leader during the election, and the DNC was his tool to use to assure that a Democrat candidate was elected, except that he diverted millions of dollars to his pet Organizing For America, which took much cash from the DNC.

But Hillary and the lying press told America exactly the opposite about her dealings with the DNC during the election, and she forgets that the DNC was plotting all along to defeat Bernie Sanders in favor of her nomination throughout the primary campaign. That doesn’t sound like a lack of support to me. And she also forgot that she called on Obama numerous times for joint campaign appearances in order to get his fans on her side, and that she was best buds with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the head of the DNC, for the entire campaign.

Hillary hastily informed her audience that she takes full responsibility for every decision she made during the campaign, but that none of her decisions caused her to lose the election. So I guess she expects us to believe that it was not her decision to skip appearances in Wisconsin and Michigan because she assumed that these states were in her back pocket? And are we to believe that she did not call all Republicans “deplorable” in her speeches? And are we to believe that she did not send paid, union and DNC thugs to Trump campaigns to disrupt them and encourage violence? And are we to believe that her decision to use an illegal and unsecured email server was neither her decision nor had any impact on the outcome of the election?

Hillary was not only the worst candidate in American history, but she is a fool who is unable to arrive at a commonsense, truthful conclusion to any problem.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

How To MAGA: Get Out Of The Paris Climate Scam

In order to Make America Great Again, one hopes and prays that President Trump completely and immediately dumps the Paris Environmental scam that Obama set up for us as part of his anti-American “Fundamental Transformation of America“. Anyone who is informed about the warming/change issue knows that the warming/change “science” is based not on science but on the programming of the models that liberals have established to convince the uninformed that humans are destroying the environment.  And if anyone thinks that the United Nations, or the North Koreans or the Red Chinese or whomever gets power over America when the full impact of the United Nation’s radical environmental designs are implemented, will look favorably on America and allow us to continue to be the most comfortable and successful nation in the world, those people are fooling themselves.

After 40 years of hearing the likes of Paul Ehrlich, Ted Danson, the liberal press and the EPA warning us of environmental disaster in 5 years, and then, having been wrong, retelling us of the disaster in the next 5 years, then predicting that environmental disaster will certainly occur in another 10 years, one can safely assume that we’ve been lied to and led to slaughter by our liberal leaders, and it’s now time to get serious and reverse the schemes of Obama and his radical pals and trash the environmental lies that will certainly halt all progress for our nation and for our children‘s futures.

You can talk all you want about repealing Obamacare, lowering taxes and limiting the power of the EPA as ways of reversing the fortunes of America, but the rubber meets the road with the United Nations and the dictatorial power that gang of rogues will have over this great nation if we go forward with the Paris Environmental plans.

Get out now before it’s too late.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Dems Put All Their Electoral Eggs in One Russia-Trump Basket

Does anyone believe that Obama did not spy on the Trump campaign team or the other  Republican presidential candidates in the 2016 election season? We know he did, and in doing so he broke the law.

Does anyone believe that Obama’s NSA was not spying on all of Obama’s opponents the last years of his presidency, with emphasis on the Trump candidacy? We know they were, and in doing so they broke the law, with Obama‘s knowledge.

Does anyone believe that if Obama had audio or print evidence of a member of the Trump team colluding with Russia that it would not have been leaked to one of the hate-Trump, liberal news outlets? We know it would have been released as soon as Trump became president.

Does anyone believe that if FBI Director, James Comey, working for Obama in the final year of his administration, had information harmful to Donald Trump, that it would not have been leaked by now? It most certainly would have been leaked.

Our nation suffered massive illegal and unconstitutional crimes from the Obama administration, but all we hear about from our news sources is the imagined offenses of Donald Trump. If Republicans had possessed a spine Obama would have been persecuted daily for his offenses against the American people, but Obama was given a pass, and that has lead directly to the situation we experience daily in which Democrats believe they have the absolute right to destroy a duly-elected Republican administration based on a constant pounding of lies and false accusations, and they must be stopped.

The absolute stupidity of the Democrats basing all of their future electoral success on the hate-Trump rhetoric we’ve been inundated with the last month, with no evidence that anything untoward occurred after a year of multiple investigations, not only demonstrates their complete desperation, but defies logic. And a lack of logic and common sense is the Democrat’s biggest problem. They depend on hate-speech and hate-filled attacks to weaken and, in their minds, hopefully, remove Trump from office, and not a well thought-out, intelligent campaign to create more liberty and prosperity for the American voters, which is what makes citizens vote for a candidate and is the reason Americans voted for Trump and not Hillary last November.

