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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Why Republicans Must Impeach Obama: The Times They Are Achanging

The United States and its citizens have come a long way in the past 6 years and they now despise Obama and his unlawful, unconstitutional, lying presidency. And what’s more, they would be further alienated from him if all of the scandals and lies of his administration were presented for all to see during an impeachment hearing and the resulting trial.

Obama makes noises that dare the Republicans to impeach him, when actually the impeachment process might divert him from the totalitarian rule he plans for his last two years.  And if he began issuing additional unconstitutional orders while being impeached for that same offense, even liberals might turn against him for tarnishing the liberal banner in public.

Remember that Obama himself recently said that his policies were up for a vote during the latest midterms and the nation soundly voted his policies down. This should make it clear to Republicans that the nation wants Obama stopped, even if it means a shutdown of the government, and they elected Republicans to do it.

Republicans should also be aware that many aliens who are here legally want illegal immigration halted: illegals present bad comparisons for the legal immigrants, and this hurts their image in the minds of American citizens. And when Obama issues unconstitutional edicts he makes the United States appear similar to the banana republics that aliens are coming here to escape, and this corruption speaks poorly for America for the whole world to see and casts the legal immigrants in a negative light.

Republicans must have the courage to do the right thing and not fear the old urban legends of punishment for impeachment and government shutdowns: The times really have changed and the citizens recently demanded this move from them.  Many political ads in the last election spoke of politicians making hard decisions.  Now is the time to make such a decision and do all in their power to rid us of the Obama plague.  They’ll be richly rewarded this time for their courageous move to protect the constitution.

Monday, November 24, 2014

All Dictators Are Liberals: Maximum Control, Maximum Intolerance

There was a time in western democracies when liberals were pleasant people/politicians who genuinely wanted the best for the greatest number of citizens, and were willing to work within a representative government to achieve their goals.  In retrospect it seems that this period of innocence on the part of liberals and the un-liberal changes they’ve undergone in recent years is related to their influential positions in government and the press/media, because now that there is a leftist-liberal/progressive president in the U.S.and the major sources of “news” are largely liberal they exert maximum control over the news and actively seek control over what we, as citizens, say and do.

We can no longer have manger scenes at Christmas.  We can no longer fly the flag most places for fear of offending someone. A cross representing a tribute to American soldiers is prohibited.  We must say “work-place violence” when speaking of a terrorist attack at a military base.  We must not state that we are a Christian nation.  Obama denies that the ISIS terrorist group is Islamic (even though they think they are). Obamacare is good, period.  News about Jonathan Gruber is not allowed on some major cable news channels.  Bob Beckel has repeatedly stated that if it were his decision to make, the government would completely control healthcare in America (he would allow no freedom of choice, no competition of thought, and it appears that liberals in the media won’t report stories contrary to this liberal opinion).  The IRS “lost” emails to and from Lois Lerner concerning the denial of tax exempt status for conservative groups and all we get from the liberal press is an “oops, too bad, let’s move on” response.  Four Americans are killed in Benghazi and it’s another “oops, darn those nasty demonstrators”.  Obama lies about everything, every time and the liberal press never complains and often doesn’t even admit that lies have been told, and when it becomes overwhelmingly obvious Obama has told another lie, it’s always “both sides do it” (when Nixon was lying about Watergate conservatives complained loudly about it and opposed Nixon for being so corrupt but never tried to lessen Nixon’s offense by saying that “both sides do it”), but liberals are silent about Obama’s lies.

Modern day liberals/progressives are dangerous and intolerant and are a threat to a free, democratic society.  Once they are installed in positions of power they see themselves as owning that position and won’t allow the thought of a conservative being elected to it (remember the “Kennedy” Senate seat from Massachusetts vacated by the deceased Senator?  The message was: Conservatives need not apply).

It may be that only conservatives of a “certain age” will recall the televised news conference held by Richard Nixon during the Watergate era in which Dan Rather screamed at the top of his voice “when are you going to tell the truth?”  The press is no longer demanding the truth when their guy is president. But we conservatives at that time agreed that Nixon was wrong, and he soon resigned his office and left the national scene.  Obama would never, ever, under any circumstances resign the presidency; he has too many more “fundamental changes” to make to America in his last two years and nothing will stand in his way of destroying this nation.

The more control liberals/progressives get, the more they want and the more dangerous they become.

Friday, November 21, 2014

First Of All, Obama is A Repeat, Pathological Liar

If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.
If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.
Obamacare will save the average family $2500 a year on healthcare.
I don’t have the constitutional power to grant amnesty.
I don’t know who Jonathan Gruber is.
I’m as mad about the IRS denying conservative groups tax exemption as anyone is.
The immigration system in the United States is broken. (Actually we only need to strictly enforce current law and the vast influx of illegals would stop, but Obama will not do that.)

These are just a sampling of the numerous, blatant lies Obama has told lately.  And his executive order to make illegal aliens legal is just the latest is a series of in-our-face lies, and Americans are fed up with it.  The man simply cannot be trusted.  Americans voted a new Republican majority to the House and Senate in the latest mid-term election because of our frustration with our evil president, and we want these elected representatives to do whatever it takes (defunding Obama’s plans even if it means a government shutdown; impeach the lying fool; bring suit against him for exceeding constitutional bounds with his executive orders; or all three at once).  We want this man stopped in his tracks before he completely destroys this great nation. 

It’s been much spoken of that Republicans are afraid of a backlash if they impeach the liar-in-chief, but the latest Republican majority in both houses is a direct order  from the voters for Republicans to use every tool possible to stop Obama before he does further damage to America, and such actions will be rewarded, not punished.  But if Republicans don’t take every legal step possible to stop him, they will be voted out of office in droves in 2016 just as the Dems were rejected in 2014.  Republican legislators had better develop a greater fear of the people who vote for them, rather than the people who hate them and will never vote for them nor say good things about them.

