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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Dual Tracks Of Legal Punishment For Democrats And Republicans Is Now Ingrained In Our legal System

 Hillary Clinton, in spite of a long list of crimes that the FBI discovered she committed, was excused from any punishment by the then-Director of the FBI, James Comey. And Trump made no move during his presidency to indict or imprison her.

Joey Biden has now been excused from any crimes he may have committed, which are being revealed by House Republicans and by the Special Counsel appointed by the White House DOJ, because he is supposed to be too old and senile to stand trial. But should identifying him as corrupt and mentally failing, also be interpreted as his being sharp enough to remain our president and have the nuclear football at his disposal? 

And to make things worse, many of the crimes we know about Biden prove he is a corrupt and anti-American, far-left radical, so it’s to America’s benefit to get rid of this fool man.

But, of course, Democrats claim that, in spite of our corrupt legal system favoring Democrats, Donald Trump is the one to fear of being a dictator after election, in spite of the fact that he did not try to imprison Hillary when he took the Oval Office as president during his first administration. And also recall that Trump is the one currently under legal jeopardy for alleged crimes that no president has ever been tried for, and more directly to the point, is also scheduled to be Biden’s competition for president in 2024. So Democrats have solid reasons for silencing Trump as November 2024 nears.

And one cannot forget the Colorado supreme court decision prohibiting Donald Trump from appearing on a Colorado ballot as a presidential candidate in November, 2024. Talk about dictators and you‘ll be talking about Democrats.

So, between Biden and Trump, who is the dictator, which is the corrupt party, and how can Americans get their country back? The question is a good one for all Americans, because we see conservative Americans being tried for non-crimes all the time (many of Trump’s White House staff have been punished for crimes never thought of before; many innocent people were caught-up and convicted following the Jan 6 event; parents objecting to school board rulings; Daniel Penney in New York, as examples) and this will never stop.

When Republicans are in power they concentrate on things like national defense, job creation and keeping our cities’ streets safe; when Democrats are in power they concentrate on spreading billions of dollars around to their political pals so they can retain that power and control, and then they open the border, give billions of dollars to Iran, kow-tow to the Chinese, defund the police forces and support far-left DAs who will  allow criminals to run free and create fear and chaos in the nation.

Donald Trump was president for four years. He knew that Hillary had committed national security crimes but chose not to press charges against her, and look at the return of that favor that the Democrats gave him, with his multiple charges in wide-spread jurisdictions throughout the nation. If Trump did not behave like a dictator during his first term, then why are Democrats so fearful of him this time? Or maybe they are the dictator and just want to keep him from the Oval Office so they can retain and consolidate their current power.

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

If Biden Is Too Senile and Feeble To Stand Trial For His Crimes, Then How The Hell Is He Still In The White House

 The simple answer to the question of why Biden is still in the White House after being judged as senile and feeble, and having his crimes disclosed to the world by special counsel Robert Hur, is that he represents the interests of the absolutely power-hungry Democrat party, and Democrats will hang on to power with every fiber of their being, solely because it serves their own selfish, political ends, not the benefit of American citizens. This Democrat thinking sounds a lot like the thinking of third world dictators.

Aside from Biden’s absolute corruption in opening our borders to every crook and criminal in the world, is the issue of his being capable of defending America from a foreign attack; I don’t fear him trying to nuke France or England, but I do seriously fear his refusal to launch against Iran or China if they decided his weak presidency is the correct moment in time to take us out. Biden has proven his greedy and corrupt acceptance of money that he and his family have received from Iran and China, all of which make him a perfect subject to fumble, fiddle and delay to defend America, and he  may not respond until we’ve already been hit by a first strike, and it will be too late then for any response, even if he weren‘t in China‘s back pocket.

The special counsel assigned to investigate Biden’s obvious, demented aging process, which was specifically mentioned in Mr. Hur’s conclusion, is bad enough by itself. But also accompanying the forgetfulness of dementia, is a loss of quick, decisive, wise and informed responses in emergencies, and severely demented people have trouble reaching logical and conclusive mental decisions to even the simplest of surprises or emergencies.

In short, Biden, in addition to his dictatorially ordering Americans to start driving electric vehicles, stop using our gas ranges at home, stop using our air conditioners in the summers, and get used to living through power brown-outs and black-outs as Biden forces us to become dependent on solar and wind power, he’s also placing America in danger of serious, violent attacks from any number of enemies, plus the danger we face each day from the illegal immigrant gangs we’ve already seen forming and attacking civilians and police officers in New York City, after Biden invited them all to come to America where they can enjoy heaps of goodies at the tax-payers’ expense.

One may recall that when Trump became president, Democrats raised a question about his being insane-crazy and called for the 25th amendment to be used to force him from office. As a result, Trump took a cognitive test which showed no abnormalities, and the Democrats quickly went on to some other idiotic scheme to try to get Trump removed from office.

