Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Saturday, February 29, 2020

It’s Not A Matter Of “If”, It’s A Matter Of “When” The Democrats Can Blame Trump For Causing The Coronavirus

From Global Warming, to Russian collusion, to the Mueller investigation, to the Ukraine incident, to impeachment, the dirty Democrats have been lying about President Trump and attempting to get him removed from office.

Of course, there could be a warming trend that is increasing the surface temperature of the earth, but there is no scientific evidence that this is happening to excess, the left has only a computer model that is producing exactly the output that liberals programmed it to produce, which “proves“ their theory of dangerous temperature increases.

And we all know there’s been some collusion with Russia, but it’s on the part of Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump.

And there could be a global pandemic originating from Wuhan, China, but pointing a finger of guilt for this disease at President Trump only serves the partisan political goals of radical, leftist Democrats. We need to move as a nation to address this issue, not as a partisan, leftist political party intent on removing the Republican president.

Democrats never tire of finding something that will convince people to seek dependence on government for refuge from the mean old world out there. More recently the leftist press is desperate to find something to make American citizens distrust President Trump and give Democrats a chance to regain political power in 2020.

The Democrat penchant to rule by chaos and fear is becoming tiresome. That’s not to say that the current subject of fear, the coronavirus, is not real and a threat to human health. It’s just to say that President Trump and our medical experts can provide for the health of the nation very nicely, thank you, and they can do so even better if the Democrats would stop lying about every little thing that happens and stop blaming our president for every ill that befalls the nation.  Life on earth is not at risk, from either the virus nor from global warming.

The filthy Democrats (Pelosi, Schumer and all of the cable news Trump-hate gangs) could not stoop lower than to heave the unending loads of abuse and insults on our president when he’s trying to prevent infections and save lives in the midst of the coronavirus outbreaks.

With all of the above points considered, life in a prosperous, free America is greatly at risk if a Democrat is voted into the Oval Office in November.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Maybe You Didn’t Build “That”, But Obama Certainly Thinks That He Did

The lying chutzpah of the Democrat party is amazing and astounding to behold. The most crooked, partisan, do-nothing president we’ve ever had, Barack Obama, is succeeded in the Oval Office by Donald Trump, the most successful president in my life-time, who lowered taxes, reduced regulations on businesses, achieved new agreements on economic trade with the entire civilized world, and thereby caused the greatest economic expansion in our nation’s history, and Obama claims credit for the marvel created under the Trump administration. The fool man is actually saying the he built that, after telling all inventors and all entrepreneurs that they built nothing.

Of course, to the leftist press, Trump didn’t grow the economy, Obama did, after telling the nation that we can never expect to have decent growth in the economy ever again, and that we must accept the “new normal“ of low expectations. He actually said that it would take a magic wand to get the economy in gear again. It appears that only Donald Trump has such a wand because growth has been consistent under his administration. With all due respect, Obama is full of crap.

But President Trump is wise enough to know that he didn’t, personally, create all of the market growth, he just enabled it by making the atmosphere more favorable for average people to succeed, and by getting government out of the way so that success could happen. Trump promised a winning nation if he was elected president, and he’s kept his promises and as a result, we’ve seen the nation prosper on his watch.

Now if we can just keep government at bay, we can continue the prosperity that has resulted from Trump’s idea of a smaller, less intrusive, government.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Beware Democrats In The Oval Office: They Represent Strife, Division And Poverty

With the successful, honest, America-first Donald Trump in office, the Democrats are causing strife, fear and confusion every hour of every day in an attempt to tarnish his record. Imagine what would happen to this nation if Trump weren’t in the Oval Office to block the Democrats’ dictatorial, far left programs and policies.

The two-year-long collusion investigation that the Democrats waged against President Trump and his supporters and associates would have been successful if the Democrats still held the White House and appointed the FBI Chief and the Attorney General of the Justice Department.

