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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Monday, September 25, 2023

Does Anyone Else See A Resemblance Between Zelenskyy And Castro?

 The military fatigue wearing rulers, Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine and Fidel Castro of Cuba, are striking in their resemblance to each other. Neither man seems to have any other clothes to wear aside from a set of military fatigues. I don’t recall if Castro ever actually spoke to an official American governmental body, but Zelenskyy did, and both men, when speaking to groups of Americans, wore only the set of fatigues that they thought defined a man of power, a man of the people and a man used to getting his hands dirty. And Zelenskyy has an irritating habit of puffing his arms out to each side of his body in order to give himself a muscular, Schwarzenegger, tough-guy look.

When Castro came on the national scene in 1959 he and his fatigues were seen everywhere, spouting freedom for his depressed nation while he imprisoned his own fellow Cubans. And now Zelenskyy, who at least has new, shiny and neatly pressed fatigues and not the crumpled bag of clothes that Castro wore, is making the same plea for his nation that Castro did: give me money.

The thing that tripped up Castro in America was his affinity for the Communism of the Soviet Union, whereas Zelenskyy is in the back pocket of Joey Biden, and Biden is also a person who loves to cozy up to Communists and other tyrants, and Joey is giving multiple billions of dollars to Ukraine as a result of Zelenskyy’s international begging for dollars. But we will have to wait years before we know the true actual dealings and promises made by Biden in exchange for the American public’s money being poured into Ukraine, if we ever find out.

Although Americans largely hope Ukraine can finally defeat Russia as punishment for Putin’s invasion of the former Soviet block state, Zelenskyy is less than pleasant in his treatment of Ukrainians who dislike him and are opposed to his style of ruling a nation. 

Americans are worried that too many dollars are being sent to Ukraine when our own cities are being torn to pieces by crime and homelessness, and our borders are literally being invaded by numberless hoards of people we know nothing about, and no one really knows why they’re here nor what their intentions are for being here.

Americans have Joe Biden and his Democrat cohorts to thank for the lawlessness of our domestic environment, and we can only hope that Biden is not selling our nation down the river to Russia, China, Iran and Ukraine, but it sure looks like he is.

Thanks, Joey.

Sunday, September 17, 2023

In The Long Run We May Recover From Biden’s Woke, Criminal Administration, But It’ll Be A Dangerous And Long Effort

 As always happens with leftist politicians, the Biden administration has overstepped the bounds of propriety and now they’ve been caught with their leftist, political fists in our constitutional cookie jar.

The leftist, Democrat swamp city of DC thought they were finally taking total power and control of the United States when the Obama administration shoved national medical care down our throats and swore to fundamentally transform America. But Democrats were rudely shocked when Donald Trump was elected to office in 2016, and his presidency interfered with their leftist takeover of the U.S. and the burying of our constitutional rights, so when Biden took office the Democrats cast the constitution aside and hit-the-ground-running trying to destroy America. 

But Joey Biden is not the charismatic, smooth talking person that Obama was, so when old Joey tried to nationalize and restrict our gasoline supply, and our electricity, and our natural gas, and the type of cars we drive, Americans pushed back on the president who can’t speak, can’t walk straight without stumbling, and who will make no attempt to speak directly to Americans and try to explain the idiotic policies he’s proposing that are causing so much pain and misery for so many citizens.

And when you consider that white Americans are called racists every time they turn around by the very people who take race into consideration every time they open their racist mouths, America has had it with the Democrat fools.

Under the Democrats’ ruthless rule, Americans no longer trust the federal government to behave in a respectful, legal and constitutional way when dealing with Republicans and conservatives, and the Democrat party no longer maintains power at the pleasure of American citizens. Americans now wish to be governed by politicians who follow the constitution, and who believe that the Biden government, with its mandates and forced vaccinations, is evil, with its unconstitutional overreaching.

So if we can keep China from attacking us and can endure the endless criminal violations being committed on Americans by the inundation of illegal aliens, and the unidentified terrorists crossing our borders in their midst, we may be able to get our nation back on a law-abiding, constitutional track again, but it’s going to be a risky and difficult effort. However, getting America back to our traditional, national normal again assumes we can survive the last years of the plague of the Biden administration.

Friday, September 15, 2023

Is Biden President Of The United States, Or Blue, Leftist States Only?

 Recently Eric Adams, the Democrat mayor of New York City, correctly complained that all of the illegal aliens residing in NYC would soon destroy that city. So in order to save NYC (and also the leftist, sanctuary, Democrat cities of Chicago, Baltimore and San Francisco, among others) from death by overcrowding, the Biden administration is proposing that all illegals who cross the open border from Mexico into Texas must remain in Texas, and will be prohibited from traveling elsewhere in the United States.

