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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Mueller And Miranda: Why Everyone Must Protect Themselves From Their Own Government

Along with the hundreds of things that are wrong, very bad wrong, about the Mueller collusion investigation, it’s what happened to Mike Flynn, the Lieutenant General with over 30 years of military service whose life has been ruined by the radical Mueller hanging crew, that is perhaps the most shameful miscarriage of justice in American history.

While helping the Trump team gear up to occupy the White House following a Trump win in 2016, General Flynn was one day off-handedly asked to talk with an FBI agent without need of a lawyer, and did so with the assurance that the conversation was just among American patriots trying to get to the truth about the Russia collusion thing and was no big deal. Then, when the Mueller hanging crew found some insignificant statement of Flynn’s, not related to Trump and Russia, that was determined to be in contradiction to other information they had gathered, they lowered the boom on Flynn and threatened to ruin him and his son if he didn’t come forth with evidence against Trump, and they charged him with lying to a federal agent.

In order to protect his son from prosecution and to prevent his own further drift to bankruptcy as the government threatened him with unending legal fees, he pled guilty to the “lie” he told the agent and is now in line for sentencing, even though the FBI did not believe Flynn was intentionally lying, and even though his misstatement had no bearing on Russia or collusion and was simply due to faulty recollection. This long-time military man, who is no threat to anyone and has not committed any crime against any person or entity in this nation, has been financially ruined and could go to jail, for NOTHING!

Although it’s enjoyable to make fun of the reading of a criminals’ Miranda rights to them on a TV show (fun, because most of the time the accused are guilty of the crime in question and we know the police read such rights just to protect the officer and keep the ACLU off their backs), the Flynn incident proves the danger of trusting any law enforcement officer with your liberty and freedom. Many Americans have served on jury duty and been selected to sit for a trial and judge the validity of the testimony of the police and the accused, and most of us took the word of the officer over that of the accused. But no longer can we default to believing the sole testimony of the officer without insisting on other corroborating information.

I’m personally certain that the FBI’s persecution of Mike Flynn is 100% political, and it’s just another way to get another atta-boy for the FBI in their march to get evidence they can use against Trump. But the Flynn incident, just like the Cohen charge and the Manafort charge and the Daniels case, have nothing to do with Donald Trump/Russia nor his campaign, but can now be used by Democrats and the hate-Trump press to try to prove to Americans that President Trump is a bad person and should receive no more support from the public, and that he should instead be impeached and removed from office.

With this shocking FBI behavior now known, Americans must be on their guard when dealing with law enforcement and get a lawyer when speaking to an officer or agent. Mike Flynn is paying dearly for a simple and concocted “process” crime because he believed he was among friends whom he could trust.

Since we’ve learned about the spying of Obama on the Trump campaign; and we’ve learned about the totally fabricated Steele Dossier; and we’ve learned about the Strzok/Page agents’ intention to gather evidence that would keep Trump out of office; and since we’ve learned about the FISA court not receiving nor insisting on validated, verified evidence to support the Steele Dossier prior to allowing the FBI to spy on Trump for purely political reasons, we know that the Deep State in Washington will break any law and persecute and destroy any decent person for political reasons, and this horrific crap must stop!

Our government has turned into a nest of thieves bent on ruining the duly elected Trump administration while yawning and giving a passing nod to serious, proven crimes committed by Hillary and the DNC gang, and not a damned thing is being done to lock up this repeat criminal and her crooked pals.