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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Learning To Believe Democrat Lies And Not My Own Two Eyes

For weeks, Democrats repeatedly told us that there was no caravan marching toward the U.S. from Central America. Then who are these people in Tijuana making life miserable for the Mexican government and the unfortunate citizens of Mexico?

Democrats also told us that the non-existent caravan was nothing but peaceful people, mostly families with women and children, who only want to come here and pay taxes that Americans won’t pay. Then who are these young, military-aged men, who attacked our border guards and broke into the homes of the citizens of Tijuana?

Democrats told us that the Affordable Care Act would allow us to save money on healthcare, and that we could keep our doctor and keep our old plan. Then why are we getting reports of ninety-percent increases in premiums and deductibles under Obamacare, for plans and doctors that nobody wants?

The Democrat-controlled press refer to the terrorist group, ANTIFA, as just being citizens who are opposed to fascism, and that they demonstrate this opposition to fascism by using the fascist tactics of stopping traffic, beating people in their cars and burning college campuses. Actually, ANTIFA is just another Democrat enforcement brigade exactly like the KKK was.

Democrats continue to tell us the benefits of Socialism, and of the free stuff owed all citizens and non-citizens alike under Socialism. Then how do Democrats explain the unfortunate citizens of the formerly wealthy nation of Venezuela who are starving to death and getting no healthcare in their crumbling, Socialist paradise of a nation?

Our former Democrat president bragged that his administration had no scandals at all during his eight years of “Fundamentally Transforming America”. Then what was the Fast and Furious thing; the IRS thing; the Obamacare series of lies; the spying on Obama’s political opponent, Donald Trump, by the FBI, if not major scandals?

Democrats promised us that the election of Donald Trump would lead to the collapse of the entire world economy extending indefinitely into the dark and threatening future. Then why have Americans’ 401Ks seen such an increase in value the last two years?

Democrats used to assure us that our southern border should be protected from illegal entry. Then why did Barack Obma refuse to enforce immigration law that kept illegal aliens out, then fail to track where the continuing influx of tens of thousands of illegal entrants were sent to for settlement once they illegally entered our nation?

Democrats criticize Republicans for being out-of-date and being racists for practicing traditional, old fashioned religious beliefs, then they call Trump “immoral” for wanting a wall across our southern border to protect American citizens. Are Democrats just falsely pretending to be religious by choosing the formerly discarded Christian reference to “immorality”, following their repeatedly expressed rejection of the religion that morality is an integral part of?

When the Democrat gladiator, Senator Cory Booker, was accused of taking sexual liberties with a man recently, Democrats insisted that proof of the validity of this event be presented before guilt could be considered. But when Brett Kavanaugh was, a few months ago, accused of taking sexual liberties with a woman 35 in the past, Democrats insisted that the charge alone was enough evidence that the event took place, and that Kavanaugh must immediately remove himself from consideration for the Supreme Court and that he should insist on a complete investigation by the FBI into this ancient matter.

For the last 70 years Democrats have insisted that the economic path to wealth for all persons was Communism, and they genuflected to Russia as being the answer to the economic futures of all Americans. Then why is the false and phony Trump/Russia collusion such a threat to America that the FBI, the FISA court and a series of anti-Trump FBI agents have to try to frame Trump by insisting that he worked with Vladimir Putin to defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election?

For the last 40 years leftists have told us that we had only 5 years, then 10 years, then 20 years to live before the world would burn up as a result of the lie of global warming. Celebrities from Paul Ehrlich, to Ted Danson, to Prince Charles have made these lying predictions, and still the left issues new warnings of global doom in the near and distant future if we don’t give government more control over our lives immediately. When will the American public stand up and reject these leftist, control-freak lies of a non-existent event and begin living their lives for themselves and not buckling under to the controls Democrats wish to inflict on their lives and the lives of their children?

What Hath Democrats Wrought?

Looking back at the previous 25 or so years, the permissiveness, lawlessness and outright anger of the Democrat/Liberal/Progressive party has caused changes to our society that no one who knew the prior America would even pretend to like or approve of.

But first of all one must fend off the predictable leftist counter-attack against anyone who opposes the way Democrats have undermined traditional America by presenting charges that their critics, one of whom is this paper, are racists and misogynists: the fact is that the civil rights act was put together and passed by Republicans over the great opposition of Democrats, who at the time were still ordering pointy hats and white hoods for their members to wear on weekends, and the right of women to vote also came from Republicans, not Democrats. Now to get on with the points I wish to make.

In the fairly recent past we had sweet love songs from Frankie Avalon and the Shirelles, and now we have Rap songs with discordant sounds and lyrics shouting about beating their bitches and killing police officers.

In the past, comedians made fun of all politicians and other dominant personalities in our society. But today the few comedians we have left who don’t want to offend our dear snow-flake college students and make them uncomfortable, concentrate on attacking Donald Trump, which is politically approved and won’t make the students burn down the school library as a result of their discomfort and frustrations.

In the past, college campuses had people of all colors and all political persuasions speaking with students. But today conservatives need not apply to speak, and black conservatives had really better not apply.

In the past, a president could visit military personnel in the field and the press would dutifully report the visit. But today the press ridicules and insults President Trump for not visiting the troops, and then, when they discover that he is indeed visiting the troops, they ridicule and insult him for not having shown up at some earlier time, and then they turn their wrath on the military personnel themselves for showing some affection and appreciation for Trump visiting them at Christmas and sharing a meal with them. For Republicans it’s always lose-lose with the liberal press.

In the past, police officers who risked their lives protecting the public were appreciated and respected. But today the Black Lives Matter crowd and the sanctuary cities underground movement only want police officers assassinated.

In the past, any politically subversive plots that originated in the White House which employed the FBI to spy on and infiltrate their political opponent would have resulted in the sitting president being driven from office. But today not only is Obama’s plot to assure the defeat of Donald Trump being covered up and kept quiet by the left-wing press, but the special counsel appointed to investigate the phony Dossier evidence against Trump is also covering up their own culpability in the political investigation against Trump by “losing” thousands to text messages passed between the two FBI special investigators as they planned the defeat of candidate Trump, this being the assigned intent of their investigation, in the 2016 presidential election. The labyrinthine, Machiavellian twists originating from the DC swamp in their attempts to remove Trump from office is amazing. And meanwhile Hillary Clinton, who was investigated by the FBI personnel who uncovered many illegal acts on her part, which acts they chose to announce and then ignore, floats about freely with nothing but accolades from the Democrat swamp running Washington, as Trump is attacked daily for having done nothing wrong or improper.

In the past, people accused of crimes were at least given the chance to defend themselves and to have evidence presented against them in a fair trial. But today Brett Kavanaugh and Donald Trump would not believe that fair and verifiable charges against them can ever be refuted, because the liberal press presents lies all day long, every day against these two individuals with no chance to defend themselves in any traditional American way.

In the past, Republicans and Democrats alike insisted on the adherence to the law and wanted a strong border to keep out illegals, diseased persons and criminals. But today Democrats call border walls “immoral” and openly invite and celebrate illegal border crossings and even provide sanctuary for those illegals who manage to break our laws and enter the nation illegally.

Modern Democrats have destroyed nearly everything that has made America distinctive from most other nations of the world, and to this day they continue the fight against American values and our constitution.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Government Shutdown? What Government Shutdown?

One listens to the self-centered fools who make up the majority of our federal government, and one wonders what these silly individuals are thinking.

They insist that the world will end if the government “shuts down”. They believe that if they project a disastrous outcome to a “shutdown” loudly and frequently enough, that the rabble out here in fly-over country will believe them, and that disaster would indeed be the result. Because we believe that real people’s lives will NOT be negatively impacted by a government shutdown is the reason so many of us praised President Trump when he said, in a recent meeting in the White House with Nancy and Chuck, the famous Democrat Dancing Duo, that he would take the “blame” for a shutdown if he was forced to reject the Democrat offer that contained no funding for his border wall. Nancy and Chuck had played the childhood game of I-dare-you with the budget, and Trump was smart enough to know that there was no down-side to a rejection of the lefts’ ridiculous budget offering, and that only “credit” could come of his causing a shutdown.

But the Democrats are so wrapped up in themselves and their cleverness, and their sanctuary stupidity, and their rejection of common sense and the welfare owed American citizens, that they could not foresee the dumb game they played with Trump, who is a master of gamesmanship and has won round one in this battle with the Democrat leaders.

The life of the average American hasn’t been impacted one whit by the Washington, Deep State, Swamp and their non-stop abuse of the citizens they were elected to protect, and I pleasantly look forward to a long government shutdown that will prove once and for all that American citizens hold the power, not the DC rulers, and their silly threat of a disastrous shutdown is without any real and lasting impact on our lives.

Government is irrelevant.  People who work for their families and take care of themselves (which is the essence of Ayn Rand’s idea of The Virtue Of Selfishness) have no need for government except to provide for the common protection of our borders and our sovereignty, and lately, until Donald Trump came along, government has been doing a piss-poor job of providing any protection for American citizens. So one delights in a government action intended by Democrats to upset and frighten the entire nation, while those of us who accept responsibility for our own welfare, feel the non-impact of  Trump’s rejection of the Democrat budget offer.

One also supports Donald Trump on his proposal to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan. Of course, when Obama pulled troops out of Iraq his move was only based on his hate for the military, plus it was a poke in the eye of George Bush for getting America into the seemingly never-ending conflict in the first place. On the positive side,
it also ended Obama’s anti-military Rules of Engagement where all of the power and control of a battle rested in the hands of our enemies and assured our eventual loss in the occupation. But Trump is getting out because we sent troops to do a job, they did the job well, and now they’re coming home.

