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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Democrats Embrace “Collateral Damage” Regardless Of Who Is Harmed

On or about October18, 2018, Nancy Pelosi stated that any “collateral damage” caused by the Democrats’ scorched earth policy in their pursuit of power, is completely good and acceptable.

Does this acceptable “collateral damage” extend to the poor Honduran citizens trekking the length of Mexico to reach America, a hazardous trip encouraged, bought and paid for by American Democrats, even though President Trump has stated that they will not be allowed to enter? And even if some of these travelers should be able to sneak through the border, they will officially be criminals, residing here illegally.

Nancy Pelosi is a very rich woman who knows nothing of the misery, privation and likely sickness of persons she and her party encourage to form caravans and walk hundreds of miles to America. These caravans are a violation of our laws and are only assembled in order to generate negative news reports for President Trump and the Republican party and to get the votes of a new class of impoverished, uneducated, jobless, non-English speaking minorities who will have to depend on government handouts for decades before they are able to finally support themselves. Nancy and the Democrat party are using poor people from all over the world to gain more voting power in America, and they are just considered “collateral damage” and nothing more than pawns to Nancy and her liberal, privileged Democrat party members.

American Democrats know no shame at the misery and suffering they cause with their caravans and their sanctuary cities, but they must be shamed by being voted out of office for their don’t-give-a-damn, anything goes, method of getting votes.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Prediction: The Bombs Were Sent By A Democrat

Our idiotic press, which of course includes Democrats, are all a-twitter at the bombs that were sent to top level Democrats yesterday and today, but I have a position that differs from the conclusions of the Swamp set.

For two years we have been told how awful Trump is, while the only thing he’s done is make Americans more wealthy and more secure. For two years we’ve been treated to constant verbiage of how violent Republicans are, but no violent acts of Republicans have been recorded. Instead, all of the violence and the hateful talk has been from Democrats: From Hillary (she has condemned being civil to Republicans). The DNC: (at Hillary’s direct command the DNC hired union members and unemployed men to beat and harass Trump and his followers). Eric Holder: (when Republicans go low, we kick them). Maxine Waters: (get in the faces of Republicans everywhere).  The Bernie Sanders supporter who tried to kill Republicans playing baseball and seriously wounded several of them. The general Democrat philosophy has been to harass Republicans in restaurants and at airports. So with no Republican violence to report and time getting short to the mid-term elections, the Democrats had some lackey send the bombs to Democrat officials in order to get something to blame on Trump and his followers.

One fool Democrat on Tucker Carlson’s program last Thursday night even laid into President Trump for not telling Republicans to not be violent. The main thing wrong with this foolish statement is that Trump’s followers were not committing violence, so they needed no lecture from anyone; and the second thing is that conservatives don’t need to be told not to act illegally and violently, they just naturally obey laws. But even with all of the violent actions of Democrats since Trump was elected, no Democrat leader has ever told the Democrat mob to halt the violence.

So with everything going against Democrats, they had to do something to offset the notion that only they were the only ones behaving violently, so they sent the bombs. But notice that none of the bombs exploded, and you can draw only one conclusion from this fact: It was a Democrat because they really didn’t want their leaders to be bombed, they only wanted to be able to attack Republicans and the president. And it was a Democrat because of the poor workmanship and the poor quality of labor assembling the bombs.

This desperate act on the part of some unknown Democrat reminds us of the statement of Nancy Pelosi last Thursday. She was railing against Trump and said that any effort Democrats took to regain power was good and that “collateral damage” was acceptable in the leftist drive for power. So, per our Nancy, any person who is attacked and hurt by a Democrat is worth the pain and suffering, as long as Democrats win. This was quite a telling statement coming from a premier Democrat leader, and you can bet she means it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Sovietization Of America

After several decades of a slow but certain leftward drift from the Democrat party, and after having ended eight years of a Democrat president who divided and undermined our nation with identity politics, massive regulations, a promise to Fundamentally Transform America and a rule by executive order, we now see our nation formally and proudly being taken over by Socialists/Communists who call themselves Democrats.

Not only have many Democrats officially proclaimed their intention to change our free-enterprise nation to one that promises all things, all things except liberty, that is, to all of the people via government largess, but in the last couple of months we’ve seen the Democrat party completely violate any pretense of due process, fairness or an assumption of innocence when charging a man with a crime. And when you add to this totally un-American practice the opening of our borders and the protection of certain people we dare not call criminals, our nation and our constitution are being stressed to the breaking point.

And forget that a currently seated, duly elected president is harassed daily with declarations that he must be removed from office, and forget that he is being investigated by partisan Democrats intent on destroying him and his administration, which investigation has found no damaging information with which to charge him. And considering further that the party investigating our president actually practices violence on Republican politicians in restaurants and airline terminals, and just plain citizens who support Trump, and one must conclude that we’re in trouble as a nation.

And the final nail in the coffin is a press that practices their trade by spiking news that they don’t like but that American citizens need to know, and you have a dangerous series of events moving at us rapidly.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Leftist Journalists Accuse Trump Of Killing A Journalist, While They Themselves Oversee The Death Of Journalism

Our beloved leftist, partisan press, after calling President Trump every nasty name in the book since he took office, is now insisting that a journalist of Arab origin, working for an American news agency and having disappeared under suspicious circumstances in Turkey, must be protected by our president, while at the same time these same journalists are naming the Trump administration as being responsible for the poor man’s apparent death, if not the actual cause of his death.

The blindness and total stupidity of American leftists is truly amazing, and the press takes the lead in astounding ignorance as to what they are doing to themselves and their profession.

Leftist journalists don’t just spike news that they don’t want American citizens to see and hear, they take efforts to assure that no word on these stories, dangerous to leftist rhetoric, ever sees the light of day. And while making these efforts to pretend that no policies or persons contrary to leftist positions exist, they undermine the very constitution that protects them and their profession. The constitution protects speech, but it doesn’t protect the silencing of, or just plain ignoring, conservative, anti-leftist positions.

Journalism as a profession is under threat from the very people who pretend to be journalists. Recently there was a story on a leftist cable channel complaining of practices by the Democrat Party that would likely harm them in the upcoming mid-term elections. So how can that cable channel make any pretense of being impartial when they not only act as cheerleaders for the radical Democrat party, but help them in developing winning political strategy?

Monday, October 22, 2018

Republicans Won The S.C. Battle But Could Still Lose The War

It appears that Republicans won the Supreme Court battle with the unprincipled Democrats, but if Republicans don’t learn to fight fire with fire they will lose the ultimate war with the leftist, America-hating Democrats.

Democrats have demonstrated that they will lie, present false information, disobey the constitution and undermine legal due process in order to win any argument with Republicans, and one can be absolutely certain that they will rule with a fascist, iron fist if they ever again get dominance in our government.

Republicans must adopt the policy that Democrats must never be accommodated nor allowed concession in their illegal and unconstitutional efforts to gain the power they lost when President Trump denied Hillary her wish to become president. The only way Democrats can get any following at all is with the aide and assistance of the lying, liberal, radical press, and President Trump has shown Republicans that standing up to every misleading and lying story they produce can defeat them. One hopes that Republicans will quickly learn the lessons Trump has so eloquently taught.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Bill And Hillary’s Excellent “Make The Clintons Relevant Again” Tour

On November 13, 2018, Bill and Hillary Clinton will begin their “conversation tour” in which they will travel around the country and tell stories about themselves. It reminds one of an old Seinfeld episode in which Kramer sells totally fabricated tales about himself to a story writer, pretending his imagined adventures were factual. This pair of hillbillies have been lying to the American public for so long that nothing they could say will be believed by even the most gullible Democrat living in the Arkansas hills.

I believe that most Americans have heard enough from these two fools to last a life-time and I’ll bet that within two weeks their tour is a total bust and a failure, just like Hillary’s last two presidential attempts.

It appears that the Clintons are jealous of the successful speeches that Donald Trump is giving, and since he makes it look so easy to pack a house, they thought they’d try their hand at conning the public once again.

But I suspect that this will turn out to be their “Bite the dust tour” and they’ll halt it early due to lack on interest and bad reviews on their performance, and a lack of substance at the events.

Who in their right mind wants to hear stories about this pair’s adventures? We already know absolutely everything about their lies, crimes and illicit affairs; during the last year Hillary has made excuses with her self-justification speeches all over the place, so how can this “conversation tour”, which can have no conversation at all associated with it, be any different? One suspects that they think of themselves as celebrities and romantic personalities, when actually they are deadbeats that no one is interested in any longer.

And who in the world wants to hear Hillary cackle-laugh one more time, or see Bill bite his lower lip while telling about the marvelous things he “might could” have done given a little more time in the Oval Office.

By the dawn of 2019 we’ll be calling this ill advised tour the “Clinton Embarrassment Tour” and then maybe they’ll go away and stay gone.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

CNN: Kanye West Is A Minstrel. CNN Might As Well Have Called Him Stepin Fetchit In White-Face.

Last week CNN’s Don Lemon insulted and made fun of Kanye West when Mr. West visited the Oval Office and had a conversation with President Trump. Mr. Lemon called Mr. West’s visit with President Trump a “Minstrel Show”. I suppose Mr. Lemon wasn’t clever enough to use more exotic racial references like Stepin Fetchit, black-face or chitlins in relation to Mr. West‘s behavior while at the White House. But the point of Mr. Lemon’s nasty, insulting remark was that Mr. West has no right thinking independently from the leftist party line and that he is out of line visiting the president of the United States and showing support for President Trump’s policies. The reference to being a Minstrel is an indicator that Mr. Lemon thinks blacks could only support President Trump by being buy-outs to the progressive mind-trap and that he was tap dancing to Trump’s tune. But the truth is that many blacks and other minorities see the wisdom of Trump policies and they see a brighter future for themselves and their children if the old, leftist, progressive way of doing political business is changed.

