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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Liberals May Soon Run Out Of Symbols to Hate

It seems like an almost weekly mantra that liberal groups will announce a statue of a Civil War Confederate soldier that they want to tear down whether he was a slave owner or not. Any given statue may be commemorating a local soldier who was just fighting to protect his own family and home from the destruction of Union armies as they marched through the south during the Civil War, and the remembered soldier may have had no interest in slavery at all.

If liberals continue with their destructive efforts toward every statue they see, it won’t be long until these hated monuments to the confederacy will be a thing of the past and then there will be no more bronze memories to refresh their hate. Having symbols of past wrong-doings can be valuable as reminders of things to not do again. But the deranged American left is so full of hate and so desirous of regaining the power they had under Obama and lost when Hillary was defeated at the ballot box, that they can’t think logically and sensibly in the new world of Trump and his attempts to return the United States to constitutional operation and protection once again.

Liberals forget that there were black slave owners in America as well as white ones, so owning a slave in early America had nothing to do with racism, it had to do with economics and what was acceptable at the time. The reason the slaves were in America was that blacks in Africa had no problem with enslaving members of other tribes, and in the latter days of the era they were able to make money by selling the slaves outside of Africa and realize a greater profit.

One very important thing, though, has escaped the enraged left. With their hate of Trump they have forgotten that the south that they so hate was run by Democrats who had strong ties with the KKK. Old Democrat heroes like Al Gore’s father, and Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, who was a leader of the KKK and has many monuments and highways with his name on them, were until recently worshipped as strong supporters of Democrat causes and were recently praised by the likes of Hillary Clinton. So are Democrats prepared to erase Byrd’s name from these commemorations and his memory from the tales of the Democrat party they’re members of, or will they regain some sense and begin acting responsibly again?

It almost looks like modern day Democrat radicals are risking being called domestic terrorists with their threats to destroy statues,  including those of Lincoln and Washington, and their constant threats to our constitution and America’s proud tradition of rule of law. Considering the destruction liberals are doing to America, no terrorist could do more damage to our way of life and to our nation than Trump-hating Democrats are doing.

Liberalism Is The Source Of All Evil In The Modern World

When one reflects back on recent history, one realizes that the Communist Soviet Union and Nazi Germany were very liberal, dictatorial nations: both of those governments controlled the economies of their nations, both ruled with an iron fist and punished their citizens at the will of the rulers without the protection of a constitution that had any value, each had government control of education and each had a single payer healthcare system, like that of the Obama administration, all of which kept the populace under control.

Now immigration has become a dominant aspect of life in developed countries with ISIS forcing large numbers of people to flee their home nations in the Middle East in order to escape certain death at the hands of vicious murderers. The result of the threat of ISIS is that Europe has been overcome by invading hordes of people from nations like Syria. The Europeans have done little or nothing to keep these invaders out, and in recent years we have seen France, Belgium, Germany, Spain and England be on the receiving end of massive terrorist attacks as the invaders reward the nations handing out assistance and refuge with death and destruction for their good will. But in Eastern Europe, in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia, there have been no ruinous terrorist attacks, because the Eastern European nations have not allowed the invading immigrants from the Middle East to find homes in their nations, thereby they’ve avoided the horrific attacks that we’ve seen in recent years in Western Europe and America.

But the European Union has decided that the peaceful lives of the Eastern Europeans should have its share of death and destruction, so they’ve decided that they will withhold certain funds from those nations in the East who do not allow invading immigrants to settle in their countries. This reminds one of the reverse situation in the United States where the Trump administration has decided that sanctuary cities, which were established during the ultra-liberal Obama years, should no longer be able to disobey federal law and give solace and protection to invading immigrants residing in those cities, and will withhold certain federal monies from sanctuary cities as punishment for breaking the law and endangering the citizens residing in them.

In summary,  the US, under the Trump administration, will withhold money from non-complying cities in an attempt to increase security, while in the EU money will be withheld in order to weaken the security of those Eastern nations. The EU’s policy will only ensure more invasion by radical forces, and more terrorist murders of innocent citizens.

The citizens of England spoke on this issue when they voted in favor of BREXIT so as to escape the terrorist threats that the EU is forcing on its subjects, and one wonders when other European nations will take such a vote so they can get the terrorist invaders out of their midst. The current liberal leaders of Europe have placed their citizens at great risk with the mass murders of numbers of people at periodic intervals, and they don’t have the courage or perhaps even the intellect to realize the threat they have brought to beautiful Europe.

The Trump administration, with it travel bans and its plans for greater security via the punishment of sanctuary cities and the building of a wall along our southern border, has the correct policies, and the EU is just making a dangerous terrorist situation worse by weakening security across the continent. But the EU leaders are too locked into their misguided liberal ideas of perfection to be able to make difficult decisions, and they are unwilling to change immigration policy in order to  save their own citizens’ lives.

Liberals in the United States are just as ignorant as their liberal European brethren, and they are at every turn trying to block the Trump administration’s travel bans, the sanctuary city punishment and the building of the wall, and if they are successful at halting the Trump initiatives the United States will be the target of additional terrorist attacks in the future. Americans must keep track of which party is trying to protect them and which party is increasing the danger of more terrorist killings and destruction, and punish the Democrats at the ballot box in the next and every subsequent election.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Democrats See The World Through A Prism Of Race

The unrelenting push and pressure by Democrats to get Donald Trump removed from the presidency is without equal. Also without equal is the racism of the Democrat Party, where every action and word from a Republican is deemed to have a devious, racist motive and meaning behind it.  No matter what Trump says, the leftists make a racial case of it and vehemently attack him and anyone else who supports him and his policies.

Turning the tables on the liberals a little, Conservatives could make a case of racism directed at  ESPN for their fantasy team auction in which black football players and auctioned off to the highest bidder, sort of like a slave auction block in the Old South. But conservatives are too sensible and know that ESPN did not mean any such thing with their tactless, on-line fantasy team auction. But just let President Trump say that all violent contributors to the Charlottesville murder are equally bad and equally condemned by him, and the “R” word is used by every liberal talking head in sight. Liberals are absolutely going insane following Hillary‘s presidential loss, and the loss of a majority in the Senate last November.

There is no event occurring in America today that doesn’t have racial meaning to Democrats. And just as the squawking liberals lost the public argument by illogically blaming Ronald Reagan for the spread of AIDS in the 80s, so will liberals and Democrats lose the current battle for the public’s heart by resorting to charges of racism when trying to politically injure Donald Trump.

It takes courage to be a conservative  today, but we will win the battle for America’s constitutional liberties, and Democrats will lose more elections as their deranged actions drive sensible people away from the Democrat Party.

Trump’s Latest Lesson, Learned From The Radical Liberal Left

Following the Charlottesville tragedy President Trump made a completely appropriate, timely, well-expressed statement about the death in that city and condemned the warring groups making life miserable for the citizens of the city. The radical mouthpieces  on the American left dutifully responded to Trump’s statement by telling him that his words were not sufficient and then dictated to him the words and the script that he must repeat in order for them to credit him with a proper presidential statement.

Trump then made the statement the radicals demanded, and guess what happened? The radical Democrat leaders said that his statement was not sincere, that it was coerced, that the revised statement was given too late, that they would not accept the statement, yada, yada.

The lesson for our president is that he should never do what his leftist enemies (and I do mean enemies, because these fool, hate-filled people are trying to forcibly remove Trump from the White House and invalidate the most recent presidential election) tell him to do. No matter what he says, no matter what he does, and especially if he uses words and phrases they tell him to use, they will not stop hating him and trying to removed him from office.

President Trump has been miraculously successful by being himself, and that’s exactly what he should continue to be.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Times We Live In Are Transitory

As good old Bob Dylan once said: “The times, they are a-changin’”. And, indeed they are.

Nothing remains the same: families buy a new house and relocate; children grow up and move away; parents retire and die. But these are things that are customary and expected in life and we accept them as they unfold.

However, there are many things that change that we would never have imagined: the miraculous iPhone revolution; medical miracles; the massive invasion of our nation by illegal immigrants; same-sex marriage; cars that drive, park and brake themselves.

But the things that are most interesting and important for our nation are the social/political things that often go nearly unnoticed and that we rarely see the future ramifications of.

One enormous event that has already stunned the nation, brought about changes with many unforeseen results yet to come of them is the election of Donald Trump to the White House. His policies have already slowed the illegal immigration influx to a trickle of there recent number. His sanctuary city policies are upsetting illegal liberal Democrat fiefdoms across the nation. His intention to eliminate ISIS has been remarkably successful. His halting of all future plans for the lie of warming/change have shocked the liberal establishment. His willingness to fight back against a lying, liberal press will change the nation for years to come.

The unfounded liberal attacks on Trump of both a political and personal nature concerning the lie of a Russian collusion, will undermine Democrat power and influence for years to come as the facts are revealed, and as the plot to eliminate a duly elected president are understood by more and more American citizens, the Democrats will suffer in the minds of thinking people.

