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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Is America Good With Children Being Thrown Over Walls And Kept Hidden On Suicide Watch? Kamala And CNN Are.

 Donald Trump was twice impeached (but never convicted) for things he never did, but Biden and Harris are being allowed to live comfortably and unthreatened while causing criminal damage to immigrant children who have been murdered, raped and throw over fourteen foot walls on the Mexican border at the hands of Coyotes paid to get them to America. Many of the children impacted by this event, still unfolding at the border, are on a suicide watch to protect them from harming themselves in border camps set up by the Biden administration. But Kamala Harris ignored them in her fake visit to the border last week, and neither she nor Joey have said a word about this horrific happening, given to us by the Biden regime.

If the inflow of illegal immigrants continues at its present rate, by the time Biden comes up for re-election in 2024 there will be at least eight million more illegal residents in America from Central America, brought here by the American, Democrat, left to re-elect Biden and all other Democrats so Dems can be perpetual officeholders and keep America aligned hard-left, politically.  That’s eight million more poor, dependent people burdening the American tax payers, and who knows the number of murderers and rapists that will be among that enormous number entering our country? How many more people will be here who have no skills, can’t speak English and who will take minimum wage jobs from Americans?

How many more suffering and abused children will be among  the enormous inflow of unfortunate people who have been shipped across the Mexican desert in order to make the Democrat political presence great enough in the U. S. House of Representatives to assure a forever domination of leftist Democrats in that legislative body. Are the lives of thousands of children worth that sacrifice? They are to the unfeeling Democrats in the Biden administration.

Someone in the Democrat party should go to jail for the travesty occurring on our southern border. And Kamala Harris should have her political career permanently ended based on her idiotic performance last week, not for NOT going to the border, but for going  there and NOT visiting the areas where the enormous number of suicidal children are being secretly kept out of sight of a press core who are ignoring anything the Biden administration does, no matter how horrible. How do the CNN and NYT people live with themselves and look at their own children at night and not feel guilty of child abuse themselves by covering up for Joey‘s horrible decisions? The poor immigrant children have been permanently injured and scarred by Biden’s ignoring them and by the viscous treatment they receive at the hands of the cartel Coyotes. Biden and Harris both know that the southern border is not “closed”, contrary to their claims, but is actually over-actively being crossed due to Democrat politics played at the expense of Central American children and American tax payers.

The Trump administration used a few “cages” built by the Obama administration to house children crossing our border and the leftist press went crazy screaming about the inhumanity of Trump. But Biden has built new villages to house the suicidal children to keep them hidden from view, and not a word is said about this actual inhumanity by the American far-left press as they serve the political needs of Democrats.

Saturday, June 26, 2021

The Truth About Male Transgender Competitors Cheating Biological Women, In Women’s Sports

 Let’s be honest about the biological men who compete against women in women’s own sporting events: these biological men are losers in every sense of the word. They could not compete successfully against other biological men and win events fairly, so they decided to pick on the weaker women and take their medals and scholarships from them as these loser men unfairly win competitions. 

Men who pick on and try to dominate people who are weaker or smaller than themselves are pathetic, and their victories over those weaker people are of no substance nor value. But when men pick on women and steal their trophies and the fruits of their efforts, they are scum.

In the world of boxing there are several classes of size and weight that group the competitors according to equal abilities, so the smallest man doesn’t have to try to compete with the largest, heaviest and most-muscled man in the competition. If the trans thing continues, trans men who think they are women will have to be classified in a group among themselves and leave the women to compete only among real, biological, women.

But classes of competition divided into men, women and trans will probably not last long, because society currently has fifty-eight sex identities and preferences to choose from, so at some point common sense will prevail as the Olympic committees realize the idiocy of the mess leftists have created, at which time the women/men classifications will hopefully once again prevail, based solely on biology.

Why do leftists have to confuse and destroy everything in our lives? It’s perfectly natural and normal for men to pursue women, but not with the intent to defeat  them and steal their trophies. Rather, men should hold and appreciate women, not make women’s years of physical training and discipline worthless efforts because a bunch of biological losers want some attention, so they pick on the girl as an easy target.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Two Examples From Joey’s Wednesday Speech That Prove He’s A Lying Moron And A Danger To Our Nation

 On Wednesday Joey Biden made a televised speech to inform we dummies out here in non-Washington-land how the sage from Delaware was going to put a halt to the sky-rocketing crime wave sweeping America.

