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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Monday, July 31, 2023

Covid-Like Restrictions Coming Soon From Biden’s Democrats, Due To Too Much Heat For The Precious Snowflakes


The political left can always find reasons for everyone to be forced to lockdown under martial law. Hitler had his imagined attack from Poland,  Stalin had his evil capitalists to protect Russians citizens from, and now Joey Biden is the first ruler to have two life-ending, future-destroying national emergency disasters that allow him to order emergency police actions that are specifically prohibited by America’s constitution: first, the very weak covid pandemic, and now the “dangerously” hot summer temperatures that the political left claims is proof of disastrous warming/change, both of which things, in Biden’s opinion, require government control in order to save the world, and these are bold-face lies that only gullible, non-thinking people would accept and obey.

We now know, years after the damage to our constitutional liberties has been done, that during the covid panic, nearly every person’s death that was originally attributed solely to covid was actually accompanied by at least four co-morbidities. Nearly all of the deaths were in bodies that were already deathly sick, and it just took the covid complications to finally overwhelm an already weakened immune system and end a life. But of course, our lying government blamed only covid, thus justifying the mask and vaccine mandates.

And now, after over sixty years of lying, failed predictions, first of doom from an imminent ice age in the 1970s, then to Ted Danson scaring us in the 1980s with predictions of food supplies drying up within the decade, and Prince Charles predicting doom within five years of his prediction in the 1990s, and many more such dire warnings, all of which disasters never happened, and after the radical left predictions of rising oceans (which Obama promised he would reverse during his administration and thereby save humanity) melting ice bergs and disappearing polar ice caps that would cause coastal cities all over the world to be drowned under salt water (which also has never happened, not even close), we now have a hot summer, which is much less intense and has caused much less suffering and damage than any calendar year in the decade of the 1930s, and our fear-mongering Joey Biden, he of the corrupt, ruling Biden clan, is imposing his personal, AOC/Bernie Sanders-inspired restrictions on 332 million Americans, who are completely fed up with this aging, melon-headed, wannabe dictator.

Guidance from our constitution was not needed during the more sensible Reagan, Bush and Trump years when decent people presided rationally over the nation and didn’t overstep the bounds of government. But our constitution must now be imposed on the presidency, with Biden making up rules, issuing edicts and imprisoning anyone who speaks up against him.

Our mush-for-brains president has already limited the production of oil and the refining of gasoline (which he’s not permitted to do); he’s already begun taking our beloved automobiles from us (which he’s not permitted to do); he’s already started to take gas ranges from chefs (which he’s not permitted to do); he’s already preparing to take our water heaters away from us (which he is not permitted to do); he declared the national lockdown along with requiring masking and vaccinations for all citizens (which he’s not permitted to do); he’s already ordered the FBI to investigate parents who want to be part of their children’s education and not have our leftist government present racism and pornography to school-aged students (which he’s not permitted to do); he’s already proposed banning all air conditioning from private homes (which he’s not allowed to do). 

And now that we have summer weather developments that the news media claims are historically the hottest ever, Joey is planning some unconstitutional environmental edict which will destroy the comfort and liberty of all Americans, under the banner of saving us from certain death at the whim of weather, but actually will give Biden and his Democrat pals political dominance over Americans and our way of life, forever.

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Rethinking, And Debunking, The White Privilege Thing

 The political left, or in other words the Democrats, are masters of lying, labeling and sticking together concerning the things they say about their political opponents. At the moment they are lying about climate change because it’s July and it’s hot nearly everywhere in the U.S. 

But at this particular point in the political process let’s expand on the leftist lies of Democrats and consider the fantasy of “white privilege“:

Privilege is something that’s bestowed on a person by another. It’s been obvious for a long time that political left Democrats have bestowed all sorts of privileges on themselves. One has only to recall that when this “privilege” thing was first discussed we learned that Chelsea Clinton was given a six-figure job by NBC as soon as she graduated from college, and the job she was assigned to do called for no real measurable accomplishments to be performed at all. Democrat privilege was all she needed, because NBC assumed that Hillary would soon be president and they gave this cushy job to her daughter in order to buy them influence in her upcoming administration. After all, it was her turn to become president after the treatment she got from hubby Bill during his administration. Right?

On the other side of the coin, have Donald Trump or Daniel Penny (the ex-Marine who defended a subway car full of people by engaging a crazy man threatening the riders), both being white men with accomplishments in their pasts and both being upstanding citizens, been granted any privileges lately? No, they have not. The leftist press and leftist prosecutors have labeled these white men as bad people because of their conservative attitudes and policies, and in spite of their privileged skin color.

The real thing that is a blessing for white people is not privilege, because that must come from the actions of others higher on the privilege scale. Whites like Trump and Penny have no privilege. Rather, they have certain advantages largely attributable to their race, but these advantages are much amplified by their hard work and their accomplishments.