Internationally, Trump’s stand against the threats from North Korea, which the previous three presidencies would not seriously engage, will work in America’s favor for years to come, especially when Iran pulls the same stunt as Kim Jong Un and tries to blackmail America with the nukes that Obama allowed them to develop and gave them the money to pay for.

The times are indeed changin’, and we ain’t seen nothing’ yet.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Trump Is Tone Deaf To Politically Correct Speech

As Rush Limbaugh has often said on his radio show, Donald Trump is not an ideological conservative. That means that when Trump speaks, he is speaking from the heart and not from political conviction. He’s a practical person who makes things work, and has no time for politics or political posturing.

Following the Charlottesville demonstration and the terrible loss of life there, he issued a very appropriate statement in which he condemned the killer and the demonstration organizers for their philosophy and motives.

Then, per the plan, leftists said that he wasn’t sincere in his statement because he didn’t use the politically correct words and the leftist-acceptable phrases in his initial statement. But it doesn’t matter what Trump says nor how and when he says it, liberals will always criticize him and claim that he should have said something else, and, as in the case of Charlottesville, they’ll blame him for both the demonstration and any negative result that comes from it.

Although we expect the radical, Trump-hating left to object to Trump’s words, when the likes of Glenn Beck criticize Trump for not using the correct, left-approved words to express his dismay and shock at the violence and loss of life, the criticism has gone too far.

Don’t people like Beck, who generally agree with Trump and his political and economic objectives, realize that they play into the radical left’s hands by attacking Trump, and for not praising the heart-felt words Trump uttered soon after the event? Beck and all other Republicans should tell the leftists to stuff their politically motivated demands in their Elizabeth Warren peace-pipes and smoke them.

Charlottesville Will Be A Crisis That The Left Will Not Let Go To Waste

The police in Charlottesville stood-down in spite of the fact that the Democrat Governor of Virginia and the Democrat Mayor of Charlottesville suspected danger loomed as the white supremacists and Black Lives Matter groups prepared for a confrontation. There were no Republicans or conservatives included in the Virginia decision process to allow the event to go forward, yet Republicans and President Trump are at the top of the leftist’s blame list. So why did the Democrats allow the groups to face-off and become violent?

In consideration of the fact that the day following the violence only the radical left spokespersons are running their mouths and blaming Trump for the tragedy that occurred on the weekend, and the usual gutless Republican never-Trumpers are joining the Democrats in blaming Trump, it appears that all of Trump’s enemies are making this one of those crises that they will not allow to go to waste, thinking that it would be a shame to allow a good anti-Trump story to go untold, even it it‘s a lie.

The left’s constant drumbeat against Trump will not be allowed to end as long as the leftist press can contort the facts of Charlottesville or any other event to make Trump look bad. But to the contrary, most people who voted for Trump are pleased with his performance following this Democrat-induced tragedy, so I have no problem letting the establishment media rail on with their vile charges.

It would help settle matters like Charlottesville if liberals would realize that whether it’s a Black Lives Matters group or a white supremacist group, they’re both leftist, anti-constitution, violence-prone, typically Democrat, anti-American groups and they should be left to fight each other until both sides just go away. Unfortunately, while these evil groups are fighting, peaceful, decent people are caught in the middle and too often are hurt.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Once Again And Forever, Violence Is Trump’s Fault

So the Democrat Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe,  and the Democrat Mayor of Charlottesville, Mike Signer, were both aware of the possibility of violence when a white supremacist group planned a demonstration in Charlottesville, and neither of them took adequate precautions to avoid trouble, and the inevitable happened: people got killed.

The next thing that happened was also inevitable: Trump gets blamed for the violence in a Democrat-controlled city.

It’s convenient for Democrats to forget that under the Obama administration the United States, from border to border and coast to coast, was plagued with police officer assassinations spurred and celebrated by the Black Lives Matter group, and was there any blame placed on Obama for this national disease? Of course not.

But what did Obama do to stop the police assassinations that plagued his administration? He held a little party in the White House to congratulate the Black Lives Matters group for helping him to “fundamentally transform America” with their racist acts and parades. And then his Department of Justice nationalized many American city police departments, because, don’t you see, it was the police officers who were causing the problems across the country, not the BLM group and other leftist radical extremists.

One hears that the Charlottesville problem was caused by Nazi-pretend groups. But one must remember that the Nazis were leftist, extremist groups who wanted government control over all industry and over all healthcare, just like America’s Democrat Party wants such control. And also don’t forget that blocked school-house doors in Alabama,  the dogs used to control protesters in Selma, and the KKK hoods seen all over the south, and all were under the political control of Democrats, so let the truth be known, and let the chips fall where they may.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Is North Korea The Mouse That Roared, or Is Kim Jong Un Just Nuts?

Whether Kim Jong Un wants more foreign aid and stuff from America or he’s just plain gone nuts from being an unquestioned and total dictator since he was 27 years old, he has made threats against Guam, Hawaii and the mainland U.S. and therefore cannot be ignored. President Trump is handling him correctly, because to not take Kim’s word that he can and will deliver destruction and death to America would be foolishness.

North Korea has launched actual missiles, not just braggadocios talk about being a threat, while President Trump has only offered words in retaliation to Kim’s aggressive actions, so of course the liberal lying press is placing the blame for our current problems not with the North Korean dictatorship but with Trump, and they are making Trump the heavy while Kim skates.

Should our president wait until a live and armed missile is launched and kills Americans before he acts? That was what Trump’s predecessors in the Oval Office did. How many Americans need to be killed before the press thinks the president should take action? Fortunately, President Trump is above worrying about what American liberals and Democrats say about his actions and his words. He’s taking appropriate action to guard against a rogue state causing destruction and death, and that’s why he was elected to the White House.

One thing is certain, Kim will not be able to say he was not warned of the consequences he will receive from Trump if he performs some violent act that threatens America, South Korea or Japan. President Trump has laid it out plain and simple and in no uncertain words that dangerous territory is being trod upon and it had better stop.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Is The Trump Collusion Lie Just A Democrat Diversion To Hide More Serious Things?

Is the Trump/Russia collusion lie itself a cover-up and a diversionary effort to prevent discovering the dealings, corruption and the parties that were the reason why Hillary lost the presidential election to Trump?

It’s certainly allowed the Special prosecutor to dig into Trump’s personal and business life, places far from the lie of Russian collusion that was the alleged reason for the investigation in the first place, and unrelated to the last election and any lapses in behavior that may have occurred there. But since the political left wants to cast Trump from office anyway, the appointing of the special prosecutor under false premises was a good way for the Democrats to get at Trump and gather testimony and data that can harm him, while being able, with the hate-Trump media’s anxious assistance, to prevent any investigation into the forces that really caused Hillary’s defeat.

The United States is looking more like a banana republic all the time with the media producing no news that’s not false news, the press being constitutionally protected for spiking the news that the public needs to hear, and the disregard the press has for a duly elected president who is sincere about returning the U.S. to its former greatness but is blindly opposed by the ruling-class rubble at CNN and The New York Times who insist on his personal and political destruction.

The United States is prospering under the Trump administration, but if the Democrats and leftist media are successful in ending the Trump presidency prematurely, the future for our constitutional freedoms and for our continued prosperity look bleakly dim.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Trump Re-Thinks America’s Response to Foreign Dictator Threats

Who can ever forget England’s Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, who in 1938 introduced the agreement he called a plan for “peace in our time” in  response to Hitler’s invasion of Czechoslovakia? This passive, liberal deal, with Hitler paying no price at all for his aggression, led directly to World War II and its massive toll of death and destruction. But liberals like Chamberlain only consider the marvelous press they’ll get today for any agreement designed to settle any current matters, and they never look to the future and the precedent and problems that today’s agreements may cause future generations

One could argue that JFK gave into Fidel Castro and assured Communist totalitarian rule over Cuba when he aborted the Bay of Pigs invasion of that island following Castro’s takeover.

Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama each spent two administrations patting themselves on the back for kicking the North Korean can further down the road and telling the American public that each new kick was a “good deal” for America and would assure peace and a nuclear-free North Korea. Today we understand the foolishness of  all those years of pretending that North Korea would behave like a responsible government instead of the insane leadership it’s always had and still has today. The three presidencies preceding the Trump administration were irresponsible for allowing the North Koreans to developed nuclear and missile technology to their current level, and today this irresponsibility has delivered the world to the point where many nations in the world are threatened by Kim Jong-Un’s insane missile launch/test program and the weapons he claims he will use against them.

And, of course, along with Obama’s allowing North Korea to continue to develop nukes that have led to the very real threat of the North Koreans launching a nuclear missile at America that we are dealing with today, Obama assured that in a few years another nuclear power, Iran, will be threatening us all over again, because liberals are too stupid to understand the existence of real evil in the world and they don’t have the courage to oppose it. And our Barry went one step further by giving the Mullahs in Iran a cargo jet full of cash so as to help them pay for any future nuclear development they may desire.