First, Joey informed us, as if we didn’t already know, that the crimes, especially the constantly increasing murders, were happening in America’s largest cities. Duh!

But what Joey refused to tell us and left out of his informative speech, is that America’s largest cites, the ones experiencing the greatest number of crimes and murders, are all blue cities, run by Democrat mayors and largely Democrat governors. The reluctance of Democrat mayors and district attorneys in those largest cities to fully punish and imprison repeat, violent criminals, accompanied by their recent push to blame all crime on police officers and to defund and get rid of the few law enforcement officers left in big cities are the real problems. In fact, Democrat prosecutors are more intent on punishing police who make errors in judgment in the line of duty, than they are to punish criminals who repeatedly commit horrific, intentional crimes.

In nearly all Democrat-run cities the prosecutors refuse to go after and fully punish crimes committed using guns, and will plead-down such crimes for a lesser charge, and then soon release the criminal back onto the street to kill and maim again.

Joey also liked to insert a little hunting humor into his speech as he cleverly doubted the need for 100-round magazines for hunting rifles, because deer rarely wear Kevlar vests. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a 100-round magazine, and neither has dumb old Joey, but his wise crack added a little levity to an otherwise  deadly serious subject. Thanks, Joey.

The radical left in America insists on using the term “assault weapon” and large capacity magazines as their butt-boys on which to blame crimes using firearms, when we all know that rifles in the hands of criminals rarely if ever kill people. It’s pistols in the hands of criminals that kill people, and the pistols that kill people are not bought from sporting goods stores where background checks are preformed. They’re stolen and sold to criminals all over the nation for cash and without any checks being made as to the character of the buyer; kind of like the fraudulent background form submitted by Hunter Biden recently, which would have caused the imprisonment of anyone submitting such a phony form, unless the person were anyone but the son of the president.

Until leftist DAs and prosecutors in Democrat-run blue states begin locking up and fully punishing criminals who hurt and kill people, especially when handguns are used in the crimes, the murder rate will continue to climb. And it’s not white supremacists who are a threat to America. It’s white, Democrat dummies in responsible positions, like Joey Biden and his attorney general, who threaten our constitution and our nation’s laws and integrity with their lies, accusations and insane ideas and policies.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

The Biden Administration Willingly Trades Lives For Votes With The Democrats’ Corrupt Border Politics

 Our aged and ailing president is ignoring obvious suffering along our southern border after reversing the successful and humane policies that President Trump put in place related to illegal immigration. The shame of the horrific events occurring in our southwest states is inhuman and must not be allowed to continue. 

But Joey and Kamala seem to give no thought at all to the suffering of American citizens who live along the border, and ignore the deaths and trafficking among the incoming waves of poor people who seek sanctuary here, because the Biden administration opened the border for the single intent of getting  millions of votes from the thankful people crossing our border illegally, and using those votes to keep corrupt Democrats in office forever.

May personal and political Karma punish the filthy, fading Biden for his mistreatment of poor, needy people and enticing them to come to America under these circumstances, keeping in mind the suffering and human misery that are part and parcel of this unprecedented series of  events and are the result of Biden‘s open border policy.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Danger Lies Ahead For A Nation Whose Leaders Want To Reform Its Citizens, Not Serve Their Needs

 Joey Biden believes that Americans need to be manipulated and turned in the correct, woke, direction, in this case in the direction of defeating the non-existent threat of warming/change, so he cancelled the Keystone pipeline, announced that he would end federal support of coal power generation by December of  2021, and intends to have gas-powered automobiles off the road in favor of electric cars within a few years of his related effort of getting rid of coal as a fuel to generate electricity to heat our homes. If these things happen, America is screwed, our pleasant lives will become much more uncomfortable and hungry, and our constitutional liberties will evaporate.

This is an example of dictatorial leadership, not a benevolent type of decision-making in a Democracy. Biden sounds more like Vladimir Lenin’s orders issued to impose Communism on all Russian citizens, and the type of decision Fidel Castro made when he imposed Communism on the unfortunate people in Cuba, than a decision an American president would make, if he truly wants a better life for Americans.

