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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Difference Between the Tea Party and Community Organizers

The Tea Party is made up of educated and informed people of all races, backgrounds and religions who are not in need of a "leader" but are instead searching for a viable candidate through whom they can get their opinions expressed in Washington and the legislation that results from elections. Instead of needing an organizer they are doing the organizing themselves by selecting candidates who please them and agree with their selfless positions. Their lack of need for a "leader" is due to their understanding and admiration for the Constitution and the limited government assured by the defined powers of that document. They wish only to assure liberty and prosperity for themselves, their children and all of their fellow Americans and seek no personal gain from their political actions.

On the other hand are people who want freebies and whatever "stash" a government official will promise to give them. These people require community organizers who round-up people as though they were cattle, head 'em up to protest against whatever group or corporation the organizers want power and money from, and then the organizer instructs the herd when and how to vote and assures that they get to the polling place and that they vote correctly.

All of this is an aspect of cowboy politics that is rather disgusting and insulting when spelled out plainly. People should have more dignity than to allow themselves to be formed into herds, but people like Barack Obama don't mind insulting people who are only in the game for a hand-out, if it gives them the personal power to move on up the food chain to a classier group to associate with and hopefully organize.

In fact, one of the main reasons for dumbing-down the educational standards in America is to create more ignorant followers for Obama and his ilk to round up and brand with the symbol of the donkey. Stated differently, the reason the Department of Education must be abolished is that it has so undermined education in the United States that it has knowingly delivered many ignorant people to the population who believe they are owed a living and have no compunction about assembling to demand their piece of the "stash". If the Department of Education is not abolished soon there will be no thinking Americans left to vote for prosperity, liberty and the future of their children, as the Tea Party is doing.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Real Danger Isn't Only Obama's Incompetence

Most thinking Americans would now agree that Obama is in over his head, that he is plotting for an America that will cause all Americans to be more hungry, colder in the winter, less employed, less educated, less happy, less healthy, less travelled, more poorly housed, and have less wealth (and these things would also apply to his own daughters when they reach adulthood).

All of these things are dangerous enough on their own, but the real danger with Obama is that he honestly can't see the negative results of his actions and policies. Everything he does is right and good as far as he is concerned, and if he changes his mind after making a mess, that, too, was the correct thing to do and not an indication of any mistake on his part. On the other hand, in his mind most of the decisions he has to make are because of the poor thinking of George Bush or another scapegoat, so any bad outcomes were already there before he got involved. This man really believes he can't make a mistake.

We know from recent studies and books that Obama has never consulted with some of his cabinet members on issues under their jurisdiction, but we also know that he does meet daily with union officials and his radical czars, and in so doing he is getting advice that is way out of the mainstream, and therefore dangerous to the welfare of all Americans. Obama is an intelligent man who simply lacks the ability for self examination, and can't consider that he may not always be correct. In short he's an intelligent man who is a fool, as opposed to being ignorant, and lacks good judgment.

Obama's years as president have already caused pain and suffering for the citizens of this nation, and the suffering will get worse after he's gone and his policies are in place and become practice, and his policies will eventually get Americans killed due to a lack of proper defense of our nation's borders, and weakening of our military and missile defense, and a general sense among our enemies that America is weak and can be attacked, which is exactly the message Obama is sending.

And now with Obama's flip-flop on the defense of marriage act, we have clear proof of his firm conviction regarding whatever his latest announced position is. With his statement that he believes the defense of marriage act is unconstitutional, he's setting up a constitutional crisis because the president doesn't have the power to decide the constitutionality of anything; he's executive, not judicial. But to gain favor with his political supporters he is willing to reverse positions on nearly everything and anything.

Every decision Obama makes is for the benefit of Obama and his radical buds, and the people he was elected to serve are not even considered. And this immoral man has 2 years left in office.

We are in serious trouble!!

Democrats Run From Office After Running For Office

The idiot Democrat legislators in Wisconsin and Indiana who have deserted the legislatures and the citizens they swore to serve should all be recalled by the citizens and denied a seat when they finally decide to report back to their legislative posts. The childishness of their temper tantrums and their inability to defend themselves and their party's positions is abhorrent; our brave soldiers are asked to risk their lives in battle, and state legislators can't even risk making a logical and convincing argument to defend their often counter-intuitive political positions without quitting the field of verbal battle and running off to hide in a hotel room. These people are truly gutless wonders of the modern age of liberalism. On the field of real battle, desertion is punishable by being shot; but it's up to the citizens of the impacted states to decide the punishment they will issue for this grave abandonment of duty by supposedly responsible people serving as elected legislators.

If the decline and fall of the Democrat party were ever in doubt, these latest mis-steps in Indiana and Wisconsin are living proof that Democrats and liberals are scared and on the run from reality and responsibility.

And where are the outcries about the horror of "shutting down" the government that liberals, especially in the press, shout from the rooftops when they can possibly stretch the truth and blame Republicans for this imagined offense against humanity; their silence in the face of a real Democrat shut-down of two state legislatures is deafening. And it's odd that the Dems are going on strike over a subject the is about public employees being able to go on strike. Their absence makes a loud statement about their position on this subject, although their voices are silent.

