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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Democrats Are Digging The Hole Of Their Demise Ever Deeper

 Democrats seem to really believe that a man can identify as a woman and that delusion must be treated as fact. In other words, they are insisting that we must all buy into the lies and idiocy they are pushing on society.

Now we even have a man who identifies as a woman and claims to be experiencing menstrual cramps, and he actually expects us to be stupid enough to believe that his imaginary uterus is really shedding blood monthly!

So this week we are presented with a newly elected Republican who we are told did not work for the company he said he worked for during the campaign, and the Democrats want him removed from office, in spite of his really believing that he worked for the company that has no record of his being an employee. Based on the standards that woke Democrats have established these last two years, who can doubt this man and his claims? Certainly not Democrats. If we’re expected to go along with every sick person’s ideas  of what they would like to have been or wish they were, then how can Democrats demand the removal of this Republican from office?

All of the left’s make-believe, racist, woke malarkey works against real meritocracy and rewards for personal accomplishments and achievements in life, all earned for real work and real outcomes. If some fool awakens one morning claiming to have flown to the moon last night, are we to believe him? There was a time when people were either verified as being accomplished or as being liars, but not in Joey Biden’s administration.

And speaking of Biden’s woke administration, we all know that the Biden family got their wealth by using their government positions and influence to gain income from foreign governments, that these income gains have not been reported to the IRS, and in the case of Hunter Biden, there are gun law violations in his past, and these laws are supposed to be the most important to leftists, but not where the Biden family is concerned. If Joey really believes that he has received no money from foreign sources and if Hunter believes he has not violated any gun laws, who are we to question them?

And because of Biden and his woke agenda, we have a person making all the wrong decisions in the Oval Office, as well as that most idiotic and unaccomplished person ever to hold the VP position, and the absolute most completely stupid person ever in the press secretary position, and this lady doesn’t even know the extent of her dumbness.

This insane idiocy must be stopped, and sanity and truth returned to government. Sensible citizens must not and cannot allow this crap to continue.

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Government Service Should Be About Serving The Public And National Traditions, Not Serving Personal and Political Goals

 Democrats don’t understand the term “beyond the scope”. Once in power they go pedal-to-the-metal to hand out favors, influence voters and move the nation to the left and toward Socialism and its poverty and misery.

Here are some examples of real public service:

Donald Trump lowered taxes; raised tariffs on imported Chinese goods; created an expanding economy; gave us the Abraham accords and re-established our support of Israel; made America energy self-sufficient; reduced regulations on businesses; tightly controlled our borders to keep illegals out; improved VA treatment of veterans who need critical medical care; kept America out of the Paris climate accords. And our former president told Americans he would govern for the improved lives of Americans, and would let leaders of other nations watch out for those nations’ citizens’ welfare.

On the other hand, here are some examples of selfish and personal goals that harm America: 

Biden immediately opened the border to millions of illegal immigrants a year; allows uncontrolled drugs and cartel criminals to enter at their liberty, often importing enslaved people under cartel control; halted domestic oil production and immediately searched the world, often and embarrassingly with hat-in-hand, searching for one rogue nation or another to sell us some of their oil; increased big government by implementing regulations that restrict economic growth and wealth; got America back into the business of apologizing to the world for our wealth and comfort of living; agreed to give money to nations whose leaders confiscate such donated money for their Swiss bank accounts, while keeping their citizens in poverty and denying them the wealth possible if they allowed capitalism to be practiced in their nations; has mandated masking; mandated school lockdowns; mandated vaccinations; fired federal employees who would not allow themselves to be vaccinated; created enormous debt for America by handing out billions of dollars, both domestically and internationally, thereby creating flaming inflation for all Americans; created an incompetent administration by hiring any minority he could find, as racists are wont to do, instead of hiring competent, accomplished people without concentrating on race and sexual identity.

Barack Obama set the stage for the current radical moves of the Biden administration when he declared that he intended to Fundamentally Transform America, which is exactly what the mentally challenged Joey is doing.

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Leftists Of The Twenty-First Century Think They Are So Smart…

 It’s encouraging to know that after untold centuries of everyone understanding and knowing what a man is and what a woman is, that we fancy, Twenty-First Century dwellers have redefined what we claim these persons are, when woke individuals “identify as a male though they may have been said to have a different sex at birth”, as the newly revised on-line dictionary states.