The only thing liberal administrations create when dealing with evil foreign governments is an assurance of future threats and likely misery and suffering of future generations because they are too weak-willed to stand up to threats and instead want to be seen as playing nice and being non-threatening to the dictators.

But now we have a real man in the White House who is strong enough to not take any crap from North Korea, and the American liberal press is swooning at his hard stance against Pyongyang’s nuclear threats. And just watch; if military action is the outcome of Trump’s hard stance against fat little Kim, liberals will all blame Trump for the conflict, not the passive presidents before him who took zero action to prevent today’s very real threat, and certainly not Kim Jong-Un, because there‘s no domestic political gain to be had in blaming him for the troubles he‘s caused.

When you are dealing with liberals, there is no way to win, ever.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Trump’s Guilt Is: Being President While Republican

The always-willing-to-allow-diversity Democrats seem to be stuck on “NO” where Donald Trump is concerned. No one must be allowed to reverse the Obama “fundamental transformation of America”, and no one will be allowed to undo the Washington establishment’s choke-hold on what goes on in our nation’s capital.

Trump, as well as surprising Democrats with his honesty, energy and persistence in getting things done for the American people, is also shocking Republicans when he insists that his promise to get rid of Obamacare was said in complete honesty, and that he wants it accomplished.

Trump is an honest, sincere man who keeps his word, means what he says and insists on taking action against bad ideas and bad people; therefore he‘s a bad president in the minds of CNN, Democrats in general, and too many Republicans in the U.S. legislative swamp in Washington..

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Rahm Emanuel Creates A Crisis He Can’t Take Advantage Of

One will fondly remember at the beginning of the Obama administration when Rohm Emanuel, then Obama’s White House Chief of Staff, expressed the dark philosophy of letting no crisis go to waste.

This typical radical Democrat method of gaining power via crises and doing whatever they want to do, allowed the Obama administration to create one crisis after another (healthcare, Syrian refugees, sexual identity, immigration) and then apply a radical, leftist solution to each problem they identified as a crisis, thereby creating a new and worse crisis with each initiative as the radical fix was put in place. And then a newer solution was needed for the most recent crisis, and so on throughout the Obama administration.

Rohm Emanuel is the liberal Democrat Mayor of Chicago, a city literally going down in flames as record-setting murders are committed in that sanctuary city. Los Angeles and New York city combined don’t even approach the level of crimes committed in Chicago, and our Rohm is the reason for the crisis with his radical ideas, his lack of courage and his unwillingness to enforce the laws of the city and punish the bad guys.

So now Mr. Emanuel is trying to use his idea of identifying a crisis and getting enough momentum to make even more radical, destructive changes, by swearing to sue the Trump Department of Justice for withholding funds that Trump’s Attorney General said would be denied Chicago if they insisted on continuing their sanctuary city policy and break federal law in doing so.

Mayor Emanuel is dealing with a different breed of animal with the Trump administration, and I don’t believe he will win this battle with the principled, logical opinions of the Trump White House and DOJ. Chicago’s liberal politicians have created a crisis in that city that will destroy the reputations of the Democrats who created it forever.

Times have changed with the passing of the Obama administration, and the crises that liberals created during the Obama years will now be taken advantage of by the likes of President Trump to defeat Democrats and their radical ideas.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Eric Bolling Is Being Destroyed Because Of His Political Stand

Bill Clinton actually sexually abused a White House intern, in the Oval Office, and was believably accused by another woman of beating her after a sexual attack, and the liberals loved and defended our Billy to the bitter end.

But now, with no doubt as to the political implications behind it, Eric Bolling of Fox News, has been suspended after being accused of years ago sending lewd emails to some female employees of Fox. Is it any coincidence that Bolling just published a book, rated number one on the New York Times best seller list, defending Donald Trump? And is it any coincidence that Bolling is an out-spoken conservative and a highly followed and influential member of the Fox news team?

Hillary can break laws that possibly got Americans killed when she broke federal laws about email systems when she was Secretary of State; Bill Clinton can have ruined a young woman’s life by seducing her in the Oval Office; Loretta Lynch can have colluded with Bill Clinton and settled the Hillary FBI investigation before it went to a Grand Jury; Hillary can have given away American Uranium in exchange for millions of dollars in Russian donations to the Clinton Foundation; Lois Lerner can have made decisions that excluded Republicans as a class from campaigning against Obama in past elections, but just let some liberal women pretend to have been offended years ago by receiving some emails, and all hell breaks lose for the Conservative, while the Democrats whistle off down the lane and continue their efforts to “Fundamentally Transform America”.

Bolling is being persecuted for being conservative, persuasive and successful, and like Trump, his revisionist ideas are poison to America’s establishment liberals. One strongly suspects that the reports about Bolling’s behavior are fake, lying news and this event is a further indictment of the entity reporting the lie and also indicts the D.C. liberal establishment who must lie in order to win, because they are losing elections every time they run.

Where in the hell is common sense in America today?

Was Hillary Ignorant Of The Law, Or Did She Willfully Ignore The Law?

The absurdity of what James Comey said on July 5, 2016, when he justified in public his decision to NOT send the Hillary investigation to a Grand Jury still rankles. He said that she did not intend to break the law, and that minus intent there was no crime. We’ve had similar cases of a non-intentional breaking of the law recently, one involving a sailor who simply took pictures of a Naval vehicle, like anyone would do when in the position of a tourist, and he went to jail for it. On a personal level, how many people have been ticketed for speeding with no intention of exceeding the posted speed limit? Answer: everyone who has ever been ticketed.

The fact of the matter is that Hillary was so intent on handling Clinton Foundation emails in which she was getting influence peddling bids as she doled out favors for cash from her position of Secretary of State for the Obama administration (much of which cash was from foreign sources and at least one of which was from Russian sources who were the highest bidders for American Uranium supplies and duly kicked back millions of dollars to the Clinton Fund when they were awarded the deal) that she bypassed the normal security and administrative checks built into the federal email system, and she ignored rules she had enforced on her State Department subordinates, and broke the law in doing so. The casual observer would conclude that she very well knew the law, but grubbing for money from foreign leaders who wanted favors from Hillary once she became president was her sole concentration.

I have no doubt that Hillary did not consciously intend to break the law, but what she did was known to her to be contrary to the laws that she herself had enforced within the State Department, so one sees no difference between intent and actually going ahead and doing the deed. If she had been under the influence of a drug or had been blackmailed to do it there may be a distinction to be made on those counts, but there was too much involved to make her email scandal happen, and there were too many highly secure emails sent and mishandled by her, for the FBI to merely say “never mind” and close the case.

The Trump Justice Department needs to prosecute Hillary, and the Obama administration provided all the evidence they need to get the Grand Jury involved, NOW

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Just Do It, Mr. President!

When one thinks about the unbelievable and unprecedented attacks on President Trump, and the dangerous leaks that have been published about his official actions as president, one recalls the campaign policy decision that Trump made that set his administration apart from Obama’s: candidate Trump said that announcing in detail and in advance, the military actions to be taken against one of our national enemies, which Obama loved to do, would stop when he became president. Whether it was ISIS or an enemy tribe in Afghanistan, Obama loved to announce to the American public, and the enemy, when he would attack, where he would attack and the force he would use to do it. President Trump wisely decided to just hit the enemy, not tell them he was coming after them, and especially not tell them when to expect an attack.

So why, then, would Attorney General Jeff Sessions not use the same policy against the Trump administration’s domestic political and policy enemies in the D.C. swamp?

Last weekend Jeff Session announced that any more leaks from Trump’s enemies in the White House or the State Department or any other entity performing a leak of classified or privileged information, would be punished to the full extent of the law. Duh! Do people breaking the law, especially those enemies of the president who want to disrupt his presidency and undermine his power, really need a heads-up that there could be some adverse actions taken against them for leaking this information? If an otherwise upstanding American citizen exceeds the speed limit they get a ticket, not a warning that such an action will be punished if it’s done a week from now. This is absurd!

But for some reason the higher on the food chain a crime is committed the less punishment the criminal can expect, and that’s why the leaks have continued: there has been no punishment for these evil-doers whose leaks could get Americans killed or undermine international relations. Why aren’t these leakers immediately discovered,  arrested and put on trial?  And is it legally necessary that they be told of possible imprisonment a week before the government can take action on their illegal acts?

And why is Hillary not in jail already? Former FBI Director James Comey has already provided the nation with a list of the crimes the FBI has already investigated and knows Hillary committed with her email problems, so why hasn’t the Justice Department not formed a Grand Jury and prepared the case and sought a prison sentence against Hillary? After all, it was the Obama administration that investigated her, so political partisanship is out of the question. And why has former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch not been investigated for meeting with Bill Clinton  and discussing the Hillary investigation? And what about Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her crimes related to the Pakistani national she was so cozy with? And what about Lois Lerner, who was the IRS official who crushed Republican plans to campaign against Obama in past presidential elections? These are all Democrat criminals who have broken the law and are being allowed to skate free, while at the same time Donald Trump is being investigated for who-the-hell-knows-what-crime (but we do know it’s not for anything related to the lie of Russian collusion) by Robert Mueller?