President Trump has shown resolve and a serious intent in the Middle East by crushing ISIS, as opposed to Obama’s weak-sister design to only “contain” them. With all of the political and economic winning America has experienced since the election of President Trump,  we trust him to do the right thing, and we support his withdrawal of troops and bringing our young men and women back home for a change, instead of the liberal policy to station soldiers all over the world, and leave them there in perpetuity.

Monday, December 24, 2018

The Democrat Anti-Wall Stance Is Their Political Maginot Line

Following World War I the French government decided to build a wall in order to keep the pesky Germans from invading their nation. Then they sat back, fat and satisfied with themselves, and assumed that they were protected from any invasion in future years.

But the Germans, never satisfied with their past accomplishments, attacked, surrounded and defeated the French Maginot Line in less time than it took them to lace their boots, and France was invaded once again.

So, in 2018, in an attempt to defeat the evil Donald Trump, American Democrats emulated the failed French attempt at deflecting their political enemies, and, in a convoluted turn of events that will have political historians scratching their heads for years to come at the stupidity of Democrats, Nancy and Chuck placed their trust, oddly enough, on opposition to an American wall, sort of joining hands with the French who placed their trust in the building of a wall, and the Democrats’ Maginot Line defeat is now playing out.

The fatal French decision was to build a static wall along their border with Germany and not build their military, nor their political leaders’ passive attitudes, to a level that would deter Germany from further designs on France. American Democrats have watched President Trump defeat them on one political and economic front after another these last two years, and have built their Maginot Line on opposing the building of a protective barricade along our southern border, intended to protect the properties of the unfortunate ranchers and farmers along the border with Mexico and to keep illegals from entering and voting for Democrats forever. The Trump plan for a border wall is not intended to keep out tanks and attack aircraft coming from the south, although if it came to that, a strong barrier would serve as a military deterrent as well, but the intent is to also keep out otherwise harmless illegal persons who would serve to undermine our advanced society and to harm our economy. The wall is a good idea and a useful tool.

The wall along our southern border, that the Democrats claim to be immoral, is actually a proven source of protection for our nation that Democrats have voted in favor of in the past. But now, with Donald Trump in the White House, Democrats refuse to fund this barrier. The idiot Democrats are either total fools or  they are the most partisan and hateful body of politicians our nation has ever seen.

The liberal stance against the wall is the Democrat party’s Maginot Line that will doom their political futures for their failure to protect our borders, and for their denial of any blockage of illegal civilian traffic. The Democrats oppose the American wall because they know it will work and will keep their future supporters from being here and voting Democrat in elections to come.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Democrats Go On Warpath Against Trump, But Of Course They’ll Be Fair

Democrats and their pals in the leftist media have been riding President Trump like a poorly shod mule for the past two years, with nearly every statement of theirs shouting how guilty Trump is, and how near to prison he is, and how they have him in a trap now, yada, yada, yada. They and their special investigator, Robert Mueller, have not found one bit of evidence to show any Russia collusion concerning Donald Trump before, during or after the latest presidential election.

But while the House was in Republican hands these idiot Democrats were without any real clout and were just barking in the wind but could do little harm to the nation. Now, however, we’re entering a period in which Democrats will control the House of Representatives, and one wonders how it’s possible that the Democrats, who have been claiming Trump to be guilty of every crime committed during the last 15 years, will be fair and impartial in their investigations once they are in charge?

On December 12, 2018, NBC News quoted the incoming Attorney General of New York, Letitia James, promising to go on the attack against Trump, his family and “anyone” in his circle that would validate her hate of Trump while ignoring all of the accomplishments of Trump these last two years, and while also giving no recognition to the proven crimes of Hillary Clinton while she was Barack Obama‘s Secretary of State. This high-ranking Democrat has told us already that Trump is guilty and all she has to do is pronounce guilt from the Attorney General’s office and his presidency will end.  This sounds like the wild, unvalidated and lying charges that were logged against Brett Kavanaugh when the Senate was deciding his appointment to the Supreme Court, and the Democrats had only to make accusations of criminal behavior against Kavanaugh and the case could be closed with no further investigation needed nor allowed. Democrats lack the dignity, intelligence and the judgment to be in positions of power. When they hate, they decided people’s fate based on that hate, and then move forward to punish them.

The Attorney General of New York is not the only powerful Democrat to have already decided that Trump is guilty of whatever. Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, both House Democrats from California, have been telling us that they have seen the proof of Trump’s guilt for the past two years, and they have sworn that prison or impeachment is just minutes away. In each and every incident they claim to have proof of guilt, they have been wrong.

When Barack Obama promised to “Fundamentally Transform America” this hateful, unconstitutional and anti-American behavior on the part of radical Democrats is exactly what he meant, and America can not continue to exist with these low-life politicians in positions of power.

As with the Brett Kavanaugh event, for which Democrats were punished by the voting public for their disgraceful statements and actions during the Senate hearings, Democrats have already made up their minds as to Trump’s guilt, and now they will push their illogical “facts” and “evidence” and seek a conviction based on nothing. These are truly dangerous people and they are a threat to the continuation of justice, prosperity and liberty in America.

The current Democrat party opposes the basic principles of Western society and appear to be ignorant of the credit that should be given to our constitution and capitalism for the comfortable lives that Americans enjoy. Their hate for Donald Trump for upsetting their socialist agenda, that they hoped Hillary would extend, and their resentment of his winning the latest presidential election, will prevent their cooperating with Republicans on any issue.

The future of America with Democrats in power in the House is dim.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Mueller And Miranda: Why Everyone Must Protect Themselves From Their Own Government

Along with the hundreds of things that are wrong, very bad wrong, about the Mueller collusion investigation, it’s what happened to Mike Flynn, the Lieutenant General with over 30 years of military service whose life has been ruined by the radical Mueller hanging crew, that is perhaps the most shameful miscarriage of justice in American history.

While helping the Trump team gear up to occupy the White House following a Trump win in 2016, General Flynn was one day off-handedly asked to talk with an FBI agent without need of a lawyer, and did so with the assurance that the conversation was just among American patriots trying to get to the truth about the Russia collusion thing and was no big deal. Then, when the Mueller hanging crew found some insignificant statement of Flynn’s, not related to Trump and Russia, that was determined to be in contradiction to other information they had gathered, they lowered the boom on Flynn and threatened to ruin him and his son if he didn’t come forth with evidence against Trump, and they charged him with lying to a federal agent.

In order to protect his son from prosecution and to prevent his own further drift to bankruptcy as the government threatened him with unending legal fees, he pled guilty to the “lie” he told the agent and is now in line for sentencing, even though the FBI did not believe Flynn was intentionally lying, and even though his misstatement had no bearing on Russia or collusion and was simply due to faulty recollection. This long-time military man, who is no threat to anyone and has not committed any crime against any person or entity in this nation, has been financially ruined and could go to jail, for NOTHING!

Although it’s enjoyable to make fun of the reading of a criminals’ Miranda rights to them on a TV show (fun, because most of the time the accused are guilty of the crime in question and we know the police read such rights just to protect the officer and keep the ACLU off their backs), the Flynn incident proves the danger of trusting any law enforcement officer with your liberty and freedom. Many Americans have served on jury duty and been selected to sit for a trial and judge the validity of the testimony of the police and the accused, and most of us took the word of the officer over that of the accused. But no longer can we default to believing the sole testimony of the officer without insisting on other corroborating information.

I’m personally certain that the FBI’s persecution of Mike Flynn is 100% political, and it’s just another way to get another atta-boy for the FBI in their march to get evidence they can use against Trump. But the Flynn incident, just like the Cohen charge and the Manafort charge and the Daniels case, have nothing to do with Donald Trump/Russia nor his campaign, but can now be used by Democrats and the hate-Trump press to try to prove to Americans that President Trump is a bad person and should receive no more support from the public, and that he should instead be impeached and removed from office.

With this shocking FBI behavior now known, Americans must be on their guard when dealing with law enforcement and get a lawyer when speaking to an officer or agent. Mike Flynn is paying dearly for a simple and concocted “process” crime because he believed he was among friends whom he could trust.

Since we’ve learned about the spying of Obama on the Trump campaign; and we’ve learned about the totally fabricated Steele Dossier; and we’ve learned about the Strzok/Page agents’ intention to gather evidence that would keep Trump out of office; and since we’ve learned about the FISA court not receiving nor insisting on validated, verified evidence to support the Steele Dossier prior to allowing the FBI to spy on Trump for purely political reasons, we know that the Deep State in Washington will break any law and persecute and destroy any decent person for political reasons, and this horrific crap must stop!

Our government has turned into a nest of thieves bent on ruining the duly elected Trump administration while yawning and giving a passing nod to serious, proven crimes committed by Hillary and the DNC gang, and not a damned thing is being done to lock up this repeat criminal and her crooked pals.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Life In America Is Beginning To Resemble Communist Eastern Europe In The 1950s

Because of political correctness, comedians now fear negative feedback for offending an audience when they tell jokes. Isn’t biting humor and pushing the envelop with risqué commentary what comedians are here for?

A Republican candidate running for president is spied on by the sitting, Democrat administration, using the full force and power of the FBI and the Department of Justice in attempts to defeat the Republican upstart, and then, when the Republican wins the election in spite of the roadblocks put forward by the Democrat administration and the inbred Deep State Washington establishment, the Washington swamp colludes against him all over again. Joseph Stalin, anyone?

American universities, formerly the bastions of free speech and tolerance setting an example for the entire world to follow, now react violently when conservatives are invited to speak on campus.

