Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Democrats Now Defend Law Enforcement In The Wake Of Trump’s Home Being Invaded

 We’ve heard a lot recently from the Biden administration about how noble our law enforcement agencies are, and the main police abuser, Kamala Harris, even stated that criticism of law officers is “unacceptable”.

But then one might recall Kamala’s, and the rest of the Democrat thugs, two-year effort to Defund The Police, calling police officers criminals and racists, until the resulting crime wave has finally swept the nation and has caused citizens to not even take a walk in the park from fear of being beaten, robbed or even killed outright, by the criminals who have been emboldened by the Democrat assault on our nation’s police officers. If Democrats didn’t have two sides of their mouths to speak from, they wouldn’t be able to speak at all.

The FBI raid on Trump’s Florida home was completely political and was likely a hunting expedition to find something, anything, to charge him with in order to keep his political influence out of the 2022 election, and his personal presence and candidacy out of the 2024 election, which the mental defective, lame-brained Biden pretends he’ll participate in. But when the Biden DOJ is the legal entity that is behaving badly, Americans are severely warned not to make any uncomplimentary remarks about them, or you may be next on their list.

In addition to the politically-motivated Mar-A-Lago invasion, we can’t forget the border guards that Biden personally accused of racist whippings of invading immigrants along the border, as well as the bail-outs, provided by Kamala herself, of criminals who broke the law and beat and even killed police officers in the marathon rioting and property destruction of BLM and Antifa thugs during the summer of 2020.

The Biden administration is filthy with lies and the mistreatment of law enforcement officers, but we must not criticize the FBI when the Biden DOJ orders them to, once again, go after Trump and his supporters and attempt a frame-up of a powerful opponent to Democrat abuses and misgoverning.

Friday, August 12, 2022

Have Gun, Will Audit: New IRS Agents Have A “License To Kill”

 It’s amazing that the more our radical-left government tries to take citizens’ legal guns away from them, the more guns the government employs to use against their citizens.

If the news reports provided by Fox News are correct, the IRS may be the next terrorist force to attack Americans, because they are issuing pistols to all of their agents. Evidently the penalty for a misfiled W2 form is now death by firing squad at the hands of the IRS agent in charge of the case, and we all know how handy the normal lawyer or tax accountant is with a gun. So we can expect some unintentional fatalities with the next bunch of 87,000 agents that Joey Biden hires to keep his coffers full so he can continue to spend trillions of dollars on waste-time projects that serve the radical left’s political ambitions.

Will the new IRS agents be fully trained to handle and use the thousands of weapons and the millions of rounds of ammunition that the United States Treasury has purchased for them? One seriously doubts it. Our current administration is heavily anti-gun, so one can be relatively certain that these gun-haters do so-despise firing weapons that they won’t take the time to fully train the new agents on a firing range or in a classroom.

We’ve been repeatedly told by the radical Democrat left that guns kill people, but people don’t kill people. But since 87,000 IRS agents right out of accounting school and never trained in weapons use are to be armed and deadly as they hit the streets and begin accusing American citizens of prison-punishing violations of IRS regulations, one gasps at the killing spree that could result when this new wave of 007, James Bond characters feel threatened and pump a few rounds into the mechanic who tried to use his socket wrench as a tax deductible item on his annual taxes.

Tax audits are threatening enough without the knowledge that your accusing agent is packing heat as he threatens you with a loss of home and liberty, with the cover of big government to fully protect him. The fictional character of James Bond and his “license to kill” for the British government will have nothing on Biden’s armed and “ready to kill” IRS agents, and we can readily believe that these new agents will be willing to use their government’s permission to kill Americans, especially the racist, anti-gay, hateful, white-supremacist, MAGA and ultra-MAGA Republican extremists among us, because we have witnessed the stripping of all other rights from Americans since Biden took office, with an open border depriving Americans of a safe and secure nation; the forcing of Americans to wear a mask; the mandating that all Americans be vaccinated with a new and unapproved drug that appears to be more deadly than the disease it was developed to prevent; the sky-rocketing crime rate that the Democrats’ defund the police movement caused under the Biden/Soros idea of justice that is destroying our cities; and finally the invasion of Donald Trump’s Florida residence by FBI agents, also “ready to kill” for the horrible crime of keeping documents that the Biden DOJ wants, in hope of finding, or planting, a document that they can use to get Trump convicted of anything, and sent to jail.

This is not a bad dream that we can wake up from and continue our pleasant lives. The Biden administration is literally at war with America and its constitution, and there is no awakening from this stark reality. We must vote the leftist bums out of office in November, 2022 and regain a nation of prosperity and liberty again. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

As Of Yesterday, I Believe That Rush Limbaugh Would Advise Us To Be Very Afraid Of Our Government

 Rush Limbaugh was always fearful for the loss of our liberties and freedoms with the ever-increasing growth of big, intrusive, leftist and radical government, but every time one of his callers asked him if it was time to fear for our futures under abusive presidents like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, he would always tell the caller that our system could overcome these tyrants’ abuses, and that he would tell us, from his Golden EIB Microphone, when it was time to be fearful and worried about the future.

But with the continued non-relenting abuse of Donald Trump, and the final looting yesterday by the FBI of his Florida residence of boxes full of documents, I believe that Rush would advise us to be very fearful for our liberties and fearful of the Biden administration with its new army of IRS agents and its FBI that has repeatedly done the political will of the DC administrative state with its abuse of Republicans and conservatives.

The swamp must be very afraid of Donald Trump personally and politically, because he and his family have been under constant attack, harassment and legal abuse for over five years, and the final document confiscation on August 8th is proof that they know Trump has done nothing illegal or wrong and are now searching his personal documents for the needle in the haystack that they can use to damage him with Americans, and hopefully put him in jail and get him out of their way as they further destroy this once great nation.