STOP OBAMA NOW!!  We voted Republicans into office to get rid of the Obama plague and they had better not let us down.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Gruber, And Additional Proof that Government Is Too Damned Big And Intrusive

It’s obviously upsetting when we hear that one of the key creators of a legislative bill thinks that voters are stupid and must be lied to in order to get the bill passed, but that’s just the tip of the “pissed-off” iceberg.  Why would the leader of a true democracy ever feel the need to confuse, mislead and lie about a bill in order to fool the public if he truly believed in his own democracy and the dignity of the people who voted him into office?  HE WOULDN’T!  But since Obamacare was the most intrusive and unconstitutional bill ever written, the most effort was required to hide the intrusiveness and cost of it.  This bill was not only intrusive on the liberties of Americans, it also is an attack on our healthcare and financial welfare in numerous ways.

In the past we have heard legislators complain about how difficult and lengthy it is for them to actually pen the contents of a piece of legislation, and this supreme effort to legislate created the necessity for legislators to hire expensive (liberal) lawyers to create the actual bills, which in the case of at least Obamacare, they didn’t even read before they signed their approval.

But Obamacare went further than even the hiring out to lawyers the actual writing of the bill.  In this case, they let the executive branch do the writing, the selling and the lying.  We don’t even need a legislative branch of government if the president is going to write his own bills, and then modify them multiple times after approval to fit his political ambitions.

And now, when Obama has been found to be doing illegal and unconstitutional things, he doesn’t even bother lying about and selling bills, he just issues executive orders.  This is Hitlarian and an unequalled threat to a continued free and prosperous America.  And while our nation is being destroyed by this evil president, the liberal press remains silent, and even sides with him.

We must push the Republicans to oppose Obama on EVERYTHING he tries to do during his last two years in office.  This is exactly why the American voters installed a Republican majority in both houses, and they had better oppose and politically defeat the Oval Office’s attempts to make America into a Marxist state.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Attention Elizabeth And Hillary: They Didn’t Build That!

Those who pay attention to the intentional destruction of America and all that has made this nation great will recall Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton claiming that the likes of Henry Ford, Martha Stewart and Steve Jobs are not worthy of their success because the businesses they established, using their unique genius, utilized existing roads and utility sources, so they claim that “They didn’t build that” in an attempt to claim that government alone is responsible for the services, products and wealth created by entrepreneurs and not the geniuses who have helped give the United States the largest middle class in the world and make it the most prosperous and free nation on earth.

Now I’d like to turn the table on these radical left ladies (both of whom are quite wealthy, by the way, in spite of the fact that they claim wealthy people don’t deserve their wealth) and address the issue of tens of thousands of illegal aliens residing in America and getting the benefits of being here:  They didn’t build this!  They didn’t pay the taxes that built the roads that the illegals illegally drive on; they didn’t pay the taxes or raise the money that built the hospitals they use; they didn’t invest in the schools their children attend.  In reality these illegal immigrant leeches deserve none of the good life that American liberals like Elizabeth and Hillary want them to come here to enjoy.

But in the minds of leftist progressives, illegal aliens will have paid in full for the cost of residing in the United States when they have paid the required price: a vote for liberal Democrats and a vote to continue the handouts of goodies from our much-too-big government.

But probably the most dangerous threat to America is not the illegals who desperately want to be here (after all, who wouldn’t live in America and enjoy our prosperity as opposed to living in an impoverished, corrupt nation?) but the likes of liberals such as Elizabeth and Hillary whose selfish, illogical, revisionist ideas are killing this great nation.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

J’accuse: The Obama Administration Endangers Children To Enable Immigration Reform

When our Criminal-in-Chief issues the executive order to legalize those persons residing illegally in the United States, his unconstitutional action must be opposed by our elected representatives. But since the Republican senators and congressional members currently representing our failing nation are too frightened of the press and the president to take a principled stand and oppose the president on constitutional grounds, how about this for a reason to oppose and stop Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders: Whether the children who illegally came across our border from Central America in the last few months were released by their parents from Central America, or whether the parents came to the United States illegally and someone else released the children from Central America for the danger-fraught 45 day trip to the United States, either way the children were abandoned by their parents and subjected to possible injury, death, rape or enslavement on the long trek north.  Regardless of the exact circumstances, the parents who subjected their children to this abuse must never be allowed to be re-united with their children, and appropriate criminal charges must be brought against these parents for the child endangerment and abandonment that resulted from their collusion with the Obama Administration to commit this horrid act against the children and against the American people Obama was elected to serve (because this entire scheme was concocted to get tens of thousands for new Democrat voters into the United States and play on the sentiments of decent Americans to allow them to stay here.  The Obama Administration used the safety, health and welfare of these children to achieve a political objective.

The Obama Administration must be made to answer for this outrageous endangerment of innocent children for political reasons.  We can be reasonably certain that Obama was colluding illegally with foreign nationals to break US laws because of the chain of actions his administration took: First he said that US immigration laws would not be enforced in his administration; then his administration advertised for transportation for thousands of people to who were slated arrive at our borders at some point in the future; then the Central American children arrived at and crossed our borders (supposedly they found their way north and traveled for 45 days through the horror of contemporary Mexico, with no parents to be seen to guide or protect them); then the children were mysteriously whisked away to destinations unknown; and now Obama will be the knight in shining armor and reunite the parents and the children via an executive order and make them all American citizens to live happily ever after.  The parents should be sent to jail for the way they treated their children, and the Obama administration must be investigated for this evil act.

Obama is too cute by half and this evil man and his child endangerment scheme must be punished.  But will our elected representatives do anything to oppose Obama?

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Voter Fraud And Other Democrat Professional Lies Threaten Our Liberty and Democracy

Probably the most maddening and most repeated lie Democrats have expressed lately is the lie of the War On Women they attribute to Republicans, (even female Republicans), when Democrats themselves (a likely drunken Ted Kennedy caused the death of a young woman in Chappaquiddick; Bill Clinton repeatedly abused women and was accused of rape by at least one woman; Democrat welfare policies have imprisoned poor women to dependence on big government in order to survive, with no hope of work, dignity or accomplishment that would come from success and participation in the work force) are the best known culprits.