At the top of any list of liberal Democrat hypocrisy is their constant harping on the Russia back-channel idea. The Trump team declares that this idea came from Russia and not from the administration’s people, but the origination of this means of communications is irrelevant because such devices exist in all administrations, including the Obama administration and their back-channel dealings with Iran and Cuba, both of which nations have expressed their desire to kill all Americans.

Our nation is on the verge of collapse due to the leftist desire to get rid of Donald Trump at any cost and for any reason. Republicans must remain strong and push back on these fool Democrats and their bosses and enablers in the lying press, because when the falseness of all of these idiotic claims and lies about Trump and Russia comes to light the Democrat Party and the news organizations that are carrying their water will go up in flames and allow America to practice Constitutional democracy once again. Republicans must never give in to the pressure exerted by leftist clowns trying to regain lost political power; these people are dangerous to our way of life.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Republican Candidate Greg Gianforte “Slammed” A Reporter

The Republican candidate in a special election for the House of Representatives from Montana was reported to have “slammed” a reporter who was harassing him, and the liberal press is all over themselves insisting that he not be allowed to serve for this horrible action.

But of course the liberal, lying press has forgotten about the young lady that Ted Kennedy left to drown in Chappaquiddick. This disregard for the life of a woman, who was also not his wife by the way, didn’t stir the liberal press to object to her death and insist that Kennedy be removed from his Senate seat.

And how can we forget the “waitress sandwich” that Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd liked to assemble in their favorite restaurant in Washington? This was evidently behavior befitting these two influential liberal politicians, and the press could not find time to object to such an anti-female event.

And Bill Clinton’s Lewinski episode, and his follow up to that event with a lie he made under oath to a federal judge, did not rise to the level of objection from the press. One notices each of the above Democrat “attacks” was against a woman, so if Gianforte had “slammed” a female reporter, instead of a male, does anyone believe that the press would accept the action as being no big deal, as they did when Democrats were the offenders? After all, the male reporter Ghianforte “slammed” is still alive and his reputation is still intact, so where‘s the harm?

And what about Hillary and the list of charges against her that the FBI Director listed on national television at the end of the FBI investigation of her illegal and unsecured email server?  Are her national security violations okay with the liberal press? Apparently so.

And when one recalls that the press attached parallel blame to Donald Trump for the Gianforte happening, one has trouble recalling any equal blame they put on Obama when Anthony Weiner became a big liberal deviant and had to leave politics because of his uncouth actions. No double standard here, right CNN?

One of the most satisfying things that came of the Gianforte event was that MSNBC immediately began reporting that the voters of Montana were turning on both Gianforte and Trump following the scuffle, but Gianforte went on to win that election handily in spite of the liberal lies.

So in spite of the liberal news programs’ lies about how terrible Trump and the Republicans are and how badly they are doing in the opinion of the American voters, so far Republicans have won all of the special House elections, so it appears Republicans are ignoring the advice of liberal commentators as to how to behave.

I would humbly suggest that the voters of Montana voted for Greg Gianforte because he decked the reporter, not in spite of it. The entire world of the liberal news establishment in America is falling apart, and they still think they’re winning in the arena of ideas and politics. One hopes these fools continue to ignore the truth and do what they do best: lie.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Democrats Are In The Process Of Defeating Themselves

So now the Democrats have the special council they demanded to investigate the numerous lies about Trump and Russia, and one suspects that they may have been too clever for their own good. Have they never heard the phrase: “Be careful what you ask for”? Once this new investigative council gets rolling one would not be surprised if he found a Hillary or an Obama to point a prosecutorial finger at for their many offenses against America.

Democrats seem to be daily trying to hang themselves. One should consider these two Democrat charges and what became of them:
Donald Trump tried to stop James Comey from investigating the Russia charge.
Donald Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice.

Charge number one is just plain stupid on its face because James Comey was not personally investigating anything, his staff was, and with both the House and the Senate holding their own investigations into the Russia deal, even if Comey had agreed to halt all work on this subject, investigations would have continued. And keep in mind, if there had been any corroborating evidence of Donald Trump or his staff doing anything wrong with Russia, the Democrats would have been crowing their heads off, and one notices that they have been silent lately, except to demand a special prosecutor, which they now have, and which they may regret asking for.

Charge number two was a wholly made-up lie from the Democrats, which they repeatedly spoke and printed and are now having to eat.

So let’s look at the hole Democrats are digging for themselves:
They lie repeatedly with fantasy charges that only prove to the American people how desperate they are to defeat the Donald Trump who buried their latest candidate in the dust and is now undoing the legacy of their just-retired hero, Barack Obama. The entire nation is witnessing the Democrat party destroy itself with violence, screaming and lying charges against the person Americans just elected to be president, and they are sick of what they see.