It’s a given that the radical, leftist, lying press will ignore bad actions and policies that Democrats engage in. The only evil they can see is Donald Trump, and in spite of his frequent presser gatherings, and in spite of his economic and international accomplishments, they won’t give him credit for having accomplished anything.

Consider what happened in Germany once the National Socialist, Nazi party took control:  persecution of Jews, a round-up of “subversives” in the streets of every town, wholesale killings as the police were corrupted by the political leaders of the nation, with no oversight of what the leader was doing as the nation prepared for war against its neighbors in Europe.

In current-day America, even with a  popular, up front, successful president in office, we see police officers being killed by leftist mobs, Jews being attacked by crazy leftists, House Republicans being shot at by a Sanders supporter while playing baseball, legitimate elections being overthrown due to imagined “collusion”, and personal sexual and racial identity being self-identified, all of which maladies are caused by radical Democrats. So just try to imagine the destruction they will cause if they get control of the FBI, and the CIA again.

And consider the destruction done to the nation’s peace and the threat to democracy that ANTIFA and the Black Lives Matter gangs have caused, to witness what awaits the nation if another Democrat takes control as president.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Are There Any White Voters Left In America?

If one was unfortunate enough to have to depend on the leftist press, or the radical left Democrat party, for current news, you’d think that there are only black and Hispanic voters left in America.

Every cable commentator and every news report contains statistics on how the black vote is going, or how it has to go, to get Democrats elected. Or they relate the status of the Hispanic vote in the Southwest and how the political parties must do such-and-such to gain these people-of-color’s votes.

I consider these race-conscious reports to be blatantly racist, which can only further divide America along racial lines now, and in future elections. People-of-color will vote either Democrat or Republican, just like white people do, for reasons that best serve their ideas of what’s best for themselves and their families. But whites are still the most numerous block of voters, while only blacks get appeals from the media expressing concern for how they feel and how they will vote. It seems that our dominant media looks only at skin color and cares nothing about impartial honesty and integrity and the future of America in their reporting.

America’s press and news organizations have gone nuts with a concentration on race, and it’s about time to start referring to all races as being equally American and not just concentrate on a particular race and try to pit one voting block against the others.

A national vote is not supposed to be racial competition and division, as our leftist press is trying to make it.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

One Reader’s Report On The Newly Published Book “American Dirt”

It’s understandable for a conservative Trump supporter to brace for another accusation of racism when he sees a newly published book that’s been approved by both the Oprah and the Barnes and Noble Book Clubs, which has the ominous title of “American Dirt”.

But the author of this book, Jeanine  Cummins, has written a valuable and captivating book that details the total failure and breakdown of governments south of the American border with Mexico. The novel details the story of a woman and son fleeing Mexico, and two teenaged Latinas fleeing Honduras and traveling thru Mexico, all headed to the United States. All four are running for their lives and heading north to America to safety and a chance to live without fear and poverty. Their harrowing, dangerous and near life-ending experiences are convincingly told by Ms. Cummins, and never is there an accusing finger pointed at Donald Trump in the entire book, which is much appreciated in this era of reversed reality and outright leftist lies about Hispanic and racial hatred.

The leading character in the book suspects everyone, including members of the clergy, doctors and nurses, store sales staff and hotel managers, of working with the cartel masters to kill her and her son. This leading character even meets an actual cartel hit-man (a sicario) named Lorenzo, who has already killed several cartel enemies, and she fears he will kill her and her son, only to learn that he was actually, himself, trying to get away from the wanton killing going on in Mexico and get to America. The author didn’t say Lorenzo was trying to get to the racist, sexist America of Democrat imaginings, just the America that would allow him to be free and not fear being killed every day of his life.

But Lorenzo proves that President Trump is correct that Mexico and Central America are sending many of their worst criminals to America, with no assurance that they will not kill again, once here. And the MS13 killers that ICE is arresting, already established in the U.S., are further proof of the criminal element flowing north. Not everyone is bad, as is proven by the Mexican woman and the two Honduran girls who are traveling to America (el norte) to escape death, but with the hoards of desperate people crossing our border with no controls at all, we know that bad people are getting in and we’ve seen evidence that they often prey on Americans once they’re here.