The Trump administration itself appointed a Special Council to investigate the president where no known illegality exists, but they will not investigate their sworn enemies who would do anything, tell any lie and commit any illegal act to get rid of Trump and his family.

My advice to President Trump and Attorney General Sessions: Don’t announce legal actions against leakers and other crooks and enemies of your administration: JUST FREAKING DO IT!!!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Obama’s Radicalism Compared With Trump’s Main-Stream Common Sense

Considering Obama’s motto of  the “fundamental transformation of America” (FTA), compared with Trump’s MAGA, I pose the following observations:

When Obama swore at his presidential acceptance speech to Fundamentally Transform America, the liberal press swooned and exclaimed that this evil, racist, sexist, capitalist nation was going to finally get its due.

But when Donald Trump stated that he will Make America Great Again and then quickly after taking office established policies to make his statements come true, the liberal press loses its cookies and screams and yells as though the sky were falling.

It’s obvious that not only did the liberal press love Obama and trust him to make the radical changes that they admire, but it’s equally obvious that they agreed with those radical, liberal policies that hurt people when they lost their own healthcare coverage to Obamacare and in the process hurt small business owners who had spent years establishing businesses and abiding with ever-encroaching environmental regulations and tax laws that kept changing the way they did business, thereby placing their businesses at risk. Liberals seem to forget that hurting small businesses only assures that the large companies that liberals pretend to hate, with teams of tax specialists and offices full of high-priced lawyers, would be more prosperous and successful as their smaller competitors flailed and went out of business, and this disregard for small businesses places the hourly and salaried workers employed with those smaller companies at risk of losing their jobs if the company suffers financial set-backs.

When Trump wants to keep illegal aliens out of the country and wants to assure employment to low-wage workers by opposing minimum wage laws, and when he puts a halt to the bilking of the American tax payer via Climate Change agreements with the scoundrels at the United Nations, liberals panic and go ballistic.

The problem is that liberals lack the ability to perform a real evaluation of what policies are good or bad for America, and that the only judgment they make on these competing policies is based on whether a Democrat or a Republican makes the decision to implement the policy. That partisan frame of mind is a dangerous position for the nation to be in, because neither party has a monopoly on what policies are right or wrong, aside from their liberal or conservative political philosophy. It takes more time and some real critical thinking to be able to serve the nation well, and the ability to weigh all sides of an issue is foreign to liberals.

Do Elections Have Consequences? Should They?

One will doubtless remember when President Obama called Republicans together shortly after his election and scolded them for opposing any of his policies by reminding them that elections have consequences. He was, in other words, telling them to shut up and sit down because he was going to run Washington from that point on with every intention of “fundamentally transforming America“, and he did.

Now skip forward a few years and we have Donald Trump in the Oval Office. Would you think that the fact that Trump was elected president would cause the liberal press or the Democrat legislators to sit back and let Trump activate his policies as he promised to do? Not a chance in the world. The Washington establishment is so threatened by Trump’s ideas, and they became so spoiled by the radical leftist ideas and policies of the Obama administration, that they are almost literally having heart attacks opposing every move Trump makes to turn America around to being prosperous again. And this opposition to everything Trump proposes is also the Democrats sticking a finger in the eye of every American who voted for Trump for president in an attempt to nullify their vote.

The only redeeming quality to America’s current political situation is that Democrats are still quoting the same old crap that caused Hillary to lose the election to Trump, and at all levels of government the Democrats are still losing to Republicans. Just a few days ago the Democrat Governor of West Virginia, a traditionally Democrat state, change his party affiliation and became a Republican. The amusing thing about such political flipping is that the east coast liberal press doesn’t seem to be able to ever admit that liberals are losing to conservatives because they are following old outmoded ideas that no longer appeal to Americans after eight years of the subversive Obama, and instead they revert to name-calling of their former party-members, as they did with West Virginia voters, who they now call uneducated, dumb, lazy and unable to speak proper English, because they, as a state, voted for Donald Trump to be president. Do liberal Democrats not understand the term “burning one’s bridges”?

No reasonable person would ever say that, following an election, the winning party should be able to dictate all policy and implement the winner’s every wish, but to oppose every and all of Trump’s ideas and attack him personally as well as politically all day, every day, is way beyond what elections are all about.  In 2016 Americans voted their dismay with Obama’s leftist, anti-capitalist, regulatory leanings and voted for the non-establishment candidacy of Donald Trump, and now leftists, in true dictatorial style, want the deny the electorate their victory.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

CNN’s Jim Acosta Steps In It

On Wednesday, while attending a White House press briefing, CNN’s Jim Acosta was predictably bitching and moaning about the latest Trump policy, this one involving limiting legal immigration into the U.S., by stating that only immigrants from Australia or England would be allowed to immigrate under the new requirement of having to be able to speak English, Senior White House Advisor, Stephen Miller, unleashed a beautiful response for Acosta’s “cosmopolitan”, and I would say upper-class-society-arrogance, by reminding Mr. Acosta that many people the world-over speak excellent English and that his remarks were a little out of date in a world that Mr. Acosta may not be fully aware of, where English is often spoken, and not all of the rest of the world is poor and uneducated.

Mr. Acosta also complained that the new immigration rules are out of step with the Statue of Liberty, but he forgets that the United States remains a sovereign nation and those seeking entrance must abide by our rules. The Statue of Liberty was never intended to assure anyone who wants to come here immediate passage.

Although I anticipate that some conservatives will not like Mr. Miller’s quick and cutting response to Acosta’s upper-class remark, I would like to hear more such biting comebacks from White House staff to the lying, phony press who only exist to attack Trump and his policies. Mr. Miller took it to the bastard, leftist press representative, and I loved it.

When Barack Obama disregarded American laws that he promised to uphold at the swearing-in ceremony as he became president, and when he trashed the laws of the nation and his constitutional duty to protect the citizens of America by allowing illegal aliens to pass into our nation en mass with no checks at all, we citizens were expected to just sit back and suck it up as our nation was being invaded and our liberty and safety was threatened. But when Donald Trump wants to legally and responsibly control the flow of foreigners entering America you’d think he had ordered immigrants to be lined up on Ellis Island and be shot.

The press corps attended the Stephen Miller briefing NOT to learn what President Trump’s immigration policy is, but to blindly object to it, no matter what it was.

Go Donald, and go Stephen Miller!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

If There Is Chaos In The White House, It’s The Fault Of The Lying Press

As though there is not enough for a new president-elect to do and not enough staff to do it as a new administration takes office, and this is especially true when the new president is not a politician and does not know how the Washington establishment functions, one has to appreciate the extra burden the newly-elected Donald Trump faced when he was and still is daily, and at times hourly, attacked and lied about by the Trump-hating liberal press.

Not a single day goes by when there are not outright attacks on Trump or members of his staff and family. And it’s not sufficient to say that these attacks just toughen him up and make him stronger. The attacks the leftist press heap on Trump are career-ending and reputation-ending lies and viscous broadsides intended to destroy him personally and completely, and to end his presidency.

So in addition to having to establish an administration and begin implementing his policies, Trump has had to daily literally fight with the press and defend himself against the most withering odds we’ve ever seen in American politics.

The simple-minded, bullying attitude of the leftist press is making them appear totally partisan, small and just plain mean while at the same time making it more difficult for President Trump to do the things, and make the necessary changes, that he promised to do while campaigning for president.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Putin Kicks 755 Americans Out Of Russia

The announcement was made over the weekend that Russia will eject 755 American diplomats from their nation. I suppose that by Tuesday morning CNN and Chuck Schumer will begin blasting Donald Trump for being unpresidential by shooting his mouth off about some issue and offending Vladimir Putin to the extent that Putin has ordered the ouster of the 755 American diplomats. CNN has been breathlessly awaiting this moment so they can remind us of how diplomatic Obama was on the international scene, how erudite John Kerry was with other nations and how Trump is destroying America’s credibility with every nation by acting like a real person and telling the truth.

It’s true that Putin has made the announcement of the expulsions, but it’s related to new legislation passed by the House and Senate implementing sanctions against Russia for its actions in Ukraine, not something Trump said or did. But I believe they will not miss this opportunity to blast President Trump even if there is no backing in reality for it. They’ve been doing just that with the Russia/collusion thing for months, so why would they stoop to telling the truth at this point?

But, in all honesty, would it surprise you to hear, after six months of CNN and Schumer riding Trump like a cheap mule for being too cozy with Putin and for colluding with Russia to assure the defeat of Hillary in the last presidential election, that now the liberals would reverse direction and blast Trump for not being diplomatic enough with Putin, and probably Kim Jong-Un of North Korea, as well, if he were indeed the reason for the international incident occurring in Moscow?.

One has to feel sorry for CNN and American liberals that this time Trump is not to blame for a foreigner objecting to something America did, and in fact this evidence of Putin’s anger would be prima facie evidence that Trump was never a tool of Russia, but don’t expect anyone on the left to give Trump the benefit of a doubt that he is somehow at fault for this international scandal.