The current period in our nation's history urgently needs people of good will and keen intellect to make decisions about how to proceed into a financially bleak future that still assures liberty, prosperity and Constitutional protections for ourselves and our children, and the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of liberals and Democrats that we are currently witnessing on the national scene are obscene and frightening for what they say about the future if liberals are allowed positions in government. It appears to me that citizens should consider the current developments and not only never vote for a liberal again, but should consider doing away with liberalism in general, beginning immediately with an abolition of the EPA and the Departments of Energy and Education.

Perhaps the citizens of Indiana and Wisconsin should in the future consider including verbiage in the swearing-in pledge for new Democrat legislators a statement that they promise not to run away and hide when the wascally Wepublicans get pushy with them are actually demand a vote on serious measures. Those Wepublicans are so mean!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wisconsin's Gutless, Dictatorial Democrats

When the going gets tough the Wisconsin Democrats get going; all the way to Illinois. As soon as Democrats no longer have a majority with which to continue the free ride liberals have become accustomed to funding for themselves at public expense, they run away and vacate the democratic process. As Wisconsin moves closer to financial disaster the Democrats run and hide in order to block the changes the voters indicated they wanted last November when they voted in a Republican governor.

At the federal level the Senate Democrats are going to attempt the same maneuver as the Wisconsin Democrats. The Republicans in the House of Representatives pass a budget that at least begins the process of reducing spending and balancing the federal budget, but the Senate Democrats and Obama don't like the changes, so we end up with no budget being approved and the liberals try to place blame on the Republicans? Really? I say without reservation: shut down the damned government and let the Dems try to blame Republicans this time. The American public is aware of their tactics by now, and they don't approve.

Americans had Obamacare shoved down their throats by Democrats who said "we won" in order to justify their dictatorial rule and would not consider any contrary amendments or proposals from Republicans, but at least the Republicans played by the rules, opposing the takeover of our healthcare by the government, voting against the bill and taking the loss when Democrats won the day and passed the proposal. They didn't go into hiding and issue media jabs at the Democrats from "an undisclosed location". But now the Republicans have the majority and the Dems run and hide. What an admirable bunch of fools Democrats/liberals/progressives are. May God see fit to save this great nation from these idiots.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Constitutional Crises Loom Over Obama's Lawlessness

How can our representative democracy survive without an adherence to the law and a respect for equal branches of government? I'm afraid it can't. The Obama Administration is acting in contradiction to the law by continuing to place a hold on drilling for oil in contempt for a legal ruling that said that the suspension of drilling, put in place by Obama, is illegal and must stop. Then there is the judicial ruling that Obamacare is unconstitutional and all progress toward implementing it must halt, which, of course, Obama will not do. So how can we expect Obama to respect legislative bills that are contrary to his radical schemes for remaking America if he won't respect rulings of the judicial branch of government? We appear to be on the cusp of a complete takeover of our government by the president, and at a time of already out-of-control spending and social turmoil that is about to rise to the surface and threaten our nation.

A president who ran on a platform of substantially changing the United States and whose policies have worked against capitalism and a rule of law is unlikely to respect opposing judicial or legislative decisions and is also unlikely to reduce spending just because a Republican congress denies him the funds. So in support of the new Republican congress and its efforts to deeply reduce spending we must be prepared to support a shut-down of government that will likely result when Obama refuses to cooperate in attempts to save the nation financially and then tries to place blame on Republicans when the government grinds to a halt due to lack of funds. Can there be a clearer statement of leftists' tendency toward dictatorship than their performance in contradiction to the law? In the last election the people clearly stated that they want less spending, yet Obama proposes hundreds of billions of dollars in additional spending in his new budget. The people voted against Obama's healthcare bill and still he continues to shove it down our throats. These are dangerous times for our nation and our liberties.

The confusion and chaos Obama has intentionally created since becoming president is in line with the liberal proposal that no crisis should be wasted. The more chaos liberals create, the more crises they generate by disobeying the law, by bankrupting the country, by causing mass unemployment and mass homelessness, by not punishing voter fraud and intimidation (remember the New Black Panthers and other cases) the more quickly they hasten the takeover of our lives and our nation as people become more dependent on government for assistance. So regardless of the chaos the liberals push back with, we must not relax our pressure on legislators to stop spending and borrowing and to eliminate governmental and union influences on our lives.

Liberals have traditionally seen themselves as saviors of the common man, but the current bunch of liberals in our government are only causing misery, suffering and poverty in the wealthiest nation on earth. These immoral people must be opposed and defeated if we are to survive as a nation.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Liberals Would Make A Museum Piece Of The Constitution

Since liberals pretend that there are no limitations on the actions of government, I assume it's because liberals don't want to wear out the Constitution via over-use and believe they are "saving" it by not using it. They want to place the Constitution in a museum.

Conservatives believe that exercising the Constitution is the only way to save it for future generations, and they believe liberty is best served by narrowly limited government kept within the confines of the Constitution's defined powers. To continue the analogy, conservatives, via use of the tenth amendment to the constitution, want to "save" those limitations by investing in them and growing them, not by ignoring them and letting them die on the vine.

