Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, June 18, 2023

Biden’s Leftist Administration Is Not Only Populated With Non-Serious People, They Are Also A Bunch Of Immature Juveniles

 I’ve written previously about the insincere, non-serious people who make up the Biden administration, and their lack of concentration on matters of vital importance (like the danger of China to American sovereignty; the everlasting devastation of Biden’s open borders; escalating crime and the enormous harm this is doing to major American cities, most of which are Democrat-run; and the agony and personal misery of homelessness in general) that they ignore in preference to their own petty, non-serious issues (like the lie of warming/change; the lie of the alleged abuse experienced by gay and trans people; the danger of guns and the lack of attention to mentally unbalanced people who use those guns, nearly all of whom are Democrats; performing sex-change operations on children without the consent of their parents, due to the “gender confirming“ stupidity of the Biden political left).

But the fools that Joey Biden has, at best, allowed to be hired to serve his administration, or, at worst, were hired directly by himself, are way beyond simply being non-serious people. They are out-of-control children and juveniles, who strip on the White House lawn; indict a former, and perhaps future president, for a crime (holding secure documents in his home which was, and still is, being guarded by the Secret Service) a crime that Biden himself has committed at a higher level of criminal intent (holding multiple boxes of controlled information at multiple sites controlled by no one, that he obtained illegally as a senator and as vice president). 

This cabal of fools were completely in agreement with the forced masking and forced vaxxing policies of Biden during the covid years, when people who disagreed with Biden’s policies had their opinions labeled as disinformation and misinformation and had those opinions withheld from news reports, and often had the holder of those opinions fired from his/her job. They declared that biological men competing against females in sporting events were positive heroes for this misogynistic mistreatment of women; they take the position that trans people are horribly mistreated by America, and place them on a level of near worship; they will argue to the death that men who identify as women ARE actually women in every aspect of the definition of a human female; they believe that men who identify as women have menstrual periods and can birth children, and that simply putting lipstick and false eyelashes on a man makes him a women.

The Democrat group ANTIFA is a violent, leftist group employed to silence anyone Democrats don’t agree with, who always show up to violently oppose and attack conservative events, with not a word of objection coming from anyone in the Biden administration. Daniel Penny heroically  prevented a crazy, black man in a New York subway from harming other people on his train, and this heroic act gets him indicted instead of getting a ticker-tape parade in his honor, because the far-left New York City district attorney, Alvin Bragg, treats Penny as a racist, which is what every person opposing Democrat rule is called, even though it’s the Democrats who consider race before all else in today’s topsy-turvy world, which is being destroyed by radical, leftist policy. And it was Southern Democrat governors who stood in schoolhouse doors to prevent blacks from attending school with whites, and southern Democrats who held slaves and fought a war to retain slavery.

The juvenile, non-serious fools who are serving the destructive ends of the Biden administration have no regard for the shrinking budgets of American families that have been intentionally decimated by Biden’s inflationary policies. These foolish people have no regard for the American retirees who see their life-long savings and investments being eaten away by Biden’s inflation. They cannot, or will not, see a future in which China will criminally stop manufacturing drugs and other products that Americans need to keep themselves alive. They have no idea of the lost vacation experiences in the mountains and at the beach, for young families who cannot travel during the summer months because of Biden’s needlessly costly fuel regulations.

These people, and all of the other similar swamp people who want a piece of the destroy-America pie, are just waiting in the wings for their own turn at making foolish decisions and destructive policy, and they must be rejected from any seat of power. We need strong conservative people in office in order to make America great again.

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Gavin Nuisance Should Hang His Head In Shame And Leave American Citizens Alone

 The idiot governor of California, Gavin Nuisance, is indeed making a nuisance of himself by repeatedly making negative remarks about Florida and the current governor of that state, which is much freer and more economically successful than California has been under Mr. Nuisance‘s power ride, and which is attracting fed-up citizens from California to reside there. Mr. Nuisance is attacking Florida and its governor simply because the governor of Florida is likely to be a political opponent of California’s governor in a future run for the White House.

After destroying San Francisco as mayor, then bankrupting, masking and forcing lockdowns on Californians as governor, Mr. Nuisance now has his eyes set on the final destruction of our great nation, and if observant Californians can tell good from bad, they’ll reject Mr. Nuisance’s ambitions for a national seat of power, let him know their displeasure with his performance in office so far, and force him to stay in California until they are able to eliminate him from any further political ambitions, and send him into political oblivion.

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Trans-ism Is Misogyny, Plain And Simple

 In the Trans world, biological men can buy a push-up bra, put on some lipstick and believe they are experiencing the full essence of womanhood. But this belief is complete, self-indulgent crap, because being a woman is worlds beyond anything these fool men can dream up, as they don their femme-face pretense.

Probably the most offensive thing being done to women since the woke Democrats took power in D.C. is the emotional, professional and actual physical harm being done to them when men compete directly, and often in physical contact with, women in the Title IX world of women’s sports, with the result that women’s chances of winning events against biological men are virtually eliminated, and I claim that this is a simple case of misogyny that the political left is conducting against women, and is a violation of the ideals of Title IX, contrary to the idiotic statements of our fool president.