But who “said” a newly birthed child was a male or a female? Probably the doctor and the nurses who were attending the birth, and a simple look at the biology of the newly born child informed them of the sex. It doesn’t need to be “said”, and there is no arguing with Mother Nature about the subject. But the new, woke Cambridge Dictionary has made this change to the English language because of the far left idiots who swear that if they, themselves, think they want to be something other than what they are, and what they were made at birth, then it’s in their power to “claim“, and make it so.

Although this idiocy has been going on for some time, it appears that when a Supreme Court appointee of Joey Biden was recently asked for her definition of a woman and responded that she didn’t know what a woman was, the political left took that stupidity as a green light to make a formal dictionary definition change to match their deviant, mind-sync politics.

But a rescinding of everything we know to be true about gender doesn’t end with the redefinition of a man and a woman. After centuries of progress in creature comforts, inventing light bulbs, automobiles, miracle drugs and air conditioning, the Biden administration is enlightening us to the fact that these things are part of an evil past and we must now get rid of the comfortable and convenient automobile and learn to love the questionably safe and less-convenient electric vehicle, and we must learn to live with warmer homes in the summer and colder homes in the winter, because electricity is also evil and we must make do with less of it, along with leaving medical decisions up to political considerations, like forced masking and mandated vaccinations, because Democrats know better than you do, what‘s good for you.

And of course the Biden administration now insists, with no data being presented to prove their outrageous point, that LGBT and Trans persons are experiencing high levels of threats and actual violence in this racist, sexist nation we call the United States. So the Dems have presented completely unneeded legislation to protect these special entities from the Ultra-Magers, with no back-up proof that any Republican is violently opposed to them. But we remain citizens without any legislation to protect Jews and Christians against the woke actual violence of Democrats (see the year 2020 and the daily riots from Seattle to Baltimore for data supporting the mistreatment of members of these religious groups). So the Biden cabal seems to be saying that the more populous group of Jews and Christians don’t deserve the government protection from violence that the tiny Trans group does? Really?

The darkness of current American living is upon us and accompanied the dark clouds of the Biden administration, which seems to be an adherent of the German Weimar Republic, with its cultural and social rot, and we still have two years left of this stupidity.

Saturday, December 17, 2022

The Thugish, Criminal And Vindictive Nature Of The American Democrat Party

 Donald Trump was (and still is) investigated, framed, cancelled, harassed and falsely accused for six years by the lying Democrat party, and is forced to live, following his very successful administration, with a new indictment from Biden’s DOJ likely coming soon, and for all of this thug-like, third-world behavior, Democrats pay no price at all. And not only was Trump harassed and accused by Democrats high and low, but his sons were also forced to testify on numerous occasions for crimes that had no basis in fact at all.

But when Hunter Biden is simply investigated, with no leg-shackles clamped on him nor a 4:00 AM raid inflicted on his home by the FBI, for crimes the entire nation has known about for over a year, and that the FBI has known about for over two years, the Democrat cabal threatens to visit hell on earth on anyone who participates in such an investigation against the drug-addicted son of the Democrat president.

But, one might well ask, is this threat to harass an investigation not itself an obstruction of justice, as well as an obstruction of an on-going investigation by the FBI? And is this not an example of good, old Nazi, Brown-Shirt political tactics?

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

The Argument Could Be Made That Jack Dorsey’s Twitter Platform Committed Treason Against Donald Trump’s Presidency

 Democrats and other far-leftists filled their drawers and screamed “insurrection” when an idle crowd swarmed the Capitol building on January 6th, but when a sitting president was attacked and forced to retreat to the secure basement of the White House because a crowd of rioting, Democrat radicals beat police officers and burned a church in Lafayette Square, this incident was buried by the leftist press, and the president was not allowed to use Twitter to express his opinions to the American public concerning the treatment he received from violent, radical leftists.

According to political scientist Edward Banfield, in his book The Unheavenly City, one of the main causes of crime is that too many people who commit crimes cannot envision any punishment for their crimes. So if we consider that Democrats feel free to commit political crimes because the Biden DOJ and the FBI are staffed with Democrat bureaucrats whom they know will not pursue and punish their own fellow party members, we can see why Democrats framed Donald Trump for the alleged crime of Russian collusion, and impeached Trump twice based on false charges, because they cannot envision any punishment resulting from their insurrectionist, treasonous actions. But now that Elon Musk has spelled out for us, plain and simple, the unconstitutional and unacceptable things Democrats have done in order to gain and remain in power, Republicans in congress must be sure the Democrat piper is paid for his un-American behavior, because  Joey Biden commits such crimes against America and our constitution every day of the week, with no downside for him criminally or politically. 