Once this new council gets started there is no way to know where the investigation will take him, and remembering the fifteen minutes of charges that Comey listed against Hillary before he decided not to prosecute her, and keeping in mind the massive number of Republican political candidates that Barack Obama illegally surveilled, there may be some surprises in store for Democrats that will make them rue the day they insisted on this independent council.

One sincerely hopes the insane Democrats continue their uncontrolled actions because they are digging a deep hole for themselves and their party in which to live for a long time.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Where Was The Fear Of Russia During Democrat Administrations?

From The New York Times’ reporter Walter Duranty, to Ted Kennedy, to Barack Obama, America’s leftists have cozied up to the Russian Soviets and undermined American security for the last 70 years.

One recalls seeing President Obama secretly recorded while begging the Russian Prime Minister to in turn beg Russian President Vladimir Putin, to allow Obama time to get re-elected so he could do the bidding of Putin in matters regarding the American missile shield in Eastern Europe. The American leftist press just yawned at this most serious security breech and went on their way without trying to “get to the bottom” of  this national security event.

And one also recalls the assurance from Barack Obama to the chastised Mitt Romney during their 2012 presidential debate, that the threat to the United States from Russia was old news and Mitt’s suggestion about Russia being our biggest enemy is a reversion back to the 1980s. But now the Democrat position is that there is no more dangerous foe in the world than Russia and that the out of touch Donald Trump is giving them our national secrets. How can we trust a political party with the safety and security of the United States when they say whatever is helpful to them politically at the moment with no regard to the real world beyond our borders?

Recently a Washington Post fake news article was run speculating a possible Russia-leak security breech that WaPo attributes to Donald Trump with no confirmation from the principals in the matter as to the articles’ validity, and the liberal press goes into orbit over just the suggestion of such a thing happening in the Trump White House, even though thinking people know it to be just one of a series of liberal press lies. It’s not as though the leftist press gives a damn about American security, it’s just that they will take every opportunity to attack Trump, with or without a legitimate, verifiable reason. This is just another in a series of Trump attacks the press is throwing against the wall hoping it will stick and grow legs, but instead, these lying charges are sticking to the Democrats who are generating them.

And all of this attention is given to the alleged and imagined failings of Donald Trump, when even the Director of the FBI listed ten minutes of  actual, documented offenses of Hillary Clinton related to her illegal email server and the exposing of classified information that even a rube would know is illegal, and all we got was silence about Hillary from the Washington Post about these absolute crimes against America.

Given the unprincipled attacks the left is making on Trump, I quake to see what Democrats will do if a Democrat ever wins the White House again. The illegal monitoring of  Republican political opponents that Obama did during his last days in the White House, will be nothing in comparison to the excesses the Democrats will go to in order to defeat Republicans if they ever gain power again.  And Democrats are doubly dangerous because the liberal, lying press will not hold them to the same standards they insist Republicans live by.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Democrat Party Security Overrides National Security

Democrats are more concerned about their party’s electoral security than they are about America’s national security. All you have to do is recall the open mic a few years ago that captured President Obama’s plea to the Russian Prime Minister, asking him to appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin to give Obama a little more time to get re-elected and then he would be able to give Putin whatever he wanted related to the missile systems in Eastern Europe that Putin wanted removed. The liberal press cared not a whit about this very serious security violation what could endanger Europe and America, but let one Washington Post fool reporter generate an article about Donald Trump, not for violating national security but just allegedly discussing the two-year old bombing of a Russian aircraft, and you’d think the world had come to an end, with all of the usual liberal press suspects demanding in unison that we need to “get to the bottom of this”, with no real evidence that the security violation occurred, and in spite of statements from all parties to the meeting that the questionable event did not happen.

And compare, if you will, this imagined, fictitious security slip of President Trump against the solid case the FBI had against Hillary Clinton for the secrets she revealed to the world with her illegal email server and you‘ll understand the desperation the left is in to stop Donald Trump from making the necessary changes he promised during the presidential campaign. They’ll to anything, and tell any lie, to keep Trump from doing the things, like tax reform and building the wall, that the American citizens want of him and elected him to do.

The President of the United States cannot maintain adequate national security if he is constantly being distracted by a lying press and their fictitious charges. And with our enemies watching our national game of Trump-abuse and seeing weakness coming from the leftist press and their serial lies, our national security suffers along with our embarrassment at the pettiness and corruption of Trump‘s detractors.

All the liberal Democrats and their in-beds (and I do mean “in bed“) in the national press corps care about is the furtherance of their leftist agenda and the security of their political power and their anti-American message, and if they have to injure and undermine the security of the nation to achieve that end, they will. Someone needs to “get to the bottom” of this unholy alliance between an American political party and the constitutionally protected leftist press that is supposed to be impartial and independent, and put a halt to  the one-sided reporting that the Democrats call “news”.

