Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Biden Lies To America, Right To Our Faces

 Our president is a pathological liar. He tells us the border is secure while we daily see thousands of illegals invading our nation, or we hear of many deaths in the desert or drownings in the Rio Grande, and we hear of thousands of Americans dying of drugs that have been smuggled across the border, and the fool in the White House smiles and stumblingly assures us that the border is secure. Given all of the visible things Biden does daily that are a threat to our nation, one can only imagine the devious and likely illegal things, or at least things that are undermining our constitution and our economy, that Biden is doing that are out of our sight and that we know nothing about. One fears that before Biden’s term in office is finished that his anti-American plans will come to fruition and our nation will by that time be doomed, with no chance that his successor to the Oval Office can reverse the damage.

He assures us that the covid vaccine will keep us from getting the disease, then he, who is fully vaxxed and boosted, gets the Wuhan disease, and all he does is grin like the fool he is and tells us he feels fine, like we care how he feels. And even though it’s now public knowledge that the so-called vaccine is in reality only a therapeutic, and a weak one at that, it’s the Biden administration’s position that everyone must take the vaccine, including children who are placed in serious danger by these still-experimental medicines.

He tells us that he has never had any knowledge of his son’s business dealings, in spite of the laptop and other FBI evidence to the contrary, and the mainstream press sits on their hands and pretends that there is nothing to see here, while the phony FBI investigation into Hunter’s illegal and corrupt dealings with China, Ukraine, Russia and other countries, some of whom are our national enemies and want to defeat us, proceeds glacially.

He tells us that we must suffer through economic inflation and high gasoline costs in order to move to the nirvana that awaits us in Joey’s clean, green world of tomorrow, and we know that renewables and the very weak sources of Green power he is trying to force on us can never provide the power we need to live in the 21st Century. We know that the electricity needed to power an electric vehicle will cost as much as, if not more than, the gasoline that many people already can’t afford, and that charging the many EVs he is encouraging us to buy and use will put too much drag on our power network and will overtax and destroy the power grid currently serving us. And the situation will be even worse as we get more solar and wind generators on-line to replace the more robust coal and natural gas generators his plan will shut down, and we shudder as Democrats try to convince us that we are destroying the world as they lie about the danger of warming/change.

Wind and solar power have been available for years, but they have not been used to this point because the existing coal and natural gas provide more BTUs and do a better and more predictable job than wind or solar. The generating products that industry has developed and placed in service today are the best that can be made, because the reputations and fortunes of the power companies are on the line. Joey and his leftist pals should pay attention to what the experts who have given us a dependable and robust electric grid are saying, but Democrats are determined to return us to an early twentieth century way of living. Joey’s silence on the bad idea that wind and solar power represents, reminds one of the disinformation bureau he wanted to put in place earlier this year. The fact that no one is allowed to speak up to oppose the green grid on technical and realistic terms proves that the Democrat disinformation bureau is actually in place and working fine, with people being too frightened about what the nasty, cancel-culture Democrats will do to them if they speak up and oppose this leftist scheme, just like his administration was able to silence anyone who tried to speak the truth about the weakness of the covid vaccine and about the dangers to the health of Americans, especially young Americans, that the still-unapproved drug presents.

Thursday, July 28, 2022

What Pronoun Do We Use To Address A Person When “She” Has A Penis?

 Our nation has gone completely bat-crap crazy under Democrat rule, and our language is under great threat to become simply a mushy babble of noise by the woke idiots in the Biden administration who are responsible for the current foolishness.

It’s one thing to allow biological men to compete with girls and women in sporting events, thereby destroying the hard work of the women competing in the events and undermining their future careers in that event, just because the men are unbalanced enough to believe they are women, but it’s a very different thing to have to refer to these men by using “she” and “her” pronouns when these “women” have a frank and beans in their shorts.

It’s just like the evidently ill Rachel Levine when “she” stated that “she” was proud to be the first woman appointed, by the total idiot Joey Biden, to a high position in the Public Health Service . “She” is a man, who makes a very unattractive woman by the way, and I would suggest that he-she needs the personal help provided by the Public Health Service in which he-she serves, due to his-her confusion about his-her sexual identity. Might a confused person like this possibly identify himself/herself as Jesus Christ and begin punishing people for their sins? Mental confusion about your biological sex could be an indicator of more serious mental issues, and these people could be dangerous to those surrounding them, as well as themselves. This suffering nation must halt the idiot wokeness that’s destroying our nation and our language.

On top of its being factually and physically inaccurate to call a biological man a woman, and aside from it undermining the English language in the process, it’s also confirming the mental confusion and faults of any insane man who wants to be called “she”. This person needs help, not confirmation of his delusion, and one lies to oneself when they make such a false and inaccurate statement.