From the food we eat, to the air we breathe, the healthcare we must buy from the government, the amount of water we flush in our toilets, the types of cars we drive, the types of fuel we buy for our cars, the sugar or salt content of our foods and drinks, the type of light bulbs we use in our homes, the CO2 we exhale and many other areas, the government is betraying us and our Constitution by controlling our every action, and lying to us and trying to frighten us about the critical danger of everything we buy and use, best seen in the laws and regulations they force on us that are unconstitutional and are of no business to the government, except as tools of controlling us.

In order to save the Constitution for future generations we must insist that the government use it daily and we must see to it that legislators and the president are bound and limited by it.

The world is literally destructing all around us with record unemployment, looming inflation and the bankruptcy of our largest states occurring in our own country; with European countries going broke; with north Africa and the Middle East going up in flames and Islamists on the cusp of controlling our energy supplies. And with all of these things threatening us, as if they weren't enough, we have the most immoral, evil and corrupt administration occupying the Oval Office that our nation has ever seen.

All of the above are reasons we must support the new Republicans in the House and Senate, even to the extent that the government is "shut down" when liberal Senators and Obama refuse to accept and approve a budget that is sensible and stops over-spending. And they are certain to reject such a budget proposal, because the Republicans are trying to rein in government excesses and control, and that is why the efforts of governors in New Jersey, Wisconsin and Ohio are so critical in trying to control spending. But they, too, are engaged in battle with the liberals' main source of power and money: the public sector unions. The future of our nation depends on conservatives winning these battles.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Attention Chamber of Commerce: Obama Lied to You

Recently Obama deigned to visit with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and promised them that he is fully business-growth friendly and will do all he can to help the business community by ordering a study to determine how government regulations that are an impediment to business creation and expansion may be reduced. A gullible Thomas Donahue, speaking for the Chamber, stated that he trusts Obama's words and his intents and appreciated the Obama visit to his organization.

Earth to Donohue: Obama is a damned liar, and you should know that by now. If Obama really understood the harm his regulations are doing to business and if he really intended to reduce onerous regulations, he would not have ordered a "study" of the situation, he would have instead ordered the EPA weeks ago to halt their impending green house gas emissions regulations that replace the Cap and Trade legislation that congress was never able to pass. And he would already have told those working within his administration to create massive droves of destructive regulations as part of Obamacare, to stop their work so as not to create additional burdens to business creation. He would also have already told the Departments of Energy and Interior to halt all restrictions on drilling for our own sources of fuel and again allow drilling off-shore and all other places currently blocked from discovery and extraction.

But the grinning, lying fool, Obama, has done none of those important things, and still the U.S. Chamber of Commerce puts on a naive face and states that they believe he's on their side and wants business to thrive once more. This nation is being systematically run and destroyed by a lying administration, and the leader of the business community appears too gullible or too stupid to see and express the truth about our president, or perhaps he's just star-struck at being visited by the president and getting face-time with him.

God save this great nation from the fools leading us down this path. People like Mr. Donohue and other "leaders" of his ilk must stop showing respect to the idiot Obama as he destroys our nation. The office of the president deserves respect, but not the current resident who is undermining the traditional leadership and prestige of that office. And the heads of organizations like the Chamber of Commerce have to grow up and stop acting all starry-eyed when Obama stoops to shake their hands and tell another lie. Obama is an immoral low-life who deserves no respect at all.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Plenty of Capitalism or the Want of Socialism?

Ayn Rand stated the case in simple terms with her "The Virtue of Selfishness". Would you rather depend for your food, electricity and gasoline on people who provide these things by making a profit for getting them to you, or would you prefer to have them provided by a government agency that isn't interested in making a profit and that will get paid whether you receive their products and services or not?

If the Dole corporation doesn't provide you with pineapples they make no money and no profit and thereby harm themselves and their families, so you can depend on Dole to provide pineapples in order to be profitable. But if you depend on the government for pineapples there will likely be a shortage and they will definitely cost more because there is no competition at the government level and because government employees get paid whether you get your pineapples or not, so they don't care.

Would the government have ever invented the personal computer or the IPOD? No, because the government isn't interested in making a profit and providing innovative service, and instead depends on regulation of old, existing products to assure their jobs. The government would still be regulating buggy whips if they could.

There can be no more stark or obvious demonstration of the benefits of capitalism and the pain and suffering of socialism/communism than the side-by-side comparisons of the absolute poverty and want of North Korea and the prosperity and comfort South Korea; and the comparisons were the same for the freedoms of West Germany and the total control and want of East Germany before the old Soviet Union broke up.

As our community-organizer-in-chief takes over more of our economy and our freedoms the considerations of profit and competition versus power and control becomes critical in determining what type of nation we will have in a few years. The Department of Energy and the EPA are destroying jobs and our economy and they must be stopped. Our legislators must be encouraged to repeal the enabling legislation for these two government agencies and abolish them forever or they will destroy the greatest nation on earth and all of us with it.