Trump is definitely not privileged by the Biden DOJ’s insistence on putting him in prison for something, anything, that will remove him from getting reelected and reversing the dangerous and harmful decisions and policies of the fool Joey Biden. And all Daniel Penny did was protect a train full of black and white people from a known insane and violent person, as they traveled in New York City, by confronting the threatening man who had attacked people in the past. So in order to cause pain and suffering for Mr. Penny, a mob of leftist, racist Democrats demonstrated in front of city hall and insisted that Alvin Bragg try Penny for murder, which demand he respectfully obeyed. 

Those demonstrators who wanted Penny arrested have more privilege than the heroic Mr. Penny, due to their leftist political leanings, so he’s now under indictment for doing the very thing we expect of a young man, when he protected riders on a train. But his race made him vulnerable to the claim of murder by Bragg’s minority groups, because everything in Biden’s administration prefers non-whites, and non-straights and considers race above all else.

One can agree that whites have certain advantages, but minorities also have access to advantages in today’s woke world (just consider the stupidity of Karine Jean-Pierre and the insane statements and the constant, inappropriate cackling of Kamala Harris for examples of the obvious privilege of Biden’s appointees, who are beneficiaries of wokeness when considering skin color and sex).

All privileges have been bestowed on Democrats, especially the LGBTQ crowd of snowflake complainers and those with dark skin tones, and the rest of us have only accomplishments to fall back on, if the Biden Department of Justice doesn’t throw us all in jail on trumped-up charges first.

Sunday, July 23, 2023

How Can Democrats Pretend To Support Constitutional Government While Supporting Hitlerian-Style Rule?

 With all of the critical investigative work done recently by the House Republicans, investigations that have uncovered records of hidden financial transactions with foreign governments that prove that the Biden family profited from selling influence in United States government dealings with those governments, how can Democrats not drop all of the outraged pretense of opposition to these investigations, and turn against the Biden crime family?

How can leftist, Democrat politicians who pretend to support free speech and tolerance for minority opinion, maneuver to shut up RFK Jr. during a congressional hearing on the subject of tolerance and free speech, by making a proposal during the televised hearings to force a halt to Kennedy’s statements while the cameras broadcast live to the nation? Not only was a proposal made to silence him, but Democrat members of the panel repeatedly spoke-over Mr. Kennedy as he was trying to make the point that previous derogatory statements about his former statements, made by Democrats, were lies.

How can Democrats, while in an official House of Representatives hearing about corruption in government, waste valuable time speaking about totally irrelevant and unrelated subjects, many of which statements were simply mad-mouth opinions about Donald Trump, who has already overcome two impeachments and numerous legal proceedings made by this same gang of Democrat politicians.

How can democratically elected government officials ignore obvious legal moves by far-left, Biden DOJ radicals simply trying to place Trump in prison so he can’t run against them in 2024?

This all sounds like people who want no political opposition to their corrupt rule, and who will gladly punish their political opponents with imprisonment, thereby not allowing voters to select the president of our nation.

But even more concerning and dangerous to the future of liberty in America is the silence coming from the mainstream electronic and print press about the obvious moral and criminal problems of the Biden family, when each and every imagined offense of Trump gets above-the-fold, “bombshell” coverage every day. The leftist press is destroying this nation, because it‘s refusing its constitutional duty to inform American citizens of current events.

Today’s Democrats are insane with the thought of losing the White House to Donald Trump a second time, and they are exploding with anger that the House Republicans are exposing their lies and filthy tricks for all Americans to see.

Thursday, July 20, 2023

We Already Knew The Danger Of The Democrat’s Defund-The-Police Stupidity, But Democrats Are Too Corrupt And Dishonest To Learn


In Edward Banfield’s book, “The Un-Heavenly City”, published in long-ago 1968, the author stated that very often the reason criminals commit crimes is that the criminal mind can’t visualize punishment as a result of their criminal acts.

Whether Banfield was talking about criminals being too dumb to resist committing a crime or that their minds weren’t able to tie the crime and punishment together is not completely clear. But all of this makes little difference, because criminals will continue to commit crimes, so they need to be punished in order to protect the populace and maintain a fear-free society in which decent citizens can move about freely and can seek their own “pursuit of happiness“.

But our superior, wiser-than-thou, Ivy-League-educated, leftist Democrats took the case of punishment to new and dangerous levels by proposing that we should fire and disband all police forces, ignore criminal acts and release all criminals.

And now we realize that following the advice of far-left Democrats has led to the destruction of many of America’s formerly great cities, in which crime is completely out of control and the citizens of those cities are suffering greatly.

In light of this evidence, one might quickly arrive at the conclusion that current-day Democrats are burdened with criminal minds themselves, which would explain their own lack of ability to identify criminals and punish them, instead of allowing repeat offenders to roam free and commit more crimes, which then results in more suffering and pain for decent citizens. And when you include in the balance Democrat’s insistence that men compete in sporting events with women and girls, and that biological men can “chest-feed” babies and can become pregnant, it appears that political Democrats are insane, which may explain why they behave like criminals.