ANTIFA freely beating people with little or no police opposition, and a big yawn from Democrats as citizens are hurt and property burned.

Republicans are called racists for insisting that voters present documents proving their citizenship before they’re allowed to vote, and for trying to keep potentially violent and diseased people from third world nations from illegally entering the United States.

Los Angeles and San Francisco harboring thousands of homeless drug addicts in their streets with no end in sight and with no intention of forcing them to clean up, straighten up or move out. The only “sanctuary” Democrats give these derelict people is sanctuary from self-fulfillment and sanctuary from a pleasant, meaningful life.

A leftist press using the United States constitution to defend their NOT reporting news that does not support the anti-constitutional and anti-Trump bent of their politics

The preceding paragraphs list the glories and pleasures of Communism and Socialism as they are being celebrated across the United States by leftist Democrats who run wild and undermine life in America with their unreasoned opposition to everything American and anything Trump.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Democrats Politicize And Criminalize Even Your Very Thoughts

It’s an unfortunate part of life in the 21st century when every proposal and every expression put forth by Republicans is called racist or bigoted by Democrats and automatically becomes part of each daily news report and becomes a plank in the Democrat platform in the next election season.

The truth is that the wearing of white hoods and pointed hats, the burning of crosses on lawns, the racially-motivated lynchings and the blocking of the school-house doors by certain mayors and governors in order to keep black children out, were all done by Democrats, whereas the abolition of slavery and assurance of citizenship for former slaves came from Republicans. There can be no doubt that the Democrat party was and remains the essence of racism, but Republicans are called racists because they simply and justifiably want voters to provide identity proving their citizenship when they vote, and they want non-citizens to be kept out of the country as waves of impoverished people try to enter our nation for the goodies that await them in Democrat “sanctuary” cities.

But now even the most personal and private actions or thoughts are being called racist and are being politicized by Democrats. No longer do we hear of simple differences of opinions that need to be discussed between the two major political parties; now the Democrats just shout RACIST and the conversation ends and the problems facing our nation continue to fester.

When Donald Trump paid off Stormy Daniels in order to protect his family and his public persona, Democrats labeled this private transaction as being part of Trump’s election campaign and claim it to be a violation of the law. To show how desperate Democrats are for a win on anything and how frightened they are of Donald Trump and his successes since occupying the Oval Office, this private transaction on the part of Donald Trump has been exposed as part of the phony and illegal Russian collusion investigation that was implemented to prove that Trump colluded with Russia to rig the 2016 election that Hillary Clinton lost, and now the investigation is looking into the domestic and personal dealings of both Trump and his political and private associates in an attempt to make each and every action illegal, when the investigation was only established to investigate the alleged Russian collusion. One wonders if Democrats will politicize a purchase of tooth paste as being a political action to be punished.

Even though there is no law preventing a political candidate from using his own money to fund a political campaign, the law doesn’t state that all expenditures made by a candidate must be considered a political contribution made by him. Even political candidates have private lives that they don’t have to report to the government.

One major reason that Democrats are so anxious to call everything Trump does as being racist and illegal is that Hillary Clinton actually did break numerous laws while serving as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State and they want to divert attention from her illegal acts and fill up the leftist news channels and newspapers with anti-Trump stories that the Mueller witch-hunt uncovers, which have nothing to do with Russian collusion during the 2016 presidential campaign.

President Trump is busting the Democrats’ chops on the economy and on the subject of illegal immigration and they are pulling out all the stops to smother Americans with a variety of immaterial and irrelevant charges that have nothing to do with Donald Trump’s actions as a candidate, nor as president of the United States.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Trump Uses “Blame” As A Code Word For “Credit” And Nancy And Chuck Just Don’t Get It

The political duo that comes to mind when mentioning the movie names of Dumb and Dumber (in this case that duo is Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer) thought they would take President Trump to the woodshed when they met with him for budget talks Tuesday and paraded into the White House as conquering heroes.

But, as usual, President Trump was a step ahead of these fools and had the cameras running, which put a roadblock to their presentation and made them rethink their politically slanted pitch to Trump about the budget and the southern wall that the president is so insistent on. The last thing Democrats want in their dealings with President Trump is openness and for citizens to witness their demands as they forward their anti-American agenda.

They of course rejected Trump’s request of $5 billion to build the wall and threatened him with “blame” for a government shutdown if he failed to accept the budget proposal they presented. But Trump met their challenge on this issue of “blame” and one-upped their threat by stating that he would accept full “blame” for any government shutdown that resulted from their denying him the money to build a wall that would protect America from invasions from the south. Our president cares about the welfare of Americans and the protection of our borders and will gladly accept “blame” for taking a position he knows most Americans agree with him on.

The threat of affixing “blame” by Chuck and Nancy is like children daring each other to perform a risky act, and is absolutely childish coming from two presumed adults doing the people’s business. The Democrat leaders of our federal legislature are playing politics with America’s national security with their I-dare-you challenge. President Trump knows he will be thanked by a majority of Americans for his shutting down of the government, if that‘s what it takes to get the wall built, and when the legislative duo of Chuck and Nancy say he is responsible for the shutdown, they will look foolish and Trump’s stature will grow taller, because “credit” is what President Trump will be rewarded with for attempting to make America safer with a protective barrier across our southern border.

I hope I’m the first American who thanks our president for looking his legislative opponents in the eye and accepting their dare to reject a continuation of the current budget and risking a government shutdown in order to have a more secure nation.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Relativity Of Terms: Republicans Are Now The Radicals Seeking Change

With American citizens belatedly becoming aware of the existence and danger of the Washington Deep State, designed and implemented by the radical and unconstitutional “Fundamental Transformation of America” that Barack Obama was able to impose on American politics, Republicans have now become the new proponents of change trying to restore tradition to our swiftly leftward-drifting nation, and Democrats are the new conservatives trying to preserve the far left, socialistic positions they’ve imposed on the citizens of the United States.

Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again slogan is a prescient phrase that confirms the radical nature of his Republican presidency. No longer are Republicans, in the form of our president and a few other like-minded members of the Republican party, trying to defend the status quo of Washington politics. Republicans are now fighting the inbred, unconstitutional Deep State Democrats in an attempt to once again restore a representative government and abandon the dictatorship of the left and their use of edicts and their unconstitutional rule-by-executive order, which define the Democrat party in the aftermath of the Obama administration.

If Nancy Pelosi believes that a wall on our southern border is immoral, and that’s exactly what she has publicly stated, then she will soon undoubtedly be convinced that having a standing military force to defend our nation against foreign opposition is equally immoral, and at that point our government and our entire way of life will have surrendered to our enemies, and possibly a military occupation, similar to the soft invasion we’re currently seeing along the Mexican border, but with fully armed and trained military forces being utilized to silence our voices and halt the last remaining voices of reason, liberty and prosperity in the world. Nancy’s party is already on the side of getting rid of ICE and America’s border guards, so defaming and getting rid of the military is a logical next step for the radical Democrats.

Democrats have already implanted the notion that elections cannot be depended upon to elect the correct, in other words the Democrat, official (just recall the most recent mid-term ballot recount-after-recount of votes in Florida and Georgia, which was a fraud perpetrated by Democrats on the citizens of those states, because Democrats will no longer permit their candidates to lose elections to Republicans), and have moved in the direction of using the FBI and the Department of Justice to get a non-Democrat removed from office by employing false and misleading evidence of alleged wrong-doing to make the Republican look guilty and get him/her removed from office, just as they are currently doing with the special investigator trying to frame President Trump.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

President Trump Treats Foreign Governments Like Obama Used To Treat US Citizens

In the bad-ole-days of the Obama administration American citizens were treated like dirt. Citizens were told that they would have to put up with a “Fundamental Transformation” of their great nation: they we forced to accept government-issued healthcare; their taxes were raised; executive orders were issued on all sorts of things against public will; the border with Mexico was opened to all who desired to enter, contrary to the constitution and existing law; environmental regulations were issued at the federal level that halted economic growth; the Fed kept interest rates low, thus forcing money into the stock market and causing a bubble there; relations with Israel were much worsened by the Jew-hating Obama administration; the IRS was discriminating against conservative Americans; Illegal aliens from Syria were welcomed with open arms and no vetting; the Obama administration sought to completely halt oil exploration and drilling on American soil; Obama bought into the Paris accords scandal; and Obama just played more golf.

And while all of this domestic suffering was happening to the American people, Obama was playing extra nice with China, Russia, Cuba, North Korea and other enemy and near-enemy nations around the globe.

Along comes Donald Trump and this course of events took a dramatic change: Americans can now select their own health insurance; Israel is now our friend and ally again; America is now energy independent; the Paris accords are past-tense; Americans have had their taxes reduced; Trump has halted the latest immigrant invasion from the south; North Korea has stopped testing nuclear weapons; job killing regulations are being eliminated; Iran is watching sanctions being re-imposed on them; new economic guidelines have been negotiated in order to make international goods dealings more favorable to the American manufacturer and farmer, and other measures are on the way to implementation by President Trump.

In other words, Americans are being treated with respect by the Trump administration, and foreign governments are having to prove their like and respect for America or they are being held at arms-length and being forced to pay more in order to gain access to the American market.

As President Trump has often said: A government is responsible first of all to that government’s citizens, not to the citizens of another nation, nor to the welfare a foreign government. Barack Obama ignored his responsibility to regard the welfare of American citizens in exchange for his globalist fantasy of being the hero of the world and being loved and adored by the tyrants and dictators of the world.