Do the idiots in the Biden administration not realize that  this would destroy Texas, just as certainly as the continued flow of illegals into NYC will destroy that once lovely city? But of course it would save only the blue, Democrat-run sanctuary states, and it would punish the red states that don’t claim to be sanctuaries for those who illegally invade our borders, and that do not vote for Democrats.

President Trump’s policy of all illegals being kept in Mexico until their sanctuary status was verified was highly successful in protecting Americans from these invading hoards. And Biden’s redefining this policy would destroy Texas and all border states.

So in order to help protect the leftist mayors of sanctuary cities from the dangers of the radical principles the radical left proposes, Biden would punish every other city and state in the United States.

This type of selective policy planning is typical of the political left everywhere in the third world, who stick together in anticipation of gaining selfish political power and the opportunity to rule and increase their ill-gained power, while watching the destruction of their political opponents, even though those opponents are also their law-abiding, patriotic fellow citizens. 

This is not what made America the greatest and most prosperous nation in the world, and it’s not what American voters must permit to raise its ugly head again in the 2024 election. America must adhere to the age-old principle of “dance with the one who brung you”, and reject the leftist, radical takeover of the United States of America.

Monday, September 11, 2023

Are All Democrats Stupid, Or Just The Ones Holding Elected Offices?

 Recently we’ve heard from four Democrats who sound like MAGA Republicans since they have been hit up-side the head with reality.

One was a Minneapolis official who led the movement to defund the police in that city following the George Floyd incident. So now the police are largely no longer available for emergency calls. So when this poor lady was beaten and robbed, and had no one to call for help, because she caused the police force to be weakened to the point of being little more than a boy scout troop, she suddenly became aware of the value of police protection, as conservatives were aware all along. The unfortunate, misguided lady now sounds like a MAGA conservative.

Then a recent scream was heard from the mayor of New York City claiming that his city was being destroyed by the enormous wave of illegal aliens entering New York, a result that was predictable to anyone who has an ounce of brains and saw what happened at our borders when Biden opened them up to the world.

Two years ago, Texas and other border states took the Biden administration to task for opening the southern border, after the Trump administration had successfully staunched the flow of illegals. But northern, Democrat mayors and governors ignored the plight of Texas and made fun of Texans as being racists for disliking the expense and danger of foreigners invading their territory, and people like the mayor of New York boasted about his love for aliens and how great and welcoming his sanctuary city was to the poor and the down-trodden. 

But now that the hoard of illegals is causing the same problems for New York City as Texas was forced to endure these last two years, the NYC mayor has the gall to blame the governor of Texas for NYC’s immigrant problem. So Mayor Eric Adams is seeking help from the federal government, but without blaming his beloved Joey Biden for the disaster our entire nation is facing with millions of poor, non-English-speaking people crowding in everywhere. Biden directly and intentionally caused this horror show, and Eric Adams is a coward for not calling the fool Biden out. Trump had fixed the border issue, and Biden screwed it all up, just as Barack Obama predicted he would. Thanks, Joey.

Two additional examples of typically stupid, elected Democrat officials, one the mayor San Francisco and the other the mayor of Washington D.C., both of whom are dealing with problems of high crime and homelessness, and both of whom were firmly behind the Defund The Police movement, now see their cities suffering and even beginning to shut down completely as citizens and businesses flee the leftist paradise they’ve created, as crime ramps up due to a lack of any legal enforcing entity that Democrats will allow to punish criminal behavior, and due to idiot leftist DAs and judges who release criminals back on the street to commit more crimes, under the banner of restorative justice, whatever that means.

When will Americans remove Democrats from any elected positions? These ignorant people cause more trouble than they fix. We need to stop electing such people to positions of responsibility, because they are all irresponsible fools.

Saturday, September 9, 2023

It Takes A Village Idiot…

 Hillary Clinton believed that it takes a village to raise child, but old Joey Biden has proven that it takes a village idiot to destroy the greatest nation in the world. Even the Democrat mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, has publicly stated that the influx of illegal aliens into his city, an influx solely created by Joseph R. Biden, is leading his city to destruction. 

But of course, due to left-wing political loyalty and the left’s usual protective umbrella, the mayor will not mention that Democrat President Biden alone is responsible for the potential destruction of our entire nation, not just New York City, nor would the NYC mayor side with nor even listen to Republican officials in Texas two years ago when that state was among the first to have to pay the enormous bill related to the invasion from south of the border. And, of course, the New York City mayor was pushing the idea of sanctuary in his city for the citizens of the world while Texas fought the border invasion alone, and now he is mum on the leftist subject of sanctuary for the world’s poor. And this silence from the radical left, when Republicans in southern states were alone in raising the alarm of the national invasion that NYC and other Democrat states are currently experiencing and suffering with, is why there is no way our nation can repair itself when all the left wants is raw power, and cares not at all about protecting American citizens.