If America has a duty, as a nation, to take in every abused person in the world, as American Democrat insists, then Russia, China, North Korea, Somalia and dozens of other nations will lose their entire populations to America if something isn’t done to stop this flow of humanity. Little known to America’s uneducated population is that in the 18th Century, America and Australia were dumping grounds and penal colonies for England’s overflow criminal population, which sounds like an ominous beginning for the future of those nations. But both America and Australia are now highly developed, wealthy, free nations with the poor of the world fleeing to them in droves, and Mexico and Central America must make the same improvements to their nations for the sake of their own citizens. They must reform themselves, get rid of their criminal element, and stop losing their best and brightest, along with their worst, citizens to America, which is causing their murderous cartel and drug problems to be shipped north with them, to the detriment of American citizens.

Friday, February 21, 2020

You’ve Gotta Feel Sorry For The Stupid Damned Democrats

It’s one thing when the Democrats are so stupid that they don’t understand when they’re losing to President Trump with their constant, never ending and bitter accusations against him while conducting their two-year Russia collusion investigation fiasco, but it’s quite another when they begin the same old crap of collusion accusations all over again, now with newer “evidence” that will once again raise his favorability ratings while equally lowering their own such ratings significantly. Always Trump is the going-away winner against these fools.

But just today there’s the newly released report that our intelligence agencies have determined that Russia is trying to help Bernie Sanders win the 2020 presidential election. I’d say the report is on firm ground, because it makes perfect sense that Putin would want a Commie as president of the United States, and Bernie is a Commie to his honeymooning-in-Moscow core.

So with the evidence of Russian collusion, this time against a Democrat candidate for president, where is the fabricated document that allows the FBI to get a FISA court order to electronically monitor the Sanders campaign committee? Where is the public harassment of Bernie’s family members? Where is the FBI investigation of his campaign staff ? Where are the process crimes that were the only charges that stuck against Trump’s associates during the two-year-long Mueller investigation? And why the double standard, with the Trump administration informing Bernie of this potentially damaging evidence, when Trump was never told of the fabricated evidence and the investigations initiated by the FBI to frame him, hoping they could keep him from winning the 2016 election with only damaging publicity and constant charges against him?

Republicans don’t do the criminal, immoral and nasty things Democrats do, and I’m proud of  Trump’s exercise of restraint in this Sanders case in which Bernie was informed of the findings, which could bring the roof down on Crazy Bernie if it were the Obama administration that had discovered this new news and wanted to destroy him.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Democrats Live In A Simple, Black-And-White World

When you’re a Democrat, life is much simpler than the lives of the majority of American citizens. They have fewer decisions to make that could slow them down on the way to destroying America.

Democrat thinking goes something like this: Tornadoes are caused by global warming; hot weather is caused by global warming; cold weather is caused by global warming; floods are caused by global warming; droughts are caused by global warming. Democrats will never go to the effort to get to the truth of things. No matter what happens in nature, global warming is the cause. After all, the idiot-savant, AOC, informs us that we have  only eleven years until we approach the warming that will doom the entire earth, and we know she’s a complete fool because in the fifteen months since she announced her 12-year-to-doom deadline, neither the summer nor the winter temperatures are any different than they were two years ago, or fifteen years ago. There is zero evidence of any warming that is detectable. All that the political left has to offer as evidence of warming is a computer program that they loaded with garbage that would produce the outcome they desired for their political purposes.

Another example of the ease of life for Democrats is that everything that occurs in our lives, especially our political lives, is a racist act. A glass of water is racist; to utter a word of disagreement with a person-of-color is racist; the investigation of the cause and cure for the Corona virus is racist; soup is racist, even the term black-and-white is racist. Aside from global warming, which is actually also racist, everything is racist. This black-and-white view of the world makes life easier for Democrats and reduces the actual effort of thinking and problem-solving on their part. And their racist, sexist opinions also cause division in the American population, which they think aids them in winning elections.