Liberal Press Conducts News By “Pile-On”

Since Donald Trump became president the liberal media has been going from one anti-Trump news concentration/attack to the next, which one can think of as “news by pile-on”.

From Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, to the Russian hacking of the DNC, to the selection of Trump’s cabinet, to the Russian collusion charge to the alleged leak of classified information  by Trump to the Russian ambassador, the liberal press is trying to bury Trump under an avalanche of false charges, one after another in a highly concentrated method, and always of a nature that charges Trump with being a very bad man, or a stupid man, or an incompetent man, and then on to another charge tomorrow. This of course gives the impression that Trump is a terrible person and the left hopes that public opinion will drive him from office.

On the liberal attack side of the equation, each news organization breathlessly repeats what another news organization has said, thereby generating the impression that if everyone is saying these bad things about Trump, they must be true. But in the opinion of any thinking person, the similarity of press releases appear to be a RICO information sharing undercover operation by the news organizations where they all illegally collude to get the goods on Trump so he’ll resign. If Ford and General Motors colluded to produce the same products and thereby eliminate competition between the companies, this could get them in trouble under the RICO laws, but this colluding is exactly what the leftist news organizations are doing, and no one seems to care.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Democrats Are Admitted Bottom Seekers

The liberal press is obsessed with bottoms, as in getting to the “bottom” of things, as long as the bottom of this search is a Republican rear end. And the latest such Democrat endeavor to “get to the bottom“ of something was the lie of Russian collaboration associated with Donald Trump, for which there is no real or alleged fact or act to even begin a search for a bottom. This is a purely made-up event being pushed for the benefit of leftist Democrats and their close friends in the leftist press.

Did leftist journalists “get to the bottom” of the Fast and Furious thing that led to the deaths of numerous people? No! They lost interest in this subject as soon as Barack Obama was implicated. Did they “get to the bottom” of the IRS scandal? No! Again, their lord and savior, Barack Obama, was intimately involved in this matter and they dropped it like a sack of hot bottoms, even though unconstitutional and illegal acts of a strictly partisan political nature were intentionally performed.

And how about the absolutely illegal monitoring the Obama administration did of his political Republican opponents during the last election season? This is the kind of Uber Chief criminal behavior we associate with leftist, third world regimes, but the press shows no interest in “getting to the bottom” of this issue.

But if Donald Trump is in the least bit suggested to have been part of a questionable issue, the savage liberal press gang up on him and insist that they must “get to the bottom” of this matter, and it’s most odd that all reporters on these subjects use the same terms regardless of the paper or network they work for, so we need to get to the bottom of this group-speak method of joining forces and collaborating when reporting news about Trump. The similarity of words used by various liberal press reporters when describing their suspicions about any of the partisan issues they are pushing suggest that some RICO violations may be existent in their projects. And if criminal acts on the part of leftist reporters is reflected by the RICO reference, then so be it.

The opinion of the most informed and independent people with knowledge of the Russia collaboration thing is that there is no bottom to the Russia affair to be reached, and the whole thing is another political attack on Trump trying to injure him as he undoes the damage that Barack Obama did to our nation.

Or possibly the lying, fake press is just a bunch of bottom dwellers, and we know who they are.

Monday, May 15, 2017

The Changes In Our Nation Are Frightening To Think About

It’s interesting to reflect on how our nation has changed in the last 50 years. There was a time when we thought of our nation as being united to protect our liberties and to fight foreign foes like Nazis and Communists. But now, after successfully defeating these evils, we find ourselves fighting each other while our foreign foes do pretty much what they want to do without the objection of the United States.

I blame this internal division on events that climaxed with Barack Obama’s stated objective of “fundamentally transforming America”. Now the citizens of America who love and respect this great nation, its constitution and its ability to make everyone willing to work a full member of the middle class, are criticized as being fascists and are attacked on college campuses. On the other side of this equation we have those Americans who hate America and agree with Obama about wanting to fundamentally change it, and these persons are treated as wise and are celebrated as being heroes by the liberal press.

The Democrats demonstrate more hate and objection for President Donald Trump than they do our enemies in North Korean and Iran, both of whom have sworn to destroy America and its citizens. And Obama had to be brought kicking and screaming to a point where he pretended to oppose ISIS, and then he lessened their perceived threat by calling them a JV team, not a force to be feared.