After many examples of Democrats trying to destroy any and all opponents to their big-plantation philosophy where black Americans are concerned, one can understand their opposition and reaction to Mr. West’s anti-liberal speech, made in the presence of journalists and the president, and his mental escape from liberalism to the free states. Mr. West is so famous that liberals, like the talking heads on CNN, had to blast him for his freedom and his willingness to express his anti-liberal thinking on current issues, but they said not one word in specific criticism to anything of substance that Mr. West said during his White House visit.

CNN, which should be a non-aligned, independent voice in America, is a totally-owned subsidiary of the radical Democrat party, and the entire left-leaning world of American politics is running scared in the wake of Donald Trump and his example of how a nation becomes successful and retains success. Democrats must be kept out of political office for the near and distant future, and Donald Trump’s policies must be supported and implemented by the Congressional Republicans.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Do Only White Americans Have “Privilege“?

Contrary to the leftist line of crap currently being distributed in bulk in America, it’s not only whites who have “privilege”, as the left likes to call our liberties and opportunities, in this great and unique nation. On a scale including every nation in the world, every American citizen, and even most people who are here illegally as well, has privilege and benefits not related to race or gender, but is dependent on the American constitution and our free-market system.

“Black American privilege” is certainly a better experience than what any black person living in Uganda experiences, and “white female American privilege” has many benefits over a woman living in Saudi Arabia or Iran. Any race or gender is better off living in America than in most other nations of the world.

If it were only whites and males who could enjoy and benefit from life in America, then why are so many non-white and non-male people from all over the world trying so hard to get to America and bask in the privilege we have here?

The next question for anyone really interested in the pleasant life Americans enjoy might well be: Why is America so privileged over all other nations?

The answer is in our free exchange of goods, our approval of making a profit on your skill and for the goods you sell, our flexible employment practices, the American constitution and our justice system, that assumes the innocence of anyone charged with a crime.

Liberals have recently done everything they could to destroy due process and the assumption of innocence, and have long attacked the constitution, and that is why they  tried hard to prevent Brett Kavanaugh from becoming a Supreme Court justice. Once liberals get an assured majority in the Supreme Court, their next step will be to gut the constitution, create legislation from the bench and treat all political opponents to liberal policies exactly like they treated Brett Kavanaugh during the Senate Supreme Court hearings: anyone who thinks conservatively will be assumed to be guilty of whatever charges they create and the slippery slope will take care of the decision as to their final innocence or guilt.

Democrat candidate Alexandria Cortez has even stated that the Supreme Court is the future for liberals: she stated that when a Democrat becomes president again they will immediately pack the Supreme Court with liberal appointees, and the constitution will be invalidated from that point forward and liberals will rule with an iron fist.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Congratulations Are Due The Kavanaugh Family

America owes thanks to Brett Kavanaugh and his family for standing up to the rabble and fascism of the left when he faced-down the lies Senate Democrats told about him last week, and we wish him congratulations for his elevation to the Supreme Court of the United States.

And now it’s time for the squishy, pussy Republicans in the Senate to make the Democrats, who caused all of this injury to America and to the Kavanaugh family, pay for their lies and perjured testimonies. I want each and every Democrat who was a party to the insulting sham we saw in the Senate last week, starting with Dianne Feinstein and her October surprise, along with her leaking information intended to hurt Kavanaugh in public opinion, to be investigated for their crimes against America and our constitution, and if found culpable, I want these fools removed from office and put in jail. Lock the bastards up!!

And if the accuser, Ms Ford, is found to be a liar, I want her prosecuted as well, and put in jail. If “the girl” gets a softer treatment than a man would get for perjured testimony, then there is no equality under the law, and I insist that men and women be treated equally under all circumstances. The battle for Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court seat has been won, but the larger war with the radical Democrat party will be lost if the fight is not taken directly to them and if they escape punishment for their un-American behavior regarding this issue.

Never again can Republicans allow Democrats to disrupt the Senate’s obligation to seriously and honestly consider judicial appointments by the president and to endlessly stall these appointments, and never again can the Democrats insist on special treatment and white-glove handling of “the girl”. Women can be partisan Democrats, too, and if they misbehave and break laws and traditions, they must be made to pay the price for this misbehavior.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Democrats: Violent Losers; Dangerous Winners

Democrats have lost so many battles for the soul of America in the last year, you’d think they’d have learned their lesson by now. The more they bitch, moan and scream in people’s faces, the more ill feeling they generate against themselves. And when they suggest that an accused person must prove his innocence or be assumed guilty, without a trial nor even a verification of the truth of the charges, they destroy the entire mantle on which our nation is formed.

They lost the presidency. They’ve lost the Russian collusion investigation. They lost the tax reduction fight. They lost the healthcare fight. They lost the Supreme Court fight. They have lost the regulations fight. They have lost the foreign trade/ tariffs battle. They’ve lost the employment/unemployment battle. They should be tired of losing by now, because, as President Trump has repeatedly warned us, we Republicans are getting tired of winning all the time.

But the violent, radical left, which is currently running the Democrat party, will never learn to tone-down their rhetoric, nor just shut up and go away for the betterment of their party, because control and rule-making is all these autocratic fools understand. Most of them have never worked in a for-profit company and know only the soft pressures of academia and government service, or maybe they were a talking head for a Clinton or Obama effort. So now if they’re not colluding with some enemy group trying to undermine America’s economy or our social and legal practices, they would have nothing to do.

On the other hand, when Barack Obama became president with his promise to undo our founding fathers’ excellent constitution as he personally “Fundamentally Transformed America“, along with his massive efforts to use his race to divide America against itself, Republicans refused to take to the streets, and instead began quietly, peacefully and steadily working to get Obama and the Clintons out of public office and began Making America Great Again. And the proof of the superiority of this mature, patriotic policy is the presidency and the initiatives of Donald Trump and his re-establishment of all that makes America great.

If a Democrat should become dominant again in any of the three branches of government they will use that power to undo all of the good work of President Trump, and America will be forced to pay a high price as these Antifa-loving, constitution-hating fools demand that all the things they don’t like be forbidden, and what they do like will become mandatory for all, under penalty and punishment of  law. They must never again be allowed to gain any elected position again.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

This Is America’s Democrat Party

A few years ago, in a speech intended to get Democrats motivated, President Barack Obama encouraged his audience to “take a gun to a knife fight” when dealing with Republicans. In another speech made prior to America’s winter holiday season, Obama encouraged Democrats to “get in the faces” of their friends and relatives during upcoming holiday meals and push leftist politics on them, which would be the typical attitude of a radical, leftist political organizer from Chicago.

Then we have Democrat House member Maxine Waters who has made numerous speeches insisting that her followers harass and disrupt Republicans they may find in restaurants or at the airport or a movie house, or even at their homes, and make life miserable for them.

Eric Holder, now a presidential candidate for 2020, recently made the statement that when Republicans “go low” Democrats should kick them. This from the former chief law enforcement officer of the United States in the Obama administration, and Democrats consider President Trump to have a temperament and demeanor unbefitting the presidency.

We should never forget the Bernie Sanders supporter and campaign volunteer who shot and nearly killed Republican Steve Scalese in an Arlington park, with the full intent of killing him and other Republicans assembled to play baseball. Sanders’ violent speeches had made this man angry at Republicans, and had encouraged him to take his rifle to the park to set things straight.

ANTIFA, the stepchild of the old Occupy Wall Street rabble, is a radical leftist group which beats, threatens and terrorizes citizens going peacefully about their daily routine and inflicts fear on them. One would be safe in calling ANTIFA a domestic terrorist group.

Recall that it was the DNC, at Hillary Clinton’s specific order, that hired out-of-work people and union thugs to inflict violence on the Trump campaign workers and volunteers during the 2016 election season.

And be mindful that Hillary herself recently said that it was not her plan or intent that Democrats would be “civil” to Republicans as long as the Democrat party was out of power. So Republicans are to be punished for her election loss in 2016 and for the votes of the American people that has left Democrats in the minority in both houses of Congress, and now in a minority on the Supreme Court.

Guess where this violent talk and action is headed and which American political party encourages it, and recall periods in history when similar political officials and their representatives were posing the same actions to their followers. Does pre-Communist Russia and pre-Hitler Germany come to mind?

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Democrat Officials Go From Anti-White To Anti-Male Stances, Which Includes Anti-Kavanaugh Politics

Citizens who pay attention to current political events know that Democrat women seek high political positions because they say men, who traditionally solely occupied the House and Senate, can’t be trusted to represent women and women’s issues in the legislation they pass. These Democrat women seem to ignore the fact that Republican (not Democrat) men passed the legislation that gave women the vote, just as it was Republican men (all white, and none of them Democrats) who finally got the Civil Rights bill passed into law.

If you will recall the radical verbiage that came from Hillary Clinton’s mouth during the 2016 presidential campaign you will remember that she referred to all citizens who prefer Trump as “deplorables”, and she also said that she did not seek support from whites nor males any longer, which seems to suggest that she went full racist and sought only black, female votes to place her in the Oval Office. One wonders what she thinks of this racist, sexist politics at this late date.

