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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Now That The Truth Is Known About Democrat Election Cheating, Where Does The Nation Go To Restore Its Trust In Elections?

 Democrats and other actors on the political left can intentionally and falsely commit treason by simply accusing a sitting president, Donald Trump, of colluding with Russia to disrupt an election and they consider it no big deal. But when it’s discovered that the Democrats and their associates in the FBI actually generated false documents to  frame Trump for the crime of collusion, and then appointed a special council with the intent of getting the goods on Trump, and then twice impeach this innocent man of these and other false charges, while at the same time wasting Trump’s time-in-office as he tried to build a wall on the border, rebuild our military, build support for the Abraham accords in the Middle East, making America energy self-sufficient and other critical policies he had, the Democrats and the corrupt news agencies on the left simply shrug their shoulders and change the subject.

American Democrats repeatedly and boringly accused Republicans of cheating on elections and thereby discrediting elections in the minds of American citizens, and repeatedly claimed that Republicans are undermining America’s faith in the sanctity of elections and a trust that all votes count. But when it’s disclosed that the Democrat bureaucracy actually and successfully colluded with Big Tech to win the 2020 election for Joey Biden and against Donald Trump by clamping down on the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, and that they kept other information important in an election from the American voter, like CNN, NYT and WAPO silencing the Biden scandal and not reporting news accurately, then they attack Elon Musk for exposing the truth about his newly acquired Twitter and its collusion with America’s leftist, Washington bureaucracy to keep Democrat crimes from being disclosed, and then blame one of their own colleagues, Matt Taibbi, for his role in making these Democrat crimes known and culpable Democrats guilty for aiding in the cover-up of these crimes, they accept no blame for their role in undermining America’s trust in the sanctity of the voting booth and for destroying the faith Americans have always had about the truth being of ultimate value above all else in the American system of politics and our constitution.

If Republicans in the House of Representatives don’t immediately, fully and viciously investigate the now-fully-known political crimes that America’s political left has committed against our citizens and our constitution, and criminally prosecute each and every Democrat involved in the crime, when Republicans take office in January, and if the Senate doesn’t fully join with the House in their sacred duty to punish each and every Democrat involved in these election crimes, our nation will follow the path of the Nazis and the Russian Communists to dictatorship, and further destroy the already damaged prosperity and liberty of the citizens of America.

When the political left in America picks an incident like January 6th to try to build a case, once again, against Donald Trump and accuse him of rioting and insurrection, and when they attack and imprison some poor individual who was just part of a protest group and innocently entered the Capitol building to look around on January 6th, but fail to investigate the mob that attacked the Trump White House in May of 2020, or the constant stream of Democrat mobs what burned cities from Seattle to Baltimore the entire summer of 2020, murdering and destroying property that the BLM and ANTIFA mobs were never investigated for and for which no one was imprisoned, we must assume that the Brown Shirts of the political left are already among us and we’ve lost on the subject of equal treatment under the law that our constitution calls for.

One may ask why it was always Donald Trump that they Democrats colluded against and lied about and accused of any crime that the Democrats has already committed, time after time. Why are Democrats so afraid of Trump and the Ultra-Magers that Biden hates so much? Could their hate reside in the knowledge that Trump was taking America in the direction of renewed prosperity and assured freedom, while Democrats were plotting the woke destruction of America? It sure looks that way.

Americans want to see people go to prison for the crimes that Democrats have committed these last six years.