In this relation I believe that Americans, who are uniquely free and wealthy in a world of governmental control and poverty, could logically be considered a race of its own, and that American Democrats are racists because of their anti-American positions and expressions.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

If Ken Starr Was A Sex Fiend, Why Isn’t Robert Mueller One Also?

One fondly recalls, during the 1990s, the Clinton supporters claiming that Ken Starr, the special investigator appointed to investigate the Clinton administration’s various scandals, was a sex fiend for all of the sexual tie-ins he found that tarnished Bill Clinton as a predator for his numerous sexual escapades, many of which were violent and unwanted, and led to Clinton‘s being impeached by Congress and fined and sentenced by a federal judge, for his numerous crimes against women.

Today’s news reports identify Donald Trump as having sexual encounters, all of which were voluntary, by the way, and one wonders where the cries of “sex fiend” are against Robert Mueller for the sex-related incidents he’s found in the Trump investigation. If Ken Starr was just a dirty old man out to dig up embarrassing facts that gave him personal stimulation while helping build a case against Clinton, why isn’t the same claim being made against Robert Mueller for the sexual innuendo he’s dug up?

Unfortunately Republicans have no booster club, nor do they have a peanut gallery manned by the likes of James Carville and Paul Begala to present their case and scream idiocies to the American public via the leftist, Democrat-loving press, so similar claims of an improper investigation, even one begun and allegedly validated by a false document (the Steele dossier) paid for by the Hillary campaign and the DNC, are going unchallenged.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Hondurans Throw Children Over, And Under, The Border Wall

The lying, liberal press has been wetting themselves for the last year over the mean ole Trump administration “separating” families along the southern border, even though the law demands that suspects be incarcerated while an investigation moves forward, exactly the same thing the Obama administration did back in the days when liberals were good with whatever Obama did.

But there is no comparative outrage when an immigrant family, determined to circumvent U.S. laws and enter the country illegally, “throw” their children over the border wall, thereby causing injury to these children and adding to the expense already caused by these invaders, for the treatment of the injured child in a local medical facility. So naturally there is also no negative expression from the left when a child is passed under the wall.

When you add the already outrageous actions of the caravan members in forcing their children to march the long and dangerous length of Mexico, and the exposure of these children to the diseases and violence that accompanied the marchers along the way, this forcing of small children over and under a tall, dangerous border wall, while already in the commission of the crime of illegal entering the country, cannot be forgiven. Even radical Democrats might well ask themselves exactly what kind of people these invaders are, and do these liberals want child-abusing immigrants living near their neighborhoods. It’s a cinch immigrants will be allowed nowhere near the fashionable domiciles of the wealthy upper class who are so exercised by Trump’s insistence on legal entry to our country, and his equally important efforts to keep diseased, and really bad people, out.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Citizens From Another Leftist, Socialist, Anti-American Nation Praise President Trump

Not only have we heard the good citizens of Tijuana, Mexico advance the ideas of Donald Trump, but now the absolutely most sophisticated people on the planet earth, the enlightened citizens of France, have also expressed agreement with the thoughts of our president.

The citizens of Tijuana were persuaded to Trump’s side of the political discussion when the caravan, which the American press promised the citizens of America did not exist and was not a band of invaders moving north to occupy America, actually reached our borders and got stalled just south of San Diego and became a burden and a health risk for Mexico.

The lying, liberal press also asserted that the non-existent band of trekkers, once they got here, would be peaceful, good people, made up exclusively of families who would be wonderful citizens, who would behave nicely and enter America only to pay taxes and take the jobs that Americans will no longer do. Can anyone see any contradictions in the presses’ presentation of this blatant attack on American soil, in which they first say that there is no caravan, then they assure us that the members of the non-existent caravan are mainly women and children, and when the military-aged men, who make up 90 percent of the invading crowd, attack our border guards, the United States citizens who risk their lives daily defending the border from invasion are blamed for the entire melee?

And now the French citizens, who already pay outrageously high gasoline taxes, have exploded in reaction to the latest, and possibly highest, tax ever placed on a gallon of gasoline by the leftist French president, who raised the new tax on carbon fuel in order to save the planet from the fraudulent horrors of Global Warming, Climate Change, or whatever the radical left is calling this phony cause at the moment. Because of the uprising of the French “Gilets jaunes” protesters and rioters, the French president rescinded his tax increase, so now we’ll all burn to death within a week or two now that Warming/Change has been unleashed on the population of the earth with the rescission of this new carbon tax.  Chantings of praise for Donald Trump for his stance against the Paris treaty were heard from many French protestors, because our President Trump had the backbone to remove America from this leftist, Socialist movement intended to undermine the liberties of all people, everywhere.

President Trump is increasingly convincing the unfortunate people of the world, trapped behind Socialist governments, that his ideas serve them better than the ideas of their own governments. I would be willing to bet that the newly impoverished people of Venezuela would also praise President Trump over the fool Hugo Chavez, who has ruined that once-wealthy nation and has imprisoned its citizens in destitution and misery.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Democrat Plans For America

The Mexican government is closing down the Tijuana immigrant encampment because of the serious and dangerous illnesses the caravan carried there, and Democrats want these people to enter the United States and spread their diseases across our nation.

Venezuela’s Socialism is causing poverty and hunger to be the new norm in that formerly prosperous nation with the population experiencing a shortage of food and a deterioration of their healthcare delivery, and Democrats want to introduce Socialism to America.

Democrats and the various Chambers of Commerce in America want poor people to immigrate to America and settle here to do the work they say our lower-paid citizens will no longer do, when there are many Americans, including teenagers looking for their first jobs, who can find no work for themselves because immigrants have taken all of the jobs.

Democrats want to give welfare to immigrants settling here with no jobs, no skills, and no ability to speak English, while at the same time the government is unable to sufficiently help many American citizens at the bottom of the economic ladder lead comfortable lives.

Despite the lying press’s assurance to Americans that the caravan contained only peaceful families, the mayor of Tijuana contradicted that assurance and told us that the caravan contained mostly young men and about ten-percent criminals. But Democrats insist that we are obligated to allow an infinite number of these people into America and settle here.

America’s Democrat party has taken Barack Obama’s promise to Fundamentally Transform America to heart and is moving with all possible speed to destroy this great nation.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Do Democrats Really Want Every Vote To Be Counted?

In the last election there was so much confusion and intentional flak thrown up by the Democrats’ power thrust that I never did fully understand what happened in the Florida Senate and Gubernatorial elections, so here are a few of my outstanding questions about the latest, but probably not the last, Florida vote fiasco:

 If Democrats are so insistent on every vote being counted, then why is it always Democrats who mysteriously discover thousands of uncounted votes when they need more votes to defeat a Republican candidate? Who hid these votes to be discovered at a later date? Who discovered the votes and knew immediately that they were part of the current election?

Why are Republicans never the ones to discover much-needed votes that had been “lost” at the time of the election? Assuming that the ballots were legitimate and were actually cast by citizens who legally voted for the Democrat candidate, doesn’t it show a lack of respect to the voter that their votes were so sloppily handled that they became “lost” until they were suddenly needed to defeat the Republican candidate?

In the just-completed midterm election whose vote tally was delayed for a week after the election, were any Republican votes discovered after the election? All we heard was the Democrat ballots that were conveniently discovered in a hidden place. Who separated the Democrat and Republican ballots that were later “discovered”, or was it only the Democrat votes that were buried for future use and kept on ice until they were needed?

During all of the counting and recounting of votes, Democrats repeatedly demanded that every vote be counted, but one strongly suspects that vote fraud was being committed by someone, maybe a person in the form of a Democrat, since their objections were the strongest we heard, and these objections kept the voting tabulation moving forward way past the cut-off date, in the hopes of the Democrat candidate could “discover” enough “lost” votes to be able to win.

One suspects a massive, political smoke screen was laid down in Florida and Georgia in the 2018 mid-term election. But the most-favored statement of the Democrats, that “every vote counts”, is not the same as insisting that every vote actually be counted. Every false, fraudulent vote can be made to count in an extended recount period covering the entire voting population, including those recently found in someone’s basement or in the trunk of a Democrat official’s car. But Democrats only want votes to count for the Democrat candidates, and counting all votes legally cast by the citizens of the jurisdiction doing the voting is bunk to these corrupt politicians. Because when the ballots are counted, counted again and then recounted, fraud is too easily introduced, and we know to which party to look at when fraud is the subject.

With all of the idiotic scare talk about foreign enemies meddling in our elections, we’re beginning to realize that our elections are not threatened by outside forces like the evil Russians or the inscrutable Chinese, but rather our elections are threatened by internal, domestic election officials of the Democrat persuasion.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Democrats Create A “Humanitarian Crisis”, Then Shrug It Off

The flood of Central American immigrants the Democrats said was not coming north but would be peaceful when it got here, has arrived, and is both here and violent.

The Mayor of Tijuana is so concerned about this mass of humanity and it’s adverse health impact on his city, that he has proclaimed this invasion force to be a “humanitarian crisis” and has appealed to the United Nations for relief. Thanks Democrats, and muchas gracias Obama.

American radical Democrats arranged for this mass of people to approach our border in order to embarrass President Trump, and then, in the midst of these thousands of Central Americans and their suffering, the Democrats give us the old Emily Litella: “Never mind”. How can America’s progressive Democrat politicians pretend to be helping poor people when they abuse those who listen to their crap, and then desert them at their hour of greatest need.

With a population containing ten percent criminals (Democrats swore that there were no criminals in this invasion force) and being made up mainly of young, military-aged men (Democrats swore that the caravan was all families seeking refuge and having over fifty percent women and children) this crowd is a threat to Mexico and the citizens of Tijuana, and is representative of the invaders’ threat, via the leftist “sanctuary” effort, to America and its citizens.