The various accusations of Republican racism are ridiculous at face value and undermine discussion of the many issues facing government, plus they threaten violence from those members of our society who believe this lie (Ferguson, Missouri is only the latest example of the danger of believing Democrat lies about white racism).  And how about the prominent blacks in the Republican party: are they racist against blacks as well?  Given the high visibility of successful black actors, musicians, athletes and business owners (and never mind our black president), the lie of racism being dominant in America, let alone being a policy of Republicans, should not survive for a minute, but because of Democrats’ repeated lies it is alive and well.

Barack Obama repeatedly said that his healthcare legislation would allow citizens to keep their doctor and their insurance plans if they liked them, and that Obamacare would save at least $2500 a year on healthcare for most families.  All lies, told often.  All intending to mislead a public who have traditionally trusted they leaders to tell them the truth about proposed legislation.  All told repeatedly by the President of the United States.  And, then a month before the 2014 mid-term elections, Obama had an interview in which he stated that lies told by Democrats running for re-election were simply “doing what they have to do to get re-elected”, and he was fine with that.  And to prove that the filth of these leftist liar’s run in a pack, Bob Beckel has repeatedly stated on the cable program The Five, that he sees nothing wrong with lying to get elected and would do it in a campaign that he was organizing as long as it didn’t “hurt people”.  But lies not only hurt people as mentioned above related to the Ferguson riots, it hurts the entire nation and causes horrible ill-will among its citizens who believe their leaders, as well as demonstrating laziness and a lack of real thought and hard work on the part of the campaign staff.

Given what we now know about liberal lies, it comes as no surprise that we are finding out more about voter fraud as committed by Democrats.  ACORN was a past (and probably present under a new name) perpetrator of voter fraud, and there have been recent examples of a more wide-spread use of this version of lying coming from frightened Democrats.  Our assumption that Democrats are using fraud to win is justified when Obama says that using lies to win is justified.  Bob Beckel stated that he would quickly resort to lies if they would give his candidate an advantage, and when Democrats in general wring their hands about voter identification laws being enacted by states, and when Attorney General Eric Holder states that his Justice Department will not enforce laws requiring improper or illegal names to be removed from state voter roles, we know what Democrat intentions are.

On a relatively lesser scale the lies from EPA administrators that their punitive environmental regulations don’t threaten businesses and don’t mean a takeover of lands and water rights of individuals in the United States are justifiably seen as lies.  And anyone who has a brain to think and eyes to see recognize the lie of Global warming/Climate Change, or whatever they call it this week.

The threat to America and our liberties and freedoms by liberal lies is obvious, but Democrats are blind to the blemish these repeated, gratuitous lies place on their own party brand.  How can their words ever be trusted again by the wider voting public after they’ve cried “wolf” so many times during this election?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ebola Treatment Must Be “Rethought”? Maybe The Government Should Have “Thought” It Through In The First Place!

Possibly the item least thought out by Dr. Frieden, director of the CDC, and the Obama administration, is their absolute refusal to halt flights incoming to the U.S. from West Africa.  This simple, common sense effort would be an obvious step among others, to possibly keep the Ebola disease out of America, but the smart set in Washington wouldn’t even consider it. So much for taking every precaution to protect the citizens of this nation by all means possible. Now they state that they will “rethink” the entire Ebola treatment/response process, two weeks after the first case hit our shores and three weeks after Obama and Frieden assured us that they had the process down to a science, that there was no way to contract the disease easily (they never even considered that the disease may mutate and become an airborne threat) and that keeping the disease out of America was a certainty.  Now we find that both of these government employees were wrong.  Maybe that will make the people suffering from the disease feel better.

Another bit of non-thought by our supreme leader is his decision to send U.S. troops to Africa for whatever stupid reason.  These troops were recently told by their brave commander-in-chief that they would absolutely not be sent to fight ISIS in Iraq or Syria (which fight is exactly why they volunteered for the military in the first place) and they now learn that they will be sent to serve in Africa as part of the Ebola effort, where it’s assured that some or all of them will become infected by the disease and not be able to fight for America’s protection at all.

The stupidity of the current administration is infinite, dangerous to America’s health and growing rapidly.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Imagine A Photograph Of A Happy, Smiling Barack Obama Posted Here With A Caption Under The Photo Asking “What Is This Man Smiling About”

The current wisdom among the smart set is that Obama is an incompetent failure who is just not paying attention to his presidential responsibilities and should be ashamed of himself for the numerous scandals he is responsible for and the generally miserable shape of the nation after six years of his presidency.  But Obama promised to “fundamentally transform America”, and how can a successful, prosperous nation be transformed without destroying its institutions, undermining its Constitution and impoverishing its people?  I believe Obama has been uniquely successful in his efforts to ruin our nation and he is smiling with good reason.

Our nation now has nearly half of its population on some form of government assistance; we have a hemorrhagic disease fresh from Africa spreading nationally; we have millions of illegal aliens living in all states of the union sapping precious tax money, perpetrating crimes and possibly spreading more disease; our military is now being asked to re-fight a war that was won (Joe Biden himself said that the military success in Iraq would be a crowning glory of the Obama administration, and because Obama personally ordered all American troops out of Iraq, we’re going to have to revisit that hell-hole all over again); we now have a healthcare system spiraling to a crash when fully implemented; a population increasingly poor and earning less that when Obama became president;  debt from constant government borrowing and spending and over-committing to pay benefits that will swamp future generations and no end in sight.

It’s difficult to run a nation well. You have to have good, well-intentioned people making hard decisions and laboring for long hours under the effort to protect Americans and keep the nation safe.  But to destroy a nation (or in Obama’s words: “transform” it) all you have to do is assemble a team of over-educated fool leftists and then vacation and golf all the time.  Of course there are the ancillary responsibilities of Obama (aside from golfing) such as riding Air Force One all over the world making speeches explaining how terrible America is and how awful the Republicans are and listing the horrible decisions of George Bush which are causing all of the current problems, and lying about global warming/climate change or whatever these fools are calling it at the moment.

