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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Liberals' $2 Billion School District Decertification Plan

Rush Limbaugh is fond of saying that when you investigate the most failed cities, and in this case our attention is on a failed school district, you'll discover that liberal Democrats are in charge of the failed entity. But in the case of the Kansas City school district, liberals made the citizens pay out $2,000,000,000 to finally achieve only the decertification of the district.

Liberals always want attention directed to their motives, not the outcome of their policies, so we must be reminded that liberals destroyed the Kansas City school district in an attempt to eliminate segregation, and when all is said and done, they destroyed the education of all of the students in the district, even the minority (actually they are the majority) students they intended to protect. Liberals always think they can throw money at a problem and it will fix itself, and they are always wrong. And in this case their error will impact many students for years to come. they should go away in shame for what they've done, but instead they look for someone else to "help".

So we have the desire to help under-privileged children that ends up hurting them and undermining their futures, and costing everyone an enormous fortune in the bargain. Total waste, government control and stupidity. And these are the same fools who now occupy the Obama administration and are in control of our nation's defense (cutting the military budget at a dangerous time in the world), our economy (the EPA is shutting down electric generating plants when we need them most, and Obama is denying America a new source of energy from Canada), healthcare (Obamacare has only just begun and already is costing us money and medical attention), and our children's education (need I say more about liberals and education?).

Will we get rid of the liberal scourge in November 2012, or will we allow Obama to finally end the prosperity and liberty this nation has enjoyed for over 200 years?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Democrats-The New Prohibition Party

The new prohibitionists love to just-say-no:

No, you can't keep your healthcare.
No, you can't practice your religion as you see fit.
No, your coal-powered electric plant can't continue to operate.
No, you can't buy incandescent light bulbs.
No, you can't buy the toilet of your choice.
No, you can't build on your own property.
No, you can't import oil from Canada.
No, you can't keep more of your own money.
No, your government will not abide by the Constitution.

Increasingly, Democrats, and our "just-say-no" president, are choking our nation's economy and ending our Constitutional liberties by denying us everything our free population has always enjoyed, and withholding the freedoms we used to take for granted.

But of course, being the counter-culture that they are, Democrats occasionally say "yes":

Yes, we can legalize marijuana.
Yes, we can abort a fetus at-will.
Yes, we can defecate in public and block traffic in any city we wish to "occupy".

We must not relax our opposition to the party of the left, and we must continue to push for the defeat of Barack Obama in November.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Liberal Policy Is Driven By Illogic

At a time when Obama is trying to push the Chevy Volt on the nation as a gas and carbon saver, the EPA is publishing regulations that will cause many power plants to shut down, thereby depriving the Volt of its charging current. At exactly the time we need gasoline-powered cars the most so as to have transportation during the certain brown-outs to follow on the heels of the EPA's dictates, Obama wants us to get off gasoline and onto the dying power grid. And even in those locations where there will be plenty of electric power left after the EPA edicts begin shutting down plants, the electric generating plants largely use fossil fuels to deliver the power that charges the Volt, so where is the gain?

This situation is similar to the new low water use toilets; the new toilets use less water per flush, so in order to do the same job, more flushes have to be made, so where is the water savings? Add to this illogic the fact that water is not in short supply and that the water you buy is your personal property, and you might well ask what business the government has telling you how much of your personal property you can use at any one time. The same offensive edicts are made with the new curly light bulbs: the electricity and the bulbs are your personal property, so how dare the government tell you how you should use it and the type bulbs you should buy.

Recently the Chevy Volt was reported as having a tendency for causing fires, so General Motors recalled all of the new cars to inspect them, but quickly ended the recall at the government's acquiesance stating that the Volt was no more likely to cause trouble than a gasoline-powered automobile. But that wasn't the point of the recall, which was to determine why cars sold by GM were bursting into flames and burning down owners' homes. The government was protecting GM because it's now owned and operated by the unions. Remember when the Toyota was accused of unplanned acceleration a few years ago and causing accidents? The government made a big deal of this in an effort to hurt non-union Toyota and sell more Chevys, but the Toyota scare was a lie.