But in addition to Democrats’ insistence on blaming everything in society on climate, sex, race or sexual identity, is their ability to lie openly and frequently. Like their Socialist/dictatorial counterparts abroad in Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea, or their heroes Stalin, Mao, etc., American Democrats are born liars. They have to lie about their intentions and their results because they are always wrong and their policies never work.

Adam Schiff lied repeatedly about having seen definite, producable evidence that President Trump colluded with Russia. Barack Obama lied repeatedly about we American citizens being able to keep our doctor and our existing healthcare plan under his unconstitutional Obamacare. Following the completion of the Mueller investigation, and having found no facts that led to President Trump being found guilty of any collusion whatsoever, Democrats still insist that he was guilty.

Democrats will conveniently forget that bussing to achieve racial integration was hated by blacks and whites alike, but nevertheless they lie that their coarse methods of achieving racial integration worked then and still work now. Democrats turn a blind eye when blacks, who are freely admitted to the top colleges in America, room in dorms separately from whites and have graduation ceremonies separately from non-black graduating students, which is proof of Democrat social failures in these areas of our society.

The Democrat candidates for the 2020 presidential election propose free college for everyone, even though this proposal will assuredly destroy higher education in America if implemented; they want a guaranteed annual income, which will encourage many people to live in semi-comfortable poverty and never try to better their circumstances; they are for legalizing marijuana and other drugs, which will attract weak people to a life of living in a daze and may lead to dependence on drugs and an early death; they’re for removing criminal punishment for acts of theft, which only encourages more of this type of crime and makes citizens distrustful of their government and of the police because no anti-social acts are punished.

Democrats are always wrong because their thinking and their policies are always wrong, and they will not take time to listen to and consider opposing ideas, such as Capitalism, which always works to elevate all levels of society and makes everyone more wealthy. Or maybe they are just thick-headed people who are stuck in their medieval world of subsistence and cannot join the rest of us in the twenty-first century.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Now We Have The Corrupt Democrats Right Where They Placed Themselves

Ever since the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, Republicans have been warning of the dangers of Communism, while Democrats have been adoring the wonders of anything created by Stalin, Mao or Castro and literally worshiping these international criminals.

Also one may recall the breathless articles written by Pulitzer prize winner Walter Duranty and published by the New York Times in the 1930s, in which Duranty found nothing but praise for Joe Stalin and his Communist Soviet Union, while the ruthless dictator was killing thousands of his own citizens, allying Russia with Hitler’s Germany and planning the takeover of all of Europe.

But then in 2016, in a desperate attempt to eliminate Donald Trump from the American political scene, American Democrats reversed course and began warning us of the danger of  Russia, with special emphasis on collusion between Putin and Trump and the threat this imagined collusion presented to our political system and our elections. This two-faced position on the subject of Russia has placed Democrats in a position that they never thought they’d get caught in. They are speaking out of both sides of their lying mouths, and the strongest political Democrat candidate for president in 2020 is an old, Russia-loving man who honeymooned in Moscow, has proposed economic shenanigans for America that even Uncle Joe Stalin and Karl Marx would blush at for their stupidity, and this old fool leading the Democrat party is not even a Democrat!

Democrats have worked for nearly 100 years siding with everything Communist, only today, to find themselves in a terrible political position that there is no way out of, and they deserve all of the pain that will follow.

Friday, February 7, 2020

From The “Spark of Divinity” To The “Sanctity Of Life”, Do You Really Believe In Either Principle, Mrs. Pelosi?

A few months ago, while fighting President Trump and insisting that our nation have open borders, resulting in a massive influx of illegals invading our nation and killing other illegal aliens as well as American citizens, House leader and Democrat, Nancy Pelosi, the leading Democrat in the nation, defended the MS13 murder gangs by stating that they have a “spark of divinity” and should not be kept out of our country nor be forcibly expelled from America once here. Her position seemed to be that she wanted them to come here, stay here, and murder here, under the protection of a divine love that her questionable religious beliefs could illogically support and rationalize.