Life In America: From Lindell’s “My Pillow” To Biden’s “My Plan”

 I’ve always liked Mike Lindell’s “My Pillow” and his line of other “My” products, and although I’ve gotten tired of his constantly berating me to buy these products on the TV, I hope people keep buying them and make him and his employees a lot of money.

And then we come to a lesser salesman in the form of Joey Biden and his poorly thought-out “My Plan” farce on America. Joey Biden’s “My Plan” is a complete lie and a fraud on the American citizens. This fool man is mentally not capable of explaining any part of his “My Plan” muddle without a script being provided for him on a teleprompter. His woke staff makes all of Joey’s “plans” and then tells him what he believes and how to sell these beliefs to the American public. So let’s look at various aspects of Joey’s “Plan”.

His “Plan” halted a much-needed pipeline that caused gasoline prices to escalate for an American population that needs such products to live, yet he brags about how low gas prices have sunk under his “Plan”. Thanks, Joey.

His “Plan” has caused inflation to shoot to unheard-of levels, yet he brags about how his “Plan” is bringing inflation down, and how well his “Plan” is working for Americans. The rate of inflation may be slowing, but inflation is higher than it’s ever been and growing, and everyone knows it, except dumb old Joey.

His “Plan” opened our southern border and is causing nothing short of a total invasion of people from all over the world to flow across our border, to the tune of over five million invaders to far. And if this idiot man were to tell the truth as he sees it, he would tell us that his “Plan” is working, and actually in this case, his attempts to continue Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America by opening the border, is working better than anyone could have ever anticipated.

His “Plan” pumps out billions of dollars in aid here, and more irresponsible billions of spending there, and then Joey claims that he has reduced the deficit by trillions of dollars.

Joey tells us that his “Plan” obtained the covid vaccine, which is not really a vaccine, distributed it to all Americans who dared to take it, and never credits Donald Trump for getting the “vaccine” developed at a record pace.

His “Plan” and his corrupt teachers’ union kept masking in place and kept schools closed while our children fell behind in education and grade-level achievement, while children simultaneously developed emotional problems by being isolated from their school mates.

Joey’s “Plan” and its insistence on requiring masking and vaccinations on American citizens in order to keep a job, caused a loss of hospital, EMT and military personnel which has deteriorated hospital care and military recruitment and readiness.

Joey’s “Plan” to force LGBT and Trans acceptance on the nation has caused a deficit in military recruitment, which makes America less prepared for an attack on our nation.

Joey’s “Plan” to make all Trump supporters hated by the nation, by accusing them of racism and terrorism, has caused a great rift in the fabric of America.

Elon Musk, formerly a Democrat star for his leadership with electric vehicles, establishes freedom of speech on the Twitter platform, which had silenced conservative opinions while under Jack Dorsey’s ownership, and the entire weight of the federal government is being brought down on Musk the patriot, for his insistence on supporting the Constitution and its First Amendment requirements, and he refuses to cancel Twitter users from the platform, like his predecessor did. Joey’s “Plan” will imprison Musk for his bravery, if Joey and his corrupt DOJ have any input into the situation.

The fool-on-the-hill-Biden insists that his “Plan” is working, but if destroying the greatest nation in the world is part of that “Plan”, and one can certainly believe that destruction is Joey’s “Plan”, then it seems to be working fine so far, toward that end.

Saturday, December 10, 2022

The Release Of The Secret Twitter Files Prove That Democrats Fear, And Can’t Compete With, Conservative Ideas.

 It’s been said that the way to destroy a bad idea is to allow it to be seen and evaluated by  everyone, and the flaws would be obvious. That’s why Twitter killed anti-Biden opinion pieces, because the leftist policies of Biden and his pals couldn’t stand up to the traditional, patriotic arguments against them by conservatives, so they just eliminated those opinions. And now we have the high inflation, open borders, high fuel costs, ruinous New Green Deal policies, violent agitation from our enemies in China and Russia, sky-high crime in largely Democrat run cities and states, favored treatment of Democrat suspects like Hunter Biden and frivolous DOJ investigations for Republicans like Donald Trump (who was forbidden by the Twitter Nazis to communicate with American citizens while he was president), Rudy Giuliani and various others whose only crime was to support Donald Trump and his pro-American and pro-prosperity policies.