Barack Obama is a success, and that is why there is a smile on his face.  He’s accomplished everything he set out to do, and he has two more years to do even more harm.  The fool man lies every time he opens his mouth.  He raises his eyebrows in mock innocence and claims that his numerous disasters and scandals are not his fault, when in reality they are all a result of his direct supervision.  If people continue to believe that he is just incompetent and a bumbler they will only enable him to do more harm in the last two years of his presidency.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Does “No Boots On The Ground” Mean The Army Is Issuing Combat Sneakers Now?

Or maybe our lying president is considering issuing combat sandals to our fighting forces in order to please his leftist, pacifist followers.

The fool in the White House is unable to tell the truth about the dangers facing our nation, nor even tell us who our enemy is, and is unable to inform us how we are going to defend ourselves in an increasingly dangerous world.

Given Obama’s reluctance to face the world as it exists and wage war against the enemies who have declared war against us, plus his absolute refusal to defend our national borders, he will end up causing the deaths of numerous innocent Americans before he is finally removed from office and a real patriot is elected in his place.

May God protect this currently weak and indecisive nation, because our president refuses to do so.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What’s The Difference Between Criminals And Liberals? Not Much!

Criminals lie about their culpability in crimes (as in: Not guilty, your honor).
Liberals lie about their political intentions (as in: If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor).

Criminals take your money (as in: Hands up. Your money or your life).
Liberals take your money (as with the IRS: we’re just seeking economic justice for the vast underclass who have been so miserably mistreated these many years under the scourge of capitalism).

Criminals conduct illegal aliens across our border.
Liberals state that immigration is “broken”, that they won’t enforce current immigration laws, and as a result illegal aliens flood across our border.

The definition of a criminal is one who disobeys or violates laws, and criminals will disobey any law they disagree with or that they find inconvenient.  Obama has selectively enforced the laws he likes but has publicly stated that he will allow illegal aliens to cross our border at their leisure, and then identifies the resulting border disaster as proof that he must ignore current immigration law and create new law that he likes better and finds more convenient for his political purposes.

Even the argument that liberals make asserting that the money they take from the earners helps the poor and underprivileged is a lie because time and decades of ever-expanding welfare have shown that the pittance welfare recipients get from the government only entraps them in poverty, with the intention by the liberals dishing out the money that the recipients will vote liberal in future elections.

Walter Williams has frequently made the point that much of our tax money is just legalized theft (take from those who earn money and give to those who don’t earn but only take), and he’s correct.  If citizen A takes money from citizen B to give to citizen C it’s considered theft.  But the government can take B’s money all day long and give it to C, D and a host of other citizens of the government’s choosing (including vast wastefulness and duplication, also of the government’s choosing) and this is called compassion.

This lawlessness on the part of our president must stop or all laws will eventually be ignored and chaos will rule, and chaos is exactly what Obama wants.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What Don’t Liberals Understand About Prosperity And Taxation? Plenty!

The current kerfuffle about Burger King moving its headquarters to Canada in order to avoid the astronomical taxation rate in the U.S. illuminates the mental attitude of liberals.  Instead of understanding that businesses voluntarily established themselves in, or
relocated to, the United States during the 20th century when taxes were low and prosperity was the norm, and thus intentionally deciding that lower taxes lead to a more prosperous country and a higher standard of living for its citizens, liberals would rather heap shame on Burger King and call them unpatriotic for moving its headquarters to a foreign country with a lower tax rate. The charge of non-patriotism goes to the heart of what big-government liberals don’t understand about a corporation and its fiduciary duty to its employees, customers and stakeholders to make as much profit as possible via the sale of the company’s product or service.

Directly related to a corporation’s fiduciary responsibility to conduct business responsibly is the government’s Constitutional responsibility to assure it’s citizen’s liberty and security. Thus, it’s as obvious as the next gaff on Joe Biden’s lips that Obama and his liberal cohort in Congress and the EPA don’t understand their own duty to protect American citizens (examples: Obama was surprised by the military might of  ISIS and has admitted that he has no strategy or plan to eliminate them after a year of daily security briefings in which their threat was clearly described to him; consider also the threat to America’s economy and its physical health presented by Obama’s open border along the southern United States; denying Americans the right to select their own healthcare and forcing Obamacare on us) and to assure an ecomony that allows our citizens to work, save and prosper.

America is being ruled by fools who are certifiably insane for the intentional destruction they are doing to the greatest nation on earth. I suppose it’s a divine gift that Obama is now forced to deal with ISIS with the military force he should have exerted months ago, and in so doing he is now limited in the next series of steps he intended to take in his “fundamental transformation of America” and making the United States just another socialist basket case.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tragically, Obama Seems To Believe His Own Lies

We all know that Obama is a veteran and accomplished liar, and now we see this feckless, lying fool allowing terrorists to capture large sections of the middle east, allowing religious minorities to be methodically starved and killed in Iraq, and letting tens of thousands of illegal aliens cross the United States’ southern border, while he golfs on Martha’s Vineyard.

The current top lie he is telling is that it was George Bush who decided to remove all of the combat troops from Iraq and that he (Obama) had no say in the matter.  In spite of the warning from his military advisers, Obama issued orders for the removal of troops, causing the current rampage and string of murders from ISIS.  Obama gave the order but now insists that he’s innocent of this decision.  Every decision Obama makes (and he only makes decisions after much delay, dithering and wasted time) seems to be the wrong decision and works to the harm of America.

Aside from Obama’s own proud statements about removing fighting forces from Iraq, Joe Biden also stated that getting out of Iraq was the crowning glory of “this administration”.  But keeping troops in Iraq (if Obama wanted to keep them there, as he now insinuates that he wanted to do) would have required that he disappoint his loyal peacenik base, along with having to negotiate a status-of-forces agreement with Iraq, and Obama absolutely refused to do that.

So the liar-in-chief, just like the average block bully, now states that he didn’t really want to remove U. S. forces from Iraq, but Bush made him do it.  After six years in office that old tune is getting a little stale.

We must face the truth about the fool in the White House: he ran on a platform to “fundamentally transform” America, and he’s well on the way to doing so, and in the process he’s dooming this great nation.  Obama is a dangerous man whose inactions are now getting foreigners killed due to his inability or refusal to think ahead and respond to requests from our allies for assistance and to take sage advice from his own advisors, and soon Americans’ lives will be lost by this fool, incompetent man.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Can America Survive “Post-Obama Stress Disorder”?

PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a recognized ailment whereby someone who has experienced great stress or fright requires professional treatment to overcome their dis-ease.

Barack Obama has so frightened America and so stressed the nation that it may take decades for our population to overcome the Post-Obama Stress Disorder that he has inflicted on the nation.  And given the significant blow to the very soul of our society that Obamacare and illegal immigration have caused this great nation, we don’t know how to even begin our recovery.

Aside from undermining a successful economy that assured future wealth if you work and a political system that assured liberty and opportunity for all, it’s the absolute insanity of liberals that is the most upsetting and threatening.

When Nancy Pelosi says that legislators will have to pass a bill to find out what’s in it, citizens get frightened about their legislative system.  When she states that Hamas (the terrorist group currently at violent war with Israel) is a humanitarian organization (in spite of the fact that they store missiles and launchers in schools, in the hope that Israel’s  bombs will kill Hamas’ own children) our stress level increases.

When Obama lies repeatedly and emphatically about American citizens being able to keep their own doctor and their current healthcare plans under his Obamacare law, we feel threatened.  When the IRS targets peaceful conservative organizations for a denial of rights that liberal/progressive groups get without question, we feel threatened because we know we’re being denied rights as citizens and fear what additional rights will be denied under current or future liberal administrations.

When tens of thousands of illegal immigrants are allowed to cross the border and enter our country to join the millions of illegals already here, and our president threatens to use his pen and his phone to make their presence here both legal and permanent, we are frightened at his lawlessness, especially when Congress will do nothing to directly oppose his illegal actions.  When the EPA unconstitutionally imposes Orwellian punishment on citizens and businesses (and power generating companies in particular), we see our very way of life being stripped from us by a too-big, intrusive, fascist government, and the justification for the EPA’s illegal actions is the constant lie of Global Warming. And when our legislators sit and watch these abuses take place and allow them to continue, we become terrified for the future of our families and our nation.  Can we survive POSD?  We are facing absolute insanity from our government and the leftists, and we see no way or getting our voices heard and our complaints responded to from our rulers.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

By Stating That America Is Not Exceptional, Liberals Insult The U.S. And The Peoples Of The World

By stating that the U.S. is not exceptional in the world, liberals not only deny the wondrous things the U.S. has done and what it’s accomplished in a relatively short span of time, but they also insult the people of the world who have legally immigrated to this great nation and been responsible for its remarkable accomplishments.

Mexican, French, Italian, British, German, Chinese, Irish, Hatian and all other immigrants from all corners of the world have become Americans and have contributed to America’s remarkable success, which have made these people more personally successful than they could have ever become in their native countries.  That’s why they came here. But the evil filth in the Oval Office, and its perverted mouthpieces in Congress and the media, state that this large variety of people were not responsible for the unprecedented success of America.

It’s America’s population who are exceptional because they have traditionally been unencumbered by a large, tyrannical government, and a small government has permitted both individual Americans and their nation to do truly exceptional things, while the rest of the world sinks in poverty and misery.

Obama’s big government has given us high unemployment, enormous welfare roles, a dictatorial EPA, a declining economy and the unbelievable crisis and suffering at our southern border because our evil president has told the world that he will not enforce our own laws and that our border with Mexico is now open for all the world.  This border atrocity alone should be enough to doom Obama to impeachment and should doom Democrats to permanent minority status, starting in November 2014.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Children finding And Crossing Our Southern Border? Give Me A Break!

How does a child cross multiple international borders, avoid being raped, imprisoned, enslaved or outright killed along the way, get food in a foreign country and find a place to sleep as he/she travels?

These young people entering across our southern border have traveled hundreds or even thousands of miles all alone, and have been able to determine the direction north in order to find and enter America?  And these 3 and 5-year-old children made the decision to travel north and organize into a flood of humanity on their own?  How did they find each other and form this movement?

There can be no doubt that the Obama administration, in its efforts to fundamentally transform America, encouraged or even organized this mass exodus of young people, who were herded north like cattle and are now crammed into storage areas and are becoming increasingly infected with disease as a result of the crowding and lack of sufficient sanitary facilities.  The United Nations should be down Obama’s throat for the intentional endangerment of thousands of children.  And the House and Senate in Washington should impeach Obama for this violent treatment of innocent young people as they violate our borders.  The filth from the oval office becomes deeper each day, and our border has become a freeway because Obama refuses to guard it, and instead encourages unspeakable outrages as is happening with these children.

We’re told by American liberals that America is a bad nation and is the cause of poverty and suffering in Mexico and Central America. If this is really true, then why are these children, and tens of thousands of adults as well, coming to this evil place and not remaining in the pristine lands of their birth?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The EPA Declares War on America (revisited)

I originally posted the following opinion piece in December 2009, knowing what Obama’s intentions for America and our liberties were, and the fool in the Oval Office has not let us down with the EPA’s recent regulations wrecking the coal industry.  Our very way of life is being strangled to death in this great nation, and we must keep up the effort to bury the EPA or we are doomed:

If the EPA leftists in the Obama administration think they are intimidating the American people with their proclamation that they will enact “command and control” of our nation if congress doesn’t enact the destructive Cap and Trade legislation, with its draconian measures to control anything that is a source of energy, they are badly mistaken.  What they are saying is that if congress doesn’t cripple the nation and take away the freedoms of Americans by enacting Cap and Trade, the EPA will destroy the nation completely without any legislative input.

How do these bureaucratic fools threaten the people of this great nation and not be called Hitlers?  How dare they!  And this is our own government that threatens us with economic destruction, not a foreign power, and in the middle of a depression with 10 % unemployment!  Global warming and the health threats of CO2 emissions are base on lies, and bureaucratic control of our economy threatens us with impoverishment if we let them win.