Caring more for their own power and influence than for the protection of their fellow citizens, and disregarding their sworn duty to defend the constitution, elected Democrats are fighting President Trump’s every attempt to protect our nation from terrorism and from a nuclear attack, and the liberal press acts as their cheering squad in this anti-American behavior. When President Trump tries to fight terrorism, the Democrats and their buddies in the press, and more recently their liberal allies in black robes, fight Trump and his administration as though he were the enemy, not the one trying to keep us a free and prosperous nation in a new and dangerous world.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Trump’s Problems Are Necessary For The Liberal Press And Their Democrat Pals

An ABC news report at noon on Friday stated that Trump is in trouble with the Comey firing, which is in addition to the Russian Collaboration investigations, and the commentator said that Trump must solve and resolve these problems hanging over his presidency because the controversy encourages the press to criticize, ridicule and question him (even with the lack of any damning information having been uncovered after a year of multiple investigations) and he claimed this deluge of negativism is alienating his base and hurting his standing with the voters who put him in the White House.

But the liberal, Democrat-supporting press has it wrong, as usual.

The truth is that the Democrats and the liberal press are gratuitously attacking anything and everything President Trump does and says because they need this constant barrage of unfounded attacks on him in an attempt to discourage him, throw him off message and hopefully knock him out of office, because the Democrats are losing elections one after the other and their liberal supporters are desperate to see some action from their dwindling elected officials which will hopefully change the direction of the failure of the Democrat Party to attract voters to keep their candidates in office.

On the other hand, Trump supporters see only confirmation of why they voted for him in the first place, with all of the outlandish, false charges the press and the likes of Chuck Schumer bring against Trump in an attempt to get him off message and obstruct his policies from their successful implementation. Trump is retaining his supporters in the face of a barrage of fake, lying news about him, and they fully support him in his herculean efforts to remain on track while being pummeled from every direction by the anti-American, leftist press.

The unceasing attack from the establishment press is typical of an entity that fears for its demise and will do anything to halt a force of nature, like Donald Trump, who is upsetting their apple cart and destroying their intention of accomplishing Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America”. This calculated abuse of our president is exactly the swamp Trump was elected to drain, and his supporters are not going to abandon him, and in fact we accept the fact that President Trump is making inroads on the liberal bastion of Washington, DC and we pray that the President will double-down on his resistance to the unwarranted liberal attacks launched against him every day.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Forget Russian Collusion, What About The Press/Democrat Collusion?

The pressing issue of our time, according to the liberal press, is not a nuclear North Korea nor the Iranians developing a nuclear device, it’s the unconfirmed, political charge that Donald Trump somehow colluded with the Russians in defeating Hillary in the last presidential election. And the liberal press continues this diatribe in spite of nearly a year of multi-agency investigations that have produced no evidence at all of such a fictitious collusion.

How is an investigation begun with no evidence of wrongdoing, as with the current Russia thing, and how is an investigation continued when it produces no evidence of a wrongdoing having been committed after a year of delving into the issue? The only thing that started the investigation was the illegal outing of General Flynn by the Obama administration, and the only thing keeping the politically motivated investigation going is the liberal, Trump-hating press and Democrats like Chuck Schumer insisting that stopping the non-productive investigation would be covering up a national security crime. This is all pure liberal, Democrat filth.

But I would interject that a larger point of concern for the welfare of our nation than any colluding Donald Trump or his staff might have done is the hand-in-glove, unconstitutional collusion between the Democrat Party and their cheering squad in the liberal press.

How can a Democracy continue to exist when one party is supported by the constitutionally protected press with its first amendment protections, and the opposing party is daily denigrated and attacked by the liberal press? How can the press honestly report on the actions and policies of the Democrat Party when the relationship between these two entities is so incestuous and anti-Republican?

The intention of the First amendment to the constitution was to ensure that the voting public heard both sides of an issue from the press, and the press/Democrat collusion perverts that necessary effort to provide balanced news reports from occurring, and this relationship threatens the civility, if not the very existence and continuation, of this great nation.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Schumer Should Adhere To The “Up And Down” Theory Of Politics: Shut Up And Sit Down

Can the idiot leftists be more irritating than the likes of Chuck Schumer and his over-the-glasses, over-the-top manner of speaking? I thought Harry Reid was a pain in the butt, but Schumer is filling the role of chief Trump-hater very nicely.

First the fool man complains about James Comey and his alleged negative impact on Hillary’s presidential campaign (actually Hillary was the only negative she needed to lose the election, with no help necessary from Comey) and expresses a need to get rid of the FBI director, then when Trump does what Schumer said he wanted done, Schumer is all over Trump for the firing of Schumer’s foe.

With Russia investigations going on at every level of government, how can the removal of the head of one of those committees adversely impact the investigation? The FBI investigation will continue even with the absence of Comey, so how can leftists express the ridiculous opinion that the Trump/Russia investigations are being covered up? And when one considers that James Clapper said last week, that after weeks of multiple committees looking onto the matter, there has been no evidence of any collusion between the Trump administration and Russia, one must be a fool, or a liberal Democrat without ideas and losing influence on the political stage, to continue this mantra.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Obama Warned Trump About Flynn, Huh?