It’s too bad that wokeness in government exists concurrently with the political left’s misogyny, and that some responsible person in the Biden administration doesn’t put an end to this outrage, but that’s the present-day Democrat party for you.

This shameless misogyny, combined with America’s devastating open border, will forever be the legacy of the woke, criminal, Biden administration.

Thursday, June 8, 2023

From Hooverville To BidenVille, And From American Sovereignty To National Occupation And Poverty

 It’s almost become a joke what liars the national, leftist news agencies and news channels are, and what they don’t directly lie about, they lie indirectly and silently by not reporting on leftist Democrat failures and terrible policies that harm the nation.

Our big-time media have no problems mentioning Hooverville so as to criticize a past Republican president, but they’ll never put a similar tag of Bidenville on the homeless, criminal problem plaguing Democrat-run cities that is solely the fault of Joseph Biden and his economy-destroying edicts. Also not blamed or even mentioned when discussing Democrat policies are the Democrat governors and mayors who are burdening us with rampant crime and an absolute invasion of poor people illegally crossing our borders, people who have no business being here, but are encouraged by leftist policy that in effect, gives them the moral right to be here and be weakening our cities with non-Americans.

At least we had a national state of economic depression, a stock market crash and a series of banking failures to blame for the Hoovervilles that existed in the 1930s, but we have only one person, Joseph Biden and his Democrat party, to blame for the chaos, out-of-control crimes and homelessness that we are seeing in our mainly Democrat-run cities, like San Francisco, Chicago, New York and other blue cities.

As America’s Democrat-run cities are torn apart by the corrupt policies of the Biden administration, and as China makes itself ready to end America’s great run of prosperity, liberty and self-rule, Joey Biden swaggers (and too often staggers) like a big shot, but doesn’t even know what day it is nor what speaking event he is told to attend.

Meanwhile, Biden’s thoughtless policies allow millions of illegal aliens to make a bad societal situation worse, with unknown criminals and terrorists entering our country to establish Mexican drug cartel beachheads in American cities, from which to wage war on this great nation, from within our own borders.

Thanks, Joey.

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Unserious, Woke People Are Dangerous People

 When we see far-left Trans people mocking Catholic nuns with wildly frightening white-faces and gaudy make-up, we are staring into the faces of unserious, dangerous people who care nothing for national security nor common defense, people who are desirous of denying normal people of their personal liberties, want to destroy religion, are opposed to free and fair elections, have no consideration for the importance of  our supply-chain in keeping people fed, medicated and clothed, have no idea of the value of a strong economy and care not a damn about increasing crime rates and what that can do to everyone‘s quality of living. All these people care about is mocking the constitution, shocking decent citizens and undermining the security of our democracy and our prosperity.

So why are these anti-American freaks getting so much positive, flattering attention while serving the leftist societal destruction of America planned by Joey Biden and his administration’s corrupt policies, part of which is the administration‘s claim that the Trans community is being abused and persecuted. But the political left is unable to provide one single case of Trans mistreatment when the event they are participating in is peaceful and appropriate.

And why are the obscene displays and actions of these non-serious people so willingly supported by an alleged “responsible” corporate world, with their prohibition of a MLB game in Atlanta; the Dodgers welcoming the sisters of perpetual indulgence to their stadium in Los Angeles; Budweiser pushing Trans filth with a man pretending to be a woman by simply putting on lipstick, a wig and false eyelashes; and Target wildly celebrating Pride week with inappropriate children’s clothing displays in their stores.

There was a time when people associated the word “pride” to actual accomplishments, like Catholics serving the poor and sick, our military personnel keeping our nation safe with their vigilance, and police officers keeping our cities’ streets safe. But following a couple of years of Democrat mayors wielding power, like London Breed of San Francisco defunding, abusing, imprisoning and firing the police officers in her town, we now have many formerly beautiful cities in America that are now apparently third-world hell holes drowning in a tidal wave of criminal behavior. But at least the Mayor of San Francisco is finally begging her legislature for millions of dollars to correct the damage she did by getting rid of her city’s police force. The 1906 San Francisco earthquake did less damage, and lasted for a shorter length of time, than the harm Ms. Breed has done to her once beautiful city, with only a couple of years of her leftist, woke policies being put into place, because in 1906 the rebuilding of the city began immediately because the citizens loved their city, while in 2023 businesses and individuals are running away from the rampant crime, excrement-flooded streets and the permanent rows of homeless encampments that woke Democrat policies have brought to the city.

And Chicago, Baltimore and New York City are not far behind the West Coast if the citizens of all of America’s Democrat-run cities don’t start voting against Democrats and their destructive policies.

The unserious people who tend to be Trans people have every right to the constitutionally specified protection of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, but they have no right to force that pursuit on serious citizens and subvert our own individual pursuits of happiness by mocking and slandering everything that‘s dear to us.