Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, July 4, 2024

Democrats Are Now Calling Each Other Racists

 The Democrat party, which formerly saw racism only in white Republicans, is now calling each other racists.

These woke, fool people, who seem to only be able to express themselves through eyes of racial vision, don’t believe in meritocracy, but need the weapon of race to be able to make any decisions in their professional lives.

The reason for the racial sparring on the part of Democrats is that the DNC is trying to by-pass Kamala Harris as their party’s candidate for president in 2024. Biden is absolutely out of the running, and Kamala is such a laughingstock fool that she can only harm the party in the November election, so the Democrats rely on racial insults and accusations to defend her. So when the DNC officials began to suggest names to offer for the top slots in the party, Kamala was passed over, because the proposed candidates were not to the DEI crowd’s liking

It’s hard to understand why Kamala could pretend to be insulted by not being selected as the Democrat presidential candidate. The woman is a word-salad, laughing, fool who hasn’t achieved anything as VP that could distinguish her for a job in any industry. So it’s a certainty that consideration of merit in her current job would not lead one to select Kamala to be our next president. Therefore we see a Democrat fallback to the use of race to shut people up who don’t meet DEI standards of appearance.

However, the racist charge of one Democrat against another Democrat seems to be the correct form of reference to attach to members of the Democrat party. Kamala was only selected for Biden’s VP because of skin color and gender, so Biden was a racist to select her in the first place. And those who oppose considering whites or males for the presidential candidate are absolutely committing an act of racism, according to woke, DEI standards. 

And Kamala’s lack of achievement as VP would keep anyone looking at her job history from selecting her for her party‘s top official. So I guess “racist” is the correct term to use when speaking about Democrats: they don’t think in terms of what’s good for the party or for the nation. They only understand how to push the DEI crap on the world and serve their own selfish lives, not of the good of all citizens.

Democrats are learning that to live by DEI is to die by DEI, and it serves them right to be in the desperate situation they are in as regards the upcoming presidential election, and all because of the Democrat fixation on race.

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

The Filthy Democrats Cheated And Ballot-Stuffed To Get Biden In Office, And Now They Can’t Get Him To Go Away

 How sweet it is! The lying Democrats get their presidential candidate into office by all means illegal and underhanded, then they can’t get the idiot dolt to leave the office so they can run a more viable candidate in 2024, after he made a fool of himself in his debate with Trump last week.

When crooked fools like the woke and far-left Democrat party, and their pals in the main stream media who kept Biden‘s infirmity secret from their stupid leftist Democrat readers and watchers, lie repeatedly to American citizens, they deserve any hardship that fate can bestow on them. Justice against Democrats is deserved in this case, and it’s so sweet to watch them squirm.

As well as being stuck with a non-electable candidate in the 2024 election, Democrats are also stuck with the often literally insane and always woke and leftist policies that the Biden administration has shoved down the throats of Americans. Under a Biden administration the border will remain open to criminals entering our country. Biden’s IRS will fill buildings in DC with thousands of new tax agents hired to yank money from fearful American citizens for imagined tax offenses. Children will keep being irreversibly damaged for life with drugs and operations designed to change their sex. Automobile manufacturers will continue to be forced by government to make and sell electric vehicles. Gasoline and diesel fuel will continue to be outrageously expensive, causing all consumer products and food to be more expensive as a result. Inflation will continue to climb as Biden wastes more billions of dollars on his green policies, and the outright lie of warming change. Hamas lovers and Jew haters will continue to riot, damage property, threaten Jewish students and chant “Death To America” with no consequence. Israel will continue to live under the existential threat that Hamas presents to them as a nation. And Democrat-run cities will continue to suffer under defunded and fearful police forces, and will see further homelessness and unpunished criminal activity as Democrat DAs release criminals to commit more murders and rapes.

American citizens who are Democrat party voters should be outraged that their president, their Democrat party and the news organizations that they listen to in order to be informed on current events and happenings in their party, have lied to them these last three years, and they have no one to blame except Joe Biden, the Democrat party and their own refusal to investigate the lies coming from Democrat politicians, in order to bury the truth safely behind their lies. Just taking stories from the mouths of government and party-line news organizations is how Communist and Fascist governments control their citizens, and this is how America can be destroyed: when our own citizens don’t use a little caution as to where they get their news and information.

One weeps for the suffering that the Democrat party has caused for this once great nation. But suffering citizens can get their country back in November by voting all Democrats out of office, and replacing them with Republicans, from Trump at the top of the list, to dog catcher at the bottom.