The same is true of the covid Nazis. They silenced scientific opinion that would have allowed Americans to live normal lives during the pandemic and would have allowed schools to remain open, and would have prevented the firing of thousands of emergency workers and military personnel, because they refused to take the non-vaccine the Biden administration was pushing, simply by “disappearing“ their arguments from social media.

It could be easily argued that Twitter committed treason by silencing the sitting president at the time, so he could not explain to the American public why the Democrat insistence on a complete shutdown and the forced vaccinations of all Americans were bad ideas.

But the crimes against the constitution go much further than just Twitter shadow-banning.  All of the leftist news/opinion agencies do the same thing against non-Democrat opinions, with CNN and other leftist groups not even reporting the latest Twitter revelations of these freedom-of-speech crimes, because censorship and silencing of competing ideas is what the political left always does, starting with the Socialist Nazis of Germany in the 1930s and the Cuba Communists of the 1960s. All leftists think alike and tend to silence all competitive thought and ideas, like the Biden administration and its misinformation/disinformation agency it tried to establish a few months ago, whose whole mission in life was to silence Republicans and eliminate any political competition.

The intention of Biden’s planned disinformation agency was that Democrats could then block conservative opinion during a political campaign and deny a Republican presidential candidate a voice, and any resulting Republican administration would lose the opportunity, via the big-tech, social platform, of telling the public what is right about their ideas and what’s wrong with the Democrat position on everything, thereby censoring conservative ideas under the umbrella of preventing false information.

The truth of the matter is that Democrats understood that they had to silence Donald Trump during his first administration, and during his attempt at a second administration, because there is no argument Democrats could make that could be more persuasive, convincing and vote-getting than Trump’s position on freedom and prosperity, so he had to be silenced.

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Now That The Truth Is Known About Democrat Election Cheating, Where Does The Nation Go To Restore Its Trust In Elections?

 Democrats and other actors on the political left can intentionally and falsely commit treason by simply accusing a sitting president, Donald Trump, of colluding with Russia to disrupt an election and they consider it no big deal. But when it’s discovered that the Democrats and their associates in the FBI actually generated false documents to  frame Trump for the crime of collusion, and then appointed a special council with the intent of getting the goods on Trump, and then twice impeach this innocent man of these and other false charges, while at the same time wasting Trump’s time-in-office as he tried to build a wall on the border, rebuild our military, build support for the Abraham accords in the Middle East, making America energy self-sufficient and other critical policies he had, the Democrats and the corrupt news agencies on the left simply shrug their shoulders and change the subject.

American Democrats repeatedly and boringly accused Republicans of cheating on elections and thereby discrediting elections in the minds of American citizens, and repeatedly claimed that Republicans are undermining America’s faith in the sanctity of elections and a trust that all votes count. But when it’s disclosed that the Democrat bureaucracy actually and successfully colluded with Big Tech to win the 2020 election for Joey Biden and against Donald Trump by clamping down on the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, and that they kept other information important in an election from the American voter, like CNN, NYT and WAPO silencing the Biden scandal and not reporting news accurately, then they attack Elon Musk for exposing the truth about his newly acquired Twitter and its collusion with America’s leftist, Washington bureaucracy to keep Democrat crimes from being disclosed, and then blame one of their own colleagues, Matt Taibbi, for his role in making these Democrat crimes known and culpable Democrats guilty for aiding in the cover-up of these crimes, they accept no blame for their role in undermining America’s trust in the sanctity of the voting booth and for destroying the faith Americans have always had about the truth being of ultimate value above all else in the American system of politics and our constitution.

If Republicans in the House of Representatives don’t immediately, fully and viciously investigate the now-fully-known political crimes that America’s political left has committed against our citizens and our constitution, and criminally prosecute each and every Democrat involved in the crime, when Republicans take office in January, and if the Senate doesn’t fully join with the House in their sacred duty to punish each and every Democrat involved in these election crimes, our nation will follow the path of the Nazis and the Russian Communists to dictatorship, and further destroy the already damaged prosperity and liberty of the citizens of America.

When the political left in America picks an incident like January 6th to try to build a case, once again, against Donald Trump and accuse him of rioting and insurrection, and when they attack and imprison some poor individual who was just part of a protest group and innocently entered the Capitol building to look around on January 6th, but fail to investigate the mob that attacked the Trump White House in May of 2020, or the constant stream of Democrat mobs what burned cities from Seattle to Baltimore the entire summer of 2020, murdering and destroying property that the BLM and ANTIFA mobs were never investigated for and for which no one was imprisoned, we must assume that the Brown Shirts of the political left are already among us and we’ve lost on the subject of equal treatment under the law that our constitution calls for.