Our President just keeps on keeping-on and doing the things he promised to do during the last presidential campaign. Any thinking person has to love this guy.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

To See No Evil And To Hear No Evil Is To Encourage Evil

In 2008 an author named Tom Rob Smith published a book titled Child 44 which detailed the total bankruptcy of the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin as a series of crimes against children went uninvestigated and unmentioned by the controlling class of Russia. The party line under Stalin was that only capitalist states had a problem with crime and that Communist Russia was completely free of crime because the state provided for every need of the people and there was no strife nor competition in the paradise of The Soviet Union.

Of course wherever there are people you will have crime from the lesser elements, and the Stalinistic pretense that crime did not exist only allowed the criminals to run free and not be brought to trial and punishment. So the unfortunate citizens of Russia had to contend with both the horror of Joseph Stalin’s police state and rampant, uncontrolled criminal behavior.

In the United States we know that crime exists at all levels of society, but the Democrat Party and our leftist, lying press, which hold an attitude similar to that of Joseph Stalin, will not allow a word of criticism to be registered against Democrats. Since the election of Donald Trump to the presidency we’ve endured seven months of all branches of government investigating the lie of a Trump/Russia collusion with zero proof that any such collusion existed, while we have Hillary hammering cell phones to avoid investigation about her email server; we have Lois Lerner using her political position to inject the power of the IRS to keep Republicans from fully participating in the 2012 election; we have Barack Obama allowing the wire-tapping of his political opponents; we’ve had Susan Rice illegally unmasking American citizens in order to implicate them with the lie of a Russian collusion; we’ve had Debbie Wasserman Schultz dealing with foreign suspects and having her computer taken from her by the Capitol Hill Police Force as part of their investigation; we’ve had the head of the FBI admit that he used official FBI information for his own political ends by leaking the information the FBI had collected; we had the Fast and Furious investigation halted because it got too close to the Obama administration; we had the Obama Attorney General illegally meet with Bill Clinton just before the Hillary investigation was halted; we’ve heard that a leftist group called Fusion GPS generated the Golden Showers dossier in an attempt to disrupt the Trump administration and keep President Trump from addressing the critical issues he promised to fix when he became president. And all the lying press can talk about is the nonexistent Trump collusion.

To this date the Democrat Party and the lying press have refused to acknowledge any of the problems listed above, and will not provide any attention or investigative time checking into them, because they assume that no Democrat can commit crimes, only Republicans do that sort of thing. So the press is silent on Democrat misconduct for which we have proof, and they rail loudly and often against Republican misconduct for which there is no proof at all.

Just as Stalin’s idiotic belief that no Communist could commit a crime caused harm to Russian citizens and led to the downfall of the Soviet Union, so will the Democrat stonewalling of their own crimes lead to their political downfall.

Although the American citizens who elected Donald Trump to the White House are often frustrated with Republican officials who are too quick to investigate their own party members who are occasionally less than squeaky clean in their behavior, and in the case of Donald Trump they have participated in investigations for which there is a total lack of evidence of wrongdoing, at least Republicans don’t try to cover-up their party’s crimes as the Democrats do, and this honesty will serve them better in the long-run than Democrat’s obfuscation and pretense of innocence. Stalin’s behavior led to the Russian collapse and the tearing down of the Berlin wall, so will the behavior of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, and one must not forget the lies and misbehavior of the idiot Harry Reid, will be the undoing of the Democrat party?

The United States was founded on a belief in God and a determination to have an honest government that served the citizens by itself being small and nonintrusive in their lives, thereby allowing citizens to achieve their own personal goals in life free of government meddling.

A dishonest government grows in size and serves only itself and its corrupt members. Donald Trump promised to drain the American D.C. swamp, and Americans must stand behind him and support him so he can do the job he volunteered to do.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Finally, The Worm Turns

At last, the real political criminals, the American Democrat Party, are getting their clocks cleaned.

For example:
1. Debbie Wasserman Schultz had her computer impounded by police as part of an investigation into all kinds of crimes she was a party to the last two years.
2. The Golden Showers dossier, put in place by the FBI and presented as the bright idea intended to gain attention and perform as evidence for the Democrat’s Trump/Russian collusion lie, is being seriously investigated and reported on as the suspicious parties to the document are questioned.
3. Loretta Lynch is being looked at again for her Hillary “matter” instruction to James Comey and for her totally illegal and highly improper “collusion” with Bill Clinton at Sky Harbor airport as the Hillary email investigation was coming to a close.
4. James Comey is being considered for questioning for his leaks of dirt on Trump and for his misuse of FBI information that he used for his own personal convenience.

Would it not be the sweetest justice if we learned that all of the Democrat’s lying accusations about a Trump/Russia collusion were just a defensive attack on their part to cover up their own colluding with Russia as Putin tried to get some dirt on the new and unexpected Trump administration?

And consider the change of pace the liberal, lying press has undergone in the last week: all of a sudden they are defending the pure, sweet, noble and honorable Jeff Sessions against the evil, dastardly Donald Trump now that Trump is tweeting negative comments about Sessions. One must never forget the racism, bigotry and narrow-mindedness the liberal press accused Sessions of during the confirmation hearings he sat through only a few months ago. Now that the press sees Sessions to be the enemy of their enemy, they stumble all over themselves to defend and befriend him. And I’d be willing to bet that the Democrat’s stumbles turn into trips and falls as this latest Trump event unfolds. The liberal press is clever, but I believe that Trump is out-smarting them this time and every time, and they can’t even see the trick unfolding before them.

Once Jeff Sessions decides to reopen the Hillary email investigation (and I pray he will quickly do exactly that) the press will have to again take up arms against him, the man they once hated, then loved and will once again learn to hate. It may just be that the liberal press is so used to just making up stories and attacking Trump with no fact-checking, that they will fall into the next hate-Sessions pitfall and not know that they’ve sprung their own trap and have foiled themselves once again.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Politics Is Not About Hope, It’s About Intent

President Barack Obama was wrong when he said that his attempts to “fundamentally transform America” had anything to do with “hope and change”. It’s correct that Obama represented change with his attempts to undermine everything that America has stood for the last 200-plus years, but “hope” has nothing to do with government. Rather, “intent” is what government is all about.

If you’re a communist/socialist you want to use government powers to destroy corporations by taxing away their money in order to support the idle citizens who refuse to work and who resent successful, wealthy people. On the other hand, if you’re a capitalist, you understand that competitive private enterprise in which a person’s hard work and successful efforts and ideas have made him/her rich require a government which is small and not intrusive, as America’s government has become as Democrats have set about transforming the United States.

The intent of those in government is to either support big, intrusive government or allow individual freedom and permit individuals to live free lives as they see fit.  Hope has nothing to do with it. Politics is filled with people who intend to support freedom or support serfdom by putting in place policies and laws that halt individual freedom or enhance it. So the intent of a candidate must be studied as they seek public office.

Donald Trump is the Washington establishment’s worst nightmare because he wants to assure individual liberty and keep government small and unintrusive, as the constitution detailed it to be. It’s been said, and with the insane avalanche of attacks and lies that have been launched at Trump for doing exactly what he promised to do have shown us, it’s obviously true, that Donald Trump is the last chance America has to get its house back in order and get rid of those fools who want to “fundamentally transform America”, and Trump must be supported and backed by every American who appreciates the protection American citizens have under the constitution, because leftists and other Democrats have only ill intentions toward liberty and the American constitution.

Trump May Be A Smartmouth, But He’s Our Smartmouth

Donald Trump once spoke negatively of John McCain for getting captured in Vietnam, and now he praises McCain for being a national hero. That’s our Trump. He says what he has to say at the time to make his point, and then in 2016 he miraculously became the President of the United States. The man gets results.

Trump is a successful, plain-spoken, honest man who does what he says he’ll do, and I’d vote for him again in a minute for the things he’s accomplished in his first six months in the Oval Office.

President Trump is driving the liberals in the press and the legislature nuts by speaking about their lies, their criminal activities and their attempts to destroy America. He also slams the leftist’s efforts to keep those unfortunate Americans who are on welfare, poor and dependent on big government, and one must never forget that Trump got America out of the left’s Climate agreement, which was an attempt to make America poor by distributing our wealth to Uganda, North Korea and other hell-holes around the world.

So if our president at times does things that serious Americans may well question, he’s on his way to saving America from those left-over leftists who would fundamentally transform America. So I’m willing to let Donald be Donald.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Democrats Risk Crying “Wolf” Once Too Often

Democrats and their accomplices in the press are setting themselves up for future failure with this repeated and constant Trump/Russia Collusion line of lies. The public is sick of hearing these fabricated stories, each one more sensational than the one before, and each containing a vague charge of being improper or illegal or something. Each new charge falls by the wayside with no evidence of Trump involvement nor of any wrongdoing, until the next lie pops its head up and the liberals fall all over themselves talking about this new one that will surely end Trump‘s political career. One day a columnist may indeed find some stickable dirt on Trump, but by then the cry of “gotcha” will have become so common that no one will pay any attention.

