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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Why Are Democrats Not Concerned About Political Spying On Trump’s Political Campaign?

In the last two weeks the news has been full of reports from various sources, including The New York Times, about official spying from the FBI and other political sources, on the Donald Trump team during the 2016 presidential campaign. But all one gets from Democrats who are asked about this enormous scandal is comments along the lines of “no big deal“, and “ it wasn’t spying. They were protecting Trump from the Russians”.

Enough with the leftist crap already. The only reason Democrats would put on a blasé front for this third-world political tactic, other than protecting the Obama administration and many other high ranking Democrat swamp dwellers who were in league with Obama, is that they know that Republicans would never attempt such a subversive series of actions, so they know that there will never be a like-kind payback. And they know that Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform America” would look exactly like this. No thinking person can doubt that this is exactly what a radical, leftist, anti-America administration would do to remain in power and extend their rule as they undermine the stable rule of law and the American constitution.

The entire burden of guilt sits on the shoulders of Democrats and they can’t point a finger of blame at Republicans for this horrendous, and likely criminal, political scandal.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Me Thinks John Brennan Doth Protest Too Much

Maintaining the principle that the best defense is a good offense, former CIA Chief and a past voter for American Communist politicians, John Brennan, has been critical and abusive of Donald Trump and his unorthodox way of running government (which is to say Trump uses principles of logic, the constitution and  policies that will work, all of which are foreign to Brennan and other swamp dwellers).

But now that even The New York Times has spilled the beans on the Obama administration and its attempts to get the goods on Trump by having paid informers spy on his campaign staff, Brennan is threatening Trump with unspecified punishment if he continues to try to bring justice and fair pay back to American government and politics.  Mr. Brennan is making himself look foolish by criticizing the very things in Trump that the American people voted for and want to succeed.

One suspects that Brennan fears for his own continued liberty as his lying words, and the under-oath words of many of his leftist colleagues, are considered in the current investigation into the cover-up and the actual commission of the Obama-era political crimes and misdeeds.

If only Hillary had won the White House none of this honesty and transparency would have happened, and the Obama culprits could have sat back and enjoyed the good life at the expanse of America’s future and prosperity. But Donald Trump won, totally unexpectedly, and now the crimes of the left are being exposed, and the rats are beginning to scramble for the protection of darkness. Mr. Brennan’s threats against President Trump are a waste of his odious breath, and hopefully soon, Mr. Brennan will be frog-walked to his jail cell where he can bask in the glow of his formerly lofty, big-shot government perch, where he can fondly recall his abuse of his political opponents, done with impunity, and smile while they protested and twisted in agony at being denied the constitutional rights and protection that were lavished on Democrat operatives.

One hopes the likes of John Brennan rot in hell for the political crimes they have committed. Judgment day is coming, and the truth shall set us all free. Well, all except John Brennan.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Democrats: The Original Dumb And Dumber

In case you haven’t heard the most recent pan-Democrat position, and one hopes that their position is carried into the November mid-terms and the subsequent 2020 general elections, but Democrats, all of them, think that the murderous gang of MS13 are good people who have a “spark of divinity” and deserve respect as humans, per the expressed opinion of the idiot Nancy Pelosi. Democrats took this position in response to Donald Trump’s remark that his administration will make every effort to rid our nation of MS13 because they are “animals”. Of course Democrats will blindly take up the opposite position to any position Trump takes, and since they originally pretended that Trump was talking about all immigrants with his “animals” remark, they tore into him and are now in too deep to admit that they too despise the MS13 animals, so they press ahead and continue their opposition to anything he says.

What in the hell are these stupid, idiotic people in the Democrat party thinking, and what will decent American citizens do if Democrats ever take back power in Congress or, God help us all,  the White House? One can almost understand how Nancy Pelosi sees a “spark of divinity” in MS13 when her party actively and happily supports and promotes abortions so a baby’s body parts can be harvested and sold to the highest bidder. On the surface of her position one can see a logical parallel between the American lefts’ marketing of baby organs and MS13’s raping, beatings and murders. No wonder Nancy sees “divinity” in MS13; she is certain of it in herself.

And it should not be forgotten that, in the Democrats’ chosen role of dumb and dumber, the Trump presidential campaign was actively spied on by the FBI in 2016, under authority of Barack Obama, and there is clear evidence that the current special counsel investigation of our President is based on trumped-up charges and purchased documents used as FBI evidence, which set of facts is about as dangerous to our nation as anything that has ever been seen before.  So Democrats plot their opponent’s defeat under authority of the FBI and the Obama White House, while speaking kindly of murderous thugs who have invaded our nation illegally. Is American in trouble or what?

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Leftist Orthodoxy Must Be Followed, Or Else….

When one studies ancient civilizations such as sun worshipers or Zeus followers, these primitive societies are found to never permit a non-worshiper or a deity-doubter to practice a contrary belief, nor even to remain in the larger society while not adhering to the acceptable, established belief. Those who do not adhere to the established order are often killed or driven out of the society to die alone in the wilderness for their differing opinions. American leftist liberals are quite similar to ancient idol-worshiping societies. An example of the punishment Democrats dole out for independent thought outside their leftist, carefully defined and limited orthodoxy, is the way Kanye West was criticized, discarded and threatened with physical violence for stating that any black person living in Donald Trump’s America in 2018 who is living like a slave, must have chosen slavery as a way of life.

Similarly, the modern Democrat party and their worship of Barack Obama, accompanied by a policy of allowing all immigrant aliens to cross our southern border and join a sanctuary city, are current-day examples of this ancient idol worship from which there are no deviations nor exceptions allowed. Quite simply put, if you don’t believe like a Democrat you can lose your job or live with threats on your life and family. Thankfully the predicted blue wave that was to sweep President Trump and his MAGA policies away has turned out to be only a white-colored ripple on still waters, so with any luck the current society of anti-American Democrats are in their death throe and will become just a footnote to history soon.

California is in the process of disallowing, by statute, any cooperation with federal government attempts to control America’s borders, which control is a constitutional duty left to the feds alone, and under the Obama administration the Supreme Court confirmed that the various states are not allowed any input to immigration control. Isn‘t it odd how anti-American rulings made to benefit Obama‘s dictatorial rule can come back to reverse radical Democrat policy? The Sacramento criminal element running California, via the Democrat party, has established sanctuary cities that harbor criminals who then prey on the non-criminal alien majority and United States citizens alike, with impunity. The federal government must put a stop to this illegal practice and bring California into compliance with federal law and the constitution.

Donald Trump has been able to eliminate leftist schemes like global warming and the very dangerous and destructive Iran nuke deal, and Democrats lose their minds in irrational opposition to this new, non-politician, constitutional actor in Washington, and every action taken by Trump is treated like a rejection of sun-god worship from America’s political leftists.

The old leftist orthodoxy has been voted out of office, but Democrats are unable to adapt to the new constitutional, law-abiding order, so one hopes they resign themselves to death in the wilderness and give up their opposition to America’s return to law-abiding, constitution behavior.

Friday, May 18, 2018

When Leftists Call S**t Hole Nations Paradise, And Vice Versa

One fondly recalls when President Trump was reported to have referred to certain nations as being s**t holes that are so terrible that they cause their own citizens to flee to America for relief. The liberal press and every leftist politician became all incensed and called such language from the president to be racist and insulting to vast numbers of people from perfectly fine, upstanding countries like Somalia, Guatemala and Haiti.

But when liberals were trying to illegally get caravans of mainly Central American refugees into America, the reason they gave to justify the foreign citizens’ attempts to enter America included military dictatorships back home trying to kill them; poverty causing hunger and starvation for their families; a lack of jobs for the invaders back home; no education for the refugees’ children; gangs trying to enslave and kill them and rape their children. In other words, these refugees were coming from s**t hole countries, just like Trump said.

But ain’t it cool to be a liberal Democrat and call anything whatever you want to call it at any time, and then reverse course on a whim in order to get favorable press coverage for your devious schemes? And what does it say about the current state of affairs in the United States that the favorable leftist press coverage is always available to radical Democrats, any time they want it, no questions asked?

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Israel Murdered Innocent Palestinians Like Poland Attacked Nazi Germany

The liberal press in the 1930s dutifully reported that the peaceful nation of Hitler’s Germany was violently attacked by the vicious state of Poland (whose military was armed with swords, bolt-action rifles and moved about on horses in cavalry formations at the time) and Adolph Hitler was, of course, forced to retaliate in response to this dastardly and unprovoked attack by smothering the entire nation of Poland and imprisoning and killing untold numbers of its citizens, mostly Jews, and nearly all of it’s military leadership (and burying these military officers’ bodies in the Katyn forest for the Russian forces to discover years later).

The Polish attack was, of course, a lie, but the “peace in our time” document of Neville Chamberlain was how the liberals at the time patted themselves on the back for ignoring the truth about the outbreak of World War II, while assuring the total destruction of Europe and the deaths of millions of innocent civilians for their blind adherence to appeasing any real totalitarian murdering leader who had the knowledge to spout leftist crap for the liberal press to latch on to.

Likewise, our idiotic leftist, anti-Trump and anti-Israel press accuses Israel of responsibility for the deaths of innocent women and children as organized Palestinian terrorists tried to cause destruction in Israel as the American embassy was moved to Jerusalem earlier in the week. Of course not mentioned by the willfully ignorant press is that the Palestinian leadership strategically placed women and children in the line of fire between the attacking terrorists and the defending Israeli forces, which makes Hamas responsible for the innocent deaths.

But you’d think that Israel and Trump planned the whole thing and wanted the deaths in order for the American press to be able to attack him further.

Where is the common sense and where is the knowledge of history that should enlighten our leftist press? Why do they always come down on the side of killers and murderers (Mao, Stalin, Castro, Arafat, Hamas, Che Guavara) and call peaceful people like Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu villains?

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Does The White House Owe An Apology For The McCain Insult?

The White House staffer’s comment about Senator McCain not being a current political consideration due to the fatal nature of his cancer was made in a non-public, semi-private, closed-session setting within the White House and was duly apologized for, privately, by the perpetrator, to the McCain family. The White House need do nothing more to satisfy the vultures in the press and in the Democrat party, and should move on and pay no more attention to the predictable, bed-wetting hysteria from the left on this subject.