At the other end of the political spectrum, on Thursday morning, February 6, 2020, President Trump spoke at a prayer breakfast in Washington of the “sanctity of life” that is the center of Christianity, and is at the very heart of Mrs. Pelosi’s Catholicism.

One wonders how the irrational illogic of Mrs. Pelosi’s belief in “the spark of divinity” when applied to machete-wielding murderers, squares with her all-out support of abortion on demand and the killing of the most innocent and defenseless among us, the unborn babies. Do the unborn not have a “spark of  divinity”? Does Mrs. Pelosi not believe in the “sanctity of life“, which President Trump speaks of? Does Mrs. Pelosi not believe in punishment for terrible crimes committed by illegal aliens? Is Mrs. Pelosi not able to get radical leftist politics out of her head for a minute and speak like a feeling, religious person for a change? Her church’s position on the sanctity of life is pretty plain for all to see, but she is not following the Church‘s preachings, even though she pretends to be a practicing Catholic.

But how can someone pretend to be a religious, practicing Catholic while defending the killing of babies and the coddling of ravenous murderers? It would appear that Mrs. Pelosi sees a “spark of divinity” only in winning political battles with the president and tying our nation in knots for years attempting to impeach him.

With today’s Democrat party, everything is based on politics, and principles of liberty, freedom and religion all take a backseat to winning elections and dominating, to the point of eliminating all opposition to their rule. These dangerous Democrats must be defeated in the next election.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

First The SOTU Speech Text Is Shredded, Then The Constitution

No sensible person can doubt that Democrats have been tearing up the fabric of America for many years with their unconstitutional healthcare take-over, their sexual self-identity farce, their calling everyone that disagrees with them racists, their open border immigration policy, their sanctuary city idiocy, their insistence that men can have babies, and other really stupid ideas. But following the State Of The Union speech last Tuesday, Nancy Pelosi establish a new level of Democrat destruction of a free and prosperous America by tearing up the official House of Representatives copy of the president’s SOTU  speech, which President Trump dutifully handed to her prior to the beginning of the speech. With this evidence and knowledge in our possession, we can be certain that the constitution, always a suspicious and threatening document to the Democrats, due to its limitations on the powers of government, will be next document for official destruction.

To Democrats the shredding of President Trump’s State Of The Union speech is merely symbolic of their disdain for the president in particular and the “deplorable” people who voted for him in general. But to any thinking American, the destruction being done by Democrats to our constitution is game-changing and dangerous, and Democrats must be defeated at the ballot box in November or they’ll actually perform the constitutional destruction that so far they’ve just been talking about.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Who was Nancy Talking To?

Aside from behaving like a complete, petulant ass Tuesday night at the State Of The Union address, Nancy Pelosi seemed to be occasionally carrying on a conversation with someone as the president spoke. Usually moving lips from a Democrat means that they’re  lying, but this went a creepy step further than normal, and viewers could not see anyone at hand for her to talk to.

Could Nancy be taking up a friendship, in Hillary’s stead, with Eleanor Roosevelt’s ghost? Or perhaps she just speaks with phantoms in general all the time. At any rate she was talking to someone, or at least thought she was, and at one point in the speech she even pointed to the balcony of the chamber and seemed to be lecturing or scolding someone about something. Maybe she has just gone completely nuts from losing each battle with President Trump, and has finally cracked.

But it was the old, familiar poppy seed stuck in her dentures that she had the most trouble with, rolling her jaws constantly and looking uncomfortably and furtively around the room. Surely her liberal, big government has a dentist that can help Nancy with the stuck poppy seed .

Aside from the above, Nancy and several other Democrats in attendance, behaved badly and in a creepy manner during the speech, but when, at the end of President Trump’s remarks, Nancy tore up the copies of the speech that the President had handed to her at the beginning of the evening, carefully ripping each sheet in two so the cameras would be sure to catch her childish action, she offended we “deplorables” who voted for Trump once and will surely do so again in November. She was making the point that to Democrats our vote for president doesn’t matter, and she was figuratively ripping up our votes which were, and will be, cast for President Trump.