But now that an official of the DOJ has appraised Biden’s mind and found it lacking, Democrats have switched to being alarmed at Biden’s age, vaguely setting aside the specific subject of cognitive failure in Biden’s specific case, because they can see the writing on the wall, and will move next to attack Trump for his age, rather than his mental competence, and then they’ll whine and cry and state that if old Biden had to go, then old, but years younger and decades younger-acting, Trump, must go, too.

Democrats never stop lying and scheming for power, and they’ll never allow a strong conservative to go unpunished for very long.

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Democrats Are Terrified About The Next Election And Have Vacated The Constitution In Order To Gain Total Power And Control

 Most American Citizens of a certain age can remember a time when Democrats and Republicans nominated their presidential candidates, presented them to the American voting public, and either won or lost based on the acceptance of those candidates, and, win or lose, life went on and everyone went back to being civil with each other and loving our country and our constitution. But not any longer! Now we have to beg and plead with the fool in the Oval Office to halt the river of humanity illegally crossing our borders every day; parents risk going to prison when the state insists that gender transforming drugs or an operation be imposed on their children; Republicans have to put up with being called racists when they want our national border secured or want a dark-skinned person imprisoned for a violent crime, like attacking police officers in Times Square.

Now Democrats try to control the campaign process by imprisoning their opponents; they try to bankrupt the other parties’ candidates; they claim that anyone not voting with the Democrat party is an evil, MAGA racist. Following the god-like image created by Barack Obama, Democrats thought that absolute and total power was theirs for the taking, and then Donald Trump stepped in and upset their schemes by becoming president.

When Hillary lost what Democrats planned to be Obama’s third term in office, they went after Trump with all guns blazing because of the blasphemy of his victory over Hillary, and hit Trump with everything they could dig up to damage his real estate businesses and tarnish his presidency, hitting him with a new false charge every day of his administration, and continued to attack him in unheard-of ways even after he left office. With all of the hate-Trump rhetoric and the legal charges brought against him, it’s obvious that Democrats are unwilling to admit their fear of Trump on the political stage of 2024, and they don’t realize that they are admitting that the influence of Trump and the admiration he has gained from the American people, given the Dem fixation on him and their efforts to get rid of him, are driving his success. But Democrats have been struck dumb with the sticking power of Trump after all of the dirty, and probably illegal, attacks they’ve made on him as he runs for his second term in office.

But the shortsighted Democrats didn’t believe that the nasty and mean Joseph Biden, who was pumped up as being able to bring Americans together and return the nation to normalcy and peacefulness, as well as being a true statesman who would win over the world, would become the stumbling fool who alienated and lied to American citizens with his every breath, and invited military attacks from our most vocal and violent foreign enemies around the world, due to his weak-sister, can’t-we-all-just-get-along behavior, and was able to add being dumb and his mental failings to his original qualities of being nasty and mean.

For Democrats there is no longer life after political power, there is only power, and one fears for the life of Donald Trump if he is elected to the Oval Office in November.

So now that Democrats can see their political lunches about to be handed to them in the next election, they are pretending to admit their error in reversing Trump’s perfect control of the border, and now expect us to believe that they have mysteriously changed their minds and really want all of these unwelcome immigrants to be blocked from entering at the border. And to that end they’re proposing a new law that will assure five-thousand illegals entering the United States each day. The problem is that Americans want all illegal entrants to this nation blocked before they get here, not a controlled release of these unappreciative people into our cities.

Trump controlled the border, and out of petty spite for Trump’s success, as soon as Biden took office he threw the border wide open, and now wants to codify this invasion with a new and completely unnecessary immigration law that will only make living in America less safe and less pleasant. We don’t need a new immigration law, we simply need a president who will enforce our current law. The problem is that Biden has the power to control the border under existing law, but he just refuses to do it. The new law just extends the open border with new printing on a new page of the Federal Register, and he’ll abuse and disregard the new law just like he’s ignoring the current law.

Unlike the good old days when Democrats and Republicans could argue about relatively boring stuff and go away friends, today’s Democrat party, personified by the mush-headed Joe Biden and the complete ass, Chuck Schumer, are trying to implement the absolute death of America and will use every lie and trick in the book to put their destructive theories into practice.

What happened to the Democrats’ common sense and their concern for a good life for all citizens? It’s apparent that the planets must have aligned to produce a new age of insanity, and leftist Democrat politicians are the first and most seriously effected by this plague.

Have Democrats forgotten that they hold their elected positions only with “the consent of the governed” as the Declaration of Independence specifies? Americans must remind all elected Democrats of this provision when we vote in November, and vote the bastards out.