However, the idiot who was in attendance when the comment was made and who subsequently released the words to the panting, blood-sucking press, and the press agency which released the comment for mass consumption, with the full intention of embarrassing President Trump, should be forced to apologize to the entire nation for spreading these possibly hurtful words. It’s not a secret that liberals will expose any soft-spot in Trump’s administration and keep it hurting for as long a time as they possibly can.

The White House should take no more questions on this issue and should not respond in any way to any verbal jabs the press makes regarding it. Just ignore any such comments and if possible, turn their backs, figuratively or literally, on the questioner.

There was never an apology given by Barack Obama for his repeated, public lies to the American public, on dozens of occasions, as he promised we could keep our doctor, keep our plan, and save $2500 a year on healthcare costs, “period”, and to this date I’ve not heard one leftist even suggest, let alone demand, that Obama apologize for his blatant lies in support of his most unpopular policy, which unconstitutional policy financially injured the financial status of many American families as they suddenly had to come up with thousands more dollars a year to buy Obama‘s socialist health insurance. And how about his promise to “fundamentally transform America” as he energetically set about to undermine our constitution by opening our southern border and then to spy on his political opponent in the 2016 presidential campaign using the FBI as the dirty vehicle to deliver this subversion to American tradition and political freedom.

Democrats are behaving like the filth Obama left behind, and the Trump administration needs to stop showing them any form of respect by trying to be civil with them and treat their demands like they have some decent point to make. Trump needs to ignore the bastards and push on through with his marvelous policies to get this nation back on track with its constitution and its tradition of allowing individuals to seek and achieve success and enjoyment in their lives without government interference.

Monday, April 30, 2018

The Bernie Sanders Baseball Shooter Is Back, Locked And Loaded!

When one wonders why the decent German and Russian citizens didn’t do more to stop the leftist, radical violence and dictatorships of their governments in the early 20th Century, there is one reason: believable and real leftist threats of assassinations and the torture and death of family members for anyone, private citizen or politician, who spoke up and opposed the leftist move to absolute power and control.
So the brownbelts and the jackboots marched in and we saw the Nazis and the Communists cause the greatest amount of human suffering and death the world has ever seen, and one can also include into this murderous mix the Mao, the Castro and the Pol Pot regimes’ mass murders and the total impoverishment of millions of innocent people.
All of the above threats to innocent people who just wanted to be left alone and live their lives were from the political left, and now the United States is in the sights of these leftist radicals.
Recall for a moment the physical beatings that Trump supporters endured in the 2016 presidential campaign. The Hillary campaign manager admitted in a secretly taped interview that the Democrats hired union members and unemployed men to perform these beatings, but the liberal press declined to report the truth to American citizens, kind of like Pravda declined to report Stalin’s mass killings to the Russian people, because The New York Times and Pravda are leftist-run entities who can report only lies. And when conservative commentators try to speak at college forums the places get burned and trashed by leftist mobs, usually hired by the Democrat party to halt any opposition to their radical policies.
Leftists take no prisoners. They play for keeps, just as they did last year when the Bernie Sanders supporter took a hunting rifle to a group of Republican Congressmen out for a  little baseball practice. These radical, criminal, Democrats will not accept a political loss to Donald Trump if that loss means a delay to their anti-American goals.
Once Hillary lost to Trump and the illegalities that the Obama administration put in place to try to keep Trump out of the presidency were exposed, any pretense of fair play and accepting this loss, as good Americans who lose elections have done for over two centuries, was vacated by the leftist radicals, and the Democrat party became a rogue entity seeking rule by any other means or measure possible. Most recently we have seen an increase of death threats against Republican politicians and an enormous increase in security employed to help prevent another leftist  attack on them, but this kind of protection can‘t be provided indefinitely for individual politicians and their families, so Republican politicians have to live with daily threats and the related dangers to their families.
The proof of this leftist threat is in the origins of the political career of the left’s hero, Barack Obama. His rise to fame began in the home of Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, two 1960s murders, terrorists, cop killers and bombers. In addition to these professional thugs, one can see evil influence from the religious support Obama got from the radical political rants of Jeremiah Wright, and the Islamist, Jew-hating Louis Farrakhan. Just recall that Obama suggested that when his followers met with opposing conservatives that they “bring a gun to the knife fight”, suggesting overwhelming violence and allowing no possibility of a loss when leftist radicals faced peaceful opponents.
And remember the Obama promise to “fundamentally transform America”? A violent takeover of our nation was his intention, and we’re on the path to his intended socialist, violent, utopian view, as more and more Republican politicians refuse to serve in elected positions any longer due to threats to themselves and their families.
One must also recall the legal violence, or legal “privilege“, as the liberals would say, that members of the Washington swamp enjoy (such as Hillary not being indicted on multiple charges of law breaking related to her email scandal, for crimes enumerated by the Director of the FBI on TV in July of 2016)  while non-swamp people have their lives destroyed by the FBI (remember the phony charges against General Michael Flynn following the 2016 campaign, with Trump himself being persecuted by the Washington elite in the form of a special prosecutor, because he was strong enough to defeat the leftist champion Hillary. And in spite of there being no evidence of his guilt about any form of crime or collusion, the swamp devised a fictitious document, the “dossier”, in an attempt to frame him, which document has not been corroborated or substantiated in over a year of intense investigation by Robert Mueller).
Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America” is in the process of completely destroying our constitutional democracy, along with our rule of law.

Friday, April 27, 2018

The Left’s Self-Identity Scheme, Versus Mother Nature

A few years ago there was a TV commercial in which a butter-like spread was so similar to real butter that it even fooled mother nature. The mother nature character  was so angry at this fake product that she brought down a storm on earth to punish the perpetrators of the false butter product. This was in line with liberal sentiment at the time, which insisted on all things related to food be “natural” and to taste and appear in line with real, natural food.

But now the left is in full force mode trying to fool mother nature with their self-identity idiocy in which a bearded, male, lumber jack can pretend to be a Thai ballet dancer in a Tutu, and they expect people to accept and take this foolishness seriously as being legitimate and real.

A similar event, this one involving race, occurred a couple of years ago when Rachel Dolezal, a white woman, told the world she was black and was given a job as an NAACP representative, at the expense of a real black woman who could have benefited by having the job. The Bradley Manning  sex change thing is another example where a completely false identity change is supposed to be accepted and the personal pronoun used to identify him/her should change with the person’s whim.

All of this is, once again, an attempt to fool mother nature, but with sexual identity there is more than just personal whim at stake. Sex is a powerful aspect of life, and it has been made so by actual nature in order to assure reproduction of the species, whether human, dogs or cats. Only with a real, natural male, and a real, natural female, can the species be reproduced and continued into the future. Pretenders like Bradley Manning are of no consequence to nature and can be disregarded as an offense to the real, natural world with their self-identity.

And there is no room for a third sex, either, nor of same-sex persons pretending to be a mother and a father. This type of farce does not pass on genes from the pretend parents into the next generation and is a lie to the natural, no pretense, serious world we live in.

There was a time when leftists were the ones insisting on an adherence to things “natural” and “real“, but now the left has gone completely insane and expects acceptance by the American public of their scheme-of-the-day drift to absolute unnatural stupidity and artificial, unnatural sexual, racial and who knows what’s next, identities.

Humans, especially liberal progressives, consider themselves to be very clever, but things of nature, like storms or sexual reproduction are beyond their ability to influence or change. Only a higher order of being can impact these real things of nature.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Tactless, Leftist Press Criticizes Melania Trump For Her Beauty

It’s one thing to criticize a President for his policies, but it’s a bit too much when the tactless Washington swamp repeatedly dumps on Melania Trump for her wardrobe selections.

If it’s not the shoes she chooses to wear, it’s the wide-brimmed, white hat she is seen with. Or it’s the sunglasses she prefers. And who can forget that soon after Melania became the new first lady, she got a gratuitously tacky refusal by a fashion designer to make a gown for her, even though this elite designer had not been asked by anyone to make such a gown, and in spite of the fact that this same designer had made dresses for Michelle Obama for eight years.

We know that the liberal press is full of liars who will misrepresent anything and everything that Donald Trump does or says, but why do leftists have to be so bitchy, rude and resentful of the first lady, simply because she’s married to President Trump? After all, Melania was born in a foreign, war-torn country, is conversant if not fluent in several languages, and is trying to carry herself with good humor and dignity in a role that she could never have foreseen herself participating in when she linked up with our Donald. And now after all of her accomplishments, bitchy, liberal broads and stupid, sexually envious men lie in wait for her to do something, anything, and then release all hell on the poor woman.

It’s a symbol of small, backward people when they’re heard or read to say such nasty things about a beautiful, white woman (it‘s a cinch that neither the men nor the women would make such crass comments and observations about an ugly, homely first lady), while during the Obama administration they tripped over themselves praising the horsy beauty of Michelle Obama and the elegant design of her saddle-blanket-cut outfits.  Does being a liberal and a Democrat negatively impact one’s eyesight and judgment? It most certainly and obviously does.

Of course, the reason Democrat liberals are so rude, thoughtless and abusive is that they are liberal progressives. That’s what they do, and they are darned proud of it.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Proof Of Democrat Self-Aggrandizement And Self-Importance

To Democrats, the entire structure of the universe is based on their policies, and all of society would collapse without their constant involvement with, and protection of, everything. This extent of self-importance causes one to wonder how the Democrats think the world, especially the modern, highly developed world led by the capitalist, Western nations, have become so comfortable, prosperous and successful without their constant meddling in things they don’t understand and that function quite well without them.

A couple of examples of this self-centered leftist idiocy: for the last 70-plus years Democrats have kept American poor people, especially poor blacks, in a perpetual state of submission and dependence on big-government based on the promise that the plantation will be kept comfortable and that they would not have to work and get up in the morning and fight traffic or pay bills in order to be fed and housed. The special, and socially destructive, angle that Democrats arranged is that the men on welfare would never have to support or take any responsibility for the children they create. This legal prohibition for men living on welfare being involved with their families has created an unstoppable and unforeseen situation where young men are growing up with no positive male examples to follow, and these wild young men are now killing each other in dramatic numbers, especially in Democrat-controlled sanctuary cities.