My response to this unbelievable threat is “Bring it on”!  If the Obama administration thinks it can make us buckle under to their threats they are wrong.  I want Cap and Trade legislation to die a miserable death, and for the administration to threaten us with even meaner controls on our freedoms and economy if there is no legislation, is true stupidity.

Congress must defund the EPA immediately and repeal their enabling legislation, and send these idiot bureaucrats home to join the lines of the unemployed where they belong.  Any knowledgeable candidate for congress in 2010 should include this plank in their platform, and the American people must assure the unemployment of the Obama administration in the next presidential election.

But whether it’s legislation or administrative edict that causes this nation to suffer, the engaged and already enraged citizens will fight back, and the unengaged will join them in outrage at the national destruction being done by the ideological leftists in Washington, and they will fall at the ballot box.

The only hope for us is to ignore the Obama administration’s threats and insist that legislators reject ObamaCare and Cap and Trade.  If these bills become law, the citizens of this nation will suffer more than they can imagine.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Two Attempts to Identify Why Liberals Are So Wrong And So Evil

Liberals Are Unable To Keep Their Own Arguments Straight:

When Liberals are trying to prove there is no God and no creationism they argue that humans are descendents of monkeys and are solely the product of evolution.  Yet when liberals want to stop human progress by halting a building or irrigation project they find a plant or an animal (or a fish) and claim that these innocent creatures are threatened with extinction by the proposed work, denying the larger principle that in nature, extinction of one species or another happens all the time, it’s “natural” and has always occurred in nature, because creatures who are unable to adapt to their environment must die so that others who are able to adapt can flourish and evolve.
So in the liberal attempt to protect the insignificant Snail Darter fish they deny water to farms in the Central Valley of California, causing the farms to go dry, causing food prices to escalate, workers to lose their jobs, and causing the owners to lose their crops, and then these fool, lying liberals have the nerve to assert that this drought (that they caused through environmental regulations) should be blamed on global warming or climate change, or whatever they are calling this convenient and political falsehood at present.  These people are insane as well as destructive.

Liberals Threaten Themselves And The Nation By Being Unable To Identify Their Real Enemies:

Among the most confusing patterns of behavior seen in liberals is their insistence that real foreign enemies (Russia, Iran, North Korea, Islamic Terrorists, Cuba) are only out-of-date and misguided in some of their totalitarian and militaristic policies, but it is instead American Republicans and conservatives who are the threat to democracy and liberty, and they alone are the real terrorists threatening our nation’s future.
These fool people ignore the fact that conservatives want desperately to preserve and follow the Constitution in order to assure the continuation of liberty and prosperity in America, and seem to be enamored of any foreign dictator’s total rule over his miserable subjects, and that dictator’s evil intent toward Americans and our society.
It would appear that liberals are jealous of the total ability to rule and dictate on the part of the Stalins of the world, and that they themselves wish the ability to similarly rule in America, and they resent the opposition to such rule by conservatives and Republicans.
Author Lyle Rossiter claims convincingly that liberals must be insane for wanting to deny a free and prosperous people the ability to obtain their own health care and otherwise run their own independent lives, and for knowingly bankrupting and destroying our nation. I think Mr. Rossiter is correct.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

More Military Killings on Barack Insane Obama’s Watch

We’ve had two massive military base killings on Obama’s watch (not including the recent navy yards killings) and what has he done to stop these murders or at least reduce the numbers of killings resulting from some deranged person pulling a concealed weapon and firing at random?  Nothing!

Obama’s had 5 years since the first Fort Hood massacre to come up with a fix and what has he done?
            He’s taken away our private health insurance and forced Obamacare on us.
            He’s ignored immigration laws and allowed aliens to stay here illegally.
He’s permitted the Mexican government to advise their citizens how to get U.S. welfare.
He’s gotten four Americans killed in Benghazi.
He’s ignored the Keystone pipeline to the detriment of U.S. energy supplies and U.S. jobs.
He illegally lets union reps attend OSHA visits to non-union work sites.

Barack Insane Obama is a community organizer who wastes no time with his leftist, anti-American projects but won’t use his celebrated pen and phone to protect Americans nor to provide jobs for a desperate population.

Impeach Obama and repeal Obamacare.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

GM, Auto Deaths and the Obama-Union Company Owners

For the majority of the administration of Barack Insane Obama, the president and his union pals have owned General Motors (following the forced, and illegal bankruptcy process guided directly from the Oval Office), yet they did nothing about the known switch defect that now has the GM CEO testifying in front of congress?  The National Transportation Safety Board had no knowledge of the problem that has killed people for years?  The owner-unions knew nothing about the deaths?  How could the union offices and assembly lines not have known of the problem they inherited?  What did they know,
when did they know it, and what did they do about it?

It’s strange that corporations are always held responsible for all product defects, but government and unions are always allowed to slide, even when they owned and controlled the companies that had jurisdiction over the products made.  And also keep in mind that the unions were making a lot of money from the vehicles being sold, and this money would tend to keep the unions silent on the known problems just at the CEO would want to protect profits and cut costs.

The corrupting influence of government in private industry is terrifying, and it is increasing under the leadership of our corrupt, evil Barry.

Obama: Keep Your Doctor, Keep Your Insurance, Save $2500 a Year, 7.1 Million Enrolled

Our lying liar of a president, Barack Insane Obama, is at it again.  The man would not know the truth if it wore a name tag.  His total failure and unconstitutional Affordable Care Act now claims to have enough sign-ups to make it profitable and unrepealable, whereas a year ago when the same number of people lost their insurance because of new regulations under Obamacare the similar figure was declared to be a rounding error and was no big deal.

After being told for months on end that the Obamacare data base could not provide statistics on sign-ups, now, on the day the enrollment period ends, they know exactly the number enrolled, and it is magically the arbitrary number they predicted they needed to make it function.  But of course, the statistics specifying how many people have actually signed-up and were not just shopping around, and who have actually paid for coverage, and who did not have insurance prior to Obamacare and are just replacing the coverage they lost to Obama’s abortion of a plan, are not available.

The lies just keep on coming from these evil, dirty liberal/progressives.


