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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Democrats Are Terrified About The Next Election And Have Vacated The Constitution In Order To Gain Total Power And Control

 Most American Citizens of a certain age can remember a time when Democrats and Republicans nominated their presidential candidates, presented them to the American voting public, and either won or lost based on the acceptance of those candidates, and, win or lose, life went on and everyone went back to being civil with each other and loving our country and our constitution. But not any longer! Now we have to beg and plead with the fool in the Oval Office to halt the river of humanity illegally crossing our borders every day; parents risk going to prison when the state insists that gender transforming drugs or an operation be imposed on their children; Republicans have to put up with being called racists when they want our national border secured or want a dark-skinned person imprisoned for a violent crime, like attacking police officers in Times Square.

Now Democrats try to control the campaign process by imprisoning their opponents; they try to bankrupt the other parties’ candidates; they claim that anyone not voting with the Democrat party is an evil, MAGA racist. Following the god-like image created by Barack Obama, Democrats thought that absolute and total power was theirs for the taking, and then Donald Trump stepped in and upset their schemes by becoming president.

When Hillary lost what Democrats planned to be Obama’s third term in office, they went after Trump with all guns blazing because of the blasphemy of his victory over Hillary, and hit Trump with everything they could dig up to damage his real estate businesses and tarnish his presidency, hitting him with a new false charge every day of his administration, and continued to attack him in unheard-of ways even after he left office. With all of the hate-Trump rhetoric and the legal charges brought against him, it’s obvious that Democrats are unwilling to admit their fear of Trump on the political stage of 2024, and they don’t realize that they are admitting that the influence of Trump and the admiration he has gained from the American people, given the Dem fixation on him and their efforts to get rid of him, are driving his success. But Democrats have been struck dumb with the sticking power of Trump after all of the dirty, and probably illegal, attacks they’ve made on him as he runs for his second term in office.

But the shortsighted Democrats didn’t believe that the nasty and mean Joseph Biden, who was pumped up as being able to bring Americans together and return the nation to normalcy and peacefulness, as well as being a true statesman who would win over the world, would become the stumbling fool who alienated and lied to American citizens with his every breath, and invited military attacks from our most vocal and violent foreign enemies around the world, due to his weak-sister, can’t-we-all-just-get-along behavior, and was able to add being dumb and his mental failings to his original qualities of being nasty and mean.

For Democrats there is no longer life after political power, there is only power, and one fears for the life of Donald Trump if he is elected to the Oval Office in November.

So now that Democrats can see their political lunches about to be handed to them in the next election, they are pretending to admit their error in reversing Trump’s perfect control of the border, and now expect us to believe that they have mysteriously changed their minds and really want all of these unwelcome immigrants to be blocked from entering at the border. And to that end they’re proposing a new law that will assure five-thousand illegals entering the United States each day. The problem is that Americans want all illegal entrants to this nation blocked before they get here, not a controlled release of these unappreciative people into our cities.

Trump controlled the border, and out of petty spite for Trump’s success, as soon as Biden took office he threw the border wide open, and now wants to codify this invasion with a new and completely unnecessary immigration law that will only make living in America less safe and less pleasant. We don’t need a new immigration law, we simply need a president who will enforce our current law. The problem is that Biden has the power to control the border under existing law, but he just refuses to do it. The new law just extends the open border with new printing on a new page of the Federal Register, and he’ll abuse and disregard the new law just like he’s ignoring the current law.

Unlike the good old days when Democrats and Republicans could argue about relatively boring stuff and go away friends, today’s Democrat party, personified by the mush-headed Joe Biden and the complete ass, Chuck Schumer, are trying to implement the absolute death of America and will use every lie and trick in the book to put their destructive theories into practice.

What happened to the Democrats’ common sense and their concern for a good life for all citizens? It’s apparent that the planets must have aligned to produce a new age of insanity, and leftist Democrat politicians are the first and most seriously effected by this plague.

Have Democrats forgotten that they hold their elected positions only with “the consent of the governed” as the Declaration of Independence specifies? Americans must remind all elected Democrats of this provision when we vote in November, and vote the bastards out.