Another example is the global warming/climate change hoax that Democrats claim they must control and halt by placing dramatic, prohibitive regulations on businesses. They also reserve the right to edict the things that citizens can and cannot do, in order to save the world.

Any knowledgeable person knows poor blacks and other now-dependent groups were, in the past, and before Democrats entrapped them, able to support their families and raise educated, respectful children before Democrats promised them easy lives of dependence on handouts, with the understanding that welfare recipients would vote Democrat in each and every election.

This insistence on Democrats being the ruling political party is due to their progressive, liberal racism, and only they, in their own white-privileged opinion, could save the brown- and black-skinned peoples of the nation.  Modern-day Democrats are bad people who assume the right to control their fellow citizens, and they make every situation worse than they found it because then need dire, chaotic situations in order to divide the nation  and conquer their political opponents.

Now the Central Americans and Mexicans entering our nation illegally are becoming the latest Democrat support group with their insistence on being summarily awarded citizenship, getting the vote, getting welfare support, getting free healthcare and being shielded from the nation’s laws that the sanctuary city scheme has promised. And one must not forget the vote that illegal aliens owe the Democrat party, which has assured the illegals a life of leisure in a nation built on the backs of American forbears, not Mexicans.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

If Dems Think Mueller Investigation Is Not A Voter Issue, They’re Nuts.

One hears that liberal reporter/journalist Mara Liasson has declared the Mueller investigation to be not worthy of Democrat politician concern because the investigation is not an issue with voters in the 2018 election. What a surprise this news is to anyone who has watched the liberal press, for the last year,  breathlessly attack, and attack, and attack Trump for the collusion issue and make claims that he will soon be out of office, or maybe in jail, for his transgressions in the 2016 election campaign. But now the investigation is no big deal, per a liberal journalist, and Mueller can close up shop and go home to family and hearth and feel good about himself, having served the nation well trying to destroy Donald Trump for a cause no one cares about any longer, per Ms Liasson.

One’s first reaction to this liberal statement is that it’s an admission that the collusion investigation was a farce all along and as false as a three-dollar bill, and absolutely should never have been begun in the first place, and this sentiment makes it simpler for Mueller to shut down the investigation, claim victory and go home.

But beyond that, and even if I, personally, hadn’t been a dedicated Trump supporter from the day he initially announced his candidacy, I would certainly consider the Mueller investigation to be a voter issue because of its deceit, it’s bought-and-paid-for origin (the famous Dossier) and the document’s totally fictitious creation by the Hillary staff. The investigation was a swamp lie from the outset and resembled a third-world dictatorship (in this case the Obama-Hillary team) trying to assure a life-long reign of power

One feels certain that the FBI corruption we’ve seen as investigators tried to dig up dirt on Trump for anything they could find beginning with his first day in office, is a threat to our nation, and only a Republican administration and a Republican majority in congress can continue to oppose the threat of the Washington swamp and hopefully put some of these left-wing hate-monger in jail for their crimes.

Any thinking, patriotic person would vote to keep Democrats out of office, because the damage done to America the past year is all their fault, and they must be kept out of office  and away from positions of power, at all costs.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Justice Is Finally About To Be Served For Democrat Crimes

It is the most delicious service of justice ever seen, that the Democrat crimes committed with the intent to unseat Donald Trump are proving to be unraveling and ricocheting back at the perpetrators in our dear, leftist, Democrat Party.

From sanctuary cities (intended to protect illegal aliens from Trump and to increase Democrat voters) to the Dossier (intended to frame Trump and drive away his supporters) it’s all crashing down on the heads of lawless Democrats, and one hopes it will mean the re-entry of the formerly great, pro-American and pro-constitution, Democrat party into the mainstream of American politics. But until we see evidence of decent people taking the reins of the Democrat party once again, Democrats will remain the new criminal class.

After all it was Democrats who collaborated with foreign nationals to win a presidential election.

It was Democrats who exposed national secrets to foreign enemies, via Hillary’s email server.

It was Democrats who illegally spied on their political opponents.

It was Democrats who lied to the public in general, and to Congress in particular, under oath.

It was Democrats who falsified evidence to sway a FISA court.

It was Democrat FBI investigators who broke FBI regulations, and probably the law, to assure the defeat of Donald Trump in the last election.

May the leftist bastards rot in hell, or short of that, rot in prison.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Mueller Declares Victory And Goes Home A Hero?

After more than a year of failing to find any evidence of Trump collusion with Russia about anything, how will Mueller get out of his embarrassing position and salvage his pristine reputation with the swamp dwellers in Washington? After all, he was appointed to either put Trump in prison or find evidence that could be used to impeach him, and he failed on both counts.

Perhaps he’ll state that, in his attempts to protect the American constitution and assure our electoral process, the collusion charges against Donald Trump had to be investigated by an impartial source like himself, and the charges were dutifully disproved by his staff in order to settle the upset minds of the American voting public following the 2016 election. He may say that his investigation did indeed disprove the collusion charges and that, therefore, he had been totally successful, and he’s now shutting down the investigation and retiring to his beloved family satisfied that he saved America from the dire threat of inflicting doubt about the occupant of the highest office in the nation.

As an added plus, hero Mueller will be able to take credit for exposing and getting rid of corrupt FBI and Department of Justice employees thereby leaving these departments performing clean and green once again, just as the American people want them to be.

One can also see a lucrative book deal in Mueller’s future, possibly a movie deal and definitely many TV talk shows in which mainly liberals will enjoy reliving the last twelve months and talking about the charges against Trump and how chaotic this last year was on his administration, and how the investigation caused the president much distress as he opposed the nuclear expansion of North Korea, tried to rebuild parts of the nation hit by unprecedented hurricanes, tried to get his political appointees approved by congress, tried to get Syria to stop gassing its citizens, reignited the economy, rolled back asinine regulations on industry and giving Americans a much-needed tax break.

Just the fact that the investigation existed satisfies the left’s persecution of and attacks on Donald Trump, and they’ll think of his discomfort forever as though the charges against him were finally proven. It’s what Democrats do.

But one thing is certain: Mueller will end the investigation as a conquering hero who vanquished all the bad guys arrayed against him, and not as the buffoon who found no evidence of collusion after over a year of intense and expensive investigation. Isn’t it great to be a Democrat?

Monday, April 9, 2018

America’s Left Learns Divisive Lesson From Terrorist Palestinian Leader

Anyone of a certain age will recall that during the Clinton administration, Yasser Afarat, the Chairman of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, declined a peace agreement with Israel, even though the agreement included every article that Arafat had demanded it to have.

The reason that Arafat became rich and powerful, while his Palestine subjects lived miserable lives, was by keeping the Palestinians angry, agitated and in constant battle with Israel, and if the Clinton peace agreement became a reality, Arafat would be out of a job, and probably lose his life, and then someone else in the Palestinian leadership would be getting rich by stirring up the crowds, committing terrorist acts against Israel and insisting on Israel’s death. That’s what despots, and Democrats, do: they keep things riled up.

We see the same thing happening today in America with the leftist Democrat party proclaiming white racism, white supremacy, white prejudice and Christian prejudice, because the left is losing political power and a peaceful, non-divided America would end the radical leftist rule of the Democrat party.

The more resentful minorities become of whites and of Republicans, the more they’ll vote for Democrat candidates promising to lift them to their rightful place in a wealthy society. Of course, lost in the Democrat promises is the fact that for the last 50 years Democrats have promised this same social success, but their dependant voters got only poverty and dangerous neighborhoods in return for their votes. But the renewed promise of goodies on the horizon is just too good for the dependant class to pass up.

So, at risk of blacks and other minorities finally realizing that Democrats have only dangled vacant promises of an improvement of their lives in order to get their votes, now the Democrats are turning their backs on the existing  Americans in poverty and are directing their attention to Mexico and Central America to find new dependent people to vote for them. To this end, Democrats are encouraging and organizing for illegal aliens to massively invade our southern border and take up residency in the various sanctuary cities around the nation. All Democrats understand is power and control, and this is the next attempt by them to get a permanent majority to keep Democrats in office and in control.

The Democrat plots for masses of additional people to come here illegally explains the annual march across Mexico of poor people trying to get to and cross our borders illegally, and causing enormous suffering for the marchers as they go north.

So Democrats are going to push the “privilege” dialogue in an attempt to keep blacks in the fold, while trying to get the newly arrived immigrants in line to vote as soon as possible, and then keep these poor, uneducated, Spanish-speaking and unemployed masses dependent on them for low-standard housing and passed-over food. It’s disgusting, but it’s what terrorists and Democrats do in order to remain in power.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Obama Was A “Good Parent” For Americans? Give Me A Break!

On Thursday, April 5, 2018, at the Simmons Leadership Conference in Boston,  Michelle Obama gave an interview in which she said that the Obama administration had been  a “good parent” to Americans and that the Trump administration is being a “bad parent” for the citizens of the United States. The first thing the former first lady needs to be told is that Americans don’t vote for a president in search of a “parent”. America has operated just fine for over 200 years, thank you very much, with no parenting requested and none needed.

In her description as to what constitutes a “bad parent” she said that the Trump administration is allowing we citizen children to figuratively have unlimited amounts of candy and ice cream and he’s not insisting that we do our homework each night after school. This criticism was just another Obama line of leftist, radical  crap.

The problem with Mrs. Obama’s parenting example is that it’s the Trump administration that is insisting that national traditions, laws and the constitution of the United States be followed and obeyed by us citizens. It was, on the other hand, the Obama administration that denied American citizens their own personal selection of healthcare and that opened our southern border for an invasion of illegal aliens from all nations. Obama oversaw the sanctuary cities scheme that protects criminals from America’s law enforcement agencies; he oversaw the leftist push for citizens to self-identify as to their personal preference of gender and race, and allowed the EPA to issue regulations that brought the American economy to a standstill and caused a sky-rocketing unemployment rate, with the result causing personal suffering in many lives, which further led directly to an increase in the welfare roles in America. It was also the Obama administration that began the destruction of America’s coal industry, celebrated the Black Lives Matter organization, which demanded the assassination of police officers, and it was Barack Obama who kicked the North Korea can down the road and allowed Kim Jong-un to further develop nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them, which now presents an existential threat to the United States. So now the real, adult  “parent” in the form of Donald Trump has to deal with this urgent issue along with the massive illegal immigration issue Obama left behind.