Monday, March 31, 2014

Obama Favors Social Leeches, Criminals And Terrorists Over Average Americans

When you consider Obama’s adoring position on non-working welfare takers compared with working, tax-paying Americans, and how Obama favors illegal aliens over law-abiding Americans, and his position on allowing convicted criminals to vote, along with his preference to talk and negotiate with terrorists and dictators instead of punishing them for their evil acts, while wanting to prosecute and punish law-abiding Americans who don’t want to pay for the ObamaCare act, or those who might seek equal treatment from the IRS for TEA party activities, you’ll recognize that the opening title of this piece (above) is indeed absolutely true, although startling in its validity that the president of the United States really favors all bad actors over his own honest and decent citizens, many of whom elected the fool man to his elevated position in the first place.

Our young president also despises wealth and the wealthy, unless the wealth is Obama’s personal millions or the money is his fellow liberals’ and leftists’ vast wealth.

Absolutely every idea and action of the Obama administration has been to hurt the working, saving, investing, tax paying, family raising, church going, military serving middle class and to favor the already-rich (like Obama), and the lazy, grasping, wealth-soaking welfare class.  In Obama’s America, the middle class need not apply.  But such is the monster Americans have installed in the White House, from whence he dictatorially rules this great nation.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Obama Has A Pen And A Phone (and a sickle and a hammar and a swastika)

As our idiot president forces our economy and our constitutional liberties into a trash pile with his unbelievable onslaught of rules, delays and regulations, he is threatening to move even more rapidly to destroy our nation by single-handedly pushing illegal regulations down our throats and defunding the military.

Barack Insane Obama has no trouble letting evil foreign leaders (Putin, Iran’s leadership, Egyptian Muslims, Syria, North Korea) continue to kill and maim, but his own American countrymen are treated like international terrorists from whom he must deny all rights, liberties, power, influence and prosperity.

The American people have watched our community-organizer-in-chief go through an OJT period of 5 years, and still he bungles everything he touches.  Obama is a slow learner (probably because he thinks he knows everything up front and won’t open his opinionated mind in order to learn from experience) and is a failure as president, but because he’s so closed-minded, he now threatens the nation with massive, over-the-top executive orders and EPA regulations that will doom us.

Barack Insane Obama has a stranglehold on our economy, our healthcare and our personal liberties, and he won’t let go until he’s completely destroyed the greatest nation on earth. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Democrat War On Women

Talk about a war on women and you’re talking about the Democrat party.  If Bill Clinton isn’t abusing and raping them, Michelle Obama is bad-mouthing them and calling them stupid.

Recently Mrs. Obama stated that women, while shopping to feed their families, are confused by the products in stores and she wants new labeling placed on food (in addition to the nutritional labeling that liberals only put in place only a few years ago).  But the only confusion here is with Mrs. Obama.  She evidently doesn’t understand that women have been successfully buying and growing food for their families since time began and they really don’t need big government to add lengthy, complex labeling and dietary instructions on a package of cheese or a can of beans.  It doesn’t require a degree in rocket science, and certainly not Michelle, to select a squash, a potato, some beans or peas for the family meal.  What American women need is to be left alone and allowed to run their lives without government rules and regulations that would take a great deal of time and effort to learn, understand and follow.  Michelle’s rule meddling with school lunches has already caused hunger for students with her edict of smaller serving sizes and the inclusion in school lunch menus of food that kids won’t eat.

The war on women is exemplified by forcing poor women to be dependent on government hand-outs and welfare, and placing these women in a position that prohibits them from ever achieving their true potential, which causes them to be unable to prosper and buy food they really want for their children, instead of the big-government handouts of old cheese and crackers.  And the forced dependence on government largess also forces them to support their children alone with no male legally around to assist in the feeding and support.

Big government is strangling our nation with its regulations and spending, and “we the people” must make them stop.

Monday, February 10, 2014

He Lies Through The Air With The Greatest Of Sleaze

The problem with telling lies all the time is that after a while you forget exactly how you lied the last time and the new lies begin to undermine the old ones.

The Democrats (especially Barack Insane Obama) lied about Obamacare lowering premiums, allowing you to keep your existing doctor and plan if you want them, and assuring coverage for all Americans.  Then we saw the reality of losing your present plan and likely your doctor as well; we saw the premiums and deductibles increase enormously; and we learned that millions of responsible Americans who had always provided their own insurance could not get equal coverage at all; and we further learned that many of those that Obamacare was intended to cover are either not signing up, or are going immediately to Medicaid if they do sign up.  Is any of this progress?

Then after all of this shakeup leaving Liberals quaking in their boots, the CBO informs us that under Obamacare 2.5 million Americans will lose their jobs, meaning that the remaining population lucky enough to still have jobs under the ACA will be taxed even higher in order to pay for all of the people getting insurance coverage while unemployed.

So while the Dems wrung their hands and worried that all of their massive government takeover was falling apart before their eyes, the White House came to their rescue with a talking point stating that the 2.5 million people newly without jobs because of Obamacare are the lucky ones because they can now stay home and make meals for the family (they will have to make their meals at home because there will be no money for restaurants, no money for vacations, no money for a new car, no money for a new home, no money for new clothes for the kids).  The new phrase from Obama is that these unemployed are escaping “job-lock”.  Then can just claim retirement and stay at home and be given healthcare.

But this new lie, intended to cover up all of the former lies, steps on the toes of the liberals’ latest immigration offering and its justification: the newly citizenized illegals will do the work that Americans won’t do (or in this most recent iteration, it’s the work that Obamacare won’t let them do).  So it appears that the Dems want to get the new citizens out of the closet and north of the border so they can do these open jobs.  But isn’t that discrimination against the new-comers?  Obama has been telling a repeat lie lately that the American way to success is to work hard, invest and prosper.  But he’s forcing many current workers to become happily unemployed, and then allowing their replacements to have the jobs that will lead to success and prosperity.  Or will the next whopper be that the immigration plan will also assure that none of the border-crashers will have to work, because that would be discrimination?  Then the new rationale will be that the new citizens also will not do the work that Americans won’t do.