Everything Democrats do has an unintended negative consequence on American citizens, and one wishes that progressive Democrats would consider America’s interests in the world, and the future interests of their own children and grand-children, and stop tampering with the success the United States represents, which the world sees and loves, as proven by the dire efforts of many people to get here from less fortunate countries, at great risk to themselves

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Democrat “Sanctuary” Enclaves Now Extend Into Mexico

If anyone thinks that the invaders from south of the border are any different from invaders who have already successfully entered our nation and established “sanctuary” enclaves throughout the nation during the Obama administration, they need to think again.

Jim Acosta, the self-identified celebrity CNN reporter, and his assurances that the caravans would never get to America and would never be violent if they arrive aside, the caravans carry the same people as already reside in the increasingly unpleasant sanctuary of California.

Probably the first thing any sensible, non-progressive observer saw during the violent melee on the San Diego border last week, was that women were offering their children to tear gas, rocks and other thrown missiles in an attempt to gain sympathy for the poor caravanistas, but after living through the various Middle East and Israeli wars and terrorist incidents in which women and children were sent ahead of the weapon-wielding soldiers to provide cover and to discourage defensive fire, we know and understand the Nazi tactics of these subhuman creatures, and we‘re seeing it again displayed on the California border.

Given all the belly-aching coming from Democrats about tear gas usage, it appears that the hate-Trump camp would have preferred, or at least have been no more outraged than they currently are, if the American border agents had used live ammunition to protect themselves and the American citizens in the nation behind them, and not the harmless tear gas they actually did use.

It’s a certainty that American liberals don’t care a pinch for the injury of peasant children. All Democrats want is to use these poor, unfortunate people to gain political power and to remove Donald Trump from office.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

America’s Leftists Constitute A Criminal Enterprise

At the moment, our radical Democrats and their wholly-owned members of the press have their panties in a twist for rumors that President Trump “thought” about prosecuting Hillary Clinton for the crimes she committed while serving as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State.

Here are two reasons why America’s leftists are absolutely out of line with their abuse of President Trump on this particular matter:

1) James Comey, at the time the Director of the FBI, on July 5, 2016, made a public statement in which he enumerated, for about fifteen minutes, the various crimes that Hillary Clinton had actually committed while serving as Secretary of State. However, Mr. Comey said that he didn’t believe that Hillary had intended to commit the crimes (which included using an illegal email server, erasing thousands of emails ordered preserved and protected by a federal court, smashing and bleaching equipment that might hold incriminating evidence, lying to investigators about her various activities in making highly classified email messages available to any who might be interested in undermining the security of the United States, etc.) so he would not seek a Grand Jury in order to start prosecution for these serious crimes. One must remember that it’s not the purview of the FBI to seek or not seek prosecution. It’s up to the Department of Justice to do that, and Loretta lynch sat on her sizable backside and did nothing to contradict Comey, so Hillary skated free of any real investigation, and absolutely no punishment.

2) Barack Obama not only “thought” about using the FBI and the DOJ to go after his political opponent, Donald Trump, he actually did use the full force of the United States government, including spying on Trump and his election team, to try to keep Trump out of office, and then when he won the election anyway, the FBI and the DNC still used illegal tactics and illegal procedures, to try to remove him from office.

Our liberal press will use any lie, and attempt any tactic, to protect Hillary and Obama and to prevent fully exposing their crimes, and that’s all one needs to know to understand that today’s Democrat party is a corrupt and criminal enterprise, and our radical press is their protector.

Every sensible, logical person in America thinks that Hillary should be in prison at this very moment for the various and critical national security crimes she committed, and since the FBI has already investigated her and knows chapter and verse of the specifics of her crimes, and only failed to put her on trial because James Comey, a political operator in FBI clothing, wanted to be in her administration after her assured election in 2016, why hasn‘t an official in the Trump DOJ revived her case for a second look?

So Americans can only look on as Hillary floats freely about in her pajamas and her unwashed hair and lies her huge butt off about all of the nasty things President Trump is doing. I for one want this woman in jail!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Left’s Checkered History With “Immigration”

When one considers the left’s attraction to the cause of immigrants entering a nation, one looks for clues of consistency or contradiction in their actions.

England’s leftist Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, gave every appearance of being an admirer of Adolph Hitler and assumed that Hitler’s invasion of Poland in 1939 was made simply as an armed form of “immigration” as the Germans rightfully entered Poland and took what they wanted, things that were improperly taken from them when the former Prussia was reconfigured following World War I. Old Adolph was probably just trying to make a better world for Germans when he signed the Peace In Our Time agreement with Chamberlain, just like the current American left tells us that the invaders from Central America are just escaping oppression from their home nation and only want to work for America and pay American taxes; invaders always claim to want to make things better for the citizens of the nations they invade.

Cuba has had little experience with people trying to get into Castro’s island paradise the last 50 years or so, but they did seem to really hate it when Cubans tried to leave their little piece of heaven and “immigrate” to the United States. Death or imprisonment under the Castro regime was the price to pay for trying to get out of Cuba and into Florida. But Castro reversed his stance against his citizens leaving Cuba when he arranged transport for them on the Muriel Boatlift, which, like the current caravans from Central America, also dumped hundreds of criminals from Cuban jails into America, and poor old Jimmy Carter took the bait hook, line and sinker. Jimmy bought the story of the Muriel boat people just seeking a better life in America and he probably thought they desperately wanted to contribute by paying taxes in their new country.

The Soviet Union agreed with Castro’s policy of forbidding their own Russian citizens from leaving Mother Russia, or, one might say, immigrating outward, from this Communist nation, and they even built a wall which, unlike the American wall whose intent is to keep people out, the Russian wall kept Russians in, sort of like a prison, and was therefore a denial of the international right to “immigrate” anywhere at anytime, as leftists all over the world would phrase it. However, at the time the Soviets were forcing Russian citizens and Eastern Europeans to live under their brutal dictatorship, the leftists of the world , and most telling, Democrats in America, were silent on the principle of allowing poor people to flow freely across borders and into any nation they thought would be a more pleasant place to live. Leftists were silent with Soviet totalitarian rule, but discovered a new right to leave and enter a nation at will, only when America was pronounced by Democrats as being the bad guy for trying to keep illegal aliens from swamping our borders, and when they could heap abuse on Donald Trump.

Sweden, France and Germany all willingly allowed tens of thousands of Middle Easterners to enter their nations, but they have come to regret this kindness because the immigrants will not allow any religion except Islam to be worshiped nor any legal system other than Sharia to be practiced. So northern Europeans are suffering for letting in the unwashed masses from Syria, etc.

American leftists love the idea of a flood of Central Americans entering the United States and voting for radical-left Democrat candidates, but these phony, oh-so-caring persons live largely in the northeastern states of America or in northwestern coastal areas, and the immigrants are stacking up far away in Tijuana at the moment, so the threat seems far away to these precious, political leftists.

It’s plain that the leftists of the world don’t care a whit about the “rights” of immigrants. Their main concern is with destroying capitalist nations by allowing as many poor people to invade a western nation as possible, and American leftists have added the additional incentive of opposing everything that President Trump wants to do, especially if his goals undermine or reverses anything Barack Obama did in his destructive eight years in office.

Friday, November 23, 2018

The Caravan Busts Tijuana

One would think that the citizens of Tijuana, Mexico were firm Trump supporters from the statements they are making about the newly arrived Honduran caravan invaders,  ultimately bound for the United States. The caravan members are stalled at the border awaiting entry into California, which illegal entry a liberal, American judge has determined is not only legal and proper, but mandatory for anyone who wants to enter America and bask in it’s quickly evaporating social and financial pleasures.

Cries of “it’s an invasion” and demands by Tijuana citizens that its mayor get the bums out are frequently heard, which are the kind of statements and attitude that American liberals refer to as racist sentiments, are now being heard from the mouths of  other Hispanics living in Mexico, which is exactly what President Trump has been saying about the caravan all along. The liberal American press just blew Trump’s sentiments off and called him a racist, but it’s a little more difficult to call Mexicans racists when they want relief from an invasion by other Hispanics. Hopefully, since the Tijuanans are expressing the same sentiments about the Central American caravan invaders that President Trump has been saying all along, maybe more attention will be directed at the situation at the border and perhaps some real, honest thinking will be coming from the American press. But don’t hold your breath.

Americans, and Tijuanans as well, can be thankful that Donald Trump is in office and opposes the destruction and the ongoing attack on our southern border. If these people are allowed to enter America, then entire populations of nations south of the border will empty as they flock north to the United States. This idiocy of allowing anyone in who claims to be a victim of something, somewhere, must stop.

The mayor of Tijuana wants the caravan members to go home and the city is being overwhelmed by the mass of invading Hondurans now packed into it.  They violently forced their way into Mexico and injured numerous police officers in that conflict, they are forcing themselves on the citizens of Tijuana, who are opposed to the crime and the filth the caravan has brought with it, and it’s a foregone conclusion they will cause trouble once they are in America and the sanctuary fools throw up a protective barrier around them.

Given the violence they have already practiced by forcing their way into Mexico, why does the liberal sanctuary-government of California think these people will act differently and more pleasantly when they finally gain access to California? They’ll just be bringing violence, disease and a demand for Democrat-promised goodies with them, and the tax-payers will be on the hook to pay for these invaders.

The Left Denies Real, True “Nature” For Their Artificial Self-Identity

No matter what crock of malarkey the self-identity political left wants us to believe, each one of us, as individuals, has two and only two parents, a male and a female, and all of the other self-identity sexual choices area a bunch of radical, leftist, self-identity crap.