It was indeed the Obama administration that opened the welfare candy jar, doubled the American debt and allowed the American military to weaken while our national enemies became stronger in comparison. It was obviously the Obama administration that allowed the nation to run wild for eight years while Obama tried to “Fundamentally Transform America”, whereas the Trump administration is already rearming the military and has, in his first year in office, pushed legislation that has allowed us citizens to keep more of our own money in the form of a tax reduction.

One suspects that Michelle Obama was simply bemoaning the fact that aware Americans fought back at the Obama administration in its attempts to indeed treat us like children and make enslaved dependants of us with Barack’s big government schemes to rule the nation at his personal whim, and we instead chose the rule of law and liberty that Donald Trump offered. Americans watch nations like Venezuela crumble and know what awaits people who follow tyrants down the road to poverty and dependence, and we aren’t buying the Obamas’ load of lies. We want freedom and prosperity, not a welfare state.

Americans are not children, and we don’t need a mommy and a daddy, especially not the radical, anti-American parents that the Obama administration was.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

“Ignorance-Privilege” And “Resentment-Privilege” Favor Democrats

With all of the wishful claptrap about White-Privilege, Christian-Privilege and Male- Privilege being spread by resentful Democrat leftists who would like to defame and limit the futures of anyone not on their side of the “privilege” argument, it would appear that they are using abusive words in their efforts to limit the advancement of educated, thoughtful people everywhere using this new version of name calling, as the ones launching these verbal attacks find themselves falling further behind those who strive for their personal best and work hard to be successful.

Actually these Democrats are arguing from the position of “Ignorance-Privilege” and are pretending that actual education and accomplishment are irrelevant to advancement in the real world of business and personal success. In several of my past opinion pieces I have made the point that Liberal-Privilege is the most pervasive form of privilege currently operating in America. Examples would include a recent liberal political candidate who continues to seek sympathy because she lost a presidential election that she and her liberal cohorts thought she deserved to win. And then there are politically connected people like Chelsea Clinton who was given a six-figure salary from NBC, right out of college, because NBC wanted the access she provided to the Clinton Liberal-Privileged power machine. This “privilege” was an unearned and undeserved “Liberal-Privilege” and this sort of left-leaning benefit is pervasive in today’s America and excludes all non-liberals.

One has to also recognize, but the left of course will not, that many blacks and women who have studied and polished their career skills are succeeding very nicely in America, thank you, while not being white or male, whichever the case is. But nearly all blacks and most if not all white liberals use the prefixes “black” (as in black-American) and “African” (as in African-American) because these prefixes have certain benefits associated with them that can get them better jobs or get them into better colleges that may otherwise not be available to them if they were not part of a preferred, privileged-victim class that receives preferential, privileged treatment. So we have  black-American-privilege and African-American-privilege to add to the list.

And it’s also clear that this expression of the leftist’s Resentment-Privilege is intended to achieve for the uneducated and unprepared among them what they can no longer get from hard work or from our dumbed-down public education system, because today’s typical high school education only educates children to about the fourth grade level if compared to the  educational standards of the 1800s. So lacking a decent education, liberals must claim that everyone else is “Privileged” if they are successful, and that successful people are operating from a position of prejudice, when actually people who are unprepared for the future will always be failures even when awarded with unearned benefits, and they’ll need an excuse for not preparing themselves for future success. This also means that today’s education standards, put in place by leftists, are limiting our children’s futures and assuring a crisis for the entire nation in the years to come.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Who Knew That PETA And Vegans Are More Dangerous Than NRA Members?

The shootings on Tuesday of this week at the You Tube Headquarters in San Bruno, California, is a one-off event that totally upsets the liberal rule for discussing and assigning blame for such shootings. It set the usual liberal rhetoric attributing the blame for gun shootings to the National Rifle Association back a mile. The shooter was female, an animal rights supporter, a PETA supporter and a Vegan. And she used a pistol. This picture doesn’t track with the liberal position that men and NRA members are the cause of all of the violence in schools and the workplace.

But the You Tube incident eliminates the NRA from any blame related to this happening, and it also reminds us that members of the NRA were not involved in any of the other mass shootings that the liberal press has been so anxious to blame them for. In fact liberals were more representative in the list of shooters in past mass shootings, and not one NRA member was even close to the events.

Reportedly the shooting was about the woman’s lack of sufficient pay that she was seeking from You Tube, not about any political position. The fact that the specifics of this shooting contradict the potential political usefulness of the female involved with the crime is why the press has dropped the story on the day following the event, whereas we are still hearing about the Parkland shooting weeks later.

So don’t expect to be inundated with this story in future network news reports because it doesn’t further the Gun Control demands of the left. They don’t want solutions to major problems, they want the political advantage they think they have attained as they keep these events alive and fully in-use against Republicans, and especially President Trump.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The American Left, Like ISIS, Uses Children As Shields

Obama used this same ploy, and Democrats think it’s a good idea to use it again, because it worked well the last time they tried it.  The event is, of course, the invasion of my nation with the intent of destroying it, due to their hate of Donald Trump and their insane push to regain the power that Barack Obama had, and that Hillary let slip away.

This is the second time in my memory that massive groups of Mexicans and Central Americans have rounded up children and marched into America in an attempt to get themselves established and then remain planted here permanently under the protection of anti-American Democrat politicians.

The left’s hate for Donald Trump and their desire to reverse the 2016 election has enervated them to organize these treks, and they use the children as shields to prevent our military from actually defending the nation from this hostile, illegal invasion. Someone in the American Democrat party should be arrested for placing children at risk of death, rape and injury as the hell-hole of Mexico and the criminal/gang/drug war infestation it represents is walked, and the children are forcibly taken along. We know that American citizens are helping plan these marches because there are always busses awaiting their arrival at our border, there are hotel rooms and private residences lined up to allow them to sleep and remain out of the reach of journalists, and these invaders disappear without a trace, ending up in cities across the nation with no accountability at all. This crap must stop with this President, and these people must be blocked and kept from entering this abused nation

Mexico is a party to this invasion by not opposing their own nation’s invasion from their neighboring countries of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. The marchers are crossing Mexican cities, and even Mexican military installations, with no concern at all from Mexican authorities, because they support this invasion of my nation. In a very real sense, Mexico is providing encouragement and assistance in the invasion and attack on America, and they should be made to pay for this outrage.

Who is the fool that thinks Americans will believe that this scheduled, planned, annual trek the length of Mexico is just poor people trying to escape a tyrant at home? Was there no tyrant in January? No tyrant last November? This is literally the invasion of America by poor people who know America will be kind, and it’s in cahoots with America’s Democrat party, which will do anything, even hurt it’s own American citizens with this kind of abuse, to get some additional peasant, welfare-enabled voters established in their “sanctuary“ cities that will blindly vote Democrat in each election.

In lieu of the wall that congress will not approve, I want rows of concertina wire strung across our border to keep these invaders out, and I want platoons of Army and National Guard troops formed to reinforce the razor wire. This is a real, although on the surface, a peaceful invasion, and we need to meet it with peaceful and strong resistance. The adults in the invading mass are cowards for using children to prevent any military type of push-back, but this invasion must be opposed none the less, because it is just a softer version of terrorism, and it‘s being directed at each and every person and family in America.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Rise Of The Age Of Liberal Incivility

Are liberals just uncivilized people by nature, or are they raised that way? One can understand, and society has learned to deal with, the occasional rise of an Adolph Hitler, a Pol Pot, or a Joseph Stalin, but when an advanced nation like the United States, populated with educated, pleasant, decent, law-abiding people suddenly sees a rash of violent, dictatorial individuals from the party of the left, either in charge of a powerful political position or trying to get control of one, the law-abiding citizens can’t help but wonder what has happened to cause this disruption.

Our nation has seen presidents from the past who have tried to pack the Supreme Court,  and we’ve seen a president literally pick a public fist fight with a journalist, but until Barack Obama’s administration we’ve never seen a president use the full prosecutorial power of the Department of Justice and the investigative powers of the FBI to undermine a political opponent, as was done to Donald Trump during and following the presidential election of 2016.

And then we learned that there were and still are numerous mini-Obamas populating many of our Democrat-controlled states and cities, as well as the federal government, by ignoring and specifically not enforcing immigrations laws; protecting and sheltering criminal aliens from arrest by the federal government; FBI agents giving a pass to a powerful Democrat who made national secrets available to our enemies via her unsecured email system; FBI investigators plotting to assure a Republican election defeat, or an impeachment if he should become president; a lengthy investigation of the president finds no proof of wrong-doing, but the investigation continues in the hope of finding some unrelated, minor offense that they can pin on him; a humiliated and corrupt FBI executive blames the president for his public exposure and his own illegal acts.

A the disruption reached its zenith when a Democrat governor actually spoke of “war” with the federal government as the Feds try to enforce criminal laws; leftists demonstrate, beat people and burn things when colleges book a conservative to speak to the students.

What did Obama put in the DC Water that has suddenly so-energized and enraged the political left that they are blatantly, openly and proudly breaking laws in their frustration at not getting the presidency in 2016? Is it a matter of assuming they are better than the un-liberal citizens who elected a Republican? Is it a matter of feeling entitled to power and control because they’re good, practicing liberals?

Society expects young men to fight as they grow older, but this phase passes when they reach maturity and they outgrow it. But the Democrat party is producing masses of mature men, and women, who are fighting literally and figuratively against the will of the people, as expressed in the last election, and are making our nation into a lawless dictatorship as they ignore laws and the constitution in their need and quest for power, and to get rid of a president who is outside the Washington swamp and is changing the way America does business, exactly as he promised to do if elected.