With Biden dictating what the government will allow American citizens to do, instead of  assisting Americans with the costs of things already in their lives, like existing power generation, how to make inflation less of a threat to our futures and lowering taxes, he instead imposes new restrictions on Americans’ current lives and makes their lives more difficult and expensive. If history is any indicator, Biden’s new edicts will cause all Americans to soon begin experiencing electricity brown-outs and black-outs, which the citizens of California have with some regularity, and we’ll have shortages of gasoline for the traditional cars Americans prefer to drive, as our nation experienced in the Carter administration. And all because Joey believes the lies of warming/change and has bought-into the leftist fix for these lies: get rid of gas-powered cars and the fossil fuels they need to operate.

America may be the most wealthy nation on earth, but Americans can’t afford to buy the outrageously expensive electric cars, and they won’t be able to travel for pleasure any longer if they buy the short-range electric vehicles. The high costs and inconvenience Biden is imposing on Americans cannot be allowed to continue. Citizens must rebel in the 2022 election, and this time elect a president who places the needs and wants of American citizens first, not the profits and social posturing of the most wealthy among us and those people who have the most influence with Joey.

When Biden took office, Donald Trump had arranged oil production so that America was independent from Arab blackmail for gas. But soon Americans will be unable to take a vacation in the family car, and possibly not even be able to afford a car to get to work, and all because Biden has bought into the lies of the leftist, anti-American political Democrats who want Americans to live less-well, all based on the lie of a warming world, which is not happening.

Our constitution does not allow the government to establish policy contrary to the wants of American citizens, which means today’s Democrats are over-stepping their authority and are issuing unconstitutional orders to the people who elected them.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Fauci’s “Gain Of Function” Really Meant An “Increased Lethality” Of Covid, And Still He Happily Financed It

 Where do the rulers of America get the nerve to pay China to develop diseases that will likely be used to kill American citizens? And where do Democrats get the idea that they can lie about EVERYTHING, as long as a conservative is in the Oval Office?

First Fauci said that we don’t need to wear masks to protect America from the covid disease; then he said that a mask will be required; then he suggested that two masks be worn by everyone; then he begged everyone to get vaccinated; then he said that masking will still required even after being vaccinated; then he said that we may be wearing masks for years to come. And now even people who have developed herd immunity to the disease are having basic constitutional rights to travel denied them, due to Biden’s idiotic travel passport.

Then the fool Biden said that he would require a mask for all Americans for the first 100 days of his administration, with no proof at all of a mask ever providing protection against the virus.

Early in covid’s history, Nancy Pelosi requested that everyone go to China Town, have a good meal and enjoy themselves, in spite of evidence of the easy transmission of the disease. At the same time Bill de Blasio told New Yorkers to go out and have a night on the town and relax. These leftist politicians made these announcements because at the time President Trump was trying to halt flights incoming from China and into America with the passengers possibly carrying the disease. The political left was calling Trump a racist for his attempts to protect Americans, and they would risk greater contagion of Americans by working against the efforts of our president to keep carriers of the disease out of our nation.

Then the always-hateful and lying, leftist press reversed their argument when President Trump tried to calm the nation by telling people that America would work, as a united nation, through the pandemic and to keep an optimistic attitude as we witnessed a possible increase of future contagion, and now they claimed that Trump was lying to Americans and that they should be very frightened of the disease, and the Biden-loving press stressed the left’s fear-generating and horribly inaccurate prediction of up to two million American deaths that would certainly result from the disease.

Every statement Trump made was countered and savagely attacked by the leftist, lying press and they, in retaliation and hate of him and his administration, charged him with lying to America about the disease, especially when he said that the disease was very likely developed in a lab in Wuhan, China, which even the most left-oriented Democrat now admits was likely the actual source of the disease.

Now the question is, why did Anthony Fauci work with the Chinese and financially support their development of a “gain of function” of the already deadly disease? What could have possibly been the reason to augment this dangerous product and then lie about it to the American public and to Congress?

And why does the idiot Biden still force Americans to wear masks in government buildings, even after they’ve been vaccinated? Our addled president has even taken credit for Trump’s vaccine, and stuck out his chest and bragged about how great his administration has been in developing and distributing the vaccine. But we still need to wear the useless masks, right, Joey?.