The liberal press is all a-twitter about the allegation that our glorious and wise President Obama warned the new guy in town, Donald Trump, against retaining General Flynn on his presidential staff, and then, after Obama was seemingly proven right, Flynn was fired by Trump. The impression given is that Obama tried to steer Trump right but Trump wouldn’t accept the wise council of Obama.

Let’s look at some of Obama’s decisions and see if President Trump should have listened to him:

Obama forced Obamacare on Americans as a national healthcare policy.
Obama promised we could keep our doctor, period.
Obama promised we could keep our plan, period.
Obama promised that we would save at least $2500 annually on insurance, period.
Obama negotiated a worthless, dangerous nuclear deal with Iran.
Obama believed in strategic patience with North Korea.
Obama originated and defended Fast and furious.
Obama imposed harsh combat limits via strict military rules of engagement.
Obama illegally campaigned against our allies in Israel.
Obama prematurely withdrew from Iraq, causing chaos and suffering in the area.
Obama illegally and unconstitutionally ignored immigration laws and opened our borders.
Obama nationalized many local police forces under control of his Justice Department.
Obama thought ISIS was JV status and easily controlled.

Every decision and every policy initiative of Barack Obama was and is defective and deficient and any person of at least average intelligence would reject advice from such a person. I would think less of President Trump if he had accepted Obama’s suggestion about General Flynn and not done the exact opposite. And when one includes into this equation what we now know, that Susan Rice illegally monitored and outed General Flynn via national security tools, we know that Obama and his staff were operating outside the law, again, and that’s the only reason they could have any knowledge of a down-side to General Flynn being part of President Trump’s administration.

And are we to really believe that Barack Obama gave a damn about President Trump staffing his administration with only the best people? Who in their right mind thinks that Obama was really interested in Trump avoiding embarrassment in the future by offering his sage advice about Flynn?

The lying press will take the word of a radical leftist like Obama over the word of a more pro-American, traditional thinker like Donald Trump, and they will pump up Obama’s advice to appear to be supreme knowledge, like word handed down from above.

Monday, May 8, 2017

American Democrats Are Giving Russian Dictators A Bad Name

Just to prove that America, at least American liberal Democrat politicians, are still influential in the world and trend-setters everywhere, the liberal French politician, Emmanuel Macron, who last weekend won the Presidency of France, is claiming that the Russians have attempted to upset and disrupt his political campaign, just like they did to our Hillary, in her loss to Donald Trump last year.

On this particular point of campaign disruption one has to pity the poor Russians. For the last 60 years or longer they have made every attempt to destroy American democracy and to “bury us”, as Nikita Khrushchev promised to do, and all the while American Democrats praised and imitated the Communist dictatorships as being the enlightened wave of the future for the entire world and for all of mankind.

Then poor Hillary gets hacked by some bungling fool and the Russians get the blame, and are thereafter unable to get a break from the criticism from the American, and now the French, left. At some point western leftist politicians will have to face the fact that they may be going to the well far too often by blaming Russia for their political problems. It’s quite an eye opener for conservative Americans to see the leftist-inspired, glamorous reputations of murderous, evil Russian dictators being dashed to bits by the same American leftist Democrats who espoused Soviet glory for all those years.

Walter Duranty must be spinning in his well-deserved grave, and his New York Times publishers are strangely silent while the lying, Potemkin empire is being brought down by their American, Democrat fellow-travelers.

And all but forgotten in this “the Russians did it” diatribe coming from leftist politicians is that fact that the leftist administration of Barack Obama employed the Soviet, Communist practice of spying, wire-tapping and eaves-dropping on their political opponents, specifically during the recent Republican campaigns of Donald Trump and Ran Paul, and likely others. And forgotten in this confusion is the corruption that accompanies this practice of spying that the Democrats has always associate with Richard Nixon, but is now part of the anti-American left, as practiced by the Democrat Party of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Pence Becomes A Jawboning Flak-Catcher

I’m getting tired of a flak-catching Mike Pence stating the most self-serving, least  abusive of liberals, side of any event coming from congress. On the Rush Limbaugh radio program Tuesday, the VP was introduced by Limbaugh and went directly into a planned and practiced speech about how great the new budget bill is and how it increases, on a bipartisan basis, defense spending, yada, yada. But when Limbaugh asked him a question about Trump’s wall not being funded by the bill, while immigrant resettlement, the EPA and Obamacare were still in the budget, the VP just fell back to his script and didn’t answer Rush’s question.