Why do liberals only now, after participating as adults and behaving properly in our government for over 200 years, suddenly become so insistent on controlling even the thoughts of the citizens as well as their actions? Barack Obama once said, in defense of his radical left policies, that “elections have consequences”, but there are no liberals I’ve seen lately who will accept the presidency of Donald Trump and work within it to achieve their goals. They have become bomb-throwers and instigators, and it needs to stop.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

The “You Didn’t Build That” Aspect Of Illegal Immigration

Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren were famous for their idiotic statement of “you didn’t build that” in their leftist attempt to deny American hard work, ingenuity and risk-taking any credit for the wealth, liberty and comfort of our lives. These loyal, big-state leftists were attempting to credit big, intrusive government for all of the success that the nation of America has experienced since the beginning of the industrial revolution. But the truth is that government can only take and confiscate the wealth earned by the citizens via taxation and ruinous regulations. It has no way to create wealth, and under Democrat administrations it has no desire to do so.

What Obama and Pocahontas were blowing off about is that our governments uses the ingenuity and hard work of free Americans and then, using money derived from taxation, they hire the gas lines, power lines, telephone lines, sewer lines and build roads into expanding parts of towns where citizens live and work, and then credit government for all of the hard work and expenditure of the taxed money, which should actually be attributed to American citizens and corporations. Liberals are always seeking a way to make citizens feel like they are prospering on the backs of people less fortunate than themselves, thereby building up resentment among those who have less wealth and fewer things, and this is just the latest twist on the liberal insistence that you should feel guilty for your comfort and liberty because you didn‘t earn it, work for it or pay for it: liberals want you to think that the government is to thank for your nice, pleasant life.

So this takes us to the liberal idea of illegal aliens having the right to live in America and become voting citizens, because of all of the poverty and hunger of the hellholes they are coming from, much of which poverty and hunger, according to Democrats, was caused by the colonial theft from their impoverished nations by America, which therefore caused those nations to remain impoverished for centuries. The Democrat proposal for America to redeem itself is to give citizenship to the illegal aliens infecting American cities, give them healthcare, welfare, schools, allow them to vote, but most of all, give them “sanctuary” from Donald Trump and his racist desire to kick them out of the country, break up families and keep them poor. But the Democrat lie about being concerned for the benefit of immigrants was made visible for all to see when President Trump proposed that we let 1.6 million DACA subjects remain to reside in the United States in exchange for the promised wall to be built along our southern border, and the Democrats rejected  this proposal, which served the best interests of their DACA constituents and denied this simple, effective compromise with the President.

The attempt by Democrats to make Americans feel guilty about their pleasant lives is, of course, a misrepresentation of the truth. It’s not as though Americans have always lived in comfort. Our current level of comfortable living comes from past generations of Americans who worked long, hard hours in fields and factories, and many current citizens continue to do the same hard work today. This effort and its dedication to serving future generations is why America has achieved the most pleasant living standard in the world.

Greg Gutfeld, a co-host on the Fox program, The Five, has often complained about the way these invading immigrant forces coming across our border are enjoying life on the backs of working, saving and investing Americans, and if the influx continues, all people residing in America will see their standard of living reduced as the burden on those still working is increased to the breaking point by the demands of those happily accepting welfare in this land of alleged milk and honey. But the gravy train can’t last forever, and the goodies are not free: someone has to pay for them. However, Democrats tell their new subjects, both immigrants and young American students, that the selfishness of Americans will have to end and that the good life for all immigrants is just a vote away, as long as the vote is for a Democrat candidate.

The truth is that the people being mistreated here are the working, tax paying citizens of this nation, and if the trend continues, as the liberals hope it will, America will begin to look like one of the hellholes from which the current influx of immigrants is escaping. In fact areas of California are already beginning to look like a third-world nation, with tons of human waste being scooped from hobo camps and thousand of drug needles being disposed of, in the middle of one of the formerly most beautiful parts of the world.

But they’re Democrats, and that’s what they do.

When Sanctuary From Evil Becomes Sanctuary From Justice

The reason liberals originally established sanctuary cities was to provide actual and real  sanctuary from the poverty generated by the police states and dictatorial governments that the incoming immigrants were trying to escape.

But now these sanctuary seekers are biting the hand that they expect to feed them, and the only sanctuary being sought, now that they are safely in the United States, well fed, indoctrinated, politically motivated in anti-Trump rhetoric, protected by liberal Democrats and feeling entitled to even more benefits, is sanctuary from justice and protection from the mean ole Trump administration, as the federal policing agencies attempt to capture violent criminals in their midst.

In other words, these former cities, and now entire states, of real sanctuary have become a hiding place for violent criminals, and this horror story, and its accompanying constitutional crisis, was caused by liberal Democrats in their search for future dependents to vote for their leftist, Democrat candidates, in exchange for getting the often fearful and uncertain immigrants settled into the wonderful life of welfare dependence, where they will live in yet another state of imposed poverty, this one under American, Democrat rule.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Libs Progress From Offering Sanctuary From Threats Abroad To Needing Sanctuary From Threats Within

Thinking Americans will fondly recall the old (well at least as old as last year, given the frequency with which liberal Democrats are finding things to hate about America in the first year of the Trump administration) leftist screed that the illegal immigrants flowing like water across our borders were simply seeking “asylum“, then they renamed it “sanctuary”, from a foreign, oppressive, poverty-plagued, tyrannical government, and they claimed these unfortunate people were coming to America simply to find a place where they could raise their families in an environment of peace and opportunity.

Then Donald Trump was elected and liberals suddenly and gleefully took great offense in his identifying the foreign illegal immigrant invaders as refugees simply trying to escape foreign “hellholes”. The Democrat jargon immediately switched from these illegal immigrants needing sanctuary from the foreign rulers, to needing sanctuary from the President of the United States. Liberals were, of course, eager to identify a new crisis that they could politicize and profit from, so they began setting up “sanctuary” cities and then “sanctuary” states, that would protect these mostly-peaceful invaders of our borders from the evil Donald Trump. Another way of expressing the sanctuary lie is that liberals were protecting their future voters from the laws duly passed by the legislature of the United States. In still other words, they were and are breaking federal law.

What really happened is that liberals set up fictitious areas of refuge, called areas of “sanctuary”, that we now know are protecting murderers, thieves and wife beaters from justice, and it allows these criminals to continue to prey on the peaceful illegals also residing in sanctuary cities, with no fear of being arrested and put behind bars nor of being deported for their crimes.

So now the illegal aliens are securely ensconced in the United States where they can cast votes for Democrat candidates and assure a Democrat majority for the next fifty years, and the pivot in their ridiculous “sanctuary” scheme is that immigrants are being protected by liberal mayors and governors from any obstruction to their being illegally given a right to vote so they can become the new welfare class living in fear and poverty under Democrat tutelage, kind of like the old urban, poor, blacks that were kept on the Democrat plantation for so many years, and who are now finding employment, rising again to the middle class and approaching full employment after being liberated by the Trump administration, from the former Democrat entrapment.

One has to give Democrats credit for finding new voters to keep them in office, and now is a time when scandals and illegal acts from the top levels of the Obama administration, along with Trump’s reduced tax rates and the resulting improved job market, are reducing the Democrats’ chances of ever again gaining power from English-speaking and English-reading Americans. The new under-class residing in sanctuary cities and states only know that now they are getting enough to eat, their kids are in school, they are getting free healthcare and are getting welfare checks, and since many can neither understand nor read English, they don’t know that they are being taken advantage of by crooked Democrats and will in due course find themselves in a new form of hellhole in these liberal enclaves.

One hopes that our government will put these criminal Democrat “sanctuary” leaders in jail, soon.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Former Supreme Justice Reveals Anti-Constitution Bias

Don’t Supreme Court Justices have to swear to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States? If they don’t have to, they should. After all, it’s their job to interpret things happening in our society today and judge them against the constitution to determine if they obey the constitution or are in contradiction to it.

So it was somewhat a surprise to hear a former Justice of the Supreme Court, John Paul Stevens, say that he would like to see the second amendment of the constitution repealed. I would like to see a legal scholar research the decisions of former Justice Stevens and see how he decided when cases involving the second amendment came before the court while he was a member. If he decided that the second amendment could be interpreted as denying people to own guns then it’s probable that he always held a position in contradiction to the amendment, and that would be a violation of his oath as a justice.

It’s long been a tradition for liberal judges to decide constitutional issues based on their opinion and prejudice, not on the wording of the constitution, but to have a former justice announce that he doesn’t agree with the constitutional wording of the nation’s founders, suggests that liberal judges just want to do away with our constitution and make up rules as they go along and thereby change society as the see fit at the time.

We need more conservative judges on the Supreme Court, and the lower courts as well, so we can have a fully functioning constitution: Make America Constitutional Again.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

In Chicago The Carnage Continues, But It Doesn’t Stop Liberals From Wanting More

HEADLINE: Seventeen students dead in Parkland, Florida Shooting.

NO HEADLINE: One Hundred Fifty Six young men dead in Chicago shootings.

One might well ask what the difference is between the two events listed above in the imaginary newspaper headlines, and why are there no headlines for the 156 young people killed in Chicago since the occurrence of the Parkland, Florida shootings, in which the smaller fatality rate of 17 students was reported, and reported, and reported. The reason is that Chicago is a proud, supposedly safe and secure gun-free city, and all of its 156 shooting victims were black men. That‘s why the liberal news organizations are silent on the carnage occurring in the gun-free, sanctuary city of Chicago. But the opportunity to make political hay out of the Florida shootings really gets their anti-gun juices, and their newsprint, flowing.

It’s  much easier to get emotions riled when white, or at least white-but-dark-skinned children are killed than when black gang members are killing each other. And this statistic undermines too, the liberal, lying talking point that when you get rid of guns you get rid of gun deaths. Actually when you get rid of guns, you leave only the bad guys in possession of guns, so you leave the way open for more killings by really bad people who are then free to attack people with no defense except to throw rocks and hide in the closet, as at least one teacher suggested is a good defense against a rifle.

When real statistics get in the way Liberals just ignore them and press on with their misleading, dishonest presentation. They don’t want people talking about black killings so they pretend they don’t happen. They pretend that gun-free zones, like Chicago, protect their citizens from gun deaths, so they pretend the deaths aren’t happening. The evidence is clear, that if we get rid of guns, every town in America will look more like Chicago.