Wokeness be damned; there is reality, truth and honesty out here in the non-Washington, non-Ivy League world, and we need to be honest and truthful when we address other people, and not feed their mental imbalances and fetishes.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

America Is In A Woke, Biden Administration Caused, Health and Economic National Emergency

 The radical, woke left told us years ago that, due to environmental issues, the seas would soon die and aquatic life would disappear from the earth. It didn’t happen.

The radical, woke left told us years ago that, due to a heating planet, the polar ice would melt and the oceans would rise. That didn’t happen either.

The radical, woke left told us that warming would cause Miami, New York City and Los Angeles to be inundated with the rising seas, which still has not happened.

In November of 2018 AOC and Bernie Sanders told us that the world had only 12 years of existence until total and complete doom, because of warming that would fry the earth and kill us all. We’re a third of the way to that 2030 date and the ending of all life on earth and we’ve not seen any increase in temperatures except for the usual spiking of temps as summer takes its course. At least that‘s the climate condition where I live, and my home is part of the earth AOC and Bernie were talking about. The entire warming/change threat is a hoax and is only intended to create more power for Democrats, at the expense of the citizens of America.

If today’s radical, woke leftists had been alive in the 1930s when America experienced nearly a decade of excessive heat, crop failures, dust storms and economic depression following the stock market crash in 1929, they’d have declared a weather and environmental emergency and insisted on a government takeover of Americans’ lives, and we’d have missed the current plentiful food supply and economic success we’ve known since then, that has been to the credit of Americans’ hard work and capitalistic freedom to seek liberty and their own fulfillment in life.

Things in nature are cyclical, and the American radical left has for the past 40 years been cyclically predicting gloom and doom and an end to life, whether from disease or the environment, while trying to take dictatorial control of our lives and end our constitutional form of government.

Recently we’ve been through a government-controlled health emergency called covid, which we now know was a weak disease that, lacking any accompanying co-morbidities, caused few serious illnesses and fewer deaths. And we also know that the Biden masking mandates did no good at and that the vaccines that Biden tried to force on all Americans are ineffective, with a growing body of evidence that these still-experimental medicines are actually causing cases of illness, not preventing them.

A few short years ago the nation witnessed a summer of BLM and ANTIFA rioting, killing and looting from Seattle to Baltimore, which illogically resulted in a united cry from the Democrat political left to Defund The Police. So now we have an unprecedented crime wave across the nation because of the police officers who were fired or quit their jobs under the Defund order from the Democrat hierarchy, and there are now too few “evil” police officers to stop the mayhem that is destroying the major cities of America.

And now Joey is on the cusp of edicting a health emergency order, trying to force everyone to buy an electric vehicle, which will simply make family electric bills rise to the level of Joey’s current high gasoline prices and crash the national electric grid, while causing brown-outs and black-outs as his promised sun-power and wind-power fail to keep up with the nation’s growing electricity needs. Joey’s leftist edicts will in turn cause economic destruction and personal suffering for Americans as our nation crumbles before our eyes, because of Democrat tampering where they don’t belong, with things they don‘t understand.

As soon as Biden took office he opened our national borders to the entire world, which has resulted in an avalanche of drugs and millions of illegal foreigners entering the United States, causing untold deaths resulting from the drugs being brought illegally into our country and causing great numbers of children and women to suffer at the hands of the vicious and murderous Mexican drug cartels, and Joey doesn’t give a damn.

Everything Democrats touch turns to crap, and all of their mandates and executive orders lead to death and destruction, with the latest leftist idiocy being that it’s okay for men to compete with girls in sporting events, while insisting that men can nurse babies and give birth to children. These people are stark, raving mad and must be removed from our public lives.

When will Americans tell the radical, woke left to stuff their crazy ideas that only contribute to our current high crime rate and to our inflation and elevated gasoline and food prices, and leave us to hell alone to enjoy life without their destructive advice?

Saturday, July 23, 2022

To Be Woke Is To Be Violent

 As with all things on the political left, woke people need violence to get their way, because most thinking, reasonable people reject their totalitarian policies and practices, which makes violence a prerequisite to the implementation of woke policy.

Below are a few forms of violence practiced by the woke fools on the political left:

 Violence against  language:

The re-definition of the English language allows the woke population to rail and spew at those of us who use words correctly. “Birthing people’ and “chest feeding” along with insisting that men can birth children and have periods, are just some examples of the most destructive of the woke lexicon, which is committing violence against the entire population of non-woke Americans.

Violence against democracy:

Wokesters claim that certain Supreme Court Justices should be hunted down and killed because these justices found abortion to be not covered by the United States constitution, a situation that is contrary to leftist dogma. The packing of the Supreme Court is another of the left’s violence against Americans and our traditions of separate and equal branches of government. And of course the political left insists that illegal aliens must be given the vote as soon as they have invaded our nation, which is violence against actual Americans and their rights.