One may ask why it was always Donald Trump that they Democrats colluded against and lied about and accused of any crime that the Democrats has already committed, time after time. Why are Democrats so afraid of Trump and the Ultra-Magers that Biden hates so much? Could their hate reside in the knowledge that Trump was taking America in the direction of renewed prosperity and assured freedom, while Democrats were plotting the woke destruction of America? It sure looks that way.

Americans want to see people go to prison for the crimes that Democrats have committed these last six years.

Friday, December 2, 2022

The Corrupt, Awful, No Good, Very Bad Biden Administration Just Keeps Harming America And Disobeying Our Constitution

 The Biden administration is forming an anti-free-speech alliance with Apple with the intention of denying the downloading of the Twitter App from Apple’s App Store, which act of sabotage would bankrupt the Twitter platform. This is just another example of the accumulation of power via government corruption exhibited by the Biden Administration, as free speech is attacked openly in Joey‘s woke, constitution-hating world.

The Biden administration is also denying oil companies the right to drill for oil by shaming financial institutions into refusing to loan them money for the drilling and extraction of oil that Americans need for their cars and homes. The ridiculous, anti-capitalist ESG ratings that are assigned to financial institutions could destroy these companies if any financial institution loaned money for the purpose of discovering and extracting the evil, dirty oil that lefties so-hate. As a result of Biden’s nefarious work, the corrupt collusion of woke government and the bureaucratic ESG ratings are preventing much-needed oil from being extracted on U.S. soil. So as a result, America suffers with a shortage of oil, while Biden begs for oil from Communist dictatorships and Arab totalitarian states. So while the Biden administration insists that there will be no more drilling on American soil, they beg the Arabs and the Venezuelans for their oil, which is dirtier than our own domestic oil and is excavated using less environmentally-sensitive extraction methods. The stupidity of this situation defies explanation.

While the Biden administration sits back and watches the Chinese beat and imprison their citizens who are demonstrating against the draconian CCP lockdowns related to covid, Apple is denying Chinese citizens the Apple App called Air Drop, at the insistence of the Chinese government. This App would allow the citizens of China to communicate with each other without using the corrupt Chinese telephone network which is monitored by the Communist government to prevent its citizens from opposing its totalitarian rule. But the Biden administration is so corruptly in the back pocket of the Communist dictators that our government says nothing of this travesty against Chinese citizens seeking freedom from dictatorial rule.

For a change of topics involving our illogical government, the Biden administration sits calmly in its woke passivity while men compete in women’s sporting events, keeping young girls from successfully competing in their own events and furthering their education and careers.

America’s borders are out of control with millions of illegals invading our nation each year due to the Biden administration reversing the successful Trump policies that halted the flow of illegals. As a stop-gap method of at least pretending to control this mass invasion, U.S. Air Marshals are being re-assigned to the border areas to help the Border Patrol document the persons illegally entering our nation and to baby-sit the children crossing without supervision, when any sane administration that really cared about criminals and drug pushers entering our nation would complete the wall and refuse entry to anyone lacking legal documents. And, of course, this idiotic reassignment of Air Marshals by Biden means that, now, air travel is less safe and secure because the Air Marshals are now on the border and not monitoring aircraft passengers and keeping air travel safe. Does the fool Biden not believe that people who wish ill for America don’t realize the new lack of security that  air travel now has, and the danger it presents to the traveling public?

While Twitter was in the hands of its woke former owner (Jack Dorsey) and was colluding with Biden’s woke government to keep conservative opinion off its platform and thereby restrict free expression, Biden was good with that silencing of free speech. But now that Elon Musk owns Twitter and has sworn to return truly free speech to its users, the Biden administration is in the process of destroying Twitter by denying its App to be down-loaded from the Apple App store, as mentioned earlier in this piece, and by siccing the IRS, OSHA, the NLRB and other government entities on the company and encouraging woke companies to no longer advertise with Twitter, all of which are corrupt, leftist methods of destroying free speech in spite of a constitution that makes free expression a natural right of Americans.

What’s a government good for if it can’t, or won’t, protect the rights of its citizens, and express concern and support for the citizens of foreign nations who are suffering at the hands of an evil Communist government?