But this demented habit of Democrats to latch onto some unprovable, unworkable negative thing and ride it so hard that the public sickens of hearing about it is part of what Jamie Dimon, the Chariman, President and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, the largest of the big four banks in the United States, last week referred to as the “stupid s**t” that America has to deal with.

Mr. Dimon was assuredly talking about all of the backtalk Republicans get when they attempt to get the economy rolling by lowering taxes, but are blocked from any such action by the Democrats and liberal Republicans who complain that any such reduction is only helping the rich get richer and not helping the middle class at all.  But these same leftists who make that argument are the very ones who have ruined healthcare to the point that the high deductible rates of the so-called “affordable” Obamacare, make it impossible to use by many in the middle class who are forced by law to buy it, because of its ruinous costs for each use. The leftists destroy healthcare, and when a Republican tries to fix the problem by getting rid of the ruinous aspects, they are blamed as the ones trying to deny healthcare and trying to kill those who depend on the government-subsidized Obamacare.

Mr. Dimon’s “stupid s**t” remark also applies to the minimum wage, which may raise the pay for some people at the bottom of the economic ladder, but it still leaves them making so little money that they can’t really be said to have benefited substantially from the increase. And each increase to the minimum wage ends up denying positions once held by many unskilled and lower-wage earners people whose positions are eliminated by the minimum wage law.

Mr. Dimon’s remarks also include the failed Obamacare, so Americans must insist that their legislators, both in the House and in the Senate, support President Trump’s policies for repealing Obamacare and for lowering taxes on all Americans. The left will never let up on the Trump/Russia collusion thing, but we can at least make progress on Trump’s policy fronts, and this progress would set the stage for additional future progress when people who are sitting back and watching the Washington characters tie each other in knots, see some sensible progress being made on tax reform and the building of the wall on our southern border and become more vocal and involved in the fiasco occurring in our nation’s capitol.

Repeal The Damned Bill And Restore Freedom And Liberty To America

When considering solutions to a divided nation and how the discussion of that division among the population can have the result of a better government if the issues are freely and honestly covered in the press, and taking into consideration that the leftist press will not consider both sides to any issue but will only push the leftist, big-government side of things, it’s still not completely fair and honest to blame CNN and The New York Times for standing in the way of a satisfying resolution to the Obamacare disaster.

Currently we have a Republican majority in Washington, a majority that has repeatedly voted to simply repeal Obamacare when they were not in the majority and had a Democrat president, who now, with this new majority, absolutely refuse to just simply repeal the horrible Affordable Care Act, and are now tied in knots trying to devise their own big-government plan to run national healthcare, and will not make a simple and clean repeal to Obamacare and allow a free, informed American population to select their own plan at their own price from a company they choose from the many available.

To repeal Obamacare is not to take anything from Americans that they already have. It would instead restore freedom and liberty to America once again. And to state the issue in words that Democrat liberals can understand: it’s our bodies and we demand the right to choose how to provide for our own health needs.

Monday, July 17, 2017

America Has Always Been Divided

Division and differences of opinion are not themselves bad or threatening things for a free citizenry as long as the majority of that population feel that they have a say in the outcome, and that the final product is fully explained in a balanced manner allowing wide discussion and agreement on the decision after debate, even though not everyone will agree with the outcome. America’s Civil War caused great divides  of North against South, Stars and Bars against Stars and Stripes, and slave states versus free states. But in spite of the bitter war America went on to become a peaceful nation and has successfully lived with the outcome of the Civil War, despite lingering regional resentments. Slavery was very divisive, but following the war it was unanimously decided that slavery is a bad thing, and today one suspects there are more black millionaires in America than there are in all of the black nations of Africa, which is an indication of the civil agreement Americans have reached with their past.

Originally America experienced it’s first serious division and actual military fighting with the allegiance of the British government, colonial loyalists and various tribes of Indians that competed and often fought against the Colonial freedom/independence seekers at the time of the revolution. But the Colonial independence fighters won the war and America charged ahead to union and success in the world, and even soon became best friends with England, because everyone knew the facts and the losers accepted the loss.

In general, division has always been good for America because it has allowed citizens to select the best path forward from several options, but it depended on  an honest press to advocate for both sides of an issue, and that honesty is totally lacking in America today. Division is good if it allows competition between differing ideas, but the looming large size of government is preventing the presentation of any argument in favor of a limited government, as the founders detailed in the constitution, to be honestly presented.

Today it’s Democrats against Republicans, small-government ideas versus big-government,  higher taxes versus tax reform. The greatest issue currently dividing Americans is the hate-Trump leftists, and  the situation won’t get better soon because even though Donald Trump was duly elected president, the Democrats refuse to accept his election and continue to stir up trouble, which often results in violence.

 Republicans were outraged at the things Barack Obama did while he was president, but we accepted the vote that made him president and society went on as the Republican Party made changes to assure that Obama’s successor to the Oval Office did not share his wildly radical, leftist views. But with the non-acceptance of Donald Trump by liberals they are creating a significant tear in our nation’s fabric which will cause trouble for years to come because of the left’s narrow-minded insistence on having things only their way, or else.

Obamacare is an example of government not allowing an honest presentation of the case before the nation. No competition is allowed in the Democrat model as the government inches closer to being the sole provider of health insurance, and even supposedly conservative, small-government Republicans cannot find it in themselves to just repeal Obamacare and let the free citizenry make their own selection for insurance, just like they do for any consumer item.

Perhaps the current greatest danger to liberty and prosperity in America is the prevalence of fake news, a lying press,  a partisan press which is mainly liberal and will not allow an honest representation of the dangers given the choices before us. Today’s liberal press will always side with the Black Lives Matter group against any white or black conservative group; they’ll side with any LGBTQ identity group, or any group claiming discrimination, against any traditional group, and the story they present will always praise the liberal group and condemn the more traditional group.  This assures that the divide among the American population will widen because both sides of the subject are not allowed nor even considered to exist by the liberal press.

Donald Trump has, for the first time, identified the problem as the falseness of the reporting of the press, and successfully works around the problem by tweeting the truth direct to the citizens, bypassing the dishonest press. It’s a shame that the Constitutionally protected press must be left out of President Trumps’ direct communication with his supporters, but the antagonistic, malicious leftist press will not present the truth to Americans, so the president uses technology to go over their heads.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

America’s News Providers Are Taking Us On A Dangerous Ride

America’s news organizations are no longer stand-alone companies vying for dominance over competing news companies in the reporting of the news. They should be competing with each other to deliver the true unbiased news, but they’re not. Even though the news-print organizations like the New York Times are about to go out of business, this criticism about their business practices applies equally to the print and electronic agencies, but at present the network cable news organizations are the best example of this non-competing philosophy.

Recently one of CNN’s most left-leaning contributors admitted that the Trump/Russia collusion story, which has dominated their newscasts for weeks, was a “nothing burger”. No other network would criticize CNN for their 24-hour, anti-Trump coverage and this admission of reporting fake, lying news. You would think that at least Fox would take them to task for the admitted falseness of the news they report versus what they actually know to be the truth in their private and professional lives, yet they continue to deliver the known false, sensational news that keeps their ratings up, and Fox just sits there and allows it to happen.

Fox and other networks should have played this statement to the hilt, but instead they spiked it.  Of course there were some individual Fox programs, like Sean Hannity’s TV show, that played the statement up, but Fox itself was quiet at a time when they could have made maximum headlines explaining the CNN lie and their false, lying practices, and likely done some serious damage to their competitor‘s reputation. But they let it pass.

The news in America is partisan, and it‘s allowed to be that way from the highest levels of the various editorial staffs. And it’s even more disgusting because of that blatant partisanship, in what should be a non-partisan, honest-news-reporting environment. It’s also a serious abuse of the constitution for a news agency to insist on constitutional protection to report the news, and then fabricate the news they deliver to the public. It’s constitutionally dangerous and it does not serve the future of Americans and they way they get the news that allows them to make responsible decisions as citizens.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Russia Was Old News In 2012, But Is A Menace To The World In 2017.

One wonders exactly where the Democrats are trying to take our nation. During the 2012 presidential campaign Obama severely scolded Mitt Romney for his belief that Russia offered any kind of threat to America, yet today the Democrats are dumping every ailment the nation feels on Trump’s dealings with the formerly impotent Russia.

One should keep in mind that during the 2012 presidential campaign when Obama was telling Romney how wrong he was about Russia and how yesterday Romney was for believing Russia had any impact on America at the national level, Obama was caught on an open mic begging Vladimir Putin, via the Russian Prime Minister, to give him time to get re-elected so he could do Putin’s bidding with the defensive missiles that had been placed along Russia’s European border.  So it appears that Obama was inordinately interested or fearful of Russia on one hand, while telling Romney that Russia was of no interest at all on the other.