Defense spending is critically important and I praise the Trump administration for getting this sticking point included in the proposed budget and pushed through past Democrat opposition, but the wall and other foundation elements of Trump’s agenda must also get some funding so they can get started now and not wait four or five more months.

I want anger from the VP in the face of Republican/Trump defeat with the latest spending bill coming from Congress. I want a government shut-down, now, not in September, and I want Trump demanding that every American call their legislators, especially if those legislators are Democrats, and demand that they give Trump the money for the wall and get Immigrant, EPA, planned parenthood and Obamacare funding removed from the budget.

I can understand not winning every battle, but Trump lost in every category with this latest bill, and the President should be showing a little anger with Republican legislators for the shellacking they got. I, one of President Trump’s most dedicated supporters, hate to add to his problems, but time is passing and the electorally defeated Democrats are gaining power and expanding their anti-American policies with this latest bill.

Trump has been a wonder the last 100 days, and I don’t want him to lose the positive edge he expresses in the rallies he occasionally conducts, but I want him up a fighting all the time, not just during rallies. Pelosi and Schumer are both happy and joyful with the spending bill, and their joy saddens me and all thinking Americans, so Trump needs to get busy and make more positive things happen with the Continuing Resolution congress is preparing, and get his policies back on track.

Democrats are losers at election time, but they win every time in Washington’s big-government swamp. This trend must end now and not be kicked further down the road to September. The Democrat socialists have the momentum, and President Trump is the only one who can bring their stampede to a halt.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

There The Democrats Go Again; Now It’s Wealth Envy

Having about worn out their old complaints that President Trump is a racist and a sexist, the Democrats, led by Chuck Schumer, are moving on, and have taken up the banner of wealth envy by loudly and misleadingly expressing their negative opinion on  tax reform as proposed by President Trump.

Unlike the Democrat’s favorite divisive subjects of race and sex, which are relatively fixed and stable, wealth is relative. One person’s subsistence income is another person’s wealth. During Bill Clinton’s presidency he and Al Gore developed the notion that an income of $50,000 a year was great wealth because, as they explained in their leftist logic, in 20 years the person earning $50,000 annually will have made a million dollars, thereby making that person rich, and their socialistic conclusion was that now this rich person could withstand higher taxes on this excessive level of income.

But now, slimy Chuck Schumer is predictably complaining about people who own small businesses and to whom President Trump wants to give some tax relief, along with everyone else in the nation who earns an income. But of course, in Schumer‘s opinion, “the rich”, are getting a tax break with Trump’s tax reductions while the middle class gets nothing. Go figure.

Speaking of wealth, most Americans would give anything to get the salary that wealthy Democrats like Chuck Schumer get, and owners of small businesses would like the benefit that Chuck Schumer gets from not only being given a six-figure salary each year while producing nothing, but also being provided, by the government and at tax-payer expense, with the money to pay his Senate staff and being granted free, luxurious office space. And all of this luxury Schumer enjoys is not burdened with the necessity of doing a better job, making a better product or competing in the market place each day, with the knowledge that he would go broke if his widgets weren’t better and cheaper than his competitors’.

Every American should have their taxes reduced significantly, and we should all support Trump’s tax reduction proposal. But the one entity that should get less money and should have to suffer by doing with less, is the government, which spends and wastes vast sums of money each year with nothing to show for it except the influence these expenditures gain politicians like Chuck Schumer with lobbyists and elite voters in his/her home district, thereby getting them re-elected so they can spend and waste more money next year.

Monday, May 1, 2017

How Does A Democrat Budget Get Passed By A Republican Legislature?

President Trump was slapped in the face with the budget just passed by the Republican-controlled House and Senate. The bill gave him no money for his wall, even though congress approved the wall ten years ago, and, under the new bill, all liberal pet programs got an increase in funding.  This is very disturbing. Here are some things that Trump must do if he’s to keep the faith of the American people who voted for him:

1) Veto the damned bill and then use his tweeting skills to oppose and counter the blame that Chuck Schumer and the lying press will try to attach to him and the Republicans as being the “cause“  of whatever government shut-down/slow-down may result.

2) For selective budget items that Trump campaigned against, don’t spend the money authorized in the new bill. The executive branch has the responsibility of running the government, and Trump will simply decide to spend less than what the bill authorizes on the issues he opposes. After all, Obama spent money on things that were not funded in any budget, so there is precedence for presidential discretion on spending. Then redirect whatever money is not spent from this proposed budget and spend it on the wall (I understand that spending any money on the wall is prohibited by this bill, but let’s see them try to stop him. As Obama himself once said: “elections have consequences“).

3) Kick some Republican legislative butt, starting with Ryan and McConnell, and insist that they get in line with the projects that won Trump the White House.