I'd still like to know why the Volt suddenly bursts into flames and burns down homes, but Obama wants to cover this up and make it go away.

The Keystone XL pipeline investors seek to create a new source of energy and to create new jobs and employ people currently out of work. The aspect of the project involving jobs would seem to be one that Obama would favor because he has said numerous times that he "will not rest" until there are jobs for everyone. Of course he didn't say he wouldn't play golf or vacation in Hawaii until there are sufficient jobs, but he must be tired when he golfs and plays on the beach because he's still denying Americans jobs. And consider his loud voice when he proclaimed that we must stop our dependence on foreign, unfriendly oil, and then balance that statement with denying energy from a friendly source: Canada. But the Obama administration, when faced with the decision to allow people to live freely, is the party of NO! Investors cannot provide the energy we need, nor will you be allowed to provide employment, because not "enough" jobs will be created (the government decides when there are sufficient jobs being created, and whether they are sufficiently well paying). However the Obama administration will freely give money to Solyndra and Fisker (the Finland-assembled electric auto maker) even though their products are not wanted by prospective customers, they can't afford to do the things they state are their goals, and they're broke!

The EPA passes regulations limiting mercury everywhere in homes and businesses alike in order to prevent poisoning, especially in children (the liberals in government love to express their protection of children, except when the children are in the womb, or when they are trying to get a good education, at which time they are forced into failed government schools). But government bans the use of incandescent bulbs and force us to buy the mercury-laden curly fluorescent bulbs that will be in all homes and near all children in the event they're broken.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Open Letter of Thanks and Apology to our Good Neighbors in Canada

To the great people of Canada, I, as an American citizen, want to thank you for your offer of oil and gas products to be delivered via the Keystone XL pipeline, and to apologize to you for any offense that may have been taken by the rude rejection of your offer given by our president.

Barack Obama is a fool for rejecting a source of energy that our nation badly needs, and realizing that his decision was 99 percent politics doesn't make the decision less offensive. Didn't our child president just recently criticize America for not thinking about big projects any longer, and is this not proof that America and Canada both think big, but the American government halts all such big projects?

Given that our nation has more that 500,000 miles of pipelines criss-crossing it with few if any leak or break problems in the past, and that we need the jobs that a new project would create in the midst of the Obama depression, only a spiteful, political idiot would reject such an offer.

Occasionally liberals will offer the objection that the Keystone XL pipeline will not create "that many" jobs, but in these lean times, even 10 or 15 jobs (the Keystone project anticipates creating tens of thousands of jobs, by the way) would be a God-send to the workers and their families. And we also have to remember that no participant in the proposed pipeline has asked for one dollar of help to build it (unlike the billions of dollars the Obama administration has thrown at, and wasted, on the alternative/green energy companies that have subsequently gone broke (failed companies like Solyndra).

It has been reported that the parties to the pipeline are devising an alternate route that will make Obama's objections irrelevant, so I hope you will wait for this back-up plan so we can by-pass our child president and still do business with your wonderful nation, and make a nice profit for your companies and workers in the process.