With the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings chaos, and especially with the anonymous sexual attack-victim charges against Kavanaugh, Senator Mazie Hirono, a Democrat from Hawaii, said that men should “just shut up” after some men tried to introduced some sanity into the very late-arriving charges against Judge Kavanaugh and expressed doubt about the last-minute, long-withheld, surprise charges now launched against him, and the good senator said that men should have no input in the discussion since it was a man who was being charged by the anonymous and still not released mysterious note that was sent to Senator Dianne Feinstein back in July.

With all of her criticism of men, I wonder how Senator Hirono can explain how the woman’s movement of the 60s and 70s has left women like Christine Blasey Ford, the accuser of Brett Kavanaugh, so weak that she needs to insist on numerous special conditions and more time to prepare before she will appear in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee and present her evidence of Kavanaugh’s bad actions. The woman’s movement insisted that women be treated exactly like men, but Ms Ford wants special conditions and special consideration before she will testify. One would think that if she really has information hurtful to Kavanaugh that proves his mistreatment of her, that she would be willing to show up tomorrow and testify, but she says she’s “afraid”, which is really a strong feminist position to take in such a serious matter, and after causing all of this trouble because of her own vague note. I believe this whole matter is just a stall, and Ms Ford should be subpoenaed if she doesn’t show up to testify next week, just like a man would be.

So it seems beyond doubt that if we get many more radical, leftist, Democrat, men-hating women like Senator Hirono in the House or Senate, men will no longer have adequate representation and may be in danger of losing representation completely with vicious, sexist attitudes like hers. America is moving to the radical left with great speed since the Democrats lost an assured-win election to Donald Trump in 2016, and one is wise to fear what will happen to any of our constitutional rights if the Democrats take control of the House or Senate in the future, and heaven help us all if they get the White House again.

One sure thing that the Kavanaugh/Ford kerfuffle has demonstrated to the nation is that Democrats are frightened out of their skin at losing the liberal majority on the Supreme Court, which is their last bastion of being able to write and rewrite laws by making unconstitutional decisions from the bench. The voting majority in America has lately been casting votes against liberals and is rejecting the leftist’s socialistic tendencies, which are demonstrated by their abandoning of the traditions and norms that have made America great, which everyone knows will lead to our economic and social destruction. The liberal fallback position to laws they don’t like is a left-leaning Supreme Court, and Brett Kavanaugh threatens this last line of liberal defense, so they‘ll fight him tooth and nail in an attempt to keep him off the Bench, and will destroy him and his family if that‘s what it takes to get rid of him.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

From Thomas To Bork To Kavanaugh: Conservatives Need Not Apply For The Supreme Court

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s “high tech lynching”, carried out by the Democrats in The United States Senate in 1991, is being played out again in the DC swamp, by Democrats once again, but against Brett Kavanaugh this time in a suspicious October Surprise revelation of an alleged high school sexual attack by Kavanaugh on a girl, an event that Kavanaugh swears never happened, and that the accusing girl cannot recall the date of nor the home where this alleged event was supposed to have happened. But the California, liberal University Professor woman making these claims seems to recall Kavanaugh clearly enough.

The entire revelation, which mysteriously follows Kavanaugh’s personal interviews with Senators, following a week of public questions directed at the Supreme Court candidate, and after numerous FBI investigations from the nominee’s past, and after the woman from 35 years ago who is making the charges has cleansed her internet and social media of evidence of personal and professional leftist leanings.

This is an obvious political attack, not only on the nominee, but on the whole Supreme Court appointee approval process conducted by the U.S. Senate, and one sincerely hopes that this misconduct by Senate Democrats will doom these fool politicians in the 2018 mid-term elections.

Republican Senators must realize that the ultra-hardball, scorched earth attitude of Democrats must be opposed by the entire Republican party, because Democrats are doing everything in their power to do anything, say anything, destroy any life to gain power following the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency, and this unconstitutional attack mode by Democrats has to be stopped before all standards of propriety and distinction are completely gone from our political competitions.

Damn the lying, unprincipled Democrats to political hell forever.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Liberals Gladly Forgive Convicted Felons, But Allow No Break For Brett Kavanaugh

Liberals stumble all over themselves showing compassion for convicted felons and illegal aliens, and promoting shorter (or no) sentences for prisoners, and have even given the vote to former prisoners, I suppose because prisoners can be depended on to vote for their pals-in-crime, Democrat politicians. But when it comes to raw politics, Democrats will give no break to an honest, successful man who stands in the way of their political goals, as Brett Kavanaugh does.

Barack Obama, the leading Democrat politician, loved to kick back, drink a mint Julep and have a good laugh with the vicious, murderous Castro brothers of Cuba, and he favored giving tens of billions of dollars in untraceable cash to the leading supporters of terrorism in the world, the Iranian leadership, and Democrat politicians and the leftist press were good with these things. But when it comes to fair consideration for a conservative Supreme Court nominee who respects the constitution, there’s no way fair consideration will be given.

Liberals will not give a break to a man who has never been charged with a crime, never been convicted of any illegal act, who was rated top of his law school class, who became a White House legal advisor, who has served on the Federal bench for years, who has raised a beautiful family, who volunteers at a DC soup kitchen, and who has been endorsed by many men and women he has known for many years, but who is now suffering from a strike, from out of the blue, when a woman suddenly accused him of a non-specified sexual act from 35 years ago, and who doesn’t even know the date of the alleged sex act nor where they were at the time of the long-ago alleged meeting.

Democrats politicize everything they touch, and they’re willing to ruin Brett Kavanaugh’s life and the lives of his family on this unsubstantiated charge from a likely leftist, California college professor, all for the crime of being nominated by a conservative president named Trump. And the suffering professor never reported the alleged violation to police and has been silent for 35 years, until the Supreme Court vetting process is at an end and the appointee is ready to sit for a vote in the Senate this week. This is very suspicious timing, at a time when the political left has been replete with suspicious, lying charges and fake news about everyone related to President Trump.

Never charged with any wrong-doing, never convicted of anything, but holding on strongly to conservative values and being a religious man (and being appointed by Donald Trump) are all it takes for Democrats to hang him from the nearest tree with no trial and no hearing. Kind of like Clarence Thomas’s 1991 “high tech lynching” at the hands of the party of the KKK and blocked schoolhouse doors.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Google, And Other Giants Of Technical Wizardry, Are A Clear And Present Danger To America

We now learn that Google management was so upset and distraught at the election of Donald Trump that they were willing to share their tears and have their disappointment recorded so they could demonstrate to the liberal world what good, reasonable, level-headed people they are in their insane opposition to President Trump.

When have you ever heard a local plumbing company, or even a giant company like the Ford Motor Company, express an opinion on the outcome of an election? Corporations don’t vote for political candidates and it’s earth-shaking that a corporation like Google should break with American tradition and express political views as a corporate entity. It’s possible, in fact even likely, that many plumbers and many employees of Ford were disappointed by the election, but they didn’t make public fools of themselves, as if we care how they wanted the election to come out. In fact, I take this recorded event by Google to be a gauntlet being thrown down: these people think they are the only smart ones, and their opinion is all that matters, and as a public corporation they see themselves to be superior to all individual Americans who voted for Trump.

Conservatives were devastated when Barack Obama was elected president because we knew that he would use his race to divide America, and that he would use his liberalism to do unconstitutional, economically damaging things to this great nation, and we were right. But we didn’t record our disappointment at the election loss, because we knew that there would be other elections in the future which our side might win, and we respect the results of any fair, straight-up election because it represents the will of the voters.

With the election of Donald Trump conservatives did get their candidate elected, and now liberal Democrats will not recognize his presidency and are doing everything in their power to get him removed from office, or at least have all of his policy initiatives blocked with their lies and investigations. The know-it-all crowd like Google and Twitter, will not tolerate a loss and a rejection of their superior wisdom, and that intolerance is part of the unbelievable, scandalous way President Trump has been treated since his election, and it’s not going to stop.

Exactly who the hell do these fool, far-left, multi-millionaires think they are, and who gives a damn about their sorrows? I voted for Trump and was very pleased at his election because it meant that Hillary would not be able to further damage this great nation. But the losers, as represented by the recording of the Google board, tell me that they have no respect for an elected president if they disagree with his policies, and they have no respect for the Americans who voted for Trump.

I also noticed that English was not the first language of many of the speakers on the recording, and at least a portion of the audience were foreign, so how can these foreigners, who are in America earning large salaries that could and should be going to American citizens, pretend to be disappointed at the way Americans run their own nation?

These high-tech people, their superior attitudes and the way they prohibit people with differing opinions from searching or passing messages and thoughts over their platforms, will continue to disallow differing opinions to exist, to the limit that they can, and I fear they recognize no limitation over their ability to halt thinking and expression contrary to their own.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Liberal Hurricane Death Toll Magic: Revise Calculations Upward; Blame Trump

If Obama can take credit for the current roaring economy after 18 months into the Trump presidency, then why is he exempt from blame for the damage and deaths caused by the hurricanes during the same post-Obama interval?

Or to state it differently, how can Obama take credit for the good Trump economy, but liberals still blame Trump for any damage resulting from a hurricane that followed quickly on Obama’s exit from the White House.

Or a third way of stating the hate-Trump phenomenon: how can Obama go into history with no damage to his memory for hurricane destruction, but current-day liberals get to manipulate the figures of storms that have occurred during Trump’s term of office (for example Hurricane Maria, which hit Puerto Rico in 2017) and increase the death toll from 65 proven dead citizens at the time of the hurricane, to 2975 deaths a year later? Where is the proof for this insanely inflated number? And, assuming there is any validity to this new and growing total, one wonders if the recent discovery of hundreds of thousands of bottles of water, found in a warehouse in Puerto Rico, could have possibly contributed to  the suffering of Puerto Ricans. What other FEMA emergency supplies were stored, or perhaps sold for personal profit, by Puerto Rican officials?