Violence against American citizens:

The woke among us have no reluctance to blame conservatives for all of the ills America is suffering under the radical and destructive Biden administration. Republicans are repeatedly called racists and homophobes who readily collude with Russia.

Violence against civilization:

All American statues must be torn down and founding documents must be destroyed because of the woke traditions of calling anything they disagree with racist and imperialist, which they falsely allege is how American was founded. And of course schools having the names of presidents must be renamed to remove the taint of racism associated with white, male leadership. These leftist traditions are how all totalitarian takeovers by the political left have been handled, with massive violence and misery accompanying these dictatorships.

Violence against education:

Critical Race Theory is the left’s chosen handling of the indoctrination of children into the woke politician’s hate of America and the destructive division of our nation. And sex-conversions are a favorite subject that too many woke teachers use to get control of our innocent children and wrap them into the hate and misery of the political left.

Violence against science:

The very weak and non-deadly pandemic (covid) has finally nearly faded from our news reports, and then poof!, Joey Biden, the man who promised that getting vaxxed and boosted would assure that you would never get the disease, which this fool old man has now contracted, after being thoroughly “immunized” from the disease, drops the covid bomb on us. We’re now being told that all children over six months old must be vaccinated, even though no one is dying of the latest variant, especially young children, and the mandates that children must be vaccinated comes in spite of the reports of health problems following vaccinations being on the increase. This forced vaxxing of Americans, particularly the young and immune, is violence similar to what Stalin used against the Ukrainians in the 1930s, but now Americans are the recipients of this latest leftist tyranny.

And finally we come to actual, in-person physical violence like the Bernie Sanders supporter who shot Republicans at a ballpark in 2017 and the more recent leftist crazy man who tried to kill Lee Zelden as he was campaigning for the governorship of New York State. These are examples of up-close-and-personal violence that woke, leftist politicians are using right now, with little or no coverage from the woke main-stream press nor Biden’s DOJ. The Hitlerites are amongst us, and who knows who may be next to taste their violence.

And by the way, old Joey Biden is back in his basement once again, just like he was during the 2020 campaign for the presidency. When the going gets tough, old Joey retreats to his basement for a long summer’s nap, while the rest of us try to continue living under his dictatorial rule and his endless executive orders and mandates.

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Despite Being Completely Humiliated With Their Disinformation Farce, Democrats Continue To Push Their Lying Authoritarianism

 Maybe Joey Biden is just too old or too stupid, or maybe it’s just his woke administration that keeps pushing one lie after another at us with no understanding that Americans are aware of their lies and resent those lies being repeatedly thrown at us as being saviors of freedom and liberty, when their lies are actually the destruction of our formerly free and prosperous nation.

Maybe everyone else was already aware of it, but until I read in the New Mexico Quay County Sun, while traveling a week ago, that the Biden administration is continuing their lying disinformation efforts against citizens of America, I thought that Biden’s efforts to control news and information at the federal level had died a scoundrel’s death.

The June 22, 2022 article said that a grant of $85,000 that the Department of Health had awarded the Quay County Health Council was to allegedly “help combat misinformation”. The “misinformation” the article spoke of was part of a plan designed to “help area young people combat misinformation on social media about coronavirus vaccines”. One wonders what the phrase “vaccine misinformation” was all about; maybe it was the lies the Biden administration told about the overblown danger of death from covid if one is not vaccinated? Or the protection that the useless masking did not provide? Or the mandated vaccine that is not a vaccine at all, but is instead a covid pre-contraction therapeutic, and a poor one at that. There is so much lying from Washington these days that we are unable to tell the mis- from the dis-information, which means there is no dependable information coming from our rulers in Washington at all.

According to the article, the money was intended “to support vaccine equity and inclusion throughout New Mexico”. The article also said the money “advances health equity goals for diverse cultural, economic and social populations”, yada, yada, yada.

The New Mexico Acting Cabinet Secretary, David R. Scrase, was quoted in the article as saying the grant promotes “an equitable allotment of resources” that “feeds inclusion connection pathways and celebrate cultural diversity”.

The Democrats and the entire Biden administration are so full of horse crap that no one is shocked at the woke, meaningless and foolish lists of  terms like “inclusion connection pathways”, “vaccine equity” and “sustainable impact”, all of which word-soups have no meaning in the real world but are intended to make uninformed Americans feel that they are being lied to with any statement that varies from the Biden line of lies, and Americans are made to feel frightened by anything except the B.S. coming from the Biden administration’s lying mouthpieces. Any citizen aware of the danger of big government who still accepts the lies coming from federal authority sources should think for themselves and consider alternative sources of information. But too many citizens have been convinced that their own values and information cannot be trusted, so they buy the lies from leftist government, which spreads its disinformation/misinformation widely and deeply.

Just to be perfectly clear, Biden’s Bureau Of Government Disinformation is alive and well and is coming at us like a diesel locomotive.