And then we come to the subject of racism and Democrats and we know why the daily killings in Chicago are not used to sponsor parades and day-long TV spots in support of getting rid of guns. Liberal Democrats don’t care if black people are dying so they concentrate elsewhere and attack Republicans and conservatives for wanting to preserve our second amendment rights, as a distraction from their own racist practices.

But Democrats don’t want to get rid of a problem like guns and racism, they just want to use and exploit these events. For most people, when a situation gets-as-bad-as-it-can-get, they will stop the old, failing ways and try something new. But Democrats want the continuation of the anti-gun agenda to get support from their rabble, so they’ll never face the fact that guns in the hands of honest people provide protection and are not harmful to anyone. They don’t want the gun controversy to end, they are getting too much CNN, on-air, time with things as chaotic as they are.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Liberals Appear Confused About The Anti-Gun “Children’s March”

Last weekend’s “Children’s March”, advertised by liberals Democrats as initiating a revolution, exclusively under control and at the direction of teenagers, to get rid of guns in America, demonstrates to any thinking adult that liberals are somewhat confused about the value they place on children. It depends on whether the children serve any immediate political purpose to liberals, or not, as to the value they place on them.

For the big liberal group oddly named Planned “Parenthood“, the only value of children is when they are aborted and their body parts are sold to the highest bidder. But last weekend’s Children’s March in Washington was nevertheless dedicated to the children who survived the Parkland shooting in Florida, and most of them did survive, thankfully.  The obscene twist on the occasion and the dedication of this event to children, is that  a child’s possibility of survival past the womb stage is slight and unlikely after being placed in Planned Parenthood’s clutches. Schools are a safer place for children to be, even when there’s shooting going on, than the Planned Parenthood premises.

If Planned Parenthood hadn’t had their way with ending children’s lives for the last 17 years, they really would be able to mount a revolution, considering the total number of all children aborted during this period of time.  Just think of the additional tens of thousands of revolutionaries the Democrats would be able to indoctrinate and assemble today, to burn buildings and throw bombs, if they had not aborted all of the young lives that have been taken these last several years.

And the pretense that the recent march was thought of and brought about by the “children” is a farce. All of the logistics of getting governmental approval for the parades, renting and assembling the busses, having the pretty protest signs printed up, getting CNN and MSNBC to dedicate an entire day to TV coverage of the various events; all of this was done by Democrat operatives and professional mob-renters, not students.

Friday, March 23, 2018

White Privilege Is Making a Comeback, But It’s Really Liberal Privilege

Recently one of the surviving students from the Parkland, Florida, school shooting took on the task of explaining how white privilege is to blame for any of our nation‘s problems, but especially how whites are just plain mean. Of course this student has been thoroughly indoctrinated by leftist teachers and leftist, Democrat operatives and is just regurgitating the liberal side of things. So in that light, I’d like to make some non-leftist observations on this wholly created and overblown theory of white privilege, and use those observations to accuse the left of being the real and actual supremacists, whether they be black or white or white-Hispanic or whatever:

The proof of liberal, Democrat supremacy, in which poor people, both black and white, are mistreated, is to be found in the various welfare programs which are way too numerous in America. The unfortunate people trapped in these programs are needed by Democrats for the votes they render that keep Democrat politicians in office. Therefore, welfare has been made too pleasant and lacks the shame that once kept people from resorting to this trap as a way of life. When people are on welfare they lack the exhilarating feeling of accomplishment that one gets from working, supporting a family, achieving success and hopefully becoming somewhat wealthy. The Democrat party is using these people for their own, selfish, political ends. It’s true that most Democrat power brokers are white, but all of them, whether black or white,  are liberals, so the cause of welfare recipients’ misery is due to Liberal Privilege.

Planned Parenthood kills numerous babies each year, either just because they can, or in order to sell the baby parts they harvest as a result of their efforts. It’s been long known that the originator of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, implemented her movement as a way of getting rid of the black race by killing their babies. So Ms Sanger got the abortion ball rolling using black babies, and liberals expanded the murderous practice to all races; of course there’s no racism involved with these Privileged Liberal policies.

Non-violent illegal aliens live in constant fear of being attacked by violent illegal aliens, and the sanctuary city calamity that is protecting the violent illegals was of course begun by white liberals who exercised their privilege by pretending to welcome any and all illegals into the country as long as they would vote Democrat in each and every election. That’s who liberals are, and that’s what they do. So peaceful illegal aliens suffer and have to live under the threat and fear of the violent illegals, because American Democrats, exercising Liberal Privilege, need their vote.

In a prosperous society, welfare can survive because it takes a relatively small portion of the total budget of the government in order to sustain it. But after the reign of Obama with his doubling of America’s debt in just eight years, America’s national debt continues to increment and shows no hint of stopping soon. So before too long our debt will reach the breaking point, and the poorest and least well-situated citizen or non-citizen among us will be hurt worst by the enormous interest rate our government will have to pay in order to get more international loans to continue its spending. So anyone on welfare  and the as-yet unborn will be hit first and hardest as our government runs out of money and begins to disintegrate. Thanks be to Obama, a true Liberally Privileged person.

Again, in reference to the Democrat welfare scheme that has locked so many poor Americans in such a state of despair, failure and non-accomplishment, for a single mother to get approval to receive welfare payments, she must not have a man in the house. We know that there are men around because the women keep having more children in order to increase their income and government welfare benefits, but heaven forbid that the rules would force them to stop having additional fatherless children. No, the rules of Liberal Privilege Democrats instead demand that there be no man of record in the household to help raise and provide for the children. The result of this thoughtless provision is that the children of welfare mothers are more likely than the average child to commit crimes, too likely to be killed in gang wars, and they are destined to eventually create more welfare-bound single mothers, and this cycle of failure and depravity, based mainly on the fatherless family, continues to be sustained by Democrats. As stated above, this all comes from white Democrats who think the world needs them and their privilege of ruling over the lesser-races.

The racism of low expectations has been much spoken of. Democrats and their Liberal Privilege think that blacks and other minorities cannot make it on their own, but need help from white Democrats, who will gladly give them money and stuff, as long as the politician gets their vote in return. This is pure and simple racism and Liberal Privilege coming from liberal Democrats.

The only actual, real privilege I’m aware of is Hillary Clinton thinking she deserves the presidency and Chelsea Clinton, just out of college, being awarded a six-figure income from NBC for which she did nothing the entire year of the contract. And she got this rather high salary simply because she is a Clinton and the leftist liberal news agents at NBC wanted the favorable, handy access to and contact with the first family of American crime.

The only privilege in this declining society of ours is Liberal Privilege, the kind of privilege that Barack Obama got without question for eight years as he destroyed and Fundamentally Transformed America, and this outrage must end NOW!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Democrats Reincarnate Past Events For Their Political Benefit

1. When Bill Clinton was believably being accused of rape and was afraid of his womanizing hurting his presidential bid, Hillary fired up the Bimbo Eruption team to intimidate, attack and publicly embarrass Bill’s accusers. But when someone like Stormy Daniels claims to have had a past relationship with Donald Trump, none of which relationships were performed in the Oval Office with young White House interns and all of which were consensual, Democrats celebrate her courage for coming forward, believe every word she says and insists that Trump leave office now.

2. When Obama was caught on a hot mic begging Vladimir Putin to give him time to get re-elected so he could do Putin’s bidding, Democrats said not a word about this obvious act of collusion. But in spite of there being no known act to justify charges, and after over a year of intense investigation by Robert Mueller finding no corroborating evidence, the Democrats crow daily about Trump’s imagined Russian collusion.

3. When Obama congratulated Vladimir Putin upon his re-election as the ruler of Russia, Democrats claimed it was just the polite thing to do for a major international figure. But when Trump congratulates Putin for his re-election, the liberal press paints Trump as being a fool and treats the event as proof of his collaboration with Russia.

4. When Obama failed to obey the Supreme Court decision that only the federal government, and not the state of Arizona, could enforce or make policy rulings regarding immigration laws, he chose to disregard the Supreme Court and to NOT enforce any immigration or border control laws at all, and the liberal press watched silently as America was inundated with illegal aliens. But when Trump disregards a staffer’s suggestion that he not congratulate Putin on his re-election, the liberal press calls Trump a fool, states that he knows nothing about international relations and describes his administration as being in chaos.

5. While Bill Clinton was being investigated by special counsel Ken Starr for various affronts to disciplined, decent behavior, Clinton operatives in the liberal press and the Democrat party called Starr a pervert and a sex fiend for digging up all of the dirt on Bubba Bill, but if Trump makes even a slight negative reference to Mueller and his year-long fishing expedition against the Trump presidency, which has discovered no evidence at all of improper behavior, the Democrats want Trump removed from office.

6. When the Obama campaign team used social media resources to reach and increase supporters to his cause, he was called a genius for his wise and innovative use of such data. But when the Trump team uses the same data for his presidential effort, he’s accused of invading privacy, of having stolen the data for his illegal use, etc, and the Democrats insist on a complete investigation of Trump‘s untoward political actions.

7. When Bill Clinton was being pursued by various women for mistreating them, the Democrats said that those charges had nothing to do with Clinton’s wise decisions and actions as president and were irrelevant to his office. But when Trump has a single woman say that he broke a contract with her, Democrats scream that Trump is not presidential and should be impeached.

8. While still a senator, Barack Obama was photographed with the hateful and violent racist, Louis Farrakhan, as they laughed and chuckled it up, probably at the expense of Farrakhan’s much despised “evil Jews“, and the Democrats caused the photograph to be buried for ten years until Obama was safely out of office.  But Democrats call Trump a racist for just drawing breath each day.

The modern, post-Obama Democrat party has become a third-world, lying, America-hating, undemocratic movement made crazy-insane by the election of Donald Trump and the rejection of the Obama-lite candidacy of Hillary Clinton. Anyone who in the least wants America to remain a free, prosperous nation, must get behind Donald Trump and work for the defeat of his various enemies, the least of whom is Robert Mueller.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Oops! Libs Foiled Again, When A Gun PREVENTS A Killing Spree

The latest school mass shooting, this time in Maryland, was brought up short of the number of students killed in the Florida school shooting a month ago, by the only thing that can  assure the end to such an event: a good guy with a gun, and the courage to use it.