Monday, February 5, 2024

Maybe Now Biden’s Faithful, Blind Followers Can Appreciate The Fears Of Good 1930s Germans, And 2024 American Citizens

 In my youth I always scolded the citizens of 1930s Germany for allowing Adolph Hitler to build his murderous regime. But what my youth prevented me from knowing, is that the citizens of Germany knew that if they opposed the building and arming of the Third Reich, and tried too hard to halt the rounding up of Jews and other subjects of the Nazis, that they, too, would simply be made to disappear and never be seen again. Fear of the political leader of Germany kept them quiet and subservient.

Under the hard-fisted rule of Joseph Biden our nation is being led to slaughter by a regime that will permit no serious opposition, as Donald Trump and his family have learned to their great expense. We have been forced to wear masks for no good reason; we have been commanded to take a vaccine that neither prevents contraction of covid nor prevents passing it on to other people; we’ve been told to get rid of our piston-engine cars and accept the government edict of everyone driving an electric vehicle; we’ve been told to simply accept the idea that the electricity we need to live modern, comfortable lives will be dependent on wind and solar power, in spite of the fact that we see the citizens of California going without electricity during scheduled and non-scheduled brown-outs and black-outs, and Californians are told frequently to stop using their air-conditioners and the heaters in their pools and not to charge their electric vehicles at peak hours, because there is too little power coming from the turbines in the desert to support the needs of California citizens. And then we are told to praise the state and federal governments for these abuses of power because, don’t you see, you are helping the political left in America to save us from the existential threat of warming/change, a threat that is a lie and does not exist except in the totalitarian brains of Democrats.

Biden has autocratically demanded that we limit the production and use of domestic petroleum products, while his government plays patty-cake with the murderers in Iran who would willingly bury us under the expensive oil he is allowing them to produce and sell to the world at ever-increasing prices, while forcing us to go without, and allowing them to conduct terrorist operations all over the world, mainly aimed at America and Israel.

While millions of invaders cross our borders, some of whom are known murders and terrorists and a great majority of whom and single males of military age, our idiot president states that he’s done all he can do to stop this inundation at our borders (although Donald Trump halted the flow with one simple and legal order) and Biden argues that we need new legislation that would cap the flow of illegals to a mere five thousand invaders a day. Biden is breaking every law concerning people entering our nation in contradiction to our current immigration laws. What we need is not more worthless legislation, that the Democrats will ignore as soon as it’s advantageous for them to do so, but an enforcement of existing law. But of course the Democrats simply blame Republicans for the massive assault on our borders, and for our objection to allowing Democrats to do what they want to do in spite of the law, and grow their voting base as a result.

Currently, whether related to the presidential lawlessness at the border or in spite of it, the United States is being torn apart by a daily ration of violence and lawlessness never seen prior to the summer of rioting in 2020, and one can now see that this violence, coming exclusively from the political left, is all related to the official DOJ kid-glove treatment of leftists getting in little or no legal trouble for their crimes, while the political right gets slammed every time they turn around (witness Donald Trump, Daniel Penny and the Virginia school board incident where an angry parent was beaten by the police).

This all leads to the theme of this piece: we are being taken over and corrupted by a leftist/Communist Democrat party, but decent, patriotic people fear trying to publicly oppose the regime and push for corrections to the leftist tendency of our government, due to possibly being driven to bankruptcy and imprisonment by a government that hates to be corrected, just like the rulers in Germany hated to be opposed.

It’s as though, after one presidential election in 2020 and with only three years served so far, America no longer has laws to obey and no constitution to follow, and the occupying force in the White House is running amok with power.

The United States is being intentionally destroyed from within by a weak, demented president, or his far-left, hate-America staff, with the White House pushing Barack Obama’s policy of Fundamentally Transforming America, and we will continue to lose our battle with history until we get  rid of the radical Democrat filth occupying the swamp of DC and elect people who sincerely want America to succeed domestically and in the broader international scene. Current laws must be followed and we must reject the Democrat trick of accusing Republicans of causing the problems implemented by Democrats, and then wanting to write new laws that will allow Democrats to legally do the bad things they are doing in violation of current law, and usually in contradiction to our constitution. And we will certainly fail on the international scene if we don’t stop the radical Iranians from developing their nuclear arsenal, and close our border to additional terrorists who we know are already here as a result of Biden’s open border disaster, who are probably actively planning multiple 911 attacks on America across the nation. Even the director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, has spoken several times to Congress, warning them of the almost certain attacks coming soon, but Wray is too cowardly to tell Biden of his dangerous policies and threaten to quit if substantial changes are not made to defend the nation and stop playing footsy with Iran.

God had better come to America’s assistance, because none of the fools in the White House are going to save us, but will assuredly make us weaker and less safe. The results of the 2024 election will either doom us or save us, if we can last that long, given Biden’s efforts to bury us deeply under mounds of political crap and corruption.