What ever gave Democrat politicians and leftist news groups the idea of advising and pushing President Trump into agreeing to shut down the nation’s economy and punishing it’s citizens with joblessness and lack of income, and being forced into a year of inactivity and lack of a social life? Without doubt, the national lockdown that was imposed in 2020, and was not imposed during the many and varied viral cold and flu seasons of previous years, was that Trump was running for re-election in 2020, and that his re-election had to be halted at all costs, even at the cost of citizens’ lives and their careers. And where did the idea that a piece of paper or cloth covering one’s mouth and nose would protect citizens from infection? Certainly not from scientists, but rather from politicians.

One wonders why so many causes of death were attributable to covid infection. In 2020 there were statistically fewer heart attacks, fewer auto accident deaths, fewer renal failures, fewer cancer deaths and fewer deaths from gun-shots, and far too many of these causes of death were falsely attributed to covid and not to the actual cause of death.

For the duration of this pandemic American citizens have been treated by Democrat politicians not like the proud citizens of a great nation living under the protection and assured rights of our great constitution, but rather as ignorant fools who are unable to make decisions for themselves, unable to balance risk and gain values in their lives and the lives of their families, who have to be lied to and manipulated by their leftist rulers and their betters. So now the addled and confused Biden has been able to take the reins of this once-great America and force his Socialist will on people who are wiser and more moral than he. If Americans don’t awaken to the threat posed by woke, anti-American leftists,  and if we don’t vote for candidates who actually love America and want only the best for our citizens, we will see an end to our pleasant lives and our liberties.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Musings On The Sin Of Being White In The Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Of The Perpetually Hate-Filled Democrat Party

 So there stands Joey Biden, so old and white that it appears his skin will crack if he moves too quickly, lecturing white Americans, as he squints at the teleprompter, for their skin color and their alleged attitude of superiority and privilege, while Joey himself is practicing privilege simply by occupying the White House when so many people of color could so easily be there. By just noticing and commenting on the color of people’s skin and making judgments about their behavior based on that skin color, our idiot president is practicing the very essence of racism that this great nation has tried for decades to get rid of, and the fool man doesn’t even know it.

Our Joey claimed throughout the 2020 presidential campaign that he was not a radical leftist like Bernie and Kamala, yet he is now so far left that he appears about to wrap-around to the radical right if he takes one more radical step leftward. If Joey were really so upset at the racial disparity and prejudice that he believes exists, why wasn’t he expressing these radical views 30 years ago, or 20 years ago or even 6 years ago when he was Obama’s V.P.? He could have put a halt to all of the racism he thinks is plaguing America those many years earlier. And didn’t the two terms of Obama’s presidency prove the lie of the Democrat claim that white people hate blacks and always discriminate against them? Obama’s election required many tens of thousands of white votes, and Obama could never have been elected with black votes alone.

If America is the racist hell-hole Democrats claim it is, then where did the well-educated, prosperous, high-ranking, dark-skinned members of his administration come from? Most of them attended elite colleges and universities, which white people never get to even visit, let alone attend and graduate from. And where did the numerous multi-millionaire black athletes, musicians, lawyers, doctors and business people residing and prospering in this evil America, come from? Would these successful, accomplished dark-skinned people have been allowed to occupy the highly desirable jobs they occupy, and that white people would love to do, if white people were actually able to insert their “privilege” and deprive blacks of these high profile jobs?

If American was the evil, racist place Democrats claim it is, would there be the tens of thousands of POC storming our southern border daily, risking death, injury and rape traveling the length of Mexico, to get into this terrible nation?

And if Joey’s administration were actually interested in finding and punishing racists, he would have to look no further that his own party, which created the KKK to keep blacks in line; which practiced plantation slavery; which lynched blacks they found offensive; and whose sheriffs stood in school-house doors to keep black children out.

And if we’re looking at blame for there being enslaved Africans in America, we need look no further than the practice of African tribal enslavement of an opposing tribe when that tribe was defeated in a tribal war, and the resulting selling of these African slaves to the broader international slave trade that existed with North and South America and the Caribbean islands. And one cannot forget that many slaves in America were owned by wealthy American citizens, who were themselves black.

The idiotic Democrat idea that “privilege” is solely a white practice is simply stupid. When one realizes that the only real privilege in America today resides on the political left, with the likes of Hillary and James Comey receiving no punishment for their crimes of destroying cell phones that a judge had ordered saved as evidence, and for lying to a FISA court to get false evidence on a sitting president, with this then-sitting President (Trump) being persecuted and impeached for having committed no crime at all, while being eagerly tagged by America’s idiot, political left with the title of a privileged, racist person in America, by literally insane Democrats punishing him for winning an election that was owed and promised to Hillary, and for keeping his word as to the pro-America, pro-constitution positions his presidency would take.