Notice I didn’t say that the gun stopped the killing, unlike liberals who always blame the gun, and not the shooter, for any shooting, by repeating the old crap of “guns kill people”. But don’t expect liberals to now say that in cases like this one “guns save people”, because they are radical ideologues who are mentally unable to look at or think about any thing or any policy not pushed by Barack Obama or the idiots Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi or Charles Schumer, and reach an independent, self-arrived-at conclusion as to its value or detriment to society.

But to repeat my point, the gun in the hands of the Maryland School Resources Officer stopped the school shooting and limited the harm to the students in the building. One only hopes that other school districts adopt this plan for a “gun protected zone” to replace the many “gun free zones” that are not only not protecting schools across America, but seem to be attracting demented attackers to them.

Guns are only as good or bad as the person pulling the trigger. One could easily extend this logic to national defense, where we spend billions of dollars to build defensive missiles to protect the nation from an enemy’s offensive missiles. And if the defensive missile is sufficiently sophisticated, it will deter any future attack from a rogue nation, thereby ending the threat of an attack even being attempted or initiated.

Although the Maryland shooting has to be reported to the public, one hopes the name and all personal aspects of the shooter’s life and identity are withheld from public reporting, thereby taking the glamour out of such an attack and hopefully deterring any future nut-case from repeating this type of crime for the fame and the celebrity status they feel it may give them.

One hates to get political in such matters, but everyone should be reminded of the Bernie Sanders follower who shot House Republicans a few months ago and nearly killed Steve Scalese, as they were assembled in a DC suburb to play baseball. In that event the gun in the hands of Mr. Scalese’s body guard killed the attacker. The liberal fake news media did not report that event to the extent they would have otherwise, because it ended when a good gun killed a bad guy, but they kept it under wraps and didn’t blow it into a political football they could use against Donald Trump and the NRA because a practicing, believing liberal, committed the crime.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

With Trump In Charge, The Swamp Gets Smaller

First James Comey bit the big one when President Trump fired his lying, politically motivated rear end, then Trump fired Andrew McCabe before he could begin collecting retirement and become a further burden to American taxpayers. There were also smaller fish who were demoted or who resigned when they saw the constitutional writing on the wall, and got out before they could be fired for dishonesty and political malfeasance while doing their jobs. There are still a great many swamp-dwelling leftists occupying positions of importance and influence in the judiciary and the Department of Justice, but maybe these people realize that the Trump administration will not permit the big guys to exercise dictatorial power and do whatever they want to do, and hopefully they will straighten out their act and begin performing law-enforcement duties in a lawful manner.

Next, Attorney General Jeff Sessions should make the statement that the lack of evidence  produced so far by Mueller, along with the findings of the DOJ Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, which findings tell us that the entire collusion scam was bought and paid for by the Hillary campaign, that the FBI did numerous things that are illegal and were politically motivated in order to convince the FISA court to allow the Dossier to be considered reliable, verified evidence, so that the illegal surveillance of Trump could begin; and that all of this evidence calls for Sessions to reverse his decision to recuse himself. Then Sessions should immediately fire Mueller and stop the invasion of privacy that Trump, his staff and his hotel business are having to undergo, given the absence of any evidence of any collusion after fourteen months of investigations.  Getting rid of the special counsel would lower the swamp a few more inches.

The government should also give Michael Flynn two million tax free dollars as compensation for having lost most of his savings and wellbeing while being hounded by the Mueller gang, which  harassment caused Flynn to have to sell his home and nearly go bankrupt trying to pay exorbitant fees to high-priced Washington lawyers, for the mortal sin of supporting Donald Trump for president. That’s the kind of people liberal Democrats are.

The problem with important, powerful government officials who are feted and fawned over, is that it is nearly impossible to get their attention. Well, Donald Trump now has their attention, and they know that the law and the constitution will be followed under his leadership. But the next major stumbling block will be the leftist fools extending  sanctuary for illegal aliens and protecting criminals from justice in their ultra-liberal bastions of blue. Once the Trump administration has put these nut-cases in federal prison for their illegal activities, maybe our nation can get back to being great again.

But the effort to get rid of ambitious, crooked politicians will be a long-lasting undertaking because one thing you can say about liberals is that their need for power and control over other citizens drives them to the most exhausting lengths necessary to gain and retain that control. Even though Andrew McCabe should be embarrassed for the public exposure of the illegal and improper things he’s done in his attempts to keep Trump out of office, he’s already claiming that this entire DOJ/Obama administration Dossier scam is Trump’s fault, and he put forth the statement that, to a thinking person’s mind, proves his guilt in this entire matter, when he said that his firing was proof that Trump is trying to undermine the Mueller investigation. So after himself being investigated by his own board of professional ethics and after being accused of illegally and improperly leaking investigative information to the press, he’s still claiming, as all good liberal Democrats do, that it’s Trump’s fault. Welcome to the DC swamp at its most filthy.

So even after a year of an intense investigation, and after the FBI and the DOJ tried repeatedly to generate proof of Trump’s collusion with Russia, and after the public has seen evidence of FBI investigators attempting to keep Trump out of office or assure his impeachment if he should actually take office, one of the top, just-fired FBI agents still expresses his political opinion that Trump is guilty and should be removed from office. This sort of thing is simply chilling and shows how close the nation came to a dictatorship during the Obama administration.

Conservatives just want to be left alone to prosper and seek happiness in their achievements and their families, unlike liberals for whom material possessions and family relations alone are not enough to satisfy their quest for power and control. All American citizens can do is get ready for a battle and show support for Donald Trump as he champions our cause and meets the enemy in mortal combat.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Wow, The Democrat “Big Blue Wave Coming” Certainly Is Diminutive

The usual blowhards on the left were puffing up and reassuring the liberal rabble recently with their predictions that Donald Trump had upset the nation, that he is unfit for the presidency, that the Republicans are losing ground in the House and Senate, that the Trump administration is in chaos, and aside from that, a big blue wave of elected Democrats is already on the horizon and moving this way fast, and it will swamp the Republicans and end the Republican political domination in Washington. Oh, and it’s easy to forget, Trump is a racist.

Well, one learns over time that even the most unexpected things can happen, and after listening to the crowing from Democrats in 2016 about the inevitable Hillary election, and in fact even as late as election night in November, 2016, all of the polls showed Hillary winning handily over Trump, and all of the smart set on CNN and MSNBC were congratulating Hillary in advance for her win, soon to come, and the likes of Robert Mueller and his entire Trump-collusion investigating team were making plans to attend Hillary’s grand election celebration. And then she lost.

Lately the Democrats have been boasting about a certain, hands down victory blow-out win in this week’s Pennsylvania House special election, but here it is three days after the election was held and the lead is so small for the Democrat candidate, two-tenths of a percentage point was the last status I saw, plus some polling place irregularities are being investigated by the Republicans, that even this election may not end up being won by the candidate of the left. But the closeness of the vote certainly does not indicate a bright future for the party of the Clinton duo and Barack Obama.

But I encourage Democrats to keep looking for that blue wave, and keep bad-mouthing Trump’s tax reduction for middle America; keep blaming him for North Korea’s nuclear threats to Hawaii, Guam, Japan and South Korea; keep blocking ICE from trying to arrest criminal aliens to prevent them from killing again; keep hiding bad people in your idiotic sanctuary cities; keep releasing alien criminals and protecting them from prison or deportation; keep giving the vote to illegal aliens; keep giving free healthcare to illegal aliens; keep giving welfare benefits to illegal aliens; keep pushing for a prohibition of all guns from American citizens; keep allowing the FBI to present false evidence in the Trump-collusion debacle; keep harassing Trump with this unsightly Mueller investigation, and you’ll see a wave coming, but it will be a wave of good-bye to your sorry, leftist rear ends after your political party and its criminal, unconstitutional, anti-America agenda is defeated, again.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

From Guns To Kids: Just Pawns In The Liberal’s Political Game

Yesterday, March 14, 2018, many school children were released from school to march and protest for school safety in memory of the seventeen students who were killed in Florida a few weeks ago. The sentiment was fine, but this blatantly political move of leftists is sickening.

Since the mission of this little outing was school safety, the liberal organizers showed poor judgment and little concern for their own students’ safety by letting them out to march, one might even say, play, in the traffic. We heard that in the DC area some kids were blocking traffic on Interstate 95 and the Belt highway. That’ll sway local DC residents trying to get to work or pick up younger children from daycare and will encourage them to think favorably about the organizers’ side of the gun/child endangerment argument. And what does blocking traffic have to do with gun safety, anyway?

The organizers in this effort were encouraging the young people to make illogical, emotional arguments so the students can feel good about themselves and pretend to be “grown-up” like the teachers and the organizers, but all I saw from this typical leftist demonstration was the teachers trying to get the students to make the leftist points the teachers have been feeding them in class the last month, which would enable the teachers to feel good about themselves, too, knowing that they and their immature arguments, and their ignorance of our nation’s Bill of Rights, think right along the same lines as the students. That way the teachers can be assured they’re agreeing with equals and be proud of their anti-constitution efforts.

The teachers should try discussing the subject with adults for a change instead of feeding words to kids and then nodding their heads in agreement when the students regurgitate those words back to them. The subject is much more nuanced than the teachers realize, and the subject-matter goes deeper than a 7th grade debate team.  But emotion satisfies Democrats because they really believe they’ve “made a difference” and contributed to a solution, when all they’ve done is muddy the water and make the situation worse.

In actuality the organizers of this idiotic demonstration were just more anti-Trump, leftist Antifa fighters and burners without the masks, and Occupy Wall Street punks minus the rape tents, and the entire student march was child abuse and child endangerment, and these fools should be put in jail for their offenses against the children.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Democrats Are “Concerned” About Trump Getting The “Right People In Place”. But I’m Not.