In Biden’s economy, Bidenvilles are cropping up everywhere to provide third-world housing for people bankrupt or just down on their luck in the era of Bidenomics.  And the village fool in the White House will not concede that there are Americans who are suffering under his mistaken idea of capitalism and economic policy, and will only appear briefly in front of microphones and incoherently read from a script stating his failed policies and he takes no heed of the misery he’s causing for American citizens.

Hillary’s village was intended to raise our children, but the village idiot in the Oval Office, along with his hand-picked, woke staff, have turned Hillary’s village into a horror show of sexually mutilated children under Biden’s misguided idea of “gender confirming care” using medical operations and chemical castrations that will cause misery for the children the remainder of their lives.

Our entire nation is being held captive to the woke, idiotic ideas of the radical left, with mayors and governors of Democrat cities and states pushing their unworkable and dangerous ideas about policing, helping children change their sex, keeping our nation safe from terrorists, and the enormous lie of warming/change, and these Democrat fools are literally insane with their notions of right and wrong.

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Democrat Stupidity Is Beyond Comprehension

 In 2021 the new president opened our southern borders to all who would come to the promised land of America, and they came in droves.

These illegal aliens swarmed and overwhelmed the borders of Texas, Arizona and New Mexico, but the new Democrat president didn’t give a damn, and allowed the flow of illegals to continue unimpaired. In fact he even began selling parts of Trump’s old border wall as scrap. The childish Democrat president was being petulant and doing the opposite of what Trump had done, so no one could rebuild the wall that Trump had started building, and that Biden tore down.

After billions of dollars had been spent by the border states trying to handle and care for the infinite flow of illegals that Biden caused, the border states began busing some of these refugees to Democrat Northeast states, who had proudly and fondly spoken of their being sanctuary states who loved illegals and wanted to provide for their welfare, and had declared them welcome under the sanctuary banner of political leftism.

But the Northeast states and their leftist mayors and governors soon learned that the flow of illegals, the same flow that the border states had been forced to feed and house from the beginning of Biden’s term, was too expensive and that there was no room for all of these non-English-speaking, often sick and uneducated and always poor people, and they forwarded some of these suddenly unwelcome mobs to other cities and states in order to relax the increasingly uncomfortable and overcrowded situation in their jurisdictions, just as Texas and other states found them to be unwelcome and a plague on American citizens and state coffers from the beginning of Biden’s administration.

The Democrat mayors and governors blamed the Republicans in the border states for intentionally trying to harm the Northeast states with the illegals that were being forwarded north. But over time the flow of illegals north became so intense that the Northeast Democrat politicians sought federal assistance in housing and feeding this hoard of people that threatened to bankrupt them. But the fool Biden administration gave no recognition that there was any problem at all, and insisted that the border was securely closed and under control.

Soon the Democrat politicians in Albany and New York City began to fight each other, with the NYC mayor wanting to push this human mass of illegals north to Albany, and the New York governor  insisting that NYC keep the unwanted people and find jobs for them. 

So now the New York politicians seem to have decided that they want to find jobs for the tens of thousands of people existing uncomfortably in their state, thereby threatening the income and even the very jobs of those unfortunate American citizens who reside in the  hell-holes of cities and states being run by Democrats. If Democrats begin hiring illegal aliens into jobs that don’t pay enough for Americans to support their families, thereby replacing the Americans and causing joblessness for them, the citizens will sink into poverty and become wards of the state, which is right where Democrats want all of us: under their commands for all of our basic human needs.

But lost on Democrats is that this entire disaster, which was avoided by the Donald Trump administration, is the fault of the top elected Democrat in the nation, Joseph R. Biden, and Democrats need to break ranks with the idiot in the White House and verbally and legally attack him and make him explain why he allowed this disaster to happen to our once great nation and make him pay for the avoidable horror he created and has watched become ever-worse, as it undermines the safety and security of our nation.

Democrats repeatedly create nasty social and moral situations so that they can use the crisis to raise taxes on Americans while pretending to resolve the mess that they, the Democrats, create, and recently they have made a habit of blaming MAGA Americans for the problems that Democrat politicians created, and calling them racists when they oppose the usual big-government solution the Democrats impose on the citizens of America.

One cannot be far wrong if one might finally decide that it’s time, recalling Rush Limbaugh’s warning, for patriotic Americans to panic at the loss of respect for law and order, and we need a return to government under the law and the constitution which can be respected by the American citizens, because it seems that with the literally insane policies coming from Democrats, our nation is about to fall into the valley of death.