Leftists wring their hands and moan about their allegedly poisoned, impure and unnatural environmental surroundings, their polluted water, their artificial food, pesticides and GMO products, but they ignore the essence of Nature by elevating and celebrating same-sex, non-sex or other-sex persuasions, which are unable to reproduce themselves. They are also unable to see what is right before their eyes in the male/female makeup of creation, which is the basis of continuing life on earth, and the only way a species can reproduce itself.

Is there a leftist out there who was conceived by two men or two women? No! Reproduction requires a male/female union or there can be no new life created.

“Not that there’s anything wrong with that“.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

The Liberal Idea Of Self-Identity And Tribalism Is Inherently And Intentionally Divisive

When a member of an identifiable group states that they and their side are better than other sides, or when they claim that the members of their group are more abused than other groups because of their race or their sex, they are on the way to separating themselves and their clan from the rest of America.

But division and negative feelings between fellow Americans is exactly what Democrats need in order to remain in power. They promise each and all sides a piece of the power-pie if they will vote for Democrat candidates. The latest appeal is to the Honduran caravan now perched just south of San Diego. Democrats need these people in order to beef up their voting base, but in appealing to this group (after having paid millions of dollars supporting the trek north through the length of Mexico) they are causing enormous angst within the population of the United States, which is a benefit to Democrats who only want to divide and conquer.

We are now seeing the unexpected and surprising anger from the citizens of Tijuana, Mexico as this band of invading Central Americans halt in this besieged city, waiting for and demanding entry to America. The Mexicans don’t want them, Americans don’t want them, but the Democrat party is desperate for them to enter California and become part of the sanctuary mess that is already destroying the left coast, because they need the tribal vote coming from Central America as they welcome this new group of dependants among all the other special interest groups already in place and vying for government goodies, and against the more established American population.

Newly Empowered Democrats Are Already Feeling Their Oats And Threatening Dire Acts When They Rule The House

California Democrat, Eric Swalwell, is already beginning to exercise the powers Democrats will have when they take control of the House of Representatives in January, 2019. He recently stated that, under Democrat control, the government would begin taking guns from Americans, and that the full force of the American government would be employed in this effort. He further stated that Democrats will use any and all weapons against American citizens in order to remove their guns from them, including the use of nuclear weapons if citizens resist. That is exactly what this fool man said, and I’m inclined to believe he actually means it literally.

And isn’t it a scandal when the same Democrat party that sought in the 1980s, at the insistence of the Soviet Union, to disarm the United States of its nuclear weapons, would now even raise the most remote suggestion that nuclear weapons be used against patriotic American citizens? These Democrats, led by Mr. Swalwell, are viciously dangerous to this nation.

Mr. Swalwell’s idiotic statement should be taken literally and seriously, just like American citizens should have taken the radical environmentalist’s statements literally in the 1980s when they talked of denying Americans an innocent cigarette once in a while, and then pushed their anti-smoking stupidity so far that many cities and neighborhoods won’t even allow individuals to smoke in their own homes any longer. Decent Americans could not believe that radical Democrats could be so stupid and illogical as to take the draconian steps they proposed, but they did.

With the appearance of Donald Trump on the American political scene, Democrats, and Mr. Swalwell in particular, have lost touch with any judgment or common sense and are truly in a scorched-earth frame of mind to force all Americans to obey their edicts, or else.

Anyone able to use his or her brain knows that the average gun owner has never, and would never, use their rifle or pistol in a violent or illegal manner, unless defending themselves or their family. But people like Swalwell would deny ownership to everyone, even though we all know that if all weapons are taken from law-abiding citizens, only criminals will have guns.

Power-mad Democrats will be dangerous enough when they take control of only the House of Representatives in January, but imagine the damage to our nation and our constitution if they ever again became the majority in the Senate as well, or if they took possession of the White House. Unconstitutional acts and dictatorial rule are what they believe in, and it’s what they’ll do if they consolidate power further in the future.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Liberals Discuss What To Do About White Men

About the time of the mid-term elections, CNN’s Don Lemon informed America that white American men are a danger to society and are, in fact, terrorists.

So what exactly should we do about these evil white men? Shall they be lined up and shot? Shall they all be put in prison? People like Mr. Lemon would also use as proof of the validity of his argument the false charge of sexual abuse by Brett Kavanaugh and his automatic quilt, even though the there was no evidence of his ever even being close to incidents of sexual abuse, and all witnesses put forth by his accuser, Ms. Ford, conceded that he did not commit the alleged crimes.

So, one supposes,  American white males will be replaced, at the insistence of the Democrat party, by the caravans of mainly males-of-color invading our nation from Central America? That should be pleasant for the advancement of the nation. And as evil white men are carted off to prison, they should also be able to deny the remaining society the use of their inventions, like electricity, the phone, the automobile, air conditioning, forced air heating, life-saving drugs, etc.

No one asked Mr. Lemon about the threat of death to young black men in Chicago, Baltimore and other cities run by leftist mayors, from other young black men in these out-of-control cities, but we all know this vein of young Americans threaten our entire society with their wanton, violent destruction of formerly prosperous cities and the killing sprees they conduct each and every week.

I know nothing of Mr. Lemon’s position on race in general, but what he said about white men is an absolutely racist position and reverses the leftist’s formerly stated position that condemning an entire group or block of people based on race or ethnicity is bad policy and just plain wrong. Also, in his effort to identify actual threats to western society, he overlooked Islamic terrorists, who have sworn to kill all who do not believe as they do, and have taken large steps in the direction of killing any person who disagrees with them.

The Democrat party has moved so far to the radical left that they are being driven out of their minds by their own hateful rhetoric, and the leftist press never questions or challenges unspeakable trash, like what comes out of Don Lemon’s mouth, but is a wholly-owned, in-house organ of the radical Democrat party which insists on defending and furthering racist, sexist, hateful positions in furtherance of Barack Obama’s intent to Fundamentally Transform America.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Democrats Embrace “Collateral Damage” Regardless Of Who Is Harmed

On or about October18, 2018, Nancy Pelosi stated that any “collateral damage” caused by the Democrats’ scorched earth policy in their pursuit of power, is completely good and acceptable.

Does this acceptable “collateral damage” extend to the poor Honduran citizens trekking the length of Mexico to reach America, a hazardous trip encouraged, bought and paid for by American Democrats, even though President Trump has stated that they will not be allowed to enter? And even if some of these travelers should be able to sneak through the border, they will officially be criminals, residing here illegally.

Nancy Pelosi is a very rich woman who knows nothing of the misery, privation and likely sickness of persons she and her party encourage to form caravans and walk hundreds of miles to America. These caravans are a violation of our laws and are only assembled in order to generate negative news reports for President Trump and the Republican party and to get the votes of a new class of impoverished, uneducated, jobless, non-English speaking minorities who will have to depend on government handouts for decades before they are able to finally support themselves. Nancy and the Democrat party are using poor people from all over the world to gain more voting power in America, and they are just considered “collateral damage” and nothing more than pawns to Nancy and her liberal, privileged Democrat party members.

American Democrats know no shame at the misery and suffering they cause with their caravans and their sanctuary cities, but they must be shamed by being voted out of office for their don’t-give-a-damn, anything goes, method of getting votes.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Prediction: The Bombs Were Sent By A Democrat

Our idiotic press, which of course includes Democrats, are all a-twitter at the bombs that were sent to top level Democrats yesterday and today, but I have a position that differs from the conclusions of the Swamp set.

For two years we have been told how awful Trump is, while the only thing he’s done is make Americans more wealthy and more secure. For two years we’ve been treated to constant verbiage of how violent Republicans are, but no violent acts of Republicans have been recorded. Instead, all of the violence and the hateful talk has been from Democrats: From Hillary (she has condemned being civil to Republicans). The DNC: (at Hillary’s direct command the DNC hired union members and unemployed men to beat and harass Trump and his followers). Eric Holder: (when Republicans go low, we kick them). Maxine Waters: (get in the faces of Republicans everywhere).  The Bernie Sanders supporter who tried to kill Republicans playing baseball and seriously wounded several of them. The general Democrat philosophy has been to harass Republicans in restaurants and at airports. So with no Republican violence to report and time getting short to the mid-term elections, the Democrats had some lackey send the bombs to Democrat officials in order to get something to blame on Trump and his followers.

One fool Democrat on Tucker Carlson’s program last Thursday night even laid into President Trump for not telling Republicans to not be violent. The main thing wrong with this foolish statement is that Trump’s followers were not committing violence, so they needed no lecture from anyone; and the second thing is that conservatives don’t need to be told not to act illegally and violently, they just naturally obey laws. But even with all of the violent actions of Democrats since Trump was elected, no Democrat leader has ever told the Democrat mob to halt the violence.

So with everything going against Democrats, they had to do something to offset the notion that only they were the only ones behaving violently, so they sent the bombs. But notice that none of the bombs exploded, and you can draw only one conclusion from this fact: It was a Democrat because they really didn’t want their leaders to be bombed, they only wanted to be able to attack Republicans and the president. And it was a Democrat because of the poor workmanship and the poor quality of labor assembling the bombs.

This desperate act on the part of some unknown Democrat reminds us of the statement of Nancy Pelosi last Thursday. She was railing against Trump and said that any effort Democrats took to regain power was good and that “collateral damage” was acceptable in the leftist drive for power. So, per our Nancy, any person who is attacked and hurt by a Democrat is worth the pain and suffering, as long as Democrats win. This was quite a telling statement coming from a premier Democrat leader, and you can bet she means it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Sovietization Of America

After several decades of a slow but certain leftward drift from the Democrat party, and after having ended eight years of a Democrat president who divided and undermined our nation with identity politics, massive regulations, a promise to Fundamentally Transform America and a rule by executive order, we now see our nation formally and proudly being taken over by Socialists/Communists who call themselves Democrats.

