Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Government Documentation of the Lie of Obamacare

The most recent issue of the government's Medicare & You-2011 has all the proof you need that Obamacare's $500 Billion Medicare reduction will reduce medical care for the elderly. Throughout the book (specifically on pages 30, 31, 36, 37, 40 and 53) are the words "...if the doctor accepts assignment".
So in other words you can get care if you can find a doctor who will accept Medicare's slow payments to physicians at reduced amounts of reimbursement. We hear big government groups like AARP state that reductions of care to seniors based of the $500 Billion reduction will not happen and that, in fact, doctors will receive 10% more money for treating Medicare patients. So if you believe that for a short period of time a 10% increase of an already low and slow reimbursement rate to doctors will fix a half-trillion dollar reduction in budgeting, you've bought the lie, and your parents and grand parents, and one day, you, will suffer as a result.
The government's comparative effectiveness research (research which was paid for by the stimulus package, thank you very much, and how is that stimulus working out for the nation so far?) has a formula to determine how and when to deny care to elderly patients, and lovingly will offer end-of-life options and counseling for those who have been denied access to cures and specialists by the budget reductions. This sounds strongly like the death panels that big-government liberals deny is part of Obamacare.
But there's our Barry, smiling, glad-handing, back-slapping and blaming all of the problems he's caused on Bush, the rich and the Tea Partiers, while threatening "hand-to-hand combat on capitol hill" if Republicans try to repeal Obamacare. We must retire this immoral man in 2012 and retire his legislative retinue on November 2nd, then repeal Obamacare entirely, and institute real healthcare reform and improvement beginning with tort reform and national access to all competitive insurance offerings across state lines.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Racist Violence From Obama. Be Very Afraid Of This Man

Following the Obama administration's failure to defend voting rights in the New Black Panther voter intimidation trial (their position was that white citizens are not protected from violent voter intimidation, only minorities are), we now have Obama stating that if Republicans gain control of the House and Senate in next Tuesday's election, they have to "sit in back". This sounds very much like a back-of-the-bus position to me, the kind of statement decent people, black and white, abhor and condemn. And combine this racist talk with his ACORN allies and his recent violent speeches (if they bring a knife we'll bring a gun, and his hand-to-hand-combat on capitol hill statements) and combine these things with the leftist video "No Pressure", which graphically depicts killing their conservative opponents, and it appears that blatant racism and political violence is part of the Democrat/leftist/progressive positioning.

Mr. Obama's language and his allies' videos prove the violent nature of the Republicans' opponents in this election. We must get out the vote next Tuesday and defeat the immoral, violent Democrats and get Constitutional conservatives into office in all elections. In the mean time, be very afraid of our liberal opponents.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Continuing P.C. Controversy: Defending the Free Market

(Will it be "power and control" or "profit and competition"?)

This time the subject will not be the imposition of government control via Political Correctness (the original P.C.), but rather government control (the "power and control" part) versus capitalistic, free market competition (the "profit and competition" aspect). We know that government by its nature assumes and accumulates power, gaining control and choking out everything in its path unless there us a self-check on that power (and the Obama administration is expanding their power and control at dizzying speed). We also know that every instance where government accumulates power, the population's liberties and prosperity disappear in direct proportion to the government's actions. We've already seen measurable diminution of our liberties under Obama, and there's plenty more the Obama-meister has in store for us.

The opposing option to government control is "profit and competition" offered by the free market, both of which words are distasteful to the socialists/progressives who occupy the executive branch of government. Profit can only come from making better products or offering better services and giving customers, who voluntarily purchase the offerings, more of what they want. And competition assures that there are varying implementations of products to choose from.

As to whether the government's or the private enterprise's way is better, there can be no debate. Would you rather live in a government housing project or a private home, built for profit in a suburban development? Would you rather have your children schooled in a failed urban (i.e., government controlled) school, or a private educational offering? Would you rather drive a privately designed automobile (a Mustang or a Cadillac) or a government imposed "green" car (the Chevy Volt, for example)? There is no debate possible that the free, competitive market serves everyone's needs and wants the best. And not by just a little bit, but by leaps and bounds.

So how can it be happening that our excellent healthcare system has been taken from us and a government offering forced on us in its place? It's part of the mentality of socialists/progressives that they know best what's good for us, and then use all the power and influence they have (and this influence is increasing rapidly) to concentrate yet more power unto themselves. What we need in positions of leadership are people who are dedicated to a continuity and expansion of freedom and strict limitation of powers based on our Constitution. We need people who are not in need of self-aggrandizement, but rather people who abide by the Constitution and assure that all others do as well.