The government officials in Puerto Rico were in agreement with the official toll of 65 deaths for nearly a year, so why would we not suspect tampering with the figures with this new revelation? And of course the new number must be accompanied with blame for President Trump, with the liberal Democrat officials in Puerto Rico escaping any blame at all.

As of two days ago the liberal swamp establishment of the United States was already blaming President Trump, in advance of landfall, for a Hurricane (Florence) that hadn’t even hit the east coast yet, stating that he is complicit with the storm. They’ll probably add this complicity to Mueller’s growing list of reasons to investigate Trump until the end of time.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Are Tucker Carlson and Bernie Sanders Joining Forces Against Jeff Bezos?

The wild world of politics can get goosey at times. For some time now Bernie Sanders (a liberal socialist and a millionaire) has been making fun of Jeff Bezos (a liberal and the wealthiest man in the world) because Bezos’s companies have many employees who earn so little at their jobs that they also need government-provided welfare to keep body and soul together.

One suspects that Bernie is just pulling the old Jesse Jackson trick of shaking down a rich businessman and is trying to coerce some cash from Bezos, and for a while I thought that Tucker Carlson, who has been reporting Sanders’ badgering of Bezos on his nightly Fox television program, was just making fun of Sanders because the leftist senator from Vermont is a rich, socialism-espousing hypocrite.

But Mr. Carlson, whose Fox TV program I dote on and watch faithfully, is taking his ridicule of Bezos more seriously than I’m comfortable with, by comparing Bezos’s under-paying an employee with a moral issue, because some employees’ lack of income causes the average American to have to subsidize the Amazon empire with higher taxes and more federal bureaucracy in order to provide financial assistance to those employees. It seems that Tucker may have missed the point that businesses are not established to assure a large income to employees, but were rather set up to make money for the employer.

The argument that Amazon is under-paying its employees reminds me of some fool union organizer who used to appear occasionally as a talking head on TV, and always took the opportunity to bash Wal-Mart for under-paying its employees and not allowing unionization of their stores, while at the same time he would ridicule Wal-Mart employees for continuing to work for peanuts at the evil Wal-Mart. This more-intelligent-than-thou ridicule of employees for working for any particular company is insulting to the employees who are the best deciders of whom they will work for and how much money they will accept for their efforts.

There’s also the argument that an employer, such as Wal-Mart and Amazon, must decide the salary that’s advantageous for them to pay for the positions for which they are hiring. So as things have always worked, the employer sets the salary and  the employee accepts or rejects the job offered. It seems that Tucker may be stepping on the toes of both the employer and the employee with his anti-Bezos position, just like the anti-Wal-Mart lackey criticized Wal-Mart, but it’s none of a third-party’s business. Salaries are negotiable and a person working for an employer has already accepted the employer‘s offer.

One hopes Tucker is just poking fun at the left in his aligning with dumb old Bernie, and I share his making fun of both Sanders and Bezos.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Democrats Establish a New Low-Bar Norm For Violent Behavior

No one can have forgotten the Bernie Sanders supporter who last year shot up the Republican House baseball team at a park in Alexandria, Virginia, wounding several Representatives and nearly killing Steve Scalese. The liberal media let this particular shooting slide with little coverage, and there was absolutely no coverage of how violent and deranged Democrats have become since Donald Trump became the Republican candidate for president, and especially since he won the election against Hillary and began undoing Obama’s big-government paradise, as he promised to do during the campaign.

Even the “anonymous” NYT story, which was supposedly from a member of the Trump White House staff, admitted that most of President Trump’s initiatives and policies have been good for America and Americans, so why have the fake press and Democrat politicians been reporting how mean Trump is and how he wants to kill Americans and wants to starve people he disagrees with and wants to yank children from the arms of their mothers and is undermining long-held traditions of our nation?

I ask this question because all of the misbehavior and violence we’ve seen since Trump entered the presidential race in  2016 has come from the left, not from Republicans. Hillary hired union thugs to attack Trump supporters during the presidential campaign; Obama’s DOJ and the FBI illegally generated false documents abusive of Trump and proceeded to use them to defeat candidate Trump in the 2016 election, and still use them today in the Russia/collusion investigation; fools like Maxine Waters repeatedly stir up anger at Trump and his staff and encourages her followers to confront them; leftist news panels talk of how horrible Republicans are with their murderous policies and the suffering that the mean Republicans are causing for Americans, especially blacks and Hispanics, thereby encouraging and justifying attacks on the evil, deserving Republicans.

Then yesterday (September 11, 2018) we got word that a crazy California man with  a switchblade knife attacked a Republican running for the US Congress. Let me guess how thoroughly this type of violent action is being covered by CNN and MSNBC: probably not at all. And with the attack on the baseball field last year and now this outrage of a knife attack, both of these violent, potentially fatal acts committed by Democrats on Republicans, one would think that the liberal press would draw the conclusion that Democrats are out of their minds with all of the lies, attacks and accusations they heap on the followers of President Trump, but they don’t.

The Republican who was attacked is running to unseat Democrat Representative Eric Swalwell who is the current member of the house from that district and is himself one of the biggest liars on the political scene today and proposes and holds attitudes that only an insane person could hold. I’ll bet that Mr. Swallwell has not condemned violent attacks on Republican politicians, because from what I’ve seen and heard of him, he’s probably taking lessons from Maxine Waters on how to confront and intimidate Republicans in order to keep them out of office so a Democrat majority can impeach President Trump following the 2018 election.

Democrats are the party of violence and unconstitutional motivations and must be kept out of any public office forever. When you realize that shooting and knifing their opponents are how Germany’s National Socialist party got rid of competition and political opposition and was able to take control of the government in the 1930s, you begin to realize that the new, violent norm for political behavior that Democrats have embraced is a clear and present danger to America and our liberty. Without a concerted effort from the Democrat party and the lying press to stop violent reactions to anything Republicans do, there will be no end to it.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Obama Goes From: No Economic Growth Possible, To: I Built That!

One may recall the Obama statement, during his stagnant eight years of idly occupying the Oval Office, that the “new economy” which followed the downturn in 2008, will never replace the growth years of Reagan and Clinton and can’t possibly grow at a rate greater than one to two percent a year. Well the widely declaimed and insulted Donald Trump proved the fool Obama wrong.

And now our savior Obama has arisen again to assure us that President Trump is only taking credit for his, Obama’s, great economy, which The One said could never grow again and would languish forever at low- to no-growth, because manufacturing jobs will never come back since there’s no demand for them in these post-industrial years.

But the truth is that either Obama didn’t want economic growth, but preferred a growing dependence on hand-outs and welfare from big government, or he simply was too lazy and too liberal-left dumb to know what to do to create economic growth. Probably Obama was both lazy and dumb.

But Donald Trump had both the energy to spur the economy and the knowledge of what to do to reverse the suffering of the American people and get the economy running again. After he reversed Obama’s job-killing regulations, and got rid of the Paris accords, and began defeating ISIS, and lowered taxes, and spoke well of industry and its importance to the economic welfare of all Americans, and began to re-negotiate trade deals with each major trading partner we have in the world, things that the lug-headed Obama would never have done even if he understood their value to Americans, we had a miraculous increase in employment statistics that Obama is now taking credit for.

Obama is back on the campaign trail again attempting a comeback to stardom as the only Democrat left standing since Trump became president, and is using cheap theater to appear attractive and enthusiastic. During a speech one might notice Obama’s alternation between a bobble-head and a freeze-frame style of delivery, while employing a cynical smirk as a facial feature. This phony attempt at gaining support for a range of old-style, Democrat, big-government, unconstitutional, anti-police, job-killing policies will never hold up against the straight-forward, humorous, truthful speeches in front of thousands of enthusiastic admirers that President Trump has been delivering the last few weeks.

Old bobble-head Obama is powerless without his “phone and pen”, which method of leading was a bad idea when he was in office, and is the reason his failing policies were so easily reversed by our real president, Donald Trump.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Leftist Authoritarians And Their “Periods”

Leftists are used to getting weekly scripts of words and phrases that are approved by their radical, lying press/political leaders, for use the next seven days; that’s why at one point all liberals used the identical comment indicating that President George Bush had very little “gravitas”. When was the last time you heard the word “gravitas” used in any context, especially related to a president of the United States?

Another word that, when used by leftists, should be a measure of their dishonesty and lack of  trustworthiness, is the word “period”. One will fondly recall the savior Barack Obama repeating upward of 30 times the following phrases while trying to sell Obamacare to America:

“You can keep your doctor, period. You can keep your plan, period. You will save $2500 a year, period.”

Since we all know that the sainted Obama was a bald-faced liar with each reference to his unconstitutional Obamacare, so liberals should be more careful when using the emphatic “period” in any context. But liberals are so wrapped up in their own importance and with their intended “fundamental transformation of America” that they are unable to think outside their radical message, so they make the repeat mistake of using Obama’s favorite word, as did Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey last week in a congressional hearing when he said that his company does not engage in shadow banning of conservatives, “period”.

As far as I’m concerned the liberal CEO of Twitter just told the truth about his company, and since we know the code to deciphering leftist truths, we know exactly what he said, and we know that he meant it.

Who Is The Anonymous NYT Author? Perhaps The NYT?