It would be interesting to know why Obama appealed for clemency with Putin and made certain to tell Putin that he would do what Putin wanted down once he won the presidency for a second term. After all, on Obama’s Oval Office desk there’s a red phone with a dedicated line to Putin’s desk if Obama wanted to discuss any legitimate items of national interest. What threats had Putin made to Obama that Obama wanted to put to rest with his subservient appeal to the Russian Prime Minister? Was it of a personal, scandalous nature or was it a piece of political dirt that Putin could have used against Obama, or maybe later against Hillary when it was her turn to become president?

What promises or threats had Putin made to Obama, and how had Obama become vulnerable to Putin’s blackmail? Or was Obama just plain and simply a “red president” giving away the store to Putin for ideological, anti-American reasons?

The whole area of interest in Russia and how only with the election of Donald Trump had Putin become a threat to America is not only interesting but is a fearful area to consider since Obama promised to “fundamentally transform America” and had some sort of secret dealing with Putin that the open mic only gave us a tinted window of a view into.

And with this latest Donald Trump Jr. fiasco and the left’s continued insistence that any discussion with a Russian automatically indicts anyone with the name of Trump as a “colluder” with Russia, whatever that means, one wonders why the Obama administration allowed the Russian lady, Natalia Veselnitskaya, now at the center of this issue, into the nation against warnings that she was persona non grata, and allowed an illegal extension of her visa here. And why are there so many photos of this mysterious lady appearing as a person of importance with Democrat officials and in official government buildings and conference halls? Also interesting is that John McCain sent an emissary overseas to collect the Golden Showers document which he and other Never-Trumpers hoped would hang Trump and remove him from office. How is McCain sending one of his staff to meet with this leaker any different from Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian who claimed to have dirt on Hillary that Trump could possibly use during the 2016 campaign? And how is any of this different from Hillary working with Ukraine representatives to get dirt on Trump to use during the campaign?

What we’re witnessing with all of this anti-Trump activity and all of these investigations, is the Washington establishment pushing the pedal to the metal to get rid of President Trump because he’s trying to bury the traditional insider way of doing the government’s business, and he’s trying, and so far has been stunningly successful, in applying common sense and good judgment to government operations and make the federal government align with the constitution once again.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Liberals Are Still Defending The Russians, But Now Downgrade Their Offenses

There was a time in American history when Liberals thought Russia was the promised land and Democrats predicted a Potemkin Village in every garage. But with the surprise electoral win of Donald Trump liberals swung quickly to the nearest offender against American interests, Russia, and began to identify the Russkies as enemies of America for the first time since World War II, and then conveniently associated Donald Trump with them as a way of attacking the new President.

Some examples of Russia’s international meddling prior to Trump:
1) One will recall Obama, on the open mic, caving to Putin’s demands in which he begged the Russian Prime Minister to beg Putin to give him time to get re-elected so he could pull America’s defensive missiles from Eastern Europe, as Putin demanded.
2) Russia got Ted Kennedy to help them work against the Reagan administration, and Teddy even flew to Moscow to meet personally with the Communists to undermine America.
3) Russia placed missiles in Cuba as a threat to America.
4) Russia developed nuclear missiles to threaten America.
5) Russia established bases in the Middle East in order to spread their evil.
6) Hillary sold twenty percent of America’s uranium supply to Russia in exchange for millions of dollars that showed up as donations to the Clinton Initiative, and resulted in six-figure paychecks for Bill Clinton’s worthless speeches.

But now the new evils of Russia have been toned down considerably by American Democrats. Instead of being a threat to America, now Russia is depicted as just being the tool of  Donald Trump as Trump “colluded” with them to win an election against Hillary (why would Russia want to defeat Hillary for president when they already owned her, lock-stock-and-barrel, for the uranium deal and her “reset button” stupidity?) by supposedly corrupting the voter data bases that then-president Obama said with absolute certainly, were not corrupted at all. The libs would have us believe that hacking American computer systems and data bases is not Russia’s fault at all, it’s that pesky Donald Trump that is to blame. This is all very confusing, and completely predictable.

So now it seems that while Democrats conveniently point fingers of accusation at Russia via Trump, they don’t want the Kremlin to think that they want to ruin their decades-long love affair with Moscow, they just want to be able to attack Trump and use Russia as the innocent Trump foil, and then it will be business as usual between Democrats and Russia once again after Trump is discredited and gotten rid of.

But I’ve got news for the Democrats and the fake news networks: Trump is not going to be undermined and discredited by the liberal, lying press because the patriotic mass of Americans will not buy the leftist lies about him. His weakening of the Environmental Protection Agency and getting America out of the Paris accords that assured the further weakening of America, were enough for us to support Trump forever.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Not A Blatant Act Of Racism And Intimidation? Does This Mean No More False News From CNN?

At Joint Base Andrews yesterday, July 8, 2017, as President Trump approached Marine-One for a flight to the White House following his successful trip to Europe to attend the G20 talks, he saw the cap of the Marine who was standing guard at the helicopter laying on the tarmac where the wind had blown it. The President deftly picked up the cap, placed it back on the head of the rigidly at-attention Marine, gave the Marine a pat on the arm and a word of encouragement into his ear to signify his appreciation for the young man’s service, and then boarded the aircraft.

The next thing I expect to hear from CNN about this event is that the President intimidated the Marine and frightened him by his abrupt approach, his invasion of the Marine’s personal space, his aggressively and angrily shoving the cap back on the Marine’s head, and that he assaulted the Marine by striking him on the arm and yelling racial insults into his ear. The Marine was, you see, a patriotic young black man, and to date CNN has not allowed any opportunity to pass in which they don’t misreport and lying misstate every act that President Trump makes. So I’m waiting for them to lie about this event and place as negative a twist on the President’s kindly actions as they can.

Where is the editorial staff of CNN to not lie about the President’s act of kindness and his obvious appreciation for the Marine’s selfless service to his country, that they don’t label his acts as racism and intimidation? I fear that CNN is not living up to its lying, hate-Trump standards and is beginning to slip a little bit. Could this cautious and risky first step lead to CNN’s impartially reporting the news as events occur instead of making every happening into a political crime worthy of punishment of some sort? I doubt it.

Friday, July 7, 2017

The Incredible Shrinking Putin

Looking more like the wheelchair-bound Stephen Hawking than the dictatorial, KGB strongman who rules Russia with a Soviet-style iron fist, Vladimir Putin sat compressed like a deflated rubber ducky as he met with President Trump in Hamburg at the G20 meeting on Friday.

Putin’s eyes were glued to the carpet, his features were grim and he appeared unable to even offer the trace of a smile as he dealt with America’s wealthy, self-made and personally successful president.

Perhaps Putin’s appearance and visage would be better compared with a Russian nesting doll, for it seemed that Putin was trying to disappear into himself instead of face the reality of a Donald Trump, who was prepared to take no crap from Putin, and who is reported to have demanded why Russia insists on attacking America’s computer systems.

Putin’s appearance was quite different on the occasions when he met with President Barack Obama. In those meetings Putin was the dominant male in the room, and he strutted and swaggered across the floor and sat militantly upright in his chair as the weak-kneed Obama tried to be just an aw-shucks homey who wanted to be Putin’s best man-friend. And one must not forget the open mic that recorded Obama begging the Russian Prime Minister to ask Putin to give him more time to get re-elected so he could better serve Putin’s demands to remove the defensive weapons that past administrations had located on Russia’s borders.

It’s quite revealing when we see world leaders who are supposed to be feared the most, and we find that they are half-pint twerps like Putin with only his steely, insane eyes with which to intimidate someone in person, and relies on the Soviet army to invade defenseless nations like Ukraine in order to prove how tough he is.

Do Liberals Have Any Principles At All?

Recently Paul Krugman, a columnist for the New York Times and someone who supposedly understands economics, wrote a piece describing the “cruelty” and “immorality” of Republicans, related to their efforts to repeal Obamacare.

Mr. Krugman’s most obvious objection to the Republican plan to repeal Obamacare is that people who now have Obamacare will “lose their healthcare”. This type of statement proves that Democrats don’t understand the meaning of immorality, because with a nation which was basically happy with their healthcare, the Obama administration unconstitutionally took that healthcare away with the passing of the Obamacare bill and caused many hard working, decent people to go broke trying to pay for its increased costs and increased deductibles, and this was aside from the people who actually lost their jobs and no longer had the money nor a legal right to buy their own insurance as the ACA employer mandates were implemented.

The specific charge of  Mr. Krugman of Republican “immorality” having been addressed, here are several examples of areas where Democrats and Socialists are absolutely immoral and lack any principles at all:

After eons of time when social norms were agreed on and constant, suddenly liberals insisted on same-sex marriage, which was a departure from any successful society ever known.

With the astounding success of American society to elevate women to positions of influence, education, wealth and leadership, liberals insist on preaching how mistreated and discriminated women are.

The gender identity push of the Obama administration was a regression intended to allow people who formerly fit successfully into society to now resent having to live as government sponsored LGBT subjects instead of as nature intended them to live.