As an aside, and in an attempt to poke a finger of logic and common sense at our liberal politicians who are attempting to increase the cost and reduce the supply of gas and oil in America, while they attempt to destroy our economy with ideas that will cause immense financial costs and real personal pain to Americans, I notice that the Democrats in Washington are trying to apply an additional tax to energy products with their H.R. 3784 bill, titled "The Gas Spike Act", which would greatly penalize gas and oil companies for their products, with these government-caused additional costs being necessarily passed on to consumers, and that this bill would allow big government to decide what level of profit is "reasonable" for companies to make and tax them for all profit over that amount. A government enforced limitation on profit is what is done during a communist takeover of a nation and is contrary to everything that has made America the most prosperous nation in the world, and would undermine the large, wealthy middle class that is the envy of the world. Additionally, the profit-tax would only add to the government's already draconian tax on gasoline, which is in large part the reason your gas costs well over $3 a gallon. If the government would get out of the way and stop sticking us with their extra charges on everything we buy, costs to our already-stressed population could be reduced and paying bills would be more easily done. But don't hold your breath until the government lessens its hold on your pocketbook and allows you to save some money. The next logical step for liberals will be the takeover of oil and gas companies by the Obama administration, and at that point our nation will be absolutely destroyed, because without market-based energy available to consumers, the costs of just trying to drive to work each day will skyrocket and the supply of oil and gas will disappear. That's what history and the Carter administration tell us that government involvement, regulation and control causes.

But be that as it may, best regards from the United States.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Obama Has the Urge to Rule

Our pleasant looking, well-spoken president seems to have developed some unpleasant tendencies of late. It appears that he thinks he's been elected to rule, not preside over a free and sovereign people, and he believes that Congress is just a rubber stamp for anything the ruler wishes to do. What is it about the term "constitutional checks and balances" that this guy doesn't get?

On October 29, 2011, Obama said "If congress won't act, I will..." when he wanted to concentrate more government into home refinance (bailing out people who could not afford the homes they bought), student loans and jobs for Veterans (he forgot that only the private sector can provide real jobs, not the government) and more heavily taxing the rich, (who ultimately provide most the the jobs our nation has).

On January 4, 2012, Obama's press secretary said that if Congress won't cooperate, Obama will take "small, medium and large" executive order actions to go around them.

On November 22, 2011, Obama claimed that every American would see "$1000 tax hikes if Congress won't act.." to extend the existing payroll tax rates (of course he called the proposal a "tax cut" though it's not. He wanted to extend the current FICA rates for only 2 months instead of the 12 months that Republicans wanted, so wouldn't his plan be less than 20% as attractive to struggling citizens as the Republican proposal? And his plan to reduce the FICA tax would be, in effect, raiding Social Security, which he and his Democrat pals have consistently accused the Republicans as scheming to do).

Obama's policies are unpopular with Americans and Congress often opposes those policies, again for purposes of checks and balances, to avoid an abuse of power, but Obama terms this constitutional opposition to be foot-dragging and claims that what he wants to do just "Can't wait" for Congress, so he plows ahead and does unconstitutional things like his recent recess appointment of a Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Under Obama this position has been made mostly irrelevant because, with the way Obama has handled the economy, there are very few "consumers" left to protect.

There are many troubling aspects to Obama's tendency to rule instead of govern, but my great fear is that when he loses, or even before he loses in his re-election effort, he'll discover a November Surprise that will require his sole attention, leadership and action, and that he would consider the upcoming election to be a distraction, so we will have to defer the election until the emergency (perhaps a nuclear Iran that conservatives have been warning about, or an attack on Israel that seems to be inevitable given the situation in the area, or the revelation that a nuclear device had been smuggled across our porous border and whose discharge is imminent) has been sufficiently addressed by his majesty, a task that could take months or years to complete.

And one must keep in mind that during the 2008 campaign Obama spoke clearly and often about the need for a Civilian Defense Force, armed and trained as well as our military and designed for use internally within the United States. And if there is any doubt where he would get the vast sums needed to arm and train this civilian force, just recall the billions of dollars of unspent and unaccounted for stimulus and TARP appropriations which old uncle Joe Biden was going to oversee, control and track that have evaporated into thin air. And also recall the additional trillion dollars that Obama has just claimed he desperately needs immediately or the nation will not survive (isn't this approach of desperation and appeal to fear getting a little thin and worn at this point?) and one can see serious storm clouds on the horizon for this great nation, with this small man as president.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Marines: Heroes For Killing, Criminals For Peeing

A photograph of Marines urinating on the bodies of Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan is all the rage in Washington and has our Lillywhite liberal politicians reaching for their hankies to help them sustain themselves during the case of vapors caused by these crass Marines. The message from the likes of Leon Panetta and Hillary Clinton is that Marines are heroes for killing and ending the lives of the enemy, but are punishable for urinating on or near them. I don't think Panetta or Clinton are thinking clearly, but are instead only taking the most recent convenient opportunity to criticize the Armed Forces and appear to be politically correct to Islamic groups both here and abroad.