Maybe I missed it along the fake news line of lies somewhere, but in all of the speculation about who, allegedly on the White House staff, wrote the anonymous Trump attack piece published in the New York Times OP-ED section last week, I would bet it’s just another in a long line of leftist lies aimed at hurting President Trump and his re-establishment of liberty and prosperity in America following his miraculous election victory over Hillary’s forces of darkness.

If the source is determined to be a person on the Trump staff and not a piece of fiction from NYT liberals, then at least it demonstrates that Trump was willing to give a person not fully on his side a chance to work in the administration, something you would never see from an Obama or a Clinton administration. All liberal rulers insist on complete subservience to their divisive, destructive policies, or you-know-what will happen to them. To that end there are stacks of liberals sitting around waiting for a government job and the chance to “Fundamentally Transform America” who are willing to subvert a conservative administration or dutifully serve a Democrat president, whereas Republicans are too busy working in the private sphere of business, seeking real accomplishment in private industry, and consider it to be a waste of time to seek or accept government work. This means there are few conservative people available for Trump to call on to serve on his staff, so he had to take a second choice for some position, and this less-than conservative choice decided that his/her leftist ideas should prevail over the ideas of a duly elected Trump, and this person deceived and lied to his/her employer, the president of the United States. If it should be determined that this anonymous author had access to classified information while serving the president, he/she must be tried and imprisoned for their crime.

Given that the NYT OP-ED article admitted that most of what President Trump has done is good and is beneficial to Americans, exactly what was it that the author of the article thought was so bad about Trump policies, and what exactly were the bad things that he/she was able to stop?

Given the outrageous statements of liberals and leftist politicians lately, with their total opposition to anything President Trump wants to do, it seems certain that the OP-ED author surely tried to ban ICE from enforcing duly passed immigration laws; to halt the recently passed tax relief bill; to fully re-establish the unconstitutional Obamacare; to back away from denuclearization talks with North Korea; to allow Iran to continue to develop a nuke and a delivery missile; to enact more job-killing regulations on businesses in America; to prevent the building of a wall along our southern border. All of these things are counter to Trump policies, so the author must have thought that blocking each of Trump’s initiatives would be a good idea.

So where are the specifics of the great anti-Trump things the author was able to do that he/she thinks is so great? Anyone who has the ability to think independently and logically knows that everything President Trump has proposed since becoming President is a GOOD thing and is in keeping with his campaign promises, so anything the author proposed that was contrary to what the president wants, must be bad. This also makes the author bad, so the more we learn about this individual, the better.

In 2018 and 2020 the American people will get the chance to state clearly whose side they’re on, Trump’s or the subversive OP-ED writer, and I’ll bet that the ideas and policies of Donald Trump win in both elections.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Liberals Mistake The Truth For Abuse

It always angers me when I hear anyone state that we have to halt the abusive, divisive political attacks on BOTH sides. Both sides? Excuse me but the only thing Republicans or Donald Trump did that was divisive was to win a series of elections, and Democrats consider that to be abusive.

On the other hand:
* It was Hillary’s campaign that hired union thugs to beat Trump supporters in the 2016 campaign.
* It was the Hillary campaign that paid for the Dossier that originated the Trump/Russia lie. And it was Hillary that reported the money spent on the Dossier illegally to the FEC.
* It was the FBI that took the fake Dossier to the FISA court and improperly got permission to spy on a fellow American.
* It was the FBI officials who swore to keep Donald Trump out of the White House and launched an investigation into the lie of collusion to assure Trump’s defeat or impeachment.

Donald Trump has been heavily and deeply investigated by the special counsel and the only violations of the law that the investigators have found is the illegal activities of Hillary, the FBI and the DOJ, and no one in Mueller’s crew is even suggesting the prosecution of these deep state criminals.

The only abused entity here is Donald Trump, and it’s incredible how many news writers and news sources, reporting breath-taking revelations about Trump and how evil he is, are anonymous and are too cowardly to stand up and be counted.

From the Dossier, to the FBI warrant, to the New York Times “Trump insider” article published Wednesday, the left lies with every breath they take and tries to undermine the duly elected Trump presidency, while all along Donald Trump keeps improving our lives, keeping the nation safe and filling our pocket books, and he does exactly what the American people elected him to do.

When President Trump exposes the true nasty nature of liberals in politics or in the news, they take this exposure as abuse and fire off more divisive lies bout Trump.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Hail Spartacus! Spartacus Is A Fool!

Cory Booker, US Senator from New Jersey, claimed the status of self-appointed hero for releasing forbidden documents he thought would hurt the chances of Bret Kavanaugh being approved as a Justice to the Supreme Court, in the Senate hearings held on Thursday. So he released the documents and then challenged the leaders of the Senate to punish him for doing so, and proclaimed himself a Spartacus figure for being so principled, strong and brave.

Poor, dumb, heroic Cory later learned that the documents he claimed to have bravely released were actually already approved for release, were not forbidden at all, and the information in the documents was actually not injurious to Kavahaugh’s chances of approval at all, but instead reinforced the fact that the Supreme Court appointee was no kind of racist, as the leftist radicals randomly claim about every opponent to their idiot politics that can‘t legitimately be defeated on facts and policies.

Will the idiot Democrats ever mature to the point where they behave like civilized, principled, responsible servants of the people?

Hail the Fool Booker, and vote Republican!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Democrats Should Never Go Out In Polite Public

After watching the horrendous display on Tuesday, of Senate Democrats goading, insulting and trying to get a negative response from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in the opening hearings in his confirmation proceedings, I fear the future of America with Democrats in it, especially if they are running it. Brett Kavanaugh is a fine man and does not deserve the nasty treatment that Democrats are imposing on him. Democrats repeatedly criticize President Trump for non-presidential actions, but Democrats are much worse than Trump because there is never any humor, and rarely any truth, in what they say, unlike Trump who is always on target with the points he makes, yet adds humor to the things he says.

Democrats insist on allowing America-hating illegal aliens, who far too often bring disease, ignorance, poverty and crime with them as they enter this nation, to do as they wish once here. From hiring union thugs to beat on Trump supporters during the latest presidential campaign; to the ANTIFA criminals who beat people just to beat something; to anti-free-speech leftist punks who burn and trash college campuses as their way of challenging conservative visitors to campus; to trans-sexual, self-identity advocates who insist that all Americans must embrace and accept their deviant way of life and their radical views, these fools destroy America’s traditions and its constitution.

If Democrats are not insulting and trying to imprison the duly elected President Donald Trump or someone on his staff, they’re praising unelected tyrants like the murderous Castro brothers of Cuba or the dictators of Iran to whom Barack Obama gave billions of dollars in cash to finance terrorist groups intent on murdering Americans.

Democrats are radical, violent, thoughtless, impolite, base people who should remain indoors so as not to embarrass themselves with their crude behavior, and hopefully their absence from public display will allow our nation to heal and become dignified again.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Republicans Go Low and Democrats Go High? I Don’t Think So.

One will recall the memorable words of Michelle Obama when she said that Republicans go low and Democrats respond by going high. So maybe we’d better determine what going “low” means.

In 2016 Americans  elected Donald Trump to be President of the United States, and since that time Democrats have been rioting, burning, calling him a racist and a traitor, accosting his staff in restaurants, writing fake news stories about him and his policies, accusing ICE agents of behaving like thugs and launching ANTIFA storm troops at peaceful Republican assemblies. You can’t get much lower than that.

I would say that the free, duly held election could be considered going high and that the violence and the leftist lying coming from the liberals could be considered going low. So what does this say about Democrats?

Thursday, August 30, 2018

If You See Something, New Mexico Judge Will Do Nothing

We constantly hear the logical phrase “If you see something, say something” to encourage us to help with the plague of terrorist threats and attacks that the western world, and possibly, especially America, is experiencing at the hands of waves of illegal invaders to our lands.

But one can assume that this plea does not extent to judges who have armed suspects in custody, and who has reviewed material indicating that the suspects are planning a terrorist attack in America, and when there is already a dead body in the mix.

But in spite of all of the evidence accumulated and the radical nature of the conditions the suspects were living in, and in spite of warnings by the FBI to not release the suspects, New Mexico Judge Sarah Backus did just that this week, and let the suspects return to their world of hate and resume their dirty plans.

If one wonders why our nation is being destroyed from within and why we can’t stop the all-too frequent attacks on our peaceful lives, it’s because of idiot decisions like this one. This judge is even more stupid than the legal authorities in Florida who allowed the Parkland school shooter remain at large and eventually kill high school students there. And to say that it was out of her control and that she had no choice but to release because the prosecutors didn’t do their job, is a load of crap: With all of the evidence the judge had at her disposal she could have come up with something based on the evidentiary facts of planned violence, to keep them off the streets.

The good judge sounds like just another leftist, sanctuary city- promoting Democrat liberal who thinks America is a land of hate and injustice and that everyone in the world who wants to come to America, and even those who have evil, murderous designs on America and its population, should be allowed to come here and practice their hate for this country up close and personal.

Democrats/Communists Politicize Economics And The Idea Of Profits, And Put Tiger Woods On-The-Spot

Profits are rewards to companies and individuals who serve and please people by giving them the things and services they want and need.  Profit is a good thing because it is the result of happy customers and it assures income and employment for the efforts of employees and investors.

But Democrats are doing a one-up on Communists by using profit and income to punish their fellow citizens who won’t do what Democrats want them to do and don‘t think as Democrats want them to think. America‘s leftist, Democrat scum is putting pressure on corporations and credit agencies to force them to not do business with, and not to make loans to, people who do not toe the leftist line on the subject of guns. Whether it’s the selling or buying of goods, or an on-line purchase of any kind, Democrats are threatening financial destruction to companies who buy from or sell to people who have guns or support the second amendment right to possess guns.