Not only have many Democrats officially proclaimed their intention to change our free-enterprise nation to one that promises all things, all things except liberty, that is, to all of the people via government largess, but in the last couple of months we’ve seen the Democrat party completely violate any pretense of due process, fairness or an assumption of innocence when charging a man with a crime. And when you add to this totally un-American practice the opening of our borders and the protection of certain people we dare not call criminals, our nation and our constitution are being stressed to the breaking point.

And forget that a currently seated, duly elected president is harassed daily with declarations that he must be removed from office, and forget that he is being investigated by partisan Democrats intent on destroying him and his administration, which investigation has found no damaging information with which to charge him. And considering further that the party investigating our president actually practices violence on Republican politicians in restaurants and airline terminals, and just plain citizens who support Trump, and one must conclude that we’re in trouble as a nation.

And the final nail in the coffin is a press that practices their trade by spiking news that they don’t like but that American citizens need to know, and you have a dangerous series of events moving at us rapidly.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Leftist Journalists Accuse Trump Of Killing A Journalist, While They Themselves Oversee The Death Of Journalism

Our beloved leftist, partisan press, after calling President Trump every nasty name in the book since he took office, is now insisting that a journalist of Arab origin, working for an American news agency and having disappeared under suspicious circumstances in Turkey, must be protected by our president, while at the same time these same journalists are naming the Trump administration as being responsible for the poor man’s apparent death, if not the actual cause of his death.

The blindness and total stupidity of American leftists is truly amazing, and the press takes the lead in astounding ignorance as to what they are doing to themselves and their profession.

Leftist journalists don’t just spike news that they don’t want American citizens to see and hear, they take efforts to assure that no word on these stories, dangerous to leftist rhetoric, ever sees the light of day. And while making these efforts to pretend that no policies or persons contrary to leftist positions exist, they undermine the very constitution that protects them and their profession. The constitution protects speech, but it doesn’t protect the silencing of, or just plain ignoring, conservative, anti-leftist positions.

Journalism as a profession is under threat from the very people who pretend to be journalists. Recently there was a story on a leftist cable channel complaining of practices by the Democrat Party that would likely harm them in the upcoming mid-term elections. So how can that cable channel make any pretense of being impartial when they not only act as cheerleaders for the radical Democrat party, but help them in developing winning political strategy?

Monday, October 22, 2018

Republicans Won The S.C. Battle But Could Still Lose The War

It appears that Republicans won the Supreme Court battle with the unprincipled Democrats, but if Republicans don’t learn to fight fire with fire they will lose the ultimate war with the leftist, America-hating Democrats.

Democrats have demonstrated that they will lie, present false information, disobey the constitution and undermine legal due process in order to win any argument with Republicans, and one can be absolutely certain that they will rule with a fascist, iron fist if they ever again get dominance in our government.

Republicans must adopt the policy that Democrats must never be accommodated nor allowed concession in their illegal and unconstitutional efforts to gain the power they lost when President Trump denied Hillary her wish to become president. The only way Democrats can get any following at all is with the aide and assistance of the lying, liberal, radical press, and President Trump has shown Republicans that standing up to every misleading and lying story they produce can defeat them. One hopes that Republicans will quickly learn the lessons Trump has so eloquently taught.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Bill And Hillary’s Excellent “Make The Clintons Relevant Again” Tour

On November 13, 2018, Bill and Hillary Clinton will begin their “conversation tour” in which they will travel around the country and tell stories about themselves. It reminds one of an old Seinfeld episode in which Kramer sells totally fabricated tales about himself to a story writer, pretending his imagined adventures were factual. This pair of hillbillies have been lying to the American public for so long that nothing they could say will be believed by even the most gullible Democrat living in the Arkansas hills.

I believe that most Americans have heard enough from these two fools to last a life-time and I’ll bet that within two weeks their tour is a total bust and a failure, just like Hillary’s last two presidential attempts.

It appears that the Clintons are jealous of the successful speeches that Donald Trump is giving, and since he makes it look so easy to pack a house, they thought they’d try their hand at conning the public once again.

But I suspect that this will turn out to be their “Bite the dust tour” and they’ll halt it early due to lack on interest and bad reviews on their performance, and a lack of substance at the events.

Who in their right mind wants to hear stories about this pair’s adventures? We already know absolutely everything about their lies, crimes and illicit affairs; during the last year Hillary has made excuses with her self-justification speeches all over the place, so how can this “conversation tour”, which can have no conversation at all associated with it, be any different? One suspects that they think of themselves as celebrities and romantic personalities, when actually they are deadbeats that no one is interested in any longer.

And who in the world wants to hear Hillary cackle-laugh one more time, or see Bill bite his lower lip while telling about the marvelous things he “might could” have done given a little more time in the Oval Office.

By the dawn of 2019 we’ll be calling this ill advised tour the “Clinton Embarrassment Tour” and then maybe they’ll go away and stay gone.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

CNN: Kanye West Is A Minstrel. CNN Might As Well Have Called Him Stepin Fetchit In White-Face.

Last week CNN’s Don Lemon insulted and made fun of Kanye West when Mr. West visited the Oval Office and had a conversation with President Trump. Mr. Lemon called Mr. West’s visit with President Trump a “Minstrel Show”. I suppose Mr. Lemon wasn’t clever enough to use more exotic racial references like Stepin Fetchit, black-face or chitlins in relation to Mr. West‘s behavior while at the White House. But the point of Mr. Lemon’s nasty, insulting remark was that Mr. West has no right thinking independently from the leftist party line and that he is out of line visiting the president of the United States and showing support for President Trump’s policies. The reference to being a Minstrel is an indicator that Mr. Lemon thinks blacks could only support President Trump by being buy-outs to the progressive mind-trap and that he was tap dancing to Trump’s tune. But the truth is that many blacks and other minorities see the wisdom of Trump policies and they see a brighter future for themselves and their children if the old, leftist, progressive way of doing political business is changed.

After many examples of Democrats trying to destroy any and all opponents to their big-plantation philosophy where black Americans are concerned, one can understand their opposition and reaction to Mr. West’s anti-liberal speech, made in the presence of journalists and the president, and his mental escape from liberalism to the free states. Mr. West is so famous that liberals, like the talking heads on CNN, had to blast him for his freedom and his willingness to express his anti-liberal thinking on current issues, but they said not one word in specific criticism to anything of substance that Mr. West said during his White House visit.

CNN, which should be a non-aligned, independent voice in America, is a totally-owned subsidiary of the radical Democrat party, and the entire left-leaning world of American politics is running scared in the wake of Donald Trump and his example of how a nation becomes successful and retains success. Democrats must be kept out of political office for the near and distant future, and Donald Trump’s policies must be supported and implemented by the Congressional Republicans.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Do Only White Americans Have “Privilege“?

Contrary to the leftist line of crap currently being distributed in bulk in America, it’s not only whites who have “privilege”, as the left likes to call our liberties and opportunities, in this great and unique nation. On a scale including every nation in the world, every American citizen, and even most people who are here illegally as well, has privilege and benefits not related to race or gender, but is dependent on the American constitution and our free-market system.

“Black American privilege” is certainly a better experience than what any black person living in Uganda experiences, and “white female American privilege” has many benefits over a woman living in Saudi Arabia or Iran. Any race or gender is better off living in America than in most other nations of the world.

If it were only whites and males who could enjoy and benefit from life in America, then why are so many non-white and non-male people from all over the world trying so hard to get to America and bask in the privilege we have here?

The next question for anyone really interested in the pleasant life Americans enjoy might well be: Why is America so privileged over all other nations?

The answer is in our free exchange of goods, our approval of making a profit on your skill and for the goods you sell, our flexible employment practices, the American constitution and our justice system, that assumes the innocence of anyone charged with a crime.

Liberals have recently done everything they could to destroy due process and the assumption of innocence, and have long attacked the constitution, and that is why they  tried hard to prevent Brett Kavanaugh from becoming a Supreme Court justice. Once liberals get an assured majority in the Supreme Court, their next step will be to gut the constitution, create legislation from the bench and treat all political opponents to liberal policies exactly like they treated Brett Kavanaugh during the Senate Supreme Court hearings: anyone who thinks conservatively will be assumed to be guilty of whatever charges they create and the slippery slope will take care of the decision as to their final innocence or guilt.

Democrat candidate Alexandria Cortez has even stated that the Supreme Court is the future for liberals: she stated that when a Democrat becomes president again they will immediately pack the Supreme Court with liberal appointees, and the constitution will be invalidated from that point forward and liberals will rule with an iron fist.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Congratulations Are Due The Kavanaugh Family

America owes thanks to Brett Kavanaugh and his family for standing up to the rabble and fascism of the left when he faced-down the lies Senate Democrats told about him last week, and we wish him congratulations for his elevation to the Supreme Court of the United States.

And now it’s time for the squishy, pussy Republicans in the Senate to make the Democrats, who caused all of this injury to America and to the Kavanaugh family, pay for their lies and perjured testimonies. I want each and every Democrat who was a party to the insulting sham we saw in the Senate last week, starting with Dianne Feinstein and her October surprise, along with her leaking information intended to hurt Kavanaugh in public opinion, to be investigated for their crimes against America and our constitution, and if found culpable, I want these fools removed from office and put in jail. Lock the bastards up!!