The only crime Donald Trump committed was working for the benefit of the American citizens, not for his own personal power and his personal political enrichment. President Trump’s crime was trying to enrich Americans and preserve their rights under the constitution, not bad-mouthing America at every turn in an attempt to gain favor with our international enemies, and assure that money continued to flow into his children’s slush funds from slave-labor-using, dictatorial nations, which is what Hunter Biden is being favored with in his capacity of an indeed, privileged son of a sitting president who is as crooked as he is mentally demented.

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Masking Was Just A Political Test: Can You Be Trusted To Obey Orders?

 Anyone who gave it a moment’s thought knew that the worthless, porous masks, would not protect anyone from the covid virus. And we knew that a non-mask-wearing person did not threaten a masked person, if indeed the mask wearer thought they were protected by the mask they religiously wore. But the political idiots who demanded that the masks be worn were testing us and preparing us for future cold and flu seasons, and we’d better be ready to wear masks the rest of our lives as our political leaders verify us for trustworthiness and our ability to obey their foolish, even harmful, rulings and orders.

Similarly, anyone who questions the Biden administration’s opening of our southern border and the invasion, the rapes, the deaths and the enrichment to the smuggling/ murdering Mexican cartels that have been a result of this idiotic action, are considered to be anti-Hispanic, and only want the people living in Central America to continue to be kept in poverty and under the thumb of local gang members. Such opponents to Biden’s open border policy are not interested in keeping American free and prosperous, you’re just a racist Trump-supporter.

Then consider the reduction of police forces in major Democrat-run cities, that have resulted in sky-rocketing crime waves, and if you point out the idiocy of getting rid of police officers, who are most needed in neighborhoods with largely minority populations where crime is the most prevalent, then you’re a racist.

And if you try to point out the stupidity and divisiveness of Critical Race Theory that insists on making white children feel guilty simply because they were born with white skin, then you’re once again a racist, even though the BLM person accusing whites of discrimination and privilege is well-dressed, possibly a highly educated lawyer, likely an elected, powerful person in the Democrat establishment, while many of the “privileged” whites this spokesman is abusing worked fulltime while they went to night school to get just their basic college education out of the way. But the ones who are being lectured are racists if they protest this mistreatment, not the persons who are using race for every argument they are pushing.

The lovely, gracious and completely ignorant AOC believes that cities should build more hospitals and not build any more jails or prisons, in spite of the multi-fold increase in crimes these last few years; and we know that with prisons being closed there will simply be more criminals back on the streets to kill, rape and beat law-abiding citizens, which in a round-about way would make sense of AOC’s stupid policy decisions: with fewer police officers on the job there will be more injured and killed citizens resulting from her proposals, so, of course, more hospitals will be needed. But more imprisonment for repeat criminals would be more humane.

ANTIFA and BLM gangs burn and kill their way across America and the leftist news agencies state that they are “mostly peaceful” protesters who are only in search of social justice, and the local, leftist, criminal prosecutors release these criminals back onto the streets to burn and kill some more. But if a few Trump supporters peacefully mob the Capitol building on January 6th with no injuries nor deaths caused by the Trump people, they are locked up in solitary confinement and investigated for multiple crimes and accused of insurrection.

And if you believe that only women can become pregnant and birth a child, and that men do not have menstrual periods, then I guess you’re a racist again, because I don’t know what word the radical political left has for this serious position, that is an accurate description of biology.

And don’t forget the Biden position that diaper services and ice cream parlors are now considered to be infrastructure and need to be lumped in with bridges and highways when multi-trillion dollar projects are budgeted and planned, because to question the radical and society-destroying ideas of Democrats is to become an outcast in opposition to Biden’s idea of Fundamentally Transforming America.

In nearly every aspect of American society, constitutional rights and liberties, and just plain common sense, are being buried under radical left political positions and in-your-face threats to our freedom and protection as citizens, and it’s all because of the weak-minded and addled Joey Biden and his band of privileged America-haters. If we don’t stand up to these fools our nation will be lost forever.