To make matters worse for our nation, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta kow-towed to Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai and promised an investigation into the matter. How can an apology be appropriate to Karzai when the Taliban being urinated on are enemies of the Karzai government and were trying to kill Afghans? Karzai has no role in this and definitely deserves no explanation and no promise of an investigation. And to make matters even more dire, Karzai has announced that if the U.S. and Pakistan end up warring with one another, he will side with Pakistan. Maybe the Marines should pee on Karzai for being such a weak ally, for risking their lives defending his corrupt government and then have him turn on them at the first opportunity. I also think Panetta, instead of the Marines, should be investigated for playing nice with the corrupt Karzai and for trying to have peace talks and share an office with the Taliban in Afghanistan. The Taliban should be killed, not talked to. The Taliban are truly despicable people who will never stop trying to kill Afghanis or Americans until they are dead. Peeing on them is optional.

But I can fully understand the offended sensibilities of Washington politicians who look down their noses at the middle class schlub Marines who wouldn't know the correct cravat to wear with a dinner jacket, nor the right Cognac to select for after-dinner drinks at the country club. But what the liberals who send our young men and women (largely other peoples' children, not their own) off to war don't understand is the unrelieved pressure of the war that Marines, Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen and women face when they are sent to far-off places away from friends and family and asked to risk life and limb daily in a war that seems to have no end-point and only offers restrictions on military actions.

I hope all Americans follow this issue closely, and if the accused Marines get any punishment stronger than a talking-to and then sent back to their units, we must all throw a fit with the Obama administration. Because in an increasingly dangerous and threatening world, how do Panetta and Clinton think they will be able to get volunteers to fight our nation's wars if they punish every unthought-thru action the Armed Forces personnel take as criminal acts?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Politicians Consolidate Power and Control

All grocers want to do is feed us.

All musicians want to do is entertain us.

All electricians want to do is provide electrical convenience to our homes.

But politicians are not content with "serving" us, as they pretend to do; they insist on gaining more and more power in order to control our every move. It's true that we elect these so-called public servants, so in reality we get what we deserve, but it hasn't always been so.

Originally the citizen legislators served when needed and then returned home to their jobs and businesses to live under the laws they passed. More recently politicians operated within the specified and enumerated limits of the constitution and were content with the semi-celebrity status and the relative high pay with which they rewarded themselves.

But today's politicians, especially liberals, want to control every aspect of our lives (the amount of water we flush, the light bulbs we use, the types of cars we buy, the power plants used to generate our electricity, the type of fuel we burn in our cars, the amount of salt we eat, etc). Our elected representatives should feel shame for their laziness in voting for legislation. . The bills they write are too often vague and leave legal specifics to the unelected regulators and secretaries who finally make the laws that control our lives and undermine our freedom. Democrat Representative John Conyers once admitted know what's in the legislation he votres for when he stated that a 2000 page bill is too long and too complex to understand. So why do fools like Mr. Conyers pass legislation that only increases the power and control of the various agencies and departments impacted, and that takes away our liberties? In the future we must be more diligent and elect people to the House and Senate who will obey the constitution and begin legislating as our fellow-citizens, not as our rulers.