In a nation that has always welcomed immigrants, the Obama administration opened the nation’s borders to any illegal who wanted to come here, thereby harming all naturalized citizens already here and encouraging mistreatment of other newly-arrived illegals.

Sanctuary cities are places where criminal illegal aliens can prey on other illegals who came here for peaceful, economic reasons, and the Democrat-run city governments in which sanctuary is practiced will protect the criminal and make the peaceful residents more vulnerable to attack.

One must always be reminded that Democrats tried to block the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which was only passed with overwhelming Republican votes.

It’s the Democrats who have, for their own political reasons, trapped poor, largely minority citizens, in a perpetual spiral of welfare dependence on government handouts.

It’s Democrats who have pushed for minimum wage laws which only assure that fewer people are hired, and that the entire workforce is paid less on average.

Also worth mentioning, minimum wage laws also assure that young people, largely minority students, never get that first job that introduces them to the working world, so they tend to become dependents on welfare and the handouts that Democrats love to distribute in exchange for the dependent individual’s vote.

Democrats do, in their infinite immorality, have as least one dominating principle: They will do absolutely anything to win and assure everyone else loses.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

CNN Makes An Admission That They’ll Regret Forever

On July 2nd on CNN’s Reliable Sources, Brian Stetler made a statement that will live in infamy and burden the network forever. He was belly-aching about the video that showed an image of President Trump wrestling with a CNN logo and throwing it to the mat. Of course he was trying to make Trump out to be a violent, murdering maniac when he uttered the phrase “Is the president trying to impersonate Hugo Chavez, Vladimir Putin...”.

The surprising thing about Mr. Stetler’s words is not that they are anti-Trump and that CNN will criticize anything, even a comic image of the President besting CNN, and it’s not that they lack a shred of humor and are unable to laugh at anything President Trump does, it’s that, finally, the leftists at CNN are able to admit that socialists and communists like Chavez and Putin are very bad people and that they are not afraid to describe them in the worst possible light, because the worst possible light is exactly what they are trying to shine on Donald Trump when they associate Trump with the dictators.

I hope CNN remembers Stetler’s words the next time they praise Venezuela for it’s pristine socialist economy that they allege is serving the poor population of Venezuela at the expense of the evil capitalist oil industry (when in truth the socialist dictatorship of Venezuela, begun under Hugo Chavez, is literally starving it citizens to death while sitting on one of the largest oil reserves in the world), and I hope they recall what Mr. Stetler said when they report the invasion of Ukraine and the killing of innocent civilians in Syria, which totalitarian, militaristic campaigns were conducted by Russia’s Vladimir Putin, the heir to the Soviet throne of Joseph Stalin.

People grasping at straws in order to figuratively keep their heads above water, as CNN is struggling to do with their continued, unrelenting  attacks on President Trump, tend to step on their own message as they desperately tread water and spew whatever line of lies it takes in order to take their next gasping breath.

Tomorrow Hugo Chavez will again be equated to Robin Hood and Stalin’s Russia will once again be the pristine Potemkin Village that the New York Times’ Walter Duranty tried to get the world to believe in as Russia was killing its own citizens in the 1930s, but today these leftist icons are being used in an attempt to undermine Donald Trump and put him on the defensive. Politics is relative to CNN and all other leftists, so one can shame a dictator today and praise him tomorrow.

But the attacks from the left will not hurt Donald Trump because the American people know who’s telling the truth and who’s lying, and they are firmly on President Trump’s side in this battle for the hearts and minds of America.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Quality Of A Government Is Best Judged By Those Who Fear It

If you recall all of the big shot, Commander-In-Chief  bluster and pretend red-line drawing of Barack Obama, along with his expressed intention to keep ISIS “contained”, which all Americans knew at the time was a pile of crap, because we knew Obama would never oppose a Muslim cause, then you know full well that ISIS and rogue nations like Iran and North Korea did not fear Obama. But thinking Americans did fear Obama’s passive attitude toward those and other nations who have sworn to kill Americans.

On the subject of domestic dealings, Obama’s pledge to Fundamentally Transform America terrified every thinking American who heard his words and took them seriously. Obama would not stand up to our enemies and try to destroy them, but he would do everything in his power to destroy America from within, and this destruction from within was good news to those nations who hate America.

So if my analysis is accurate, and I believe it is, thinking Americans feared Obama and foreign enemies loved him.

But now we have a president who has reversed the tables. Donald Trump’s promise to Make America Great Again is thrilling to American citizens because it means a return to those policies that made America the most wealthy and free nation in the world. And his policy of launching military action when he has warned a bad actor of retaliation for attacks on innocent persons (Syria is a good example of a  rogue nation who now takes Trump seriously) is already gaining America more respect from our enemies.

When a government is feared by its own citizens, it’s a bad government.  But when a government is loved and respected by its citizens, it’s a good government.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Recent News From Leftists Shows Their Knownothingness

1) The Reporters Committee For The Freedom Of The Press is all over President Trump for the recently released video of a Trump figure thrashing the CNN logo. The reporters, of course, equate the playful imaging of  throwing the CNN logo to the mat, with an attack on the press and its constitutional freedoms. News flash for the press: people are not killed in wrestling matches. It was a cute video of a sporting event in which Trump was seen defeating a powerful opponent in cartoon form. The Reporters need to get a life.
What the good members of the Reporters Committee don’t understand is that the video is in fun, whereas the hunting-style, real weapon attack a few weeks ago of a Bernie supporter actually shooting several Republican elected politicians was truly deadly and no fun at all. And the Central Park depiction of President Trump being killed Caesar-style was also a liberal stunt with no fun intended.

2) In a speech that Barack Obama made on July 2nd  in Indonesia, the former president warned Americans to not show “too much” patriotism on July 4th as they celebrate America’s liberty. But I predict that Americans will demonstrate overly exuberant patriotism and happiness on the fourth this year because it’s the first Independence Day we’ve had in over eight years in which Obama is not in the White House. What we have with the speech in Indonesia is a situation of having “too much” Obama and his America-hating opinion.

3) Bernie Sanders is belly-aching about the way his wife is being treated by the FBI: unlike the treatment of Hillary, who got a pass from the Director of the FBI that ended her Email server investigation, Bernie’s wife is actually still under investigation for apparent crimes, while the Democrats continue to beat up on President Trump for alleged incidents for which there is no evidence of any wrong-doing at all. And isn’t it telling that the most popular candidate the Democrat Party had in the 2016 election process was not even a Democrat? The Independent Sanders generated more enthusiasm and excitement in the 2016 primaries than Hillary did, and the DNC even had to rig the nominating process to assure that Hillary won the party’s nomination. Democrats are in serious trouble.

4) Stephen Hawking, reportedly a very smart man, has expressed the opinion in The Sun that President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate change agreement could be the “tipping point” leading to the end of humanity. Evidently Mr. Hawking has not paid attention the last 50 years to the repeated similar, dire warnings of such luminaries as Paul Ehrlich, Ted Danson, Al Gore, Prince Charles, and all American Democrat politicians and movie stars, predicting disaster from the lie of warming/change, and still we’re here and Miami and New York City are not under the ocean. In fact the ocean is so not-rising that a new island has formed recently off the coast of North Carolina, and a new island is in the process of becoming visible in Hawaii. So I guess the inundation of the world and the end of humanity will have to wait a while longer, but the fools on the left will still be predicting doom every time the temperature reaches 90 degrees and each time a hurricane forms.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Democrats Are Turning On Obama

In a world of politically and socially shocking events, possibly that most surprising occurrence in recent memory is the criticism that Barack Obama is getting from his own Democrats. It seems that it was the infallible Obama who early-on was informed of the Russia hacking thing, and he did nothing to stop it because he thought that Hillary would become president and he would let her take care of Vladimir Putin following her election, possibly by implementing a new Reset with the former Soviet Union’s one-time KGB official (and we all know how successful Hillary’s last Reset with Russia was) and possibly offering Putin more of the United States’ precious uranium supply.

After Congressman Adam Schiff tried to put President Trump in jail for the lying claim that Trump was colluding with Russia to the detriment of America, Schiff is now turning on Obama for not trying hard enough, and for possibly not trying at all, to stop the Russian hacking of the DNC computers and Russia’s alleged access to the voting/election data base that the lying Democrats declare were tampered with to Trump’s advantage.

But one major point of concern not mentioned concerning Russia or any other nation,  friend or foe, trying to get into American computers, was Hillary’s wide open email server that had no protection at all and was likely invaded by every enemy of the United States multiple times due to the ignorance, stupidity and arrogance of Hillary Clinton. The president of the United States at that time was Barack Obama, and he did nothing to protect national secrets that may have resided on Hillary’s server, nor did he do anything to punish nor even criticize Hillary for her criminal carelessness, which carelesness was clearly listed and enumerated by the Director of the FBI in a pre-election televised statement, and many Democrats are waking up to Obama’s lazy, dangerous and laid-back  behavior as occupant of the Oval Office.