And if the accuser, Ms Ford, is found to be a liar, I want her prosecuted as well, and put in jail. If “the girl” gets a softer treatment than a man would get for perjured testimony, then there is no equality under the law, and I insist that men and women be treated equally under all circumstances. The battle for Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court seat has been won, but the larger war with the radical Democrat party will be lost if the fight is not taken directly to them and if they escape punishment for their un-American behavior regarding this issue.

Never again can Republicans allow Democrats to disrupt the Senate’s obligation to seriously and honestly consider judicial appointments by the president and to endlessly stall these appointments, and never again can the Democrats insist on special treatment and white-glove handling of “the girl”. Women can be partisan Democrats, too, and if they misbehave and break laws and traditions, they must be made to pay the price for this misbehavior.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Democrats: Violent Losers; Dangerous Winners

Democrats have lost so many battles for the soul of America in the last year, you’d think they’d have learned their lesson by now. The more they bitch, moan and scream in people’s faces, the more ill feeling they generate against themselves. And when they suggest that an accused person must prove his innocence or be assumed guilty, without a trial nor even a verification of the truth of the charges, they destroy the entire mantle on which our nation is formed.

They lost the presidency. They’ve lost the Russian collusion investigation. They lost the tax reduction fight. They lost the healthcare fight. They lost the Supreme Court fight. They have lost the regulations fight. They have lost the foreign trade/ tariffs battle. They’ve lost the employment/unemployment battle. They should be tired of losing by now, because, as President Trump has repeatedly warned us, we Republicans are getting tired of winning all the time.

But the violent, radical left, which is currently running the Democrat party, will never learn to tone-down their rhetoric, nor just shut up and go away for the betterment of their party, because control and rule-making is all these autocratic fools understand. Most of them have never worked in a for-profit company and know only the soft pressures of academia and government service, or maybe they were a talking head for a Clinton or Obama effort. So now if they’re not colluding with some enemy group trying to undermine America’s economy or our social and legal practices, they would have nothing to do.

On the other hand, when Barack Obama became president with his promise to undo our founding fathers’ excellent constitution as he personally “Fundamentally Transformed America“, along with his massive efforts to use his race to divide America against itself, Republicans refused to take to the streets, and instead began quietly, peacefully and steadily working to get Obama and the Clintons out of public office and began Making America Great Again. And the proof of the superiority of this mature, patriotic policy is the presidency and the initiatives of Donald Trump and his re-establishment of all that makes America great.

If a Democrat should become dominant again in any of the three branches of government they will use that power to undo all of the good work of President Trump, and America will be forced to pay a high price as these Antifa-loving, constitution-hating fools demand that all the things they don’t like be forbidden, and what they do like will become mandatory for all, under penalty and punishment of  law. They must never again be allowed to gain any elected position again.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

This Is America’s Democrat Party

A few years ago, in a speech intended to get Democrats motivated, President Barack Obama encouraged his audience to “take a gun to a knife fight” when dealing with Republicans. In another speech made prior to America’s winter holiday season, Obama encouraged Democrats to “get in the faces” of their friends and relatives during upcoming holiday meals and push leftist politics on them, which would be the typical attitude of a radical, leftist political organizer from Chicago.

Then we have Democrat House member Maxine Waters who has made numerous speeches insisting that her followers harass and disrupt Republicans they may find in restaurants or at the airport or a movie house, or even at their homes, and make life miserable for them.

Eric Holder, now a presidential candidate for 2020, recently made the statement that when Republicans “go low” Democrats should kick them. This from the former chief law enforcement officer of the United States in the Obama administration, and Democrats consider President Trump to have a temperament and demeanor unbefitting the presidency.

We should never forget the Bernie Sanders supporter and campaign volunteer who shot and nearly killed Republican Steve Scalese in an Arlington park, with the full intent of killing him and other Republicans assembled to play baseball. Sanders’ violent speeches had made this man angry at Republicans, and had encouraged him to take his rifle to the park to set things straight.

ANTIFA, the stepchild of the old Occupy Wall Street rabble, is a radical leftist group which beats, threatens and terrorizes citizens going peacefully about their daily routine and inflicts fear on them. One would be safe in calling ANTIFA a domestic terrorist group.

Recall that it was the DNC, at Hillary Clinton’s specific order, that hired out-of-work people and union thugs to inflict violence on the Trump campaign workers and volunteers during the 2016 election season.

And be mindful that Hillary herself recently said that it was not her plan or intent that Democrats would be “civil” to Republicans as long as the Democrat party was out of power. So Republicans are to be punished for her election loss in 2016 and for the votes of the American people that has left Democrats in the minority in both houses of Congress, and now in a minority on the Supreme Court.

Guess where this violent talk and action is headed and which American political party encourages it, and recall periods in history when similar political officials and their representatives were posing the same actions to their followers. Does pre-Communist Russia and pre-Hitler Germany come to mind?

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Democrat Officials Go From Anti-White To Anti-Male Stances, Which Includes Anti-Kavanaugh Politics

Citizens who pay attention to current political events know that Democrat women seek high political positions because they say men, who traditionally solely occupied the House and Senate, can’t be trusted to represent women and women’s issues in the legislation they pass. These Democrat women seem to ignore the fact that Republican (not Democrat) men passed the legislation that gave women the vote, just as it was Republican men (all white, and none of them Democrats) who finally got the Civil Rights bill passed into law.

If you will recall the radical verbiage that came from Hillary Clinton’s mouth during the 2016 presidential campaign you will remember that she referred to all citizens who prefer Trump as “deplorables”, and she also said that she did not seek support from whites nor males any longer, which seems to suggest that she went full racist and sought only black, female votes to place her in the Oval Office. One wonders what she thinks of this racist, sexist politics at this late date.

With the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings chaos, and especially with the anonymous sexual attack-victim charges against Kavanaugh, Senator Mazie Hirono, a Democrat from Hawaii, said that men should “just shut up” after some men tried to introduced some sanity into the very late-arriving charges against Judge Kavanaugh and expressed doubt about the last-minute, long-withheld, surprise charges now launched against him, and the good senator said that men should have no input in the discussion since it was a man who was being charged by the anonymous and still not released mysterious note that was sent to Senator Dianne Feinstein back in July.

With all of her criticism of men, I wonder how Senator Hirono can explain how the woman’s movement of the 60s and 70s has left women like Christine Blasey Ford, the accuser of Brett Kavanaugh, so weak that she needs to insist on numerous special conditions and more time to prepare before she will appear in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee and present her evidence of Kavanaugh’s bad actions. The woman’s movement insisted that women be treated exactly like men, but Ms Ford wants special conditions and special consideration before she will testify. One would think that if she really has information hurtful to Kavanaugh that proves his mistreatment of her, that she would be willing to show up tomorrow and testify, but she says she’s “afraid”, which is really a strong feminist position to take in such a serious matter, and after causing all of this trouble because of her own vague note. I believe this whole matter is just a stall, and Ms Ford should be subpoenaed if she doesn’t show up to testify next week, just like a man would be.

So it seems beyond doubt that if we get many more radical, leftist, Democrat, men-hating women like Senator Hirono in the House or Senate, men will no longer have adequate representation and may be in danger of losing representation completely with vicious, sexist attitudes like hers. America is moving to the radical left with great speed since the Democrats lost an assured-win election to Donald Trump in 2016, and one is wise to fear what will happen to any of our constitutional rights if the Democrats take control of the House or Senate in the future, and heaven help us all if they get the White House again.

One sure thing that the Kavanaugh/Ford kerfuffle has demonstrated to the nation is that Democrats are frightened out of their skin at losing the liberal majority on the Supreme Court, which is their last bastion of being able to write and rewrite laws by making unconstitutional decisions from the bench. The voting majority in America has lately been casting votes against liberals and is rejecting the leftist’s socialistic tendencies, which are demonstrated by their abandoning of the traditions and norms that have made America great, which everyone knows will lead to our economic and social destruction. The liberal fallback position to laws they don’t like is a left-leaning Supreme Court, and Brett Kavanaugh threatens this last line of liberal defense, so they‘ll fight him tooth and nail in an attempt to keep him off the Bench, and will destroy him and his family if that‘s what it takes to get rid of him.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

From Thomas To Bork To Kavanaugh: Conservatives Need Not Apply For The Supreme Court

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s “high tech lynching”, carried out by the Democrats in The United States Senate in 1991, is being played out again in the DC swamp, by Democrats once again, but against Brett Kavanaugh this time in a suspicious October Surprise revelation of an alleged high school sexual attack by Kavanaugh on a girl, an event that Kavanaugh swears never happened, and that the accusing girl cannot recall the date of nor the home where this alleged event was supposed to have happened. But the California, liberal University Professor woman making these claims seems to recall Kavanaugh clearly enough.

The entire revelation, which mysteriously follows Kavanaugh’s personal interviews with Senators, following a week of public questions directed at the Supreme Court candidate, and after numerous FBI investigations from the nominee’s past, and after the woman from 35 years ago who is making the charges has cleansed her internet and social media of evidence of personal and professional leftist leanings.

This is an obvious political attack, not only on the nominee, but on the whole Supreme Court appointee approval process conducted by the U.S. Senate, and one sincerely hopes that this misconduct by Senate Democrats will doom these fool politicians in the 2018 mid-term elections.

Republican Senators must realize that the ultra-hardball, scorched earth attitude of Democrats must be opposed by the entire Republican party, because Democrats are doing everything in their power to do anything, say anything, destroy any life to gain power following the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency, and this unconstitutional attack mode by Democrats has to be stopped before all standards of propriety and distinction are completely gone from our political competitions.

Damn the lying, unprincipled Democrats to political hell forever.