Nero Fiddled While Rome Burned; Obama Golfs While America is Destroyed

Our self-centered president has been dithering again while his administration and his czars are literally destroying this great nation. Whether it's an unconstitutional recess appointment, the dismantling of our ability to generate electric power for our homes and businesses, borrowing trillions of additional dollars on top of the $15 Trillion we already owe, congress not producing a constitutionally required national budget for 3 years, denying a Canadian proposal to provide us with much-needed energy or reducing our military at a critical and dangerous time, while at the same time growing government and it's control over our lives, Obama is literally destroying America. Are we just going to sit here and take this, or are we going to get our representatives in gear and stop this fool man?

We Must Restrict Government Now!

Once a nation loses its liberties there is little chance of ever getting those liberties back again without a great shedding of blood and enormous loss of life. The best example of this is Germany before World War II. The German people voted Hitler into office and then permitted him to remove one freedom after another until they were enslaved by him and his totalitarian policies. Germany was a free, wealthy, sophisticated and modern nation until Hitler began changing it for his own ends, and eventually destroying millions of lives as a result.

America is being destroyed just as Germany was destroyed, piece-by-piece, liberty-by-liberty, inch-by-inch. Americans have been so wealthy, so comfortable and so free for so long that we have forgotten the miserable existence a majority of the people of the world live, and if Obama and the EPA have their way, our own standard of living will begin to crash around us rather quickly.

Along with various unconstitutional invasions of our rights and liberties over the last 3 years (forced socialized medicine; the destruction of contract law with the General Motors and Chrysler takeovers; the Attorney General ignoring voter intimidation and voter fraud violations; the government telling a private company (Boeing) that it cannot establish a manufacturing plant in South Carolina; the government telling farmers in California that they cannot irrigate their fields for fear of harming a fish; shutting down all oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico; denying a new and much needed source of energy from Canada with the Keystone XL project), we now see an administration that is forcing the shutdown of standing, operating power generation plants which will adversely impact millions of lives immediately if allowed to take place. Add to this list the illegal and unconstitutional appointment of a new finance czar by Obama and you can see the clouds gathering immediately ahead for America if our representatives in Congress and the Senate don't get some courage and oppose this golfing, vacationing, 747-loving fool. Our constitution is under attack and we must unite to oppose this unforgivable act by the administration, or our liberties will be gone forever. God help us and our children if we are unsuccessful in our opposition to the pending takeover of this great nation.

Obama Wants To Shrink Government? B.S!

Our big government president, now in trouble during an election year, suddenly pretends to want to make government smaller and save $3 billion over 10 years. How can one keep from laughing?

I'll believe that the lying fool in the Oval Office wants to reduce big, overbearing, intrusive, freedom- and job-killing government when he proposes eliminating the EPA (which issues seriously restrictive and freedom-robbing regulations by the wheelbarrow load); or when he proposes getting rid of the Department of Education (which has destroyed education in America over the last 20 years); or when he proposes eliminating the Department of Energy (which has restricted the availability of energy in the U.S. by denying the expansion of refining and discovery efforts and has caused the price of energy to increase sharply in the last 10 years); or when he withholds funds from the United Nations (which has tried to tax the world, especially the U.S.. for our trade and our use of carbon under the lie of global warming, and has attempted to criminalize aspects of our nation's daily business).

And instead of saving a measly $3 Billion over 10 years, a plan of eliminating the agencies and departments listed above (and add the IRS, the czars and the Departments of Commerce and Interior to that list) could save easily $1 Trillion each and every year, and we'd get rid of the liberal trouble makers trying to run our lives and destroy our nation, in the process. That's $10 Trillion over 10 years in case Obama is still tracking by 10-year intervals (this tendency of Obama and the Democrats to list specific savings per 10-year periods reminds me of the Communists and their 5-years plans, but excuse me for noticing the parallel).

Obamacare and the Financial Reform Act, both signed into law by Obama, prove that the last thing this man wants is to shrink government. All evidence is that he will grow it even further if given another 4 years in office. Didn't he just ask Congress for another Trillion Dollars to spend? The man is a serious liar and must be removed from office before we're all living in hobo camps.