Rush is no longer with us, but I believe he would advise us that this is the final act for America under a constitution that protects us all, and under laws that are administered equally for all citizens, and if we don‘t vote the far-left Democrats out-of-office in the next election, we will have to learn to live under never-ending mandates and fear of imprisonment, if the fascist government growing in the White House determines that we are a threat to their power and if they want to get rid of our voices of protest.

Monday, August 8, 2022

Of Witch Doctors and Harvard Grads

 Yale- and Harvard-educated wokesters, as well as other Ivy League graduates, make up the majority of the members of Joey Biden’s Democrat White House, which is demanding that we give up the marvels provided to us by industry and science. Some of the technological marvels that these elites are demanding we sacrifice on the altar of political correctness and Joey’s Green god and gas-powered automobiles and coal-fire-powered electric air conditioners, which we use in order to avoid being burned up in the heat of summer. There were formerly four seasons we experience each year, but summer is now called warming/change season by the over-educated and common sense-deprived fools in government. We’ll likely find many of Joey’s White House elites investing heavily in Tesla and wind generation products made in China, whose products are being forced on us by the Biden administration under his mistaken science of greening America, as they drive American citizens into poverty with their unconstitutional and un-capitalistic green environmental schemes that appear more dicey and harmful the more we learn about them.

In the past few years when the city-folk elites in Washington D.C. have seen tornadoes, hurricanes and hot days, they are shocked by this natural occurrence and send up alarms of doom and lies of warming/change and claim the sky is falling. The entire Democrat political left are pushing for change to the comfortable way Americans live, with the goal of not burning up by 2030, as AOC and Bernie Sanders have promised us will happen if we don‘t kowtow to their Socialistic, dictatorial mandates.

These easily frightened and socially over-reactive city-people are similar to a tribal witch doctor who reads ashes or tea leaves and claims he can predict disaster for his people unless they give him a chicken or a bag of beans, only our current-day witch doctors are Ivy League graduates who are understood to be more sophisticated than the remainder of us plebes and can predict the future of climate and weather patterns and assure us that the world will surely burst into flames unless we follow their every edict fully and happily.

There is a great deal of difference between country people and city people. Many country people survived the dust bowl days of the 1930s and made do with the heat and the dust and the shortage of food that accompanied that miserable decade. These hardy people were made stronger for their suffering, and appreciated the few pleasures they got from life. The 1930s farmers would have had every right to claim that climate change was causing the ten-year drought, but that would have been wrong just as the political left is wrong in 2022; they were just experiencing a temporary climate/weather event that moved on with the passage of time, just like the weather we experience today is no different from what we’ve always had, and certainly no worse. But the fact that these storms are happening today gives radical Democrats leverage to insert their radical politics into the lives of Americans while they try to undermine our comfort and our freedoms with the clamp of big government.

Current-day citified Democrats cry about everything and insist on a level of perfection in the quality of life that can’t be obtained, and they want the government to give them all the things they deem to be of value in life, even if those things destroy the economic miracle that Capitalism has provided us with.

Sunday, August 7, 2022

What Free, Innovative Industry Creates, Government Taketh Away

 The beauty of capitalism is that one or many people can get rich providing enjoyment and comfort for another person or persons. Doling out enjoyment and pleasure is a rare thing in this world, and it only occurs on a large scale in Capitalist nations.

In America corporations and individuals alike have followed the Capitalist ethic and become wealthy and comfortable by providing goods and services to customers and employees. But now we’ve begun seeing socialistic government bureaucrats move in and create their own form of wealth through assured government positions and by forcing select industries out of business due to unacceptable ESG ratings. The Biden administration outlawed oil drilling and other practices normal to a free, prosperous and happy nation, via his coercive ESG measures and forced Ford and General Motors to spend billions of dollars establishing electric vehicle assembly lines that no knowledgeable person really wants or will likely buy after the woke shine wears off of them.

The air conditioning that so many people value highly in July and August is threatened by the political left’s ESG standards, because wind and solar power, both of which are an important part of ESG ratings, will not support the drain that air conditioning puts on the electric grid, and Biden’s plans are to eliminate coal and natural gas power plants in the very near future.

And the dirty little secret is that even our current electric grid, with its BTU-robust coal and gas-powered generators, cannot support a new and growing plague of electric vehicles and their power-sapping charging stations. Wind and solar power, which the idiots in the Biden administration have planned for us, will absolutely not support massive additional EV charging stations, but will cause either power outages altogether, or brown-outs and black-outs like they‘ve had in Democrat-run California for years, and a combination of all three is possible as demand overcomes production.

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

What Do Democrats Have Up Their Sleeves?

 Biden’s approval rating is in the tank. Our border is wide open for invasion. Crime in our major cities is climbing to the stars. Gasoline is at an all-time high. Inflation is out of sight. And with all of these negatives working against their success in the 2022 mid-terms, Democrats want to spend another trillion dollars on Biden’s Build Back Badder bill, which will make all of the bad news worse and the lives of American citizens even more miserable.

One wonders: how can the Democrats possibly win in 2022 and 2024 with all of this bad news and horrible performance working against them?

I’ll wager that at some point in the future we’ll discover that Democrats knew they were in danger of losing any election in which they competed, and that if the result of these elections were left to the honest outcome of the voters’ preference and their actual votes that they would lose from here to eternity.

So their plan must be to cheat in 2022 like they did in 2020 and win by fraudulent votes. There is no other answer. If they can’t win fairly, they cheat. That’s how the radical left wins elections, and that’s where the term “one vote, one person, one time” comes from. 

Our nation is doomed.