The lies just keep on coming.  Repeal Obamacare, NOW!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bill O’Reilly Is Now Part Of The Obama Problem

Bill O’Reilly repeatedly states that he is an Independent, not one of those nasty, extremist Republicans who actually want honesty in the Oval Office and an alignment with the Constitution on the part of the president.  And to demonstrate his disdain for all of those right-wing conservatives, he threw mainly softballs at Obama during his Super Bowl interview.

Mr. O’Reilly is just like the members of the liberal media: he wants to maintain his periodic access to Obama for ratings-boosting interviews, so he let Obama slide on critical issues and did not back our lying President into a corner when he had the opportunity to do so.  It would be extremist to call a liar a liar, which we all know Obama is, and Mr. O’Reilly is an Independent, not one of those mean Republican conservatives.

For example, he did not ask Obama where he was and what he was doing while his Ambassador in Benghazi and three other Americans were being murdered.   Obama would have, of course, stated that it’s privileged information what he was doing and he has no obligation to divulge that information.  But O’Reilly would then be obligated to remind Obama that he works for the American people, that he claimed to be the 3AM president, available any time trouble appears on the world scene, and that Americans have a right to know if he was hiding under a White House bed in an attempt to make it impossible for anyone to blame him for making any decision at all during the crisis.

Similarly, when Obama said there was no scandal by the IRS abusing of conservatives seeking favorable tax treatment, just like liberals get, after initially stating that he was outraged at the abuses that occurred, Mr. O’Reilly didn’t follow up sufficiently and ask why Lois Lerner took the fifth, and why one of Obama’s chief campaign contributors was placed in charge of the investigation that cleared the IRS of all culpability.

Following the interview Mr. O’Reilly stated that although he disagrees with Obama’s policies, he believes Obama is a good man and would not hurt anyone intentionally.  But if Obama were such a good person how would he allow solid, law-abiding Americans, many of whom have cancer and some even dying of the disease, to have their insurance coverage terminated and the expenses of the edicted ACA increasing their government forced coverage several hundred percent?  How can a good man, especially the president, allow Americans to suffer under his horrible Obamacare?  How could a good man allow the EPA to issue hundreds of pages of new job-killing regulations that impact his fellow citizens?  How could a good man decide to not enforce laws already on the books that would keep illegal persons from crossing our borders?  How could a good man, as part of focusing on job-creation like a laser, propose a stupid new and duplicate program like myRA as a job creation solution, when one must first have a job in order to use the myRA, and jobs under the Obama administration don’t exist?  A good man would not allow Iran to continue to develop a nuclear bomb, as is happening at this moment.

Obama is not a good man, he is pure evil.  He has hurt America significantly and will hurt all of us even more before he’s finally removed from office.

I’m afraid Mr. O’Reilly, while seeking his own presidential access, has been co-opted by power and influence and is now no better than MSNBC or ABC at getting the truth from liberal officials.  Mr. O’Reilly should be ashamed of himself for buckling under to the awesome power and influence of the office of the president.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Is The Push for “Economic Equality” Just Liberal Guilt?

If liberals are really interested in taking from the rich and giving to the poor, why doesn’t Obama give the rumored multi-million dollar advance on his new book to the citizens of Detroit to help them and their bankrupt city out?  Why doesn’t George Cluny sell his Lake Como mansion and distribute the proceeds to poor residents of Baltimore and Miami?  Why don’t we take out a home equity loan on all the mansions of liberals living in Beverly Hills and give that money to the poor Indians and Eskimos in America?  In fact if justice is what liberals want, they would hand their California property over to the Indians who occupied  that land in the first place.  And what about Rosa DeLauro’s and Robert Redford’s vast investments?  These holdings could be liquidated and the proceeds distributed to the needy.  But of course, liberals only feel good when they are giving other people’s money away, so they will object to giving up their own vast wealth.

But even if we used all of the millions of dollars that would result from the above efforts, we know that just giving money to the poor would only generate quick and very temporary relief to those without jobs, and that the poverty would soon return to their lives, only worse for the brief surge of spending the recipients experienced.  The issue is that people generate wealth and independence through work, but Obamacare, along with the hundreds of job-destroying regulations issued each year by Obama’s EPA, are depriving Americans of the jobs they need.  And the infinite extension of unemployment benefits only make the situation worse.  What the unemployed don’t need is long-term handouts, and they don’t need to be made to feel resentful of working people with jobs and actual earned incomes.  The effort at forced economic equity is directly out of the Communist Manifesto and can only be successful with fascist, totalitarian control over the population, and these efforts must stop!

The nation’s current state of horrible economic affairs originated in the Clinton administration when the CEOs of the Savings and Loan companies were lectured for their lack of home loans to people with bad or no credit history, and they were required to give such loans to those who had proven they couldn’t afford them, or put up with harassment from the government for not bowing down to the great Clinton administration’s demands.  This arm-twisting then developed into the sub-prime loan, then to the bundling of bad loans and eventually caused the real estate crash, which was caused directly by government meddling in the private economy.  Since liberals caused the current sad state of affairs in America I’d like to see them use their own money to support the poor, not use public money.

In order to demonstrate the lying insincerity of Barack Insane Obama, think back a couple of years to an event in Oklahoma (if I recall the exact location correctly) where our young president made a big deal of insisting that priority be given to approval for the Key Stone pipeline (which approval would very quickly generate thousands of high-paying jobs), and he said that he would place a priority on approval at the federal level.  The project, now years later, is still waiting for approval, and it’s not Oklahoma that is the hold-up.  Just like Obama’s frequently repeated lying claims of focusing on the economy and job creation “like a laser”, the hold-up is with the Obama administration, and with Obama his lying self. Our idiot president doesn’t want job creation, he wants everyone depending on government handouts and voting democrat to assure the stream of government goodies, and Washington is making those without jobs feel resentful of those who have jobs and are able to save and invest and generate wealth for their families.

I’d like to quickly revisit the rumor that Obama has signed a multi-million dollar deal for a new book. Who in their right mind would buy a book written by a known and repeated liar like Obama?  Only fools and liberal dunces will buy this book.

Repeal Obamacare and restore sanity to America once more!