The immoral fools in the executive branch are willfully destroying our lives, our nation and our economy and they must be stopped with our votes. We must elect people in November who are aware of the brewing disaster, and we must hold their feet to the fire so they don't backslide once they are in Washington. Obamacare must be defunded and repealed, and the EPA must be abolished so as to halt their attempts to tax everything which uses fuel (which is everything), impoverish our nation and cause shortages of common, currently plentiful products, as happened during the Carter years.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Cloward and Piven Would Be Proud

As liberals spend our nation into poverty and our children's futures into eternal servitude to the government, that same government seeks not the brake pedal to rein in spending, but rather the accelerator of this sleek spending machine. The immorality of our leaders in their support of the anti-American National Public Radio, the United Nations, the forced addition of ethanol to gasoline (thus presenting starvation to millions of poor people in Africa and South America who depend on inexpensive corn products to feed their families), the daily increase in spending and the continuing implementation of restrictive regulations and controls on both individuals and businesses, the imposition of Obamacare and giving hundreds of billions of new dollars to Fannie and Freddie so they can further undermine our economy with their corruption and wastefulness, is without precedent in this country. These immoral fools are destroying the greatest nation on earth and bankrupting the most generous people the world has ever known. The liberal/progressives' attempts to impose the impenetrable and totalitarian rule that would dominate the earth if the U.S. sinks under this burden is unthinkable, but we must think it if we are to prevent it.

We must oppose Obama and his liberal/progressive comrades in the U.S. congress, state legislatures and governorships with a straight Republican vote on November 2nd. If the United States ceases to exist as a prosperous, free nation, can a new era of "dark ages" be far behind for the rest of the world?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Violence is the Nature of Leftist/Green/Progressives

The green mini-movie "No Pressure" is a factual representation of the radical violence of the left which turns the notion of pussycat cuddling that they want us to believe is their true nature, on its head.

After viewing the video I'm reminded of the unibomber, the Discovery Channel bomber, the Earth Firsters and most recently Barack Obama's statement "if they bring a knife we'll bring a gun" and his infamous promise to conduct "hand-to-hand combat up here on Capitol Hill" if Republicans become the majority in the legislature next year. Obama's is a typically unreasonable presidential statement demonstrating an unwillingness to abide by the public will and govern in a bi-partisan manner.

Leftists, greens and progressives are violent, dictatorial people who will, and must, do anything to win elections and gain power (what other purpose does ACORN have, and why else would leftists not want to expunge voting roles of dead and relocated voters if not to create an environment where fraudulent voting can occur?) and will not share power or ideas when they become a majority (never forget the fraudulent and corrupt buying of legislators' votes that allowed the leftists to force Obamacare on us). These people must be defeated in November, and a straight Republican party-line win assures such an outcome and will perhaps even force the Democrat party back into the mainstream of national politics and cause it to rid itself of its leftist, violent, dictatorial elements.

Democrats Hypocritical on Behavior in Power

The liberals in power in the U.S. legislature forced Obamacare on the nation in spite of enormous opposition by the Republicans and the population at large, and then they forced the Financial Reform Act on us in spite of great opposition. Recently Barack Obama said that when Republicans become a majority in congress in November there will be "hand-to-hand combat on capitol hill". These acts of legislative violence by legislators and the spoken words of violence by our president must never be forgotten, because, during the 3rd district congressional debate at Johnson County Community College on October 6th, Stephene Moore told Kevin Yoder that when he's elected to congress and republicans become the majority, they must take liberal views into consideration and include them and their failed ideas in all future legislation.

The last thing the nation needs is bi-partisanship on the liberals' terms. Hitler, Stalin and Castro practiced bi-partisanship as they ruled; if you didn't agree with them you went to prison or were executed. The only way we can have a successful and prosperous nation is to have clear partisan positions on both sides of an issue, and when the republicans take charge in January, 2011, they must not even consider cooperating with the failed and disastrous ideas of the liberal/progressives. We've lived with their ideas for 2 years and we know their ideas to be destructive to prosperity and freedom. Later when the more radical Democrats are voted out of office, the Republicans will be able to consider reasonable Democrat positions, but not until the radicals are gone.

For the last 50 or so years, cooperating with liberal ideas has caused the enormous growth of government that is currently stealing our liberties, and the last 2 years of near dictatorial rule and corrupt legislative practices under complete democrat control have brought us to near destruction of our liberties and our economy. The republican legislature in 2011 must ignore the liberal complaints and threats and pass the legislation the nation demands: lower taxes, reduce government size and spending (meaning eliminating excess government employees and abolishing radical government agencies like the EPA and Departments of Education and Energy, along with defunding Obama's czars and launching a congressional investigation into what these people are doing) and reducing regulations that are suppressing the private-sector businesses and job growth.