4) Declare a government shut-down, and tweet long and often about how the Democrats are to blame for the shut-down and how Trump’s promises to the American people are being undermined by the Democrats and some Republicans, and list names.

Donald Trump was voted into office to drain the swamp that just sent him a liberal, leftist Democrat budget, and he needs to continue his well-begun effort making it clear that he is a promise-keeper, and the Republicans must follow his lead.

Republicans need to grow a pair and take this much-feared government shut-down fiasco to the Democrats and shove it up their noses, then let Trump and his tweets abuse the Democrats daily and hourly for the disruption of any government services under the shut-down (which disruptions are minimal at best).

A Government Shut-Down Would Be Going To The Well Once Too Often

If Democrats obstruct Donald Trump’s plans to build a border wall by withholding the money needed to start the project, thereby forcing a government shut-down and blaming Trump’s insistence on building the wall as the reason for the shut-down, the American people who voted for Trump will feel deserted and left stranded by Washington elitists, and would turn on the Democrats in a minute for this fool move. I have no doubt that this threatened government shut-down stunt is a case of the Democrats going to the well once too often, and they will be hanging themselves politically if they allow this to happen and actually force a shut-down.

Congress has already approved the building of a wall along the border with Mexico, and now all that’s needed to begin construction is a relatively paltry billion dollars, and the Democrats are threatening a shut-down, based on related budget talks, unless President Trump backs off and drops his insistence on building the wall he promised during his campaign for president.

What the Democrats are not taking into consideration, and I believe that the Republicans have also not thought of this aspect of a possible shut-down, is that President Trump is a master at sending Tweets that are read by tens of thousands of people and usually picked up by the leftist news agencies and published by them, both in print and on their internet spots. These Trump Tweets have been very effective at informing and persuading the American public about what Donald Trump is doing and have allowed him to pummel his critics and place them on the defensive while bypassing the lying press.

President Trump does not rely on the fake, phony press to get his message out, he publishes his own thoughts directly to the American public, and if the Democrats, in their infinite arrogance, think that they can place Trump in a bad light with a government shut-down, then they are dumber than I thought they were.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Are Liars And Anti-American Politicians Who We Want In Office?

Can America afford to allow elected officials who lie when being sworn into national or local office to continue to serve in positions of importance and ensure our prosperity and national security?

Barack Obama swore to “protect and to defend” the constitution of the United States when he took the oath of office to be president, after which oath he immediately began efforts to “fundamentally transform America” and make America fit into his misguided idea of what it should be by ignoring immigration law and opening up our borders to all who would enter; he disobeyed the constitution by forcing Obamacare on an unwilling nation, arguing, in order to get the votes needed to pass this outrageous legislation, that Obamacare’s financing was not a tax but simply a fee paid by those who enjoyed the insurance coverage, and then changing the lie to calling the fee a tax in order to get the Supreme Court to approve the legislation and deem it constitutional. And forget the numerous lies Obama stated with such conviction about keeping your doctor, keeping your plan, and saving $2500 a year on healthcare coverage, “period“.

Similarly, liberal Democrat Mayors of sanctuary cities are in clear violation of the law by refusing to cooperate with the federal government on immigrant issues and enforcement of the law.  These Mayors also swore to uphold the law, but they lied and they are, instead of obeying the law, committing crimes daily as they allow illegal aliens to avoid the federal government’s attempts to keep America safe from un-vetted people who entered this nation illegally.

And now we have federal judges blocking President Trump’s executive orders to ban travelers from entering America when they come from suspect nations harboring terrorists in their midst, and we have a judge also trying to block the President’s simple statement that he will withhold money from sanctuary cities, which he will do in accordance with written, established law.  Both of these judicial actions by federal judges were issued expressing the judges’ personal opinions or quoting political rhetoric from President Trump’s presidential campaign, and were not issued and argued from a point of law, as judges are required to do and have always done.

So we live in a world where too many of our politicians and judges are liars who swear to be good citizens, public servants and elected officials and then turn on their word and abuse the laws of the land once they are safely in office.  This sort of behavior leaves the nation in a state of lawlessness and threatens the public who just want a peaceful, enjoyable life and to be able to walk the streets without fear of people who should not be here, attacking them, as one such person attacked Kathryn Steinle in the sanctuary city of San Francisco. The shame of the current state of affairs is that Ms. Steinle got no “sanctuary”, but her killer did, under San Francisco’s liberal Democrat Mayor and his partner in crime, California’s Governor Moonbeam. We must keep this kind of person out of public office.

It’s an apparent fact that liberal politicians and judges want  to change America to their own anti-American, socialistic, unconstitutional idea of government, patterned on Communism and Nazism, and in direct contradiction to the laws of this land. All voters must be on guard for this manner of politician and both weed them out, and vote them out of office.