Stating the new leftist threat to America differently, included in the news on Monday was the uproar from the left that resulted from Tiger Woods actually exchanging words and a laugh or two with President Trump in a recent meeting. The interviewer asked Woods questions that insinuated that he had no right to talk to Trump nor to seem to enjoy his company. Tiger could see the money he receives from endorsements of sports products disappearing if the left gets him in their sites, and he appeared to be uncomfortable about having to say, that in spite of political considerations, he believed in being polite to the President of the United States. One wishes that he would have told the interviewer that he will damn well talk to and laugh with anyone he pleases and it’s no business of any individual what his politics are. But he remained pleasant during the interview, as far as the camera allowed us to see, because the vicious, radical left would strangle him if he stood up to them.

The point is, the left has made it absolutely clear that they will bankrupt and even find a way to put you in prison if you don’t behave the way they dictate (the current legal cases of Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, General Flynn, and even the President himself are evidence that the left will stop at nothing to punish its political opponents) and I believe Tiger Woods was considering the loss of his income if Democrats thought he was deserting the liberal plantation, and would destroy him like they are trying to destroy President Trump, his family and his associates.

Our nation is under attack from within, and if Democrats win elections this fall America could make a dangerous turn, under their radical influence, that we may not be able to recover from.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Testing The Theory That Blacks Cannot Be Racists

I believe it was that corporate shake-down artist, Jesse Jackson, who placed the blame for racism squarely on the shoulders of whites, using the flawed logic that only whites have power, and it’s that power that enables them to practice racism.

If it is indeed power that enables one person to be a racist, and it’s a lack of power that prevents another from being a racist, then I don’t see how any liberal can escape the recent policy of the black-controlled government in South Africa voting to take the property of white farmers, and at times even killing those farmers who will not sell to the government.

If American liberals think that running a nation’s government and having that government vote to eliminate those of a different skin color from possessing land that has been in their families for at least decades isn’t racism, then they’re not thinking straight and Mr. Jackson’s definition of racism must be wrong.

Even such a dedicated opponent of racism as our beloved Barack Obama cannot see the racism flowing from the black government in South Africa, because Mr. Obama made a speech there a few weeks ago and did nothing but praise the government for its initiatives, with no mention of racial prejudice. But Mr. Obama always found a way to complain about the rampant racism in America, even as he got a plurality of white votes which allowed him to become president of the United States for two terms.

Persons of a certain intelligence level can understand what Jesse Jackson meant about blacks as a minority having little power with which to discriminate against another racial group, but people of good intent can also see that South Africa has become a racist nation and must be identified as such. Hate at any level is a bad thing, and it must be opposed.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Comparing Liberalism To Common Criminals

We’ve always had crime, and the police have always punished the misdeeds of criminals. But while prohibition was being practiced in the United States, organized crime took a firm hold and law enforcement became so difficult against the organized and deeply imbedded criminals that federal agents’ involvement was necessary as crime increased at a greater volume than prior to the passing of the eighteenth amendment to the constitution. In fact, policing crime became so difficult that the IRS was needed to capture and imprison thugs like Al Capone whose crime syndicate spread all over the country.

Similarly, we’ve always had liberals who undermined America’s security and who tended to regulate industry to the point of bankrupting many companies. But under the Trump administration, which I would liken to the imposition of prohibition on liberal policy, the Democrats have become so outraged at the lessening of their power and influence, and their inability to halt President Trump’s critical policies to improve life in America after the disastrous administration of Obama, that they have taken non-political means to oppose Trump and have gone underground with the Mueller investigation and the non-Russian collusion opposition attempts, and they are now more united in their hate and the danger they offer to America and our constitution than ever.

Forgotten as though it had never happened is the revival of our economy and the shrinking of unemployment under the Trump administration, and the anger of leftists is an enormous threat awaiting us in the future, when liberals once again gain power and open up our borders to the gangs waiting to invade, when they re-impose nationalized healthcare, and once again burden corporations with punitive regulations and make the entire nation one big, sanctuary country.

Once the throttle of the  Trump presidency is removed from the tendencies of liberals, all sorts of bad things will once again begin to happen to America, our liberties and our economy, as the likes of Bernie Sanders make policy decisions and radicals like Robert Mueller begin to investigate and punish Republicans and Independents who showed any appreciation for President Trump and his initiatives. Just as the fourteen years of the existence of prohibition allowed crime to grow out of control and fester in the darkness, so the Trump administration has forced the leftists and their true anti-American attitudes to hide for a while, and releasing them and their totalitarian ideas could well destroy America.

There’s a strong identity between liberals and other ultra-leftist political groups such as Nazis and Communists, in that these people never rest, they never stop pushing their radical agenda, they never allow their opponents to live peaceful lives and they always push for more leftist programs that shift control from the voters to themselves and their party. The pleasures derived from leftist politics is seeing other citizens’ liberties decreased and their economic status lessen as the left’s power and rule increases.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Liberals Are So Hateful And Thoughtless That They Endanger Their Own Future And Wellbeing

How many American liberals, being the giving, concerned people they pretend to be, have given their money or even their homes to an Indian tribe because the property was stolen from the Indians by their great, great, great grandparents?

Similarly, how many liberals have given a vacation property, a farm or their home to an American black family because the wealth that bought the property was accumulated on the backs of slaves by the liberal’s forebears, or the forebears of other whites whose families owned slaves?

These self-absorbed, self-justifying, hypocritical liberals who pretend to care so much about the unfortunate among us, and who carry on as though they are concerned about injustice in ancient history, especially racial injustice, yet who don’t donate all that they have in an effort to set things right for the past misdeeds of their ancestors, are applauding, or at least remaining silent, about the government of South Africa’s new policy of taking farms away from South African white citizen farmers, often killing them in the effort, because their forebears “took” the property from African tribal blacks. The black government’s policy is racist and should be condemned by liberals who pretend to hate racism yet practice it at every turn.

The fact that the ancient African tribes of 100 years ago were not farming the land or using the property for any real purpose, and the fact that these current white farmers are actually providing the food that is feeding residents of South Africa, both black and white, is never taken into consideration by the African government nor by liberals in general.

Liberals never stop to realize that Zimbabwe, which stole farms from whites 30 years ago, went from being one of the wealthiest, most comfortable nations in Africa, to a third-world state that is now unable to feed itself with the racist government running the farms.

American liberals are racists of the worst kind because they cause or abet suffering with every decision they make. Zimbabwe is now an impoverished nation; Cuba went from being a wealthy, comfortable nation to being an impoverished, enslaved nation under Communism; Venezuela went from being the wealthiest nation in its area to seeing its citizens lose weight every year due to a lack of food and with  a one-million percent inflation rate on the horizon under a socialist regime; and American liberals from Sanders to Cortez insist that Socialism is the way for America to move. These fools couldn’t be more wrong, which is the usual circumstance with liberals.

What the government of South Africa is doing to its farmers is racism pure and simple, but American liberals are themselves too racist to put that name to it.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Again With Lanny Davis?

During Bill Clinton’s era of sex dramas we saw Lanny Davis pimping for Slick Willy and making idiotic claims that no one believed concerning Clinton’s innocence, and Mr. Davis began to wear on the public, even in those long-ago days, with his constantly lying, wagging mouth.

So it seems that a Clinton somewhere must be in trouble, or perhaps recently lost a presidential election, because our man Lanny is back in the public eye making stupid claims and lying about the criminality of Donald Trump.

Ole Lanny reminds one of a mobster Consiglieri who is pulled from retirement when things go badly for the Don, and is then retired again when the heat is off. Well, the heat must be building because this fool man is back trying to convince America that Hillary should have been president, or at the least, that Trump should not be.

Next I expect to see the hideous “Skeletor” James Carville and the intellectually insulting “Forehead” Paul Begalla come on the scene again, and then it will feel like the 1990s all over again, with incomprehensible talking-heads talking over each other trying to defend indefensible leftist positions: kind of like the anti-Trump forces have been doing since November of 2016.

America has already become weary of the Clinton family machine, and we’re becoming even more so with the worn-out faces of the Clinton apologists and their repetitive lies.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

MSNBC Dismisses “That Girl Out In Iowa”

The filth we have come to expect from the liberal press is alive and well, and now murders of innocent young women are being mocked by the big shots in New York, especially when the victim is “out there” in Iowa, and even more especially when the murderer is an illegal alien from Mexico.

A little over a month ago Mollie Tibbetts became missing in Iowa and it’s now been determined that she was murdered by an illegal alien who had been living in Iowa for several years. MSNBC had been covering this interesting case for several weeks, but as soon as the illegal alien entered the picture they dropped the reporting immediately. If the accused had been a white male they would have covered the story from the angle or male tendencies to violence and sexual urges, or simply that men hate women. But the Illegal alien perspective treads on sacred liberal ground, so New York personalities just stopped talking about the case entirely. One would think that the press’s freedom to report the news would also include a responsibility to report news that runs contrary to their leftist desires, but I guess the constitutional protection of the press allows them to not report what they don’t like, just as it allows them the right to report things they do like, and that favor their political leanings.

MSNBC brushed off the Tibbetts murder in favor of insisting, for the millionth time, that Donald Trump is a criminal with the Cohen and Manafort issues blooming the same day, and predicting how soon it will be before he’s impeached. Anything that happens in New York or Washington is more important than anything that happens “out in Iowa”, so the murder of a young woman in Iowa is spiked by our liberal press so they can further abuse our president.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Governor Cuomo Has Bitten Off More Than He Can Eschew

Democrats have been pretty full of themselves for the last 18 months or so with their constant harangue of criticism and abuse launched at President Trump, and as the blasts at our president become more blatant, deranged and abusive it was inevitable that one of them would not only attack Trump but would also attack the nation and the American citizens with their anti-American, hate-Trump line of crap.