Now, with several Trump administration positions having been vacated in the last few days, the liberal Democrats, in an obvious, cheap attempt to dump criticism on their worst enemy, Donald Trump, are wringing their hands about Trump not being able to “get the right people in place”. It’s true that Barack Obama didn’t have the same level of turnover in his administration, but that’s more a sign of leftists all being in agreement as to how to “Fundamentally Transform America” along the lines passed down to us from Karl Marx, than a concern for a smoothly functioning government.

As proof that Obama had fewer vacancies than Trump, but that his administration did a much worse job of preserving our constitution, our wealth and our liberties, I would offer the following list:

1. Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress for not allowing the legislative branch see records related to the horrible scandal of Fast and Furious, and Obama remained silent on the matter of the first contempt charge being registered against a sitting Attorney General.
Attorney General Holder also nationalized several police forces throughout the country, beginning with the Ferguson, Mo., police department, thereby taking control of a locally-controlled force and shaping it to be a leftist, police-hating department that would allow criminals to run free for fear of upsetting the Black Lives Matters movement, along the lines of  our modern-day sanctuary cities schemes, which idea gained popularity later.

2. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the Obama appointee, if Democrats will recall, who employed an illegal and unsecured email system that allowed our national enemies to access her classified messages and do untold subversive things with the classified information they contained. She even intentionally passed along classified messages to her minions, messages that they didn’t have the clearance to see, and then lied, under oath, to the FBI about her illegal actions.
Hillary Clinton also sold a large portion of America’s Uranium supply to Russia in exchange for over a hundred million dollars of contributions to the Clinton family slush fund and Global Initiative.

3. Obama’s IRS  leader, Lois Lerner, illegally prevented Republicans and other conservatives from using the IRS laws to their advantage, but she allowed Democrats to use the law to their full tax benefit. This is the height of political corruption, and Obama let it slide.

4. Obama’s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, went public several times in order to cover up the Benghazi scandal and the American lives that were lost there, and we still don’t know what happened that night, nor do we know why Barack Obama was missing-in-action during the entire event.

5. Omama’s Healthcare czar, Ezekial Emanual, was successful in unconstitutionally and illegally depriving Americans of their chosen healthcare plan and forced Obamacare on them, to their great economic and personal health disadvantage.

6. The Obama administration introduced their leftist Promise Program, which phonied-up crime statistics in an attempt to show a sharp reduction in minority crime rates under the Obama presidency, but only accomplished such an outcome on paper, and this farce ultimately led to the Florida school shooting in which seventeen students were killed by a young man with an Hispanic name, but he was not investigated because the Promise Program paid the police to ignore such suspicions of minority threat.

7. The Obama administration not only allowed Iran to continue to develop a nuclear weapon, but it helped that cause along by giving the Mullah’s a cargo plane full of a billion-and-a-half dollars of various nation’s cash currencies.

8. The Obama administration expressed an intention to “contain” ISIS as this evil force raped and murdered its way across the Middle East. Whomever was advising Obama had no intention of containing these mass murderers for a second.

9. The Obama administration illegally and unconstitutionally opened up our southern border to masses of invaders, and allowed Democrat mayors to set up sanctuary cities in order to protect the illegal alien criminals that flowed across our borders by the tens of thousands.

10. The Obama administration increased regulations and taxes on American businesses to the point that unemployment increased heavily as corporations were burdened by the job-killing regulations, and were also hit hard by healthcare costs following the passage of Obamacare.

11. Obama appointed at least two Supreme Court justices based not on their standing with the Bar Association, but based exclusively on their sex, politics and ethnicity.

The Trump administration has been more successful at getting its promised agenda in place in its first year than most administrations have accomplished in four years, and in doing so Donald Trump has done more to restore prosperity and liberty to America than  any president in history. With Trump’s concentration on the American constitution and obeying the laws of the land, thinking people are not worried about a little movement among his cabinet, the various Secretaries and his White House staff. Liberal administrations only appoint people to official positions who are willing to push for the “Fundamentally Transform of America”, and that process leads to corruption of the most severe sort for a constitutional democracy.

Call me old fashioned, but I’ll take a patriot like Trump any day, staff shake-ups and all, over an America-hater and constitution-denier like Barack Obama.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

What’s Good For The Democrat Goose, Is Not Acceptable For The Republican Gander

As conservative radio talk show host Chris Plante is fond of saying: “If Democrats didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all“. So with that principle in mind I have the following “standards” observations to comment on:

1. For Bill Clinton, lying, even lying under oath to a federal judge, was good because liberals inform us that people often lie in order to avoid telling someone the truth for fear of hurting their feelings. So lying to Democrats is a good thing.
However, for Republicans, if there’s the slightest hint of an untruth being represented, the Republican should be driven out of town, tarred and feathered.

2. Special investigation are a good tool to root out anything about Republicans that liberal Democrats don’t like. But when Ken Starr was investigating Bill Clinton, he, Mr. Starr, not the one who committed the acts, was branded as being a sexual pervert for uncovering Bill’s numerous and sundry sexual transgressions and low dealings and making them public knowledge.

3. When a Democrat is being investigated for sexual peccadilloes,  the tainted act is considered to be personal only and did not hinder the Democrat in doing his job at all. If a Republican is found to have strayed, he’s called a repeat offender of women, a perverted enemy of women, and is accused of leaving himself open for blackmail if the wrong people were to find out about the offense and hold it over his head.

4. If a Democrat president is accused of any fault, the accuser is reminded that this noble political servant is reshaping and reforming a great economy that is serving the nation, and therefore he should be left alone to “do the people‘s work“. But in the case of Donald Trump, who has just overseen the strongest economy and the highest stock market recovery in many years, Democrats claim that the economy is irrelevant and that President Trump’s economy is just building on the ever-more-quickly-expanding economy that Obama left behind, so Trump is fair game for criticism and investigation.

5. Rohm Emanual is famous for having said “never let a crisis go to waste”. So Democrats set about causing crises from every side so they can politicize them and gain points for “caring”. Examples would include the immigration crisis; the sanctuary cities crisis; the national debt crisis; the police killings crisis; the school gun shooting crisis; the North Korea talks crisis; the steel and aluminum tariff crisis, which, instead of actually being a crisis, as the Democrats claim, is in reality serving the Union workers who are the main source of income for the Democrat Party.

6. Illegal immigrants are given a place of “Sanctuary” from punishment for their crimes in many liberal-run cities, but American citizens and patriots, having no such place to find sanctuary, are expected to sit back quietly and watch our constitution, our laws and our economy be trampled by the political left while being verbally abused by Democrats for not having any compassion for the under-privileged and poor people of other countries and for not understanding the hobo camps of druggies and disturbed people in formerly beautiful cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco.

7. Bill Clinton skated free and easy from the charges of rape and for his conviction for lying under oath about his liaison with a young White House intern, but the slightest suggestion of some sort of completely voluntary relation with an adult women by a Republican politician gets him branded as unpresidential, an abuser of women, unbalanced mentally, and an overall bad person who must leave office immediately.

8. When guns are used in America’s too-frequent mass shootings all hell breaks loose among Democrats accusing the IRA of causing the attack, blaming the Republican president for allowing this to happen on his watch, and they make demands to remove all guns from the hands of all American citizens. But when it’s Steve Scalese and other Republicans who are shot and nearly killed by a supporter of the Socialist Bernie Sanders, one can hear a pin drop for the silence coming from the Democrat side of the aisle.

9. The United States’ constitution protects the rights of Democrats (an example would be the lying, Fake news liberal press whose right to report lying stories is assured by the constitution), but when it comes to protecting the constitutional rights of Republicans  (the second amendment is a good example), constitutional protection is irrelevant.

10. “S**t hole“, third world nations and poverty-laden back-country towns are garden spots per Democrats, who express love for them and think they are beautiful, as long as you don’t expect Democrats to take their families to these “s**t hole” places and spend a miserable week there trying to avoid robbery, stay healthy, locate clean water, obtain food that hasn’t spoiled due to a lack of refrigeration, and generally trying to remain alive during the visit.

11. Democrats see a simple and logical case to make when they propose taking guns away from law-abiding Americans for crimes they didn‘t commit, but to expect sanctuary cities to allow ICE to pick up criminal illegal aliens and get these criminals off the streets of America is not only racist in their opinion, but they are unable to comprehend the issue from a constitutional perspective and discuss it reasonably.

12. Idiot television talk show personalities on The View think Mike Pence is insane for claiming that he gets messages from God, but when Oprah Winfrey states that she is waiting for such a message from God, not a word is uttered in criticism.

13. Liberals like to make fun of Donald Trump for not being presidential, not acting like other presidents have and should act, and for defaming the precious national press for issuing Fake News, but when we look at the series of blatant lies that Obama told (keep your plan, etc; or his statement that he hasn’t the authority to grant immunity to illegal aliens, etc) one sees a president who did everything he could to tear down a free and wealthy America, which is unlike any former president of the United States. And when one looks at Obama’s closest friends and supporters (Bill Ayers: murderer and 1960s terrorist; Louis Farrakhan: racist, Jew hater, instigator; and his pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright: racist and America hater) one can see why Obama tried to “Fundamentally Transform America” along the lines of the preferences and influence of his closest associates and advisors.

14. When it comes to accusations of rape, Democrats think women should always be believed and that just their accusations alone should be sufficient to get the alleged rapist jailed. But for Bill Clinton, his female accusers were intimidated, paid off, shamed in public, and his lovely wife Hillary formed a bimbo eruptions committee to halt such women from making claims against her husband and force them to shut up.

15. When Democrats are backed into a corner and questioned about the latest scandal of the day, they claim that the accuser is racist (if the Democrat black), or that the politician is being kept from “the people’s work” with these questions (if he’s white), or that the accuser’s accusatory words “never fed a hungry child” which was Bill Clinton’s favorite dodge when he was backed into a corner and could not defend himself.
But when Republicans are questioned and accused of a transgression and attempt to use any of the Democrats’ dodges, he’s accused of obstructing justice, or he’s performing a cover-up, or he’s guilty of collusion, whatever that means, and a special investigator must be assigned immediately so the Republican can be impeached or put in jail, anything just to be gotten rid of.