Trash like Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler and Chuck Schumer, behaving like the filth they are at such national events, leave no doubt in anyone’s mind doubt as to their low character. And these are the people who want to run our nation and dictate our laws.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Democrats: The Party Of Blowin’ It

The once great Democrat party has been taken over by “progressive” subversives who hate America as it was founded, and hate it even more for the way it’s evolved over the centuries. And now they’re blowing the former good will of American citizens and the Democrats’ chances of ever being elected to the presidency in the future, because they’re too sophisticated to be able to recognize or admit their political and social mistakes.

Democrats blew the 2016 presidential election while running the most intelligent and deserving female candidate in history.

Democrats blew the Cross-Fire Hurricane episode.

Democrats blew the Russian corruption investigation.

Democrats blew the House impeachment investigation efforts, thanks to California Congressman, Adam dip-Schiff.

Democrats blew the televised impeachment hearings in the Senate, thanks again to Adam dip-Schiff.

Democrats have already blown the 2020 presidential campaign by offering radical and corrupt candidates like Warren, Sanders, Biden and Mayor Alfred E. Howdy.

Democrats blew any chance of being taken seriously after repeatedly claiming that Russian/Trump collusion won the 2016 presidential election for Donald Trump, but were silent about any election tampering or any Trump collaborating when the Democrats took back the House of Representatives in the 2018 election.

And now Democrats have blown the Iowa caucuses with an App that went ape, while the Republicans completed their causes process and re-nominated President Trump with no problems at all.

And so, of course, the leftist, elitist press is blowing their pretense of political non-alignment and fairness, by defending and making excuses for the Democrats’ Iowa farce.

And then there’s Bill and Monica in the Oval Office, but that’s a subject for another time.

Today’s Democrat party is full of anti-American, constitution-hating, radical, fools who are drifting to political disaster in November, so please, don’t blow that.

So who’s the mentally deficient, rube, laughing-stock now, Don Lemon? We’re all laughing at you and your superiorist, leftist pals.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Just Imagine…

Just imagine an America without Donald Trump in charge to demonstrate to the world how a president should behave.  No president has been so successful in sparking the economy and attending to the security, liberty and finances of American citizens as President Trump. Imagining another Obama, or even another George Bush administration, is frightening in comparison with the Trump presidency.

Then imagine an America with corrupt people like Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in charge. You’ll also be well advised to recall the false charges and illegal activities of the FBI and the FISA court under the Obama administration, and the KGB-like investigations that were begun and conducted under a radical Democrat administration.

Imagine an America which is not burdened with radical, leftist corruption, which is what the Democrat party represents. Imagine how free we would be without the corruption that is endemic with Democrats, and that lingers with us today with leftist causes like Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, gender and racial identity foolishness and sanctuary cities.

Imagine an America not over-run with illegal aliens roaming America and killing American citizens with knives, guns and cars.

Imagine an America where the constitutionally protected press actually reported news and investigated political wrong-doing, which wrong-doing the leftist arm of the Democrat party, also known as CNN, WAPO and NYT, are currently guilty of.

Imagine an America in which the FBI and the FISA court aren’t parties in framing  and attempting to imprison incoming Republicans, duly-elected by a free electorate and sworn into office.

There is no need to imagine the path to destruction that America is facing when radical-left Democrats are at this very moment attempting to remove the sitting president. All you need to do is look at Cuba, North Korea, China, Venezuela and Russia, and the horror of living and trying to enjoy life and prosper under these nations’ total dictatorial rules, and then apply this reality, offered by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and the other Clinton/Obama look-alikes, trying to become rulers of our lives.

Not a pleasant image, and we must destroy these radical-left people with our votes in November. Just imagine America with the expressed policies of the insane, dictatorial Democrats in charge, and re-elect Trump for another four years.