So yesterday New York Governor Cuomo, in an attempt to undermine and make fun of Trump’s Make American Great Again slogan, stated that America was “never that great”. Even many people in his audience seemed to react negatively to this idiotic statement.

So now the forces aligned against Trump are out in the open and are not only speaking against their political opponent, but have been outed as actually hating America, its wealth and its success in a world full of failing, s**thole governments. So now we know it’s true that Barack Obama really did intend to undermine all that America stood for with his intent to Fundamentally Transform America, because America never was that great in Obama’s and Cuomo’s minds, and in the minds of every Democrat political leader shooting their mouths off in criticism of America on an hourly basis.

Governor Cuomo can forget his plans to become president now that his true beliefs have been expressed. One of the spokespersons for the party of Antifa, sanctuary cities, Occupy Wall Street, Socialism, anti-Capitalism, Black Lives Matter and other lesser haters of America, has spoken from the heart and has defined the battle America faces with the radical Democrat party. These fools must be defeated at the ballot box and blocked from any source of power above the level of dog catcher.

Where Are The RICO Laws When We Need Them?

On August 15th The Oregonian published a statement expressing its intent to assemble a gaggle of liberal news organizations to oppose and silence President Trump for his “regular attacks” and the “name-calling coming out of Washington, D.C.”  And all of this united effort from the leftist press is in opposition to President Trump and his tendency to truthfully identify the press’s daily misleading and inaccurate reporting as, indeed, being “fake news”.

Aside from the fact that as individual publishing companies, all liberal newspapers and cable channels have railed against President Trump daily for the entire time he’s been in office, and setting aside the fact that if the agencies get together and decide how to make this joint effort happen that the result will indeed itself, be “fake”, contrived news, where are the racketeering laws that prohibit price-setting or in this case, news-setting, on the part of public companies?

If Ford, General Motors and Chrysler got together for a political or economic effort to produce the same car at the same price, the FBI would have all of the CEOs in jail under the RICO laws for consorting and colluding. But many publishers can assemble to develop an attack against Trump and a defense against his complaints, and this raises no flags about racketeering?

And if any for-profit companies commingled money and time in an effort to support Trump, the “fake news” people would fill their drawers and make a Russia-backed deal out of it. And they would be especially upset if the defense of Trump and his charges against liberal publishers came from conservative news sources.

But just as the FBI had the goods on Hillary and nothing was done to punish her for her numerous email abuses and for sharing classified information with unauthorized staffers,  the leftist press can do anything they want toward their socialist ends, and all we hear is crickets from our law enforcement agencies as the godfathers of the press hold forth against our president.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The History Of The Democrat Party: From The KKK To The AKK

The history of the Democrat party is a history of violent, terrorist Klansmen in America. From the Ku Klux Klan in the old south aimed at intimidating and harming black citizens, to the Antifa Klux Klan now spreading its terror and violence in current-day America aimed at Republicans and conservatives.

Film maker and author Dinesh D’Souza identified the ties between the Democrat party and the various Klans that enforce the power and racial hate of the Democrat party. From the white hoods and robes of the old Ku Klux Klan to the black hoods and masks of the Antifa Klansmen, America has experienced a series of violent terrorist groups who work in opposition to the American constitution and to the will of the American people as expressed in the voting booth.

The Democrat party has changed greatly since the 1960s and 1970s when radical environmental groups burned businesses and homes and the Weather Underground and Students for a Democratic Society destroyed property and beat people, and more recently Occupy Wall Street and today’s Antifa have taken up the Democrat cause on a permanent and more professional basis. Hitler’s Brown Shirts and Il Duce’s Black Shirts have nothing on these native American Klans with their white hoods and black masks, and they are supported by our liberal press and paid for by the Democrat party dedicated to destroying this great nation.

There’s a massive, violent, collusive force descending on America, and it’s coming from the Democrat, CNN, NYT political left and intends to bury our nation and to negate our constitution.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Obama’s “Fundamental Transformation Of America” Is Alive And Well In The Democrat Party

If there is even a suggestion from the left that they just want to make America a better place in which to live and that they just want to fix what’s broken in our society, they can honestly be called liars.

Liberals are more concerned with taking away the tax breaks that President Trump has given them. Liberals are more concerned with forcing government medicare-for-all on us, which, after Obamacare, we know is too expensive and doesn’t provide better healthcare, and for those of us of a certain age who have been forced to accept the current iteration of Medicare, we know it‘s no good. Liberals want to provide “free” college education for everyone, even though it’s obvious that this idea, as well as being too expensive, will destroy education, because any education the government offers that’s “free” will be reduced to the lowest level of quality by the lowest level of professors.

The minimum wage is the invasion of the government into the dealings of private companies. It invades the individual agreement of an employer and the employee,  and it simply increases the cost of any product made or service provided by the impacted company while eliminating low-wage starter jobs and the experience gained from entry-level jobs, which are needed by young people. Sanctuary cities will all end up like Chicago and San Francisco, with increased murder rates and increasing levels of poverty and homelessness.

There is not one idea from any Democrat that will make our border more secure,  make our companies more profitable and give citizens more wealth and liberty. All of the Democrat ideas will hurt the poorest first, and the rest of us eventually. Liberals lack the ability to see what government control did to North Korea, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, and then  make suggestions that will help our nation avoid these socialist traps and improve life in America.

And when a leading Democrat candidate, seeking a House seat from the state of New York, argues that Israel is an “occupier” of Palestinian territory and must be forced to leave, along with other, numerous idiotic ideas she has espoused, we know we’re dealing with fools who must be kept out of political office at all costs.

Liberals are not interested in improvement, they are interested in control; and their guiding light is not the constitution, rather it’s Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Trust The Constitution And Fear Democrats

Any sensible American trusts the Constitution and the intelligence and guidance it gives to our government, but any wise person will not trust a Democrat nor their political schemes. Distrust for the party of Obama, Chuck and Nancy, as they try to undue the constitution and concentrate power unto themselves, is a wise constitutional position and causes thinking citizens to redirect their support to President Trump’s judicial nominees, who are strict constructionists, and deserve to be elevated to the position of Justice on the Supreme Court.

Strict constructionists will protect the constitution and assure all citizens the continuing rights and liberties that the Constitution enumerates. Democrats will end up assuring only that their subjects are dependent on big government, kept hungry and poorly housed, if they (we) are lucky enough to avoid the chains that accompany socialism and totalitarianism under their rule.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

By Exercising Uncharacteristic Restraint, Is Trump Just Keeping His Powder Dry?

One will recall about a month ago, after the House Republicans had been denied documents related to the Russian collusion investigation for many months by the FBI, and finally demanded these classified documents, or “all hell would break loose”.

Well, the documents never showed up and hell is secure at the moment. So why didn’t the Republicans follow through with their threat and launch their scorched earth attack on the FBI as they promised to do? And further, why doesn’t President Trump, as Commander in Chief, simply de-classify all of the documents the House Republicans want to see and let the chips fall where they may? All of the documents formerly made public have worked to the detriment of the FBI for its crooked, unprofessional and even criminal procedures used to entrap, imprison or just impeach President Trump, and people in the know believe that the FBI is only keeping the remaining documents private because of the horrible things they would expose about the collusion between the Obama administration and the FBI to keep Trump from ever becoming president.

If Trump were to declassify the documents that the FBI refuses to release or un-redact, and if these documents did indeed show collusion between the sitting administration and the FBI, then Mueller and his investigation would be at an end and Trump would be able to brag about another victory/accomplishment for his administration: a major defeat of a symbol of the deep-state swamp. So why doesn’t Trump simply order the FBI to release the documents?

One may well believe that Donald Trump has learned the tricks of the political trade better than we might have thought, and very likely he knows exactly what dirt the documents contain, and he’s waiting for Mueller to release collusion charges against him or his family, at which time he’ll lower the boom on the filthy liberals and their erudite pretense of morals and proper procedures, using revelations he knows are in the documents to upset any case brought against him, with even more serious and catastrophic charges he will then direct against the Obama administration and all of Obama’s cohorts, to include the FBI and the Department of Justice. It’s very likely he’s just keeping his powder dry and waiting to “see what happens” as he likes to say.

Trying To Parent Liberals Is A Losing Game

Republicans are adults who are trying to make the child-like Democrats think clearly and reasonably about events in life. But unthinking Democrats insist on thinking Santa Claus will give them the list of goodies they demand, like Medicare for all; free college; assured government income; a guaranteed minimum wage; open borders, etcetera. But a parent can explain to a child all day long where the defects are located in their idea of how things should be, and they won’t listen.

And the Democrat idea of what is moral and proper is way off the mark, too: taking children from parents who are going to prison will not be tolerated by Democrats; attempts to imprison or deport MS-13 members for their crimes is a racist act, per Democrats. The things that have traditionally been done to protect our nation, the same things that President Trump is continuing to practice, are objected to by our liberal mouthpieces, and objecting to these reasonable and proven practices is evidence that today’s Democrats aren’t thinking at all, but are rather responding emotionally to the current administration’s policies and actions, and emotional responses are typical of children with still-undeveloped brains.

And don’t expect Democrats to learn their lessons while we watch Venezuela and it’s Socialist leadership collapse into absolute poverty and chaos. Democrats still insist that Socialism is great and a proper goal for America.