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

If Disastrous Heat And Drought Had Meant The End Of The World, We’d Have Never Survived The 1930s

 It’s a good thing that the Democrat end-of-the-world crowd, those who are crowing so loudly about the lie of warming/change, were not around in the 1930s when the stock market crashed, banks failed, mountains of dust covered large areas of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas and obscene heat and drought killed repeat attempts to grow crops, because all of the progress, wealth creation and scientific advances we’ve seen since World War II would never have happened if a bunch of Chicken Littles had moved to stop all human living and advancements because a few localized weather conditions happened.

But the current 100-degree temperatures in Texas, Death Valley and other locations is causing the predictable uproar as the hate-America, leftist Democrats insist that cars be prohibited and air conditioners be banned.  The next logical step for these radical, alarmist fools will be to declare a health emergency, just like they did during the covid era, halt all travel and manufacturing, and blame this national destruction on warming/change, while China plows ahead with their plans to dominate, control and destroy America.

Weather is very different from climate, and the weather is always changing. But the lie that the leftist Democrats assigned to the warming issue is plain to see when it’s revealed that the middle of the nation is NOT experiencing unseasonably hot weather. The hot days we’ve had in my part of the nation is exactly what July brings each and every year. And you should not make claims of global-warming when the hot spots we’ve seen this summer are isolated, just as they’ve always been.

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

The Degree Of Criminality Among Today’s Democrats Varies

 All leftists are crooks who will take things from us. In today’s political world, Biden’s woke fools are the “new normal” among these crooks who attack our constitutional rights, and the “new left” are the actual imprisonable criminals who will take your stuff and even your life. The evidence of all leftist Democrats being crooked is common knowledge, because Democrats have wanted prisoners and ex-cons to get the right to vote for years because they know that all criminals will vote the straight Democrat ticket if given the chance, in exchange for weaker laws and lighter punishment when they commit crimes. Democrats and common criminals are only separated in their nefarious schemes and actions by slight degrees of criminality.

But the degrees of leftism are interesting. Democrats, who form the “new normal” in American politics, will take your constitutional rights, your quality of life and your money, while the “New left”, now constituted of commonly known criminals, will take your life as well as steal all of your possessions. So all Democrats are on the political left and will take everything you have in varying degrees.

And this goofy love affair between Democrats and the criminal left, verified by the criminalization of  law-abiding MAGA supporters, a total disregard for the law and the run-away crime wave take-over of America’s Democrat-run cities, prove the point: Democrats ignore the law, and protect and support the lawless.

But Democrats are also thieves who are stealing our society of its common sense along with any understanding of scientific process and scientific knowledge. Their firm stand that men can birth children, that men have menstrual periods, and that biological men must be permitted to compete with girls in competitive sports, along with the declared belief that even the CDC is just spouting misinformation and disinformation when it quotes the scientific evidence that the covid vaccines will not halt contraction or communication of the disease, proves their corruption. And because the expressed opinion of Democrats that we are all going to die from the ultra-leftist lie of warming/change and that it will soon kill every person on earth, proves their idiocy as a group and their threat to the American way of life. They show no respect for our constitution nor for women’s rights, nor any slight tolerance for opinions that are not spouted by woke, Democrat leaders. These people are insane and their lunacy will destroy our lives as Americans if Democrats are not voted from all political offices in 2024.

Friday, July 7, 2023

The Biden Family Security Policy: Keep Your Enemies Close, Your Friends Closer, And Keep Hunter Under Constant Observation

 The fifty-something, fully-grown Daddy‘s-boy, Hunter Biden, who is a middle-aged father and husband who still lives with his father, is fed by his father and travels on Air Force One every place his Daddy goes, has been a poster-boy for how to be a crook and a threat to America’s national security with no punishment at all, and demonstrates to the world how dirty the Biden family is.

Joey Biden and his family are proving to be even more dysfunctional than the Carter family when Jimmy’s idiot brother, Billy, was on constant display, but in fairness, Hunter is only doing what he learned from Joey as being the right things to do.

Most recently the White House has become contaminated with cocaine, which is the only product Hunter is completely familiar with, aside from the sale of influence within the United States government, and its crooked dealings with foreign powers, all of which crimes were committed while Biden the Senator, Vice President and now President, was in office and had the ability to peddle favors to our foreign enemies.

And on a related Biden issue, why would Hunter’s baby-mamma want to have the Biden name attached to Hunter’s ignored and shamefully treated daughter, when the Biden name will likely be forever associated with the names of Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot when international criminals are listed in history books.

The Delaware white-trash currently polluting the White House and pestering the nation with corrupt politics, is successfully competing with Appalachian, back-country poverty stricken people for the title of real, American Hill Billy trash. Our nation must remove this gaggle of fools in 2024 and regain a nation that adheres to our constitution and operation under law.