Unfortunately Democrats have a right to vote and put their politicians into office, but this liberty will only cause future problems for our nation, which Democrats will not even consider on any adult level.

Friday, August 10, 2018

The Political Case Against Turning The Other Cheek

Should Christian conservatives practice the Biblical admonition to turn the other cheek when they are attacked?

Should President Trump remain silent, as George Bush was, when he’s attacked on an hourly and daily basis for doing the things he promised his voters and supporters he would do once in the Oval Office? After all, he’s only doing what presidents always do once they have legal executive branch power following an election, and frequently the objections to him and his presidency are violent and physical, as well as the written and verbal abuse he‘s subjected to.

One would not suggest that  President Trump nor his supporters physically attack their detractors when they become obnoxious and offensive, but Trump’s tweets and sharp verbal responses to his mistreatment are completely appropriate.

One would also discourage shooting liberal politicians and demonstrators, as the Bernie Sanders’ supporter shot Republicans last year at a baseball practice, nearly killing Steve Scalise. But one fears that responding in kind to the ultra violent crimes and abuse of liberals will only lead to more of such nation-wakening behavior, while peaceful responses, just as President Trump is doing, are needed so our less-involved citizens can know how nasty and wrong liberals are.

The liberal, fake press will never perform their responsibilities under the first amendment and report news favorable to Trump, so the president will just have to continue to defend himself and use the tools available to him to do launch that defense. After all, he’s been a winner the way he’s handled things to this point.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Fake News Is Threatened By The Truth

The thing that is perhaps most frustrating to our leftist, fake news crowd, is that their lies are actually being challenged by President Trump. President Bush, and even President Reagan, just took the lies and continued on their distinguished, aloof, presidential way. But Donald Trump challenges their every false assertion and position and tells the true side of the equation, and the CNN/NYT mob don’t know what to do with this aberrant response to their lies.

The one thing that the leftist press cannot claim is that they are being silenced and that their voices are not being heard. Trump just lets them embarrass themselves, and then he goes over their lying heads and tweets directly to his supporters and the American public.

Reporting news that is intended to work to the discredit of the president is constitutional and completely legal, but to report complete lies is not at all acceptable. It should be noted that it’s also not acceptable to withhold  reportage on subjects favorable to the president, which the lying press does repeatedly, and that current practice, common with the lying press, also abuses the constitution by not reporting full and balanced truth, which is the only way to fully exercise the rights detailed in the constitution.

One lying thing that one can see frequently coming from the Trump-hating press is that the liars at CNN no longer, or at least not as often as before, lie about Trump being a proven criminal and colluder. They have changed their references to him now as being insane and unbalanced, which determination is beyond the scope of the press, but just proves that they’ll say anything in order to continue the personal attacks on Donald Trump.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Left Gives, And The Left Takes Away

The American left gave us identity politics during the Obama administration, and now they are attempting to remove all traces of this failed, divisive policy, and here’s why:

Donald Trump’s economic policies have improved the lives of all Americans, both those who voted for Hillary and those who voted for him. President Trump is proud of this unprejudiced gain that he was able to put in place, and he frequently boasts about the rate of unemployment for blacks and Hispanics being the lowest in recorded unemployment history, because he wants the best of all things for every American, not just his voters.

So now, all of a sudden, Democrats are back on campaign, back-pedaling on their identity schemes that they thought would get them elected in 2016, as the voting populace was broken into segments and classes that could be appealed to in private groups where promises for each group’s demands could be made in exchange for their vote. But the success of President Trump in benefiting the lives of all Americans regardless of class or identity, and his victory in the 2016 election, have made Democrats admit that their divisive politics is a failure.

It’s a pleasure to welcome Democrats to the Republican idea of a real, fair election by appealing to all voters equally and openly, and hopefully they will play the game straight and keep their old politics of division in the past.

But Republicans have been put on warning that if they refer to the old Democrat idea of division-by-identity, that those Republicans will be label as racists and haters by the new Democrat party. So it’s OK for Democrats to divide Americans into voting blocks, but if Republicans make citizens aware of this division, they will be punished. I would advise any Republican politician to go pedal to the metal and do what Democrats command them to not do: mention and condemn identity politics at every opportunity; the Democrats are now admitting that the idea is a failure that could hurt them, so let‘s use it against them as fully as possible.

Now Democrats are reversing their campaign schemes and at least seem to be saying that they will propose policies that will benefit every American, to include the “abominables” that Hillary so abhorred in the 2016 election. But I’m watching to see just how long Democrats can go without calling a Republican a racist or a sexist or a homophobe, and how long it takes them to divide an audience into identify interest groups and direct promises to each group depending on their self-proclaimed identity.

Old habits are hard to break, and new skills are hard to learn, so plan on seeing reversions to Democrats’ old ways of dividing America.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Is President Trump Divisive?

President Trump can only be considered divisive if he’s wrong on the proposition that government is too big and too intrusive in the lives of citizens, or if he’s mistaken that the swamp is too deep and that the constitution has been misused, or not even considered at all, during the eight years of the Obama administration.

To insist that Trump is divisive because he opposes Black Lives Matter crimes, or if he supports ICE and local police forces who protect Americans from criminals, or if he thinks taxes are too high, is sheer stupidity on the part of his detractors. And if his idea that international trade is imbalanced in favor of our trading partners and against America and its working men and women, and if his plan to decrease regulations on businesses is not a good one, then his accusers need to think a bit longer and more clearly about the situation.

Just because President Trump opposes anti-American causes and supports pro-American efforts does not make him divisive. In fact his detractors should be labeled the divisive ones because they want higher taxes, more regulations, open borders and they want to punish ICE for just doing its important job of protecting our nation.

Instead, a thinking person would consider Barack Obama to be the most divisive president the nation has ever had due to his insistence to “fundamentally transform America” whether Americans wanted their nation to be transformed or not. He forced government healthcare on us;  he forced us to accept homosexual marriage; he imposed sexual and racial self-identity on the nation; he pushed unisex restrooms on the nation; and he forced Americans to live with the reality of waves of illegal aliens entering our nation and our cities because he ignored duly passed immigration laws, effectively opening our borders to a free-for-all of invading immigrants along our southern border.

Aside from the anti-American influence of Barack Obama, there are the leftist press and just plain unhinged Democrats, who pretend they actually won the 2016 election and are so shell-shocked at President Trump’s victory that they can’t let him govern from within his duly elected administration.

Calling Trump divisive is like calling Billy Graham divisive because he declaimed evil and promoted peace and friendship. But, in a very limited, exclusive sense it may be legitimate to call President Trump divisive, if you consider that the people objecting to his promise to rule by the constitution are way-left operators who insist on a president ruling via executive order, and not paying attention to any power higher than himself.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

The Left’s Political Jihad Against Trump, The Constitution And America

When it comes to waging war, Democrats keep their eyes open at all times for ways to win their conflicts. Guerilla warfare was a bit too messy for them (after all, most of the guns are owned by patriotic, traditional Americans, who know how to use them), and Communism, Rules For Radicals instructions and the radical-left presidency of community organizer Barack Obama were tried and got them a great distance toward their goals, but the election of Donald Trump to the Oval Office upset their plans and threw them for a loop, so they decided to try a new tack and employ the no-holds-barred tactics of deadly serious radical Islamists.

If you’ve ever wondered why Democrats have suddenly gone completely insane since Donald Trump became president, one should be able to see as ISIS-like mode of commitment to their cause coming from America’s radical, political left, as Trump’s administration of traditional values and respect for the constitution meets the absolutely un-American political left and their insistence of forcing their “religion” of hate, anti-constitutionalism, socialism and self-identity on our nation.

We suddenly, and without warning, find ourselves in a 21st Century reverse-crusade where the American left has joined the world’s radical Islamists in their Jihad against Western values, and as such this force can be expected to behave in opposition to anything and everything President Trump proposes and stands for. There is no action that President Trump’s enemies can take that they would consider to be too extreme, unlawful, improper or wrong, in their attempts to oppose Trump and any of his administration, in their unbalanced attempt to get rid of him.

So we can expect the coming years to be even more violent and disruptive than these past couple of years, as old-time leftist racists and just plain criminals join the radical Democrats, the lying press and never-Trumpers to force a change of direction, against the will of the American people, in the governance of America.

The real shame and the added confusion of the situation is that the open borders and sanctuary cities scheme is supported by both the Chamber of Commerce, in search of cheap labor, and the radical left as they try to assemble dedicated voters to keep them in power. So real American citizens are being buried under Communist/socialists lies, appeals for cheap labor and leftist-voter pressures that they cannot fight, except to vote, and let’s hope and pray that enough Americans continue to participate in elections and vote against the revisionist bums as the violence and pressures from the forces of darkness move toward their power dominance.

With admitted socialists and communists now in the Democrat party preparing for a serious run at the presidency in 2020 and beyond, the situation will become additionally confusing as all-of-the-above radical, self-serving forces ally themselves to appose President Trump and other traditional Americans, who will defend the constitution in an attempt to remain free and keep our nation prosperous.

Much of Europe is already beyond saving. England is so politically correct and so protective of Muslims that they will imprison their own members of the press for writing the truth about the Muslim population and the unspeakable things that go on in Sharia neighborhoods. It appears that the ruling classes in England will do nothing to save the European, Christian traditions and values that made that nation great, as Islamic radicals over-run and over-populate the continent and take it back to the fifth Century.

Democrats have adopted the tactics of our enemies to attack and undermine this great nation and they must pay the price for this treason at the ballot box.